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4th time's the charm. Drama can leave.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/NERynwn

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Anyone going to Showing results for mini Mini-Comiccon in Montreal?

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Miku Expo bros

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It's gon be hype

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Why is everyone so up in arms about yomu cheating on her boyfriend? Didn't she fug nekko like 2-3 years ago while she was still with him?

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>drama can leave

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>Drama can leave
Just like nekko left us ;-;

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He was too good for us.
I'm happy for him though. He found a cutie that loves him

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4 threads deleted and you still continue to post irrelevant drama that has nothing to do with the board.

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Ok yomu

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I heard he ended up knocking up some no name idol from a Yakuza group during his October trip and she was forced to have an abortion which lead up to her going into a psychward and he had to go pay off her contract and got caught selling drugs to get himself out of debt from it.
Thought it was obviously all lies but the idol in question recently posted this so now I'm question it's legitimacy

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Thats very far fetched anon

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Maybe viagra or a penis pump would work out better

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Idk, you tell me.

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Idk, you tell me

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Why am I fucking this up so bad?

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Do you think the earth is flat too?

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Anybody else stoked for the Holiday market?

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>Still talking about nekko

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this sounds like some movie plot

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Can we please get a discord that's not run by an incel manlet? The only thing that comes up shorter than his height are his skills as admin.

Also can it actually be /cgl/ relevant? Almost all the channels and discussion is either /a/, /o/, /soc/, /r9k/ or /pol/. Like seriously, why does a /cgl/ discord need an actual politics channel, there's enough drama as is without bringing other messes into this.

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That's the state of /cgl/ today. Lolitas aside, it's all crossboarders and maybe the rare actual cosplayer

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We do not deserve such nice things.

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One can say drama is part of cgl culture and so is /a/ since what else will you cosplay? Superhero shit?
Crossboarders really ruin everything though

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Maybe the fact that that cons only happen for a certain time of year and people talk about shit other than cosplay? Maybe instead of blaming administration blame certain members who all they do is bitch about administration and not doing anything /cgl/ relevant.

As far as I know the admin and a handful of other people actually do cosplay when the season comes unlike mentioned dissidents who crossboard and seek to start drama for the sale of drama

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There's 4 other /cgl/ discords; one run by Vietnamese Lord Farquaad and three actual /cgl/ ones.

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The aforementioned one run by the Viet guy is an actual /cgl/ Discord that started from AN. The other 3 are either /soc/ bullshit or tranny trap discords

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Autistic manlet server and tranny server of /o/ and /soc/ boys
Please tell me the other 2 are better

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Does it ever get tiring constantly lurking this thread to defend your shitty /soc/ discord server?

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on the recent drama? Who did what and with whom?

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of course anime but /a/, especially these days is just filled with room temperature IQ level brainlets
and I'm not delusional enough to imply drama and /cgl/ don't go hand and hand, it's that bringing in crossies from cancerous boards on top just multiplies the drama

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Which con do I go to fuck a guy’s girl and then smoke a cigar with the guy I just cucked? Asking for a friend.

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The one where you get Sti's from a tranny and are ok with getting NTR'd by 3 other guys while cooking food for her the next day

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Wait what

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A girl that was pretty loose joined the Canuck Seagulls discord, she messed with the feelings of a few guys but of significance, one of the mods. This went on for a few months I think. The mod then placed the blame solely on one someone totally innocent when the bf found out and banned the bf. The other mod knew about this the whole time but didn't do anything, admin same, both let him ban the bf but later banned the mod himself over this.

a bunch of other random unjustified bans and unexplained moderation choices from the admin has also been stiring up drama, dont even get me wrong on his manifesto

Also the mod that was ``banned'' just rejoined with another name so ('~`;)

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Don't forget /k/ you pansy faggot

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which one?

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Penis pump and cancer

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include me in the cringe compilation too

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Fuck, I picked the wrong time to get banned from discord and go Mia.

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What happened

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Breach of terms and services

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>actually saying dissidents over a meaningless internet chatroom
go home and jerk off to Lenin cosplayers

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I know the guys instagram you should DM him

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Get a photoshoot with Poynter

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Its almost as if times were more pure back then

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whos the dude in the middle with the LL hood thing? I think he was kind of cool

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>>10299185 Oui monsieur. Bravo!

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That's me, Drew(noskill on discord, though >discord) I'm not as cool as you may hope. I'm Nekkos irl friend, I home board other boards but I lurk here every once in a bit and obviously at con time.

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That man child is still doing shoots?

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Fuck off asian armor manlet

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My gf booked with him, whats he like

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set low expectations.
Known to be a creep.
made comments of feet.
harassment with clients
use aspergers as an excuse for behavior

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foot fetish

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Does DTAC even exist? Anyone hitting Shogatsu?

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So it was yomu huh?
Feel bad for her boyfriend, he was actually a really nice guy.

>> No.10301519

A damn shame really I dont wish that kind of pain on anyone. Cheating itself is one of then most malicious acts you can do to a person

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Amazing how such an isolated incident gets blown up into a community crisis. Why does anyone care about which literal who cheated on who.

I’m going! It’ll be my first time at Anime Shogatsu, but it looks like a solid event.

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No kidding, this is fucking exhausting.
Might check in closer to actual cons but even then if its just more festering whats the point.
Getting trashed in a parking lot with a group of lunatics was fun, hell even Montreal was a good time, but constantly watching people kick each other in the teeth for clique bullshit is what I'd hopped to get away from here..

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The dramafags are extending the drama in literally every direction they can, both on boards and on the Discord. It's best that we ignore them and keep talking usual con stuff.

Anywho, everyone got your Miku Expo tickets?

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>Getting trashed in a parking lot with a group of lunatics was fun

What lunatics?

>> No.10302099

Can't do Miku, but I am pretty Hyped for Flow coming to Toronto

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The truck meet/Animaple guys are a hoot to be around.

>> No.10302146

Miku Expo will be hype. Got my pen glow stick light that nips always use at concerts ready. I got the floor tickets. I might have gone for VIP tickets if I could find any info on what would be in the gift bag to know if it's actually worth the extra cost. I was worried that the tickets would be gone in a flash but I don't think many people knew about it. I barely found out myself.

Also I hope they put out a set list ahead of time so I can listen to the song I'm less familiar with.

>> No.10302148

They never release the setlist before the concert, it's a surprise. Don't worry if there are songs you don't know, you'll be jamming to them anyway.

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>truck meet
The what

>> No.10302174

The annual shawarma truck shenangians at AN.

>> No.10302180

With every post you're making less sense.

>> No.10302185

A group of people rent a truck and host a rave out of it in the Anime North parking lot. They sometimes are making shawarma out of it.

>> No.10302189

How have I never seen this if it's an annual thing

>> No.10302192

Because you haven't been reading any of the cgl threads where it's heavily advertised?

>> No.10302198

I've been to AN for the last four years and never seen this truck, I didn't browse /cgl/ until after this AN

>> No.10302200

thats your own fault

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Do people actually go to this thing? It sounds more like they're advertising BECAUSE no one goes.

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>4 retweets 7 likes
So... exactly what I said?

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I mean, if you straight back to the hotel at 8pm then yeah you’re not going to see the truck. Didn’t even have to check cgl to see it, just be in the parking lot at 2am.

>> No.10302285

At like, 10pm. It starts pretty early and goes a good length of time.

>> No.10302300

Its the worst you can do. At least end officially.
Now new info has been leaked and its just sad.

>> No.10302315

>Anonymous 12/09/19(Mon)00:48:19 No.10302309▶
What new info?

>> No.10302317

This is retarded because you assume any normal person would have a reason to be at the back of the parking lot naturally. Looking at the tweet and the updated one, no one would find it unless they already knew about it.

>> No.10302321

>He doesn't have friends that know about it

>> No.10302325

So what exactly goes on here

>> No.10302332

It's advertised here in the AN threads very frequently.

Arcade machines last time with some fighting game setups, and live DJing, with a projector also beaming either AMVs with the DJing or movies/anime series on the side of the truck.

>> No.10302349

Second this, let's all just get banned at this rate.

>> No.10302355

Are they from /cgl/? When do they post about what's going to be there?

>> No.10302358

You forgot about the car the party truck drove over and the lobster fight.

>> No.10302389

The truck gets forced to park/move to the back of the parking lot. It's hard to spot from the normal TCC area unless you walk up to the north building parking because of the small rise.

>> No.10302581

Is the official discord the one who is run by some guy who would have incel meltdowns and then delete them, and post pictures of himself speeding constantly?

>> No.10302613

You're thinking of the fake /soc/ one posted a few weeks ago

>> No.10302614

Official AN discord? I think so. Canada /cgl/ discord? No.

>> No.10302671

The one I'm describing I was part of maybe 2 years ago, but I guess it could be the same one.

>> No.10302723

That's a normie Facebook server

>> No.10302756

The official discord is the one with a dozen useless channels.

>> No.10302785

> Asian Armour Manlet

>> No.10302841

Why are you guys so obsessed over a guy's height?

>> No.10302844

>why won't these girls jump on my dick when i keep posting pictures of my speeding in my mercedes?!

>> No.10302850

Makes them feel superior, since they lack in every other aspect of their life.

>> No.10302877

Should I be worried about my gf? Is he a stalker

>> No.10302888

>Youmu isnt pure

WTF bros ive been lied to fuggggggggg. Still though thats alot of men to be fucking at the same time

>> No.10302890

Wait how many then
Is this you!

>> No.10302894 [DELETED] 

>French guy trying to coerce the ex to get physical revenge on another guy she was also seeing, to get him out of the picture during a bbq
>false flag texts and emails sent to the ex from him for the same goal
>Lie and cancel plans with friends to hangout with girl
>Lie about not getting help for moving
>Cheated before
>Deletes discord with nitro and isolates himself

>> No.10302907

AAM doesn't own a Mercedes. He doesn't own a car I'm pretty sure. You're thinking of someone else.

>> No.10302921

you people are fucking cancer. Get a life or neck yourselves

>> No.10302924

Ok youmu

>> No.10302940

This drama sounds intense, are all /cgl/ groups like this?

>> No.10302966

I hope not but it just keeps getting better from what I'm seeing

>> No.10302985

It's just a slag that got outed for being a slag. It's not even news worthy.

>> No.10303023 [DELETED] 

Anyone want youmus number? I'll gladly post it

>> No.10303038 [DELETED] 

Drop the nudes on disc or something

>> No.10303040

BIG yikes and cringe

>> No.10303056

Looks like we’re about to lose another thread.

>> No.10303065


>> No.10303068

Shogatsu caught my interest, but I'm not sure what I can pull together in terms of cosplay since I'm going to be a little tight on budget for the month ;_;

>> No.10303108

Is this a new event? None of the guests are remotely professional looking.

>> No.10303132

They have a few C list VAs come by in the previous years. It's a one day con packed with everything in the winter "dry season". I don't think it needs to be anything more than that.

>> No.10303162

Many worries, big feels

>> No.10303164

cringe, cringe, cringe hahahaha

>> No.10303168


I think this is enough to make a little lolcow actually. One of them was foolish enough to doxx everything about himself too and the girl

>> No.10303174

What’s going here

Not feeling like joining the gay discord

>> No.10303184

Go lurk unofficial archives for rundowns that got deleted

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