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Still quarantined edition

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What do you guys put in your bio on dating sites? I never know whether to mention fashion stuff but all the photos of me are in lolita :/

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I usually call it "Japanese lolita fashion" or explain it as "alternative fashion". Normies seem to understand the word "alternative" to mean an established fashion more like punk or goth as opposed to you just dressing for an adult baby fetish or something.

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just say lolita fashion. weed out the normies and find those into it.
You might want to clarify you aren't into dd/lg (assuming you aren't)?
I've not seen many lolitas on dating sites, but half the ones I have found are dd/lg

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I really feel like selling my large lolita collection and quitting lolita but now is the worst time. It feels more like an anchor around my neck than a pleasure, and I hate how much time it all takes to organize the clothes & hand wash it all and I feel pressured to wear it all the time to justify the money I’ve spent on my 75 main piece collection. It feels like it’s keeping me from living a better life, but I hate that certain people in my life would feel like they were “right” about the fashion or my love of it, or think I had only been wearing to try to get internet points.
I’m also worried I’m just in a decluttering phase and that I’ll regret selling it all a couple months later. I’ve tried downsizing but my taste is so varied that there isn’t a lot of duplication. Selling even a few items makes me feel really constrained in my coording and then I get frustrated and up buying more again. I haven’t bought anything in awhile so it’s not a compulsive buying thing, I just feel like my collection is a complete whole and I need to sell it all at once if I’m ever going to sell it at all. But that’s a huge leap to take and it’s almost weirdly embarrassing

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Sounds like what you need to do is buy more lolita clothes, not less. Ones that are easier for everyday - pre-owned pieces that you don't mind messing up, cutsews you can put in a delicates bag and throw in the machine, solid-color pieces that aren't at risk of bleeding, pieces that fit loosely so you can move comfortably, long hemlines so you can bend without worry of flashing your petti, or maybe even other jfashion like Liz Lisa. Then you can wear the more special pieces when you do have the energy.

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Bad idea if you're a straight women. You will attract the ddlg daddies. If you're a lesbian, shouldn't cause any issues.

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I just bought an $800 btssb dress. I guess quarantine life is really getting to me.

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I haven't been a regular on this board since 2010
its funny how everyone here still defaults to "anything I don't like is ageplay/anyone I don't like is an ageplayer"
Lolitas seem to have taken over, and I'm genuinely sad to see less cosplay content here.

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I would just flat out say "I wear Japanese Lolita fashion. No, it has nothing to do with the Nabokov book. And no, it's nothing sexual."

I would also post a mixed bag of normie and lolita pictures, preferably with your main picture being in normie clothing (assuming you don't wear it daily? otherwise ignore this)

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I've had the most ridiculous start to this year and if I don't get neon star diner I'm going to scream and pay whatever scalper price it takes to get the set.

All my SS have said they don't know about getting it because of corona and stock levels and the lack of a release date. I'm mad. Please just let me have my stupid dress set universe.

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Get some new pictures bitch

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Please don't do that anon. If you phrase it this way people will immediately think they are supposed to think of a sexual connotation even if they didn't consider that at all in the first place. The suggestion of a mixed set of pictures is good though. If anything having some pictures in lolita could be a good conversation starter and might (emphasis might) weed out some guys who don't want a girlfriend that 'dresses weird'.

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>If you phrase it this way people will immediately think they are supposed to think of a sexual connotation even if they didn't consider that at all in the first place.
It's 2020. People have access to the internet and saying "daddy" is a common phrase. Trust me, lots of people will be thinking it.

Even if they were blessed not to know about the horrors of DDLG, at the very least they'll think of the book because it's literally the name of the damn thing. Most articles written for normies about lolita have to clarify that it's unrelated to the Nabokov book for that exact reason. A normie knowing the pedophilic synopsis of the book and then seeing what appears to be "children's clothes" will probably think it's some underage fetish.

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yeah I'm not seeing what this gif has to do with feels

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My insta is a very insulated feed of good coords worn by people who choose what fits and suits them but I made the mistake of browsing general lolita tags recently and remembered why this fashion looks ridiculous to most people, because that is not the case 90% of the time. Now I’m sad.

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Oof big agree

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This fashion has made me more narcissistic in a big way. Never used to take any pictures of myself at all, now it’s all I do

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I would feel a way if I had to stick my face in lolita bum.

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I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with taking pictures of yourself. Of course it can easily become something self-destructive, but I don't see the problem with taking a photo of yourself to commemorate your cute outfit. I'm kind of jealous. I wear lolita and I like how I look in it but I have such a huge mental block about photos that I can't share my coords even though I'd like to.

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do feet pics, these are fun and intriguing.

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Gosh anon are you me, I feel the exact same way about the same dress. If shit hits the fan I'm ready to try and get it from AP Paris and if that fails then I guess scalping prices it is. Feeling pretty bummed as is cause my SS wasn't able to get the accessories I wanted.

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Why, don't you have enough unsuspecting girls to masturbate over already?

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I met up with someone from my comm and we took pictures standing close to each other. I told her not to post them to social media but she did. I only agreed to hang out with her because she's suicidal and now I'm afraid to start an argument about it.

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why didn't you want her to post them?

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Corona made me unemployed and I don't have any savings but I'm buying my dream dress. I don't give a fuck. I've been looking for that dress for 6 years.

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Because they're not social distancing?

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I'd totally date a lolita girl, its super cute and adorable. You are a idiot if youd rather have sexy then cute/adorable. Plus light red "pink" is my favorite color. So double double right.

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>emotionally blackmailing someone into hanging out during quarantine
You need to drop that crazy bitch. You're not responsible for her mental health issues.

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Nope, I like to support my friends. I don't stop caring about friends and family when they're having a hard time. Humans need love and contact to become emotionally stable.

Because I don't want people to see that I broke social distancing rules.

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Well have fun killing old people then

>> No.10368639

Why would I meet old people?

>> No.10368640

>i don't understand how viruses work!

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Anon, think about this for five seconds. You broke quarantine for this girl, and she couldn't even do the bare minimum thing you asked her to: to not post you on social media. Is she really that good of a friend?

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>show mom a pic of my lolita friends
>"Oh my god! Why are their bottoms so big?"
>"They're wearing petticoats."
>"Coats? What? Why are their bottoms so big? I hope none of them are your girlfriend."

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I like the fluffyness of it
heck Id totally wear one myself except id look like a faggot chris chan wanabee

>> No.10368648

is your mom retarded? who hasn't seen petticoats or at least crinolines? did it blow her mind to watch Grease?

>> No.10368690

>everyone is white and american

>> No.10368693

have you considered posting flatlay coords instead? there's a few girls on insta that mostly/exclusively post flatlays. or maybe try a face sticker?

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Do tell what country she's from

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You can't eat burando and your super won't wear the dress in exchange for rent. Learn some financial responsibility.

>> No.10368719

Does it matter I'm going to starve 1 week earlier if I buy this dress? I'm going to starve either way. And not paying the landlord now versus not paying him 1 week from now, sure maybe it matters to him but he's a dick. I'll never find that dress again because the brand closed down years ago, it'll only go up in price.

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I've been losing about 1/4lb a day and I'm scared I've developed an eating disorder.

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I’m so fucking sad. Dresses that used to fit me a couple of months ago can’t zip up past my waist and bust. I have also gotten new dresses that won’t zip up either. I know I need to get up and do some exercise and eat better, but honestly I feel so down that I don’t have the energy to get up and do exercise and the fact that I can now only fit my shirred dresses makes me even more depressed. I don’t even want to get up on a scale cause I’m so scared of seeing how much my weight has gone up cause I know for sure I’ve gained quite a bit. I want to get up and do exercise so I can lose the weight, but I never find a consistent diet I can stick to so I always end up quitting and gaining even more weight. It fucking sucks ass and I’m so tired of being fat. I want to wear my clothes and I want to be able to wear them comfortably and quarantine doesn’t help at all cause I just wanna lounge around all day.

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r u me?

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Get up the courage to weigh yourself and get a calorie tracking app that can tell you how much you need to eat a day to reach your goal without any exercise. It really helped me lose weight with minimal exercise when I gained some depression weight a couple of years ago. Of course, it's better to exercise if you can but when I'm feeling low I find it much easier to cut down on food than exercise for weight loss. Hope you feel better soon.

>> No.10368813

that's not cgl-related, but let's assume it is. the rate itself is not extreme, and it's not even reliable without a large sample size. so if you're overweight+ bmi, then good job - this is what focusing on a goal is like. it does take up a lot of mental effort. make sure you're still getting vitamins and nutrients. if you're not overweight, you do need to slow down or stop. I suggest focusing on your mental health to achieve this - getting good sleep, having a good cry, journaling your thoughts, avoiding toxic communitues. A healthy mind will enable you to be physically healthy.

Same for you, a healthy mind will enable a healthy lifestyle. Focus on the mental parts first. Then focus on getting the tools that make your work easier - nice workout clothes that make you excited to get ready, a food scale, nice cookwear and tupperwear, apps that help you track your progress. Make it easier for yourself. If something stops working for you, find a replacement; don't stop trying new things.

>> No.10368816

First anon, I wasn't overweight to begin with but I should have included that getting very thin and looking better in my dresses is feeding my desire to lose more. On the other hand I feel lightheaded and weak with some food aversion so that's what lead me to believe I'm getting an ED.

>> No.10368822

>If you phrase it this way people will immediately think they are supposed to think of a sexual connotation
normies think *EVERYTHING* they don't understand is a fetish thing. cosplay? fetish thing. lolita? fetish thing
Either that, or they think you just do it for attention.

>> No.10368835

consider recomposition instead of weight loss. muscle takes up less volume than fat. you can nourish your body and look slim at the same time. i don't mean to strive for the look of bodybuilders and crossfitters, i mean more like ice skaters and gymnasts. obviously the olympic level ones may be too muscular for your aesthetic, but imagine a more amateur one. take care of your mental health so that you have a desire to get your body the vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, and fiber that it needs. if your mental health isn't on point, then you won't care enough about the lightheadedness to do something about it. if you are not showing as much care for your own self as you would for a friend, then you are not in a good place mentally.

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Join the tenant strike, anon!

>> No.10368850

>be me
>Decide to spice up quarantine by dressing up
>Why can't I get this dress on
>Am I fat??? There's no way I gained this much weight in quarantine
>Oh. The detachable waist ties were tied
>Remove waist ties
> Put dress back on
>Then button pre-tied waist ties back on
>Sigh of relief

>> No.10368853

And another thing I just thought of is to seek out positivity. Look up the benefits of different nutrients and then find foods rich in them. Foods that are good for your hair, skin, nails, immunity, joints, etc. That way you can appreciate food more instead of being averse to it. Same with feeling more beautiful - try to look for features other than skininess that you find attractive in the models and influencers you see: their smile, grace, posture, way of speaking, attention to detail in styling, intellect, passion, lighting, and so on. Hopefully this helps break up your fixation on weight.

>> No.10368854

I’ve done this exact thing it was a whirlwind of emotions

>> No.10368857

Thank you, that's solid advice.

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so fucking bored and stressed out during quarantine. i can't even wear my frills around the house because my parents are home now and my mom is batshit. i've just been refreshing secondhand sites over and over and buying shit i don't even need rn. holy fuck corona pls leave i want to get back to school

> i did start on a gothic capsule wardrobe though

>> No.10368942

> all the photos of me are in lolita :/

There you go. No need to explain, they'll ask. It's a good conversation starter.

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Why do I have the feeling that ott sweet is having a comeback?
I thought it was dead and classic and a more simple kind of sweet (like the girls in China wear it) took over but now I see so many ott coords on cof and instagram.
I don't hate that it's back but I can't find a reason as to why it's back now.

>> No.10368990

Why do people have to sexualize everything? Just let me wear my frills in peace and accept that it’s not a fucking fetish, like I’ve said a billion times. But no, some random coomer totally knows way more about a fashion than someone who actually fucking wears it.

>> No.10368991

It never really went away, but I think a lot of it has to do with social media. OTT sweet is very eye catching, but it's also very photo friendly unlike gothic. After a while, sweet is going to oversaturate and people will move back to classic for a bit, rinse, repeat.

A lot of lolitas are also really stuck in time though. People posting casual coords are accused of being too normie, and people who try to experiment are shouted down. Until the community starts to accept the style changing, we're just going to keep repeating trends of the past. And then the people who want to experiment will just leave the style and go elsewhere.

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>go to a party full of weebs my age
>some dude shows hes working on a wreck it ralph cosplayn puts on some giant wreck it ralph hands
>everyone laughs at how comedic it looks
>make a joke about how the dude has Yaoi hands
>everyone turns towards me slowly like ive just done a party foul
>I try to explain yaoi hands
>some girl interrupts me and tells me that shes uncomfortable with my blatant fetisization of mlm
>i mention I dont even like yaoi and try to show them pic related up on my phone
>am avoided for the rest of the night

i don't even like yaoi

Am I in the wrong for expecting a bunch of late 20s/early 30s weebs to know a somewhat popular meme from 2010?
One of the dudes even loudly talked to everyone about how he frequented 4chan's /a/ /jp/ and /cgl/ and everyone was fine with that but stopped me in my tracks for bringing up "yaoi hands"

>> No.10369035

You did nothing wrong those guys are just fucked in the head. I knew fujo policing was a thing on tumblr and twitter, where sjws have destroyed fandoms, but grown ass adults in real life sperging over the mention of yaoi is really pathetic.
>>some girl interrupts me and tells me that shes uncomfortable with my blatant fetisization of mlm
jfc this is the state of fandom and weebs these days. I bet she has a twitter account, the fucking normie. Fuck sjws, fuck normalfags, oh and also fuck jannies.

>> No.10369040

Been going to anime conventions for 10 years. never heard of a weeb being offended by yaoi.

>> No.10369052

"Yaoi hands" is definitely a well-known meme, and it literally has nothing to do with any sort of fetishization. It's just mocking how a lot of it is drawn, that image is a great example.

>> No.10369057

Virtue signaling bitches grind my gears and now with quarantine in place, it's really obvious they don't actually give a shit about other people despite being woke liberal. Particularly this one lolita on IG. I should probably stop following her but I can't stop letting the hate flow through me.

>> No.10369061

This has to be fake because I refused to believe that people are this dumb

>> No.10369069

God I wish it was. My best guess is that it happened to me because I live in this insanely liberal area, or that these people were just normies (outside of the one 4chan dude) who barely dipped their toes into weeb shit. A couple of them have never heard of tumblr before so that might make sense.

>> No.10369086

Dude I just turned 18 and even I know what yaoi hands are. It's a common meme and those people r weird

>> No.10369171

I didn't know what yaoi hands were until this post

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>never heard of tumblr
Have... have these people been on the internet?

>> No.10369239

this reminds me of my bfs whack friends thinking he was from /pol/ because he said "weeaboo degeneracy" once.

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>tfw no /fit/izen bf

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>Wondercon was supposed to be this weekend

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I'm fascinated by medicine and I really like the cute, dark, medical themes in yamikawaii outfits. But I'm not mentally ill and don't want people to think I'm some kind of edgelord so I feel like I have to avoid it.

>> No.10369774

wear it anyways. Just don't label it as yamikawaii. I love medical prints because I did a lot in hospitals as a high schooler. I just don't tag it as yamikawaii or menhera.

>> No.10369779

I’m mentally ill and I really don’t see anything wrong with someone who isn’t wearing that stuff. If you like it, wear it. It’s a cool aesthetic

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do you think this corona thing is going to be already over in december so i can start going to cons?

>> No.10369831

seems weird to lift the style directly then pretend it isn't said style. you don't have to be mental to tag it its proper name. unless you're just talking about lolita medical prints?

>> No.10369833

Ice skaters and gymnasts are usually underweight

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tfw I was supposed to host a cherry blossom viewing picnic meet

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me when (lolita) gatherings can resume normally again

>> No.10369910

I was just about to respond to that thread asking why femanons don't fuck all the dudes that would shrink themselves and live in their buttcheeks or whatever. But then it got deleted.

Anyways to the OP of that thread, I've had an older pic of me in cosplay posted occasionally on other boards for years now with anons lusting after me. It's a pretty weird feeling to reverse image search a shitty old cosplay picture and find it still to this day being posted. It doesn't really bother me, anons calling me cute is a confidence booster.

>> No.10369918

I have no answer but I want to thank you for blessing us with this image. <3 digimon

>> No.10369951

I knew most lolitas were some sort of mentally unsound, but the quarantine has shown how sad/empty some of them are and it feels bad to see them spiral. Feels real bad.

>> No.10369953

Any specific details? Or is this just a general "/cgl/ crazy" post.

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>> No.10369963

This board has been super touchy lately and any proof would probably get the feels thread “vendetta” nuked, so nah.

>> No.10369964

Or give you a temp ban for "singling them out". Best not put their names here.

>> No.10369968

agreed. one lolita i have looked up to for years posts more and more depressing content recently. im not sure what reaction they want...

>> No.10369984

You must have a guilty conscience to not even vaguely speak of what happened. Why don't you talk to the person directly?

>> No.10369993

Guilty of what? This an observation about various lolitas from social media, but sending them a random message about them seeming “off the hinge” is also weird. This is being posted to the feels bored on a Chinese basketweaving site, because it’s a feel that relates, that’s all.

>> No.10369996

It's probably going to sit there for weeks unless you are in the USA and got EMS

>> No.10370000

I did a closet cleaning and everything I really want to get rid of is velvet or other cold-weather stuff, damn it.

I get this feeling every time I attend a public meet in my comm. They’re all lovely people but yeesh.

>> No.10370003

Generalizing lolitas being "mentally unsound" sounds like you aren't even one.
Youre probably some sad ugly incel t b h

>> No.10370005

I have noticed this too. People are going nuts at each other over absolutely nothing. I know we're all stuck inside but at least take a break from 4chan when you're getting yourself that upset, gulls.

>> No.10370006

Why does this feel hurt you so bad? You seem pretty off yourself if this getting under your skin and they didn’t name anyone. Chill.

>> No.10370010

Nayrt but why does it seem like they're hurt?

>> No.10370013

nayrt again, but clearly >>10370003's nerves have been touched if she's resorting to calling someone an ugly incel for posting a simple observation in the feels thread. I understand and I probably would have been similarly defensive when I was younger, but to be honest, >>10369951 is right. Most lolitas do have some sort of mental illness, myself included. It might be as mild as depression, but most of us aren't 100% mentally healthy. I don't see the harm in admitting that.

>> No.10370017

List it anyway. I wear velvet all year.

>> No.10370018

I'm with >>10370017, I will buy velvet literally anytime.

>> No.10370023

Just chiming in but why is it necessary to blame the opinion >>10369951 has on -lolitas specifically- being mentally ill? Most people in general have mental illness. The other anon's reaction was extreme but I could see how it struck a nerve.

>> No.10370025

True, most people are mentally ill in general. But I'm willing to bet that if you were somehow able to do a study, lolitas would have a significantly higher rate of it than the general population.

>> No.10370029

That's going to be the case with any small subsection of a general population.

>> No.10370030 [DELETED] 


Yeah the world is still kind of a fucked up place and a lot of people either through unresolved trauma they may not even be aware of or genetic conditions and many other factors can struggle with mental illness; being stuck inside or forced to go to work if you're 'essential' right now and exposed to illness daily are both situations with enough stress to cause people's existing mental health problems or troubling thoughts and feelings to become more intensified and at the forefront of their minds. This isn't exclusive to lolitas though.

>> No.10370034

Ayrt, thank you. That's the the point I was attempting to get at.

>> No.10370036

And this is why there was no point in naming names of who seemed to be a having a rough go. People are melting down with just the general statement. It’s not about shaming those people and it is sad to see them reel, thus the feel.
I hope that those lolitas can step away from the overt instagramming and all the other stuff and realize that they don’t need to constantly update everyone with every weird detail of their life (sometimes in intensely long video updates). We all cope in different ways, but some people seem to be doing poorly. Moderation is healthy in these cases and they may need to step back from the internet and take a breath. It just feels bad.

>> No.10370119

lolitas have always been like this though

>> No.10370125

I keep drinking instant milk tea at work and i nearly shit myself because I'm lack toast in toddler ant

>> No.10370126

Buy some Lactaid and keep slurpin.

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When you introduce your younger brother to the comm and they all start chanting ARA ARA

>> No.10370318

>instant milk tea
wait does that even have lactose in it though
arent most instant things with milk in them actually non dairy ?

>> No.10370336

>arent most instant things with milk in them actually non dairy ?

No??? How could anything containing milk be non dairy?

>> No.10370356

non dairy creamer is definitely a thing, but most instant-containing-milk products like hot chocolate k-cups just use powdered milk afaik.

>> No.10370380

I know this is hard for a lot of people to comprehend but half of the world is heading towards winter right now.

>> No.10370381

Less than 12% of the world’s population lives in the Southern Hemisphere and even less than that lives far enough away from the equator to experience winter. Just say “Australia” and get on with it.

>> No.10370493

oh weird

idk like the boba places near me use non dairy creamer in their "milk" tea except for the "matcha with fresh milk" at t4
not sure if cuz cheaper or cuz lack toaste

>> No.10370513


Yeah, I can see how that's striking a nerve, but damn some of these privileged peoples' reactions strike a nerve with me.

I'm really trying not to post on social media, because I feel like I'm going to start lashing out at any moment and I don't want to be that vagueposter and inadvertantly cause drama over someone's poorly phrased 2 am rant.

>> No.10370517

nta but my city has tons of bubble tea places and the nice ones use real milk.

>> No.10370527

Non-dairy creamer doesn't taste like milk and isn't meant to be consumed as the majority of the drink. I sincerely doubt a bubble tea place is selling drinks that are primarily made from coffee whitener.

>> No.10370529

most bubble tea places use powder tho, and most of those powders use non-dairy or lactose free creamer in them. bubble tea is cheap.

>> No.10370533

Prospective buyers from NZ/Australia never bother to read my description and then whine, try to haggle or ghost me after I tell them what it costs to ship from my country to theirs.

>> No.10370534

what >>10370529 said.
some of the drinks will use real milk but the majority of the tea is done with non dairy powders because they're dirt cheap and last forever, unlike the (literal dozens) of gallons of milk they'd otherwise have to buy.

>> No.10370540

I owned a MM replica when I first "got" into lolita back in 2010 in high school. It feels so good to now buy an actual MM dress now. Just waiting on my SS to ship, hopefully it won't take too long.

>> No.10370543

It might be where you live, but all the places where I've been use actual milk for their boba. But that's because they just sell boba, and aren't those cheap donut store ones.

>> No.10370549

Interesting. I live in a cali college town with boba places out the ass (because there's ~30k asians here) but only the "Fresh Milk" drinks have proper milk in them. Everything else at all 4 or 5 places I've been to has been NDC. Maybe that's just how cheap college town boba is.

>> No.10370551

Seems really mentally sound.

>> No.10370557

>sending them a random message about them seeming 'off the hinge'...

I mean, if there someone you don't know, sure. However, there's nothing wrong with telling your friends that they seem a little depressed.

>> No.10370558

their* It's too late to be typing.

>> No.10370562

Just because you follow each other doesn’t mean you are in a relationship to comment on their mental health and that it won’t make things weird. More often than not Internet friend ≠ friend

>> No.10370567

Right I need some honesty. At 5,7” and 160lbs am I too big for Lolita? I ripped a corset loop on a btssb dress last week and since I’ve not been able to feel the same. It was easy & unnoticable to repair but I feel like I must look like a fucking elephant now and wonder if that’s how all the girls in my comm see me. I know I’m not obese-chan or anything but I just want to look pretty and cute in brand dresses, is that even possible for me?

>> No.10370568

It's very difficult to say without knowing how you look. I think that lots of overweight girls are able to look just fine in lolita (and to be fair you might not even look overweight because your BMI is only just at the borderline), but the most important thing is how you think you look. Maybe try getting dressed up like you would for a meetup, stand in front of a mirror and see whether you can honestly say you think you look good. If not, maybe you should try losing some weight. Now's a good time to do it anyway.

>> No.10370569

Honestly, in general most Japanese stuff isn’t made for your body size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find individual pieces within a brand that work with your size. Paying mind to measurements and giving yourself a few cm could help a bunch. Also, understanding what shapes work with your particular shape (if you’re busty or have large shoulders or etc.) can help you look proportionate in the clothing. Cheers to you being self aware though.

>> No.10370571

...I didn’t think I could get dumber comments than “isn’t it weird that what you call summer is cold???” but claiming that only one country in the Southern Hemisphere has winter tops it loooorrrddd

>> No.10370577

Assuming you don't have a bust over 100 cm, a lot of fully back shirred items will fit you comfortably and depending on your body shape should look okay. I was at your weight not too long ago and although my clothing was a little snug, I didn't bust at the seams (my bust was at 96 cm).

That being said, it's better to just lose some weight.

>> No.10370581

Why does this post feel as though it was written by a LARPing /fit/izen

>> No.10370584

While I’m stuck at home all day, I can’t stop buying lolita shit I don’t need. I can’t WFH so my schedule is clear, all I do all day is online shop. I’ve never spent so much so fast.

>> No.10370585

The way I got over this was by starting an Instagram and using my time to take photos of all the different combinations and coordinations possible only with the clothes I had, it takes up loads of my time whilst still feeding my egl obsession and if you make it a challenge for yourself then you won’t be buying stuff out of boredom, you’ll be using your brain to think round problems and come up with new ideas for your coords!

>> No.10370588

Thanks anon, this is a great idea! I’ll try it out.

>> No.10370592

As another anon said a lot of back shirred brand should fit. Your bust and waist measurements are probably a bit more important and brand blouses or skirts fitting will depend on this. Honestly though you should be pretty fine although if you wanted to lose a little weight it might give you some more options.

>> No.10370604

I want to buy shit but there’s just nothing I like popping up atm. It sucks

>> No.10370605

Think of it as a positive. Now you get to save money so you know you'll be able to afford something you really love comes along.

>> No.10370606

when it comes along*

>> No.10370622

Yeah avoiding social media is a good idea for you

>> No.10370651 [DELETED] 

being locked up at home made me realise how much i love lolita fashion and how badly i've been wanting to get "into" it for years but have been either too anxious or broke. i could potentially afford a basic co-ord at the moment (i'd like to start off pretty casual), but i am absolutely lost with the amount of info available :c

>> No.10370653


People have started things for far less so I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

>> No.10370672

no they probably don't, it's like that literally everywhere, including taiwan and hong kong, unless the item says milk, it's not milk. if they say they use milk they're lying to you. only chatime and pin ming use milk where i live.

>> No.10370709

Same. I live in Canada though and most shops use actual milk unless you ask for a nondiary substitute.

>> No.10370713

anyone else having trouble with dressing up (or at all)? my job got cut at last month and i use transit rather than driving, so i've basically had a 3 week long indoor weekend. i'm a lifestyler, so i'm used to making "dolling up" part of my morning routine, but i am losing the energy to get dressed every day. it's making me depressed to look in my closet and just stay in my lounge clothes.

>> No.10370722

/cgl/'s corona summer is hell...

>> No.10370738

Powdered milk and non-dairy creamer aren't the same thing. Powdered milk is just dehydrated milk, and it contains lactose. It's shelf-stable, but it's still a dairy product. Non-dairy cream is made out of onions and vegetable oil. It doesn't taste like milk and isn't meant to be consumed on its own or with a small amount of stuff added. It's meant to mimic the texture of cream to be added to coffee, but it does not taste like cream.

If your bubble tea places are using coffee whitener as the main part of their drinks, I'm sorry. That sounds gross.

>> No.10370744
File: 146 KB, 1200x800, wnIXil7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When your 90€ keyboard breaks

>> No.10370753

most bubble tea places use tea flavor powder that is artificial flavor and non-dairy creamer. also it's not meant to be drunk alone is what you mean. you keep using the word consumed wrong. nutrition info for most chain bubble tea places say they use non-dairy creamer. good places may not but most of them do.

>> No.10370757

The one near me lists "non-dairy milk" on their menu as what they use.

>> No.10370773

>tfw you realize your late teenage body is gone forever

>> No.10370776
File: 170 KB, 842x690, kft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

exactly, anon is probably just confused about engrishy wording. a popular chain near me uses what they call "milk powder" but when you read the ingredients, it's just creamer. i used to work at a local korean style milk tea place and we used coffee mate pump creamer too. most asians are lactose intolerant so of course they won't be using real milk. like someone else said, fresh milk, or milk foam/cheese teas are real milk/milk products but average "milk tea" is just flavored like milk.

>> No.10370780

I'm not using the word consumed wrong lmao.

Maybe it's a regional difference. I'm in Canada and like >>10370709 said, all of the places around me use real milk. Either way, I'm glad I'm not drinking a glass of coffee whitener with some flavouring.

>> No.10370785

How old are you? And do you take good care of yourself? I'm in my twenties but I still look exactly the same as when I was a teenager to be honest.

>> No.10370786

is your milk really real if its from a bag tho
i wouldnt trust it tbqh

>> No.10370787

I'm in my late 20s and I look even better than I did as a teen. Don't give up, other anon

>> No.10370789

I worked at a boba tea and rolled ice cream store and they used nondairy milk powder. It's incredibly common even in "good" places.

>> No.10370790

how is rolled ice cream? I went to a place once with a couple friends but I was third wheeling and didn't want to get any because I felt gross eating sweets.

>> No.10370796

It tastes exactly the same as regular ice cream, the only appeal to it is 1) watching the process/how pretty it turns out 2) some places let you choose your own ingredients so you can make custom flavors you can't buy normally/can't have because of allergies. If you're a health nut, seeing fresh fruit used is probably appealing too, I guess.
The place I worked at had key lime pie rolled ice cream which was pretty nice. Beyond that, people getting normal flavors were wasting their money.

>> No.10370798

Oh. I thought it might have an interesting texture or something. Not really a health nut just have brain rot, but key lime pie rolled ice cream sounds good.

>> No.10370815

consumed just means eaten, no regional thing here. the place that i mentioned is in canada kek.

>> No.10370828

I still take reasonably good care of myself. Hell, I might be in even better shape since I did less cardio then. That won't change the fact that I can't heal as quickly, I need more rest, I can't go without sleep, and I just can't do the be as reckless as I used to be. My body is breakable now. I got used to thinking I was nigh indestructible, but now I have to face the reality that I'm not.

>> No.10370870

still got it wrong anon

>> No.10370873

Jesus christ can you bitches stop talking about bubble tea and ice cream? This offtopic shitposting has gone on for like 10 posts too long

>> No.10370883

Have you ever jiggled a bag of milk, though, anon? It's a good time.

The regional thing was about the ingredients, not my word choice, which is why I put it on a separate line.

>> No.10370886

Maybe you should try jiggling a bag of milk to make you less grouchy.

>> No.10370889

I've seen them make them make it. Sorry you live in a shithole, but I've only lived in major cities. Especially since I get mine with almond milk

>> No.10370907
File: 37 KB, 640x480, 6732EB98-8831-4417-8157-1F1917B0148F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve recently started to feel a bit blue about the fact that I’m kind of a lonelita - I say kind of because I do have one friend who is dear to me but we’re both a bit busy and can’t make time to meet up, especially with the whole pandemic thing going on. It also bothers me that I haven’t felt like this previously and I’m not sure why I do now. Maybe it’s from seeing everyone doing virtual meets and such? I know I wouldn’t have a lot to talk about with people from my local comm though, and everyone’s most likely comfy enough with their own cliques. Doesn’t help that I’m not that fond of going to meets and I’m kinda bad at social situations. The few times I’ve attended a meet have been just me not really engaging with anyone and just sitting there in silence, so maybe I’m just doomed to sit at home and drink my tea by myself. At least I’ll be a cute hermit

>> No.10370937

It sounds strangely enticing. What other liquids could be bagged? Bagged OJ... Bagged wine, wait, that already exists.

>> No.10370944 [DELETED] 

Jiggling ur mom's bags of milk was a good time

>> No.10370954

I’m a bipolar lolita, and desu I think hearing “mental illness” as an insult is worse than simply observing that it’s something many people have, which I don’t think there’s a problem with at all.

>> No.10370956

Are any of the UK comms actually nice or even okay to join? I’ve heard that the London comm is bitchy for years and now this week someone’s slagging off (one of?) the northern comms on btb (idk if clam or frills of steel) but like... just makes me nervous as fuck to join one, which lbr is pathetic as hell for a 20yo woman to be feeling

>> No.10370958

>anons sperging and raging about fucking powdered milk of all things
we've been inside too long, gulls

>> No.10371001

Sometimes life-style lolita suck, , I've had to fart for a moth

>> No.10371045
File: 78 KB, 384x512, At2neWECQAEks66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We had bagged juice in the 90s. I remember kids making a mess with these all the time.

>> No.10371064

Where tf do you people live where every liquid is bagged? Lmao Canada

>> No.10371069
File: 36 KB, 249x699, 7dc3db952ce341fc6f58e9696fbe1ab3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A while ago I left sweet lolita for goth, swore up and down that I'd never wear it again. I ditched it originally because I was going through a lot of external life events and self image issues. I was tired of feeling like I looked like an ~age player~. Now the quarantine hits and the urge to wear kawiwi AP sugar vomit is starting to return. But I'm afraid to go back to sweet after being so vocal about leaving it in the first place. I am a fool.

>> No.10371072

I feel the same way. I didn't completely leave sweet but I did limit it to about 20% of my wardrobe and focused on classic. Now while I'm in isolation I find myself falling in love with sweet all over again. I don't really know how to feel about it because it never looked good on me. I'm also approaching 30 and I really don't want to look like an ageplayer.

>> No.10371089

Don't do it anon. Sweet looks retarded

>> No.10371093

just wear it but not often

>> No.10371094 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 772x580, 36675553_264646684288191_8393057964075778048_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are all lolitas in my area TERFcels?

>> No.10371111
File: 126 KB, 309x313, 1480387753632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go on tumblr to find pictures of me from a con in 2014
>so many people deleted their accounts and now all those pictures are gone
Tears in the rain, it's karkov time.

>> No.10371112

Try waybackmachine, you might be able to recover them that way.

>> No.10371114

If I knew the blog or direct link MAYBE, but archive.org doesn't index tag searches

>> No.10371157
File: 86 KB, 1000x866, 3dfa53fec8cd648be8b8f86dcc6ebf66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> SS manages to get entire neon star diner set for me. Praise be the lolita gods
> Japan has stopped all shipping to my country as of Yesterday
> cry.jpg

>> No.10371181

Want to trade? All the ones in mine are genderspecial autists

>> No.10371215 [DELETED] 

I feel so angry. I disapprove some stuff my best friend does but they reject my any attemp to talk about it. I feel like this is gonna be the end of our friendship.

>> No.10371220 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 755x1200, 1585997000222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I HATE women and hope every last whore gets beaten to death.

>> No.10371222

thats it lets nuke this thread

>> No.10371243

Bricked my phone last night. Who knows when I'll be able to fix it or get a new one. I'm gonna miss so many daily log-in bonuses for my dumb games. Ugh.

>> No.10371290

Try bluestacks.

>> No.10371291

I feel that anon, just want somewhere where I can make friends with similar interests and no drama

>> No.10371321

Why are you on the girl board, sissy

>> No.10371347

because you're a fat fuck or an incel who doesn't lift

>> No.10371348

t. suicidal lolita

>> No.10371349

Jesus, don't respond idiot.

>> No.10371351

Is anyone else happy about Coronavirus? I've started losing weight and exercising more. I've also become a competent cook.
I dunno, I feel much happier than before.

>> No.10371353

i will never have sex with you

>> No.10371360

I was happy at first, because I hate going to work and going outside and being around strangers. My holiday plans are fucked, I can't eat healthy because i can't go out buy my own food nor can I even get to the kitchen because my mum hogs the stove for the morning until night to cook up her nasty food that i just have to eat. I've failed to do any exercise or any school work and my sleep schedule is fucked. I just ruin every thing for myself.

>> No.10371381

I would like to thank based Corona-chan for killing useless scrotes. I hope she continues to fuck their shit up, amen

>> No.10371384

i'm glad men in the medical fields are being eradicated. they're the smuggest pissbabies of them all

>> No.10371411

I’m not happy about a dangerous pandemic, but yes, I’m personally thriving in quarantine.

>> No.10371417

Yeah this virus has been nothing but positive for me. I really hate going outside and talking to people so not having to do that anymore is very comfy, and my uni grades have shot up because of the way my courses were changed. But it feels a little selfish to say I'm happy about all this, because a lot of people have been fucked over majorly by it

>> No.10371428

Yes, I'm happy about coronavirus. Both the staying inside and the upending society part.
I know this sounds edgy as fuck but I honestly think the thing is good for society overall. There are too many fucking people and we were overdue for this sort of thing.

>> No.10371430

Also this. When I first heard about the statistics I thought it was a dream. Kills mainly men and boomers? God bless Corona-chan.

>> No.10371506

What con, anon? I like searching for lost fandom stuff. I'll see what I can dig up for you.

>> No.10371509

You wouldn't be saying that if it was your family/friends that were dying

>> No.10371510

It's kind of a mixed blessing. I've been able to save up a ton of money because I'm no longer going out, but I've gotten fatter because I'm, again, not leaving my house as much. Plus, I'm starting to get cabin fever cause with my took ages always being home, I can never use the living room and I can't see the few friends I usually try to see once a month. I haven't seen my partner since Valentine's day

>> No.10371513

**roommates. Why the fuck did my phone correct it to took ages?

>> No.10371592 [DELETED] 

I'm just happy females are dying and losing family members

>> No.10371603

I'll take anime milwaukee stuff, 2011-15 but older is fine too

>> No.10371643

Considering those are the only meta my godforsaken comm does I think it's very on topic. Don't forget the same sad princess party afternoon tea place made for old ladies and toddlers out of Bigelow's finest

>> No.10371644

>tfw /fit/ cosplay bf

>> No.10371698

>males are dying

>> No.10371723

My life is so much better during this. I will be sad when it's over.

>> No.10371733

I'm happy to be at home, but I'm sad my overseas trips were cancelled. Both trips were subsidized by my university as part of my modules and I don't think I'll be able to go on such cheap trips again.

>> No.10371758 [DELETED] 

If 100 males have to die just to harm 1 female, it's worthwhile.

>> No.10371762 [DELETED] 
File: 85 KB, 600x900, 12398232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do i get a wife like this?

>> No.10371786


Your local middle school I guess

>> No.10371802

I’m sure the fbi could help you out

>> No.10371817

I mean they arent because they need to be very strong and athletic to train as hard as they do and build the muscles they need to perform but it's a high pressured environment just like dancing and that pressure can lead athletes to develop eating disorders more easily.

(sage bc no1 cares)

>> No.10371818

same, if anything I find it more relatable than some of the super sweet styles like fairy kei which can lean towards the childlike side and that makes me more uncomfortable as a CSA survivor.

>> No.10371819

you would hope so, I think the peak should have passed for the UK and USA by the summer. But not a medical expert so that's just a guess from looking at China.

>> No.10371820

find a time machine and travel back 2000 years to Roman Pompeii

>> No.10371842 [DELETED] 
File: 76 KB, 600x900, 12398231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys literally only want one thing and it's heckin disgusting

>> No.10371847

A wood-burning stove?

>> No.10371850

Idk anon, I would totally go for that stone stove

>> No.10372016

>finally get a good paying government job where I can afford to go to any con I want to.
>WuFlu comes into the picture

I hope Dragoncon doesn't cancel because I'm gonna drop some serious money on a host hotel room.

>> No.10372030
File: 32 KB, 564x542, ebff871cb21efe5c208b7f1ed74416a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't decide if I want to make a big ass wunderwelt order or not. I'm just so sad I missed out on that gorgeous Enchantlic Enchantilly vampire print in black and I want to cry because it might never show up for a long time. I need some blouses but that print is what i truely desire so much.

>> No.10372047

>most people are mentally ill
...that’s not how it works

>> No.10372055

it is to tumblr teens who all want to be special snowflakes lmao

>> No.10372069

They want to be special by being like most people? What does this even mean?

>> No.10372077

>do cosplay that's ironic but I actually put some effort into it
before anyone asks it's not deadpool or some dumb shit like that
>not meant to be taken seriously to any extent
>it's obviously meant as a light hearted joke and by no means real cosplay like professionals in the genre do
every con without fail
>someone takes it as a serious cosplay and needs to rant about it
>someone needs me to be in every photo shoot even though I am just there to appreciate the other works and don't want to get in until the silly poses come in
>some lolita gets mad at me because 'if only I did X I could fix my cosplay' even though it's fixed already and if I decline their tone makes it seem like I insulted them

>> No.10372085

because they think they're the ultra-woke ones who can see it, unlike the boomers who just don't understand that teens all have anxiety

>> No.10372090

This is just buzzword salad.

>> No.10372091

well they're words teens use so idk what you were expecting

>> No.10372101
File: 58 KB, 960x637, 46491681_2114731858547052_2364998268091367424_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be cringe or baka to wear a Miku medical mask in public? This covid is here to stay.

>> No.10372104

you must be 18 to use this site

>> No.10372107

get a load of this newfag, baka desu senpai

>> No.10372114

>tfw I'm already a coronafag
Feels good.

>> No.10372130

do cosplayers take pics with the bronze fonz

>> No.10372206

>Order Meta at end of march
>Keep a sporadic eye on the tracking
>Check it today, 12th
>On the 11th in Osaka, returned to sender
>Returned to sender
>Oh no

I'm not desperately bothered by the delay, pandemic in consideration and all. I mostly feel bad for all the brands who get their international parcels returned. Now they have to sit and hoard these orders until the post opens up again, and it's just... I feel bad for Metamorphose. It's a Metamorphose temps de feel.

>> No.10372236

>I haven't seen my partner since Valentine's day
That's a long time without getting laid, for both of you :/

>> No.10372283

Lol it's barely two months ya nympho.

>> No.10372285

Idk but I definitely want to make some cute masks for when quarantine ends.

>> No.10372595

Healthy couples under 30 in the U.S. have sex 3 times a week on average.

>> No.10372599

I’m in a couple cosplay groups on Facebook and I am just now starting to pay attention to the content.
Most of these cosplays are lukewarm as fuck; photoshopped, closet cosplay, and low effort costumes where half the items don’t match the damn character. I mean, the wig is wrong, it’s the wrong type of socks, shoes, school uniform, and ... just...fuck. To top it all off, most of the posts are people being half naked while doing a shit cosplay or doing shitty Tiktok videos.

>> No.10372601

First really low, then really high. My mother is an RT, and I’m constantly worried about her. The hospital she works at only lets them wear one surgical mask a day (they’re out of N95s), they’re out of gowns, out of gloves, and 4 RTs on their team of 30 got COVID already. She was laid off her other job, and her coworker there died from it. She’s over 50 and has health issues. We live together so I’m at risk and we can’t visit my family, which bums both of us out. I was furloughed last week and have dreamt about work every night since.

Onto the high... I have had so much time to reflect in just this short time. On addressing my social anxiety, on my life goals, on my relationships with others, on my principles. It’s like finally taking full breaths of air when I didn’t know I was only breathing half capacity for a year. I’m studying for the LSAT. My friend and I are excited to prep for a con we are tabling at in November. I’m looking into the therapy I’ve finally accepted that I need to develop the social skills to get where I want. I’m wearing lolita more often, even if I can’t go out- in fact, it’s easier because I’m only dressing to make myself happy.

I hope this crisis ends soon. At the same time, I’m glad for the uninterrupted time I’ve had to reflect.

>> No.10372623

Different anon, but thats fucking too much.

>> No.10372624

Unpopular opinion, I love closet cosplay when it’s done well... makes me feel like the character could be a real living human being

>> No.10372633

I'm personally happy with my situation. I'm very anti-social and hate going outside, so now I can just chill at home, bake, work on my cosplays and just laze around. My university has taken a more lenient approach on grades, so classes have only gotten easier.
I do feel bad for the essential workers tho. I used to work part-time as a cashier but quit around Christmas to focus on my thesis, and goddamn I couldn't have quit at a better time. Glad I accidentally dodged that bullet. I'm in the risk-group too because of a compromised immunity system.

The only con I've personally come across is that all the cosplay materials I've ordered take forever to arrive now. There's probably gonna be some long-term consequences to the economy but fuck it, I'm just gonna be a hikikomori in peace while i can.

>> No.10372642

I'm really worried about the parcels I sent out in March. Makes me nervous that mail is taking really long now. I sold a bunch of stuff and 2 of the parcels appear to be stuck in limbo. The parcel to China arrived at Chinese customs but it's been sitting there since the 8th. Just deliver it already! And the item to Canada was sent as insured letter post (not parcel) just isn't being updated, probably shipped by boat or something. I really hope they get their items soon and nothing gets lost. Despite insuring everything, items getting lost in the mail is like my worst nightmare. Maybe I should pm them to apologise that it's taking so much longer than it's supposed to.

>> No.10372644

ntayrt but holy shit no,
3 times a week is a good week when you have been with someone for more that a year
first moths of dating that number should be much higher.
and lol >>10372283 not having sex with your partner for two months is a pretty long time dude do you have sex like once a year???

>> No.10372651

Has the virus been in your country for that long? If not, that ain't normal

>> No.10372665

Why "should" it be much higher? I don't want to have that much sex

>> No.10372670
File: 24 KB, 300x400, 929919d8cdace8b5d653346f78cc36f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't feel pretty in lolita any more, I'm aging badly and nothing has brought me lasting joy for several years. I have a few nasty health conditions and I've been depressed for more than half my life. I've separated myself from my lolita community and my friends over the last few months, and I have a notarised will ready with apology letters for all of them and what parts of my closet and valuables go to whom. This quarantine/lockdown has been a great excuse for avoiding people and my work, but it'll be over soon. I'd like to die before it's over.

The only thing holding me back is that my partner, who I've discussed all my plans with very seriously, still says that it'll fuck him up if I die. He's a very good person, and I can't stand the thought of making him sad.

So I'm still here, and probably won't do it. I wish I could shake my attachment to him. Care for his wellbeing and a vague desire to see the end of my favourite manga are the only things keeping me here.

Pic unrelated, I just like that dress.

>> No.10372686

Yeah it’s been all positives for me! I’m disappointed with a few cancelled events but I finally feel caught up on all my personal stuff and little projects around the house. I finally feel mentally at peace! All the extra time has given me time to cook and I’ve lost weight. The long walks have helped, too. I’m still working from home so I’m getting paid but saving a ton of money by not going out. A bit scared for the health of certain family members, but I myself am better than ever. Can’t admit it outside this Nepalese basket weaving site, though. I gotta act all scared and sad for my out of work friends. I am sad for them and I’ll help them if I can, but this had made me realize maybe I don’t need as wide of friend circle or as active of a social life as I thought I did. Basically, I’m surprised at the number of people I don’t miss and am just kind of sick of hearing whine. I made hard choices in my life to get a good job and the last recession taught me to get a job in a stable field that is not dependent on economic conditions and whether Joe Public has extra money to blow on luxuries. Most of the people I know that are faring badly are doing so because they made shitty choices in life and chose fun times right now over job stability, saving money, and long term prospects.

>> No.10372688

I love that dress. New Meta has no soul, the cuts are all half shirred and all the bows besides one or a few on the bodice are sewn on. Gone are the days of 5 removable bows and pieces to customize and vary your coords

>> No.10372693

I’m sorry you’re feeling so depressed and suicidal, anon. Talk to a therapist!

>> No.10372768

If he doesn't support you, dump him

>> No.10372812

Dump him either way. He deserves to be free from you

>> No.10372828

Different anon, but same. Especially if it's penetrative sex.

>> No.10372830


>> No.10372831

I don't have sex at all. I fix cars.

Have you SEEN vaginas? Wtf, who even thought of that?

>> No.10372837

Are you me? I had already been cutting out a lot of people, mainly because of what you've said - they made shitty choices, and then blame it on other things. I realized even more with this virus I don't need to hang out with people very much. It's been nice getting a break and not having to feel obligated to do something.

>> No.10372841

Wow, glad to find someone who agrees with me!

>> No.10372867
File: 72 KB, 640x1649, QvWK2Ya_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, sex is real and not just a meme? Disgusting!

>> No.10372875

Guys I just fit in an btssb corset skirt that I bought months ago for the first time today! That workout regime has actually been working ah I feel so good!!

>> No.10372889
File: 25 KB, 450x450, 38fe87624355d8cee79c7fdd350dd216[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I may not understand women, but at least Hondas make sense to me

>> No.10372892

Sex is simultaneously real, a meme, and disgusting

>> No.10372899


>> No.10372917

I don't have corona but my grandmother just got aids. Hoping it will pass like gas.

>> No.10372932
File: 396 KB, 605x600, oniichanfuckedup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My parents are mad because I admitted that I love Miku more than Jesus.

>> No.10373069

You’re probably depressed then.

>> No.10373116

People have different libidos. As long as both people in a relationship are happy with how much sex is happening, who cares what that number is.

>> No.10373151

anon the convo started because op was sad about 2 months passing and got called a nympho read the room

>> No.10373209

Hello, based department? I'd like to file a claim.

>> No.10373223

The anon who made that comment was literally projecting onto a couple they aren't even part of.

>> No.10373236

... that's what i mean. the conversation started because people were defending the OP against stupid comments it's not really a commentary on everyone's sex life.

>> No.10373248

Boyfriend has been getting upset at me for posting pictures of outfits because he believes that it will cause people to think he is a pedophile.

>> No.10373249

don't blame him. blame the crazy people that claim that kind of shit. same people who claim flat chests are pedo.

>> No.10373260

A legit concern if you wear sweet with teddy bears and rocking horses and shit.

>> No.10373273

He sounds like a coward

>> No.10373280
File: 22 KB, 128x128, 590448573108322324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't had sex in 10 years and it's driving me crazy now. I'm more anxious than ever about dating and finding a partner. haven't had much luck all these years.

>> No.10373359

That's really sad anon, have you talked to a therapist? I'm sure your friends miss you too. You have more attachments in this world than just your boyfriend you know. Even if you've tried to break bonds people will still feel things about you. You clearly still have feelings for them too because you've thought about leaving them your dresses. I'd be really heartbroken if a friend cut me off and then killed herself and left me her dresses in her will, please don't do it.

Wow you're an asshole

>> No.10373369

great job, keep it up!

>> No.10373396
File: 174 KB, 1417x1902, meirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This quarantine has made me realise I don't actually have friends. Of the people I normally hang out with, not one of them has initiated conversation with me online and when I've tried to send them a message I get some one word responses and then one of my messages simply goes ignored.

I'm not even particularly bothered or offended by it, but it's made me realise I have little in common with my fellow lolitas. I do get a bit lonely when I see others having frequent video calls or doing long distance twinning. I wish I had a female friend who I actually clicked with and had things in common with, but it seems like it's impossible to make new friends now I'm out of school.

>> No.10373399

Were you out of the scene or did you just not find someone in 10 years?

>> No.10373400

I find that you need to find something else to connect on. Lolita is fine to talk about, but it is inherently shallow conversation.
Also maybe invite someone out outside of lolita events sometime. It helps.

>> No.10373401

Yup, I feel the same way.

>> No.10373414

I have invited people to hang out but I just never feel like conversation goes past an absolute surface level. It's true that lolita isn't enough to base a friendship on, but it's not like I often meet people I have more in common with than that. My workplace is filled with normie boomers exclusively, and other than lolita my hobbies are solitary. I wish we could do friend finder threads on this board again.

>> No.10373415

>friend finder threads
why don't you start one?

>> No.10373418

Pretty sure the last few all got deleted for beng off-topic.

>> No.10373456
File: 40 KB, 686x524, 1562290280690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stopped messaging people first late last year, I can count on one hand how many times anyone's talked to me since. It sucks going from talking to a couple people every day to no one, but it's better than being a total sperg who people don't want to talk to anyways.

>> No.10373623
File: 1.36 MB, 1080x1288, im tired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I LOATHE how everything nowadays is put on social media.
I just want to enjoy the con scene with my friends and have fun while being dressed as our favourite characters, but as soon as I notice just how many people are taking photos/have their phones out it instantly makes me paranoid and worried that I'll end up on someone's instagram etc.

Cons that ban phones and cameras when

>> No.10373659

Austria, tyrol?

>> No.10373660

Jesus, doesn't really care

>> No.10373664

>grandmother just got aids.
Sex, or some bad shit with bloodtransfusions, or something similar
>Hoping it will pass like gas.
Nope, that shit is going to stay for the rest of her (shorter) life

>> No.10373666

The girl looks like a hooker he paid to wear the custome

>> No.10373715

cant decide between buying a new coat or shoes. i cant even make a decision based on which i would use more because i wont be leaving the house any time soon

>> No.10373724

I'd pick the coat. By the time this stuff blows over, we're gonna be closer to fall and not have much summer left. Unless you're in Aus/NZ, then I'd say buy the shoes.

>> No.10373754

Just dump him it only gets worse.

>> No.10373863
File: 255 KB, 500x277, 335929999.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sees homestuck pop up again
>immediately gets war flashbacks of that awful bucket video and unsealed body paint complaints

I thought that thing ended, why does it keep coming back

>> No.10373980

I'm assuming you must be a man. If you're open to old/fat/desperate girls, you could be having sex rn. You're probably just picky.

>> No.10374002

April 13th is the first day in the series

>> No.10374038

Well not *right* right now, but yeah

These fucking incels have the highest standards despite being a bath away from a landfill cosplay

>> No.10374058

Um, how old are you?

I'm 28m and haven't had sex in 23 years.

>> No.10374061

You getting therapy?

>> No.10374178

I want to break out of my home I might have sex with the first person I see anyone 20-30 and im going nuts

>> No.10374205

Wrong on both counts friend

>> No.10374238
File: 46 KB, 960x540, DBb3kZuXYAANJLI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just won another wishlist item

>> No.10374332

>lost auction on dream dress
>but drove up the price so now I don't feel conflicted about buying from scalpers

At least I got it, right anons?? OTL

>> No.10374361

I'm sorry about your mom's work/heatlh situation, and yours as well. Hoping things get better for you guys eventually.

But all that self-improvement... that's really fantastic, anon! I think that staying home all the time has exposed to me some of my issues too and I'm hoping I can come out of this a better person. Keep on doing your best! You're doing great!

>> No.10374366

My friend who hasn’t been affected by this pandemic (still has a job, makes six figures, etc) is trying hard to feel solidarity with people who have been.
I’m...so confused as to why they’re trying so hard to be as sad about their situation as everyone else.
Like...nothing has changed for you.
Stop...trying to make it sound as if you’re in the “same situation” as people around you. Because you’re not.
You don’t have bills to worry about, you don’t have to worry about your landlord, you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping just...
I’m a little mad about this.
Like, if you’re not affected stop trying to be “as sad” as people who have been. You’re not in the same boat as us. It’s fucking weird.

>> No.10374388

not /cgl/-related

>> No.10374394

>feels thread
>quarantine edition
You can pretty much eat my ass

>> No.10374439

I think it’s good to feel sympathetic for those suffering, but it’s starting to feel like those people who felt “traumatized” by 9/11 even tho they weren’t affected by it at all

>> No.10374451

Throw a potty party in another board

>> No.10374454

got accused of using shoop on my legs and that I'm dumb af for forcing utk socks over my knees but

I just really really hate my knees, I feel like its even more pathetic to say that as a defense tho...

if anything its more motivation to lose more weight so that something

>> No.10374459

I have a friend in the exact same scenario except she makes a little bit less, and it's so annoying. She also already worked from home and only went out to do things like once a month, so even her lifestyle hasn't really changed. I've muted her on twitter because I can't deal with it, but the last post of hers I saw was being excited that her favourite brewery is now delivering beer so she can have a "bit of normalcy" in her life.

>> No.10374460


>> No.10374484

As a fellow Confederate States of America survivor, I encourage you to be happy abd hope you are doing well

>> No.10374658
File: 1.11 MB, 2400x2400, gross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your thick ankles and lack of muscle definition are why your legs look like shit. You don't need to lose weight, you need to work out, retard. Skinnyfat, not fatty fat kekeke.

>> No.10374674

There is nothing wrong with her legs, and those at otk's

>> No.10374687

Read the other posts, dipshit. We’re all bitching about various crap.

>> No.10374784

What do you enjoy? I like dumb memes, AATP, eating candy, lifting, going to the range, cooking, and occasionally sewing. I don't have too much personality and video games take too much effort. I'll be your friend if you can relate to me

>> No.10374795

I know you and the other anons screeching about my legs etc are hoping I'm like crying behind my computer or sth but honestly as someone who has truly been a fatty fat, now being called a skinnyfat is good feels haha

you're right though I should start exercising my legs! I've been focusing on my tummy but I get now that that leaves my legs looking bleh as nothing gets done to that area. Still hate my knees though, I don't think there are any exercises for that...

>> No.10380094

This girl adorable AF and a great coord.

>> No.10380094,1 [INTERNAL] 

I really love dating sites. But I never show much information about myself. I think it's better to get to know a person live. Once I went to the chat https://isexychat.com/chatrooms/adult-chat/ and thanks to webcams I quickly established contact with a couple of girls. The main thing is to understand what you want and who you are looking for.

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