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>Worldwide con-crud edition

Share your /cgl/ feels even though your favorite con has been cancelled.

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Everything costs money and I'm SICK and TIRED of it.

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>completely socially functioning day 1 and talking with tons of people
>wanting to crawl into bed and anxiety ridden on day 2 socially distant

Why am I like this.

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>tfw won't meet up with my friends at cons this year because of Corona
t-there's always next year

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I'm so relieved that the tech company I work at (I'm an independent contractor) has offered to pay me my full wage until we reopen. I was so worried about losing my job and having to sell some of my lolita wardrobe to pay for rent. I'm a former NEET so I barely have enough savings to last me a few months. This is some scary shit.

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Bf won't stop calling my Honey Cake bag "Aunt Jemima box"

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>Finally have good career
>Finally move out
>Finally found qt to have kinky and lewd fun with
>Finally able to afford all the cosplay and conventions I want
>Finally happy with life overall
>But Corona-chan fucking ruined it all

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I still miss SWIMMER and wish they had never closed down

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Didn’t they come back ..?

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I dreamed that I was married to my con crush and corona was gone.

How do you ask out a girl who lives a state away and is barely on Instagram?

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Not yet. Soon.

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>second week of restrictive 500kcal diet
>still hasn't lost a single pound

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>global pandemic
>market crash
>school closed
>gym shut down
>depression eating
>probably no cons or any gatherings of more than 10 people to look forward to
What a week

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Don't die, anon

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send him a mail "Wanna fuck?" That's it, if he declines or blocks you, he wasn't worth it

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If they aren't actually losing weight, they probably won't be starving to death anytime soon.

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A fat ita messaged me yesterday on LM asking about max waist and bust measurements on a dress I'm selling. I was planning on ignoring the message for now, but she messaged me again today.

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>laid off suddenly at the beginning of this month
>unemployment office cancels all meetings due to apocalypse
>finally call me back today
>get gaslighted for losing my job

Sure is a day today.

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You can keep ignoring her.

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They might die due to ion imbalances though.

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it only took a worldwide pandemic to get me to stop eating fast food. shedding weight like it's nothing.

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>mfw gaining weight
I hate this.

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Better than him calling your vag that.

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If they're not losing weight, they're probably not only eating 500 calories a day.

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Consider your carb/sugar/sodium/fat intake. As well as your water intake. Also eat a bit more, try around 900 instead, because your body is likely holding onto your weight because its going into panic mode with starvation. If you want to severe cut especially the idea is to put your body on border starvation without peaking below that threshold. Otherwise your body will just eat at your lean muscle which will make you feel like absolute death and low energy. I've dipped under it.

If you aren't already try exercising to kick off your metabolism rate as it will actually decrease making it harder to lose weight if you remain stagnant and cut that severely.

Also take a multivitamin so you don't endanger yourself and your bone density by not getting better nutrition. Iron is an important supplement if you're a woman.

t. Lost 25lbs in a 4 weeks but am also a guy.

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This. I restricted my daily calorie intake to 1100 and lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. If I were to only consume 500 I would have reached my goal by now.

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This "starvation mode" myth is bullshit. It would not keep you a large fatass if you're only eating 500 cal. This lie is constantly perpetuated by other fatasses. If OP were truly eating that much, they would be losing weight. I once had to eat 500 calories/day for reasons out of my control and my weight dropped low incredibly quickly.

The simplest explanation? They're not only eating 500 calories. They must be fucking up their calorie counts by massively underestimating the amount of calories their food has.

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Nothing is free...

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if you have an underlying medical condition or are on certain meds, that won't work

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Then what will?

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Starting second week with not losing weight sounds normal. It could be cortisol/stress (from changes in eating possibly?), constipation, water/glycogen retention, or not weighing your food.

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Being on a 500 calorie diet will make literally everyone lose weight, fatass. Stop making up excuses.

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1100 is my BMR. So jealous of people who get to eat so much more than me.

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Just start working out then.

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Getting off the meds or taking care of the condition.

Yeah, no, but go ahead and stay ignorant. Just like there are conditions where a person can't gain weight no matter how much they eat, the opposite happens as well.

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You're either counting wrong and need to be visited by the Secret Eaters team, or you're about to take a fat 10lbs shit.

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Salt Lake City

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I dreamed that my con crush and I were still friends. wwww

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>Yeah, no, but go ahead and stay ignorant. Just like there are conditions where a person can't gain weight no matter how much they eat, the opposite happens as well.
Kek that "can't gain weight no matter what" excuse is literally an eating disorder coverup line. "Starvation mode" is never going to keep you a fatass. Because in case you never took high school biology, fat is stored energy. Your body will consume that energy. I actually ate <500 calories a day once because I was unable to for reasons out of my control, and I dropped weight extremely quickly.

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Do you have underlying medical conditions or are on meds that could prevent that? If not then your personal experience doesn't matter. Go google the science on how those can majorly affect weight gain/loss regardless of amount eaten.

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There is no underlying medical condition which turns your body into a perpetual motion machine. That's a literal physical impossibility bahahaha. How fat are you??

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I literally have hypothyroidism faggot.

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Also, I've had to take corticosteroids before.

People's meds "make them gain weight" because they make them hungrier and eat more. If that person was accurately counting their calories, that would not be an issue. Protip: they weren't.

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You took high school biology which in no way trumps college classes in molecular biology. In fact, people with hypothyroidism usually don't feel that hungry to begin with, but can gain weight excessively fast even eating under 1,000 calories a day.

I've only met one person in my life with hypothyroidism.

People with the disorder tend not to live very long... usually not past middle age. Trying to go in 'starvation mode' only knocks their thyroid out more, but eating causes them to gain weight. Medication helps, but people who truly have hypothyroidism usually have a pretty dismal outlook.

Hyperthyroidism exists too. I have it, and, yeah, I can eat a shit ton & unhealthy, and barely gain weight. It's not good for people with hyperthyroidism to do that though because eventually the thyroid will give up from the overload, and those people then develop hyperthyroidism.

It's a shame you never took college courses past high school biology. You'll never become a doctor with just high school biology.

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develop hypothyroidism*

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Also... yeah, someone with hypothyroidism will find themselves at a normal weight eating that little... However, the instant they eat a normal amount, the weight skyrockets back up in days. Like I said, I've only known one person with hypothyroidism.

Humans can't live off 500 a day though. They'll starve to death. The same goes for people with hypothyroidism, and cutting that low long-term only further worsens their metabolism until they starve to death at a normal weight.

It's not a fun time.

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>In fact, people with hypothyroidism usually don't feel that hungry to begin with, but can gain weight excessively fast even eating under 1,000 calories a day.
Other anon here. I've had hypothyroidism and know multiple people in my life with it.

> People with the disorder tend not to live very long... usually not past middle age.
It is NOT some dangerous disease which kills you in middle age like you're making it out to be. The fact that you're even suggesting that is absolutely fucking laughable! You would know this even from a cursory Google search. Also, if you actually knew anything about it, you would know that it only causes you to gain 5-10 lbs of water weight, which you should easily lose after being medicated. This information is easily available on the American Thyroid Association website.


So all this bullshit about "classes in molecular biology" is just that. You're bullshitting. Please stop making up easily debunkable facts, it's embarrassing. Especially for someone who purports to be educated.

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Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are completely different then high and low thyroids.

People get it confused. If someone really has a medical diagnosis of hypothyroidism, not just 'low thyroid', leave them alone.

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Do you have a low thyroid or hypothyroidism?

There's a difference in the two. I've known plenty with a low thyroid.

I've known only one who's thyroid essentially didn't work altogether hence why they had the diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

You seem to be talking about what they call low thyroid in my country.

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You fucking retard, they're the same thing. You get "low thyroid" hormone if your thyroid gland is underproducing it. AKA: hypothyroidism.


> Hypothyroidism occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck. It releases hormones to help your body regulate and use energy.

Having low thyroid hormone levels is literally the definition of hypothyroidism. Please stay in school, you clearly need it.

>> No.10360418

Also, I know people who've had their thyroid surgically removed and are doing just fine without "dying in middle age". You're really just out here making shit up.

>> No.10360421

I'm really not. You're just throwing a hiss fit someone called you out for being an unnecessary asshole.

>> No.10360423

>I'm going to call you an asshole because you proved me irrefutably wrong!
Just let it all out

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None of this arguing about thyroids matters, what's important is that 500/day is some anachan shit.

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>tfw my friend's big titty bf is getting top surgery
What a waste.

>> No.10360531

They probably felt extremely dysphoric about their chest when they're getting surgery for it so don't be a meanie (especially since you're not the one dating them).

>> No.10360547

What a selfish way to look at people

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I do, but even if you take exercise and general moving around into account, that still only brings me up to about 1700/day. I'd have to exercise for an extra 30-60 minutes every day to eat the amount of food I'd like to be eating, and I honestly just don't have time for it. Being 5 feet tall is a blessing when it comes to wearing lolita and a curse when it comes to being able to eat an entire pizza yourself.

>> No.10360576

>I'd have to exercise for an extra 30-60 minutes every day to eat the amount of food I'd like to be eating
Is that not normal for you? I do that.

I'd also suggestion going on a 6 mile long hike every once in a while. I did one a little while ago and it burned like 500 calories so I was able to chow down on carbs after without penalty.

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Why are you always talking about fatties?

>> No.10360584

Start a new topic

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Sorry, I'm just sad because the carone virus got my

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If this quarantine lasts 18 months I'll probably kill myself
Stuck for 18 months with my abusive cunt of a mother
I hate my job but stay at it because the pay's better than anything else I could get and I still can't afford to move out because fuck rent is so high in this shit city
Cons are my only escape and they're all getting cancelled (I get it's for the safety of others before you all bitch that I'm being selfish it just sucks)

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I've been living in Japan for an exchange program and doing a small shopping service on the side to make extra income and it's a lot of fun. It's great to be able to buy from Mercari or Y!A without a proxy for once, and itabaggers are introducing me to new series I've never heard of. It's wonderful.

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I am back at my parents house during the pandemic and my lolita clothes are all in my own apartment that is located on another state, looking at my friends coords to stay at home I’m regretting it so much.

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>be lolita
>start playing guitar
>can't wear long gyaru-type nails that match my coords anymore

mixed feels, but i'm dedicated to it so calloused left fingers and stubby painted nails it is. blah.

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What cosplay?

>> No.10360864

Get real gyaru nails that press on with blu-tac anon

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Germany from Hetalia, the uniform itself cost around $450 to make while the leather riding boots and gloves cost the remaining $250. It's been so many years I don't even really like Hetalia anymore, I've just always wanted to do this cosplay.

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Based as fuck anon.

>> No.10360874

I said an extra 30-60 minutes a day, meaning on top of what I already do. No idea why you're trying to have a pissing contest with me.

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My com is next level ita. I know cgl thinks they’ve seen it all, but they’re just something else. There’s only 2-3 decent people but they rarely go to meet-ups (wonder why). They’ve all been dressing for 5-15 years so there’s no excuse either. I cringe when they try to give advice to others. One of them does not, from close or from afar, even remotely look Lolita. I wished I could go to meet-ups and talk about the fashion with other lolitas but I guess I can’t, pre or post confinement.

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Why tf would you endanger your parents and their whole area by traveling there

>> No.10360983

It’s not that bad here yet and my parents area is not doing worse or better than where I live so I’m not really endangering anyone’s life, chill

>> No.10360987

So you got tested and know you are not an asymptomatic carrier? I guess you know now since your parents aren't dead, but you should have stayed put

>> No.10360991

Tfw your parents won’t let you take a picture of your new Nintendo Switch while making a basedboy face because they’re afraid of the box being contaminated with corona

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Just hang out with the 2-3 decent lolitas and stop giving advice to those who aren't willing to learn!
It always baffles me how longterm Itas can be in the fashion for YEARS and still don't know how to dress. My local comm has gained so many newbies in the past years and none of them is ita - that's because they did their own research, asked for concrit and actually tried to improve based on it.

>> No.10361057

In ten years, it won't matter anyway.

>> No.10361064

This is an 18+ site

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Everytime someone posts a jfashion that isnt lolita on this board some idiot comes in and whines about how its too normie for this board.
>mfw im browising a thread and I see "ITS TOO NORMIE! LOLOL UNIQLO"
Its either one dedicated troll or a group of newfags that believe that, either way I'm exausted.

>> No.10361270

the people who complain about that are tasteless legbeards who wouldn't know good fashion if it was spoonfed to them. of course, I can't expect much from the type of people who are into tacky shit like lolita.

less is more.

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My biggest fantasy is having the sexual worth of men and females swapped.

Basically as a man, imagine girls competing to have sex with you, and willing to pay money or take care of your entire life for you, no matter how ugly, fat, stupid, and broke you are. Just like current day reality for women and their opposite sex.

>> No.10361298 [DELETED] 

If you’re ugly, you have barely an sexual worth though. If you get raped, you lose sexually worth. If you age, you lose sexual worth. Enjoy having society decide that your worth is on a timer.

>> No.10361299 [DELETED] 

Better than never having any worth at all, like a man with no financial future, and probably dying alone as an incel because of it.

>> No.10361304

Everything changed when the corona virus attacked.

>> No.10361311

>finally enough time to sew
>tfw my sewing machine breaks as soon as I start using it

>> No.10361313 [DELETED] 

Guys with no financial future have plenty of kids, what are you even talking about?

>> No.10361315

Knowing that convention season is essentially a bust this year, I've put aside all of my cosplay stuff and have started making some designs for some cute summer stuff to make. I'm gonna try making a pinafore for the first time! Wish me luck, gulls.

>> No.10361322

>Paying for an apartment you're not even living in

>> No.10361323

China strikes again.

>> No.10361326

As opposed to...? Not seeing your family? Most people with nice families would want to be with them during a time like this.

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thats some twilight zone shit

>> No.10361446

Most people, if not all people around me, have stopped seeing their parents and grandparents more than a week ago. It's extremely retarded to visit them or move in with them at a time like this.

>> No.10361448

It's one troll and not even that dedicated, it just started a few days ago and he only did 2 or 3 threads. Is this the first time you notice trolling?

>> No.10361459

That is an obvious troll. And you can bet your ass they are going to keep doing that cause people like you get so damn mad about it. You literally fed the troll. Instead of giving them attention you could just ignore them, hide their posts, or report them for shit posting. It's that simple.

>> No.10361610

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. I know a lot of people who reunited with their families to isolate. My parents have been clamouring for the family to get back together so we can help each other else if someone gets sick (but we drive each other crazy when cohabitating so no thanks from me). If both units have been isolating for 1-2 weeks, they can merge. It’s better to have bigger isolated units to some degree, because 1/4 people going out for supplies is better than 1/2 + 1/2.

>> No.10361743

Get Press ons! They're fun to make

>> No.10361808

>I took college classes!!!
You're a moron.

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i love the gummy bunny jewellery sets so much but idk if i want to drop £50 on something i could potentially lose, esp with the current virus outbreak stuff
Would you buy them anons?

>> No.10361816

Unless it was my coveted dream jewelry piece, I wouldn't buy it for that price at all. Especially the plastic kind.

>> No.10361817


>> No.10361819

They're my favourite AP piece! Its just a case of if i wanna drop the £100 for the ring, and the necklace, but then potentially lose them, or in the worst case scenario, need that £100 for whatever reason due to the virus lockdowns.

>> No.10361820

if anyone has the pieces, can you vouch for them?? are they still cute irl and do they match older AP prints well?

>> No.10361825

I think the price is pretty ridiculous for cheap plastic jewelry and I'd never buy it myself no matter how much I love AP. However, I really have to question how often you lose your fucking jewelry that you're so worried about it? Do you live in a hoarder house? Do you toss your jewelry on the floor when you take it off rather than put it in a drawer or box or something? Seriously, what the fuck?

I've never in my life lost a piece of jewelry. It's not like it can wander off on it's own.

>> No.10361838

People take rings off when they wash their hands and forget to put it back on

>> No.10361840

I take them off to wash my hands, and if im at a meet in a public place i have a god awful memory and forget things unless they're on my person, and im not going to wash my hands with my rings on.
It's also not a case of me definitely losing it, more the prospect of it. I'm just wondering if other people would justify the money, or if they're scalp prices , or just worth it in the long run

>> No.10361843

Maybe I'm just unlucky but I've had brand jewelry break apart while I'd just been walking outside and it's happened often enough for me to constantly worry about it.

>> No.10361844

When I was younger I lost plastic jewelry at like a bookstore cause exactly this. This taught me two lessons. One to be more careful and two to not waste money on cheap jewelry.
especially for 50 euro you can buy much cuter and better quality shit.

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Is it trashy to show your thong bloomers on Instagram? My comm says no.

>> No.10361942 [DELETED] 

Everyone and their mother is a Neet now and I don’t feel special anymore :[ this corona shit fucking sucks

>> No.10361948

Dude. If it's that important to you, how are you going to forget about it in the twenty second span it takes to wash your hands? Just put it near the faucet so you won't miss it or keep reminding yourself, "I took off my ring before, got to put it back on once I'm done."
If you can't do something as simple as that, then no, you shouldn't buy the ring. You'd only be wasting your own money.

>> No.10362042

Some lolitas even make multiple sets of press-to match every dress they own

>> No.10362043

*of press-ons to match

>> No.10362070

>wanted to be a 1980s tough guy action hero
>then the world turned into a setting for an 80s action movie

>> No.10362083

we need you now more than ever, 80s tough guy action hero-kun

>> No.10362195

I want to fuck a girl in cosplay so bad.

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So I miss one of my best friends so much. She and her partner are really awesome people, and I probably won't see them for a bit. However, we met on cgl (literally should not have worked out - one of us should have been a greasy incel trying to bait lolitas, but nope, a wholesome friendship came out of it).
She moved away and we don't see each other so much, but when we do it's all love.
I miss going to karaoke with her and drinking cocktails, and finding cool places to take coord shots. I'd been going through a v rough time before the whole quarantine thing, so I wasn't really in a fit state for socialisation, and I wish I could go back in time and slap myself bc I miss her!!

If you see this, I love and miss you!

>> No.10362426

Write her a letter! Take a polaroid picture of one of your coords and start corresponding a lil more physically so that you have something to literally hold on to. Looking forward to receiving mail is a nice way to keep yourself motivated. She sounds lovely and I hope you guys get the chance to hang out again!

>> No.10362432

jesus fucking christ it shouldn't have cost that much

>> No.10362475

Why the fuck did it cost so much

>> No.10362586

>Literally having a good year from 2019 into 2020
"Nothing can go wrong desu"
>Been looking forward to meeting my friend at ACen for several months
>Both are actively dtf
>Corona comes swiping through; ACen cancelled.

Fuck 2020.

>> No.10362598

You can tell this story is made up because you originally wrote "my friends" or "my friend and *someone else*" which is why you followed it up with "both" and then went back and changed it to "my friend" to make it seem more believable, but you forgot to change the second part.

>> No.10362614

sorry 4chan ruined your scope of what can be real or not

Both as in me and him, like "both of us"

>> No.10362622

um... Erika?

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>brave the corona pandemic to get my prescription
>get sent to the black pharmacy
>dude spots me at the door
>"Ayyyyyy, this white nigga look like Velma off Scooby Doo!"
>mfw he get the whole squad laughin
Stuff like this is why I wish cons would come back.

>> No.10362724

i dont want corona chan to cancel all the cons i want to go to, i just want a chance to finally cosplay my waifu since i still havent been able to wear the cosplay to a con yet

>> No.10362751

Velma looking ass

>> No.10362789

I got Animal crossing and my friend never played it before. She’s been playing for a couple days and today we finally linked up.
She came to my town and smashed all my rocks

>> No.10362793

She wants to do some smashing in real life, if you know what I mean

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2016: Can't go to a Con because it already happened by the time we learn about it
2017 and 2018: We're too broke to go
2019: I end up not broke and go alone
2020: We're set up to go together this year and corona happens and threatens to cancel the con anyways
This sucks

>> No.10362821

fortunately for you they will come back once each day.

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T. Man who defied thermodynamics

>> No.10362825

Living in a black neighboor hood is the best motivator to woek hard at a better life

>> No.10362831

Waiting on ems going on 10 days from japan to eu anons. Getting worried. Anyone elses parcels taking forever?

>> No.10362839 [DELETED] 

10-20 days is fine, could be even longer in recent times - just be patient

>> No.10362847


I hate how much of an advantage rich people have over me. They get liposuctions, they fix or replace their teeth, they buy whatever raw materials in whatever quantities they want or they outright buy their outfits. Meanwhile I have to work harder with a smaller selection of materials and I feel shit every time I waste them on unsuccessful attempts. And I hate buying tools that I'll only use once.

>> No.10363055

The quarantine must be really hitting you hard if you feel the need to deep dive in a harmless post like this one. It'll be okay, vendetta-chan. I promise.

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>introvert working in aged care when shit goes down, so far workplace is virus-free
>doing alright as I have a stable job, I can deal with social distancing and get back into my hobbies, family's going rural and will be safe
>Looking forward to moving into my own apartment next month, hoping the virus will help beat out the competition
>family want me to quit my job, cancel my application and move back with them cause everything's turned to shit
>Freaking out cause if I do so I'll have no stability, I'll have to put off further study/career development, and I'll just end up stagnating and wasting my life.

2020 was treating me well back in January, what the fuck.

>> No.10363225

Put them in your bag or pocket (if you have one) worst case scenario you freak out, think you've lost it, then find it later when looking for your chapstick. It's not hard and it shouldn't be an excuse to go around without washing your hands.

>> No.10363230

Is there some reason you have to do what your family says? I understand what you're risking by staying but it's ultimately your choice, right?

>> No.10363243

Just ignore them for now. Live your life. Families, mothers in general, freak the fuck out and get worried about their kids whenever something happens. She's thinking irrationally.

>> No.10363250
File: 73 KB, 786x731, Snax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Had full costume planned out.
>All the materials and everything
Ready to start building when I hear con I'm making it for this year is cancelled.
Why even bother anymore....

>> No.10363257

If you start now, you won't even have to con crunch when it comes again.

>> No.10363275


You know what you have to do. You're not going to sacrifice your future because some boomers have gone paranoid over something temporary. Hell, why gather all together in the first place? So your whole bloodline can get wiped out in one go if one of you gets sick? These people need a smack on the head each.

>> No.10363297

con-crud is a really cringe term, can we start making an effort to use a different one? It sounds like something a boomer thought up.

>> No.10363321

Screw your Boomer relatives. They probably see that you're doing well and happy on your own and want to ruin it so they become the center of attention again. The generation before them made great sacrifices for them so they expect all other generations to make great sacrifices as well. Don't let them do this to you.

>> No.10363322 [DELETED] 

They probably think this would be solved under socialism, where the government would pay them to make shitty lolita dresses for herself

>> No.10363335

Maybe you need a break from cosplay/lolita for a little while and just focus on what you do have and what you can afford, it's tough for a lot of people at the moment but there is help out there, perhaps even more than usual given the state of things.

>> No.10363356

Or, you could smash me. Don’t be a coward.

>> No.10363363

10/10 qt gull would smash

>> No.10363418

The crippling realisation that this is going to completely kill the convention scene as costhots make bank online for lonely losers who can't even leave their own house and forget why they even bothered with cons in the first place.

>> No.10363434

>Metamorphose put Magical Artefact in Midnight Blue online
>But it immediately
>Will be shipped on Monday
Good feels

>Want to wear lolita to celebrate
>Weather is awesome
>Skin is shit
>All the stress from rearranging life due to the virus got me beat
>Don't even want to put makeup on this hellscape
Worse feels
At least I'll still get my dress

>> No.10363456

It's been pouring for over a day here. I can't go out to buy stuff but the sound is relaxing and the low light is nice. I wish I had a girl to cuddle with under the warm bedcovers for maximum comfy.

>> No.10363460

Assuming you're stuck at home? You've got time to fix your skin anon.

>> No.10363461

So you mean only fans that just want to be fans together and aren't thots that only care about fake internet points and popularity will attend? Good.

>> No.10363464 [DELETED] 
File: 434 KB, 1328x1488, dark-wojak-light-grey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lolita order from taobao finally arrives after 5 months
>Excited af!!
>Dress one is the wrong size and the waist ties are missing
>Dress two is the wrong color

>> No.10363470

One of my favorite lolitas has been MIA online for a while and I hope she's ok and hope she returns soon.

>> No.10363487


>> No.10363492


mte but for like 5 of them.

>> No.10363498

I wish. Nothing nice will ever happen though.

>> No.10363923

You're funny, it's been a term for a really long time so you're probably not actually wrong.

>> No.10363935

I'm old and was getting kind of tired of Otakon. Been going since it was in Baltimore, wasn't looking forward to the extra miles to go down to DC. Might have just out growned it. My group has grown and always looks to me to book and set everything up. I didn't even book a single room this year... haven't told anyone yet thinking about telling them I'm out.

Thank fuck that awkward conversation with 10 different people won't have to go on.. huge relief.

Thanks corona.

Fuck you Otakon
Fuck you DC
Fuck you needy fucking (adult)children that constantly complain and depend on others to fix your shit.

I'll miss the fuck out of the good cosplayers.

>> No.10363943

Same here anon. I also work for a tech company and thought I missed my opportunity to work from home since I moved before my city was shut down.
Luckily, I was able to pick up my computer and I'll start working again next week from my room.
I was super scared I was going to have to sell more of my wardrobe to get by.
That was horrifying to think about because I have listings up and there weren't selling.

>> No.10363947

anon they said girl.

>> No.10363961

anon, are you female? if so, where are you??

>> No.10363970

This, And a lot of those rich people aren't really doing any hard work to get that money.
I seriously hope this virus results in more people realizing how unfair it is for those lazy attention whores to have so much money that they can just do whatever they want.

If they truly want to entertain people, they'll do it for a lower cost. That's how you know they're fake as fuck cause they only want the money.

>> No.10363979

I ignore these messages/comments too.
Always check messages from your email first.

>> No.10364108

>finally have time and energy to work on cosplay thanks to newly imposed quarantine
>run out of materials on day two
>all hardware stores are closed
>online hardware stores have shipping times of 2+ weeks due to high demand
>don't want to order online because the government keeps telling us not to put unnecessary strain on the postal service

>> No.10364122

I just booked for otakon. Is it really that bad over there? Or is the casual community just boring you?

>> No.10364148
File: 174 KB, 792x576, >:(.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start new temp job
>hoping to save money for summer cons
>every con I wanted to attend this year is cancelled

>> No.10364152

I'm a dude with long, wavy hair in a small country.

>> No.10364171

See if there's a crafting/cosplay group near you on facebook and then see if anyone has any supplies they can share.

>> No.10364230

maybe an entire day of social interaction with new people tires your brain and it needs to rest on the second day?

>> No.10364232

best method is to stop eating altogether for a few days and only drink water and some salt.
and no, it's not unhealthy to do that, restricting calories that much however is
see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Starvation_Experiment
and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2495396/

>> No.10364336

stop telling them people to starve themselves, retard

>> No.10364340

intermittent fasting would be a much better lifestyle change than this retarded, temporary advice. this sounds like the dipshit logic of someone with an ED who thinks a 5 day fast is sustainable or will have lasting results.

>> No.10364584

i've gained ten pounds since i've been staying home. hooooooooly shit. i need to get outside and exercise even if it causes me to risk death

>> No.10364592

not a "fatass", but more like a "standing dog" body (skinny arms and legs, but a huge belly, like the african children in the pictures)

>> No.10364640


Look up calisthenics at home and restrict your calorie intake. Walking and exercise doesn't burn a lot of calories. It's just that you're eating more because you're bored or have nothing else to keep you busy.

>> No.10364652

Will be turning 30 next year and Im coming to grips with realising I botched my opportunities and will probably be an NPC for the clever people who sorted themselves out early.

>> No.10364656

If you got money and space for it, a crosstrainer or treadmill. Kettlebell workouts are amazing, this combines both cardio and weights, it's ideal for both men and women. At home aerobics, lots of dvds to choose from. HIIT, not for the faint hearted. Resistance bands, good for training muscles. >>10364640 has a great suggestion really cause calisthenics is great and gives quick results. Eat better, higher protein, lower carb, more balanced meals and go easy on the snacks and sugar. Make better choices food and drink wise.

>> No.10364705

I turn 30 this year, and I'm going back to school in the fall to finish the degree I dropped out of at 21. It's never too late, anon.

>> No.10364711


>> No.10364723

Japonica took too long to bid on my dream dress and someone else bought it before me. It's sad because it's a rare dress that hardly ever comes up.
At least I can avoid spending money during the pandemic, though I was already restricting and this was going to be my special exception.

>> No.10364725

The best advice I can give is to get off 4ch, the idea that you are a failure because you didnt do x by 30 is just not true but this site loves to shit on you.

A ton of people do a lot in their 30s, there is no time limit for anything.

>> No.10364746 [DELETED] 

Socialism is when the government does stuff. The more stuff it does, the socialister it is.

>> No.10364749

this type of attitude is probably why you botched your opportunities. You don't become a retarded invalid at age 30. Learn to make self-fulfilling goals

>> No.10364834

Nope, go fuck yourself. You're not going to derail the thread with this shit bait.

>> No.10364851 [DELETED] 

Any tips on how an average fuck like me can get a con gf that isn't a whale

>> No.10364858

Do you guys think late in the year cons like AWA will get fucked?

>> No.10364863

> think I won’t be able to attend any cons this year because of my new job
> they all get cancelled

>> No.10364872

i feel that way about marriage rn. i probably should've just settled for someone in my past because it's looking pretty bleak from here on out

>> No.10364873

Yes, if only because no con can negotiate properly for Japanese guests because we can't see how things will be in the future and what travel bans will still be in effect. Add visa applications to that mess which takes time and that makes for a very sad anime convention

>> No.10364880

Getting in early and achieving things while you're young makes it a hell of a lot easier, but you haven't missed the boat. Remember people change careers well into their 40s, divorces happen, etc. If there were a time limit on this shit those people would be fucked too. Life goes on, it's gonna be harder now but you can do better. Even if it's just a little better than yesterday, it's progress.

I honestly think we're gonna be dealing with this shit for a while, vaccine development is still a year off, trump seems to be doing his best to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and doesn't care who dies, meanwhile the virus is mutating fast enough such that even those who've already had it can't be considered completely immune. We will find ways to better deal with it and slow the spread, and won't be stuck in isolation forever, but imo large gatherings such as cons will likely be off the table for a bit longer.

>> No.10364881 [DELETED] 

I'm 30 and have never been on a date.... What the fuck do I do fellow virgin bros...

>> No.10364882

if you're willing to date single moms, you have quite a few options

>> No.10364887
File: 285 KB, 492x438, reptartotherescue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

week 3 of con at home with my plushies

>> No.10364895


>> No.10364899

well yeah, but beggars can't be choosers lol

>> No.10364905

You can truthfully tell someone that you fucked their mom

>> No.10364937

American cons are fucked until the end of summer at least.

>> No.10364959

Is being single in 30s that bad? Can't I just find a cute 24 year old or something

>> No.10364980

why would any 24 yr old want to date you? unless you're extremely hot or rich, there's no reason

>> No.10364984
File: 53 KB, 426x640, 20-03-28-y-48012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this bonnet is really funny to me for some reason, i think it's just a little too big?

>> No.10364988
File: 87 KB, 1306x544, s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess i'll die

>> No.10364990

And even then, it's still creepy.

>> No.10365021

Looks like a cone of shame

>> No.10365030

I’m 29 dating a 23 y.o we met online thru video games

>> No.10365032

headeating bonnets gotta eat

>> No.10365040

Because a 30 year old has it together way more than other 24 year olds. Typically better career too.


How is that creepy? A 6 year difference is nothing at that point. A 33 year old dating 18 is weird. But 30 and 24??

>> No.10365108

Read your first sentence. A 24 year old and a 30 year old are at different points in their lives. 6 years is still very noticeable at that point. Also, first anon just mentioned "in their 30s," not necessarily 30 on the dot.

>> No.10365117

24 years olds are generally done with school. plus that doesn't mean anything. It's not creepy in any case.

>> No.10365126

I'm that anon I'm actually 30. 24 is well within the range of dating for me. The divide age by 2 plus 7 puts minimum at 22. People at 24 will also be where I'm at as I'm jumping into a new career and graduating with my second bachelors. If anything they'll be ahead. 24 and 30 is definitely not a big gap

>> No.10365127

Actually 29 turning 30 in 4 months*

>> No.10365143

she cute

>> No.10365188

What about you start trying to date in your own age range ? As >>10364980 said, unless you're hot or rich there's absolutely no reason a younger woman would want to date you and let's be honest, if you've never been on a date at your age you're most likely neither of those things.

You just said that a 30 year old has it together way more than a 24 year old and you're still wondering what's wrong with your behavior ? You basically admitted that you want to have a position of power over your partner, for fuck's sake. What's creepy isn't the age gap between a 24 and a 30 year old, it's that you're actively seeking for someone younger than you. Also, there is a big gap between someone who's most likely just out of university and someone who's been working for a few years, whether you want to admit it or not.

>> No.10365189

Don't try to reason with scrotes, just rejoice in the fact that they'll die without reproducing

>> No.10365191

>tfw I'm 25 and I'm starting to date a 31yo

>> No.10365192

go back to tumblr.

>> No.10365193

I just need to vent, I'm so gay for one of my lolita friends, except I'm in a straight relationship and so is she and it would never happen but it hurts so bad

>> No.10365233

even a global pandemic forcing everyone inside won't make cgl more active :(

>> No.10365249

Truth. Not gonna entertain them.

>> No.10365258

nobody cares if you have it together or whatever. it's almost always going to be money related. i know a 19 yo who started dating a 27 yo because she thought he would have good money. when she found out he was broke, she dumped him immediately. you will not see any young girl dating an old dude when he doesn't have either money or exceptional looks.

>> No.10365259

why are you manchildren so afraid to date women your own age tho?

>> No.10365267

Because they know women their age won't fall for their manipulative bullshit. That and all scrotes have porn induced brain-rot

>> No.10365276

>finally find a lolita community locally. yay!
>learn it's super inactive and the only mod is moving to Japan. fuck
>me and another gull plan to take over and do meetups. yay!
>coronavirus prevents large gatherings and all non-essential businesses are closed. fuck
>boss tells us the company is considering laying off full time employees (her included), which really means shutting down our office, so we need to make a profit or else. fuck fuck fuck

At least the snotty rich girl who was mean to me in high school has been on a downward slope and has, as of late, been embarrassing herself with horrible freestyle rap videos while quarantined. They're objectively horrendous. I'd link them if I wasn't afraid she'd go viral because of how bad they are. It's sad that this has to be a high point in my life, but dammit, I'm clinging to whatever happiness I can find.

>> No.10365292

I'm glad you made a gullfriend, and I hope your high school nemesis continues to post bad rap for you to revel in.

>> No.10365293

My parents have this age difference. Just date people you are emotionally and physically attracted to and let everyone else fuck off with their opinions because in the end, the only people it should matter to are you and the person you're dating.

>> No.10365294

Same, friend.

>> No.10365306

Cosplay guy who I met through here unironically wants to ride my dick but I just wanna be friends with him. I've tried to explain that but he just keeps meming his way out of my rejections. Frankly, I'm flattered that he wants it but I'm just, like, not into him?

>> No.10365348

Why are you all so fucking gay?

>> No.10365350
File: 49 KB, 150x150, 19ds87.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss my cosplay bf

>> No.10365352

Despite everything that’s been going wrong in the world as of late I have this wonderful sense of calm and relief these past few days. Feels like finally unclenching or something after tons of overwhelming unhappiness and anxiety. I feel good, I feel focused, I feel like I can accomplish some very neglected goals I’ve had.

>> No.10365356

Same anon, I think for me a lot of it is knowing that it's out of my control and no mental gymnastics can convince me otherwise, short of feeling a little crap that I'm not a scientist working towards a vaccine or someshit.

>> No.10365432

no, I will continue to tell them to "starve" themselves because it's scientifically proven to not have any detrimental health effects
doing a moderately prolonged fast like once isn't going to have that big of an effect, true, but bounce back isn't issue with fasting, see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10837292
but yes, IF is the generally preferred way of losing weight

>> No.10365463

I know that feel

>> No.10365481 [DELETED] 

WAT. Younger woman tend to date older all the time. It's actually a source of frustration for a lot of young 20 males. Just about every mid 20s girl I've ever known dated men in their early 30s at some point because those men tend to be more mature and stable.

Also women's physical attractiveness peaks in their mid to early 20s for most guys.

>> No.10365483 [DELETED] 

Is this board full of salty old women? It really comes off like it sometimes. Just accept you're past your prime and that younger women are more desirable for the majority of the male population. It ain't no thing to date younger. >>10365192
This. You don't belong on 4channel you sad sad salty hags

>> No.10365499

Nope it's underage. Anyone with life experience would know mid 20s girls are the hottest comoddity to any relatively young person

>> No.10365758

Here's a feel. I've noticed all my friends comment nice things on each other's CoF posts, but none of them comment on mine. We have a group-chat and they all gush over each other's selfies, but when I post no one says anything, OR someone shares a picture immediately after me. I try not to let it bother me but it does. I'm starting to wonder if I'm even wanted or if they just put up with me.
>It's strange, because when we hang out as a group every one acts normally with me. Am I just being a retard /cgl/?

>> No.10365759

Yeah, they don't give a shit about you. I've been in your position countless times. It's why I stopped trying to be friendly with other lolitas.

>> No.10365784

>Tries to use stimulus package to beef up lolita wardrobe
>Too rarted to know how to just use Taobao
>Pick Devilinspired since they seem to be the least bad taobao reseller
>They charge $130 for tracked delivery despite the fact that the whole order of socks and blouses will be lightweight as fuck and come in one package

Fuck me, I hate this.

>> No.10365808

Wait what? You got the check already? Also it's common knowledge DI is the worst. Use My Lolita Dress or Clobba.

>> No.10365812
File: 27 KB, 500x500, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, do you think shipping charges could be related to the current issues with travel? Cos everything is delayed and general cargo isn't being delivered internationally.
May be better to buy within your own country for the time being.

>> No.10365870

True. I live in Australia and it's hard to get loliable socks locally. The closest local site I can think of is Beserk and their loliable socks are Music Legs monstrosities or Killstar socks that don't come in my preferred colourways

>> No.10365902

It's getting a bit too easy to spot the crossboarders

>> No.10365937

>I turn 30 this year, and I'm going back to school in the fall to finish the degree I dropped out of at 21. It's never too late, anon.

What are you going back to study? I guess I just despair over having to go back to school with kids whilst I still live at home.


Thanks I guess I just want to make sure I dont feel about my 30s like I do about my 20s.

I feel you there %100 its like all the good people settle early and now I have to figure things out really quickly in any relationship, I cant afford to blow a year or two any more.

>> No.10366019
File: 594 KB, 1242x1656, consumeproduct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love /cgl/, but whenever I come back here, I just get the urge to consoom.
It feels especially wrong in this corona era.

>> No.10366054

Why are you only noticing now.

>> No.10366069

Terribly missing my friends that I used to see all the time. My family thinks I'm a hikikomori, so I must be fine.

>> No.10366080

Learn to sew and craft. It dampens my urge to consoom.

>> No.10366180

I'm going back to study social work.

Also, please don't worry too much about being single at 30. There are plenty of people in that position who are probably thinking they'll never find anyone as great as you. You'll find the right person one day!

>> No.10366258
File: 50 KB, 642x642, 18556039_362186800850979_7653872158478008147_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ordered some eBay. Am I going to get coroney?

>> No.10366261
File: 31 KB, 128x128, hyperbruh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, pretty sure you already have it :/

>> No.10366288

Ignore that asshat, the virus doesn't survive long enough during transit of the package. You'll live anon.

>> No.10366290
File: 151 KB, 500x289, 10990339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

getting holiday dates approved by work only to find out cons postponed for those dates, fml

>> No.10366292

>You'll find the right person one day!
or they won't. Seriously. Nothing is guaranteed. I know everyone tends to lean in on the optimism at times like this, but let's be real. Some people will never find a long term mate. They will die alone. and that's fine. That's life.

>> No.10366380

I've had two packages stolen in the past two weeks. My building has security cameras but hasn't been the least bit helpful. I'm gonna mcfreakin lose it

>> No.10366396

Well, yes, that’s true, but the only reason anyone would even need to acknowledge that is if they have problems with putting their entire life’s value on having a romantic relationship. If that’s not the case, why even bother bringing that up? Unless you’re a lazy ass who does absolutely nothing or an abusive piece of shit, your chances of having a healthy, happy relationship aren’t 0, and even the above categories can make it happen if they change their ways. People who want something but are doubting their ability to achieve it need encouragement that it’s possible and support behind their efforts, not “or maybe you’ll fail, oh well!” They already know failure is a possibility, and reminding them of that isn’t going to help.

>> No.10366437

Waist ties are perfect size to make temporary face masks with but understandably people would find that gross as hell so I'll only post about it here.

>> No.10366469

NTA but it's actually pretty unlikely. The dating pool in your 30s is almost entirely single parents and hideous people. It's really hard to find anyone decent. It's probably better to stay single forever than settle for those people honestly.

>> No.10366505

I don't find dating any more challenging or less appealing at 29 than at any other age. Only one person in my friend group is even in a long term relationship, and that is the norm. The only people I know who got married in their 20s were all people I went to high school with who all stayed in our shitty small town and just married each other, and most of them are completely miserable but have no other options.

>> No.10366510

That's not typical though. All the 30+ y/o women I know are already married, and all the men I know who aren't are either really ugly or really poor.

>> No.10366514

I mean, I can just as easily say that it's your experience that isn't typical. Anecdotal evidence doesn't get anyone very far here.

>> No.10366522

Ok, how about stats. The average age for marriage is 28 in the US, 27 in Europe, and 26 in Asia.

>> No.10366537

STOP trying to make “texture loli” happen. It’s note gonna happen, jeesh.

>> No.10366571

I don't mind ugly people at all desu. Even some of my celeb crushes are hideous.

>> No.10366572

Average marriage age doesn't tell you how many people are married/unmarried at a given age. It just tells you the average of how old a person is when they get married IF they get married.

To stay on topic, I temporarily moved in with my partner during isolation and I miss having access to my entire wardrobe. I dont need it or anything, but it just feels nice to have it around

>> No.10366575

>partner not husband or wife
I hope both of you are practicing celibacy if not for god than do it to not get the corona.

>> No.10366610

april fools but honestly it speaks more about old schoolers that this is the sort of thing they'd cream over

>> No.10366617
File: 243 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when I look at cos-thots... why the heck my PP stand up???????

>> No.10366668
File: 333 KB, 2048x2048, EUl9MC2UcAcxVup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really want everything back to normal, my sales have been going so well before the lockdown and now I can't even ship anything.

>> No.10366672

Those numbers aren't even correct based on a very easy Google search. Almost all first world countries have a first marriage age (which is what these studies show, not whether or not someone is currently married, so there are even going to be people who got married younger and then divorced bringing down the age range) of late 20s to mid 30s. The United States being at just over 28 is honestly on the lower end of the age spectrum, and I'd wager a lot of that is because of the huge conservative and Christian population it has. It is very, very common to not be married at 30.

>> No.10366676

Hahaha I've made so many sales in the past two weeks and now that I don't have to show up to work, I can go to the post office within a few hours of receiving payment :)

>> No.10366691

Anon this is going to sound creepy but are you by chance from the southern U.S.? I've been reading updates from someone who's in a similar situation as you and they're really interesting to read! Either way, hope you're doing well over there!

>> No.10366784

the only thing that matters about this calorie rant tbfh

>> No.10366791

>It is very, very common to not be married at 30.
It's not at all common, but whatever helps your forever-alone self feel better. 28 is already pretty old compared to most Asian countries for example. White or majority-white countries are the ones who get married later, but 30 is late even then.

>> No.10366809

Not good friends. They look like they don't give a shit about you.

>> No.10366813

Only church people get married in their early 20s.

>> No.10366816


Objectively false

>> No.10366836

Okay, but the vast majority of people in general get married in mid to late 20s. Nobody said early 20s.

>> No.10366851
File: 693 KB, 480x270, psg smile.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TFW they are no longer accepting SAL
>TFW slid in just under the deadline

>> No.10366861

How the FUCK do people find relationships like that and end up marrying? I'm 30 and I've never been in a LTR or even had sex at this point. I'm genuinely confused on how the human mating process works, I'm fucked for sure.

>> No.10366867

you find a person you like a lot and want to spend a lot of time with. hopefully that person thinks the same of you. you spend a lot of time with them and then someone tells the other "hey, I want to be with you for the foreseeable future" and voila, marriage!

If you just mean procreation that process is a lot simpler.

>> No.10366869

Well, most people start dating in HS or college and build up experience from there. So by mid/late 20s, they know what they want in a long term partner.

Is this because no one has ever been attracted to you or you're really picky or something?

>> No.10366873
File: 121 KB, 255x245, 1579900772718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucked up my entire 20s trying to make a career in illustration so I was painting and drawing 12-16 hours a day, and the off day or two I had a week I'd end up playing video games the entire day. I was borderline homeless on income so I didn't bother going outside to try and get dates because who the fuck wants to date someone who has no money, I couldn't even afford to eat out.

I'm now getting into IT security as a career change and will make good money next year. I also don't think I'm that attractive, some girls have told me I'm a 6-7 out of 10 being brutally honest.

I'm so scared no one will ever find me worthy and I'll never get a nice partner. I don't think anyone has ever been attracted to me either, I've never been hit on before to my knowledge.

Should I try my first attempt at a dating app or something? I was thinking of going to cons to find someone in the 25-32 age range but people on this site are saying 30 year olds are creeps now and it makes me feel self-conscious.

Whats the best way to find a weeb gf and how do I handle things like being a virgin? Do I need to tell them before we do anything and what are some guidelines? Any suggestions on dating sites?

>> No.10366879

Just being honest, an average or below guy is not going to get younger women of any caliber (except maybe single moms). Your dating range should be more like 30-35. If you are open to older women, single moms, overweight women and others deemed "less desirable" than you could do fine on dating apps. They likely won't care that you're a virgin and all that.

If you have a bunch of standards and go for young, skinny, pretty women with no children... well, good luck with that.

>> No.10366880

Cons are bad for finding partners for other reasons like the fact you'll only be seeing people for scant moments. You don't get enough time with people and even making friends is an issue if you don't have a way to do that at a con.

>> No.10366885

Why would that shit be expensive? And isn't hetailia dead, I've waited years to cosplay too but I want to do an anime that has a fanbase but also isn't overrated like dorohedoro

>> No.10366887

I sound so rude, sorry anon, just shook that it's expensive lol

>> No.10366889

Is that entirely true? I know an average looking guy that finds fairly attractive women (im not saying super models) and hes kind of a sperg. But hes funny and has an okay job, I don't think most people mind dating someone a little bit older especially women. Usually guys like to date younger

>> No.10366894

Again, a quick Google can prove that wrong. Japan average age is just over 30, Taiwan is just under 31, Hong Kong is just over 30, and South Korea is just under 32.

>> No.10366917

GJ listing three highly westernized countries and one that has been experiencing a sex/romance drought for nearly a decade. How about these?
China - 25, Cambodia - 21, Malaysia - 25, Phillippines - 25, Singapore - 27, Vietnam - 22, Thailand - 21

>> No.10366920

Those girls wanted to spare your feelings, you're a 3-4, not a 6-7.

>> No.10366926

Do 3-4s ever get married?

>> No.10366932

Your numbers are still below what results I'm reading online. Do you really think I can't Google the same countries you list?

China - 26.3
Cambodia - 22.2
Malaysia - 26.9
Phillippines - 26.7
Singapore - 29.2
Vietnam - 24.9
Thailand - 22.7

And again, these are averages. You take the average age of Malaysia, just below 27, which is the AVERAGE. It doesn't mean that the minute you turn 27, everyone thinks you're too old and no one will ever marry you. It actually guarantees that lots of the population marries AFTER that age because that's how averages work!

Also throwing in a country like Cambodia that has a huge problem with child marriage is kind of making your argument feel a bit facetious in the first place.

>> No.10367231

>work retail
>only get so much vacation time a year
>have to put in for time off months and months on advanced to get it
>corona chan shows up just in time to ruin my fucking plana
God damnt I just wanted to go to a fucking con and buy merch of my waifu after a long fucking shitty year of working

>> No.10367353

They shoulda thrown in Bangladesh where the average marriage age is 16.

>> No.10367393

I literally just took the numbers from Wikipedia. It looks like you're saying the male numbers (?) and I'm saying the female ones. This a female board in case you don't know and females are the ones who are pressured to get married by 30, not males. So yeah you're still wrong.

>> No.10367395

To single moms, maaaybe. Otherwise nah.

>> No.10367416

Not even a maybe, no single mother will tolerate a 3-4 scrote-bitch.

>> No.10367425

I've been watching anime again since I haven't had much of anything better to do and I'm kinda surprised I was ever as into as I was.

>> No.10367428

They do, idk what those anons are saying. There are plenty of ugly people who are married, being attractive is not the norm. Keep in mind 5/10 is average in looks, so a 3 or 4 is just a bit below average, not even deformed-tier. But if you have really high standards and are expecting to get a 9/10 gf in her early 20s while you're ugly and in your 30s, you won't have any luck.

>> No.10367453

I'm saying the average age overall, not done by gender because there have been both men and women in this thread talking about relationships in their 30s.

There are newer studies than the ones referenced on wikipedia.

And no, I'm not wrong, even if you specifically want to talk about how women do face more pressure to marry earlier than men. It doesn't disregard the fact that even if we used your numbers, those are still averages, and lots of people will fall above and below them. Not to mention this doesn't include couples who never plan on marrying for whatever reason.

And referring to women/men as "females/males" makes you seem more like the person who needs it pointed out that this is the "female board."

>> No.10367487

Wanted to wear Lolita (classic) yesterday because I had to go into work (once a week) to cheer myself up, but then didn't given the current situation and since everyone is on edge. But in the train to work I sat next to someone wearing sweet, she was a fatty chan but still, it brightened my day. On my way home there was another one waiting on the platform, also sweet, all ready for summer, perfect coord and loaded up with btssb tote bags. It really made my day and when I have to go in next week I'll definitely have my frills out and hope I can make someone's day too.

>> No.10367488

Dude, if you have a steady income you have money to watch what you eat and go to the gym. Once you have a decent body, you're already way ahead of what 80% of dudes look like, especially in IT. If you don't put in the effort, no, attractive girls aren't going to give you a second look. The virgin part is the least of your problems.

>> No.10367514

Ok scrote

>> No.10367556

The older a woman gets, the more desperate she is to get married, generally. Chasing after 25 year olds won't work well for you, no.

>> No.10367602

tfw the gym won't help when you're short
tfw become a fit manlet ;_;

>> No.10367692

Men 5'6" and under are my preference. Plenty of women out there who don't care about height or prefer short dudes.

>> No.10367695

A fit short guy is still better looking than a skinny or fat tall guy desu

>> No.10367700

I keep seeing Lolitas still going outside, going to restaurants, and buying in bulk. It's great that they have money but with the world in chaos and so many people in danger, I don't feel like being a part of this community anymore. Too many selfish people exposing others and being selfish. The worst offender is some popular Lolita in my comm who got booted from Florida due to the virus and tried setting up a meeting here claiming people weren't taking the virus seriously in Florida. I checked her instagram and she said she got fired because of the virus.

>> No.10367704

What if I have money and am funny :^)

M-m-my female friends tell me I'm a 6 that could be an 8 if I work out and groom/dress better, I-i-i have hope right????

>> No.10367706

what is with this fucking board and using the word scrote I see it spammed in other threads. is this a new generation zoomer thing adopting a British term because I have legitimately never seen the word used widespread before.

Is this board mostly 18-22?

>> No.10367707

Bro if you Google scrote and rebit its from a toxic femcel sub called female dating strategy. This board is 90 percent ugly fat women who are incredibly bitter about the world so they get off on insulting men. They don't belong on 4ch they need to go back to rebdit

>> No.10367711

Aw man I want to meet lolitas in the wild

>> No.10367713

I'd say 4chan as a whole is in that age range, if not younger. This board actually leans higher in age and is mostly women. It's just a term to throw around at the men on here who thirst after women and yet still shit on them, like >>10367707.

>> No.10367717

1) 4Chan is definitely 25+
2) Scrote is literally a female incel term thats the equivalent of "roastie" that male incels use

This board is full of hateful incel women, its like the 180 of something like /r9k/

>> No.10367722

>No cons until June, as far as I know
> No places to expend money, but also not getting extra cash from con-work.
> Finally able to save money.
> Starts buying games and shit online...

At least i have some extra cash left...

>> No.10367724

4chan as a whole is definitely not 25+. Most people who use this site are in high school or university.

I'm not gonna argue the origins of the term, but it's used here as a joke. Women on this board aren't "hateful incels," and it's nothing like /r9k/. It's just a board that is primarily women, and you get guys on here posting shit like, "how i get cosplay gf" or "wahh why girls no like me even though I'm jobless, have bad hygiene, and unrealistic standards" and it's annoying to deal with.

>> No.10367728

Stop acting so testerical you scrote, it's very unbecoming.

>> No.10367729

>be 14
>discover cosplay
>make my own kid Link cosplay
>don't go to any cons bc I have no idea what a con is, I was very sheltered without friends
>be in high school, go to cons
>graduate, friends and I all separate
>hear nothing but drama from cons
It feels like dirt now. I remember discovering it through cosplaylab so so long ago and I fell in love with the hobby and now it's just so grim to even think of going to a con.

Probably doesn't help that my anxiety sucks.

>> No.10367732

Why do women come up with the most unfunny copies of words like roastie? It's even already British slang. That'd be like male incels calling women "vagene"

>> No.10367733

I'm sorry but there's no way this board is mostly underage. I'd hope most people were posting here in late 2000s early 2010s and not literal zoomers born after 1995

>> No.10367735

If I'm a buff manlet, does that mean it's possible for me to marry an amazon to lovingly raise future colligate athletes with?

>> No.10367747
File: 193 KB, 600x424, Candy Sprinkle Special Set in pink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Body ready 4 ice cream parlour glory
>TFW everything sold out in 3 seconds
>dead inside
>Impulse Buys Candy Sprinkle to satisfy craving for 2010 Sweet
>At least this print is cotton

>> No.10367762

ok scrote

>> No.10367769

Hate to break it to you, but lots of the people who were posting in the early 2010s here are still only like 22-25 now, and they are not the majority users of this site. Most people on the site as a whole are younger than that.

>> No.10367773
File: 218 KB, 1343x2015, 50775226_2059521320796589_1127579913365225472_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I broke it off with my bf of 7 years and now he's dating a cos slut who's the age I was when we met.

>> No.10367777

He sounds pretty based

>> No.10367790

I love skinny tall guys

>> No.10367908

Girls are more receptive toward older guys than vice versa. Sorry fellow Christmas cake.

>> No.10367920

Hey, you broke it off for a reason. He's a shitty dude. Revel in knowing you got to dump him instead of the other way around.

>> No.10367953

Sounds like he's an immature manchild. You made the right call.

>> No.10368063

>cos slut
Sounds like you're salty he upgraded to a newer model and you're taking it out on her.

>> No.10368167
File: 30 KB, 480x461, 1527101019557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everyone's neet now and picking up all these hobbies and I don't have anything to really feel special over anymore being a shut-in for 6 years and only having a wide range of arts/crafts hobbies to show for anything. this pandemic thing is just another month for me but seeing everyone complain about how bored and frustrated they are over staying inside for more than a day also has me feeling lower than I've been in a while, it's a reminder I was never really normal. truth hurts I guess, I'll probably try to go outside after this is over, hopefully it's not too late to start my life

>> No.10368219

Where are you from, anon? Maybe you can find a gull to go outside with.

>> No.10368763

Whoever is shitposting in EVERY thread needs to off themselves. We are all suffering from the virus.

>> No.10369051

damn this is sad. are you mooching off your parents too?

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