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I’m so jealous I could die

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what are you jealous of?
What does arrive by (apple) even mean?

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It wasn’t but neither were Misty Sky, Khronos Utopia and some other prints they did recently.

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So is the claim that it will never be rereleased is purely speculation?

Or has AP actually said something about not rereleasing Puppet Circus specifically? The only logical thing I can think of preventing it being released again beyond current trends is lack of popularity in Asian markets or possibly Iron Gate (? may have gotten the name wrong please don't kill me goths) situation where the original master files for the design were lost or corrupted. Or just AP not wanting to go through the trouble of producing something that is very different from their current style and requires a lot of care to get correct/keep as nice as the original.

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Ok noob, this is a translation of closet child's twitter announcing a puppet circus arriving on the rack for ¥4800, the jealousy is anon being jealous of whomever bought it at that price, the apple is just a decorative emoji

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They said that it’s no longer possible to do printing on velvet. Btw this Holy Wolf cape comes to my mind when I think of it. Chances are they went for embroidery because they didn’t have a production facility to make it printed.

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Other brands like jetj and AtePie print on velvet, AP just can't be bothered (and probably would never ask anyone for help). One day when we're all in our 50s and AP is failing they'll finally do it.

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Was the price mistranslated/missing a zero or is Closet Child just really fucking nice?

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there's no way cc would sell a puppet circus for $50, they're smarter than that and usually know what each dress they sell is worth

they might have PAID someone 4800 for it but i find it hard to believe they'd shoot themselves in the foot and sell it for hundreds of dollars cheaper than its worth

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That makes more sense, paying $50 for it somehow but selling closer to its actual value.

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CC is very aware of the secondhand market value of what they buy and it's evident when you check CC's buying prices for stuff - they offer more for rarer things because they know they can sell it for way more

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They do. The item ranking was probably pretty low. I bought a puppet circus ivory OP for the same price. It was C ranked and had staining in the neck and armpits.

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Why is puppet circus so sought after?

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Besides being quite elegant by itself it’s big lolita meme SO RARE MUCH EXPENSIVE SO COVETED

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>calling me a noob for not knowing what some poorly translated Japanese means
>decorative emoji
if OP had just posted the actual post from CC I wouldn't have been confused but there wasn't a whole lot of context going on.
This must be a CC shop that I don't follow on twitter because I follow several different CC shops on Twitter and I didn't see this post.

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ah, I was assuming it was in good condition, but if it's in bad shape then yeah $50 makes sense

Were you able to repair yours?

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How long does Antique BeasT usually take to send out people's orders? I ordered something (just one piece of headwear) on November 19 but still haven't got notice of shipping or anything. Are their pieces MTO?

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Have you seen it?

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Not that anon but I've seen it and I don't get the appeal.

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Yes, it's all MTO unless it says "pick up". It normally takes around 3~4 weeks.

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is Misty sky getting re-released in the previously exclusive brilliant colorways?

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I bought a pair of pristine AaTP platforms for 190 yen before at a Closet Child store. I'm convinced they just forgot an extra 0 but they only charged me the 190, so presumably these things do happen.
That being said I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be that careless with Puppet Circus. If they were I'm supremely jealous of the lucky girl that got it.

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Ah, ok! Thank you, anon.

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Only the midnight, not the pinkxsax

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I once bought a bow clip and they sent a different one. They reached out before the package arrived, let me keep it for free, and also refunded the cost.

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Because it's deemed rare and 'collectors' love that shit

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Can someone who likes it aesthetically conribute here? Do you like for elegant gold print or fun puppet theme, or maybe because it works well for Christmasy outfits, or something like that? I just want to hear people’s options design-wise.

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I fucking love velvet and velveteen, it has a great sheen to it and feels luxurious.
The print is subtle and works really well even as just a colour accent, but if you look more closely it's a great and expressive drawing too. I like that it's just a little creepy and macabre, which is a cool side of lolita (I also dig Baby's red riding hood prints for this).
The cut of the OP in particular is really nice and flattering
I don't have the dress but I'd definitely want it at about half the going price.

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tf happened with Lolita Humor?

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I like the OP cut but the screen print ages horribly if you actually want to wear it often

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The print is beautifully drawn and not too busy. It doesn't take away attention from the rest of the dress and the gold makes it stand out but doesn't overpower it.
Most of all though I love it for the material anc cut. The velveteen feels luxurious but isn't too thick or shiny and the cuts are simple yet flattering and elegant. The detailing on the bodice looks like it naturally belongs there; it's not too overdone but the bodice would look empty without it.
The only thing I don't especially love about it is the pom pom trim at the bottom.

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>I don't have the dress but I'd definitely want it at about half the going price.

This. I kinda like it, but not much enough to invest that kind of funds.

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Personally my reasons are

>OP cut looks beautifully tailored
I only like it in that cut, though
>Black and wine colorways look gorgeous against the gold print
It's no wonder they're the most sought after colorways
>Weakness for velveteen in general
>Detailed illustration print

I hate the pompom trim, personally, but I appreciate that it adds a very different kind of detail to the dress that gives it the titular 'Circus' character and otherwise might have been more generic had it been just lace.

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Reminder that yaplog closes down in january next year

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Is this the legendary Puppet Circus?

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Are you retarded?

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CC occasionally has wicked good deals. While I was in Tokyo last year I found the Baby Gluttonous Sweets Gloomy collab tote for 93yen, an item I've been looking for for years. I also on a separate visit found a nwt Usakumya rucksack with like two tiny stains (like pen dot sized) for 495y. I think it's supposed to be like motivation to get you in the door?

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Is water wet?

>> No.10298874

the sky is blue?

>> No.10298875

Nayrt but the person who posted this is clearly making a joke, like “is this the entrance to the legendary puppet circus?”. They obviously know what the print is.

>> No.10298877

Anyone working on archiving this?

>> No.10298879

The print on OPs picture looks similar to the picture that I posted except its red, just asking because of different colors.

>> No.10298881

Never mind, turns out this person actually is this unbelievably stupid. Carry on.

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It was one of the first real prints from AP, and it was printed to velvet, which seems to be more expensive, especially for its time. Basically, it is a treasured piece of lolita history for many of us old fags haha

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Can Lacemarket sellers stop calling their shit rare as if that’ll trick people into paying more for it? Even if something is legitimately rare that doesn’t mean there’s demand for it.

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Only noobs get offended at being called noobs

>> No.10298935

Damn, I believed this for a second and thought it was a pretty good and imaginative joke. Feels bad.

>> No.10298943

Probably, that’s the real reason why AP doesn’t want to deal with velvet printing. PC is a meme for those who still remember livejournal comm, chances are it won’t make that much rush among community these days.

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What's the tldr on Lor's cult video?

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Idiots that don't read LM rules will keep going forever

>> No.10298996

I haven’t tried. It’s not in bad shape honestly, the print is in great shape it just has sweat stains. But since I’m 30+, fat, and got it for so cheap I think I’m just going to pay to have it professionally altered into a JSK. I don’t even think in high school I had the measurements needed to fit puppet circus OP.

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God I hate this too. Especially when it's only "rare" in the first place because it's ugly as shit and presumably not many people bought it.

>> No.10299003

How long ago did you get it? No consideration towards selling it? Even with damages I would be interested.

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Every single thing in your post triggered me. Bravo anon.

>> No.10299007

If you’re comfortable with reaping the seams you could just detach the cotton part and wash it separately, then sew it back on.

>> No.10299010

I’m glad to hear it! :^D

>> No.10299017

This is the worst thing I’ve read this year

>> No.10299025

Would you rather I turn the dress into a set of pillows than alter it to be wearable?

>> No.10299028

If you are who I think you are, imo you should go ahead and alter it into something wearable!! And mad jelly that you found it at CC for so cheap

>> No.10299029 [DELETED] 

Thanks anon! You’re real sweet. I honestly hope you don’t know me since you’ve seen me trolling, but I appreciate your vote of confidence.

>> No.10299032

There is a Puppet Circus JSK on Yahoo Auctions as well, under the name of petit heart. The bidding is still really mild on it. Maybe it is just not so populair anymore.

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Really considering making a new selling platform because lacemarket is going to shit. The only issue is any decent site cost money to maintain. My question is, would anyone be willing to switch to a platform that take a a transaction fee in exchange for a website that actually works and mods that care? I know PayPal takes 3.5%, so I was hoping the fee to be around 2.5%?
What do you gulls think? Would you be willing to pay?

>> No.10299036

Sounds like 27 of people are eyeing it tho. Wait till the end of auction.

>> No.10299037

Serious question, why is Lacemarket going to shit? I've not had any problems with it.

>> No.10299038

Do you know what happened to the previous auction? It was listed before by the same seller and ended at around 45,000 yen.

>> No.10299043

The interface is bad. The message system is unreliable at times. It has resellers and shitty handmade items that should not belong. The mods are slow to reply, if they even do. They can't handle their current market, a la no black Friday sale due to bandwidth issues. There is no secure payment integration (not a huge deal, but can be shady at times). I understand it's a free service, but I would rather pay a premium for a better and streamlined shopping experience.

>> No.10299044

Nayrt but agreed on all points. Personally, I wouldn't mind paying a small fee for a good platform, even if it's on top of the paypal fee you have to pay when you're a seller. It does really need a good mod team though, maybe people from different time zones so people can expect a faster reply?

>> No.10299045

No, I would not pay. I buy a lot and sell a couple things just about every month. Fees add up

>> No.10299046

I would go wherever the sellers are, so they are the ones to convince.

>> No.10299048


Any payment integration would likely be through PayPal, which is already how you're supposed to pay and is pretty secure. You're not entitled to sitewide sales or discounts. Individual sellers did decide to discount their items anyway and many of them still went unsold anyway. Never had a problem with the message system. The resellers are a nuisance and I kinda wish they only allowed brand for main pieces and severely limited well known indie or taobao offbrand accessories to reduce the issue of resellers and handmade stuff.

My biggest issue with LM is the fact that two or three times I have had sellers tell me the price I see on their listings is not correct and it must be an error through LM (once I found an item listed for $0, once a seller told me their price was actually $20 higher). They could just be liars trying to raise prices once they know a person is interested but it could also be the LM system messing up.

LM is definitely not the Amazon Prime of lolitas resale but it's not the worst way to buy and sell secondhand. The only complaints that I would say are serious issues are ones about the mods (my experience with them has always been fine? But I could just be lucky).

I'd never want to pay fees on top of PayPal to buy and sell just for a nicer interface. There isn't anything that would make me want to pay extra money just to be able to buy secondhand lolita if LM maintains its current state.

>> No.10299050

I am guessing someone got into a fight with the mods and now Lace Market is going to shit. Ok.
And to answer your question, no, I wouldn't pay either. Lace Market is free at least

>> No.10299051

I report any shitty handmade that I see. Plus, there is a 3-offbrand rule, so there is not even that many handmade that can be listed at a time. And if I see someone breaking that rule, again, I report it. Messaging has been shitty sometimes, but I also had buyers lie about reading my messages too. As for mods, they reply within a day, any time I had issues

>> No.10299052

You can't base a desicion like this on what gulls think really. I would suggest you open this question to the wider community. Maybe ask directly on RC. You will get many more responses there.

>> No.10299055


Funny that the buyers would try to lie because LM has read receipts. I've had sellers who are slow at communicating claim they never saw my message when it shows they read it.

>> No.10299059

OK just ignore the entire upthread and previous threads about scalpers and resellers on LM.

>> No.10299060

Payment integration would be nice but is not necessary. It just makes the transaction faster, and would stop people from trying to pay friends and family over g&s or mess with a "wrong address" issue.

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Was anyone successful in obtaining the Bless from Michael/Akuma set during the cyber Monday lottery?

>> No.10299091

That's a moderation issue. Idk how a new platform would keep them out unless you enforce a price ceiling.

>> No.10299098

No, I wouldn’t pay. I don’t think you’d be able to convince enough people to either. Most lolitas are terrible with money to start with, I can’t see you convincing a large enough number of them to pay to sell shit when there’s already PayPal fees.

>> No.10299149

I mean we still have to go through PayPal, so... No, I'm not adding another 2.5% fee fuck that. Lacemarket is fine.

>> No.10299169

>It just makes the transaction faster
What? How? Have you ever used PP one touch? Shit is insanely fast.

>> No.10299176

Lmao, no.

>> No.10299178

Okay, but have you ever bought something, and the seller takes forever to invoice you? Just saying.

>> No.10299200


That's what feedback is for pointing out if it's really bad.

If there was integration and money was taken right away, the seller would probably just do the same thing but take forever to ship.

>> No.10299201

yup it's this. You can see shit like this happen on other platforms where payment is integrated.

>> No.10299204

Speaking of how Paypal fees are annoying and how they’re against ToS to charge them to the buyer, I’m surprised how many shopping services still blatantly charge them. I wish I could be I don’t want to risk getting banned from Paypal.

>> No.10299206

Percentage? No. Flat fee? Maybe.

>> No.10299207

Itt newfriends that dont remember how shitty it was selling on LJ. LM has some minor annoyances but as a platform for a niche hobby it's way better than any other alternative. It's not perfect but it's far from being a disaster.

>> No.10299209

IIRC, they were specifically asked at DMC and said in the nicest words possible that it's never gonna happen

>> No.10299211

Just because something worse existed before, that doesn't make LMs flaws better.

>> No.10299219

It literally does dumbass.

>> No.10299220


Idk if it's against PayPal TOS but just LM rules to add the fee on as a "hidden charge" but that rule is sort of weird cause you can still charge higher for the item and just include what you expect fees to be already in the price on LM without breaking the rules.

>> No.10299221


LM is better than LJ but has its own problems. Most of which seem to be moderation related desu based on people's comments. Scalping could be solved with price caps but then they'd just sell their item somewhere else if it's really desirable. Issues with mode changing feedback or taking sides could be resolved with clearer codes of conduct and rules and more transparency about how mods resolve disputes.

>> No.10299223

DA- Sure, but in that case the rule is still doing its job. The point is that the price you see when you win the auction is the price you pay- there won't be any surprise or hidden fees tacked on.

>> No.10299224


Yeah I appreciate that aspect of it. I wish LM would do something to require you to list shipping.

I hate most when sellers don't list at least local shipping prices and have the contact for quote option. Many sellers never respond to comments for quotes or lolibrary links, etc. and then I end up not even buying an item because later I get quoted a super unreasonable shipping cost or I found out they didn't link lolibrary to hide that their item was missing parts or damaged

(The shipping pisses me off especially when they're also USA and I can literally check the post office website to see they're charging me 5 or 10 bucks more than the actual cost).

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File: 105 KB, 640x640, 794871723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Were there new AP prints shown at the tea party in Japan? This seems to be one of the gifts given out.

>> No.10299240

Making the buyer pay the fees is blatantly against Paypal’s ToS and can absolutely get you banned.

>> No.10299241

is this.. the new ice cream parlor i saw on the menu of the fashion show... i need to see it.........

>> No.10299257

Sometimes shipping is more because it's a catchall for fees. Buying the mailer, going to the post, pp fees.

>> No.10299259

Link the old thread next time, op

>> No.10299262

When was the Honey Cake MTO coming out?

>> No.10299279

was it another sjw blowup?

>> No.10299283

the mods are cunts who don't care about anyone's concerns and the site itself is outdated

>> No.10299285

I would. I think you should also consider using a payment method besides paypal, like straight credit card charges, like aliexpress does

>> No.10299287

what flaws? I have no issues with using Lacemarket. Sounds like you're just having a bad experience.

>> No.10299291

This is like asking to get your card information stolen. I don’t care if it’s encrypted, only one frilly bitch needs to be vicious enough to hack the site.

>> No.10299292

LM will change a seller's feedback from negative to neutral upon request, so no. The only time negative feedback is left intact is when the item isn't sent at all. It's pretty dumb

>> No.10299293

0 days without this question

>> No.10299295

A few dumbasses who keep reeing about sellers are talking about this. I doubt they realize the work that will go into it, on top of how few people will use it if they charge anything

>> No.10299299

Those are all excuses. Mailers are free in the US if you're doing flat rate (which most sellers are because they are lazy). Shipping is free at your mailbox. Paypal fees aren't allowed to be charged to the buyer.

I could only understand charging for packaging if you're in another country, but you seriously can't find one to recycle?

>> No.10299304

Then don’t buy the listing. Sellers can charge whatever they want. If you don’t like it move on.

>> No.10299312


I'm the original anon complaining about the shipping discrepancies and that's what I do already, I just don't buy the item if I can't tell what the shipping is before buying.

>> No.10299314

I don't have a printer at home so I have to use the post office kiosk/desk to get a label. If I go after-hours the flatrate packaging is all gone by then. That's just my situation, but I'm sure there are lots of different reasons someone might need to charge more to cover all the extra costs involved... I've never had an overseas buyer but I bet there's a lot more hassle there too...

>> No.10299315

I mean, flat rate is for priority mail, and if you actually do weight calculations for priority mail it’s so expensive even for light items that flat rate is cheaper, so if you think it’s about being lazy you don’t know what you’re talking about.

>> No.10299317

>If I go after-hours the flatrate packaging is all gone by then.
you can get them online

>> No.10299318

And if anon doesn’t sell often? I wouldn’t want a ton of packaging I only use every few months sitting around my apartment taking up storage space or cluttering my place up.

>> No.10299320

Online for free
They really don’t take up that much space and would be worth it considering the situation. Also they can easily be tucked away somewhere (and forgotten / lost cough) or just dropped back off to any usps store conveniently. Just weighing pros and cons.

>> No.10299323

exactly, and AFAIK they deliver in packs of five minimum, which is actually a lot if you rarely use them

>> No.10299326

do you both live in tiny studio apartments or something?
this isn't a real problem.

>> No.10299328

I was wrong, it’s packs of 10 which is worse

>> No.10299329

sorry you live in a hovel, but I don’t want to have tons of boxes laying around my house. Not kawaii

>> No.10299334

Your place sounds messy if you keep around shit like that you barely use.

>> No.10299340


>implying people don't have drawers or boxes that can be neatly or aesthetically stored away for items they need occasionally but don't use all the time

>> No.10299344

Why are you acting like the boxes are small? Even if they’re left flat they’re still big in surface area, and if you have ten boxes sitting around, and that’s assuming you only have one size box, that’s a big stack.

>> No.10299349


They aren't tiny but most homes have closets and cabinets and I've never met people who couldn't neatly organize shipping material, school supplies, books, etc. if they wanted, even in uni dorms and apartments. One of my classmates ran a whole depop shop while sharing a one room dorm with her sister and she kept things organized to the point that I never saw her shipping materials until she showed them to me. I'm sure people can store a couple cardboard boxes but they don't have to or anything.

>> No.10299353

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bunch of shit taking up room unnecessarily you absolute walnut

>> No.10299356

you all sound so fucking unorganized. You dumb bitches are actually trying to imply that people who know how to store things live in messy houses.

Sorry your storage closet is small, you fucking obvious poor fags.

>> No.10299361

Real richfags don’t keep needless shit around because they can just buy whatever they need at the drop of a hat but OK. We’re all convinced you have money because you hoard shipping materials kek

>> No.10299363

>not wanting to keep things you don’t use around your house makes you poor

This is some 2 + 2 = 5 levels of logic.

>> No.10299368

Lmao you’re really gonna try this huh. Why would I hold on to worthless crap when I can go and buy a mailer if my post office is out of free ones?

>> No.10299369

There's other options besides that anyway. Paypal really isn't the greatest, it allows 7 emails to be tied to one account which allows scammers to continue making new LM accounts despite being "banned" (and obviously ip-banning is really easy to get around too)

>> No.10299370

Actually, my closets are full of brand. Guess you don’t know what that feels like.

>> No.10299371

Because NOT holding onto a bunch of trash is a sign of you being poor!

>> No.10299373
File: 6 KB, 250x250, i seriously hope you guys dont do this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

real rich fags have storage space. I have way more than one closet in my house. They also have money to organize things in a cute way. You can see this in any room thread here on cgl.

You're both probably dumb ass trolls, though.

People who actually have money in their bank accounts don't use terms like "kek" in the current year.

>> No.10299375

where do you put things like cleaning supplies and sporting gear then. Are your cabinets all full of brand too?

You suck at roleplaying.

>> No.10299376

Holding onto junk is definitely a poorfag thing but keep digging that hole

>> No.10299378

Holy shit I hope this is a 2020 print

>> No.10299379

Maid service is like $50 a week these days and I have an actual job, which means I can afford luxuries

>> No.10299381

You keep referring to it as junk but it's actually something you use to ship things.
You sound like a really shit seller, anon.

>> No.10299382

So when something is accidentally spilled in the middle of the night, you have your $50 maid come over? Or you just leave it there or what?

>> No.10299386

I call on one of many of my poorfag friends to come clean it up with the packaging supplies they hoard for $20

>> No.10299387

You're so fucking hilarious. Too bad you're actually poor as fuck and clearly over compensating.

>> No.10299388

This is some heavy projection. As >>10299376 said hoarding shit like packing supplies instead of picking them up when you need them like a normal person is the true mark of a poorfag

>> No.10299390
File: 1.73 MB, 2048x2048, 5E5755E6-72CC-4080-B383-E56E8A0D68EC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I found a new AP print?

>> No.10299393
File: 1016 KB, 1536x2048, 5AD85A16-ED9A-41A4-84CE-5FE1E3297248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like AP will lean more into the 50s influence since Milkshake did well. It looks really cute, actually, I like it.

>> No.10299395
File: 887 KB, 1536x2048, 172463BC-E0CC-413B-963B-56AE7D9CB3BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The account also posted this too but idk if it’s new or not I have a hard time telling strawberry prints apart sometimes

>> No.10299397

The print is adorable, but I hate how it doesn't match up on the front of the dress.

>> No.10299399
File: 899 KB, 1452x1936, A68E90D0-C92C-4A56-8E15-4C4B395F8EE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found some more

I can’t read the tag on the first dress but
White Dress: White Snow Fairy
Light Blue Dress: Romantic Perfume Fairy Dress
Dark Blue Dress: Goodnight Sisters

>> No.10299400

I can see you haven't read through the chain of replies completely but just a reminder, the original anon was talking about getting to the Post Office too late in the day to just "pick them up".
But I'm sure you're just so fucking rich that you could have someone else pick up your envelopes.

By the way. If you're sooo rich like you're saying, why are you selling your dresses? Do they not fit your fat ass or something.

>> No.10299401

Jesus fuck shut up about the sperging about shipping supplies you're ALL retarded for carrying on. Talk about lolita shit.

I love this 50's vibe they're doing. I really loved Milkshake but had a hard time really feeling like it fit into lolita. This feels like the happy evolution of that!

>> No.10299402

>implying I’m selling anything and not a different anon

You’ve moved on to projecting about how poor you are to projecting about how fat you are. Your insecurities aren’t very kawaii anon. Work on yourself.

>> No.10299403
File: 439 KB, 1362x1362, 2F45AA03-FBD8-4ADF-A8F9-1FE2839F1421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not related to the new prints but some of the outfits worn at the tea party are making me think back to decosweet! It’s making me hopeful for 2020.

>> No.10299405

I don't know why else you would need to sell a dress unless it didn't fit you because you're so rich that you don't need the money, remember?

>> No.10299406
File: 325 KB, 836x2048, EE13FC52-8832-4136-8A31-FF7C66AC8821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t understand Japanese but I’ll go out on a limb and guess that >>10299393 the 50s one is Neon Star Diner, and that Misako is wearing Sweet Cherry Margaret and that >>10299395 is Royal Crown Berry

>> No.10299408

Why the fuck do gulls get so rustled about getting called poor? Why does it matter if some random thinks you're poor?

>> No.10299409
File: 277 KB, 1107x1107, BF818404-75E0-4F7A-8937-5DBAC5821A69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also that >>10299237 is potentially Ice Cream Parlor?

The dress Risa wears here seems to have spoons and stars. The Horoscope print maybe?

>> No.10299410 [DELETED] 

Welcome to /cgl/ newfag, where people argue over everything

Sorry you’re fat and poor, and also can’t read. I just said that I don’t sell my dresses dumbass.

>> No.10299411

This. I hope you all realize how stupid you sound when you get your jimmies this rustled over what someone wrote to you on an anonymous basket weaving website.
For the love of God, stop sperging out about boxes and get back to discussing new releases.

>> No.10299412
File: 475 KB, 1476x1110, 67406BEE-8FC2-47B0-9EA6-9C8B2DF24D03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here’s another shot of Royal Crown Berry, Misako is wearing a darker OP colorway of >>10299395

>> No.10299413

we would all rather you not own it if youre just going to ruin it and add more fat sweat

>> No.10299414

>I just said that I don’t sell my dresses dumbass.
then why are you even in this argument? This has nothing to do with you then.

>> No.10299417

Was your IP address banned or are you one of those triggered people who get angry when they see scalpers or items listed as rare? No almost no one would go to your site if we have to pay. Ads exist for a reason

>> No.10299418

>we would all
don't include me in your shitty mentality anon. I don't share your opinion at all. Fuck off you generalizing garbage can.

>> No.10299419
File: 520 KB, 1128x1504, D984F842-ED3D-405D-875D-C608B43B2B06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is another shot of the pink dress featured here in another colorway. It’s a mermaid print called Chateau d’ecume

>> No.10299421 [DELETED] 

Because you’re dumb as shit anon.

>> No.10299423
File: 94 KB, 510x680, F4DA19EC-F712-45F2-B23B-40667B9E7300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, never mind >>10299409 isn’t the horoscope print, this one is.

>> No.10299424
File: 363 KB, 711x656, FC2D0611-E10A-49AD-8699-586669FD42F8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a photo of a bunch of them, I tried to brighten and color correct it a bit.

>> No.10299425

are you sure you're not just a troll who likes to pile on even when shit has nothing to do with you.

>> No.10299426

I’ve seen so many people from China on LM charge for the fees

>> No.10299427

That’s only about 20% of my motivation here.

>> No.10299429

I won a bid and they took 5 months to even respond. She suddenly messaged and said she forgot she listed it and never got emails which sounds fake but ok. Shes sending it for free without shipping too

>> No.10299430
File: 641 KB, 1128x1504, D8328FC6-C964-46FD-BBCC-B2C8F64986E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are some of the cutest releases we’ve gotten in ages but cgl would rather argue :(

>> No.10299433

I'm excited to see the full picture of the ice cream print!

>> No.10299434

No. Fucking. Shit.
You could not be more obvious. Good job.

>> No.10299435

Goodnight Sisters is so damn cute. I hope they do a jsk cut that keeps the tiered skirt, I don't super love the bodice on this but I loooooove the print. And Royal Berry Crown is really cute in navy with the contrast.

>> No.10299436

Thank you for the info and image dump, anon. It's been the only worthwhile thing posted in this thread so far.

>> No.10299438
File: 385 KB, 1125x1349, 73880110-7257-4F77-8731-3889AB3F2493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re welcome! It’s fun looking through everyone’s social media and piece everything together.

Found a normal version of Romantic Perfume >>10299399

>> No.10299441 [DELETED] 

Are Goodnight Sisters and Chateaus d’ecume Imai Kira prints? The pink looks a lot like the Illustrations on Twinkle Mermaid, but the blue looks more like Kira’s current style. I really dig that shade of blue too.

Honestly this is a first time in a really long time that I like everything.

>> No.10299442 [DELETED] 

Holy shit this is so fucking cute. Looks like I’m going to be really broke in 2020

>> No.10299444

Oh wow, I love the mermaid dress Can’t wait for the release

>> No.10299445

Ahhh! Who knew strawberries with crowns would be some of the most adorable shirt I’ve ever seen!!!!!

>> No.10299446

Chateaus d'ecume is Kira Imai's print for 2020.

>> No.10299448

it's so cute!! getting some ETC/Jane Marple vibes.
Definitely gonna get it (but, I usually get AP's yearly strawberry prints anyways, so...)

>> No.10299449

that makes more sense. I was talking to someone else and they thought Goodnight sisters was... and I just can't see a print like that being a Kira Imai piece.

>> No.10299451

I need Chateau d’ecume. I hope it’s a late winter release

>> No.10299453

Wow, I’m stupid, Risa and friend are obviously wearing >>10299399 Goodnight Sisters.

>> No.10299455

And charging for gas to drive to the post office isn't something a poorfag would need to do. Because they don't have a printer. Because they totally aren't poor.

>> No.10299456

Just drop it already. Nobody cares.

>> No.10299457

Why are you still talking to yourself?

>> No.10299458

The Japan tea party always shows the spring/summer collection, so sadly it won't be a late winter release (unless you mean at the end of this current winter)

>> No.10299459

Ayrt, yeah, winter technically ends in mid-March so I’m hoping around then.

>> No.10299460

Nice. All poly. Thanks for nothing AP. I already lost hope in you anyway.

>> No.10299461

Right on time. The polyester comments are gonna come rolling in.

>> No.10299465

Is it just me or do you guys love how fast poly dresses dry, not having to iron, and how lightweight and poofy they are compared to heavy cotton. I sold most of my cotton dresses

>> No.10299466

I think there are pros and cons to both but personally I feel more comfortable wearing my cotton dresses because they feel more durable

>> No.10299467
File: 116 KB, 640x640, 383A2A66-60CE-46C4-9673-E93231B0F859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Lolita Updates, it looks like the Ice Cream print will also come in mint x Brown

>> No.10299469

Yea I personally love fast drying and the amount of space I save in my closet.

>> No.10299471

I personally experienced similar with a recent coat I convinced a friend to buy that was 500¥ when it should have definitely been 5000¥. I was near mint with only a few dots that washed out.

>> No.10299472

go back to tumblr you dont sound mentally stable

>> No.10299477

Hey anon I’m gonna need the sauce on this

>> No.10299479
File: 348 KB, 2041x1362, DF00217C-4E83-48F8-A1DA-0930785AFE9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s from this twitter account!


>> No.10299480

I don’t usually like food prints but I NEED this one.

>> No.10299481

I love how they all look like taobao dresses. Just gotta love that poly

>> No.10299483

Why do y’all hate polyester so much? There are different grades of it yanno.

>> No.10299485

Not that anon but for me it's how cheap and flimsy it looks.

>> No.10299490

ayrt I was half joking. Taobao dresses are cheap so I don’t mind the cheap fabric. But paying now $300 because taxes went up in Japan for a poly AP dress is fucked

>> No.10299491

I really hate the way it feels. Some of it is nice sure but a lot of the new ap is really garbage and it feels awful.

>> No.10299493

was there a "best dressed" awarded at the tea party?

I like seeing what the staff picks

>> No.10299494 [DELETED] 

Does anyone happen to know the name of that one Wine print AatP put out a few years back?

>> No.10299499


Took 30 seconds to go to lolibrary and pick AatP and search Wine.

>> No.10299503

Me too, anyone that attended please share info

>> No.10299504

my friend attended but she didnt post anything about the best dress

>> No.10299517

>don't use kek anymore
nayrt, but i'll use it if I fucking want to. I earn enough to say what I damn well please.
Agree about all the other organizational stuff though.

>> No.10299518

>tfw hot and humid most of the year
poly doesn't breath as well as cotton

>> No.10299521
File: 136 KB, 645x484, 9D9AF15C-F97F-4088-BF6C-ABDCDD6B77E5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people so afraid of throwing their disgusting shoes away?

>> No.10299522

It’s not like AP doesn’t make cotton dresses any more (see recent releases like Dreamy Symphony and Bunny Crown) but they do seem to have decided not to do prints on cotton for the time being.

>> No.10299524

but the lining i always poly anyway?

>> No.10299526

Maybe you should step up and help the moderation team then, if you are not satisfied with how they operate?

>> No.10299527

You do realise that the entire world is not the US, right? Packaging is not free for some of us, we have to calculate shipment for each country and it has a different cost.

>> No.10299529

If you see that, report it.

>> No.10299538

You guys seems to pay less for international shipping at least, correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve quoted shipping for international buyers a several times where they’re shocked when the result is $50+ for basic tracked. I know people get mad at us when we say we don’t ship internationally but it’s expensive, even if the buyer is the one paying.

>> No.10299539

one layer of poly is better than two

>> No.10299541

I paid it once F

>> No.10299543

I had one not respond till well over a month despite sending multiple messages. Do people not check on their listings while they are active?

>> No.10299571


It's difficult or impossible to make certain types of allover printe line up perfectly like a pattern would using darts or princess seams.

>> No.10299574


Being poor is also not inherently bad as far as what is says about someone as a person. It's only bad in the sense that a poor person may have a lower quality or standard of living and most normal people would feel bad for you for it not hate you for having less.

Being poor isn't really an insult unless you're on cgl honestly.

>> No.10299576

I think that's why the specified with
>if you're in the US
That means if you're not, the comment doesn't apply to you.

>> No.10299577 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 1024x694, 1571164958065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting pissy about using kek
Christ. You probably smell and don't realize it.

>> No.10299578

Most of the newer releases don't bother me. But space lollipop was scratchy as fuck.

>> No.10299597
File: 769 KB, 1440x1080, B71B4869-425C-4FDF-8AEB-67377DE92A88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m going to dump some attendee coordinates from the event

>> No.10299598
File: 644 KB, 1287x1716, CCA2A469-4E45-4972-A293-8E89A44CAD1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299601
File: 672 KB, 1152x2048, 4323FB67-18D4-4810-A7E4-8F9BDE522530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299602
File: 145 KB, 680x680, 8326845B-813F-4BEF-8F6E-4B271087CEC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299603
File: 210 KB, 719x744, DEF3F55C-98E0-40D0-B3DB-88320FA1A828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299606

Because I like how well cotton drapes. It looks better over a petti and is more forgiving. I've seen so many lampshades with AP's new poly dresses, it looks so bad.
It's also less fragile and susceptible to runs. I also think it just looks better in general. Also microfibers.

>> No.10299607
File: 475 KB, 1108x1478, D9BFDE8C-7D06-4A51-BE4C-0AF6722ABDEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299608
File: 451 KB, 1059x1278, E14E6108-4067-4066-91BE-5EA8339EBBE1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299609
File: 562 KB, 1152x2048, B3ED2CAD-18A5-4A79-BB36-2B41E2EEDF5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299611
File: 222 KB, 768x1024, 0FDC6351-C71B-486D-B304-DFB16B48C1D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299612
File: 1.45 MB, 1125x1103, 2E7D08D4-29E4-4E83-91D6-8A2389602FF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299629

What are you talking about? Poly doesn’t run, cotton does.

>> No.10299630

I like HW coord. It’s full set basically, but it suits so well.

>> No.10299634


Nayrt but polyester can and does very easily and noticeably run (as in, like a run in a stocking where a thread pulls and leaves a line down the fabric).

If you mean colors well poly is plastic so it does tend to hold color better and not bleed/run in that sense.

>> No.10299635

they're talking about runs like in a stocking, not the colors running

>> No.10299649

I'd buy em if they're cheap. I've bought AP shoes that were worse than this, took the paint off and completely revamped them with high quality leather paint and sealed them. I sold them long ago though

>> No.10299653

It looks and feels cheap. I hate the opaque sheen and the way prints look on it. It reminds me of costume fabric or w/e.
Also for OPs, cotton OPs are usually unlined in the sleeves which makes it easier to remove deodorant smell. Smells stick to polyester and become like, embedded in the fabric to the point that they just don't ever come out fully. If you sweat in it you're basically sweating under two plastic bags.
Finally there's the environmental thing, plastic takes forever to degrade and that's a bad thing especially for clothes where fibres are always shedding.
plastic suck

>> No.10299655

this is the satin argument cosplayers have because while there are different grades of satin, designers will chose the cheapest ones. its the same for taobao and poly

>> No.10299664

I just hate the cheap type of polyester that AP has been using lately while still maintaining the high price tag. I actually really like their flocked velvet pieces and higher quality poly fabric with glitter, like Fruity Lemon for example. It looks so much better in person than in the stock pictures. Guardian Unicorn on the other hand is made of taobao-tier fabric and it's one of those prints that look better in pictures than irl.

>> No.10299672
File: 265 KB, 960x540, 74332789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10299681

Puppet circus is miles better

>> No.10299684

This. Note that no one complains when Meta uses chiffon, because apart from Meta still making cotton pieces their poly is high quality, like everything else Meta makes. AP polyester has been going further and further downhill with no decrease in price.

>> No.10299685

I’m curious, how many new releases are you buying to know this? Because I buy new AP releases quite frequently and I haven’t noticed this drastic decline in quality. Sure some pieces now and then, but it’s all been pretty consistent. Even compared to my pieces from around 2010 there’s no drastic difference.

>> No.10299691

its a meme people who don’t like new AP spout, same with the hurrAPistaobao meme

>> No.10299701

thanks anon! doing God's work, really appreciate

>> No.10299707 [DELETED] 

I liked that wolf print release a lot but seeing it side by side with PC and holy shit it looks ugly as sin.

>> No.10299709

Nayrt but I've purchased around 10 new releases the past 2 years. I despise polyester but my printed dresses are fine. Solids definitely are worse though whether they're poly or cotton. It's not all terrible but the inconsistency is jarring compared to all of my pre-2013 dresses being fantastic quality

>> No.10299711


Even if AP poly is higher grade and not bad quality, some people just hate the way it looks (like the sheen it gives off which you can often see in photos).

I've just never been a fan of how chiffon looks and it's usually too delicate for my aesthetic. It can look pretty and be nice but some anons just prefer other fabrics overall so if AP is using the fabrics we don't prefer more often of course we won't like the dresses.

If British Bear or any other plaid with bears print comes out though best believe I will waste my money on it whether it's poly or not.

>> No.10299743

Not all AP polyester is shit though. Releases like Antique Crown and Dream Bear are like wearing a plastic grocery bag but but they’re not all as bad as that.

>> No.10299744

Okay but, AP still makes cotton pieces too lmao. They’re nonprints but regardless, they’re still releasing cotton dresses.

>> No.10299765

That's not the point. We prefer the prints on cotton which AP doesn't do anymore.

Fairy Snow Decoration is a good example. Flocking printed on chiffon, should be similar to Holy Lantern in materials. Instead it's this stiff chiffon that isn't comfortable at all. No wonder it didn't sell.

>> No.10299767

>We prefer the prints on cotton which AP doesn't do anymore.
Nayrt but its likely because weve all had issues getting stains out of cotton dresses with prints we like. They likely do cotton for solids only so its easier to remove the stains without ruining the prints

>> No.10299774

No, they have said they do it because chiffon is easier to store than cotton space wise and Japanese lolitas don’t have a lot of storage space to utilize.

>> No.10299775
File: 1.03 MB, 500x352, 1566555858855.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

knowing that some anon on this obscure herpetology forum is getting asspained every time I use kek is just going to make me use it more.

>> No.10299778

It'd be cool if LM remembered which sellers you've done business with before and showed your personal rating for the seller when you visit one of their listings.

>> No.10299784

Am i the only one who feels major ageplay vibes from chinese lolitas?

>> No.10299787


I'm confused about how chiffon saves space.

If a dress is poofier because of the volume the chiffon gives without a petticoat it is taking up more space is it not? I hang my lolita dresses on a separate wardrobe rack and if anything the ones with the extra layering and chiffon and fluffiness take up more space than plain cotton with no internal petti and I don't wanna like squish them because of how delicate they are.

>> No.10299790

I've never liked puppet circus, but showing them side by side like this really emphasizes how nice puppet circus is compared to the wolf dress.

>unique artistic print vs 'generic moon phases and clip art trees'
>print not distorted by the folds of the dress
>more vibrant red AND gold
>more flattering bodice
>clean, elegant skirt shape
>tasteful and skillful detailing

>> No.10299792

No you're not. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this.

>> No.10299794


Maybe the idea is that you can (generally) easily fold chiffon for more storage options, and you don't have to worry about it stretching or wrinkling, vs cotton which often has to be stored more carefully and requires ironing or steaming to keep it looking good. Plus obviously poly is easier to wash.

>> No.10299797


Whenever I see the wolf dress I can't help but think of those memey three wolf moon t shirts and amazon reviews

>> No.10299805

I've noticed this, but desu chinese lolitas tend to creep me out a lot less than korean lolitas and other kfash stuff.

Chinese lolitas use so much shoop and stuff that it's like they aren't even trying to look human
>very childlike and doll-like
>lolita looks are very fairytale, rococo, lots and lots of floaty layers and ott prints and stuff
>fetishy elements, guns and goth stuff, etc. but even that is very soft looking
>overall effect is like a weird modern take on classical chinese art

Korean lolitas also use a lot of shoop but they go for a different look. It's like they aim for "sexy teenager" rather than the fake child doll look of Chinese lolitas? It's much creepier to me.

>> No.10299807

You made my day anon!

Tbh ap this days really is taobao-esque design-wise

>> No.10299809

Literally nowhere does this though

>> No.10299812

I feel like Chinese loita coords are more costumey. Like it's not something to wear anywhere except photoshoot studio.

Don't know about Korea though. What is the tag?

>> No.10299815

Meta continues to reign supreme I agree, but AP isn't a 100% lost cause either. This year's releases had both good and bad polyester fabrics. Though I wish they'd actually stick to the high quality poly and/or wouldn't slap such high price tags on something as mediocre as Fancy Noel. Their solids tend to be very nice though and I love their lacy pieces.
Ironically enough I don't own a single AP main piece made of cotton, only chiffon and flocked velvet. The rest of my wardrobe sans my only taobao dress is cotton, though.

>> No.10299817

Japanese lolitas started the costumey trend though, deco Sweet, the AP clones...

>> No.10299818
File: 703 KB, 1290x1935, FC397FDE-16B4-472F-B95F-97D58BFEA36C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The tag is #로리타

I don’t find them like how anon described af all. I follow two and their style reminds me of fairy kei when it was mixed with lolita.

>> No.10299819

There are a lot of other brands and people using that tag who definately aren’t doing lolita fashion. Some larme esque looks and NSFW gravure style modeling. It looks like only a few actual lolitas use that tag

The girls I used in the photo are bunny_roong and seol_kee by the way

>> No.10299820

I really like this!

>> No.10299821

this is top tier

>> No.10299822

Is the bunny ear headdress on the top right btssb?

>> No.10299826

These are so cute.

>> No.10299834

I like how they feel casual without wearing disgusting sneakers

>> No.10299842

Why do people buy taobao over brand? Or even taobao alongside brand? I see people getting as excited for taobao stuff as they are for brand and I'm so confused. I've owned some of the 'good quality' taobao stuff and it's just nothing in comparison to brand. Help me out here.

>> No.10299845

and that's exactly why I bought mine lmao

>> No.10299847


There are a lot of reasons why and it is more complex than just price or quality because every japanese and taobao and indie brand is different.

If they're excited and happy about it why does it matter to you?

>> No.10299849

I don’t get it either.

>> No.10299850

News flash, some people are poor!

>> No.10299859

Everyone gets into lolita for different reasons. For me, I love the luxury of it. I don't care about price or status items, but I do care about the materials used. I want to feel different than I do in my normal clothes, it's like a little celebration of beautiful crafting. Since that is important to me, I don't buy taobao because what I've seen in person doesn't impress me as much. However, lots of people are in lolita for different reasons, like for the creativity or just to wear something weird, so taobao may be good enough to achieve that.

>> No.10299862

All this mental gimnastics to try to dodge some people are poor, do you think they don't want the fancy stuff instead?

>> No.10299863

Not chiffon. Polyester. It isn't as thick of fabric and folds small. You can squish them, they aren't that delicate. Depending on the fabric, it's less likely to wrinkle. Though organza this is definitely not true. I wish they would stop using it altogether.

>> No.10299866

>Though I wish they'd actually stick to the high quality poly and/or wouldn't slap such high price tags on something as mediocre as Fancy Noel.
Fancy Noel was made in Japan though.

>> No.10299869


I don't particularly like taobao and don't buy it but why does it bother others so much that people are happy with their taobao? Or why is it such a problem that people are poor (being poor doesn't preclude you from buying brand if you like secondhand and aren't picky though)?

>> No.10299872 [DELETED] 

Are Tokyo Bopper shoes still around!?

I want to get some

>> No.10299873


Nayrt and I haven't seen Fancy Noel irl but it can be made in Japan and still be bad. My biggest proboem with Fancy Noel is the artwork/print not seeming to match the material well enough even though it seems cute in photos where you can't tell how shiny the fabric is.

>> No.10299876

I don’t mind polyester, I just don’t want to wear dollar store tablecloths. Not all AP is that bad though.

>> No.10299879

Are Tokyo Bopper shoes still around!?

I want to get some No.922 in red/pink/grey/black

>> No.10299880

I percieve it as a weird flex on poorfags from her part 2bh. I get that they can get second hand brand, but I guess the same people buying tobao is people that just got into lolita and doesn't know how to look for those good pieces at fair price, and just sees tobao as their chance of getting a lolita piece without having to pay out the ass.

>> No.10299882

Why do US sellers think the only way to track a package internationally is with priority mail? The first class mail provides tracking to about 15 countries (mostly Western Europe and former British protectorates but that’s most overseas buyers). Or you can do first class mail anywhere in the world and make it registered for only an extra $16 which is not only tracked but kept under literal lock and key the entire way there. Of course it’s going to $50 for priority, you’re trying to ship it across the world in 3 days. Man, the USPS did a good marketing job convincing people that priority was the only way to mail things.

>> No.10299884

The whole notion of not being picky is retarded. Spending $100 on a secondhand dress you don’t really care for just because it’s brand is abominably stupid. If you’re really that poor just save up for a dream dress.

>> No.10299885

I said basic tracked moron, learn how to read.

>> No.10299892

You know, this gets asked every single thread. If you're really interested in knowing that, you should either ask people who own Chinese pieces or check past threads.

>> No.10299894

I'm just asking a question. I just want to know what the hype is. I'm not bothered, and I feel like the people who think I am are projecting. Not judging taobao-chans either.

I'm actually quite poor too but I just snagged a pretty decent aatp jsk for ¥3500 on fril. It's not one of their ugly ones, it's a nice solid piece. I see no reason why you can't buy second hand brand if you're buying taobao new. Worn Brand is often cheaper than new taobao if you're looking at fril.

That's a fair explanation.

It's more the people who have half-brand, half taobao wardrobes that confuse me. A newbie might not know better but I genuinely am baffled when it's girls who wear this a lot, like I do.

>> No.10299899

I see one reason though, they just don't know better. Not everyone knows how to find good deals and might go with the cheap easy option because that's what they know.

>> No.10299902

If you're mailing to Canada international first class is cheap. The UK is about $10 more and other countries are 2x as much as Canada

>> No.10299904

Or maybe because that's what they want.

I actually don't get people who say that they are in this fashion for high quality pieces. Lolita, specially nowadays, is still far from couture or high quality tailored pieces. If you're looking for quality above all, I'd suggest going to a Maison or a designer's showroom whatever to experience high quality clothes.

>> No.10299906

Yeah I hate the way it looks. I hate the way it drapes over the petticoat and you can see its shape. Cotton is stiffer and holds skirt fabric straighter when it’s poofed up by a petti

>> No.10299911

Well, you can't deny that the general lolita piece has a way above average level of attention to detail and maybe now not so much but at least back in the days, quality, offcourse I'm far from understanding just the basics, but to me quality is implied in a lolita piece, eventhough there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, it's still a main component of it. If not they wouldn't be trying to emulate quality.

>> No.10299912
File: 189 KB, 690x1043, 006eBUJegy1g8nh1kxwlaj31o02io1kx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chinese loita coords are more costumey
This is such a meme at this point. IDK where you guys look besides taobao and western social media, but no most lolitas on chinese social media actually dress really simply. Here are some recent posts from Weibo.

>> No.10299913

I'm distressed by how much nicer PC looks.

>> No.10299914
File: 517 KB, 690x1644, 63be0661ly1flmbp4b3zyj20q21q3b2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299915

I don't buy a lot of taobao because the quality issues, but I can sort of answer this. I think a big part of it is a lot of taobao brands are releasing stuff in styles the major brands won't do.

Look at FunCcnio's Ragnarok series which is medieval viking lolita, or their Winter Rose series which is a mashup of guns, roses, and the fucking Winter Soldier. If you like military lolita or punk, then there's Your Highness, Foxtrot Lolita, and now LAERS releasing really cool looking stuff. Meanwhile if you stuck with brand, you'd have to wait for the occasional Meta set and hope it suited your taste.

Same for brands like Crucis Universal Tailor. Yeah, sometimes brands release things in a similar style. Mostly ETC and JM. But ETC runs small, both brands tend towards busier prints and less vintage-looking designs. And of course there's all the taobao brands that are releasing pretty qi and wa lolita pieces. And the brands releasing throwback oldschool style pieces. And so on.

Plus, you can't forget that taobao brands almost always offer different sizes, and many offer custom sizing. That adds hugely to the appeal.

>> No.10299916
File: 423 KB, 690x1034, ec362a7agy1g8t47ooyrzj21hd2804qu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10299920

I use taobao for filler, especially when it comes to accessories and such. Sometimes I get excited for certain prints but I'm still critical until I see it either irl or unshooped pictures.
You can definitely buy brand on a tight budget lmao it just takes more effort
Ayrt I have seen Fancy Noel irl and it's meh imo. But then again, maybe each perception varies. For example I disagree with >>10299765 about Fairy Snow Decoration, I don't think it's uncomfortable at all. I do wish the white velvet was a bit brighter(?) though, but it's still dreamy and cute to me.

>> No.10299923

>just takes more effort
and knowledge, and experience

>> No.10299924

Why would you show this shitty coord

>> No.10299931

God I love spinchen

>> No.10299934


I was referring to the super cheap under $100 pieces (like the occasional skirts that pop up for lile $50 for example) that could be coorded well but maybe aren't a lot of people's style.

And yeah people can budget and all and be poor and still be picky and have things they like at that $100 range. Just saying you don't have to buy taobao if you're poor so the anons claiming taobao is only for poor people aren't accurate.

I don't like taobao though and would rather save for secondhand Meta.

>> No.10299937

this is my money in 2020

>> No.10299939

What? That's not a quality issue then. The viyella they used is exactly the same quality they've used in the past. It's actually a really nice dress. It's comparable to Lucky Key.

Ayrt, and I own both. I'm not sure why you think Fancy Noel is meh, but the quality is there.
Fairy Snow Decoration however is labeled chiffon, yet feels like organza. Maybe it's mislabeled, but the amount of wrinkles on that thing straight out of the bag was worse than cotton. And more permanent. I never said it's not cute. I love the design, but that doesn't make the fabric high quality.

>> No.10299945

You only have enough money to buy one set?

>> No.10299958

Snags. Yeah you can tell what they meant because it's plural

>> No.10299961

I stopped buying meta because I hate that weight of poly. Flimsy but not airy

>> No.10299962

Chiffon is poofy because it's light and doesn't crush your petti. You are thinking of tulle sewn on linings, fuck tulle

>> No.10300029

I will buy 5 sets on the first day of release

>> No.10300031

AP!please have an ivory color way!

>> No.10300068


>> No.10300070

The bodice fits like a bag...

>> No.10300107

This reason just sounds like so much bullshit to me. I know space is an issue, but how come it wasn't an issue the first 10-15 years ap was making lolita dresses? Lolitas are also obsessed enough to just hang the dresses on the wall or make space some other way.

>> No.10300426


I honestly haven't met anyone who doesn't have some sort of stick up their arse about being poor and looked down on. Except art students, but that's a whole different category of poor.

I'm in favour of honesty, especially with lolita being spendy. I'll admit I'm old, middle class, and probably haven't been laughed at for not being to spend money on lunch, I guess.

>> No.10300461

Its good when youre first starting out because it allows you to buy enough blouses/socks/shoes/accessories to coord with and its IN STOCK. I've personally don't have much taobao, but if my whole wardrobe burned down I'd drop like $500 on those kinds of items so id be able to be able to wear it quickly. Then I would shop on the secondhand market for main pieces and eventual brand replacements for the taobao items i got. Occasionally there are a couple items that are nice enough to keep long term, but i just see it as a waste of space now that i have brand items that serve the same purpose in a coord.

>> No.10300590

For me I like Dear Celine blouses, especially for when it's hot out and I don't want to worry about sweating in a brand blouse. I also tend to only buy stuff that has a lot of review photos or from a taobao brand that I really trust, like Dear Celine that I mentioned before.

There's also some main pieces that I really like, such as Whale & Corsair that I just bought. I'm really picky with the main pieces that I pick up from taobao, though. Otherwise it's mainly for accessories like bows and berets, jewelry, stuff like that. Also shoes! I'm an LL in brand sizing, and I never like the styles that are still in stock on brand sites (and used shoes are kind of icky) so I just buy taobao shoes so I don't have to worry about them getting scuffed, and I can make sure they're the perfect size.

>> No.10300667


>mfw I I gave up on Dear Celine due to her blouses

She likes polyester way too much, and I live in the tropics, land of eternal summer. In fact, most of my dislike for polyester comes from taobao brands overusing it way, way more, way worse and in lower quality than AP ever did.

Switch to cotton/cutsews, they work much better than sweating in plastic.

>> No.10301021

AH! This is my dream bag. And the first time i see it outside of a stock picture.

>> No.10302337

Oh I live somewhere where it's usually cold, so as long as it LOOKS fine I'm usually good. I find that cutsews and cotton show sweat a lot more so I tend to avoid them when it does warm up. I love love love all my cotton stuff, but sweat isn't cute lmao. Super late reply and there's probably a new thread but oops.

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