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Christmas edition!

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I got period blood on my Christmas Puppet Circus coord and I’ve been so distressed I keep throwing up from anxiety

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I wish I were spending Christmas with my (lolita) bffs instead of my partner's family. I can actually relax around them and have a good time, I love and miss them so much

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>'Twas the meet before Christmas, and all through the comm,
>not a loli was farting, not even your mom.

>The bloomers were hung by the chimney with care,
>in hopes that our butts didn't fill them with air.

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I wish I were spending Christmas with my (lolita) bffs instead of my partner's family. I can actually relax around them and have a good time, I love and miss them so much

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>anon-kun got me bait for Christmas!
you shouldn't have. really.

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Don't forget to eat out your daddy to atone for your sins UWU

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I've made over 300 cookies in the last 48 hours. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Wheat colorway of puppet circus would even show blood

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This is the first year christmas expenses hit at the same time as a lot of personal expenses and I’m being a pissy both because I won’t be able to shop for a few months

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Merry Christmas anons! I hope you guys have a nice holiday and spend it with your beloved ones.

>tfw sitting at home alone again

Christmas really lost its meaning for me ever since I started living on my own while not having a lot of family left. Atleast I can somewhat comfort myself by dressing up cute.

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Don’t worry anon, we can spend it alone together. I’ll pour one out for you in lolita as well.

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online friends count. you're choosing to spend time on us instead of locals. it's intentional. own it!

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My whole family has the flu and we feel wretched. We caught it from my brother looking after him and now he's gone to see his girlfriend while we're all in pain and throwing up - his gift of giving is strong.

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I was able to score my dream dress on y!auctions and I can't wait to coord it. :)
The DD gods have been kind to me bc I snagged three this holiday season.

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This the third year in a row you posted this. Wtf.

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Merry Christmas and remember everyone, blouse-less coords are a sin.

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Ivory, dipshit

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Holy shit you're right.

I'm impressed, keep up the good work.
>t. someone who posted "Man I just really love lolita" almost every feels thread for over six months

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I had my period last week so I spilled grape juice on the floor so nobody knew.

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I will sin at home in my long sleeved OP and no blouse I guess

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>so many delicious cookies
>can't even eat one
Holidays are tough gulls

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I bought a bunch of food for a meet that got cancelled at the last minute and I couldn’t return fml

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I love practical gifts from family and friends, and I'm always incredibly thankful for everything and the thought, but man. I wish that one day someone would buy me jfashion as a surprise for Christmas. I've hinted at it in the past when people ask about what I'd like, but I've never been gifted things quite as relevant to my interests. Again, presents are never expected and I love when people think of me! Just dreaming of the gift of brand

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I'm sorry the meet got cancelled, anon. At least you probably have some tasty food to eat?

I feel this.

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Tfw my favorite lolita idol quit to become a drag queen but she can't even sissy her walk properly. Why live.

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maybe suggest that the whole family makes wishlists, I really like giftful.com because you can add images and titles or links to straight up item listings
if they’re willing it could really benefit everyone in your family especially anyone else who might have harder to understand interests

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how to cop a cosplay gf if you're too socially anxious to go to cons alone? i dont know how to meet people online outside of trying to add randoms off of 4chan and other imageboards

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Invite some friends or lolitas who are available over for the feast

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>super close family member died
>stuck abroad grieving alone
>can't make it to funeral
>bailed on Christmas meet because of all the crying
>no plans for the holidays now and lost out on the reservation cost for meet
I'm just really bummed out all around and all the cute Christmas coords are making me extra sad I can't wear mine.

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Anon I'm so sorry for your loss. That sounds terribly difficult. Wish I could be there to help but maybe you could reach out to a close comm member that is trusted. If not facetime or skype with a loved one.

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>tfw no comm anywhere near my country

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>tfw the only stuff in your stocking Christmas morning is stuff you put in there yourself because looking at an empty stocking when everyone elses is full was too depressing.
the worst part is I share this house with three other adults, it's not like I live alone.
I think I'm over christmas now. bah humbug.

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>tfw you love velveteen so much.

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Same anon, sameee

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wear a blouse under it anyway just to be silly

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Why not? Are you allergic or diabetic?

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Aww anon. I wish I could fill your sock with lots of cute things.

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>tfw wearing my DD all throughout December because it’s one of two months I can wear it
>tfw when wearing it ultra OTT on Xmas day with the matching necklace(for the first time) I spent years hunting down

Goddamn I love Sugar Dream Dome.

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>be me
>in laws sent a box addressed to me
>excited af and wrap up the box
>they send another box addressed to both of us
>ok? Wraps it anyway
>Christmas day
>the box addressed to me was my husbands gift
>one addressed to both of us was an album of our wedding pictures
Is it shitty to be disappointed? No one else got me gifts either

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Did your husband seriously not get you anything??

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Be normal and try to make friends first. Making up imaginary perfect girlfriends will get you no where and will ruin your shot at good relationships because youve already decided you want someone who cosplays.

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sugar piss disease and I'm too risk averse to guess wildly on a carb count for homemade sweets

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I know that feel

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>when you realize that the cosplay girl flirting with you is actually a high-voiced boy

Merry Christmas, cgl.

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Is he at least cute?

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how the fuck is this pink house op worth $1650??

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Looks like a 40$ dress kek. What's the context behind it?

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It's probably not?

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PH is selling it for 165,000 yen
imo it's worth more than $40, but $1650 is ridiculous

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dropped pic

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If I do, will you take responsibility and date me instead, anon?
>tfw great boyfriend has awkward, judgemental family
>tfw they spend all of Christmas dinner having an intellectual dick-measuring contest and one-upping each other
>tfw can't open my mouth without his asshole brother interrupting
>tfw I put on a full coord for this

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Someone bought a jsk from me for $70 shipped after negotiating for a lower price, then immediately turned around and relisted it for $150 plus shipping. It's an unpopular dress so it's not going to sell for that much, but why do I even bother?

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>got everything you need for the next con
>no need to rush but anything
>just got over 600$ in gift cards and cash from clients I work with
>no I’m not a sex worker
>taking a shit and feeling so relaxed about it

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Fuck my autocorrect

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Just because someone is asking for $1650 doesn't mean it's worth that much. I could list a Claire's headband for a million dollars if I wanted, doesn't make it worth more than a few cents

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>friend has a long layover in San Fran after going to Japan for work and decides to hit up AP
>tells me she’s gonna get me a Christmas gift from there and to send links of stuff I have my eye on
>One of the first links I send is the Magical Bat Beret in Lavender since it would match my HL
>friend very pointedly says that $98 is too much for just a beret esp after spending so much in Japan
>still content with getting brand even if it’s just socks because going through a severe brand drought
>get package on 23rd, doesn’t open until Christmas Eve
>glorious bat adorned felt beret staring back at me
I’ve been bamboozled in the best way, gulls. Only thing is that the beret doesn’t match all that well, but it’ll do. Besides, it’s AP what do you expect?

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Aw, that’s actually sweet.

>> No.10310550

Cutsews are the shit though. I want all the cute cutsews.

>> No.10310551

Ntayrt but my husband and I never get each other gifts unless we're inspired to (so usually random purchases, not for holidays). It's more fun.

>> No.10310559

Name and shame. I had this happen to me too with a popular lolita people wk here to hell and back.

>> No.10310567

lol this has happened to me too, someone bought a bag and some accessories from me for $50 total and immediately tried to resell ALL of them for around $140 total

>> No.10310568

Aw, congrats! That's a very sneaky and sweet friend.

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>tfw my con crush has agreed to cosplay my character's brother with me
Merry Christmas, /cgl/!

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Happy holidays. I would have died in 2013 if not for cosplay.

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Putting my clown makeup on before work knowing that there's a 12 year old girl who has all the brando of her dreams bought for her from her rich parents
(yes I'm incredibly jealous)

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that's one way to enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas

>> No.10310609

You could have that life too if you marry a rich guy. It's not hard.

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I always give out cookie trays to all of my relatives and family friends! It's lots of fun, though it can get a bit repetitive at times.

>> No.10310634

I'd pay like $330 for it tops, I love pink house but not their prices. Physical Drop sometimes releases cute stuff like them but at a better price

>> No.10310635

>it's not hard
Are you sure? It's only easy if you exceptionally good looking or come from a rich family yourself.

>> No.10310660

Didn't her house burn down not too long ago?

>> No.10310661 [DELETED] 


Yeah I'm pretty sure it's the same girl. I think someone posted photos of her sad charred kumyas

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>tfw I see a qt at a con so I go and fap in the bathroom thinking about fucking her

>> No.10310680

Imagine being such a subhuman you can’t control your urges enough to get to your hotel room to fulfil your animalistic urges. Scrotes are scum

>> No.10310701

Post pics of b4 and after ?

>> No.10310703

Cosplay something cool and alcohol but not enough alcohol you're an annoying retard
I'm certain there'll be a lot of cosplayers nervous and wanting
the same as you

>> No.10310704

Why doesn't anyone you live with like you ?

>> No.10310705

I got my period in lolita once and didn’t realize until I went to the bathroom and realized I’d bled through my bloomers and into the first layer or two of my petticoat. But actually bleed into your coord? I don’t know how that could have happened, that’s insane

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It’s bait

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Giftless anon here, we usually get each other gifts but the gift for him is late and he got me an AP dress. It was disappointing on his parents part because they were hyping the gifts they got us and it was all for him or an album for both of us. My family asked me for a list around thanksgiving and they said that they’re just sending amazon cards instead

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>tfw your art sucks

>> No.10310718

>tfw same

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It's pink house, they have their brand name behind them, much like AP has their following willing to pay the money.

But also. Don't diss it until you actually try sewing this shit up on your own. That's 5+ tiers of ruffled layers and every single tier is pintucked (multiple), has lace or trim or more ruffles or more ribbons or more shit sewn on, and that's just the skirt. I'm certainly not doing that for a mere $330, nevermind the fabric costs.

I bought 7m of fabric to copy the style bc I can't spend $1650, but goddamn I'm not looking forward to how many pintucks it'd take to look right, or putting ruffles on the ruffles.

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Why do the retards here eat such obvious bait?

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>tfw my con crush only seems interested in guys
I hope this nigga bisexual.

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What's a non creepy way to approach girls at cons who I think are cute without being weird? I'd like to find someone with similar interests to see if I could date.

And yes I'd be in a costume I'm not gonna just roll up in a wife beater

>> No.10310759

Well someone like this is the prophet of a world-religion

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Cosplay, costume, tomato potato.

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>mfw got nothing for christmas from immediate family (parent & grandparent) but they give each other things (I myself am broke unfortunately fml)
>mfw everyone on the net is talking about/posting their gifts
>mfw I know it's not all about the gifts, but feel so left out
>mfw even (ldr) bf was excitedly showing me the stuff he got from his family (who actually show interest in his hobbies)
>mfw it just hurts to wake up to nothing yet again this year, slept in til the evening because of it + seasonal depression
to be fair to him he's planning on gifting me something? but couldn't get it here before christmas. it's just disappointing to not be able to open things on christmas day, it's more special that way. i guess the magic of christmas is just ruined for me, gulls.

>> No.10310786

The best way to find someone to date is to first make friends, don't go into it only vying for getting in their pants. Just be nice and friendly, compliment their costume, find common interests (the franchise they're cosplaying from for example), exchange social media, find out if you're going to the same thing later, and don't overstay your welcome. Nothing brands you as undateable faster than making the girl uncomfortable by sticking around or even following her after the conversation has ended.

>> No.10310792

well I didn't ever plan on following them around, maybe swap numbers or info. It was more just the approach. Are a lot of girls that go single? Is it obvious if they are? I haven't been to a con in a bit.

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>mfw I give my bff 2 presents and then get nothing in return and she goes to her pc like that's completely normal and fine
>holding back tears of mainly confusion cause I have no idea why she didn't get me anything but oh ok then... enjoy your gifts

>> No.10310981

Not sure your age but usually present giving is forecasted ahead of time like hey let's get together and catch up, oh also I have your xmas present. But you usually dont have that issue with a bff. Dont put forth energy that's not reciprocated by others. Hope you feel better dear.

>> No.10310983

>tfw same thing happened

>> No.10310984

we're both in our twenties and live together, my two gifts for her have been under our lil tree for almost a month with her full knowledge that they were for her

my sadness mostly comes from the utter confusion cause as far as I know I certainly didn't piss her off or do something to her at any time that would make her decide to not give me a Christmas gift? She legit just opened hers and thanked me for them and then moved on like it was the most normal thing in the world and I'm still in front of my laptop rn thinking 'oh ok then, guess I know how much I mean to you now'

I'll get a good crying on in the safety of my bed and move on in time, just got to hold out till an appropriate bed time lol

>> No.10310986

I can only hope that she's playing it coolly because she has a surprise for you.

>> No.10310990

I'm sad to say that I truly think that's a 0.000000001% chance of happening

but I'll be ok, just going to treat myself to something with my next paycheck. The best gifts are the ones you get yourself ~

>> No.10310992

You buy gifts for people because you want to treat them, not because you expect anything in return.

>> No.10310993

nayrt but if you know you're getting gifts yourself and you literally go through the whole accepting and thanking etc and then legit don't give anything in return

you're a total cunt

I feel bad for you op that must have been so awkward to give her 2 gifts and then have her move on like it isn't rude af to not give anything back

hope you manage to treat yourself to something nice soon!

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>turning 30
>tfw I only have a decade left before I go from "fun older guy" to "creepy old man"

>> No.10310995


If you're trying to date barely legal teens you were the creepy old man the whole time desu

>> No.10310996

I'm >>10310963 and the thought of that is fair, but like >>10310993
says I do have to wonder at the thought process of knowing you're getting 2 gifts, and deciding not to get anything in return and how that's not at the very least a bit off. I don't need her to get me a big expensive gift, but as they say its the thought that counts and to me sitting at the table while she unwrapped my presents was really awkward when she walked away after. To post a picture of her gifts online to her friends even lol I was left sitting there like oh

When planning our lil Christmas dinner I also literally used the phrase 'and then after dinner we'll exchange our presents and then we can clean up after etc'

eh its closing in on a decent enough time for me to excuse myself to bed, a good cry will help!

>> No.10310998

I hate it when my friends give me gifts because I can't afford to give them anything in return
Just stop giving gifts!!!!

>> No.10311006

>>mfw I give my bff 2 presents

she prolly thinks youre hitting on her
its a bit much for just friends

>> No.10311007

>>tfw I only have a decade left before I go from "fun older guy" to "creepy old man"
>a decade left


>> No.10311013

What, no. My friends and I give each other tonnes of gifts.

>> No.10311037

Bitch, give me a christmas card written on plain paper.

>> No.10311046

I did have to do this this year for my SO and I feel awful about it

>> No.10311053

You're okay since you at least did that.

>> No.10311101

Anon, I got with a 38 year old when I'm 27. Whether I look my age or not, guess who got called a creepy old man & told 'she's too young'? Once you're no longer passable as a college kid, you're in creepy old man territory.

>> No.10311105

It's the same as any other subculture... many are single, many are taken. You don't really have a different code of conduct just because you're at a convention. Unfortunately, sometimes people hit up conventions thinking it's "easier" than outside the convention halls. It's really not. The people who are good at flirting will get the girls, and those who have trouble outside the convention will have the same issues inside.

No... it's not obvious people are single. No one walks around with a blinker saying they're single. That's why you approach people as friends first.

>> No.10311106 [DELETED] 

Coomer incel scrote trolls have become so prominent they're posting more than fellow gulls. Male and female gulls are generally pretty chill if a bit salty at times but it's so bad I may just stop checking cgl. It was the only tolerable board but I think it's gotten bad enough that I'll probably just go to lolcow even if things there are a bit cattier. At least they have strict/active mods. And I can set the theme to pink which is nice.

>> No.10311109

I will go ahead and tell you that you can't use bar logic, no. It's not so simple as just hand a girl number & hook up later. Most will find that approach off-putting. You just got to chat people up as friends first. Otherwise, just make a Tinder to use while you're there to hook up with other people at the convention using Tinder.

>> No.10311112

I've started hiding all the non-jfashion threads and it has improved my /cgl/ experience significantly

>> No.10311120

Then what are you doing in this thread?

>> No.10311132
File: 135 KB, 1200x901, DmdCuwnU4AEAM8x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, no can do. I already have a lolita gf and my family loves her. Tfw she means more to me than anything in the entire universe.

>> No.10311149

NTA, but this feels thread and the previous thread have been pretty good. It's likely because at least in the previous thread, the thread started off with a cgl relevant feel to reflect on and it got a lot of relevant responses.

>> No.10311153

new threads are rare, so i don't notice to hide them until they pop up in recent with a shitfest of gender/race/coomer baloney. i do have all the previous feels threads hidden, though

>> No.10311208

Do you always give just because you expect something in return...? You should give because you enjoy giving.

>> No.10311211

30 IS creepy old man territory. Especially if you go for girls under 22 like a, you know, creep.

>> No.10311227

It's not creepy if you're a Chad.

>> No.10311230

There are 20 years old girls looking for 30 years old men, and all I do is be the supply to the demand. If it wasn't me, it'd be someone else.

>> No.10311238

>rather than try to be a better person, I take the low road too because there are other people there

>> No.10311241

"Better" is subjective here.

>> No.10311268

Nah, it isn't. Sleeping with women ten years younger than you is being a creep. Being not a creep means you're better than creeps. Easy as pie.

>> No.10311270

Those girls need therapy, not creeps like you to take advantage of their issues.

>> No.10311273

"Creep" is subjective. It's literally just a feeling. Nothing is "objetively creepy".

There is not a single therapist who would take in a consultation for "this 20 years old woman is dating a 30 years old man".

>> No.10311274

Being in your 30s and sleeping with girls who are just barely out of their teens is objectively creepy. I don't need your "it's ~~subjective~~" bullshit because the only people who don't find it creepy are other creeps.

And there absolutely are. Young girls with low self esteem habitually seeking out older men to get the affection and attention they don't feel otherwise is literally a textbook thing for therapy to help with.

>> No.10311276

Yes they would, it's called daddy issues and/or lusting for money.

>> No.10311278

Some people doing something because they have issues doesn't mean that everyone who does that thing have issues.

>> No.10311279

It's a pattern and it means most of them do. Sorry, your aging and wrinkles are not genuinely attractive to anyone except fellow old people like you.

>> No.10311280

it means YOU still have issues because you can't handle adult women on the same level as you

>> No.10311281

>10 year old age difference makes someone a "creep"
Any woman of legal age is fair game for much greater gaps than that, but you might be considered "creepy" if there's not enough $$$ in your bank account and/or insufficient looks.

Jimmy Page is over 50 years older than his current gf, but then he's a rock star.

>> No.10311282

Just because someone is rich or good looking doesn't excuse it. Hugh Hefner was a nasty creep all his life, doesn't make it ok.

>> No.10311284

My parents have a 10 years difference and I've never heard anyone call them creepy...

>> No.10311285

Was your mom under 22 when they started dating? It's not creepy if she was also an adult who was out of school and had a career herself. That would put her on the same level as any older guy.

But targeting girls who are still in school? Definitely creepy and obviously threatened by powerful adult women.

>> No.10311288

My dad was a 20 years old factory worker when he dated my 30 years old mom

>> No.10311289
File: 91 KB, 634x610, 15606636-0-Rocker_Jimmy_Page_s_girlfriend_Scarlett_Sabet_was_in_seventh_hea-m-58_1562188642433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone really think this girl isn't extremely mentally ill? that she's there for his disgusting grandpa looks/personality? ew

>> No.10311291

That's why no one calls them creeps then. Women don't have social power over men and older women are classified as "less attractive" in the first place.

>> No.10311292

I don't know who they are but if he's a rockstar I'd assume he has a different personality than the average man his age.

>> No.10311306

>That look when you're waiting for the gross old dude to die so you can take his money and stuff

>> No.10311308 [DELETED] 

>I don't know who they are
lol Led Zeppelin. Boomer music from a genuine boomer (born 1945). He's a practitioner of the dark arts (owned an entire occult bookstore), has several 100 million in the bank, and lives in a fairytale castle of a historic house.

>> No.10311309
File: 116 KB, 1000x600, pagehouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't know who they are
lol Led Zeppelin. Boomer music from a genuine boomer (born 1945). He's a practitioner of the dark arts (owned an entire occult bookstore), has several 100 million in the bank, and lives in a fairytale castle of a historic house.

So yeah, not your average old codger.

>> No.10311313

I'll never understand why people list stuff on Lacemarket when they're too busy to respond to messages and ship when people buy and pay for their listings.
It took over a month for a seller to respond to my question about an item and now it's been two weeks since I paid for it and she hasn't responded to me at all about tracking or if she even shipped it out yet.

>> No.10311322


Yeah I'm looking for something more serious, otherwise I would just use Tinder. Thanks for the tips frens.

>> No.10311325 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 256x190, 5D4E7796-07BB-498C-8A28-BDF834A60269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>orders SO Christmas gift on dec 1st
>pays extra for faster shipping
>store waits 10 days to ship out
>its still not even here

>> No.10311326 [DELETED] 

Its the holidays chill

>> No.10311331

Send them a reminder, especially if you didn't pay right away. Even if you did please send a reminder. I travel sometimes and can't ship right away, I try to remember but some buyers are very slow to respond which makes it harder

>> No.10311333

Anon, EVERYONE orders shit for christmas, and whatever extra you pay, they don't have extra employees. Delivery services are all overloaded in December.

>> No.10311336 [DELETED] 

I paid a lot for 2-3 shipping idgaf

>> No.10311338
File: 88 KB, 768x768, 1541278917154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2020 is the year I get a lolita gf

>> No.10311360

It's almost 2020 and Wondercon badges aren't on sale yet, which is odd. I got used to the last few years, when badges went on sale within the first two weeks of December.
>keep tripping self out when thinking "FUCK haven't gotten Wondercon badges yet"
>forgetting that Wondercon weekend passes don't sell out at ECCC or SDCC rates

>> No.10311384

Same, anon. My parents have a 16 year difference and are disgustingly wholesome. But then again, my mom was a 27-year old finishing her PhD when they met, not a vulnerable schoolgirl. My dad wasn't her professor either. They bonded over shared research and hobbies, they're more friends who ended up together than anyone having targeted anyone else.

But you know who was creepy? The 20 year old math tutor who convinced her he loved her and then took advantage of her when she was 14. That age gap was much smaller, but it understandably scarred her for years. Situations are complicated and not every age gap relationship is bad, but every adult who sexually exploits a child can go die.

>> No.10311442

Her house and her collection burned down just a little while ago. Still envious?

>> No.10311447

I'm sorry that happened to you, I know the feeling tok well...
Your friend sounds like a not friend at all. Seems like she's just using you. Like others said, it might be better for you to move on from her and not waste energy on someone who is apparently unable to care about you.

>> No.10311449

Actually they do hire extra for the season. I asked my delivery guy about it.

>> No.10311462
File: 479 KB, 400x225, Yyy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2020 is the year I get a cosplay bf
Is online dating still viable? I rarely go out.

>> No.10311464

>Is online dating still viable?
Was it ever?

>> No.10311467

Go to cons bud, there's tons of other people looking for nerdy love

>> No.10311481

I've decided to start selling a lot of my handmade accessories to start funding a nice filming camera because I really want to start creating lolita content. I've made several scripted scenarios and thrown ideas around for a mini-documentary series on the fashion. I'm only really afraid that people will not enjoy it or think it's very cringy, like fluffykawaiiJo's content. Is there any advice I can get to maybe avoid this?

>> No.10311484

Don't be ugly

>> No.10311489


most of the cringe from other lolitas who try to create content is that they so desperately seem to want to present themselves as uwu lovelies. Don't go for that 'youtube channel personality' where you try to change your voice/mannerisms to be extra kawaii desu etc and just be normal about it.

>> No.10311506

I think that's cute though...

>> No.10311508

to each their own, personally when I see a girl start their vid with an exaggerated wave and a high pitched 'hewwo lovelies' *giggle*

I'm out in 2 sec

>> No.10311514

Well shit, guess I should give up on my idea then

>> No.10311517

If you're honest and real and have a nice camera and lighr settings, you'll be fine. My biggest problem is people who are in it for attention and/or have nothing original or new to show and are just producing ""content""(read: soulless copying and low efforts that don't deserve the title "Creation") for the sake of producing content.

>> No.10311520
File: 76 KB, 300x300, 1572902307562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10311545

me > spend almost all my savings on two japan trips to buy brand instead of saving for an apartment and now i kinda regret it but at the same time ?? not.

>> No.10311546
File: 116 KB, 490x380, 1510781725075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just be cute, it's not hard

>> No.10311590

>Buy a LM item in the morning
>Check messages
>Check messages
>Check messages
>Nothing all day
>Go to bed
>Wake up next morning
>Check LM
>Multiple unread messages
>My first negative feedback, complaining about how I didn't pay within 24 hours

>> No.10311591

cap that shit, name and shame.

>> No.10311606

Never mind i take everything back. crossboarding scrotes have come back again with their woes of being unable to fuck 16 year olds yet again.

>> No.10311607

If it says in their tos to pay within 24hr and you didn’t it’s your fault

>> No.10311617

she can't pay if she doesn't get the payment info

>> No.10311623

> TFW you cosplay a semi-obscure character from a popular series and people think you're a genderbent version of a character from a totally different series

>> No.10311624

Why didn’t you check PayPal?

>> No.10311628

Be honest, do you guys get jealous of other lolitas? I feel like i'm really happy with my wardrobe, and it's not especially exceptional. I don't understand why people get so jealous of material. Eventually, you'll buy more. You should be proud of your wardrobes, even if they're a WIP.

>> No.10311639

It depends. I think I get more FOMO rather than actual jealousy of other people's wardrobes. If someone has a dream dress of mine I guess I get a little sad I don't have it but I don't resent them for having it or like my own wardrobe less. They might sell it eventually or I'll come across it somewhere.

I also don't really see the point in being salty or resentful towards rich lolitas who travel or teens whose parents buy them brand. I wish I could go to all the events and meet brand guests too, but if I fixate on how much better other lolitas lives are I'll be even more miserable.

>> No.10311663

Nayrt but I assume the seller sent the invoice while anon was asleep and counted the 24 hours from when the listing was bought, not from when the invoice was sent.

>> No.10311670
File: 21 KB, 462x371, EH7zvEUW4AYZXVn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm 100% new to cosplay and I just tried on my anime wig with no makeup on, and let me tell you, looking at myself in my fluorescent bathroom lighting I have never felt uglier or more foolish in my life.

>> No.10311672

Put makeup on and try again it will be 1000000% better

>> No.10311676

This >>10311672.

Make-up will make or break your look anon. Buying the pieces for your cosplay is just half the bill.

>> No.10311678 [DELETED] 

They should have messaged them first. Whenever I sell anything, I message them knowing the breakdown of the price, make sure their paypal is correct with won auction, and let them know when I’m shipping it out. I don’t send the invoice until they reply either. They respond, pay it and I ship it out and everyones happy

>> No.10311680

>dress nice
Maybe run some outfits you plan on highlighting through some concrit reviews
>do your makeup
>don’t be kawaii over the top uwu
Be someone you will want to watch.

>> No.10311699

this. if people want to bitch and moan about paying like that they should list it on storenvy or something instead.

>> No.10311709

got into a minor fender bender before christmas

i hope my insurance get $1000 from the literal boomer that crashed into me

>> No.10311719

Yeah, same here. It should never be the buyer’s responsibility to contact the seller. The seller is the only one with payment information of the other person.

>> No.10311732
File: 50 KB, 586x510, kingdomheats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How to find a cosplay boyfriend who isn't shit the bed? I decided to switch to men after my gf try to knife me.

>> No.10311760

No idea
Are you a girl?
If yes, I could be your bf

>> No.10311762

be mine instead

>> No.10311767

Are you a girl too?

>> No.10311768

yeh i'm a girl.

>> No.10311771

Mine is CarlosRamirez#0271

>> No.10311772

Fuck off normie incel!

>> No.10311827
File: 33 KB, 360x296, what4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who isn't shit the bed
>who isn't shitting the bed
>who isn't shit in bed

what's exactly the problem anon

>> No.10311834


>> No.10311848

Take down that AC-130, Ramirez

>> No.10311873
File: 22 KB, 469x469, B933C8EB-162C-4D0C-9D73-00207C8C6FD0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Checking LM
>Someone shows interest in a dress I’ve been eyeing via comments
>Immediately go into a panic

I officially sniped my first dress, gulls. I feel good because I love the dress but man I feel like a dick for sniping

>> No.10311887

people have mad baggage at 30, people date younger for a reason.

>> No.10311888

That’s not what sniping is but OK

>> No.10311902

ok humbert humbert

>> No.10311904

>I decided to switch to men after my gf try to knife me
Good choice desu.

>> No.10311966

I'm not the I just really love lolita person
but I just really love lolita.
Putting effort into my outfits every day, admiring the lace and pintucks on my dresses, feeling the thickness and quality of the fabric, getting a new item and fantasizing about all the ways I could coord it with my wardrobe... lolita is just really cool.

>> No.10312005

ok future wine aunt

>> No.10312027

Only men would think this is an insult.

>> No.10312035

Wine aunts are cool.

>> No.10312145

>go to friend's place
>mirror faces toilet

>> No.10312206
File: 215 KB, 951x1023, sponge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>boyfriend takes a picture of me with a Miku poster
>mfw he captions it "My girlfriend and my wife"

>> No.10312209
File: 313 KB, 1600x1200, prey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Until they inevitably try to molest you.

>> No.10312210
File: 801 KB, 1000x667, 610YGr_RgbL._SL1000_1000x667[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Acquire tiny plastic daughteru

>> No.10312287

Why did you stop posting it? Do you not love lolita any more?

>> No.10312321 [DELETED] 

I got my HoneyCake order and I love it. The dress is really comfortable, the fabric isn’t uncomfortably thick but it’s also weirdly thin, the bag is so amazing, and I love the hairbow so much

>> No.10312333

Lolita looks so unflattering on me but i still keep wearing it

>> No.10312349

>tfw /lit/fag
>know nothing about cosplay
>dont play much vidya or watch anime
>just really want a qt cosplay gf

Just imagining spending time with a girl who has a hobby she is very dedicated to and passionate about and lustening to her go on diatribes about things you dont know about but still being supportive about it
How do I cope with this feel

>> No.10312368
File: 407 KB, 500x281, e7e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You cope by watching anime and getting a waifu. Here is a gif of literature girl from Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. She is also a romantic just like you. No need to thank me for your assigned waifu, dear anon.

>> No.10312390

I want a boyfriend who is into cosplay but also supports feminism. Is that impossible?

>> No.10312397

Boys are icky, stick to girls.

>> No.10312401

Top ew

>> No.10312404
File: 68 KB, 501x1200, AllMightCas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feeling weird, /cgl/'s.

Reflecting on the past year. I posted several times on this board on my cosplay and fitness ambitions. I was a skinny boi, but a tall one with broad shoulders. Decided I wanted to cosplay as All Might and I hurled myself into the fitness world, determined to bring the character to life. Some of you may have even seen some of my posts. I followed several weight lifting programs with fervor. Counted every calorie. Went from skinnyfat to properly fucking strong. I put on 50 pounds of the course of a year, with a 20 pound 'cut' in the middle, to avoid piling on too much fat. At 6'8" I was absolutely determined to pull off All Might - no muscle suit, no gimmicks, just pure size and muscle.

Well the con finally came and went (Youmacon, specifically). And Christ, we're all our own worst critics, huh?

Objectively the cosplay was a success: a huge hit, had hundreds of pictures taken, and everyone loved it. I embodied the character. If you were at Youmacon you must have spotted me or at least heard me. But looking in the mirror I was pretty disappointed in myself. Yes I got BIG. That's for sure. A large, broad chest. Big, thick arms. A very full and substantial frame. At the time of the con I weighed nearly 300 lbs (not fat, again, I'm 6'8"). But my body composition just wasn't there...I looked big, tall, and strong, but in no way ripped or muscular.I scrutinized every inch of my body in the mirror for being simultaneously too large (not lean enough) and too small (not muscular enough). It was so bad that I never shared any pictures of myself online to /cgl/ or reddit despite promising tons of people that I would.

Truthfully, I made the best progress feasible in the course of a single year. The goal body I envisioned would take at least 4 years of hard ass work (or 2.5 years if I juice). So I'm turning my focus to 2020, to try to nail this character. But now that the con is behind me, and it was...anticlimactic, I feel my motivation is nearly lost.

>> No.10312407

y'all need to hook up

>> No.10312419

I could start cosplay for you, but feminism...
Better not

>> No.10312429
File: 354 KB, 1147x666, sgctc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your son poops in his $800 cosplay

>> No.10312430
File: 241 KB, 240x240, image0-3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I appreciate the idea but I don't know if I could pull off cosplays and im not really interested in feminism desu

>> No.10312431

I get jealous of people who can wear lolita out with friends and go to meets. I work two jobs so while I have bought a couple of new things, it's not practical for me to wear them out for work.

Sometimes my bf takes me out somewhere nice and I'll dress up and of course there is always the option that i can wear it when I'm not working, but to me I associate it with socializing and being around my buds.

I'll be leaving a job soon so hopefully I can wear stuff out and go out more, I miss it. I miss hosting meets also, but it's hard when you don't have social media or can't coordinate with a friend all that well. :( agh

>> No.10312432

Men who hate feminism are disgusting trash in my experience

>> No.10312436

This is just one of the many reasons why women are superior to men.

>> No.10312459

a while back my friend sent me a selfie in a normie-ish fairy kei-inspired outfit for an upcoming con and I was like "cute!" and then she went: "is this outfit okay? I feel like real lolitas will laugh at me!"
>mfw yes, they will laugh at you
anyways I gently told her it didn't read as lolita at all and she was fine with that, and wore it without calling it lolita and all was well
Now she's telling me that she's going to send me a sketch of a "lolita outfit" inspired by her favourite band that she plans to make despite only learning how to sew a few months ago........ I'm so scared

>> No.10312460

Men who say they're into feminism really just want to fuck you. Which is why you've never met one.

>> No.10312462

Someone sounds a little emotional.

>> No.10312467

Why are you scared? We all started somewhere. I started with overpriced leg warmer skirts & bunny rabbit hoodies from the Chinese brand Punk Rave. We all start somewhere.

>> No.10312468

Men who say they are not into feminism also want to fuck women but they are less good at it

>> No.10312469

Sounds like you have some issues you need to get therapy for lmao

>> No.10312473

Why would you spend that much on a baby's cosplay?

>> No.10312474

I guess I'm scared because I linked her to hella lolita guides/blogs/secondhand markets and have the creeping feeling that she didn't look at any of them, and I don't want her to get posted to the ita threads here
I love her, but I know her personality can be seen as "cringey"

>> No.10312476

That sucks dude, I'm glad that you can acknowledge that you made progress, and hope that you can someday be 100% proud of yourself

>> No.10312477

nta but most people who started out like that did so years and years ago. there's no excuse for it with the modern internet.

>> No.10312506

I wished for Marie Kondo's book this Christmas, and I'm now in the process of actually doing it. The way I'm learning to love, treat and appreciate all my normal clothes reminds me of the way I'm doting on my lolita wardrobe. It's great, actually. Giving love to objects make them love you in return. This is why I love lolita so much. The fact that such a cosy feeling could spread throughout my entire wardrobe is a good feel.

>> No.10312508

you guys are just reminding me how much i hate marie kondo and dumb japanese minimalism in general. people can be capable of owning tons of shit and cherishing every single one of them. normie japanese aesthetics and sensibilities are trash.

>> No.10312515

Yeah and those people are called hoarders.

>> No.10312525

You know, if you actually read the book you could see that she agrees with you. I'm obviously >>10312506 and the book really resonated with me. The tv-show and general opinion focuses a lot on throwing everything away, but that's not all Marie Kondo has to offer. Following the book asks you to sit down and imagine YOUR ideal home. It doesn't have to be the "shitty minimalistic aesthetic" you hate so much. Your imagination is the limit! Then when you go through everything, KonMari doesn't list how much or little you should have of anything. Rather it says to keep everything you love, and that will be perfect for you. It's a method of finding joy in your life, by loving the things you choose to keep, no matter how many they are. It spreads love, by promoting love.

But sure, why make an effort to understand a message of love when it's easier to hate it in ignorance instead.

>> No.10312533

>people can be capable of owning tons of shit and cherishing every single one of them.
That's literally the point...

>> No.10312536

And from my own personal experience women who call themselves feminists are creeps, rapists, and abusers in their own right

>> No.10312537

Thanks, it really means a lot to hear that from someone.

I've definitely made a lot of progress. I just didn't make as much progress as I thought I'd be able to for the cosplay. The size was (mostly) there but there was hardly any muscle definition at all, even when flexing it wasn't anything impressive. Hell I had to abandon my spandex super-suit altogether because it obscured my musculature and made me look flabby (it and the fact that I didn't have as much muscle per lb of fat as I'd expected after 1 year of work). Instead I just stuck to the casual wear t-shirt All Might (pic related), because at least I could show off my arms/chest in that.

I'm still kind of kicking myself in the butt for thinking that I could go from skinnyfat to totally ripped/jacked in a single year. But goddamnit I made a lot of progress in that year. My bench press increased by 100 lbs. Hell, my deadlift increased by 200 lbs! And I DID look big and strong enough to pull off a convincing All Might. I just didn't look "ripped" or even all that muscular, I merely looked "big."

Its understandably frustrating to pour every ounce of your being into bodybuilding and fitness only to be called "big" or "tall" at the end of it.

Frankly I blame a lot of it on fitness influencer culture. Sure fitness is the responsibility of the individual, but if you spend too much time on Instagram or Youtube looking for bodybuilding advice, you'll start getting very unrealistic expectations on how strong of results you'll be seeing after a year's effort. Fucking EVERYone in the community is using steroids. Well, a good 80% of them are (90% if you focus on cosplayers).

Now I've just gotta stay natty and stay patient.

>> No.10312539

I am getting anxious about my HoneyCake order from AP USA. I still haven't received a tracking number even though they sent an email saying to confirm my address if it changed on the 19th. I just want my dresses and accessories. I have wanted this series for years and now it's so close yet so far away. :(

>> No.10312557

>men who want equality between sexes are only in it to fuck
the fact you think this says a lot more about you than other men

>> No.10312564

you need to be 18+ to post here. it's pretty common knowledge that men lie about caring about feminism to get laid.

>> No.10312587

it's literally cringe. imagine needing a self help book to not be a messy faggot.

>> No.10312590 [DELETED] 

I watched the show and did the same. I donated all my clothes too

>> No.10312592 [DELETED] 

I forgot which show did a skit on men pretending to be a feminist, but it was true. Guy pretending he just came back from the womens march, started being the nice guy, said how much he valued women and then when she said she’s meeting someone else there he screamed bitch

>> No.10312595
File: 118 KB, 970x970, 1565170783719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Needing a self help book to not be a messy faggot
>Not be a messy faggot

That's the goal, isn't it? The means of getting there shouldn't matter. Would you like me to stop pursuing it instead of trying? I may be a cringe messy faggot, but I'd rather be a cringe yet clean faggot, dear fisherman.

>> No.10312596

I can understand that, it's a different kind of jealousy than i mean though. I hope you find time to wear your favourite clothes soon.

>> No.10312600

great anecdote from a show which totally wouldn't warp a situation for entertainment purposes. totally represents an entire group of men.
While a man saying he's feminist wouldn't necessarily impress me, i think a man saying he's antifeminist would repel me and a lot of women way more. It's not cute to have your politics centered around feminist cringe compilation part 98

>> No.10312603

Was the ita thread newked? I hate it when that happens and I miss all of the messy fun that leads up to it.

>> No.10312642
File: 61 KB, 616x619, 1568675123431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to go to ichiban but all the friends I used to go with don't talk to me or go to cons anymore and all my cosplays are really old and mostly from series I don't even like anymore. I have new stuff I'm working on but even if super crunch there is no possible way any of it will be done in time but I'll feel super lame not going in cosplay + being in cosplay makes it way easier to approach people and talk about stuff you like. I literally just want to go to try to make friends even though I know it's a pointless effort. I don't know what to do but if I'm not going I need to cancel my hotel soon.

>> No.10312706

You need to spend less time online

>> No.10312746
File: 57 KB, 625x605, male-feminist-comic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Protip: "male feminists" are sex offenders

>> No.10312758 [DELETED] 

Self help books are for well self help. It doesn’t matter who uses them. Theres a reason why people avoid asking actual people for help and would rather consult a book instead

>> No.10312760
File: 92 KB, 1024x1024, 1577468672300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know the people that pulled you out of the blazing Arby's restaurant weren't in costume right? They were real firefighters. And you're still the one responsible for getting your petti caught in the Fry-O-Matic

>> No.10312767
File: 88 KB, 310x464, hangself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your con crush is gay

>> No.10312769

Well yeah, demonizing your entire gender and blaming your actions on that is WAY easier than admitting that you're just a shitty individual.

Now never make me agree with fucking Stonetoss again.

>> No.10312772
File: 48 KB, 496x495, screen_shot_2017-11-03_at_10.35.18_am.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10312829

Well you've convinced, from now on I will only date cosplayers who are openly misogynistic

>> No.10312835

LMAK, literally any guy who openly identifies as a feminist is either just trying fuck or has no self respect. Especially since feminism now is an intersectional shitshow with barely any actual points beyond roe v wade pearl clutching everytime a republican is voted into a district.

And the scale isn't a binary "open feminist wearing pussy hats" to "superiority complex addled wifebeater who skulks parking garages." Most guys don't have an identity with it because it's completely irrelevant to their lives.

>> No.10312838

I wonder if this is a cultural difference because at least half of my male family is feminist and they all have a girlfriend or are married. And the other half are not feminist but they would say they support feminism even though they're the type of dudes to make sexist jokes. You must live in a really depressing part of the world.

>> No.10312847

The main problem with modern feminism is that people aren't aware that feminism is more of a discourse rather than a movement since what constitutes as equality or liberation for women varies if you were to ask a rad fem or a lib fem. Even between those groups, there are people who reside on different extremes of their own spectrum. But men don't care about that because women liberation doesn't affect them in anyway, since having women being suppressed benefits them more, which is why they hate feminists so much and cherry pick on crazies like big red and triggly puff to form their opinion on feminism over all. The best opinion a man can have on feminism is to be neutral and mind his own business.

>> No.10312872

all men are just trying to fuck. They're all predatory whether they're calling themselves a feminist or not. Men know that other men are only looking for sex. that's why they get so offended by men who call themselves feminist. Because they project their own sex obsessed nature onto other men.

>> No.10312879

is this what autism looks like?

>> No.10312889

>He's using a trick to have sex with you! Don't trust him! Have sex with ME instead, I'm a real man!
Anyway anon said she wants a cosplayer who supports feminism, not a feminist activist who makes his entire identity about it.

>> No.10312979

>Men who say they're into feminism really just want to fuck you.
as a man, who was a feminist once (or sort of, at least), I can tell, that's true

>> No.10312989

Keep pursue in case he is bisex in denial.

>> No.10313019
File: 127 KB, 750x732, EDA58D38-4ADA-4D53-8C30-784A5DE64368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just broke my car antenna clean off on my garage door and scraped the paint badly like an idiot and I'm going to have to use the money i've saved up so far for burando/pocket money when I study abroad in japan to pay for it. I leave in about two months for my trip. Fuck my life and my stupid ass. poorfag living here i come

>> No.10313021

Buy and sell stuff while you're in jp to make up for it. Study abroad (college or grad level) is stupid easy and you'll have tons of free time. Start networking and learn how to buy stuff online while you're there to expand inventory. Undercut a shopping service by a few % and you'll make up the difference in no time. Also buy a scale from amazon.jp while you're there to estimate shipping.

>> No.10313046

This is baka advice.

>> No.10313081

I've lost 33 lbs over the course of several months, down to 175 from 208, and I'm super stoked about that. still slowly but steadily losing (2 or 3 pounds per week), and clothes that were once way too tight now fit me. I'm starting to get a bit discouraged, though, because my waist and bust measurements have barely moved in two months. I know its normal to shed inches quickly and then more gradually, but it's just frustrating seeing the scale tell me one story and the tape measure telling me another. i just want to be able to look for blouses without fearing the bust measurement, once upon a time it wouldn't have been an issue.

>> No.10313088

Do you work out? Working out shapes your body so that you will see inches lost at a much faster rate

>> No.10313098
File: 40 KB, 636x644, 1572326815862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con crush is straight
>gets drunk
>suddenly not so straight

>> No.10313119
File: 433 KB, 588x593, 1576036090961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want con frens, or just any frens really

>> No.10313158

just check archive

>> No.10313159

>tfw still no gf

>> No.10313234

Maybe if u weren’t such a beta incel u can get gf

>> No.10313273 [DELETED] 

Once you get under 200, it’s harder to lose weight unless you’re exercising. I never reached 200 but I’m 185 and it’s very hard to lose weight. I tried almost everything like 800 calories a day for weeks and keto as well but it’s hard dieting in a new place and there’s nothing but fried food

>> No.10313274 [DELETED] 

So scalp? Thats shitty and no one will buy it

>> No.10313290
File: 31 KB, 600x600, daijobu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>boyfriend and I are invited to a fun NYE party hosted by lolita friends
>bf can't go due to work and distance
>"anon-chan, you should go, I know you want to"
>do want to, but want to spend time with him more
>turn down lolita party
>tell and text him that I turned it down
>excited to have a fun night together
>find out that our local board game bar will be open all night and there will be a fireworks show nearby
>ask bf if he'd like to do those things for NYE
>bf tells me that he's made plans to spend NYE with a sleazy, self-obsessed friend because this friend is lonely.
>"and I'd rather do those things with you, anon-chan. it would be boring on my own"
>realise bf somehow still thinks I'm going to lolita NYE party
>he thinks I'm trying to sort activities for HIM ALONE rather than for US
>no amount of explanation can shake this belief
>annoyed with my bf and don't want to spend NYE getting creeped on by his friend
>tell my bf that he should honor his commitment to his friend but I will be at home as I cancelled on the lolita party a long time ago
>prepare to welcome the new decade on my own in an OTT coord with a bottle of wine
>feel OK about this

>after a few days, something clicks in bf's brain
>he FINALLY realizes that I'm genuinely not going to the lolita party
>reschedules to see friend on New Years Day so we can spend NYE together
>know I should be happy but I didn't want him to do that
>it's literally NYE
>the fireworks show in town and seats at the all-night board game bar are sold out
>tfw we'll just be at home like every night
>tfw I feel terrible that he cancelled on his friend even though the friend is an asshole
>tfw no motivation to wear a coord any more
>tfw wish I had just gone to the lolita party alone
>tfw I bought myself some fancy wine and now I'll have to share it

I hope this isn't an indication of how the next decade will go for me.

>> No.10313316

Me too fren

>> No.10313328

Learn2read I'm telling them to be a shopping service while they are there, not a scalper.

>> No.10313334

You should pretend to be a feminist

>> No.10313409

Fix it when you come back. Who cares about an antenna and some paint.

>> No.10313679
File: 110 KB, 436x573, siphorse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to get my 17 year old friend a cosplay bf but she only gets crushes on guys almost twice her age. Why is she so jailbait???

Happy new year.

>> No.10313680

The cos thottie who tried to suck my little peepee at con last year just tried to kill herself on NYE. Should I visit her in the hospital?

>> No.10313755

You regused a blowjob from a woman
Was she ugly, or are you just gay?

>> No.10313770

I'm not about hookups. I like to get to know a girl before anything happens.

>> No.10313800

holy based.

>> No.10313818

Wow, the world would be amazing if all men shared the same opinion.

>> No.10313821

You should check on her, that could make you know her better

>> No.10313822

I thought the year would end bad for me after a painful breakup with my ex a few months ago, but after a honest talk-to-talk last night, we made a new years resolution to fix ourselves and the relationship. Maybe 2020 will be a good year afterall.

>> No.10313835

Happy New Year, crossboarder. A toast to one more year.

>> No.10313875

>getting dressed
>pulls out my petti
> boyfriend says “do you NEED to wear that”
>I explain that it’s the basis of my coord
>”It looks better without it”
>I try to explain more
>He won’t listen and we start arguing about my lolita clothes
>”I think it looks better and that’s all that matters”

I got so discouraged that I just put on normie clothes. I’m trying not to show it, but I’m on the verge of tears. I was so excited to start the new year out wearing my new skirt. I feel like crap now

>> No.10313878

Then tell him when he wears it, he can wear it petticoatless.

>> No.10313926

>”I think it looks better and that’s all that matters”
I'm not gonna say dump him but you shouldn't have to put up with a guy treating your tastes and opinions as less important than his. Tell him to shove it.

>> No.10313928


>> No.10313950




>> No.10313989

Dump him, he's allowed to not like it but that isn't the right manner, time or place to express it. Positive and supportive bf would wait until you were at home and not going anywhere to say they prefer jeans or whatever. But it takes a sad kind of guy to want a girl only to show off anyway

>> No.10314004

>Positive and supportive bf would wait until you were at home and not going anywhere to say they prefer jeans or whatever.

Nah, that isn't needed either. Unless I ask, "hey, which of my outfits are your favourite?" to a guy, I don't need his opinion on what I'm wearing.

>> No.10314016

i was recently sexually assaulted by someone i met in the con scene, apparently he's done that to other women in the scene as well. what steps should i take to name and shame him?

>> No.10314018

>he's done that to other women in the scene as well
Try and get the testimonies of those women as well. Compile evidence into a google doc. Then do a PSA via the social media of your choice. Voila.

>> No.10314019

my problem is i don't know any of them other than one person and she wants to stay out of it basically. i am getting a restraining order against him right now though, hopefully that will be enough.

>> No.10314020

Report him to the police.

>> No.10314024

I wore a cute lolita coord for the new year but my bf of 8 years kept checking out the ass of the girl in hotpants the whole night. God I love lolita but sometimes I wish I wasn't smol and chub and had was a normie with tall model legs so I could rock them hotpants.

>> No.10314062

What did he do?

>> No.10314082

there's a long story that goes into it, basically i was interested in him at first, found out he had a girlfriend and he forced himself on me when i refused him because i didn't want to have an affair with him after i found out.

>> No.10314103

Youre perfectly acceptable the way you are. Don't let shitty boys control your opinion about yourself.

>> No.10314111

>that picture
I didn't know Momokun had a sister

>> No.10314117

You literally don't have to listen to what other people tell you to do. You're an adult and you should do what makes you feel good and doesn't hurt others. People who come spewing their unecessary opinions aren't good to be around. Next time he says shit literally reply to him in the most monotone unexpressive way saying "ok" and then go and put on whatever the fuck you want to. And when he says shit again give him another reactionless "ok" and keep giving him no proper (especially emotional) response until he drops the topic. If it causes him to lash out leave him. Assholes opinions don't matter.

>> No.10314118

Also dont explain yourself to people who don't actually listen to what you're saying. Your wasting your time and emotional energy.

>> No.10314125

I have the biggest fucking crush on a friend of mine.
I know there is no way in hell he likes me in any other ways then friend, maybe worse, maybe just friend of the girl he likes and an ok person to raid with. Ive known him for like 2 years now.

I've been attracted to 3 total people in my life and I married one of them, I'm perfectly content in my current relationship
I'm the mom in my friend group and I tell all of them that I love them and I fucking mean it but I MEAN IT DIFFERENTLY WITH YOU I'M SORRY
My husband "jokingly" calls him my boyfriend
I don't want to be that obnoxious person who clearly wants to jump his bones but I'm a shitty meat beast apparently.
I value him as a friend a lot.
I don't know what the fuck to do with these feels so wooo. I don't want to fuck anything up but he makes my heart skip a beat like some anime bullshit

>> No.10314151

>8 years
>he hasn't proposed after all that time
>he's checking out other girls
Why are you still in this shitty relationship?

>> No.10314197

He did.

>> No.10314296

Time heals all wounds. Maybe put a post it note on your brain when it gets all jumpy that says chill tf out

>> No.10314362

Honestly, the fact your husband brings up your little crush that way may indicate insecurity (in that he's looking for you to refute the fact you're attracted to this guy.) Probably not a good sign; some people don't know how to communicate on topics like this and it translates into dropping hints on their feelings and passive aggressiveness. I'd treat it less like a playful joke and maybe address it as he's not really sure how to handle this and would probably appreciate an honest conversation with you about it
If I were you, I'd keep a mental tally on reasons why this friend crush is incompatible with you (outside of the fact you're married) and remind yourself about why it wouldn't work out. You're trying to dissuade this from going any further, I'm guessing? Also maybe consciously minimize the physical contact you make with this person and start spending more time with other friends. Silly crushes can fade; it just takes a will to brush it off. Or unfortunately, the answer you probably don't want to hear, quietly ending the friendship for the sake of your marriage so that your feelings don't further complicate the relationship.

>> No.10314363

sorry abt the convoluted post. I went back and forth editing it and added/took away things but my point still stands

>> No.10314373

>i am getting a restraining order against him right now though, hopefully that will be enough.
I really hope you're just forgetting to mention that you told the cops he raped you, otherwise a restraining order won't do shit

>> No.10314374

/o/ here, post damage and car

>> No.10314394

I just envy you, that's all

Was she even "raped"?

>> No.10314476

Not sure where else to post this but I got asked if I was interested in a sugar baby relationship from a random old guy who discovered me through my college's cosplay society and I'm not sure what all this entails.
I could really use the money but I don't want to get involved in something dangerous or immoral. He asked me like it was a normal thing and I knew what it meant but I really don't, or at least not the specifics.
He said all I need to do is say "yes" and provide my paypal and he'll send something to start with and then explain the rest.

Any advice?

>> No.10314497

If you're a sugar baby then, yes, you're expected to have sex with your client. It's more or less like being a high-end escort with the exception you're expected not to be seeing other people on the side. Generally, on top of sex, you need to give your sugar daddy attention & accompany him on dates and such.

That's what a sugar daddy entails. It's like a rented girlfriend. You generally make a little more than a hooker or escort.

>> No.10314511

I see, thanks

>> No.10314538

What the fuck is wrong with you people

>> No.10314573


>> No.10314606

just go to cons

>> No.10314699


If I was desperate for money I'd become a costhot or e-girl

I wouldn't fuck some old dude thats whoring

>> No.10314729
File: 296 KB, 563x1349, Unknown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk but someone bought it

>> No.10314792

>I'd rather have thousands see me naked than fuck one guy

Never understood this logic.