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Unpatrolled thots edition.

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>mfw my shopping service takes too long to buy my dream dress and someone else buys it first
I was really looking forward to it, too.

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Just found out my crush uses 4chan the other day. Not sure if that is good since he won't judge me for checking cgl or if it is a red flag given what scrotes around here are like.

He seems like such a nice guy and we have similar weeb interests and I literally just want to be his big titty anime gf irl and do weeb shit and cuddle and hold hands and junk but now the anxiety in the back of my head is afraid he's a racist loser with an incel-like personality.

Am I crazy and letting this bother me too much? Part of me thinks I should just find a normie bf instead and hope he doesn't mind my interest in jfashion and weeb stuff to avoid accidentally dating the stereotype of awful loser coomers who like anime.

I'm so torn over this I don't wanna be a bitch and not like someone over one thing but I wordy it's a sign of serious character flaws that are often present among a lot of men on 4chan.

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Can we talk about this in person dude?

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Any man who comes here is a mentally ill scorer. Do not engage.

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My husband and I met because of 4chan. He browses other boards, but not only did he not judge me for browsing here but he also uses this from time to time to learn more about my fashion interests! And no, hes not some racist lady hating incel. He just likes /tv/ memes and historical shooties. Just like /cgl/, other boards exist other than /pol/ and not everyone who goes onto this site are degenerates. Every board has their bad apples, doesnt mean your boyfriend is one

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Sounds like he's dodging a bullet, honestly.

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I don't think I am who you think I am senpai

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Thanks for the reassurance anon.

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is it ok to use the con urinal for poo if you KNOW it will be liquid?

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No, 4chan.com is full of incel and TERF retards

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Just being gender-critical and suspicious of sissies gets you called a terf and attacked by handmaidens even if you support legit trans people. TERFs exist because women don't want to heed the demand that lesbians be attracted to pre-op trans women's penises...ahem, sorry, "female" sex organs.

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Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say. Oh wait a minute, I am very mentally ill.

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>I literally just want to be his big titty anime gf irl
how basic can one be

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What can I say I'm a basic bitch. I also like frappuccinos and wear leggings everyday when I'm not in lolita.

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My ex browsed 4chan a lot. He's a good guy.

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My ex did too and was awful and abusive and somehow managed to have the personality of an incel even when he was getting sex. Everyone is different.

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So the fact that this guy uses 4chan isn't something to worry about.

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My ex who browsed 4chan had a horrible porn addiction and would wack it multiple times a day to some real violent shit. I coped with his porn addiction until I found out about the violent shit and had to leave. He also browsed /pol/ and /b/ alot and it started leaking into irl interactions with random people and it was embarrassing.

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do you... not realize how popular of a site 4chan is? over 25 million unique hits, MONTHLY. I'd be more surprised if a dude that was into anything nerdy WASN'T on 4chan.

Actually, finding out someone I had a crush on didn't using 4chan would be a turn-off for me, as I've spent the last 15+ years on this site and would not be able to explain nor would we share that 15 years' worth of culture/history/inside jokes

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I went to a con rave and I met this nice dude but after we followed each other I stalked his pics and now I think he’s a neo nazi

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How come 14 year old girls who just post bikini pictures like Emily Feld can have thousands of followers while your Instagram barely gets any?

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there's a lot of pedos/gross men in the world that are more interested in jerking off to a 14 year old than to my niche-within-a-niche japanese fashion interests

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no one asked

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My bfs a janitor, it's actually kinda nice cause like another anon said, I don't have to really explain anything since he already gets the culture. He's a cutie and doesn't browse anything that's more degenerate then I do so it works out nice. I actually think his love of anime and weeb shit made him into a bit of a softy which I absolutely love. Every humans different, just talk to him if you're worried about it.
Do you know what he browses?

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>in the back of my head is afraid he's a racist loser with an incel-like personality.
Everyone on /pol/ is a mexican teenager who hates black people. If your boyfriend is not a mexican teenager then you’ll be fine

I grew out of my edgy racist /pol/ phase years ago at 16. People can change it’s not that big of a deal

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Yeah haha.

When i grew up snd started paying taxes and looking to buy property, I totally started appreciating blacks and everything they've done for me and my nation.

These kids just need to grow up and stop thinking.

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He does it for free.

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He's probably fine, just keep an eye out for red flags. My only two boyfriends (one current) are both 4chan users and they're both perfectly nice, normal, left-leaning people who are much better at hiding their power levels than the average weeb.

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Summer ILD was the first time I wore lolita out, instead of being a conlita. I hated the experience. I just didn't feel comfortable with all the staring. I've worn the fashion a few more times since then and now I know how to get around to avoid the stares. After the Winter ILD meet ended, my comm was gathered outside the cafe, just chatting. A lot of people stared as they walked past, some pointed and mouthed something to their partners. But I realised I didn't really care. My love of the fashion outweighs whatever people think of me while I'm in it.

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Damn right, you go anon.

One of the worst feels. But you will find it again, for sure.

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What's your point?

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Found the spic who larps as white. You will never be accepted by white nationalists

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I wanted to post the obligatory "he does it for free." That's all. Carry on.

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Maybe you should to spend some time talking to him and getting to know him better before engaging in any romantic activities, and not extrapolate a large amount of character traits and personal details from a single tidbit of information

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I'm so glad koneko chan is still a meme here

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We've been good friends for a long time and that's why I mentioned he seems nice but I'm kinda worried things will suddenly change and he'll become different if we ever dated. I have met guys who seem super nice when I meet them at first but then over the course of a single date or conversation they reveal themselves to be literal predators at times. Plus my ex who was nice for like a month into our relationship and then became abusive.

I guess it's just my anxiety because I always worry that the worst possible thing might happen. But based on what people here are saying it seems like this isn't something I really need to worry about.

I don't actually know what boards he visits. I just was at his place recently and went to go do something and when I came back noticed one of the default color schemes on his computer and he quickly closed the tab and I didn'task about it because I didn't want to be rude or act entitled to his internet history. I hope the less degenerate ones.

(Also FYI I said he was my crush, not my boyfriend. I'm single but really like him. He may not even like me back. Idk.)

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How did you know?

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He was bald but I didn’t think anything of it but then I noticed the way he laced his boots

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Were they red? Cause that means they legit murdered someone. Or so I've heard.

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>one of the default color schemes
>inb4 twicechan

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Alright, you piqued my interest. Whats all this boot stuff?

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Actually, question for all the girls with 4chan-using boyfriends/exes: what boards do they browse? Mine is mainly /his/, /lit/ and /mu/ but also /v/ (his first board) and occasionally /vp/. My ex was /g/-only.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a dateable man in existence on /pol/ or /r9k/ but I'd be interested to hear confirmation from people with experience.

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My boyfriend mostly browses /a/, /vg/ (maybe /v/?) and /tg/. He used to come on /cgl/ when it was more cosplay based, but there isn't as much for him here anymore.

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I remember there was a post where someone mentioned having a boyfriend from /po/. I was surprised, because I know three guys from there and one is an absolute sweetheart, but the other two are drama-loving cunts.

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/his/? mah nigga, what are his areas of interest? /his/ is pretty shitty huge shitposting battles between /pol/ and the ones being their antithesis, we despise them both, the board is pretty shit, but occasionally you get good historic info

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My ex browsed exclusively /vp/ and possibly /pol/ and his best friends visited /pol/ a lot. He was the type of autist you'd expect from that.

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>Pronouns in bio
Why are there so many of you faggots in the cosplay community?

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I hope you're aware half of this thread is roleplaying men.

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Are you the one trying to move in with him

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>I'm pretty sure there isn't a dateable man in existence on /pol/ or /r9k/
Not sureif I count, or not?

I don't know, I think it's just pandering and virtue signalling

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>/his/ and /lit/
As someone who frequents these boards, this is nothing to be proud of

>> No.10302589

You admitted to going there and don't seem ashamed of it. No, you really don't count.

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>People can change it’s not that big of a deal
How naive. Also, if you willing get into a relationship with a man you perceive as deeply flawed, thinking you can some how change him, enjoy being beaten.

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Nah they were white thank God
If someone ladder laces (the strings don't cross in an x) their boots/doc martens in white or red laces, they're a neo nazi

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First of all, bitch, I meant people change as in he could have come on 4chan for any number of reasons, but he could have changed and now uses it for other stuff.

Don’t ever reply to my posts again

>> No.10302644

Nah, i'm going to keep replying if you keep being this triggered over everything lmao. I'm not changing my stance.

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I went to our annual, local con this weekend. Managed to get my cosplay done in time, and had fun.
It was cool because of the people there, even though the event itself was subpair.
In the end, I couldn't help but feel bittersweet as another year goes out, I get a bit older, and the new generation becomes majority. I've been going to cons since I was ~11 years old, and I'm early to mid twenties now.
When I was out to get food, me and my friend ended up befriending a couple that was there to get food as well. Turns out they weren't a couple anymore but were in good terms and just hanging out together. The guy was 17, the girl was 15. I was surprised - they both looked 20+ to me, both in appearance and in attitude (ie. they didn't act like dumb teenagers). I mentioned it to them (that they were so young) and it felt like a full cycle... people said the same things to me in the last decade. "You are so young! You don't look nor act like your age"... how many times did I hear those things at cons? I'm not going to hear them anymore.
I noticed that I'm looking to cosplay more and more older guys, and I'm less interested in cosplaying teenagers. I always looked older than I am anyway.
This year, there was a lot of new friends that I met there (as in, met them in a con for the first time), and also people that I met for the first time. I also saw a bunch of familiar faces that I get to see every year. It's always a joy to see what they come up with.
Seems like I'm succeeding in convincing people to adopt healthier lifestyles using cosplay as a motivation, which is nice.
Those are my feelings, /cgl/.

If you don't mind answering, could you tell your ex's opinions on privacy? Privacy conscious people are hard to find, but in the cosplay community, is almost impossible to come by someone who doesn't use social networks.

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I met my husband on 4chan (both /x/philes), we were talking for a good couple of years before we decided to try dating over the internet. We now live together (I moved countries) and have been super happy for the last 5 years.

4chan doesn't just have weirdos. Just make sure you get to know your crush first.

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You're making me feel old, anon. When I was 18 I went to my first con, and was bewildered how much older everyone was than me. The crowd at a con was never normally so young in my time. Now in my late 30s, most are teens, and I wish kinda that I'd been able to have that experience back then. But I did get to witness the slow growth into mainstream that cons are now, and that is something I'm grateful for. I think they are for all ages. Never forget the roots or that adults started this playground so that people would have a place to share their love of geeky things!

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>>10302327 here, he doesn't use 4chan anymore, but was on /mu/, /a/, probably /g/, probably /b/, probably /v/, y'know, normal 18 year old that likes nerdy shit browsing stuff.
he makes fun of me using /cgl/ but i explained that cgl is really the only active hub for japanese fashion discussion so i don't really have a choice in not coming here

>> No.10302729

Yeah mine is /v/ and /vg/ and probably some hentai ones though I think he mainly uses other sites for that type of thing now days. I'm /cgl/, /fa/, /adv/ and /u/. I feel like that's not too awful.
But what you said about /r9k/ is so painfully true, I know one that does and he turned out to be a real piece of shit.

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He might not necessarily know the different lace meanings, but I'd still agree it's a wee bit of a red flag

>> No.10302776

yeah idk bro, he was super nice and it's not like I plan on dating him, but it was the bald head, white laces, AND ladder lacing that got me. I probably won't let it color my interactions with him, but I will keep a wary eye out

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He is very ashamed. He goes on there less these days, he tells me they've both gotten almost unusable. I'm on some shitty boards myself (/cgl/ very much included) and he doesn't give me any grief so I can hardly judge. The only boards whose users I think are totally irredeemable are the two I mentioned earlier, /mlp/, and possibly /b/.

His history tastes are very basic honestly. Exactly what you'd expect. Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon, Classical history in general, military history. He can get interested in more or less anything (thank god because boring social history documentaries are my shit) but those are probably what he'd be browsing /his/ for. But like I said, he's stopped going there so much for more or less exactly because of the shitposting battles and /pol/ nonsense.

Oh how could I forget, we also both browse /a/.

He takes it extremely seriously, he's not on any social media. I'm not a big fan of social media myself but he's on another level.

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I'm on /pol/ often and just celebrated 20 years of marriage this Fall. We raised 3 kids, all doing well. I could retire but that would be boring. I'm not even 50.

I was on 4chan within a year of it coming online. I worked as security at a strip club and heard about it from our DJ. Back then you didn't get on this site from your own connection.. I used a pawnshop bought throwaway laptop and sniffed out unsecured wifi. The nasty stuff kept normal people away. My wife was horrified a few times, but saw what I was wading through the muck to get to.

It's beyond vanilla in here today, and I'm only here occasionally out of boredom, hoping something interesting can still show up.. Like that poster Anna that was a sex slave to Gaddafi.. Probably a LARP, but then again... We talk regional and global politics, she does have a unique perspective even if an act. The reality is the world is an ugly place, and it does no good to always look away.. Because then you'll never bother or be able to fix it. I was a soldier, I've been in the underworld, you'd never guess either meeting me. So it is with most.

Writing someone off for being on /pol/ or such is pretty unreasonable. Especially the silly vanilla version it is today. Also, it will likely be a /pol/ type that will keep you alive in the inevitable chaos that is VERY close now. Some of them are indeed bad seed, but that's everywhere.

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Okay I think I'm good to write you off though

>> No.10302817

Kek! Well, that's fine since I wasn't looking to be in a relationship with you.

You do you kiddo, I'm sure time and fate will be kind to you..

>> No.10302827

Met my partner from the friend finder thread. Imagine how you'd feel if someone thought YOU browsing 4chan was a red flag without getting to really know you. Just determine if he's a fit or not, jump from the relationship if you find him unsavory. Not like you're chained to him the moment you ask him out.

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>that feel when
Low estimates indicate a significant portion of men are sexually aroused by female children (<12 years old)
>26.25% [a]
>12-32% [a]
>21%-22% of males
>25% [c]

High estimates indicate the vast majority of men are sexually aroused by female children (<12 years old)
>58% [d]
>70% [e]
>89% [f]
>88.7% [a]


>> No.10302836

Anon, you should expect people to read your sources when you post them. One of your studies confirmed that it was only observed in adolescent males while it sharply dropped in adulthood. Another only found men exhibit a tactile response opposed to a penile response which is a given become children do induce a feel-good response in males just as they do females. A third merely represented that males are able to distinguish which kids are ugly and which are pretty. A fourth... you didn't factor we're not allowed to show nude photos of girls underage even if it's "for science", one was a faulty link, and the last was a sample group of 80 volunteers who volunteered for a study on pedophilia, something most would not even entertain.

>> No.10302838

Anon, I've used 4chan since a year after its creation with no need to disguise my connection, and the FBI never broke down my door. No. You're a liar or paranoid, one of the two.

>> No.10302845

Adding to that, while it was worse, assuming you aren't paranoid or a liar, the only reason you'd have for disguising your connection is you were one of the ones actually seeking shit that could get you in trouble. If you didn't look through that shit, it wouldn't have been an issue.

>> No.10302851

The goddamn irony of this post. What a farce.

>> No.10302853

paying $50 cad in customs for one jsk and one bonnet, both secondhand

>> No.10302858


The price of recieving anything nonessential in the mail must suck in places that aren't America. Sorry anon.

I can understand why people want the value of their items marked down even if it's supposedly illegal in some places. What do customs fees even go towards/fund in other countries? Or are they simply there to dis incentivize mailing goods of any moderate value?

>> No.10302862 [DELETED] 

Did you read the entire studies or did you just resd the abstract and try to make it conform to your worldview?

Insecure roasties are so pathetic.

>> No.10302865


I like how you think women coming to the reasonable conclusion that most men in the world probably aren't pedos is somehow a form of insecurity.

Pedo incels are so pathetic.

>> No.10302879 [DELETED] 

Women literally cannot comprehend what is reasonable hence why quotes about figures from the studies themselves mean nothing compared to your own pathetic roast beef insecurity.

Lolis are hot. Get over it.

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I'm such a little bitch; there are lolitas that have been searching for their dream dresses for 5+ years and they are so determined to find it. I've only been searching for mine for almost two years and I want to give up already

>> No.10302882

I really, really, really wish I had never been molested

>> No.10302883 [DELETED] 


>> No.10302885


Children are only hot to you because you are painfully aware of the fact that any fully mentally developed woman would know to steer clear of creepy scrotes like you.

>> No.10302889

had an ex that was pretty much the stereotypical /k/omnando, obsessed with military aesthetics but probably would do shit in the real army. definitely not worth dating imo

>> No.10302891

I regret opening this thread, I need a shower now

>> No.10302895

Because it just fucked my shit up in a myriad of ways

>> No.10302897

it's sad cos /his/ gets like 1% high quality posters that make the board worth it, we need a purge

>> No.10302901


My mother was violently abused and threatened that she would be murdered if she ever told anyone.

I understand how that could harm someone but I can't see how non-violent acts cause damage.

>> No.10302904

It is a violent act. It is always a violent act.
My case and your mother's cases are more obviously violent. I was beaten and choked on several occasions. On a few I tried to fight someone to the death. One time I was given what I think was cocaine and forced to continue past the point of exhaustion by several people, got a concussion somehow, and damn near died. But even "nonviolent" instances are enormously damaging. If you don't believe me, do some research of your own on the topic. There's decades upon decades of it.

>> No.10302905

fuck off pedo poster. go and stay go.

>> No.10302906

Stop responding to bait. Pedo troll is just trying to get the feels thread deleted again

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it's aight, my ex partner uses it all the time. Found a picture of my ass on /b/ the other week.
I was upset for a millisecond, but it was a cute pic, my face wasn't in it and the feedback was positive so I'm not too devastated.
>inb4 how do you know it was you?
Tattoos and a birthmark lol

TL;DR: don't let anyone take pics of you ever.

Also gonna try and not derail too far, got sniped on one of my dream dresses last week

>> No.10302909

Further proof to never value a girl with tattoos.

>> No.10302911

What about men with tattoos? What's your stance?

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They're all idiotic. Superficial nonsense.

It's like dyed hair. You're so pathetic and uninteresting that you have to go put of your way to signal to people some pretentious message about yourself in the most idiotic way possible. Eventually, so many stupid people follow suit that it even becomes banal.

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I met him in an mmo via a /v/ and /vg/ general about 7 years ago, and we both still browse those boards. We also visit /tv/ when we're watching stuff together. I think he also browses /k/, /a/, and such, but those don't really interest me, as /cgl/ doesn't interest him.
However, he loves that I love the big frilly dresses in all the games we play together, and helps me get the gear I need to achieve that aesthetic, and has gotten me brand IRL. I'm so happy to have such a supportive and amazing partner. We're engaged, and getting married in 2020.

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>tfw no /pol/ gf

>> No.10302948

I sometimes went there
Let me say it so...
/pol/ is a little bit too racist, despite the fact that I'm redpilled myself
and /r9k/ is a little bit too depressive for me, and technically, I'm not an incel anymore, cause I went to hookers

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> Am 32 this coming year
> Think I might get out of cosplay in the next two years because age.
> Might become Goth Aristo instead just to match age.
>Still have so many dream cosplays left undone though. So mixed feels.
>Also finally got a bf who wants to do couples cosplay so more mixed feels.
> Am so stuck.

>> No.10302992

that gta online trolling really fuck her that bad hard huh

>> No.10302994

You can always kill yourself

>> No.10302995


>> No.10303002

>browsing /b/
lulz, pls explain, also
tfw no fairy kei thread

>> No.10303004

I do it and post myself there sometimes

>> No.10303006

>/b/ might be actually full of females posting nudes of themselves
whew, also I want cute sweet j-fash gf

>> No.10303007

Oh no I don’t post nudes. I post myself to the cute gf threads and I get compliments. It feels nice

>> No.10303009

Ive posted a few of my jfash coords there and still get compliments even though they don’t know anything about it. But /b/ is pretty gross anyway because if its not some normal coomer its a pedophile talking about his kids

>> No.10303036

Jfc love yourselves. You can do better than seeking validation from people on /b/.

>> No.10303057

>mfw discovering military lolita hhhhnggghhh
also, post some fairy kei coorda to the fairy kei thread gulls pl0x

>> No.10303063

Posting yourself on /b/ for scrote points is unbelievably pathetic and embarassing, clothed or unclothed.

>> No.10303066

I bet a good ammount of posters of the old here have gone further than just posted themselves naked on /b/

>tfw no harem of 18 yo virgin lolitas of diferent varieties

>> No.10303076

Don't give up just because of your age, anon! Learn not to bow to other people's expectations instead! You'll be happier in the end doing things you love, because you love doing them, instead of worrying what people think.

I'd have given up cosplay 10 years ago if I was afraid of that. My age is starting to show and I'm older than you, but I'm finally doing all the cosplays I wanted to, and won contests at a skill level I never dreamed of. Your future is now.

And if you wanna be goth aristocrat, why not both? <3

>> No.10303080

>stop eating
>still fat
>do exercise
>still fat
>not even that fat just have meme thicc thighs which I hate I just wanna have skinny doll legs
Is there no hope for me

>> No.10303081

Hang in there, anon. We're all gonna make it.

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Yeah. Even if you started it young, it still feels weird to slowly transition from one group to another. But I guess I only noticed it last year.
>I think they are for all ages. Never forget the roots or that adults started this playground so that people would have a place to share their love of geeky things!
Nice words, anon!

>He takes it extremely seriously, he's not on any social media. I'm not a big fan of social media myself but he's on another level.
As expected.
I'm the same, except I also do cosplay. It's frustrating how people became dependant on Instagram to meet new people. Won't ever touch it, though. Fuck Facebook.
What were/are your thoughts on it?

>> No.10303102

So, it's sort of like going out of your way because you're so pathetic & uninteresting that you troll a Japanese fashion board to signal people some pretentious message about yourself in the most idiotic way possible. Of course, so many follow suit online that it's banal.

>> No.10303105

There is plenty posted on the thread. If you think it's trash & you 'need a better idea'... It's just simply not the fashion for you, and what you've liked just simply isn't fairy kei.

>> No.10303107

I do love myself but I wouldn’t pass the opportunity for compliments

>> No.10303109

indeed, there's plenty, and I even like some of them, but I require MOAR, no need to act like auch an exclussive biatch, I just like looking at the pics

>> No.10303110

could you bls elavorate on the seeming endless need for attention and validation females seem to have?

Is there such a thing as sweet military lolita, that could be neat

>> No.10303111

>What were/are your thoughts on it?
To be honest I think he's completely right and I should probably try to follow his example more. Aside from data privacy concerns I'm a very shy person so while I have facebook and instagram, they're lurk-only accounts. I'm a lolita so while it can feel a little alienating at times not being able to fully participate in the online community, at the end of the day I'm dressing for myself and I'm lucky enough to have a few real-life lolita friends I made during the LiveJournal days.

Sometimes I think about posting an outfit photo or something because I worry about the people I follow on instagram thinking I'm a perv with my blank account but I suspect if I did I'd end up wishing I hadn't. I do think it's a shame that the community has moved so much onto Instagram. I'm too shy for even non-anonymous forums so I find it very limiting. I'm just grateful I made my friends years ago.

>> No.10303113

Just wanted to say thank you to a couple of gulls who encouraged me like a month ago in a feels thread with getting back to calorie counting. It sincerely motivated me to get back on track, and I've successfully lost a few cm in my waist/hips/thighs since then. It was a small thing, but it made a big difference.

>> No.10303118

My ex is/was mainly /b and sometimes he showed me boards he thought i might like.

>> No.10303119

What made him stay on /b/? /b/ to me is like the training wheels of 4chan (though I guess these days that's probably /pol/). I can't imagine why somebody would stay there past the first few months.

>> No.10303124

you're saying this on a japanese alternative fashion board. people don't dye their hair or get tattoos to send a message. some people just think it's cool or want to have fun with how they present themselves. You're so narrow minded.

>> No.10303182


>> No.10303185

>posting on /b/ and not instagram like the normal attention seekers

>> No.10303191
File: 8 KB, 209x241, 1575980107516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have any gulls ever had their heart broken?

>> No.10303201

>live in hipster town and work at a hipster grocery store
>at least twice a week a girl in ott sweet lolita comes in and buys stuff
>try to talk to her about her outfit every time but she seems shy
>tfw all I want is to make a new lolita friend but I’m probably coming off as a creep

>> No.10303208
File: 39 KB, 582x582, cryingmelody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw nanchatte taobao order comes in
>mfw i feel too ugly to wear these cute clothes despite thinking I may look cute in them after all
>mfw im a dumbass and totally didn't think about my hips when buying a skirt--can only get it on over my head, and it's a struggle to get it over my chest, cause fat and busty (working on losing the weight)
>shoes don't fit (literally the exact same size as my foot, no room to pull em on or wear socks) so praying the water freezing method works
>my fucking fw today's just been a garbage day and the one possible shining moment was ruined by my own self-esteem issues and my big feet.

>> No.10303211

No one will give you more with that attitude & I'm one of the 'bitches' on this board who wear it.

>> No.10303212

You'll be fine. Use the clothes as your thinspo/weight loss goals. It sounds like you can almost fit in them. You can do it.

>> No.10303213
File: 182 KB, 800x1131, IMG_0756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work has been suffering a lot this year
>mfw ALA2020 and AX2020 are going to be my last big cons for a long while since I’m quitting my current shitty job 2 weeks before AX

>> No.10303217

ur ao kind anonette, sorry, you're right, you must act like excluding bitch at all times, really good for ur health, enjoy your intravenous intake of salt bitch

>> No.10303220

I wish I just had one free day to do the small crafty things I need to get done. I've been letting that bodyline dress sit halfway through modification for over a month. Fuck being busy. Fuck accepting extra hours at my job. I don't need more money, I need more time.

>> No.10303222

Thanks for the thoughful answer.
On you having lurk-only FB/IG accounts, while it's certainly better for you to completely avoid the platform, just having an account that people know it's yours may help you if someone attempt to try identity thief attacks on you.
Privacy-wise, try to browse their websites instead of using their apps, it's much less invasive. Having an adblocker on like uBlock Origin blocks a lot of tracking companies.
>while it can feel a little alienating at times not being able to fully participate in the online community, at the end of the day I'm dressing for myself and I'm lucky enough to have a few real-life lolita friends I made during the LiveJournal days.
I see, that's amazing. Cherish them.

Good job, anon. I'm also calorie counting, though I'm on the other end and want to gain weight instead.
>It was a small thing, but it made a big difference.
Slowly but surely!

>> No.10303223

>I don't need more money, I need more time.
I can relate so goddamn much, anon.

>> No.10303229

thanks anon, I appreciate it. everything fits once worn in their proper places (sans shoes), it's just a struggle getting the skirt over my chest or hips. hopefully I can lose some inches in both places soon.

>> No.10303233

you seem far angrier than they are...

>> No.10303236

you should stop sniffing salt

>> No.10303239

The only one being salty & rude to people is yourself.

>> No.10303241

>I don't need more money, I need more time.
Well then you know what to do anon.

>> No.10303243

nothing wrong with putting a bitch in her place, don't act uppity and this won't come from me, I'm actually a really nice person, not so much if you trying to step at me

>> No.10303254

You're not a nice person at all. If you seek to put little bitches in their place, check yourself.

>> No.10303255

No. You're the only one.

>> No.10303260

if they step up to me... what else am I supposed to do, let them step to me? yeah nah, fuck off retard

>> No.10303264

No steps up to people on the internet. Lord. This isn't a bar fight. It's just the internet. No one was stepping on you nor could they as we're naught except pixels on a screen.

>> No.10303266

ok sweety, I'll let her act all uppity to me and step on me nex time, no problem

>> No.10303269

read the language, we are dealing with a knee grow

>> No.10303270

It's multiple people. Multiple people think you're acting out of control.

>> No.10303271

multiple people can be retards

>> No.10303274

so is this a teenager or a womanchild

>> No.10303362

Sorry it’s not cgl related, I just feel so worthless, I ruin everything, I wrote up a suicide note a few months ago and I never threw it away, I want to do it but I don’t wanna hurt anyone, deep down I feel like they’d be better off if I was gone, again I’m sorry it’s unrelated, feel free to ignore me

>> No.10303365

Dont kill yourself. Find help. You won't regret it looking back.

>> No.10303377

Everybody says that, but like I even annoy the one person I really care about, everytime I tell him how I feel he says that there’s no point in talking about it because I say it all the time and I know he’s right, I wish I’d just keep my feelings to myself and stop bothering him with them, I just want to be able to make him happy and I’m so incompetent that all I can do is make him angry with me, every time he looks at me I feel like he’d rather be with anyone else. I love him so much and I feel like I ruined the last good thing I had

>> No.10303384
File: 140 KB, 600x373, 2kg00sk6ei341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gulls, i have to vent a little bit

>be me
>browses /cgl/
>lives in a mid sized town where all lolitas fit in one small group
>be the only guy around a lot of gulls that are very affraid of creeps
>be admin of that group
>gulls always had been nice to me
>suddently they stoped talking with me
>none of them browses 4chan
>be someone that browses /cgl/
>that week actually, i ve mentioned more than once that i browse around here
>they never went here
>they suddently got colder with me
>i think that they think that 4chan+guy=creep
>have a gf and be someone that never actually tried anything because i cherish my own normie gf so much
>also stopped taking my meds and idk if its all my impression and me being crazy because of abstinence

Idk what to do. If they give up on me it means im alone, bcs theres no other egl group around here.

>> No.10303400

Ok incel

>> No.10303406

men into anime are pedophiles or mentally ill. Good luck anon.
ive been into anime circle for years for reference

>> No.10303407

you do realize people post cp on /b/? Why would you accept dating someone like that?
goddamn i feel bad for your low self esteem

>> No.10303408

>endless need for attention and validation
i think youll fit in more in /r9k/

>> No.10303410

since when does cgl have redpill retards?

>> No.10303483

Me, the one you replied to
At least

>> No.10303487

You're upset because nobody likes bigots like you

>> No.10303522

Don't do it, anon. Nobody will be happy, you'll just be adding another piece of emotional baggage for them to deal with. I have never seen anybody who seemed even a little relieved when someone close to them committed suicide, no matter how bad things were before. The best thing you can do is seek help if you haven't done so already. And I don't know the specifics of your relationship, but it may be that it needs to come to an end. I understand that dealing with an SO with mental health issues is difficult but his response still seems very callous to me. You may love him but you deserve someone who loves you back just as much, and it might not be him.

>> No.10303524

>gulls always had been nice to me
>none of them browses 4chan
Just get the fuck out already.

since you give them attention instead of reporting their posts

>> No.10303534

sorry for bad feels but I need to vent this somewhere
>be me
>really shitty paying job
>can only manage to buy 1 nice item after literal months of saving up and frugal living
>friend moves to my area
>decide to rent a place together
>yay bills will be cut in half!
>roommate is very wasteful but that's not the point of this story
>roommate decides to get cats
>my first time living with cats
>they're monsters holyshit
>all my furniture and linens have claw marks
>cats decide my wardrobe is awesome and climb up the clothes hung up in there
>hundreds of dollars of brand are now damaged with pulled out threads, claw marks, and holes
>closet doesn't have doors
>cats know how to open my room door (sliding door)
>tell roommate
>that's just how cats are
>feel like I'm constantly being bullied
>can't leave until Autumn next year due to contract

tl;dr my roommate's cats are destroying all my stuff and she doesn't care

>> No.10303537
File: 76 KB, 818x818, lee-griggs-deformations-designboom-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT women who do not understand that men use this site and even specific boards for a wide variety of reasons.

For example:

>> No.10303541

Sorry anon, your roommate is a cunt and that's legitimately awful. I hope most of your brand can still be saved, even if you have to cut your losses on bigger damages. For now, maybe you can get one of those large zip-up garment organizers that the cats can't open, or some storage bins? And is subleasing not an option? Sounds like you should really get out of there if there are even more problems than that.

>> No.10303546

>that's just how cats are
I know some cats are destructive but I've kept them since childhood and I have never had such a serious problem stopping them from doing shit like this. Are they indoor-only or is it possible to let them outside? Where I'm from people mostly let their cats wander around whenever they want and I feel like it must curb their destructive urges a little bit because I rarely hear cat horror stories like you hear from indoor cat countries like the US.

>> No.10303549

Usual mind fuck aside, was there any mental harm that you wish to talk about in particular?

t. Physically abused as a kid

>> No.10303571

Asked a cute boy out recently and have a date with him tonight. Excited for a wholesome Christmasy night out wearing a winter coord.

>> No.10303576

I’ve been struggling with my weight for the first time in my life and I literally don’t know what I’m doing wrong, it’s so, so frustrating. I’m 22, always hovered around the 115 lb range, now suddenly I’ve gotten to 125 in the past month or two and I have no clue why. I’m vegan, mostly plant based, cook all my own meals, walk a good 2-3 hours a day, am definitely not consuming more calories than I burn (if anything, I’m eating less calories compared to before I gained the weight). And yet, for some reason I can’t shake it off. It’s not muscle either, it’s fat around my stomach and arms. The only plus-side I guess is my boobs are bigger?

Anyway, I just needed to vent a bit, it’s just getting to me a lot because I’ve always had an ugly face, and my body was the only thing I really liked about my looks, since I love fashion and it gave me pretty much free range. Sucks that it’s changing when I’ve been so conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle for so long.

>> No.10303577

Sorry if this is dark, but I really, really wish I hadn’t been sexually assaulted. I’m a 21 year old virgin who’s never even been on a date because every time I think about getting physically close to someone I get flashbacks to that night. It literally ruined my life. I just wanna love someone and be loved. I feel so stupid for something that happened 4 years ago to be holding me back and yet here we are.

>> No.10303583

If you’ve been sexually assaulted you aren’t really a virgin, are you? Or did he not penetrate you?

>> No.10303585

I'm sorry that this happened to you all and I hope that you're able to make peace with it, but I really don't think you should be discussing it here. When you post these things in the feels thread, you are always running the risk of some scrote whacking it to your emotional turmoil.

>> No.10303586

Almost did but didn’t get there, which is why I said assaulted and not raped.

Yeah you’re right, have to be careful with all the freaks out there. I do go to therapy already, just sometimes need to feel anonymous when I vent about it. But you’re right that this is probably a bad place.

>> No.10303587

Sexual assault is a broad term that includes rape

>> No.10303588

It doesn't count. It's about it meaning something with someone who means a lot to you for the first time.

Having sex for the first time doesn't change you at all; physically or mentally. Infact your hymen isn't even supposed to break- it's not supposed to even hurt. "Popping the cherry" is seriously outdated and misogynistic.

If you've been prepared and are aroused and not humped into by a retarded teen it's a positive, embarrassing, fun and pleasurable experience.

That really sucks, anon. I don't know if you have access to mental health services, but help from a professional will help you move past it the best that you can. Your life isn't ruined even if it feels that way, you've lost nothing and you're still whole.

>> No.10303591

You're a creep.

>> No.10303592
File: 261 KB, 818x467, 1528562116270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw stretched nanchatte shoes (water method didnt work, hair dryer baybee)
>mfw left is still snug cause my upper foot is chubby and the upper part of the shoe is really low
>mfw idk if they'll even retain the shape once stretched and worn for a few hrs or I'll have to do this shit every time
>no other nanchatte shoes I've found come larger than 41 so no way to just get a bigger pair
>god why was I cursed with big feet

>> No.10303593

Thanks anon, I really appreciate it. I’ve been in therapy for several years now but it just doesn’t seem to be helping in that regard. Just holding out hope that time will heal.

>> No.10303594

Men ruin everything

>> No.10303597

How am I a creep? It sucks that it happens and I truly hope anon can find ways to make peace with what happened and live a fulfilling life, but if you’ve had sex, voluntary or not, you’re not a virgin.

The term virgin refers to someone who hasn’t had sex. If anon had sex forcefully or not she’s not a virgin. You can’t just change shit up to suit your preferences, that’s stupid.

>> No.10303598

Well I said it wasn’t full sex. I’m not about to come onto 4chan and start graphically describing the details of one of the most traumatic events of my life. Move on.

>> No.10303599

You only said that after someone asked you to clarify. Funny you say to move on over less than a handful of comments when you clearly can’t

>> No.10303601
File: 84 KB, 600x402, 76713396_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont know either tbqh
Don't do it. Carry on even though it's hard.
Ive never seen it. If it appears, it gets reported and quickly deleted.

>> No.10303602

.......that stung. Yeah I was probably wrong to post on here about this.

>> No.10303604

Posting here is fine but acting like a cunt over a genuine question? Different story

>> No.10303606

Someone help, grandpa escaped from the nursing home!

>> No.10303614

You sound like that girl that was banned from Arizona and the vetted discord.

>> No.10303615
File: 519 KB, 1103x695, 1575965294065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, that image looks like the girl from pic related

>> No.10303617

I have had several indoor cats and they've never been destructive like that. I strongly suggest to op that they get a water bottle and start spraying the cats if they ever start fucking shit up.

>> No.10303623

Yeah got cheated on, caught him messaging random women on a dating site using a fake name. Forgave him and stayed because he didn’t try and blame me, took responsibility. Still on the fence but desu I don’t really want to start over with a new person and he’s really nice d supports Lolita a lot so

>> No.10303626

Same it fucking sucks. I left for a month on vacation later and he had logged into facebpok on my phone so I deleted tinder under Apps. It was back on there the day i left. Months pass and Thought he changed and went to a strip club. Men are shit

>> No.10303627

>be shit at choosing men
>this must be the mens fault

>> No.10303628

Sexual assault doesn’t always mean rape. How uneducated are you gulls

>> No.10303629

You seem to be the dumbest of all considering>>10303587

>> No.10303630

I dated lots of guys like this. They start off sweet and then they’re cheating. Even the decent ones end up fucking up because they’re losers

>> No.10303631
File: 576 KB, 724x1178, 1576008642564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I watched all of these and feel incredibly guilty about it.

>> No.10303633

We told each other we loved one another and meant it. I honestly felt more connected to the primary perpetrator while we were having sex that to anyone else who has ever been a part of my life.
I feel this. I have been unable to have consensual sex, due to flashbacks and all those other unpleasantries which come up whenever I try to do more than casually flirt

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