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Chronicles of Cosplay

The Simp, the Thot, and the Wardrobe

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>meet someone I think is cool at a con
>ask if they want to hang out
>tell me sure, they are going to head to the bar for a drink or two
>fucking really but okay fine whatever I can sit down at least, don't want to smell like beer on my dress though and people get the wrong idea about me
>ends up have about 4 while some excuse about charging phone but I kinda needed to any way so whatever chat for a little over an hour
>now forced to walk around with a drunko... do so for an hour or two forget but not as drunk as you think someone would be like that
>about 6pm anon invites me up to a room party with his friends
>say I need to go change up a bit in my room first maybe later
>flakes off go try and freshen up to ensure no stank on me of booze breath
>see him and his friends later going into some 18+ panel laughing about memes and being loud obv drunk
>get noticed by the person from early notices me and flags me down asking what I was up to since I wasn't at the room "party"
>red flag creepy alarm goes off, make up some story about how I was just going up there to meet them
>he tells me the party is still going on they are just going to some 18+ panel and they will be up there later
>go into my room and call it a night

People who drink alcohol, not even fucking once.

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If the vaccine is projected to be here March then it'll be more than a year until I go to a con

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I'm holding a con in my basement this Novenber

>> No.10380661

I spent my stimulus check on lolit a

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God I fucking miss MikuExpo. I bought tickets for my best friend's birthday which was the week of in April. It was going to be our first Vocaloid concert

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>tfw the last big anime con experience you’ll ever have in 2020 is fucking Anime Los Angeles of all things

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sounds like you almost had a good time, better luck next time yeah?

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Prude alert

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You sound like a very fun and cool person

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I wish atelier Pierrot would stop their Instagram spam. I want to follow them because I like many of their posts, but it’s exhausting seeing like a hundred new ones every day

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I recently moved into my in-laws house with my husband and I packed up a box of all of my brand...
We put the box safely into a storage compartment in the garage. When I come back out to get the box two weeks later, it’s gone. So I look for it and can’t find it. My in-laws moved it to the very bottom of all of their garbage and the box is in bad shape. I wrapped all of my brand in sealed plastic so I thought it was ok, but I open the box and half of my AATP and Btssb is covered in mold and the prints ran and bled.
I am so sad, I don’t even know what to do. It took me awhile to build my wardrobe and now it’s ruined. I think it’s finally hit me I’m not getting these back.

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I unfollowed them recently for this same reason.

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nice bait.

>> No.10380857 [DELETED] 

Serious question, but how is this bait?

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Are you 17

>> No.10380947

come now, even 17 year olds are cooler than that.

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>get the mirena implant
>can no longer use tampons without pain, can no longer have sex without pain
>can no longer workout without getting the same pain
>see a doctor, everything is fine, they scold me for wasting my time

I've not been able to work out at all, and when I do I'm in fetal position screaming on the floor for 6 hours
I was hoping to cosplay characters that show midriff, or try some crop tops from taobao, but I can't work out.
I can't do crunches, I can't even fucking have sex, I tried doing dances to work out, nope that causes immense pain too.

I hate this.
don't get periods tho

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One of my friends sneezed in the dealer room and her IUD shot across the con like a bullet.

>> No.10381171

lmao, obvious bait

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Last time I went to a con some NGE girls flashed my boyfriend their thong butts and he said it was the best part of the weekend.

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I finally get a good paying job where I can easily afford to splurge out at several conventions.

>corona enters the chat to cancel all the cons

Whenever this shit is over, I'm going ham at these cons!

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Wouldn't date.

>> No.10381196

I hope you saw a obgyn, general practitioners are basically retarded when it comes to women's health

>> No.10381203

Dump him

>> No.10381204

Some women's bodies simply can't handle IUDs. Having a piece of plastic shoved up your cervix is not natural, so your body can react negatively. You may want to just find another type of birth control

>> No.10381207

the solution is to dress up as dat assuka and flash him too. does he normally go to cons/like anime or did you drag him along? if it's no then it's no wonder he only liked the part where he saw some ass

>> No.10381214

yep, my obgyn.
they gave me this sort of "are you retarded" sort of look after checking out the implant since everything "was fine"

Its been a ride of trying different birth controls since I was 16. This has been the only one so far that has my chronic anemia under control, being a hemophiliac and all. Might just remove my uterus at this point because the pain is ass

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Before quarantine my therapist told me to find the sluttiest girl at my next con and get blown, but now cons are cancelled until next year. Wtf do I do?

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Turn yourself into the sluttiest girl and blow yourself, anon. If you can do it, you'll have achieved more than 90% of people during quarantine!

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> Skipped out on flying to 2 different cons to meet my friends in January since I was going to see them for other cons later in the year and I didn't want to use the $ or my PTO
> They had a big falling out
> All cons in the foreseeable future are cancelled so I probably won't see any of them until the end of the year at the earliest

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I prepared a coord for tomorrow while feeling a bit angry. I'm still intent on wearing it, it's just that... Some part of me would post it in the ita thread.

See you all there.

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God, Good fucking luck. Doctors never want to take that shit out even if its literally poisoning you. Cheers to the both of us convincing doctors and getting the snip

>> No.10381545

I really doubt that was your therapists advice.

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Why is sex that important to you?

>> No.10381582

They wouldn't be on birth control otherwise

>> No.10381583

Yeah, sex is apparently so important it’s worth being in that much pain

>> No.10381588

Read the thread, anon stated they are on birth control because they have hemophiliac disorder
Is being horny a sin which be punished with copious amounts of pain?

>> No.10381589

They were still bitching about being unable to have sex as if life is impossible without it

>> No.10381591

sorry youre too ugly to get any

>> No.10381594

Some people like sex, Karen.

I'd be pretty upset too if every time I tried to fuck I was in so much pain I was "in fetal position on the floor for 6 hours"

>> No.10381595

Yup, because it’s absolutely impossible that someone could ever just not want sex

>> No.10381596

A lot of us take birth control to regular our periods, scrote

>> No.10381598

*everyone likes and needs sex

Fixed it for you

>> No.10381599

I don't get why asexuals have to be obnoxious about people liking sex

>> No.10381601

Because I hate myself because I know I’ll never be good enough. Imagine being with someone who will either never fuck you or never enjoy it. Would be hell, right?

>> No.10381602

How do I make myself want and like sex?

>> No.10381603

Just date other asexuals instead of being so triggered by the mention of "sex" that you justify being shitty on the internet to someone who is having painful medical issues

>> No.10381605

I’m dating someone who isn’t asexual though. So what do I do?

>> No.10381606 [DELETED] 

I don’t even want to date other asexuals. I just plain don’t want to be asexual/fucked up

>> No.10381607

a. compromise and have sex occasionally
b. dont have sex, may result in future breakup
c. break up now

>> No.10381608

Yeah fuck it, I’ll just break up

>> No.10381609

There. Done

>> No.10381636

Therapist should give you a blowjob instead. It's not gay if it's medicinal.

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Ugh, so turns out the last owner of my dream dress was a fatty-chan because when I got it, the shirring was stretched to oblivion, coming apart at the seams (this is a dress from 2016), and the waist tie + should strap buttons are literally on their last legs.

>> No.10381902

That's super unfortunate, but it's still salvageable if you really want it! If that brings you any consolation

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>tfw you spend seven hours putting on your coord and then shart in the car

>> No.10382038

Ughhh I hate this. It might have been someone else but still, don't lie about the condition. I've gotten 2 or 3 "AP like new never worn out/ by me" jsks priced as such ($200-300) that were stretched out and other obvious flaws

>> No.10382039

No it's not! Shirring is possible to fix but you have to cut open the dress to do it, it's a lot of work and will never be like new if the fabric has pulls at the seams

>> No.10382057

How in the world did that happen?
Did you at least go to the bathroom before spending that long getting it together?

>> No.10382070

If having to take it to a seamstress is what stands between the garbage and staying in this person's closet at all then I think whatever good you can do to the dress is worth it. Or at least repair it for resale so that they can make their money back.

>> No.10382086

Not /cgl/ related but goddamn I really hate demisexuals

>> No.10382103


It won't be like new but you can enjoy a dress without it being like new; the repairs will increase comfort and fit and value of the item if it's repaired. You can send it to a seamstress or easily do it yourself if you have a machine. Unless it's the type of shirring on some BABY pieces that is sewed directly onto the fabric, you just open up the channels on the side and use a safety pin to thread in the proper size and length of elastic and then see the side seam back shut.

>> No.10382108

I sharted on the way home from a con once. I just stopped at Burger King and shoved some napkins up my ass, it was fine.

>> No.10382147

My husband and I just bought are first home!!!
I'm so psyched to have my lolita closet!

>> No.10382159

I broke my fast, and I think I may have gone a little overboard with the cutting. I puked it all up, but I still couldn't escape the guilt or that gross "solid" feeling in my stomach, so I went on a bit of a rampage. I normally cut my inner thigh, where no one will see it, but it was already pretty beat up and bloody, so I went lower in the heat of the moment. It's clearly visible with most of my lolita dresses. Sitting here praying it doesn't scar, it's gonna suck ass to wear tights with every coord

>> No.10382161

Why why why would you buy a house instead of waiting? The housing market is expected to crash

>> No.10382162

Thanks anons. I patched up all the buttons and one egregious hole from the button loop for the shoulder straps, but once this quarantine is over I'm going to take the dress to a seamstress to see if they can do anything about the shirring.

Really shitty since I wouldn't have paid the amount that I did for the dress had I known, but it was still much cheaper than the going rate for it on LM usually so I guess I still win out in the end.

>> No.10382177

Is it summer

>> No.10382186

stop doing all this shit and get a therapist

>> No.10382192

I'm sorry that the seller on LM did you so dirty. I'm holding out hopes that the seamstress can work some magic on your dress.

>> No.10382195

Did you at least leave neutral/bad feedback so others can avoid this seller?

>> No.10382202

>get halp
I'm so sick of hearing this. I'm not crazy, I'm fully aware of what I'm doing.

>> No.10382255

>I'm fully aware of what I'm doing.
Clearly you aren’t when you’re lost in ‘the heat of the moment’. You’re drifting out of control. Therapy can help you regain control over your life in a way that won’t make you look unkawaii in lolita.

>> No.10382273

Have you ever lost control of yourself and ate too many sweets? Does that make you mentally ill?

>> No.10382275


>> No.10382282

>eating too many sweets
>eating anything, puking and going berserk on own legs so much that it will possibly scar
Yeah anon I don’t see a difference either

>> No.10382295

The prices for housing in my area have already tanked, I know if we waited more we could of saved more money but we're too impatient

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I’m in the same boat, except it’s for FLOW. My best friend and I met years ago at their concert, and I surprised her with tickets for their upcoming concert in May, which is also when her bday is. No word of cancellation yet, but I don’t have high hopes that it’s gonna happen.

>> No.10382315

based self respecting dubs, always unfortunate to find someone that can't handle their booze in public.
seething con alchies btfo

>> No.10382320

hate to be the bearer of bad news but they already announced postponing to 2021 last week

>> No.10382322 [DELETED] 

hope you didn't actually get roastie pilled by these trashy gulls! the types to put sex on such a pedestal either have shit tier bonds with their lover or have lost all valid meaning in the term. bunch of hypocritical cake eating pseudo hedonists.

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File: 131 KB, 1000x563, 23-231298_wallpaper-sexy-junko-enoshima-cosplay-from-jessica-junko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay has mentally fucked up my body image so much. I don't want to be a prude nor tumblresque but even though there are so many "body positive uwu uwu" contexts (that are so cringy and fake), cosplaying community has led me to absolutely hating myself for who I am and my body. Not even middle/high school fucked me up like this.

>> No.10382335

Generally just being aware of scrotes and what they like is what did it for me, they think all this shit is real and not shoop+surgery

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Have you ever been injure in cosplay?

My friend broke him leg dress as Goku

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>otakon is canceled
>katsucon will be canceled too
at least i can take a break sewing but god fucking damnit this sucks

>> No.10382439

>trying to find evidence of my first coord
>only thing left is a video from 2011 in which I'm doing caramelldansen

feels bad, it was actually pretty cute as well.

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Corona really threw this year down the toilet

>> No.10382473

>and what they like is what did it for me
What is it that is about it that seems offensive to you, anon?

>> No.10382500

post vid

>> No.10382527

Nta but I found a 2011 vid of myself in a spontaneous caramelldansen line (end of vid).

Looking back, it was so cringe but also so fun and welcoming. Makes me wonder what kids getting into cons today feel like and whether I’m doing my part in keeping the magic alive.

>> No.10382537

A big part of socializing with (most younger) adults is alcohol. I'll admit to having my fair share of mishaps but if someone has a few beers at an event they took time off work to go to, or host a party in a hotel room they paid for with their friends, they're far from an alcoholic. Not saying you have to drink to have a good time, but you can be cool around people who are. I have lots of friends who abstain and it isn't like I don't like hanging out with them, but if they're acting like the fact I'm drinking makes me horrible I would.

>> No.10382733

that fucking pic along with your complain obliterated my sides.

>> No.10382776

you mean normalsexuals anon?
Prudesexuals even?

>> No.10382779

Do people still use that word? I thought even the sjws agreed they hated it.

>> No.10382783

Katsucon 2021 won't be cancelled I can tell you that.

>> No.10382785

nayrt but i'm pretty put-off by the hyper pornified and performative take on sexuality that lots of men seem to enjoy. the idea of my partner even wanting me to be a participant in banal reenactments of tacky porn disgusts me.

>> No.10382813

Ehh it depends where you live. In a place like murica, hookup culture is the norm and only having sex is relationships is indeed considered weird. That's how degenerate we are

>> No.10382814

NTA but porn is such fucking cancer. No, I don't want to be hit and choked and other violent abusive shit during sex, men. I want normal, respectful sex.

>> No.10382820

>Found pics of my 1st coord
>Just nuke my existence from this earth

13 year old me was truly an ita among itas

>> No.10382822

Indie porn (not studio porn) has that but you dont really see it because its not "free"and it doesn't sell as much

>> No.10382830

i'm with you anon, and i kinda worry about the acceptance of that sort of shit when it comes to young women starting to date these actual abuse fetishists who think that wanting to strangle people is somehow just an inherent part of their sexuality.

or i can get off like a normal person instead of having to introduce observing a third party

>> No.10382833

I reject that simply wanting to get to know someone and form at least some kind of meaningful relationship before canoodling the doodle is abnormal.

man here, a little choking is cool with me tho, like the pressure feels very nice and comforting it's super weird. especially knowing I'm strong enough to undo it if need be. Otherwise I'm hella vanilla, violence is not the norm. That's reserved for when you're having high impact sex because y'all just feel like animals.

>> No.10382837

It's extremely abnormal for men at least. They will stick their dick in a girl without even knowing her name. I guess pretty normal for women.

>> No.10382839

I mean for every woman I've fucked without knowing her name, there's a woman out there that's fucked me without knowing my name? Kind of a two way street lmao.

>> No.10382845

I used to be into that sort of degenerate behavior but after coming to terms with my CSA and dudes being all around gaslighting pieces of shit I realized I was trying to cope with my trauma. 95% of men use porn so I won't be wasting my time with those limp dicked bitches any more. Vibrators are better lovers than XYs, which is fucking sad.

>> No.10382855
File: 44 KB, 586x577, sad hank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My best friend who ended up becoming my best lolita friend as well (after a couple years she decided to give the fashion a go) is being really distant and aggressive towards me... Honestly I'm not sure what to do.

She's gone as far as accusing me of ripping off her style in front of other friends, tried telling me I'm not allowed to wear a certain colour because it's "hers" despite never raising a stink when our other friends wear it in their coords... She even tried claiming that the items I was buying weren't "my style" and I think she was trying to call back to "ripping off" her style. She asked me to twin with her and then got mad that I bought something to match the dress I bought, coming after me saying it was too close to something she would wear...

Not to mention how she acts like she's superior in the fashion somehow. I've only been wearing it 7 years longer than her so obviously I don't know anything I'm talking about. It's not like I helped her pick out her first coord. I thought we were on the same footing, but she makes it clear to me that she thinks she's better than me and it's honestly making me resentful. Especially since a couple years ago she said it was something she would never be interested in! But now she acts like she's the best person to have ever worn the fashion!

We used to be really really close and all of this has been hurting me really badly. I keep trying to tell myself that she's probably going through something, but her non-answers and avoidance to even outside mutual interests has gotten too much to handle. Outside of lolita even if I bring up ANYTHING I'm interested in, if she's not interested she writes it off as something stupid and if it's something she also likes she tries to make a point of how she's better/more suited/more knowledgeable than me. We've gone from talking daily for hours for YEARS to only talking in public (online) settings.

tl;dr my friend turned into a bitch

>> No.10382864

That's because you're probably as used to your vibrator as I am to my death grip hands, when you're used to a particular feeling and your body orgasms pretty much exclusively that feeling then you'll have a hard time being satisfied by everything else. At least physically, if you develop a deep emotional connection with someone the sex is infinitely better even if you don't orgasm.

>> No.10382865

Also to add, I know it sounds like we're children based on behaviours but... We're all in our 20s. She doesn't have her life together... Plus she gets mad at me having mine together and at me having a stable job that affords me to up my spending on hobbies while living comfortably, so I've started to wonder if it all stems from that.

>> No.10382866

Tho desu how you refer to men is kinda gross and dripping with misandry.

>> No.10382871

nayrt but it's definitely not false that plenty of men are shitty at sex. penetration is very meh for me in the first place and not even my boyfriend of many, many years pays adequate and gentle enough clitoral attention. but i do like that ol' emotional connection. that said, if all you got out of her post was that she prefers vibrators rather than seeing that she has an issue with men into violent porn due to sexual trauma, you skipped about 75% of it.

oof, she sounds incredibly insecure. i'm not sure how you can bring this up to her in a way that doesn't come across as kind of mean, because she genuinely does sound really jealous. have you tried asking her about it during a time when she isn't actively upset?

>thinking misandry is real

>> No.10382875

They fucking deserve it

>> No.10382879

So there's nothing actively wrong with ditching toxic friendships or putting them on ice til one of the parties has calmed down. Just chat when they wanna chat but it's cool to take friend breaks lol.

I know dick all about lolita other than it's super frilly and Maho Shoujo vibes but what does it matter if one is better than the other? Shouldn't the end goal be being cute girls together?

It's not that the only thing I got out of it was >vibrators but I honestly don't know what the heck CSA even means or even a real understanding of how dudes gaslight women, but I do understand the problems related to over use of sex toys from my own experience and that of female friends who felt comfortable enough to talk to me about it.

I can't really comment on dude's being inadequate, but I have heard a lot of guys only think about the ol hokey pokey and that's all they need. Somethingsomething motion of the ocean.

>> No.10382883

post her to the ita thread

>> No.10382884


>> No.10382886

>if you develop a deep emotional connection with someone the sex is infinitely better even if you don't orgasm
Nah bro, I've had deep emotional connections with men and they were all total let downs in bed. My love for them didn't mean I was satisfied in their piss poor performances. This is what men say to keep women from realizing that men are typically shit in the sack. Men don't like foreplay, men don't like eating out their girls, they get grossed out by a vulva's natural state, grossed out by labia being too long, etc. And then men expect blowjobs and anal and will bitch and moan and call a woman a prude for not doing it. Like I'm good. I don't have the patience for shit lays

I mean dick is abundant and of low value

>> No.10382889
File: 24 KB, 599x357, 1517505610726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is means "child sexual abuse" jsyk. and don't worry, i'm aware you can't comment. you seem like a nice enough guy, but it's kind of a thing for men to materialize in primarily female groups to make speculative comments on things they don't know about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10382892

oof feeling sad now. my bf is definitely lowkey grossed out by vaginal fluids and doesn't like giving oral or getting his fingers sticky. i've never been with a guy who didn't seem to be rushing through foreplay.

>calling a sexual assault victim an involuntary celibate
go to your room and think about what you said

>> No.10382896

Yeah I've tried talking to her when she isn't upset but I'm usually met with something akin to, "What do you mean? Nothing's wrong!" Which is part of the reason I've become so gloomy about it. Like if she's not going to address it I'm done. I'm still kind to her around our friends, or other times we're in a public setting. But I've stopped going out of my way to talk to her. It used to be so natural but if she's going to either ignore me or just send a "k" to me even sending her a text... I've been taking a break for a bit now, but it still starts to hurt when I think about it.

Yeah I've had her on ice for a bit now, she never reaches out to me, but in group settings she MIGHT address me if she doesn't ignore me altogether. Honestly I think most of it stems from outside of lolita, but since it's now a shared interest she's using it as yet another thing to be "superior" than me in. Once again probably stemming from something else.

Also I remembered something that kind of reaffirms that it probably has to do with me finally starting to succeed in life and nailing a really good job. At one point while we were still talking more she snapped at me that it "must be nice having it so easy." and said that I was naive to the world... Despite her knowing that I was one missed shift from homelessness just a few years ago. Then she complained about her mom not buying the kind of apple she likes... I think her not being able to find a job that pays more than minimum wage and living off her parents (she doesn't pay for anything) is starting to frustrate her. But it's not my problem to solve, especially since I tried to help before, so until she sorts it out herself I'm stepping away from the friendship.

>> No.10382899

that's rough. there's not much to do about it if she refuses to acknowledge it, but it's still a shame. maybe she'll end up maturing a bit from other experiences.

>> No.10382901

Ah, well that sucks anon. It's not something I told you out of some sense of "she can't know I only know back and forth" but something I gained from my own lackluster partners. Also real talk human genitalia grosses me out, unless I'm horny. It's all a sweaty, leaky, smelly jumble of flesh, blood, and hair. Unless the horny demon gets me and then it's all perfect, well I still don't like bad smells or hair when giving oral but I think that's more than understandable. Not trying to cough up any furballs nya knyow? Not to mention anal is >butipoopfromthere.mp3 so hard pass. I'll take a thigh job over anal, hell a footjob and I don't even like feet like that. You do you though anon, so long as you can be happy not like it matters right?

yeah a google gave me "Community Supported Agriculture" so I figured that wasn't it. No worries though I try and remain centered and comment mostly on shit I've experienced but I'm definitely speculative in nature. Though I'm retarded and like calling it theorycrafting. Definitely didn't realize /cgl/ was female dominated though, I mean I guess that's safe to assume since the more active threads are the lolita oriented ones.

Yeah that's the vibe I was picking up but I didn't wanna rush in with "Inferiority Complex!" I'd like to say that she'll change for the better eventually but that kinda mentality takes people down a rabbit hole real fast. I can certainly understand the frustrations of being stuck with family and not really being more than a leech but that doesn't change unless you do something to change it, which is unlikely to happen with such a negative attitude. Don't worry too much about it anon, relationships coming and going is part of life.

>> No.10382904


I said what I said. What trauma they experienced in the past doesn't make up for such a travesty of a personality. I'm not gonna say you gotta forgive your assailant or any hippy shit like that but for the betterment of your own life you do have to get past it all. That's what I did.

>> No.10382906

LOL I mean, in her defence she's not ita, but that's probably because she had me to guide her through her beginning phases. She had me pick things out for her first couple coords until she had the basics down. By the time she got into the fashion I had already been wearing it for a stupid long time and I was happy to help her.

Yeah that's what I'm hoping for as well. At this point I know it's out of my hands, but despite all of this... While I may be bitter, I don't hate her. She's still my friend but I've realized that she has to help herself before I become more involved with her, again. Still makes me sad lol I honestly may seek out going to therapy (now that I can afford it again) so that I can deal with it a little better. We were almost sisters, her parents gave me a key to their house, and we literally told each other everything... So it hurts, but I keep reminding myself that it's not my fault, and that things like this happen to everyone in life and that even if the relationship completely ends I still have wonderful friendships with other people.

Honestly I do feel like it at the very least has a little bit to do with that. In the past she had a small tendency towards that, but it was oh-so slight and always towards strangers. Then she graduated HS and it mostly stopped, aaand it's just kind of popping back up now. Towards me. lol.

>> No.10382915

>nya knyow?
i really want to hate you but i can't. big disagree though, i love pussy either way and it seems to be men in general who express otherwise (at least that's my perspective as a bi woman)

>> No.10382916

ah this is like one of my buddy buddy animes where the co-protag becomes the antag, with the tragic endings ;-;

Ganbatte Anon!

>> No.10382918

wait does that mean I'm actually the protag of my own anime lmao absolutely wild, I'll have to dye my hair.

>> No.10382921

Lol, Yeah not sure what other men's excuse is but I'm just squeamish, if I could orgasm without cum I'd never wear pants. Don't get me wrong I've got the perfect pussy in my mind that I wouldn't mind being a throne for the rest of eternity but then reality hits and I realize it almost feels like I'm fondling raw chicken. Which is a horrible analogy but that's the brain for you. I'll concur though, from my observations bisexual women stan women harder than men do.

I just shaved all my hair off last october after having it bright red/purple/blue for the past two years. It's fun but damaging if you're just fucking about.

>> No.10382933 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend shows me cosplay pics on her phone
>accidentally swipe in gallery
>mfw it brings up pics of her in a thong and Frozen wig
Is she an onlyfans thottie?

>> No.10382934
File: 10 KB, 245x245, cringy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend shows me cosplay pics on her phone
>accidentally swipe in gallery
>mfw it brings up pics of her in a thong and frozen wig
Is she an onlyfans thottie?

>> No.10382935

>fondling raw chicken
...are you sure you're straight?

>> No.10382936

unfortunately yes, i'd be a very successful gay man if i just liked cock and dudes.

>> No.10382951

Not that anon but there's a lot of unrealistic expectations and double standards. like they want a girl to have big tits flat stomach thick ass while being the kind of guy that barely takes care of themselves and who's only hobby is playing vidya every day

>> No.10382956

>while being the kind of guy that barely takes care of themselves and who's only hobby is playing vidya every day
JFC this, my friend's older brother keeps going on about when he finds his "dream girl" but we both keep telling him "She definitely wouldn't go out with you, and if she would, she's probably taken cause her standards would be that low..."

>> No.10382960

What the heck, that's really what men are like? I guess I have even more reason to be grateful for my partner because he loves giving oral and cares more about whether I get off than whether he does. Get yourself a guy who actually cares about you, gulls. You deserve better.

>> No.10382978

The amount of friends who swear they make their gf cum everytime makes me question, how much my friends are lying.

>> No.10382979

I get where you are coming from, but this wont help this dude at all.

>> No.10383005

It surely is a time capsule of a video


>> No.10383011

>I'm fully aware of what I'm doing.
Anon, in your own words, you just puked and "went on a bit of a rampage" cutting all across your thighs "in the heat of the moment"
No one is judging you, but please get help

>> No.10383014

She wants to be you anon

>> No.10383090

Wtf do you mean frozen? Like her wig had too much product?

>> No.10383092

Probably one of the Disney frozen characters like Elsa

>> No.10383111

their post reeks of a femnoid that goes after the wrong guy 10/10 times. Men outside of their type probably aren't that bad.

>> No.10383117

As someone who's dated 2 guys, one who acted like >>10382886 and like >>10382960 that's not true, it's not "their type" it's just the guy being shitty.

>> No.10383137
File: 51 KB, 1000x957, pokegun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no big-booty Disney Princess gf

>> No.10383175

gained 5 lbs during quarantine my unshirred pieces dont fit quite right

>> No.10383179

Same! I felt pretty good that my weight gain wasn't getting too severe until I noticed that it wasn't going to my tummy, it's be going straight to my ass, thighs, and love handles. So now I want to rip my fat from my flesh but it's cool! I ate some M&M's so I guess I'll have that crisis another day.

Jokes aside, I'm confident that I'll want to get exercise and eat healthier once quarantine starts becoming lax. I won't let myself go in the mean time, but I'm also not pressing myself to get rid of my emotional eating habit during a literal pandemic. It's not like anyone is going to see me right now anyway.

>> No.10383185

men not being very sexually attentive or believing that penetration is far more satisfying than it actually is isn't a matter of "type", it's a pretty common thing, and it's honestly kind of hard to take you seriously when you're calling women femoids. let people's behavior reflect on them rather than on their partner. even if a woman -did- have taste in shitty men, the man would still be shitty.

my bf cares, he's just got issues and OCPD traits so is kinda shit at certain types of sexual interaction, and apparently that other dude is perfectly normal and somehow thinks pussy is similar to raw chicken. i love him regardless, i'm not going to leave him over it.

i've been spending the quarantine trying to quasi-diet but the boredom eating is slaughtering me. i've still lost a couple of pounds, but i know for a fact i've slowed my progress because i'm making more complicated meals than usual just because it's something to do.

>> No.10383192

Women are just poorly designed. The act of actual sex isn't as pleasureful for women as men. Instead tongues and fingers do a better job. Why were we designed this way? It's not men's fault their dick penetrating isn't as good.

>> No.10383198
File: 141 KB, 400x419, 1540872238528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women are just poorly designed
Not this again. Protect me Mana from the scrotes and the idiots taking their bait.

>> No.10383200

speak for yourself and try different positions.

>> No.10383203

people are poorly designed


>> No.10383209

excuse you, it absolutely IS their fault if they hump you for 35 seconds then shrug when they're done making a mess. it would only be "poor design" if men didn't happen to have tongues, fingers, or brains. there's no reason for making lame excuses for lame partners.

>> No.10383221

>35 seconds
that's not normal lmao.
That is hella disappointing though, a chick did that to me once. came in like five minutes and then kicked me out lmao.

>> No.10383225
File: 175 KB, 223x344, fat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't say her booty was big.

>> No.10383266

Tongues fingers and brains don't actually come into the natural mating process. We are retardedly designed that you end up having to do those things to create pleasure.



Go back to Tumblr you don't belong on 4channel

>> No.10383293

You don't belong on cgl yet here you are derailing a thread so you can complain that making women coom is fucking hard. Shut the fuck up, nobody cares. Let's go back to complaining about corona chan fucking over the conventions and receiving our cosplay/lolita shit in a timely manner.

>> No.10383297
File: 78 KB, 600x456, 1498244112713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go back to tumblr!1!
says the reddit spacing fag. i don't know how you figure that brains don't come into play but there is no rationale behind the """"design""" aside from ensuring sperm comes in contact with an egg. pleasure on either end is just a twist of fate. luckily, as human beings, we can actually judge whether or not our sexual partners are suitable and get new ones when they're shit. biological essentialism isn't a good look, especially when making stupid excuses for human beings who are capable of knowing better.

i didn't actually know a forehead could be so fat

>> No.10383365

Getting pounded by a 8 or 9 inch cock is extremely pleasurable for me. Sorry your dick is small and can't please any women :(

>> No.10383367

Most men are awful and a few are great. News at 11.

>> No.10383375
File: 50 KB, 586x510, kingdomheats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried to set up my big brother with a nice Disney girl but he only cares about Danganrompa and Persona SLUTS. No disrespect to sluts but why is he only to thottery?????????

I want a Disney sister in law

>> No.10383420

ugh she makes me so sad every time i see her, you can SEE her body checking herself [email protected] arm shoop though

>> No.10383449

Admit you came here in early 2019 reddit children lmao

>> No.10383451
File: 129 KB, 551x720, 1544417656561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting triggered by 'scrote'
it couldn't be more obvious that you're a crossboarding faggot. Go and stay go

>> No.10383454

Whenever cosplayers doing cosplay as a full-day job talk about how simple it is to keep a thin, fit figure by just 2-3 hours of exercise per day I want to slap them for assuming I have the 8 extra hours per day that they do and don't have to work an actual grown up profession while building big costumes with their spouse doing half of the work. These people have warped the sense of what cosplay is for majority of the people and I hate how we feel inadequate for not being able to churn out huge builds twice per month while keeping a 25-inch waist, updating social media 24/7 and still managing to have enough money to pay for rent and other necessities including costume materials and con tickets. Most of us stay skinnyfat while barely managing to produce a couple of costumes per year because we are wage slaves who work on our projects alone in a crappy apartment without a toolshed workshop with no sponsorship deals from material retailers. I'm happy that they get to live out their dream but also frustrated at how it's become the new norm of cosplay and it has burned a lot of people out of the hobby because the "home made hobby" aspect has disappeared.

>> No.10383456

itt: femcels and man hating bisexuals

>> No.10383490

I mean i really dont want to start a flame war, but 80% of bisexuals i met were women who were just massive sluts.

>> No.10383492

nearly all """bisexual""" women are straight and want attention

>> No.10383514

People who use incel catchphrases deserve ridicule.

>> No.10383516
File: 20 KB, 567x568, IMG_20200229_192523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread makes me even more thankful for my boyfriend

>> No.10383522

Have you ever encountered a dumb lolita before? Like really stupid, share your stories

>> No.10383524

>People are awful.

Just going to fix that for you.

>> No.10383525

Yes, everytime I open ig. I don't think they are actually dumb but social media sure does make it seem like it's the case.

>> No.10383528

Considering this fashion is for intelligent people I don't think there'd be many. Most of us are pretty sharp.

>> No.10383532

Remember, the bigger the booty the h

>> No.10383578

Half the ones on FB. Just look at what kind of shitty jobs they have.

>this fashion is for intelligent people

>> No.10383579
File: 101 KB, 1024x976, A5537BD9-D095-437C-99C3-C7CBEE650315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not working right now due to COVID which means I’m not making much money and have been on a lolita shopping hiatus because of it. A comm member posted that she was selling some dresses and I was interested in one but I passed off the sale since I don’t have enough money for it and another comm member was interested in it anyways. Turns out that other comm member bought the dress as a gift for me and I’m so grateful, I would have never expected for someone to buy me a lolita dress as a gift just because. She said she wanted to buy it for me cause she noticed I’ve been stressed out and she wanted to send me a surprise to cheer me up. I want to repay her someday, I can’t believe how incredibly sweet and thoughtful this person is.

>> No.10383593

>help friend find her dream dress
>she lists mine for sale
>completely ignores me when i ask her about it and sells to someone else

>> No.10383612

>people are awful
scrote detected

>> No.10383627

Every time Scrote-chan posts, I wonder if it's this ita retard I met last year. All she did was bitch about (mostly black) men and drop TERF slang as if she expected sane people to know wtf she was on about.

>> No.10383636

you sound like the retard if you think everyone who uses "scrote" online is the same person.

>> No.10383647

what the fuck is terf slang? and desu it almost always is men who try to reframe the shit they do as general population problems

>> No.10383662


>> No.10383672

this is so wholesome

>> No.10383731

>terf slang
so not only are you a scrote, but a larping tranny as well, k

>> No.10383756
File: 76 KB, 300x300, 1525422593407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First we had incels, now we have lib-fems. Great.

>> No.10383766

This has been every single feels thread for at least 1 1/2 years.

>> No.10383851

Why do terfs and femcels have so much overlap? Are you salty that men are better at being women than you are?

>> No.10383867

They don't, but how else are trannies supposed to cope with the truth.

>> No.10383888

Nice cope tranny

>> No.10383896
File: 277 KB, 823x827, bmh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STFU. Let's all go get our periods and fart on incels!

>> No.10383927

because they're both fucking annoying.

>> No.10383943

I'm laughing so hard at the same assblasted trio of roasts spamming this thread with their scrote talk.

Ita fags truly are mentally ill.

>> No.10384037

Go dilate lmao

>> No.10384056

I only said bisexuals because they get upset when they're treated as plain ol lesbians. Bierasure they call it.

>> No.10384057

trannies are better women than normal women, at least that's what they and the director of Last of Us 2 thinks lmao

>> No.10384062

nah, the director of last of us 2 is just a big faggot worried about offending those fragile mentally ill men who get offended by seeing real women. if you're so fragile that you're offended by seeing a woman, might as well go an hero because you're going to see a lot in life.

>> No.10384068


/cgl/ is just the period farting version of /pol/

>> No.10384080

People are too exhausting for me anymore. I’m too tired to keep being only a convenience but disregarded any other time. I wish there were an easy way out, like a simple off switch. No guilt, just painless.

>> No.10384096

You try so hard, yet you miss the mark just as hard.

>> No.10384129


>> No.10384138

I’ve seen Hostel I’m not taking a chance

>> No.10384150

>do a virtual meet in my closet room
>meet over
>walk into my bedroom
>bf is on our bed naked with a Rilakkuma plush covering his dick

>> No.10384224

He's going to be that dude that finds his "dream girl" in South East Asia when he gets the money.

>> No.10384228

>All she did was bitch about (mostly black) men
A self hating Shea Butter Twitter black woman. Avoid these at all cost as they are full blown toxic and lost.

>> No.10384238

I didn't know hoteps used 4chan too. But seriously, most black men are fucking worthless and it's a shame black women get dragged down by their bullshit.

>> No.10384248

>most men are fucking worthless and it's a shame women get dragged down by their bullshit

>> No.10384253

Hotep? Nope I'm just a White dude who's dated my share of self hating black women in college who go out of their way to bash black dudes thinking that will impress me. It's pretty pathetic, and your sentence proves my point of "lost" black women seeking validation.

>> No.10384254

I don't blame them for being that way considering most black men hate black women would rather date fat white landwhales or chase after racially ambiguous women. You really can't tell the difference between a hotep and a regular white man online anyways.

>> No.10384263

>I don't blame them for being that way considering most black men hate black women

A few of my black coworkers explained this to me by saying that lot of black men were raised by shitty single mothers who treat their sons like shit because the see their father in them and that right there shapes how they view black women. That and a lot of the "nerdy" black dudes were seen as "lames" growing up and were made fun of for it. When these dudes got older and went college, the military and the workforce they encounter women of other races that don't give a fuck if they're nerdy and don't have all the "baggage" that a black women brings.

Despite what the internet says there are plenty of happy black couples that are living their lives to the fullest.

>> No.10384266

Or maybe they are bashing black dudes because they are huge pieces of shit towards their women. Wait, no, it possibly can't be that, she's just doing it to impress whitey.

>> No.10384269


> shitty single mothers who treat their sons like shit because the see their father in them

Idk where you get this, a LOT of single black moms will take care of their deadbeat sons way too long and try too hard to protect or care for them to the point they end up being losers who only want to find a new woman to replace their mom and continue mooching off of. I'm black and I see it in multiple generations of my own family and others' families as well. Within my immediate family my mom is just terrible in general despite not being single most of raising us but even she gave my brother special treatment and was more lenient and caring toward him than any of the girls in the family.

I've never heard of black single moms being bad parents unless drugs were involved desu so it's interesting to hear others' experiences. You usually just see and hear how hardworking and caring they are and how they sacrifice for their kid or whatever.

>> No.10384271

People also love blaming the single mom instead of the dad for leaving. Don't forget the child support memes too

>> No.10384352

>Despite what the internet says there are plenty of happy black couples that are living their lives to the fullest.
Yep. I met my wife at Otakon way back in 07 and I feel sorry for younger black men and women in this fucked up dating world. Social media is a cancer.

>> No.10384480
File: 1.68 MB, 1277x885, Albania.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought that my two favorite hobbies of guns and anime girls overlapping into that game Girls Frontline would have been a wonderful confluence of fate.

But then some of my acquaintances started getting into cosplaying from the series and now I can't even handle my m14 without getting an erection.


>> No.10384509

Is there a way to dislike a post without replying to it? I don't want to flame him and say scrote but...

>> No.10384514

Yeah this is the hardest feel I have too. God it makes it worse when you just come to accept you live a different standard of life. For me it's with lots of responsibilities and people depending on me. I look at some cosplayers and it gets to me sometimes. They go out to a nice place and shoot then grab lunch with friends. I wish I had that freedom...

>> No.10384519

If you ever decide to do it. Can you do it at a con. It'd be legendary

>> No.10384521

Wow did they ever do any slavery play in the bed room

>> No.10384535
File: 495 KB, 474x624, confusion.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lockdown is over and you have to readjust to normal life overnight
not like this

>> No.10384536

Please ignore the other people, I think what you did was a really mature and adult thing to do and please please please don't listen to these other people. I look up to people like you.

>> No.10384537

prude bitch

>> No.10384541

literally eat less

>> No.10384542

>Are you salty that men are better at being women than you are?
>Trannies actually believe this
Remember, you will never, NEVER be close to anything a woman is.

>> No.10384547

I would have done the same thing. I don't get why people don't understand how horrible of a situation this could have been.

>> No.10384553

>be me
>see >>10383713
>skirt looks pretty comfy
>remembers WW has a 10% coupon right now
>finally decides to buy the skirt
>skirt sold out
they'll restock it eventually, r-right?

>> No.10384589

Trying to find secondhand gothic is so disheartening. I keep checking sites daily, multiple times a day, and either nothing is popping up on sale or things get snagged in seconds upon posting. I feel like I'm 10 years late on creating my dream wardrobe. The secondhand market has dried up and gothic brands don't seem to make things I like anymore.

>> No.10384598
File: 20 KB, 493x119, it's hard out here for a gothic lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this feel. There's really no point of trying to scour hard in the second hand market so the way i see people in the wish thread do. Sweet and classic lolitas don't understand how easy they have it in the second hand market. It's so hard to find some good filler pieces as well. Almost all my wardrobe has been bought new.

>> No.10384599

>tfw only half the gothic listings are even clothing
>tfw half of those aren't even gothic
maybe i should suck it up and start learning about more indie brands

>> No.10384702
File: 2.13 MB, 498x278, tenor (4).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found some shitty premade matching costumes I bought back in high school to wear with my best friend while going through old stuff. She went to her first con without me, with her boyfriend, brought me back a figure, which started the huge collection I have today. I wanted to start cosplay because she thought it was cool.

I was in love with her and after a few years of fighting it and fading in and out of each other's lives, I told her that I had been in lesbians with her and that's why I couldn't spend time with her anymore after she started talking to me about sex with her boyfriends. She told me she had felt the same,,, but that she was going to find me a good boyfriend so we could double date and it would all work out like the fantasies we had of being together forever. Fucking religious parents.

I've never gotten along with anyone like I have with her and she said the same of me, that she didn't connect to anyone, not even her big sorority of friends or boyfriend she is now marrying. But I can't talk to her. I can't tell her all the shit I've been up to that she would think is cool, places I've been, or the massive collection I have because of her. I'm living the life of our teenage dreams but I can't share it with her. It hurts too much. My relationships are doomed because I compare others to her.

How did I let things get like this, it's all my fault

>> No.10384708

I bought a hat rack off amazon for my bigger hats, boaters, and berets to make more room in my lolita dresser.
even taking all that out im still overloaded... I feel so disorganized looking at my stuff
I think i need a second side table for lolita stuff

>> No.10384749

stop larping as a woman, no woman likes 9 inch dicks. most prefer around 4-5 since that's the average vaginal depth


>> No.10384755

keep telling that to yourself so you feel better dicklet. yea 9 is too big but 6-7 is perfect. 4 is just pathetic

>> No.10384789

The best sex I've ever had was a guy 4.5 inches. Yall must have some long ass vaginas or you're scrotes larping

>> No.10384794

Thank god lol

>> No.10384801

Most likely a size queen tranny.

>> No.10384819

Yikes, is this what tiny dicked dudes actually believe?

>> No.10384845

5 inches is wimpy, you're not even a real man if you're under 6 inches.

>> No.10384846

Why do some of you like small dicks, are you guys pedophiles?

>> No.10384848

It's better for anal.

People who care about dick/tit size are retards.

>> No.10384849

>thinking women enjoy anal ever
scrote confirmed

>> No.10384852

Dicklet copes ate getting absurd. No woman goes looking for microdicks to fuck her in the ass, only scrotes like anal.

>> No.10384853

Just because your fag ass enjoys it, doesn't mean women do.

>> No.10384856

>I feel like I'm 10 years late on creating my dream wardrobe
You are. But it doesn't help that the same handful of people buy everything up ever since it became trendy again.

>> No.10384895
File: 61 KB, 771x788, IMG_20200420_145016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anal is more enjoyable than vaginal when you have vaginismus lel...

>> No.10384897

If your man don't eat bush, throw him away. Tranny.

>> No.10384899

I've never had sex in any form, but I'd also rather have anal than vaginal, in my case because I just hate the thought of anything going inside my vagina. Plus I don't really want to receive anything in general. If I have sex, I'd rather it just be enjoyable to the other person, so I don't care what's supposed to feel better.

>> No.10384909

thicc diccs > long cocks

and personally I love anal

there's only two types of women on this board. the ones who entertain, and those that are TERFs

>> No.10384917

These types aren’t mutually exclusive.

>> No.10384939

which pair? long thick dicks or entertaining terfs? kek.

>> No.10384960 [DELETED] 
File: 229 KB, 1300x1600, 0daf24fdcc624581f00c4d57304107b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384968

We have NO fucking jannies.

>> No.10385018

This quarantine has really got me thinking about how much I don't miss hanging out with some people.
All I really want are qt lolita and Jfashion friends that aren't brainwashed by social justice.
I live in a really liberal West coast city and don't put myself out there but I feel like even if I did it's not gonna happen, idk. I just want to meet people that have their own opinions and not the party approved opinions.

>> No.10385032
File: 72 KB, 435x400, 1587055883260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my first year not being obese
>I can finally dress like a whore
>everything is cancelled

>> No.10385033
File: 136 KB, 1242x862, 1588095620644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the jannies all think women have cooties

>> No.10385038

Man, if that isn't a feel. I'm not in the US but if I were I'd be your friend, anon.

>> No.10385059
File: 209 KB, 1436x1920, Honest living.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boards without janitors are better off.
Even if it's shit, board culture can correct it. When janitors come, they build THEIR vision of the perfect board and unless you align perfectly with that, you're fucked.

>If I have sex, I'd rather it just be enjoyable to the other person
The joke here is that for the grand majority of people, seeing the enjoyment of the other party is what makes it fun and you're going directly against that.

>> No.10385063

>board culture can correct it
This stopped being true for at least 6 years.
>Boards without janitors are better off
This very thread and the boards most known for their garbage leaking everywhere prove otherwise.

>> No.10385065 [DELETED] 

it's not shoop, it's a cap from one of the cosplay vids, she's that mentally unwell.

>> No.10385066

it's not shoop, it's a cap from one of the cosplay vids, she's that mentally unwell.

>> No.10385067

Well, what am I supposed to do for the other person if they’re not going to see me enjoy sex then? Is it pointless?

>> No.10385071

I had these kind of weird bonkers thoughts about sex before I started having sex, but now that I have I see how misguided I was. I didn’t expect to enjoy sex, but I do. I thought it would be awkward, but it isn’t. Your body knows a lot more than you expect.
As for “what you can do” for your partner, if you really want to have sex with someone without feeling pleasure for some reason, you can always pretend.

>> No.10385073

>t. jannie

>> No.10385075

I'm not some all-knowing sage, anon. You're the one who's going to have to figure something out.
Though I fully agree with the anon above. You're most likely putting the cart ahead of the horse.

>> No.10385090

That's pretty nice to hear. I keep thinking I'm asexual and can't do anything about it, but I probably just need to try it and then I'll enjoy it.

>> No.10385098

Thanks Anon, I appreciate that.

>> No.10385118

You obviously have no clue what vaginismus is, retardfriend

>> No.10385200

Trust me, you are greatly underestimating how much it hurts. It is the most painful thing I've ever experienced, worse than breaking a bone or having a needle inserted in the spine. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about it for a woman. It's only enjoyable for men because of their prostate, of which women have no equivalent.

>> No.10385202

>seeing the enjoyment of the other party is what makes it fun
Have you ever met men? They only care about cooming and don't give a fuck if the woman has an orgasm or not

>> No.10385204

Guess I just won't have sex

>> No.10385205
File: 28 KB, 264x246, 1587731393519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the guy i like has a fucking girlfriend and i'm friends with her i'm going to kill myself tonight

>> No.10385207

Oh same. I'm near SF, if that's where you are.

>> No.10385208

It's okay, there are other people you can fuck out there

>> No.10385210

Find someone else. There's millions of men out there and they're basically all the same anyway, so.

>> No.10385212

i'm unironically a virgin because it's hard for me to trust others and my delusions made me believe he liked me too

its not fair bros

>> No.10385216

>There's millions of men out there and they're basically all the same anyway
Yeah, and they're all awful

>> No.10385227

Just go to any other cosplay site if you don't like the board culture, the "bad" parts of/cgl/ are pretty typical of most chan boards.

>> No.10385228

I'm a gril and have my first crush on another girl. I don't want to. I will be disowned if it goes anywhere. I can't stop fantasizing about twinning in lolita and doing cute things with her.

All my relationships with men were traumatic so I'm wondering if I'm going to opposite way so that the cycle doesn't repeat. Bf #1 tried to kill himself while I was there, Bf #2 got lazy and turned verbally and then physically abusive, guy #3 is poly and hid it til I was emotionally entangled. Being around him makes me feel disposable.

Even more confusing, I'm sexually into men only. I'm more romantically into women since I have way more in common and emotional closeness.

Has anyone else ever been in this scenario? Should I give up and die a lonely spinster in a Baby dress?

>> No.10385235

Is it domestic abuse if I threaten to kick my bf out if he doesn't wear cat ears?

>> No.10385263

I would see a therapist for your issues and trauma desu. It seems like you've come to associate men with abuse and put women on a pedestal. I can assure you that lesbians can be just as predatory, manipulative and emotionally abusive as men. The only true upside to being with a woman is virtual guarantee of no physical abuse.

>> No.10385271

>virtual guarantee of no physical abuse

>> No.10385273

Men commit over 90% of violent crime, and the few times women do it, it's usually in self defense against men so uh yeah.

>> No.10385274

nta but physical spousal abuse by women is under reported by both men and women...

>> No.10385275

Spousal abuse in general is under-reported

>> No.10385277

>doesn't know about the high domestic violence rate among lesbians

>> No.10385279

that doesn't change what i said.

>> No.10385284

I'm aware of the stats the other anons pointed out about lesbian DV but I think you're probably right. I had a therapist when I still had insurance pre-COVID (I'm American fml). We talked about guy #2 but I never connected the dots..

>> No.10385285

So, lesbians are in fact as bad as men in every way? Well, there you go, OP.

>> No.10385353

don't do it osaka

>> No.10385445

Those statistics scrotes site for that were proven inaccurate

>> No.10385455
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, Tried of her shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay strong, Haya-I mean, Osaka.
And don't off yourself. Nor her.

>> No.10385461

So women are just better than men in general?
I like to hear this, i'm glad that our sex is the better one and that filthy men will soon die and be eradicated.

>> No.10385483

Nayrt but that comment is about anal for women. And I’d say it depends. My first bf had such a small penis that anal felt like nothing; with the second one, it felt amazing, like the feeling you get from soaking in a really hot bath; and with the third it seriously hurt like cracking a bone when he tried for a second and we never tried again. But yeah, committing to only anal as a woman is stupid. Even the transmen I know use their vagina for sex.

>> No.10385511

Can we just lock all the incels and legbeards in a room and turn the gas on because you people are annoying as fuck. Every thread its women bad, scrotes bad. Get gassed you bitter wastes of air and space.

>> No.10385544

Yeah, I know what that comment was about. Just saying that since I’m uncomfortable using my vagina, anal is supposed to be painful, and sex is only enjoyable for the other person if you enjoy it too, I’m probably better off just not having sex

>> No.10385574
File: 1023 KB, 500x250, She studied the blade.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're going to make a cool nun one day, anon.
Though I still implore you to reconsider and look around the site to find the sort of degeneracy which strikes your fancy. If you're not suffering from physical health issues on your part and it's really just a matter of never having tried even playing with yourself and being afraid to do so.

>> No.10385581

Spamming off-topic r9k shit and tranny larp are not board culture and there are at least 5 other boards you shitty crossboarders can fill with your garbage. Why does it have to be cgl?
>pretty typical of most chan boards
No just on the unmoderated shitholes who leak everywhere.

>> No.10385619

Holy shit I am too good for the vast majority of the women in the world

>> No.10385620

What if instead of gas, they have to consensually fuck to get out?

>> No.10385621

Honestly, this is the best post in the entire thread. Thank you for writing it.

Then they'll never get out.

>> No.10385631

Are you from austria?

>> No.10385639

Why is it always women, who are so frigid when it comes to sex

>> No.10385640


>> No.10385644

Makes sense
This is also the reason, why incels exist

>> No.10385645

You're conflating different things here.
Mate selection explains why people don't just fuck whomever, since any dick or wet hole gets the job done in the end.

Mate selection has fuck all to do with behavior like the one of that anon. It makes biological sense to be picky, not to avoid sex (and thus the chance to pass on one's genes) altogether.

>> No.10385647
File: 8 KB, 263x192, 1497286053214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i miss decora

>> No.10385652

Because men put penetration at the centre of sexual pleasure, some women are worried about having a big body count and being used for sex and vaginisimus makes penetration undesirable.

>> No.10385653

This and male entitlement to 10/10 women when you're a 4.

>> No.10385657

Every time I read read these man bashing posts I think back to the lesbian who looked at me like she was going to cry when I beat her to the punch on talking to a girl and all of the nerd chicks who got their hopes up because I was nice to them during my linebacking days

>> No.10385659
File: 67 KB, 669x573, 1583725990430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Move to the southeast or if you need mountains still somewhere like Montana or Idaho. Less degeneracy and fewer liberal cucks there.

Women ruined this board in early 2019 when they invaded from Reddit & Tumblr. It was a better board before the scrote-chan retards came by and spammed tranny lolita threads

>> No.10385661

Genuine question, what did men do to you to hate 50% of the world's population by default

>> No.10385664

>cgl was better when 99% of the board was cosplay drama and fap threads.

the board is fine, it's only the feels thread that's cursed and people feeling the need to constantly defend trannies in every thread. You can complain about women all you want, but cosplay and lolita is a female dominated hobby, deal with it.

>> No.10385665

why does /cgl/ attract this /r9k/ tier men vs women discussions
just sperg about dresses
inb4 banned for off topic

>> No.10385666

Because this board is literally a crossing ground between smelly neckbeard r9k incels that love anime and entitled legbeard obese women who are obsessed with getting attention for validation at anime conventions

>> No.10385675

>women invaded this board
>in 2019
Stop larping and go back.

You too, go back.

>> No.10385676
File: 146 KB, 703x1000, Koiwai.Yotsuba.full.628663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And, you know, normal anons who just want to talk about costumes and other random bullshit unrelated to shitpiles like r9k or lolcow.

>> No.10385712

Shit, not even 4s, we got fuckers looking like Rocky Dennis thinking they deserve sex with any woman

>> No.10385713

you do realize that the 'gl' in /cgl stands for 'gothic lolita'? Women have always been here newfag.

>> No.10385714

because the feels thread always wind up being a catch-all for crossboarding male scum

>> No.10385729

I just want to talk about cons, not hear about bitter/sour ass women and forever alone men bitch about each other for the thousandth time.

>> No.10385732

Hideous motherfuckers thinking they're too good for fat girls is my favorite r9k meme

>> No.10385734

Ours is the only board with a significant amount of women, so we attract incels who crave any kind of female attention, even negative

>> No.10385746

Jesus christ it's painful how obvious posts like this weren't actually here before that. Yes, there was a rad femcel invasion of redditors in early 2019. Obviously you were part of that since you don't know what the old board culture was like.

>> No.10385763

why the fuck can't I make myself want sex no matter how hard I try. All I can do is make it worse

>> No.10385784

You'll love again, anon, but you'll never forget your first. Be strong.

>> No.10385801

Does this mea that if I was in love with the woman who groomed and molested me, I will always feel something for her?

>> No.10385803

I think it's pretty safe to say you'll never forget her, for better or for worse.

>> No.10386232

You were just unlucky and became a salty bitch from it.
Some of my gal friends told me about their bed times and told me they had a really nice loving time.
It just depends on your luck and partner.

>> No.10386268
File: 136 KB, 1080x791, EU9KkvPXsAU-GiK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon. I just kind of hit a peak of sadness after my last relationship got me ghosted. And reading some of the inane shit ITT makes me feel better, kind of.

>> No.10386455

once again

probably wouldn't have as much problems with men if you made your worth more than your body

>> No.10386489

I know this is a salt post but it's really a nugget of truth in there. If you guys worked on your career and became skilled at a hobby, better men would pursue you. That means better sex too because a better man would be willing to do whatever it takes to get you off and learn with you.

Just focus on self-improvement and stop basing your life around this shitty toxic hellhole. The best thing I ever did was stop using 4chan as often and just made my life better. Better things come when you improve yourself.

>> No.10386663

Nope, Portland.. almost as bad I'm sure.. good luck anon.

I might do that some day.

>> No.10389686

probably a stupid thing to complain about but hey it's a feels thread

it really annoys me how hard it is as a womanlet with bad genes to achieve proper weight loss so I can pull off more cosplays and alt fashion. it's not enough for me to have a very healthy diet with low calorie intake all the time and exercise regularly, I need to go full gymrat (I can hardly afford gyms, not to mention the personal trainer I apparently need) and watch my diet even more carefully apparently. I don't have the time for that though and it's really not something that interests me beyond using it to achieve my goal. it's tedious.
and to make matters worse I'm now back to having full-blown acne like when I was 16 becausee I quit birth control. sometimes I think I should just give up and accept that I'm just meant to be ugly. but that would also mean giving up my hobbies (or accepting that I'm shit at them, which I won't)

>> No.10389838

>If you guys worked on your career and became skilled at a hobby, better men would pursue you.
Truest post in the thread. You're not getting a mid to high earning man if you're working in a call center or behind a counter in retail/fast food.

>> No.10390657

Ganbatte anon, don't give up. You don't need a fancy gym to make it, there are a lot of body weight exercises you can do to get there. If shitheaded peasants can get jacked and become ninjas you can too!

That being said there's no shame in working in a call center or behind a counter, work is work and whatever you gotta do to get your plan done is worth it.

>> No.10391275

So, uh, my therapist wants me to get over being raped by chatting up strangers. That's not normal, right?

>> No.10392697
File: 832 KB, 500x618, 1589301986172.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna be able to meet people the next time I go to NY anime con. Though alot of my friends aren't going with how the javits center is. I hope during the quarentine I could get stronger and work on my Nero cosplay.

>> No.10394267

it's more normal than them suggesting you fuck a bunch of strangers I guess?

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