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Thoughts on newest releases?
AP JP: http://www.angelicpretty.com/
AP US: https://www.angelicpretty-usa.com/
AP Paris: https://angelicpretty-paris.com/gb/

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It's both tacky and adorable. The ribbons and lace and the cut are actually really nice. It's one of those dresses where the construction of the dress saves it from looking hideous

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I fucking love it and am pretty sad that I have to decide against it for now because I'm anticipating another print release that I want way more. But if the virus crisis had never happened, then I would've grabbed it for sure.

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I was gonna buy it, but I don't think I'd ever wear it regularly. It's super cute though!

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>not posting the amazing rabbit ear cathedral veil
i don't know if this is just a coincidence, or a testament to japan's lack of understanding of commercial vs. religious traditions in holidays but i fucking love it.

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fucking hideous. the fact that apfags think they can judge taobaochans at this point is hilarious. your shit's looking WORSE than taobao now, not even the same level

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Most of Japan is Catholic/Christian so I don’t think it’s a misunderstanding

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Uhh no? They're mostly nonreligious

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Anon what? Hardly any Japanese people are Christian... it's like 3% or less last time I checked.

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Well, I guess that would make Jesus rise.

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uwot mate? Easter is probably the least understood as well as least commercially available of the Christian holidays here, and obviously not a holiday in the sense that anyone gets a day off. I'm having a hell of a time finding craft supplies for easter. The one from the 100 yen shop suck, and online there's a bit here and there on rakuten. Going to have to decoupage my own decorations.

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r u confusing japan with korea? there are often times religious depictions of santa up at christmas (such as crucified santa claus) in japanese department stores

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MAM did it better
Those shiny bows fucking kill me

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>anticipating another print release that I want way more
what print?

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Neon Star Diner, I'm really digging those retro vibes. Can't decide between pink and navy though.

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what the fuck is even that

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Even photo booths at LaForet have easter stickers and frames. It’s not hard finding easter shit in Japan, you’re just dumb

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Even don q has Christmas decorations. it’s really common to see Christmas decorations everywhere in December but maybe you haven’t lived in Japan kek

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uuh, did you read what i said about santa being crucified?

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Not everyone lives in Tokyo or near Tokyo like some anime weeb.

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Christmas of course, it's all commerce. Easter way less.

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I'm waiting for Neon Star Diner too! Good taste, anon.

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I wish they’d sold the veil separately, I would’ve been all over that shit.

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I like MAM over AP in general and even I think the AP looks okay while the MAM one looks like bodyline ita trash even if a lot of their stuff is nice.

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Does anyone know what print this is? It was tagged as IW but I can’t find it anywhere.

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easter has only become a thing in japan due to the disney parks bringing their easter celebrations to japan even then, its not religious

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every rainbow dress AP makes gets worse and worse. they need to simplify their designs more

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APs main problem wright n now is over designing their dressses. busy prints with busy dress designs makes for an eyesore of a garment.

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Nah. The Pope Cancelled Easter due to Covid-19. This year Jesus stays dead.

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The MAM one looks way better imo

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The construction of the AP one looks so droopy and sad....

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I agree, they’re doing too much of a field print, if they’re going to do a border print the rest of the dress needs to have a more simple print. They’re not as versatile either, with all that busyness. My favorite part about lolita fashion is how one dress can be coorded so many different ways. But if the dress is so damn busy the only thing that could hope to balance that or match it is the matching accessories, well then that’s just not very fun. I like this compare pic, anon. I never really put my finger on why I didn’t like modern AP but this makes it very clear. It’s gotten way more costumey

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This is ap thread fuck off

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This legit looks like cheap Chinese garbage. If a Taobao shop made this exact same dress, everyone would be calling it ugly and ita.

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It honestly does. And I'm a pretty big APfag

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Oh Jesus fuck I had the wrong tab open

Sorry, i thought this was the general lol

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Has anyone received their Fantasic Dolly already? Post photos and share opinions on MTO release.

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AP has really lost its way.

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The picture is not mine, but it seems to be a MTO release.

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You're thinking of the Philippines. They're mostly catholic.

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I like this one way better. Does that one have a name? Or does MAM not do that?
their site always confused the fuck out of me.

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nayrt but maybe brush up on your reading skills

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desu I think this works better as polyester, honey cake didnt

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I loved that grainy texture. Although I used to see this as an exclusively autumnal dress.

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Did people know this MTO was going to be polyester before they recieved it?

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>9999 yen for 2 pins

Oh how we have fallen from god

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After honey cake, i stopped buying new ap. I’m tired of the poly taobao shit

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Is there such print you would buy despite it being made of poly?

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Hard agree I feel a lot of the older designs just have more elegance and charm than some of the modern dresses.

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Nah the polyester was an upgrade for honey cake, no more bleeding

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Milky berry in mint. I would not buy this though it would feel too jarring

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Honey cake feels like a cosplay outfit. It was pretty disappointing but I still wear it out

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it's only a cosplay if it wasn't meant for you; hypocrite.

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I was really excited for ice cream parlor but the more photos I see of it the less I want it.

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It’s ugly af anon

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i think the red x blue is cuter than pink x sax but i havent seen any really good coordinates with it.

its also a halfassed release. only 3 colors, a shitty barette and not even a headbow?

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This looks like a Disney/Barbie colab.

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she means the feel of the fabric you retard

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I’d be psyched if they do an MTO with a proper headbow. I know they won’t since they’ve never done that for MTOs before, but I still wish they would.

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i had such high hopes but it being polyester just kills it, and I say that as someone that normally likes and has a lot of polyester pieces

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Yeah, pink is the ugliest out of the trio
>halfassed release

Part of me thinks AP rushed it to compete with Baby’s ice cream print

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I said the same thing awhile back but apparently ap had that ice cream dress shown last year not for official release

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Yes thank you, anon. That other person is a Neanderthal

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The dress was previewed early December at the tea party in Tokyo. Baby’s new dress was shown in January. It’s just a coincidence.

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the dresses came out at different times and both sold out. how is that "competing" at all

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Yes, It was stated before the MTO started if I remember correctly.It was a reason for me not to order it

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This print had potential but it just feels like a modern taobao attempt at old school sweet (higher end taobao, but still taobao with the way they use the poly if the texture of Dream Bear and Honey Cake are anything similar) Not awful but a lot of work to coord and not ideal color-wise.

If they did a lavender x pink colorway I might buy it secondhand or on sale if the price was good but it looks too much like a circus print. Saw a cute honey cake coord using the socks in red and blue though.

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where is the cute ice cream themed jewellery?? they could have done so much more with this baka

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I'd prob go for Sugary Carnival or Cinema Doll, but if it doesn't look too plastic.

I haven't got to see it in person, but its texture seems nice on the pics. Probs they should've used it for Fantasic Dolly, because it looks really alike to original fabric.

>> No.10364740

Sugary Carnival because mine is so faded it’s hard to coordinate

Dreaming Macaroon because the canvas like fabric is uncomfortable and unflattering

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i hate red x blue but i agree. somehow the other colors look watered down.

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imagine all the cute cutsews and purses they would've made for a collection like this 7 years ago :(

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Are AP jewellery any good? Pic related looks kinda cheap, are these pearls plastic?

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No, AP's jewelry is famously plastic costumey bullshit.

>> No.10364808

Of course the pearls are plastic, its not a 200$ necklace.

>> No.10364810

I'm not sure about all modern AP jewelry, but the Deco Heart series was very bad quality. The white lettering scrapes off like it never dried properly - I'm talking barely any pressure at all. I had to dome mine with resin (both the ring and the necklace). I can't remember currently if the pearls are plastic, but I would bet so.

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Here you go. You can see the scratches in the stock photo. I posted about this when it was first released in February.

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They're charging 50 euros for that shit, they could easily fit crystal pearls in that amount instead of their inflated burando ego

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Lets do some question

>Favorite AP collection?
>Ugliest item you think AP made (just pick one!)
>Favorite AP ad?

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>Favorite AP collection?
Miracle Candy, I already own 3 pieces from it.

>Ugliest item you think AP made (just pick one!)
The Soap Bubbles OP or JSK in any colorway but rainbow is offensively ugly to me.

>Favorite AP ad?
The Honey Cake ad and all its mispellings and fake english make me smile

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>>Favorite AP collection?
Doll's Tea Party

>>Ugliest item you think AP made (just pick one!)
Antique Crown. The contrast went really off on this one.

>>Favorite AP ad?
I've used to like these Spoon editorials, so I'll go with one of them. I love it how simple urbanistic background makes frills look even fancier.

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it hurts my heart, I wish they would just re-release all the old collections

>> No.10364853

Yes just get your jewelry from CC to save your wallet. I bought 7000 yen of jewelry from there and have a biggish collection. That would have bought like one ring from AP and the CC jewelry i own hasn’t fallen apart either. I always read or see pics of AP’s jewelry falling apart and like their peeling shoes, it’s not worth it

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Yes, you just chose one of the few bad releases to post a pic of. People act like APs jewelry is bad but get a piece and compare it to something from Etsy, like dollyhouse, and AP way better.

>> No.10364869

Everything currently for sale on the Paris site looks like this or worse. Their jewellery is bad. Try not to take it too personally.

>> No.10364883

Almost all their rings fall apart, their necklaces are cheap plastic for $100+ So whats your point

>> No.10364885

Nayrt but their necklaces are like $50 and their rings are $25

Their older pieces are much better quality (at least however better quality plastic can be) I wouldn't buy the new pieces though

>> No.10364893

That's because Paris is overpriced, they go for 3.8k before tax in Japan. I ordered one through my SS for the re-release in hopes that the quality control has become better.

>> No.10364913

A lavender x yellow special set release is my dream

>> No.10364923

I’ve got a ton of their plastic jewelry and just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it’s bad quality. It’s well designed and feels sturdy and durable. Literally every other brand of ringing mine that’s not AP has broken. BB&B, Mossbadger, Chocomint etsy sellers, Baby. All of them tend to glue the top BBC to ring band and since they’re big items they get caught on stuff and break off the band. AP’s are molded as one piece so they don’t break

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3.8k (31€) is still an insane amount for this quality. A packet of 100 swarovski pearls is 7€.

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>Favorite AP collection?
Be My Valentine, shame I missed it and it’s hard to find secondhand

>Ugliest item you think AP made (just pick one!)
Wonder Fortune, there are others I think are uglier but this dress just boils my blood

>Favorite AP ad?
The French Cafe ad. I don’t even care for the print but the ad is such a lovable clusterfuck

>> No.10364989

It's still almost 20€ less than what anon originally bitched about, I don't exactly have high expectations for jewelry in that price range. I have seen much worse go for a higher price.

I'm sad I missed out on the sax release of Be My Valentine, out of all the colorways it's the hardest to find

>> No.10364991

same, I really want the sax but it rarely gets listed and sells fast

>> No.10364996

closet child dont sell AP jewellery much anymore, either in store or on their website. Super disappointed when I visited their Harajuku branch T_T

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How do some people have these? The release was delayed because Japan didn't want people going out last weekend.

>> No.10365229

The P is wrong is it a replica?

>> No.10365248

Nah it's just the P and r being really close to each other.

>> No.10365254


replica or not, I read

>Angelic Bretty

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File: 1.02 MB, 1125x1009, 7FC102B3-36A8-46AA-B985-C6FB8498177E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That’s how they always make their Ps

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File: 70 KB, 800x800, happiness-bunny-clip[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that P and >>10365226 look different though. it's not a replica in any case. AP tries to make the P look like vaguely a heart, but the embroidery on these makes it look like a weird B, you can see in the official pics the difference. i've seen this on other embroidered items by them actually, i think it looks this way on parkas and stuff too.

>> No.10365280

I agree, it looks wrong.

>> No.10365281

Meant to add, even if it’s not.

>> No.10365644

I like it! It would match nothing in my wardrobe as I'm a more of a classic and gothic lolita, but that's one of the few recent AP releases I would wear.