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Con Horror Stories

>at a con making new friends
>meet homestuckers
>I’m sure they’re not as bad as the stories
>let’s give this a try
>one of them was a clinger and became oddly possessive of me
>she tried to break into my hotel room when I wasn’t there and yelled at my friends inside the room

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that's tumblr fandom, I kept an eye on those people

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>have fwb
>not looking for anything serious so we mostly just hang out and share interests
>he invites me to a con
>sounds cool, never been but had always been interested in going
>put together a basic cosplay, get excited, he tells me about the friends we're going to meet there that we will be rooming with
>we make an agreement ahead of time to just go with the flow as far as if we meet anyone we're interested in.
>show up the day of, start meeting up with groups and talking
>I hit it off with a trap in a neighboring group
>no big deal, right?
>saturday of the con
>people know that we've hit it off
>make out under the sheets in the room when nobodys around, whatever
>having a great time, drinking, talking to other congoers, participating in tournaments
>fwb getting aloof and pissy
>ask him if anything's wrong, doesnt want to talk.
>alright, whatever.
>that night
>literally explodes in a drunk rage, threatens to leave me there three hours from home, ect ect
>people in the room are pissed at me, apparently he told them I was his gf or something
>we literally argue all night, from 11pm to 5am
>he goes back and forth from being nice to threatening me like a sociopath
>absolutely horrified, panic, pack up and leave at around 5am
>didnt go to another con for over a year

And that was my first con experience

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Another story from the same group of people, although not quite a "horror story"

>decide to go to acen
>talk to someone from that group, we decide to room together
>work put price and everything
>ffw to approx 2months before
>I'm at a con local to me while everyone else is at evillecon
>catch wind that hes been saying stuff like "oh if she doesnt sleep with me I'm locking her out of the room" and other stuff about expecting me to fuck him
>message him privately, say that I heard some rumors and I want to hear his side of the story
>he says that we probably just shouldnt room together
>have to scramble for a spot somewhere else, happen to have a group of friends going that I didnt even know about

Yeah, I dont talk to them anymore

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Sorry, my shitty writing.
That should say
>ffw to approx 2months before acen

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I imagine you were a teenager at the time or something, because I can't really imagine anyone seriously going to a con with some dude you're on fwb terms and not expecting it to go to shit the moment you try and fuck someone else

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I was 20, this was a few years ago.

I cant say I thought I'd get out without a scratch, but the explosion was pretty unexpected.

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these subhumans are revolting
I sincerely hope they get crushed under a slow moving bus

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>have fwb
you brought this upon yourself you stupid whore lmao

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Went to a cgl meetup and the whole time it was full of passive aggressive bullshit.

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From what I've heard this is starting to be the norm, which is unfortunate

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top fucking kek, shame some of you gulls are alright

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Better than someone being demisexual

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Here's a small one
>be at a con
>its like 3am or something, drunk as fuck
>hear a room party going on down the hall
>everyone with me says it's dangerous but my idiotic curiosity makes me want to go
>I go in
>stand around for maybe 30 seconds, just absorbing the sights and smells
>some random guy fucked up on god knows what yells at me and my friend incoherently
>time to go
>we're walking down the hall, his friend comes out and apologizes, asks if we want to come back
>we laugh it off and say no thanks, we just wanted to pop in and check it out

More funny than anything, but still weird.
Con druggies can be insufferable

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Druggies are trash no matter what.

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>new at a local con
>formal ball/dance thing going on
>go in, having fun, dancing with people
>notice this one girl in a bnha cosplay is kinda short
>"how old are you ?"
>"no really haha how old are you?"
>"really, 12"
>start realizing that nearly everyone there is under 15
>I find the 5 adults in the room and suggest we all go to the lobby bar
>we do, drinks and fun times are had

When the hell did cons start getting so young?

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Last one
>tiny local con
>not expecting much, but the entry was only 10 bucks and it gives me the chance to field test a cosplay I had been working on
>theres maybe 8 panels total
>no video game room
>no tabletop
>almost all the panels are SJW related or "Meet the Guest Cosplayers"
>the only fun sounding panel got cancelled
>ended up walking around bored as fuck getting drunk in the dealers room

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It being socially acceptable to be into dork shit like cons combined with stuff like cellphones making it easier to keep tabs on your kid.

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People treating each other like fictional characters as personal entertainment ect. ie
>stalking a person and acting a living person is your own personal tv show,
Its happening more and more. Even nonhumans get along better than us.

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Can you please elaborate? I'm curious.

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In fandom drama, fully grown adults acting like kids.
People getting too cliquey and shit talking people outside their circle instead of just leaving them alone like adults

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How many strains of herpes do you have?

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Not a horror story but since people were talking about con druggies
>be at huge rave
>dude in a Dick In A Box costume, his shirt totally soaked in sweat, asks my friend to dance
>she says no, he's cool about it, he leans forward for some reason
> out of his box falls a half-chewed hot dog
>not a half-eaten hot dog. Half of it had been gnawed on like a dog toy
>he just points at it on the floor, slurring "that is LITERALLY my hot dog" until someone picks it up for him
>he puts it back in the box and goes on his way

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Ahahaha, that's fucking surreal. Also reminds me I need to attend my first rave one of these days once I work up the nerve.

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Yikes. Which con?

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Are you suggesting people are treating homestuckers as entertainment?

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>Anime USA
>staying at the hotel
>some corner room has the door open with a sign
>”cosplayers get in free”
>there’s a pole in the room
>some fuck tried to solicit my friend to come dance for him
>hours later con security is called
>laugh, eat a salad nearby and listen to the spectacle

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>be at awa
>walk around con looking for friends while drunk
>can't find them so go back to room
>reach into pocket, realize my wallet fell out
>friend helps me look for it , we walk around the area to look for it, can't find it so we go back to room
>pull up bed sheets & my wallet is right under them.

oof of the night

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None, I'm clean.

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Was there a ball pit there

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Honestly I would give my left arm to have attended dashcon
It's like being present at the exact moment of a trainwreck.

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That's what you get for interacting with traps

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>Be at con rave
>Go to take a piss
>As I'm zipping up my pants, hear girly moaning in the next stall
>This is the men's room, right?
>Glance under the divider and see two pairs of shoes facing the toilet
>Just as I'm leaving some other kid runs in and vomits all over one of the sinks
Fun times.

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imagine being this slutty

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At small convention, relaxing in a lobby with a group of friends so we can rest our feet before going to lunch or wherever our next plans were. Out of nowhere, this middle aged woman comes up and introduces herself. Explains that we look like "a nice group of girls" and that her teenage daughter is looking for people to hang out with.

Immediately we're all like "uhhhhh" because I think the youngest of us was 22? and the oldest 28. Not like ridiculously older than the teenager, but old enough that we wanna talk about things we can relate to and not get stuck babysitting a lonely high schooler. We tried gently letting the mom down by being like "oh well we're quite a bit older than her, etc"

"Please, she's very mature for her age, I know you'd get along with her! She's been freaking out all day because no one will hang out with her."

Not only is almost nobody "mature for their age" but this woman just flat out admitted her kid was throwing temper tantrums because she had no friends, and none of us want to be a part of that at all.

I don't actually remember what was said after that because it was a bit of back and forth trying to let the mom down gently without directly being like "we don't want to babysit your brat and I guarantee we will not make friends with her". Eventually the mom gave up and left but it was just so awkward and dragged out way longer than it needed to.

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I fucking hate parents at cons. They're so tone deaf it's unbelievable.
I once had one attempt to card me because his daughter wanted to hang out with us (We didn't want to hang out with her) and he thought we were 10 years older than we actually are by just looking at pictures.
Next time that shit happens I'm just going to walk away and find security. Let them try to sort shit out.

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Wow that poor girl all alone just wanted to make friends and you ditched her

Fuck you

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you're a whore lmao

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She had her mom, dimwit. You can't tantrum yourself into having friends

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when you were a teen did you wanna go to cons with your mom?
when you were a teen did you ever act immature and throw temper tantrums?

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You're trolling, right?

We didn't even see the girl, so we couldn't have ditched her. We turned her mom down lmao. And honestly, if she had approached us herself and asked if we were willing to take her in and hang out I'm pretty sure the answer would have been yes, even if she was at least six years younger than the youngest in our group. But if you have to have your mom beg for someone to hang out with you, you're not ready to spend time with adults anyway. There's so many better options to making friends than having your mom try and do it for you.

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When I was a kid, I was thankful to have the opportunity to go to cons with my much older cousins. They hated every minute of it, but I was just happy to be there. Of course, I would want to hangout with friends over family, but bullying your mother into begging strangers using temper tantrums as leverage is wrong on all levels. As op mentioned, had she made these friends naturally or even asked herself things would have been different. Not to mention that op's friend group was older and the age gap wouldn't be suitable for her in the first place. And to answer your second question, of course I was a stupid and immature teen, but that doesn't mean that my tantrums nor hers were ever justified.

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The phoenix rises once again

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My little sister tripped at the costume contest and everyboby saw her bear butt.

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>mfw this series will never be finished

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>bear butt
your sister is a bear?

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Was this Dokidokon in Michigan? The same interaction happened to my friends too... Yikes

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That's why you should always wear shorts under costumes without pants. I remember at the ECG qualifiers one year a Cinderella leaned forward when exiting the stage, lifting the back of her hoop skirt and exposing her thong to about a third of the audience. Don't ever assume there's no way anyone could see your butt in a costume.

>> No.10302388

>Don't ever assume there's no way anyone could see your butt in a costume.

Plus candids and upskirts are very much a thing at cons

>> No.10302392

Was she dressed as Teddie?

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>be me
>going to my first con
>no friends so go with my mom
>see a bunch of cool looking people
>too shy to speak to them so send my mom to ask if we can hang out
>they say no
>run to the bathroom crying
>never go to a con again

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> volunteer at cons so always get my pass and an extra free, always give it to mom
> mom likes animes and movies, mostly howl's moving castle
> she is nervous but looks around friday and decides she wants to cosplay sophie next day from hmc because everyone is being so friendly to her, etc.
> at a photoshoot and she's relaxing but overhears people saying to me that it's disgusting she wants to cosplay, she's too old and that she needs to just go home
> trying to tell people she is into the stuff same as them and they literally tell me off and tell her cons aren't for people her age
> get back home since we live within driving distance and she tells me to stick the costume back online she isn't going anymore and doesn't come the rest of the days because she is embarrassed

mfw people can't just enjoy themselves anymore.

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Hate to sound like this but, there are too many unconscious bullies in every hobby out there. I feel second hand shame/embarrassment just by reading this. I am so sorry for your mom and hope this doesn’t happen again. God bless you and your family, for real

>> No.10302410

Not to be a bitch but if someone’s mom came up to me and my friends and asked if their kid could hang out with us we’d say no too, that’s really weird.

>> No.10302414

Man, fuck those people, and tell your mom I would have given her a high five and got her picture, then gushed about Gibli with her. WTF. I love when older people cosplay, especially because we are all aging! One day those kids will be in her shoes, and it's going to suck if everyone is as rude to them as they were to her. They're immature.

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>be at con with bf at the time
>he likes to “do his own thing” so if I want to do anything he will not come
>blinded by love decide to just follow him the whole con instead of seeing that for the red flag it is
>his ex is at con, won’t stop texting him to meet up
>he finally breaks and goes to meet her, follow him as support instead of seeing red flag
>she’s crying and upset cuz she went to the con to see him
>we leave cuz he’s sick of her shit and she won’t stop crying, she’s also clearly high
>Sunday we meet up and hang with her and her friend, I’m still blind to the glaring red flags but questioning why he’s giving her any attention in my head
>her friend and I are basically invisible, she talks the whole time only to him
>rando comes up to apologize to bf about drama relating to another ex of his, he leave us alone with each other
>talk about him
>”we’re best friends he tells me everything”
>he has literally only ever complained about her to me the entire time I’ve been aware of her existence
>she’s giving me creepy vibes as well, seems like she believes she owns him
>when we walk between buildings she held his whole arm to her chest
>he doesn’t protest
>she finally goes home
>tell him she made me uncomfortable and ask why he gives her the time of day if he hates her
>”it’s complicated”
>take him home cuz his original ride left hours ago

It got worse two months later when she blackmailed her way into living with him and he hid it from me for two weeks, communication broke down cuz he’s not allowed to talk to people she doesn’t approve of, our relationship was clearly dead but my idiotic self hung on for three months while I stressed over his wellbeing because I knew she was abusive. His friends all tried to reach out and help but he denied every attempt and instead cut them all off. You can’t help those who won’t help themselves I guess.

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You just gotta BELIEVE

Aside from the copy of Twilight, this image hasn't aged at all.

>> No.10302462

Yup! We must be friends :D

>> No.10302587

Replace the copy of twilight with a bnha keychain or something and you're spot on.

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>Met friend at con a while back
>Fast forward a year
>Friend wanted to suck my dick
>Go through with it
>Am now scared of getting metoo'd even though I have numerous texts and other friends witnessing her asking me countless times
Somewhat of a horror, a bit hesitant to talk to her now tbqh.

>> No.10302688

Damn, that hurts. I feel so bad for your mom..

>> No.10302771

>scared of getting metoo'd even though I have numerous texts and other friends witnessing her asking me
What a time to be alive.

>> No.10302775

It's true, I was your mom

Don't feel bad, they're trying to rp a scenario where what the mom and child did in this post >>10301930 wasn't creepy or manipulative at all

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I would obliterate them if I were in ear shot

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It's cool that they let a bear enter the contest though.

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I'm sorry that you were caught up in their whirlwind. I know the way that sort of thing can stick with you. It's a good thing that you left.

>> No.10302796

Nah, 10 to 1 it wasn't the girl but her overbearing, over controlling psycho helicopter mom that controls all of her interactions.

The wrong guy ever talks to that girl and she'll run off and end up on a milk carton.. Like that teen girl that ran to Mexico for someone she never met using a dead cellphone he somehow got to her and she used her school library wifi to coordinate with him. She was missing in Mexico for about 4 days before she wandered up to some people not speaking a word of Spanish crying.

Some people...

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Thank you. It really does stick with you, I’ve had such a hard time dealing with it but thankfully my friends have been really supportive.

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Would you call a man a whore? You retard.

>> No.10302813

Are you 12?

>> No.10302814

That's fantastic. I hope you have wonderful luck in love and find someone who respects boundaries in the future.

>> No.10302816

That's not how you make friends, idiot.

>> No.10302819

Deku's notebook

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>> No.10302825

sorry about your herpes

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Pls help me.

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>yfw you got your time off for (insert convention here) denied by work despite filing for it months in advance

>> No.10303034

What was their reason for denying it?

>> No.10303041

My fellow coworker (the cool one anyway) got their time off for AX this year denied because we’re in the same department and I filed for my time off for AX2019 immediately after I got back from AX2018 last year (yes, I was that guy). So basically, I filed earlier than he did (he ended up giving his two weeks notice 2 weeks before the con anyway because he hated his job like I did)

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>Go to water park with group
>Everyone drinking extremely heavy
>One guy in our group gets a little too outgoing when he drinks
>Constantly running away from the group/yelling and bothering other con people/planning on streaking the con/hitting on obvious couples/average drunk douche shit
>End of the night Saturday everyone just wants to chill at the pool and hour before it closes
>Ask guy to settle down and just chill with us
>Tells us to fuck off and he doesn't need a fucking babysitter
>Actually runs away from us since none of us wanted to catch him
>5 minutes later we find out he slipped on the driest part of the water park and dislocated his knee
>He's so wasted he barely feels it
>Some trap came and set his knee back in place then sat on his lap petting his head
>To this day he refuses to believe it was a guy
>Mfw having everything explained to me after 6 mud slides

>> No.10303049

This sounds funny as fuck m8

>> No.10303074

>filing time off a year in advance

>> No.10303078

Oof, that sucks. Start looking for other jobs while you're forced to work. Hopefully you can find something that treats you better

>> No.10303084

AX 2020 is on the horizon tho

>> No.10303092

nayrt, but depending on what sort of office you work in it's not that uncommon

>> No.10303098

Well, you might get luck in time, but I meant more so to look for work so that you won't get fucked over next time.

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>con at nyc
>me and my friends are back at the the hotel
>we start pre-gaming for the afterparty
>one friend has a bit much but we head out anyway
>we only make it two blocks before he starts stumbling
>we decide he’s too drunk to come so we turn him around and try to get him back to the room
>we start to carry him with his arms around our shoulders because he can barely stand
>everyone in the city is staring at us because he’s obviously fucked up
>he falls down and throws up on the side walk
>he becomes literal dead weight in a puddle of his own vomit
>I try to get him up and get my arm barfed on for my troubles
>two laughing teenagers start recording this
>some indian store owner comes out of his store and tells us he wants my friend’s drunk ass out
>some toothless homeless dude behind me telling me how this reminded him of nam
>I call an ambulance
>take a ride in the ambulance in cosplay
>he has to stay in the hospital for the night
>we walk back to the room
>my other friend is in his persona joker cosplay with a cigarette in his mouth and covered in puke
>some rando on the street recognizes him
>”looking cool, joker!”

>> No.10303131

>friends dressed up as sailor moon characters
>Their cosplay photoshoot got cancelled because their cameraman got sick
> Friend pipes up "anon has a camera and she could take our photos instead!"
>Has no photography experience and nobody asked me prior.
>Photoshoot starts
>Friends start getting irritated because I don't know how they should pose and what would look good
>Fuck it, let's just get embarrassing photos of them instead.
> Takes photos of them with their asses facing the camera and them squeezing their tits together.
>Get no feedback on quality except "thanks for the photos, anon"
Still cracks me tf up. I have a lot of horror stories but this is the one I can actually laugh at.

>> No.10303140

My friend coworker got fucked over, I was the one that got approved because I filed time off a year in advance

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>”looking cool, joker!”

>> No.10303144

Anyone have the mermaid story? I love that one.

>> No.10303147

>mermaid story

Is this the one about the ariel cosplayer in the wheelchair

>> No.10303199

Nobody can help you or me or anyone elsr. This is just the world we live in now.

>> No.10303278

>at con with husband
>dressed to go to the rave
> end up too tipsy/tired to go
>meet girl in similar wig
>tipsy me tells her that her wig was awesome
>notice she has a pacifier in her mouth
>she’s dressed as an infant
>a onesies, pacifier, and rattle
>I’m too tipsy to judge and apparently I’m super accepting of this weird shit
> husband and I excused ourselves to wander around
>sit down in chairs away from people
>we snuggle
> we close our eyes
> my husband harshly whispers “fuck. don’t move”
> I’m scared “why????”
> “she’s watching us”
>barely open my eye to see the Baby Lady staring at us from a chair across from us
>she’s watching us sleep

>> No.10303291

I though this was going to end with the husband fucking the girl in the similar wig because he thought it's you lol

>> No.10303295

Not much a horror story as much seagull bitchiness.

Went to a seagull tea party meet at a con with a popular tripfag as a guest. I honestly couldn't have cared less, but he turned out to be cool and we talked about antique sewing machines and shoes for a while.

As I was leaving, a gull who was a friend of my friend dropped a red jelly pastry on my brand. I later found out that she did it because she was a jealous bitch who thought that since I wasn't a fangirl, I didn't deserve to "hog the convo" with her senpai.

Im talking about you Rena, you cunt.

>> No.10303642

You're retarded

>> No.10303666

I know. :(

>> No.10303696

>>”looking cool, joker!”

>> No.10303706

You are entirely too young and foolish to deal with a fwb situation.

>> No.10303707
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My friend's little sister let some bronies run a train on her.

>> No.10303714

Anyone who does fwb is too stupid to be having sex at all

>> No.10303716

>too foolish for a fuck buddy
That's like being too fat for McDonald's

>> No.10303722

more details? Please?

>> No.10303742

>At acen
>See a girl picking up trash on the ground
>nice a hippie
>throw something on the ground so she comes up to me
>her: did you drop this
>me: yes i did hey so did you have any acid hippie chick
>her: well of course
>HELL yeah its the bomb stuff
>Friend that drove in wants to try acid give him some
>ugh now hes freaking out to many people to strong a high cant vibe blah blah blah
>asks nonstop to go home, im not ready to leave yet
>dude starts almost tearing up
>So driving him home before rave even starts super fucked up on acid

Dont do drugs with friends 100% will ruin your high

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>> No.10303763

No matter what your sexual orientation is, rejecting monogamy is baka.

>> No.10303769

Neko 2018?

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God, I hope you snatched her thong diaper.

>> No.10303775

I didn't attend. I just know her brother and parents were pissed because she picked up some furries from a My Little Pony panel and let them bang her. She was underage, but they probably were too. Their sweaty fursuits stank up the hotel room, or so I'm told.

>> No.10303826

Why didnt you defend your mom? Are fucking stupid or something?

>> No.10303871

your mom is too old to be caring what other people think.

>> No.10303902

Op did defend their mom. Read it again pal

>> No.10303905

You call that defending? People probably walk all over you too

>> No.10303937

A real momma's boy, this guy.

>> No.10304033

I once went to a con and it was completely uneventful and nothing bad happened.

>> No.10304171


>> No.10304391

I'd argue that leaving a con with no stories to tell is worse than suffering through something that's worth retelling.

>> No.10304403

Because that's how so much disease gets spread. Young people especially are really stupid about sex and genuinely think condoms solve everything. The amount of herpes out there has skyrocketed specifically because dumbasses think condoms prevent it, which they don't.

>> No.10304411

>Prevalence of both HSV-1 and HSV-2 decreased from 1999–2000 to 2015–2016 (from 59.4% to 48.1%, and from 18.0% to 12.1%, respectively).

This took two seconds of Googling. Stop fearmongering.

>> No.10304420


Literally the first result (of many). Genital HSV-1 is being spread like wildfire because of all the casual oral sex happening the liberal places like the US and Europe. Disgusting shit.

>> No.10304442

This just talks about how HSV-1 is more common than HSV-2 and the rates aren't going down as quickly as HSV-2, probably due to the fact that condoms and other protections aren't being used for oral along with people ensuring more protection is used for PIV sex to reduce things like infections or pregnancy.

That article is also from 2006, so what I posted goes farther than those dates, again showing that both HSV-1 and HSV-2 have reduce rates in the last 15+ years.

Try again.

>> No.10304455


>> No.10304692

>rise in the proportion

Please learn to know what the articles you're suggesting are saying. There is no rise in herpes. HSV-2 is lowering at a faster rate than HSV-1, which is why HSV-1 is rising PROPORTIONATELY to HSV-2. It is not becoming more prevalent.

>> No.10304702


>> No.10305409
File: 344 KB, 622x974, Cirno2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pure magic.

>> No.10305607

This is gonna be a long one

>Equivalent senior year HS, me and all friends involved all 18, so almost 7 years ago
>Semi-weeb friends, the unpopular ones at the back of the class, want me to go to some anime rave or something in the capital city
>I don't want to, that sounds absolutely terrible
>But Anon you've gone out to bars and shit and none of us have ever even done that before, come on please don't be a downer, we'll pay your ticket
>Fuck it, fine, I was gonna stay in watching Haruhi anyways
>Have to take a train, a subway, transfer, and walk a few blocks
>Feel like a fucking dad hauling kids around, they unironically started asking "Are we there yet?" at some point
>I left my house at 6PM, got to our local city at 7, capital city at 8:30, had them pregame in a local park (bottle of vodka and some beers), got to our destination at 10PM
>Told them it was way too early, they didn't care and outvoted me 3-2 on going in at midnight
>Get there, line is long as fuck, can't believe this many people and this early
>Some fat kid in a star-spangled bandana (not in America, but based desu) selling dabs of some unknown substance out of a small bottle
>Ask if just has normal dudeweedlmao, no, tell him to fuck off then
>Wait 30 minutes in line, for fucks sake
>Have to chug a bottle of vodka between the 5 of us in all of 5 minutes because they won't let you in with a bottle obviously, they had no idea and are struggling with it
>End up getting pretty blasted since I drank most of it before chucking the bottle in a nearby dumpster
>Get in
>They're playing, and projecting the music videos for, metal
>Normally I'd be okay with this but honestly it feels very weird and it's very shitty dad metal
>Immediately notice 90% men, of course
>2 seconds later, a fat brown Misty in yellow tank top and orange wig walks by, rolls spewing forth
>Well thank fuck I got blasted before coming in here, this is gonna suck big time

>> No.10305608

>Ask around chill looking people if they have any dudeweedlmao
>One guy had coke, but no thanks
>Most people were just deer-in-headlights when approached, ended up being just a dude standing in a corner alone doing the my feet hurt I wish I were home meme
>Finally find a guy who says he has some, buy two joints
>One friend is game, the others not
>Go smoke in a staircase with no staff around, immediately boggarted by complete strangers who are now trying to be my friend and girls trying to act cute for some
>Save a joint, never pull it out
>Thirsty as fuck, want water
>Go to the bar
>$10 for a cheap beer
>$10 a shot of no-name tequila
>$10 for a water bottle
>Fuck that
>Walk to restroom, desperate enough to drink faucet water
>Faucets turned off
>You ain't fooling me, check beneath faucets for water main valve
>They literally put a fucking padlock on it, through part of the valve handle and around a pipe
>Try not to think about the fact that people are walking around with hands covered in piss and shit
>Begrudgingly buy a bottle of water
>Find a raised platform to sit on
>Friends follow me, they're not doing anything, just clinging and looking around
>Ask them if they intend to pick up any chicks
>"The Misty's kinda cute"
>I am by no means a looker, especially at this point in my life, and it's both absolutely a girl's game in this scenario and I'm not desperately horny enough to go after anything I'd possibly have a shot with
>Tell them I'm just gonna chill now
>One of them just sits down next to me and stays there, the rest go do God knows what but know where to find me
>It is now 2AM
>I have fuckall to do at this point
>At this point they're also doing music from shit like DBZ and Saint Seiya alongside the dad rock and dad metal
>Music is 120% not danceable, even though people are trying in the most cringe way possible
>One guy selling merch in a corner, buy a nice Haruhi wall scroll he had, now down to my last $15 apart from "getting back home" fund

>> No.10305610

>Go back and sit
>The fat guy sitting near me notices my wall scroll and he starts talking to me about it yadda yadda
>Pull out second joint, he's cool
>Chat and smoke right there with him and hungry skeleton friend clinging to me, realized staff don't give a fuck what you're doing as long as it's not outside alcohol
>He's kinda cringey but an okay enough dude
>This time just tell random people trying to boggart "no", get your own shit
>Spend about an hour like this
>DBZ opening theme outta nowhere
>Fat faggot grabs us without warning and throws us into mosh pit that immediately formed in the center of the "dance floor"
>Honestly kinda fun at first especially while still a bit drunk and chilled out from dudeweedlmao, even if I don't enjoy DBZ
>Until I feel some slick, fatty, sweaty skin rub across my face
>Get the fuck out once I lose a shoe in there, then when it disperses go and grab it
>Chat with the guy again until he goes for a drink at the bar and he'll come right back, never see him again
>Friends come and go a bit saying what they're doing which is basically just moving awkwardly on the dance floor and talking about how they think they're gonna fuck that chick who hasn't even looked back at them
>Lights suddenly go low, like, even lower than before
>Rammstein on the stereo and projector
>It's "Pussy"
>The uncensored version
>Can literally hear dicks getting hard and pants tighten once the first pair of tits fly on the screen
>Smells like sweat and pheromones in the most disgusting way
>Dance floor cleared
>See two gay guys, one cosplaying some character I don't know, getting very hot and heavy across the room
>Another cosplay girl, this time just brown and butterfaced instead of fat, is sucking face with an orbiter all of five feet from me, making extremely loud noises
>Clingy skeleton is just taking awkward looks at the screen every once in a while and then looking back down at his feet

>> No.10305611

>Pull out my phone and just start browsing memes at this point until it's 6AM
>Would have left earlier but the other guys don't know how to get back home without me and they want to stay until the end to "get their money's worth"
>At one point they put EDM on, sprayed foam from the staff balcony and threw out glowsticks, but it was still extremely underwhelming, although some obese sweaty faggot with a ponytail and neckbeard was screaming bloody murder trying to jump and grab glowsticks before other people got them, had a giggle at that
>Saw a dude creep hard on one of the staff organizer girls and almost get kicked out by the security team, had another giggle at that
>They finally want to leave once it's officially over at 6AM
>Thank fuck
>Hungry as shit
>Walk a few blocks to the subway, do transfers, then go to a place I know smack dab in the middle of the city center
>24/7 cheap pizza, not even a front door, just a store-wide metal security grating at the front that I've literally never seen closed
>Pigeons walking around the "inside" of the building eating crumbs off floor
>Buy an entire pizza for $5 and a can of coke for $2
>Other friends buy pizzas to share among themselves
>Pizza is amazing considering the price, and never made me sick even given the absolute state of this shithole so fuck it
>Best part of this shitty night honestly, and that's saying something
>Decide to take bus back to city because we all just want to get home and it's way faster than the train although quite a bit more expensive compared to train being cents
>Buses are full, we don't get seats and have to stand
>Some fucking faggots crashed on the highway and there's a massive traffic jam
>50 minute bus ride turns into 3 hour crawl
>Just fucking sit down on the floor of the bus at one point, I don't fucking care, driver tries to tell me something but I just ignore him and he lets up
>Get to our local city around 10 in the morning

>> No.10305612

>They all either start walking or taking their buses home
>I live in the far outskirts of the city in a costal town
>Saturday morning so it's a reduced schedule on an already low frequency bus
>Finally get on there, it's nearly empty given the day and time, sit near front
>Tell driver that if he gets to X stop and I'm asleep to please kick me awake, he gives me a thumbs up, drivers be bros like that
>End up not falling asleep out of sheer anger at this entire sequence of events
>Finally get to my stop, walk a block, and enter my house at noon
>"Wow, you sure were out all night, Anon! Ya had fun?"
>"What happened?"
>"I just wanna sleep, old man"
>Crawl into bed
>Wake up 2AM next day
>Made myself fried rice with leftovers from yesterday's dinner i didn't eat and bring the plate back to my desk
>Watched Haruhi all of early Sunday morning like God intended all along
>Got Monday and Tuesday off due to holidays, so made up for lost Friday and Saturday

>Get put in a WhatsApp group with the same guys a few months later
>It's a group about the same event
>They apparently had a lot of fun and want to go again
>"No thanks"
>Never even respond to them if they ask me to reconsider, which they occasionally do to this day

They all stopped being as cringe after getting into college and were all genuinely good guys to begin with, but I only hang out with them at local bars now. They still go to that bullshit occasionally. I have no clue why.

>> No.10305624

Sounds fuckin' miserable dude. Sorry you had to go through that lol

>> No.10305732

>not asking if you can join
Never gonna make it

>> No.10305734

At least, you had a blowjob

>> No.10305735

You should have done some porn...

>> No.10305743

Holy shit this is gold

>> No.10305760

It was a regular stall, dude. There's no way you could fit three people in there.

>> No.10305761


>> No.10306118

Are you from argie? sounds like a typical awful Stream night

>> No.10306710

>be me
>in the con
>fully dressed
>watching something with friend that i don't remember
>suddently a roar louder than a lion in savannah
>hi colon
>5 hours ago
>still at home
>makes frozen lasagna
>it tastes funny but still edible
>was pretty good desu
>fuck it. im late
>ate it all
>dang it was good
>quiet fart
>little bit hot between the legs
>(goes fuckfuckfuck till reaches out the batroom)
>gets into the stall
>damage has been done already
>shit all over my pants and the leggings i was using as underwear
>fuck it
>takes out pants and wash it on the sink
>uses hand dryer to dry my pants out
>in underwear
>wtf that kid is doing
>whatever m8
>go back to stall and put pants but takes out undies now
>proceed to wash the undies
>clear "piss mark" from the badly dried pants and undies
>whatever m8
>goes back to friend like nothing happened
>you were late anon friend said

>> No.10306731

>this is a con you go to and a name you recognize

this is where the fun begins

>> No.10306750

No the rage should come with knowing they recently came back, changed their name and it's just one of the girls making weird noises on camera as asmr shit.

>> No.10306777

my friend busted her ass on stage too when she cosplayed as Papi. Pretty sure she panty shot-d the audience. We still laugh about it.

100% agree, have a friend who has smoked pot way longer than the rest of us, he sucks when he's high though. It's really bad when the first timer is handling their weed better than the long timer.

>> No.10307755

I need to know more since I moved a few years ago. Who was the tripfag? Which Rena?

>> No.10307787

it's me. i'm the con horror story.

>> No.10307812

Trust us, we could tell

>> No.10307885

This is the saddest shit I've ever read, please be fake

>> No.10307956

This is sad Anon

>> No.10308005 [DELETED] 

This is why nobody should care about the interests of females or value them as humans.

>> No.10308056

Why are you here then, incel kun? Admit it, you're desperate

>> No.10308214
File: 23 KB, 364x435, 666D027F-1C81-4FB3-BF17-8A199F06B8E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This Papi?

>> No.10308253

it's a dude, dude.

>> No.10308491

you sound like a STD ridden Karen that goes to church and talks shit about how slutty she thinks the younger people in the congregation are while she schedules their hysterectomy to remove their cancervag

>> No.10308503

>throw something on the ground so she comes up to me
Stop going to cons and isolate yourself

>> No.10308510

I didn’t say I was demisexual

>> No.10308519

Are you venting about something that happened at your church?

>> No.10308559

Best papi. Mmm.

>> No.10308566

this is so weirdly specific. admit it, the karen at your church is spreading rumors about you, isn't she?

>> No.10308576


I hope these anons end up meeting and fuck each other.

>> No.10308645

That would be pretty cool

>> No.10309250
File: 57 KB, 1024x604, D6auH3jWwAA1aLu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to con in homestuck cosplays
>dont know homestuck or its fandom, just making my friend happy and I like the easy designs
>our one male friend is the guy with the glasses
>we meet up with two other homestuck cosplayers
>they are two awkward teens with shitty cosplay and grey smeared badly over their faces
>they tackle our male friend yelling they're gonna rape him
>friend can't do anything because he doesn't wanna hurt the kids
>mfw I do nothing to help him

>> No.10309330

Man I wish I knew about homestuck girls when I was a single teenager

>> No.10309360

they were greasy weeb girls anon, probably not something you'd want.
my friend was in shock, I had a good laff

>> No.10309430

Yep. Never again.

>> No.10309484

>be at comic con
>Have a panic attack because theres a human stampede happening because some Walking Dead actor appeared in a booth

>> No.10309489

Its not weird, my supervisor makes the entire team meet up once in a while to plan for who is going to take PTO in the next 5-6 months so he can staff accordingly

People plan vacations, weddings, birthdays way ahead.

>> No.10309559

Nothing too bad, but a few years ago I chose to room with my best friend, my coworker, a girl from my local lolita comm, and her girlfriend. My best friend and coworker didn't cause any problems (and I hadn't roomed with them before so I expected as much), but the lolita and gf were the real issue.
They brought an ungodly amount of luggage that they did not need at all. Like, beyond what you expect from congoing lolitas or even cosplayers. They brought their homework (which they didn't do), volumes of manga?, and who knows what else in giant trash bags. And made me, best friend, and our other friends who weren't rooming with us carry it to the hotel room.
We ended up staying in an executive suite with one king-sized bed instead of two queens, which I shared with coworker and best friend while lolita and gf slept on the full size air mattress I brought. But it was not fun coming into the hotel room to relax after hours of being on the con floor only to find my bed covered with suitcases, petticoats, and accessories from lolita and gf so that I had nowhere to sit.
Overall, they completely trashed the room. There were opened packets of ramen noodles lying on the floor for most of the con, and while best friend, coworker and I did or best to keep our things neat and not take up too much space, the other two made an absolute mess of everything, and inevitably they spent hours trying to clean up Sunday morning, long after myself and the other two had gotten into our cosplays, had breakfast down the hall, and cleaned and packed our own belongings. We eventually took our own shit and left them to clean up the rest of their mess. I don't know how long they ended up staying in that room trying to clean up.

>> No.10309720
File: 47 KB, 500x430, saddddd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first time at a con
>with my friends family buying merch and having fun
>goes into room giving out free food with friend (chips and coffee)
>staff check if you have the lanyard into the con
>we jokingly wave it in front of her face since we talked for a bit and she seemed like a cool person
>chill in room for half an hour making conversation with the others
>it's late i start to head to the car
>security guy asks to come with us
>apparently the staff girl who checked our ID's had been crying for the past half hour about how we (16 and 17 year old kids) molested her
>get roasted by adults saying how we did it and others coming to our side saying we didn't
>then a staff SJW schools my friend how he has white privilege and that girls have it tough
>we call my friends mom and we get tf out
>it's terrifying to think that i could have been accused of sexual harassment if i was alone and was an adult
>don't go to cons alone kiddos

>> No.10309949

attention whores never make good staffers, sorry you became a victim of one

>> No.10310009

People are wild

>> No.10310010

The rest was ridiculous but fuck
> we jokingly wave it in front of her face since we talked for a bit and she seemed like a cool person

That’s fucking obnoxious

>> No.10310569

Fuck, say to your mom from me

>> No.10311221

Con druggies are more funny than insufferable but maybe that's because my experience with them is minimal.
But I have had a crossfaded dude at a con rave hit on me by asking me what was on the hat I was wearing (BNHA, how the fuck do you not know that when you're at a convention?) and saying it was at the top of his priority list when he asked "do you recommend it?" and I said yes.

>> No.10311226

nayrt but I went to my first con at 14.
I never NEEDED to go with my parents, I always went with friends and acquaintances.

>> No.10311231

nayrt but yeah, I would

>> No.10311236

Man, when I worked in retail I could even ask off that far in advance for cons, otherwise I'd do it. I don't even know if I can do it since I'm a teacher so you may not be able to ask off any earlier than the beginning of the school year.

>> No.10314330

Y'still got the photos? Y'know to make the story more complete. An Imgur album would be appreciated

>> No.10314827

I've lived next to Rosemont for years, and I can say that furries use any excuse to dress up with their butt plug tails.

I also find all the ghetto trash that plays make-believe before going home to be drive-by'd to be disturbing. Anime is ruining the black community.

>> No.10314899

>Matsuricon 2019
>Waiting outside for friend while he's in the bathroom with his sister.
>Some random pink lolita girl comes up and spergs over friends sisters bag cause idk why it was just a normal pink glittery bag.
>Asks if she can wear it
>Tell her no
>Aww cowmooooon senpia wet me seeee it -wo
>Proceeds to yank the bag from her.
>Straps rip
>Huge hole
>Shit spills all over the floor
>The two of us beat on her till her brother comes out.

That was the first time I've ever beat the shit out of someone at a con.

>> No.10314910


Who gives a shit. If her daughter is to autistic to make friends, specially at a con its not my problem. Fuck off with your kid.

>> No.10314918


>Not just calling off and telling your job to go fuck itself.

>> No.10314919

>at a con
So you beat the shit out of people regularly?

>> No.10314922


Not regularly but I've been in multiple fights over the years.

>> No.10314957


Lmaooo my bf did the exact same thing. He used to work for stater bros and they denied him the time off. It was his first time at a con at AX (oof i know). I had comp'ed his share of the room and he had already bought his badge.

I straight up told him to quit his job because he can do better. He didnt believe me but he still did quit so he can be free for the con. He got a new job immediately afterwards at an adult store. He loved that job and got free sex toys all the time (including some $200 sex toy called WeVibe or some shit we have but dont use. We are 2 men. Will sell it soon lol). Long story short, he works at a gym now, pretty much his dream job and always gets his requested con time accepted.

But yeah fuck any job that doesnt give you your requested time off you put in months ahead. You will and CAN get a better job elsewhere.

>> No.10314972

Ugh man what a trip down memory lane. This was 8 yrs ago. Now i pick better friends.

>have a friend named S who i believe to be my friend but turned out to be an NPD bitch who took advantage of me
>make an entire mass effect armor cosplay for her from head to toe for free just out of kindness
>i make my own cosplay that is also a form of armor, so its just as clunky to wear at the con as hers. I just love armor cosplays and building them.
>we carpool to con together
>she forces me to carry her bags and stuff in addition to my own at the con
>complains she isnt getting enough pics from photographers even though several gave her free private photoshoots
>type of person to say a con is a bad time if people dont pay attention to her cosplay. She didnt even build it.
>got tired of carrying the stuff and drop it off in our mutual friend's hotel room. Heavy bags are ruining the shoulder pieces of my armor.
>let her know i dropped it off along with my stuff
>she freaks out and says that i should be carrying her stuff around 24/7
>demands i go get it
>i go pick it up and meet back up with her. I drop her stuff on the floor and tell her she can carry it around herself and that ill be going off with another group
>meet up with my sibling and an old friend from high school
>we have an even better time together than i did hanging out with S
>i text S and tell her i wasnt carpooling with her anymore that night
>go home with sibling and friend on the metro link and metro rails which are usually a nightmare for cosplayers
>actually had a ton of fun chitchatting without a worry in our cosplay the whole ride home
>at one point a hilarious drug dealer came up to us to show us his drug induced MS Paint drawings. They were just as bad as you think.
>tried to sell us drugs which we denied
>witness the same drug dealer get into a fight with a black guy and his gf on the same train because he made a "call me" gesture to the gf
>watch the whole thing with amusement but also low key scared

>> No.10314985

>anime expo 2015
>invite coworker who i have known for 6 years since high school.
>lets call her CC
>i always host con hotel room.
>she pays her share of the room without any problems despite being known as an emotionally unstable and manipulative person
>remember a time we went out to eat and CC brought a giftcard to pay
>CC racks up a $60 bill and offers to pay for our other friend's meal.
>turns out CC only had $2 left on that giftcard
>quietly waited for everyone else at the table to solve their problem
>other friend eventually bites the bullet and pays for CCs portion of the bill
>flashback over
>its been years since that happened so i believe CC has changed, hence invitation to stay in our hotel room
>2 days into AX, everything going off without a hitch
>playing games in the hotel room late into the night
>CC fills up the bathtub and locks herself into the bathroom
>middle of playing card game we hear sobbing and crying
>all of us get quiet and listen
>its CC crying in the tub
>we knock on the door asking her whats wrong over and over and to open up
>she doesnt speak to us for over an hour. Some of us have to use the restroom.
>keep knocking trying to get her out and ask why shes crying
>ruined our good time. Couldnt play games over her sobbing and friends needing to use restroom
>2 hours pass and our friend down the hall lets us use her restroom while CC keeps crying and ignoring us
>finally CC comes out of bathroom acting all normal as if nothing happened
>we question her and she happily says "nothing! Dont you guys ever feel like just having a random cry to let your feelings out?"
>like yeah CC we do but we do it in the privacy of our homes without inconveniencing others
>its been 4 yrs since this and to this day no one in our group genuinely doesnt know why she cried
>honestly believe she did cry and inconvenience us just for fun
>Regret inviting her. CC hasnt changed at all
>never invite her to con hotel room again
>also ostracized her out of our group.

>> No.10315000

>AX 2016
>younger sibling cosplays Miku
>younger sibling makes their cosplay from head to toe. They have tons of experience so it looks good since its tailor-made for them
>entrust my best friend to escort my ys around the con for a bit
>we are all in our 20s including my YS. We just dont let anyone travel around a con alone for satefy reasons
>later YS and my friend come back to tell us what happened
>while walking around, YS gets stopped for a picture by some creep man child with his mom
>YS doesnt mind stopping for pics
>but man child starts making demands for specific poses from my YS that are creepy and fetish-like
>at first he was demonstrating the poses he wanted my YS to do
>but then he starts physically touching my sibling and moving their limbs around to pose them like their own personak miku doll
>my friend doesnt do anything because they assume my YS is ok with it since theyre not saying anything
>my YS has a big issue with being touched. Doesnt even hug family members or relatives. Think along the lines of Lars and the Real Girl movie where main character feels burns or pains when touched
>visibily panicked face on my sibling but too polite to say anything
>friend still doesnt pick up on it BUT man child's mother does and tries to stop her creepo son from taking anymore pictures
>finally my friend steps in to save my sibling too
>meet up with us to tell what happened. Im horrified. Low key havent let it go that my friend let this happen
>set up a form of a code system to avoid creeps discreetly. If we suspect we are uncomfortable with a stranger, we ask each other "hey did you still want to do pizza tonight, but with pineapples and jalapeno?"
>if they say yes, its time to leave.

>> No.10315102

>Waiting outside for friend while he's in the bathroom with his sister
Were you high when you wrote this? What the hell's this trash
>Trying super hard to avoid gender
So MtF tran yeah? Also, just out of context your safe phrase is shitty

>> No.10315244

Damn must have missed that. Only con I can do anymore and its been pretty stale last few years

>> No.10315285


You must be retarded if you cant read what i said. I wrote it at 4 am and reread it back again today. Its legible unless you're a moron. That or you are S because i know she lurks this board.

And no. My sibling is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns but they are dfab.

I dont care what you think of our safe phrase. It works everytime and we have a group of 9 friends who use it every con. I am already anticipating using it next week. Its a discreet way of asking without alerting the creepo thats bugging us since many people already know attendees order pizzas to their hotel room.

>> No.10315288


Also if my sibling was MtF trans then i would have just simply used she/her pronouns you fucking idiot lmao

Why would i have any reason to avoid gender pronouns on an anonymous board? lol

>> No.10315289

slightly disturbing some horror movie shit

>> No.10315290

>My sibling is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns but they are dfab.
jesus christ. do you know where you are? maybe it's time to go back to tumblr

>> No.10315292

damn what a story anon, you seem pretty chill too

>> No.10315316
File: 87 KB, 500x370, 1423461867157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And no. My sibling is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns but they are dfab.

I honestly can't even be surprised at reading this shit anymore

>> No.10315544

>You must be retarded if you cant read what i said. I wrote it at 4 am and reread it back again today. Its legible unless you're a moron. That or you are S because i know she lurks this board.
You misunderstand salty-chan. It's not that your story is illegible, it's that you shouldn't have told it. It's a bad story, not worth being shared with others. It's uninteresting and you started writing about unassociated shit halfway through.
You shouldn't have made the post

>> No.10315691
File: 54 KB, 1366x768, 12819389_182401692140757_1211690638687883189_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Convention druggie stories in this thread? It's a short one, and the drug is alcohol, but
>Meet a random guy at a convention
>We're just walking and talking
>Suddenly this dude spots a guy in a chair having a convulsion and quickly alerts me
>The dude tells me that he has an epileptic friend and be can spot this sort of thing from a mile away
>I go get help from the staff while he watches him
>I get back to him with staff
>Once I get close enough the dude in the chair reeks of alcohol, and his vomit is whiskey/rum brown
>It's 10 AM
>This dude was getting blackout, choke on my own vomit, drunk in the lobby at 10 AM

>> No.10315743

someone out there needs an ass whooping

>> No.10315747
File: 61 KB, 800x450, large (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10315749

Was this Colossalcon Sandusky?

>> No.10315751

Specifically 2019

>> No.10315758



Yup yup

>> No.10315769

I'm pretty sure I know who this person is. Tall dude, long hair, graying?

>> No.10315773

He's tall but definitely not graying. We're all pretty young dudes.

>> No.10315782

Ok. Friend i know named T gets into random shit at colossal and thought i had heard this happened to him. T is young, but just has lots of grays.

>> No.10315816

Wait... was this at Katsucon within the past 3 years, in the bathrooms by the elevators that don't go up more than like 5 floors? My friend told me a very similar story.

>> No.10315843
File: 596 KB, 240x160, 1306642283391.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This captures a really specific era of my life that I never wanted to remember.

>> No.10315846

Not really a horror story, but I usually volunteer at one of the bigger cons in my country and end up doing cloakroom shifts after nightly parties and the shit you run into can be pretty great
>running my cloakroom shift, it's around 02:30 so people start coming back from the party to get their shit and leave
>dude stumbles his way to the desk, barely managing to stay upright without help from his friends
>his friends take out their ticket stub, he's digging into his pockets to find his
>all the while mumbling and apologizing profusely for taking so long
>after about 5 minutes he takes out a soaked ticket stub that's barely intact, still not sure whether it was beer or sweat
>starts talking at me about the profound sadness and thematic depth of Majora's Mask and how it's an analogy for the 5 stages of grief
>shit dude I'm just trying to bring people their coats I don't have time for any of this
>ends up getting carried away by his friends as they still had a 2 hour trip ahead of them

>> No.10315880

That’s a long phrase anon. Teach your YS to just tell people no- empower them by showing them it’s ok to say no.

>> No.10315932

Dang now we have to dump our story

>> No.10315973

Should have busted down the door with your pants unbuckled and given her something to cry about

>> No.10315978

Dump it fwend

>> No.10315996

Honestly anon, got sick and tired of that shit too personally.

>> No.10316035

> go to Power Morphicon 2016 with friend
>everyone is mostly cool, meet lots of people who worked on the show
>>one dude keeps hovering by us and quoting the principal from MMPR
>keeps yelling "DETENTION!" loud as fuck in our ears
>we move away
>dude finds us later, keeps doing it
>me and friend go get food in downtown pasadena; Detention man followed us, sits down next to us
>fucking fuck

>> No.10316062

literal child

>> No.10316063

>Would you call a man a whore?
yes if the genders were reversed in that situation it would end with one bipolar girl stabbing another to death.

>> No.10316068


Can you shut the fuck up please? Literally all the comments and replies you have posted to other stories have contributed nothing. Either post a horror story or fucking leave.

>> No.10316070

lmao no, play stupid games get stupid rewards.

>> No.10316089

Holy shit I want to pretend middle school never happened.

>> No.10316092

why is it that girls stretch a single greentext line into a wall of text

>> No.10316101

This is a short story but.... here we go.
>I moved from latim america to europe with my mom
>got to meet 3 nice girls who do cosplay too, we go to this convention together
>the 3 girls know a group of "tumblr people" like these people who think they always need to be the center of attention
>i feel very unconfortable couse theres a girl who keeps getting REALY CLOSE to me and show me this Jojo app with gacha chars and whatever ( I was doing a jojo cosplay btw, so whe automaticaly belived I was her friend)
>I talk to my 3 friends that are also anoyed, but they say they are afraid to look mean so they dont say anything to them, we just walk around trying to get rid of them
> as soon as we sit somewhere the tumblr people come back, one claims to be feeling bad and having headaches
>my group, dispite been harassed earlier, decide to help.
>turns out that this person in question hasn't eaten all day, saying that it didn't have any money (but this weebo found a way to buy anime stuff anyway)
>we call the staff, the woman ask the person to follow her. But the staff just come and say "do you need help, sir?" and this person in question was a trans woman, the thing is that she didn't look this she was trans, she was even cosplaying Kirishima from boku no hero. So...
>sick person go get help
>tumblr people come to us saying we shouldn't have called emergency staff couse it made the sick person feel bad about their gender.

next time a weebo feels bad around me, i'm just gonna walk away.
And please don't get to close or violate people's space, specialy if they are imigrants.

sorry for any english mistake and whatever

>> No.10316105

based latina ESL telling trannies to dilate

>> No.10316332

Tu engles es muy grande comparido mi espanol.

>> No.10316355

cómo articular, well spoken anon

>> No.10316398
File: 392 KB, 326x183, 1574653432688.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>”looking cool, joker!”

>> No.10316400

You're a fucking retard for having fwb, just saying. It goes against human instinct, his urges to strangle you were justifiable.

>> No.10316401

All the stupid camera angles really rustle my jimmies. Stop trying to be artsy, that shit just makes it unwatchable because you clearly don't know wtf you are doing.

>> No.10316402

Why did I just know this would lead to whiny victim complex shit? Just stop having sex with women and leave us the fuck alone if you're so paranoid about it, go hump an anime pillow.

>> No.10316465

Easy there incel-kun, some people just like to fuck. Seems like there were pretty clear terms and the dude couldn't cope with it

>> No.10316473

I like this better than weeaboo and will use it from now on

>> No.10316474

How does it go against human instinct? Isn’t sex an instinct?

>> No.10316489

That’s my story anon is replying to and I think their response is valid.

>> No.10316493

>Seems like there were pretty clear terms and the dude couldn't cope with it
hello toastie roastie
Just remember the bad shit that happens to you is your fault

>> No.10316494

Trying to have sexual yet platonic relationships is a 20th century thing. Started in the 60s, picked up a lot of steam again with cellphones.
The absolute worst people for any situation like that are super drama-prone, immature (or literal teenager) people who also coincidentally happen to be the main category of people who cosplay and go to cons.

>> No.10316618

Is this post proof that I would be the one cancelled if she ended up falsely saying I forced her?

>> No.10316965


>> No.10316978

Damn, it's almost as if you're mad that people are fucking and you're not

>> No.10316988
File: 27 KB, 480x409, 1573616784630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10317075

>be at corn con
>my first con was great, this should be great
>keep trying to meet up with gulls and failing
>panels are meh
>artist alley is small but nice
>no rave that I know of but too chickenshit to go anyway (this has since changed)
>No place to stay, had planned on crashing with someone or sleeping in my car
>tell my family like an idiot and they make me say I won't because muh crime and also cold temperatures
>trying to sleep in the bathroom
>after a couple hours of being on the edge of sleep (got maybe one hour total) some guy comes in and pukes his guys out
>girl follows him in (into the men's room)
>she's like "I'm so sorry I didn't know you would react to drinking like that"
>He says he's not experienced with it, forget if it was his first time
>she tries to console him
>she says he's cute
>then says she better not say that since he's underage
dude got in so far over his head, much like me, but at least he had people, her and like two other people milling around
I hope the poor sap didn't fuck her
I ended up getting a guard to let me lay on a couch for a while and meeting up with one guy later who seemed pretty cool but inspired another story
>friend nets me a room for a later con
>guy from before fucks someone friend was trying to support but also called a slut with him and others still in the room
>friend calls me to pick him up then backs out
>I chew fuckboi's ass out and stop talking to him
if you see a guy in a "YEET" hat, please just keep walking

>> No.10317076

didn't mean to reply

>> No.10318317

I laughed thanks anon

>> No.10318319

It’s really not if you actually study history outside of high school and learn about more than one culture. However, I agree on the maturity part. I’ve seen people do open relationships and fwb extremely well, but it wasn’t the con going types (if it was they were emotionally mature fandom olds who mostly go to cons for professional reasons)

>> No.10318481

Can an open relationship replace sex with your actual partner entirely and still be satisfying?

>> No.10318517

Open relationships are abnormal behavior and rarely work out, probably in big part due to the men having a much harder time finding new partners than the women. Pretty much always results in the main relationship ending.

>> No.10318522

Whats really fucked up about the caricature of that weeb is that there are plenty of predators at cons that will take advantage of someone like her.

Shy, socially awkward outcasts like that are prime candidates for grooming.

>> No.10318581

>he starts physically touching my sibling and moving their limbs around
>visibily panicked face on my sibling but too polite to say anything
What the fuck? If your sibling is in their 20s they're old enough to say "no", "please don't touch me" or at least "my friend and I need to get going sorryyyyyy" unless they have some kind of social disorder.

>> No.10318606


I could see it working if the guy is bi, it is insanely easy to hook up with gay guys than with girls in general

>> No.10318704

She said they're Non-binary anon, they do.

>> No.10318707

Was he even cosplaying as the principal?

>> No.10318739
File: 346 KB, 532x402, ohno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thinking a con named "corn con" will be good

oh anon

>> No.10318742

Anon... I

>> No.10318748

Mmh I guess I should share my horror story I am not sure if it counts as one. I staff at my local con Mostly to test out or try new skills (i.e leadership, stress management etc...) Without any repercussion in case something messes up
>Befriend this volunteer. Let's call her S
>S seems nice and really friendly and I think she had a crush on me
>S wants to hang out with me after the con wraps
>Met her up a couple of time after the con
>Quickly learn that she has yellow fever and a koreaboo (which is a big no no for me) along with a few other red flags
>Slowly get angry at S for being unreliable and late (I do voice my frustration whenever we hang out together)
>proceed to slowly ghost her since I am busy with school and work.
>Occasionally chat but slowly forget her
>Next con rolls around
>Set up my room as usual
>Start catching chatter that a new director is extremely unreliable and late on set up day
>I ask who this new director is and some staff points and say "oh there she is"
>Hear a loud "OMG ANON I MISSED YOU"
>S somehow became a director

>> No.10318751

>S became a major point of contention for being unreliable to the point where we all noticed how her performance was gradually declining over the weekend
>I decide to use my connection to get her a radio so that people could atleast contact her and be slightly more reliable (note: she said she knew how to use one and didn't need any crash course on radio etiquettes)
>S never answered a single call
>people turn to me since we partially shared the same office (but we were never always in the room because of staff duties) and I quickly summon the spirit of Bob Semple to get shit done
>Suddenly hear her voice on the radio and she proceed to break the most basic radio etiquette: identification and respecting an already ongoing conversation
>Me being visibly frustrated by her performance, decided to answer her call.
Iirc the whole conversation went something like that
S:if anyone needs me, I am here (insert location)
Me: anon to the last message, who are you? Can you identify yourself by either your name or your staff position? And who are you addressing to?
S: you know who I am
Me: Be advised, you need to identify who you are and whom you want to message. Also, unless there's an emergency, if there is a current conversation already happening, let it finish first before starting a message
S: anon, but you know who I am
Me: No. There are about 200 radios in this con. Please follow radio etiquettes
>Everyone who knew me and heard this conversation personally shared me their experience throughout the weekend and complimented on my balls of steel for pulling this
>S performance continued to decline

>> No.10318758

>During tear down, she disappeared and didn't pack any of her stuff
>Some of us staffs decide to scramble a few staffs that knows her just to find her. Turns out she went for food without telling anyone
>by the time they found her, other staff pack her stuff but they can't finish because she needs to do her inventory count
>She gave herself a royal entrance(?) When she came back : "you don't need to wait for me, here I am"
>She does her inventory which is extremely quick since most of the work has already been done. For some reason, she suspiciously decide to stick around until well past midnight
>Turns out, she heard about our post tear down supper and wanted the free food on top of already eating during tear down
>She also brought her boyfriend that isn't a staff and who didn't help out during the tear down

Sorry if there is any error in the formatting or with my writing. I am on my phone

>> No.10318766

I'd like to add that despite her declining performance, a few department lent her their staff to help her.i also sent her my own staff to help her. When she got these staff and volunteers she just decided to play around instead like dance to Kpop
To avoid any confusion, our radio conversation happened on the 1st day of the con
She just prefered to hang out with her friends

>> No.10318785

Why are you scared of muh false rape accusations when there is no proof that you raped her and there's evidence on your phone that you didn't? I feel like there's gotta be more to the story than you're letting on. Was she piss drunk? Was there blackmail involved?

>> No.10318861

Attending a con now actually, I want to make new friends but I'm way too shy and autistic. I end up walking around the con aimlessly going to panels.

>I'm getting older
>I'm getting uglier
>Everyone around me seems like zoomers and is having a great time
>I see these 20 year old in skimpy cosplays reminding that I'm a failed male and will never have a gf like that

This shit sucks, I think this will be my last con and I'll try another venue or hobby that involves art and animation.

>> No.10318877

Lose weight and hit the gym

>> No.10318879
File: 393 KB, 593x590, 111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm already pretty fit, I'm a little fat but I'm working out everyday to fix that issue. Pic related like 40% body fat, sadface

>> No.10318881

Dude you look pretty fat to me, focus on eating less rather than working out, muscle doesn't really count if you're fat, like big tits on a fat chick.

>> No.10318884

I used to have noodle arms and I'm following scoob's advice to /fit/. I really don't want to be a skinny twink with no muscle.

>> No.10318887

Lmao not being fat doesn't make you a twink bro, it makes you not fat nice tits btw

>> No.10318897

>Why are you scared of muh false rape accusations when there is no proof that you raped her and there's evidence on your phone that you didn't?
Are you kidding me? The accusation alone is enough to massively harm a person, especailly when social media can be used as a weapon, and people don't always check out to find the whole truth of a story before parroting what they hear (plus "believe victims", which is contentuous on a lot of things). It doesn't matter if in a month he's proven fine if he's out of a job tomorrow when the tweets go out
You're a bit of an ass.
You're not bad physically, strong bulky works fine. What's really the issue, and what you should be working on instead is your mental approach to things. Don't work out for other people, work out to improve yourself, and let that be its own reward. By comparing yourself to not only younger guys but those who are already socially integrated in the scene, you're just causing yourself undue stress. Your goals don't have to be and shouldn't be the same as theirs. Plan out things beforehand so you're not wandering aimlessly, don't expect to make a million aquatences there that you didn't have before, the people you're seeing for the most part already knew each other, that's just how cons are nowadays.

>> No.10318927

Ya, no. I've heard the whole "false accusations ruin a mans life" so many fucking times from scrotes and that is never the case. There's always a fuckton of scrotes that come to defend them and a lot more that attack the girls and call them sluts. Law enforcement never gets involved and the scrote goes on his mary life as usual. It doesn't matter what evidence gets presented and it doesn't matter how many women come forward, making sure a scrote doesn't have mean words said to him on twitter is a lot more important than protecting future victims. Fuck victim's of rape, that poor scrote lost, like, 50 patrion subscribers! :(

>> No.10318941

probably got the wevibe for free because it's straight up spyware. creepy af right?

>> No.10318952

Thanks for not being a dick to me

>> No.10318953

Clearly you don’t think much of her as a friend if you’re scared of her lying about you in an effort to destroy you socially. Get better friends, or chill the fuck out.

>> No.10318965

Right? Like, most people don't give a shit unless there's MOUNTAINS of solid evidence and even then it's a crap-shot getting the police to take it seriously.

>> No.10318978

What world do you two live in? I’ve only ever seen false accusations destroy the lives of the accused. Maybe people will come out of the woodwork to support a celebrity who’s been accused, but not for your average Joe. They get their reputation ruined, lose their jobs, lose their friends, etc. and the girl accusing them doesn’t even have to go to the police (and usually won’t). It’s absolutely a reasonable fear for a guy to have, especially if he’s prone to anxiety like the anon expressing this fear likely is.

>> No.10318982


That's a fat fucking yikes sisters.

>> No.10319012

don't interact with them, they're just a troll

>> No.10319084

it's not actually called that obviously, I just can't remember the name and it was out in Indiana with relatively little around and not a ton to do so people called it a corn con

>> No.10319188

No worries, I wish it was the default state. Keep trucking.
I'm not that person, that was my first interjection to the reply chain. >>10319084
Sorta cute desu

>> No.10319200

>ignoring the fact that this probably happened because he's a black male
>ignoring the fact that he fucking pleaded guilty

No shit people took her side retard lmao

>> No.10319201

>Ignoring the fact that it was a false rape allegation


>> No.10319206

>publicly admit to being a rapist
>whaaaaaa people are calling me a rapist

Does being a man make you retarded or what? I bet he really was guilty and she probably just felt bad or something

>> No.10319207

>I bet he really was guilty and she probably just felt bad or something


Well there goes that narrative lmoa

>> No.10319210

>still not addressing the fact that he fucking confessed
Again, had he stood his ground and there had been no evidence, nothing would have happened. People would gather around to defend him and call that chick a slut. Just like every other scrote that gets accused of shit. Even when there's evidence and 10+ people accusing them of the same shit, nothing happens. People have been accusing Onision and Harvey Weinstein of shit for ages and nothing happened until some big name took the victims seriously, they got away with their shit for ages.

>> No.10319212

>still not addressing the fact that he fucking confessed

He didn't confess wtf

>> No.10319270

He took a guilty plea because his lawyer advised him to because if he plead not guilty and was convicted anyway, it would have been a harsher sentence.
His lawyer, a black woman, felt that a jury would have an automatic racial and sexist bias towards him as a black male and would more than likely convict him on that alone.
It was a tactical move rather than an actual confession.

>> No.10319272

This post smells like yeast and the stale piss of ten cats

>> No.10319273

It was your fault

>> No.10319305

I'm going to start accusing all the scrotes i don't like of rape, because that actually does something apparently, kek.

>> No.10319326

Just beware cuz there are repercussions if you’re caught. Tho they have to prove you were ill intentioned.

>> No.10319339

Maybe you should go for women who are in the same league as you instead of hot young women, entitled incel

>> No.10319341

Women live in daily fear of actually getting raped. Stop whining, scrote

>> No.10319347

yeah, don't fucking do that

>> No.10319365

Black men don't count, but to be fair, I'll give you that point.

>> No.10319422

>Black men don't count

That's fair, he just seems to be the most high profile case

>> No.10319435


Maybe if you and your feminist friends didnt keep voting for hordes of brown rapists to enter your countries you wouldnt feel so afraid

>> No.10319450

Jesus Christ y’all are so fucking stupid for falling for this bait so easily goddamn

>> No.10319454

I'm a regular staff at my local cons too and some variation of your story happens pretty much every year. People can be really flaky and you can't really tell by their applications. Where I live cons are also very community-driven and I know some people just want in organizing because it can get them (imagined or real, idk) status in the local scene, and I've seriously met people who are surprised that they've signed up for actual work.

I remember one year I ended up doing pretty much all of this guy's work and when the con had ended he posted in our group chat (first time he had posted anything there all year!) how much fun he had and see you guys next year. If a group chat could have awkward silence then that was it, since pretty much everyone else knew I was pissed beyond belief and doing everything in my power to kick the guy out of the con organization.

>> No.10319468

Erm... s isnt from nj is she?
She sounds like someone i know.

>> No.10319490

Scrotes don't care about white women being raped. They just don't like men of races touching their "property". You never see the same vitriol directed towards white men who murder and rape women. Also, most of the women here have rad fem leanings, so they feel the same way about brown men they do about white men.

>> No.10319491
File: 1.05 MB, 1242x725, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10319535

>dem arms
....are you tall by any chance? I like tall.

>> No.10319546

Kill yourself you disgusting pig.

>> No.10319548

Worst con experience I was near the fallout of was seeing 2 of my married friends go full Jerry Springer at Acen. They ended up airing out all their dirty laundry while drunk and by the end of Friday night they said they were filing for divorce.

Guy apparently liked to crossdress (but not like a trap or crossplay) and felt like he was something he wasn't being in his day to day and the girl was secretly seeing a mutual friend for the past couple months. Shit was super awkward the rest of the weekend but luckily we had 2 non connected rooms.

I just ended up hanging out with my kid sister and 2 of my other friends who rode up with us.

>> No.10319565

we certainly live in a society, don't we

>> No.10319568

But they're the bait anon.
Immagine if they learned a different word than "Scrote" and you could take them at any value close to legitimacy

>> No.10319574

>our one male friend is the guy with the glasses
this does very little to narrow down which character your friend was

>> No.10319579

I used to work as hotel cleaner couple of years back, but I quit soon after one convention. Puke is the worse, but this one room really stinkt of cum, bed was all sticky. It looked like some group had a fun bukkake party...

One other room had bloody condoms on the bed. Was someone on periods or did someone's butthole hurt in morning? We may never know. But please, throw away your spend condoms.

>> No.10319582

It's Dave anon. It's always fucking Dave

>> No.10319591
File: 41 KB, 170x213, 1477362646167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't want to assume, even though that's the first thing I thought of

>> No.10319592

A lot of people become staff just to get some non-existent street cred withing the community or their friends
Or they just want a free weekend pass. I once heard a group of people say
"Let's staff next year at this con. We will find an easy staff position and just get the free weekend pass"
1: nothing is ever easy in convention
2: you can never truly enjoy your weekend because of the among of BS that is thrown at us
That group learned this the hard way
Ill be honest, I have no idea where she is from. All I know is that she is caucasian but wants to be called in a japanese name. She is a typical early 2000 weeb. I even saw her with those cat ears accessory when i bumped into her one night during the con. A nice girl all in all its just that she is unreliable, a weeb, a koreaboo and can never shut up

>> No.10319734

Yeah, I'm 6'2". Not trying to be offensive but are you a gay man? I only get hit on by gay men but never any women. ;-;

>> No.10319810

this is that same fucking paranoid shit in the other thread talking about herpes and is spread

shut up already

>> No.10319813
File: 1.69 MB, 480x215, 1545787061828.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>are you a gay man?
Nope. But I'm older gull and to be completely honest, I'm a fatass. Probably not what you're looking for.
Nice arms tho.

>> No.10319815

I mean, I'm pretty fat too desu according to cgl

>> No.10319818
File: 63 KB, 682x1024, 1553225073159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>letting /cgl be the judge of anything
you don't look that big in your photo, /cgl would tell a starving child that they're fat just for the salt.
w...west coast by any chance?

>> No.10319825

Nah, sorry, east coast. Just got finished attending Ohayocon

>> No.10319833

shut up you roasty

Yeah he's not that lean but he's in better shape then 90% of you fat fucks on this board. As someone else who's actively working out I can respect the work he's put into his arms

clearly something you wouldn't know you fat lolita fuck

>> No.10319835

find a young girl with daddy issues

pretty easy at a con

>> No.10320171

Based retard.

>> No.10320175

>Maybe you should go for women who are in the same league
why do you think he's at anime con

>> No.10321442

>be me
>go to a con rave
>dancing with a guy, everything is chill
>turn around, not grinding, just dancing with my back to this dude for a second
>dude grabs my hips but isnt grinding so w/e
>dude suddenly jerks my hips back into his crotch and starts sticking his hand up my shirt and down my shorts
>will not let me go
>elbow him and then fucking book it

i wasnt even dressed sexy, i was in what amounted to my workout clothes (shorts that came to like mid-thigh and a baggy tee)

I fucking cant go into a con rave without at least two friends anymore because i get so fucking anxious. i hate it.

>> No.10321732


Dude, could you give me some advice here?


Your feelings are my feelings. Don't give up! Giving up won't get you what you want.

>> No.10322938


Was this at Anime Crossroads?

If this is who I think it is, our room was pissed at you because you made him go sleep in his fucking car and we had to deal with you two coming and going from the room when you were getting your stuff. We weren't happy with him either, but this is a very one sided telling.

>> No.10324374

The what?

>> No.10325143
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The legendary ariel story. It is a staple of weeb horror story.
I don't know if the format is readable

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>Mid-sized local con
>no car
>no driver's license (long story short: Caught with alcohol at 15, driving privileges suspended till 18, severe depression from 18-20 for reasons, living with parents, figured I'd die before I ever needed to drive. Hadn't got my shit together at this point)
>Room plans I made on fb group fell through
>Fuck it, figured it would work out somehow, and if it didn't work out, my mentality back then was if it didn't, I deserved whatever happened to me.
>Cosplayed pic related in early April when the whether where I live can't decide if it wants to be winter or spring.
>Day was fine, had quite a bit of fun. Fast forward to night.
>Needed a place to sleep and wanted a shower.
>meandering the hotel courtyard
>Group of goths(?) say hi to me
>Instant fight or flight reaction, but eventually calm down and sit with them
>They want to read my palm
>"My magic powers say you're a really chill person"
>Two of them claim to practice wiccan or whatever, one girl, one gay guy. Gay guy is also a vampire, I would later find out
>Conversation moves on from magic to sex
>This is my chance
>she comes up with the idea of a "blowjob competition" but she was the only competitor and I was the only judge...so just a blowjob
>She can't find a room, though, since her roommates were in at the time.
>Bit of texting back and forth and her roommates agree to vacate
>Head up there with the witchcraft girl, the gay vampire, another girl and some random gay guy the vampire found to bum him.
In my head, I thought I had everything figured out. I was gonna get a free bj, and I already asked if I could shower after we were done. But even the best plans can take unexpected turns
>I get a case of mild cold feet. She wasn't the most attractive girl, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it up since I was completely soft throughout our every interaction
>Thought leaving would be less of an insult than not getting hard for her

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>"The least you could do is let me suck your fingers
>I agreed
She was actually pretty good and I managed to get an erection, so I told her I changed my mind
>sit on edge of bed
>She gets on her knees
>Pull down my pantyhoes, jockstrap and boxers(trust me, it makes sense. Cosplay had no pockets, so I stored my phone and walet in the puch where the cup normally goes
>Balloons fall out because I had balloons tucked in my waistband so I could give balloons to people
>Balloons might as well have been spaghetti, but that went overlooked when she saw my penis
>On /b/ all day every day, so I was convinced 9" was the average
>She calls over the gay vampire and the other girl to see(other gay had to leave for some reason)
>I'm pretty shy, but I roll with it as best I can, even though I'm embarassed
>Girl puts her shoe next to it for comparison
>Just want her to get on with it
>finally sucks
>fast forward a bit
>She remarks how good it tastes
>gay vampire"how good?"
>"Really good"
All eyes were on me. I knew he wanted to try it, and I wasn't good at saying no.
>Say he can try
>he does
>Agrees it tastes good, then backs off
>wtf I'm gay now
>She wants to have sex
>Nah, I'm good.spaghetti
>Break from sucking for a while
>Talking about how much of a whore she is or something
>Catch her talking about that time she got buttfucked
>Immediately say I would fuck her ass
>She's reluctant, but she agrees, eventually
>Gives me a condom
>Gay vampire:"WHy ArE yOu uSinG a coNDoM FoR aNaL???"
>You fucking degenerate, this is why your kind carry 70% of the HIV cases in America
>Didn't say that outloud. Just "STD's"
>Do the buttsex
>She cums
>A little loopy, begs me to fuck her pussy
>Pull out, run to bathroom, discard condom, then put on a new one before anyone can see the amount of shit on it.
>It smelled horrific, but I knew what I was getting into.
>threw it in the trash, sorry cleaning lady
>Normal, vaginal intercourse followed

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>I'm tired as fuck. Want to lay down. She must have cum again and I didn't notice because instead of riding me, she took the condom off and began sucking again
>That or she just really liked giving blowjobs
>Other girl in the room starts whipping her ass with a shoelace
>Gay guy watches on
>girl cums from being whipped, talks about how she never knew she could do that
>TFW I just aided birth of a masochist since I'd been a little rough with her, "helping her" deepthroat and pulling her hair
>Knock on the door
I panicked because I thought her roommates were back. Turns out it was some guy she'd made out with earlier in the day, there to tell her he was interested in someone else(lol)
>While they're talking around the corner, I convince the other girl to take over.
I had already gotten her to blow me earlier, but I can't exactly remember when.
Girl comes back, she sucks a little while longer, but at this point, we were almost 4 hours in, it was about 3 AM, and I was losing my boner
>Get her up on the bed
>Take over the other girl's shoelace whip
>Whip her until she cums violently, flailing on the bed
The rest of us just stood there and watched her. Out of context, it could have looked like a demonic possession, but I was the first to realize she was just cumming
>Girl, with a goofy grin on her face, confirms she just came, but she was so loopy at this point. I found out the next day she didn't remember half of what went on
>Gay vampire tells me I need to go to the bathroom and accuses me of losing control
The girl had marks on her ass from the whipping and had her hair pulled, so I wasn't going to argue. He "dealt" with her then joined me in the bathroom where he told me he was a vampire and a spot of blood from where the other girl's finger nail cut her set him off. Then he told me he put a spell on her to make her sleep. He also asked me if I wanted my balloons back

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>Fuck yeah I wanted my balloons back
>He goes back into the main room to pick up balloons
>Hear the girl wake up
>She's asking where I am
>He does another spell
>Returns my balloons, then escorts me out
>No shower
>No sleep
>Never even came
>And now I'm even grosser because I'm sweaty and smell like sex
>Fucking kill me
>Vampire gets a ride home
>Just me and the other girl
>We decide to chill in the courtyard
>Literally no one around. Rave's over, pannels are done. Just some drunk stragglers, so I had no chance of finding another room to crash in
>I must have fallen asleep while talking to her, but she stayed with me for probably an hour before waking me and telling me she had to go
This girl was actually really cool. She didn't practice magic, as far as I knew, and to look out for me while I slept out in the open was super nice.I should have stayed in the courtyard since it was such a nice night, but I make bad decisions when I'm tired, so I decided to go to the video room
The problem was, even though it was the middle of the night and no one was around, the air conditioning was still running as if the lobby was packed with 6000 people, and I was dressed in a torn up bed sheet.
>Froze my fucking balls off
>We weren't allowed to sleep in the video room, so my sleep deprived mind was trying to figure out a way to trick the volunteers into thinking I was awake.
That worked about as well as you would imagine. I was having this lucid dream where I inserted myself into whatever anime was playing, and whenevery the guy would say, "You can't sleep in here, bud," I'd answer, "I'm awake, don't worry." When they changed shifts, the new guy must have realized I was having a rough time since they told me I could get some coffee they put out for volunteers
>Not a coffee drinker, but in that moment, I was a coffee drinker
>Trying to conserve warmth
>Trying to stay awake
>Praying for sunrise
>Just like me, it never fucking came

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I couldn't take the video room anymore, and decided just to walk, back and forth, from one end of the hotel to the other.
Gradually, people began showing up. One of the first was actually the girl I was with. She had some questions, but was overall really happy about it. The gay vampire just overreacted and cost me my shower and bed.
But I was dumb and tired. I didn't "take it out" on her, but I kind of just avoided her after I got away from her initially. I really shouldn't have. She was being nice, even offered to massage my back. Even had a really cute friend who offered to rub my back, but I wanted to distance myself for some dumb reason.
Probably the fact that she thought she could do magic and had a vampire friend who practically accused me of rape, but looking back, that's not really a deal breaker.

All in all, it's not really a horror story from my perspective. Just a learning experience and probably more horriffic if you chose to read all that, but it's hard to convey just how cold I got and gross I felt the next morning. Like, I was almost sticky to the touch. I got my arms clean in a bathroom sink and kind of rinsed my hair. I felt like people should have run from me screaming, but I know now I was overreacting.
Oh yeah. And a gay guy sucked my dick. So to recap, I went in expecting a blow job and a shower and hoping for a bed. Instead, I didn't cum, didn't shower, didn't get to sleep, panicked because I thought until she woke up and talked to me that I'd get accused of rape, probably got a mild case of hypothermia, and from that moment forward, I was legally gay. Also, this has nothing to do with that part specifically, but I forgot to eat much of anything over the con. Likely the reason I couldn't keep my body temperature up.

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>Be me
>First Con
>Little Town/City Con I guess
>Literally terrified out of my wits because I'm not an extrovert fucking end me
>Full cosplay, Undertale days, eugh
>Somehow manages to find a group of people
>Starts feeling sick, apologies to said group
>Everything going well for the first day or so
>Suddenly realizes said group doesn't want to hang out with me anymore other than one person
>Apparently by doing nothing I pissed off the clique 'leader' or some shit, says the dude that's hanging out with me
>Attempts to apologize, for some reason I guess, to said clique bitch leader. Of course nothing works because bitch leader.

The next two days or so are just of me and the one dude hanging out without them around and having a grand time. Said guy is still my friend and that was like two years ago. Haven't seen the bitch brigade since.

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Man that's pretty pathetic of you to just put up with all of that. Sounds like you're your own worst enemy.

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>be me
>be at -x- con
>get physically abused
>too shy, let it happen
con horror stories in a nutshell, jesus, learn to say no

>> No.10329650

>go to a con dressed up as Futaba from Persona 5
>get on a people mover filled with other people from the con
>guy looks at me and says “Oh, is that from Persona 5?”
>i excitedly say yes
>he turns to his friend, while still looking at me
>”You see, that’s why I like small girls. I can place them on my dick like a gun attachment.”

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knee him in the crotch