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the cosplay/jfash pattern brand CUT/SEW is going on hiatus following backlash against their fairy kei and menhera patterns

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their fairy kei pattern

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their menhera pattern

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I made their gakuran and it was by far the worst pattern I have ever used. It was like 2 sizes too big and confusing. I double checked the measurements, too.

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comments on the fairy kei pattern

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previous comment ends with ‘better representation of your culture

also unfortunately i dont have the stories mentioned here

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(different person from the op)

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and the comments on the menhera pattern

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Eh they look bad, but it's not like you have to buy it.
"Misrepresenting our fashion" is pretty dramatic, and I say that as a Lolita. Acting like this one bad pattern is important is dumb, especially with how free form fairy kei is. People doing a bad version of a fashion you like isn't a tragedy.

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before they posted the public announcement they defended themselves with these stories

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the public statement

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This is literally the dumbest thing for people to get upset about. It's just a shitty pattern. Just don't buy it. There's a million other shops, and I mean this one already looks like shit so don't shop there?

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These people are reaching so hard, there was nothing offensive about these styles

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Agreed, the patterns are shitty but there's no need to get offended. Just don't buy that crap, simple as that.

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This Fairy Kei one is pretty bad desu. I have never seen a Madonna skewer crown in a Fairy Kei coord, and the overall vibe is Kelly Eden jfash thot. The Menhera outfit just feels like a sexy nurse costume.

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>complaining about menhera being boiled down to nurse aesthetic
Are these people dumb? It’s obvious that these patterns were not meant to represent an entire movement. It’s literally one pattern, based off an aspect that indeed does exist in menhera fashion.

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The people complaining about these patterns are so dumb. This shit happens all the time in lolita, cosplay, steampunk, etc. Just look at Simplicity patterns. It's all boiled down, super generic stuff done by people who put in maybe 10 minutes of research before drafting something up. Cut/Sew isn't the first pattern brand to put out a sub-par design and won't be the last, so the amount of bullying they got was way over the top. But that's what happens when you try to cater to a bunch of whiny know-it-alls.

I can just imagine the backlash if Cut/Sew tried to do the designs differently. Pick one well-known piece like the nurse dress? Too pared down. Try to incorporate more elements? Too generic and busy.
Good lord, can't people just learn to vote with their wallets and make suggestions for future projects instead of bitching publicly like this?

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Lmfao...menhera itself is romanticizing mental illness, no?
White people policing others on their enjoyment of other cultures is the backwards ass movement id like to see die in 2020

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I mean, the menhara one is pretty bad, but in the west, nurses and sad bears are a huge part. It annoys me, because westerners aren't hardly creating vent art to wear, they're creating ugly, edgy things with sad bears and nurses. The fashion is already ripe with people who don't have mental illnesses and think that the aesthetic is just blood and kawaii things.

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They're so overly dramatic. Must be frustrating selling to these type of girls. Christ.

>> No.10298656

It’s definitely a stretch to call fair criticism “bullying,” though. Nobody bullied anybody here and saying that is frankly even more stupid than the backlash in the first place.

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This looks like a cute nurse costume, but not menhera.
This looks... Kind of pastel goth sans black.

Yeah. They fucked up.

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Wow... They completely missed the mark. Oh, wow.

>> No.10298667

Right? They're literally writing essays instead of just scrolling by.

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What upsets me the most is that they managed to bully a business into a hiatus, effectively ruining a livelihood because >m-muh representation
I hope one day the internet will stop bowing to the emotional whims of literal (and mental) teenage girls.

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>sailor collar on a varsity jacket

>> No.10298688


At my high school they always offered female versions of the varsity jacket that had cute sailor collars with the embroidered names on them. Still in ugly school colors though

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I've seen sever j-fash brands do the same though. It's nothing new.

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>really sad to see my style misrepresented yet again :/:/:/:/:/:/:/
>constantly being misrepresented
>a slap in the face for the fashion
>I'd love to see yA'Ll working with people who wear each individual fashion

Hahahahahahaha this is some of the most passive-aggressive shit I've ever seen! I can almost guarantee these are the kind of people who'd scream ~harassment~ at the slightest hint of criticism, yet here they are dogpiling someone under the guise of "muh representation!1!" over what is essentially a bit of shitty but inoffensive fanart. Fuck right off acting as if you're victims of cultural insensitivity because someone failed to portray your polyester sweatshop pastel tat to your liking.

I get the impression heycutsew is a tiny operation? If I was them I wouldn't be feeling so compelled to defend my design choices - literally don't like it don't buy it. The majority of the fairy-kei/western "kawaii" community (on instagram, at least) is an inward-looking circlejerk of maladjusted crackpots. Nothing of value has been lost.

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No, that's yamikawaii. Menhera should never be so obvious you can really "see" what it is at first glance. It should maintain some taste. There's nothing wrong with yamikawaii, but if there's an outfit that seems to be romanticizing mental illness then it's likely yami, not menhera. Focusing solely on medical & shock elements isn't menhera. The focus of menhera is making the wearing cute or acceptable in society's eyes while simultaneously maintaining the fact illness and suffering is exactly what it is through art and/or focusing on healing elements. It might use medical elements to reference medication or even heartbreak/love sickness, but it's not really about looking like a pink pill bottle or thinking it's "cool to be psycho".

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OK, you can't both claim to be aware that you aren't a reliable source of information about a fashion, and say "jelly bracelets can be lolita".

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probably re: this model pic from their jsk pattern last year

>> No.10298742


I mean, you could certainly wear jelly bracelets and high heels with your lolita, just like you can wear spikes and a cyberpunk wig or a pirate ship on your head. But lolita isn't an "inclusive" fashion where anything goes.

But I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a brand that pissed off people who wear the most free styles would say something like that about the most rigid jfash style.

>> No.10298744

Well, if they work with those who actually wear the fashion, they'll get buyers. There's plenty who love the aesthetic of a bloodstained nurse outfit who would never do anything more than share it on a tumblr page. Social media isn't the best indicator of who will buy something nor what they'll buy. What looks good online isn't always translatable in real life. Someone buying something for a couple conventions is less profitable then someone who will buy something for regular wear. It also fuels people being "scared" to try something. That's something that's killed fairy kei and menhera in the West. Understandably. What looks good on people's social media pages doesn't translate to desire to wear it, and can sometimes inhibit people's desire to wear it.

>> No.10298745

She would have been okay if she didn't mention lolita

>> No.10298746

wtf? That JSK looks like crap and they clearly have no idea what lolita fashion even is.

>> No.10298753

It's funny they chose that person as the model because that's not even fairy kei, that's pop kei. Whew lads

>> No.10298756

>Can't see any details
>Everything I do see is garbage
>Shiny sateen fabric
>No fucking Poof
Bitch, are you serious??

>> No.10298815

That’s pretty normal, I think Nile perch or Listen Flavor did them in the past

>> No.10298842

Is this model Himezawa?

>> No.10298844

I mean the real problem here, and always has been, is that CUT/SEW has, at best, a tenuous grasp on what is and isn't jfash. While I think perhaps people got a little too riled up about this, they're valid criticisms.

>> No.10298853

This is the most piss poor excuse for poor research that I’ve ever seen. There are so many western lolitas who understand the aesthetic of the fashion. There’s no excuse for this.

>> No.10298873

>lolli punks
ok boomer

>> No.10298947

Lolli Punks was an actual brand that existed for like a year or so
They seem to have used the same manu as ManiaQ or something because there’s a lot of overlap in their designs
Not saying Cutsew’s design isn’t a disaster though, it is, but Lolli Punks is a real thing

>> No.10298950

Maybe if they referenced better brands this wouldn't be happening. They're ripping off existing items, just worse.

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Trying to find the styled/accessorized versions of these outfits and all I can see is the a_smile_and_a_song and aobittybaby fairy kei photos? What happened to the rest?

>> No.10298957

Oh they really got this one wrong.... If menhera-chan was the inspiration, they should have known that menhera-chan probably wouldn't wear something so short and sexual

>> No.10298958


I stand corrected .....

>> No.10298963

lol the problem was just menhera and fairy kei styles fucking sucked. No one besides 2 people cared about the poc dance. If you feel bullied bc people tell you what works and what doesn't (Jelly bracelets in lolita btw), then literally fuck off and save the bandwidth.

It's a problem because younger new people will see shit like this and think this is what the fashion is. You need good representation to the style so people know how the looks are supposed to look. Instead of having entitled cosplayers with their head in their ass talk as an authority on these groups, it's best they actually work with people in the community, instead of these coked up friends. Hell, even @thealchemicfox dropped this because she was disgusted with how everything was presented.

And HCS should probably pay their friends, like Riss is constantly bitching about money, toss some money at them dude. I don't care if they are volunteering their time for you. Riss is struggling (albeit of their own volition)

Bonus meme: Ai saying they look black on their story and Blue losing their shit on theirs.

>> No.10298965

still just a menhera chan cosplay

>> No.10298975

there aren't any except the samples they made and sent to the models, the patterns were just released

>> No.10299026

My main problem with them is I don't think their patterns are what they're supposed to be, beginner friendly. Every time they come up in the lolita sewing group I'm in on FB, people suggest a different indie pattern maker or putting a rectangular skirt on a commercial bodice. I saw a rep comment that she doesn't recommend their patterns for beginners because they need adjustments and there are mistakes in the instructions. I've never been impressed with their instructions, which you can download. For the normcore pattern, there's no mention how working with knits and stretches are different. It takes two sentences to explain the what whys of a ballpoint needle. As an aside, why are the instructions only PDFs and the patterns only paper?

>> No.10299039

nothing wrong with that, i still feel like the collar is too high and should be lower.

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File: 1.27 MB, 1125x1991, 6F3378A9-FE99-4E61-8D89-80C8B0A3D2CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Double bonus meme : dumbfuck you know you’re white passing af, you and blue have no skin difference in most pics and blue is pasty af.

>> No.10299246

god seriously what the fuck is wrong with shitty snowflakes

>> No.10299260

Idk you’re on cgl, thats kind of the whole board dude

>> No.10299261

You are saying this on /cgl/ who went nuts multiple times over things like Hot Topic releasing a "lolita" dress or a tv show altering lolita dresses and calling it "cupcake fashion".

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>b-but we did hours of research!!!!!

On one hand, I was to support heycutsew as a small business but they clearly didn’t do any research when designing these patterns. It’s so easy to get a good grasp of these styles just by googling the style name.

>> No.10299644

They don't even normally get mock ups made of their patterns. There's space for what they do, but they do it terribly.

>> No.10299729

Their patterns look like done by someone new to tailoring so nothing of value was lost.

>> No.10299796

Considering their ouji pattern is for a cosplay for women, truly no braincells were found here.

>> No.10299799


Nayrt and their patterns are trash as far as ability to represent styles well but ouji is worn by men and women. Brands will often do even male and female cuts for some garments because of that.

>> No.10299831

The shitty snowflakes being the only audience willing to buy niche fashion. If they don't get it right, no sales... Plus, no beginner to 'styles' goes from wearing jeans and t-shirts to sewing. Not only are they missing their mark, they're missing their target. If people don't buy it, no money.

>> No.10299949

“Right” being entirely subjective
Fashion isn’t exactly cookie cutter, especially with one like jfashion that has no boundaries

>> No.10299953


Jfashions DO have boundaries. That's what keeps them distinct. Especially things like lolita where there are a small number of basic rules it's best to follow which has helped keep it from getting as watered down as a lot of the other street styles.

>> No.10299981

is CUT/SEW run by a Man? These posts read like a disgusting man wrote them, they obviously don't understand the fashion.

>> No.10299995
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>> No.10300005

>claims to have tailored for Disney World
>can't even get a waist right in her patterns
I call bs.

>> No.10300132

Disney hires a lot of people right out of college to make uniforms and costumes, not necessarily draft them. WDW makes all the cast member uniforms on site.

>> No.10300247

>worked in costume design
So not a major, just another shit tier cosplayer. A few people commenting on their shitty patterns were actual costume design majors, so you can tell that skill difference pretty easily.

>> No.10300248

Yeah but their ouji pattern is literally for a womens cosplay. Men can’t even use the pattern at all, my dude.

>> No.10300322

nayrt but all of their patterns are womens patterns because a lot fewer men sew. even among the big pattern companies they barely have any men’s patterns

>> No.10300332

do you know how easy it is to draft a pattern for a man's size vest and pants?

>> No.10300366

ok halsey

>> No.10300383

They should have known that that art was not representable, they should not have published that, desu. The next step is though that they own what they do, and fgs don't regret what you publish and share, that is just a wrong move. That only says to me that they are either too dependant on their sellers atm or dont have fricking feeling to stand on themselves. The last thing worries me the most (does not really, but as a seller, yes it would). Get a backbone.

>> No.10300450


>> No.10300452

It is described to be a unisex pattern, no?

>> No.10300822

Again, no one has to be "right", but one cannot expect people to show interest in buying it unless they get it "right" according to their customer base's eyes. They can do what they will, but they cannot expect those who actually purchase such fashion to accept those whims. You see what I'm saying?

>> No.10300826

To people saying that it doesn't look like a nurse costume.
>"The doctor will see you now. Glam up your nurse game with this fitted medical-inspired dress..."
It's a nurse costume according to the official site description.

>> No.10300828

Adding to this though... If they switched the fabric out, put the model in appropriate clothing, and marketed the item as outerwear; it could work as a cute jacket.

>> No.10300931

I mean the concept of specific pattern for such jfashion is kind of stupid, lolita have a specific silhouette but fairy kei and menhera is more a question of print and styling ( maybe sailor collar but still ).

>> No.10300959

Thank the fuck. Their patterns sucked so bad, the one biggest grace to them is they self-identify anyone interested in their patterns as being downright stupid enough that the crappy stock photos (or lack thereof) didn't tip them off that the pattern can't possibly be good when everything else about it sucks so hard. There's no point supporting a small business whose entire life achievement is wasting other people's time and money into churning out absolute garbage.

Much thanks to the snowflakes who started this rolling. Extra thanks for the extra delicious tea that comes with this drama too. Christmas came early this year.

>> No.10301271

God this art is abhorrent. Is this what happens when you can't pay for talent?

>> No.10301613

God this is a train wreck

Mori looks nothing like mori. They don't look like what they're supposed to but mori might be the worst.

And why do they claim that the skirts weren't supposed to be that short when they're short on both the art and the model

>> No.10301648

my least favorites are fairy kei, gyaru, and mori.

>> No.10301651

Are they really snowflakes if they said what we’re all thinking? I think it’s nice we have people who don’t put up with this bullshit, regardless of how big the company is. Patterns were all shit, and I’m glad people didn’t just sit back

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