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Post your cosplay and lolita related feels here

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>tfw gothic lolita friend is hard to buy a christmas present for
>gothic stuff is so expensive and that's without factoring in my friend's personal style
>also I got sniped on the perfect dress for her reeeeeee
>why is being a good friend so hard

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>nice blouse pops up on LM
>asks seller about shipping
>seller gets back to me saying they sold it on another platform
>listing is deleted
>exact item pops up on LM under another seller a few days later for a higher price

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That is shitty af. I've been putting off selling for a while now, cause I want to offer my things (which I know will sell) for reasonable prices but I'm afraid some scalping little shit will buy it and not someone who genuinely wanted the item.

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>the last two years of my life have been really shit due to major health problems
>several times it was unclear if I would respond to treatment, doctors weren’t hopeful
>push through it and make it out the other side, albeit permanently disabled
>feel down and lose a taste for life or doing anything new
>buying new releases from AP doesn’t even do it for me anymore
>something really, really good happens that I had gone back and forth worrying about for almost two years
>the guy I have major feels for likes me back and told me so recently at a con I begrudgingly went to kind of just to see him
>reignited my love for cons that had faded around 2012
>feel super hype, planning to go to a ton in 2020 and make a bunch of new weeb connections and have a bunch of new weeb experiences

I’m really excited for 2020! There’s two cons I’m already planning to attend that I haven’t been to in ages and I’m reading up on others to see new cons to try out. I’m lucky that in my state there seem to be a few with a lot of lolita oriented content but I want to travel other places too. I feel like I can find enjoyment in life again.

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I started purging again and I’m really disappointed in myself. I thought it was a habit I kicked when I was a teenager but the holidays always set me off with disordered eating behaviors. Not to mention that I’ve been ripped to literal shreds in the COF thread about my weight in the last few months that I’ve just stopped posting there. I am not even clinically overweight. /cgl/ has a very warped perspective of what a normal weight looks like and I should just stop coming here, but I can’t pull myself away. Feels really bad man.

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Make a seperate thread for your off-topic weight feels.

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If you are not a skeletal asian, cgl considers you fat. Don't take it personally

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I don’t know why we can’t talk about weight at all. Lolita, like any fashion, has a lot of emphasis on how you look and especially with older pieces, the clothes either run small or only look good on thin frames. It makes sense that it would cause insecurity or a desire to change your body to fit into the fashion better. Feels on topic to me..

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Every single time it gets brought up on /cgl/ all that happens is a bunch of sensitive pissbaby’s crying back and forth about and or calling eachother ana-chans/fatty-chans. That’s why.

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Yeah and people have posted less relevant feels in previous threads anyway so weight related to lolita isn't off topic.

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If it wasn't relisted wouldn't have a problem missing out, at least someone somewhere would be enjoying it. But nope.
I hope everything goes well when you go to sell your items, anon.

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>like any fashion
Exactly. It's a general topic and the feel is focussed on your weight problems and eating disorder. Any further talking about it will end in 100% offtopic discussion. And just because countless other threads have been clogged up and derailed with even worse feels that doesn't make it ok. If you absolutely have to talk about it on cgl instead of the other bunch of places that are more appropriate, then at least make a seperate thread so we can make this one about cosplay and lolita.

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I have no idea who i'm going to cosplay next once i finish my current costume. I've never ran into this issue before

I guess I feel like I've cosplayed everyone I've wanted to with simpler costumes, and now that leaves only complicated costumes left. it's really daunting

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Rewear stuff until new ideas emerge?

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I have shopping addiction, but I can afford it. It's concerning that I'm buying things every day, but there's no reason to stop. The only thing hurting from it is my closet space.

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just because you can afford it doesn't mean it's healthy. you're using it to cope with something. maybe see a therapist

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I fucking hate anime and manga.

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Are you the shopaholic anon from the general? If you aren't, you should look at the advice people gave her.

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Me too anon, but I'm trying to stop. I'm filling the void with other hobbies before I seek therapy.

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Do different outfits of said characters? I know a lot of artists will draw their characters in different settings or situations with alternative designs, from casual wear to fantasy.

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Your bank account numbers don't reflect if a scalper bought your stuff. Money is non feeling. Just sell it.

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>be me, refuses to buy from scalpers because I don't like them
>Have super rare DD but it sells for pretty cheap second hand when it does go up
>It goes up maybe once every 2 years
>See someone selling it
>This is my chance!
>Scalper selling it for twice what it usually gets sold for

I'm conflicted, what do you do in this situation

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I think I have the opposite of a shopping addiction. I have money but can’t bring myself to buy anything for myself that isn’t absolutely necessary - when I do, I feel like a horribly selfish and frivolous person. Lately I’ve started to feel like I don’t deserve to buy main pieces because I have sewing skills and should be able to make them all myself (I prefer solids). It doesn’t help that my non-lolita friends and family ask “did you make that dress?” literally every time they see me and look disappointed when I say that I bought it. Though the worst part is that I barely have time to sew. I only manage to finish maybe two or three things per year.

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Buy it anon, if it's a dream dress its worth it.

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Good for you anon!
I hope you're having a bright future on you!

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If you buy it, you are literally supporting them and give them your money to do the same thing with any other item you want. You'd loose any right to complain and would be a hypocrite.

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Nayrt but I agree 100%.

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Why not auction it without bin?

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It sounds like it not that rare and you might get it if you post WTBs on facebook more often

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Does anyone have a dream dress that keep popping up but at the wrong moments?
My DD has appeared twice in the last month despite it being quite rare and Ive been unable to purchase it both times due to it falling on bad circumstances.

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My dream dress is available to buy in sture atm but I'd feel too guilty to buy it because I owe my dad 30k

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My dream dress is available to buy in store atm but I'd feel too guilty to buy it because I owe my dad 30k and I don't have any savings

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>$30k in debt
>no savings
Bitch what the fuck? This better be like you borrowed money to buy a car or for school or something important.

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Just sell it for a decent enough price that a scalper wont make more than $5-10 off it if they did buy it off of you

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it was for adhd treatment and school but i failed my exams

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Maybe hold off on expensive clothes until you're a bit better off financially

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i know, that's why i haven't spend money on jfashion for almost a year now. but around this time of the year (holidays) everyone is getting nice things and i feel sorry for myself lol. not sorry enough to buy my dream dress though. i won't even buy my sister a christmas present so i certainly don't deserve a nice dress.

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Sounds like you have a lot of discipline for someone with ADHD. Be careful you don't suddenly break down and go crazy.

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Love how the jannies in this thread will delete any mention of lolita-related eating disorder/weight discussion, but will allow someone’s body and physical appearance to be continuously ripped to shreds in the COF threads and ignore reported harassment posts. Thanks guys!

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Nobody cares about your ED

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>going to a con without cosplay for the first time in 5 years
it hurts.

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Do you feel old? Like you're leaving a part of your youth behind?

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I just got dumped.

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>Do you feel old? Like you're leaving a part of your youth behind?
No, not at all. TL;DR my PC broke and my cosplay money + savings are going into buying a new one. I need it for work.

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it's for the best anon
don't lose your way

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Thanks anon. It really is for the best.
I really hope 2020 is the year I can connect with other lolitas instead of a lame asshole that didn't even like me and was mean to me.

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Imagine the dumps that fat cat makes.

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2019 has been a tiring year for me, but its my most successful in terms of lolita. I managed to grab almost 10 of my high priority wishlist / dream dresses. My wardrobe has grown so much and i feel my style is too. I get the warm fuzzies any time i open my closet to play with coording ideas and seeing my accessories and outfits on display in my room make me feel like things arent so bad.

Man, i just really fucking love lolita.

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are you me anon? I feel the same way. I bought a white blouse recently and felt bad because "I already have one" and my wardrobe is painfully small

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Randomly throwing in cof doesn't make it lolita related. And like I said, make a seperate thread for general feels, go to lolcow/ot, crystal cafe or to the dozen other boards more fitting on 4chan(nel). Your mental illnesses and relationship problems are not cgl and you're only attracting more crossboarders and encourage more offtopic posts to the point they are 20 posts discussing some scrote's penis size with not a single anon telling them to fuck off.

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>use moisturizer on feet before bed
>wake up in the middle of the night
>feet are dry as a desert
This should not happen

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Penis size is overrated, not much to talk about

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Wtf. See a doctor

>> No.10298080

This is so OT lmao. Wear socks to bed.

>> No.10298109

Any discussion of weight, whether it's your own or other people's, shouldn't be allowed on this board honestly. It causes drama and shitposting literally every time and is pointless

>> No.10298116

Hard agree. Nobody on this board is mature enough to discuss it.

>> No.10298120

Change up your moisturizer and wear socks

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>tfw want to cosplay something but the only manga I read are BL
>tfw most BL characters look boring as fuck
Why am I like this

>that image
Fucking yikes

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>finally lose enough weight to be t h i n n enough to cosplay my favorite characters
>now too old to be able to pull off these teenage girls
being meguca is suffering

>> No.10298132

why don't you try to cosplay male characters that fujoshis like to ship? I bet there must be someone from BNHA or JoJo that you could cosplay.

>> No.10298133

I'm guessing you look old?

>> No.10298137

How aged is your face? For most women in their early 30's good makeup and careful skincare is probably enough, maybe some face tapes if you have sagging skin, but if you have a bony face due to weight loss, you might want some facial fillers for the cosplay season.
Can you post a pic of a woman with a similar facial type to yours?
You can do it, anon. I believe in you.

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Thing is, I'm not into shipping culture. I don't enjoy shonen series much, I got into fujo shit in my early teens through shoujo... CLAMP were my gateway drug. I don't want to tease shippers, I just really like BL. My dream cosplays are the MCs of Rumspringa no Joukei, Yuki to Matsu, or Megumi to Tsugumi but those would only make sense if I had a fujo friend to cosplay with me.

Though maybe I could do CLAMP cosplay on my own actually. Hmmm

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>mfw didn't even know there was BL out there aimed at older readers
This looks great

>> No.10298147

>Though maybe I could do CLAMP cosplay on my own actually.
Yes, you can!

>> No.10298148

What do you like about BL? No offense but I view it as a gross fetish offensive to gay people

>> No.10298151

Theres nothing wrong with fictional escapism. You could say that about basically any media that exists

>> No.10298155

This post couldn't come at a better time. A cosplayer I have been following for a while just finished this extensive embroidery work on their Yue costume. Make your dreams come true, anon!

>> No.10298157

That's a problem among all types of gay media though, not just BL.

>> No.10298158

You do realize gay people literally read BL/yaoi right

>> No.10298159

>I view it as a gross fetish offensive to gay people
Why is it gross to be interested in two gay men making out?

>> No.10298172

A good portion of (particularly earlier) BL has tropes that are stereotypical, like one member of a couple having to take on a "girl" role, though this probably has more to do with allowing for mental insertion by female readership than intentional following of stereotypes.Then you have tropes like "it's not rape if you enjoy it" etc. So yeah, a lot of it's pretty trash. But there are genuinely good & sensitive BL works and I feel like the quality of writing has gone up over time. Yuri on Ice is one of the better mainstream BL stories imo, it's tasteful and I've heard a lot of support for it from actual gay and bi men (as well as ice skaters).

The other thing is, you can't really stop straight or bi people from thinking two people of the opposite sex kissing is hot. I wouldn't call it a fetish, simply because of how common it is.

>> No.10298173

Oh yeah! The genre has changed a lot in recent years haha. Other than the first two titles I mentioned there are lots of much better quality things available now. A Windflower Embroidery, Itoshi no Nekkoke, Shimanami Tasogare, What Did You Eat Yesterday, On Doorstep... And the art styles are more varied too! The BL Discussion Thread over on /y/ is actually decent for recs btw.

Going to look into this! Thanks very much anon friend!

I honestly can see where you're coming from for a lot of BL, especially titles from the early 2000's. That said, while there is still a lot of shit out there, the cream of the crop is pretty good. One historical BL even got a cultural relevance award from the Japanese Govt for its depiction of the time.

Almost all the titles I mentioned are stories centred around gay or bi characters and their lives rather than "it's ok if it's you" bullshit. The art is stylized but it's not the doritoface bishounen stuff with the girly crying bottoms and rapemonster tops like 2006. I don't want to be like "my gay friend says it's fine so" because everyone will have different opinions and experiences but a friend (who also loves BL) and I have talked about this for hours and basically we came to the conclusion that it's like western romance novels. Most titles are trash and they can arguably have a negative influence on general culture like during the dark times of the yaoi paddle, however they can have a positive effect on people too like finding or becoming comfortable with their sexuality, or becoming less homophobic due to empathy for characters. And like almost any genre, there are some gems that have genuine merit and are worth reading.

TL;DR - It has changed a lot, also BL is a whole massive genre of romance manga rather than a fetish.

>> No.10298175


Kind of tired of the trope 'bl is a fetish!' Yeah most of it is trash, but does that make shitty romance novels a fetishization of hetero romance now? They're both problematic but love stories are such an ingrained part of storytelling it's a bit of a stretch to call it a fetish when it's just common to either idealize or simplify the complexities of romantic relationships.

>> No.10298194

I’m going to vomit

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>Randomly throwing in cof
I'm sorry anon. I just posted about getting dumped because I'm currently reaching out everywhere I can. I didn't do what the other anons did and I know it was off topic. But I just wanted at least one person to just be empathetic to me. Because my ex wasn't and went out of his way to make sure I suffered.

but if it needs to be on topic and lolita related.. I am a lolita and it relieving to know that I am no longer dressing up for someone who is a liar, cheater and someone who clearly has a thing for young girls even though he is too mentall ill to admit it.

I can't tell you how great it feels to dress for myself only. I am so sick of being sexualized and manipulated by men.

Even though I know I didn't do anything wrong, it's going to take a lot to feel good enough to get dressed up again.

>> No.10298240

it's no different than straight men who love lesbian porn. it's a gross fetish

>> No.10298241

>someone who clearly has a thing for young girls
this is true for any guy who will happily date/support (sweet) lolitas, honestly

>> No.10298247

>it's a gross fetish
why is it gross?

>> No.10298248

That's like saying liking boobs is a fetish...

>> No.10298256

Straight men loving lesbian porn isn't a problem, straight men who love lesbian porn but want to deny lesbians' human rights or don't see them as human is a problem.

>> No.10298257

Straight men are a problem

>> No.10298259

Yea that's why I'm not going to date any more men. This was my experience even before I got into lolita though. Men in general seem to want only young women or young girls and in think its disgusting. I have been sexualized since I was a child. Its horrible.

>> No.10298261

you're good with words, anon

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File: 12 KB, 608x308, go away.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Pic related

Fucking this

>> No.10298268

>328 responses
You know there are more than this posting right? That survey didn't include everyone that posts here.

>> No.10298273

because it's fetishizing a sexuality
porn that fetishizes a race is gross too

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Don't fall for it, gulls

>> No.10298283

Okay true, but in the context of the sentence I was writing they get a single pass.

>> No.10298284

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not and its giving me anxiety

>> No.10298296

330 is a great sample size and more than enough to be representative and accurate even if it were only 20 or 30 % of the board (which I seriously doubt considering how slow it is).

>> No.10298306

the number of people who admitted to reposting was much lower however. So the numbers are still skewed and a terrible example of who is posting right now as that survey was from awhile ago.

>> No.10298315

This is from the 2019 survey

>> No.10298333

Yeah. I know. that is the one I participated in. but you are still ignoring the insane amount of new fags and tourists that come to this board who didn't take that survey. Do you realize how many people actually post here in comparison to the survey that was only taken by a small percentage?

>> No.10298381

>Be 14 and wearing lolita for the first time
>First coord is almost entirely off-brand/handmade because mom didn't agree to buying "expensive japanese clothing"; only slightly ita
>All other girls in the comm are a lot older than me
>Become afraid that they won't accept me
>They are actually very reassuring
>Tell me that I'm only a beginner and if someone insults me they'll be there to defend me

Fond memories

>> No.10298400

I love hearing stories like this, thanks for sharing.

>> No.10298407

>I know it was off topic
Then take it to lolcow,/adv/,/r9k/ or crystal.cafe. There will be plenty of sympathetic anons for your situation but it's simply not the purpose to talk about your relationships or the morality of fucking BL mangas on a cosplay and lolita board. I'm just sick and tired of scrolling through 100 posts to find one feel that is actually related.

>> No.10298408

Actually gay people in Japan have spoken out against it. In Japan there's a believe that being gay is only possible in fantasy/fiction and foreign countries.

>> No.10298449 [DELETED] 

I just mentioned a bunch of lolita stuff and you're still not happy.
You don't get to police how people post cause you're clearing not a mod. Cry more, you fucking controlling ass hat.

>> No.10298450

I just mentioned a bunch of lolita stuff and you're still not happy.
You don't get to police how people post cause you're clearly not a mod. Cry more, you fucking controlling ass hat.

>> No.10298468

>friend is an ethot
>asks me if I'd do a lewd set with her

Yeah howbout nah.

>> No.10298474

I wish I had friends like this
All my friends are boring ass house wives

>> No.10298477

One of my friends is turning from a normal person into a thot who does drugs at cons, ever since she started pole dancing as a hobby. She was always an insecure person and this is getting her a lot of positive attention. She's 100% buying into the capitalist version of feminism. She tried to pressure me into showing my boobs to her boyfriend when I cosplayed one of his favourite characters. Called me sexist because I didn't want to do it. I like drugs and boobs too but this is not fun anymore.

>> No.10298488

Your lolita stuff consists of "i am a lolita" and is still mostly about your relationship. I don't know why can't just use the other websites or boards. What is the problem?
And Mods even bothered to delete your post and you still don't get the hint.

>> No.10298490

I'm tall (for being asian) but I still have a baby face. So basically I struggle with ikemen cos that being tall is useful for, and I also can't be the girl because all my friends are short as hell (even after tall platforms). And I have no tits (seriously considering a boob plate) so the bombshell cos are a struggle. I just feel like nothing works for me except maybe looking like a 17 year old boy.

>> No.10298492

most anime characters are 17 year old boys

>> No.10298497

>tfw I find a new cultivation mango to read but the characters starts acting a bit too homo so I go back to read the tags

>> No.10298498

Wow. Who would have thought that becoming an attention whoring thot for men would be so empowering?

>> No.10298501


My friend who is overweight always struggled with low self esteem and depression but when she started doing some cosplays that showed off her big boobs she got positive attention mostly from guys
I mean its not something I would do but if she feels better than she did before then I support her

>> No.10298508

Wew. I feel like nowadays thottery and doing drugs at cons is so much more rampant because there's this crazy narrative floating around that it's an empowering and cool thing to do.
That way even people who otherwise wouldn't attract such a lifestyle naturally get into it. Convincing people you're confident by putting your insecurities on display is the new hot thing unfortunately.

>> No.10298512

It's the final form of the sex positivity movement.

>> No.10298539

You deserve to enjoy things in life. If you made those dresses yourself, you'd lose the free time to wear them. If you made them yourself, you'd probably spend just as much if not MORE on the materials, and I am not knocking your ability to sew, but you might not be as happy with the quality. I can sew too, but life balance is important, and I value using money to save time where it has a good payoff. The same reason why it's not a bad thing to pay your friends or artists you support to make you something if you commission them, you are supporting the brands you like by buying from them. Your family can get over it. They just are filling an artistic void by living vicariously through you, because they are proud of you. But you're not obligated to fulfill that for them! Have some fun!

>> No.10298549

it wasn't sarcasm.

>> No.10298550

>nothing works for me except maybe looking like a 17 year old boy.
that means that almost literally anything works for you
anime boys look like girls

>> No.10298554

>by putting your insecurities on display
What? How is she putting her insecurities on display? She's not insecure about her body

>> No.10298568

In retrospect I do see the irony of my statement because if I was into sports/ shonen/hs stories I'd be set. But I'm almost 30 and I want to be a handsome man or sexy woman. I guess the grass is always greener (and I can buy fake boobs).

>> No.10298576

>haven’t worn lolita in over two years but kept about three JSKs and a skirt (Bodyline, AP, BTSSB and Meta)
>really should sell them for closet space and extra money but get anxious to part with them whenever I try to take them out of the closet
>can’t wear them out as my job is physical and I stay home on my days off
>can’t wear them to cons either as I’ve gotten mostly into cosplay by now

Please someone tell me to grow some balls and just list them up, I love the prints a lot but I’m sure they deserve to go to someone who will give them the love they need

>> No.10298632

Why not just grow some balls and wear them at home? That's what I did when I cleaned a factory for a living. Why not wear it for yourself?

>> No.10298638

Do you not even go the grocery store on your days off? I've worn lolita to the store or run errands even if its just a more toned down casual coord because I spent way too much money on these clothes to not wear them.

>> No.10298657

Just got outbid on one of my DDs and there's no BIN and I probably can't afford a bidding war with this person...feels bad.

>> No.10298662

Even when I’m at home, I have zero interest or energy in getting dressed up. I still live with my parents so there’s not much of a need to go to the grocery store either, it’s usually just drive to the next state for work, drive back home and do it all over again the next day.

I guess I’ve just lost interest in the hobby entirely and haven’t fully accepted it yet. I got into it while I was going to college in the city and now that I’m back in the middle of nowhere, the drive is gone, along with being able to meet up with fellow lolitas. Most of my energy is going towards making cosplays now.

>> No.10298666

Which one is it? Maybe I can help

>> No.10298674


It was a really cute old school tartan Meta JSK. I've resigned myself to just let it go and sew a nice tartan dress on my own this winter.

I already own it in a black with white lace colorway but tartans and reds are more flattering on me so I love them a ton and Meta's old school dresses often wind up tea length on me because I'm quite short so they work well paired with warm UTKs for winter.

I wish the seller had done a BIN. I'd have paid at least $200 for it outright but I doubt I'll beat this person and already bid on some other cheaper consolation items to ease my disappointment.

>> No.10298689

That really sucks anon. I hate it when that happens. I don't know if you own any otome no sewing or gosurori books but maybe you can find a similar pattern? Btw, if you are good at sewing I think it's really cool that you can make your own jsk.

>> No.10298692


Yeah I'm thinking I'll just make my own by adjusting a simple bodice pattern I drafted for myself years ago. I have some cute cotton lace with embroidered teddy bears lying around as well that I could add to the bottom.

>> No.10298693

How would you help? Also why don't you want the other lolita to have it?

>> No.10298695


Yeah the other person deserves it if they can afford it.

I've been nice and discounted items before when someone mentioned it being a DD or bought items I already owned just so a seller could afford a DD they wanted.

Hopefully the good karma comes back my way eventually and I snag something I love.

>> No.10298781

>tfw you slide your scissors across the wrapping paper
Good feel. Wrapping gifts is fun.

>> No.10298787

I do love that feeling but I've become hyperconscious of using anything single-use/disposable lately. I think I'm gonna wrap shit in newspaper and decorate it with ink stamps instead.

>> No.10298788

Then maybe decide which one you really, really love the most. Once you decide, keep it & sell the rest. You'll have one good outfit to wear if the need ever strikes you to wear it, but you'll still free up lots of room in your closet.

>> No.10298838
File: 71 KB, 640x574, IMG_20191202_164336_754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are AX badges over $100 already?

>> No.10298849

I'm a newbie and want to start wearing my lolita coords outside, but I've never seen a lolita irl, which makes me think I'll get attention from the local normies, which I 1000% don't want. I guess it's worth it. But I still wish one would appear in the wild as a sign.

>> No.10298872

Bigbrained but what if you're the lolita that others are waiting to see to know it's ok?
You'll be surprised, as long as you aren't out super ott the general public are generally more positive towards this style as opposed to if you were a goth or some other subculture perceived more negatively. You might get retarded questions which isnt the worst thing. If not wearing your lolita is making you unhappy, but wearing it in public is gonna make you unhappy then you might as well just wear it and just be unhappy wearing what you want dude.

>> No.10298895

Depends what you wear, really. Classic and casual won't get too much attention. Pastel vomit sweet definitely will.

>> No.10298909

I wear classic/sweet (so a lot of innocent world) and get attention, but it's all been positive at least.

>> No.10298936
File: 27 KB, 540x166, tumblr_inline_oqc7dhcVnn1r1bjmz_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ily, anon

>> No.10298940

>If not wearing your lolita is making you unhappy, but wearing it in public is gonna make you unhappy then you might as well just wear it and just be unhappy wearing what you want dude.
Very big brain. That helped a lot, truly. Thank you.

The dresses I have are basic, but the fact that they are poofy is the bit people will notice. I got an Aurora & Ariel 8M petti, but I think it's still a little much, and I don't want to go without a petti.

>> No.10299054

>Con this weekend
>Not done with my cosplay
>Not ready to mail out my secret Santa cards
>Cutting it close with school
>Get failed on a previous assignment
>Have to do a re-take and write it again
>Also this week
>This has never happened to me before
>Need to ask professor some questions
>Other students wait around after class is over
>They are just having pleasant conversation with the teacher
>Participate in the circle, keep looking at the clock
>Could go home and work on cosplay, cards, homework, whatever
>Conversation keeps going
>Don't want to out myself as someone who failed the assignment
>Wait it out for ten minutes
>All the students decide to leave
>Everyone notices me staying behind
>Don't out yourself = failed
>Start sobbing the moment I'm alone with the teacher
>Get the answer to my questions in literally one minute
>Waiting for the other students to leave got me fucked up
>The teacher is worried so I just say I'm stressed about other things
>Which is true
>Hurry home and cry more
>Dry my tears with my cosplay which I'm hand-stitching

Cosplay was supposed to be fun.

>> No.10299056

I preordered a Taobao dress in August and it finally got shipped out...Saturday. So it's going to get caught up in blackfriday/cyber monday/general holiday shipping hell. Fucking end me. Someone please tell me it'll be okay because it was shipped with DHL.

>> No.10299057

That sounds like a pretty good idea, actually. I have my BTSSB JSK that always puts a smile on my face so I’ll keep that and sell the others.

Thank you for the advice!

>> No.10299113

I always see good priced indie brand pieces up secondhand and get excited to snatch them up for a good deal until I open the listing and see they’re always hamplanet sized.

I’m looking at you, Haenuli listings. Salty about the deals I can’t get.

>> No.10299152


It's pretty easy to take things in or take them to a tailor. Depending on the deal you'd still end up saving.

>> No.10299155

It’ll be okay because it was shipped with DHL.

>> No.10299230

It actually will be okay because it was shipped with DHL. I only had a delay of a day, and that's just because Thanksgiving happened.

>Have chronic sickness
>Decide to go on a diet to slim down so I can fit classic brands
>Let friends know so they know the weight loss is intentional and not me getting worse and not saying anything
>Friends on bigger side encourage me to do what I want with my body as long as I don't put my health at risk, slim/average size friends have a thousand "NO you're PERFECT and this is UNREALISTIC" type comments to share
This was not what I expected.

>> No.10299366

>spend a bunch of money on colored contact lenses
>literally fucking no one noticed that my eyes went from brown to green

i guess i really am invisible to other people

>> No.10299377

Were you wearing them just because?

>> No.10299452

Pick something more out there. Lots of people wear colored contacts. No one points it out. That’s bizarre.

>> No.10299454

I mean if you wear like pink or something, people will notice.

I wonder if anon has light brown eyes and maybe that's why no one noticed. Some people with lighter colored eyes change eye colors naturally.

My grandpa used to go from blue to green eyes a lot.

>> No.10299476

It's because we're too scared that if we agree with your fat friends, you'll think we believe poorly of you because of weight. Also, as a thin person, often I've had people of bigger weight lament that they wish they were as small as me & it makes me sad personally... especially when it's a friend. They just want to encourage you by making sure you really are doing it for yourself, and not the people you're observing. I'd tell my bigger friends the same thing, but in the end I support their choices to lose weight. Equally, I will comment when I've noticed they've been losing weight. I'll let them know they're looking good. I'll tell them that they seem to be working hard. It's not that they don't think it will be good to lose weight. We just don't want you to be depressed if you fail, and we don't want you to think we don't find you perfect as you are. After all, you're our friend.

I had one friend drop 200 pounds. If he hadn't, he would've died very early. He was so large it made him sick, and now he's much healthier.

>> No.10299484

Why do you want people to point it out? That’s weird af

>> No.10299495

I think that is considered a semi-rude thing to point out, so that's probably why no one said anything...

>> No.10299550

If blackface isn't acceptable then should youngface be disallowed too?

Aren't elderly women appropriating youth culture when they try to dress up in "lolita" fashion and use makeup to look younger?

>> No.10299559

lmao this is like saying loli fetishises real kids. Learn the difference between a comic and real life.

>> No.10299560

You're kidding right?

>> No.10299561


If someone faps to big titty anime girls its a pretty good bet they are also attracted to big titty girls IRL

If soneone faps to anime lolis.....

>> No.10299562

Don't respond to it and shitty race/age/loli bait.

>> No.10299563

>lolita is ageplay

Fuck right off with that.

>> No.10299580
File: 547 KB, 550x800, EK5CwSsW4AIaNTA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rebel against family as a teen and refuse to wear headscarves because I feel they objectify women
>Now an adult and find headscarves a very cute accessory
>tempted to do coords with some modified headscarves

Stop me, gulls. I'm making a mistake.

>> No.10299586

headscarves are still a fashion accessory. If you choose to wear them, then that's marginally different from being forced to. Go for it.

>> No.10299590

I’m in my early 20s and i wear sunglasses + wear sunscreen often. Some girls in my comm are 30 and look like they’re 48. Take care of your skin

>> No.10299594
File: 115 KB, 814x960, AC504B6A-F8D5-4FE4-97C2-51CECDC23C5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i might be going to a con sometime in feb. i’m thinking of going as earth-chan again or maybe a character from harvest moon or rune factory etc. it’ll be my 2nd one. i’m slowly opening up and making more nerd friends and it’s nice to share that with others.

i actually stumbled upon this thread due to not being really answered on another board, but i’m extremely bothered still about my past relationship too and the implications of looking very youthful/very very petite as well. has any gull been called (your name)-chan during sex? and often? not even cosplay sex, i’m only part asian(not japanese) and older.. but i’m trying to make sense of weird out of the blue statements too like “people should get discounts for buying phone numbers that used to be owned by pedophiles since not wanting to be associated with it”

if it’s your choice it’s okay do ya thang

>> No.10299617


Headscarves are accessories beyond religious or cultural things. It was a trend in America for at least a decade, especially the look with a headscarf and sunglasses.

>> No.10299647
File: 80 KB, 720x960, 1571419329844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so furious that I let a dress I wanted slip through my fingers because i wanted to wait for the LM blackfriday sale and there was no sale. Bought some cheaper stuff in colsolation. Then a different dress I wanted showed up and i didn't have the funds. It's my own fault but, still...

I used to refuse to wear dresses or skirts because I was forced to do it. Now I'm into lolita and feel great and it's a world of difference. As long as you're having fun and aren't hurting anyone else, do what you want.

>> No.10299693

Anyone else fashion show for their partner every time they get a new item?

>> No.10299731 [DELETED] 
File: 1.96 MB, 500x281, 1570369980022.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stacked friend gets more views in a day than you get in a year
Why does it have to be like this?

>> No.10299737


Do you really want the coomer audience? Show your ass or feet or something then.

>> No.10299752


>or feet

This is why I hate men.

>> No.10299753

Was recently hospitalized and now can't afford a lot of pieces on LM I was interested in bidding on.

Slowly dying inside watching other people win the auctions.

>> No.10299776
File: 25 KB, 500x337, 1574381725029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10299777

why the fuck are you even replying to it

>> No.10299780

Why? Do you have small boobs AND ugly feet?

>> No.10299789


Nah. I have annoyingly large cow tits and feet that I have had creepy people tell me look cute.

I despite foot fetishists, coomers, and ageplayers all equally. The same kind of gross and degenerate to me.

>> No.10299800

What kind of person is your bf?

>> No.10299803

I am single now and only ever had one bf.

After months he revealed he liked my lolita and cutesy outfits because he was secretly a sissy and wanted to wear my clothes and have me dominate him during sex.

The breakup was pretty swift after that cause he was also not even a nice or good person.

I recently met a nice guy who doesn't mind my clothes but he told me his mom is super racist and I am not white so looks like I need to find a new crush.

>> No.10299824

I hope things go well for you

>> No.10299830 [DELETED] 
File: 67 KB, 473x335, 1563849822184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are females in the anime community always so obsessed with gay anime or they hint to some sort of gayness?

>> No.10299832

Get a humidifier, your room must be to dry.

>> No.10299835 [DELETED] 

Why are honour killings wrong with the current state of females?

>> No.10299838

As someone who lost weight due to health reasons as well (from overweight to healthy) I had so many people tell me I looked sickly, disgusting, ugly, unhealthy, that I was playing into society's expectations. Do what is right for you. I'm done defending myself and I know I look better and feel better than I have done in years. It's your life, don't let people steal your happiness.

>> No.10299840

It's not a very nice thing to do

>> No.10299844 [DELETED] 

It's women's inherent nature to subliminally try and convince other women to perform detrimental actions in order to make themselves seem more attractive.

This is why women tell girls to sleep around. This is why women hate young girls. This is why women try to convince girls to sleep with blacks. This is why women tell females to focus on a career and work. This is why women hate females who get fit.

It's all an attempt to lower others' value to decent men.

>> No.10299851


>found the racist incel with bbc envy

But on a serious note think it's more just well intentioned but not helpful advice and for most people is not as malicious as you think. People are stupid or too nice to be critically honest and they tend to enable others in an attempt to make them feel better.

>> No.10299852


Also not everything is about men, you self absorbed scrote.

>> No.10299857


You sound upset.

>> No.10299858

I lost a lot of weight myself and the only thin friend I had dropped me once I got as thin as her. She acted like it was a competition for some stupid reason. She used to be fat as well so I really don't get it. I only did it for health reasons too, not just so I can fit in a size xs/s. I guess some people are just assholes?

>> No.10299868

>t. virgin manlet.
it's a shame you don't know any actual women

>> No.10299870

Sounds like it sucks, but may I ask, whi she is?
And no, I'm not asking for a friend

>> No.10299878

Do you look like, you are underwight now
Than, I could understand them
(But who am I to judge)

>> No.10299881 [DELETED] 

You seem really proud of being a whore.

Are you going to tell your futurr husband and kids how many cocks you've had inside you?

>> No.10299889

>has any gull been called (your name)-chan during sex?
Oh wow. Unless it was a Japanese FOB calling you that, that's so fucking cringey

>> No.10299905

Keep it cgl related you fuck

>are you going to tell your future cosplay husband how many yaoi paddles you've had inside you


>> No.10299910

90% of angelic pretty print dresses are tacky and ugly

>> No.10299918

please stop

>> No.10299926

Please explain this recent coomers thing, I'm out of the loop

>> No.10299927

Have you never lost an auction or decided to pass on one or what?

>> No.10299928
File: 1.07 MB, 1000x1000, 1575400431674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could you PLEASE just ignore and report the baiting crossboarder? Jannies won't do much so you have to stop engaging with him.

>> No.10299930


I'm exaggerating my disappointment but these were just items I really wanted and it's frustrating having health affect my ability to have them. It was only a few things. I'll live in the metaphorical sense? Not yet sure in the literal sense based on what doctors are telling me.

>> No.10299932

Discordfags spamming wojack edits aimed at chronic masturbators.

>> No.10299936

I've been wearing lolita for about a year now but I'm slowly getting back into the diy punk scene in my area. it sucks because I only have limited time between uni so I'm constantly stuck between both worlds
half of me wants to mosh at hardcore shows and go skateboarding and diy screenprinted t shirts and rip up my clothes and the other half of me wants to go to meetups and tea parties and diy ribbon rosettes and fancy rococo jewelry and it doesn't help that my crush is in the punk scene either

>> No.10299938

aw, anon. don't put this much stress on yourself. The cosplay doesn't have to be perfect. Focus on school. You're doing a lot, it's overwhelming, but you're doing your best.

>> No.10299943

dude. I get called 'smol' a lot by men and women i date. they think it's cute and endearing, but i hate it so fucking much. something about it comes off as creepy to me. I also am very young looking and have a small body with small breasts and like no ass too so i often feel like men who want me to sub for them talk to me. it's just weird and creepy. I'm not interested.

>> No.10299944

>give response yo question
>emcels sperg out
>reee ban that person! They said bait! I'm a woman and I can't control my emotions so I need the mods to come and remove everything i don't like!

>> No.10299950


The posts that were the most bait like were responses to statements and no one ever asked a question in the things they responded to (The one implying women let their friends get fat to make them less valuable to men and the post calling someone a whore for insinuating the baitposter is a lonely incel)

>> No.10299954

I'm so happy I figured out what direction I want my wardrobe to take. It feels so much better to be able to look at something and know whether it will fit instead of just going 'guess that's cute and a good deal, I'll buy it'. Feels liberating to send stuff to people who will love the dresses more than I did.

>> No.10299960

Is it just me or are a lot of lolitas on cgl terminally ill?

>> No.10299964

Ah I see. Take it easy, all these auctions will pop up again sooner or later. Maybe even much cheaper or in better condition! Prioritizing health is always the best decision so you shouldn't grieve too much about it. Get well soon.

>> No.10299966

Don't respond to them. You are literally telling him to enjoy his stay from his perspective.

>> No.10299991

> or maybe a character from harvest moon
do it!! I've thought about doing it myself, but I was pretty young when I played and don't remember the characters well enough to chose one or pay for the materials. I'd love to see some HM cosplay, especially with the remake out now

>> No.10299993

>if it’s your choice it’s okay do ya thang
I think you meant to reply to OP, but hell ye

>> No.10299996

I don't buy enough clothes to do so, but my boyfriend excitedly texts me whenever he needs help choosing between pieces of clothing and then will either send me pics or wear them for me to see. It's adorable and I wish I had the opportunity to do so more often, but I'm not as fashionable as he is. I put in effort every once in a while, but I don't have energy to dress up beyond jeans and t-shirt on most days. He says I dress comfy. Even when he says it in a cute voice, I can't help but feel like not in his league anymore. Big sad.

>> No.10300002

I can't say that I lean to one style or the other. I'm tragically normie casual, but I feel that push to full envelop yourself in one style versus the other despite heavily enjoying both. If I had half the willpower that you do, I'd say fuck it. Why define yourself as one style or the other? Just embrace that feeling and choose punk one day and lolita the next.

>> No.10300024 [DELETED] 

God. How hard were you raped?

>> No.10300027

The fashion attracts the physically and mentally ill like flies to honey.

>> No.10300033

>having a differing opinion means I'm a whore
that's quite a stretch, hope you warmed up first

>> No.10300035


>> No.10300053

yeah that's true, I'm just really concerned that my time doesn't allow for both. I can half-ass punk or lolita or just be really good at one. I haven't been to a meetup in months because I've been going to show after show just so I can mosh with this hot punk guy but the cgl secret santa is getting me all hyped for lolita again... I think I'll have more time in the new year so hopefully I'll just have time/money for both
maybe I'll try wearing punk lolita to a local show!

>> No.10300057

How do you find punk shows? I grew up on the Discord bands, the Bad Brains, and all that, but I've never really learned where to look for show and such

>> No.10300058


I'm not chronically ill or anything; this was an random unexpected health emergency despite me normally being pretty healthy.

>> No.10300062

That’s fine, doesn’t change what I said.
I’m not saying it to be derogatory either as I have pretty bad physical health issues.

>> No.10300065

Well, like, don't die, y'know?

>> No.10300091

that sucks anon. I hate people who do shit like that.

>> No.10300092

>“people should get discounts for buying phone numbers that used to be owned by pedophiles since not wanting to be associated with it”
yea... I'm having a hard time with that one too.

>> No.10300111

I literally just googled "punk venues (my area)" and research the venues. I was lucky enough to find two nonprofit places, which I like because they don't allow drugs and are all ages (I'm under 21 and started going when I was 15) and because of the no drugs policy, no alcohol is served so you don't have as many drunken weirdos trying to shove your head into the pit and rip out your hair (unfortunately this happened at a recent show). It doesn't keep people from rolling joints and having a beer outside in between sets, but it cuts down on a HUGE amount of the violence. Also because they're nonprofit they host smaller bands which is sick too
No biggie if you can't find a nonprofit place, just go to other shows and try talking to other attendees/bands (usually openers are local so they know the good spots) and see where they like to go. Being social is a big plus
if you're on the west coast make a throwaway email because I can tell you some places but if I say them here I'd be outing myself big time

>> No.10300112 [DELETED] 

If it walks like a slut, if its roast beef flaps like a slut, if it lies on its back like a slut...

>> No.10300122

Decent men being racists who don't think women should work?

>> No.10300126

Wow I found some leads a lot quicker and easier than I expected to. I might not be so bored on weekends now.
I'm in SLC, not the west coast, but I do appreciate the offer.

>> No.10300137

yay!! I'm glad I could help a little :) Have fun at your shows!

>> No.10300140

What are you even doing on 4chan?

>> No.10300141

>futurr husband and kids
god are you serious
not everyone is a retarded breeder

>> No.10300143

Of course You're not going to have kids lmao

>> No.10300146

Fuck off back to Tumblr u sjw

>> No.10300147

While yaoi guys are hot af. Faggots here just look fuckin weird

>> No.10300148

Utter degeneracy

>> No.10300152
File: 39 KB, 608x427, 1574737568210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cause it's in commiefornia

>> No.10300167

But why?

>> No.10300187

Women are inferior.

>> No.10300206

Because dressing up like a pretty, carefree princess is a nice escape for mentally ill people.

>> No.10300209

Sure hope you don't. Last thing we need is more mental deficiencients like you.

>> No.10300210 [DELETED] 

And she'll take up lolita and cry about how she isn't at fault for anything because one time someone touched her no-no place?

>> No.10300273 [DELETED] 

I wish females were intelligent enough to realize how inferior they are.

>> No.10300285

Stop fucking replying to him.

>> No.10300312 [DELETED] 

I'm really only into lolita because I've fapped to every loligoth anime character I've seen

>> No.10300314
File: 14 KB, 266x220, 1468722344034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The one implying women let their friends get fat to make them less valuable to men
I literally do that.

>> No.10300319

Good strategy. You should also consider giving them bad fashion advice.

>> No.10300320

Men don't really care about fashion. If a girl is fat they will ignore her but not if she is hot but wearing something we would consider stupid.
Know your men!

>> No.10300321
File: 47 KB, 640x499, cctzoRk_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get fat to make them less valuable to men


>> No.10300323

Chubby chasers are degenerates anon

>> No.10300324
File: 581 KB, 810x672, 1482730313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this also works the other way around
>prevent your bf from going to the gym so other girls don't steal him from you
i literally know 3 people who lost their bf after he got ripped. don't let it happen to you.

>> No.10300326

you also lose from getting a fat bf tho

>> No.10300328

Not true. I was kinda into a girl at work until she got dreadlocks.

>> No.10300334
File: 39 KB, 707x698, 1509218414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have no excuse to be fat, just start working out today by following something like this:

You can make it!

>> No.10300353
File: 149 KB, 367x320, Blue-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's another "I have months until the next con so I have plenty of time to work on my next cosplay. Oh shit the con is in a few weeks and I haven't done anything" episode

>> No.10300355

I do even though he barely pays attention and doesn't give a shit about fashion at all. I just want to share my excitement with someone. It sucks when he clearly doesn't care, but I also don't care about his video games when he spergs about them to me, so we're even.

>> No.10300357

Yes, but I feel bad about it because he doesn't have as much disposable income as I do. He clearly doesn't care about the items themselves much, but he cares about me so he's very supportive.

>> No.10300403
File: 144 KB, 572x303, 1560093364461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo lolitas, how do you do with relationships and just men in general, like, don't you get like an extra layer of difficulty for dressing like a weirdo, doesn't this turn some men off or at least makes them feel uncomfortable arround you dressing like that in public?

>> No.10300404


Just become a lesbian and you can sperg over dresses together.

>> No.10300405

>Men caring about women's clothes
Only a beta would take concern with it.

>> No.10300407
File: 68 KB, 1080x360, cgl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't choose the dresslyfe, dresslyfe chooses you

>> No.10300411

Why not get a guy you can sperm over dresses with?
is it because they want to fuck you in the dresses
it is, isn't it

>> No.10300415

One thing is caring about women's dresses, but lolita is not just dressing, it's guaranteed that every fucking person arround you will be staring at you. Some people are completely repeled by that, so I guess you only date Chads that don't care about getting stared at and then you modify them into wearing lolita so people stare at both of you. Fucking weird ass world you're living in gulls.

>> No.10300420
File: 26 KB, 202x324, 1457776234888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sperm over dresses
freudian slip?

>> No.10300421
File: 37 KB, 229x238, 1485205232607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anyone on /cgl/
>dating chads
Anon, I...

>> No.10300422

i'd 100% cum inside though, don't worry about getting the dresses dirty

>> No.10300423


a guy who cares about dresses is a turn off desu
he's probably closeted

>> No.10300424

I've dated a lot of different kinds of guys while wearing lolita. There's no lolita boyfriend/girlfriend archetype, just don't say shit to me about how much money I spend, how attention grabbing my outfits are, tell me you think I'm pretty, and we're gucci.

It's really not that deep. Some people have the balls to roll with a pastel poof monster and others don't.

>> No.10300425

I dated a dude who was obviously into my frills, and I just wished he'd come out with it. We could have been a lolita power couple, but he was too much of a pussy to admit he wanted to wear a dress. /topkek

>> No.10300431

>and others don't
that was kinda my point, I mean, I'd swear most of the people doesn't

>> No.10300433

I'm totally in love with lolita fashion, but I absolutely don't want to fucking wear a dress, only classy men's clothes thx

>> No.10300435

I swore you were going to post a clip from that workout anime

>> No.10300440

das gay bro, just do abs, abs nigga

>> No.10300472

a shockingly high amount of men like chubby girls these days, so not necessarily effective

>> No.10300474

I was afraid this was a link to one of those "just starve yourself" diets that gulls are so fond of. This is ok.

>> No.10300477

I date asian men (the ones actually from asia) and they have no issue with it as it's pretty common in their countries, China especially.

>> No.10300478

The shit we males put up with just to score. But I'm happy that it's a non issue for you over there, or over here, whatever.

>> No.10300527

>dating men

>> No.10300535

They do give me flack. Often times, in my experience, it's afterward they start to try changing you. That's when I call it quits. I dress for myself & not for a partner. I wouldn't ask them to change & neither should I.

>> No.10300546

Jfashion makes it very easy to spot shitty people quickly. Its a blessing. If they really have the nerve to criticise my outfits they are probably a judgemental shitty person anyways lol.

>> No.10300549


>> No.10300550

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever read. I haven’t been on a first date in a long time because I’m in a committed relationship but I used to go on first dates in lolita. If the guy doesn’t like it he can leave, IDGAF. I don’t have time to “convince” anyone.

>> No.10300552

You're just a quality catch.

>> No.10300576

I mean, there are just some guys that prefer their girls dress sexy or normie, not uber conservative. And that's okay. It doesn't make them "shitty."

>> No.10300579

>some guys that prefer their girls dress sexy or normie, not uber conservative
>guys that prefer their girls
>their girls
>insisting on what someone else wears

god I hate men.

>> No.10300582


>> No.10300584

Yea youre correct. That doesnt make them shitty, but if they are coming to me, a daily lolita who openly wears lolita and then criticises my outfits... it says something about them. In general anyone coming up to me and giving me unwanted commentary tells me that they are a judgemental person who i wouldnt want to associate with anyways.

>> No.10300592

It's called a preference. I'm sure you have plenty of your own regarding physical features in men.

Criticism, or just saying "I wouldn't want to date someone who dresses like this"? Those are two different things

>> No.10300600

Eh my boyfriend thinks it's kind of weird, but I don't give him flack for spending a ton of money on guns and ammo, and he doesn't give me flack for spending money on poofy dresses. I think it's mostly a respect thing. We respect that we don't have all the same hobbies, and since we love each other we support what each other enjoys.

(He does think some of my more reserved and basic pieces are cute, though, even though he does still find it odd.)

>> No.10300601
File: 151 KB, 892x590, fapfap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol you think I'm interested in men

>> No.10300609

I'm talking about people in real life dude. Like my dating profiles have pictures of me in lolita. I wear lolita daily. If a guy/girl goes out with me they know what i wear. I dont know why they would even bother. If I'm not your "type" whats the point.

I dont care about other peoples opinions of me like that. Thats why i leave immediately if a boyfriend/girlfriend starts critcising my outfits. I am not going to change my appearance for anyone. Any person who says shit like that to me i know to not make friends with. If they are making judgements about something so harmless the criticising isn't going to stop. Lolita fashion brings that out in assholes. It makes it easier for me to avoid them sooner so its a good thing.

>> No.10300616

>I don't give him flack for spending a ton of money on guns and ammo
Yikes. You're asking to get murdered

>> No.10300627

>haven't worn a full coord in 6+ months
>just incorporate lolita pieces into casual wear
>was a daily lolita for 8+ years before this
I don't know what happened to me, am I even a lolita anymore if I don't wear it properly? I still love my dresses and I love the fashion but I also feel incredibly liberated not having to wear my clothes a certain way all the time.

>> No.10300631

They don't. They are just forced to date down bc of hypergamy

>> No.10300633 [DELETED] 
File: 236 KB, 711x1090, Screenshot_2019-10-28-23-13-14~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The amount of misandry on this thread is alarming. Can't we be like the rest of 4chan and learn are fuckin place in gender roles?

U would be a lot happier and not some angry sjw

>> No.10300635

Men should be selectively sorted through for breeding stock, and then we can take care of the leftover undesirables with a shotgun to the back of the head like the sick animals they are

>> No.10300642

Then don't. It's fine. Relax. Lolita is literally about not caring what others think of you, and that should include the community itself if it wants to judge you for not being a "proper lolita."
They're YOUR clothes, so just wear them however and whenever you want.

>> No.10300650 [DELETED] 
File: 195 KB, 543x486, 1572400512164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coming from the gender that are essentially Christmas cakes, useless after the 25th

Also, 95% of y'alls beauty can be taken off with a fuckin wet wipe

Women are the niggers if gender

>> No.10300652


Please go back to your containment board you filthy incel micropeen cuck

>> No.10300657 [DELETED] 

Fuck off you fat nigger femcel feminist. Nobody want to hear about how your some Tumblr cat lady who no guy would date

Now go wash the dishes

>> No.10300663

I can physically feel the amount of small penis compensation that is radiating off of this post.

>> No.10300664

>tfw was selected around age 7
Please, please, please give me the shotgun

>> No.10300686

How sad you can’t even do anything by yourself, that’s why you need somebody to do the dishes for you. It’s alright, not everybody is capable of doing simple tasks.

>> No.10300697

>the misandry

>> No.10300698

Out of curiosity, what brings you to this board because it sure as hell isn't jfashion or cosplay

>> No.10300706
File: 409 KB, 1111x1000, 77470332_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/cgl/ feels has become a battlefield for neckbeards and legbeards
I'd really prefer if you would not do that.

>> No.10300749

what about gay people who love straight romance? is it not a fetish then?

the only thing that's gross is that baby mentality that things you don't like = fetish

grow up

>> No.10300783

Misandry isn't real.

>> No.10300785

>scrotes fill feels thread complaining about how all women are worthless roasties
> complains when women don't like being called roasties and hate them for it.
>still oblivous as to how they don't have women who like them.

Honestly, we need to stop having feels threads. I honestly wouldn't even care if this thread fucked off to r9k like the last one.

>> No.10300796
File: 774 KB, 1199x1254, 1573655765451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just hide the thread if you hate it so much.

My feels
>Used to be really depressed and mope about it
>Hung out in feels thread
>Got genuine connection and advice through my posts
>Admit not all of them were strictly on topic
>Gulls were still there for me to tell me I was a stupid bitch
>Pulled myself out of it
>Made my life better
>Still browse feels threads to this day
>Rarely post nowadays
>My bad feels are over
>Miss the feeling of connection
>Can't find anything to post about
>Mfw I have no feels

>> No.10300802

I liked feels threads in their original form, where it was sharing situations, stories and feels about our hobbies but it's obviously so out of hand now, moderation is apparently too hard.

>> No.10300803

Honestly and unironically go to lolcow's /ot/ board, you will get what you want there.

>> No.10300844

It doesn't make someone shitty to know what they like in a woman, no. However, it does make someone shitty if they express interest in somebody & then try to change them based upon their interest. That's what anon's talking about. I've had it happen before, and the man waited almost half a year to start dissing on how I dressed. The fact he likes women to dress more normal & sexy isn't the issue. The fact he feigned interest in someone who dressed in a way he didn't like with the hopes to change that person's style for 'love' is shitty. If you approach someone who dresses this way with the idea that's it's a changeable 'fault', that's disrespectful. I don't expect any dude to mean we should dress like pilgrims, but we'd be wearing sexy or normal clothing if we wanted to. Regarding my own experience, the man is question knew from day one how I dressed. Again, the person waited half a year to start telling me what they really thought of my outfits. It's okay that they did not like them, but it was shitty to try getting me to change what I wear. The whole thing could've been avoided had they accepted what they prefer their girls to wear, and not go after someone who didn't wear what they liked.

>> No.10300846

Also, anon, I get what you're saying, but the people here don't dress for men. It's true that a lot of people to dress for those they're seeking to score with. There was a girl who put me in some 'normal' clothing showing cleavage and what-not, and she was absolutely confused why I don't dress that way all the time summed up to, "But... your boobs." I could dress more normal, show off my 'assets', and have a fine time getting numbers or dates, sure. However, the clothing I wear makes me happier then netting a bunch of men ever would make me. I have more fun looking at pictures, putting together outfits, shopping, & getting dressed on the daily then I do going on a date. I would never give that away for the world. I take pride in having the courage to do what makes me happy in the face of what society tells me should make me happy. Maybe my dating life isn't the best, but, again, picking between the two. I'm happier doing what I enjoy. What use is being with a man if there's no joy? Happiness is what usually attracts them in the first place, even the ones who don't like the way I dress, & why would I want to throw away an important part of my happiness? If wearing a fluffy skirt brings me delight day-to-day... it hurts no one, and there's no reason to stop.

>> No.10300850

Adding to these, it's also shitty how people get that way because others teach them it's okay to be that way. The guy who got on me about what I wear... you know what his thing was? Mobile games. Tetris & bubble shooters. Old-school style stuff. People use to go on to me about how, 'You should find someone who treats people better then objects,' or women in his life would make derisive comments toward his phone. I can tell you why he was on his phone seemingly all the time because I observed. He was playing fucking Candy Crush. All these people bashing on him & calling him a bad person all because he enjoyed playing mobile games. He wasn't playing the field or ignoring people. The dude was just playing a game he enjoyed. I always thought it was cute, and it made me sad at the end when I had said something about him playing a game to try cheering him up, and he snapped at me. He snapped at me because he mistakenly took me commenting toward his games as one of contempt because everyone else had done so even though I was trying to cheer him up by mentioning it because it was something that clearly made him happy. Why do people seek to take away the things that make people happy?

>> No.10300864

I talk about this with my partner sometimes. Sure, it adds a layer of difficulty, but it's not the fault of the wearer, it's the insecurity of the partner. I dated a really shitty person a couple of years or so ago and he viewed my clothes and appearance as a reflection of him. In his mind, I was there to represent HIM, and he didn't like the way I did that through lolita. He thought people would judge him for hanging out with a freak (his words not mine). In reality he was quite boring and thought too highly of himself, no one was looking at him or judging him for being with me.
In reality, your partners looks aren't a reflection of you, and you have to be secure in yourself to accept a person who is likely to get comments and stares by the public (though when I'm in lolita with my partner I get less shit, probably due to his presence). He is secure in himself enough to know that it makes me happy, this is the way I wish to present myself, and that's my decision. If everyone in the world thought your partner was unattractive, but you thought they were beautiful, what would it matter? If other people's opinions come before your happiness and opinion of your partner, you're not doing dating right.

>> No.10300867

what the fuck is this boomer blogpost bullshit?

>> No.10300878

>that thong peek
Does she not look at the video again before uploading it?

>> No.10300879

Females are sexual selectors.

If you were "abused" by a guy it's almost guaranteed to be your own fault.

>> No.10300880

Yes and then they leave the guy, let others know so they don't select him either, so he dies alone and his gene pool ends. Simple

>> No.10300886


>> No.10300888

*farts in secret so nobody ever knows, specially males*

>> No.10300890

>tfw no lolita gf who lets me tickle her feets

>> No.10300899

t. scalper

>> No.10300901

> sees girl who keeps borrowing dresses from acquaintances and posts on ig and not talking about what dresses she wants. Okay.jpg

>> No.10300902

you're an angle anon good luck

>> No.10300904


I hope all females over the age of 22 just die.

>> No.10300907

Why? Were you stupid enough to "abuse" someone and end your bloodline?

>> No.10300942
File: 1.75 MB, 500x522, head_pat2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10300943

Why are you crying over a failed assignment? Also unless your school is super elite no one cares about you failing an assigment.

>> No.10300944

It's very normal to want attention and/or socialization. It's a reward for the thought and effort involved than the brain naturally seeks. It's the same as wanting someone to notice when you've gotten a haircut or lost weight.

>> No.10300949

Have fun dying alone while the entire female population lives longer than you.

>> No.10300951


In university in America if you fail an assignment you may not get credit for or fail a class. If it was an important or required class you'll have to spend more money or time on school to retake it. Everyone can't afford that. Plus it's disappointing to not do well in general. Your school doesn't need to be elite for failing a class to affect you negatively in getting a degree.

>> No.10300954

Ah yes, the cosplay board is the perfect place to lament about one's aspergers-induced inadequacies with women. Sounds like an awful lot of cope for some niggas who "didnt do anything wrong and just cant seem to get a girlfriend", why do we even have these threads anymore?

>> No.10300977


>> No.10300982

As an alternative to straight up scare them of? Containment places on 4chan never worked, not even once.

>> No.10300991

They sure did for ponies though.

>> No.10301009


It worked for pokemon. /vp/ is a cesspool of autism, pokemon themed incel rage, and female trainer lolicon

>> No.10301058

This was random. No one was talking about abuse. Not liking our frillies and saying so makes one a butt depending on situation, but not abusive.

>> No.10301078 [DELETED] 

porch monkeys*

Little girls are hot.

Get over it.

>> No.10301994
File: 43 KB, 520x390, 11847025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to my second-ever con in a couple of weeks
>Fiance can't go because everyone is leaving at her job and she has to cover shifts
>We already paid for tickets and the hotel

Goddamnit I'm gonna be the creepy old dude wandering around by himself

>> No.10306132

Starting to think vegan nazi chan is an attention whore. She's going to a meet. She's Maybe going to a meet. She's going. No wait, she's maybe going to a meet. Who knows.

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