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previous thread: >>10324820

New Spoon out 1/30!

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wow, that dress is fucking hideous. when will ap just go back to 2010 sweet aesthetic?

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There is one release for S/S 2020 that fits the 2010 aesthetic, I don't know if it is a spring release or a summer release but it is called ice cream parlor. It also comes in mint x choco and red x navy

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The dress itself

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oh my god BTSSB u at it again godammit! Already sold out on the Japan market; Kumya's Sweet Ice Cream

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heck not sold out; I guess they just post it up sold out then take it off jan 31?? idk im an ap whore shit

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I really hope the JSK looks better than the OP. There's been a few prints recently that I've been excited about but the cuts make it unbuyable. Fingers crossed the Ice Cream Parlor print turns out cute like Toy Doll Box.

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The good news is: the print will be cotton

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The print details are really cute but the fabric looks different from a couple of months ago?

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Am I nuts or is LM down for anyone else? It was fine earlier but now says there is an error for me.

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Source? Only place I saw this posted was by a random on FB

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Yeah, same for me. I wonder what's going on.

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Same, maybe a DDos?

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Have you seen Royal Crown Berry? It's nice

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>not knowing how AP releases work
....brand whore, eh?
>obvious roleplayer is painfully obvious

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>Shoulder strap is removable.


Ivory×White lace×Pink ribbon

Pink×White lace×Light pink ribbon

Mint×White lace×Brown ribbon

Black×White lace×Dark pink ribbon


[Outer material]

Cotton Buckingham : Cotton 100%


Polyester 100%


Length: 55 cm ( 21.65 inch )

Waist: 70 ~ 101 cm ( 27.56 ~ 39.76 inch )

Fatty-chan friendly too, nice

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Thats for the skirt
Jsk I is:
>The length of the shoulder strap is able to be arranged by buttons


Ivory×White lace×Pink ribbon

Pink×White lace×Light pink ribbon

Mint×White lace×Brown ribbon

Black×White lace×Dark pink ribbon


[Outer material]

Cotton Buckingham : Cotton 100%


Polyester 100%


Length: 92 ~ 95 cm ( 36.22 ~ 37.40 inch )

Bust: 91 ~ 98 cm ( 35.83 ~ 38.58 inch )

Waist: 71 ~ 78 cm ( 27.95 ~ 30.71 inch )

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The Print is so cute! A also love the accesoires and shoes! Well done Baby!

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The length of the shoulder strap is able to be arranged by buttons


Ivory×White lace×Pink ribbon

Pink×White lace×Light pink ribbon

Mint×White lace×Brown ribbon

Black×White lace×Dark pink ribbon


[Outer material]

Cotton Buckingham : Cotton 100%


Polyester 100%


Length: 92 ~ 95 cm ( 36.22 ~ 37.40 inch )

Bust: 80 ~ 98 cm ( 31.50 ~ 38.58 inch )

Waist: 77 ~ 105 cm ( 30.31 ~ 41.34 inch )

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We need a tier list of all the Kuma prints

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I just tried going to my profile and that does work. I can also search for items. It seems it's only the main page that doesn't work. Weird.

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If only the colourways weren't hideous. I wished I loved it but it's a skip for me.

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The girl who posted that attended the event, she wasn’t a random

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I hate the stripes, personally.

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Some of Deerstalker's old lolita videos got marked as kids content which is a YIKES

Anyone know how to download YT vids?

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They stopped making lolita videos because of that. They couldn't monetize videos marked for kids. Which is hilarious because they're not really child friendly.

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Oh I didnt know so thanks for the clarification!

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>Fashion named "Lolita"
>Made for kids

Lol YT fucking sucks

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What are you most excited for with the upcoming resurgence of 2010 sweet?

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Being the only classic in my comm again

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I really, really hope skirts, cutsews and big collections with hoodies and different accessories comes back into style.

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Seconding the big collections. I want my variety back.

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i learned about lolita back in my younger days in ~2011, and now i'm actually at a place where i can buy the clothes and am (slowly) building my wardrobe i'm ecstatic that the style that made me fall in love is coming back

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Hopefully more rereleases, I feel like milky planet and fancy paper dolls have had light hints dropped here and there lately, similar to how honey cake had some mini hints (the pass cases that were a part of a tea party before first MTO was announced I think?). And I think toy fantasy got released as printed pouches at some point last year iirc. I wouldn't mind milky planet to finally get me a headbow for my OP.
Also I know it pops up fairly frequently but it would be nice to see a return of sugary carnival, just so it can be possible to get a dress that isn't super faded or used to death. I can't remember everything that was on the survey slip from the museum but I think we could see more from that as well.

I'd be excited for extra cute accessories to return too, maybe plush pony bags, sweeter themed jewellery. Also more new original prints, Toy Doll Box was wonderful, and I'll be glad to see a clear image of the new ice cream print as a whole (I've seen the pouch already but I want to see the dress properly)

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See what I mean! Sugary carnival had a parka, cardigan and 2 hoodies. Fancy Box had 2 cutsews. Dreaming macaron had a parka, cutsew and 2 purses.

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Omg i don't even wear sweet but I want these

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I’m ready to go so fucking OTT. I’m ready to shove every. fucking. bow. into my hair. 80% of my wardrobe is geared towards 2010 sweet styling.

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Seconding this. I’m trying hard to be a lifestyle lolita but the casual tops are really scarce these days and pastel normie stuff or fairy kei stuff just somehow misses the mark

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I don’t feel like they’re ever going to have this variety of items for releases again. They’re too focused on pumping out dress of the week. That business model is working too well for them to go back to this.

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omg i loooove these kinds of parkas anon, i hope they come back in style.

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I don't want
I want 2nd hand cheap sweet dresses

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> I'd be excited for extra cute accessories to return too, maybe plush pony bags, sweeter themed jewellery.
I really wish they did more diverse items like fancy berets, novelty bags or accessories. People blame them for pulling out milky bears in all colors and shapes, but probably it’s the hint for bigger comeback of plush bags. Also I wish they were back on making non-basic knit stuff.

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That post is about Baby.

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ap usa just launched two MTOs in one midnight release. Also it looks like they still have fruity lemon, or some reissue of fruity lemon and that diner series.

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Sax or pink? Website shows pink correctly now

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seconding this, with hopefully more cuts available instead of the same frumpy high waisted jsks

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The colourways are atrocious, otherwise the dress was cute

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I wonder what ever happened to all the official photos for Witches Follies? Nothing has been released and the last word from the organisers is that the photographer is busy.

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This sounds familiar. Who was the photographer? The Spellbound event in the Netherlands took place over a year ago now and we still haven't seen more than a handful of the official photos, I don't think we'll ever get them.

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Milky Bear is to compete with Baby’s Usakumya (which the Chinese will kill for)

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Never been a fan of AP bears and plush bags desu. I like the crown/British bear and that's about it. Kumyas are the superior mascot.

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I really like Porter bois and also pony bags. Idk honestly how do I feel about this concept of Milky bears. I like bigger bois better, but just can't justify buying such a big plush bag.

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I really wish AP would re-release those bags

>> No.10329406

That's sad, it must be frustrating for the organisers too if a photographer is ghosting them. I'm going to make sure to bring my camera (it's slightly better than my phone) to events from now on.

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ponies or Borter pears?

>> No.10329425

I feel like we will never going to get all the individual/group photos from the first day.

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To be fair they kind of didn't really do these "big" sets way back then either. A lot of times the releases would include only main pieces and jewellery, a cutsew/matching blouse wasn't unusual but wasn't customary either. Then if the release was huge hit, some months later there would just be another random purse, or surprise cutsew. If the hype kept going when the season changes over AP might release a parka or a coat for the series, or a bunch of wallets. Maybe when rainy season rolls around they'd even do printed brollies. Basically as long as there's hype AP is happy to milk it, if there isn't then they're not going to throw money producing stuff girls won't buy.

There hasn't been anything in the past couple of years with the same fever hype to match Sugary Carnival honestly, and almost every series this year has had some leftovers. So I'm not really surprised they're not bothering to release extra cutsews and hoodies to match.

I'm with the anon who thinks bears must have sold well recently, even the Christmas print had bears on it. If they really wanted to push a contender to Usakumya then Lyrical Bunny would've been a better choice with being a repeat mascot in more than one print. It seems like if it doesn't sell well then AP just drops the product/series. the Christmas prints don't seem to have done well so maybe they'll move on to something else next year, though.

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I wonder if they'll put up the MTO for Toy Fantasy too.

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>please AP

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>giant bear head
>tiny bear face
I don't know why I hate these so much, I usually like bears

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That isn't entirety true anon, the cutsews and purses for Macaron all came out within the same time. And even now releases hardly include jewelry, it's at most an OP, JSK, headbow and sometimes socks or tights.

and by far the biggest most extensive collection angelic pretty released was milky fawn, but that is also because in addition to the print there was an applique velvet release to.

There definitely has been collections with huge hype- the Milkshake series was HUGE, Fancy Candy too. AP releases more prints now, it's not that they've scaled back only on releasing extra cutsews with prints, they hardly release any cutsews at all. Or solids. Or skirts. They've all died a slow death in favor of a print release almost every two weeks.

>> No.10329539


There's plenty of other series that didn't get the same treatment and were released piecemeal over the entire year though. If you can only name a few that did it, I'd put it down as unusual rather than the norm.

If you think Milkshake and Fancy Candy were big you might want to look up the drama around DDC's release, or Holy Lantern's first re-release. Heck, you could check Sugary Carnival's secondhand price in 2013, for a dress that was released in 2009, to see what hype really looks like. There's simply not a lot of modern AP that can match the hype they used to have.

As for their current range -- a lot of the blouses and cutsews usually have some colour left over that goes on sale. That's probably what's discouraging them from making even more. I just don't see them suddenly choosing to make more of it if they can't even sell out of their non-specific cutsews.

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It sorta reminds me of a tick and I have no idea why.

>> No.10329545

It sort of reminds me of a tick and I have no idea why.

>> No.10329555

I see what you mean, I hate these goddamn things so much. Bears are my favorite animals too, I just want to love these ones....

>> No.10329584

Hydrocephalus bears.

>> No.10329586

They remind of me a fetus desu

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Plushie bags and street clothes! As much as I love the conlita trend, sometimes I just wanna wear new threads to the market

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I like looking at 2010 sweet lolitas. And also, casual gothic resurgence when? Finding casual stuff for gothic is extremely hard.

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adjacent but opposite energies

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I would love to see skirts, especially proper lolita length normal-waisted ones, make a comeback in the fashion overall. They probably never sold well because they were often made so much smaller than all the other pieces in a release, so I would love to see more with partial shirring.

I was feeling nostalgic looking through my outfit snaps from when I started lolita in early 2010 and it had struck me how the kinds of casual blouse and skirt coords that were common to gothic lolita then are pretty much never seen now. Agree. Actually, I was thinking about how some of the early taobao brands for gothic were quite successful because they filled that niche as well; for example HMHM used to put out some cute stuff for casual gothic like cutsews.

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Agree with all of this. I’m hoping with old school and now pastel vomit era sweet coming back the casual skirts and cutsews come back. I like OTT sweet because of its sassy in your face attitude, but I’m so sick of all the ott classic and gothic coords with giant Madonna crowns, under skirts down to your ankles, ridiculous costumes. I want lolita to be more of a fashion again and not people playing princess dress up & conlita shit

>> No.10329638

I actually find some of IW’s non print pieces in black pretty good for toned down gothic coords. Boz also does plenty of more casual stuff. Look second hand as well for the likes of BPN. Just because it isn’t ‘in’ doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a less costume-like look.

>> No.10329654

Didn't Moitie just release 3 cutsews?

>> No.10329667

That's actually how I ended up transitioning more into classic. Gateway drug I guess, but I definitely have some old BPN stuff for that exact reason! Speaking of both IW and BPN, you don't see too many vests anymore outside of ouji, either. I guess that's probably related to the downturn of skirt coords as well.

>> No.10329692

Boz do vests still. Heck, their NY LP skirt set was with a vest. It’s a really cute and very wearable set. I really miss Excentrique and their wonderful corset vests though.
I wear a lot of aristocrat style, so I often find that a dress in a simple classic style, like IW’s underbust corset dresses, when teamed up with say a Boz blouse, can be really good for giving that sort of toned down, aristo inspired kind of look. Only it’s with more of a lolita skirt length, without too much fuss or lots of frills and details. I’m very much also of the opinion that you don’t need an outfit to be covered in lots of crosses, bats, and long veils for something to count as ‘gothic’.

>> No.10329737 [DELETED] 

has anyone done a sex tape in lolita? i'm seriously considering doing one and then showing it at a private 18+ lolita meetup.

>> No.10329758

Why do you want to show your friends a video of you having sex?

I’m not against a Lolita sex tape, I just wouldn’t want to show my own personal comm. if they happened to find it, cool, whatever, that’s on them for trying to find that sort of thing anyways.

>> No.10329788

how the **** did these people make their way into our communities!

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Lol, I used to secretly call them like this. Still like them tho, smol and swooshy babs.

>> No.10329797

The retardation is strong in this one

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Sounds about ita

>> No.10329845

Sounds like something wonderfinch would say. This kind of lax shit is why so many itas and sissies stay in comms for so long

>> No.10329848

i have 2 thoughts on this.

people who go out of their way to call other peoples' opinions irrelevant are always the ones who get super butthurt about them.

people who say shit like this have little perception of how they look.
there's a huge issue in lolita, and other jfashions, where people are more into the idea of fashion, than fashion as a concept or styling themselves in general. especially in lolita, they want to wear it, not because they like the aesthetic, or because want to look like the models, they just want to look how the models make them feel. that's why we get these "lolitas should be lovelies" weeb itas. people like this are the ones who are taking it too seriously. they are wearing it because it makes them feel a certain way about themselves. that's why they're so critical of other peoples' suggestions or approval. that's why they claim everyone else is taking it too seriously, when in actuality, those people just want everyone in the fashion to look aesthetically better. they're the same kinds of people who don't understand that lifestylers are just trying to commit to the aesthetic more, and aren't just people who think they're dolls or princesses. it's along the same lines of stuff like lolita at heart, lolita isn't anything deeper than wanting to dress in a specific style and express a specific aesthetic.

also, i hate the word concrit, or calling it constructive criticism. the word criticism is confrontational, and it's really just suggesting. it makes me wonder how these girls with such fragile egos deal with anything, but i guess it's just because they're making their clothes their entire identity, rather than just an aesthetic.

>> No.10329849

Don't ever try to improve yourself!
Stagnation is a good thing!
Don't ever consider other people's opinions or perspectives!
Don't try to learn anything!
You were born perfect and everything you do is the best attempt you'll ever make!
The key to happiness is staying the exact same forever!

>> No.10329850


getting butthurt about concrit is easily avoidable if you just put 'no concrit needed/wanted' on your posts. Problem solved, no rant needed

>> No.10329907

While I agree with this, there also seems to be a massive misunderstanding in this fashion regarding what concrit is and how/when it should be given.
If someone is wearing something casually and not trying to impress, any 'advice' would be unwarranted. On the other hand, if they are trying to impress (particularly at events or if the coord itself is posted to social media) then concrit should be provided (preferably when asked), and taken, directed solely on the fashion not the wearer.
If it's directed as a personal attack/ belittling (e.g. you look cheap/like a thot) as I see all too often here, then it's not concrit. If op takes proper concrit personally or makes excuses then that's their problem and they're likely destined to stay ita.
Concrit should be about sharing ideas and helping others grow not proving how much some roleplayer 'knows' or trying to make yourself look better in comparison.

In short, don't be a dick wear your big girl bloomers and contribute to the community instead of being catty.

>> No.10329909

Really well said about people taking the fashion too seriously. I never mentioned that before until I got pointed out that people in comm take everything with “deadly” seriousness.
I mean ita coords hurt, but is it so hard to just avoid them? Plus fashion is accessible like never before, so you’d see some plain full set rather than typical ita.

>> No.10329910

She's borderline perma ita herself

>> No.10329920

Lol this could have been written by me, including that I've not gotten better in many years (I just got a better wardrobe)

>> No.10329936

Well I'm a dummy, but my point still stands. Baby does their releases the same way every time

>> No.10329941

>they want to wear it, not because they like the aesthetic, or because want to look like the models, they just want to look how the models make them feel
>they are wearing it because it makes them feel a certain way about themselves
>they're making their clothes their entire identity, rather than just an aesthetic
I’ve noticed the same thing but never really knew how to articulate it. Lolita seems to attract a lot of people who treat it as a kind of escapism, a fantasy self-image. I guess they see something that inspires a certain feeling in them and think that simply buying the things associated with that feeling and putting them on means that it rubs off on them somehow.

So it doesn’t really matter as much if the clothes don’t look good on them personally, what matters is that they’re wearing them and can now project the image onto themselves. When other people poke holes in this projection by pointing out that things don’t fit or are low quality or coordinated poorly, their fantasy self-image collapses and they feel personally attacked. I think a lot of lolitas go through this phase initially (especially if they got into it through fictional media like anime), but some are stuck like this and become defensive perma-itas or drop the fashion altogether when it no longer makes them feel the way they want.

>> No.10329949

No reply to sissy

>> No.10329955

>When other people poke holes in this projection by pointing out that things don’t fit or are low quality or coordinated poorly, their fantasy self-image collapses and they feel personally attacked.

This is exactly it.

>> No.10329976


I don’t agree that concrit is annoying and must be stopped, it’s crucial for newbies starting out to point them in the right direction. But half of all given concrit is just the commenters personal preferences masquerading as concrit, which is useless and helps nobody. I’ve gotten “concrit” that my style is outdated since I wear 2010 AP sweet.

>> No.10330014 [DELETED] 

Me too. I'm an old school lolita and the 2010's was a horrible time to be oldschool. I remember being told I needed a wig and patterned socks etc etc I got so tired of it I went in to hiding and have only recently came back out again

Practically no one who gave me "con-crit" was anyone who's style I liked or even understood what I was going for.

You can easily argue I've gotten "better" since but it's actually me just getting a bigger wardrobe, the style and what I'm going for remain the same.

I'm literally laughing my ass off at some of these replies lol

>> No.10330017

>>10329920 #
Me too. I'm an old school lolita and the 2010's was a horrible time to be oldschool. I remember being told I needed a wig and patterned socks etc etc I got so tired of it I went in to hiding and have only recently came back out again

Practically no one who gave me "con-crit" was anyone who's style I liked or even understood what I was going for.

You can easily argue I've gotten "better" since but it's actually me just getting a bigger wardrobe, the style and what I'm going for remain the same.

I'm literally laughing my ass off at some of these replies. "Fantasy self"? lol

>> No.10330027

>I guess they see something that inspires a certain feeling in them and think that simply buying the things associated with that feeling and putting them on means that it rubs off on them somehow.
>I think a lot of lolitas go through this phase initially (especially if they got into it through fictional media like anime)

I was like this as a noob, I hold out hope that newbies like this can change.

>> No.10330039
File: 8 KB, 260x194, 1579183318590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is AP Paris so slow when it comes to this? Are they taking time to make sure they really mark up the prices.

>> No.10330045


Ita thread. It's usually 80% actually trashy coords and you'll quite often see the odd ita with the caption "they posted it as 'no concrit pls'" while the ita in question clearly needed some advice, and sometimes there's info that indicated they need to be pointed towards where to find a better wardrobe at all.

That being said though, I'm also with >>10329907 -- there's usually an equal % of comments that are equally as bad as the itas -- "floral tights look like bruises", or someone hyperventilating that "o no biscuits bag on a choco coord this is ita trash" and some anon once declared all chocomint star clips are auto ita because she was tired of seeing them "everywhere".

There kind of are too many itas with sensitive egos and also too many noobs who seem to get high off running their mouths disguised as "concrit".

>> No.10330079

The last few sentences make this person seem incredibly butthurt and ita and I disagree with the need for concrit to be stopped (obviously there's people out there that do ask for and welcome it) buuuut I actually agree with the concept of "getting better" in lolita fashion being ridiculous.
It's always seemed so weird to me that people will say that so-and-so hasn't improved in 6 years. In some cases, the girls dress completely fine, just boring, but to the ones criticizing them, getting better seems to mean becoming more OTT, or in some cases, spending more money.
The only ones who have room for improvement are itas, that have no grasp of the right silhouette, color theory, or the appropriate aesthetic, but in those cases we don't even consider them to be wearing lolita at all so should they even be counted?
For everyone else that already has that stuff down to the point that they look good what parameters would they even be meeting to be considered "improved"?

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File: 63 KB, 420x560, 2275670_581234_10151814074000157_784770156_24612519_1655134877_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I definitely think that coming from an old school lolita that this is what happened to her.

I understand the need for concrit specially for new lolitas but there was a time when oldschool and oldschool styling such as natural hair, less accessories, and not being matchy-matchy/not perfectly matching your colors, wearing black shoes in a coord with no black etc was very much frowned upon.

I even specifically remember this outfit being posted in the itathread and practically the whole community deeming it ita. It would pop up multiple times and it was held as a prime example of an ita. I think some people popped up saying it was oldchool but they where promptly shot down by the entire board claiming they where WK etc.

Looking back on it now it's old school done perfectly well it just wasn't popular. Which is why I understand why she would feel that way.

I agree with her but at the same time I agree we shouldn't just stop giving concrit though idk

I feel like the new people might need it. But if someone is doing something for a while we should probably be more understanding of peoples personal style etc when giving concrit?

>> No.10330170

>I feel like the new people might need it. But if someone is doing something for a while we should probably be more understanding of peoples personal style etc when giving concrit?

I think an understanding of the fashion as a whole should be required for proper concrit. People giving advice to people for the most part are trying to get the person to dress just like them with no understanding of what the person might be going for etc. And generally trying to get them to hop on the latest trend.

Like people wearing cosplay wigs for example. Don't just bitch about it and ask them to get a natural colored wig. Just point them in the direction of good multi colored wigs and teach them how to cut the fucking fringe/style it well.

>> No.10330175

Giving concrit doesn't mean you have to spoonfeed them. Don't expect people to baby you

>> No.10330220

This comes off as needlessly aggressive, but the sentiment is completely fair. Lolita is a very concrit oriented community and we always assume we should give concrit. It's not meant to be malicious, and fashion in general is like that. I get unwarranted advice about my coords often, too, but it's something that can't be helped. usually i don't care, but some concrit is mindbogglingly bad and annoying. And some newer lolitas think their opinion is super necessary when in reality, they look like shit and it's hard to take them seriously. Sometimes ill read crit and be shocked by it to the point i feel a bit mad. A lot of people are saying to just ask for no concrit, but even when you ask, there's a chance youll get posted here where it happens anyways. Sometimes people even get mad about saying "no concrit".
i can also understand her side because she's a daily lolita, and the fact is, she wears the clothes for casual wear more than anything else. she's not trying to look perfect, she's just trying to wear clothes she likes. Every daily lolita, including myself, takes shortcuts. Often I won't wear a petti or ill wear shoes that don't match perfectly because they're a bit comfier. while I don't share these outfits online, she does.
I feel like it's pointless to try to give concrit or get mad at her when she's expressed that she likes the way she looks and has no desire to change. we aren't helping her improve, so just leave her be. it's just petty at this point.

>> No.10330222

>Sometimes ill read crit and be shocked by it to the point i feel a bit mad.

I posted a coord to CoF that I thought was really cute. I got very blunt concrit that "my boots were unflattering", and the person who posted it....wore boots just like mine in one of their own coordinates, which were very average. It wasn't concrit at all, it was just personal taste.

Some people I think have a bully mentality and want to bring other people down a peg via concrit. I know the mentality, because I've been there. When I was barely fresh out of being an ita I took it upon myself to give harsh concrit on other sites outside of livejoural, because I wanted to feel smart and important.

>> No.10330237

The personal taste part is a huge problem with concrit. Not liking something doesn't make it ita. I feel like some people take it upon themselves to invent rules or fashion ideas and base it entirely on their own feelings.
I was also mean when i was very new and young. a lot of people buy into the whole "lolitas are meanies" mentality and feel like being cruel makes them more like other lolitas and it will help them fit in. Despite lolita being unique, a lot of people are desperate to fit into a community and sometimes even care more about meetups and cgl than they do about the actual fashion. adopting a mentality, to some, is easier than buying clothes.

>> No.10330275

Found on Weibo that there's a lolita in Wuhan who's critically ill from the coronavirus.

Pls pray for her.

>> No.10330284

can you post the comments or a translation?

>> No.10330289

I'm just excited for being excited about new AP releases again like I used to be.

>> No.10330290

>i can also understand her side because she's a daily lolita, and the fact is, she wears the clothes for casual wear more than anything else
Lol no, she doesn't even wear it monthly.

>> No.10330296
File: 96 KB, 500x500, 1454554314773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I definitely think that coming from an old school lolita
No anon, wonderfinch just has a history of dressing like shit. She barely wore old school when it wasn't trendy and that coord is completely cherry picked.

>> No.10330298

People also think that pointing out someone is fat or ugly is "concrit." Even if their coord itself is perfectly fine. That's not constructive whatsoever.

>> No.10330307

>Looking back on it now it's old school done perfectly well
Not really though -- the tea parties really take away from it. She needs clunkier shoes or mary janes, otherwise it just looks like a bad modern coord.

>> No.10330315

Leaving lolita sale when?

>> No.10330347

photo? she sounds perma-ita

>> No.10330360
File: 163 KB, 595x842, EE61E2AD-178A-4897-BE8F-9B8ABCCEE1B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Angelic Pretty release- Romantic Perfume

>> No.10330361

Photos from the Fairy Mirage tea party- the runway/display version is a lot different.

>> No.10330362
File: 599 KB, 1936x1936, F685D95C-0CC8-49A8-B0E2-2D464741F460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped my image like an idiot

>> No.10330366

>treat it as a kind of escapism, a fantasy self-image.
Isn't this how Misako treats it?

>> No.10330369

It’s quite interesting to compare the types of comments on posts from LJ days to FB days. I think a lot of lolitas on FB think that the only good way to actively participate in lolita on social media is to give concrit. They like to imagine themselves as creative experts in the group because to them it somehow raises their status in the community. With LJ there were a lot more conversational comments, such as asking specific details about items in the coord or engaging about the event or photography. FB is a very narcissistic social media platform. If anything I see more LJ-style interactions on Instagram.

>> No.10330380

Nah they just posted it on btb or getoffegl

>> No.10330386

LJ posts were a little story about your meetup and outfit, so there was more to comment on than just clothes. Most comments on fb are single words like cute! amazing!

>> No.10330412

What resurgence? Source?

Is this being made with polyester?

>> No.10330416

Kind of disappointed in the cuts.

>> No.10330418

>that shine

>> No.10330422
File: 68 KB, 700x700, A87EA205-035F-4DDB-8720-37E3BA86882C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a strong feeling that this is the same fabric that Baby used for their Secret Garden print.

>> No.10330424


They sometimes have a tea party exclusive version that is only available for purchase by the attendees. Maybe that's what this is.

>> No.10330445

Was this print drawn by Kira Imai?

>> No.10330452


>> No.10330460


What you think?

>> No.10330464

I’m surprised i haven’t seen this considering the amount of views it has. Is that her first coord? It’s super cute and looks really good on her. Tbh she followed the make up tutorial really well.. I enjoyed the whole video.

>> No.10330489


>> No.10330491

Ugh. Why is she wobbling her head about like a retard as she talks.

Plenty of black lolitas, don't see the point of this video to be honest

>> No.10330494

I'm not sure her observations on the community of the time are entirely accurate...

>> No.10330495

ditto anon. Who knows, maybe after that we will see the mid 10s resurgence of OTT Classic with the painting dresses and such...yuck

>> No.10330497

I didn't like the wig, but the makeup was pretty good. She did a nice adaptation for her skintone, an it looked quite cute!

>> No.10330504

Reminder that yaplog.jp shuts down in 12 hours.

>> No.10330508

I honestly just fucking hate people like Ophelia who complain about ~true old school~ as an old fag I just feel like I've been there done that and don't wanna keep doing it again forever. I see nothing wrong on modern takes on it. To be fair I don't call what I do old school but the influence is definitely there. The old school tag on IG is full of people wearing bodyline blouses with chemical lace and I don't see anyone complaining about it. You just nitpick her outfit because of your obvious hate boner.

>> No.10330529

Nayrt but they are right, the shoes do kind of look out of place and wf always looks like she takes bad care of herself. It's ironic you accuse anon of having a hateboner when you openly state you do the same with ophelia.

>> No.10330549

There was one on redtube aaaages ago. Girl was wearing MAM and had adorable strawberry panties, very average looking girl too. It was more kind of wholesome amateur porn though, it wasn't like a secret leaked sex tape

>> No.10330576

>I see nothing wrong on modern takes on it.
Unfortunately some people get butthurt when you combine old school with modern lolita, it doesn't matter if you're not going for an authentic old school look where everything is old or looks old.
I like to give my coords a twist, if it looks bad or just doesn't work, I want to get feedback. But usually it's just "you're not supposed to wear those shoes with old school" or "it would look more real if you changed your blouse" (wtf? I am real). They want you to have a separate wardrobe for each era.

>> No.10330577

>girl had to wear lolita and have sex with someone while being filmed to make ends meet

>> No.10330589

You say that as if you know something about this particular girl that we don't, or as if no woman would ever have a reason to film a sex tape other than desperation and poverty.

>> No.10330595

The majority of sex workers are financially coerced into this though, sorry you think paid rape is remotely "wholesome"

>> No.10330598


Yep. I hate it. I know this is discussed to death but please someone out there make a conversational platform for the EGL community that is easy to archive and actually discuss things. You can cover it in ads like Lacemarket I dont even care.

>> No.10330599

It's such a stupid way of looking at it and just makes it seem more like a costume to treat it that way. Obviously you can wear something that's heavily old-school inspired without making sure you're 100% accurate. In normie fashion, you can call an outfit "Victorian" or "50's" and people will understand by looking at you that you mean "inspired-by" and not "flawlessly faithful to the era" and nobody will throw a fit. Fashion historians might scoff at you, but they'll understand. The ones working hard to recreate every last detail are the costumed reenactors, who obviously intend it as a costume.

>> No.10330600

I'm sure that's the case for a lot of them, but all you have to do is look at the amount of patreon thots that have turned to porn and the whole sex-work-positive movement that's going on to know that there's a lot of people willingly doing it, and not even out of financial desperation.

>> No.10330607

>look at the amount of patreon thots that have turned to porn
A very small amount considering

>> No.10330615 [DELETED] 

Let's be real, these girls are simply too unintelligent to go into well paying fields like STEM, so they use what they have (looks) to make good money. And there's nothing wrong with that. Some people just aren't smart and they need jobs too.

>> No.10330616

Stay on topic, you idiots. This is lolita general.

>> No.10330618


>> No.10330620

OK roleplayer

>> No.10330626

What kind of content does Spoon usually have?
Is it like Girlism or more like GLB?

>> No.10330629

You don't need to be intelligent for STEM lol

>> No.10330634

She looks cute. Just wish she would have cut the bangs properly.

>> No.10330647

The sex-positive movement is very much hated by most sex workers though because it undermines their struggle and glamorizes an industry they wish they could leave but can't. I have yet to meet another person who despises liberal feminism more than the sex workers I'm friends with. One of them has been called a "swerf" before by some white liberals because she's critically against her industry. Which is very ironic cause she's been through some shit both because of her "job" and her racial and gender identity. Sage for OT

>> No.10330703

I think part of the problem is that you have a harder time remaining anonymous on facebook than on LJ

>> No.10330705

stop responding to obvious bait

>> No.10330719

Not sure if this is off topic, but have any of you lost a significant amount of weight to be able to wear lolita? (Like over 75lbs) If so, how did things fit before and after? Was the waist too short on items when you were heavier but fit better afterwards?

I'm mostly asking as I know I'm too big for a jsk now (the dress hits me mid-boobs) and I'm hoping that once I reach my goal it will actually fit and that it's not my height that is causing it. For reference I'm 5'9 and it is a jsk with a fully shirred back.

>> No.10330724

Are you sure your weight goal isn't underweight for you?

>> No.10330791

Yes. I lost ~60lbs and the bodices of my dresses sit lower now.

>> No.10330810

Yes it is off-topic, we had this discussion a million times already and it derails the thread with weight sperging and blogging every single time without fail. Use the archive.

>> No.10330814

>Reminder that yaplog.jp shuts down in 12 hours.
I'm really surprised and actually kind of sad that cgl hasn't talked more about this. I can't possibly hope to archive everything at this point, so I just hope those who did will share theirs soon, and that we got the majority of what was out there.

>> No.10330866

Yes. I picked a goal which is within the middle of the normal range for my height on the bmi chart. I appreciate you concerns though.

Thank you for letting me know and for helping me stay motivated! I've also lost 60ish lbs so far, but I am starting from a shamefully high weight.

>> No.10330868

i hope you realize that losing weight won't make your breasts much smaller

>> No.10330901

Well, it could. I know my breasts were the first to go and that I had an awful silhouette for a while before the rest of my body followed suit.

>> No.10330917

If anon is losing 75lb they will definitely lose inches, and not just from the breasts, but all around, the back and shoulders too. There's fat practically everywhere. When I lost 30lbs I dropped half a US shoe size.

>> No.10330918

I lost four cup sizes and four inches off of my band size, so losing weight did make them smaller, albeit proportionally.

>> No.10330941

>You just nitpick her outfit because of your obvious hate boner.
I have zero dogs in this fight anon, I was just calling it like I saw it. Disregarding "ruruus" it just isn't a good look. Old school coords use certain shoe types for a reason, clunky shoes look better with frumpy outfits than dainty ballerina shoes

>> No.10330948

Have you never lost weight or even talked to someone who has? For a lot of women your breasts getting smaller is one of the first noticeable changes.

>> No.10330973
File: 967 KB, 1936x1936, 001EDA8A-DB87-4CE3-8DA1-686A16999E3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Ice Cream parlor photos finally

This will be a bloodbath

>> No.10330975
File: 900 KB, 1936x1936, C7C03597-8C1A-48AF-AD15-A5C1495BC7A9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Horoscope Carnival

>> No.10330978
File: 858 KB, 1936x1936, 67E768C4-D3A1-4A24-B377-4A25679BA859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Château d'écume, Imani Kira’s print

>> No.10330980
File: 863 KB, 1936x1936, E371B63F-B495-4659-BE4B-AE1C127C991F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sweet Cherry Margaret

>> No.10330983
File: 871 KB, 1936x1936, 64796E03-1D58-4C76-BA4F-5BF5A72CAF97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neon Star Diner

>> No.10330985
File: 772 KB, 1936x1936, 7B12801E-1293-4319-AD5B-01B4177AFA69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10330987
File: 889 KB, 1936x1936, 240BEE4D-DE0E-41A4-B722-32D89AD7CDB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crap forgot the name, this is Rose Tea Garden

Royal Crown Berry

>> No.10330988
File: 785 KB, 1290x1935, 3AB46034-3ADE-46E9-98FA-3EDEE38B9242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now for the crazy OTT dresses

Top row: Mysterious Rose Fairy Dress, Palo Santo Fairy Dress

Bottom row: Innocent Flower Fairy Dress, Aqua Symphony Fairy Dress

>> No.10330989
File: 756 KB, 1290x1935, 74FD2D75-2FE4-46A4-8A02-2530D3C001BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top Row: Dreamy Flower Fairy Dress, Romantic Perfume Fairy Dress

Bottom Row: White Snow Fairy Dress, Royal Rococo Fairy Dress

>> No.10330991
File: 941 KB, 1936x1936, 53A5A99D-56A0-4C8D-AEA6-3A24096561CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fortune Clover Fairy Dress & Sylphide Fairy Dress

>> No.10330993
File: 1005 KB, 1936x1936, 03D40300-91F0-494B-AD50-5D7FE7031297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last two

An OTT version of Royal Crown Berry and a dress called Berry Sweet Heart

>> No.10330996


I'm actually surprised with how nice this collection looks, considering last year the only dress worth getting was "Be my valentine". I'd only purchase these two, but the rest of the prints look good - other than that terribly shiny fabric on >>10330978

>> No.10330997

The shoes are lovely

>> No.10330998 [DELETED] 

I wonder if they are going to restock that pompom glitter shoes. Although these are so high heeled, it must be hard to walk.

>> No.10331036

I was so excited for this bit am not digging the horizontal stripes. The right one reminds me of a rocket pop which is really cute though.

Aww.. love the jsk, it’s just my style.

Sigh. I need it.

These are always fun to look at, I think my favorite is the Sylphide, also Misako looks cute in a side ponytail! >>10330993

>> No.10331062

Congratulations on losing that much already anon! You can do it.

>> No.10331144

Thats.....thats gonna be a pain to get

>> No.10331149

Time to start praying that this is cotton.

>> No.10331151

Also it looks like they have giant Lyrical Bunnies on thier backs. Please AP. I need more Lyrical.

>> No.10331152

2010s sweet wasn't this garish. Even the bold prints were smaller and cuter. I hate every one of these, I just want cute new AP dammit

>> No.10331158

The shine of the fabric looks like poly's shine, but let's pray anyway.

>> No.10331161

This one literally looks like Taobao

>> No.10331162

Even if it's poly I don't care I love it

>> No.10331177

It was confirmed cotton by an attendee

>> No.10331178

Praying to Mana that this has full back shirring.

>> No.10331179
File: 1.31 MB, 606x900, 8CA0F7DB-7A1F-4BA5-A14F-076DA077C74F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2010 sweet wasn’t this garish

Whip magic says hi

>> No.10331184

no one like atomic cupcakes, or did you forget how it was voted worst dress 3 years running

>> No.10331186

It’s not about whether it was liked or not. Several staple prints from that era are garish. Honestly I don’t see how it’s any more garish than something like red fruits parlor.

>> No.10331205

is that rinrin in top left corner lol she looks so mad

>> No.10331207

what colors does this come in?

>> No.10331209


I'm going to be pedantic and point out both Whip Magic and Fruits Parlour are from 2008. One could argue that by 2010 the bright colours have been ditched, allowing pastel sweet OTT to merge as trend of the day.

(nayrt btw)

>> No.10331249

Excited to not have to deal with wannabe classic lolitas but if that means that there will be a resurgence of sweet I want IW to release more sweet classic prints

>> No.10331257

tge term “2010 sweet” is inaccurate because the OTT trend really started in 2007. It’s just that by 2010 it really got popular in the western community and had an iconic cookie cutter look.

Milky Plant had bright bright colors, especially the sax on the re-release

>> No.10331260

Pleaaaase be cotton. My soul wants it

>> No.10331293

if by top left you mean top right, yes

>> No.10331309

oh my god I seriously love this, any idea when it will be released?

>> No.10331328
File: 307 KB, 1171x682, ap paris.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And i thought ¥11,800 were already a lot.

>> No.10331329 [DELETED] 

I don't like this new take on novelty bags honestly. Shell bag is cute tho, but it looks simpler than Dream Shell bag. Cup bag looks just meh to me.

>> No.10331335

pink one is made of pretty nice flowers. but it's still a lot for a flower band with couple of combs on the ends.

>> No.10331340

It's pretty, but you can get even prettier flower crowns on etsy for like half the price.

>> No.10331341

I understand wanting to match perfectly but damn, all that money for some fake flowers?

>> No.10331342

Ouch the cut on the left is really awkward-looking

>> No.10331344

Not sure how tall the model on the right is but that JSK bodice looks like it’s gonna be high waisted on any girl over 5’3”
Dammit. If the waist hits around the ribs on her, it’s definitely going to be directly under my boobs.

>> No.10331345

Sane anon, why do you gulls think brands have fallen into the pattern of OP unshirred in small sizes, shirred JSK for larger sizes? I have big boobs so I need shirring. I have a couple older shirred OPs and they’re heaven, wish I had more.

>> No.10331346

does the brown on the top of the left socks look weird to anyone else? it looks fine as red on the 2nd pic. i hope there are other socks to match the pastel colorways.

>> No.10331350

i think that's her leg

>> No.10331354

looks a little off, my eye was drawn there instantly. Sometimes pastels on their OTKs don’t show up well in pictures (a bunch of mine look almost white in pictures) so hopefully in person the rest of the ice cream pops more and the brown stands out less

>> No.10331368

It's not look at the other model

>> No.10331374

It is. There’s a pink stripe on top. Get your eyes checked

>> No.10331376

i don't think so, the red on the other pic is way thicker.

>> No.10331380

Damn no need to be so bitchy

>> No.10331385

It’s literally there in the photo. Edit it to be more contrasting if you’re really not seeing it.

You’re way too sensitive for /cgl/ if you think that’s “so bitchy.”

>> No.10331388

no idiot, i meant that i don't think it's her leg. i can see the pink, but the top is still brown.

>> No.10331391

You’re the idiot, you can clearly see that it’s her leg. And you can see a sliver of the leg on the model who’s wearing the blue and red colorway too. Capping this so I can laugh at how stupid you are when they get released

>> No.10331392

Ok bitch

>> No.10331394

Absolutely seething. Go back to FB

>> No.10331396

this is so gaudy,like a poor attempt at replicating AP golden OTT days. I really hate neo lolita

>> No.10331400

> you can see a sliver of the leg on the model who’s wearing the blue and red colorway too.
no you can't lmao.

>> No.10331402

You really, really need to get your eyes checked. I’m not even shitposting at this point, your vision is bad.

>> No.10331406

An attempt at replicating without the best parts like just waist cuts, cotton, and built in pettis, multiple cuts besides one OP, one JSK (although that last may be forthcoming but I doubt it). I don’t care what some anon thinks, it might not be flowing chiffon but that ain’t cotton. Doesn’t drape like cotton, doesn’t have the same sheen as cotton

>> No.10331410

All I did was call you a bitch?

>> No.10331413

Over an inoffensive comment like a pissbaby

>> No.10331414

Project harder

>> No.10331417

>calling someone a bitch on 4chan for a generic “get your eyes checked comment”
>proceed to seeth about it even more
>y-you’re just projecting!


>> No.10331420

Keep replying bitch

>> No.10331424

Literally everything here looks like taobao trash. Ugly shiny fabrics with no drape to them. Looks like cheap halloween costumes that'd melt if you put an iron to them. I will be extremely surprised if these types of dresses last. We have a thriving secondhand community buying 15 plus year old dresses that can be in pristine condition. Will these chiffons and poly dresses still be wearable then? I read that some girls halloween treat is full of pulls in the fabric already.

>> No.10331425

You’re so upset, surely this can’t be good for your health.

>> No.10331427

Wasn't halloween treats a particularly bas dress quality wise? I wouldn't trust AP chiffon anymore

>> No.10331435

It sucks! There are other brands of course but I want the fashion (and the clothes) to be around in decades to come. I doubt brands had longevity in mind when they began but its really great that its a thing, we can pick up an old piece and it is just as beautiful as it was at its release.

>> No.10331439

Halloween treats is ok, it was horror candy shop that was quite thin

Of course poly dresses will last forever, they don't biodegrade. They'll just be full of snags.

>> No.10331457

snags and pilling.

>> No.10331461

Does anyone else not mind that cotton fades? I feel like it's a sign that I wore it, and it doesn't damage the dress. Snags and pilling just lead to rips down the line

>> No.10331465

i like black prints so fading basically ruins them, but i can see your point.

>> No.10331466

I think there’s pros and cons to both materials and while I prefer cotton overall I’m not going to pretend it’s almost perfect. Sugary Carnival is so faded I have a hard time telling what color way I have. I’d love a rerelease on poly.

>> No.10331467

What's with the fishnet on the ankle? That doesn't match the look at all.

>> No.10331468

Chads prefer linen to either anyway.

>> No.10331474

i think it's supposed to be a waffle cone pattern? i agree that it looks like fishnet and doesn't match. i'll probably forgo the socks myself, the other layers and the slanted stripes look fucking weird together too. i much prefer AP's socks that have a print up the side or a "poptart" style print with small images all over.

>> No.10331648

I was never fat, but I've know many people who lost weight and they say one of the benefits of previously being fat is keeping the bigger boobs and ass when they lose the belly fat. Happens when people use weight after pregnancy too

>> No.10331649

Fruits parlor and the similar teacup print is exactly what I had in mind when I posed, they have stripes and bright colors slightly less contrast, less big aka less garish. Ya get it

>> No.10331650
File: 2.26 MB, 3264x3030, tulle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the styling in bottom left is giving me 80s toyline vibes

>> No.10331733

I have Horror Candy Shop and it's not that bad. If you're not an idiot with your clothes they won't snag that badly, you can damage cotton in other ways too.
It's just pros and cons.

>> No.10331748

Is AP slowly giving up the cupcake shape? A lot of these look more like A-line/cupcake hybrid, compared to >>10331179

>> No.10331756

I absolutely adore this but nothing in my closet would match, very heavily debating whether to go for it or not.

>> No.10331759

Theres a baby thread but yeah it sold out like hotcakes

>> No.10331783

It seems more to do with them using hoopskirts as petticoats?

On another note, romantic perfume didn't sell out. What are the chances of it going on sale, I wonder...

>> No.10331832

Official runway video from AP fashion show

>> No.10331836

Horoscope Carnival looks pretty interesting in darker colorway, I actually like all the shades of navy there. Although it might be video filter.

>> No.10331838

Why does she make herself look like a tranny?

>> No.10331839

>other than desperation and poverty.
Well there's getting back at daddy. That's about it.

>> No.10331875

>romantic perfume didn't sell out
people's savings probably all went to the kumya release
ggwp btssb

>> No.10331884
File: 98 KB, 540x960, 6C0B99BF-901B-4BA3-8ADA-DE640C333111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There’s going to be a salopette!!!

>> No.10331885
File: 114 KB, 540x960, D75CD97E-D2D6-4491-A657-4CF63CBC46B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will also come in Navy

>> No.10331886
File: 89 KB, 540x960, 1F1A9944-363F-43D5-B05B-1BAAF474DBBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From Spoon, you can see the print well here but I hate how it’s styled

>> No.10331892

I'm sold on it

>> No.10331895
File: 414 KB, 1152x2048, 30CAA95E-7A50-412E-A9D3-E2B66E335F27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if the berry hat will be released too

>> No.10331897
File: 364 KB, 1152x2048, 860B8819-61ED-4C92-99BD-F5D057C405A9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This print will also come in navy

>> No.10331898

Lol so she did post that horrible diatribe? I’m not surprised.

>> No.10331899
File: 505 KB, 1152x2048, 79C47ABD-11A4-4E41-8EFB-142136263D52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is called “happiness bunny princess”

>> No.10331902


>> No.10331916

literal little girl's easter dress

>> No.10331919

that term applies to half of AP
The other half is little girl’s birthday dress

>> No.10331925

AP shit is awful lately i've been an AP fag since years prior but ever since 2017/2018 it's been nothing but garbage

>> No.10331971
File: 326 KB, 588x1036, Screenshot_20200201-110953_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ice Cream Parlor moves differently so I have hope that this is cotton like the previous anon said.

Also can anyone ID this necklace? If not, we might have some new plastic jewelry on our hands!

>> No.10331982

It's new

>> No.10331984

These are horrible runway walks, it makes the outfits look horrible. They all look sad or on the verge of tears, and bored. I miss old AP fashion shows where the models had more pep in their step.

>> No.10331985

I blame Risa. With her popularity as a model came the trend of all AP models looking miserable and constipated with their walks and in photos

>> No.10331987

Don't you dare blaming my queen

>> No.10331988

>my queen

Cringe. Your “queen” is a huge bitch IRL btw. Look in the archives and you’ll see people who have done fashion shows with her saying how rude she is.

>> No.10331993

Just realized the part below the yellow/pink/white is part of the necklace. Looks like a parfait glass with a heart and yellow bunny stuck in it.

God this is going to be impossible to get.

>> No.10332018

Why do you think that?

>> No.10332026 [DELETED] 

ya but shes not UGLY like YOU

>> No.10332029

You must be 18 or older to use this site

>> No.10332032

Nayrt but APs themed jewellery that comes with print releases tend to be popular, especially more so if they're fairly unique or featuring a character like lyrical bunny.

>> No.10332034

anon I thought this too and I actually kind of love it

>> No.10332037

Nayrt, she has a whole series of black girl tries x trend usually from another country

>> No.10332038

This was very long-winded, repetitive and the narrator has an insufferable voice

>> No.10332042

oh no. I like it. I'm not a sweet lolita and I like it. Oh no

>> No.10332044

>Plenty of black lolitas, don't see the point of this video to be honest
true, but her stuff is aimed at normies who probably don't know that.

>> No.10332099

I don't care, she's perfect to me <3

>> No.10332106

sorry you're hideous and bitter

>> No.10332107

Idk why she's so popular. She doesn't actually wear lolita like Rinrin or Misako. She's just a model for hire. I don't understand why she's invited as a guest for tea parties. I don't think she even likes the fashion. There's no sign of it on her insta or anything...

>> No.10332111

ya whut m8

>> No.10332115

Love it

>> No.10332140

Scrote please go

>> No.10332142

I'm excited to be able to sell the shit I bought in 2010 and don't want anymore at a reasonable price.
I don't wear sweet anymore, but I'm excited to see new cute coords.

>> No.10332151

I've been seeing this girl on social media post coords with the dress I sold to her awhile back. Seeing her wear it makes me very happy because she looks like it's serving her well. Has anyone had similar feelings like this before?

>> No.10332154

Does anyone remember when toy doll box MTOs are meant to be shipped? I didn’t preorder and have major regrets so I’m wondering when I’ll need to be on the look out for one secondhand

>> No.10332156

They really trying to push no-bangs in 2020 huh

>> No.10332159

I dislike it. : /

>> No.10332161

I bought mine from AP USA, if I recall correctly it should be coming in May 2020.

>> No.10332173


>> No.10332175

I wondered why I hated the styling and this is a big part. No bangs and minimal styling looks like you're playing dressup

>> No.10332179

Imagine being this wrong, I've loved Risa since Larme featured her you larper

>> No.10332184

I preordered from AP in Japan. It's July 2020.


>> No.10332185

Ah ok, thanks for the link!

>> No.10332189

You’re disgusting and creepy either way. Your plastic surgery waifu is old and busted

>> No.10332195
File: 130 KB, 698x619, e8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too

>> No.10332197

>t. jealous ugly fatty

>> No.10332199

Stop projecting anon and get some mental health

>> No.10332200

This is probably the next release, in time for April

>> No.10332201

Unlikely. I call a berry release before that one.

>> No.10332205

Do you mean re-released? It's already been released before.

>> No.10332209

shut up uggo

>> No.10332217

Oh, I didn’t know that! It’s really cute.

>> No.10332218

I noticed that and I’m not a fan. It looks really silly when worn with big headbands and ultra sweet looks. I miss old AP ads...

>> No.10332245

The closest I’ve had to this is when I negotiated with a Japanese seller to buy a particular dress and another Lolita sniped it. I saw her post it on Instagram in a flatlay soon after

>> No.10332326

The OP and headbow is so cute, I hope the black colorway looks just as nice.

Catering to the chinese and their bad taste once again.

>> No.10332476

am i racist or isn't that all the same model? the runway models all had bangs. I think just this one model happens to not have them.

>> No.10332536

you can see the black colorway here >>10331886

the girl in Spoon is all the same model
also, spoon styling runs a little different than conventional lolita styling, I wouldn't think too much about it

I prefer this no-bangs, but smiling/actually looks happy to be modeling AP than yet another pouty i-dont-want-to-be-here risa spread

>> No.10332657

I’ve also been in fashion shows with her and she’s not outwardly super kind because she doesn’t want to bother us but when I have talked to her she’s very nice and smiles to me a lot.

>> No.10332685

new >>10332683

>> No.10332690

I love how they did her hair

>> No.10332692

That's what lolita is all about desu

>> No.10332697

I actually like this look but the model has a fairly short forehead so it works on her

>> No.10332813

That wasn't even me anon, perhaps you should get those rage issues checked. Risa Nakamura did nothing wrong and the reason why AP hires her is probably cause she's a very popular model who's been on the runway for western luxury brands before. Quit your bitching, it ain't healthy.

>> No.10333174

can they decide what race to shoop this bitch already?

>> No.10339422

Did anyone not notice the kuro picking their nose in the background. Come on be more aware of camera if you are going to do that.

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