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any of y'all going to Holiday Matsuri? there's 10 days till and I have absolutely nothing planned.

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i’m going, i was actually curious if there would be many gulls there. this is my first time going as i’m in atlanta, anyone know how the lolita scene is at the con? i’d like to make more out of state friends

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Catch me there, not in lolita though.

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First time going to Holiday Matsuri here. What should I expect? How are the panels and the crowd?

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Yes hopefully cute instagram girls will use me as their hall mat

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I hope there will be a good amount of attractive people to talk to.

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This is me going to every con and there never is

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HolMat is my favorite lazy con. Hang out, chat people up, go swimming, enjoy the sun, and just unwind for the weekend. Show off your swimsuit body if you’re so inclined. Perfect way to wrap up the year.

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>go swimming

I honestly can't fucking wait for the late night pool sessions.

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God was wondering if there was a thread up.
didn't see it

Think it'll be as bad as what 2017's?


Any Toku people going by the way?

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