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"Are you an anime?!"

Tell us your stories about what funny or stupud things normies had said bout you

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The one time i wore classic lolita instead of gothic i got "Bo Peep!"
Never again

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>dressed in menhera/nurse coord for Halloween to spend time with my friend
>it is literally the day of Halloween
>some normie yells at me because she’s upset about me wearing a “costume” in public
>on Halloween

Dumbest thing to happen in my almost 10 years of wearing jfash. Any other day of the year I’d understand but this lady was upset about me getting dressed up ON HALLOWEEN.

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I got this from a mailman who was delivering some j-fashion to me:
>You get a lot of packages from Japan, huh?
>So do you, like, fetishize the Japanese?

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If he asks this again you should file a complaint.

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I don't think he will. I shut him down pretty firmly with my utter disgust.

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That's inappropriate, he should never be mentioning anything even remotely sexual to a customer. You need to report him.

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>at work talking to co-workers about buying sweaters for fall
>Mention a cute jfash sweater I've had my eyes on. Very simple pink sweater with embroidered peaches on it
>show a picture of a model wearing the sweater to my co-workers
>one co-worker says "I guess its cute but I don't know whats with you and Japanese people" referring to the model wearing it

God damnit Jan

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Anytime you wear a sax coord too people always say you look like little bo-peep or Alice.....

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>I work at a place that gets a lot of volunteers since its a non-profit
>One volunteer comes in pretty regular so we have talked quite a bit and the subject of Jfashion and lolita comes up
>"I think I would like to get into lolita but I'm scared too...."
>"I'm scared it might be cultural appropriation..."

Except lolita is fairly new and is inspired by old world European fashion but go off

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Wtf yeah if anything it's appropriating British and Euro culture (it's not but just.. wat)

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It wasn't a negative thing but this woman pointed to my skirt and said "I love your outfit, are those deer?! I'm being a deer for Halloween!"
It was cute

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>wearing sweet coord out
>old lady walks up and points
>"OH is this um...princess??? um....What is this?"
>"its just Japanese street fashion."
>"Ooooooh I see... yes ...is this one of those, um, MEMES?

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Lolita is just a niche group of Japanese people being historicalfrenchaboos anyway. This is so stupid.

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this is what tumbrl does to you

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this is adorable lmao

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Asian people have appropriated westerners to a crazy ass level already. Their normie daily wear clothes are all western shit!

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what do you think might be ther % of women that at least during a period of their life wished to dress up as a western princess?

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"OMG my daughter would be dying if she saw you! SO CUTE! SO....What anime are you from? I think its one she's watched...."

I should have told her boku no pico....

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Bruh had the same thing happen but with an old classmate. I'm like, did someone put you up to this?? I really don't understand that take on things...

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I know this is b8 but it’s also true that the Japanese have a huge whitepeople fetish and want to be them

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it's literally tumblr talking points

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How is it bait? Things like jeans, tshirts, and suits are all western-invented clothes.

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Because those clothes are worn commonly almost everywhere in the world now

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That's the point. They appropriated the fuck out of western clothes.

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>"did you make that yourself?"
I wear more solids than prints, so maybe that's why they thought that?

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In a normie's mind lolita doesn't even exists, so there is literally nobody making the dresses, thus you must have the on making the dresses yourself.

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I got this question when I was wearing a print

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When i was in my ita-days i really thought that all lolitas sew they clothes and that they can only wear dresses. Yeah, i mistook jsk with blouse for an op.

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I was seriously asked how much for the night. I was wearing classic

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>my friend invites me to an art even that involves paintings, music and fancy alcohol
>decide to wear a gothic nun coord since it was an artsy event
>Place is pretty crowded and I get approached by an old man who is definitely plastered
>He leans in and says 'you look soooo beautiful'
>I tell him thank you and he continues
>'....you are a GIRL right?'
>'I would treat you sooo good'
>I pretend I can't hear him now and push my way through the crowd and back to my friends

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>This lady was upset about me getting dressed up
This is not acceptable any time. She should mind her own business

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>wearing cute liz lisa outfit to go run some errands
>50 year old man walks up to me and says, "wow, i love your style!! very cute"
>his wife, also old, is standing right next to him giving me the coldest glare on the planet

my husband was right behind me trying not to lose his shit while i'm kind of embarrassed but laughed it off when they left

i swear, i get nice comments when i wear lolita but god forbid i wear something a little more casual, almost every white girl is afraid i'm gonna steal their man

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Should have made out with her husband right then and there to establish dominance over her and become the Alpha Female of the pack.

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>swear, i get nice comments when i wear lolita but god forbid i wear something a little more casual, almost every white girl is afraid i'm gonna steal their man
Otome gets me significantly more dirty looks than lolita.

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My favourite comment I’ve got was “It’s not Halloween!!” ...on Halloween.

I’ve gotten this one multiple times when out with my comm. I think it’s a go-to comment for men who want to humiliate you but aren’t creative enough to come up with anything better.

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This shit is insane. What is it about pretty dresses that makes the normies crazy, gulls?

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They're intimidated by things that challenge their notions of what is "normal", "feminine", "appropriate", etc. And when they see something that causes that level of cognitive dissonance their response is probably usually just really weird and unfavorable for whatever poor soul, lolita or otherwise, that is on the receiving end of their attempt to express how confused they feel.

Anything that people see as unusual is a target for attack and men especially like to use the ways women stand out as an attempt to flirt if they're creeps or insult them for not being what they consider attractive or okay for women to look like (also creeps). Men in general are strangely offended by women not attempting to please them with their physical appearance.

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It's all just so weird to me. I can definitely see that point with men though, some do have this weird sense of "ownership" towards women. Whats worse though is the jealous women like >>10297477

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I have worse story. Once i was going by bus somewhere and it was really crowded. Few hours later, when i was changing at home, i found cum spots on my jsk.

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I want to cry for you omggggggg

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Remembering this story makes my blood boil

>Got tiara rose ribbon in pink by angelic pretty in the mail
>excitedly put together a coord and make my husband take me out just so I can wear it because I'm immediately in love with it
>we were walking around window shopping when a fat mom holding the hand of a toddler girl decides to come up and talk to me
>"your dress is so cute! This might be an odd question but do you just like to dress cute, or are you a 'little'?
>My face goes from a polite smile to a grimace as I realize that this fucking lady is asking me if I'm wearing ddlg fetish shit in front of her child which somehow makes it worse.
>I just reply "No." and angrily walk off so I don't say anything I would regret.
>Lady awkward laughs and says to my husband "yea I guess its an awkward question'
>husband just goes "yea kinda.." and follows me

I hope that interaction embarrassed her but honestly, she probably has no shame anyway...

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"Obviously more than you could ever afford."

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I genuinely can’t imagine being enough of a social retard to ask complete strangers about sexual kinks in public. Holy shit.

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saw this on instagram a couple times "Hey guys how do you like my Lolita COSPLAY :)"

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It's less them appropriating western styles and more like the west exporting those goods to the countries in question.

>omg you're so cute, is this anime?
>are you in a play?
>you look like this one character from movie xyz
>do you dress like this all the time?
>why are you dressed like this, is there a special occasion?
>"discreetly" attempts to take my picture without asking, it's still very obvious
>asks for pictures, I say no, still persists
>asks for pictures, I say yes, the next 10 minutes are being spent by random different normies approaching to ask about pictures, I swear it's the same effect when you're the one kid in class who has bubblegum

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The sweetest comment I ever got on campus in an old school coord after a full day of constant questions about if I'm wearing a costume, going to an event, the usual, was another black girl who walked up to me and was like "Omigosh I haven't seen another lolita in so long and seeing your coord just made my day "

It made me super happy cause I always worry black people will be more critical of me in lolita (my family already shit talks me for ever dressing at all different or cutesy) and my town has very few black people in general so there was this tiny moment of like "wow another black lolita irl instead of just on the internet and she complimented my coord" and it was super nice.

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I’d rather have a thousand jealous women glare at me than have one more creep come up to sexually proposition or harass me.

>asks for pictures, I say yes, the next 10 minutes are being spent by random different normies approaching to ask about pictures, I swear it's the same effect when you're the one kid in class who has bubblegum
I’ve stopped asking my friends to take coord pictures of me in public because every time I do it seems to signal to random people that it’s okay for them to start taking photos of me too.

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Pretty much all of these x million

>Is this an anime thing?
>I love your cosplay!
>Are you amish?
>Are you one of those "living doll" girls?
>are you a performer?
>Is there a convention today?

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>can I take your picture??
>tries to take picture anyway
>I flip her off
>she starts screaming about how if I’m going out dressed like this in public I shouldn’t be mad when people take pictures

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>wearing a pretty basic gothic coord while running errands
>realize I have to stop by my work for the new schedule
>My co-workers extremely weeby daughter is in the break room and sees me
>OMG you are almost like a gothic lolita!
>haha I'm not just LIKE a gothic lolita I am one.
>Hey she knows what that is, neat!
>smile then go past her to get to the office
>She starts following me
>if you wore a pink wig you would look just like kawaii-chan!
>uh sorry I don't know who that is .....
>you really should dress up as kawaii-chan from youtube it would be so kaaaawwaaaaiiiii!!!!
>I grab the schedule and start to fast walk out
>haha nice seeing you tell your mom I said hi...

Oh children.

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Those rare moments where you meet other lolitas in the wild are so special. There are so few of us where I live too....

>> No.10297597

Thats actually why im scared to use public transportation

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Anon I've had this happen to me too, you are not alone
>Be at Sakura matsuri
>Wearing some kind of pink AP print
>Hanging around a cooking demo waiting for my bf to get a drink
>Some girl in cat ears comes up and asks me if I'm wearing AP
>Politely tell her yes, hoping that would be the end of it
>Immediately asks if I'm a little
>Glares at her and says no
>Run away to my bf who is still in the drink line and tells him what happened
>He glares at her too

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I’ve had the “try to be sneaky about taking a picture but end up being completely obvious about it” thing a few times.

A couple of times I’ve caught them I’ve tried to whip my phone out as fast as possible and take a picture back. The look on their face feels like pure horror, the irony.

>> No.10297637

Why? It's literally the most basic, innocent thing.

>> No.10297659

Is AP some kind of ddlg staple now?

>> No.10297661

I have a hard time believing that middle aged people know what ddlg is. Maybe she thinks it's non sexual.

>> No.10297662

>wear revealing clothes
>men think you're a whore
>wear conservative clothes
>men think you're a whore
There's no way to win I guess

>> No.10297663

>white girl
Are you asian?

>> No.10297665

It's literally appropriation. It's like me buying exported kimonos and wearing it everyday.

>> No.10297668

When was it not? They are the company that has released the most ddlg looking shit (prints with baby stuff, toys etc)

>> No.10297674

Just because she’s fat doesn’t mean she’s middle aged. I mean having a toddler doesn’t take being a mom for that long.

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Cold autumn. I was wearing very simple sweet coord and sat on a bench. I had long wool shorts underneath and an underskirt for more layers. Then an old lady came near and said something like "you are wearing such a cute clothes but you are sitting on a cold bench, you'll get your female parts ill and you won't be able to have a baby"

So, im still not sure if this sounded badass or stupid but i lifted my jsk a little to show shorts and amount of layers and said "you think i have nothing underneath that skirt while i have things to keep me warm. You are also wrong about another thing. You think you have brain but i can see there isn't any trace of it" and i went away into the sunset. Well not sunset just away from this old crazy woman. She was yelling at my back about not respecting elderly and this was funny.

>> No.10297684

So many people in the DDLG community are in their late 20s-early 30s. I wouldn't be surprised if someone that age had a toddler. It's really popular among the older millennial age group who want to go back to being kids. Except instead of buying a coloring book or watching a nostalgic movie, they do... that.
Ugh now I'm getting grossed out because she probably regresses to the age of her own child.

>> No.10297686

>She was yelling at my back about not respecting elderly
she was right in doing so, she was just looking after you, and no you don't call an old woman a brainlet, c'mon now

>> No.10297689

This better be bait. Would it still have been acceptable to talk about OP's genitals and her fertility level if it were an old man?

>> No.10297690


>> No.10297691

I can hear this in an east European accent and it's making it even funnier.

>> No.10297703

ok, I'll admit she was a bit of a cunt, but still giving legit health advice

>> No.10297722


I'm not sure how legit the advice that "if your pussy gets cold once from a bench you'll become infertile" is. And this old bitch isn't her doctor and has no right to be telling her about her health when she's minding her own damn business. She may not even want kids.

There's a lot of projection of potential misinformation and assumptions about the anon in question being made by the old lady when no one fucking asked her opinion.

>> No.10297724


.... What. I'm all for respecting old people but shit goes both ways. If some old person disses me you'd better believe I'll diss them back like any other person.

>> No.10297725

>you are sitting on a cold bench, you'll get your female parts ill and you won't be able to have a baby
what the fuck

>> No.10297727

Anon... Our vaginas don't work like testes. Unlike men, we aren't temperature-sensitive. All our reproductive shit is way up inside our body. The vagina has little to do with actually making kids outside being the entrance & exit. Again, it's not like testes.

>> No.10297730

Anon thought... Okay, men can suffer reproductive issues if the testes are exposed to temperatures higher or lower than 33 Celsius. So, for a man, sitting in their boxers on a cold bench can affect their fertility. Anon didn't know how the female reproductive system worked, and thought that it would be the same. He didn't realize that women's equivalent of the testes, ovaries, are deep inside the body close to where the hips meet the stomach, and that sitting on a cold bench cannot affect ovaries since for them to be affected, women have to experience hyper/hypothermia.

>> No.10297738

You insulted an innocent old lady instead of just ignoring her comment? Wow so badass and not at all pathetic/rude

>> No.10297739

people who have children themselves do this?
oh ew

>> No.10297740

then they have a legit reason to worry. white male fetishization of asians is out of control

>> No.10297741

It's an invasive and weird comment, not to mention completely untrue.

>> No.10297744

Doesn't matter, you don't snap at little old people. Just like you wouldn't snap at a child for saying something dumb.

>> No.10297749


Old people aren't fucking babies. They have had way longer than a child to learn how to get facts correct or not say intrusive shit to strangers. Age is no excuse.

>> No.10297751

As we age our mental faculties deteriorate. Even if there’s no dementia or similar ailments present, old people don’t function mentally at the same level as younger adults do. You are a huge cunt for not having sympathy or tolerance for the elderly. It would be one thing if it was an older person insulting or hassling anon, but this old lady was literally just trying to help. Seriously fuck you.

>> No.10297757

its not so much appropriation as it is the white-dominated western world forcing their cultural norms on everyone else

>> No.10297759


She was harassing. If the lady has no dementia it makes no sense for anyone of any age to start talking about your privates. I have tons of respect for elderly people and spend loads of time around older people and none of them (even those in their eighties) are ever lost enough mentally that they make random comments about reproduction or children to strangers unprompted. If it was just her warning her to not stay out in the cold in general I'd say she was being helpful but the childbirth thing is just stupid and wrong.

If it was an old man people would obviously see it as creepy and unwarranted which it is either way. Old people can be shitty just as much as younger ones can and women can say inappropriate things just as much as men can.

Fuck you for having so little faith in the mental faculties of a healthy older person that you expect less than normal polite human behavior from them. Being older is no excuse for not understanding boundaries. They had longer than the rest of us to learn them.

>> No.10297760

They grew up in a completely different world than you with far less sexual education, if any. How about you just stop being a cunt?

>> No.10297762

You have not idea what harassment actually is. If anything, you harassed her with your crass insult.

>> No.10297763

That isn’t harassment you nasty slag. Trying to help others by giving advice on health is an act of kindness that comes from the heart. I work with elderly individuals daily and I know what they’re like, you clearly don’t if you think some sweet old lady giving advice is harassment. Again, seriously and sincerely, fuck you.

>> No.10297764


I'm not that anon and I wouldn't have said anything rude back to the lady. But that doesn't mean I can't find her comments invasive and rude.

Sex ed is irrelevant. She shouldn't have brought up the reproductive aspect at all. In the same way people her age would have taboos about asking a woman their age or whatever other stuff is old fashioned, randomly dicussing periods, ovaries, reproduction, etc. As your first conversation with a stranger is often seen as strange if not inappropriate across all generations. Call me a cunt all you want but that doesn't make the old lady not a weirdo for being so interested in a stranger's vagina rather than just their body warmth in general.

>> No.10297765

If a person has such level of dementia that their are no more able to follow social norms, they should be kept and be taken care of in special facilities

>> No.10297767

Learn to fucking read genius.

>> No.10297768

This is ironic considering social norms dictate that people have respect and patience for the elderly, of which you clearly have none. Maybe you should also be locked up in a facility?

>> No.10297769


I get what you're trying to say and all but disagree given the situation. I volunteer and spend tons of time around elderly people as I mentioned and none of them have ever tried to be helpful in a way that came off as creepy or strange like the story the anon told.

You really love throwing the word cunt around, calm the hell down and stop pretending older people can't say inappropriate things.

I don't think being rude to the woman in response was the polite thing to do but the old lady's comments were unwarranted and unwanted and there is just no reason to believe she thought that in that moment some young woman's ovaries were that important compared to just commenting a normal helpful comment about keeping warm in general.

>> No.10297770


You do realize anyone who disagrees with you is not all the same person right?

>> No.10297771

>I-I totally volunteer and spend tons of time with the elderly too!!!

Yeah. Sure jan.

>> No.10297772

I already pointed out having spent time around older people before the anon that loves throwing out the word cunt ever mentioned working with them.

>> No.10297774

I didn’t say or imply that anon was the same person as any other post you moron. Based on that one post alone it’s clear.

>> No.10297776

You really should leave /cgl/ if the word cunt offends you so much, cunt. Or stop being a cunt so people don’t feel compelled to call you a cunt.


>> No.10297777

There’s two different people who have called you a cunt at this point

>> No.10297778


Oh so you're just the same level of bitch to everyone, got it.

Either way wearing certain clothes doesn't justify anyone of any age suddenly making intrusive remarks or requests of others. That's kinda the point of this thread. Sharing the bullshit people say and how they suddenly feel entitlement or responsibility over people's bodies, time, etc. just because they wear frilly dresses.

>> No.10297779

He's not wrong.

>> No.10297780


It's not that it offends me. You just seem super excited like a middle schooler who just learned the word using it so much.

Maybe you should go outside sometime if people not wanting old ladies to ask about their pussies offends you so much.


>> No.10297781

Maybe you should take a moment, stop and think why society in general seems protective of the elderly, yeah? And then put two and two together as to why this particular anon is getting this response.

Lmao fuck off, like >>10297777 said it’s not just one person who’s used the word cunt. Maybe you should scrape the sand out of yours and stop clutching your pearls over some bad words hurting your feefees.

>> No.10297782

I hope you get dementia anon

>> No.10297783

please wash the sand out of your vagina asap

>> No.10297785
File: 39 KB, 512x391, keep-going-dont-stop-we-have-nice-show-here-popcorn-meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10297787

You sound like a real sad person. Yikes.

>> No.10297788

Until you started complaining about it there were two posts calling you a cunt, once each, made by different people. Hardly someone using it “like a middle schooler who just learned the word.” You fixating on that just comes off as trying to deflect from how much of a terrible person you must be.

>> No.10297789


No one ever said old people shouldn't be protected or respected or treated well. Those are all good behaviors. The elderly deserve as much respect as any other person obviously.

But just because a group of people are vulnerable or need help does not mean they are incapable of causing others discomfort with their actions.

The anon who posted the story was rude for lashing out at the old woman, yeah, but her being bothered by the comments was a perfectly valid way to feel.

It is possible for both parties in this situation to have behaved in ways that are wrong/could have been more appropriate. Everything isn't all good or all evil. The older woman could have discussed a less sensitive or personal topic as her first interaction with a stranger. And the girl responding could have been more polite or just ignored the aspects that they felt uncomfortable with but didn't and that's also not okay.

How is it cunty to point that out? Because curse words were used? Because the older lady isn't being painted as a pergect angel who can do no wrong because of her age? Because the original anon was an asshole to the lady so they somehow deserved to be bothered preemptively before actually having been rude in the first place?

One day the anon who was rude to the lady will be old. Are they suddenly a victim who can do no wrong even if they continue being super rude to strangers their whole life?

>> No.10297792

Yikes that wall of text. You are absolutely seething over the word cunt. TLDR

>> No.10297794

And everyone on the bus clapped. I know because I was the bus.

>> No.10297796


they used the word 'cunty' and didn't sperg on the usage of cunt though. reading comprehension anon.

>> No.10297797

it's time to stop posting

>> No.10297798

>reading comprehension

Majorly ironic considering I posted TLDR. Maybe you should get some reading comprehension first before advising others to.

>> No.10297799

She did sperg about it earlier dummy

>> No.10297800


I was trying to type in a less aggressive way because it is just a nicer thing to do/would hopefully help people not misunderstand the point I was making.

>> No.10297801


So you're not just dumb, you're dumb and you have attention deficit issues, got it.

>> No.10297802

I’m not going to read a wall of text over this bitch continuing to lose her shit over the word cunt or some other frivolous shit.

Sure you were cunt.

>> No.10297803


It's at the point that people are just jumping in to make a show of things and don't actually care about the original point anyway.

>> No.10297804

This is absolutely harassment, if someone said this to me regardless of gender or age I’d give them my brightest, cutest smile and then say “fuck you.”

>> No.10297805

I doubt you could manage to look cute anon, don’t lie to yourself.

>> No.10297806

My daily "going out for more than a drive-through or the postbox" clothing is basically otome, or close enough and I can confirm. Way more deathglares from old boomer ladies (pissed they burned all their bras, I guess), but you are every old man's sweetheart. I honestly think its fine, they are usually sweet old men who don't much joy in their day.

My favorite experience was an old southern gent at a diner who was convinced I was English for some reason and regaled me about his time as a fighter pilot during WW2 where he met "my Queen" at her coronation.

>> No.10297807


>if I'm rude to everyone that disagrees with me it means I win

>> No.10297808

I’m cuter than you, which is really all I care about.

>> No.10297809

*oops, Korean War, not WW2

>> No.10297810

I highly doubt it. Internal ugliness seeps out to your physical appearance like a sickness eventually.

>> No.10297811


That's adorable anon. Don't let those grumpy people get to you and just focus on the nice experiences.

>> No.10297812 [DELETED] 

You are a disgusting piece of crap that wasn't taught to respect elderly. This nice lady was working throughout her life so little stupid bitches like you can have their frilly dresses and even while being old she was trying to help.
You should have said thank you instead of what you said. So i hope when you'll get old, you dirty rotten whore, you'll be homeless cripple that unable to walk so you'll crawl like an dumb animal you actually are, eat from trashcans and die from STD in a sewage pit with your precious vagina being full of liquid yellow stinky pus cause this what you deserve.

>> No.10297813


How do you gather that a person is somehow ugly on the inside just from them telling a stranger to fuck off?

>> No.10297815


>found the angry incel scrote

>> No.10297816

By the nature of the act of telling an old person to fuck off. Telling a stranger who’s attempting to help you to fuck off is indicative of ugliness on the inside, but when it’s a sweet little old lady trying to look out for the health of someone young? That’s as ugly as it gets.

>> No.10297817


I don't know why everyone assumes this old woman really cared about this person's health, given how many previous examples of old women were passive aggressive or angry or salty at people's existence for even wearing casual cute fashipn.fashion

While I'm inclined to believe she meant well but was a bit inappropriate in expressing her concern, there is still a possibility she said what she did as a sort of jab like "you'll never have kids you frilly little bitch"

Probably not but why do we assume having lived longer makes someone inherently well intentioned?

>> No.10297818

Well, if I gave a shit in the first place I wouldn't have sunk thousands of dollars into nothing but an otome or otherwise "Ginza lady" wardrobe. However I am surprised how many regular people sincerely just like how I am dressed, even when I add something controversial like real fur into the mix.
Old people lack tact, but usually when an old lady says something like that it is genuinely just a show of concern. She may have been rude, but two wrongs don't make a right and the appropriate reaction would be to smile and internally seethe rather than sperg out with a cringey one-liner and remove any chance of it being a pleasant interaction.

>> No.10297819

> there is still a possibility she said what she did as a sort of jab like "you'll never have kids you frilly little bitch

You’re delusional if you really think this is a possibility based on the way the scenario was described. But you’re delusional for a lot of other things too.

>> No.10297824


Yeah the anons saying they'd respond rudely are wrong. The right solution is to ignore it or like you said, keep it inside and not spurt out douchey responses to people even if they said something in a weird or uncomfortable way.

And like I said I think the lady wasn't actually intending to be rude on purpose or anything, I just meant to point out that in general every old person isn't a saint. Shitty people age just like good people so there's good and bad older people out there.

>> No.10297829

I’m sorry you’re ugly. I can’t even imagine how salty I’d be if I wasn’t dealt the beautiful card.

>> No.10297860

>the best answer

>> No.10297864

>you must be 18+ to use 4chan
You do know that old people have sex too? If they liked that shit when they were younger why would they stop when they're old?

>> No.10297866

Then they should find a better man, it's not my fault their partner can't control themself

>> No.10297869

porn and kinky shit were not readily available nor accepted back then as they are in the internet age. a lot of older people don't know what a lot of the popular kinks are today. do your parents know what a milf is?

>> No.10297880

On a happier note with old people, of the sweetest but weirdest encounters I had was at an expensive antique store that was way out of my league. I ran into a lady there who exclaimed I looked adorable and it reminded her of her young days when she would drive too fast in her ferrari, causing her petticoats to lift up and flash all the boys.

Most of the time I get old people reminiscing about how they used to dress like that, and I think it's pretty sweet.

>> No.10297884

Weird flex (her I mean)

>> No.10297885

nayrt but yes

>> No.10297905

>what were mailing lists?
>what were zines?
>what were clubs?
>what were munches?
bitch, it was the 60's, not the dark ages.

>> No.10297915

This will now be my go-to response.

>> No.10297941

how are you this retarded

>> No.10297988

A lady basically asked me if i was in a cult lmao.
She asked if i wore it for religious reasons and naturally i told her that no, i didn't, then she said, and i quote "oh good, you never know with these crazy cults nowadays".

>> No.10298004

Honestly yea, as much as I love AP I do avoid some the the more childish looking prints just so I don't have interactions with creepy ddlg people who think I'm one of them.

>> No.10298017

My grandma said I gave her flashbacks to when she and her friends would sneak into the school kitchen and steal sugar to boil to starch their petticoats.

>> No.10298060

Its nice to have some wholesome normie comments! That's pretty cool.

>> No.10298086

Unless the women you are talking about are over 80 I find that highly unlikely, and even then only because there was a brief moment in the 50s where *some* women might have worn petticoats to fit Dior's New Look silhouette. There was no moment other than that in the entire 20th century where stiff petticoats have been a thing.

>> No.10298091

IF anon is american, you mean

>> No.10298095

My grandmother is indeed over 80. All of my grandparents are.
We're Canadian fwiw.

>> No.10298102

kinks specifically like ddlg and milf did not exist back then. this is not a difficult concept to understand.

>> No.10298145


Was OP, and she referred to the 1950s so I would assume she's over 80. Either way I was entertained by her flex.

>> No.10298152

milfs were definitely a thing in the 60s, just without the acronym

>> No.10298160

Yeah the sexy matron thing was a definite trope.

>> No.10298201

I wonder where you're from. I live in the midwest US and a lot of 60-80 y/o women have commented to me about when they were kids and wore "can cans." I can't remember what the white ladies called it but older black women call pettis can cans

>> No.10298212

The Graduate came out in 1967 and was a huge success. Porn was still available, people saw prostitutes and all kinds of degenerate sex happened. Just watch Mad Men

>> No.10298219

Porn use to be shown in theaters, like Deep Throat, and people forget that everyone knew what a nudie mag was. Back when newspaper stands and stores were common, you bought nudie mags on the top shelf where children couldn't see. Guess what all those people did when the internet came out? Sex wasn't publicly acceptable, but it was encouraged for men and married couples. It was only the public depiction of sex that was a no-go. Most middle age people are more kinky and crazy then you think.

The problem with the internet is that younger people don't know how to communicate or find information without it nor can they fathom the possibility. It's sad. I grew up with the internet, but discussion like this does prove what some older people have lamented about to me.

>> No.10298220

Someone needs to tell this anon about Fanny Hill. It's so funny how every new generation thinks they invented sex and drugs.

>> No.10298221

(by "this anon" I mean >>10297869, not you, just to avoid confusion)

>> No.10298224


People have always been degenerate: they were just better at being shamed into hiding their degeneracy.

>> No.10298228


Shit goes WAY back.

>> No.10298236

Your coworker sounds like a racist cunt

>> No.10298246

How do you know it wasn't just tapioca?

>> No.10298258


I honestly feel like this is a made up story by some sissy fetishist. Like that one time someone asked questions about getting cum stains out of lace.

>> No.10298278

i certainly want to believe that ddlg was not always a thing, and will go away again eventually

>> No.10298342
File: 1.07 MB, 1280x975, tumblr_pf40p0WrKo1reugqko1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US lolita here
>wearing cesky krumlov in a pretty little cafe I frequent
>woman I've never seen comes up and sits in the empty seat across from me
>"are you from Germany?"
>"have you lived in Europe?"
>"do you speak dutch?"
>"Oh, I just saw your pretty dress and thought you may have gotten it somewhere special."
>it's Japanese street fashion
>UTTER DISGUST on her face
>"Oh, I see."

>> No.10298346

constantly getting this question. Even super complicated prints like Krad Lanrete.
Like, where do you think this fabric comes from?

>> No.10298361

>Out visiting my friend in their city
>Wear IW coord
>Friend matches with historical 20' tomboy vibe
>Look great together, honestly
>Wander through town into antique shop
>Clerk is a hippie looking guy in surf shorts
>He is overly happy to see us
>Asks if our clothes are vintage
>Becomes thrilled when we say it's new, but historically inspired
>"You guys are genuine, like real authentic"
>Says he wishes it was the norm for people to dress like us
>It is funnier because he himself is dressed lazily in a modern fashion
>I find a small something I want to buy
>He doesn't know the price of it
>Proceeds to pick up an antique gong
>Walks in a procession of chimes out back to wake up his boss and ask
>It was two pm

I often think back fondly to that kooky antique shop clerk. He was genuine, like real authentic himself.

>> No.10298363

What cut? I had the long and someone asked me if I was in a play.

>> No.10298374

Can confirm my great-aunt is in her 80s and they also used to starch their petticoats.

>> No.10298392

I don't think she was talking about temperature directly causing infertility. It's a commonly held belief that sitting on a cold surface can cause a UTI (pretty sure it's wrong though,like how some people still think you catch a cold just by being outside in cold weather), and UTIs can apparently cause fertility problems in some cases.

>> No.10298393

based mailman

>> No.10298394

it was the short version with the just waist. If it had been longer I would have maybe understood a little more.

>> No.10298489

Here to confirm that's total nonsense. UTIs are caused by bacterial transfer, surface contact temperature has nothing to do with it and doesn't make a lick of rational sense.

>> No.10298513

summer is over, shouldn't you be back in school child?

>> No.10298658

Me too, anon. Anytime I see posts like that I assume it's a dumb child poster or some cross boarding incel.

>> No.10298780


cosplay and not jfash but

>cosplaying for the first time
>get in a lift with my friend and so do 2 boomers
>awkward silence for a while
>*cracks up* haha ok guys we gotta ask, what's going on? XDDD

>> No.10298784

My idiot brain somehow first read this story as you doing a cooperative exercise move in cosplay with your friend and ripping two giant farts

>> No.10298795


LOL how the fuck did you interpret it as that? I think they were more weirded out by the fact that i was dressed as a girl

>no haha, it's uhm, it's like a costume for this big convention, I'm dressed up as his girlfriend. I mean, as the girlfriend of the character he's come as.
>oh, so are you two?...
>nonononono, it's just a costume haha, I'm not gay...
>haha ok...

I got a bunch of random dudes crossplaying coming up to me and hugging me/asking for pics, and 4 guys at the same time shouting "DOWNWARD FUCKING DOG" at me and my friend.

>> No.10298827

being really fucking tired
>lift = lifting weights
>boomers = farts
I don't even know man

>> No.10298830


>boomers = farts


idk i just mb used slightly different terminology cuz I grew up in England.

>> No.10298900

I live in western europe and my 80 year old grandma also comments on how she used to wear starched petticoats all the time. According to her it was a big thing when she was young and all the girls would do it.

>> No.10298902

that's top stuff actually mate
because boomers = old farts

>> No.10298903

Do you not know how old grandparents usually are?

>> No.10299053

And here I am cringing at all the kink shit while I wear gothic in my late 30s. You do know a lot of us lolitas are older too, right? Anyone can get on the internet and learn things.

I wrote all that and then read >>10297869 and I'm just dying a little on the inside, lol. You're pretty naive. I remember in the 90s accidentally finding a porn CD my dad owned in the computer room, and he didn't magically forget how to use the internet as you are sort of implying old people can't fathom here >>10298102
just because he hit his 70s now.

So far the worst comment I've gotten is my aunt complimenting my bat-themed coord and then saying 'if you wore a witch hat for that, you'd have such a cute halloween costume!', which... isn't all that bad, but I avoided such accessories exactly for that reason.

>> No.10299067

Doesn't everyone eat tapioca while riding on packed buses, especially if they have to stand next to pretty ladies?

>> No.10299069

These kinks have always existed, but they were kept hidden. The internet simply gave fetish kinks a great deal more exposure.

>> No.10299122

i've been super fortunate in that i don't think i've gotten a single negative comment while out in lolita, in the last ~2 years of wearing it daily. some of my favorite incidents:

>out doing errands, getting medicine at a pharmacy
>older white lady comes up to gush about the clothes for a good 10 minutes
>she keeps saying thank you for dressing like this
>"you make everyone around you who sees you just a little more cheerful and happy. keep spreading that joy"
>she says she used to wear similarly feminine clothes back in the day, so happy to see something so lovely and cheerful today
>"are you wearing a crinoline under that?" it's a bit colder today so just petticoats "oh my, petticoats, what an old fashioned word..how lovely"
>a little girl, probably age 5ish, was with her mon staring at me the whole time
>lady starts talking to the girl too, says "do you want to wear a beautiful dress with rabbits on it like that one day and look wonderful like her too?"

this one happened just yesterday
>two old chinese ladies come up to me to say they love my outfit
>one is particularly enthusiastic, big smiles, asks where i got the clothes from
>"oh, i thought it would be from england! because it looks very old england historical"
>"i love seeing beautiful things like this (gestures at dress).... and beautiful girls like you"

i get a lot of positive comments from younger normies too, mostly "i love your outfit" "you look so cute" but my favorite from a fellow student was
>young black guy student comes up to me
>"i'm sorry to bother you and i'm sure you probably already know this, but"
>"your fit? it's really fresh."
>he makes prayer hands at me and walks away

i usually get 1-3 sweet comments from stranger every day. it's done wonders for my poor self esteem and insecurities. i'm a much happier person now, so i'll always be grateful to lolita

>> No.10299126

Gonna add to some of these more wholesome stories!

>Wearing a classic coord out with my bf
>a mom walks by holding a little girls hand
>the little girl turns and exclaims "Pretty!'
>The mom replies "isn't that a beautiful outfit? I like the shoes."
>As they walk the little girl keeps looking behind her to look at me saying "I like...I like.....I like THE DRESS!"
>I smile and wave at her as the walk off

>> No.10299138

> it's done wonders for my poor self esteem and insecurities.

Same here. I'm so self-conscious. I'm a definite butterface and I used to have terrible social anxiety and panic attacks. At best I felt invisible, and when anyone did notice me they thought I was awkward or that I was The Ugly Girl.

Now I get so many sweet comments when I go out, and I also hear people say nice things even if not directly to me. Lots of stuff about how cool my skirts are and things like that.

>going into sephulta
>extra dressed up that day, just for fun
>full gothic lolita mode, with mega platform boots and rose headpiece
>store is empty aside from the staff who all turn to look at me
>older black cashier "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH girl! You look CUTE!"
>different staff girl comes up later to compliment my boots

>go to a street carnival
>perfect time to wear Night Carnival
>tons of "omg your skirt is so cool!"
>thank you, Meta!

>out at a park festival on Cinco de Mayo
>wearing AP's Dressy Time OP
>some women in full folk costume stop me
>no one speaks any english, charades mode engaged
>they want to take a picture with me
>little granny calls me "princesa rosa"

>> No.10299144

This is so cute, anon, fills my heart with joy. It's not that I haven't had any negative comments at all, but it really is a ratio of 95% compliments and nice things to 5% nastiness that wearing lolita overall has had a really positive impact on my life.

It motivated me to lose weight so that I'm now happy and comfortable with my body, and while I hadn't really associated my improved self-esteem with lolita, it does really cheer me up and make me feel better when strangers say nice things to me. There's even been some newer lolitas in my comm who look up to me and tell me they love my coords and it really warms my heart.

>> No.10306340

I feel like this is a common theme amongst people with anxiety - lolita gives them a 'reason' that people are looking at them or saying stuff, rather than wondering why someone is staring at you or making comments. I guess it's like a weird form of exposure therapy?

>> No.10306399

Have anxiety, can confirm. Its exactly THAT reason, i feel better if there IS something "wrong" with me. Its not always lolita, i wear bunch of altfashions or sometimes its just really crazy make up or hairdo.

>> No.10306402 [DELETED] 

Go to any mall in japan and youll see lots of shirts that say New York or San Francisco on it aka the places where all the Asians go

>> No.10306512

Not a lolita but it's part of why I wear a lot of bright colors. In a grey coat, when people look at me I stress out over why they're looking at me. In a bright orange one, I just tell myself it's because I look like a walking traffic cone.

>> No.10306613
File: 1.80 MB, 1183x1456, 1555886563282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but what if rococo lolita is an appropriation of French cultural heritage?

>> No.10306632
File: 359 KB, 1200x675, gettyimages-641345620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10306889

That definition of "fetishise" isn't sexual

>> No.10308030
File: 79 KB, 480x602, 1565199908909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Is your style inspired by LOLI?"

>> No.10308035

>At a bar with friends in a chill lolita coord
>Middle age tipsy woman comes up to our table
>uhhhhhh what
>jesus fuck people are staring
>then she wandered away

Saw her later when I was leaving and she was taking a smoke break. She screamed “bye kawaii girl!!!” from across the street. It was almost endearing

>> No.10308036

I have older friends who use the term “loli” for lolita since it was a thing in the super old days. It’s meant in good faith but it kills me

>> No.10308045


??? What about this is sexualized exactly? The petticoat? The bonnet? The fact that I’m covered from head to toe? Why do normies think anything unusual = sexual

>> No.10308053

Because normies think adulthood is just sex and taxes and you obviously weren’t doing taxes at the time

>> No.10308058

I hate people like that. Like can't you see you are the weird one that looks at innocent stuff and ascribe it a sexual meaning? My mom was showing pictures of me in my coords to some of her friends and one lady pretty much insinuated that my dad must have molested me or something for me to like dressing that way.

>> No.10308065

I did not expect this wholesome ending.

>> No.10308077

I’d be disgusted if someone said that to me, especially because I have the most awesome and wholesome dad in the world

>> No.10308081

Yeah, I'd probably flip my shit. What kind of asshole makes assumptions like that about someone they've never met and know nothing about?

>> No.10308085

Because adults are inherently sexual I guess? I dunno, it's stupid. I got "possessed doll" once, which I actually dig.

>> No.10308129

I'm assuming they thought you were ddlg, which to be fair, some sweet lolita definitely resembles (and idk why people choose to wear those)

>> No.10308178
File: 144 KB, 112x112, pepelaughgif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"your fit? it's really fresh."
idk why anon but this one got me in stitches. You're so lucky to have gotten so many nice comments!

>> No.10308210
File: 28 KB, 601x230, tbh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10308235

nayrt, but creepy haunted doll is my aesthetic. but i wear gothic lolita, and western goth when i'm not in lolita.

>> No.10308292


I usually avoid pieces with childish things for that reason. The dress my mom showed her friends had either crowns and roses on it, or strawberries. Otherwise the rest of my wardrobe is gothic.

>> No.10308496

What do you say when people ask where you get your clothes?

>> No.10308531

i only say "i bought it online" they don't need to know anything else

>> No.10308575

Depends on who they are and what level of genuine interest they have. Anything from “second hand” to “Baby the Stars Shine Bright you can google their online shop”

>> No.10309197

>Black butler?

>> No.10309207

I do too, and avoid too many pastels.

Luckily my tastes as far as sweet go tend to revolve around quaint/classic illustrations and country berry prints, which are images people don't associate as much with age regression or whatever. But there are times I wish I could feel comfortable decking out in pastels and kawaii aesthetic. I just admire it on other people instead.

>> No.10310770
File: 1.00 MB, 984x1178, fairysad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>*wears fairy kei daily*
>"I really like you anon! I always have a lot of fun with you and I feel like I really have friends when I am with you and roommate anon"
>asks her to hang out sometime and she says we will definitely talk about it
>that same girl later to my roommate
>"Anon seems so fake. And also why would I want to hang out with someone who dresses like they are a fucking kid?? What is wrong with her lol"
>roommate kicks her out and we never see her again
>roommate tells me about it after she kicks her out but says it is true that I dress like a kid and it doesn't matter that it isn't meant to look childish and is just that I like baggy pastels and cute things because it will always look like ddlg or fetish shit to everyone
>I just like to wear one fucking kind of style where I can feel pastel and dreamy and cute and not like a sexual object and I can't do that anymore
Now I get scared to even wear fairy kei anymore. I look in the mirror and all I see is what normies see which is a big DDLG baby.

>> No.10310772 [DELETED] 


It's okay anon. It's not your fault that people are too closed minded to think adults are allowed to be cute. And if normies sexualize what you wear by assuming it's a fetish then they're the weirdos not you

>> No.10310828

honestly the girl in question seems like a drama queen so good riddance! Normies will call anything 'weird' or think it's a fetish, be it fairy kei, lolita, goth, what have you. Don't let that get you down, just wear what you enjoy and be happy!

>> No.10310861

My sides, thank you for this comment anon

>> No.10310862

it's funny, cause it is japanese fashion, but it's inspired in old european fashion, so it's a weird kind of train of "cultural appropiation"

>> No.10310921

Don’t feel bad. Normies think everything unusual is a fetish, and society sexualizes literally everything in general. That shit can happen no matter what you wear, so might as well wear what you like. Also in my experience as someone who wears fairy kei, while there’s the occasional weirdo who gets the wrong idea, most people love the way I dress and it makes them happy. So don’t let one weirdo prevent you from wearing what you love and bringing more joy to everyone’s day including your own

>> No.10311305

>What kind of asshole makes assumptions like that about someone they've never met and know nothing about?
That's exactly what people do on this board

>> No.10311315

God, you've never taken public transit I see.
People often grocery shop and get on trains and buses.

>> No.10311324
File: 368 KB, 388x449, 1565184391253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the support, I know it's not my fault everything thinks everything is sexual but it really gets on my nerves.
It would be fine if some people think my style is weird, but the thought of people thinking it is me trying to like age regress, look like a baby, possibly be wearing diapers, and be a publicly displaying pervert/pedophile really bugs me.
Since then I kind of moved on to a Swankiss larme-like style, I still wear all pastels but they are all things that look kind of forest-fairy or cloudy and things that are not super revealing so I still feel pastel and dreamy, I just moved away from the pigtails and hair stars and over the top character prints/accessories.
I'm glad other people can get past all that stuff I mentioned earlier and have fun, I used to not care and still really adore fairy kei and pop kei but I just got really traumatized over the whole thing.

>> No.10311477

Went to the store today with my husband to buy some last minute New Years things.
-the cashier girl noticed my outfit...
I was wearing a brown plaid Liz Lisa dress, with some matching three strap heels.

She asked if I was cosplaying, to which I responded "No, its just a fashion style I enjoy."
She then looked amazed at my response and proceeded to say to me I was wearing "a smart person outfit".
> I was entering in my CC info when my husband was being friendly and made the mistake of wishing her a happy weekend. To which she proceeded to tell us how she has to work on her amazing "Youtube channel, and she only enjoys cosplaying as Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight..."

>> No.10311486

first day here??? this is typical lolita attitude

>> No.10311487

you're a brolita and it was your own jizz, SOLVED IT

>> No.10311524

Sorry, we don't like unsolicited and false advice from randos on the street? Granny is an adult, she can take it, and should know better to be fair.

>> No.10311527

Respect your elders. You were raised badly, yeesh.

>> No.10311543

Yikes, I hate dealing with cashiers and waiters and yes I tip and am pleasant to them but I pray for the day the robots take over

>> No.10311550

i wish restaurant had more hands off staff like in japan. almost every restaurant had electronic menus or ordering and the staff just ferried food to the table.

>> No.10311555

>and then everybody clapped
Sure, anon. That happened.

>> No.10311563

Fast food places like Taco Bell and McD have started doing this. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in restaurants soon too

>> No.10311568

i usually just get looks but one of the first time i was wearing lolita i was on the train and a lady asked me if i was a peruvian folk dancer... I was wearing a blue velvet jsk (and do not look peruvian at all). She was nice about it but it was sure a specific weird thing to ask.

>> No.10311576

Someone the other day asked me if i was an irish square dancer lmao

>> No.10311579

I usually just say I got it online. If they recognize it as lolita or jfash I'll mention the brand name and explain I got it secondhand.

>> No.10311637

Nayrt but being closer to dying doesn't make someone worthy of respect.
There are shitty old people, as well as shitty young ones that don't deserve an ounce of my respect.

>> No.10311638

Some years ago, we were having a picnic at a park when a guy came up to us and asked if we were doing performance art.
When I say no, he asked if we were in a cult.
Normies are so fucking weird.
Also, anyone else get strange comments from family during the holidays? Had a distant relative ask if I was still into "cosplay". Told her I'm not, and I just like to wear Japanese fashion. She gave me such a concerned look...But they're also really Christian so.

>> No.10311645
File: 547 KB, 731x1024, AE16039C-08F3-4C9C-A727-8681C0629613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to be fair

>> No.10311668

>tfw you get asked if you're Amish
I just like nun-looking op's, ok?

>> No.10311782

Pretty sure it was a dumb scrote posting.

>> No.10311784

commenting on someone's genitals when they never asked you to is rude as fuck. Being old doesn't give you the right to just start telling people what to do with their vaginas.

>> No.10311794

Most ancient white women call them crinolines, at least in my expirence with the antique shop crowds.

>> No.10311797

I work at a local sushi bar and we have the whole tablet ordering situation, didn’t know it was a thing from Japan, just thought it was some sort of gimmick thing the owner came up with.

>> No.10311821

I mean, there are lots of places in the US that do tablet ordering too, it’s not like it’s just a Japan thing.

>> No.10311832

>Irish folk dancer inspired release when
I’m surprised brands haven’t done this yet

>> No.10311944

>it's almost like the US isn't so huge that different regions develop different dialects
you just don't know.

>> No.10312658

you sound fucking retarded

>> No.10312734

>you can't wear something because of your race
Sounds like racism to me.

>> No.10312763

I would be all over that in a fuckin heartbeat

>> No.10321331


>> No.10321353

but you can do that...

>> No.10321403

Let's try this again. (posted in the wrong thread last time like a moron.)
Not exactly in the same vein as the usual normie bullshit, but I can wear a dress to work monday, wear different dresses the rest of the week, and repeat the monday dress a week or so later and people at work...who have seen that dress at least 10 times, always ask if it's new.

>> No.10321447


>boyfriend and I dressed up nice to an antique mall and had lunch
>browsed around and of course some decrepit man stops us
>"love the costumes! didn't you hear Halloween was over 2 months ago!"
>points to me "Let me guess, you're Gretel aren't you??" [(my coord has that dirndl-like bodice and a small apron)
>"No sir, just me in a dress haha"
>"Well I'm giving you a name now, you'll be Heidi"

Needless to say, I made my way out of his booth and about 50 feet away because he had grabbed a hold of my boyfriend in his tweed suit and was telling him how he needs to cosplay from the Greatest Game Ever Played (it's a Disney movie about golf) and assorted conversations about Comic-con for a full 30 minutes. We haven't been there since lol

>> No.10321467

Fake, only because I don't want to believe

>> No.10321468

You'll be surprised, getting pedo bait- comments happens every now and again

>> No.10321473

I had no idea that could be an issue for men, much less that some women's vajayjays actually touch sits when they sit.

Don't y'all have asses?

>> No.10321476

Completely agree with ya anon, old people should know better

>> No.10321479

ddlg is just a nicer way of saying "lolita fetish", you know, they actually fetish we always say we're not apart of.

>> No.10321481

>Don't y'all have asses?
this is a board full of white girls, so no

>> No.10321489

I feel like we already had one actually

>> No.10321497

My brother calls me a "Hipster percerlain doll"

>> No.10321668

One little typo and I read all this in a Minnesotan accent...

>> No.10321781 [DELETED] 

Hmmm I'm guessing this is a female board judging by all the retards here. Well at least it's not as bad as the video game boards.

>> No.10321805

>"im 12 and what is this??"

>> No.10321808

My brother says I'm "trying to look like Zooey Deschanel". Wrong, but I am not insulted.

>> No.10322131

> Walking down the sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood
> Car drives by, man leans out window and yells
> "Halloween is NEXT month!"
> It is March

> Crossing the crosswalk
> Woman tries to stop us in the middle of the crosswalk
> "Where are you going??"
> Umm... across the street
> "No, I mean WHERE are you GOING? Dressed all fancy like this?!" Big boomer smile
> Lady you seem to have good intentions but I'm not too sure because you're also trying to get us run over in the street, pls move

> Wearing sweet
> Guy and his friends walk past
> He leans in, "Hey little girl, want to go play dollies?"
> 'Why are you talking like some type of pedophile? Creepy.'
> He stutters and walks away awkwardly

> Wearing otome-esque outfit to retail job
> Teenage girl and her friend walk in
> "Oh my god, you look like an anime!"
> Oh haha, thank you
> "I'm the same way as you, I want to live every day of my life like an anime..." wistful stare

> At a picnic meetup
> Friend and I are standing off to the side from the main group
> Late 20s to early 30s aged woman and her friend approach
> "Oh my god I love your outfits, where did you get them?"
> We mention the brand name, say it's an online shop
> Have a pleasant and brief conversation, they walk away
> Out of nowhere, woman and friend come storming back
> "So I just looked up that shop name you gave me!"
> Uh-huh
> "And these prices are just outrageous!"
> I see...
> "How can you justify spending this much on stupid-looking dresses when there are so many people in this world suffering?"
> I--
> "No, don't try to justify it! You're just a bunch of spoiled rich girls who love to show off your parents' money, huh? 'Oh, I could help starving children and animals, but instead I'll just pretend I'm a princess!' Right?"
> We're stunned silent
> "Mhm, that's right." They storm off

>> No.10322134

>that happened.jpeg

>> No.10322138

> It is March
my sides

> "I'm the same way as you, I want to live every day of my life like an anime..." wistful stare
strangely pure

> "How can you justify spending this much on stupid-looking dresses when there are so many people in this world suffering?"
this kind of duplicity and false friendliness is my least favorite stereotypically female trait and I wish people would just fucking stop. Be honest. Be honest the first time!

>> No.10322176


> "How can you justify spending this much on stupid-looking dresses when there are so many people in this world suffering?"

See also: An extremely expensive coord would be maybe $3000? That's if you're insane. $240-$500 would be more common. That kind of money won't solve society's issues. Go bitch at a billionaire, hun.

>> No.10322193

>"And these prices are just outrageous!"
she's not wrong

>> No.10322206

I couldn't say it's an issue given I wear underwear & clothing, but >>10321481 isn't entirely wrong. We're a board of girls who fit Asian clothing. When you're skinny, yes, it touches the seat if you're sitting down.

>> No.10322213


>this kind of duplicity and false friendliness is my least favorite stereotypically female trait and I wish people would just fucking stop. Be honest. Be honest the first time!

It feels to me that she wasn't being duplicitous, but rather she might have been envious/disappointed? I think a lot of people are used to very cheap fast fashion so seeing a dress listed as $200-$400 might be a bit of a sticker shock to them, and they get upset and frustrated that they can't afford something or that someone else is "better off" than them. Sour grapes.

I get asked where I get my stuff a lot and I'm always as vague as possible because I don't want to spend 5 minutes explaining shopping services/lace market/pre-orders/taobao/buying stuff from Japan only to have them balk at the effort/expense. They may like what I'm wearing but I doubt they like it enough to bother with it. It's a little presumptuous and maybe condescending of me, but honestly, I got shit to do.

>> No.10322234

> I get asked where I get my stuff a lot and I'm always as vague as possible because I don't want to spend 5 minutes explaining shopping services/lace market/pre-orders/taobao/buying stuff from Japan only to have them balk at the effort/expense.

Same. I've had a few people recognise my clothes as lolita before and react positively, either because they know someone who wears it or are interested in it themselves. Those people I don't mind going to the effort to explain stuff too. But if they obviously just see it as 'wow omg weird japan' or some kind of extravagant dress up I just don't bother, I just give a vague explanation because I hate getting excited to talk about the fashion just to get shut down. Also if they don't already recognise it as lolita fashion I'd rather not get myself into giving the whole name spiel.

> 'Oh, I could help starving children and animals, but instead I'll just pretend I'm a princess!' Right?"

These kinds of people always make me laugh with how morally superior they act when usually they're in head to toe fast fashion that they treat as disposable.

Sorry I work for my money, spend months, sometimes years tracking down specific pieces and then actually wear them often and take care of them because I see value in the things I own and making them last instead of jumping on mindless trends. Lolita might look flashy but as a subculture with our secondhand market and emphasis on preserving our clothes it's a hell of a lot better for the world than whatever these bitter bitches who refuse to spend more than $20 on a dress are wearing. I highly doubt any of them are Mother Theresa donating every spare bit of their time and money to selfless causes. They just complain to feel better about themselves.

>> No.10322248

It's the fact that they went from complimenting them to calling them "stupid-looking".

It reminds me of a kid in school (years and years ago) who told me to my face that she liked my sweater and then whispered to her friends about how ugly it was.

>> No.10322254


I mean yes, you could absolutely right, but you also see this behavior a lot in people (I've seen a lot of men do it) when, say, they're trying to hit on or proposition someone and they get turned down. Starts out, "Hello Beautiful! xoxo" and then the minute they hear no it's, "You're not even that pretty and you're fat!"

Almost like it's trying to soothe their ego?

I can't imagine wanting to be two-faced and stuff and then coming back in a huff like that. It just sounds more like they got a bee up their bustle and it stung their pride.

>> No.10322371

Maybe she thinks it is non sexual because I have a friend who is a little from being abused by multiple people while having narcissistic parents who locked her in closets.

For her, it's a dissociation thing like an alter in DID. Not sexual at all even though she asks me to "hurt" her sometimes when she's little to prove I won't abandon her. Yeah.

And by friend I mean spiritual daughter my own age I have sworn to protect with my life as if I were her mother. And I would want to fucking kill anyone who tries creepy pedo shit on her.
That community is the last thing someone with a true little needs for healing.

Not a cool question to ever ask someone if they have a little though unless you are close.
From strangers though, wtf

>> No.10322394

>I hate getting excited to talk about the fashion just to get shut down
I'm never sure what to say because I want to avoid this too. And I'm pretty sure most people who ask don't really care about the specifics, even though they're being nice. It feels like more of a formality that way. Once when I walked into a normie store, one of the staff had the "I love your clothes, where did you get them?" reaction, but was halfway across the room and didn't walk over to me. The moment I started responding, she already looked incredibly bored and unimpressed and her body language screamed that she wanted to get on with her business.

So as much as I appreciate compliments, I need a polite, 3-5 word way of saying "thanks, but it's not going to matter to you desu" to cut the interaction off before it gets awkward like that.

>> No.10322403

I had a similar experience! My 2 friends and I were dressed up, playing games at an arcade. An employee came up to us and asked us if we were 'just lolitas' or if we were littles, too? We were shocked and told her she was making us super uncomfortable. Obviously a proud little herself, she started getting defensive and stumbling over her words trying to defend her fetish.

>> No.10322440

The benefit of wearing only burando is you can just leave it at "Japan" and people only keep going if they're actually curious

>> No.10322448

what fucking time period do you live in? normies love japan dude.

>> No.10322460

Idk I've never had someone keep pressing me after I say that. They're just like "oh ok cool" and go away

>> No.10322461


>> No.10322463

the term “little” is typically applied to the sexual community imo. it’s called regression when it’s a therapy tactic

>> No.10322464

>"Are you an anime?!"
He just wanted to fuck you you retard

>> No.10322705


Honestly, I think just being vague and not grinding things to a halt is the best bet.

I've accustomed myself to being able to answer "Thanks!" while still moving if I was already walking. That helps.

Mostly if they pair a question with a compliment
I answer it like, "Thanks, got it online," or "Thanks, not going anywhere, just how I dress." Sometimes if I'm feeling cheeky, I'll respond to "Where are you going all dressed up?" with a straight-faced, "the store" or "home" or the like. Or play "dumb" and just kind of watch them awkwardly trip over themselves trying to explain themselves.

A friend of mine busted out the "Oh, what, this old thing?" the other day and that was pretty great.

I also have a friend who's 6'3" and pretty solidly built and I notice people approach me less when he's with me. He said that it seems like people will also use the compliment as an opener to ask a bunch questions or try to touch the outfit.

>> No.10322920

>Are you from x country?
As an American, I always seem to get this from Europeans, but it never seems like it's meant to be offensive.
>Are you wearing bloomers and everything?
I only get this from women, but it's still a little odd.
Also my mom overheard two guys say out loud, "Isn't that a bit much?" It didn't bother me, because they were peak boat shoes/capri/tank top looking shit heads, but I think it kinda upset her.

>> No.10323749

>walking around in sweet coord
>decide to get subway and bring it home for dinner
>subway girl gets very excited when she sees me
>my boyfriend starts to order and she asks him to repeat because ‘sorry I was too busy looking at her’
>tells me I look like ‘a little pilgrim’???
> as she makes my sandwich she says ‘’you’re so cute I think it’s your eyes’
>I start to get embarrassed and she hands me my food saying ‘have a good night pretty lady’

She was nice but I get so awkward when barraged with compliments

>> No.10323753

>"How can you justify spending this much on stupid-looking dresses when there are so many people in this world suffering?"

Lmao you just KNOW she buys 5$ sweatshop t-shirts from aliexpress if she thinks 300$ is too much to pay for a dress, how amusingly hypocritical

>> No.10323769

>Lolita is actually cheaper than Western designer fashion
>This bitch would probably drop $30,000 on a tacky LV purse if she could
Explain this, normies.

>> No.10323807

That’s funny! As a European with an accent that’s apparently very hard to pin down I constantly get
>Are you from x [European] country?
when I’m in the US or Canada. I’ve heard guesses from Norway to Portugal to Estonia to Greece. A lot of people seem to think that Europeans wear their traditional folk costumes around casually like normal clothes. It makes me a little sad because the only people who still wear my country’s national costume (the real one, not lolita) are actors in museums.

>> No.10323814

$300 ap is also made in the same sweatshops. just sayin

>> No.10323874

Fact of the matter is that if a guy is horny, he's horny. There's no such thing as "asking for it". Guys are just hormonal cooming machines.

>> No.10323923

No it isn’t, or better still you can’t prove it. You assume that all Chinese factories are the same.

Qa alone proves the places are going to be different, buying from wish or ali will maybe get you an item like the pics

>> No.10323924

>All chinese factories are sweatshops
Anon, this is 2019. Learn how supply chain works in fashion

>> No.10323951

you have to be really naive to think those dresses aren't made with slave wage labor. there is a reason they switched to chinese factories, it saves a fuckton of money

>> No.10323967

My understanding of Chinese factories is that they're just more efficient.

>> No.10323968

your understanding is wrong. it's about labor costs. chinese factory workers make about $1-$5 per day (not even per hour)

>> No.10323978

slave wage/sweatshop stuff is relatively overblown (it was in the 80s when it became a human rights thing too) but you need to cite sources because you're fucking totally wrong. even if you weren't wrong, depending on the area of china, that's definitely a livable wage per month, especially in poor areas. do some research.

>> No.10323995

gee let me correct myself, the avg minimum wage in china is $1-$2 per hour (google it). and those are considered the "ethical" places. totally fair pay and not slave wages amirite. ap also produces in the philippines and myanmar among other places where they don't have it nearly as "good" as chinese factory workers

whereas in japan the minimum is $9 an hour. so yeah ap is saving a fuckton of money now by taking advantage of developing countries

>> No.10324004

again, that's a livable wage for most of china. it's about 2K yuan per month which is the equivalent wage as USA fast food work. equivalency is not directly comparing numbers. you honestly sound kind of racist and butthurt that AP isn't making stuff in nippon.

>> No.10324007


could you be any more of a corporate shill? if by "livable" you mean living in awful conditions then sure. chinese factory workers' pay is shit, their conditions are deplorable, and ap is taking advantage. those are facts.

>> No.10324009

China is massive. Not every factory is going to have poor conditions or unlivable wages. We have absolutely no idea who AP works with.

>> No.10324011

whatever makes you feel better about your unethical slave-wage dresses

>> No.10324015

>american news articles about china are unbiased
imagine believing this shit in [current year]

>> No.10324016

I always wonder what the fuck people like you actually own. It must be hell going shopping anywhere ever considering how much stuff is made in china. I almost feel sorry for you.

>> No.10324020


if they're posting from their own phone or laptop they're fucked.

>> No.10324026

gee you're so right, and therefore people who buy ap are no better than people who buy western designer brands or fast fashion, which means >>10323753 and >>10323769 are still idiots

>> No.10324134
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1559017305388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Galaxy brain over here assuming everyone who wears lolita buys AP.

>> No.10324328

I mean I barely even own any AP... most of what I own has a "made in Japan" label.

>> No.10324922

>browsing cute stationery shop at a convention on my own
> man who is clearly very autistic comes running up to me asks if he could take a picture and asks what character I am
> I explain I’m not a character and it’s just a style of fashion
> “oh never mind then” he just walks off
> his mother brings him back to apologise to me and asks if she could take a picture because it’s original and she likes it.
> she puts her hand on my shoulder
> man puts his hands on my shoulder and taps/shakes me while apologising.

Probably the strangest interaction I’ve had. My favourite people tend to be those into luxury fashion or middle aged white women who are trying to be cultured, I love hearing them say “oh, is it kawaii?” like it’s a form of art when I’ve literally got plushie moons on my head.

But then again I’ve also had massive arguments with middle aged women in the street over unsolicited pictures, one lady was harassing us and I was just upset because I wanted to pet her shih tzu and I knew she’d say no

>> No.10327665

You’ve never been here have you?

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