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Have you all ever seen GOOD lolita character coords? What is your opinion on character inspired coords?
How can people do them well...?
Please be civil I’m just trying to get opinions and see good examples

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To me it’s ok if it’s done well
I’m a lifestyle lolita so for me characters coords for cons or Halloween is like wearing normie clothes with a twist.

I’ve seen normal clothing versions of characters so i don’t think lolita is any different as long as it’s done right

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I have this one saved from closet of frills and personally love it
Because it’s just inspired and has cute elements from the character but isn’t 100% just a cosplay

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This is a sailor moon inspired one and I think it’s a good example of inspiration vs cosplay

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>meme glasses
>ratty wig
The dress itself is already sailor moon themed, this coord is nothing special

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There was no need to nit pick meaningless things. But I agree its just and average coord I don't see how it's charecter related

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The thread says not to get nasty post your own character coords or leave
Don’t join in just to be unproductive and annoying

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Meant to at the person above you not you! Sorry

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There are few, very few, ok Harry Potter house inspired coords...

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I love character themed and cosplay themed lolita. it's fun, its like disneybounding. Of course they can be done poorly but that goes for any substyle or theme.

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Seeing well done ones warm up my heart

Seeing people express what they love > all else

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Harry Potty ones are great

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I would almost say this is more cosplay lolita than inspired lolita, but it's so cute that who cares

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i like all kinds of character coords, from casual to OTT, desu. here are some fun ones.

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these were inspired by The Shining

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sometimes, groups plan coords for different zones or mascots at Tokyo Disney. here are some.

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more Disney characters

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wrong image

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where can i get a boyfriend like this :(

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Tokyo Disney

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some Alice in Wonderland coords inspired by the Disney version

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you have to start going outside
ah, welp

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okay I thought of something; go outside, find a cute boy, cough on him and then just
"uwuu, sorry anon-kun, now you'll have to isolate with me"
it's flawless.

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I hate Harry Potter but this is adorable, I love it

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b a s e d

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This is sick as hell

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it is also a common activity is to dress in Harry Potter-themed coords and go to Universal Studios Japan

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Harry Potter may be the most popular branded character theme around the world

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(for lolita fashion)

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are the coat and hat supposed to be part of the coord or props? they look prop-like and costumey

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have you never seen harry potter?? the hat is the character

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Oh fuck yes, I needed this

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I like their coords but the perspective on this pic makes them look freakish lol
No hate on the coords, I just think it’s funny

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I like cords that are inspired by actual adult entertainment, it gets a little cringy to see so many people dressing up like characters from children’s movies. It’s hard enough to try to explain to people lolita fashion isn’t age play, and then you have people prancing around like >>10364276

Liking frills doesn’t mean I have the taste of a 10-year-old, I wish there was more Lolita content referencing age-appropriate characters and fandoms

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I agree, that hat takes it into cosplay territory for me

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God you’re a crabby cunt aren’t you

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I'm not into children's shit either, but it's more normie to be into Disney than it is to dress in Lolita style. As long as they're not actually a perv in public, I don't care.

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Social media handle?

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This fashion is literally inspired by children’s clothing and was named Lolita. Liking frills does in fact mean you have, what society deems, is the taste of a 10-year-old. Which is fine, it’s just an alternative fashion. Doesn’t mean it Has to be creepy or sexual. But don’t try to act all high and mighty for liking Lolita instead of liking cute family friendly normie characters.

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No it wasnt, Lolita is inspired by histortical fashion and the "doll" aesthetic from a time where children's clothes were just small adult clothes.

No one in their right mind thinks this fashion looks like something a 10 year old wears, a 10 year old wears a tshirt and jeans

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Alice (the Disney one) s a frequent example, a lot of coords look like cosplays. Pic related is really cute, I could see an amazing "inspired" coord

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Nayrt but children’s clothes and hair did differ from adult clothes in several ways, and lolita is clearly inspired by the children’s styles. Knee-length skirts, Mary Jane shoes and hair worn down or in pigtails for example were exclusively worn by children. Aristocrat is more inspired by adult clothes.

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A lot of sweet shit with teddy bears and rocking horses and all that in fact does look like children's clothes. You really can't argue against that.

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this is ita af. bought chinese cosplay tier materials..

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I'm not a fan of character coords but god damn this is perfection. I want to do something similar for halloween one day.

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you aren't wrong

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Cute but why the cat ear beret eek

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some anime coords

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plus games, mascots, etc.

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What dress is this?

>> No.10366524

Why the fuck do they photoshop the skin and eyes on most of these? This is about as pretty as women get, just deal with it wtf

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It was a Sanrio original OP
that could be bought on their site about a year or two ago.

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some Western characters besides Disney and HP

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all right this is Disney but ykwim

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some fairy tales

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Black cats are witch familiars. See Meta's Magical Artefact series.

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non-Disney Alice in Wonderland coords

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I feel like this has the opposite problem of the more "cosplay" coords. I have no idea who the lady on the left is supposed to be, and I'm only half-sure the lady on the right is related to Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle.

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This is pretty cool but I think for me it verges into costume territory. Still love it tho!