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It's been a while! Please only post coords from Japanese lolitas from the past couple of weeks

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I love this! But I'm not sure, what style would you call this?

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Shh anon, not everything needs to be classified.

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It's not a cof thread since they dont post on cof??? Wtf??

There's nothing wrong with a japanese lolita thread though.

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It is the same idea as a CoF thread and there have been threads called like this before

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Because it's not an inspiration thread but a "post every recent coord thread and discuss them" like with the CoF thread, you don't post only coords you like.

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Sauce pls? This is beautiful

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>1 dress 3 ways

This is so cute.

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Does anyone know what the dress on the left is?

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it’s called twinning?

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Twinning is when you wear the same coord

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Emily temple cute chocolate rabbit

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Not necessarily

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I disagree

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Well okay then

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twins can be fraternal not identical

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hahaha this is a super cute way of putting it

and people who wear the same dress but different colorways can just be siblings!

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Why does this girl look so American compared to the other girls

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She’s genuinely smiling and doesn’t look dead inside, very unusual for a Japanese lolita

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she's smiling with her teeth, which is unusual for eastern lolitas

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>dat hair
ngl, i'm jelly.

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Unrelated to the debate on twinning. It's cute because they're not wearing the exact same coord, so you can see their different wardrobes and personalities through their personal style. Lolita really isn't a cookie cutter style, there's so much room for your own creative take on things.

That, and I just like seeing different girls wear the same dress differently for coord ideas.

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Yeah I never got this preoccupation that two people dress exactly the same way. I think someone's style really comes out in not just what dress you wear but how you decide to style it. I often coordinate with friends but there are always divergences, and those can be fun too.

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Twinning looks good when all the coincidences meet up, I think that was the initial obsession with it. Not just the same coord but if you happen to find someone whose size, face is similar, your tastes and wardrobes are similar, then it works out that the two of you do look like twins once all the makeup and the same dress is applied.

I'd really treat exact twinning more like special photoshoot events though. For hanging out with friends with different shapes and sizes I think having your own take on the dress is definitely the better option.

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Going to have to be devil's advocate here though and say what you posted isn't exactly twinning by cgl's standard though.

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It's the og puppet circus twins. cgl accepts it well enough. Aside from twinning with same coord different colours being generally accepted anyway.

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Ever heard of extensions, anon?

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I absolutely love Honey Cake with sax. Don't know why more people don't try it more often.

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Its @hanasaki_natsumi on Instagram

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I like checking Twitter for coordinates too

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I get happy seeing Japanese lolitas wear older prints

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It shows comraderie and friendship, a bond shared by having the same hobby that you participate in togethet. It's a breath of fresh air compared to how "twinning" is handled in the west aka "one of us has to go home and change", hating the other person, putting them down, etc. With Lolita, it's celebrated, and you both raise each other up

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dumping a couple new ones

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Question: When did Honey Cake suddenly become a highly coveted print? Was it always popular in Japan and the western market was just slow to catch up.

You can look at old egl_comm_sales listings for Honey Cake and it sold for under $200 all the time. The response was lackluster and I know very few girls in the comm who wore it.

What changed and when?

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Off topic but why do Japanese/Asian posters censor faces?

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Japanese people are more concerned with internet privacy and they might have jobs that would frown on them for wearing lolita

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Oh damn I love the edit on this one. I wonder where she got Maki's art as such a crisp graphic?

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Don’t think it has a name, but it’s the longer, low poof trend that’s being pushed as a mature lolita look for ageing lolitas

>> No.10328020

Cant decide if I hate or love those socks with that dress. It’s a bold choice and I think it works as a fashiony intentional clashing statement

>> No.10328021

Holy shoop

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I’m still waiting for mine and I’ve had a sax coord waiting since I ordered it! Can’t wait! I think I’m general people tend not to have sax as a main coord color much. It’s either the main piece color or it’s small pops of sax, but I don’t see sax blouses or cardigans too much.

>> No.10328024

The blouses are a no for me, but I like the attempt.

>> No.10328072

Sax is a bitch to match. I am impressed af with how well that matches, I sold a bolero that color becomes the sax I wanted to wear it with was a desaturated pale sax. I also have a cardigan I rarely wear that's a sax leaning into mint, it matches nothing so I wear it with mostly
pink and white

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I'm always surprised how often there is people 30+ in Tenten's shop visitor coord snaps.

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just call it "recent Japanese lolita" thread or something

calling it the Japanese CoF is stupid

>> No.10328460

I'll call it Japanese CoF thread again just because you don't like it

>> No.10328510

Is the guy in these pics (the lolita and fairy kei person) a shop staff, or just a regular customer? When I went to TenTen he was there too. He kept inviting people to poke the cat-shaped decal on his jacket and it would meow when people did. Osaka was an experience.

>> No.10329134

It's LoliLoliKanako at IG and Twitter and he is living nearby so he visits a lot.

>> No.10329147

are they trans? that's the vibe the twitter gives me. but i guess that would be hard to admit publicly in a place like japan.

>> No.10329151

Why can't a man just enjoy feminine things without his gender being invalidated?

>> No.10329156

Because that's gay.

>> No.10329160

enjoying feminine things and dressing up as a woman constantly are two different things. the latter is something very few straight men would do. and yeah mana blah blah, but we don't know his true orientation, just what he presents publicly.

>> No.10329161

>He kept inviting people to poke the cat-shaped decal on his jacket and it would meow when people did.

that’s adorable....

>> No.10329174

Think of it this way - if a woman wore pants and liked sports, would you be asking if she was actually a man?
Clothes and genitals have nothing to do with each other. When I'm not wearing a dress, I don't suddenly morph into a man.

>> No.10329178

no but if she dressed in three-piece men's suits every day and had a military buzzcut, then i would. clothes, makeup, and hair have a lot to do with gender (not genitals). most straight men, especially in an conservative country, have no desire to dress like women, wear makeup or pigtails.

>> No.10329181

what about genderqueer, anon?

>> No.10329182

talk to an actual butch dyke anon

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> most straight men, especially in an conservative country, have no desire to dress like women, wear makeup or pigtails
Maybe that's because when they do, people insist they must want to change their gender?
Maybe that's because most countries (especially conservative ones, like you mentioned) view feminine things as weak, submissive, and lesser? And that men who like those things are gay, feeble, and weak?
There are plenty of women into androgynous looks. That doesn't make them less of a woman for doing so.
Insisting that if someone doesn't like traditionally feminine things like makeup, heels, dresses, and long hair, they are no longer women is extremely regressive.

>> No.10329188

a butch dyke is not a straight woman so what is your point? heterosexual people do not feel the desire to present as the opposite gender, nearly everyone who does so is lgbt and the ones who claim not to be are probably lying

>> No.10329190

Lesbian women are still women.

>> No.10329192

if this were the case, then trans people wouldn't feel the need to present as the opposite gender nor would they feel dysphoria when presenting as their assigned gender. nor would nonbinary/genderqueer even be a thing.

>> No.10329193

Dysphoria is from body dysmorphia and largely has to do with bodily features, not clothing.
The ideology of "if you like pink you're a girl, if you like pants you're a boy" is regressive and harmful.
Someone can have a penis and like feminine things. Someone can have a vagina and like masculine things. Your genitals have no bearing on the clothes you like, aside from societal conditioning.

> nor would nonbinary/genderqueer even be a thing
It's not.

>> No.10329196

>The ideology of "if you like pink you're a girl, if you like pants you're a boy" is regressive and harmful.
that's not what i said at all but ok. consistently fully presenting as a woman is not something a straight male does or feels a desire to do.

>It's not.
and you're trying to call me regressive? yikes

>> No.10329197

>presenting as a woman is not something a straight male does
why are you confusing being gay and being trans?

>> No.10329427

>yeah mana blah blah
Exactly, in lolita it's not uncommon for men to wear skirts and women to wear ouji. There are not many men, but the ones that are here do usually wear a dress or skirt, more often than EGA or something.

>> No.10329430

nta but gay men have a desire to look feminine. the only think that anon is forgetting is that men do also have a desire to express themselves in a feminine way, without being gay, they just don't that often because of societal pressures. just like how tomboys who dress masculine don't have to be lesbians, men who dress feminine don't have to be gay, but many are. i also don't think that non-trans men and women should be barred from wearing whatever they like, but it is strange to me when trans men and women dress based on their assigned gender by choice.

no one is saying pieces of clothing are gendered, we are saying outfits have a masculine or feminine presence, which they do.

>> No.10329445

Please stop shitting up the thread with terf bait and just discuss coords

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Some say that milkyfawn brought the print into popularity when she was still active years ago.

>> No.10332531

AP USA actually had it on sale it was so unpopular, but by the time I started wearing lolita in 2012 it was selling for $400+

It was popular before she got it, she had to pay a lot for it like everyone else did so it was already coveted (and I'm sure that's why she wore it so much as well)

>> No.10332539

I'm digging her code geass lelouch phone case

>> No.10332668

tranny begone

>> No.10332674 [DELETED] 

''gc'' anons in the last couple of months have been derailing so many threads. i already consider this one a lost cause.

>> No.10332737

nyart i think that although it’s initial popularity rise was not due to milkyfawn, we can definitely say her wearing it helped popularize it even further

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I'd love to know the instagram/social media of the woman on the right, she looks so awesome
Probably impossible, but does anybody happen to know?

>> No.10345782

It was unpopular in Japan on release too, that's why it took AP like a decade to realise there was a market for a re-release of it.

>> No.10345786

Line camera

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>> No.10346796

From being around awhile, this is what happened to the best of my memory.

The print was unpopular at release and was clearanced. Nobody wanted it. A friend of mine owned it after getting it cheap from AP USA. Stained it, print bled, tossed it out because "it was cheap". That's basically the mindset. Think of a print nobody wants or is interested in these days. That's Honey Cake on release. It was a flop.

People in Japan began using it in really cute otome coords. Suddenly, after seeing it worn, more people began showing interest in it. The price on the 2nd hand market shot up. By about 2012, Honey Cake was now sought after in both the Japanese and Western 2nd hand market.

Deerstalker's buy more brand video featured one of the girls wearing the print. I think this is where it really took off. It went from a print people now wanted, to something iconic, akin to Sugary Carnival. Not long after, Milky Fawn began appearing in more of the videos and she owned it. It pretty much shot this dress into hyper-popularity.

By 2014, You could expect to pay $500 for the Ivory or yellow colorways and less for mint and pink, more if you have a set. In 2018, I believe, the petition went around and in 2019, we got the re-release.

>> No.10351927

I remember everyone ragged on it and was like wtf is this pancake bag, why is AP doing stupid metamorphose style prints (meta had released a print with similar themes just before, which hadn't done as terribly)

>> No.10351933


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Some coords with the new ICP series are coming in already.

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>> No.10358964

What is that dress in the back row, all the way to the right? (Our right, not theirs). For some reason I can't remember the name.

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Melty Chocolate?

>> No.10359113

Yes! That was driving me crazy

>> No.10359237

What dress is this? It’s super cute.

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