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Last one autosaged.

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Not sure if this is totally unpopular but I'm so, so, so tired of empire-and-above waist dresses being the default with most popular releases, not because I have cow tits or whatever, but because it looks so childish and ageplay-like. I know it may be fighting against the natural progress of the fashion and waists have always been pretty high, but I miss when you could have a new print dress that doesn't look like the shape was modeled after toddler sundresses.

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I heard that apparently it's meant to make you look like you've got longer legs, which is why it's so popular among japanese brand? But this could just be hearsay, don't take it as fact because I can't remember where I heard it.

I hate empire waist cuts too, and I'm not endowed in the bust area at all.

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i'm not a big fan of them/sack dresses in general. i really prefer just waist. i don't mind them as an option but i don't get why they're the default, i hardly see anyone saying how much they looove empire waist dresses

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I have cow tits and I hate this trend too

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As someone with small waist but big ribcage I agree too. Empire waists make me look thrice my actual size.

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It’s not unpopular but also less of an issue if you shop anywhere other than AP

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girly room would have sold so much better if the jsk wasn't empire, so many AP releases having those cuts makes me sad to miss out on good prints bc empire cuts make me look like a 6 year old

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How's it an unpopular opinion when hating sack/high waisted dresses get spammed in every lolita thread?

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My opinion: there’s nothing wrong with a dress looking childlike or “ageplay”, and I wish that term wasn’t thrown around everywhere. It’s only ageplay if it’s a fetish, and a lot of “ageplay” designs people complain about are totally innocent. And if it’s about normies being more likely to view it as a fetish, then might as well not wear lolita at all, because it all looks like ageplay to some people anyway. I find it really hypocritical to insist lolita isn’t ageplay only to call any aspect of it that you don’t like ageplay

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This. It’s not that hard to say “it’s not my thing.” Do I like prints with toys on them? No. But that doesn’t mean it’s fetishy.

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I wish they would just say childish, not ageplay.

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I don't like pastels. I want more clear jewel colours.

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I hate the use of usas/kumyas and other stuffed animals in coords. Lolitas try so hard to tell people outside of the fashion that lolita isn't ageplay, but then they're carrying around a stuffed animal and wearing plastic kid jewelry. It's just an unfortunate look. You can't blame normies for thinking we're lying.

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Stuffed animals and plastic jewelry are just objects and society tells you that only children can like those objects. It’s your fault you believe them

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this. lolita is all about reclaiming the fun girly things we're supposed to give up as adults

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>ITT everything bad in lolita is because of sweets.
My unpopular opinion is that most of our problems would be solved if sweet lolitas would gtfo, the fashion is meant to express femininity not childish overindulgence.

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It upsets me to see jfashion girls on instagram interact with nymphette weirdos. Theres a prominent figure in the "nymphette" community who constantly speaks on the "fashion" like it's legitimate. She tags her stuff with nympet tags and japanese fashion tags. We need to push against these weirdos as much as we can, the jfashion community has no room for that bullshit.

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this girl right here. you can't disconnect the "nymphet" style from sexualization because the term is sexualized in the context of the orginal book.

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My unpopular opinion is that while keeping fetishes out of the community is nice and all, the absolute obsession with in the last year or so has gotten really old. You aren’t “protecting the community” by constantly talking about it, giving a platform and attention to the people you supposedly want out for the drama and deep diving into every person in the community regardless on whether or not they mind their business. After a certain point it feels like the goal isn’t to keep creeps out, it’s to keep the gossip machine going and it’s only fueling the fetish drama whores who are coming here explicitly because y’all won’t shut up.

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Any other day I would agree with you. I think the witchhunts about who is ageplay who is ddlg is all pointless bullshit.

Unless someone is openly, happily labeling themselves as such and trying to become a public figure and making themselves a voice within the japanese fashion community.

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Yeah that is pretty obvious. Sorry for going off on you specifically, but I’m getting real tired of the “BUT THE CHILDREN” gang. This is not new, stop acting like it is and don’t pretend like drama whoring about it is making it better (it’s not).

If for example they are like the girl in your post and are being very open about it or they are, our example, using photos of lolitas for porn purposes (which is horrifying and should always be called out) then yeah sure.

But I don’t need a fucking update on everyone who has a bdsm kink in the comm, thanks. It’s unnecessary, causes us to talk about sex way more, shits on people who really are minding their business and boundaries and gives the drama whores exactly what they want. 50% of CoF imploding is less on the mods and more on the circle jerk that’s giving people abusing the platform attention.


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People act so fake and over the top on instagram, it's insufferable.

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> But I don’t need a fucking update on everyone who has a bdsm kink in the comm, thanks. It’s unnecessary
Thank you. I really despise that so many lolitas will go out of their way to dig into someone’s personal life and then cry innocence because “oh no!! An actual not vanilla sex life? How terrifying!” No one wants to hear about the dirty, but most of the time people cry ageplay or something they’re shoving words into other people’s mouth. Manners go both way: don’t talk about your personal sex life, don’t dig into others.

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hard disagree

for real, the whole problem is them being obvious and injecting it into shit. if you can't tell without digging up receipts, then it probably doesn't need to be brought up (barring perpetrators of actual sexual abuse)

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I don't have a problem with sweet, but I unironically think that the fashion should be split. As a classic/gothic lolita I feel like I don't have anything in common with most sweet lolitas, so they're boring to talk to at meets. It's also embarrasing to go to facy meets at museums or historical sites with a bunch of girls that look like oversized cupcakes.

People have been obsessed with this for years.

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Individual people have been obsessed with it and the com as a whole is always a ware of it, but lately it seems to come up in every single thread and community every day. Getting weekly updates on who’s a perv is the topic du jour and frankly it’s becoming annoying.

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>I don't have a problem with sweet, but I unironically think that the fashion should be split. As a classic/gothic lolita I feel like I don't have anything in common with most sweet lolitas, so they're boring to talk to at meets. It's also embarrasing to go to facy meets at museums or historical sites with a bunch of girls that look like oversized cupcakes.
The lines between classic and sweet are easily blurred. This would get ridiculously nitpicky in the same way that cutting off gothic would get nitpicky with grey are classic coordinates.

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Then just split off with your classic lolita friends and go to museums. Not everything has to be done under the umbrella of being a “meetup”, just go hang out with your classic lolita friends.

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Oh that’s an unpopular opinion I have had for a while. Lolitas who don’t want to hang out with their whole comm but just a subset of them complaining about how they can’t kick out people or control the comm. There is nothing stopping you from just hanging out with your friends in lolita. Once you learn that everything doesn’t have to be a “meetup” your life gets way better.

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I'm also a classic lolita, but I think it's more embarrassing going to meets at museums and historic places with people in madonna crowns and blurry chiffon painting prints desu
id rather hang out with oversized cupcake ott sweet lolitas than people dressed in ott classic, it looks way more costumey to me

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The lines look more blurred to sweets than they do to the other styles. I keep seeing sweets calling jewel tone sweet coords "classic" and kuro sweet coords "gothic", but I don't see any the other way around. I'm not saying it's impossible to blur the lines, I'm just saying sweet attracts more idiots.

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are you new? sweet/classic is and has been a thing some people call stuff from IW sweet, when it's not if it has childish motifs. and i've seen circus coords from aatp called goth or classic.

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You’ve clearly never encountered a VM/MM/JetJ brandwhore faced with the prospect of IW and I envy you

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Hard agree. I wish they’d split off into their own thing so the rest of us wouldn’t constantly have them speak over us. You can see it right in this thread.
>ALL lolita looks like ageplay to normies!
No actually, that’s just you. I only ever hear ageplay/ddlg comments when I’m with sweet lolitas. We also get harassed much more when there are sweet lolitas in the group.

I don’t hate sweet lolita(s) but I have so little in common with them that it feels weird to get lumped in with them constantly. Sure there’s overlap, but there’s also overlap between lolita and other Jfashions and people have always been more than happy to create separate communities for those. At this point many sweet lolita coords have more in common with fairy kei than with classic or gothic lolita.

Just don’t let anyone get wind of it over social media because then they’ll stir up drama over ~elitist secret meetups~.

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>Just don’t let anyone get wind of it over social media because then they’ll stir up drama over ~elitist secret meetups~.
Who gives a shit bout people who are hanging out with a couple of their friends? And if you don’t need like the other people in you’re comm who cares if they are mad at you? Honestly this is rarely, if ever, a real issue and you are just being dramatic

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nta but they are clearly being sarcastic.

>> No.10386703

Maybe they are, but typically when this comes up people say that will happen with all sincerity.

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>wouldn’t constantly have them speak over us
Calm down. You’re a gothic/classic lolita not an oppressed minority. Just don’t don’t hang out with sweet lolitas if you don’t like them

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this whole 'remove sweet' argument happens all the time. it's not happening. give it up.

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>As a classic/gothic lolita I feel like I don't have anything in common with most sweet lolitas

I feel this way too. Like, there is generally a very sharp personality contrast between classic/gothic lolitas and sweet lolitas (mainly referring to OTT here). I like and get along with a lot of sweet lolitas, but they tend to be much more extroverted and we just don't share very many interests. I wouldn't say I want the two sides to be entirely split, but I do think OTT sweets tend to get into the fashion for very different reasons compared to classics/gothics.

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Something that came to mind from the topic at hand, why the hell do people call hanging out with a couple of friends a 'meetup'. It's not.
If you meet in a cafe and you all dress in old school as a theme, it's still not a meet. It's just hanging out with friends.

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In my community I've noticed that most of the older and more experienced lolitas primarily wear gothic/classic and if they wear sweet it's more like a side-thing. Whereas almost all the underage girls and beginners in the comm wear sweet. Imo, that's more what creates the divide than the substyle itself.

>> No.10386718

meetup doesn't mean anything anyway lol.

>> No.10386736

This, I don't know who decided OTT classic should be a thing, but I've never seen it done well outside of a magazine. Classic is inherently subdued, and that's part of the charm.

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I agree, sweet is the most well known and worn substyle of lolita. You can't kick out the majority.

>> No.10386880

Some sweet lolitas think that they are be all end all of fashion and give "concrit" to every substyle, even if they don't know shit about it. And I don't mean criticising itas, but completely fine coords that they somehow try to mold to their standards. The same works the other way too, but I haven't seen it that much. You can see how these substyles differ when some poor sweet lolita puts together a "gothic" coord or the other way around and it looks tragic.

>> No.10386899

You sound new/underage imo. Many people wear multiple substyles, not as if they aren't similar anyway. Do you even have examples of what you mean as far as differences in coording? It's not like sweet is the only style that has sets released.

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I’ve worn black and white gothic nun coords out and had weird old men ask if it was some kind of French maid thing. Even if you’re not wearing OTT sweet normies will always think it’s weird/costumey/fetishy because they are usually ignorant and have shit taste.

>> No.10386902

Lolita feels more like cosplay and less like real clothes.

>> No.10386903

There was a thread awhile back where someone was losing their shit about the exact trim details of a solid a-line IW OP when it was suggested as an alternative to VM or MM. They kept calling it sweet because "the ruffle around the switching is sweet not classic" when it was basically the exact same dress

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Wild. I don’t usually cosplay at bars or restaurants or the library or the grocery store. But you do you I guess.

>> No.10386909

if you put on an outfit and feel like you're wearing a costume, then it isn't for you

>> No.10386911

Can I interest you in the Church of Chick-Chan?

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Well to me meetups mean a medium or a large gathering of likeminded acquintances or strangers, not hanging out with besties.

>> No.10386952

Certain styles like pastel vomit sweet definitely are more costumey than looking like actual clothes.

>> No.10387021

Maybe you’re wearing it wrong. Not everything needs to be OTT newfag

>> No.10387031

I like you

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On the flip side of this, an anon got super aggressive out of nowhere and called me a moron for being sad about VM back when it was closing, insisting that IW solids should be good enough for me. I wouldn't go so far as to say IW is sweet but it's baffling to me that people can't at least see that VM/MM and IW are completely distinguishable brands with different aesthetics. Yes, there are similar designs, ideas get repeated in every substyle. No, that doesn't make them the "exact same dress." Things like material choices, design details, silhouette and tailoring can be subtle but go a long way towards the mature/cute distinction even if it's classic either way.

I guess it doesn't matter to someone who doesn't wear classic but it gets old having sweet lolitas treat your preferences as stupid and try to force things like this just because they personally don't get it.

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OTT classic is cancerous and half the time barely registers to me as lolita.

>> No.10387117

Sounds like you’re the boring one

>> No.10387154

I actually love them. I love seeing variation in shape and silhouette instead of slapping a print on a dress and calling it a day

>> No.10387316

what variation of shape and silhouette? it's been the same sack dress shit for five years now. I understand if you want more retail space for the print to be featured but I don't know why there can't be natural or at least high waist cuts on new ap and btssb dresses anymore

>> No.10387321

That’s awful and dumb. I would be devastated if Megan or Baby closed because Id not really like AP. If sweets can understand that they can understand preferences in classic or gothic brands.

>> No.10387325

Baby does natural waist for almost all of their releases. Don’t bring them into AP’s fight. And I think anon is saying they like having a variety of cuts, not that there is variety in that one particular cut

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if you feel like you're cosplaying when you wear lolita you can just wear sweatpants like the other normies sweetie

>> No.10387380

Agree. So many of the people in OTT classic look like they’re playing princess dress up and treat it that way. Of everything in lolita it registers the most as a costume. I hate the floor length gowns and the giant madonna crowns.

>> No.10387449

This. So much sugar coated hypocrisy.

>> No.10387486

Most lolitas don't understand color theory beyond matching what is already in a print. Please live a little and stop saying everything is shoehorned in.

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Unpopular opinion: Playing princess is FINE. Adult women get so little time to just have fun, relax, and be as extra and indulgent as we want. Live a little. If you wanna do OTT, do it unapologetically, go as hard as you can, just enjoy it. And if you don't, then don't, not that hard at all.

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>> No.10387502

Someone in an earlier thread said they discovered they solids hard to coord because they didn’t have the print to explicitly tell them what colors to use and I swear to god my mind entered a third dimension. I never understood the ~shoehorned~ meme until that day. It explains so much about so many lolitas.

>Inb4 stop complaining about sweet
I wear sweet and this is a problem in every style. Learning some color theory and studying how an eye moves around a composition would do this community good.

>> No.10387519

unless you're that one chick with the MmM "sTaTeMeNt" bag

>> No.10387524

Agreed. I prefer when people have either simple or more personal captions in posts, rather than a lot of over-the-top, shallow fluff.

>> No.10387540

Nta and if it were just the clothes I’d agree with you, but many people I consider to be playing princess dress up have a shitty stuck up attitude too. They’re often rude to staff and openly talk shit about ‘normies’ who aren’t even bothering us in any way. They seem to think that dressing as they do makes them better and more sophisticated than other people.

When travelling home from my last event someone complimented our ‘costumes’ and was actually very nice about it. A bunch of us were wearing crowns and wings and stuff so it’s only natural she assumed we were in costume. After she got back to her seat one girl said, loud enough for the woman to hear, that her coord probably cost more than that woman’s entire wardrobe but you can’t expect yokels to understand fashion. Others in the group agreed with her while I cringed back into my seat and vowed to travel alone next time.

>> No.10387545

Original anon here, it’s exactly this. It’s the weird uwu look at me I’m so much much better than everyone attitude they put on with the dress. Then they walk around posing for a million pictures and it’s embarrassing to be around. And in my experience it’s usually cringey chubby taobao ita weebs with no idea how to act politely in public

>> No.10387557

What’s an example of someone whose captions you like and someone you don’t?

>> No.10387567

NTAYRT but for me I enjoy captions that have either personal stories about their coord or a piece, or inspiration/thought process. I highly dislike ones that ask you to “comment down below what your favorite blah blah blah” type or ones that sound like you’re fishing for compliments “wasn’t feeling my best but decided to dress up anyway. Sorry I look like shit”

>> No.10387600

fucking hate pumpkin pants they look so stupid

>> No.10387603

I hate bonnets in most coords. They often look childish or costume-y to me

>> No.10387605

No offense, but I feel like this is the quintessential newb opinion. especially since the newbs have been saying this since the dawn of time. That and “I don’t like tea parties/‘lolita shoes’”

>> No.10387619

I prefer when it's something like, "Today I went to the library. I was in the mood to wear something bright and colorful, so I chose this yellow JSK as the main piece. I bought it 3 years ago from Closet Child, and my favorite detail is the custom strawberry lace that matches the print. I tend to coord it with the same white accessories, so today I challenged myself to coord it with pink. Any suggestions for pink tea parties in a warmer tone?"


"Does anyone else feel a nostalgic twinge when they go to the library? I can't help but wonder what tales these dusty tomes would tell if they could speak."

(These are fake examples.)

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File: 168 KB, 900x900, 1FDF795E-06C4-41DC-81A1-F5EC9E7BDBF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but I’ve been wearing lolita for 8 years and I still detest tea parties and most bonnets. They are clearly based on baby clothing, and if you want to roll with that, fine, but I personally got into lolita because of the lush historic-inspired detailing, not to look like an adult baby. But I do like chouette hatter’s bonnets, which look much more like actual Victorian bonnets than the gross sweet brand, baby-inspired ones

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File: 2.13 MB, 1536x1534, AD8E4E75-16E5-41E5-91D6-9D1F0843A5BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, AP bonnets have practically the same design as the bonnets on literal adult baby costumes, which look nothing like historical bonnets. Idk how anyone can wear these without expecting people to think that’s what they’re going for.

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There is more than one kind of historical bonnet. For example there is one that is called the poke bonnet, another is called the coal scuttle bonnet.

Another type is the spoon bonnet, which is what these are similar too. Its ok to just say you dont like something without trying to justify it with some dumb excuse.

>> No.10387666

I don’t personally like bones or tea parties either, but I think they work well in the coords they are designed for. I’m capable of discerning when something is ugly or just not my thing

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File: 49 KB, 400x551, BFED5E01-AF61-43D2-A98A-BE447106AEF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only similarity spoon bonnets have to those ap things is the high brim. From every other angle they look completely different.
The reason I don’t like them is because they look like baby clothes. It may be a stupid reason, but it’s a reason.

>> No.10387831

>thinking anyone who would think lolita is ageplay knows a fuck about different historical bonnets

>> No.10387866

I am both >>10387823 and >>10387636. The overlap of people who think sweet lolita looks like age play and who know about different kinds of bonnets is probably a pretty big one, bigger than the overlap of sweet lolitas who know anything about historical fashion, I’d be willing to bet. But tbf I’m basically the terf version of a classicfag

>> No.10387940

Some classifags are just as insufferable or even more than sweet lolitas. Gothic lolitas mostly keep to themselves, but it’s those who wear classic that think that their style is somehow more historically accurate(it isn’t) and cry ageplay at everything.

>> No.10387945

I'm a classicfag and I honestly kind of agree with this. Classic-only lolitas often have huge superiority complexes and are also more likely to have edgy ultra-conservative views that they can't shut up about

>> No.10387960

I've never met a classic lolita who did that but I want to see it lol. Can you give an example?

>> No.10387972

Literally this thread anon

>> No.10387975

I meant IG accounts or whatever. I don't believe faceless gulls.

>> No.10387985

I describe myself as a sweet-classic lolita for this reason (and also because it’s fun to piss people off)

>> No.10388013


You sound like you're one of two classic fags in your comm and I'm sorry to hear that.

>> No.10388021


As a classic fag this does the opposite of bothering me, because then I know you're self aware and not one of those people who think jewel tone sweet is classic. So thank you, it doesn't bother me at all.

>> No.10388031

It seems like a lot of gulls don't post to CoF because they don't want to get posted to cgl. Personally, I don't mind that. What I do mind is a clear as day ita telling me that what I wore was not lolita when I saw her in the last post praising crop tops as brave. Nah, I'm not into that.

>> No.10388033

I feel the same. I feel it's extremely rude to people that like nostalgic and childlike motifs, as if lolita wasn't nostalgic and childlike to begin with.

>> No.10388034


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I've been in Lolita for 8+ years and I'm thinking of switching it up with historical underpinnings like a false rump or a shorten bustle. A crinoline would work naturally for Lolita but I'm starting to want that huge ass and flat-ish front.

>> No.10388053

Truly a cursed opinion

>> No.10388054

sheglit has a bustle petticoat for sale (also apparently included with some of their dresses?)

>> No.10388057

Yeah look at more gothic style brands like sheglit or boz for interesting silhouettes

>> No.10388074

Sometimes I post coords just to fuck with gulls if they get reposted. No one ever reposts my best coords but the ones where I intentionally wear or style something in a way gulls nitpick is always reposted here. Stay classy. I have a suspicion of a couple people it might be

>> No.10388086

Oh I had the same experience, i am genuinely happy to hear the same mindset from someone else.

>> No.10388152

This would be the only reason why I'd ever post to CoF.

>> No.10388339

Aye, I've had the same experience too. Who else is sick of that man who wont stop commenting criticism on coords when he doesn't have anything remotely feminine in his wardrobe (except for some ugly lipstick)? He keeps making odd comments on my posts (and other people's posts) and then posting long facebook statuses about his kinks immediately after. It's bordering sexual harassment but I doubt the mods will do anything about him.
That ita newfag with the ~sooper severe hip problems~ and ugly shoes is annoying too. She says something bitchy in every comment she makes, but she looks like peacockfeather's little sister kek. I wish they realized that those of us who have been around for more than a couple years can see that they're brand new, considering they popped up out of NOWHERE with shit opinions like that. They need to lurk more and stop shitting up everyone's comment sections t b h. Major pet peeve.

>> No.10388341


I don't get these types of comments on IG and I have more control over who sees my posts, so that's why I will keep posting there and never to CoF.

>> No.10388342

Are you al sweet lolitas? I post fairly regularly to COF and I never get these kind of interactions. I'm wondering if that's something only sweet lolitas get.

>> No.10388345

you can't just put those under standard dresses, anon. dresses that use those kind of underpinnings are shaped to support them and not look weird.

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File: 59 KB, 700x700, E1F78475-FEAE-4E50-9FA0-E94DBE8DF1F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sheglit literally sells those dresses though

>> No.10388352

Also, for what it’s worth, there’s a reason this is under a box pleat. You could use a cupcake, a line or even a bustle and it would work fine under a box pleat

>> No.10388355

the upper doesn't matter as much as the hemline, if there's more petti in the back the back will need some extra length. So it wont work with regular border printed skirts but will work with these EGA skirts that are made longer at the back.

>> No.10388360

Sweet and classic (but IW/ Taobao classic, not old MM pieces or anything)

>> No.10388368

the hip girl is also suddenly ~NONBINARY~ now

what is with the sheer amount of girls who magically become trans/nb once they get into lolita?

>> No.10388377


>> No.10388403

One of the ayrt, I'm a gothic lolita and I'm so tired of her.

>> No.10388474

nayrt but I've been wearing lolita (all 3 substyles) and honestly I can't stand bonnets. They either look babyish or absolutely huge. I don't mind the historical inspired ones though

>> No.10388488

I think it's probably because a lot of people who get into lolita are weird and have had trouble fitting in with mainstream femininity. So they think they're trans/nb, but actually they're just autistic.

>> No.10388537

My guess is that a lot of these girls are attracted to lolita because it sets them apart from their normie peers. But then once they’re surrounded by other lolitas, wearing lolita isn’t special anymore and they need something else to differentiate themselves. The vast majority of lolitas are female so an easy way to stand out is to be non-female. It’s even easier than wearing alt fashion, since literally all you have to do is add they/them to your bio.

This, too.

>> No.10388684


No. I never posted to CoF but I actually was thinking of an obviously ita girl referring to a sheglit and atepie gothic coordinate as not lolita.

>> No.10388685

>sheglit and atepie gothic coordinate as not lolita
This is the dumbest timeline

>> No.10388701
File: 541 KB, 828x1275, A537214F-FB9E-474D-BC74-665173D29649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if this counts but I hate when sellers list two dresses together like in the pic. Quit being lazy and maybe separate listings, you will have better luck selling at least one than banking on someone who’s looking for both.

I don’t know if this particular listing’s seller refuses to split the dresses but I’ve seen others do the same and refuse with some idiot description “just find someone else to split the price and I’ll send to both addresses!”

>> No.10388702

Ah yes, I remember that one with the elven ears.
other anons had answered, but I always have the impression that sweet lolitas get twice the hate other lolitas get.

>> No.10388717


It's the most popular. People just don't really look at the other substyles anymore.

>> No.10388721

Attitudes about substyles haven’t changed much other than that one hot second where classic was big died down

>> No.10388733

I think ankle socks and long sleeves look super cute together

>> No.10388738

Hate this! It makes sense to list a set together, but... this ain't it. Is anyone going to want one of the dresses badly enough to buy both? I wouldn't, just out of principle.

>> No.10388760

This is a Chinese thing, most of them sell popular dresses bundled with things they can’t sell.

>> No.10388839

Sweet lolitas get twice (or more) the attention that other lolitas get, which includes both praise and nitpicking from itas.

>> No.10388950

they need to sell on Chinese secondhand sites instead.

>> No.10388951

Sweet lolita stands out the most, especially for normies. When you see some random youtuber or "influencer" talk about lolita is almost always sweet. Recently I got Lor's video reacting to Black Friday's one on lolita, and as usual, it was sweet. And these normies(and weirdly some goths) always cry that it's not they style and somehow ignore the biggest secound substyle. It's by no means sweet lolitas fault, more like normies being ignorant as always. Besides Safiya, is there anyone who did a video on lolita and even acknowledged the existence of gothic or classic?

>> No.10388975

That normie lady who melted every Bath and Body Works candle together had a goth lolita make-over. She looked amazing too

>> No.10388979

That’s the person anon already mentioned

>> No.10388981

I guess akidearest did, but her video sucked. There are a fair amount of awful gothic lolita makeup tutorials out there though.

>> No.10388984

If you are just doing this as a hobby and aren't a professional seller listing every item and responding to questions about a $25 barette are super annoying. Sometimes you just want to downsize fast, it's either this or hold onto it forever

>> No.10389009
File: 223 KB, 500x600, burnit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care all that much for jewellery. I don't really think I will ever own more than one skirt. Gothic lolita is the superior substyle. Those angelic pretty dresses with the overlays are so cheap and disgusting looking, I don't want to hear anybody bitch about taobao if they own those plastic nightmares.

>> No.10389022

Calling polyester plastic, how fucking original. This is the prevalent opinion here, not unpopular. Unpopular opinion is saying polyester chiffon is lightweight and comfortable in hot weather compared to cotton, dries fast, and doesn't wrinkle when it's nice quality. Unpopular opinion is to recognize that natural materials can be shit compared to nice synthetics, there's a role for all of them

>> No.10389048

>comfortable in hot weather compared to cotton
That's really an unpopular opinion, considering that polyester is breathable at all, so instead of cooling yourself down you are cooking in your own sweat. Cooton blouse with long sleeves would be way cooler than poly could ever be. Maybe lack of this knowledge is what creates these "no-blouse cause it's hot" itas?

>> No.10389081

I live in a hot climate and wear polyester chiffon AP dresses with polyester chiffon AP blouses because it's comfortable for me. No amount of shitposting will change my lived experience, I can only wear cotton in the dry season or I start to overheat and get sweaty. Rainy season is all poly all the time, die mad about it

>> No.10389083

You know, saying random things doesnt mean you have an opinion. You cannot think gothic is superior if you dont understand what polyester is.

>> No.10389085

wrist cuffs are dumb and ugly

>> No.10389088

Agreed, I hate that they're considered an essential by so many people. They can look cute but they usually look stupid and tacked-on.

>> No.10389089

i like them as a pop of color against different-colored long sleeves, but then again i generally prefer long sleeves anyway (which may be an unpopular opinion itself)

>> No.10389250

It likely depends on what blouses you have anon. The AP cotton blouses I have all vary in weight. Cutsews generally are way too thick unfortunately, but they are really durable. But you can't tell what weight the fabric is from a picture online before you buy. The only hint you get is what season it was released.

Personally I've struggled with poly for blouses as I'm really heat sensitive being acclimated to Northern climates. Saying you live in a hot climate just means your body has adjusted to different temps and doesn't sweat when others would.

>> No.10389417

Fucking thank you

>> No.10389419

That's because sweet lolita looks the most different than other styles known to people outside the fashion.

A normie is going to connect most classic lolita looks to historical wear. And they're going to connect gothic lolita to normal goth style. I've watched It's Black Friday's videos before, and she's aware of gothic lolita, she's bought gothic "lolita" dresses in the past. But what's the point of doing a transformation video into gothic lolita when you're already goth? It's not a dramatic change to people unfamilar with the fashion.

>> No.10389421

Especially when people keep their kinks separatw and only get found out bc some retard with too much time witch hunts
Like get a life
Let people do what they want

>> No.10389427 [DELETED] 

Bonnets are historic you absolute fucking retard

>> No.10389458

You sound like a fucking retard. I hope that's a good enough opinion..
When did I say polyester? It all comes down to the stiffness of the tulle layer combined with the sheen of the satin that to me, looks like utter shit. You guys can defend that monstrosity all you like, it still looks like melted plastic bottles to me.

>> No.10389480

>A normie is going to connect most classic lolita looks to historical wear.
not at all

>> No.10389482


>> No.10389566 [DELETED] 

NAYRT but go check Atelier Pierrot and Atelier Boz websites and tell me what material 99% of the dresses are. Oh, you like Moitie only? What material are 90% of their releases

>> No.10389567

You're retarded, the vast majority of Moitie releases are poly with a satin lining. Poly chiffon overlay is a gothic staple

>> No.10389617

anon clearly doesn't know what she's talking about in any capacity.

>> No.10389808

Kamikaze Girls serves looks but the movie itself is objectively very bad

>> No.10389811

Is it? I haven’t seen it and was planning to watch with my bf who likes yanki stuff. What makes it bad?

>> No.10389814

No it's enjoyably cheesy

>> No.10389822

Its an unpopular opinion for a reason.

All japanese movies are kinda eh, you arent going to get hollywood quality stuff from a movie like this. But its super charming and there are a ton of anime live action stuff that are way worse.

It is old though so some of it is noticable, but if you are into the early 2000s culture with the yanki reference you will like this movie. The movie is super cute and is cheesy on purpose.

>> No.10389824

i thought it was really cute, but corny. it's not high art by any means but it puts a smile on my face

>> No.10389854

I’m op and I am very into a lot of cheesy 2000s (or earlier) jdramas and movies but kamikaze girls is just very shit.

>> No.10389906

Please don't say you think a movie is good based on Hollywood level production quality alone. Hollywood has even become a sign that it might be boring and formulaic depending on director. There are a plethora of profound and/or art house out there that have a lot more going for them.

I was exposed to a lot of amazing films in a film course about Japanese cinema and it makes me sad that they're being discounted on this virtue

>> No.10390112
File: 1.61 MB, 1193x669, 4253138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not true, it's cute and gay

>> No.10390119


>> No.10390123

I mean it was critically well received even by normie standards so it sounds like a you problem

>> No.10390190

I think sneakers in a coord can work pretty well IF they’re the right kind.

>running or training sneakers will never look good

>> No.10390212

Triple Fortune is a trash brand and people only kiss their ass because they’re by far the easiest Japanese brand to get as guests at overseas events.

>> No.10390225

I don't see the point of online meets during quarantine. To me, lolita is what I wear every day and the idea behind a meet is that I can wear a more elaborate coord in public than I would otherwise.

>> No.10390226

Not unpopular, most people dont wear 3f besides bonnets. Those arent made by them btw.

Why not wear weird stuff at home? Usually people make online meets because they are seeking socialization because otherwise a lot of people arent speaking to anyone.

>> No.10390230

Wait Triple Fortune don't make their own bonnets?

>> No.10390236

Their bonnets are made by a small group of people who make it for them, I dont think they are sold outside of 3f but it isnt like their clothes which 3f clearly have a hand in. They seem a bit annoyed that the most popular stuff is not their own handiwork but most people enjoy the duo as people. They also carry a lot of knowledge about the scene and love to meet indie designers so they are good guests.

>> No.10390250

>usually people make online meets because they are seeking socialization
That does make sense, I guess I'm not close enough with my comm to go to them just for socialising.

>> No.10390264
File: 54 KB, 1440x213, Screenshot_20200511-114104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ran into a prime example of a bullshit caption today. This makes my fake example >>10387619 sound real.

>> No.10390265 [DELETED] 

I would probably add a couple of emojis and call it day

>> No.10390279 [DELETED] 

most plastic brand jewelry looks like it came from claires

>> No.10390280

most plastic brand jewelry looks it came from claires. the prices people are willing to pay for that shit is crazy

>> No.10390281

You sound bitter

>> No.10390312


She's overdramatic af but I think that was meant to be a rhetorical question.

>> No.10390313

How? Most non-sweet lolitas feel the same way.

>> No.10390319

no shit genius. the problem is the 2deep4u poetic bullshit.

>> No.10390322

So was anon's example.

Not gonna lie, I usually scroll past captions unless I'm trying to identify pieces (assuming that a coord rundown is available).

>> No.10390345

from an outsider looking in it defintely looks like the shit people wear at adult age play conventions, like almost all of lolita clothing does tho

>> No.10390348

or course, those people aren't also going to think twice about the shape of the bonnet or something.

>> No.10390353
File: 421 KB, 951x1442, Screenshot_20200511-145239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't tell me this looks childish, though. Some kind of weird mormon pilgrim maybe, but not a child. This is why I don't join comms - most of the people dress like you describe instead of like pic related.

>> No.10390355

when you start adding frills yes it does look childish

>> No.10390360

>when you start adding frills yes it does look childish
It has frills though. The bonnet is obviously frilly, there's frills at the neckline of the dress, and there's frills on the blouse.

>> No.10390367

Yes and frills are childish.

>> No.10390369

So you think the dress anon posted looks childish?

>> No.10390371

Nta but this is the unpopular opinions thread

>> No.10390377

just to let you know your responding to multiple people here but yeah I think its childish. particularly a bonnet unless its super plain like an Amish one

as a guy if I saw a girl wearing this who wasnt in harajuku I would immediately think you were into ageplay or a ddlg fetish. Thats the true true

>> No.10390379

>as a guy
Your opinion is invalid, even if this is the unpopular opinions thread.
Also you could have just said nayrt.

>> No.10390380
File: 157 KB, 960x921, 1569706368387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck are you doing in a lolita thread scrote? LEEEEEAAAAVVVVEEE

>> No.10390382

Yes lol, it's a grown woman in sized-up children's clothes. But isn't that the point of lolita?

>> No.10390384 [DELETED] 

Don't forget the wash between your labial folds

>> No.10390386

Gentle reminder to wash your vulva and labial folds

>> No.10390387

>it's a grown woman in sized-up children's clothes
Where do you see children dressed like that? This is a genuine questions. I live in America and children just wear jeans and t-shirts. Children wear sized-down adult clothing here, not frilly dresses. Do you think Gunne Sax is sized-up children's clothes too? The dress that anon posted is more bohemian and historically inspired than anything.
>isn't that the point of lolita?
Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were baiting, scrote-kun. 3/8 made me respond.

>> No.10390389

Oh it's stuck up classic chan again

>> No.10390393

Aryt I don't even wear classic, I just have eyes. I'm pretty sure there's multiple stuck up classic chans here, but I'm not one of them. What made you think that I am? Again, serious question.
>inb4 this is the same anon baiting me again and I'm retarded for giving him (you)s

>> No.10390394

Just stop replying. The lolita looks childish argument is stupid and repetitive.

>> No.10390395

Shut up you idiot and don't feed the trolls

>> No.10390403

No one cares what men think. Gtfo

>> No.10390405

>what am I doing here
unironically looking for a QA thread to ask why women who arent in harajuku like ageplay fetish clothing and to ask if some of them wear diapers under the really long dresses

>> No.10390409

I don’t mind men wearing lolita or ouji, but what I hate is when an entire comm rolls over on its belly to lick said male’s ass. My comm has a male ouji who is a MAJOR creep and hits on girls in the comm who are half his age, but my comm won’t ban him and claims he’s just socially awkward.

>> No.10390412

If you make multiple people feel uncomfortable, male or otherwise, you should get the boot.

I don't care if you're socially awkward, go learn some social skills before trying to join a community that involves social interaction.

And if you are hitting on girls, that's obviously an excuse. YOU GET THE BOOT.

>> No.10390415 [DELETED] 

Lolitas shoot themselves in the foot saying that it's based on historical children's clothing. Clothing for girls was, for a long time, just adult dresses but shorter or smaller, nothing else. It's nearly just as bad as people saing it's based on victorian fashion and then posting something that has a completely different silhouette and doesn't look anything like lolita save for a frill or two. Lolita looks like dresses of 60s/70s, just half in lenght. Just stop saying it's childern's clothing for fucks sake, everything had frills and lace then, you don't have to specify it and make more morons misunderstand.

>> No.10390417

Lolitas shoot themselves in the foot saying that it's based on historical children's clothing. Clothing for girls was, for a long time, just adult dresses but shorter or smaller, nothing else. It's nearly just as bad as people saing it's based on victorian fashion and then posting something from a completely different decade that has a completely different silhouette and doesn't look anything like lolita save for a frill or two. Lolita looks like dresses of 60s/70s of the XIXth century, just half in lenght. Just stop saying it's childern's clothing for fucks sake, everything had frills and lace then, you don't have to specify it and make more morons misunderstand.

>> No.10390424

you literally just answered your own problems, childrens clothing was just simplified/shortened adult's clothing and that's what inspires lolita. its a modern streetstyle interpretation of it.
stop giving a fuck what moron normies think, we're all better off if we just stop giving them an explanation at all. they're going to think were freak fetishists regardless

>> No.10390430

But why would you make it worse for you and everyone else? Most children's clothing didn't even go up to the knee, so the shape isn't the same and in some cases it had low waistline, which didn't look like lolita at all

>> No.10390436
File: 122 KB, 400x692, classic2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Clothing for girls was, for a long time, just adult dresses but shorter or smaller, nothing else

This isn't true at all, while there are some similarities, young girls clothing had many differences from adult clothing. Not even mentioning the differences between how children styled their hair. The closer we get to the late victorian/edwardian era, children and adult clothing got more different. And dress shapes changed a lot during the many decades of the victorian era. Children also didn't wear corsets or shapewear, those structural garments are essential for historical fashion.


>The practice of dressing children in adult styles gradually declined during thc second half of the 19th century. Boys benefited from more convenient and comfortable clothes earlier than girls, who had to wait until the late 1880s before enjoying clothes as casy as their grandmothers' had been or which began to resemble boys' styles rather than women's, although there was a considerable current of feeling against squeezing girls into corsets during the 1860s.

Just say lolita takes some inspiration from historical clothing. You don't have to be specific. Especially when even classic is so far away from direct historical influence and blends together multiple different eras into one outfit, most historical fashion enthusiasts have no interest in lolita.

>> No.10390437

>complaining about costs in lolita
Sorry you're poor.

>> No.10390439
File: 120 KB, 728x545, childrens-costume-research-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In these photographs we can see that, while the general silhouette mimicked that of an adult garment, these clothes fit the children much looser than adult wear. Also, they have far less decoration than adult dresses. This shows that while people tried to mimic the adult fashion in children’s wear, the idea that children should have more room for movement, like Rousseau stated a century before, still had some merit.


>> No.10390441
File: 1.20 MB, 2284x3158, sears-catalog-1958-spring_0342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also its unpopular to admit, lest newbies think hellbunny is lolita, but the 50s/early 60s silhouette has far more in common with most lolita outfits than anything historical. Especially 1950s childrens clothing.

>> No.10390443
File: 86 KB, 560x876, 1444316637736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this straight up looks like leur getter

>> No.10390447
File: 102 KB, 730x563, default.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, your source is terrible. As in, it doesn't describe the decade I was talking about. If you look at the pictures provided you can see the adults wearing something more akin to late 80s fashion. You yourself posted the fragment that directly negates your argument.
>earlier than girls, who had to wait until the late 1880s before enjoying clothes as casy
It doesn't apply to 60s and early 70s I was talking about. Last picture is just a night gown.

>> No.10390450

And lolita doesnt look remotely like this so it doesn't matter.

>> No.10390451

Lolita is Japan's idea of what western women wore. Then they added inspiration from various time periods.

>> No.10390454

Truth is lolita is even remotely historical save for silhouette and fact that it uses lace and frills more than other fashions, but if you say that classicfags will rip out your throat.

>> No.10390473

>t. butthurt sweets

>> No.10390487 [DELETED] 
File: 441 KB, 960x1280, F47A8E9A-3D79-437E-A21E-875CDDBE16DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My unpopular opinion is we can share instagram from our favorite cosplayer

>> No.10390505

how does not talking to normies make things worse for myself and everyone else? in my experience it usually negates harassment/conflict.
>be a lolita in a coffee shop, minding your own business
>random karen- "is that a costume??? oh, no! i saw that in the news once! it's like a living doll thing, right???"
>oh, what is it?
>these are my clothes, and im having a coffee
>but where are you going?
>here, to have a coffee
they tend to either leave you alone or throw a fit, which you're not obligated to do anything about. Sometimes it's funny and they'll try to convince some poor manager to make you talk to them, as if you work there or something. replace coffee shop with grocery store, park, etc, it doesnt matter. People will always want to make you give up your own time and energy to explain to them why you're such a weirdo freak as a tax for existing differently, but a simple no is always an option, and attempting to explain your fashion to the average braindead normie is a waste of time.They'll only absorb half of what you say and then mouthbreathe it to the next weirdo they see so they feel smart.

>> No.10390527

Do people really say that? What the fuck

>> No.10390531

I’m sick of so much cheap shit in lolita. It’s supposed to be elegant and beautiful, so people throw on plastic jewelry and 20 dollar plastic shoes and cheap everything. So rori?
I like my outfits with a bit of fucking class to them, wouldn’t catch me dead in half the shit this community touts.

>> No.10390535

My thought exactly. I recently got rid of most of my lolita shoes and starting to invest in real designer shoes (I wear classic), even some accessories from burando feels cheap too.

>> No.10390538


>> No.10390541

This too. I'm tired of explaining to newbs that cheap lolita looks like cosplay, not because it resembles a character, but because it resembles the FABRIC and quality of an ebay cosplay. They baw about elitism ofc.

>> No.10390586

You can go to his profile, ban him and then he doesn't see your posts and you don't have to see his degenerate opinions, right? Even in fb groups.

>> No.10390588

Attention whoring.
>I'm special, but not like you normie special, I'm specialeler. Oh you're specialeler too? Let me add more self-diagnosed bullshit to my profile to be even specialeleler.

>> No.10390591

It's way better than Star Wars and Marvel capeshit. I know that's setting the bar pretty low tho.

>> No.10390592

Anna Tsuchiya is a terrible actress but she gets jobs because she's ha-fu and edgy.

>> No.10390593

I think it is but it's also my favorite guilt-shitty comedy, so I can still enjoy it.

>> No.10390595

Not unpopular at all. I have one dress by them and it's only for the design (collab with picture book). The quality and construction is godawful and it's only for display. They've made some awful stinkers that suggest they're on drugs.

>> No.10390596

Any particular examples?

>> No.10390597

tbhon that sounds like a caption you'd find on a Mana picture.

>> No.10390694

Do people just lie then? Because people in my comm act really excited whenever they're announced as guests and most people try to get pictures with them. Seems weird to do with a brand you don't even like.

>> No.10390908

I love steampunk. Most people who try it just happen to be itas who don't know how to make it look good

>> No.10390916

Men always gotta let everyone know they're men

>> No.10390918

People like their hats and bonnets, but they seem less relevant as of late. Not sure what happened there

>> No.10390940


They've got fun personalities I'll give them that. I think people like them more for how fun they are than their actual products.

>> No.10390941

It's okay. We are all unimpressed by his "I have a schlong statement" because he has the grammar knowledge of a 1st grader.

>> No.10390943

These comments give me life, thank you gulls. As an adult, my appreciation for cute things and things with childish associations has only deepened. I can appreciate the art that goes into making toys, and I need the comfort of familiar and innocent things now more than ever. And I really don't see why we're expected to give up nice things once we pass an arbitrary age. Reclaim what we love.

>> No.10390952

>I can't help but wonder what tales these dusty tomes would tell if they could speak.

Whatup I'm Jared I'm 19 and I never learned how to fucking read

>> No.10390956

Unpopular opinion because no one will admit it out loud but I post online for the attention. I do a lot of behind the scenes work in my career that often doesn’t get acknowledged because I’m just a numbers cruncher/field observation specialist. I don’t ever post my face since I can’t associate my work with my side hobby but I have to say, it feels good and I wish people didn’t look down on others about it.
>maybe this belongs in the feels thread, my apologies

>> No.10390957

Be that as it may, the designers make for great guests. They're just super fun people.

>> No.10390961

Because they turn red and orange and contrast against the most common colours of the sky.

>> No.10390964

Reminder that Rosie is very ESL

>> No.10390965

Probably because as it grew to popularity, people began realizing the quality is subpar. And then the fact that their bonnets became easily obtainable since 3F visits other nations a lot, the bonnet lost its status

>> No.10390981

I find long captions like this way more annoying than just “wore this to the library!”. I don’t care about a life story behind every coordinate or the theme behind it. It’s just clothes.

>> No.10390988

there's nothing grammatically incorrect though, so what's your point

>> No.10390991

That things sound less nonsensical in foreign languages than they do in your own. Why do you think most people prefer to read fan fiction in their second language?

>> No.10390999

it doesn't sound nonsensical, though.

>> No.10391002

This hits too 3edgy5me

>> No.10391010

she may be terrible but it worked for kamikaze girls. I've not seen her in other things so I can't say, but the whole thing was meant to be OTT. you're telling me Isobe's portrayal was remotely realistic?

>> No.10391012

my whole comm wanks over them because 'theyre so nice!' but no one owns their stuff, or when they buy a piece they immediately try selling it. I think it's just because they're the only Japanese brands willing to come to my country.

>> No.10391014

some John MacLean shit

>> No.10391020


Both are pretty obnoxious and fake af.

>> No.10391063

No, just an over dramatic snot

>> No.10391065

I like fanny and all but this is a hilarious example

>> No.10391085

it sounds just as dumb in french.

>> No.10391097

Physical flop makes the ugliest shit, Kuniko is only popular mostly because she started Meta.
Her work after Meta is mostly ugly frumpy dresses worn by fatties.

>> No.10391098


Meta was known for having ugly frumpy dresses for fatties too though.

Her new stuff veers between nice but not really sweet lolita enough for me to tacky normie tier muumuus. I like a lot of it aesthetically but wouldn't buy or wear it, if that makes sense.

>> No.10391101

Possibly not an unpopular opinion, but Fanny just doesn't have the same appeal anymore. She used to have great coords on Tumblr, but her coords after just don't have the same quality or spark on her instagram. She doesn't suit Moitie either, the photos with the other models always look better.

>> No.10391105


Meta's frumpy was a good kind of frump, Physical Flop's frumpy is like 60 year old obese grandma frumpy. Especially with the ugly muumuus.
The only thing I liked was the nurse set, but even then the construction looked subpar so I didn't get it in the end.

>> No.10391112

i liked her in sakuran! plus shes pretty.

>> No.10391120

i think its more supposed to look like victorian dolls?

>> No.10391134

I really dislike enamel pins. I feel like they're just a money suck, they seem really cheap individually but they add up super quickly when you buy dozens, all for such a minor accessory, especially when you're expected to wear several at a time. I cringe when I see art I like and they sell a bunch of pins and no other wearable items. I would rather have a shirt, patches, earrings, anything except those stupid pins.

>> No.10391278

they should hit the undo button on OTT and sweet lolita as a whole

>> No.10391292

People buy their main pieces in an attempt to win Best Dressed at the event and then try to sell them after. It’s hilariously transparent.

>> No.10391393

i like enamel pins as a small thing to give to someone else, but they DO add up really quickly and you need a ton of them before they become visually relevant to what you're wearing.

>> No.10391398

They look nicer and more polished than buttons, but I agree I would rather have more practical items. Still better than prints, though, and often cost about the same

>> No.10391408

Totally agreed

>> No.10391438

Agreed. They look even worse when they have one ply of lace. It's better to wear a cute bracelet.

>> No.10391462

I kind of want to buy some of her new dresses to wear when I get pregnant

>> No.10391463

I consider them a freebie for a little donation to an artist. If you want them cheaply, you can buy loads for less than a dollar each on aliexpress.

>> No.10391464

I hate that most Lolitas seem to only know one pose for Instagram.

>> No.10391465


>> No.10391468

Listen I’m here for the fluffy dresses and am only posting coords because I feel guilty taking inspo from other people and not giving back. You will take one foot slightly in front, hand on waist/bag, other hand floating slightly off to the side and you will like it.

>> No.10391469

You *hate* it?

>> No.10391471

They’re the best photos to look at if you’re trying to admire a persons coord. I prefer same/same to the overly dramatic photo shoots

>> No.10391473

This is me too, so I shall continue.

>> No.10391486

Lmao anon, this is very relatable

>> No.10391543

I don't even like Fanny but I've never understood this "she doesn't fit Moitie11!!" Argument. It's just clothing. What does someone who suits moitie has to look like anyway?

>> No.10391550

What they mean by fitting moitie is having the traditional gothic lolita styling. Black hair, bangs and edgier/darker makeup than usually found it lolita.

>> No.10391562

They are just angry that the brand met her and wanted her to model. She is a fan of the brand and his music, even if she doesn’t normally style herself that way. People don’t get angry at other brands using different models like this

>> No.10391563

Do it, they're comfy as hell just bigger than normal lolita and loose fitting designs

>> No.10391564

Her model picture for the yukata was everything, whoever thinks she’s not qualified just because how she dresses is too salty. Shut it down motie girls

>> No.10391572

Yeah no, she doesn't look that great.
She'd probably fit better modelling for VM or JetJ.

>> No.10391578

I think she looks good, but definitely more waifish Victorian dying from consumption than typical Moitie. Still feels appropriately goth, just a little different

>> No.10391589

>waifish Victorian dying from consumption

I mean, she’s thin, but not as thin as the average fashion model. Do you hate skinny girls that much?

>> No.10391606

Nah, I meant more the combo of adding gothic makeup and styling to her very classic look than a commentary on her size. Her eye makeup has been very edgy sickly chic lately, especially for Moitie shoots. It’s not that deep.

>> No.10391681

No one is inherently suited for gothic, but you can kind of tell she doesn’t wear anything similar daily. I think most people have trouble with this choice because there’s a lot of gothic lolitas who wear mostly Moitie and would suit the brand image better. Just liking a brand isn’t the same as actually coording it and being able to adjust your hair and makeup for it.

>> No.10391686

Have you considered that maybe that’s what MMM wanted? I mean, using a non standard model with a simpler style could be a way to show how you don’t need to be “extra gothic full mode 24/7” to wear the brand. Plus, I think the brand itself has the final word on a shooting so if they think Fannie look okay and can be a good example of mmm, what’s the problem?

>> No.10391688

I think they styled her. Honestly they should've let her style herself, it would've looked way better.

>> No.10391694

>Have you considered that maybe that’s what MMM wanted?
Yeah I have, but I still don't think it was a good decision. Moitie after revival have made some really questionable decisions, it's not like you can't criticise them. Moitie is already very easy to style casually compared to other gothic brands.

>> No.10391696

What's fake about the first one? Do you prefer if the caption is just a wall of tags?

>> No.10391743

Chill, it's just one person's opinion

>> No.10392374

I think Misako is overhyped. It's pretty obvious that she got surgery. No shame on people who go under the knife but especially her lips look botched.

>> No.10392377

People are used to a certain image she has so when she dresses in a way that doesn't fit her classic vintage image, their brain breaks

>> No.10392380

My dysmorphic brain doesn’t even register the shoop or surgery so I get to pretend she’s a cool 30+ year old with a nice wardrobe in peace

>> No.10392382


She got surgery? When?

>> No.10392389

Saying no shame in your post doesn't mean you're not shaming her

>> No.10392410

I just looked at dozens of photos of her lips and have no idea what you're on about. But thanks, I guess I'm gay now.

>> No.10392418

Imagine being this level of salty

>> No.10392478

She did not. Her pics are just very edited

>> No.10392504 [DELETED] 

I think its normal to not wear underpants with bloomers

>> No.10392508

Not this shit again. Please stop posting this in every unpopular opinions thread. 2/8 b8 you got me to respond.

>> No.10392535

ayrt, i'm not here to read your life story

>> No.10392547

You are filthy pig

>> No.10392566

Getting bigger lips doesn't require surgery lmao

>> No.10392573

injections qualify as a surgery

>> No.10392578

Look, diaperfag ma'am sissy, you don't belong on this board. You're old, creepy, and you smell of unwashed balls.

>> No.10392599

I don’t follow people on Instagram even if I like their coords if they’re ugly. It really puts me off. Using a sticker is so simple, why wouldn’t you?

>> No.10392612

Everyone would have to use face stickers if it meant that one person finding them ugly would mean they were obligated to cover their face.

>> No.10392624

You're a moron

>> No.10392642

Peeking bloomers look awful and costume-y

>> No.10392752

Really splitting hairs on what looks costumey in this fashion I see

>> No.10392816

Triggered? This is the unpopular opinions thread lol