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Con crud edition
>tfw I have it

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>be in college
>wish there was another cosplayer here to talk to
>one day meet someone in a new class who is a cosplayer
>she’s also in my major!
>get to know her better
>turns out I can’t stand her
>she’s an extreme narcissist
>all she does is complain and try to start drama with other people
>likes to paint herself as a victim of all the drama she started in the first place and throws pity parties for herself
>can’t even talk to her about crafting because she only buys cosplays

Be careful what you wish for anons

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>depressed bc today and yesterday is the 4yr anniversary of my older brothers hospitalization and death
>we were weeb buds since birth basically so still cry thinking about anything connected to him
>tripped over literally nothing on the way to work yesterday and unknowingly sprained my foot
>losing money cause I get paid hourly
>no car, bf couldn't take me to doctor
>could walk at first but then foot gets worse, cannot walk
>wtf why does my life suck
>co-worker is sweet and she drives me to doctor
>bf says he can still pick me up
>foot is only sprained, nothing broken
>bf playing nurse for me while I recover, very sweet, very happy
>Also find and obtain a dream item, still very happy
>wtf why is my life so gr8

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>Comm mom lets the Toga cosplayer do period inspection day again
At least she didn't say anything about my jellyfish this time.

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>tfw DDLC panel gets billed as DDLG panel

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breast envy

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>Wishlist bag comes up for sale right after I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything else for the rest of the month

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My friend has a rich bf and she gets whatever she wants all the time and brags about her wardrobe to me. I try to be nice but I hate having to work to afford brand while some girls just get it for free from their boyfriend...

He doesn't work either and inherited all his money which makes it even worse, ugh

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My tranny girlfriend is my princess and I buy her diapers and weed and video games. She lives like royalty.

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Tbh this makes me feel a little better, at least i'm not an incontinent piss baby

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Think of it this way, when they inevitably break up she'll be out on her ass with no skills/a huge time gap in her CV.

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I know that feeling. My pay is shit and when my boss fucks up rostering I have to go home cause I'm the one that gets paid most out of all my coworkers. The business is definitely gonna fail, ngl.

I have to pay rent and bills but my rich friend lives with her mom and buys a new whole ass taobao set once a week or so. I'm quite jealous haha

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>feel lonely
>start talking to a new guy for the first time in years

Let's hope I don't get weirdly attached too soon.

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>tfw i've dated rich guys and they never offered to buy me anything ever
idk how girls get guys to buy them shit at all. i'm pretty jealous.

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This works on guys of any income but
Step 1: Stop having sex with him
Step 2: Wait for him to ask if anythings wrong
Step 3: Tell him you just feel so unattractive and insecure in your old raggedy wardrobe and that you can't think about anything but how horrible you look FOR HIM
Step 4: Wait a couple days
Step 5: Point out the clothes you like, usually on girls walking past, frame it as "I wish I could look that good for you"
Step 6: ???
Step 7: Profit!
That's it, regardless of if he drives a benz or changes oil on one, he'll come home with bags of whatever outfits you picked out.

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why not date someone who actually cares about you, instead of trying to manipulate someone?

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>equating buying someone a new wardrobe with caring

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>having to try this hard

Pretty girls don’t actually have to try this hard. I’m glad I wasn’t born ugly.

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Homeless panhandlers at the con suck

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>From the last thread

I wanna cosplay a character from Demon Slayer but my was like If I haven't watch the show, don't cosplay him.

Okay? I mean I've seen a few clips, memes, and such but damn, It's not like I won't actually watch the show.

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>Jealous of taobao dresses?

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no he won't lmao he will dump you and get a girl who will bang him that doesn't complain.

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I just recently logged back into my twitter and the amount of people that have pronouns in their bio is really cringey.

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You have corona?

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Would make a great fleshlight...

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>See someone dressed as SAO
>Legit don't know what the hell SAO is because I only watch early 00's anime.
>"What the hell are you supposed to be, some type of pervert flasher?"
>Aspie freaks out so hard they have to stare at their feet to remember how to run away from me.

It was really funny at the time but now I feel bad about accidentally scaring that kid for life.

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This isn't even a funny story to make up.

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I did say it was funny at the time. You know: in the social context which you wouldn't understand because you weren't actually there.

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I'm saying you made this story up, and I don't know why because it isn't funny or entertaining to read.

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Newsflash: the semblance between greasy, pimply, creepy men in trench coats is uncanny at first glance. No need to get all defensive of your favourite anime character that's just human perception at work. He could have been Neo from the matrix for all I knew.

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> the semblance between greasy, pimply, creepy men in trench coats

between creepy men in trench coats and what? i also think you made it up because it's not even interesting and you keep making yourself sound more and more like a sperg.

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I love selling lolita secondhand. It's so cool that there are people in Amsterdam, New York and Seoul who bought my clothes because they like the same weird as fuck fashion as I do.

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Get out of the basement for once.

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>everyone i'm talking to is a man!!!
>being confused about my shithouse grammar means you're a man!!
no, anon, you're just clinically retarded and have antiquated ideas of flashers you got from daytime TV.

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Your story is literally "and then everyone clapped" tier, dude.

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I took a pic with some Kill la Kill cosplayers and now my parents think I'm a pedo because I "hang out with little girls in bondage gear"

Plz help, they are going to send me to a the rapist and make me pay for it.

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Being a pedo is bad, but I don't think being sent to get raped is going to help

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It’s karma for it

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...a baby or a can of monster?

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I can't cosplay anything because I immediately search "(character) cosplay", look how much better they are than me, and feel completely useless and like a joke. I'll just be "another one" or "the ugly one" to make others look even better.
Feels like a waste of time, effort and money.
I'm so tired of being ugly and autistic.

>oh anon it's about the friends and fun hur dur
Yeah, except for the harsh reality that if you're not conventionally attractive and/or have a huge follower number attached to you in these contexts, no one will even look in your direction in the first place.
It doesn't help that there are no cons, comms, or any things where I live either so I have to travel anytime I want to attend anything, only to feel like I've wasted even more money into being a joke.

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>no one will even look in your direction in the first place.

Why do you need validation from others?

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Anime cons are pedo traps. Crisp Handsome should go to them.

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every time
>go to a meet with your comm
>comm is super ita, posts a bunch of pics
>for the next few days compulsively and nervously check ita thread to see if anyone discovered their pics

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>new dress arrives in country on thursday
>customs charge to pay
>no customs slip today
>parcelforce dont allow you to pay customs via tracking number
I just want my fucking dress why do i have to wait 4 days after it's arrived in the country anons, im so impatient

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I moved to the UK not too long ago and I just can't get over how shit parcelforce is. The customs slip takes its time coming and then there's that bullshit "handling fee" on top of the actual customs/VAT charge. I hate having to select EMS shipping because I know they'll be handling it.

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>tfw my bf buys me dresses and treats me like the fucking royalty I am

Find a nice subby bf anons

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idk I just tell my boyfriend I like stuff and sometimes he buys it for me

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I just made 4 separate orders on CC so that I could get the AP jewelry before it sold out. Got most of my top picks. Now I just have to wait for CC to confirm and hope none of it sold in store. My heart is going to break.

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Holy shit that is a lot of good jewelry for cheap. Wonder if someone just quit the fashion and brought it all in. This is what I get for not checking closet child like I should be.

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I knew it had to be one person going on a spree, everything disappeared so fast lol
congrats anon, and enjoy!

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At least one other person was fighting with me because a few things got swiped from my cart, but I'm pretty happy with what I got, as long as CC confirms it all! Going going to cross my fingers, wait, and see.

I wondered that too. All of it seems to be from the Osaka CC.

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>no skills/a huge time gap in her CV.
This is actually me. It was still easy to find a job though. Just lie on your cv and say you've been traveling and doing volunteer work abroad.

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Uk customs suck ass, their ‘handling’ fee is complete shit too. At least with the Royal Mail I could pay my customs with my tracking number

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I am dreading this specifically as Sakuracon approaches. I am in awe about how bold Seattle panhandlers are. I have them locally so it's not like it's that I'm unused to the process. I feel bad hoping corona virus scares keep the con a little less crowded.

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Start lifting/dieting and adopt a skincare routine. Begin with characters who are "closet cosplay with a nice wig and contacts"-tier (NICE WIG VERY IMPORTANT, LOOK UP STYLING TUTORIALS OR EVEN COMMISSION ONE. THE WIG IS THE CROWN OF THE COSPLAY). Off the top of my head /m/ girls (Macross, Symphogear, Gundam, etc) in their casual outfits are pretty simple and recognizable.

Most people, women especially, are no more than a year of self care away from conventionally attractive.

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Man must be nice. having someone pay for clothes would be hella tight yo.

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There's no way I'm the only person who HATES having other people buy them stuff, right? I love the feeling of having earned something myself. I work hard and I love rewarding myself for it. I hate when my boyfriend or family buys me something I've been saving up for because it takes that feeling I get away from me (obviously I would never tell them this and I'm very thankful but it also does drive me a little crazy).

>> No.10353791

I feel weird when people buy things for me. I always worry that they feel guilty, like they're required to spend money on me.

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This is real get your period, cry about nothing, and fart for 11 seconds straight kind of day.

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Hopefully Brexit will solve this. We've got a 50/50 chance of either nothing having customs or everything having customs

>> No.10353865

I hate it too. I just don't want to owe anybody anything.

>> No.10353874

Brexit isn't going to stop you from getting customs, anon.

>> No.10353877

If anything, there would be more customs.

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I'm honestly kind of worried since I haven't heard back from my Japanese SS for a few days. I know the COVD-19 is getting bad over there, and even though I do have items they are buying I'm honestly more scared that something bad happened to them.

I messaged them about 5 days ago just hoping they were okay. Never heard back :(

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I am registered for Anime Detour in Minneapolis next month. Attendance is generally over 6,000 am I going to get corona virus if I go?

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Their cosplays only look good because they’ve had time to practice. No ones first cosplay looks that good, it’s just a fact. But with each new cosplay you make, push yourself to learn new skills and you will improve. You just have to get over yourself and go for it.

And as for the attractiveness and follower count thing, I have seen plenty of unattractive cosplayers hit 5-10k just because they’re very friendly/sociable. Also in most cases if you just lose weight, people will automatically think you’re more attractive. Start counting calories and doing cardio. Maybe add in some weights if you want to

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Happy women's day lol.

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Super depressed. Too much of a little bitch to commit suicide. Worried my boyfriend will dump me because of how sad I am.

Bought some razor blades online and now trying to figure out the best place to cut myself. I have existing scars that might help camouflage fresh ones...but I don't want people noticing and pretending to care about what I'm dealing with.

My therapist is booked out and said she'd refer me elsewhere but that was days ago. I don't really have any close friends. I think I'm just a burden or annoyance to everyone around me.

My parents/family are physically and emotionally abusive and don't care.

I really wish I wasn't too scared to kill myself.

>> No.10354027

Going to throw out that the people who notice are probably not pretending to care. That is your depression talking. People who really don't care will pretend they do not notice.

>> No.10354048

You're scared because deep down you want to live, just not the path you're currently on. If your boyfriend really would dump you for being sad, then ce la vie. A partner should be someone you can open up to about all of your worries, even the ones you're afraid to admit. They can't be your therapist, but they can and should be a source of comfort for you.

I'm sorry that your therapist is booked. I reached out to my therapist at the time trying to schedule an appointment because I was having a really tough time and she broke the news to me that she was leaving the practice. Broke my heart, but it lead me to finding my new therapist who is everything I needed and more. Change was something I was deathly afraid of, but once life took the rug from underneath my feet I had no choice but to move forward or be crushed under its heel. I hope that you find the fight in you to be your own savior. Fight for you life.

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I’m mod of a comm and I’m sick of how entitled some of the members are. I’m vegan and you don’t see me making a big deal about it so why should we have to cater every meet to their mobility issues especially when they are caused by their own disgusting weight?
There are so many fats, itas and fakeboys and it really brings down the overall tone of meets. I dread taking group photos. My comm is an embarrassment and I’m sick of pretending to like these losers.

>> No.10354116

This was the same in my comm, though I wasn't a mod or anything. Myself and a few of the girls got together and just started our own meetups though. Much better to have a handpicked group imo

>> No.10354118 [DELETED] 

This >>10354116 is what we did as well. Our comm was mostly itas and genderspecials and poorfags sperging about not being able to afford lolita. It is a lot nicer now. We have comfy meets at tea houses and restaurants and do things that the other girls [and sissies] would have never done as it was "too rich" for them.I admit that as I was younger the idea of big meets was really fun, but the itas and sjw shit got annoying fast.

>> No.10354120

This >>10354116 is what we did as well. Our comm was mostly itas and genderspecials and poorfags sperging about not being able to afford lolita. It is a lot nicer now. We have comfy meets at tea houses and restaurants and do things that the other girls (and sissies) would have never done as it was "too rich" for them.I admit that as I was younger the idea of big meets was really fun, but the itas and sjw shit got annoying fast.

>> No.10354122

Yikes :S I'm sure you can't post pics cuz they'll know who you are, but maybe you can post them in the ita thread so i can lol?

>> No.10354211

NARS eyeshadows are really amazing

>> No.10354292

Don’t use emoticons on here newfag.

My fellow mods know that I lurk and would blame me if group photos suddenly got posted. Our group pictures don’t really gain much traction on social media and the only comm members who regularly get posted in the ita thread are a fat lesbian couple.

>> No.10354544

>girls: do anything
>scrotes: WHORE

>> No.10354548

> You sound mad senpai :3c

>> No.10354549

You are deding

>> No.10354584

*kisses your cheek*

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>Bought meta socks because I heard they could fit over my calf
>They get here and they're the tightest squeeze
>At least they wont fall down, right? OTL

>> No.10354610

Every pair of meta socks I've had was unreasonably small and short... It probably depends on the sock though

>> No.10354613

Yeah, these were long enough, and thankfully the lace top doesn't look THAT bad, but I'm sure as hell won't be surprised if people point out how my knees look like angry babies

>> No.10354637

I feel so cute when I wear berets with lolita. But the best part might actually be pulling that bitch down all ugly to warm my ears as I'm walking home in the dark. I love my beret as I love myself. I love wearing myself pretty all day. I love wearing myself ugly in the night. No matter if I wear it up with bows and pins it's still the same hat, beautiful in its most basic and timeless essence...

Do you love yourself like you love lolita?

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>My fellow mods know that I lurk
How do they know that?

>> No.10354667

Anon let her larp. Being a lonelita can be boring sometimes.

>> No.10354668

Update: she just accused someone of black facing, but it was literally just someone cosplaying as a drow using grey face paint

>> No.10354670

Got an IUD and my boyfriend changed his mind about cumming in me...

What. The. Fuck!

>> No.10354692

post something on your wishlist ill buy it for you

>> No.10354695

I would bet my whole life on you being male

>> No.10354703

Good, he's smart. No birth control is 100% effective and there is always a risk.

>> No.10354709

I know but I’m pissed I went through all that effort so we could become “closer” and now he’s just bailed. It wasn’t fucking easy getting one!

100% of guys don’t know what an IUD is

>> No.10354711


Girls don't type like this.

I've never seen an adult female on cgl or any other board/site with a high female population like lolcow or something use an exclamation point when upset, only when it's something positive.

Your posts read like those gross fetish paragraphs sissies like to add to stolen lolita photos.

>> No.10354713

Wow I guess exclamation marks are not a part of the female vernacular.

An IUD fucking hurts! I will use as many exclamation marks as possible!!!

>> No.10354714

just get it removed so you don't have to deal with the shitty side effects and dump your bf for misleading you

>> No.10354715


Well there's the content of your first post which is pretty much the type of shit a fetishist would post.

>> No.10354716

It’s not the side effects. There is basically none.

I’ve never had much of an issue with birth control side effects. I mean yeah, when you first start the pill they are there but they almost always subside after a few months.

It is just the fact that I went though the effort of getting a plastic t shoved through my cervix for the same sex I was having on the pill.

If you have any side effects on birth control after 3 ish months. Change pill.

>> No.10354722

Thank you anon this was a nice read

>> No.10354727

Legitimately good prose

>> No.10354732

managed to figure out my schedule, book my hotel and flight for Sakura-Con like 6 months ago. everything looked good and then corona hit Seattle. ECCC is canceled and it seems like Seattle is in panic mode. kinda sad now

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I love me berets too, Anon.

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File: 17 KB, 250x333, 1569887942501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lolita got me into millinery and now I dream of owning a little brick store where I sell fancy ladies' hats.

>> No.10354764

I wanna buy more shit from Japan, but with the current exchange rates, I really shouldn't

>> No.10354808

This has been my life as a Canadian for the last half of a decade.

>> No.10354810

>Seattle is in panic mode
actually everyone I have spoken to who lives in Seattle is very chill about it

>> No.10354811

It would be so cute just to have a little boutique with handmade lolita clothing and accessories anon

>> No.10354873
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ok fetishist

>> No.10354940


Glad I'm not the only one noticing the obvious

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>Mods add a bunch of people to the comm
>Now their posting costumes and ita shit

>> No.10355052

Definitely male and probably virgin because I don't think any couple in history has ever had this problem

>> No.10355064

definitely an alien, all men want to cum inside. A scrote would know that kek.

>> No.10355069

Also sincerely doubt that any woman would get an IUD specifically so her boyfriend could cum in her.

>> No.10355071

Imagining this whole scenario is making me laugh though. The sequence of events that would have to take place for >>10354670 to be real would play out like a scene from The Room.

>> No.10355115

Just found out my BF fucked Momo years ago. AMA.

>> No.10355313

that feel when no girlfriend

>> No.10355327

>hard agree
too bad they test on animals

>> No.10355498

It pisses me off when fb ita's and noobs declare a generic taobao item to be their "dream dress" or whatever, and act like it's something so special and hard to get when it's literally 30 dollars and in stock. Wat.

>> No.10355597
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So pissed. Don't dress sexy if you're a kids character!

This weekeek I saw a Tinkerbell whose dress was so short you could see her g-string buttcheeks and a Frozen Anna with titties out. I hope no children were traumatized.

>> No.10355601


>> No.10355603

Tinkerbell is canonically sexualized pretty heavily though.

>> No.10355604

update: paid £66 in customs to have them tell me it would arrive today and then just didnt so : )
it's my dream dress too and at this point I just need to have it so I know its safely in my hands

>> No.10355614

>a Frozen Anna with titties out
That’s based though.

>> No.10355629
File: 170 KB, 750x439, 1572140675657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhh yeah we totally know what IUDs are, stupid femoid, that's those bombs the Taliban makes out of dynamite and coffee cans

>> No.10355666

titty Anna <<<<<<<< booty Elsa

>> No.10355670

Okay Satan

>> No.10355673

Oh my god fuuuuuuuck parcelforce they’ve been holding on to my massive closet child order since last Thursday now and I haven’t got a customs slip and I can’t pay online like with Royal Mail it’s killing me

>> No.10355788

How about you mind your fucking business and quit bitching about what people wear. I wear stuff like that because it's comfortable, not so you scrotes can stare.

>> No.10355814

Hi scrote-chan

>> No.10355838

I'm a girl, femcel. Don't wave your bare ass at kids.

>> No.10355841

libfems were a mistake

>> No.10355877

>someone confused me for ragegearprops
I-is this a compliment

>> No.10355906

they 'updated' my tracking info at 6pm this evening to say it was 'out for delivery' at 8am this morning when I actually checked the tracking ALL DAY and it was just stuck at preparing for delivery, and now it's back at the depot 'preparing' again like what the fuck is happening
They never sent me a slip, I waited till it was at my local depot and rang the number associated with paying online, and asked them to tell me the customs number, i'd recommend ringing them
I'll never take royal mail for granted again

>> No.10355911

I've never understood this either. It's like... just... go... buy... the... dress....

>> No.10355923

that's accurate for tinkerbell tho

>> No.10355925

>tfw school is closed due to AIDS

>> No.10355930

It's just like the good ol' days after 9/11

>> No.10355931

Yeah I'm squarely putting that one on Disney.

>> No.10356048

Don't sexualize women's butts then and it won't be a problem

>> No.10356088

>con end of April
>haven’t had time to work on matching costume for my toddler and I, consider going without it
>everyone I know insists I finish it because “it would be a waste of the con not to go in costume and take cute pics! your kid is only this small once!”
>if I buy the materials but don’t finish on time it will be a waste of money, kid will have grown out of it once next year rolls around
>should I
>shouldn’t I
>okay fuck it I’ll do it, fabric stores take my money here we gooooo

>coronavirus arrives in country

>> No.10356314
File: 2.91 MB, 1024x576, 1545085665807.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con happening around 10-13 April
>used to literally sleep outside for 3 days in cosplay just to go there and not have to pay the ridiculous train fare in my country
>loved doing it that way
>over the years become a regular at this con, and thus get to see other regulars
>through karaoke and such inevitably become recognizable to each others, and last year for some reasons people decided to keep contact
>the group consisting of 7 people all got together on a plan to rent a house near the con to spend all 4 days there
>the friend that would stick around with me on some days at this con pull me along with this
>can't say I refused neither did he force me so it's my fault still
>fast-forward to now
>con might be canceled because of you know what
>still paid for the house, so people are still coming
>might have to spend 4 full days in the same house with them without the con to have any sort of "break" from them
I might sound like a cunt but it's just that I don't know how I'm gonna deal with this. Most of the time I spent my cons alone just doing karaoke, feeling nice about the cosplay I made just in time at the last minute and going to see artists and animations and such. Even had fun shenaningans with strangers so others aren't the problem, but these strangers are now people that I'm sort of connected with but aren't anywhere close to being my friends. It's harder to deal with people in that middle than either strangers or friends. I simply don't know what I'm gonna do these 4 days stuck with them and I don't want to get psychotic about it, because the moment I get second thoughts about whatever I'm doing or how a situation plays out with many people at once can tip me off in bad ways. If the con's canceled I might just try to fucking do my own con myself and put a notice online for people who planned to go to that con to join what I'm doing. That'd unironically be easier for me to deal with this situation than just spending 4 days without going full retard.

>> No.10356373

Have you cut the fabric yet?

>> No.10356374

Head out to a coffee shop for a couple of hours just for some alone time. Or take a walk. I know that feel of loving your friends/people you're with but needing personal space too.

>> No.10356489
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you respect your coord so much that you always pull down your bloomers and lift your petticoat before you fart

>> No.10356502
File: 506 KB, 680x719, PengoHasDrink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The young babby ita in my comm finally posted a makeup look without drawing on her trademark animu-eyes... She's honestly so cute without the added whites and overblown makeup, but I don't know how to comment without throwing massive shade on the way she usually does it. It's obviously a more simple look, and if I was an ita I'd hate for someone else to say "oh gosh you look so cute when you're not trying so hard!"

>> No.10356509

You don't have to explain why you like it. Just say tha you like it. She'll be able to tell by the number of compliments that it's more popular.

>> No.10356581
File: 187 KB, 420x424, cosplay meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm officially a male e-thot cosplayer now.

>> No.10356595


>> No.10356602

penis and balls

>> No.10356629

post scrotum

>> No.10356841

someone bought the Usa pochette on CC before i could
And my disney trip at the end of the month has been cancelled
I'm sad anons

>> No.10356842

A bunch of meets are cancelled in my comm. I’m bummed af. I’m sorry your Disney trip got cancelled :( they better give a refund

>> No.10356845

wait never mind gulls, i managed to get the usa!
Still sad about disney though

>> No.10356847

ah man, meets being cancelled is actually really sad :(
We're working on getting a refund, or at least the dates moved, we still really want to go!

>> No.10356944

don't you have your friend's 17 year old sister to make fun of for being a thot or something? your posts all sound the same

>> No.10357016
File: 260 KB, 439x631, 1477362292616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw when I will have to stay at home for an unknow amount of time with my autistic dad because of coronavirus.

God it's so selfish but it's going to be a fucking nighmare.

>> No.10357027

I love Corona-chan. Best virus.

>> No.10357065

scenario: imagine how it would feel if you bought something from a seller, paid, never got your item, left horrible rant-y feedback and found out they died?

the corona virus has me thinking about dumb things like that haha

>> No.10357080

Congratulations. What makes you official though???
Also, are we talking a beef type male or a girl(male)?
Also post pe

>> No.10357088

someone paid me for lewds, and now others are wanting me to post more.
trap aesthetic

>> No.10357089

maybe "this eye makeup is perfect for lolita! Can't wait to see more" lmao

>> No.10357091

post balls and asshole

>> No.10357154
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just found out that my bf is 10 years older than I thought. Uh oh, stinky.

>> No.10357165

How old are you?

>> No.10357169


>> No.10357172

how old is he?

>> No.10357174


>> No.10357178

Pretty sketchy but could be worse I guess

>> No.10357288

If you become good at it, you can start selling your hats at already existing stores. Brands like Violet Fane and Lady Sloth were shitty in the beginning and now they're selling at Atelier Pierrot and going to lolita events to do Q&A.

>> No.10357292

Yeesh, wtf. Was he lying to you?

>> No.10357293

Say you don't want to stay in a house with them because you're afraid of spreading Corona

>> No.10357294

Did he lie about it? That's creepy af

>> No.10357360

I'm about to fucking explode on this buyer. She bought a dress from me and didn't ask for shipping price until afterwards and tried at first ask for free shipping.
After I disagreed I learned that the post offices in my country currently doesn't send any packages to countries where corona is widespread anyway, told her this and she said she can wait despite me mentioning it might take between weeks to months until we can do it again.
But I humored her and waited a couple of weeks anyway, and took a look on alternative international mailing serviced but they have raked up the shipping costs like insane. Now she is trying to push me to send it through our regular mail service so I have to explain the current situation AGAIN. I don't think she is taking what I am trying to explain seriously, but I don't know how to make her understand... and I am honestly concerned she is going to leave bad feedback for something I can't do anything about

>> No.10357433

I'd say cancel this transaction or ship another time and ask for a deposit.

>> No.10357446

if he lied about it, you need to dump him. that's creepy as shit

>> No.10357821

I need to stop getting into expensive hobbies. First it was lolita, now it's makeup.
This year I'm gonna devote my time to 3D modeling on freeware. /3/ here I come.
Oh right I need to study too. Whoops.

>> No.10357882

All hobbies are expensive coomer

>> No.10357894

Could be worse.
t. into cars

>> No.10357902

All hobbies cost money. Some hobbies are expensive. Learn the difference, poorfag.

Shit you're right

>> No.10357935

I keep having dreams about an ex from 2 years ago and have to try not to text him.

>> No.10357970

Don't do it, anon. If they weren't right for you back then, the people you both have become now probably won't be any less toxic for each other.

>> No.10357981

Just go on tinder and get some quick dick

>> No.10357982

Thank you anon. I needed someone to say that.
I know that the person they were was toxic and abusive but he felt like home. I stopped dating after that relationship because I just wanted everyone to be him and couldn't give anyone a fair chance.

These dreams happen every few weeks and I wish they would stop because they frame him in a better light than reality.

>> No.10357985

This might be better advice for someone else.

I don't miss the sex and I can't do casual sex because I get unhealthily attached.

>> No.10358022

As long as you hold tight to the part of you that knows the dreams are too good to be true, you'll be okay. Even though it's gonna be hard, you've known the truth all this time and that hasn't changed. Time fucks with you like that sometimes but you have to trust your gut, or at least...trust the gut of the person you were when you were hurting the most.

>> No.10358024

What helped me (and might help you) is writing down a list of everything you hate about him and everything mean he has ever said/done to you. Use exact quotes. Stuff on there could even be as trivial as "my friends hated him" or "he has smelly feet". Just all the negatives. Whenever you're feeling wistful, take a look at that list and remind yourself how much better of you are without him.

>> No.10358044

That's an unhealthy mindset, scientists have proven it's against human nature to be monogamous

>> No.10358046

not raping people is "against human nature" too, anon. what's your point?

>> No.10358049


wow, science says to be a whore and ruin your life, go enjoy that lmfao

>> No.10358071

Thank you both so much. I will try both your suggestions.

I know it isn't healthy, which is why I wont put myself in that situation or end up making others regret sleeping with me.

>> No.10358086

t. slut who nobody wants to settle down with

>> No.10358302 [DELETED] 

I’m picking up my gf from work then we’re going to go home and have lot of cosplay s3x. Suckz to be a coomer

>> No.10358303 [DELETED] 

Da fuck. Fuck you Bitchboi. I curse your Brando with corona so you have to burn them and I curse those freeware with viruses too bitchboi. Yo momma a fat horse.

>> No.10358305

Imagine spending all your time shitposting on a board whose culture you don't even partake in...

>> No.10358308

I don’t tell you how to wear your jumper skirts so why are you gatekeeping my hobby.

>> No.10358310

You sure told that guy off Soup nicely done mate

>smug anime girl.jpg

>> No.10358335

Dude you're not even funny, you're extremely cringey. Well, time to start hiding all your shitty posts.

>> No.10358340

>anon can't tell that a 30-year-old looks too old to be 20
Are you blind or had you never met in person?

>> No.10358353

I fucking LOVE science!

>> No.10358393

I've seen high schoolers who I thought were over thirty. You don't exactly gain wrinkles when you're only 30.

>> No.10358404

San Francisco is on lockdown tomorrow. Everyone has to self-quarantine except for essentials.

>> No.10358446

I know people in their early 20’s with crows feet or deep forehead wrinkles and I know someone in their 30’s who doesn’t have a single wrinkle

>> No.10358453

I’m a cosplayer and while I don’t do patreon, I do have a link to my kofi in my bio. Half the time when people send me donations, they’re dudes who dm me something about how they’re sending me money on kofi because they wish they could take me on a real coffee date. The thing is though, I’m gay. Is it wrong to accept money from these people when they don’t even know I’m gay? Is it morally any different from a straight girl cosplayer taking their money? I mean either way they have 0% chance. I need outside opinions

>> No.10358461

It is not morally different from a straight girl doing the same. Both reflect badly on women and reinforces their ideas that they can buy our attention.

>> No.10358463

Stay mald coomer

>> No.10358475

>Is it wrong to accept money from these people when they don’t even know I’m gay?
It doesn't mean these men have any more of a chance of getting with you than a straight woman. Why care?

>> No.10358484

>sex will ruin your life
Is that why you're a virgin?

>> No.10358554

There are things that give away age besides wrinkles. How someone's face is filled out is the biggest give away, the width of their jaw, the style of their makeup and clothing, how they hold any weight they have on, etc. Only people really young tend to have a hard time gauging the age of others.

>> No.10358559

school is now doing class online and I have sensory problems with hearing especially digital audio. I always watch things with subtitles & this is so hard

>> No.10358560

i just feel like everything i make sucks so much. i have no motivation to get better. i have so many things i can sort of do but i feel like the fact that i have such a variety of creative outlets just makes me shittier at each of them. can't draw, can't write, can't cosplay, can't play an instrument and i'm ugly and annoying so, even if i was amazing, people wouldn't want to deal with me anyway

>> No.10358571

Sex won't ruin your life but as with all good things, having too much of it likely won't do you any favours in the end

>> No.10358575

Not sure what country you’re from but a lot of schools are required to accommodate disabilities. Contact your professors and tell them about your hearing problems. They should provide you with subtitles or a transcript

>> No.10358578

>can't draw, can't write, can't cosplay, can't play an instrument

Literally just pick one. That’s all you have to do is pick one and work on it a little every single day. And I’m not saying you have to give up your other hobbies, but if you want to get good at something, just pick one to focus more heavily on. Seriously though just work on one everyday for a year straight and you will absolutely see improvement

>> No.10358590


>> No.10358595

Not at all. I've seen plenty of fat black teens who I thought were adults.

>> No.10358596

Well I'm not "really young", I'm in my late 20s, so I'm sure I'm familiar with plenty of 30 year olds considering I'm surrounded by them. Plenty of 20 year olds have shitty complexions or rough skin. Your "jaw width" doesn't change much between age 20 and 30, and it would be a retarded metric to apply to the population anyways since everyone has different sized jaws.

Considering we're talking about someone who does cosplay and goes to cons, I'm betting their sense of style does exactly scream "mature 30 year old".

>> No.10358599

An immediate solution while you wait for >>10358575, is to have a speech-to-text thing open. It'll hopefully be able to catch most of what's being said and you can ask for clarification for what you can't

>> No.10358600

Jack of all trades, master of none as they say.

>> No.10358603

you can't be a jack of no trades for that to apply.

>> No.10358605

Jack of no trades AND master of none. Quite the problem to have.

>> No.10358629

Discovering that I can order from certain jp shops offering OOAK items has been the worst thing ever for my wallet. It's the knowledge that if you love it and it sells, it's gone forever and you don't get a second chance at owning it

>> No.10358630

All that hate ages them fast as fuck, yt look 60 when they turn 30

>> No.10358727

i can't pick one. most days i don't even have enough motivation or self discipline to do any of them so it's kind of a good day if i doodle a tiny bit or write 100 words or style a wig. plus when i was younger and basically all the way from middle school to highschool i drew all day long every day, even at the cost of my classwork, and i still sucked/still do suck so....

>> No.10358736

Lol okay then be mediocre until you die. I didn’t say wait until you have the motivation to do these things, you have to force yourself to work on them

>> No.10358741
File: 841 KB, 500x290, 1584428130510.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does sending any girl you match with on Tinder a first message that you would be her slave and do anything for her and eat her pussy on command work?

Do girls like that?

What if you're not ugly?

>> No.10358742

>tfw had a business meeting yesterday and the client just didn't show up
>turned out he has Coronavirus
>tfw met my immunocompromised mom afterwards

Gosh I feel so stupid and careless now.
I am staying home starting from this day. Also, after weeks/months of shit weather, it's finally somewhat nice and warm outside. Looks like my lolita clothes won't see much wear this year. Fuck this shit.

>> No.10358748

Everyone is different but that definitely feels like you’re coming on too strong right out of the gate even the if you aren’t ugly

>> No.10358753

I am a NEET incel but not ugly and I lift weights and have a big dick.

I need a very special type of girl who wants a doormat/sex toy, there's no hope otherwise.

I can't go out on dates and do normalfag shit it would never work.

>> No.10358764

what >>10358736 said. I have ADHD and motivation is a bitch, but you are the only person that can figure yourself out and decide to take steps to get things done. For me that means creating a favorable environment when I want to be creative - music and snacks, no distractions, something inspirational to look at. My art only gets better when I work as hard at it as I do a job, and that's the reality for any artist, disabled or unmotivated or not.

>> No.10358780

Just use fetlife

>> No.10358785

There are men who are attractive, who like to eat pussy, and who have jobs and social skills. You aren't a catch or anything special. Stop thinking of yourself as so.

>> No.10358787

But there is literally 0% chance I would ever cheat or leave.

You won't get that with employed men, they have other options due to stable income.

>> No.10358790

>I lift weights
no from me. hungry skeletons only.

>> No.10358792

Women have other options too. Remember, if people don't care to cheat, they don't really care about other people cheating. There's a difference between hurt and inflicting pain. For most people, cheating is just a hurt, not pain.

>> No.10358794

Why do girls instantly think lifting weights = stage ready 8% bodyfat roided out professional body builder

>> No.10358795

Truthfully, to me it reads like an English translation of a eroge visual novel.

>What. The. Fuck!
>100% of guys...

It sounds like a really bad character script.

>> No.10358835

No woman wants to pay to take care of you. Male subs who think being a financial burden is an attractive trait are fucking deluded. Femdoms would much prefer a man who could spoil them.

>> No.10358840 [DELETED] 

I don't think being a broke NEET is an attractive trait at all. I think 99% of women wouldn't begin dating an adult NEET.

That's why no matter how ugly/fat a girl is, I'd do whatever they want, and never cheat or leave.

She could demand I eat her smelly pussy at anytime 24/7 and I'd do it.

I am so desperate I would take any female that showed me any interest at all.

She wouldn't need to financially support me at all just let me stop being an incel I can't stand it anymore...

>> No.10358846

have you ever considered getting a job to maybe not be a broke unattractive NEET, instead of posting your fetishes here

>> No.10358850

She would need to financially support you because you're a NEET. That's how it works.

All you have to offer is loyalty due to desperation, and that isn't much. No one wants to be with someone who would be with anyone.

>> No.10358851

Girls can be NEET and get infinite sexual offers.

Where's the equality? I just need a woman who believes in gender equality.

>> No.10358852

I am willing to be a woman's sex slave and do whatever they want how are girls not interested in this?

Every man wants a female sex slave who would suck his dick on command 24/7.

>> No.10358854

Lower you fucking standards and date a fatty then

>> No.10358856

>Every man wants a female sex slave who would suck his dick on command 24/7.
Well at least we have proof you're a NEET who's never been to college. I've seen so many desperate women rejected despite offering this to men.

>> No.10358859

If he went on fetlife and is as fit as he says he is, I guarantee he'd be able to bone some fat pierced steampunk domme

>> No.10358861

Yeah, but these losers only want someone whose average min, you'll never see these incels date a minority or fatty

>> No.10358865

I would take the first girl who ever showed interest in me no matter how fat/ugly she is.

The problem is there is no fat/ugly girls even on websites or apps like Tinder.

The ones that do still have high standards and a lot of confidence.

A really ugly and/or fat girl with low self esteem would make me more comfortable actually. It's not like her being ugly makes her pussy feel any different.

>> No.10358868

i personally don't like any kind of muscle definitiom.

>> No.10358869

Then go on fetlife you retard. There are tons (literally) of fatties, uglies, and old people on there who are willing to be dommes.

The reason you can't get laid is probably because you just keep bitching and whining instead of listening to people.

>> No.10358871

This sounds like the same reason I like ugly/fat girls.

Internalized low self esteem making you prefer a partner unlikely to be mean or leave you.

You may have a genuine preference because of this of course.

Ok I will actually. Maybe there's a cougar that wants me or something.

>> No.10358879

lmao no it's cause i'm an abusive bully. i only date short/skinny guys so i can abuse them til they leave. i'd consider dating you if you agreed to be a sex slave and never leave the house.

>> No.10358881

You didn't answer my question. Why don't you just get a job and give her all your money if you're this desperate? You're obviously not actually as desperate as you're making yourself out to be.

>> No.10358883

Because there are men who are offering that who have more to offer besides that. How do you not understand this? Women can get sex almost any time they want. That isn't much to offer on its own.

It's really obvious that you're young and have no life experience whatsoever. Please work on your social skills and learn what real people are like.

>> No.10358894

I have a job that I work for like 3-10 hours a week

I can't deal with normalfag life.

Stupid bitch I already know my value to women as a man is based almost entirely on my financial worth.

I know that if you have a decent job you can easily get a gf unless you are extremely ugly and look like Quasimodo.

>> No.10358898

wrong. i have a decent job and i still can't get a gf

>> No.10358899

My condolences Quasimodo.

>> No.10358902

So you know exactly what the problem is, but you want your problems to magically fix themselves without any effort on your part. No surprise that you're an incel.

>> No.10358906

I want a woman to want me in my current state, without getting a job.

I've thought about paying for prostitutes. I can't afford a girlfriend but I can afford that.

I really don't want to lose my virginity to a prostitute, but I may have no other choice in life. I looked up escort ad sites and everything, one of them could come to my house for only $200-$300.

I rationalize it by thinking: A normal girlfriend would just be prostitution anyway right? She wouldn't be with me if I was NEET, so what's the big deal about a "real" prostitute?

>> No.10358910

KEK i love this post

>> No.10358916

Are the straights okay?

>> No.10358917

You're trying to make it out like women or society is the problem because "all relationships are prostitution". But that's not the truth at all.

Why do I say that? Because plenty of women make just as much, or more, than their boyfriends. Plenty of women even date NEETs. "Dating a deadbeat" is so common that it's a normie trope. They're not just avoiding you because you're a NEET, they're avoiding you because you're you. You probably have terrible social skills and look like shit. No woman wants to be with you, even though plenty all over the planet are happily with deadbeat poorfag men.

That's the only way you should be rationalizing it. Everything else is just deluding yourself with excuses into thinking you're something better than you are.

>> No.10358922

>Why do I say that? Because plenty of women make just as much, or more, than their boyfriends.
The difference is that women would leave.

Men wouldn't leave or care if their gf didn't work, so long as they still got sex.

>Plenty of women even date NEETs.
Not for long. They don't leave immediately leave if a guy loses his job and becomes NEET.

99% would not start a relationship with a NEET though.

>No woman wants to be with you, even though plenty all over the planet are happily with deadbeat poorfag men.
I am not ugly, and there is not a significant population of adult women dating NEETs.

You're a lying bitch just trying to hurt me.

>> No.10358924

>Men wouldn't leave or care if their gf didn't work, so long as they still got sex.
Why the fuck do men throw their own under the bus so much?

>> No.10358925

How is that throwing them under the bus?

Women don't have to work.

There is no shortage of men who will financially take care of your entire life so long as you just have sex, which should be a mutually enjoyable thing.

>> No.10358926

>should be
Also half of CGL is lesbians

>> No.10358930

my boyfriend is hot but poor and i don't mind helping him pay for his shit. he's nice though and you seem like you have a rotten personality. enjoy getting stds from a prostitute

>> No.10358932

"but poor"

Translation: My boyfriend is a hard worker but works a low-paying job. Look how virtuous I am dating a "poor" guy.

>> No.10358933

What if I'm a collegiate athlete stemfag who is outwardly masculine, but low-key sexually submissive? Do I stand any chance?

>> No.10358936
File: 1.56 MB, 500x281, 210481.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, anons. You'll find your Misaki some day.

>> No.10358937

>Men wouldn't leave or care if their gf didn't work, so long as they still got sex.
You're retarded. For some reason every guy thinks his wife is going to be a 1950s housewife but the reality is most of the time the guy eventually starts asking himself after awhile why his wife doesn't do anything but get fatter. This happens all the time and I've even see it with friends who didn't even get fat or anything.

>> No.10358938

I didn't say your only value comes from financial worth. I literally told you to work on social skills. Being a good, caring partner, someone who can make someone laugh, feel loved, secure, and wanted, is important. You want ANY woman. That means no woman will feel wanted because she will be able to tell that she isn't special to you, and is just A Woman to fulfill your fantasies.

>> No.10358939

>works a low-paying job
that's exactly what a poorfag is though. stay mad

>> No.10358947

>got 2 of my dream dresses
>finally got around to making the blouses i started
>ordered a bunch of accessories for my babies first lolita wardrobe
>excited for meets as a now decked out sweet lolita
I chose a terrible time to actually start my wardrobe :(

>> No.10358949

women are equally as superficial as men, if not more. they would ABSOLUTELY date a neet or poorfag if he's hot enough. meanwhile, there are ugly guys who are drowning in money but women still won't date them.

sorry, you in fact are just ugly.

>> No.10358951 [DELETED] 
File: 400 KB, 450x720, 1581558126841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> there are ugly guys who are drowning in money but women still won't date them.
There a 9/10 and 10/10 guys who are incel because they're NEETs living at their mom's house with no car or cell phone.

99% of all heterosexual adult relationships are prostitution

The man wouldn't be with the women if he wasn't getting sex

The women wouldn't be with the man if he wasn't making money, or going to be making money in the future.

kys roastie I would lock you up in my house and fuck all your holes, keep antagonizing incels that's how it happens.

>> No.10358953

whatever you can tell yourself to feel better, ugly. no one is scared of you and you have no power.

>> No.10358954

The more you devolve and show your true colours, the more obvious the reasons why no girl wants to touch you.

Keep making vague threats. You couldn't even make eye contact with me.

>> No.10358955

Lol you're a NEET because you're ugly, delusional, and retarded. You literally admitted to being too mentally deficient to handle a normal job. Why would anyone believe anything you say? You should honestly just kill yourself, men like you contribute nothing to anybody.

>> No.10358957

>The difference is that women would leave.
Except that they don't. I told you that they don't, and everyone knows at least one woman who has married or even had kids with a deadbeat. Clearly, you know nothing if you think all women would leave over that. You have no experience with woman so it's hilarious you're trying to act like an expert.

>Men wouldn't leave or care if their gf didn't work, so long as they still got sex.
Why do you think that, despite this, all other men (including deadbeats) are able to figure out how to get a woman except you? Hint: the problem is you.

>I am not ugly
Yeah, sure you're not. Let me guess, you also have great social skills.

>You're a lying bitch just trying to hurt me.
Sure, everyone is out to get you. All the other deadbeat men who can get laid are in on it too, just to make you feel bad. Keep deluding yourself, you pathetic degenerate.

>> No.10358959

>Translation: {literal definition of a poorfag}
kek did this sound better in your head or something

>> No.10358961

>unable to hold a job because too socially retarded
>never had a relationship with a woman
>forgetting Elliot Rodger, a rich incel, famously existed
Sure buddy, you're clearly the expert. Clearly you know all the secrets that we non-virgins aren't privy to.

>> No.10358963 [DELETED] 

I am above average in looks and intelligence, that is not why I am incel.

It's true I am not a normalfag, and do not work. This is why I'm incel.

Do not ever say this bitchy mean-girls shit to an incel's face, I would rape you and not care about the consequences, you would absolutely deserve it and I am not dying a virgin.

>>forgetting Elliot Rodger, a rich incel, famously existed
Elliot Rodgers was not rich, he was a NEET that had some of his parent's money.

That is almost worthless to a female, it is not long-term income.

>> No.10358965

>tfw stay at home big with 10/10 gf


In other news new Janny is a pretty cool dude

>> No.10358966


>> No.10358967

>It's true I am not a normalfag, and do not work. This is why I'm incel.
See, we're right. You are a degenerate and everyone sees it.
>I would rape you and not care about the consequences, you would absolutely deserve it and I am not dying a virgin.
OooOOOooOOOooOOOo I'm sooOOOooOOooo scaAAAaaaaAAAaared

> Elliot Rodgers was not rich, he was a NEET that had some of his parent's money.
In college everyone's money is their parents' unless your family is full of poorfags. The frat boys in college who are rich, attractive, and get laid are rich off their parents money. You say you're "above average in intelligence" but obviously not if you're suggesting this retarded shit.

>> No.10358968

>In college everyone's money is their parents' unless your family is full of poorfags

They're not NEETs you retarded bitch, go look up what NEET means.

>> No.10358969

>I am above average in looks and intelligence

>> No.10358970

>thinking people don't find inheritances attractive
>can't respond to the entire rest of the comment
Have fun dying alone because everyone can see your social retardation.

>> No.10358971

He was an incel in college for years before he became a NEET. Do you know what it means?

>> No.10358977

Schooling systems is where nothing but looks and social status matter. Elliot wouldn't do well there.

Outside of schooling systems = women care about 90% money, the remaining 10% is looks/status.

>> No.10358978

You definitely aren't above average in intelligence, buddy. You can't get a job and aren't in school.

Again, I couldn't say it to your face because you can't even have a conversation with a woman.

Thinking that you are owed sex for the absolute zero that you contribute to society and would contribute to any relationship is hilariously pathetic.

>> No.10358981

>You can't get a job and aren't in school.

That has nothing to do with intelligence.

You could be in the top 0.1% percentile of intelligence, a literal genius, but be homeless with $0 and never went to school.

Intelligence is not financial/academic success you fucking dumb female, it is a measure of cognitive ability.

>> No.10358983

>implying an intelligent person would do that
cope harder you fucking dumb incel

>> No.10358985
File: 432 KB, 2322x1606, IETfPLc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok reddit

>> No.10358988
File: 125 KB, 552x507, 1559019425017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're in CGL aka the 90% girl board. if you dont like girls gtfo

>> No.10358992

Lol faggot

>> No.10358993

I just want to stick my penis in girl pussy and ass and mouth.

I don't actually like girls otherwise.

>> No.10358995

Pray tell, by what metric are you measuring your intelligence then? Enlighten us.

>> No.10358999

Then why the fuck are you so sentimental about your virginity and sad about losing it to a prostitute?

>> No.10359000

So you think your "cognitive ability" has gotten you to being an adult with no education, no job prospects, no relationships, and no self-awareness? And you think this is something to brag about?

>> No.10359001

You're so dumb you don't understand why someone might choose that life.

My only problem with my life is I can't afford a girlfriend.

I want exclusive access to a girl, not some diseased skank that fucks everyone.

>> No.10359003

If all you want in life is a girlfriend, and you admit that your current life doesn't provide that, then doesn't it mean you weren't smart enough to pick a life that would get you a girlfriend? And that you continue to not be smart by continuing to make that choice?

>> No.10359004

Your sociopathy/narcissism has effectively weeded you from the gene pool by making you repulsive to women. Congratulations on this incredible self-own.

>> No.10359005

>If all you want in life is a girlfriend, and you admit that your current life doesn't provide that, then doesn't it mean you weren't smart enough to pick a life that would get you a girlfriend? And that you continue to not be smart by continuing to make that choice?

Well this is my problem, do I change my entire life for the sole reason of getting a girlfriend?

Is it worth it to put in years of work just become financially succesful just so I can get a girlfriend or start a family?

She could just leave and take half my money/house and my kids and fuck some other guy, getting rewarded for the divorce.

You would be an incel if you were born male, stfu tumblrina.

>> No.10359007

>I want exclusive access to a girl, not some diseased skank that fucks everyone.

>I've thought about paying for prostitutes.
>what's the big deal about a "real" prostitute?

Imagine trying to claim you're smart when you literally have no consistency in anything you say

>> No.10359008

>You would be an incel if you were born male, stfu tumblrina.
the cope. pathetic

>> No.10359009
File: 1.05 MB, 1242x725, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10359010

have you considered that no woman wants you because you're delusionally arrogant and violent?

>> No.10359011

Took that out of context.

It was about me trying to rationalize hiring a "real" prostitute.

A normal girlfriend/wife is still a prostitute because she wouldn't be with you if you had no financial income or future.

But a "real" prostitute is still worse because at least with the girlfriend/wife you get exclusive access.

That's not why, it's because I'm basically NEET.

>> No.10359012
File: 67 KB, 480x640, 5D9A1042-1288-437E-B64B-00C42CA97343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holding on to my healthcare job because my Mom got laid off from her minimum wage one

>> No.10359013

Elliot was an incel because he specifically wanted to fuck ~beautiful white women~, who are notorious for rejecting asian men, of which he was half blooded. He was basically a volcel idiot who wouldn't ~settle for less~

>> No.10359015

Again, I've said a few times that financial success is not the only thing you're missing, yet you keep bringing it back to that. You've missed out on learning social cues and how to talk to people, learning what balance and responsibility in a relationship is, being self-aware and able to objectively look at your own flaws and work on them, and most likely discipline and hard work due to your avoidance of school and employment.

Anyway, what's your big brained reason for wanting to be a poor and uneducated shut-in? You never did explain it.

>> No.10359016

But ALL girls are diseased skanks who fuck everyone. Duuuh. You can't even do this incel thing correctly!

>> No.10359020

Maybe you can ask some of your female (female) friends and unload on them instead of on here. You have some female (female) friends, right?

>> No.10359022

How many times do we have to tell you that women fuck and date deadbeats all the time? Everyone knows women who do this. The problem is you. You, specifically, are repulsive. Not NEETs.

>> No.10359026

>Again, I've said a few times that financial success is not the only thing you're missing
If I had decent income, getting a girlfriend would be the easiest thing in the world.

No stable income is the ONLY reason I can't get a girlfriend.

>Anyway, what's your big brained reason for wanting to be a poor and uneducated shut-in? You never did explain it.
Because I am okay with very little in life. I could spend my whole life getting by on very little but still having a decent PC and internet, even if I live in a van.

My only problem is I'm incel because of this, and have intense built up rage from never getting to stick my dick in a pussy.

They stopped working AFTER they got into a relationship.

Or they live in a very lucky rural socio-economic rural area where everyone knows each other.

>> No.10359027

Is having sex actually this important to most people?

>> No.10359030

>No stable income is the ONLY reason I can't get a girlfriend.
You literally told us you were too socially retarded to be able to work with people.

>> No.10359032

It isn't your lack of income that stops you from getting a girlfriend, but once again, congrats on glossing over that part because it doesn't fit your narrative.

Like, your lack of motivation alone is so off-putting. Being happy with a simple life is one thing, but not even caring to provide for yourself and thinking that's the same thing is embarrassing. Being a financial leech because you don't wanna get off the computer isn't how anyone should live.

>> No.10359033

>They stopped working AFTER they got into a relationship.
There are a million cases where that's not what happens at all. You can't just make shit up as if it's somehow true. Although you don't actually know any women so I can see why you would be inclined to make shit up.

>> No.10359034

It is to men, apparently. And yet they call women the most irrational gender.

>have intense built up rage from never getting to stick my dick in a pussy.
Do you even realize how pathetic you sound right now? lol.
It's no wonder why nobody wants you.

>> No.10359035

No, it isn't. I'm ace, and I've had multiple long term relationships where my partners were fine with little to no sex. Guys like this are insane and justify it by telling themselves that all other men feel this way deep down.

>> No.10359036 [DELETED] 

>It isn't your lack of income that stops you from getting a girlfriend,
It literally is, because if I had any decent amount of stable income, even something like $30,000 a year which isn't much, I'd easily have tons of girls who want me.

Sorry I should've said they became NEET after they were in the relationship, not unemployed.

Almost never happens, extremely rare.

Don't care you're just a dumb bitch.

I'm just not enough of a normalfag to want to.

It takes too much mental energy to dumb myself down a normal person's level, especially women's level.

>> No.10359038

>No, it isn't. I'm ace, and I've had multiple long term relationships where my partners were fine with little to no sex.
If they were okay with little to no sex, they had health issues (low T onions as fuck gay), or were begrudgingly tolerating it.

It was probably a factor in why you had so many "multiple relationships".

>> No.10359039

Were the people who were fine with no sex at all also ace? And if not, were they actually fine with it, or only pretending to be?

>> No.10359046

To men, yes. That's why women are much smarter and productive.

>> No.10359047

Congrats on proving me right!

He wasn't also ace, and he was fine with it. It was a four year long relationship, and we lived together for most of that. We would cuddle while he masturbated, but that was the closest thing to a sexual act we did together. Our relationship ended because I landed my dream job on the other side of the country, and he didn't want to leave his work, family, and friends behind, so we ended things.

>> No.10359049

>Sorry I should've said they became NEET after they were in the relationship, not unemployed.
Again, not true. You really don't know any women, do you?
>It takes too much mental energy to dumb myself down a normal person's level, especially women's level.
You literally can't even prove to us your alleged "intelligence" in any way. All you're proving is that you have undiagnosed narcissism and possibly suffer from delusions.

>> No.10359052

Imagine thinking you're above women in any way and yet being so desperate for their attention that you'll come onto a Taiwanese basket-weaving forum and derail a thread with your bullshit.

>> No.10359058

Spare a crumb of coochie, m'lady?

>> No.10359081

stop derailing the fucking thread and go complain on >>>/r9k/ retard

>> No.10359082

People act really weird once it feels like something they *can't* get. For people who are satisfied with their sex lives, it's not that big of deal

>> No.10359105

I want affection a lot more than I want sex at this point.

>> No.10359116

i don't get to see my boyfriend often, and while it's definitely not the only thing that is important in our relationship, it's a sort of comfort that makes us feel close to each other

>> No.10359129 [DELETED] 

Jesus. Why do all women hate each other?

>> No.10359217

Good luck Anon !

>> No.10360343

But my libido kinda went downwards the last years
I sometimes go to hookers, that's all

>> No.10360927
File: 518 KB, 1200x810, 1584093109437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao tfw your hours got cut in half because of corona-chan

atleast we still have the pretty weather here in miami

>> No.10367813
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>weather is still cold and shit to the point where chronic migraines are a thing
>the kind that makes you not want to do shit AND make you feel like vomiting
>not even napping can help

Well they do say if it makes you throw up it's instantly cured... maybe the migraine will be nice to me tonight

>> No.10367910

What's so sad and fucked up about dealing with these kinds of people is that the truly malignant ones are only about 5 percent of the population, but somehow this shit is everywhere.

Do you think it's because these people just wash, rinse, repeat. Lovebomb, devalue, discard. So more than likely someone, or multiple people, on this board at one time or another made the same complaints about the same person and it just keeps happening.

Not the same for e-celebs. This is for joe6 schmoe assholes.