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This thread is to post about current events in the online lolita comm (Facebook discussion groups, etc)

This thread is not to single out individuals or for vendetta posting.

Don’t forget to censor names.

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What happened to lolita humor ?

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It collapsed under the weight of how unfunny the posts were.

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So the main online communities now are RuffleChat, Amibo, /cgl/, Reddit...? Am I missing any?
I want to get more involved but it is pretty dead.

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no respectable lolita would use the subreddit

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I’m stilling waiting for LWLN to further shine on the downfall of COF, but I am expecting too much.

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It was shut down and remade with extreme vetting

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For the west, yeah. And yeah they're all pretty dead.

For China, the activity is on Weibo and it's extremely active.

For Japan, I don't think they ever had too much of online presence, but mainly on twitter these days. Not super active.

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I'm waiting fort he new group to emerge from a better source than the daily-EGL group. All of the mods are shitty drama-mongers. I wish someone neutral in the community would make a group with solid rules that are enforced by all mods equally. Daily-EGL has some stupid no Ero rule, but how are people supposed to get proper inspo for Ero if it can't be posted anywhere? By all means, delete shitty/tasteless Ero but don't disallow it altogether.

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>All of the mods are shitty drama-mongers
and itas

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Eh. Leave out reddit. It's more like where people who are redditors first and decide to get into lolita figure there must be a sub for everything and then proceed to ita-newb all over the place.

The other communities at least were started by girls who are into lolita first and then tried to make an online space for other lolitas to come into.

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That's fair. I have never seen anything worth while off the Reddit. /cgl/ has always been the best/worst in its own way. I wish it was more lively like it used to be.

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I think there was a second subreddit. Discord maybe.

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As far as Reddit goes, there's r/lolita, which is the ita magnet everyone seems to know, and r/lolitafashion which was started by an anon and, from what I remember, she put more effort into making sure there were weekly threads for people to post in and that it was more organized in general. I don't know if it ever took off because r/lolita was already so big, but it might be worth a shot to make something out of the second subreddit.

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reddit sucks because of how the site/threads are laid out. it will turn to trash as soon as it gets popular because all the itas will drown out everything else.

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Yea the mods seem like edgy tryhards. This was one of their responses to someone raising an issue with the ero ban

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speak of the devil, uploaded 30 mins ago

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ok my bad, this episode wasn't about the harness debauchery but if anything it makes me feel worse that there's enough similar shit to this happening all the time.

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What humor?

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i'm not mad it wasn't about the fetish gear. It was still interesting and awful that there are creeps like that in communities yet we allow this girl to post what she did on COF.

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There's technically even three subreddits:

The mess we are all familiar with

A sub that was founded not too long ago by some members of the vetted discord server I think. Mods were quite eager to have a decent lolita subreddit, mostly posting about new releases, but from what I've seen it never really took off and eventually died down entirely.

Some rotten corpse in the basement that is even older than /r/lolita

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COF: uncensored but there is like one post every few months. I like the concept, a group focused on concrit

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well the lolita general was put on autosage, so new posts won't bump it

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I don't use Reddit beyond occasionally lurking so I'm not sure how it works, but can't people just downvote ita posts into oblivion?

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they could, but since the reddit community is open to the public with no vetting, people who don't know fuck all about fashion see it, decide it looks good, and upvote it. then they comment on each other's posts about how uguu kawaii they are, and downvote anyone who has any real concrit. thus you get the reddit ita hugbox.

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Public's idea of lolita skews towards "animu loli" too, so it's even more skewed than merely upvoting "it looks good". Plus there's always the few people who think they should upvote anything "homemade" and thus all the homemade itas get upvoted.

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It was a group on Facebook

>> No.10349929

just about sums it up lol

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>missed the joke
sasuga lolita humor members

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the girl who sent in the story about altered brand to I'm Telling Tyler absolutely 100% made that up

>> No.10353742

I think the same way for most of the letters that get sent to her, but they are amusing nonetheless.

>> No.10353745

Ikr? It almost sounded like a "and everyone clapped"-kind of story

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Absolutely, I wouldn't be surprised if they are one of the anons posting here who get all triggered about people who don't like altering.

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If that girl was really an inch too big for AP, she wouldn't be fat enough for someone to notice and the altering job wouldn't even look bad if she were only an inch too big, and someone who had been in the fashion a while would be able to tell the different between bodyline and AP even after a break, in this essay I will

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The flood of comments on Tyler's video supporting altering brand kind of sickens me.

Please kill me that day that the secondhand market is flooded with terrible alterations.

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Doesnt the subreddit defend pedos? ew

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Don’t think it will ever come that

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>muh communable property dresses will be ruined!!!
get over it

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May all your dream dresses be altered to be completely too large or small

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I think you missed the point a bit. If the person isn't planning to sell her dresses, then altering them doesn't have an affect on others. What Tyler was getting across, was that you can do what you want with something you buy and if you do sell it, she points out it's not going to make as much. As much as it hurts to see a ruined dress by people who don't know what they're doing, you shouldn't really be looking at someone's outfit with the mindset that dress may be yours someday as if you're a sibling waiting for handme downs.

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On the flip side, consider if everyone altered their dresses. The whole fashion would suicide and the secondhand market would be impossible.

I'm not thinking about this as a singular case. I'm thinking if it as a whole and altering being commonplace would ruin the fashion for everyone involved - past, present, and future (even the people who alter their brand... because they would be picking over pieces that had already been altered).

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Why the fuck does that matter? Some of you people sound crazy. It's not unusual to alter clothing. I prefer people alter their dresses so that it fits their body better. Just take it to a professional. Jfc

>> No.10354774

It matters if you've ever relied on secondhand methods to buy a piece you've wanted.

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i don't even care that much about the 2nd hand market but you're an idiot. we both know that most of the girls altering this shit are fatties who use cheap quilt cotton that doesn't match the real dress.

>> No.10354777

If it’s a liece i really want then I’d just get it professionally altered to fit me again??? I don’t see the issue unless you are a poorfag or the previous persons alteration ruined the dress.

>> No.10354796

It's mostly fatties and lolitas at heart so I wouldn't worry. It has to be either, since they are taking the story serious.

>> No.10354823


Think of how realistic this actually is, though. Brand is going to size out their own clientele to the point where every customer is either too fat or too thin and needs to spend money to alter it to fit? You think AP is going to turn down money just like that when their shirred jsks always sell out way before the fixed-size OPs? Yeah, right.

The majority of girls are going to be able to fit into brand, brands are trying to cater to their size to begin with. Which means a lot alterations will be singular cases. There aren't even that many of them, both botches and non-botches, cgl just likes to rehash them up for the drama.


This doesn't even make sense, if the dream dress is too large/small then the person who has no objections to altering dresses will still have no issues altering their dresses? It's the ones that say dresses shouldn't be altered that are going to have a problem when the dress is too large/small and they're morally obligated not to alter it?

>> No.10354834

There are more gulls complaining about anti-alterers than actual anons with that opinion.
>will still have no issues altering their dresses?
A lot of main pieces are not possible to alter bigger without making them look like shit.

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No they don’t, the people crying about the subreddit made that up. The guy who they had issues with was into bdsm and had personals on his reddit looking for a woman aged 25-35. These dipshits called pedophile because he posted in r/amiugly and told girl they looked okay. In reality the dude comments on literally EVERYONE, boys and girls of all ages, and also told people they were flat out ugly. It was just a case of snowflakes wanting to play the victim, there were no actual pedophiles.

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Cry harder poorfag, I'm going to do what I want with my dresses.

>> No.10354939


Nayrt and ;ately yes I haven't seen many anti-alterers but trust me, they're around and butthurt about people doing it and will shit talk you or assume it's an alteration to make things bigger (I often have to make things smaller in the waist so the fabric doesn't bunch) and call you a fattie, etc.

Depends on the day/who's posting whether you'll come across it or not.

>> No.10354944

people who alter things smaller are the ones making the dress unwearable by others so idgi.

>> No.10354945

Have fun spending more of your money while I can use mine to buy more brand

>> No.10354951

Wow that's a bunch of bullshit lol. Are you the guy or one of the r/lolita mods?

>> No.10354997

Every think that Tyler writes the question/story so that she can give a perfect response?!! It's all entertainment anyways.

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>> No.10355036

Nah. His reddit it tthoughts go look for yourself. Sexual? Yeah. Pedo? I doubt it.

>> No.10355038

Dude doesn’t have to be a literal pedophile to be a creep who has no business running the lolita subreddit.

>> No.10355039

Still, even if he's not a pervert, why should he be in the lolita subreddit if he shows no demonstrable interest in the fashion? That's been a standard rule of lolita communities since day one. You kick people who don't seem like potential participants, even if they toe the line, or you just end up with a bunch of gawkers and potential pervs.

>> No.10355087

Then people would just buy new you fucking idiot

>> No.10355090

I did see his comments and you are either very young or very naive if you didn't see anything wrong with him being in a lolita community.

>> No.10355091

You obviously have no clue how subreddits work. He can still see the subreddit if he’s banned, he just can’t comment. Banning people is absolutely useless. People should block him individually if they don’t like him. I didn’t like him either but the dude isn’t a pedo and reddit is an open community. Also need I point out that many many women with nsfw profiles and bdsm content post on that subreddit and nobody gives a single damn. Dildo-Chan got asspats last week and nobody called her out for the dozens of dildos on her page

>> No.10355092

yes we have been, why do you think she's called that?

>> No.10355093

He doesn’t run the reddit he was just some random dude making harmless comments on people’s posts.

>> No.10355096

>You obviously have no clue how subreddits work
Guilty, I hate reddit. And to be fair, comparing him to women on bdsm subreddits is not really the same thing (unless it's ddlg of course), because more than likely they also participate in the fashion or have an interest in it. This dude clearly does not. So why should he be there? Point taken about him still being able to view posts though.

>> No.10355099

There is a certain redditor who shares coords on ddlg subreddits and the lolita subreddit and just changes the title. The issue is, if he was a chick nobody would have batted an eyelash. I don’t like him either but I do think it’s unfair that he’s being labeled a pedo when he very much kept his kink out of lolita. The comments he made in the subreddit weren’t sexual, literally just basic comments/concrit. He definitely should have had a separate account for his nsfw but it doesn’t seem he’s the brightest.

>> No.10355101

Dildo Chan has gotten a new hole torn here, sure, but nobody has said ANYTHING on her posts in the subreddit when she her account is literally full of dildos and furry porn

>> No.10355108

You're completely missing the point. The secondhand market exists because people want what has already been released.

>> No.10355109

>There is a certain redditor who shares coords on ddlg subreddits and the lolita subreddit and just changes the title
That is fucking gross. I know those people technically aren't breaking rules, but I do feel they risk endangering the community at large by cross-posting like that. I can only imagine it makes it easier for fetishists to lurk the lolita subreddit.

>> No.10355136

So? We don't owe you anything and don't have to sell anyone anything either.

Most of my alterations are zipper based to begin with.

>> No.10355137

Well, if you can't have it, then your choice is buy new or do without. You're not entitled to shit anon.

>> No.10355158

But no one on the subreddit called her out, like >>10355101

The one chick who kept making threads about the guy making /r/lolita SO unsafe keeps posting her own coord pics there anyway, so she's clearly not even that concerned.

>> No.10355181

And you both only buy new, relying on secondhand 0% of the time?

Am I suddenly in the minority here?

I'm not saying I'm entitled to anything. I'm describing an example because it's stupid of anyone to claim that the secondhand market doesn't have a significant role in the fashion, and that the same market wouldn't be negatively affected by a huge influx of alterations. Imagine a world where there are no more original Milly-Chans/Milky Planets/etc because they've all been obliterated by alterations and watch how fast people exit the fashion.

>> No.10355184

>but trust me, they're around and butthurt about people doing it
Idk, judging from this thread alterers seem more butthurt to me, promptly getting aggressive, calling everyone poorfag for not agreeing with them and making up and-then-everyone-clapped stories to get validation from scarfing scarves.

>> No.10355186

>Imagine a world where there are no more original Milly-Chans/Milky Planets/etc
the originals are going to fade/break down eventually, so that's going to happen anyway.

>> No.10355189

Never said I only buy new, I buy used and new. Not that unusual to do both.

I've purchased altered pieces and altered pieces. I have a fairly tiny waist, however my chest is a bit bigger and my legs are long. Small alterations make me more comfortable.

If I was to sell an altered piece, I would mention so in the listing. I have yet to sell any altered pieces. I'm happy with my 60+ dresses.

>> No.10355373


There's probably more people complaining about anti-alterers because it's such an unreasonable stance.

>work hard to buy brand, pay hard-earned money
>you can't even do anything with it bcoz apparently you don't own it haha you simply paid money so that later on someone else can buy it off you
>oh yeah don't sell it above retail bcoz scalper

I'll be real with you, if someone told me this is how some hobby worked I'd laugh in their faces and then flounce. Let them buy their secondhand when nobody is willing to buy firsthand anymore because they aren't even allowed to do what they want to something they paid money for.

And I'm not even someone who needs to alter brand, I just think this is some dumbfuck self-entitled stupidity.

>> No.10355383

I'm not on Facebook anymore, can anyone post a pic of the coord?

>> No.10355385 [DELETED] 

It's not unreasonable. Alterations look like abomination most of the time and no one cares how hard you had to work for your $200 dress if you end up looking like shit. Also nice that you added the bitching about getting called a scalper, that fights right into the image of vocal posters.

>> No.10355387

>>10355373 #
It's not unreasonable. Alterations look like abomination most of the time and no one cares how hard you had to work for your $200 dress if you end up looking like shit while mutilating rare resources. Also nice that you added the bitching about getting called a scalper, that fits right into the image of the most vocal butthurt posters.

>> No.10355413

>mutilating rare resources
Good lord get over yourself

>> No.10355429

>can't even disprove it looking bad most of the time

>> No.10355479

I don't always buy new. Sometimes I do, sometimes I buy secondhand. But I'm also not delusional and I dont expect fucking clothing to last forever in perfect condition. You've had 10 years to get a Milky-chan or a Milky Planet. There's plenty of dresses I'd like to own but because of their age I will probably never find in good condition. And that's ok. Something else cute will come along and I will buy that instead. This absurd obsession with ~dream dresses~ does more harm than good to the community sometimes. Find something else to wear. People who truly love the fashion aren't going to leave because there's a shortage of old ass dresses, the fuck.

>> No.10355502

>This absurd obsession with ~dream dresses~ does more harm than good to the community sometimes. Find something else to wear.

>> No.10355627

All lolita clothing is going to be destroyed eventually. More than likely brands will re-release the prints of people cry hard enough. Suck it up.

>> No.10355679

>All lolita clothing is going to be destroyed eventually
This is such a weak argument, you can use it for anything. Basically "nothing matters anyway so what I say is right, suck it up".

>> No.10356037


That's why I can't get mad about it.

It's not me that looks bad. The person who alter it does it 100% to themselves. They end up with a dress that makes them look ugly, get posted to the ita thread, get made fun of, and it's all their own fault. They pay well enough for the stupidity of altering their brand and it doesn't affect me at all.

As for secondhand, it's been hacked up so badly, the price will be rock bottom because people don't want to deal with that. So long as the skirt is mainly untouched, you can still buy it and further alter it into something actually decent.

I don't see the downside. The ones that can alter it well will look good. The ones that can't alter it well inflict their own pain onto themselves. There's no need to go around telling people not to alter dresses when you can just point them at the ita thread.

>> No.10356038


Amen. Plus have people seen the state of the dream dress threads lately? Anons have taken to posting their shopping list rather than their DDs, waiting for some gulls to do their work finding it cheaper on another site for them.

"Dream dress" doesn't even seem to mean much anymore, the newbies using it are so new they take it as a dream dress if they saw it two weeks ago and regret not buying it because "it's never popped up again".

>> No.10361328

I want to host a virtual meet for my community but I have absolutely no idea how or what will we even do.

Can I get some tips? I know most people in my community has google hangouts and that is how I plan on hosting the meet up, however I have no idea after that.

>> No.10361348

There's an app or extension that lets you watch something on Netflix together or use rabb.it to watch a movie with beautiful dresses. You could also do a quiz.

>> No.10361379

make a discord server, you can stream video/netflix and stuff via the server and share images and do voice chat~

>> No.10361633 [DELETED] 

I came here for drama about piss-chan but all you all wanna do over here is argue about shit all.

move the fuck on. now what all happened with piss-chan, does someone have screens?

>> No.10362261

Of the pic? Because it’s still on her Instagram

I love their coords but the edgy stuff made me block them... idk why other old schoolers are commenting positive things like it’s revolutionary. Just stick to the fashion you don’t need to pose in dumpsters to do that

>> No.10362262

Their ig* my bad

>> No.10362265

just go to her ig @dollsmeat
she likely lurks here, don’t give her attention it’s what she wants

>> No.10362403

Ugh one of the oldschool lolitas in my comm liked the piss photo. I thought she was one of the less edgy ones, but this is actually so much worse than simply posing in a grungy environment.

>> No.10366923

Crssdresser rosie made a lolita group called Lolita fashion uk, a lot of lolitas joined to troll him and one ended up gaining his trust, becoming admin and then banned his ass from his own group. Today was a good day.

>> No.10367014

by the fact that you posted this in many places I am guessing you are the the one that did the deed ?
Sounds a bit unnecessary if you ask me but whatever

>> No.10367039

Do you feel good now for copypasting this all over cgl?

>> No.10367045

That guy for sure sounds like a creep, but putting that much effort into gaining his trust and trolling him is pretty weird.

>> No.10367050

I agree, like why bother in the first place

>> No.10367552

My local comm is mostly online and we have an annoying mod who insists of being a part of every thread posting irrelevant shit when people are actually discussing conversation. Like currently we where talking about having a virtual meetup in the coming weeks on google hangouts and she comes in like “ if you think I’m going to get all dressed up when I’m perfectly fine in sweat pants and a old hair dye stained tee we can’t have the meeting”. Me and sever other members wonder why this person was allowed to be a mod in the first place.

>> No.10367555

why doesn't she just.....not join the meetup?

>> No.10367574

You can tell them it's ok to be relaxed or you know, just don't invite them.

>> No.10367580

I wanna know why she felt it was funny to say that when we all where seriously planning things out. It’s was kinda rude desu. And she can’t not join. “ShE iS a MoD” she feels she has to be present at all our activities we create.

It was posted on the pubic page to let everyone know and plan out a meet up. Meaning, we wanted to get as many people invited yet she felt she was going to be funny but came off very cringy. It’s why many members have called her the cringy mod.

>> No.10367642

Not my comm but if my area had a public group called “Lolita fashion of [region]” that was run by a sissy I’d be concerned about clueless newbies joining it. It’s one think to have a rogue ita community in the area but a rogue comm run by predatory perverts? I think it’s a good thing he was removed.

>> No.10367674

No I mean I totally agree, I would be concerned about newbies being put in dangerous situations by someone like this too. But at the same time, actively pretending to be someone's friend over an extended period for this sole purpose is a little odd and not necessarily healthy behaviour to encourage. There are better ways to protect newbies.

>> No.10367977

Is that REALLY what was said, or are you maybe exaggerating a bit to make it sound more interesting for /cgl/? It'd be a shame if someone posted the actual comment and you looked like a paranoid weirdo obsessing over a joke.

>> No.10368086

You look like you’re paranoid it’s about you. What a vain thing to assume. It’s probably not even about you. Did you do something to make this assumption and now feel guilty?

>> No.10368179

It looks like it didn't take long for them to convince him to hand over the group though. He's not the brightest bulb, and he's so clearly desperate for attention.
My question is why he let the entire group shame and flame him for so long. He's apparently disabled in some way (he seems to have a caregiver) so maybe he's just dense. But it kind of makes me wonder if he just has a thing for humiliation and all the lolitas who joined his group were just feeding that.
In any case, shutting down the group and keeping him out of the community was the right thing to do.

>> No.10368190

If he's a sissy then it's exactly that. That's what sissies get off on

>> No.10368239
File: 36 KB, 472x483, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, like you said, its on a public thread in the comm, so every single person in the comm can read it...

>> No.10368249

nayrt but that is pretty cringe of the mod to say. It's not a funny joke it's just sad.

>> No.10368254

you're really triggered by this?
you have pretty thin skin

>> No.10368262

lmao what an exaggeration. she didn't say you couldn't have the meeting unless she showed up sloppy, she's just making a very obvious and mild joke

>> No.10368267

Why do you think she uses Reddit? I know her personally, her bf (who absolutely reeks wholesome Keanu Chungus energy) probably directed her there cause everyone gets asspats unless you specifically post in subreddits for criticism like r/AmITheAsshole

>> No.10368297

I don’t understand how this is cringey? The only cringe is the Butthurt that the obvious joke caused. I’m glad your not in my comm because we’ve had jokes about only being dressed in Lolita from the waist up for online meets for weeks now.

>> No.10368302

>who absolutely reeks wholesome Keanu Chungus energy
You must be 18+ to use this site

>> No.10368329

Anon who posted >>10367552 here
This isn’t what I was talking about but damn you sure made yourself look like a fool. But I do agree with what others are saying, that statement was pretty cringe for a mod to say. But glad to know not only my comm is the one dealing with cringe mods. Makes me feel better. Thanks for thinking my statement was about you. You helped me realize there’s more out there then just my own. But maybe you shouldn’t think things are always about you when there’s plenty of other comms out there in isolation right now?

>> No.10368392

why do you talk like such a fag

>> No.10368404
File: 13 KB, 189x266, 1ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, what I meant to imply was he was the stereotypical redditor

>> No.10368407

Stop being triggered. Not everything is about you A. This is why people where unhappy you became a mod. Because you’re childish and always fall back on Cgl insults when you get called out. And to think you’re almost 30. Jesus grow the fuck up.

>> No.10368409 [DELETED] 

then post screenshots of what the fuck you're talking about or fuck off with your made up bullshit

>> No.10368419

Nayrt but you did oppose screen shots thinking it was about you or someone in your comm. how you’re behaving here is proving the other anons point that you are being childish. Your comm seems pretty fucked up if this behavior is okay. I feel sorry for the members who actually are good level headed people having to deal with this behavior.

>> No.10368422

Post not oppose.

>> No.10368424 [DELETED] 

what the fuck are you talking about? i didn't post shit and i'm not in this comm. I don't see how asking you to post pics or gtfo would indicate that.

just post screenshots already and stop blogposting. you're acting schizophrenic assuming people in random comms are out to get you

>> No.10368427

That wasn’t me but go off I guess. I was editing the names out, but now I kinda like seeing how mad you’re getting because you got called out. Keep being triggered other cringe mod.

>> No.10368430 [DELETED] 

Look here, psycho. I'm not a mod in my comm and I didn't post that screenshot (and it isn't even from my comm). I'm just a random gull who's here to see drama. Now post screenshots or gtfo you psychotic faggot

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can someone please explain to me what is going on with this bitch

>> No.10368432

You really are not handling being in quarantine too well aren’t you.

>> No.10368435

pics or gtfo fag

>> No.10368439
File: 53 KB, 600x471, F2349403-6518-4863-997C-86DE0FD03387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10368443 [DELETED] 

what comm? what are you talking about? just post the pics of your weird mod already so we can point and laugh at her

>> No.10368452
File: 44 KB, 740x114, (you).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

iunno either i asked a simple question

are you people new to 4chan?? there are 66 unique posters in this thread they can't all be whoever it is from the screenshot

>> No.10368467

It’s because all the children are out of school early and discovered 4chins during their newly found free time

>> No.10368490
File: 86 KB, 409x640, 2E1D819D-10C2-4264-8B42-9FED67D11DFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here’s your screenshot you psychotic sperg.

>> No.10368492

Oh wow this is cringe.

>> No.10368493

Hey A, your paranoia is showing. This wasn’t even about you yet you felt the need to make it about you? I think you need to really take another break and re evaluate your priorities again. You still thinking people are out to get you.

>> No.10368497

jfc what a bitch

>> No.10368503

Have fun looking like crap in your ill-fitting brand

>> No.10368505

next time skip right to this, and avoid losing your shit at complete randos for no reason. it shits up the thread.

why is this bitch a mod? is this a small comm?

>> No.10368510

This is a dumb but obvious joke.

This is incredibly cringe.

Thank you for the screenshots.

>> No.10368522

I am in the same group and no, it’s not small. It’s mostly just a online comm for lone lolitas to find buddies for meetups. It’s got about 250 members with like 50 active daily. It’s a virtual comm really where people have like video chat meetups and what not for people that live in smaller towns and don’t want to travel soo far to their state or countries meets due to distance and cost. The mod that was mentioned is kinda a mod people ignore most times because she’s weird and doesn’t attend any meets any way. But she always throws little tantrums like that when a meet is made without a mod tagged.

>> No.10368527

This isn’t even a real comm? Why don’t y’all just oust her or make a new comm? It’s not like you know this bitch irl.

I don’t know why anyone is getting up in arms for or against this person, it isn’t like that’s what we’re all thinking anyways.

>we’ve had jokes about only being dressed in Lolita from the waist up for online meets for weeks now.
You’re either in my comm, or, more likely, this is a super common sentiment with what’s going on.

>> No.10368913
File: 133 KB, 1141x717, awkward7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10368928

I think this is a common sentiment. I’ve had two meets with my comm and most of don’t have shoes, socks, or petticoats on because we’re literally waist up at BEST

>> No.10368939

Wow what a cunt

>> No.10368943

maybe I've been watching too many movies lately but am I the only one that finds it really suspicious that two supper similar convos took place with the mods no less ?

>> No.10368945

It could easily be a coincidence. It's not unfeasible that two such similar conversations could be going on at the same time considering current events. Plus the tone between the two posts seems pretty different. But I'm sure someone from the comm(s) in quesiton can clarify, if they care to?

>> No.10369080

I am in >>10368239 comm and it’s purely coincidental. The one that is a mod in that comm posts here often and was or is still a mod of the uncensored rufflechat. She usually posts in the group as a side account called “ community mod” or something like that trying to make it hard to pin point it’s her but she’s the only mod that uses it. She was made a mod about a year ago when she really wasn’t even active in the community or fashion. It was a shock to everyone because people either didn’t know her or she made enemies with the older members from some past drama that left some scars. She posts here often thinking a lot of the older community is talking shit about her because when she became a mod there was a lot of shit talked about her. So she’s quick to defend herself here when she even thinks something’s about her because there is still older members in the group that remember what happened. She’s just paranoid and quick to assume and not let things just go and be nothing. She has to make it about something making it much bigger then it is probably why this got so out of control. She can’t not defend herself on this board.

>> No.10369087

The first post is from the AZ comm. they always make things about them. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s just best to ignore it and continue conversation since they seem to be a lost cause at this point.

>> No.10369088

This is clearly a joke
This, on the other hand is bitchy

Learn the difference

>> No.10369093

It’s a bad joke but a joke none the less. The comm ignored it mostly because it’s common behavior from this mod.

>> No.10371570
File: 909 KB, 1242x1627, E2F49DC4-9A13-4483-82AA-921B1EBCA988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why I stopped posting my photos to CoF

It’s a fetishist’s playground

>> No.10371594

I have the shade of lipstick they're talking about and it's a ridiculously bright shade of red imo. It works for normie outfits but it's way too flashy for most lolita coords, it looks cheap and garish. I often put a small amount of black liquid lipstick on after applying it so it tones it down a lot more and looks closer to a maroon colour bc I hate shopping for makeup so I don't have a billion shades

>> No.10371651

This guy is so creepy, why isn't he banned yet? He told a girl she looked sexy a few months ago.

>> No.10371705

As a mod for a comm myself, I feel confident in calling her a tantrum-throwing clown. Yeah it's a quarantine and I've been wearing pajamas 6/7 days, but ngl it's nice dressing up for a few hours. Plus not having to make a commute in frills is even better.

>> No.10371988

Call him out in one of the private groups.

>> No.10372924

Nobody's gonna talk about BH looking like absolute dogshit and posting a how to dress guide for newbies, huh?

>> No.10372970

The guide was just as bad as the outfit lol

>> No.10372971 [DELETED] 


Sorry for being actually retarded but who is BH?

>> No.10372974

She and her team of white knights need to step back and realize that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s the pot calling the kettle black in all of the tag groups right now. I found it laughable she can’t see the irony of writing a guide about people not being able to take concrit and not being able to realize she looks like she’s wearing a cheap ddlg set. And obviously if you disagree it’s because you’re racist and classist.

>> No.10372998

I'm gonna guess Bri?

>> No.10373103

The whole "classism" argument is very off-putting 2bh because most of the time it's used by people who only have a very vague idea of what it means. It has no place in lolita discussion because literally nobody (at least on fb) is going around claiming that poor people should not wear lolita.

>> No.10373128


>> No.10373264

people on here claim that all the time tho

>> No.10373272

What happened? It deleted before I got the chance to read.

>> No.10373313

She's improved somewhat in 7 years but somehow still looks like a beginner. I wonder how she hasn't built a decent secondhand wardrobe by now, deals come up a few times a year if you aren't obese and wait patiently

>> No.10373314

Most people who cry about classism in lolita are lower middle class people who could save up for nicer pieces if they tried, but due to impatience and entitlement would rather fund theft and exploitation so they can have their pretty princess dresses now now now. If they were ever truly poor then they’d know that lolita is a luxury, not a necessity.

>> No.10373341

have you considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, some people simply don't want to pay over $100 for used shit and would rather get something new for less?

>> No.10373355

Im 99% convinced that the same people who do that here are also the ones who do it in these fb groups. Nevertheless it's fucking stupid.

They come off to me as whiny liberals honestly. Exhibit A >>10373341 for example. If you don't like used shit fine, but don't go crying classism when people will call a cheap looking dress cheap. Besides, most brand 2ndhand is in really good condition because most people make an effort to take care of it. Or you know, save up for brand at retail price like a normal person would. I'm not exactly rich, but I still splurge on AP once or twice a year and it's always on dresses that they have revealed months before their release so there's usually plenty of time to to build a budget.

>> No.10373356

Sure, but those people are retards. There's nothing wrong with used brand (provided it's not totally disgusting) and new replicas look like garbage and are worse quality than normie clothes. The choice seems pretty obvious.

>> No.10373358

then they can learn to sew instead of whining about classism.

>> No.10373374


I'm just finding it ironic that someone ""poor"" is going to complain about secondhand and insist only firsthand is good enough.

Now that, if anything, is classism.

>> No.10373385

Yeah if anything isn't more classist to feel entitled to cheap clothes that are a direct result of exploiting cheap labor forces? When you shop 2ndhand, especially when it's not stores but individuals selling, you are contributing to slow fashion and don't support fast fashion shops in their accumulation of profits.

>> No.10373386

This is actually a major factor in why I've been trying to move to near-100% second-hand lolita and j-fashion shopping. As far as I'm concerned, it's a win all-round. Aside from the significant environmental/exploitative labour concerns, it's really fun and satisfying to hunt down something from my wishlist, especially when you get a great deal on it. I really think most people who whine about not wanting to buy second-hand are just too lazy to do the work of hunting for deals. They just want to believe that they have no choice but to fall back on shitty replicas because they can't be bothered doing anything else.

>> No.10373412

The people crying classism don’t give a single fuck about the people being exploited by clothing manufacturers when cheap frills are on the line. Who cares about fair wages and safe labour conditions? The only important human right that’s being infringed on here is their right to feel pretty!

>> No.10373413

Ayrt and I honestly agree. I've been shopping 2ndhand for a very long time and I think it's safe to say that I have mastered my ways of getting the best deals. All the benefits for the environment aside, it really is so much more fun finding a real bang for the buck of something I really like that fits my wardrobe beautifully. I don't buy random shit either, I take very long to think about every single piece and sleep a night over it, unless it's a wtb. Those who cry classism because their coords look cheap but refuse to find good deals are just lazy imo cause it does take a lot of effort.

>> No.10373416

get out of the 80s.

>> No.10373562

Are you lost?

>> No.10373568

lol no. only people who don't understand economics don't get that those kinds of jobs are a necessary evil. it's not as if those countries don't have good jobs. the people working those kinds of jobs are just doing it to survive, because no other jobs are available. if those jobs were better paying, not as exploitative, the people working them wouldn't be able to do so.

>> No.10373591


Yes to all of this.

But seriously I can't get over how these folks are crying classism but also somehow imply it's lesser to buy secondhand somehow, as if it's somehow always groady or gross. Jeez, who's looking down on who? Which way exactly is the classism going?

>> No.10373599

Maybe if people weren’t en masse demanding that businesses produce clothes at cutthroat prices then these businesses would have less of an incentive to underpay their employees. Most lolita clothing is very labour-intensive to produce and that is reflected in the price. If you’re not willing to pay for that labour and would prefer to have vulnerable people exploited for your own benefit, you don’t get to cry about classism.

>> No.10373600

None of this makes sense, how about you actually read something of value about the struggles in the global south before spewing crap like that. The problem they're facing is because of (mostly Western) companies exploiting the fuck out of them, it all can be traced back to imperialism. It's evil but not necessary at all, only for entitled 1st world people who want cheap shit.

>> No.10373603

Businesses would underpay their employees no matter what, it's all part of their pursuit of profit-maximization. I don't think regular people were the ones who demanded cheap shit first, it was corporations who found even cheaper labor forces first and then used that to become more competitive in the market. Of course other corporations had to follow suit if they didn't want to get beaten with market-prices. Thus cheap prices started to become so normalized to the point where there's at least one generation that has no clue about the true price of clothing. Imo lolita is very fairly priced when you consider how much effort and labor is put into it.

>> No.10373605

>lolita clothing is very labour-intensive to produce
But isn't your point that lolita brands are using cheap labor?

>> No.10373607

>you are contributing to slow fashion
Excuse me but how does you buying second hand help the lolita fashion industry? Brands get nothing out of it

>> No.10373612

do we really have to go over this every fucking thread?

>> No.10373615

Yes because I don't get the mental gymnastics behind it. I loathe replica-chans just as much as the next person but pretending that hunting for cheap second hand is a good deed is just as delusional. You don't fuck brands over like replica buyers, but you don't help them either lol.

>> No.10373616

Have you never shopped for a car and seen a brand advertise that they have the best resale value? Obviously burando doesn't advertise that feature directly, but it's still a feature.

>> No.10373618

People have choices every time they want to buy clothes if they want to pay more for ethical clothes or if they want more cheap clothes. Even people who can afford to do so mostly choose cheap crap.
This whole "corporations did this, not consumers" is asinine and seems to come largely from naively optimistic socialists who somehow don't notice how garbage most people are and don't understand human psychology at all.

>> No.10373620

That doesn't apply for brands, especially since most of the stock is limited unlike cars. People won't start buying from a brand just because someone bought second hand for above market value.

>> No.10373626

lmao no. you seem like a bitter poorfag. most people want nice things that last and aren't crap. that's why you see cheap shit at shit places like walmarts and sears.

>> No.10373634

I dont think you know people with money. Typically brands that have a status to them are higher priced, and the average person may not care about ethics but they are buying not crap when they can. The average consumer is buying higher priced stuff for the quality when they can, or on payment plans to show off. And if ethical brands are trendy, then they will get people to pay those higher prices for the label, even if they arent actually ethical.

Of course corporations did this, they wanted more profit margins. By making low price the selling point and making the idea of getting something for cheap desirable, they created a market base of people who are ok with crap because they got a deal. It is all marketing.

>> No.10373635

anyone who thinks that consumers, or even the general public is responsible for ANYTHING is stupid, anon. she probably thinks that local restaurants getting rid of plastic straws are helpful.

>> No.10373643

I do know people with money and they LOVE shit like tj Maxx. Not every rich people shops at designer boutiques which are not synonymous with ethical quality clothing either.

>> No.10373644

I feel safer buying brand than Taobao because I know that if I end up disliking a brand piece then I can resell it and recoup a good potion of what I paid. Try reselling a 10yo Baby dress vs a 10yo Taobao dress - the Taobao dress doesn't even exist because it already fell apart. And the limited stock argument is pretty weak because even limited items can be unpopular and sit in inventory collecting dust - for example, the IW lucky packs where they sell unpopular dresses at a discount to clear the way for new releases. I'd much rather buy a high-quality, high-resale-value unpopular IW dress than a super popular Taobao dress.

>> No.10373645

60k USD a year is not 'money', anon.

>> No.10373648

there's no gymnastics. 2nd hand market literally enables the customer base to get more money to put into new brand by selling their old items.

>> No.10373652

Do you think most people aren't shopping at Walmart?
Corporations only sell things people want. End of. You can argue that corporations made people want cheap crap, which I think is where this is going, but then you're arguing that average people are so stupid that they act against their own best interests because a marketing campaign told them to.

>> No.10373655

I'm talking $250k+

>> No.10373662

This is such a poor point, you can say this about everything that brings in money. By that logic they wouldn't spend the money on brand, they'd buy second hand instead for the same reason.

>> No.10373668

I was talking about japanese brand and the second hand market that is mostly japanese brand, not taobao.
>because even limited items can be unpopular and sit in inventory collecting dust
Yes, that's the point. That's why it isn't the same as cars, where they keep producing the same model for years and can gloat with its resale value.

>I'd much rather buy a high-quality, high-resale-value unpopular IW dress
>high-resale-value unpopular

>> No.10373689

>le human nature
Just say right away that you're an idiot, you don't need all that extra text. Read my post again and think why back in the day clothing had a much higher price that was considered very normal and what happened that change this. For someone who tries to look good at economics you sure do lack an understanding of history.

This on the other hand is correct. It's not the buyer who exploits, on the contrary actually. The true contradiction of capitalism is that the buyer/worker gets exploited of their surplus value of labor so much that they can no longer afford the very same commodities that they helped produce and thus stop generating profit because their buying power is so weak. And then the whole economy crashes once again.

>> No.10373692

You think people wouldn't have bought cheaper clothing back then if it was available? People didn't only have 10 items of clothing because that's all they wanted...

>> No.10373702

you're missing the point. people wanted NICE, QUALITY items for cheap. companies didn't start really mass producing in the US until the 40s after WW2. that's when you see all the ads for ready-made clothes and foods and other goods. department stores with big brands existed before, but not in assfuck nowhere like they do today. why do you think people are always lamenting shit like how sewing machines and kitchen mixers are all cheap garbage now?

>> No.10373705

Well, you can't have nice quality things for cheap and you never could. What are you even proposing?

>> No.10373711

>What are you even proposing?
people buying cheaper things is a result of marketing.

>> No.10373734

>I was talking about japanese brand and the second hand market that is mostly japanese brand, not taobao.
Me too. My conversation starts in response to this question:
>how does you buying second hand help the lolita fashion industry?

>producing the same model for years
the model is not relevant. you can advertise that an entire brand has higher resale value on average. that is how buying secondhand helps the industry, by maintaining the resale value of the brand on average, which is an unstated selling point.

>high-resale-value unpopular
If you put two and two together, you can reference my example of selling 10yo dresses from different origins. You are really leaning on higher resale meaning higher than retail, whereas I'm saying higher than that of brands that are unpopular in the secondhand market. You can buy an unpopular IW dress in a lucky pack, wear it for 5 years, and still sell it for some money; vs. you can buy a Taobao dress, and it will be worthless in 5 years unless it's hamplanet sized and has been hanging in your closet unused in pristine condition.

>> No.10373744

hang on, let me give a clearer example. take 5 people who have ~$80/mo to spend.

Say, 3 buy a new dress from taobao, 1 saves for 3 months and buys a burando dress, and 1 puts a $60 bid on a used burando item and wins it.


1 buys a new dress from taobao, 2 bid on the secondhand dress, raising its value to ~$80, and now 2 decide it's worth it to save up for 3 months to buy a burando item.

>> No.10373824

anons are never ever going to understand economics. it's a fools errand.

>> No.10373986

Unless you buy from AP, the most popular lolita brand. Then you are still contributing to all those things while paying 3 times as much. Congrats

>> No.10373993

ok but what if someone also doesn't want to support companies where more than 50% of their product price is pure profit?

>> No.10374044

IW has gone to shit. The dresses are nice but they are now made thinner and more casual. No one is willing to pay for them because they're so plain. I bought LPs a couple years and lost my ass trying to sell what I didn't want, some of the dresses didn't sell for half of the retail price. Some I had to give away at $50. This is losing money with how expensive the LPs are

>> No.10374046

Sorry for being a retard and double posting but here's how much IW sucks when you sell things secondhand:

I bought the $500 LPs both years. One year it was fine, I had a cute dress I liked, one that I sold for $150, and an ouji set I sold for around $80-100. Plus a hair bow and socks and a blouse. Basically broke even. Next year: 5 dresses, none I liked. Plus a blouse, socks, hair clip and bag. I listed 4 of the dresses for 100 and only 3 sold. One for $50 or less, one for around $60, one for $80 after reducing the prices. One never sold and one I've worn once, it's pretty casual and plain. I like the bag, socks, and blouse, but not over $300 worth. I feel so ripped off, I have basically $250 worth of stuff for $500 and that is not including the $100 of fees and shipping

These LPs are big and heavy, shipping and other costs added up a lot. So really I lost even more money to get a grab bag of plain basic stuff

>> No.10374051

>buy lucky pack
>be surprised that it's full of undesirables
some things never change

>> No.10374054

this. what do people expect when buying a lucky pack? it's always undesirable trash that the company couldn't sell off

>> No.10374064

More like they're just poor

If I have $100 left, am I really going to get the $50 shirt or the $10 one?

>> No.10374073


you shouldn't be relying on lp's to make money dude

>> No.10374163

I wasn't, I was trying to rely on the muh resale value argument to justify buying more than I needed. Now that I know it isn't worth it I buy less new brand

>> No.10374224

I actually have seen some of the "oldies" refuse to buy too cheap clothes because they're convinced the quality would be subpar.

Never said there's an ethical consumption under capitalism. This is about people who feel entitled to cheap shit and cry classism while having classist opinions towards 3rd world countries, ironically enough.

That is also a direct result of capitalist exploitation. I know poor people who work really hard and hold 2 or 3 jobs but can barely afford to live. The poverty rate has been steadily growing in America and thus weakening the buying power. Highly doubt that the stimulus check will even do anything for that shit show of an economy, the crash was inevitable without corona anyway.

>> No.10378101
File: 603 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20200420-145226_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought the anon who said people are remote twinning just to flex on ugly people was being cynical but this is just sad.

>> No.10378102
File: 601 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20200420-144738_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10378104

Those socks on the left are the most unflattering length possible

>> No.10378105

How is this even considered twinning? Nothing is the same, not even the cut.

>> No.10378120

these look worse than i thought. twinning only works irl anyway because you can take cute pics interacting together. i might as well just throw on an old coord and twin with my past self.

>> No.10378149

one of the ladies in the COF thread has been doing twinning with her own self. i don't see why not.

>> No.10378243

Unrelated but I can't get over "like is better when you smell nice"

>> No.10378250

Well, it's true

>> No.10380866

Does anyone have a photo of Rosie to hand? I live near a Care In The Community house in the SW of England (near where he apparently lives). A new resident has just moved in and it looked the spitting image of him. I've just seen him putting his recycling out in a terrible sissy outfit. I have an image in my brain but need a reference to double check it's him.

>> No.10380871

There's one here >>10378682

>> No.10380884

Thanks anon. I did think there was a photo of him in an ita thread but wasn't looking at the correct one. I'll let you all know once I get a better look at him.

>> No.10381205

Did anyone read the French community mod's story in RC about the tranny molesting, harassing, and taking upskirts of underage lolitas in their comm for years? That is why "terfs" don't let sissies into our comms. When you're naive and too afraid to be transphobic they take advantage of you and the most vulnerable people of your comm gets hurt.

>> No.10381249

Caps for those of us who don't use fb?

Seriously though, isn't this like the second or third time something like this has happened in a comm in the last few months? There was that guy in some Spanish-speaking comm (I want to say Argentina? Maybe Spain?) who had been sharing meetup pics on a sissy forum too. Mods need to wise up.

>> No.10381252

It’s not even just sissies that this happens with. Cis men get the glass elevator treatment and take advantage of that too. Happened in my comm, some guy was using it for years to sexually harass And target our members, and was able to skate by because everyone just wanted to give him the “benefit of the doubt” or whatever

>> No.10381253

I swear, some lolitas are almost intentionally dense when it comes to this. Red flags get ignored because "there's no proof". Like wtf, there doesn't need to be hard proof. It's a comm, not a court of law. If someone is making people uncomfrotable, there's probably a good reason.

>> No.10381266

>that guy in some Spanish-speaking comm
That was a dude from Argentina, who also interacted a lot with the international community.

>> No.10381352
File: 599 KB, 810x2379, Screenshot_20200425-115436_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Long dump incoming. Each number corresponds with a screenshot of someone's testimony in French. I'll only post her translation.

>> No.10381354
File: 762 KB, 810x2265, Screenshot_20200425-115459_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10381356
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>> No.10381357
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>> No.10381358
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>> No.10381359
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>> No.10381360
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>> No.10381361
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>> No.10381363
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>> No.10381364
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>> No.10381366
File: 499 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20200425-115815_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/end dump

>> No.10381402

Everyone defending trannies in the comments, just yikes. No such thing as "true trans", they are all woman-face wearing creeps. This made me peak-trans all over again.

>> No.10381404

absolutely disgusting

>> No.10381424

I’ve noticed this too and it’s baffling. On the one hand most of my comm is super SJW but on the other hand we can’t even discuss individual creeps from our comm’s history without someone jumping in to unironically remind us that #notallmen. God forbid one of the zero men in the room get their feelings hurt by a conversation that isn’t even about them, I guess? It makes it hard to warn newbies about those creeps that have been banned for inappropriate behavior but still lurk around conventions and other lolita-adjacent events.

>> No.10381570

any pics of this person?

>> No.10381846
File: 146 KB, 1080x1620, FB_IMG_1587917530357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10381847
File: 265 KB, 668x1000, 20200426_111358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10381857

this is disturbing

>> No.10381860

But some of the victims were also trans

>> No.10381861

>tfw Steve Buscemi tries lolita

>> No.10381896

Let me guess, all afab trans or nb? They’re are even more vulnerable to creeps like that because they’re led to feel a false sense of camaraderie with him, but he just views them as easy pickings. My comm has had to deal with several sissies and every single one of them immediately honed in on the young gender-questioning tumblr crowd.

>> No.10381915

Is there a particular reason he's doing a nazi salute?

>> No.10381924


>> No.10381938

This is making me uncomfortable...

>> No.10381949

This is creepy as fuck.


>> No.10381973

Pls don't be his kid pls don't be his kid pls don't be his kid

>> No.10382298

It's not his kid, it's on his FB page and he mentions the mother was there and gave permission for the photo to be taken. Which doesn't inspire great confidence in her parenting skills, but at least he hasn't reproduced.

>> No.10383086

This is so creepy omg. I'm so glad they decided to get rid of him. If he comes back, I hope they call the police.

It's a shame, because this makes all brolitas look bad. So toxic.

>> No.10383119

She stole 100 Euros from that guy, are you saying its OK to steal from people just because they're creeps?

>> No.10383146

Stole it according to a crazy drama whore who's lied about a million other things. I mean, maybe it's true, I'm not involved, but does this guy seem like a credible source to you?

>> No.10383419

I believe they're going for a superhero flying pose, but the whole thing looks unfortunate.

>> No.10383419,1 [INTERNAL] 

Many a feminist will tell you it's a-OK.

>> No.10383419,2 [INTERNAL] 

Huge level of Peak Cis here in this thread as well.

>> No.10383419,3 [INTERNAL] 

Censoring names, anyone?

**points to the top of the page**

"This thread is not to single out individuals or for vendetta posting."

"Don’t forget to censor names."

The rules are apparently an urban legend in this place.

>> No.10383419,4 [INTERNAL] 

HEY LOOK IT'S CHRISTINE WESTON CHANDLER SONICHU the CPU Blue Heart of the Nations of Quickville, Comma and the Consoles of Commodore!

>> No.10383419,5 [INTERNAL] 


Six months later and he's still at large. Where's the cis-police when you need them?

>> No.10383419,6 [INTERNAL] 


Translation: "we are not TERFs, we are transphobic, we use transphobic slurs, but we are not TERFs, we just want every single transgender person to die and to be wiped off the surface of this planet."

Go buy a few coherence neurons, girl.

>> No.10383419,7 [INTERNAL] 

Stupid Christmas... You know, the best X-Mas present for all of us would be to see this fucktard behind bars, but he's still at large scaring us REAL women on a 1000-mile radius. Where's justice when we need it?

>> No.10383419,8 [INTERNAL] 


I believe you tried to sound intelligent, but this whole sentence looks unfortunate.

>> No.10383419,15 [INTERNAL] 

Shut up bot and let us talk seriously about this new Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu of a non-human.

>> No.10383419,16 [INTERNAL] 

Geez, I wonder who's the most annoying, the fucktard man in a dress or those fucktard bots in human skin?

>> No.10383419,17 [INTERNAL] 


It collapsed under the weight of your own TERFitude and transphobia. Simple as that.

>> No.10383419,18 [INTERNAL] 

1 year later and he's still at large. Where's the cis police when we need them?

>> No.10383419,19 [INTERNAL] 

We definitely should welcome Marie Yulia to our single-sex troon-free safe space. And Camellia MidSummer too! Perhaps they're reading this thread right now...

>> No.10383419,20 [INTERNAL] 


Yeah, Camellia should be recognized for standing out against TRA bullshit.

>> No.10383419,21 [INTERNAL] 

You know... I think the police should have mobilized their forces to arrest that other dude in a dress rather than Chris Chan.

>> No.10383419,22 [INTERNAL] 

... you know Chris did their own mother, right? Are you in favor of incest or what?

>> No.10383419,23 [INTERNAL] 


How about: who cares? Elinciel deserves to rot in jail, not Chris.

>> No.10383419,24 [INTERNAL] 



>> No.10383419,25 [INTERNAL] 

You're Elinciel, right? GTFO you troon.

>> No.10383419,26 [INTERNAL] 


Two years later and he's still at large. Where's the gender police when we need it?

>> No.10383419,27 [INTERNAL] 

WTF you're talking about?

>> No.10383419,28 [INTERNAL] 


WTF you're talking about?

>> No.10383419,29 [INTERNAL] 


Marie Yulia, Sarah Colombo, Camellia MidSummer, Marguerite Stern, Dora Moutot, TadamYen: same high level of French troon-busting intelligence.