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Previous thread >>10290272

Remember, this thread is for questions about J FASHION ONLY

If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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Is it easy to find secondhand Bodyline on Japanese sites or should I stick to LM?

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I never seen any, so i would stick to lm.
Btw bd has sale going on right now

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Not very jfash related but I don't really know where to ask.
Whenever i look for itas on insta, i sometimes see #usedcore tag. Wtf is this?

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Are there any imgs out there of plus-size girls wearing nanchatte? My google-fu hasn't helped much aside from an image of a girl in a Bodyline's seifuku slapping her foot on her bathroom counter, and I'd like to see what the fashion looks like on others before my small haul arrives. Getting anxious buyer's remorse but I don't want to shove it in the back of my wardrobe til I drop a ton more weight.

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Can you block people on Lace Market? How?

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From buying your stuff? Put their username in your ToS and mods will uphold it.

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Are you being targeted by one of those scammers?

Or just a shitty/annoying buyer?

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It's a seller being a cunt and I don't want her to be able to message me anymore nor do I want to accidentally bid on her listings in the future

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Aww, sorry you had to deal with that anon. Definitely include their attitude in the feedback if you feel comfortable doing it so others can be aware too.

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Bodyline is usually cheaper on the website. They're almost always having 50% off sales and free p-mail (if you're ok with no tracking). Usually if anyone is selling it on LM, they're a scalper or overcharging for a piece bodyline no longer manufactures.It's pretty uncommon to find fairly priced BL pieces on LM because they depreciate in value so much they're not even worth shipping. You might also have luck finding bodyline pieces at swap meets or from other comm members who are willing to sell for very low prices.

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I posted in the last thread but I think I worded it poorly so I am going to try again.

I want to get into Ouji fashion. I am tall as hell. brand does not fit me. Do you think I could find someone willing to help me put together a tall friendly coordinate? If so, where?

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Yes, ridiculously easy.

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While I appreciate the input, it is not coordinate help, just a place you can find clothes for taller people.

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FanPlusFriend is the name of a company. They do custom sizing. Their quality isn’t great but apparently better than it was.

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What does -kei in jfash mean?
Is it like English key or is it different word?

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Does anyone know if BSoLF is open to ouji? I'm not a member so I have no idea what their rules are

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>what is reading comprehension

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The 'kei' suffix is Japanese and means 'stereotypes of x' or 'things associated with x'

It does not mean style or fashion. It's used in j fashion typically with English words. This is why 'fairy-kei' is a style but 'menhera-kei' is an insult

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You should just look for coord inspo on google? Request a tall person inspo/appreciation thread where people post tall people maybe. Don't just be a dick to people when you're asking for help.

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So, something like associated? Mori kei = forest associated style, fairy kei = fairy associated style etc.

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>Do you think I could find someone willing to help me put together a tall friendly coordinate?
You could probably ask for recommendations for places that sell clothes for your height. But putting together an outfit just for you? Unless you already have an ouji friend, unlikely.

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>I'm entitled to help and if you don't make me a coord immediately I'm going to get rude
Yeah I'm glad you aren't getting help, and that you'll never wear ouji successfully. You make people look bad who actually ask for help properly.

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This explanation is bullshit, KEI does absolutely means style. None of my Japanese J-fashion friends have ever considered menhera kei an insult. The only people who don't like that tag are overly sensitive internet dwellers.

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Yes, basically it's like saying 'I am wearing things associated with faeries' ; 'kei' as style is a colloquial and only applicable in certain situations


I'm sure you have plenty of real japanese J-fashion friends if you think 'kei' means style.

Why don't you give メンヘラ系 a google? You'll find some 'lovely' articles on crazy obsessed women.

Also check the info tab on fymenhera

Reminder again that menhera comes from 'mental healther' and is first and foremost an activism/mental health community, so the 'menhera kei' insult came about referring to those in that community before 'menhera' was known as the fashion that came from the style

(see menhera (dot) jp )

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*know as the fashion that came from the community, my b typo'd

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Menhera kei is something like psycho or freak?

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I know a list of companies but im anxious about spending so much time learning another fashion. Which i said in the last thread. Being tall in Jfashion sucks, you often have to buy a bunch of shit from different companies and pray they match while brand just hands you coords.
That anon wasn't actually me, the original poster. Remember we are on an anonymous image board.

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I love when white girls argue over what proper Japanese is. You're both dumb weeaboos, honeys.

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Does anyone have reccomendations for Japanese face masks, especially for glasses-wearers? I've used a few different conbini brands and they don't "seal" well around my white-person nose so breathing swiftly fogs up my glasses.

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I have the same problem and I have yet to find a solution other than putting the mask around just my mouth area or removing my glasses temporarily if it is cool out.

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How tall are you? I know plenty of tallitas in the 5'8-5'10 range who have no issue wearing most dresses.

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6'1", though I'm not trying to wear lolita.

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How do i wear mori without looking like crazy cat lady?

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Be well-styled and have clean, tidy hair and makeup.

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If you're trying to wear ouji and tall you're going to have an easier time than lolita unless you're "thicker" tall person (like proportionally scaled up as opposed to thin and lanky tall) because Asian clothes even the women's fit ouji stuff doesn't account for as much body curvature as standard western ones. The men's fit will be bigger overall in some areas though.

You're maybe gonna have to just try to wear what matches your measurements and you think would suit you and learn from trial and error. That's how people with different body types or looks approach most fashion. Trying what they like and finding a middle ground between the things they love and what "suits" them or compliments their body and face best.

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I use the ones from Daiso and I have a big nose so

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I had a package on its way to me from closetchild, but the tracking has stopped updating and I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that it's probably lost, which fucking stings as it was an early 00's JSK I might never find again. The postal service insists that the sender has to file a claim with them and I can't do it myself. Will CC really do that? I feel like they'll refuse and think I'm a pain in the ass if I contact them about it. Has anyone else been in this situation? I've been buying shit online for ages and have never lost a package before, pls advice

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Why so many Japanese lolitas from 00s snaps have unfortunate face?

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Lolita has always attracted ugly girls.

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How long has it been? The tracking might just not be updating, I’ve had three instances where the tracking stopped updating after leaving Japan or after reaching NY but arrived 8 weeks after being shipped.

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Which shipping method, when was it sent, what was the last update?

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It stopped updating on the 22nd of November, which I wouldn't be at all worried about if it wasn't for the fact that the last update is that it was sent from the sorting facility that is basically 10km from my local post office. It ALWAYS arrives the same day, the lady at the sorting facility said they definitely sent it, and my local post office claims they didn't receive it. I asked if they could maybe double check to see if it's just hidden somewhere and someone forgot to scan it, but they're just like "no if it came here then we definitely scanned it". Shipping method is ePacket unfortunately. The very unhelpful customer service lady insinuated that she might've been less unhelpful had it been EMS, so from now on I'm only choosing that.

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It's been 6 days relax, I'd only be worried if it was Dec 22 and it didn't arrive

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Lolita is historically known as an ugly and/or fat girl fashion even in Japan

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22nd was also a Friday, so it probably didn't even move all weekend, and it's only been like 3-4 days. It's a busy time of year for stuff. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

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Pitta brand, bonus that they’re really comfortable

>> No.10296756

Keep annoying them about it, by phone and in person

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Are fishline hemmed tutus loliable? I do these at work (a dance clothes shop) and always wonder if they could work as a petticoat. They're made of stiff tulle and the fishline gives it a lot of volume at the bottom and structure. What do you guys think? Should I make one at home to try? pic related, at my job

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Nope wrong shape and looks way too short.

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Always found it interesting how the same cgl users who will crap on any plain, ugly or dumpy looking Western lolita will absolutely idolize these kinds of Asian lolitas just because they're so ~~old school aesthetic~~.

>> No.10296768

I know I know, that one is made for little girls. I mean, making my own with the right shape and lenght, with tulle and fishline at the hem. I wonder if it'll work

>> No.10296769

Craft tulle is too flimsy, you will need an insane amount of it to fill out a proper lolita dress vs just using organza or hard net tulle. The shape of the wire would fuck up the silhouette and make the skirt look lumpy

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THIS is why no one wants to help you. You had anons in the last thread reaching out and asking you to drop contact details so they could talk to you and you were rude then. Stay out of ouji.

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I had to do this with Wunderwelt once, I just emailed them and asked them to make an inquiry about the package with the the japanese post. It took a couple months but the package was confirmed lost, the post refunded Wunderwelt, and then they refunded me.

I only contacted them after two weeks of no updates after hitting local customs on an EMS package though. Definitely wait another week or two before reaching out to Closetchild.

>> No.10296791

Did I? I didn't see that in the last thread. but I can try dropping contact info now.
Also again, that anon is not me. I know to not shit on people after asking for help.

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I don't see a wig thread, so gonna ask you folks here:

How in the world do you keep your long wigs nice?

I've been wearing bob/chin-lengths wigs with lolita and Jfash for the most part since I'm so tired of tangled messes, but I'm a masochist and want to try wearing long wigs again. I've tried the silicone spray method on long cosplay wigs in the past, but it never seemed to work as well for me as it did in other people's videos.

Please teach me your secrets so I can buy long wigs again and not feel like I'll butcher them after 1 wear.

>> No.10296817

Just brush them every time you move.

>> No.10296819

Not sure if related but all of my epackets from China during the past month have been extra slow and the tracking stops updating once they depart China. Is anyone else having issues?

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I thought that was a rumor (the fat part) until I saw Misako's Hiroshima vlog. Most Hiroshima people aren't uglier than average but many of her fans taking photos and all were overweight (by western standards even) hikikomori otaku looking girls--like imagine the purple haired main character from "Kiss Him, Not Me!" but before she lost weight and in lolita. People think brands are catering to the western market with bigger sizes but honestly it's probably catering to increasing overweight population of lolitas in Japan. Shopgirls and many others are still thin or normal looking but a good bit are somehow still tubby and sweaty and look like they smell like sausages despite being in a decent coord just from seeing their face and hair grease.

>> No.10296854

Yep. Sellers that have previously only taken 2 weeks are now taking 4-6 weeks, and I doubt it's their fault considering this seems to be affecting every Chinese package I have coming in.

>> No.10296859

For me it seems like the delays are just with ePacket and not China Post etc. Whatever is going on, it's frustrating.

>> No.10296862

This is probably super stupid but indulge me, I. Which order do you do hair, makeup, and clothes?

>> No.10296877

Depends. If the items have to go on over my head First I do half my hair routine (the broad strokes like blow drying & curling), then I put on the clothes, then do makeup, then I finish my hair off with the last part of the styling Like putting it in a nice updo. I finish the hair last because if I’m running late I’ll just cut my losses and leave it down in a simple style where as clothing and makeup are non-negotiable. If the clothes can zip it button up and I don’t have to pull them over my head I do that last so I don’t get makeup on them.

>> No.10296879


lmfao this explains so much.

>> No.10296882 [DELETED] 

Menhera kei can cause confusion because while you might find fashion, you'll also find sites and articles Japanese equivalent of Return of Kings referring to "psycho women" and the system of how to spot them (addicted to social media, loves characters like My Melody, and the ilk). So, some people don't like to use it.

>> No.10296883

Menhera kei can cause confusion because while you might find fashion, you'll also find sites and articles that are the Japanese equivalent of Return of Kings referring to "psycho women" and the system of how to spot them (addicted to social media, loves characters like My Melody, and the ilk). So, some people don't like to use it.

>> No.10296889

Main piece and blouse then makeup then hair then finish putting on clothes, lastly jewelry. Keeps makeup off the blouse collar and front of jsk, and keeps the hair nicer

>> No.10296902

How do you accidentally bid on something if you have to check the box? Isn’t there a report function too? LM mods are pretty good with emailing, takes a day or two for them to reply. Just gather the messages of her spamming or harassing you and they’ll do something about it. Some dick put fake feedback and now I cannot sell anything and I contacted LM

>> No.10296906

I mean, there's also the fact that "fat" in Japan would be considered skinny or normal in the west... they don't have a very healthy view of weight

>> No.10296907

I mean by forgetting her username and accidentally buying from her again, without remembering that it's her

>> No.10296922


The people I saw were definitely obese even by western standards decently dressed but quite large and their skincare or faces were quite neglected in some cases.

>> No.10296924

Can you provide a link to the vlog?

>> No.10296939


It was in the last comfyposting thread before this one.

There are at least 3 girls she takes photos with that are unfortunate looking and/or quite large and then many in the group photos they take that are as well. Of course normal or average looking people as well. But I was surprised at the weight of some of the people since even in America they'd be considered chubby at minimum.


Everyone shown seems like they really love the fashion and you don't have to be pretty (or even slim) to wear it and like brand, even in Japan which is in some ways kind of sweet or touching.

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How do you deal with an annoying seller on LaceMarket? I bought an item and the seller is flaky and replies once a day and swears she lives in Japan plus she leaves annoyingly long messages. Any time I ask even a simple yes/no question she takes a day to reply and sends me a damn essay every time. I live in Japan as well and she only messages me at 3am my time and she said the post office was closed for her even though it was a Monday in Japan (Sunday in US) and JP Post is open on Mondays. Is it reasonable to leave neutral or even negative feedback for lying and having poor communication because the seller says they live in Japan and likely doesn’t?

>> No.10296972

replying to myself but now shes replying super fast after i posted this kek

>> No.10297040


I would still leave neutral feedback at least. You shouldn't have to post on /cgl/ for your seller to do basic things like be honest and the fact that they didn't keep good communication or may still be lying is enough to be suspicious and warn others.

>> No.10297089

clothes, makeup, hair

>> No.10297092

I opened a paypal case against a seller and won. Obviously I left them negative feedback because of all the problems they caused. Now the LM mods have edited my feedback to neutral and erased what I wrote, writing their own comment that makes it sound like there was no problem. Wtf? There's nothing I can even do about this, right?

>> No.10297097

Have you reached out to the mods with your side of the story and asked why your feedback was edited?

Explain that you want people to be warry of the seller and would like your feedback to be allowed.

The worst they'll do is not do anything. But at least you'll be doing your part.

>> No.10297101

I did email them about that, also because the seller left me a retaliatory negative that has been allowed to stay there. I hope something is done but from what I've heard about the mods, I'm not very optimistic. :(

>> No.10297136

I have emailed them about negative feedback left from a seller and they reversed it as I wasn't in the wrong.

I sent them screenshots of the conversation as evidence, you can do the same. And maybe even screenshots of the PayPal dispute so they see the full thing.

>> No.10297141

Sounds like you were the one in the wrong and don’t want to admit it ngl

>> No.10297142

Did you miss the part where I won the paypal case? The problem was completely the seller's fault

>> No.10297144

PayPal almost always sided with the buyer, this is not a reliable way to say who’s in the right. You sound like a huge cunt

>> No.10297145

Projecting much? Yikes.

>> No.10297146 [DELETED] 

You’re the one with negative feedback. I hope your DD comes up and the seller won’t sell to you because of it.

>> No.10297147

Retaliatory feedback, which is worded in an obvious way to anyone who isn't retarded. Sorry about your mental issues.

>> No.10297148

Wow way to sounds like a cunt yourself.

Don't pay any heed to this fool, buyer anon. Best of luck with the LM mods.

>> No.10297149

Yet mods edited your feedback to them instead. You’re obviously fuming about being in the wrong

>> No.10297150

Stop taking the obvious bait hun. You're replying to a shitposter.

>> No.10297152 [DELETED] 

>You’re obviously fuming
Only one person here is fuming and it's you. Are you my seller? That would explain why you're so assmad about the major loss.

>> No.10297153 [DELETED] 

You’re the one in the stupid questions thread bawling for attention over your negative feedback dumbass. I’m not your seller, I’m just calling BS on you doing nothing wrong since the mods edited your feedback to them.

>> No.10297154

Thanks, I'll take the advice.

>> No.10297278

The seller is SoapboxSirens and they’re shady as hell

>> No.10297318


They're a recently known scalper and they are so annoying. I hope they never sell anything I actually want cause I bought from them before and it was an annoying experience being constantly sent messages about asking if I wanted to buy other items, especially their vintage stuff.

>> No.10297326

Hi! Im female and i never wore any j-fash but i really like lolita.

And my question is, can i perform shibari on a lolita? (Like being an artist, not a model) Before you throw rotten tomatoes on me I'll say it won't be anything sexual, not even 0.0001% of lewdness. No ahegao, no fuck me pose, no fetishes, no-thing-li-ke-this.

However, shibari is usually seen as part of bdsm culture that is highly sexualised by common people and shibari is higly sexualised even inside the bdsm community unfortunately. (Signs deeply)

And i dont want to make it worse for your community that already struggles from tons of pervs.

So, would you advise me on (not) doing this?

Im not going to build coord myself, i think im gonna look if a local lolita would like to try.

>> No.10297333

shibari is inherently sexual, so not a good idea

>> No.10297335


If you met a lolita who happened to be interested in BDSM and they consented to it I don't see an issue with it but lolitas don't generally mix kink with their fashion. Only sissies and the ddlg crowd ever seem to want to and they are always ita.

Shibari and other rope things are also risky/somehwat dangerous given the constricting that some of the ties do on people's bodies and lolita is a fashion meant for wearing around doing normal average things, not strenuously physical activities or those that require manipulating your body position a lot. It would wrinkle and mess up anyone's dress and coord depending on the tie...it just overall seems like a waste of time and energy even if you could find someone willing.

>> No.10297354

Shibari is inherently sexual. I can't even link the Japanese wikipedia page to prove my point because it's got a nude woman on it.

>> No.10297368

Go for it. One of my favorite coords had shibari up the legs. It was really pretty.

>> No.10297369

Im guessing youre the same anon from the lolita general thread? She sent me messages asking if i wanted her other items too and that shes getting a bulk of stuff from different brands. Kind of fishy and weird

>> No.10297380

No no no no no. We get enough sexualization in Jfashion in general and lolita specifically. I don’t care how much you insist it’s not sexual, bondage and ropes = sexual to like almost everybody. Please just keep it private if you want to do that and keep it OFF social media

>> No.10297381


Yeah I'm the same anon. I think she upsells a lot of people. And on every listing she links to her other circlly pages as well. People who are pushy or out for a profit always rub me the wrong way

>> No.10297442


Ayrt heard you.
Ty for answers, it wasn't what i was hoping to hear but as i said i respect your community wish not to interact with kinky things.

>> No.10297471

Are lifts comfortable? Non-heeled ones and are there any things I should look for when buying them?
Secondly, is the round look that a lot of lolita skirts have because of the skirt underneath? Tried some stuff on today and couldnt get the skirts to sit right at all

>> No.10297473

I have a friend who is a long time members of the community and will mix shibari with fashion sometimes, HOWEVER I don't think you can just start mixing shibari with lolita without having a very good grasp of lolita to begin with. (My friend has been a lolita for over a decade). Maybe just try to learn standard lolita styling first, join your local com and wear the fashion so they understand you aren't just a random kinkster, but someone who appreciates the fashion, and then eventually you can tastefully introduce shibari. You'll still get some hate because there's always people who will hate, but your outfits will be better and there will be some people who will support you.

No lolita is going to just let you experiment with them if they don't trust you and you don't understand the basic styling of lolita

>> No.10297476

Can't answer the first question but yes, you'll need a petticoat underneath.

>> No.10297496
File: 86 KB, 486x790, 7a84ce4f78158b8aedf881ab50596a10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For second, kind of a yes. Lolita skirts have a unique shape that is not comparable to the shape of dresses from other fashions or standard formal wear. To give said dresses the shape though, you need to fill them out with petticoats, hoopskirts or a combination of both.
But to ensure the shape will turn out correctly you will need atleast one lolita petticoat for shape. For layering underneath you can also use other petticoats. Just make sure your petticoats are about the same length and about a handwidth shorter than your lolita skirt.

>> No.10297503

Has anyone bought directly from Tokyo Alice before? They have an image on their Rakuten page that says "For overseas customers EMS and Paypal OK" but when you click on it, it takes you to rakuten global and tells you that you need a shopping service.

>> No.10297512

If you still want to mix the two, hakime kinoko has tights/thigh highs with shibari patterns on them that you could probably woke into an outfit.

>> No.10297525


>> No.10297649

You mean platform shoes? Just try them on, some are and some aren't

>> No.10297707
File: 774 KB, 1191x397, VW orb necklace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does one identify an authentic Vivienne Westwood Orb pendant?

I'm shoping second hand for a used one...

>> No.10297720

i had an epacket shipment from closet child earlier this year and it took nearly 3 months to arrive, but it did arrive

>> No.10297775

tons on instagram

>> No.10297784

I haven't seen any proper nanchatte that goes above 80cm waist. Does it exist? I'm aware there's plenty of "sexy" ones that go above that size

>> No.10297823

Why real Japanese sailor fuku is so unbelievably ugly?
Skirts have ridiculous lenghth of being neither short enough nor long enough to look nice. Top is usually very loose fitting. Every girl on pics i googled was looking like she is wearing her older sister's uniform. Socks are ugly too and looks like its dad's socks and their school shoes looks like my grandma's orthopedic shoes. And colours are so dull and don't go together like the most boring shaded of green, brown, grey and dark blue.

I was actually horrified. This uniform can't flatter anyone. Every girl wearing it looks like pauper gorilla.

I mean there are lots of people wearing nanchatte and they look nice. There are lot of people wearing cosplay sailor fuku and they look nice. Why can't japanese schools make good uniforms?

>> No.10297825

Because then the underage children would face even more sexual harassment on their way to school. I think they are ugly for a good reason.

>> No.10297826


The point of the uniform is to be as sexless and neutral as possible. Girls AREN'T supposed to look cute in them. And it's actual children wearing the uniforms so if they're oversized it's probably so they have growing room for however long they may need it.

When I lived in Japan I didn't notice seifuku looking especially frumpy, just that the skirts were quite long compared to nanchatte. Are you some dumb maleposter expecting tweenage girls (considering seifuku is most common for middle schoolers in Japan) to wear tight sexy school uniforms like in anime?

>> No.10297827

Gross. Sick freaks like you are the reason they’re made purposefully unflattering.

>> No.10297828

See >>10297827

Plus what makes a uniform "good" by a school's standards is obviously not how nice it looks to pervs like you.

>> No.10297845

>why don't little girls wear sexier clothes to school?
take a step back from the screen and look at what you're asking, scrote

>> No.10297908

Does Tenshi (the SS) have someone else managing her emails right now? Or has she ever had someone different managing her emails?

I know she has already announced a partial closure in December/January, but I got an email from her address about one of my orders tonight and the writing style was very different.

I'm a little freaked out because it was an item I really wanted, and they were saying it was available, but I needed to respond right away. (They didn't ask for money or anything suspicious.) I've been using Tenshi for almost two years and this is the first time I ever felt like someone different was talking to me.

Just curious. Anyone know?

>> No.10297920

Just ask. It’s very possible, they wouldn’t say no if it was someone else.

>> No.10297926

If you look at her news on her website, she’s said it’s the 23rd through to mid January that she will be away during. I’m sure it will be ok anon. I’ve been dealing with her this week and all has been fine, it’s come across as her.

>> No.10297950

Can you please post this coord, anon?

>> No.10297951

Do you guys think the lief X physical drop release will be available at the time of shipping the pre-orders? I missed it like an idiot and I regret it so bad.

>> No.10297956
File: 43 KB, 345x437, 194903-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I place an IW irder that has both reservation items and low stock items in it, will they put aside the low stock items at time of purchase or wait until the reservation arrives?

>> No.10298040

All the time. Just add it to your cart, buy as normal, and fill out the stuff with your info. Not too hard.

>> No.10298057

Can curly hair work for a hime cut ever? Not tight corkscrews but like poofy lose waves with a slight curl type of hair?

>> No.10298059

Is it worth while to find other lolitas on things like tinder or bumble?

>> No.10298076

Why not? You can curl the side pieces inward as well.

>> No.10298081

Tinder, no. Bumble, maybe.
You're better off getting acquainted with your local comm IMO.

>> No.10298082

I do that but they're all taken

>> No.10298083

Yes, I've got corkscrews and a similar cut to hime (though I opted for no bangs, because curly bangs require a lot of upkeep). It looks fine when I comb my hair out for a wave as well. I would only suggest to go for a little longer on the side bits because if your hair decides to curl more one day, it looks awkward if it's too short

>> No.10298084

i asked this in a taobao thread but i just want to double check. if my taobao order shipped nov 5, with SAL shipping, to the US, do you think it’ll come in time for christmas eve? the response i got said unlikely.

>> No.10298105

Hime cuts don't work on non asian girls ever, whether it's straight or curly. Just don't

>> No.10298106

Unlikely that they have lolita pics up on either of those, if they're on there. I don't have any lolita pics on my tinder to make sure I don't attract the ddlg types.

>> No.10298244

Has anyone rode a bike in lolita? Does anyone have any advice how to make it easier?

>> No.10298285

I haven't, but think it would be best to have a bag for your petticoat, and put your more fragile accessories in the bag as well. When you get to your destination, just hit the bathroom to put everything back on.

>> No.10298294

Definitely use a "girl's" bike with the centre bar set at an angle to allow for skirts. Unisex/men's bikes have a straight bar and are designed for riding in pants.

>> No.10298309

Bitch don't do it unless you wear casual or salopettes all the time. But if you do, get a skirt guard for your wheel

>> No.10298311

Do you really find that a lot of ddlg are lesbians though? I thought it was more a sick hetero thing but I could be wrong.

>> No.10298314

Oh, I'm straight so I'm talking about dudes. I guess it would be safe for lesbians.

>> No.10298336

you actually look for guys on tinder? I can't imagine what your life is like.

>> No.10298339

I am admittedly a superficial bitch and all the other apps are filled with unattractive men.

>> No.10298340


>> No.10298409

It's very easy. Just wear bloomers. Maybe because I'm Dutch but I don't get what the big deal is.

>> No.10298410

Isn't that what tinder is for?

Very unlikely but not impossible

>> No.10298411

Don't wear a tea-length skirt (I find they get in the way the most), ideally have a skirt guard and chain guard, and wear bloomers. Softer organza petticoats are better than netting.

>> No.10298412

If you can't find it AtPie stocks a small amount of Lief

>> No.10298414

sorry only uggos will date you

>> No.10298452

you're making assumptions now because you're pissed that someone doesn't care for your shit taste.
I'm not even looking for people to date on apps, I just wanted to make close friends. But of course some slut like you is all about being a shallow cunt and projecting your shitty personality onto people that you don't even know.

>> No.10298453

wtf? tinder is for dating. why are you judging women for going on there to date?

>> No.10298455

Get a girls bike?

>> No.10298459

checck out hajime kinoko, whilst he does porn shibari (as its where all the money is aha) he does 99%^ artistic shibari, has worked with kurebayashis band and bambi and her ex and some lolitas and other jfashion modeling girls

>> No.10298467

I'm judging a shallow woman who dates douche bags. There's a difference.

>> No.10298478

You don't know anything about her or who she dates though? Did I miss some posts or are you just assuming everyone on tinder is a slut or a douche?

>> No.10298480

Like others have said, wear bloomers and make sure your bike has skirt/coat guards and the chain is covered. And obviously don't charge into dirty puddles full speed. I ride my bike literally every day and have never gotten my skirts dirty.

I think bikes with guards are rare outside the Netherlands. Whenever I rent a bike while on holiday outside NL and ask for one with guards they look at me like I have two heads and often act pretty condescending, like I'm a dumb tourist who's never ridden a bike before in my life. One even tried to get me to buy special protective bike pants because apparently getting covered in dirt is simply unavoidable!
>[laughs in Dutch]

>> No.10298491

In other countries the only people who bike are gross manlets in spandex onesies. I loathe getting stuck behind these assholes while driving

>> No.10298495

We have those guys too and they're usually rude assholes who think they always have right of way just because they go a little faster than the average cyclist. I love seeing little old ladies on electric bikes overtake them.

>> No.10298500
File: 366 KB, 1004x467, 9000hours.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if this is obvious or not, but besides not wearing a super poofy petticoat make sure you sit on the bike like the image on the left.
Sorry for the shitty collage but if you let your dress flow over the seat like the one on the right it's more likely to get dirty. Obviously make sure you don't sit on your dress in a way that puts a lot of strain on the fabric though.

>> No.10298502

There's this one old lady in my city who has a sunshine yellow electric bike/moped and a helmet to match. She always wears a pretty sundress and has great posture. I want to have that much vigour for life at her age.

>> No.10298528

I made my first ever AP MTO order through an SS for honey cake from the first Japanese rerelease. I asked my SS if they were contacted about expecting shipping since it should be in December and they just answered they dont know and I should contact the brand??

I thought that the SS receives the order first and then ships to me, therefore they would be the ones getting the order shipping info. How can I find out when it gets shipped?

>> No.10298532

>How can I find out when it gets shipped?
In December

>> No.10298535

you must have missed this post
>I am admittedly a superficial bitch and all the other apps are filled with unattractive men.

She's a douche and she dates other douches like shallow self.

>> No.10298543

I think I got kicked out of the lolita discord for not being active. Should I try to rejoin? Does anyone have a link?

>> No.10298547

I didn't miss that post, I think it's reasonable to only date people you're attracted to

Why rejoin if you're not active?

>> No.10298553

I'm not sure she ever posted pics of it, I saw it irl at a tea party.

>> No.10298577

I know it's in December.. I put that in my post...

It's already December. How do I know when they actually ship it out? When they give updates to the people who made the order? I was under the impression that the SS gets the correspondence for the order but they acted like they didnt know anything so I just want to know how do these MTOs usually work and how do you get info on shipping when it is through an SS.

>> No.10298579

>I think it's reasonable to only date people you're attracted to
It is but you keep missing the part about her being superficial.

>> No.10298584

I wasn't active before because I was in an abusive relationship. I just got out of that and I want to connect with other lolitas outside of my comm.

>> No.10298594

Yes. Like others have said, I wear bloomers, and I have a few different colors of these to keep my skirt from flying up.

>> No.10298652

It cooperates with styling but only to some extent...Im very against heat styling because of how damaging it is. Im thinking even just tucking behind my ears while it dries might set it well.
Good idea on keeping the side pieces longer! That will definitely reduce the likelihood of being stuck with whatever curl pattern my hair has decided on lol. Thank you.

>> No.10298687

What era was punk Lolita most popular? I'm looking for inspiration in old magazines and don't know what era to look in.

>> No.10298719

there's just not that much punk inspiration out there, but I'd say the first 10 issues of GLB have a lot of putumayo and maxicimam coords that read very Punk.

>> No.10298729

Old Kera & maybe Kera Maniax could be good for inspiration. I'd say everything up to maybe 2008. Especially issues featuring Nana Kitade & Anna Tsuchiya.

>> No.10298735

nobody owes you a date, freak

>> No.10298759

I'd say up to about '08, yeah. The earlier you go, the more punk stuff you'll see.

Also, it might help to focus more on individual brands and look for their promo materials. Putamayo is the best brand for punk looks. Also look for h. Naoto, Heart E, and BPN.

I also look at western brands and punk coords for a lot of my inspo.

>> No.10298776

Why do headbows get yellowed? Is it from hair oils and not being washed like dresses/blouses/socks are?

>> No.10298793
File: 622 KB, 383x286, 1489339788219.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gulls, how do you feel good about wearing things you find pretty? I've had a nice secondhand set laying around, and finally tried to put it on for a special occasion. I felt so ridiculous and stupid when I looked in the mirror that I gave up and took it all off. It feels the same way in normie fashion too. It's so upsetting, and I don't know how to fix it. Sorry if this belongs in the feels thread, but it's more of a stupid question to me than a vent.

>> No.10298796

I never said that was the case.
I simply asked if it would be worth while to look for lolita's in dating apps that are also used for looking for friends.
I'm not even trying to date. Sorry but men are gross and women who only look for "hot" guys are just as gross.

>> No.10298802

Nobody not even AP shop staff knows until they have it in-hand. Stop being an aspie

>> No.10298806

they are usually late. expect it in january

>> No.10298835

Can anyone tell me what’s going on with Lolibrary? It’s been years with no signs of an update.

>> No.10298836

Unfortunately a lot of us are wondering the same thing.

>> No.10298837

wait the minute...
Is that Mana throwing the platter?

>> No.10298847

>It feels the same way in normie fashion too.
What exactly makes you uncomfortable about wearing nice clothes? Maybe you have some self-image related issues? Does it feel difficult for you to say "I like how I look" every once in a while?

>> No.10298851

maybe the fit is off so it doesn't look right? or maybe you haven't done the hair and make-up when trying it on so the look is incomplete?

>> No.10298858

How long do LM mods usually take to respond to emails? If they haven't said anything for two weeks, should I assume it's just never coming?

>> No.10298859

>all good looking men are douchebags
Found the LARPing incel

>> No.10298863

Contact them through FB. They've responded fairly quickly to me that way in the past.

>> No.10298864

Lol, I believe it is!

I don't have body image related issues, I think? I'm happy with my weight at least, and I don't think I'm horribly unappealing on a "base level" ignoring clothes, makeup, hair, etc. It's just no matter how pretty I think something is, or how cute it would look on other people, it always looks like garbage on me. I can't pinpoint where the difference is between how it looks, and how it looks on me. You're probably right with self-image issues, but I only ever notice this feeling when it comes to fashion.

You may have a point, it fit fine but the sleeves on the blouse make me look like a broad, frilly clown. The same feeling happens with different clothes, but at least with that blouse I can pinpoint a real identifiable issue (that isn't just in my head). I've tried wigs, styling my hair, and a few types of makeup tutorials, but it never looks right either. Frilly impostor syndrome?

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

>> No.10298865

The first dress I got was the Dolly Cat special set. I was so hyped for it but when I tried it on, I feel ridiculous. To this day, I feel like I can't coord it but I have put together many other great coords since I bought that dress.

Just keep trying until you find something you can make look good.

>> No.10298869

Thank you anon, this gives me hope <3

>> No.10298888

I agree with this anon, whenever I try on lolita coords or cosplays I put on the fastest, shittiest cat eye ever, just so I can get a better idea of how I'm going to look with makeup

>> No.10298890
File: 3.21 MB, 360x360, 1574288044708.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously I don't know what you look like, but I might know where that feeling is coming from.
Even though I'm not overweight at all and I like my figure, a lot of lolita used to make me feel frumpy, broad and generally clownish. I felt like my face and body would never be delicate enough to make the frills look like they belonged.
Turns out for me, the problem was all cut and colours. Just lengthening the straps on some of my jsks made a world of difference. Wearing long sleeves instead of puff sleeves. I discovered that Innocent World's regular bodice cut is the worst for people with a large waist/bust difference like me. Finally, pastels and creams look plain wrong with my skin tone (although curiously enough white is fine).

The point is, a dress can be gorgeous but if it doesn't fit your body and face it'll always look off even if other girls pull it off fine. They in turn probably have styles that look bad on them as well.
So if you can, experiment with colours and styles and cuts until you find something you feel beautiful in. I went through a whole bunch of dresses that I thought I looked just ok in until I found the style that made me really happy.

>> No.10298985

how do I email LM mods..

>> No.10298988

This was me with my first dress, a cheap Baby salo
Ganbatte anon

>> No.10298992

I feel like this whenever I try to wear sweet. It just makes me feel awkward and miserable, and amps up all my other insecurities.

Maybe you need to try a different style?

>> No.10299008

Could it be because you're trying a drastically different style from what you normally wear? If you're going from wearing stuff like jeans and tshirts, and then putting on a full OTT sweet coord with your hair unstyled/makeup not done, or even a nice normie outfit, yeah you'd probably feel foolish/feel like you look stupid.

If this feels like it could be the case, start going into it slowly, like wearing a cardigan with tshirt and jeans, switching jeans with a skirt, etc. Small things like that.

>> No.10299015

Someone asks this every other week, learn how to use the archives. Message their Facebook page.

>> No.10299073

I wear glasses,but in photos they give the impression that I'm not wearing any eye makeup. Contect lenses are not an option for now. Do you have any tips how can I make my makeup more visible while wearing glasses?

>> No.10299074


Are your frames thin or thick? Thinner frames often allow you to see makeup more easily.

Choosing slightly brighter colors than you usually would and doing heavier eyeliner (not drag level, just thicker than what you normally do) may help.

Or just go for a natural no makeup look?

>> No.10299107

Does anyone have a link or caps of that Lolita Amino post where a girl got stains out of an old velveteen piece?

>> No.10299136

How many lolitas do you think there are in the world?
Major western, English speaking lolitas only have like 25k followers. I assume the majority are in China so I don't have a good guess to that number.
Just curious what people's guess is.

>> No.10299247
File: 400 KB, 500x500, mh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there such a thing as winter kimonos? Or what kind of outerwear do you wear over kimonos.

>> No.10299254


>> No.10299428

I would smoke out your shadow a bit on the corners, especially if you do a cat eye, and if you want, falsies really help too! Just get ones that are more volume rather than length or else they might scrape against your lenses and be awkward whenever you blink

>> No.10299439

Low thousands in the west and Japan, high thousands (probs six digits) in China

>> No.10299462

you really think there's 100,000 chinese lolitas?

i doubt there being even 100k lolitas in its entirety.

>> No.10299474

The biggest lolita updates account on Weibo has over 700k followers. Even if only 15% of those followers wear lolita, that's still over 100k. So yeah, easily.

>> No.10299492

False lashes or lash extensions are much better than mascara. Go shorter and fuller rather than long and wispy. If you have small frames with a thick edge they will always draw the eye more than the makeup, so it's go hard or go home. I don't actually use eyeliner as I find it fiddly, I pack on shadow to a damp angled brush and basically do a thicker, smudgier outline with a slight cat-eye. It's also to clean up if you screw it up because it's just eyeshadow as opposed to many eyeliners which are waterproof.
If the problem is mainly for photos, start training yourself (selfies are excellent for this) to not derp and still look in the direction of the camera without glasses on.

>> No.10299511

I don't know where else to ask this...

Does anyone know of this?

I'm trying to find out about a sweater design of the movie *Interstellar*

In this design, there was TARS and a girl and the art was very very similar to Kira Imai.

The person I saw wearing it said they got it when they were in Tokyo. I'm kicking myself for not asking to take a photo.

Does anyone know any similar artist to Kira Imai?

>> No.10299546

Maybe not the best question to ask, but isn't this thread for stuff like that? Anyways, I want to influence my wardrobe with "lolita" and shit, I don't know if I'm willing to wear a dress daily, though. I'd like to know what could be nice examples to wear....jeans/other pants and still be able to lolify it. Is this even possible? I feel it should be. Pls no ouji, it's sometimes cute but only with shorter pants.

>> No.10299548
File: 11 KB, 224x224, jennyfax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the one? I found it on google images, the link was to this blog post: https://mt.hpfrance.com/Blog/wall_dty/2015/09/044271.html

>> No.10299568


Jeans can never be lolita. Let that thought die.

>> No.10299569

I did. Thanks anon.

>> No.10299573

If i have a Second Life account, I can a cosplayer male of girls anime cute?

>> No.10299581

I'm looking for as many sites that have a history section on Lolita.
I need as many as possible for a project I'm working on, Does anyone have some good no-bullshit ones besides the obvious F Yeah Lolita and the likes?

>> No.10299632

Are you having a stroke?

>> No.10299636

omg anon, that is it!
thank you so much!

>> No.10299654

who created AP? i tried looking it up and i got LJ posts asking who she was and they mentioned Hinoko or Hiroko Honda and Candy's

>> No.10299660

Just get into other jfashion if you cant commit to wearing skirts.

If the end goal is lolita and you want to transition your style, cute jfash is a good casual in-between option. Then slowly start encorporating skirts until people stop caring that it seems like something "you wouldn't do" and then go for a full lolita coord. I sort of did that so people around me in my daily life wouldn't be taken by suprise when i decided to start buying lolita.

>> No.10299710

yw, I'm honestly surprised how easy it was to find, I just put the japanese title and the japanese word for sweatshirt into google images and it was within the first page of results

>> No.10299783

Why did kawaii patteen stop doing en subs on their videos?

Their tutorials were crappy but I was able to borrow good ideas sometimes

>> No.10300120

I searched in Instagram and twitter ;_;

Anyways, even with the google result you provided it seems we're out of luck since that sweatshirt was selling in >2015

>> No.10300162

Not a big enough audience I guess.

>> No.10300186

If you can't commit then Lolita isn't for you and you should just accept it. It's ok to admire something without being a part of it, and there are plenty of other girly, cutesy, pretty, elegant jfash styles to get into anyhow.

>> No.10300189

is bodyline okay? i've gotten like 5+ emails from them in 2 days about their "mr yan so broke" sales.

>> No.10300203

They are sold out of everything I want to buy, so it seems like they're doing pretty well.

>> No.10300211
File: 86 KB, 835x407, SmartSelect_20191204-234238_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's tuna (laughs)

>> No.10300252

Are there other SS besides Muuh that do instore shopping in Tokyo?

>> No.10300257

You can google translate the first few GLBs, the anniversary volume has several pages on the history too I think. Even Kera had written about it in the early 2000s and then again around 2011 but i'm frankly too lazy to search the exact volumes. Some lolita specific books too, like the one focussed on misako and the two volume books explaining lolita, they are black and pink. The english book "Gothic and Lolita" has a two page Introduction with the history too. Otherwise dig around egl and even btb and other lj communities and combine it with the wayback machine. Some old link sections should still have links of the websites/foruma we used before lj and of course there are various articles with bits of information posted on egl. Depending on what aspect you want to research, there is a lot.

>> No.10300259

samefag but the japanese STREET MODE BOOK with a model wearing Elizabeth OP on the cover has a few pages of history section including lolita too and designer interviews of various brands who mention the start/rise of lolita.

>> No.10300277

Try contacting lolitas who live in Tokyo. I buy MTO’s for my friends in store as long as they paypal me days prior so it can send to my bank account

>> No.10300350


It was KuBunnie on Amino

>> No.10300669


>> No.10300740
File: 41 KB, 359x444, CF4DC632-28F7-4F67-8D29-8A56598D2531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone recall if there was a blood bath over Holy Wolf? Also what colors were the most popular?

>> No.10300815

Do FromJapan still allow you to mark down the value of your order? I'm thinking about using them.

>> No.10300821

I think red was easy and navy was a bloodbath. Got it through a SS and overpaid like crazy

>> No.10300926

How long are the skirts of AatP's long JSKs? Will my 45cm petti work with one?

>> No.10300932

It's been a while since I've used them, but they always allowed you to do that. If you want to know for sure you can always check their faq or shoot them an email. They are a pretty good SS, albeit a bit more expensive than Zenmarket.

>> No.10300953


Zenmarket is shit. Slow and they once bought an item in the wrong colorway for me instead of just cancelling the order.

>> No.10301042

Hi gulls, I'm a fattychan and I have two questions.

1. Is there any good quality indie brands or seamstresses that sell custom-sized or plus size plaid skirts?
2. Are there any brands that sell cute plus-size cardigans/boleros? I'm not interested in taobao-tier stuff.

>inb4 lose weight fatty
I'm losing weight but it'll take a long time until I can fit a lot of burando.

>> No.10301100

How do i improve my taste?
I stick with very simple, basic coords.

Whenever i try to be more creative, i look like total shit. I know about colour matching but even if my colour palette is nice, my coords looks weaboocon-tier mess

How can i improve?

>> No.10301110

It's hard to say without pics. If there isn't a coord help thread, you can post examples here for concrit.

>> No.10301169

Aren't there any general advice to start with?

>> No.10301252 [DELETED] 

Uh, taobao is basically your only choice here. You can't really be picky when you're that big.

>> No.10301253 [DELETED] 

You could BSoLF for crit and help piecing coords together

>> No.10301254

You could ask BSoLF for crit and help piecing coords together

>> No.10301263

Theres a coord help thread and the people there are friendly

>> No.10301378

Does anyone have a picture of the Baby models wearing the recent Usakumya and Kumakumya headbands that came out? I heard they wore it at some kind of show before the items were actually put on reservation but I can't find the pictures. Just curious to see how it looks on a real person since I just received mine in the mail and I'm trying to figure out how to style it now.

>> No.10301394
File: 157 KB, 501x584, candy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to wear a long sleeve knit top under this dress. What neckline would work best?

I have a longer torso and the shirring lets me pull the bodice down a little, but then I feel exposed on top. I tried boleros/cardigans, but it looked rumpled with the puff sleeves.

>> No.10301395

Try a ruffled turtleneck

>> No.10301707
File: 380 KB, 1108x720, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, who tf buys this for almost a hundred dollars?

I know Gunifuni makes these and I'm sure others have, but those have more details than one with a couple animals glued/sewn on and plastic, dollar store, baby toys. Oof

>> No.10301750

other thread has the beret from the disney aristocat marie line, i'm fucking noob but it seems everyone shits on the beret. it's in my eyes cute or do i just have shit taste? i fuckinfb hate cat ears in general and in public always btw.

>> No.10301757

literally nobody has ever shat on the beret, only the print

>> No.10301758

have a hookup to buy some vw rocking horse shoes but not sure if I should drop the cash on them is it still considered a staple for lolita nowadays or have they fallen out of interest? I've considered getting the cheaper alternatives as well but I'm not super up to date on trends desu

>> No.10301759

i think people just would shit on the stock image because she's making a funny expression not so much the beret itself

>> No.10301760

also not up to date on 4chan usage, clearly

>> No.10301769

i only see oldschoolers wearing them these days

>> No.10301774

that's kinda what I'd been seeing, local girl is getting rid of hers as she gets more into OTT sweet and offered them to me but I don't do old school myself so wasn't sure if it was worth it

>> No.10301816

As someone who wears them they're great, they can go with anything.

>> No.10301834
File: 48 KB, 960x540, end_my_suffering_I_beg_you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10301836

Huh. TIL. Thanks anon

>> No.10301837

They're still relevant. A friend recently bought them at VW, and I've enjoyed seeing her wear them. If it's financially feasible, I'd say go for it

>> No.10301841

Speaking about WW RHS, do they worth their price? Like do you pay for
a great quality or for the brand name?

I mean a pair of ww shoes isnt something easily affordable for me, so i don't want to spend this money on a label.

>> No.10301855

What is the best kind of petticoat to use under AP sack dresses? I only have a hoop skirt and it served me well till I bought sugar cross. I feel like an a line is the move but I want to be sure.

>> No.10301857

Do you mean VW? They are very good quality and you can get them custom made to fit you but you also pay a little bit for the country of origin (where people who work in shoe factory get paid a living wage) and brand name. The Melissa x Vivienne Westwood collab ones are cheaper because the material is cheaper.

>> No.10301898

I bought an AP bag recently and it came in with marks on it. They're not scuffs, it's more like something has been leaning on the soft, slightly puffy outside of the bag and caused an indentation, if that makes sense. Is there any way to get rid of those marks?

>> No.10301925

How much was the cats tea party rerelease originally listed at on the AP USA store?

>> No.10302205

Are there any vk/jfash brands that still sell harem pants or are they completely out of fashion?

>> No.10302214

They're beautiful and high quality but they're a little delicate. The wood scratches easily if you scrape it on anything. Realistically, it's like two new brand dresses, and if you can use them in coords frequently it is worth it.

>> No.10302245

I'm looking to get some mesh laundry bags, what's a good size in inches or cm for a typical cotton jsk/op? Don't want to get one that's too small.

>> No.10302253

hi anon, sorry for my uber late reply. any particular terms to use? the hashtag plus size nanchatte doesn't exist, and the typical nanchatte tag is just avg to thin sized girls. any guidance is appreciated, i dont use ig often.

>> No.10302373

I use one that's about A3 size so my dresses aren't too squished.

>> No.10302420

I'm a dumbass cosplayer so I figure you guys know more about this than me, what's the best way to refluff your petticoat when it deflates? I made a tea-length tulle one and I'm worried about it falling flat.

>> No.10302422


>> No.10302424

I have heard steaming it when it is upside down and applying starch. Someone in another thread mentioned an older lady said she used to do this and let it dry completely on an umbrella for shape. I haven't tried that one yet.

>> No.10302453

So my mom washed one of my jsks and unfortunately it bled all over. It is an older Alice cotton print in red. Any advice how to fix it? (i think this is my first pure cotton dress so i think that was the lack of knowledge)

>> No.10302458


Washing in hot (or sometimes it works with warm) water with a fuck ton of oxyclean, or doing an oxyclean soak has fixed even the worst red on white bleeding for me instantly. Then just hang dry.

>> No.10302459

thank you!

>> No.10302481

Maybe try those color catcher sheets as well.

>> No.10302604

Seconding oxi, my entire comm swears by it

>> No.10302762

Not sure if this is the right thread, but have any gulls here had experience with buying Y!A lots like:

> https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h438635671
> https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j610192968
> https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t689774043
> https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x662799316

These deals look amazing, but I do worry if they're too good to be true. All the sellers seem to have great ratings and seemingly an endless supply for jfash brands for cheap. Are these legit? If so, any idea what the usual ending price for a lot will end up being?

>> No.10302764

As long as the sellers feedback is good it should be fine. Don't underestimate domestic and international shipping though. These lots are likely to be quite heavy.

>> No.10302768

Anon, some of these are sold out already, and the others are under auction. Try using the Gtranslator to find the seller's rating or check out with your SS before buying. I haven't opened all links, but up to the third one seemed quite legitimate.

>> No.10302770

Anyone have a good suggestion for ankle length lolita petticoats? One that could hold up a significantly heavy dress would be great.

>> No.10302774

Excuse my ignorance but can things still be lolita at ankle length or does that move into aristocrat territory?

>> No.10302781

Thank you so much! I expect shipping to end up costing the most based off online reviews, would $200 be a good estimate?

>> No.10302800

yes they can be, aristocrat has a distinct aesthetic of its own.

>> No.10302900
File: 43 KB, 500x576, 6571de26a663fbacb27e31acfce126ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are some sensible non-lolita lolita shoes? i feel that tea party style shoes can come off too childish/uncomfortable. looking for a versatile normie shoe that can work for lolita (sneakers, boots, etc)

>> No.10302941
File: 148 KB, 1559x1559, shoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

depends on what ur looking for...but i have a pair of doc martens mary janes for long walking days in lolita and i've heard good things about the TUK multistrap mary janes.

>> No.10302954

Depends on your style, oxfords work great with classic

>> No.10302961


thanks for your replies! what about for more sweet styles?

>> No.10302965 [DELETED] 
File: 47 KB, 1080x598, A7A969F3-951A-4020-93AE-362B9D57F069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>non-lolita lolita shoes
Thats going to be pretty tough but I do agree with the mary jane shoes. Haenuli posted these comfy mary janes that look really comfy

>> No.10302967
File: 205 KB, 800x800, 619F847D-B607-4CC7-9FA9-0B5FBDADC42E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t think you’ll find non lolita lolita shoes that are sweet and mature looking at the same time. Haenuli posted a picture with her tennis shoes that look like mary janes though but I don’t think this is what you’re looking for either

>> No.10302968
File: 47 KB, 1080x598, 88D09FE7-A664-4C31-9D48-66DA1DC8E02F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same anon but this is what she posted in the comment section

>> No.10303045
File: 42 KB, 760x557, jill-sander-blush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's fair, i'll keep an eye out then for normie mary janes that can work for sweet!
any idea on the consensus towards wearing sneaker type shoes like in pic related but for sweet lolita?

>> No.10303053

That weird peach color is so rare in sweet. Baby does it sometimes, but almost never AP

>> No.10303058

I don't think those would work. They aren't decorative enough and would just look odd. As the other anon pointed out, they're also a colour that's rarely used in sweet dresses (more peach in classic).

I'm not a fan of sneakers in lolita in general, but I've seen a few examples that pull it off. It's tricky and I wouldn't advise it if you're starting out.

>> No.10303181
File: 77 KB, 1053x752, 1492339218621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone please fucking tell me how to stretch nanchatte loafers. I just got mine in the mail after waiting forever on this taobao order and despite being marked 25.5, they look like a damn 25. I'm this close to kmsing gulls.

>> No.10303245

If they’re not leather they won’t stretch
Always order a size larger when you’re buying China shoes

>> No.10303248

Google it and do the results or get a shoe stretcher, they work nicely on all kinds of shoes.


>> No.10303261

I had googled it and read they can stretch around half a size. Every pair of shoes I've ordered in size 41 have always fit, so it was a shock when these were just a little small.
thx anon, trying the water bag ice method tonight, fingers crossed they expand a little..

>> No.10303272

No, just read what the seller writes and if people left a review, read those too. I'm pretty consistently a 37/23.5/m in chinese shoes and 37 in dutch shoes. Only once did I order a size smaller cause the seller recommended that, and they were correct as well cause they fit perfectly.

>> No.10303297
File: 222 KB, 1080x1350, B5B85BE2-9753-4F38-BE06-B6F6B066E903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would one call this hairstyle? Not looking to have to do the wig for this coord myself if I can help it but at a loss for how to search for it :(

>> No.10303298


>> No.10303301

Is there an easy way to browse taobao after they updated the webpage forever ago? I tried getting an account and everything but navigation is a mess and I can't actually browse the stores, images won't load etc

>> No.10303302

You'll need a bump-it and hair spray

>> No.10303304

I’ve noticed that my ad blocker makes taobao go a little nuts are you leaving yours on while browsing?

>> No.10303306

I was hoping to avoid that route but if that’s what I gotta do well.. one does what one must for volume

>> No.10303316

You can just tease like crazy or make a bumpit using a hairnet and some extra hair (your own if you want, wig hair in a pinch). Easiest way is just to buy a half wig and stack it on top of your own.

>> No.10303346

Underskirts are quite popular these days and can take a normal knee or under the knee length lolita hem and place it at tea length or lower.

>> No.10303432

Another Honey Cake related question: I live in Japan and it’s my first MTO + I’m not going to be in Tokyo next week. Does the AP store hold dresses for people or is the pickup a One Day Only thing?

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