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old thread: >>10274886
>This thread is for questions pertaining to cosplay. DO NOT make your own thread for a single question.
>If you have a jfashion related question, use: >>10295927
>If you have a crossplay related question, visit here first for resources: >>10239756
>If you have a sewing related question, use: >>10261594
>If you want people to give you character recommendations or if you would like to give others character recs, use: >>10280993 (see template first)

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unanswered questions from the last thread:

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This question: >>>10282925 was mine. I decided to go with Simplicity's pattern.

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Holy shit thats a lot of unanswered questions. More than I've ever seen in previous threads

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Would this hair require a lacefront?

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Yes. A lacefront will make the hairline and center part believable.

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Retard question incoming.
I'm trying to do Cathy from AoD but I have no clue what to even type in to pull up that kind of suit that she wears. Im making an Issac Foster for a friend from scratch which is what the real effort is going to be put into, so I want to go kind of cheap for her, but the shitty amazon version is like, too shitty. If that makes sense. I already have the boots thank god.

What do I even type in to pull up something like what she wears? "Womens suit" pulls up a bunch of expensive stuff that isnt quite right.

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simplicity 8235 or another naval style jacket
harem/hammer pants

>> No.10298113

tight blazer and a miniskirt, not a real suit

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Of course!
Thank you

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A lacefront is ideal, but if that's not an option for you, you could glue a false hairline and steam the center part into place. Just make sure to get a wig with a skin cap at the crest of the head.

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This but 'fitted blazer'. One without padding would be best

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I haven't seen a pattern that has all of these components, so you can either draft it yourself off of simple pattern blocks (a hood, circle skirt, and bodice) or you can frankenstein some commercial patterns. Let me know if you need help identifying the pieces of the outfit.

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direct me to the makeup thread if need be. What's the best waterproof foundation/concealer for covering my tattoo?
Shade range isn't an issue because I'm fair-skinned but not super pale, and I don't care if it's bad for your face because it's going on my arm

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How dark are your pieces? Dermablend makes some super high coverage stuff and I think even has makeup specifically designed for extremities.

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very pale! an old stick and poke from high school. Also I'm planning to get a very small linework piece done on the inside of my elbow, no more than two inches
thanks for the rec! I'll check em out :D

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did not wait long enough for your layer to dry before putting paint down. spraypaint especially "feels" dry before it's 100% set and it's sensitive to things like temp and humidity.

>>10290036 sew them to an inexpensive pair of flesh colored tights/hose.

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If it’s super light, you might even be able to get away with primer + a full coverage foundation + powder.

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Need a certain graphic tee design to finish off something secret for christmas.
Can anyone here vouch for the shirt quality of rebubble or teepublic or should I go elsewhere?

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I'm trying to cosplay Yujiro from Baki, the problem is that I'm trying to put more effort into it than a long red wig and loose black clothes, how could I try to make the costume more like Yujiro besides the already mentioned description?

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Some face makeup to emulate that crazy style and light definition on the muscles (probs with a bronzer and highlighter) would help

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I've ordered a shirt from them before and the material was good quality but be sure to follow the washing instructions or it will crack like crazy.

>> No.10298255

You've ordered from both sites and both are good?
That's saves me some hassle then. Thanks friend.

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sick! Do you have any foundation recs?

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If you really want to go all out you could make a muscle suit

>> No.10298282

*From Redbubble, sorry I thought I wrote that. I haven't purchased from Teefury before, but I'm sure its the same.

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Other than JoAnn’s, are there any reputable fabric stores online that any of you can recommend?

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So I want to cosplay Cliff from Death Stranding for an con next month and up until now I've only ever cosplayed anime or anime styled characters so I'm not really sure how to do "realistic" wigs. What kind of wig would be best for this character and very generally how would you style it? I'm so fucking used to anime bangs .

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Hobby Lobby and Michaels although the latter is more expensive.

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Definitely a lace front. In some of the more popular realistic character cosplayers like with Cliff, the trick seems to be in matching the characters' facial structure and defining features. For example, Cliff has a narrow nose, high cheek bones, and a brooding brow, so your job would be to emulate that using makeup.

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Oh I completely forgot to talk about styling. This part is easy. All you need is some Got2b Glued gel and patience. Tape a reference photo to your wall and really get those piecey bangs in the right position - do some light curling and setting if need be (a straightener should accomplish this just fine). Spray with Got2b Freeze to set and you should be good to go. The styling is really light here, as I mentioned, focus on the face.

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Joanns is the least value of all fabric shopping options. Use fabrics.com and syfabrics. Sy fabrics has really cheap swatches but no returns. Fabrics.com has free returns but more expensive ($3.00) and larger swatches. I've used both and like them a lot. I never shop for fabric at Joanns anymore

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For a realistic character you want to go for a thinner wig since humans don't have that crazy anime volume in their hair. So brands like arda and coscraft are completely off the table.
Use eyeshadow or copic markers or whichever technique is your favourite to color in some high and lowlights to make the color more natural, I always put dark eyeshadow in the roots and it gives the wig more depth and makes it look less 2d.

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How do you design a suit to be made for printing? I don’t see a lot of tutorials online on this and what I mean is like drawing it on Photoshop or something. I’m specifically trying to design a Spidey costume from my own imagination/preference

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My assumption is anon’s 180-210 lbs of muscle. There are /fit//cgl/ people on here

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Micheals always has shit tons of coupons you can use to get prices down. Also, Hobby Lobby has that christfag shit going down, so I don't like supporting them anyway.

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Do you have any recommendations on where I can buy wigs like that? Is there any store that specializes in that and isn't too expensive? I'll see if I have any luck finding anything on Amazon.

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Michaels fabric selection is super small so I wouldn't use them for that, and yeah just don't shop at hobby lobby

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I'm planning a manly Rose Quartz costume and I wanna get an Inkbox temp.tattoo for my bicep with this design.

Should I go with:
>Mr. Steal Yo' Pearl
>Pearl Jam
>Pearl Diver

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How do I do the tears on the stockings like this without having them fall apart? I've been trying to look for stockings with this design too but all the keywords I've been using have been no dice.

>> No.10298846

the keyword is distressed. try legggings or tights instead of stockings and crop them.

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a large amount of my inspiration for getting /fit/ was a more accurate Yujiro cosplay actually, although I'm still considering getting a muscle shirt for my back and carving the demon back into it.

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What is the best way to make something look "wet" for a whole day? Like fake tentacles made out of polyester

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> go for a thinner wig since humans don't have that crazy anime volume in their hair. So brands like arda and coscraft are completely off the table.
I agree that a thinner style would suit the character, but I wouldn't put those sites off the table completely. It's better to thin out a thick wig with scissors than it is to see weft track lines. Aside from those options, there's also l-email wigs, epiccosplay, some sellers on Amazon, etc.

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The 1st or 2nd.

>> No.10298932

You could drip resin on it

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Best way to travel with a lightsaber? I got a 36" lightsaber right now.
I checked the TSA website. It says carry on and checked bags are okay. I guess just bring your lightsaber and put it in the overhead bin?
Any recommendation for good lightsaber bags?

>> No.10298969

Is it a type where you can detach the blade from the hilt? The blade of my lightsaber fits in our checked baggage diagonally, but I’m pretty short so my lightsaber is too.

>> No.10298980

Yeah I can remove the blade from the hilt but even then it still cannot fit into my checked bag.
I might be getting a bigger bag but I see that a lot of people have take lightsabers as carry-on.

>> No.10299018

Not on a flexible piece, maybe silicone

>> No.10299020

Bags designed for bow transport could work

>> No.10299063

Did it need to be flexible? The OP didn't mention that. Silicone is a good idea too though.

>> No.10299135

They said tentacles made of polyester, I assumed they meant polyester fabric

>> No.10299342

Yup you would be correct, yeah I was looking to mimic some flexibility with them, I will try sillicone thank you!

And thank you too anon

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I'm looking to cosplay Kaneda from Akira at some point next year, I've had a look around for official releases of the jacket he wears and had no luck, all the fanmade ones look the same as well so I'm unsure of where I can get a decent one, can someone point me to a good one to get?

>> No.10299708

This one seems pretty good, it's also heavily discounted if you get it right now: https://www.moviesjacket.com/good-for-health-bad-for-education-akira-jacket

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OT, but why can't one ask about sewing here? Isn't sewing a big (and essential) part of cosplay? I bet the bunch of newbie lolitas there can't answer a cosplay specific question

>> No.10299749


There is a general sewing thread that is separate from the handmade lolita thread newfag.

>> No.10299756

A sewing thread that has not a useful thing for cosplay. And this thread is all about buying stuff.

What has this become

>> No.10299786

thanks a lot anon, gonna cop this while i can

>> No.10299795


If you ask questions about cosplay maybe people will answer. Sewing is the same no matter what garment.

People buying instead of making cosplays is just a combo of old fashioned laziness or lack of skill/resources.

>> No.10299982

You can ask about sewing if its cosplay related.

I realize your intention, but the general thread is a long-term "what machine should I buy" and "check out this project im making" thread, not a help thread. Plus, a vast majority of the sewing is for casual wear

>> No.10301467

What resin brands are best for casting tons of really thin pieces? Epoxy preferred since this costume has a lot of stained glass looking pieces so I want to be able to mix large quantities of colors without worrying about them hardening before I get to them.

>> No.10301560

Depends on what finish you want, if you want crystal clear the dicemaking group I'm in loves Liquid Diamonds and Art Resin. Those aren't available where I live so I use Resin4Decor which is also pretty good. I couldn't really tell you how sturdy they are though.

>> No.10301649

Is all the bluster some places make about not using knockoff/nonprescription contacts legit? If so, where is good for color contacts? I need a blue pair for Junko and my friend needs a red pair for Kamakura, but only she has a prescription for contacts because my eyes aren't broken lmao.

>> No.10301685

Nonprescription contacts don't do anything bad to you, but knockoff lenses can severely damage your eyes. Any of the big name shops (uniqso, honeycolor, etc.) will sell legit lenses, just be sure to look up people's reviews of the lenses.

>> No.10301693

you need a prescription so theyll be fitted to your eyes, poorly fitted contacts are uncomfortable

>> No.10301698

Okay, thanks. I'll just go with uniqso or honeycolor then.

Ah, that makes sense. I looked it up and it seems like I can get a prescription for cosmetic contacts, so that's good. Hope my insurance covers it...

>> No.10301815

>Liquid Diamonds
Holy hell this is spot on for what I was looking for. Thanks so much anon!

>> No.10301821

A wig I got is a lot brighter and more orange/copper than I had hopped, would doing a couple quick synthetic dye baths help bring it more dark ash?
If so what color would you recommend since I was thinking maybe teal but I'm not sure.

>> No.10301827

Try brown? I think teal would skew the color slightly green instead of balancing it out to make it ashy.

>> No.10301955

a lot of hair stylists use lavender to dull out yellowish colors, teal would just turn it greenish

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File: 69 KB, 600x600, BBBF2DB5-14D1-4FF2-A666-F7AA4F9F477D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking to get a coat like this. Anyone know where I can find one? Or a way to customize said coat? If there’s someone that can make it, may you please point me to the right person? Money is of no concern for this.

>> No.10302407

Thank you for the input! I'll try a lavender wash.

>> No.10302408

You should post in a cosplay commission Facebook group if you aren't looking to make it yourself

>> No.10303083

Can you point me to a really good one please?

>> No.10303096

Different anon, but that's something you're going to have to determine for yourself. Open up the group page and take a look at the commissioners' examples. Which ever meets your budget, deadline, and expectations will be best for you.

>> No.10303192

No. We will not spoonfeed you information. Like other anon said go through and look at peoples work and pick one yourself

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So 9s' collar. I patterned it to be a shawl collar because it looks like it folds over from the top of the center front panel. But I made a mockup using a shawl collar style and it closes way too high on the neckline. Any way I can fix this and still keep it a shawl collar? I want the dip of my collarbones to be showing. I was thinking of lowering the stand of the collar and backing the shoulder seam off the neckline. I'm not opposed to making his collar separate from the neckline, but wanted to explore this option first.

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Friends and I all went to go see Promare today and we're planning a cosplay group for a con next year. I know everyone and their dogs are going to be cosplaying Lio, so I'd like to hopefully stand out just a little by trying to emulate the magenta and aqua lighting he has in the film.

How would I go about this? Not new to sewing but I've never really messed with changing the material itself. Also, do you think it'd look better with a soft or hard edge (like a gradient or just a solid line)?

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obvi depends on the material you use. maybe check out how borderlands cosplayers do their funky shading style

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