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coronavirus is fucking up all my sales

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this looks like PJs plus a necktie

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Does it come with a free stick to beat people who won't self-quarantine?

I'm doing pretty well in the regard and have made over $700 from three items during the past two weeks. A select amount of people still prefer investing in Lolita rather than stocking their bunker with TP.

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You might have better luck at the start of the month. I know I at least am planning to go on a minor shopping spree, and I imagine a lot of people lucky enough to still have jobs will be as well.

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Waiting patiently for a face mask trend to pick up. C'mon, there are a million ways to modify them to our coords.

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princess peachie posted on her tumblr that she's going to start making new videos in the next week or two

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Has anyone ever been asked to make a nonrefundable deposit for a hold/payment plan through friends and family? The seller has good feedback but it still seems shady as fuck. I’ve bought dresses on payment plans before and no one has ever tried to get me to use friends and family for the deposit.

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I know my friends started doing it after a lot of people asked for a Payment plan and then started ghosting. I believe some Shopping services also do it.

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I've done it before with no issues and have also asked buyers to do it in the past. Too many shitty flaky buyers

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Huh, good to know, I guess it’s not that weird then.

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It's not shady as fuck. People who pay with layaway are disproportionately shitty buyers (no offense). If I'm going to have to put aside a dress for a couple of weeks or more while the buyer tries to get the money together, I will absolutely be doing a nonrefundable deposit. That's the you're making my life difficult tax.

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Ask your seller for a normal invoice, you don't have to pay them with family and friends, this is actually against PayPal regulations. I understand those sellers, I had my fair share of flakes and that is the reason I no longer offer layaways, holds or payment plans. It's such a waste of time for sellers when people don't hold up their end of the bargain iyswim? Anyways, family and friends is prone to scams, for both sides. I remember when someone in the lolita community flagged all her payments as fraudulent with her credit card company and they did chargebacks. Many sellers got scammed by Maikodolly.

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On a slightly related note, I once had a potential buyer that wanted a 8 month payment plan for a jsk that was only 160 euro's. She was kinda upset when I said no, that is way too long. What are people like that even doing in this fashion ffs?

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The reason people ask a friend payment for the nonrefundable deposit, is because that is the only way you can make it no refundable. If the buyer decided to cancel the payment plan, they can open a dispute and get their money back, which would make it extra sour for the seller who has lost money and still hasn’t sold the dress. It is illegal and PayPal had a good system for Payment plans, but I can understand why they do Friends&Family payment for the first. But I agree with you it is also why I don’t do Payment plans. Just save up for the item and if it is still for sale by then buy it.
Tbh most of the time people ask for a Payment plan is not because they do not have the financial resources, it is because they want to buy multiple things at the same time. And the reason they ghost is because they saw something new and are now spending their money on that new item. People who have actual financial problems always tend to contact you and explain the situation. I am completely pro making those first types of buyers do nonrefundable deposits, they have to learn that they can’t just buy without thinking and have to learn to manage their money/urges.

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I saw someone in my comm ask for a payment plan on an item that was only €20. I can’t even imagine what goes on in their minds. Seller said no btw.

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Wow that's even worse. If they can't even afford a 20€ item they really have no business being in this fashion. Insane!

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Those people are really unreliable and immature, they can't even manage their own finances and they don't care about it being an inconvenience for the seller when they ghost you. It's the me me me, selfish mentality. Such a pain in the ass, I really hate selling because of people like that.

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Why is it shocking that poor people want to be involved in something that they can't afford?
That's pretty common.

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It’s against Paypal’s TOS, so yeah, it’s shady. You could report them for asking you to do that and their PP account could get limited or banned.

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Then how would you use PayPal to do a non refundable deposit? The seller isn't requesting it family & friends for the full payment.

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Paypal's TOS don't mention non-refundable deposits for private sellers. Also please post your LM so I can avoid you.

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Does anyone know anything about Pretty Princess Club/Royal Vegas retreat? Is it worth the trip?

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its new, so no one knows

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I'm also very curious about this, I keep seeing it on instagram.

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poorfags gtfo

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The only people who use the word "poorfag" are poorfags themselves. No one else cares.

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Innocent World will release mask making kits using IW fabric next week. There is a lot of positive reaction to it on Twitter.

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I haven’t worn lolita in years. I’m in quarantine now and so I was trying on some of the pieces I bought but never wore. And, I hate them. I hate them a lot. I was just wearing a blouse and a jsk, and I couldn’t even leave my room while wearing it. I never want to look like that again, and I’d cry if anyone saw me that way. I felt like an impostor, and washed out and shitty.
If I can’t even bear to look at myself in some clothes, even if it was my dream dress, is that a sign I should sell it?
I’ve been contemplating leaving the fashion for a long time, but I didn’t because I went through my closet and found so many pieces I couldn’t bear to part with. so there was no point leaving because I’d be holding on to most of the clothes anyway.
And now I don’t know what to do because wearing my dream dress makes me hate myself and feel like a clown, but it’s still pretty and I want to keep it. I still like some of the pieces, but they’re only linked to lolita because they are “burando” and really are more otome normie kinda clothes.
I was advised to konmari my closet a few months back, and did so. I only sold a few pieces. But now I have realised that the clothes are only bringing me minimal joy to look at and reminisce over, but they suck out all of my joy if I put them on.
What would you do, anons? Is there even any point trying to sell clothes at the moment? I’m thinking I should harshly try on and konmari all of my clothes, and then put the items I don’t like to the side until the market comes back up. Then I could reevaluate.

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anon do you have some self image issues? if so i strongly suggest seeking professional help.. otherwise, since you said your clothes only bring you minimal joy, i would konmari a bit more, maybe you can hold on to a few pieces that you want. ive been cleaning a lot lately since quarantining and it’s been helping my mental state quite a bit.

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If you still like the pieces and you don't need the money, keep them. I still have my favorite dress even though I haven't worn lolita in years. I still like the fashion and think it's cute, I just don't wear it.
Don't feel like you have to sell things just because you don't want to wear them.

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I had a buyer take 6 months for a 100 dollar dress with free shipping. I wasnt offering payment planned decided why not when she asked after winning the auction. Never again.

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is it sad I really want this? but also for other brands too.

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profiting from the panic of a global pandemic. super classy

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any us-anons planning on using your covid check on lolita stuff?

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uh no? because i want to actually support OUR economy, which is the whole point of the check.

>> No.10364481

Buy 2nd hand then?

>> No.10364483

supporting things second hand would still sort of be supporting the economy. a singular use of $1200 isnt enough to restart the economy anyway so who cares if its spent on burando.

>> No.10364485

that is still not supporting the businesses that have been forced to close during this time. please don't contribute to our economy tanking and an economic depression happening.

>> No.10364487

this, but also potentially endangering and misleading their customers since these masks will be absolutely useless

>> No.10364489

how am i going to support a business forced to close if they're closed? im not spending 1k on local takeout

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Like there aren't thousands of people that will blow it on opioids and meth. Still
>supporting OUR economy

>no fun allowed
Everyone is well aware these masks don't offer medical/hospital level protection, it's an extra layer that's a decent sneeze guard, better than nothing, and a reminder to not touch your face all the time.

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That gull is being negative for the sake of being negative, don't expect her to make sense.

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Hell yeah. I’ve already got my eye on a particular Fril listing.

>> No.10364505

Did you find out what print that is, anon?

>> No.10364508

shop on their website or wait until they reopen

really? there is a reason we are getting a check in the first place and we should take it seriously. our economy is actually in trouble.

>> No.10364513

I don’t hate this?

>> No.10364518

Nope, I want one bad

>> No.10364523

Enjoy the corona, dipshit

>> No.10364524

You say that, but people are dumb as shit

>> No.10364525

You’re right, gonna spend my 1k at AP/BTSSB US store

>> No.10364528

I ask for a nonrefundable deposit, but not under friends & family. I dont think its shady though. I mark it as "for the service of holding x item until this date" so they cant be refunded since that service was rendered

>> No.10364534

100% me. I've never been so happy to make under $75k. Also happy we didn't file jointly because I would have gotten nothing.

If AP US doesn't have any releases for awhile, I'll probably just throw my money at Japan.

>> No.10364545

so you feel happy to be this immensely selfish?

>> No.10364552

the government needs to send a lot more than $1200 to stimulate the economy. Most people I know have to spend it immediately on bills.

>> No.10364554

please explain how a few lolitas deciding to spend their paltry $1200 check on overseas stores is going to be the tipping point to the US entering a depression.

how much buying power do you think lolitas have?

>> No.10364558

going to put it in savings so when IRS tries to fuck me asking for that $1200 back next year I'll be ready

>> No.10364562

it's not just lolitas. like anon above said, a lot of people will also spend it on drugs or pay off bills or whatever else useless shit. if enough of people choose to not use it towards supporting american businesses, guess what will happen to our economy? guess what will happen to your job eventually unless you work for a foreign company?

>> No.10364569

Not that anon but don't be retarded. We pay thousands in taxes so it's not like it's ~free money~ or causing others to go without

>> No.10364570

How is this selfish? Isn't everyone going to use thier check in some "selfish" way or another? Did the government also mandate how I'm supposed to spend this money?

I just said I make less then 75k a year. Go harass the celebrities that are asking people on social media to donate to relief funds. They can donate millions of dollars themselves. I'm not the person hoarding wealth.

>> No.10364575

>Did the government also mandate how I'm supposed to spend this money?
it's called a stimulus check for a reason. you in particular are selfish because apparently you're married and together you and your husband make over $150k which means you don't even deserve to get a check.

>> No.10364578

for most people that 1200 is already going to be used to pay off credit cards/mortgages/rent/bills because not everyone has rent freeze or anything like that.

your average person wont be using that money on frivolous things because theres nothing open. normies arent going to buy clothes, nobody will use it on vacations/tourism. if anything itll be used on groceries or buying movies/games/other entertainment to get people through quarantine.

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>> No.10364618

the girl running it is a dumpster fire so i wouldnt risk it

>> No.10364621

>you don't even deserve to get a check
The government made the rules, not me. And so by their definition, I do deserve a check. We live in one of the highest cost of living states in America. If we didn't have over $150k combined we wouldn't even be able to live here.

Again - please go cry to the billionaires who hoard their wealth and have powers of money beyond what we have. We've been supporting our favorite restaurants and small businesses through this whole situation by buying giftcards. In the end, we are spending money. We are paying taxes. I stimulate the economy the whole damn year. I'm going to buy stupid frilly dresses if I want to.

>> No.10364624

This is hilarious because if this were the case, the US economy would have been tanked years ago

>> No.10364634

Kek this is so american. Aren't you supposed to keep it in case you loose your job or prep if you're poor?

>> No.10364641

Masks do protect you to a degree, just not 100%. It's sad but the ministry of healthcare in my country is lying about this because of the shortage. Everyone should wear masks actually, even cotton ones can make a small difference.

>> No.10364644

>our economy is actually in trouble.
So is the economy in the rest of the world. Support the businesses that you want to stay open. I'm sorry I don't care about my local Walmart.

>> No.10364645

They are, and people are going to spend it on much dumber shit that frills. There's parents who are going to spend it on cigarettes and booze and let their small kids lie in filth, dirty diapers, and swarms of roaches. Not much use bitching about irresponsible spending in a thread practically dedicated to that kind of spending when there's much worse shit going down.

Everyone's economy is in trouble. It's not gulls' fault that businesses are short-sighted and constantly invest all of their profit in bigger and newer shit instead of saving for a rainy day the way the average Jane with a minimum wage job is supposed to do.

Then tell the HAES fatties to order their food from local small businesses instead of the multinational food giants. Fast food is much bigger business than Lolita will ever be.

This. Just read a news article about the CDC in ten days announcing that Americans should wear masks in daily life for the foreseeable future. Of course it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. The cloth ones by IW are washable, eco friendly, and cute.

And while we're getting righteous about the corona virus, there's a thousands of non-famous individuals and organizations with 3-D printers making valves for respirators and face shields for nurses and doctors, there's a bunch of businesses large and small, like Tesla for example, who at least make a token effort to produce more respirators and disinfectant and what not, even if it's only because it's good for PR. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world, richest man in history, richest man in the entire fucking universe, is asking his customers to "support" the workers he abuses and underpays. If you're going to be angry at someone, leave people who want to buy a new dress alone and let Bezos know he is the lowest dickwad the world has ever known.

>> No.10364646

didn't they just pay people so they can support themselves while having no income? I mean if they wanted to support smaller business why wouldn't they give them money directly?

>pay off bills or whatever else useless shit.
how THE FUCK paying bills is useless? unless you have this sorta goverment credit for using utilities, it must be a bait

>I'm sorry I don't care about my local Walmart.
I guess they're gonna be alright. But I agree on supporting other businesses. Crisis may hit lolita brands too because people would spend money on food ans bills, or just keep them for emegency situation instead of spending on fancies.

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This, but these idiots can't help themselves. When they run out of money it's probably everyone else's fault not theirs. "Orange man bad made me spend muh check" or something.

>> No.10364664

Why do you care about a shit government that openly declares to "sacrifice" the elderly and disabled for their bitch ass economy

>> No.10364667

I just realized that if one of my wishlist items pop up I’d probably gladly buy it. The thing that stops me is that quarantine made it tricky to receive parcels in my area.

>> No.10364692

I see this more as a "cheering you up in bad times thing" and not as an exploitive business idea. Normies wouldn't panic buy and hoard them anyway and if IW earns a bit of extra bucks, I'm honestly happy for them. It's a business trying to stay afloat in the end.

>> No.10364726

>Aren't you supposed to keep it in case you loose your job or prep if you're poor?

A lot of people didn’t lose their jobs or they’re also getting unemployment. The check is meant to be spent not saved,

>> No.10364728


>> No.10364729

this. they're almost explicitly for boosting the economy. Trump is an idiot but he understands capitalism at the least.

>> No.10364776

it's supposed to be spent immediately on american businesses to stimulate the economy, not saved. but just like americans are too stupid to stay at home when told, we're also too stupid to use the check for its intended purpose

>> No.10364777

buying secondhand doesn't support any business at all though. you're giving the money to a random person.

>> No.10364790


but by buying second hand you're directly giving money to a person who can spend it on groceries/the economy.

it's no more a guarantee that it will stimulate the economy than spending the check at walmart is going to stimulate the economy, instead of just being another few pennies in the vast fortune the Walton family has.

If you guys are so concerned about the economy what are you planning on spending that money on?

>> No.10364824

doesn't spending money in AP/Baby San Fran exclusively do the trick? american stuff is going to be paid out of those sales.

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Not useless.

>> No.10364875

buying secondhand from fril (as anon was saying) gives zero money to any american people.

i'm going to spend it on new clothes/shoes for work.

>> No.10364876

>but by buying second hand you're directly giving money to a person who can spend it on groceries/the economy.
judging by this thread that won't happen lel

>> No.10364878

Unless you're buying your work clothes directly from a small business owned by americans, your money is also not giving any help to actual american people. the owners of normie stores like walmart/target/forever 21 are rich and exploit their employees.

>> No.10364879

I'm not saying regular masks are useless, but that chart clearly says surgical masks, which nobody but medical staff should be wearing right now since there's a shortage.

>> No.10364886

are you all that trusting of the govt giving you $1200 with no strings attached? I don't fucking trust it, ain't spending shit unless I absolutely HAVE to

>> No.10364892

uhh they did it before in 2008. it didn't work very well, but there was no "gotcha" to it either

>> No.10364898

Trump didn't do it in 2008 now did he? I don't trust him or any of them not to pull some shit. is that really so hard to believe he'd do something like that

>> No.10364901

How so? She seems like a regular lolita? Her coords may not be anything more than basic but it doesn’t take amazing coording skills to be an event coordinator

>> No.10364904

Anon, I think they meant useless to supporting the local economy. Paying your Comcast bill won’t help struggling business owners

>> No.10364911

How are we supposed to support the local economy when everything is closed lmao

>> No.10364960

Eh, masks have been helpful to me because people always stand far away from me or wait for me to pass. They fear the mask. Also, keeps you from touching your face.

>> No.10364963

It's obviously for comparison anon.

>> No.10365026

His shit was him and his buddies getting a 500 billion slush fund

>> No.10365051

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but did anyone else see the OG pink Honey Cake and headbow set that sold on Mercari for 13K yen recently? I’m not ashamed to admit I’m jealous of whoever snagged that.

>> No.10365054

But how does it work as a comparison if they're a completely different type of mask?

>> No.10365059


basic surgical masks become saturated with moisture from your breath within ~10 minutes of you putting them on at which point they become absolutely useless once again

they're an effective barrier against actual liquid/vapour splashing/spraying into your mouth and they help you stop touching your face as much, aside from that their use is limited to very short term (e.g. a quick consult) or to protect others from you by catching your own splatters

>> No.10365060

Antique Beast is open.

>> No.10365066

This. Did anyone actually read the proposal?

>> No.10365087

are you guys idiots? it's a non-taxable stimulus credit.

>> No.10365110

Can we talk about how despite how old this fashion is and how intertwine this fashion with the internet, it's damn near impossible to find worn shots/sales listing of some brand pieces?

Like damn, you people need to start listing print names in your worn shots

>> No.10365150

When tax time comes around next year it comes out of your refund

>> No.10365185

source? it literally doesn't say that anywhere. are you confused about part of it possibly being deducted from your refund IF you didn't complete you 2019 taxes yet and you made more than the cut off amount??

>> No.10365238

Its because the websites people use change over time so there isnt a one central place. As well the capabilities of the sites use limit such tagging. Daily lolita on lj used to have tags for users then changed to tags for searching to try to catalogue better, and there was a limit of the number of tags you can have. Fb doesnt do tagging, so your best bet is that they list it in their description. Tumblr and ig have tagging but no central way to do it beyond the general stuff.

The idea of keeping track of stuff on the internet started probably mid to late 2000s, and so capping wasnt really a thing people did a lot of until about 5 ish years ago. There is a lot lost to the fact it wasnt mainstream until relatively recently.

>> No.10365261

That's not how it works. It's a tax credit.

>> No.10365295

I interpret it to mean it's an advance on 2020 tax credit which means you won't get it later. If you normally get $2000 back each year, for 2020 you will only get $800 instead since they already gave you $1200

>> No.10365354

That's still not how it works.

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Fuck off

>> No.10365462

Way to give him the exact reaction he was looking for

>> No.10365466

Where did you find it?

>> No.10365470

Why's this board so dead? Has everyone moved somewhere else?

>> No.10365475

There are a bunch of separate boards for different topics right now

>> No.10365479

lmao no. we got these a few years ago, how young are you?
it's not even a tax credit, it's a stimulus check.

>> No.10365484

>confusing board with thread
fuck off.

>> No.10365486

Newfags killed it

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>> No.10365500

Retard alert

>> No.10365525

Geez sorry. I made a mistake, it was early and I hadn’t had caffeine. I meant thread and said board. Lighten up

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ohhh Mana please save me from all the blouseless and sneaker coords

>> No.10365642

This could be fun for actual lolitas, but it’s just going to be an ita magnet

>> No.10365676

Blouseless or ankle socks in April? You want me to freeze? That sounds like something for the middle of summer, not the beginning of spring.

>> No.10365677

>implying that you’re going outside
Cmon now we’re all stuck indoors you’ll be fine

>> No.10365704

it's hot as fuck already where i live

>> No.10365711
File: 118 KB, 863x1024, NAHardZones-w-Legend-Converted-863x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I prefer to have pictures outdoors. Even if I was indoors, it's still too cold to go blouseless.

Not everyone lives in the south or on the west coast.

>> No.10365767

these are cool, thanks anon!

>> No.10365777

Animal crossing

>> No.10365811

When is this board not dead?

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I think I'm in a similar position.
For me I love the details and fabrics, it's enough to make me keep them. But I have tried to wear it a few times and felt the same way as you.
I feel really foolish and insecure in a full coord.
That being said I didn't want to be irrational and sell everything knowing how much sentimentality I feel. I knew I wanted to keep majority of what I have, so I've only sold off a few pieces that really weren't my style.
It took a while to think it over but now I've come to the decision that eventually I do want to wear them.
So my plan is to start with wearing one item in with my usual wardrobe. It won't make it lolita but that doesn't bother me, if anything I feel less insecure, I want to feel comfortable wearing my clothes because...they are my clothes.
I figure if I continue slowly getting used to some pieces, and trying out different styling, then it's besides the point if I end up looking like a lolita or not. I want to enjoy these pieces in a way that isn't them just languishing in a wardrobe.

Take some more time to really think it through. If you don't have any need to sell, then guilt or feeling like you're an imposter isn't a good enough reason imo. They're your clothes :)

Would love to one day pull off something like Nana Kitade's style

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Cursed dubs

May this Secret Hospital heal you

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Neon Star Diner is up for sale this weekend

>> No.10365914
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Kyoto store limited special set

>> No.10365916

* release is not scheduled yet, my bad

>> No.10365920

Don't respond to the coofers pls

But if they don't wear lolita and just own clothes they are literally an imposters.

>> No.10365922


>> No.10365927

How can they be an imposter if they're not even wearing it? They're not pretending to be anything, which is the definition of what an imposter is.

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Praise Lord Nurgle and corona chan!!!
Kill fags and kill trannies!!!

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Has any anon who lives in a country where Japan Post won't ship anymore bought anything from closetchild? What happens? Does your order still go through or do they prevent you from buying?

>> No.10365984

>Ireland banned but not UK
I don't understand this logic but I guess I'm glad I emigrated?

>> No.10365991

Because they are posting on a board for lolita fashion wearers (and cosplayers) and its general and probably other websites, pretending to be part of it.

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File: 378 KB, 1600x1200, Oajjkd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10366006

It's not pretending, they have actual clothes. Just like so many others who don't wear the fashion but have vast collections, some may also browse here and other sites. They're a part of it whether you like it or not.

So just relax anon, you're sounding salty

>> No.10366013

It's because the UK has no flight restrictions whereas a lot of other countries in Europe do.

>> No.10366016

Oh duh, that makes a lot more sense then.

>> No.10366022

thank god usa is safe

>> No.10366031

Yeah I was about to say that Muuh for example won't charge you the invoice for now. I'm hoping they will release more from that series though so by the time it will actually go live I can make one big order and not pay the extra fees each time.

>> No.10366073

If they don't wear lolita, they aren't a lolita. Buying alone doesn't make you part of a fashion and trying desperately to pretend you're part of it is pathetic.

>> No.10366083

They're not pretending to be a lolita, though. You're completely missing the point of their post. Consider calming down and learning how to read.

>> No.10366088

you have to actually do your hair and make-up or else the dress will be wearing you

>> No.10366092 [DELETED] 

>doesn't even really like it as a fashion, just thinks the dresses are pretty
>doesn't wear it
>things her opinion still matters
>thinks she belongs to an alternative fashion community because she spends money
I miss when lolitas at heart just dressed like shit.

>> No.10366095

>doesn't even really like it as a fashion, just thinks the dresses are pretty
>doesn't wear it and/or too chicken to do it
>things her opinion still matters
>thinks she belongs to an alternative fashion community because she spends money
I miss when lolitas at heart just dressed like shit and obsessed over tea.

>> No.10366098

>thinks her opinion still matters
>thinks she belongs to an alternative fashion community because she spends money
Literally where did the OP say this?

>> No.10366103


>> No.10366108


At least learn what buzzwords mean before you use them.

>> No.10366110

This. I feel like crap until I at the very least do my hair and put on a petticoat. Otherwise I feel like a child in an oversized frumpy dress that I stole from my mother's closet for playing "dress up".

Who pissed in your cornflakes

>> No.10366114

I don’t want to hear it

>> No.10366126

No one? Also reminder to not reply to green-poster bait.

>> No.10366132 [DELETED] 
File: 221 KB, 495x597, sdfghjk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Muuh is going to close the shopping sevice in a few month.

>> No.10366134
File: 221 KB, 495x597, sdfghjk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Muuh is going to close the shopping sevice in a few months.

>> No.10366137

Ugh, I ordered an MTO that’s supposed to release this month. Guess I’m not getting it til this blows over.

>> No.10366153

I support her decision, although I'm sad fo her quitting because she used to be my favorite shopping sevice. Plus afaik she's the only Tokyo based ss, so it's gonna be quite a loss for community.

>> No.10366162

Aw, I always wanted to try her shopping service, since I heard such great things about her. Still, 10 years is a long time. I wish her the best.

>> No.10366286
File: 643 KB, 1685x707, LMcrazybid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$1000 current bid
What the hell is happening here?

>> No.10366297

Yeah, is this an April Fools joke I’m missing? I don’t claim to know every sought-after dress there is but this isn’t even a print, how is it at Puppet Circus/preMTO Cats Tea Party levels of dollars?

>> No.10366299
File: 70 KB, 629x334, 208866D6-A330-47B6-B304-009A01C87F6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bidders are just driving up the price for funsies

>> No.10366669

I just got my first pair of AP tea parties, does anybody know the differences between off brand and genuine AP?

>> No.10366671

Pretty sure she didn’t actually sell the dress for $1000, it seems like they have came to an agreement on a price so the buyer bid this ridiculous number. Anyways I have reported both the seller and buyer for violating the bidding rule where the seller didn’t say she takes offer or a buy it now price on the listing.

>> No.10366687

Bow shape and straps usually make it pretty obvious.

>> No.10366690

why are western lolitas like this. i never ever have this trouble on jpn auction sites.

>> No.10366693

Why are you such a Karen? A deal was settled and obviously the dress isn't worth that $1k

>> No.10366696

lets see if you whine about "karens" or narcs when your DD is on the chopping block. fuck people like the seller who waste everyone's time .

>> No.10366703
File: 521 KB, 1080x1921, 20200402_142244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A BTSSB Elizabeth OP in rare colourway The red version of this dress appears in the movie Kamikaze Girls.

Defects: a hole on the lower skirt below the lowest lace tier, a faded yellow stain on left hand ribbon, a yellow stain on right hand ribbon and on the lace of right hand ribbon, four dots of holes on the back lower skirt and a yellow stain on the same area. All of these defects are not really visible in the wearing. The dress itself, as you can see, is still in beautiful condition. Despite her age, she does not seem to be showing feeling of wear.

>> No.10366706
File: 1.53 MB, 1440x1961, Screenshot_20200402-143954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want one.

>> No.10366711
File: 130 KB, 570x266, 1559916591666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using the report function as intended
>unreasonable Karen
the entire useful function of a platform like LM is having a set of rules which make buying/selling items safe for both ends of the transaction. if they don't want to follow those rules or want to skirt them, they don't need to make the purchase through LM. i'm starting to really resent "Karen" as an insult, it's beginning to sound like a politically correct way to accuse a woman of hysteria lmao.

>> No.10366730

This is beautiful, it’s not worth that much to me damaged though.

>> No.10366738 [DELETED] 


Post your sales in the BST thread, not the general. I agree with >>10366730
on it not being worth the listed price damaged. I'd consider the amount of damage shown in the listing and description "showing feeling of wear"

>> No.10366742

You should apply to mod LM... they're completely useless

>> No.10366767 [DELETED] 

Yes because jpn auctions just cancel your bid during or even after the auction lol or end it early lol.

>> No.10366769

Yes because jpn auctions just cancel your bid during or after the auction or completely cancel it early lol.

>> No.10367203

I hate to ask here, but can a mod please explain why we can’t have an animal crossing thread suddenly? We’ve had threads like this without issue for years. Why now? Why animal crossing? We we’re just trading lolita items

>> No.10367205

Do you think new releases will be delayed because of the current situation?

>> No.10367210

Maybe. Japan is halting most international shipping, which is a huge source of brand income

>> No.10367215

They already have, there's no release date for Neon Star Diner yet

>> No.10367237

They also delayed the re-release of the new Deco Heart jewelry colors and a few other accessories.

I wish I was in Japan so I could better understand what is happening. The country has fewer than 3k cases and some businesses seem to be shutting their doors/taking it very seriously, while others are basically pretending it's not even happening?

>> No.10367247

What is happening is there is an uptick in cases, which is concerning. It’s not full Italy, or anything though

>> No.10367267

Japan deliberately didn't test and hid cases to keep the Olympics from being postponed. Hiding doesn't prevent then from getting more infections. So now that the Olympics is formally postponed, Japan is going to start reported their cases.

>> No.10367281

Afaik Vietnam was doing pretty well with the containment for some time, but they either didn't close bars/restaurants or lifted the restrictions which caused a spike in cases. So it's not too farfetched to assume that Japan tried to return back to "normal" too soon, backfiring and the government deciding to close all non-essential business one by one like other countries did.

>> No.10367596

does sugar bouquet still go for $250 for a good condition?

>> No.10367597

Wrong thread. Price check thread is >>10356353 that way

>> No.10367599

I'm still waiting on the Baroque/MmM aprons and two JetJ orders, so, yes, unfortunately. Seems like it'll be a while before I can get any packages from Japan.

>> No.10367627

this is worth like 350 usd max, even though it's rare in the pink colorway, it's in awful condition.

>> No.10367629

>Japan tried to return back to "normal" too soon,
How can they "return" to normal if they have been acting like everything is normal the whole time, they never went into isolation/lockdown and never closed restaurants

>> No.10367634

This is what I imagine the anons to be who start crying when anyone mentions scalpers.

>> No.10367647

Didn't the government try to impose some lockdown regulations but was ignored by the citizens? Pretty sure Japan did try to do something and failed. This has been the case with other Western countries though, starting out with a plead to stay inside and isolate/keep social distance, people ignoring it, then the government keeps imposing new lockdown regulations one by one until everything is closed.

>> No.10367654

Nayrt, schools closed a couple of weeks, but most still allowed students to come to school for day care services, graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies, and school clubs. Some preschools remained open too. Social distancing is not a thing, but we're told to open windows sometimes and wear a mask. Most people in my office don't do this.

April is the when new-hires start so everyone is having goodbye parties, moving around the country, attending giant orientations, etc.

The government can't penalize anyone for going out or make companies close. So everyone is still commuting and working. You can only get tested if you have had a high fever for four days and difficulty breathing, and you're over 40. A lot of regions just don't have enough tests. The ambivalence sucks. I just want to take pretty coord shots with pretty trees, but the risk is too high.

>> No.10367660

One mean bitch in my comm talks shit behind my back. How petty I am if I make a coord in her style, and wear it better than her just to piss her off?
I’m doing it. My revenge will be sweet.

>> No.10367663

Ma'am this is the lolita general, take it to the feels thread or something

>> No.10367671

We're fucked lol

>> No.10367676

Japan's gonna be the only country that isn't economically ruined after all this. Might even help them out if it kills off enough old people.

>> No.10367935 [DELETED] 
File: 340 KB, 1080x1920, 91244245_10216320284020681_5884380541578379264_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10367971

Maybe? I've personally been more cautious of buying stuff because I don't have a good guess of when I'll get them.

>> No.10367982

Do you think a mass influx of dead people isn’t also economically devastating?

>> No.10367988


>> No.10368015

I got a headache just trying to read this

>> No.10368026

Yeah, and isn't their economy held up by old people since it's their largest demographic?

>> No.10368541

No it’s actually a huge problem, they don’t have enough young people working and having kids to support and take care of all the old people

>> No.10368578

I seriously hate how AP is only taking orders through call, I'm really fearing that I won't be able to get the dress I want that way.

>> No.10368633

Maybe this reply is a bit late, but I suggest that you seek professional help too. I thought that with all my regular clothing as well, and therapy helped me a lot with that. It's okay to feel a bit silly when you're wearing a huge petti, but in a cute-silly way. Check if you feel the same way while wearing normie clothes.

>> No.10368777

Can’t you get someone who is better in Japanese to call for you?

>> No.10368781

Would you mind sharing what your therapist told you that helped you get better?

>> No.10368860
File: 303 KB, 829x812, 92271863_3189986671033057_1936565444840259584_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no

>> No.10368862
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10368863

i wish japan would fix it's dogshit mental health system so we would stop seeing this kawaii "damaged" bullshit everywhere. it's like the entire fashion scene turned into a 14 year old emo weeaboo.

>> No.10368899

No fun police.
God forbid people have healthy and creative coping mechanisms.

>> No.10368902


The first halfway decent Puvithel thing only bc Haenuli is involved and it's still shit.

>> No.10368903

This isn’t a coping mechanism, it’s a crutch.

>> No.10368904

It's not me who was calling, it was my SS

>> No.10368906

You really need 2-5 example coords and a paragraph in the description to sell a ring?? Or anything for that matter.
It's so annoying.
Just list the item you are selling.

>> No.10368907

It's ok anon you can say this is about Soap

>> No.10368921

Tbh I’m salty about this. I was hoping to bid on this dress and she violated LM terms so I couldn’t. I wonder how much she actually sold it for, because I was willing to pay a lot for nostalgia reasons.

>> No.10368931

Report the seller

>> No.10369012

I guess we won’t see the end of harnuli after she retired last year. Here I was looking for the end of people pretending they are smaller than they really are were her stuff.

>> No.10369039

>halfway decent
judging by the art its going to look just as shitty as the rest of puvithels stuff with or without haenuli's help

>> No.10369043

>healthy and creative
oh man, you got me. i forgot how extremely healthy it is for people to need to outwardly express their mental health issues instead of being able to get treatment! and so creative! the concept of "i feel sick inside, i want to look sick outside!" it's so new and brave.

>> No.10369072

I thought Haenuli was quitting making lolita

>> No.10369074

i see it as a good thing. keeps the fatties contained instead of stuffing themselves into other brands

>> No.10369096

what's wrong with puvithel?

>> No.10369102

Is it worth disputing feedback on Lace Market? Does someone actually get back to your email or is it just a waste of time to try?

>> No.10369106

LM mods are shit, so good luck if you try

>> No.10369110

My theory is that they use it as a way to larp because they are too fat to wear it.

>> No.10369112

her art is really cringy and looks bad to me. not the anon you are replying to though. I don't see why people go so nuts for her shit, it's pretty etsy tier. her tyler pin looked like crud and didn't really even look like tyler, imo

>> No.10369166

Don't forget she scammed secret santa this year.

>> No.10369175

Eh, probably not going to bother then. I don't like having a negative but at least the buyer sounds like the pain in the arse she was in the feedback she left.

>> No.10369192
File: 3.25 MB, 2154x1395, AnixetyAngelMainLavender_web.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nta but her shop screams "I can't draw or design but I have money so I could get my designs made into real products."
Her art is amateurish, she doesn't understand anatomy, and her art is asymmetrical to boot. Her designs are very western "jfash" where she just picks some motifs she thinks fits the style, makes them pastel, and calls it a day without thinking about color theory or how it'll look on the final product.
>pic related

>> No.10369193

The way the print is cut off at the bottom on the dress on the right... Fucking baffling

>> No.10369201

are anyone else's packages taking FOREVER to arrive right now? I have a few orders from Closetchild/ FromJapan that left Japan on the 2nd but still haven't arrived in this country despite being registered airmail...I know theres delays because of the virus but how can an aeroplane take 5 days??

>> No.10369202

also Japan Post are still shipping to my country so it's not a problem with that

>> No.10369205

Yeah, they even sat at the drop-off mail centres in Japan for days...

>> No.10369207

Name and shame

>> No.10369208

fml, Japan Post are usually so quick. I know it's not critical or anything but I want my stuffff

>> No.10369209


>> No.10369219

I have a package that was shipped two weeks ago that hasn't updated at all since its original posting.

>> No.10369226

I had a package ship out on March 27th, it's still sitting at posting / collection.

>> No.10369228

Reduced amount of air traffic and a lot of staff taking sick leave because of minor cold symptoms

>> No.10369233
File: 525 KB, 1781x519, lmscreenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Selling Axes Femme for $200

Am I missing something? Was this collab that popular?

>> No.10369235

it is a symbol of the worst in humanity so maybe its collectible??

>> No.10369237

A few people here posted about it but it's a really common dress. They are only scalping because there used to be someone here looking for it that made it seem in demand. Tbf I don't know what it normally goes for but I've passed over it enough to know it isn't rare

>> No.10369254

jesus this makes me scared!
I posted some of the pieces I wanted am I doomed to see them scalped?

>> No.10369256

Only if the wrong person notices and a couple of you start posting. I'm pretty sure I memed the price of Jewelry Jelly up when the scalper wannabee made their "rate the best AP of each year" thread and randomly choose cheap unpopular prints and was one of the first voters

>> No.10369270

>scalper wannabee
>thinking /cgl/'s opinion matters
>thinking people definitely have motives whenever they start any discussion

>> No.10369271

it clearly does if you're this tilted.

>> No.10369281

The weird thing was that either people are memeimg with me or a longtime cheap and unpopular dress is now out of the blue popular and in demand, or my shitposting attempt was lost on you faggots and mass hysteria can be created simply by posting that you like a certain print

>> No.10369283

Maybe so, but simultaneously the price of old AP had been skyrocketing out of nowhere so even Jewelry Jelly got sucked into that. There’s a lot more at play than CGL posts when considering the changing market value of things.

>> No.10369387

Having vent art and calling out societal disregard for mental health issues doesn't mean one neglects treatment. Try again.

>> No.10369389

people don't get treated in japan, that was my point. that's why they have to do all this edgy sht.

>> No.10369533
File: 971 KB, 3023x4299, sd9n6324jl531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have any of you ever paid to have someone translate a comic or doujin?
I was thinking about looking into finding someone to do Kitai Fuku Ga Aru because the person doing it for free seems to have stopped.
I really want to see this and I just don't feel like it will get an official translation.

>> No.10369563

I really wanted to like this comic but, from what was translated, the story seems so fucking cliche and corny. I'd rather just reread something by Ai Yazawa.

>> No.10369586

/cgl/'s opinion does matter though. there are people who camp dream dress threads and jack up the prices of things that people post. I posted a dress in the dream dress thread after my shopping service was too slow to bid. That dress sold for $70 previously on LM and sold on YJA for 5600 yen. Soon after I posted the dress, it popped up for sale on LM for $400. there's no way that's just a coincidence.

>> No.10369602

It absolutely does in matters of dream dresses.

>> No.10369605

wearing a shirt is not art

>> No.10369617

>fashion isn't art
whew lads

>> No.10369632

imagine caping for the jfashion equivalent of suicide squad joker tattooing "damaged" on his forehead.

>> No.10369643

i'm not the anon caping for it and i don't even think it's necessarily healthy.

but just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isnt art. suicide squad is still art. bad art, but art nonetheless.

>> No.10369646

there's no solid definition of art anon, stop trying to be so objective.

>> No.10369658

exactly. that's why it's retarded to pretend it's based on your personal likes and dislikes

>> No.10369663

no, idiot, it means everyone has their own personal definiton of what art is and isn't. art is subjective.

>> No.10369668

so....you think art is based on what you personally like? surely you can see how retarded that sounds

>> No.10369669

Out of morbid curiousity what are the insanely sought after and ridiculously high resale dresses now? I remember when sugary carnival blew up.

>> No.10369670

I agree it is pretty simple and plain, but at the same time it mirror's my experience so closely as a tall lolita I want to see where it goes.
It probably won't be a masterpiece.

>> No.10369705

It’s not that common, especially in the red colorway. Maybe you missed the original hype around this dress. It was extremely popular within Japan and sold out within hours two or three days in a row as the shop received more stock (its release was limited to one shop), and then there was just no more stock. The red consistently sold out faster than the blue. Later it was released on the online store only for international customers in limited numbers (there it also sold out in a few days) so it may be more common to see for sale in the international community rather than within japan. It’s probably not worth $200 but I’m not surprised to see people trying to get top dollar for it regardless if someone posted in the DD thread or not.

>> No.10369740

No, wearing a t-shirt isn't art. You aren't creating anything, you wear a shirt.

>> No.10369746

Fashion is art if you’re creating the clothes. Is putting together an outfit of pieces that you bought really art or just consumerism?

>> No.10369750

That feel when the modern era has set the creative bar so low that wearing a common consumer item is "art"

>> No.10369801

Does anybody here have GBL volume 3. I'm desperately searching for a clear photo of one of the pages, just good enough so I can read it.

>> No.10369802

Page number?

>> No.10369835

do you think artists must make their paints and canvases too? if that's your own weird personal opinion on the matter, whatever. you're entitled to have that bizarre definition. but if you're suggesting that's how our society actually categorizes fashion then you're plain wrong.

fashion is not just individual pieces of clothing. it's hair, makeup, accessories, and a full outfit to show a completed style. that's why those aspects are so important on the runway. fashion magazines like vogue are not for handsewing your own clothing. people we describe as "fashionable" are not just all designers and seamstresses.

>> No.10369838

That's literally the definition of subjective. It means that I can think cat shit in a frying pan is art and you can think it isn't. We both don't have to agree that it's art or not.

>> No.10369853

It isn't, anon is just a retard or really desperate. If she told anyone that irl, they'd laugh in her face.

>> No.10369854

>weird personal opinion on the matter,
>bizarre definition
Nayrt but you're the one with the bizarre opinion Mrs. Wearing Clothing Makes Me An Artist.

>> No.10369856

right, but then why would you use your subjective opinion to make a point in an argument? the people who wear menhera consider it artistic expression so who gives a fuck if you don't?

tell that to literally any fashion magazine

>> No.10369858

>ignoring all the points i made because they prove you wrong
>throwing out insults instead of making actual points
if you have nothing to back up your statements, you could just not respond

>> No.10369860

... that's what you're doing tho. it's your opinion that it's art. also you maybe should stop pushing your opinion on others. many people who wear it do it for expression not art. if it's art to you, cool but it's only art to you.

>> No.10369864

Wow y’all went off. Original “vent art” anon here. I was referring to the prints on clothing. I’m not so self important as to call wearing a shirt “art,” but ok.

>> No.10369865

Not sure what page, the one with the heart apron on it

>> No.10369866

Yes I'd love to hear you explain to actual artist and designers how you wearing plastic syringe earrings and a shirt with a bleeding anime girl on it is on their level and "practicing vent art".

You didn't argue anything, you just repeated your dumb statement while ignoring everything else. Art involves expression AND creation and it has a standart. Literally just look up any common definition.

>> No.10369867

Sorry, seems like an idiot jumped in your place to actually defend that.

>> No.10369869


She sent the other girl a bunch of leftover shit from her brand that she couldn't sell. That same girl had apparently been matched up with her three years in a row despite not liking menhera and specifically requesting not to be matched with her.

>> No.10369870

no one was arguing with you then idiot. they even said they weren't you. the person defending your point was just fucking stupid. but you're not that much better.

>> No.10369871

Nyart but that definitely isn’t scammy. Whoever oversaw the event was at fault.

>> No.10369872

Wow you are realllyyyy worked up over nothing, anon. I think you might benefit from some medical assistance as well with that high blood pressure!

>> No.10369881


I was around when it happened and it was a bit scammy because it was one of the highest tiers and people had lists of their likes and dislikes and puvi seemingly ignored it and got maybe one thing or two the person liked and the rest their own brand--essentially not even putting any money in directly and reusing merchandise that cost her nothing and probably sold poorly even within her own fanbase assuming it really was leftover stock.

Even if someone was into menhera or yamikawaii puvithel is jut low quality/not stylish art wise. Puvi's stuff is kawaiigoods tier or even below. And it just feel scummy to use "free" stuff from your own shop for a high gift tier unless you know someone really likes and would want your item.

>> No.10369886

Ok that logic makes sense

>> No.10369916

Do you realize how stupid this comparison is ? An artist making their own paint and canvases would be equivalent to a fashion designer making their own fabric, not to someone putting on clothes. Don't tell people they have "weird personal opinions" when you need to use fallacies to justify yours.

>> No.10369934
File: 1.59 MB, 979x1022, VM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VM - Romantic Room Series
>Rococo Bouquet - Rococo Black (sold out)
>Rococo Bouquet - Rococo Mint (sold out)
>Rococo Bouquet - Rococo Blue
>Lazy Afternoon - Raspberry
>Lazy Afternoon - Blueberry

Outer material: 100% cotton
Romantic Room Dress (ロマンティックルームドレス)
Price: 23,100 yen (tax incl.)

Length: 117 cm
Shoulder width: 32 cm
Sleeve length: 48 cm
Bust: 83 cm - 109 cm
Underbust: 70 cm - 140 cm

Note: The bust and cuff sizes are adjustable with the ribbons.
Romantic Setwear (ロマンティックセットウェア)
Price: 24,200 yen (tax incl.)

Length: 68 cm
Shoulder width: 34 cm
Sleeve length: 46 cm
Bust: 83 cm - 96 cm
Underbust: 65 cm - 96 cm
Cuff: 20 cm - 40 cm

Length: 71 cm
Waist: 58 cm (it's shirred)
Inseam: 42 cm

Note: Size of the bust, cuffs and hem can be adjusted with the ribbon. The waist size is also slightly adjustable with the elastic.
Reservation period: 8th April 10:00 JST to 17th April 23:59 JST
With every purchase, you will get a matching mask case. The case will be in the same colour (pattern?) as the item you ordered.

>> No.10369946

so DJs aren't artists if they remix existing songs? i'll say it again for the second time (since you chose to ignore it last time) -- fashion is not just clothes being created. it's hugely about clothes being worn.

putting together a coord isn't making the clothing, but it is absolutely contributing your artistic expression to how other people will perceive it. just as a DJ would add his artistic expression to an existing song.

i'm done but have fun raging about that and remember to take your metoprolol

>> No.10369949

USPS us set to bankrupt by June so expect higher levels of shitty service

>> No.10369950

Adorable! Thank you for sharing anon.

>> No.10369952

Kind of off-topic but you two should both read about photographer Richard Prince. His entire career stems around this exact argument.

>> No.10369957

Maybe COVID will kill the boomer postal pensioners and save USPS

>> No.10369958
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>> No.10369962

How boned am I trying to get a jsk, headbow and socks set of neon star diner? I'm close to just using the paris reservation, but there's a $150 price different between the euro and the yen conversion for me.

But I want it super bad and all SS seem unsure of what this call thing will be like, or what the stock volume will be.

>> No.10369965

Very boned. The phone reservation will be a mess, and good luck to those doing it. But going for a whole set will be super hard.

While the conversion sucks you do avoid the tax/customs since its already in that markup.

>> No.10369974

I would just go for the Paris reservation. Better to pay $150 more than to miss something you really wanted.

>> No.10370064

Registered airmail usually takes 2 weeks to europe and japan is abandoning all the cheaper shipping methods now.

>> No.10370065

>she said, while talking to multiple people and ignoring them too
Again, I'd love to hear you tell a DJ about how you wearing clothes is the same as him putting hours of actual creative energy into remixes. But I guess grocery shopping is an "artistic expression" to you too.

>> No.10370095

This was my first post in this thread so maybe take your own advice and go take your meds, you crazy cunt. DJs still create something when they remix songs, you don't create anything by wearing clothes.

>> No.10370097

nayrt but i could consider putting together an outfit to be artistic expression rather than art in itself. creating art and artistic expression aren't the same things to me. i do visual art, but i still consider things like tacking the stuff i like to my bulletin board or putting stickers all over my pc to count as artistic expression. it doesn't imply creation, just that it's letting part of your "you" come out in a visible way. that said, i also think there are plenty of examples of putting together an outfit that aren't any type of art and aren't trying to be.

>> No.10370117

Considering that even my SS couldn't get some stuff for me because of the phone reservation (it was just some accessories)... You're out of luck. Just remember what happened to Ice Cream Parlor, anon. I bit the bullet and did the Paris reservation, besides I'm very worried about how customs will handle this in my country. If I'm unlucky, I would end up paying custom fees and sales tax which would honestly be above Paris retail. In the worst case it would get lost and I'm not willing to risk this. Didn't go for the whole set cause I'm not a fan of ankle socks, but Paris was nice enough to reserve some of the accessories I originally wanted (even though they weren't listed at all). Also don't wait too long cause they will prioritize those who paid first.

>> No.10370143

People are being trolls, art-chan

Stop feeding them

>> No.10370215

nayrt but i create hair and makeup. i wouldn't call it art cause that just sounds pretentious but speak for yourself

>> No.10370216

coronavirus is really putting people on edge god damn

>> No.10370221

Not that anon, but hair/makeup/nailart is totally a medium for art

>> No.10370248

nayrt but thank you!!

>> No.10370277

Thank you so much bless your soul anon!!

>> No.10370389

next thread >>10370212

>> No.10370547

And where did I talk about hair and makeup, exactly ?

>> No.10370620

it normally takes like 4 days to the UK but it's been like 9 kek

>> No.10371775

I'm not a part of the original group, but I have the manga to scan for raws, and I can typeset. I just need a translator. It's a long shot, but I'm hoping there's someone here with enough time and responsibility to help me see it through. Anyone interested or if you know someone who might be, send and email ^

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