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Sign Up Deadline:October 16, 2019
Matches Sent Out:October 21, 2019 (early!)
Domestic Shipping Deadline:December 15, 2019
Domestic Grinch Check:January 10, 2020
International Shipping Deadline:December 15, 2019
International Grinch Check:January 31, 2020

FAQ, rules, info, etc:

We're in the final days! If you aren't sure you'll be able to ship by the 15th of December, be sure to let santa know NOW before Grinch Check! And please remember to post using ID numbers or initials to respect privacy of giftees.

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Previous thread: >>10290360

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I sent my card and gift tiers yesterday, so 9886 and 3051, Santa should email you with the tracking.
3051, I think I may have accidentally bought EMS on your package, so hopefully it gets to you soon!

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What are some good christmas gifts for someone who's into cosplay and fashion design stuff? I dont know anything about it and if I ask them specifically what they need it will give away the surprise

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design specifically? maybe otome no sewing books? avoid hey cut/sew though

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sewing supplies ?

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#1814 I have sent your package out! I have updated Santa with the tracking, it only ended up being $115 to send, not $280 so that is nice (I went with regular courier, not express) But it should reach you in 3 - 7 days! Maybe more due to Christmas. I declared it as $60NZD so hopefully the charge wont be too much!

I'll apologize in advance for my wrapping skills haha

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Hello 2555, just wanted to let you know that I shipped your gifts on the 11th and they should be reaching you soon! The smaller one was sent via EMS and should be there in maybe 2 more business days, and the larger package should be about 6 more business days. I’m so excited for them to reach you!

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reposting question because new thread

#8865, do you only collect Kira Imai postcards, or do you collect other postcards as well? I have some Yoh, BtSSB, and Haenuli postcards if you are interested in them

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Good fabric scissors are always appreciated. Or just regular sewing supplies like pins/needles/etc. More cosplay specific, a gift card to arda/epiccosplay would also be okay.

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I hope you aren't just now shopping for your secret Santa, your gift needs to be shipped by the 15

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Linking because I don’t want my Santa to miss how much I loved their gifts.

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7458, just shipped Anon again, my wrapping is terrible and I'm sorry

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Im not sure if you check the boards, but your gift is getting to me! Im hoping to have it to you by christmas, but i dont want you to think youve been neglected or forgotten!

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>shipping for my package is $60
Remind me not to do international again.......

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Hey Gulls, were we supposed to get our card matches a gift in the card? I'm kind of poor, but I love making cards. Seeing all these face masks and teas in them make me think otherwise. Sorry for being an idiot.

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No you absolutely don't! Some anons just like to include a couple of extras, don't worry about it. Anons will appreciate that you took the time to make the card.

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I'm sure it's fine! I'm horrible at wrapping as well so it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Mine was $50 to someone. More than I expected but at least it's a good learning experience for next year?

Cards just means a straight up card. The face masks, stickers, stationery, etc are just extras but they're not obligated.

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Oh no I'm not, I just asked here because its Christmas related. Never even been on /cgl/ before

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Sadly, this is the reality for international shipping. You're going to have to spend $50+ to send each gift overseas. This cost is why I understand gulls who only want to ship within their own country or region.

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I paid about 76 I think to ship mine internationally. T_T It did hurt too. I think I will stick to domestic next year.

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Intl shipping can definitely be rough. My only tracked opinion was EMS so I shelled out $85 or so. Totally worth it though.

I don't blame gulls who cannot afford it and opt out of intl shipping, though.

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#0271 you have been shipped, I sent elf chan you’re tracking! I hope you enjoy everything. Says estimated delivery is Tuesday 12/17/19.
#6201 and #4469 you will be shipped on Monday, and #6006 & #1814 I will be shipping you guys out on Friday the 20th. I deeply apologize for being late on shipping out, but I had a medical emergency that threw a wrench in my plans. My deepest apologies. I threw in extra goodies to make up for it. Next year I will plan more accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I love any type of postcard as long the art is cute.

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1483 - postcard, ETA Dec 19 via FedEx

3131 - $30 to $40 gift, ETA Dec 20 via FedEx

2952 - postcard. I apologize, I'll have to send it out on Monday. I misread the post office hours and arrived after it closed, and FedEx said it's over $100 to send a postcard to Sweden, so I have to wait until the post office opens.

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Match number #6006 here! Today I visited the post office, with all of my cards and single gift in tow.

The postal worker was super busy and stressed, and I foolishly got swept up in it. Through the sheer force of his need for speed I failed to remember tracking. I'm super sorry to all of you, especially match #4724! I had so much fun picking out your gift, and now I can't know that it's arriving safely... I told santa about some measures I'm ready to go through in the case that it doesn't arrive.

Matches #2952, #3051, #3131, and #6646, your cards are on their way.

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Awwww, oh my gosh!!! I’m honestly sooo happy right now! It really did reach you pretty fast, didn’t it!

It was a quest to find anything with Don which didn’t suppose waiting for like a month, I think he’s the least popular character in my country - we’ve got tons of Mickey, Dumbo, Bambi, guys from duck stories even - but Donald and Daisy I haven’t seen while shopping at all, so yeah. Same goes for My Melody, I bought literally everything they had with it at my city’s Japan store! I’m happy you liked it! Also fun fact: now I NEED the phone stand I saw at your Pinterest :D

Regarding handmade, I made the necklace, the clip-ons and the nails. I know how hard it is to find clip-ons for you girls not wearing regular earrings, especially which suit your style. I sometimes get asked by friends to do them and the design you liked was pretty doable. I was a bit nervous for the outcome because of the materials though, so I went with a realistic look and I’m glad they were to your liking! The nails were my first ones ever haha, I decided to make them on an impulse. Made all sizes because you didn’t specify even after the general sizing question lol and I didn’t want to spoil, but I tried to leave some 'safe space' on the sides of larger ones for you to file down if needed and use the maximum out of them. You might want to seal the edges if you do though because they are all gel-coated. Fun fact #2: I liked making them so much I’m considering making more for sale in different styles now!

Oh and I’m happy you liked the snacks, we usually have more PopTarts for sale in import shops but this time there were just a bit for some reason. The foiled one is apple-flavored!

That being said I really really REALLY loved shopping&crafting for you so much! I love all jsf styles so much, the more distinctive the better, and you’re like a real princess so I was insanely happy to embark on this journey — even more so to hear you liked it all <3

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Hi! Thanks for the update, I’ll be definitely keeping an eye out for them! They may reach me a bit later than you anticipate though because our post is overloaded now, I literally waited 50 mins in line just to buy a postage box yesterday — but don’t fret, it’ll be great either way! I’ll notify you when it reaches me but odds are I’ll open it on 25th if it comes earlier cuz I like the tradition, I hope you don’t mind!

>that gojira pic related

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2952, just received your card — it’s beyond adorable!! I laughed so much! Thank you a ton for the stickers and kind words, your drawing is the cutest!!

Also, 6646, 4540 and 6006 in case I forgot to mention in previous threads — your cards have been sent out on 29th of November and are on their way!

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4469 I have sent your card and it should be arriving soon!
5760 your package should be arriving soon, and it's going to need a signature. Also I had to give you a fake name otherwise FedEx wouldn't let it go through lol
So excited for you two to get your gifts! I know you'll love them!

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Card matches 4264 and 0864!
Your cards are ready and will be shipped out tomorrow as I'm stupid and didn't realise I didn't have the proper stamps.

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Hi all, Elf-chan here! Reminder that today is the deadline for shipping and if you have not or are unable to ship today email in ASAP. I have received a few emails which I am currently going through - don't worry if you haven't received a response to your email just yet.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's gifts!

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#6006 here! I hear your plight, and I'm okay with waiting for a later Christmas. You say you will plan better next year, but really? How do you plan for a medical emergency. Please don't beat yourself up about it. I hope you get well soon, and that you don't feel any physical pain during Christmas. Please stay safe!

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You MADE the NAILS??? You made the NAILS. Holy fuck, anon. And they were your FIRST NAILS??? If you do consider making nails for sale please email me because a) I would like to throw money at you and b) I have lots of gyaru friends who would also probably like to throw money at you. I can't believe these were your first nails, they are gorgeous! Everything you made was completely amazing, I'm so excited to use everything.

I love that phone stand haha, I'm going to start trawling Mercari for it - it must exist somewhere!

I'm so glad you had fun shopping for me, I'm so so so glad we were matched, you're such a sweetheart and you have made my heart very very happy after a not-so-great 2019 and I'm so grateful. Thank you so much <3 (P.S I loved your drawings so much)

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I just washed the body pillow cover and am gonna finally put it on my pillow! I am so excited to have it because it will look great with Clear's bday shrine in Feb!

Btw the jellyfish earrings are so cute! I already wore them and got tons of compliments on them! Thanks for being my santa! Is it okay if I can send you an xmas card?

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Sorry to inform 7001 and 5760 but I'm waiting for more gifts to arrive. Going to ship it out late on the 20th.

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0717 here!

Thank you so much for the gift!! I absolutely love the accessories--they're exactly the type of thing I wanted! And I love the Liz Lisa skirt! Seriously, you chose the perfect items and you've made me very happy. I'll get so much use out of everything!

Oh, and this was the $50-$75 tier.

Thanks again, Santa!

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Hi 7458!

I'm still waiting for the item that was shipped from my SS on 30.11, I can see it on tracking so hopefully it comes soon as that is all i'm waiting for ! So sorry for the delay <3


your cards have been sent <3

>> No.10305992

2952 - postcard sent, ETA unknown (I asked the post office worker and she said "I don't know, but give it 2 weeks.") It's not tracked (they said that costs $30 more), but it has a customs number I will send to elf-chan.

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I love everything in this photo. Great style, anon.

>> No.10306006

By aligning all the planets and praying to mana-sama lol jk you’re right there really isnt a way to prevent. Thank you for understanding.

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9399 and 6042, your cards have been sent!!

5553 and 3523, your packages have been sent!

#3523, your gift will arrive tomorrow!
#5553, yours arrive on friday!

>> No.10306078

4264 and 0864, I shipped out your cards earlier today!

>> No.10306087

0864 and 4302, your gifts were both shipped out!! 4302, one small thing for you didn’t come in time (even though I ordered it in early November) but I can send it to you later if you’d like!

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It's okay, thank you for the update!

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>Tier: $30-40

My neighbor ended up getting my package and brought it over to me so it was an extra surprise to begin with since I wasn't expecting this until tomorrow.

I started out with the smallest gifts and the more candy I unwrapped the more confused I got. I honestly thought the big package was going to be a jumbo sized Popin' Cookin' until I opened it because I had absolutely no idea where it was all going!

I totally lost my mind when I saw the drawstring bag and what was in it though.
I cannot wait to hang the Cardinal up in a place of honor, especially once I finish this puzzle and get it framed as well.

Thank you SO MUCH, fellow Ghoulette! I can now say since I have Ghost, I have everything.

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And bonus pic of my cosplay WIP because I was so excited!

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Thanks for the update!
Am Excited!

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Card Tier

To #2952 thank you so much!! This is so thoughtful of you to write down a recipe for me, and your illustrations are so adorable! I'm going to go ahead and make these for my family's Christmas dinner on the 25th. I hope you have a lovely holiday too!

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Thank you for letting me know! You can send out the item that arrived late whenever you have time! It's OK that it didn't arrive in time!

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I'm glad you like it! I was kinda worried since I went a little off cgl. I wish I could have gotten the candle for you too, buy I was really worried about it breaking during shipping. But like I said, maybe one day we can meet up as some fine ass Ghoulettes! Blessed Yule!

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you were the santagull2019 email right?

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I totally did not mind at all, I'm absolutely thrilled! I'm already making plans to clean off my desk this weekend to start on this puzzle. I definitely don't blame you for the candle because it looks like USPS was a bit rough on the package already. I'm really surprised the picture arrived without being broken!

Blessed Yule to you too, Ghoul! See you at a future ritual!

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I mailed your packages out about 4 weeks ago and they're still slowly on the way to you. They're in your country now but it seems like they're just drifting around after customs. Hope they get to you soon!

>> No.10306404

#1814, have you got an e-mail with the tracking number for your gift yet? I've send it to the helper on Monday, but got no answer yet, so just checking~

>> No.10306416

I meant to attach my email but forgot so it's a g mail account


>> No.10306535

Hi! Are you >>10304928 ?
I didn't receive a tracking number yet, I'm not sure if Santa is behind on emails or anything, bless them!

>> No.10306587

No, I’m 30-40$ match. Ok let’s give them some more time to sort it out!

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Mine is above, but that email address is part of the time.

Little note to everyone that posting in the thread does not count as letting the organisers know you have shipped something - please email in also - especially since it is now past the shipping deadline.

I sent an email to the email address we have for 1814 with a tracking number yesterday - let me know if you haven't got it and I'll send it again.

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Mine is above, but that email address is part of the team.

Little note to everyone that posting in the thread does not count as letting the organisers know you have shipped something - please email in also - especially since it is now past the shipping deadline.

I sent an email to the email address we have for 1814 with a tracking number yesterday - let me know if you haven't got it and I'll send it again.

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I think this is your package! There wasn't an ID so I'm not 100% sure? $15 - $25 Tier.

Thank you sooo much! The pencil case is adorable and I love call ducks so much you have no idea!!!!! The IW socks are perfect and will fit right in with the rest of my wardrobe and even more perfectly since they also have ducks on them!

I was having a super shitty day, so your gift made the day happier.

>> No.10306645

Yes that was me, so glad it got to you ok, and that you like everything! I hope you have a great holiday and that your day gets better!

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OPENED $75-100 tier and from Santa # 0271.
Gyahhhhh! You got the bag I have been eyeing for some time. It goes well with my chocolate dresses. Im super excited to use it when it gets a bit warmer. The bow works with my pink dresses, and I am kind of laughing as to how you knew my favorite fruit = peach. The cute plushies are now on my bed with my other plushies. The eyemask will be used tonight :P

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File: 3.64 MB, 4032x3024, 20191217_203937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi Santa! Its #0271! I got your package today and I got to say that I love the bracelet!! It fits well with my closet! I also have to say that I love the tea you sent! It smelled so good as soon as I opened the package!

The drawings were so cute and I am keeping them safe in a binder, and I had a good laugh with the pinecones since I didn't expect it! Now I can add them to my collection haha!

Btw I didn't see what tier this was for! Thanks again for the gifts, it was a nice surprise to get!

>> No.10306879

Aahh!! I'm happy the bag got to you safe! I was looking for something nice that could be used with most of your closet and seeing what you want on your wishlist, I picked the bag! I'm happy that the neko atsume plushies joined your collection!

I hope you liked everything!

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I received my first card in the mail! The 3d polar bear card is so pretty, I have it set up on my desk for the holiday season now. And the postcard is going up on my little art wall :) The stickers match my aesthetic so well, I love decorating notes/letters so will definitely be able to use them all! I am just about to go look up the different dresses you mentioned, the library one sounds right up my alley. Thank you so much!!

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File: 425 KB, 1524x1524, 20191218_194529_20191218201440753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

6042 here, got my first card today!

I think I love everything, it’s still too hot here so I wish it’s snowing like your card, and I’m amused that you sent them with popsicle stamps. The "seagull mail" drawing with the sea-themed tape is great, too. The sheet mask being charcoal and having santa on them is genius.

The stories you dug up are hilarious and adorable! Definitely the highlight of my day, thank you! I hope you also have a great and wonderful 2020 ahead.

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Hi! 3051 here!
I got my parcel today, originally i was going to wait to open everything but heck i'm terrible!
Thank you SO MUCH for everything! I can tell a lot of thought went into each item and I actually squeeled on every one!
Also the heckin Moitie skirt !!!!!!! At last I am a true gothic lolita THANK YOU SO MUCH AHHH, you have spoilt me!
I hope you have a splendid christmas and a happy new year!!

P.S the Q-Pot tea smells divine! What blend it it? ^_^ (thankk youuuuu <3)

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oo sorry, tier is $50-75!

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3051 again (last one for now i promise)

Thank you so much for the card #6006! SO CUTE, the art is going on my wall for sure! - merry Yuletide greetings!! I hope you have a lovely festive season and new year

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Thank you for your card #2555! I'm really impressed by the drawing of Moemura on your envelope inside the envelope. It looks so cool in white against black. I will treasure that, just like your sweet message and card. I quite like the sticker and will have no problem putting it on my wall. The nail art stickers are quite interesting. I've never used any of those before, but these are so cute I want to give it a try. Thank you so much all over again!

I'm happy you liked it! It relieves me that the card arrived safely. I hope you're able to think happy seagull thoughts whenever you see my drawing from now on. You're gorgeous, just like your coord.

>> No.10307185

SS here giving an update; #6201 and #4469 I have shipped you guys out today and they will both arrive Saturday, I have sent the tracking numbers to Elf-Chan. I hope you guys enjoy your stuff, I assumed I was not supposed to put my # to keep it secret, so I just left it out for all of the packages. But yes enjoy your things and post/let me know here when you get them! #6006 and #1814 I am still shipping you both out on Friday thank you for understanding!

>> No.10307188

#0864, I've mailed your gift! It should arrive by Saturday. I've provided elf-chan with the tracking number. Hope you love it!

>> No.10307214

Ahh hello!! This was a letter (hehe yea.. i went overboard on all of my letters lol) im so glad you loved everything so much! I really had a great time picking out out of my letter/gift matches! When it same Cinnamoroll I really took that to heart because he’s also my fave too <3 and the tea is amazing, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year anon! You are very welcome!

>> No.10307215

This is santa again, forgot to say this in my original reply- I have some other pinecones that are on a stick that would look nifty on a shelf or hung up somewhere, as well as a cluster of (3) that are all together. If you are interested in more pinecones and/or more tea you have my info in your letter I sent to do so, enjoy everything!

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ahhh, you have spoilt me with this card #6042!! between the snake/dragon themed card and ornament, the cute botanical stickers, and the delicious treats you hit so many things I love. I asked for some nice nail polishes for Christmas so I'll get to make full use of the nail art stickers very soon, and I'll have to make sure to wear one of my night sky themed dresses when I do. Both teas look really delicious--I'll have to have a pampering night with one and the body lotion. I hope to try the cake recipe soon, and for now I've hung the ornament on Kazul's tank so she can enjoy it too :) Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas!

For #6006 -- I sent your $30-40 tier gift on the 4th, and I've been keeping an eye on the tracking. At the moment it's shown as "in transit" since the 12th and no updates since then, so I'm hoping this is just the crossing-the-ocean part of shipping and that it'll start showing more activity again soon. Fingers crossed it makes it by Christmas!

>> No.10307328

#7001, #8865 finally shipped your packages. Shipped both priority. Thanks for your patience!

>> No.10307384


6042 here, and wow, it looks like a lot when it's all spread out rather than the tiny things I packed. Glad to hear you liked a lot of it!

Just wanted to note the tea is better if you use ~300ml rather than the 400ml the instructions directed.

>> No.10307442

So happy to see it got to you on time for Christmas, anon!
The tea is "Sweet Weekend", I think. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too!

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File: 3.62 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191219_095546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi #6201! I finally opened my gift, and wow! Thank you so much! I'm SHOCKED you managed to find a fashion design based worker placement game like how the heck did you find that?? Also the dice are perfectly my aesthetic, I will be using them at tonight's DnD session. Targi looks like a lot of fun and I'm excited to try it! We've really exhausted our plays of our current two player stash lol. And thank you for the socks as well!

>> No.10307583

1483 and 3131 were delivered today

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Hi, can I check your ID so I can mark this off as arrived?

Some emails have gone out today - it seems like there was a little bit of confusion with the team's email addresses. If you have any questions email or copy in >>10306591 myself and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Merry Christmas everyone!

>> No.10307649

Hello! I’m >>10306974 # and my number is 4315 :)

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Thank you so much for the card #0864!

I loved the spooky postcard and the little ghost inside the card. I'll definitely be checking out your comments and thank you for the Mickey stickers! In all the times I've gone, I've never even seen where to get these so I'm pleased to have them.

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Thank you so much AB. (Can't find what number you have)
I love the Nile Perch cardigan so much and the accessories.
Love the candy you picked out
My gift range is 50-75

>> No.10307757

Glad you enjoyed it! I was in the 50-75 range, sorry I forgot to include that.

>> No.10307800

Ah thank you, you really went above and beyond!

>> No.10307805

>tfw sent my card tiers drawings and letters but didn't add any other gifts
There's so many amazingly thoughtful cards that have been posted by now that I kinda feel bad about it.

>> No.10307834

Same, really makes me feel like I fucked up in a major way. I should've known from last year's SS threads.

>> No.10307867

Don't feel bad. Card tier is just that, cards.

And I mentioned this previously, but it's this "clearly going outside of the agreed tier" pressure that now exists in these threads that causes this kind of thing, and I hate it.

>> No.10307868


Honestly, I'd rather the gift exchange didn't morph into some weird thing where there's unwritten rules that gulls need to politely send extras with their cards. I feel, like, if people sign up for a card tier then they should know to expect just a card, if they want an actual gift they should sign up for a proper gift tier.

I'm saying this as someone in the card exchange, I'd be happy just receiving a card and nothing else. The extras like facemasks, stickers, tea, whatever, -- I can buy those myself if I really wanted them, or I could have signed up for a gift tier. What I really like is the personal notes inside the cards, the idea that someone picked out the card just for me.

So yeah, I wouldn't worry about not sending enough extras.

>> No.10307869

It's like power creep in TCGs.

>> No.10307914

I'm someone who included extra goodies in the cards I sent. I have 0 expectation of getting anything back and would be perfectly happy with receiving only simple cards with a short note/greeting and nothing more.

It was just a fun extra thing for me to do during a cold, dark time of year. I think everyone knows that the only thing to expect in a card tier is a card.

>> No.10307922

I’m someone who also adds extras in cards, but I don’t expect them back. All I expect is a personalized note, when I receive a generic Christmas card that just says “merry xmas” is when I’m disappointed. Other than that I don’t have any expectations to receive “extras” or anything.

>> No.10307931

I feel like every year we have the same complaints regarding cards and people splurging on tiers.

It says when you sign up that card tier is just that - a card. You can include extras but you're not obligated to and you shouldn't expect extras.

As for splurging, that's a similar deal. Some people get matched so well that it's easy to shop for their giftee and they just go overboard because it's better to give than receive.
You shouldn't expect to be spoiled and no one should feel pressured to spoil to 'keep up with expectations. The same is said about adding extras to cards.

>> No.10308007

The reason I included extras with my cards is because it's my first year so I'm limited on the value I can sign up for. But I made sure to keep my fillers under $10 so it doesn't creep into the next tier.

>> No.10308040
File: 319 KB, 721x721, PSX_20191220_180955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#6006 here again, and thank you so much #7001! Even if Homura's feet were poking out it was easy to smoothen the paper and have her as good as new. You drew the best girl so well! I can easily imagine her actually wearing lolita exactly in this style. I will treasure your drawing dearly!

I'm also pleasantly surprised to get mail from an Instagram mutual. Would you mind if I send you a card back or just... Uh, hit you up on insta to talk about waifus and the like? Otherwise I'll just keep silently liking your posts as I always have. Thank you again!

>> No.10308057

It's because the point of having tiers is to stay within those tiers.

If you join a work secret Santa or even within friends, and the agreed amount is $20-30, and you bring a gift worth $60, you look like an asshole, not a saint.

Jeez, there's even a whole episode of The Office about this.

>> No.10308099

I’m so glad you liked the card! Your info gave me spooky vibes so I thought the postcard would be cute.

>> No.10308146

How is someone being an asshole for going over their gift tier? No one in the $20-$30 tier is spending $60, more like around $45 at worst. You’re an asshole if you send below your agreed amount.

>> No.10308173

Sometimes you don't stay in those tiers and that's fine. You can't just get $20 of stuff, see an item they'd love that's $20 and go "Well I guess they'll miss out because it's $10 more."

The entire thing is anonymous. No one works with each other or knows each other so no one is going to look like a saint for going over.
Stop being so salty.

>> No.10308185

At no point did I say to send below, so I don't know what you're even mentioning that for.

Whether it's $45 or $60, it's still far outside of the bounds that were agreed to. If you want to spend more on someone, just sign up for a higher gift tier. How is that hard?

>You can't just get $20 of stuff, see an item they'd love that's $20 and go "Well I guess they'll miss out because it's $10 more."

Yes you literally can. Otherwise, your logic goes, "well you see something that they love and it's $100, and you have to get it because it's only $90 over." Over is over, simple as that.

>> No.10308188
File: 86 KB, 640x480, 1459027654890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>equating spending $10 extra to $90 extra on a $20-$30 tier

>> No.10308195
File: 986 KB, 245x280, E8E3F9B9-9BFA-4189-A851-CD2A27C5899A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m glad it got to you safely! No I wouldn’t mind at all that would be lovely, feel free to anytime, I might too at some point, bit shy here lol!

>> No.10308199
File: 123 KB, 1798x222, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$20-30 tier
You aren't cheap-chan, are you? They were a $20-30 bracket and complained about being too cheap and broke to send any good gifts.

>> No.10308209

Haha, what year is that from?

>> No.10308211
File: 563 KB, 1280x1280, 0E8F72DD-8185-450B-98A2-0607E9F51257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi #6201! I got your card in the mail today, and it wasn’t late! I really appreciate your kind note and the card you chose is super duper cute! Thank you for the nice wishes and I hope your holidays will be merry and bright! I will be getting lots of sleep this holiday season!

>> No.10308213

2017. They sent food from Nov and poor giftee didn't get it until mid January.

>> No.10308256

Are you blind? it literally shows the date in the screenshot lol

>> No.10308315
File: 2.63 MB, 3977x2932, IMG_20191219_104313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you so much Santa!! The dice are perfect for my current dnd character (she's a tempest cleric), and these board games are excellent choices! I'm actually surprised you haven't played euroboard games given the good selection o: if you're ever in my neck of the woods my con does boardgame meets if you'd like to join us. Sexpot revenge is my favorite of the Japanese punk brands and I love this dress!! And I can always use more tea~ thank you so much and happy holidays to you

>> No.10308357
File: 163 KB, 1024x656, D5C526E4-91EA-4122-A0E2-B2998C3C6077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3841 from Canada, just wanted to thank you for your patience regarding delayed shipping of your gift. The items stuck in customs FINALLY arrived (took like a month lol) and I’ll be shipping it out on Monday. I bought you a bunch of extra goodies on a recent trip to make up for it, so thank you again and I am excited to send it!

9869, I mailed your package domestically and it should be arriving by now! Please let me know if it doesn’t show up soon!

2555, I just checked the tracking for your small package, it has cleared customs in your country on the 18th and likely will reach you soon! Again, the really good stuff is in the big package, but I hope the small stuff will make you happy! I am a bit worried that it won’t be very exciting, but hopefully it’s okay.

>> No.10308376

You'd be an asshole in those situations because you are socially obliged to join in those secret santas and a limit is usually established to avoid embarrassing those of lesser means. This is completely voluntary, anonymous and you're not embarrassing anyone if you overspend, contrary to the opinions of like the 2 people who come in every year and bitch about people overspending.

I think you're thinking people are overspending to show off or "look like a saint" but in my experience people overspending are doing it because it is fun for them to shop for their Santa. That's it. Literally the only person who cares about whether or not you overspend is you yourself, and I'm so tired of people projecting their paranoia over this to literally everyone else who could not give less of a fuck.

>> No.10308384

I received the package, thank you! I'm going to do my best to wait until Christmas to open it.

>> No.10308385

4469 here, the tracking says the package has arrived at my house :) I'll be back in the US on the 24th, so I'll be able to open it just in time for Christmas! Thank you so much, i can't wait to see what you sent!

>> No.10308391

Hey c from Mississippi or 2541... I checked tracking and says it was delivered on the 19, did you get it? Please don't wait to open to Christmas, at least open the package for the filler snacks, they aren't wrapped and I don't want anything to go stale. I hope you enjoy everything, please let me know if everything is okay! I really had fun for the 15$ tier.

>> No.10308424

I'm so glad you like it!! And I'm so glad it arrived before Christmas. It was a lot of fun to shop for another Nile Perch fan! And we like a lot of the same artists, too. :)

>> No.10308429

Hi guys, Elf-chan here - I'm currently travelling for the holidays, I know I have a few emails, please don't worry if you don't hear back straight away, I will do my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can. My apologies for any inconvenience.

>> No.10308443

To my SS, just curious if everything is okay? I didn't get an email from Santa or Elf-chan with any tracking number or mention that things were shipped and they also said they haven't gotten anything from you.

>> No.10308465

> that feel when you pay for express shipping so it gets there before christmas but it's taking forever anyway

50 bucks to the trash, fuck the post.

>> No.10308469

Awesome enjoy your holidays!

>> No.10308487

Hi, it was delivered yesterday around 11 AM according to tracking! Did you receive it ok?

>> No.10308488

If your package was guaranteed to make it by a certain date because of the shipping you paid for, but it doesn’t, you can get a refund.

>> No.10308512
File: 102 KB, 450x443, 1495576089161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw package cleared Russian customs on the 12th and hasn't updated since
I'm so sorry giftee. I didn't think this would happen.

>> No.10308516

What tier?

>> No.10308589

Sorry for the late reply, I've been stuck at a hotel with an IP block!

I'm so glad you like it! I was so worried about getting you hair accessories that you already had, haha. And I thought the skirt would suit you perfectly after checking out your style on IG. :) I'm really happy you can use everything.

>> No.10308631

>still don't see my ID written anywhere in any thread acknowledging anything
>gift for my giftee was delivered earlier this week, still no response
hurts just a little

>> No.10308637
File: 116 KB, 640x480, image2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey #7001 its #1483 SORRY it took me so long to post on here! I AM OBSESSED I had the $50-75 tier and I am shocked how much I got! plus I loved the dress it's so cute

>> No.10308639
File: 69 KB, 640x480, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey #0864 I just got your card today and I LOVE MY DRAWING! I love her so much and I love the card! #1483

>> No.10308641
File: 123 KB, 640x480, image1 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


#7022 thank you so much for the extra goodies with the card! I finally managed to open everything from everyone today so I had a blast seeing everything! thanks again #1483

>> No.10308685

Yay!! I’m so happy you got it safely! Glad you like the dress too!

>> No.10308702
File: 63 KB, 800x280, Seagullsantacard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi #3051 and #1483. Thank you so much for the lovely cards!
#3051 your drawing is so sweet, I will definitely be like our best egg boi after christmas dinner and thank you for the postcard.
#1483 Thanks for the card, your message made me giggle and I love your goofy lil seagull doodle. Merry Christmas to you both! #8658

>> No.10308705 [DELETED] 
File: 3.57 MB, 1617x1300, cgl_gifttier.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#8658, this is #4315! Your gift arrived and I absolutely adore it <3 There's not much of a community around for mori, so I was really happy to get such a cohesively themed gift (and wrapped so beautifully). I think I audibly gasped when I opened the bolero, it's everything I love. The draping lace layers, the light floaty fabric, the detailing on the back -- I am going to get a lot of use out of it, including with some of my more casual lolita coords as well. The shorts will be perfect for hiking around in during the spring and summer, and the lacy socks will go with several things I own already as well (and the Christmas ones I plan to wear this week :) ). The bookmark was a thoughtful touch and I want to say thank you for including the poem as well--the last line has been echoing in my head all day, I really enjoyed it!

You really paid attention to things I said I liked (all the lace touches have me swooning), and everything you got me will be useful in my wardrobe and wearable in my climate. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful gift for me. Wishing you all the best over the holidays.>>10308443

>> No.10308706
File: 3.57 MB, 1617x1300, cgl_gifttier.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#8658, this is #4315! Your gift arrived and I absolutely adore it <3 There's not much of a community around for mori, so I was really happy to get such a cohesively themed gift (and wrapped so beautifully). I think I audibly gasped when I opened the bolero, it's everything I love. The draping lace layers, the light floaty fabric, the detailing on the back -- I am going to get a lot of use out of it, including with some of my more casual lolita coords as well. The shorts will be perfect for hiking around in during the spring and summer, and the lacy socks will go with several things I own already as well (and the Christmas ones I plan to wear this week :) ). The bookmark was a thoughtful touch and I want to say thank you for including the poem as well--the last line has been echoing in my head all day, I really enjoyed it!

You really paid attention to things I said I liked (all the lace touches have me swooning), and everything you got me will be useful in my wardrobe and wearable in my climate. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful gift for me. Wishing you all the best over the holidays.

>> No.10308709
File: 304 KB, 1000x952, Seagullsanta15-25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#5504 Thank you for the lovely gifts, seeing that big cinnamoroll plush when I opened the box really made me smile. I'm wearing the milk socks today and the postcards are going up on my wall - Mucha is a favourite of mine and that postcard is beautiful! The t-shirt will be great for lounging in over the Christmas break. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.

>> No.10308718
File: 183 KB, 1000x502, Seagullsanta30-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#2952 I was so blown away by your gift! I immediately tried on the IW cutsew it's so adorable, I can't wait to wear it - the tights are beautiful too. I love all the little brand novelties you included, and have already put my travel card in the angelic pretty case. The pretty floral necklace will match my Christmas Day co-ord and make it extra festive! I can't thank you enough for such a lovely package, have a brilliant Christmas!

I'm so happy you liked everything, really enjoyed shopping for you - I was so nervous about that bolero - so glad you love it! Your aesthetic really inspired me and I'm going to start expanding the mori(ish) side of my wardrobe. Happy you enjoyed the poem (it's my all time favourite). Merry Christmas!

Just a quick thanks to all my anons, I've been having a really crappy time at work and you gulls have really got me into the festive spirit, wishing you all the best for 2020.

>> No.10308773

Can I please check the tier and your ID?

>> No.10308806

By deduction I think it's the $100 tier, I lost the peice of paper with the ID number on it, I'm sorry.

>> No.10308817
File: 1.70 MB, 1500x2052, cgl2019santa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#2952 got the package on Thursday but since my phone camera is broken I was unable to take pics until today! For some reason the tracking stopped updating since 2 Dec, and I thought it was delayed in the holiday season mess, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I had a really bad day but as soon as I started to unpack I could not stop smiling! You absolutely spoiled me, still cant believe you included almost literally EVERYTHING from the idea list!! The headdresses, T-shirts, stockings and the blouse are exactly what I had in mind and fit my wardrobe so well!! Thanks to you I finally have accessories to complete my coord for the Christmas meet! I cant get over how pretty the Slytherin mug & makeup bag are, and I wanted to try Bertie Botts beans for eternity! The tote bag is perfect since I love Moster High but always forget to mention it in my forms haha! The snacks are on point and the earmuffs and the scarf are such a cute addition for winter!

Thank you so so so much Swedish gull, every gift is so well thought and useful. I'm really amazed how much atention you paid to my tastes and I could not ask for a better Santa! I hope you'll have an amazing holiday season and great 2020! Lots of love from #7312 <3

$30-40 tier

>> No.10309023
File: 291 KB, 844x579, Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 5.07.13 PM copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm sorry #6006 :( I really thought that sending it on the 4th would get my $30-40 tier gift to you in plenty of time for christmas, even with oceans in the way... fingers crossed it's just bad tracking (I have had other issues with USPS lately) and that it is really further along in its journey to you.

>> No.10309052

Oh man, your sad cat image makes me feel. But hey gull, thanks for the tracking number! I don't know where you're running it, but I put it in USPS' "manage tracking" whatever tab and I got this. Look, it had crossed the ocean already! It's not stuck on a boat, and it might just arrive before New year's??
I also tried putting it in Sweden's postal system but no dice, so it's still with no doubt in the hands of USPS. Let's have faith in them, I'm sure they will manage. USPS is not that big here, so maybe they were just cutting costs by saving up a big truckload to go from the capital to my city? Think happy thoughts Santa! I wish you a merry Christmas, free of sad cats.

>> No.10309055
File: 159 KB, 1109x1080, PicsArt_12-23-01.36.24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FffUck, dropped happy image

>> No.10309087
File: 93 KB, 600x600, 1510016577560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't received any email with tracking from Santa, so I have the feeling I might have been grinched. At least my match's gift arrived in time for christmas and she was happy with it

>> No.10309104

Same here, anon

>> No.10309106
File: 24 KB, 540x489, 416c76ff140363ccd8601b4885a408e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, Elf-chan even said they have been trying to contact my Santa but with no luck

>> No.10309149
File: 29 KB, 520x520, 097733-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Waiting for my giftees to get their gifts.

#1814 if you still haven't got the tracking number for your $100+ gift please let me know! I cant really tell what its doing from my end, so its making me paranoid!

>> No.10309174

I have the tracking number! No lie, I keep refreshing it over 9000 times each day..
I'm hoping fingers crossed that it'll get to my town today from the main England hub and out for delivery tomorrow so I can open it on Christmas day! If not, next week is fine too haha.

>> No.10309175

Forgot to say, it seems to have cleared those beastly customs fees thank god! >>10309174

>> No.10309334

I know Elf-chan sent tracking for my two overseas giftees but just in case


One of the packages has cleared Russian customs but hasn't updated in 10+ days, I'm not sure how you'd go about checking up on that.
The other package says it's arrived at a post office so it may be delivered in the next day or two.

>> No.10309340

Super fucking shitty feel but my house got broken into and they took everything under the tree so my ss gift is the only thing im getting for christmas this year :,)

>> No.10309350

I'm so sorry, gull. Did they really only take the stuff under the tree? At least they left your valuables and everything else alone and no one got hurt.

>> No.10309353


So sorry anon...hopefully you can still have an enjoyable time with family in spite of such a shitty thing happening.

>> No.10309354

It sounds like they took everything including things under the tree
So sorry anon..

>> No.10309355

Thanks gulls :) im not actually sure how much they took because it happened while i was traveling, but the police say that the entire place was ransacked and that they definitely took a computer because the monitor is there but the unit is gone... im just glad that the pets are okay because i would feel horrible if they had gotten hurt

>> No.10309433
File: 38 KB, 794x596, photo_2019-12-23_18-19-47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2555 here

Sent you a mail with the info! <3

Nope haven’t got any tracking IDs at all! And I’m SO confused rn, because you appear to not be the same person as >>10304934??
Because I’m only supposed to get ONE gift, and the info in your posts doesn’t match at all!
>that horrendous feel that someone got me as a wrong match

Don’t worry, I’ll be happy with anything! Could you please drop me a mail with the the tracking so I could check in with my local post? That would be the most promising way to get the little one in time!

>> No.10309463

I hope I get picked for gifting a Grinched gull! But I hope none of you guys get got more!

>> No.10309504

Hi #5553! This is your santa for the $30 - $50 tier and I sent out your gift out last week and it the tracking number said it has arrived already since the 19th.

Did the post office give you the package? I am just worried if you did get it or not

>> No.10309518

#0864, just wanted to know if the gift arrived safely to you? It was delivered the 20th :)

>> No.10309545

anon is lying about making those lmfao.

>> No.10309584

I'm >>10306392 and I have you as a card match but I sent an actual package instead of a card because I had added a few extras.
Your tracking ID is: LZ432886145US

>> No.10309589

Plenty of other threads to be a salty bitch in if you've got nothing better to do.

>> No.10309599

this set is literally from fril.jp

>> No.10309600

Agreed, but I didn't want to be the one to say something. No one buys multiple gel polishes, the nails themselves, nail stamps, and nail art pieces like those gems and caviar balls just to try to make something for someone. Either they make nails regularly or they got them commissioned elsewhere.

>> No.10309603


They might be someone who makes them regularly or got a small kit/set. Either way no need to be negative in one of the few happy warm feeling threads we have. They got a nice gift from their santa and that's what matters more.

>> No.10309614

I for on am upset they lied. People spend years and hundreds of dollars to be professional nail artists and I personally know how long those kinds of sets take. The set she sent also uses a nail printer on some of it, and to me humblebragging about that shit being her "first set" when it's likely just shitty taobao is the negativity ITT. She's probably just going to try to shill resell her shop or something.

>> No.10309617

I'm the giftee and can we please not shit all over my gift? I love the nails, that's all that matters. It's Christmas, please save this type of discussion for someone who actually dislikes their gift.

>> No.10309619 [DELETED] 


If you know for sure they lied there is definitely reason to be upset but I didn't see any confirmation of lying just speculation that they couldn't possibly be homemade.

>> No.10309620


As long as you're happy that's what matters anon!

>> No.10309621

next time your gifter shouldn't humblebrag.

>> No.10309637

9903 here and I haven't got any mails from Santa after giving matches info.

I've sended all my gifts, mailed about it to Santa and Elf-chan and HelperGull but haven't got any answer. So >>10309087 >>10309104 don't panic, I think our SS organizers just have too much work this year.

Also 2952 and 6646 - if you still didn't got trackings for gifts I can write them here if you don't mind.

>> No.10309646

Hi guys, I'm really sorry, it seems like I've had a large number of tracking numbers sent to me, however I'm currently with family and have limited time so I am trying to focus on sending out gift tracking numbers followed by card tracking numbers along with checking off any gifts posted in the threads. Also don't be too worried if you haven't received a tracking number - not everyone has sent us the tracking number with their proof of postage. After the grinch check deadline has passed I will look into any missing cards and gifts further and I will be going through the emails as fast as I can. My apologies and thank you all for your patience.

>> No.10309649
File: 179 KB, 2048x1468, dere_deer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi everyone! I see there's an issue with gulls not receiving a tracking number for their gifts. If you're having problems or haven't received a tracking number, please send me or the other organizers an email, and we'll get to the bottom of it. Sorry about the confusion, and happy Christmas to all!

>> No.10309654

No one's shitting on the item itself. They're nice nails.

They don't use a nail printer. They use a stamping set. I own very similar ones.

>> No.10309656
File: 122 KB, 800x800, HTB16TRAj6uhSKJjSspmq6AQDpXaG[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some of the nails with the lace design on the edges are clearly just those shitty pink colored plastic nails with a design printed on them like pic related.

>> No.10309664

Oh my God, what a shitshow.

Yes, they are is my nails. They are my first nails. I made them specifically for my giftee and that is it. I posted the photo for getting her attention, not yours, and I'm ashamed some of you behave like bitches in such a sweet thread. If anyone have their doubts regarding my sincerety, go ahead, here's my mail, I will go through all the trouble to show you the receipts from nail shops showing the dates and that I started from the scratch, photos of dialogues with friends (sorry for it to be in a foreighn language), and what other proof I can include. You may think it was easy, but it was not, I had a couple of weeks of everyday practice and a budget for my gift of 100$. I simply could afford to make these, it was easy and fun and it's not nuclear physics - at least for me, so stop being this salty, because it's completely uncalled for.

>> No.10309665

Got my 100+ package today. I already knew who it was coming from. The organizers must hate me for some reason because I’ve been paired with this person for 3 years now. God I was so excited to get a Santa who actually cared about my tastes this year but what did i get. All of this stuff shilled onto me yet another year, and none of it is wrapped. I don’t even want to take anything out of the packaging. I wrote out my form so detailed and even linked my insta and none of this matches my tastes. I didn’t even write menhera on my form anywhere.

>> No.10309667
File: 467 KB, 1280x1280, B8EB8B5D-0C01-43E9-8F2B-925D8729328E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped pic. I wish I could literally just send this back but that’s probably not going to happen. This is worse than being grinched.

>> No.10309669

Obviously you're upset and I don't know the history between you and the other anon, but none of this looks like menhera from here?

>> No.10309671

Can you post more pictures? And have you notified santa, anon?

>> No.10309672

Damn, you were chosen as the unlucky Santa this year.

>> No.10309675

How do you keep getting the same person?

>> No.10309678
File: 274 KB, 1280x960, 4B26C246-8ABA-4BAF-90E9-5AE2CB06D870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got my $50-75 gift today, thank you #8865! The wrapping was so cute, I’ve always wanted to have some Dolly House things, and I love berries I can’t wait to wear the tights. Happy holidays!

>> No.10309679

at least take a pic showing the contents so we can see how bad it is.

probably location? If the person doesnt ship internationally then it limits the pool of people you can get paired with a ton unless you live in the US or whatever. Bad luck for that anon for also being in that country

>> No.10309683
File: 10 KB, 259x224, sticker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please can you take a full photo of the items you have received including any cards/ letter and email in to Santa/ Helpers.

This doesn't look great...

>> No.10309699
File: 137 KB, 640x480, Yellow effing Diamond YASSS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ID: #7884
>$15-$25 tier

I got my gift last Friday but finally posting it here. I am loving this art of the diamonds! I was totally surprised by this. This is so thoughtful of you, seriously. Yellow Diamond is my fav!!! Thank you so much for the cookie cat plushie and earrings and everything.

Thank you and merry Christmas! My crappy camera doesn't do the artwork justice.

>> No.10309706

Is that a Cookie Cat cookie cutter?

>> No.10309708

I had this person as my Santa last year and if need be I can vouch for this anon. My gifts from them last year were very similar to what seems to be in that pic.
I almost feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one who was a bit disappointed.

>> No.10309717

It is. She has actually sent two cookie cat molds. The second not pictured above has little eye holes.

>> No.10309719

To make the front and back of the ice cream sandwiches! That's brilliant!

>> No.10309726
File: 98 KB, 500x500, 60452874_p47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No rush, anon, spend some time with your family. Thanks for reaching out to potentially grinched gulls. I'll email >>10309649 and see. Have a merry Christmas

>> No.10309728

Thank you! I've gone back to previous threads and had a look around and think I have found yours, and other Anons gifts. But your input will be passed on, please email in if you did have anything you wanted to add and not put in the thread!

>> No.10309729

Yeah I’m in the USA and shipped one package out internationally and one within the states and received both of my packages from the states. Was kind of hoping since I sent one international I would get another international anon back.

>> No.10309730

I’m surprised she hasn’t been banned at this point.

>> No.10309735 [DELETED] 

This is a terrible photo. And honestly from what I can barely see looks like it's nice stuff.

>> No.10309736

I loved doing your gifts, I wish I could have done more but I had so much fun. Do you like the earings? I thought they were similar to the ones you showed me and they are so pretty I want to buy them for me self haha. I hope the snacks are good, I gave you so many snacks I hope you don't mind. If you try the recipe I put in your card let me know how you like it! Merry Christmas!!!! Thank you for letting me be your Santa. Also side note please excuse my derpy Steven Universe drawings on your card.

>> No.10309739

Going over past threads, this is actually the first time it has been brought up as an actual complaint.

I've looked over previous gifts and (although maybe irrelevant to giftees interests) they look like okay gifts, and because no one previously has emailed in and complained directly we didn't have any notes from last year/ previous years from other Santas. So this person wasn't someone we were actively looking out for.

We will speak to the gifter, as well as make a note in the files for future Santas/ Helpers.

>> No.10309747

Here's your tracking info just in case!

>> No.10309760

Would help if you actually showed what's in the package. Looks like lolita stuff to me.

>> No.10309762

Sorry you got caught, anon :^).

>> No.10309772
File: 869 KB, 1212x304, bs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not to bring up this again, but you are clearly lying. the piece in the red square is made by acrylic powder, if you're going to lie about both buying an acrylic powder system (in pink) and learning how to not only use acrylic, but also how to do 3D acrylic deco, just for this, you're pathetic as fuck.

>> No.10309785
File: 70 KB, 800x524, 15826483_627117937477275_7376227836552948302_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude. Unless you paid this anon money for their nails, what's the point of this? It was a gift and it wasn't to you.

Tis the season to samefag.

>> No.10309788

not samefag i just noticed it since someone else posted. anyway i hate people who try to lie about making shit themselves as if the rest of us can't use other areas of the internet.

>> No.10309794
File: 600 KB, 2048x1536, 4zJT78D_6gM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...you know, you could do better than that. Really. You could at least google some shit to not make this fun of yourself. Like, just to know that 3d designs may be done with any fucking ordinary gel paint.
What now?
Also I don't see you asking any questions via mail, care to explain your petty drama?

I should probably stop feeding the troll now.

>> No.10309840

I’ve gotten all of my gifts!! (But not all the cards yet)
I’ll post some pics soon!

>> No.10309844

Someone really loved shopping for you anon! I thought that was the $100+ tier at first!

>> No.10309907

lol that's not even the same color.

>> No.10309908
File: 146 KB, 1120x818, samefagging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this even an argument, wasn't that gull happy with their gift anyway?

>> No.10309912

Link? Currently siding with santa anon cause she has some proof

>> No.10309922

NTA but you can't make that shape with gel.

>> No.10309924
File: 29 KB, 720x795, 1576446071109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes you can? Make the outer shapes with paint blobs, let them dry, add the middle one? It's very much possible when it's on such a small scale as, oh I don't know, an acrylic nail?

I'm not festiveanon, but can we please stop bitching about this and have a Merry Christmas?

>> No.10309925

I am the giftee and that photo was taken in bad lighting and put through a beauty camera to try and make it better, it is the same colour. Being the only person who has actually seen these and the only person who should care about this idiotic argument, unless you want to whip out a nail tech degree or whatever kindly fuck off.

>> No.10309927

#3841, this is #1198.
Just wanted to let you know that I received your package!! I only opened the card so far (the drawing is SO CUTE!!! And I love the stickers.) I'll be opening the rest of the presents on Christmas morning. Just wanted to let you know it's with me safe and sound, and I can't wait to see what else is inside. I'll post pics of everything once I open the presents.

>> No.10309931

Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad it arrived just in time for Christmas. Here’s to hoping you’ll like the rest of the stuff in the package haha.

>> No.10310004

It's just some salty ass. Probably someone blocked from participating in the higher tiers.

>> No.10310012


I was hoping this thread would stay nice and positive minus the occasional grinched gull reporting or looking for emotional support but I guess that salty anon decided they'd ruin the good vibes right before Christmas.

>> No.10310023
File: 11 KB, 512x512, hiclipart.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi again, the small parcel which you said was EMS? can't reach me because they don't have my phone number and I don't have the tracking to have the right to ask for the info, which is a bit discouraging since I could have gotten it today if I knew that. I didn't receive an ID neither from you or from the elves so if you see this, please post it here.

>> No.10310052
File: 43 KB, 320x324, 8FFA9EBB-D7D5-4010-9CD3-4F8112820633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no, I’m so sorry for not seeing this sooner! Tracking number is:
EG 720 008 872 JP

Please let me know if I can be of any further help!

>> No.10310062
File: 2.02 MB, 3264x1836, 20191224_185940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3655 here to say that I've opened both my gift and card! Both have really made my Christmas lovely already <3

I didn't see an ID on the card, but New Zealand gull your card was super cute! I adore the letter set with the cute dogs and the lil pusheens will make their way into my journal asap.

I'm also quite happy to say that no I thankfully did not get a bunch of bows this year haha c':

>> No.10310066

i do have a tech degree, lmao. that's why i am calling her out. the fact that she's insistent that i email her is even more suss. if you like them, great, but don't buy shit from her if she shills to you. i also know that if she bought all the stuff she claims it would have cost well over her tier level, even if she bought garbage off aliexpress.

>> No.10310068

Prove it, like you're insisting she does.

>> No.10310072

Continuing with my gift, from 1220 <3 (I was so excited to see we were directly paired!)

I opened it in the presence of my family, including small children. Needless to say the moment I opened the box and they saw there was candy in it they snatched it up, so the candy is only visible in the top picture cause by the time I took a proper look at everything else they were gone c':

But everything else is definitely going to be enjoyed by me, and really loved and cherished cause I love it! I gasped when I saw the Mercy tote, I will definitely be using it as a con bag. The cutsew and cardigan are going to be staples in my wardrobe, thank you so much!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas <3

>> No.10310073
File: 986 KB, 1800x1800, Santa gift.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and then I forget to add the picture like a dum dum, sorry haha

>> No.10310117

It's not like Santa anon was giving her the nail supplies she purchased to make the nail set. She now has supplies to make more sets. I don't get why you're so upset about this, nail art isn't rocket science especially with all the teachers on YouTube.

>> No.10310119

>don't buy shit from her if she shills to you
>if she shills to you

So basically you're being a cunt for something they haven't done yet.
At this point I'd commission gull just to spite all the salty bitches throwing a fit over someone's gift.

>> No.10310123 [DELETED] 


Even as a normie teenager I had access to acrylic powder, gels, and tons of gems, fimo canes, cabochons, and brushes and other materials to do 2d and 3d nail art. Nail art isn't that hard if you practice or try and the tools don't have to be crazy expensive either.

>> No.10310124

Santa here didn't even shill, the giftee liked the nails so much she requested details to order more and Santa privately sent the details rather than post in the thread. Literally the opposite of shilling.

>> No.10310128

woah, anon's santa, where did you get the mercy tote, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.10310136
File: 1.48 MB, 2448x2448, 149115A2-F30C-437F-A3FC-66A9BB66C514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just received my present from #0864!! (#5628 here!) everything is so precious and cute!! I gasped at the swankiss sweatshirt and adorably crocheted scarf!! The stickers are so cute, and the taffy is yummy!! I just ate a few pieces while unboxing it lol, thank you so much! This is the $30-$40 tier

>> No.10310150
File: 284 KB, 960x1280, AAA0B1B7-F70E-4E17-B8C2-B44DDD511E23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got this card today! I looove love the stickers used on the inside and you have such nice handwriting! It makes me happy that we have similar interests as well! Also thank you for the face mask, I will use it tonight. Happy holidays!

>> No.10310169

>actually having a nail tech degree

No wonder you're salty lmao. Hope you didn't take out loans for that

>> No.10310296
File: 25 KB, 215x240, quarterly-plan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, it's okay now - it really did go to some sort of depot which I could not have even known of, but the manager took my details and told me they will try to deliver it today!

>> No.10310342
File: 210 KB, 1600x900, secretsanta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

9869 here, I opened my gift from 6646. Thank you so much! I love everything and was surprised to receive such a generous gift. I have been needing a new white blouse and this one is perfect. I love the design on the lace! The bloomers and barrette will also fit perfectly with my wardrobe.

The bear charm is adorable, I have put it on my everyday bag. I'm a big fan of maple so I'm looking forward to trying the sweets!

Thank you for the lovely card as well! I'd love to take you up on your offer, I don't have insta but I'll leave a throwaway email. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

$30-40 tier

>> No.10310359

I hope a bunch of anons post their gifts tomorrow! It's been fun seeing what others get.

>> No.10310385
File: 1022 KB, 1140x1200, awooo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10310414

I'm so happy you liked everything! I was also really excited to see we had been directly matched, it really makes me feel the holiday cheer even more. The Mercy tote is actually merch from an artist alley friend and when I saw the design I knew I had to get it for you!

It's by my talented friend @lyselott on instagram, currently she only sells at cons however, but if you're interested maybe you could send a message?

>> No.10310450

I'm sorry you're upset with the gift but as most of the gift is accessories (which you requested) you need to open the packages before you judge. What you have pictured is a very small portion of the gift. The menhera items were added on based on a reply to a question you asked/your outfits and were extra, with the Lolita jewelry valuing well over $100 by itself, picked to match the likes you listed and coords you picked. I did plan on getting you other things but as I noted in the package I had extreme emergencies this year. Nobody has complained about my gifts previous (unless you were the gull who grinched me when it was mutual pairs), and if you were upset then you could have told me and I would have gotten you something else. Wrapping isn't even required, but I did use cute heart boxes and bags for the jewelry, and a cute mailer.
If you're really upset I can get you a some other items, but it seems odd to me you wouldn't finish opening the package before complaining.

>> No.10310452

I would like to note that there are items bought for you from other specific Lolita brands, it's not all the one brand. I also ordered something for you from Peppermint Fox which did not come in on time; I can at least send that once it comes in

>> No.10310454

*Question I asked in the thread, not a question you asked

>> No.10310542

I agree with this Santa. The person said the items she got from you were worse than getting nothing at all. Like what? She didn't even bother to open them and it looks like you got her a ton of stuff. I'm really interested if she's the person who grinched you before. Idk this is extremely shameful. Not everyone wraps their Santa gifts, my gifts sent to me have never been wrapped. You got a ton of stuff and you couldn't even be bothered to actually look at it because it wasn't wrapped? Like have you seen most of the gifts posted so far? You look like you got the most out of anyone in this thread so far and you're complaining because They are not wrapped. God the people on this board never cease to amaze me with how miserable they are.

>> No.10310561

No. Trust me, I opened them. Not even wrapped, you spelled my name wrong on the sad excuse of a card. None of it matches my insta feed or anything that I own and none of this is considered lolita. Can I return the package to you? I placed everything back in the box neater than how I got it and I don’t want anything. I contacted the organizers two days ago but none of them have gotten back to me.
Please think before you write, if I grinched somebody they wouldn’t let me participate again.
>got the most
It doesn’t matter about the monetary value, none of this is useful to me or what I wanted.

>> No.10310562
File: 2.10 MB, 4032x1960, 20191225_041425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#6201 here. Thanks for the gifts! My walls will no longer be barren. I'm so happy that someone made a Maya pin. The makeup bag is a great buy, i needed one. Happy Christmas and i hope you have a great 2020!

>> No.10310565

thanks, i found her insta! but it looks like this design is only for bags; if there was a t-shirt version, i would definitely contact her about buying one. the art looks very professional.

>> No.10310566

Can one of you please post some photos so we can see what the gifts were?

>> No.10310575

2952 - postcard
idk if the organizers have sent you the customs number yet, so i figure I'll give you an update. it says it got to Chicago today, so it won't be arriving for a while still

>> No.10310576

that popcorn is the shit and your santa has good ass taste

>> No.10310577

Neither of those anons but it looks like santa got the giftee the puvithel red heart bag which is $65.

>> No.10310579

I feel bad for this Santa. Never seen such an ungreatful participant as this one. I really hope you send those gifts back so Santa can give them to people who actually deserve and love it. Get grinched, bitch.

>> No.10310580

Like I said before, the monetary value doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t match anything that I have. Sorry you’re so bitter that you weren’t able to get away with shilling your indie brand onto another disappointed Santa this year. If anyone else wants to say anything please email me so we don’t have to clog up the thread with your bitching!

>> No.10310581

Wow not any of those anons but you are an insufferable cunt. Can the organizers please ban this absolutely horrendous, ungrateful hag?

>> No.10310582

Haha, too fast trying to samefag you can’t spell properly?

>> No.10310584

That’s a common misspelling, especially in Murica. And before you whine about samefagging I’m >>10310581

>> No.10310585

>insufferable cunt
How exactly? Instead of throwing hollow insults care to actually contribute somehow?

>> No.10310586

Bitching and moaning about someone who tried their best, got you things within/above the limit, etc. That part about it not being wrapped is especially entitled.

If people have such specific tastes they shouldn’t participate.

>> No.10310587

Samefag but actually it looks like everything is from Puvithel- the bag, pink fabric, and the red fabric on the bottom, and maybe the zipper pouch?

Jesus christ calm down I'm not her. I do remember several years ago, maybe 2017? A giftee put on her form she didn't want puvithel and then the helper matched them together lol

>> No.10310589

Most people would resell and move on instead of making a spectacle

>> No.10310591

Can you please post some pictures of what you got? >>10310450 said they got you accessories and you asked for accessories, if it matches the colors and style you specified and weren't in the section about what you don't want to receive it's not their fault. If it is puvithel I agree it's tacky to only send shit from their own indie brand but you should have put puvithel items for things you don't want to receive.

>> No.10310597
File: 1.30 MB, 1330x650, Puvithel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but this is what I made out. I think the pink thing is Puvithel too, but I couldn't find anything that matched

>> No.10310605
File: 11 KB, 449x679, 6159Nghc1tL._SY679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As one of the organisers, I can see both sides here and have also seen the gift.

> Yes, the gift is over $100+ in value

> No, the gift is not very relevant to what was written on the giftees form.

I can definitely see why she is disappointed as the gift was not very personal and in such a high tier you do expect a little more. If the giftee was in to the fashion/ styles which were sent it may have been a little different as it is otherwise a good gift for someone wanting those items. But unfortunately, this is not the case here.

Please cut the squabbling before our thread gets nuked. The Elves/ Santa will try and find a solution which will be fair for both sides.

>> No.10310615

You should also take into account that instead of seeking resolution privately that the giftee aired it out on here to cause drama

>> No.10310619

Oof, this sounds so rough. It sounds like the anon kind of got fed up with being matched with the same person three years in a row and getting their wishlist ignored every single time. Honestly, it seems really tacky for Puvithel to just... send her own indie brand items instead of tailoring things to the giftee...

Hope it gets resolved soon! Thank you for taking time to respond on Christmas day!! I hope you and the other organizers are having a good holiday.

>> No.10310620

If the giftee has been matched with this person for 3 years and has been gifted similar non-relevant things for 3 years, I kinda get it, tbqh.

>> No.10310622

Right, because causing drama on here is much better than talking directly to the people responsible for the pairing to begin with. I’d understand if her anger was directed specifically at the organizers instead of taking it out on the Santa who didn’t pick her to send a gift to to begin with

>> No.10310626
File: 2.90 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191225_143825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello, 4469 here! 7900, thank you SO so much for the adorable package!! The whales you drew on the sides of the box were so cute, and when I opened it up to find the whale ornament I basically screamed!! It's so so sweet and cute and I wasn't expecting a whole ass ornament from just a card match???? She's already on my Christmas tree, swimming with other ocean friends :) I also love love loved the stickers you included, they're all so perfect!! The haenuli postcard us gorgeous, Just One Bite is actually my favourite from her so idk how you guessed that <3 thank you so much for your kind words in your letter and extremely thoughtful and generous gift <3 <3 <3

>> No.10310627

Just in defense of the organizers (who seem to be looking into it) I think the Santa’s have been different people every single year so they may well not have known about previous matches, does anyone know if a record was kept? Did anon mention the serial matching on their form >>10310605? They must have interests in common if they keep getting matched, I doubt the Santa’s have a vendetta against this girl.

>> No.10310630

Honestly the organizers are the only ones who have blame on this situation if the claim of them matching these people together three times like this is true. Even if they are different organizers, that’s some shitty communication.

>> No.10310632

Yes can you please post pictures of your gifts if your going to post publicly that you dislike them? None of us are even aware of what you got and we cant make a good response unless you do, you posted it in such a discrete way..

>> No.10310633

Oh, I wasn't blaming the organizers at all? I was just sympathizing with the anon because being matched with the same person who ignores your wishlist for 3 years sounds really disappointing. I know that other anons are mad that she's turned this into "drama" but I can kind of see where she's coming from. She definitely could have handled it privately from the start but her outburst is coming from a place of frustration which I get. Honestly, if you're signing up for this event, you should be prepared to spend actual money on your giftee instead of... sending them your leftover stock because you happen to run an indie brand. If your merch lines up with their interests, that's a plus but from how anon's described it, it doesn't sound like her interests were taken into account at all.

This is a nice volunteer-run event in the spirit of the holidays and I'm always very thankful to all the seagulls that step up to take charge. It sounds like the Santas are on it so hopefully it'll all come to a peaceful resolution!

>> No.10310638

It's Christmas gulls, you should have waited a day. ;;

>> No.10310642

desu is puvithel even a lolita? upset lolita mentions how her gift isn’t relevant so how were they even paired up. it’s kind of hard to shop for a lolita if you aren’t one desu. anyway that kind of sucks since it was a high tier from what party shark said.

>> No.10310643

When you take into account each tier, we had just over 140 matches to individually hand pick this year.

We base choices on interests and location, and unfortunately we just did not check last years matches (I do not think the previous years matches are in the folder as some were matched using software). Unless someone directly complains about a match or notes it in their form, we do not note down that they have been matched already/ do not want to be matched again.

Please understand, each year, the Santas/ Elves have a different preferred way of contact/ file organisation.. so its very hard and VERY time consuming to look in to stuff like this unless the participant specifically tells us to. Imagine if we went back the last 4 evens and checked who had been matched with who and added that in as well as interests and region to our matching.. It would take us weeks to sort out matches! So unfortunately stuff like this does end up happening.

>> No.10310645

Ok but three years matching these same people together? That’s dropping the ball a bit too hard. I don’t understand how it would happen three times, twice would be excusable with what you’ve said.

>> No.10310647

140 yet this is purely coincidental supposedly. i find that so funny, sorry i don’t mean to shit up the thread ill stop, but it does sound fishy.

>> No.10310649

You need to re-evaluate your methods if you’ve paired up the same two people three times js

>> No.10310651

I love these nails. They'd be perfect for my sweet coords. Mail them to me anon!

>> No.10310653

You guys realize the event is run by different people every time and 140 people aren't in the $100+ tier? There's probably only 5 people in that tier, max.

Limited pool + new people every year = one very unlucky anon

>> No.10310654 [DELETED] 


If part of the decision is by region and they live in the same region and didn't give Santas any reason not to match them like mentioning disliking their previous match (assuming they didn't say anything in detail to Santas this year if it happened a third time) then it wouldn't be crazy for an anon who only swaps gifts within their region/more locally to end up with repeats and only complain when the repeats give gifts they really don't like.

I think the anon who is upset has a reason to be but they also expressed their disappointment really publicly and progressively rudely so people are seeing them as ungrateful since much of the thread is just people happy about their gifts and general good vibes interrupted by this somewhat private issue. If it really is puvithel just sending extra stock they basically didn't even spend any money on their giftee and used things they had around for free which is kind of not in the spirit of the whole exchange in the first place if they knew those items had nothing to do with the anon's interests?

>> No.10310657

I love your whale! Would you be willing to post a picture of your tree/other ocean ornaments?

>> No.10310666
File: 2.16 MB, 1440x1964, secretsanta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#3841, this is #1198 again! I got to open all the packages and I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I've been eyeing luminous sanctuary for a while, and I'm so happy to have the JSK and bow! The socks are so cute, and exactly the style I've been into lately. I can't wait to try the maple candies, write in the memo pad, and rep my salty seagull status with the stickers and pins. Thank you so much for all your thoughtful and adorable gifts!

>> No.10310674

I'm in India, and my phone isn't letting me post my photo. I'll send it to Santa.
I'm sorry for misspelling your name.

+ Cards and wrapping is not required (though i tried)
+ Not everything is my brand. (if the Pep Fox item had come in this would be $100+ alone)
+ You asked for accessories
+ Your form says handmade is fine

I sent you a red bag that I thought would match your red country coords. I sent you sweet lolita jewelry/accessories in lavender, sax, and pink, including items purchased from other lolita brands, and items I made for you. I sent you a Btssb photobook (and postcards accidentally, I know you don't want stationary).

I noticed your insta had menhera-chan, so I asked you in the threads if you liked menhera. You said no, but you like cute medical themes, so I added some yamikawaii items following colors you mentioned.

I added classic items based on your insta.

If I had been a random who sent you $100 handmade lavender, sax, pink accessories, it would have been acceptable. It seems unfair that because it's me it's not ok.

On my past gifts, nobody complained. If anyone had I would have gotten them replacements. One giftee mentioned in the thread that they had not listed menhera because they had no menhera yet and didn't want to get half an outfit, but that they were trying to put together a menhera coord and would be fine if it was a full outfit. They told me what they wanted, and I put together an outfit along with other general items in their style. They seemed quite happy with their gift, but ofc it doesn't match what was on their form.

The year the gifts were mutuals, someone requested no items from my brand, and I respected their wishes. However they grinched me, so that photo isn't in the threads.

I am sorry you did not like your gift, I did try, and I'm happy to discuss a resolution with santa. I do not appreciate you making this one-sided publicly with a bad photo, or you accusing me of giving you leftovers.


>> No.10310675

Additional fun fact, India is banned from posting to 4chan entirely. I guess my phone still shows up as US.


>> No.10310676

>(if the Pep Fox item had come in this would be $100+ alone)

If the item from Peppermint Fox was essentially the main piece of their gift, why not just let the Elves know that you were waiting on something that hadn't arrived yet and you needed to ship late? This feels like a bit of an excuse. Like are you just going to keep the Peppermint Fox piece for yourself when it finally shows up? Seems suspicious to me.

>> No.10310683

Oh my heart :')
I'm so glad you liked it. I saw the little whale ornament while getting groceries and knew you would just love it! I didn't know you liked Just One Bite, I just, you know, picked it from the cards I had, I guess I'm a little physic lol. You don't know how happy it makes me that you liked the gift!

>> No.10310690
File: 3.60 MB, 2933x3951, IMG_20191225_180452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here it is! She's right at home, along with jellyfish, mermaids, seashells, angelfish, sea turtles, and another whale friend hiding along the top left :D

>> No.10310695

I think they're saying other-brand would have totaled $100+, not that the one pepfox item was that expensive. If you look at that bullet point as a whole

>> No.10310698

Thanks! This is so cute.

>> No.10310761

This is what I meant, sorry for confusion.

If my other giftee also hates their gift would you mind just emailing me?

>> No.10310768

Reading comprehension? Different people in the Santa team each year, so three different teams of Santa’s matched this match each time. Unlucky as fuck but how do you propose they do it, individually go through hundreds of matches from previous years, if they even have access to them? We don’t even know if previous Santa’s are able to be contacted.

>> No.10310832

God I’m so sorry for >>10309667. If I was in her place I’d be completely pissed. To think of receiving a full box of tacky stuff you don’t want and can’t use in such a high tier gives me shivers. Now I want to, I don’t know, at least send this anon a card.

Sorry for everyone reading below this point.

>three years of sending anons your leftovers
>for some miracle no one complains openly, get away with it
>think that’s completely normal
No it’s FUCKING NOT. Your items are VERY niche, and what you do here is luring anons during pre-exchange discussion into slipping what you want to hear for having an opportunity to say they didn’t mind in the future. Fuck that’s sick. Just don’t participate in the future.

>> No.10310874

I'm 4302 and I just want my Santa to know that I can't go home until Saturday so I have my landlord holding all my packages and mail in her office till I get back so don't worry if you haven't seen it posted yet! Just wanted to let you know everything is OK!

>> No.10310876

Although you didn't have to be so public, I understand the frustration. I hope the rest of your holiday was okay!

>If I had been a random who sent you $100 handmade lavender, sax, pink accessories, it would have been acceptable. It seems unfair that because it's me it's not ok.

I can't read her forum, but I don't think it's just specific problem. Just that you have a history of sending "leftovers". I suppose if it's adjacent to what they want it'd be okay. And your giftee fells like it wasn't. Sorry that you disappointed someone during x-mas, but it happens a lot.

>> No.10310877

>Just a specific "you" problem.

>> No.10310944

I’m glad to hear! Have a great rest of the holidays, anon!

>> No.10310949

If I joined a 100+ tier and got a gift from someone who used stuff she literally already had for 70% of the gift I'd be really really pissed.

Imagine spending so much money on a gift for someone, then getting something that amounts to 30$ spent and 70$ worth of stuff they had lying around.

You can put in stuff you already had/didn't specifically buy for your match, sure. But definitely as lil extras and don't bother at all if it doesn't match their interests

>> No.10310950

As someone who had to do a table layout for about 100 xmas fair vendors, each with their own special requests and needs, god do I sympathize. It's just not possible to make every single match perfect.
(Also sorry to the soap maker who got the crappy spot.)

>> No.10310962
File: 2.45 MB, 4032x1960, 20191226_133816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#6201 here. Wow didn't except you'd send me warhammer40k stuff! Thanks for the pleasant surprise! I sincerely hope you have a great new year and i hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

>> No.10310968

>70% of the gift
but santa is claiming they bought the tier minimum worth of stuff from other brands specifically for their giftee and only used their own brand as filler stocking stuffers. we can't judge the situation without seeing the allegedly thoughtful accessories. if those turn out to be fellow indie artists' leftovers, then we can conclude that santa is full of it. what i can judge with the currently available info is the giftee airing their issue publicly before getting a private response from the organizers - that is tacky.

>> No.10310972
File: 1.16 MB, 1580x2046, 1E8E8C1B-C3FE-4760-BBB5-D1FD4A54DC36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opened the gifts I had been saving for Christmas!

Thank you very much #9399, what a fun and generous gift! I’m so glad to share our love of tacky stuff together! The heart leopard skirt is just wonderful, and I’ve already put it on and am working out a coord for it. The cardigan is lovely too, and my family was all feeling it and commenting on how soft it was! The Listen Flavour shirt is awesome and I love that you found an oversized one, and am looking forward to wearing all these great items! The Funassyi collection was such a great addition too- I have no idea how but none of them are duplicates! I think my favourite might be the dango keychain hahah. Also thank you for the Shin-chan nail decals, I didn’t know I needed these in my life until now but my creativity has been ignited. Congrats on the recent Punkuma Rider JSK too! Thank you again, and I look forward to following you on insta! Merry Christmas!

>> No.10310980

I mean, what we could see in the gift were clearly items from Puvithel and then boxes where she said she had made jewellery. I didn't see any items not made by her.

>> No.10310988
File: 1.50 MB, 1862x2046, C7416F74-D066-4567-A3EC-D5E8709B2D61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thank you very much anon for the wonderful gift, I am floored by your generosity! I was not expecting to find the graphics card in there, but rest assured it arrived safely and seems to be in perfect condition! I can’t wait to test it out! I feel bad that you couldn’t get much use out of it, but I’m thankful nonetheless!
The skirt is so beautiful, and I am so happy to own this print. The barrette is gorgeous too and fits with a surprising amount of my stuff! I gasped when I saw the AteP bag and blouse, I was totally not expecting that! The chopsticks and bag are very cute and will get lots of use, and I’m going to make the Popin’ Cookin’ kit tonight I think! (I’ve heard of them but never done it before!)
Thank you very much again for the lovely gift, and I hope you’re having a great Christmas as well! I’d follow you on insta or something if you want to drop it or send it to me!

>> No.10310999

Just wondering if you had an update since it's now post Christmas and the deadline is coming up. Hope everything is ok!

>> No.10311068

Time to wait until the grinch check date it seems.

>> No.10311079

she said in this post >>10310674 she bought $100 worth of other brands, minus the one missing item

>> No.10311088

Alright, we get it puvithel, you can drop it and let the organizers handle it kek.

>> No.10311114
File: 226 KB, 791x768, Screenshot_20190907-192053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow you really got me

>> No.10311275

I’m so glad you liked it anon! <3 enjoy your holidays!!

>> No.10311390
File: 3.42 MB, 4032x3024, 20191227_115009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#4540 here!
I just opened my cards and they're both wonderful.
#2555 thank you for the adorable Yuyuko drawing and the cute card and personal message. It's really cool to get 2hu-related stuff!

>> No.10311391
File: 3.27 MB, 4032x3024, 20191227_114925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#8658 you've spoiled me so much. The socks and scrunchy are really cute and I'll get lots of wear out of them! Thank you!

This was my first year participating and these cards really made my Christmas.

>> No.10311445
File: 235 KB, 1032x1280, photo_2019-12-27_19-12-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

6646! I’ve got your smaller package (1/2) and unpacked it on Christmas!!
(sorry for not writing you sooner, our ip range got blocked again lol)

This is so much fun! In the order I unpacked: the narwhal card is adorable, I love how it’s so festive yet unusual in an exact way I like! It really made me laugh, and is now resting right beside the Christmas tree. I also really appreciated the text - we do seem to share lots in common! The little raccoon is so cute, I liked how it’s Canada so much and I also enjoyed the stickers and masks - definitely will be trying them out tonight. Now I can’t believe you actually downloaded the great stuff for me - I appreciate it so much!!! (feels cool hacker to receive the data from overseas man) I already downloaded everything and I’m currently exploring the stuff lol. And then the necklace... I am genuinely amazed. I never ask for jewelry, sometimes even specifically state I don’t want any because of how picky I am, but what you got me really blew my mind. You risked with this — and you hit the jackpot. It is totally my style, my favorite color, it’s perfect in so many ways. I’ll be treasuring it very, very dearly. It is really impressive how well you figured me out! 10/10 thank you so much

>> No.10311465

Your final piece is FINALLY in the UK! i'm so so so sorry for the wait! I will let the elves know ASAP when i've sent it all off! (i'm so excited to finally ship it to you!) I'm so sorry its late ;_;

>> No.10311473

Thanks so much for the heads up!

>> No.10311483

Agreed. Pre-handmade items as gifts are a bit of a slippery-slope but the giftee acts like an absolute cunt ITT. I just hope I don't get matched with someone like this next year.

>> No.10311558

#2952 here! I have been away for the holidays, so sorry for the delayed answers!

Excited for your card! No stress, $100 for a card is just insane....

Yay! <3

Happy the card arrived safely and brought you joy!

Glad you will be able to try the recipe! Let me know how it turns out :)

Happy you enjoyed the gift! Very glad that cutsew fit :) We have similar taste so happy to be your santa for this year! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!

So relived the package arrived safely! I also noticed that the tracking stopped working and it made me super nervous. So happy you liked the gifts! I was a bit worried when I first got you as my match, since I have never shopped for gothic before. But your descriptions were very clear and helpful so finding things went very smoothly! I really enjoyed being your santaand hope yoy had a great holiday.

Got the tracking from elf-chan! Will let you know when it has arrived :)

>> No.10311560
File: 540 KB, 2448x3264, 80900683_3149178968466971_4217706598191071232_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you so much #6006 for the card! I can't believe you went trough the effort to find and draw one of my coords <3

>> No.10311566
File: 730 KB, 3264x2448, 80581335_1480549315454966_153853270505291776_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Scottish-gull! I was really blown away by all your gifts and the care you had taken to to my style and likes. The cutsew and headbow were both on my wishlist and will go great in my wardrobe. Love all the facial masks and so excited to use them. The snacks were so perfect and I really loved the oatcakes that just went perfectly with the tea. Thank you for being such an awesome secret santa <3

((Gift $30-40 tier))

>> No.10311574

Isn’t there a category where you can select whether handmade is ok or not? Tbh if you can’t sell it online then it shouldn’t even be considered as a gift. Handmade is so finicky now a days I wouldn’t even accept handmade at this point.

>> No.10311587
File: 1.90 MB, 2124x747, Cropped_image_20191227_163132_809222020-2124x747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

7022 here - I recieved a postcard today! I love all the stamp designs, especially the one with sheep on it. The Pusheens are adorable. Thank you so much for the stationery set - the transparent cutout on the envelopes is very cool. Happy holidays to you too!

>> No.10311592

Im glad you like it! I am glad you finally opened it, i was seriously worried you would hate it all and im grateful it's not the case. Yeah, I know you said you like LF but you said pastels on black. I couldn't find any good looking ones though! and i love menhera chan so i kinda projected onto you. I hope you had a wonderful christmas.

>> No.10311616

It's okay! I was just worried with the grinch check coming and I didn't want the organizers to think something had happened. Thank you so much for the update! I'm excited to see what it is.

>> No.10311642

It's not even all "pre-handmade" because Puvithel gets their stuff manufactured in India afaik. Like the purse, tights, and the zipper pouch the other anon circled are all manufactured items from their indie brand. I find hand-made gifts from other gulls charming but... I would've been upset if I got leftover stock from someone's indie brand that had nothing to do with my tastes/wardrobe.

I run an online store too and I threw in like 1-2 things max from my own store for my giftee because it had a character she liked. I couldn't think of just sending someone existing stock for the bulk of their gift.

>> No.10311739
File: 92 KB, 295x287, AEF4B18D-8145-47C9-A840-419189303E90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I more than like it, I absolutely love it! I am sorry you were so worried, but you really nailed my taste with it! Don’t even worry about the pastels over black, as I do have pastels in my wardrobe too and love the colours you picked. Menhera-chan is an awesome character and I’m thrilled to finally have some merch of her, and the tagline on the shirt “Sick of You” is sassy and totally my style. Thank you so much again and hope you have a great weekend!

>> No.10311746

New bread freshly baked >>10311744

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