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Missed chance to use Heart E(dition)

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This is a very comfy image

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anyone save pics of new/cute old school coords recently?

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I have some from jp twitter

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Teddy Gobelin is so cute

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I love this!

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This is probably unrelated but i finally lost enough weight to be able to wear my favourite skirt.

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Was that bag ever made?

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I got a heart apron not too long ago and thought it looked bad (and that maybe it was too small for me, since the straps that connect on the back end up on the sides)... but maybe I'm not the only one, as it looks like that here too. She's not super tiny, but not overly fat, so I guess it's just a weird design. I have been considering sewing some extensions on them and making them cross in the back instead but I don't know.

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AU or NZ?

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Congrats anon!

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Congrats anon! I’m sorta in the same boat. I bought a really old skirt recently that I knew I can’t currently fit because this past 2 years I suffered some medical issues, which already caused me to gain weight, but then threw me into an uncontrollable spiral into depression. I’m finally starting to feel better both mentally and physically, but I got it because when I get back to the weight I was before everything happened, I’ll be able to fit it again. It’s what I’m using to help me keep on track.

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>anyone save pics of new/cute old school coords recently?
I'd also like to see some more!

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Thank you, my frilly sisters!

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I wish there was an old school lolita dress up game

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There are plenty but they will all disappear afyer flash is kill.

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Congratulations! I also hope to lose some weight myself.

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Forever salty that a fatty chan sniped the Elizabethan OP I was eyeing, only to resell for profit a few weeks later after she got it.
Hope her dream dress rips from her stuffing her greasy ass in it.

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Iktf too well

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I started on an old school lolita Picrew and I hope to finish it eventually when I have more time. There's quite a few Picrews that do have lolita options though.

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Someone did this to me with my dream dress once, but I recently found it in better condition and can actually wear it.
Fret not anon, you will find your dress too.

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I feel like people try not to post western old schooler coords because infighting ensues a lot of the time

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Don't we have any drama free oldschoolers? I honestly don't care about any personal shit as long as I'm seeing nice coords, but it seems that almost anything you post gets weird vendetta responses or asslickers.

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> as long as I'm seeing nice coords
Nayrt but I mean instagram, facebook, twitter, and wordpress blogs all exist and most of them post to at least one of those. Japanese oldschoolers tend to post most on twitter, western oldschoolers post most on insta. I sincerely hope you dont rely solely on this board for coord photos.

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nayrt but there are people that exist off fb/twitter/ig and would appreciate seeing coords here. also this board facilitates more open discussion about coords

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The oldschoollolita tag on instagram is full of a lot of bullshit and ita stuff that isn't really oldschool or styled well.

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Speaking about "not really old school"
I personally hate "oldschooler can only wear what was seen in snaps of the era" thing. So, in your opinion, what parts of modern lolita (or modern fashion in general) looks good with os?

As for me, list goes as:
1)halo headdress
2)nu goth hats
4)tractor sole shoes
5)socks over tights
6) peignoirs
7) chockers
9) dr martens
10) circle lenses

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That's your list of things that look GOOD with oldschool? Yikes.

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Sorry i dont want to take part in historical reenactment.

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This sounds like an ita bingo card.

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Should i be ashamed of myself, if i agree with 2, 7 and 9? Other options are ita af though

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this has to be bait

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There is nothing shameful at all about chokers in lolita, unless anon meant those bondage slave ddlg collars.

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What the fuck is a nu goth hat

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nayrt but im guessing she means this.
like, a plain black wide brim hat
very popular with nu goths on tumblr and instagram

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Can someone share some notable current old schooler social media or wherever I can look at their coords? I don’t have fb.

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Thanks anons, may you find your dream dresses before the scalpers do. Bless.

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Old schoolers that I follow on instagram:


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im going to go ahead and do an ig dump. im seeing some really cute coords in the tag, some are really bad but some are really nice lol. i dont keep up with whatever drama goes on with western old schoolers, sorry if i post someone you guys dont like

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end dump, i went through the tag as far back as october, if anyone wants me to keep looking ill continue

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i really like this girl. She is so cool and experimental.
who is this?

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Yep I remember seeing it in the webshop.

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How did lolita end up from this (actually what gothic fairytale doll aesthetic is) to these horrible dresses with extremely stupid images printed all over? I really have always hated it, since it started...ill never understand the appeal. This stuff to me, is true lolita

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Thanks for the dump anon would love to see more

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You know how it happened.

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she looks like the kid from the grudge

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This is unfortunate

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Why does she look like melting wax? Why wouldn't she take a more flattering photo?

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>tfw your brand goes out of business without anyone talking about it

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>7) chockers
>9) dr martens
>10) circle lenses
I agree with these. Tractor sole shoes could also be good for a punk old school lolita coord, but nothing else.

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Guys, please remember to archive as many old Lolita yaplog blogs as you can. It's closing down on January 31, 2020.
I'm doing it myself, but I don't know many.

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obvious bait is obvious

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heart fuckin e baby!!!
related, I bought a heart e skirt a while ago and while I’m small for a white person and often get told I have a small waist, this skirt is so tight and not adjustable. idk how small it actually is but I’ll be back with measurements. The skirt is uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time but I still wear it cause I love it. Are all their clothes this small? I’d like to buy more but I’m worried it’ll be uncomfortable

>> No.10303285

Old skirts can be small even for me and I'm a "smol" asian. I guess people were smaller back then idk

>> No.10303287

It's not just Heart E, but most of the brands had very small skirts. People were thinner in the 90's & 00's I guess. I'm not super small at 65cm waist but also not very big. Some of the older skirts barely fit me, I use an extender to get some extra centimeters to make them a little more comfortable. It's usually covered up by a bustier or the waist ties, it's a good and cheap way to extend it's size without alteration and no-one will notice. The extenders can be found cheap on ebay, aliexpress, etc.

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You can always alter it to be bigger

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Did i miss some drama and we have new Ophelia?
Cause she's obviously old schol

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she has literally only three pictures of her wearing lolita. Did you only include her in this list bc she's garbage chan's new best friend?

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Nayrt but her posts are heavily tagged, you sound paranoid.

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I mean regardless of her tags, to include her in the list seems stupid since she seems to barely even own lolita

>> No.10303436

I debated leaving her off the list, but I like what she's posted. There's actually a surprisingly small amount of people regularly posting old school for the supposed popularity it's recently gained.

>> No.10303440

i own a bag with this print

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Please share more new old school coords

>> No.10303622

I miss when frozen bug and ferro would do matching coords. What happened to them?

>> No.10303683

Ferro moves countries

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To where?

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I just wish she'd stop coording these shoes. I really like her coords otherwise.

>> No.10304194

>You can always alter it to be bigger
you can't always alter something to be bigger as you claim. Unless its a few cm or you have matching fabric you're SOL

>> No.10304196

I totally agree. Those shoes are awful.

>> No.10304206

>notable current old schooler social media
Notable being the important part here, no one wants to follow this crusty edgelord.

>> No.10304211

I disagree, those shoes are beautiful

>> No.10304218

Same here, she's really improved and makes cute coords now, but these shoes have to go. Not actually hating on those shoes but they don't really go with the things she's wearing imo.

>> No.10304255

how to archive them?

>> No.10304263

Considering how much old school is just solids or very common plain prints, finding matching fabrics isn't super hard

>> No.10304265

>Please share more new old school coords
begging any ig/fb/whatever anons

>> No.10304266

Losing weight is easier.

>> No.10304289


And more beneficial for your health. Some old school is pretty short and tiny though and if you are big busted and nomeal healthy sized you may still not fit. Worst case scenario go for full shirring items. I was obese before and even I could fit full shirring old school.

>> No.10304292

Damn that’s cool

>> No.10304379

Anyone got any new dumps?

>> No.10304380

Why don't you go pick up a copy of fruits and stop ebegging.

>> No.10304408

I really like this!

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I recently got this JSK. It is a rerelease but I was wondering if anyone had any coords of it: old school and old school inspired. I was just hoping to see some different ways its coorded.

>> No.10304424

Sorry to samefag but I saw the two posts above and wanted more.

>> No.10304445

Hard, hard disagree

>> No.10304451

i really like her too, shes not afraid to wear whatever she thinks looks cool. as for the girl her insta is @bunnypatrol_ but she doesnt seem to post often/at all so not sure if its worth it to follow

sorry for the wait anon, got busy with work. went back through the tag up until march, will post what i liked

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im also throwing in some coords that inspire me, theres one goth old schooler ive loved for a long time that you all would like if you didnt know her already (pic not related)

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File: 1.81 MB, 1080x1336, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Kasper is great, I wish she posted more.

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File: 1.42 MB, 1080x1333, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i adore her, truly an icon

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File: 2.23 MB, 1080x1074, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 1.38 MB, 1080x1073, 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this coord can be debated to be more of a modern old school trend ensemble but its cute so eh i pass it

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end dump, if anyone wants to go through facebook or twitter thatd be nice. the shit i have to wade through on insta is just.....insane lol

>> No.10304604

Coord on left is pretty great, but on the right is just bad. Strong peeking bloomers and short socks were absolutely not the way to go with this set.

>> No.10304605

Love her, this is perfect

>> No.10304607

The bust size of old school OPs makes me depressed

>> No.10304648

I love the arm warmers with the coord on left

>> No.10304668

Good for you anon! I've got a goal skirt as well and while I can technically squeeze into it and wear it around, I have to unbutton it to sit and I absolutely can't eat in it. I hope to fit it by next year. Damn you early 2000's Meta!

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I have a few more jp twitter ones, but they can be a little samey. I'll go searching again

>> No.10304894

I'm really tired of the same coords too but is there a creative way to coord dresses like these that don't look completely shoehorned and terrible?

>> No.10304903

Sorry for late reply. You can archive them by entering the URLs of the blogs on the Wayback Machine, as well as archive.is.
Annoyingly, if you just enter the URL alone, it only saves the first page, so if you're going for completion, it's a process of saving each page (and usually, the URLs of full-size images if you want to preserve those and the blog page only shows thumbnails).
I wish there was a bot that did this automatically.

>> No.10304963

All my Heart E stuff has fit comfortably on a 25" waist, but all of it is pre 2012. Some would probably go up to 26"-27" but their sizing is pretty small which I prefer. Nearly all of my JSKs let me get fat (I'm only 5' 1", so 25" waist isn't particularly skinny for me) but my skirts keep me honest!

>> No.10304980

All my heartE is quite a bit larger than 25", I assumed it was meant to have an 'oversize' look.

>> No.10305390

To be fair, I only have unshirred skirts from them (never found a JSK I liked) so that's possibly why?

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>> No.10305597

anyone buy anything they're excited for? i'm getting ready for my big end of the year purchase and can't wait to place my mercari order lol

>> No.10305618

Not anything special because I blew my money in the summer, but I just placed an order for shoes from dreamv and I swear to god if they fit and are comfortable, I will be so fucking happy. Every attempt to buy some good lolita shoes has been a failure for me.

>> No.10305693

The shoes I have from dreamv are literally my favorite and comfiest. I bet you'll like them.

>> No.10306035

the queen herself

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File: 81 KB, 336x500, 1560187484023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One thing I have noticed is that I prefer proto and old-school lolita because it really does feel more like alternative clothes and less like I'm forcing a contemporary coord. "Coord" at this point just feels like another word for "costume". Anyone else feel this way?

>> No.10306039

I'm impressed by how well their hair matches their coordinates. And I'm always a slut for black shoes in an otherwise non-black coord, probably my
favourite oldschool aesthetic


>> No.10306040


I also prefer old school. As unique the princessy style of hime and sweet are in the way that they are unabashedly feminine, something about the rough grunginess or frumpy lazy sort of femininity of old school and pre-lolita lolita really speaks and appeals to me. It could be because I was always a tomboy before finding jfashion so maybe it's appealing to the edgy tween pop punk emo kid inside me.

>> No.10306048
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It's interesting that you say you were a tomboy before getting into jfashion, because I was also raised as a 'tomboy'. Finding this fashion has given me the opportunity to dress in hyper-feminine clothing while still maintaining my own set of social boundaries in society. Hell, even the old-school sweet and ott sweet/hime looks had this amazing toughness and grit to them that makes people stay the fuck away and not even know how to approach the image: the inherent nature of alt-fashion.

>> No.10306057
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Cont... To analyze the fashion further... These clothes are associated with children and dolls by outside society. Whether we like it or not, the clothing is so often associated with the clothing cuts for children and dolls because it is the only physical embodiment and remnants of victorian fashion that we have today that lingers with surface level accessibility to normies. The concept of the child is fucking scary, they're creative, they see things adults can't see, they're smart, they're charged with archetypal meaning- and to see this on an adult (when not in the form of a sissy or ita for gods sake) is like seeing Sumara. Its the contradiction this fashion has that makes it so iconic, and so worth protecting via gatekeeping.

>> No.10306064
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Does anyone have scans of red coords? I'm hoping to recreate a solid red coordinate in the future.

>> No.10306083

man. kana was such a good model and lolita but i cannot stand how shit her music was

>> No.10306088

I genuinely love her music. All of it.

>> No.10306142

incredible. never thought id see the day

>> No.10306161

Fakedeep anon be like

>> No.10306183

Extra extra long bloomers from Namethwild. Maybe I'll put up a review here.

>> No.10306713
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>> No.10307730

more coord pics?

>> No.10307871

do you lack the ability to make burner sns accounts. can you not scroll through a tag. get it together bitch

>> No.10307943

As sad as it is, Bodyline shoes because I've come to accept that I'm just really fucking uncomfortable in most clunky platform mary-janes, and flat ones will probably be better.

>> No.10308403
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Going to dump a bit more oldschool/oldschool inspired stuff from jp twitter

>> No.10308404
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>> No.10308406
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>> No.10308407
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>> No.10308408
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>> No.10308410
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>> No.10308430
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>> No.10308431
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>> No.10308598

Bless you anon. Maybe it's not "good old oldschool" but that's better than nothing.

>> No.10308853


>> No.10308875

what is the old school spirit to you, OS gulls?

>> No.10308878

Same as lolita in general lol

>> No.10308953

There really isn't any other way to coord Elizabeth other than using a bonnet or headbow instead of the headdress and using different socks other than the classic old school socks.

>> No.10309028

That dress is something you wear because you like it, not really for creative coords.

>> No.10309260

It's probably because most people who like old school aren't exclusively into it. The majority of lolitas I find seem to have a preferred substyle but often branch into others.

>> No.10309884
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Thanks anon. I'll post what little I have

>> No.10309886
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>> No.10309888
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>> No.10309893
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>> No.10309897
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>> No.10309906
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>> No.10309948


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Does anyone here have a yaplog account? I want to save poisonousdoll's blog, but it's login protected.

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