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AtePi - Royal Ribbon Dress

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lolcow is back up at least in USA if anyone didn't know already

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How many of you actually use that website to talk trash about other lolitas? I'm assuming that's the reason you're posting about this here, anyway. Pretty sad use of your time, i m o.

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I never used lolcow for lolita threads; it's whole purpose was for pt I think and I used it to learn about her; the lolita threads on lolcow are actually very dead and one thread even had comments about how they were glad there was less comm drama and as a result no new posts.

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Antique beasT reopening 11/18, 9PM JST.

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how do you gulls even navigate that site, there are endless amount of threads and it's all pretty random..

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Not a fan of religious prints, but I like this dress shape a lot. Why can't they just release a solid dress like that with some nice tulle lace instead. I would buy it.

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Okay this time unironically: sorry you got posted

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Also lolcow's(lor originally stamina rose's) userbase started off from seagulls, newfriend.

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Could someone please tell SoapboxSirensandCliffhangerCherubs that we don't need more scalpers on LM?

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Its actually really cool to have a mostly female userbase, /ot/ offtopic , /g/girl talk have amusing threads

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I'm so excited!! What are y'all ordering?

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I avoid the gossip boards, the makeup/ perfume/ girl talk shit is fun to me as a lifestyle lolita. It's like having friends

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Should I be worried if someone with zero feedback bought brand from me with two different names? I figured one is probably an online alias since the payment and address names matched.

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They may be a reseller loooing for cheap brand to resell at a higher price later.

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Yeah the thing I liked most about lolcow is the lack of scrotes desu

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This wasn’t on lacemarket so I guess I’ll check in a week or so to see if it shows up there.

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Just saw this. I wonder if this means they plan on re-releasing it again?

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watch it be polyester with no glitter

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Man I wish I could wear lolita

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If they did a white pompom with pink ribbon I'd buy. I love fur and pompom accents for winter coords.

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I'd really like to see a move towards re-releases being an opportunity to explore new colorways. I personally am not a fan of that print, but maybe AP could win me over with a new colorway.

I also think if they did more color experimentation it could off-set the poly issue to some extent. It doesn't solve and end it, but if they were doing something "new" with their old prints it would be less of a glaring issue. When you release something in the same cut and colorways as before but now it's poly; people only have reasons to complain. When you re-release a print in new colors and cuts the poly remains a negative but now it's balanced out a bit with the item not trying to be a direct copy of the original. Nobody likes "looks the same but worse quality". Whereas "worse quality but unique design features" off-sets it more.

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AP should really branch out with colors a lot more and they make little attempt to desu. If they had for example rereleased Honey Cake in all the colorways but made the pink and green ones more pastel instead of so bright or tried black or sax or lavender that might have offset the fact that it's worse material. In that case specifically though going poly was fine because so many people had issues with it bleeding, but they chose that viela shit instead of a nicer fabric. Poly can be nice but AP doesn't care because Chinese lolitas driving the market don't care.

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>that odd period between Halloween and Christmas
You mean fall? The season everyone skips because they're obsessed with "spoopy" shit?

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fall isnt a holiday

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Fall is nice but Christmas makes me feel all happy and sparkly inside in a way that mildly cooler weather (Southern USA) and pumpkin spice lattes do not, even ifnyou remove the gifts and consumerism.

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>thinking seasons are holidays

Sorry you live in the south and that you think fall is a white girl holiday.

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Why can’t you?

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What poly fabric is nicer that they've done in the past? Personally I like it for winter items, though it's terrible for summer.

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anon, fall starts officially on september 23rd which is before halloween. the op states the time between halloween and christmas as the weird period because there's no holiday that's relevant fashion-wise then, theres no mention about seasons...

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Why is everyone forgetting about Thanksgiving? How is fall a holiday?

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I'm pretty sure my Lyrical Bunny is 100% poly and while it is stiffer than cotton it doesn't have that weird sheen that the viela (at least for Dream Bear) has. So it's matte and the texture is nice and it doesn't bleed all over or fade as much from being washed. I prefer cotton but understand the benefits of synthetic materials too.

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I have not experienced people skipping fall. It's all red leaves this and cozy sweaters that all over my feed from late September to November to the point where it gets a little over the top even though I actually love fall

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Lyrical bunny is cotton

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Sorry you hate happiness (AKA Christmas/general non denominational holiday spirit). Fall isn't for white girls only. I never mentioned race. I'm not white and like lattes and buy pumpkin flavored shit too.

But seriously though I am just a person who prefers winter and winter holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day. We're all entitled to feel differently about different seasons and I appreciate the other 3 seasons too. We can also be fake angry about what we disagree on for fun though (assuming you're not actually judging someone on liking Christmas more than autumn, as I'm never actually serious when I tell people they are sad or whatever for being a little Grinchy).

Fall is great for naturey coords and winter is nice as an excuse to wear nice lolita coats and faux fur lined capes and things.

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Canadians have Thanksgiving in October I think? So if it's about awkward gaps in holidays Thanksgiving would have passed for Canadians

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Oh oops maybe the part on the tag that said polyester was just the lining then. It doesn't feel as soft as other AP cotton things to me.

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>It's like having friends
That's kinda sad, but I do relate with it. That's why I come to CGL, so I may have "friends" to talk about Lolita.

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I love the teal colorway but I wish the sleeves didn't have the elasticated band.

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>>10291388 >>10291407 >>10291413
Polyester, in our modern era, has equal parts positive to negative just like Cotton. The issue is more cottons of varying quality and price point are still rather good, were Poly is specifically good or bed on very precise variants; so there is a higher change you could end up with a "bad" poly. As an example; polyester locks colors in better so the dye maintains a consistent appearance over most of the life cycle of the garment. By contrast, dyes applied to natural fabrics like Cotton will often look brighter and more vibrant at the beginning of the garment's life cycle, but will likely fade in saturation over time with washing. Again, the poly seems more "flat" to start, but it will consistently hold it's original color almost indefinitely. But then on the flip side you have the breath-ability factor; Cotton, Linen, Hemp and Wool will always breath far better then Poly.

Overall I think the main issue is not paying closer attention to material selection; with cotton you can "shoot from the hip" when picking your source and will -likely- end up with fine/okay cotton. With Poly you need to be really on top of being aware of what's available, what mills make the better versions and such.

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Because we aren't all american, so it's irrelevant.

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Canadians also have Thanksgiving, just earlier which is how it should be desu so there is more time for the more fun holidays that have more going on than just food and gratitude which you can have year round anyway.

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Canadians are irrelevant, too

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Or that her “discounts” are readily transparent?

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She sells really gross stuff too. If your socks are stained that badly just throw them away ffs

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I thought this was lespirit de la noblesse at first. Taking some major design cues I see...

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Same. The dress cut is fucking gorgeous, but the print really ruins it for me. If it was solid color, or even something like brocade or hounds-tooth or a simpler border print, I'd buy one in every colorway.

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I've wanted the Scarlet headdress for a while now so I might as well bite the bullet and get it now before the year ends.

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A lot of stores have extra bits of fabric for displays and covering display cases & countertops

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I often wish they would line some of the poly dresses with cotton.

>> No.10291564 [DELETED] 

Yeah poly lining is usually cheap and feels icky when the top layer of the dress so nice. Like BABY is nice cotton but then the lining is sweaty feeling poly so I often replace the lining in ones I don't plan to resell with a nicer feeling material.

>> No.10291575

I...will get my second pair of the basic headdress, but now in white. I love these so much aaa

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What's everyone doing for Winter ILD?

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And winter doesn't start until Dec 21st.
You don't need a holiday. Seasonal wear is a thing.

Maybe for white Americans.

>> No.10291596

Uh I promise more than white Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. They might not all have the “traditional” food but nearly everyone celebrates it in some way.

>> No.10291605

No one in central or south America celebrates it.

>> No.10291606

If you act white, doesn't matter if you aren't. Fall isn't about lattes or pumpkin spice. Hence white girl holiday.

And you're conflating winter with Christmas. Holidays are not seasons.

>> No.10291611

Jesus Christ anon get all that sand out of your vag

>> No.10291612 [DELETED] 


>liking coffee and seasonal flavors/clothes makes someone white

That is a whole ot can of worms I don't feel like addressing.

>conflating Christmas and winter

I also literally mentioned winter and Christmas/other winter holidays separately and you're really taking this way too seriously dude.

As far as how it relates to lolita, winter or colder weather means cute fuzzy fabrics and sweaters and cardigans and playing around with knee high and otk socks or fun tights. If people want to enjoy those things does it really matter if it is in "fall colors" like orange and brown or "winter colors"?

Some lolitas probably just wear what they want year round so long as it matches the weather and don't care about seasonal aesthetics anyway.

Why are you so mad no one cares about styling themselves or doing things in a way you personally associate with fall? If we would rather skip ahead to winter/Christmas themes it isn't hurting you and isn't so out of season as to be ridiculous or ita or anything.

>> No.10291615 [DELETED] 

When people say American and are referencing something cultural without specifying north or south they often mean "United States of America" (USA) specifically, or North America like USA and Canada and sometimes Mexico depending on context.

>> No.10291620

This. Canadians and people from the south/central Americas do not call themselves "American" and would be pretty offended if you called them that. American means US, everyone knows this.

>> No.10291640

>you're conflating winter with Christmas
welcome to america bitch

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There’s no glitter on the fabric here which makes me think this might actually be a rerelease

>> No.10291648

Does anyone have any of there main pieces? I have the bat headdress and love it.

>> No.10291716

How naive.

Just say you don't get it. Because it's quite clear that you don't.

>> No.10291720 [DELETED] 


There is nothing to get, you're just mad people don't care about following how you think people should dress or enjoy seasons or holidays. And too ignorant to realize that likes and dislikes don't make someone a race or not. apparently.

>> No.10291723

Anon I love this time of year and the lead up into Christmas. I just feel so much happier and the idea of bundling up and hot drinks is the best. You aren't alone.

>> No.10291724

I love that blue, but not that 55,000 yen price tag

>> No.10291732

Last time I checked there the lolita general thread was mostly people shitting on lolita and calling it ugly.

>> No.10291736 [DELETED] 


I'm glad others like to get into the holiday spirit! Being festive a little earlier than some people want isn't a crime and is fun!

Holidays of any sort are nice and good excuses to be extra sweet to people you care about with gifts and quality time.

>> No.10291740

>having seasons
t. bitter equatorfag

>> No.10291755

It's not about me getting posted since I never post anything about myself online. Just think it's sad how worked up people get about pointless things.

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Hopefully you can still find fun ways to be festive even in a tropical environment! Maybe you can take some cues from Australia since their Christmas is in summer.

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Has anyone got any notifications about the chocolate rosette MTO from early March being shipped?
(talking about the jp one)

>> No.10291764

People use THIS website to trash talk lolitas. What's the difference

>> No.10291767

Cool? I find it really embarrassing that women are only able to bond over gossip, drama and putting down other women.

>> No.10291777 [DELETED] 


>not realizing the irony of trying to take some moral stance on cgl

The threads have more stuff going on than just gossip and drama. Similar threads to our help or makeup and other threads with different subjects do exist on lolcow.

>> No.10291791

Cgl isn't great either but at least we're not allowed to single out and attack/gossip about specific people

>> No.10291797 [DELETED] 

vendettas are against lolcow rules too/frowned upon.

And talk about specific people on cgl is allowed by the rules, just depends on if it's a malicious directed attack or just genuine discussion/gossip with no secret bad agenda/intent/

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Because you're obviously dense.
There's nothing wrong with liking holidays. But holidays aren't necessary to the fashion. As OP implied.

>> No.10291808

Have you gulls seen the news from Parco store opening? I just can’t believe this

>> No.10291812

The latest in lumberjack lolita

>> No.10291823


Oh god no. I did this for a homemade skirt once. So much static, apparently natural fibres tend to be staticky. I ended up donating the skirt, the lining wouldn't stop winding itself around my legs. Like yes, I could always wear it with a petticoat, but it's another thing to be limited in how I want to wear my own wardrobe.

At least I'd hope they only line the top with cotton and leave the bottom poly.

>> No.10291827

I dont think ive ever had a dress with cotton lining

>> No.10291828

maybe try lurking more boards besides /pt/

>> No.10291831

Yeah, because there’s a good reason poly dresses aren’t lined with cotton as the anon above said.

>> No.10291832 [DELETED] 


The shiny satiny poly lining on brand always sticks to my legs more than natural fibers for me.

>> No.10291833

Not AP, but VM has had dresses with cotton lining

>> No.10291841

Trying to buy the new moitie releases on ww fleur and my paypal has been stuck in processing since the drop, should I be worried? Is this happening to anyone else?

>> No.10291853

Wich japanese brands have the best bags on terms of durability?

>> No.10291856

you should follow your own advice.

>> No.10291857


>> No.10291859

>like men don't do the same shit

>> No.10291862


Every single one of their chiffon tent dresses.

You probably wouldn't believe it until you tried making one out of cotton. Cotton does. not. drape. You won't look like a tent. You'll look like a giant traffic cone with legs.

Then try on one of AP's chiffon tent dresses. It flows. It drapes. It shifts with every movement you make. If you're skinny, it'll oftentimes drape as close to your waist, so it's even obvious to other people that you do have curves, boobs, a waist, etc. It actually looks good and not like, y'know, a traffic cone.

I'm against the trend of using poly for everything, but poly definitely has its uses.

>> No.10291863

You're supposed to be wearing a petti under your dresses. So, the lining's material is irrelevant since it shouldn't be touching your skin.

>> No.10291864


None, I'm waiting for it too. Nice to see someone else also waiting.

I own like 3 other colourways because they never released the dark green that was the only one I actually wanted, so I'm super super hyped to finally be able to own it.

>> No.10291873 [DELETED] 


If I'm not going to a meet or something I wear my brand casually as well so that's when I feel the lining.

>> No.10291874

Yeah, the only lining that matters to me is the bodice lining, and even then only in OPs.

>> No.10291877

Of the lolita brands, I’d say Meta. It does differ from bag to bag, though.
Related, I wonder if that leather Moitie bat bag is significantly more durable than the pleather variant or if they skimped on other aspects to keep the price down.

But of course when men do it, they just call it “discussion”.

>> No.10291881

Heard of a slip?

>> No.10291882

Does anyone can recommend some Tokyo-based ss besides Muuh?

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File: 745 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191119-114706_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can anyone id Any of this coord/set? printed in GLB vol.2 page 22

>> No.10291890

It was funny, I was just about to buy a salopette in blue secondhand, and then the MTO announcement came the day after so I could buy the entire set in the color I wanted for the same price.

If I get any mail regarding it, I'll post here again.

>> No.10291891

It says it on the image.
Lurk more.

>> No.10291896

>vendettas are against lolcow rules too/frowned upon.
>has entire sections of the site dedicated to hundreds of threads for various vendettas
>solely came into existence for the purpose of vendettas

Anyone saying this shit is delusional,
"o-oh I just go on lolcow for the makeup threads!!" or whatever, yeah fucking right.

>> No.10291905

It's not hard to believe that anybody would go to lolcow just for non-drama related stuff. The drama threads are mostly boring nit picks and not enough total car crash cows that provide any sort of entertainment. It sounds like you've never been there or you're bitter about being posted there. Like anons already mentioned, it's the perfect place to meet like minded women im a scrote free environment.

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File: 449 KB, 1100x552, 8035CC9C-7F60-44DC-B28F-40F4B36E56CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has any gull happened to grab their slot today?

>> No.10291915

I thought about it but I’m gonna pass this time. Since this dress seems to be the sweet Holy Lantern I’m sure they’ll release it again anyway.

>> No.10291917

Good choice, I didn't get it this time but it's one of two headdresses by her that I really want.

My order included the Night Rain Rose OP, so I guess in a couple of months I'll see how it is.

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File: 232 KB, 1080x963, IMG_20191119_112044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go again!

>> No.10291929

>we heard you like crosses, so we put crosses on our crosses

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File: 135 KB, 500x600, 366E21E7-4999-4B5F-BE2C-676279A34C0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They did some nice job on Dolly Damask tho! It actually looks nice and refreshing. I wonder if that pattern is really jacquard and not a print, it would be really cool.

>> No.10291938

I love the cut, but why is that cross on there?

>> No.10291939
File: 399 KB, 600x900, edit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh wow this is nice

>> No.10291946


I want the name of the actual Dress And Shoes but thnx for your generous input.
Google translate won't even pick up the caption to the photo.

>> No.10291951

Lmao i like this cut way more but can they stop?
Also i hate the sheer sleeves

>> No.10291953

Plenty of farmers only visit the off topic boards, honestly lurk more.

>> No.10291954

Use lolibrary, this isn't spoonfeed central

>> No.10291958

U gulls have id’d for less if you don’t know you can just shut up? Good luck meta chan tho it’s probably gonna be something dumb and standard like most old school pieces like “Lacey op” or whatever.

>> No.10291971

AP is doing ticketed sale this time and the order of entering is gonna be random. How do you gulls think will that help to beat the scalpers?

>> No.10291974

Also lolibrary doesn’t have every single piece out there, and not everyone speaks/ can read Japanese.

>> No.10291977

It looks like this one to me, anon.

>> No.10291978

>U gulls
Of course offsite cancer loves spoonfeeding. Go back to where you came from.

You don't have to be a genius to search by features you can see and by what you know about the glb. It's on lolibrary too and requires absolute minimal effort to find. Use your brain.

>> No.10291979

Download the google translate app

Close, but it looks closer to the re-release

>> No.10291987

Damn I love these prints but the bodices look so awkward on both of them, especially on the yellow one. If they'd have come as skirts I'd have bought them in a heartbeat.

>> No.10291989

Why can't they just add the bows on the bottom instead of putting it in the print?

>> No.10292016

Haha youre fucking retarded

>> No.10292030

But katakana is just english?? There’s no reason to say you can’t read it when it clearly says in english ooganjii bebii dooru. Do you not speak english?

>> No.10292033

The characters are in Japanese. Not in English. If they don't know how to read Japanese, it's not going to work. Not sure why this is so hard to understand.

>> No.10292044


They could easily look up a kana chart that shows the phonetic reading and then type the romaji into google translate for the english if it's too butchered. It might take time but is not impossible.

>> No.10292046

Those traffic cone dresses are ugly though. And I'm skinny and still look pregnant because I'm not flat.
I meant instead of the poly viyella what could they choose instead for the same dresses? Those are the dresses that would work in cotton anyway, they just choose not to.

>> No.10292051

It says Organdy Babydoll, Lace Bonnet, Organdy Soft Panier, 2 layered Lace Drawers, [illegible] Raschel Lace High Socks, and Tassel Boots. Bear is unknown brand.

>> No.10292061

Someone asking for help on this though still isn’t necessarily enough to fall under spoonfeeding. Sure we’re all sick of that. What’s wrong though with helping others out and being a decent person?

To the anon asking for help, I wish you the best of luck. If I could I’d help you.

>> No.10292064


I never called it spoonfeeding but people saying they'd never be calable of figuring it out on their own are exaggerating.

They should have directed it to the stupid questions thread (many questions that are asked there aren't actually stupid, it's more of a jfashion help thread in general)

>> No.10292073

>stupid questions thread
agreed. considering how op is likely the newfriend who was just spoonfed in the DD thread. we're not going to hold your hand as you discover everything. put in work. >>10291888

>> No.10292088


Agrees. While I love the top I wish they could have put the same chiffon and pearl detailing on the bottom too, would have tied together the look and make it look more opulant.

>> No.10292104

I like this idea. I guess it would also look extra cool and elegant if they did the bottom plate as separate detail and embroidered the logo.

>> No.10292138

NAYRT but in my country (which is in the tropics) we have a lot of cool, festive activities and the weather at least gets cool enough to wear lolita outdoors without dying from the heat and humidity. I just wish we had an excuse to wear cool lolita coats or velveteen dresses though and take cute snow pics.

>> No.10292172
File: 50 KB, 700x490, 20181109_aeb4bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is the traditional white cat headdress more of a stark white or offwhite, gulls who own it?

and what about the hecate headdress (pic related), for comparison?

>> No.10292177

Are there any coord pics with Hecate?

>> No.10292184

bro. if you don't know the answer to her question, don't act condescending about spoonfeeding. just don't reply

>> No.10292190

not sure why you are defending that anon who could have easily used reverse image search and found the lolibrary entry, and even a recent LM listing that sold.

>> No.10292215

I swear I've seen some before but don't know where to find them again. I looked through the #antiquebeast tag on instagram but couldn't find any.

It seems the traditional white cat headdress is a cooler white, though.

>> No.10292217

Katakana takes you like an hour to learn. Please do yourself a favor and learn japanese-english.

>> No.10292230

easy there, weeb

>> No.10292233

they're too lazy and stupid to do it, just forget about it anon

>> No.10292243

I have a Baby jsk with cotton lining. I like it desu because it's very breathable in summer.

>> No.10292276

>What’s wrong though with helping others out and being a decent person?
The problem is that they end up feeling entitled to be spoonfed everytime as the general gets flooded with stupid questions and posts before they think of an own solution which encourages other similar lazy people to do the same. The real answer is always to lurk more. Just look upthread and you already get a small taste of the entitlement.

>> No.10292285

Took me about a weekend to learn it + hiragana, but I wasn't working on it all day, just a few hours a day.

>> No.10292380

men don't gossip but the other stuff, yeah

>> No.10292382

AP is the peak of lolita quality!!!

>> No.10292384

the amount of fucking weebs on here...

>> No.10292388

This is an anime website.

>> No.10292393

which misty sky os that?

>> No.10292422


That's why I say you won't believe it until you try it in cotton -- so many girls simply don't wear those dresses and blanket hate on stuff they don't have a clue on. As soon as you try a cotton traffic cone and a chiffon tent dress you'll realise what a huge difference the chiffon makes.

I did say I don't approve of everything poly. The original comment said to name one instance where poly fabric is nicer than cotton.

>> No.10292427


Honestly I think they made the right choice. It's not just that bows on the bottom would drive up the cost (yeah we all complain about AP quality but would you really buy this dress if it was $500 because someone had to handsew 6 bows to the bottom of the dress, really) -- actual bows would add weight to the bottom of the skirt, and the 3D effect would catch the tulle overlay, causing it to fall unevenly. Not to mention it would change the whole feel of the dress, going from something simple you could wear to a garden party, to an OTT dress you could only wear to a grand tea party.

The way it is now I think they struck a nice balance between simple but not too plain.

>> No.10292428


Design isn't quality, anon. The flocking is probably still decent quality, even if it's darn ugly.

>> No.10292432

Before they merged the pp and gc threads that was literally the only thing I visited lolcow for. Not everyone who goes there is some sort of gossipy vendetta bitch anon

>> No.10292433
File: 140 KB, 800x1200, BTSSB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweet Strawberry Dot Series

>> No.10292434 [DELETED] 

Fairy Crystal Snow Series

>> No.10292437
File: 171 KB, 898x1200, BTSSB 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fairy Crystal Snow Series

>> No.10292446

It would work if the dress fabric was thicker. A petti would hold the bows up. I personally hate overlays, so I wouldn't include it. Around the bows they could've woven in the ribbon they have printed.
It just looks boring and everything blends together. I disagree with extra costs, it shouldn't cost so much extra. There's nothing on the dress. Nonprint dresses have lace details. This doesn't.

>> No.10292447

>plain white bows
>white bow with gold charm
>red text bow
>transparent wine ribbon and bows
>fucking random strawberries and leaves in the bonnet

I always want to like Baby's new stuff, but I hate jumbles of mismatched bows and they do that on damn near every release nowadays.

But this is pretty cute

>> No.10292450

Besides AP and Baby, what are the best things to do in SF?

>> No.10292452
File: 249 KB, 450x800, 142588095_o8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AtePi has done tent dresses in cotton before

>> No.10292457

Have afternoon tea and shop around Haight-Ashbury.

>> No.10292463

Musee Mechanique! And if you want to take fun pictures, that's right near the 3D Illusion Museum.

>> No.10292475

if you're into goth-y or naturalist stuff, Paxton Gate has neat taxidermy/skeletons/wet specimens, plants, and crystals. And some really nice/unique smelling candles. I really enjoyed looking around the whole store.

>> No.10292476

>i did ______, she gives good head
>i heard _____ was a thot
>did you see ______'s ass in those jeans?
bullshit men don't gossip

>> No.10292516
File: 231 KB, 500x600, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's a high-waisted dress, anon, not a tent dress.

Not only that, the length of the dress and the angle has you misjudging how low the waistline actually is, look at how high the bust points are. Then go look at one of AP's special set highwaist dresses. There's a huge difference (well, it's a bit of a cheat since AP's special sets are made to save costs, so the high-waisted dresses usually have really, really small bodices, but it still works to compare with this dress).

Metamo has made cotton tent dresses, if you really want them.

>> No.10292517


Yeah, but at this point you're describing a different dress altogether... I mean I get it, you only like the idea and hate the execution, but I think AP is just out to make a different take on a common motif, not make yet another damask dress.

At least what you described sounds like you can put them together by buying a damask dress from another brand and then pinning some bows to an underskirt, if you really want it that badly.

>> No.10292565

Katakana is not English at all. It is a limited Japanese phonetic language to expand the even more limited phonetic hiragana. It helps them pronounce foreign words, as in any word that is not Japanese. It could be Dutch. It could be German. It could be Korean. You can't depend on katakana to be English or to use the correct form of English either. Even google makes a lot of errors.

>> No.10292567

But in this image everything is in english unless you want to argue regular english speaking person doesn’t know what panier is. Seriously, the first thing lolita should learn is katakana and japanese unless you want to buy western indie rest of your life.

>> No.10292576

I heard you like crosses so I put a giant cross on your cross print.

>> No.10292580

Nayrt but I can’t read any katakana yet have been able to buy lolita online from Japanese brands since only Meta shipped overseas because google translate exists. Of course being able to read katakana and Japanese in general helps a lot, but it’s silly to pretend it’s absolutely necessary.

>> No.10292591

This >>10291888 proves it's clearly necessary.

>> No.10292594

I feel like nothing ever gets planned in my community because people will claim meet ups or dates and then never go through with it. We haven't had a meet up in 2 months because they all got cancelled.

>> No.10292595

>not being able to track down a specific set from a Japanese street snap without help
>only buy western indie rest of your life
You’re right, these are exactly the same.

>> No.10292597

Katakana literally has the exact same sounds hiragana does; it doesn't create new sounds for foreigners which is why so many English words get butchered in Japanese. It just visually denotes foreign words and/or can also just be used to make Japanese names and words look "cool" when written or printed. It takes time to learn to read but if you look up a simple image showing what sound each character is you could figure out what an image says in like less than 15 minutes. Also google translate on mobile at least allows writing so they could have just copied the characters into their app and easily gotten the translation very quickly.Their question wasn't idiotic but they could have just asked in the stupid questions thread, coord help ir DD thread if it applied...basically anywhere but the general for something so simple. Not trying to be rude and I never complain about spoonfeeding but it's silly to pretend that with the internet it is impossible for them to have figured it out without asking in this particular thread.

>> No.10292598
File: 151 KB, 800x800, 74662496_2364838457163408_7433060987336392704_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Release † Gloves with Bracelet

These below elbow length synthetic leather gloves come with a bracelet featuring the signature Moi-même-Moitié coffin charm on the adjuster chain.
Raised lining on the inside for comfortable wear.
Great for giving your coordinates some edge.

Hand circumference (measure circumference approximately above your thumb): 19~23cm
Length (from the tip of the middle finger) : 41.5cm
Wrist: 18~20cm
Bracelet circumference: 18~19.5cm

Gloves: 100% polyurethane (polyurethane synthetic leather)
Bracelet: zinc alloy, brass, gemstones (onyx)
Chain: brass

5000JPY (+tax)

【Release Date】
November 22, 3pm (JST)

>> No.10292599

plan one yourself!

>> No.10292622

>confessions thread is put on autosage
>feels thread and location specific threads that are 80% offtopic aren't

>> No.10292632

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the average English speaking person really doesn’t know what a panier is

>> No.10292633

>Also i hate the sheer sleeves

>> No.10292682

>Japanese street snap
it's a complete brand ad, not a street snap newfriend.

>> No.10292721

can I get the source for this?

>> No.10292744

Oh boy am I looking forward to COPPA killing even the last bit of enjoyable lolita videos from youtube

>> No.10292749

The Angelic Pretty website you moron

>> No.10292780
File: 874 KB, 832x1636, 35435345465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They rerelease Brilliant sets including Midnight color from the teaparty. Also gray and lavender colorways in regular cuts.

>> No.10292782

*OP seems coming in gray only, not lavender

>> No.10292822

>feels thread was moved to /r9k/
what the actual fuck mods

>> No.10292829

The new jannies have been godawful

>> No.10292836
File: 115 KB, 475x650, kill me now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Misty Sky Brilliant midnight

That's not fair, it's supposed to be rare and limited!
I paid someone lots of money for the 2016 tea party release.

I HAVEN'T EVEN worn it yet, it still has its tags!

>> No.10292843


>> No.10292844

I hope they rerelease daydream too!

>> No.10292846

no shit, the worst

>> No.10292849
File: 816 KB, 498x249, i hope the sun doesn't burn me alive.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I quit lolita awhile back after not being able to find anyone to wear it with and really just not having anywhere to wear it. I live in a very small country town, so I gave it up.

There's a chance that I'll be moving to Florida soon (specifically Pensacola). What's the community like there? I've considered getting back into it since there's actually a com, but I've also never had the chance to interact with anyone else in this fashion, so I'm pretty nervous about it all.

>> No.10292850

if it was moved that means it was full of OT bs. it's our own fault.

>> No.10292856

Would it be weird to archive daily lolita posts?

>> No.10292861

>The original comment said to name one instance where poly fabric is nicer than cotton.
No it didn't. I wrote the original comment >>10291405 responding to anon speaking about viyella releases. Poly chiffon is not poly viyella, nor would it be used for the dresses with the "poly viyella problem".

>> No.10292875

I would love a misty sky parka in grey. I have the navy one and it's my go-to for comfy cute days

>> No.10292899

The Northwest Florida Lolita community is absolutely lovely every time I've hung around them. They try to engage and welcome newcomers and are very easy to get along with

>> No.10292902

No it's pretty realistic since livejournal could shut down on any day soon. I've tried to download whole comm pages but lj built in tools that make website scraping difficult.

>> No.10292903

You're kinda an idiot for not even wearing it, anon

>> No.10292905

Boo fucking hoo

>> No.10292919

I feel the same about CTP

>> No.10292980

I got the bat headdress in black and the leatherette collar. I was going to get the hair pins too, but they were all sold out.

>> No.10292985

Idk if it’s a new thing or if I just noticed it, but I’m getting real tired of sellers on Lacemarket deleting their listings and relisting them so they’ll show up as new.

>> No.10293026

you sure they're not just expired and then relisted?

>> No.10293033

I think a lot of people are doing it because of a scammer buying their listings and leaving negative feedback. I've seen it happen to at least 5 sellers now

>> No.10293039


This >>10293026. I didn't relist something because I had to take a two-week trip for work. When I came back the listing vanished. Poof. Had to make a new one, can't relist something that's no longer there to be relisted.

It's actually annoying. Didn't occur to me to save the text from the old listing so I had to write it all up again. Meh.

>> No.10293044

Because i strongly dislike them.

>> No.10293045


Should've been clearer with your discussion then. If you accurately used the "poly viyella" wording you used right now instead of a blanket "every poly is evil" then at least people can let you gripe in peace rather than their brains going "wait no, all those statements are full of holes everywhere".

>> No.10293061

yes I’m sure, the same girl has relisted the same dress like five days in a row. Are we allowed to name Lacemarket sellers on here?

>> No.10293081
File: 199 KB, 389x745, 2B19E0F5-1644-4E5E-B09B-5E0C4A11B723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go again (: this bitch is getting on my last nerve

>> No.10293083

thank yall for the id

>> No.10293093 [DELETED] 

Ugh, must stay strong for not grabbing both colors if they actually do!

Sorry, man. Although if they do rerelease but not MTO it might preserve some rarity. This release is already REALLY hard to get.

>> No.10293108

i thought the same thing but she lowered it back lol

>> No.10293140

Oh I thought you meant someone else, who is definitely a store pretending to be a person, but that account is in Japan.

>> No.10293172

not going to buy them, but I'm curious how people will use them in coords!

>> No.10293173
File: 280 KB, 1080x1434, IMG_20191121_141506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Victorian Waltz Series from Angelic Pretty

>> No.10293175
File: 261 KB, 1080x1400, IMG_20191121_141448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10293203

Hosts, do you ever say fuck it, and just by yourself a present for doing a big meet? I'm not going to give it to myself or anything stupid, just tell the woman I'm getting soap from I'd like some treats for me too. But I might wait until after the meet to open them.

>> No.10293206
File: 31 KB, 480x640, tumblr_inline_pa9xymB3hX1qj8zlk_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10293208

No? I don’t need an excuse to buy things for myself.

>> No.10293212

Not really excited for these, although I keep asking myself if I’m too old for getting Milky boi whenever they put them on sale.

>> No.10293229

You've never gotten yourself something for your birthday, or because you got a new job?

>> No.10293242

I have a shopping addiction ;_;

>> No.10293254

Why are you talking like you’re seven years old?

>> No.10293256

you're not. get it in every colorway live your dreams

>> No.10293286

Used to be a hardcore moitie fag but man these look cheap

>> No.10293291

the feels thread belongs there. it's a bunch of off topic posting and sex obsessed men

>> No.10293412 [DELETED] 

Do you mean with the money from the ticket sales? I’ve never been in that situation but I’d be tempted if it was something small, like $10 or less. I wouldn’t do more unless it was a super huge elaborate event. Most event planners charge a lot so if you’re going all that work for free I’d say go for it, especially if it doesn’t Jean compromising on the event. If it’s a situation where someone else is looking at the books, just make it an actual formal planning fee and write a receipt.

>> No.10293413

Do you mean with the money from the ticket sales? I’ve never been in that situation but I’d be tempted if it was something small, like $10 or less. I wouldn’t do more unless it was a super huge elaborate event. Most event planners charge a lot so if you’re going all that work for free I’d say go for it, especially if it doesn’t mean compromising on the event. If it’s a situation where someone else is looking at the books, just make it an actual formal planning fee and write a receipt.

>> No.10293512

I wasn't the one griping, I was asking the anon who was. Please learn to follow conversations before replying.

>> No.10293549

Oh jeez, no. I'll be lucky to not spend too much of my money. I just mean more is it pathetic to get myself something since I don't think anyone else will.

>> No.10293603

>I dont think anyone else will
Why would they though? Do you expect someone to get you something for hosting or organizing a meet? Like sure it would be a nice gesture of members but surely it's not an expectation you have?
When my comm goes on meets where shopping is part of the itinerary its expected (or at least not weird) to buy yourself something like a small soap, I dont really understand your posts.

>> No.10293606

Is it just me or is there less ageplay/sissy content in the lolita tags? Idk if I’m blind or if they finally fucked off.

>> No.10293623
File: 8 KB, 627x253, timer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, sort of outing myself here, but I and a friend are both being aggressively targeted by one scammer who's mad that we found the fril listings where she stole the images from, and warned people. She keeps making new lm accounts, and new verified paypal accounts, and buying our listings and leaving negative feedback. It's so pointless because it takes a once sentence message to the lacemarket account to fix the false feedback, and literally less than four minutes to relist my items once I stop being lazy and do so.

Lacemarket mods are working with circlly admins to find a more permanent solution to getting her out of there.

>> No.10293625
File: 24 KB, 250x250, memface_glasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is bodyline selling sex juice on their Rakuten storefront?

>> No.10293629
File: 605 KB, 881x1443, 489E6BF7-F972-4056-AF4B-042CB21A20A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone recognize this brand?

>> No.10293634

I’ve seen this happening and I’m so sorry. This scammer doesn’t seem to have a life

>> No.10293638

Why would a scammer be so butthurt about being caught? The mindset of this person is so alien to me.

>> No.10293659

I'm wondering if people here asked Photographer for tpf shootings in Lolita?
Did you asked Cosplay photographers or 'normal' Fashion pjotographers?

I'm not saying that paying a Photographer is not worth it and I also did that before.

>> No.10293672

What I really want is a card. And I don't know how you can go to things like tea parties and not think the people running it deserve a big thank you. It's not unnatural for the hosts to want one either.

>> No.10293676
File: 161 KB, 1080x870, 74600032_168231250909075_4657423910488543947_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10293684

Yeah it is, it’s weird to think you deserve something for uh a phone call to a place to reserve spots.

>> No.10293704

Is that all your comm does for their big meets? Eat? That's sad. I normally end up making something, put together goodie bags, and do a few games and a raffle.

>> No.10293706

You shouldn't host meets with the expectation that people will give you something in return. Should they say thank you if you did all those extra things? Sure, but expecting gifts? If you want people to give you gifts so badly, just do a gift exchange.

>> No.10293728

When someone invites me to an event in their home, I bring chocolates. But even I would not bring anything to a meet elsewhere. The proper thank you is to reciprocate by planning an event of their own for you to be the guest.

>> No.10293729

A bat cape. Can’t wait to have it in my hands.

>> No.10293736

Ayrt I guess I just host meets because I like doing it, not because I want things or expect gifts. If its gifts you want maybe host the Christmas meets where it would actually be appropriate like someone already suggested.
Personally, if another member hosts a meet, I do sincerely thank them for their time and efforts. We all take turns hosting and planning meets so it's quite fair, no one person is doing more work than the other typically. Idk why you're being so weird about "big thank yous" with cards or gifts, sincere thank yous from good friends are just as meaningful if not more so because it lacks the materialistic expectation.
You could try being more humble and less self-centered and you might enjoy yourself more.

>> No.10293746

Yes it's stupid. Normally with big events run by volunteers, you use the money for the next event.

>> No.10293767

I just got my first Sheglit blouse, and even though it's not tight anywhere and I don't have a particularly large bust, there's some major gapping between the two buttons over the chest as soon as I move/breathe deeply - is this a common experience with Sheglit blouses, or is it just the one I got (Governess).

>> No.10293800

I've been hosting events for lolitas for more than ten years and I can tell you don't hold your breath. People are appreciative but also complain a fair bit. Everyone thinks they can do a better job until they get involved and realize the limitations on venues, food selection, and pricing, not to mention trying to make lolitas RSVP and actually show up and pay for things.

>> No.10293867

I think I just want a little gratitude to soothe what a pain in the ass these things are. I'll probably spend some money out of pocket to get things for myself and the people who are helping me out. Clearly anyone who volunteers in the lolita comm could stand a thank you.

>> No.10293900
File: 312 KB, 750x754, DF893557-E7B0-45D8-8392-ED5E10A6F6E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ivory colorway on resale on Fril
I hate it

>> No.10293915


>> No.10293954

Why does it look like a replica

>> No.10293967

Think of it this way, anon - you had 3+ more years of owning and enjoying it than anyone that bought theirs now got. Although you didn't wear it, owning it, seeing it, touching it must have been nice or else you would have sold it. So I hope that makes what you paid for it more worthwhile.

>> No.10293971

>unhappy with the price of discontinued items

Why don't you just make it yourself? i practice with cheaper materials and learn a new skill in the process.

>> No.10293993

did lacemarket just go down for anyone else?

>> No.10293998

Yeah, maybe they're adding updates for Black Friday?

>> No.10294000

Ah, didn't think of that. Glad it's not just on my end.
Speaking of which, hope there's actually some decent things listed come Black Friday.

>> No.10294020

>insert meme “You guys are getting extra money from meets?”
I feel uncomfortable demanding a lot of money from people and usually end up eating a good amount of the cost myself because I undercharged. I’m not saying it’s not my fault, but I can’t imagine overcharging and having money left over. Seems shitty.

>> No.10294099

I asked the question, thinking it's an open secret that hosts often spend their own money keeping event costs low. Right now, I'm planning on just eating shipping costs, decor, some small prizes, and helper gifts. I'm hoping to keep it around $50.

>> No.10294178
File: 132 KB, 1280x639, EKED8uVUUAAmmCo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imai Kira tea party

>> No.10294179
File: 170 KB, 1280x641, EKED8uVUwAA6Y6J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294180
File: 139 KB, 1280x641, EKED8uVUEAAZU1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294181
File: 177 KB, 1280x639, EKED8uUUcAEMg_W.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294183

I saw this dress on lace market and thought it was a bootleg this is real? I usually love holy lantern but the big cross on the front makes it look so cheap...

>> No.10294289
File: 172 KB, 1080x1350, 78717255_171797763897122_4607012935921948998_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10294290
File: 160 KB, 1080x1251, 74854777_2372675382844415_1389482927693366943_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294381

Me in the red blouse

>> No.10294384

Exactly! When I host meets about $60, I usually pay $100 for my own “ticket” so fuck you if you give a shit if I treat myself to my favorite $40 bar of soap.

Bitch, you do you. I’ve only ever received one hostess gift, and it was a pack of tea and a teacup, and it kept me going for another 5 years! It’s been some time since then and I’m about to give up because clearly the comm doesn’t care, and also I can’t really afford to pay out of pocket year after fucking year

>> No.10294435

anyone know what print is this person wearing? https://twitter.com/tani_takuma/status/1195901737602670592

>> No.10294436

looks like Enchantlic Enchantilly

>> No.10294442

>Enchantlic Enchantilly
art, thank you anon, was this one I think https://enchantlic-enchantilly.com/?pid=118901132

>> No.10294491


>> No.10294526

Can someone explain the last secret to me? Where was it posted and what's with the name? There's no name in it so I kinda miss the reference I guess

>> No.10294536

its from the instagram of a german Lolita comm, dasteekranzchen.

>> No.10294599

OK, checked it out, but I still don't get it?

>> No.10294660

The sunkitty girl on lacemarket can’t seem to make up her damn mind. First she’s on a trip to Japan, then she’s a foreigner living there running a shopping service? Sus AF

>> No.10294664


Before she would list dresses that hadn't even arrived from her shopping service and would claim dresses like Dream Cat Go Round were only available in Japan.

>> No.10294673

Same with Soapboxsiren. Maybe it's her alt account.

>> No.10294675
File: 194 KB, 1440x1080, EKIUIs_UUAAkerc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hiroshima tea party

>> No.10294676
File: 317 KB, 1860x880, EKIUIs9UwAAMETI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294677
File: 360 KB, 1108x1477, EKIUItCUYAEqjVR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10294683


Hiroshima is one of my favorite cities in Japan and their AP shop always has reay cute and interesting coords on insta. Everyone here looks so sweet and happy

>> No.10294695

Reminder to slowly start with wardrobe pictures as long as it's still light outside if you're participating in 2020

>> No.10294705

Lace market has exploded with new sellers like this lately

>> No.10294788

Why would you need to justify getting yourself a gift? Honestly if I'm hosting something I'm hosting it because I want to enjoy it too. Get the soap if you want. No one's going to give you a gift unless you're lucky, you certainly shouldn't expect it.

People shouldn't host meets for clout. You should host it because you want to. Too many people try to host meets to gain some sort of control in their life and it's not nice to see or deal with.

>> No.10294791

I spent a LOT of money hosting a simple cafe meet. Kept the cost low, $5 from all of the guests would have covered it, but only half of them paid. That's when I learned to make people pay in advance. My fault though. It happens.

>> No.10294799

Unbirthday is 100% poly but it's a lot nicer than their over-used chiffon imo, though the print looks a bit washed out in some places.

>> No.10294806

Is having decor and prizes at meetups a usual thing in most comms? I don’t recall a single meetup in my comm with decor that wasn't part of the venue, and we only have prizes at larger events where the costs are incorporated in the ticket price. When we make reservations at a cafe or restaurant we have people pay for their spot in advance.
Idk maybe my comm is the odd one out here but I’m just trying to understand what a host would be spending their own money on for a meet-up. Time, oh yes. Lots of time for some events. But money?

>> No.10294828

Can't you like ban people for not paying, at least a temporary ban?

>> No.10294830

Don’t let ppl go if they don’t pay. It sounds like you are too new for meetups to think you deserve a “gift” for planning

>> No.10294831


Yeah either that or just making them pay beforehand would solve a lack of payment issue. My comm has everyone pay themself for meets and stuff and the leader just organizes the party info with venues. If people host from their home they are free just with the request to bring snacks.

If a venue requires a deposit for a reservation we all pay a small fee to RSVP that gets paid back after the meet.

>> No.10294849

I don't know how to explain it, but all of these girls look exactly the same.

>> No.10294854

Imai Kira's prints have a distinctive style, they just tried to follow it I guess.

>> No.10294860

When did I say I deserve a gift? I said I made a rookie mistake in not having people pay in advance.

>> No.10294862

It’s a matte woven texture, like a super soft and fine canvas or burlap. It’s hard to explain but it doesn’t feel like plastic at all

>> No.10294865

My comm will decorate the venue themselves because it’s usually a plain banquet room at a restaurant. The hostesses make centerpieces, a photo booth, and everyone gets a gift bag. There are also usually door prize raffles that everyone gets a ticket for with their ticket to the event. That’s for something big like ILD but almost every meet I’ve been to (that’s more than just 4 people going to a candy shop) there are gift bags that the hostess makes.

>> No.10294974

Holy shit, someone who knows what I'm talking about! Why the fuck is gratitude such a foreign concept? I can't imagine being a mod. People start volunteering because they love the comm, but they need help to keep going. My SO keeps asking me why I even bother with the stress of planning meets for the comm when I've got a few friends at this point.

>> No.10295066

That’s because it doesn’t make much sense. The OP just nitpicked the picture frame they used.

>> No.10295075
File: 132 KB, 480x640, LRPBPatJSK-redxofw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The ones who aren't American don't really celebrate Halloween afaik. My comm had 1 very small Halloween meet this year, but last year we had nothing. It's not something we look forward to like American lolitas do. I'll be wearing pic related for Sinterklaas though, which is inbetween Halloween and Christmas.

>> No.10295080

Nayrt but there are 500 people in my comm. Each time there are new ones that don't pay or cancel last minute.

How do you make everyone pay beforehand if you don't know how many drinks they'll have?

What's in the gift bags? Nobody in my comm ever makes them, not even got for big meets. It seems wasteful since you can't buy cheap things that the entire group would like.

>> No.10295083

whaaaat? We only do gifts on Christmas. We host meetup every two weeks, I would be broke with giftbags every time o.o

>> No.10295121


If it's specifically a restaurant or bar, just have everyone pay for themselves and be responsible for their own tab? It can't be that difficult?

And like I mentioned, if a place charges a reservation fee people would be required to pay their portion of that fee and there would be a cutoff date before the event by which they would need to RSVP with you so you could pay the restaurant/reserve by a particular date.

It's basic organizational stuff that is pretty easy to resolve. If a comm is that big as well, it makes sense to require things ahead of time from people because it's hard to keep track of it all.

>> No.10295135

I think most people viewed the Spellbound weekend as last year’s Halloween event, and the year before we had a big sold out high tea for Halloween. Maybe normies aren’t super into Halloween (yet, stores are pushing it) but all the lolitas I know definitely are.

>> No.10295136
File: 109 KB, 610x507, ap clones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so glad I discovered lolita in 2011. Group shots these days seem so lifeless compared to the ones back then. There's no way I would have been enraptured in the same way as I was then.
I get that trends change, but all these muted colors look so lifeless even though they are pretty dresses. To each their own I suppose.

>> No.10295138

This! Same here!
I think its also the posing, since 99% of lolita photos today have the same pose?

>> No.10295139

Most places do not allow separate checks, especially for large parties

>> No.10295150


I work at a bar and have never been to a bar that didn't allow separate checks? People generally order their own drinks on their own tabs one at a time unless they choose to pay together. But I live in the US, maybe it varies elsewhere. My comm doesn't really go to bars for meets though, more an after-meet thing.

Even at places that didn't allow separate checks like a nicer restaurant, we would all paypal the hosts an amount beforehand and then get refunded the difference at the end or have the initial amount cover part and then pay them the rest after. Most basic clubs at my uni have club dues/fees that members pay and paid members get priority in limited events or part or all of the cost covered when the group goes out and does social activities.

Does no one have any accountability? Is your whole comm shady? If one card has to be used to pay and we didn't pay or plan ahead, everyone generally pays whoever's covering it right when we get the check and we just go down the check for each price and add a little extra each for the tip. No one gets weird about it and if you just get up and leave without paying you'd look like a huge asshole and no one would want you back.

And every meet doesn't have to cost money or be food and drink related. My comm does free meets often and does things like local events with ticketed entry where we all just pay for our own ticket.

Either way if a host doesn't want to spend out of pockets for meets they don't have to. You just have to be strict with others or plan things that are free or low cost and if people show up without money to paid social events expecting to get a free ride they can fuck off. If your comm are strangers or just douchey enough that they will scam each other by eating and drinking on each others' dime and bailing out when it's time to pay then maybe you shouldn't hold events for people like that or limit membership.

>> No.10295157

Yeah, everywhere I’ve ever been to allows separate checks, even for large parties. They just might add on a service fee for big parties but most places do this for bigger groups.

And if they don’t allow separate checks, just have one person pay and everyone else send them money on the spot, everyone has a smartphone and a paypal account. If someone does something shitty like not paying just ban them.

>> No.10295168

I have been in Japan for three weeks so I made my auctions all back to drafts... Not all buyers would accept to wait that amount of time so it’s easier to take them down for a bit.

>> No.10295172
File: 88 KB, 437x437, 1574528109902 copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10295173 [DELETED] 


>> No.10295178

>Does no one have any accountability? Is your whole comm shady?

Your whole comm doesn't have to be shady for you to be out $30 at the end of the night, just a few of them. And maybe your comm is small and everyone knows each other, but mine isn't. I'm not overcharging 30 people and then refunding them all. You're losing money too if you do it like that, because PayPal likes to take a bite out every transaction.

>> No.10295182


>> No.10295183

I don't think the poses are the issue. Lolitas back then used the same few poses too. Especially the completely overdone intense pigeon toe one.
The quality and fabric choices brands, namely AP, are using today just don't have the same pop that the older ones do. But that's just my opinion.

>> No.10295190
File: 125 KB, 620x620, 8dccc7d8-a896-41f9-acae-1841454151e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>10294179 isn't the best example to gripe about, though. It's an Imai Kira meetup after all, stands to reason the type of people who attend are the ones that gravitate towards her trademark dreamy, muted style.

>> No.10295200


If people skip out then don't let them come back. Be more selective about whp you let in. There were other solutions listed in that post as well. My comm is pretty big and attendance varies but we've never had people skip on bills.

It really sounds like you're either being too nice or not trying hard enough. Both of which end up with you getting screwed over and the assholes doing it getting away with it. That isn't fair to yourself pr whoever is in charge in these situations so hopefully you find a way to resolve it or just stop hosting.

>> No.10295234

I don't have a problem getting paid for food. I just charge people the right amount before the event. I'm the one in here bitching that when I do a major meet, I want a card. Are you going to trot out that line about not doing meets to get something? Can we skip it? That platitude has been covered.

>> No.10295242

Next thread >>10295241

>> No.10295246


There's nothing wrong with wanting gratitude. I was just offering suggestions for people who seem to be complaining that they were taken advantage of by their comm financially and ending up spending their own money.

If you want recognition for doing the meet just tell people you want more than a verbal thank you. Some people won't know you expect more if you don't ask. Just don't also be surprised if they are offput by it like some people in this thread.

I'm the type to go out of my way to thank people for doing nice things and my friends and social groups are very much gift-giving and favor-doing for no reason types of people so I'm not really sure what it's like to he around people who are ungrateful or unwilling to thank each other in ways that are a little but more than just nice words. Maybe it's a difference of culture between the places we live or something or your comm is so disconnected that it's just an excuse for people to get out but they're not at all emotionally invested in one another?

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