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>asians can blackface now
>nessa is black
>being a sjw at all

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This shit is getting worse by the day. In a couple years people sunbathing on the beach will be accused of blackface.

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asians are racist af against blacks, so yeah they can blackface and it's worse actually

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Shabbas lights won't even go out on Yom Kippur for fear of offending Jews and thus causing riots. We're supposed to be "sacred," aren't we? Never mind the Shabbat laws; if you aren't wearing yarmulkes during the holiday it will result in violence and bloodshed. Every Jew I know in the world has taken a stand against this madness.

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blacks are even more racist against asians so what's your point.

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I was surprised that you didn't say, "here is a photo of a white girl going around with her boss and the only blacks in the photo are on her back and crotch and her back is marked with palm prints"

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I would say they're equally racist depending on the generation and where they're from (source: black person with racist parents that shit talk my "Chinese cartoons" who has Asian friends that also have racist parents who are worried their black friends will steal when they come over to visit)

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How is it blackface if they haven't painted their face black?

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All blackface threads should be deleted on sight. Nothing good comes from them.

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she didn’t actually tan, is the thing. she used dark foundation and edited the rest, it’s not her actual skin

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would have been better if nonsummerjack was the one who did the cosplay. it would suit her perfectly.

>> No.10297632

nobody gives non shit despite this being literally all she does and it surprises me

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I really don't get what the problem with this cosplay is. She wasn't making her skin dark in an offensive or comical way.

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By SJW standards, anytime you darken your skin for cosplay, it's blackface. Personally, I think that's bullshit. Unless the character itself is an offensive caricature and/or they go for the real blackface makeup aka soot black skin and big red lips, I think it's harmless.

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Even black cosplayers were defending her. Whites want to be outraged over everything

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Also, who has the set?

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