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Old thread >>10286272

Post your finest itas.

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/mini dump

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this poor girl calls herself a lifestyler but probably doesn't have one good coord
poor bunny

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I have this cutsew in pink and now i want to burn it. Great.

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these threads should be banned for transphobia

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nice bait

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Christ. Plus there is additional detail pic of her hair "accessory"

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and fatphobia

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I thought this was a skinnier Chris Chan at first

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this was posted in the previous thread

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Is this supposed to be...fairy kei?

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Her tits hanging out like that is absolutely disgusting.

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Her cat is gorgeous, at least.

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That dress quality is shit but the puppies on the print are cute and could have been executed so much better

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I agree that the top half of the dress is odd but over all I think she looks pretty decent

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As if the coord isn’t bad enough, it has to be an upskirt photo

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Is this a sissy or does she just have manface?

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that wig needs to be burned

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its a fucking old man

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This makes me nauseous

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That's a man, baby.

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Literally nothing wrong with these and it seems like you're jealous they're more attractive than you
t. /fit/

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Sorry you got posted

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Begone, scrote. You know nothing of this fashion.

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Out of the loop?

What the fuck is an ita?

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anyone who wears lolita in a way you don't personally like

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I always feel bad for people like this. Their body just doesn't fit the typical look they want so they try and work with it and it looks overly sexy cause of their chest.

If I were her I would high tail it to get fitted with a good minimizer bra and THEN see what I could do with the fashion. See if the bra itself rescued the look or if I had to change to full dress looks or some other style to put attention elsewhere.

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It's like this in normal fashion too. Girls with large chests get judged for wearing the same things a thin girl would be considered dressed fine in. In lolita it makes sense to be strict because the fashion shouldn't be misinterpreted as something sexual, but there is only so much you can do to control your body beyond weight loss.

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A fat or a male.

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Japanese word for "ouch". It means it hurts to look at, so essentially not aesthetic.

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we get it, you think with your dick
some of us actually care about style, begone cumbrain male

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What's under the clothes doesn't matter, unless it's misshaping the clothes. Then it's perfectly insultworthy.

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God I would hate to be ugly. Couldn't imagine how frustrating existence would be

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I don't think she's wearing a bra

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Oof, this is ita as heck. None of the colors begin to match and what is with exposing oneself that newbies seem to love to do? Most embarrassing behavior.

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But cleavage as a whole is generally not ok in lolita. There's stuff with really low necklines that smaller busted lolitas should still wear a blouse under it with. If clevage is a common problem for the person posted, JSKs might be their best bet. It help make the bust not so intense and the need for a blouse would help keep their chest more covered.
So glad I don't have this particular struggle, but jsks are more versatile anyway, so it's not the worst fate for the lady in red.

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This is nice

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I don't know if it'll make you feel better. It's not her boobs. In fact, most of the issues with the way she looks are caused by the way she dresses herself.

The first image you can even see her biceps apparently trying to Hulk their way out of her sleeves, and if her boobs are curving the pintucks on the blouse that badly you'd think she'd rub two braincells together and figure out the blouse doesn't actually fit. The red dress is even worse, nevermind that it's a cheap replica, it fits so badly the raglan seam that's supposed to point towards her neck is actually below her armpits now, how do you expect that to look good?

As for her boobs. All she really needs is a good corset, some blouses that actually do fit (a tailor, or taobao brands), and some low-waisted jsks. Corset because all of her skirts are pushed up to her underbust, guessing maybe a fat belly. So a corset to give her a waist, low waist jsks to also emphasise that waist. Blouse + jsk combo will break up the chest and make it look smaller, provided she doesn't mess up the blouse choice.

The bigger problem is even after solving her fit issues you're still left with her shitty closet of cheap junk. I can't feel sorry for her, if you try to write up comment without mentioning her boobs you'd still have to mention how cheap everything looks, using a bracelet/necklace as "hair accessory" (anon is right, nobody needs to see that), the horrible background, her skirts being rumpled into her waist (not around. idk why they're rumpled straight into her waist for some reason), mixing beige and ivory -- in the same coord as mixing navy, black and brown together no less, the blue skirt is too short, etc etc.

It's just another ita wearing clothes that don't fit, really.

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>Girls with large chests get judged for wearing the same things a thin girl would be considered dressed fine in.

While I get the frustration with this, there is a reason for it. Dressing for the body you have is a key part of dressing well. I'm short. If I tried to wear billowing, flowy clothes that can look amazing on tall people, I won't look like a High Elf...I'll look like a Tusken Raider. Work with what you've got. So I'd recommend a good bra to this girl first and foremost, and maybe a few custom blouses.

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Vendetta much?

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This is a good post and why I still check over the ita threads.
Her skirts rumple like that because as you pointed out all her clothes are ill fitting.
I don't get how she can self-justify looking like that and actually calling herself a lifestyle lolita. I doubt she realizes her way of dressing is so far from the image of a lolita, because in the fashion's terms, this is just vulgar.

I hope she does read this and can understand and try to improve.

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Where the fuck do you get nice lace tights like those? Years ago it used to be TJ Maxx and Victoria Secrets.

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Did you hurt yourself reaching so hard? Barely a nitpick, better shoes and it woild be cute

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The closer picture makes it so much worse

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Ah, thanks. I should have realised if she's forcing herself into tiny clothes then the skirts likely fit badly as well.

It's not whether it's vulgar or not that gets me. F+F (the blue skirt) and most replica shops already do custom sizing, so my guess is it fits badly because she's being cheap and buying it secondhand off smaller girls without even checking the sizing. I mean there's ways to be a poorfag budgetlita, but this isn't it, this is just ugly and desperate and meaningless. Why waste even shipping fees acquiring things that actively make you look even uglier.

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Cute b8

>> No.10291348

I've never seen boobs that both sag and defy the laws of gravity.....

>> No.10291351

You've gotta be blind.
> Needs better bra
> Pinks don't match
> Dress quality is shit
> Peekaboo shirt

Come on anon....

>> No.10291357

The dress is the only thing holding them up. One step and everything is falling out.

>> No.10291362

>there is only so much you can do to control your body beyond weight loss.
Sure, but you can definitely control what you put on your body by buying a fucking measuring tape /topkek

>> No.10291365

I found some on amazon in multiple nice patterns

>> No.10291378

Has someone told her that her breasts are supposed to go IN the cups?

>> No.10291423

vanity implants were a mistake...
those aren't even sagging.

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Are you missing the ivory dress with different shades of crisp white? Or the smashed in chest? Or the amazon shoes/socks. Or the blue/black wristcuffs on a coord with nothing else black.
It's nitpick, but still a shitty coord
Stop samefagging

>> No.10291430

>calling clearly blue wc black
>calling AP socks Amazon
>It's nitpick
do you need to refresh yourself on what the subject of this thread is?
nitpicks do not belong in this thread. you're ruining the bunch and causing drama every time you post a nitpick.
please do not waste posts when you have no idea how to properly participate.

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Keep checking tj maxx, I found some there a couple of months ago.

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She also gives advice about hair care

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This girl also makes lewd cosplay pics and is shitty and toxic person

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no, the Japanese word for ouch is "itai". Ita is a derivative from that word. Get your facts straight.

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Imagine being this white

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She really needs to do something about her tits (maybe getting some oversized blouses instead of normie stuff that tends to wrap around the body??) but her genuine smile here is honestly so heartwarming that I can’t even bring myself to pick at her more. She seems like she’s having fun and it’s cute and nice

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t. white weeb

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tiktoks lolita tag is disgusting

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who actually uses this app? is it like, people under 20? i've never heard anyone my age talk about it at all and i don't even really know what it is

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Most users are under 30 and at least half are under 18; Idk if we're allowed to post minors so the person posting these caps may want to be sure these itas are over 18,

>> No.10291726

the summer thread is for you. lurk more.

>> No.10291761

I wish there was better lolita content on there

>> No.10291765

Gomens was a mistake and I trust no one who likes it to be a decent and respectable person. This is also just mega ugly outside of being a cosplay

>> No.10291806

The book is pretty good anon

>> No.10291819


There's no rule against posting children. There is an anti-vendetta rule and of course no pedo porn, but just pictures doesn't matter.

For ita thread it's just a courtesy thing not to post underage, you already know half the time they fail at lolita because mommy won't let them order online or some other such nonsense. At least when you make fun of full grown adults they're fully responsible themselves for looking terrible.

>> No.10291893

well to be fair it looks like she bleaches and dyes her a lot so she might have some decent advice for damage care
does tiktok have some rule against petticoats?
feel like tiktok itas feel safer since they dont get posted as often as ig/fb

>> No.10291900

posts and whole threads can get deleted here for posting minors, but ok.

>> No.10291907

Cant you see her hair are severely damaged and colours are faint and uneven?

>> No.10291918

Pick one

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why would you post this online? and in the replies to a cute cat picture, no less.

>> No.10291925

Now every time I read an anon post about wearing lolita to work I’m going to picture this woman typing it.

>> No.10291943

Ummm, yes, there is.

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Nayrt but that rule refers to the person making the post, not the subject of the post.

>> No.10291975

How possibly you can know age of user on ANONYMOUS board?

>> No.10291980

when they out themselves

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She's a big girl.

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Nyart but it also applies to the images--always has--and if reported they will be deleted and (you) might get a ban.

>> No.10292097 [DELETED] 

I'm 13, who is anonymouse?

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that's fucking retarded if they're not being sexual, if they legit perform lolita or cosplay where's the harm? Sounds like something jealous grannies would come up with as a rule cause they jealous they'll never be young and beautiful again.

I've always found lolita more fiting to young looking girls.

>> No.10292101

To me the dress looks like a darker navy, especially the belt. The white does stick out a bit but imo it doesn’t clash TOO badly because the ivory is in the print. Navy shoes would make the coord look much better however, overall she looks as if she may be newer to the fashion and not have many items in her wardrobe to pull from yet.

>> No.10292102

its probably more like its kinda shitty making fun of children who don't know any better as an adult?

>> No.10292103 [DELETED] 

yeah sure, it must be that, totally not jealousy

>> No.10292105

I personally feel as if that's the official excuse lolitas would come up with, while deep down being buttmad that underage lolitas look way beter than they'll ever will

>> No.10292106 [DELETED] 


>found the incel

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I'm personally pretty glad I didn't get into lolita as a weeby teenager I would have been an embarrassing ita dumpster fire + I was a fatty chan back then so it would have been even worse. I look way better now then I did as a depressed edgy teen

>> No.10292110

this is an 18+site you idiot. why would you post minors to a website for adults, which minors are severely discouraged from using?
utter scrote logic here keeping you from seeing the very obvious potential harm from posting literal children to this cesspool.

>> No.10292111

yeah, fat lolitas will never look good, skinny young lolitas in the other hand...

>> No.10292113

>we completely altruists and real human bean lolitas, not jealous I swear
yeah right

>> No.10292114

Quite revealing of your degeneracy if you think 18 year olds are grannies...

>> No.10292115 [DELETED] 


Why do incel scrotes always have to be pedos?

>> No.10292116

Okay coomer

>> No.10292118

off course nobody but the 30+ "lolitas" hitting the wall at sanic speeds would be interested in enforcing that rule

>> No.10292120

Misako is 34 and still looks gorgeous. Get the fuck out of here with your creepy pedo shit.

>> No.10292123

because she literally looks young, an exception to the rule, western lolitas don't age as well as japanese ones do, and that's why you have to hide certain things...

>> No.10292125

I've gotten photos taken off here for having minors in them.

>> No.10292126

>I love pretty 'young lolitas'
>why can't we post underage girls
>you old ladies are jealous of these underage girls I want to fap to

Literally go die

>> No.10292127

>literally putting words in my mouth
just proving my point, you're butt mad at young lolitas, at least admit it, lolitas are the least fapable thing there is fyi

>> No.10292129


Just so you know lolita fashion is different than the book and being "a lolita" in the sexual sense you filthy maleposter. Fuck off if you can't lurk or google long enough to learn basic shit and see women as anything besides your gross fetish.

Having nice skin and hair and features and body is not exclusive to women under 30 anon. Asian women look "young" or healthy because they take care of their skin and bodies far more than western people do. Many also wear a lot of makeup though Misako looks great without it.

>> No.10292131

>Just so you know lolita fashion is different than the book and being "a lolita" in the sexual sense you filthy maleposter. Fuck off if you can't lurk or google long enough to learn basic shit and see women as anything besides your gross fetish.
>explaining lolita
>on the lolita board
>on a lolita thread
so you wont admit that japanese women age better than western women? interesting...

>> No.10292132

Its the obvious vibes from your remarks. You're clearly a huge fucking creep who doesn't even wear the fashion. Japanese woman age better not just because of genes, but because for a long time the Japanese have taken really good care of their skin with a healthy diet and sun protection. Wearing sun screen every day was weird in the west for a really long time but its becoming more normal for women in the west to take better care of their skin over all and not be literally aged like crazy by the sun.

>> No.10292133


They look nicer/stave off wrinkles and weight gain for longer on average but it isn't a result of ethnicity in general and usually a result of good habits. If western women did the same they would look better at older ages too.

Black people are said to age better than others the same as Asians but it isn't universally true for those who don't take care of themselves.

And the poster put "lolita" in quotes implying 30 year olds can't be lolita because of their age suggesting they associate lolita with nymphets and age and fetish shit and not the actual style. Don't defend pedos/pretend like they aren't one (and if you're that anon please leave you pedo scrote)

>> No.10292134

Off course I won't wear this, I still like to look at lolita fashion and learn more about it, sue me.

>> No.10292136

just fyi, I've heard this from actual lolitas "I'm too old to wear lolita now", and I agree, eventhough it's cute to see the typical picture of a lolita with her mom wearing lolita now and then, other than that, to not wear a fashion that was originally for the young people at an not young looking age seems like a sensible choice to me, but to each their own, I'm not lolita police

>> No.10292137

>like to "learn"
>accuses women addressing the fact that young people make poor fashion choices often and there is no need to embarrass them on the internet for it if they are underage of being butthurt that some dude on the internet doesn't want to jack off to them


>> No.10292139

>wanting to jack off
>to lolita
said no one ever, like I said, lolita is the most unfapable thing there is

>> No.10292140


Enjoying pics of 'cute' underage girls to the point of defending posting them on 4chan and lashing out at people who think it is better not to post minors with insults is still creepy whether it is sexual or not.

>> No.10292142

get a freaking job, you ignorant asshat.
if you really had respect and wanted to learn, you'd stop trying to push your outsider logic onto folks who actually participate in the hobby. you are insufferable.
lolita fashion provides a world of beauty, indulgence, confidence, and youthfulness to adults of any age. it's a response to the completely ridiculous and ageist gender rules that say men can't ever be pretty and delicate, and women need to be hidden, passionless maternal, stones.
I for one am really exhausted by your rude infiltration of this board, wasting everyone's time. how can you listen when you're always talking? that's not how anyone learns. it's really hard to be compassionate with someone who is so entitled and stubborn and disregards the feelings of others.
You don't contribute anything positive to this space.

>> No.10292143

you're just banning them, and you're claiming it's for their own good, which is a valid point, but I still feel it's just an excuse 2bh, still, young looking lolitas > granny looking lolitas

>> No.10292144

>shitting on older lolitas
People like you deserve to burn at the stake

>> No.10292145

some people actually speak their mind instead of prettending, some people actually give out information instead of "scrote"-bashing, to those I'm really thankful, your tears are delicious btw, you should thank those salty-litas for their shitty attitude, only makes me dab on them even harder

and btw this is the only board where you can't post minors that aren't sexually sugestive, I just wish I could see some 18- lolitas, but sure, that makes me a huge pervert and coomer. Totally not you trying to hide something.

>> No.10292148

it's the fucking truth though, I know it hurts but yeah, what can you do, those lolitas just usually look better given the same coord, except for maybe a few exceptions

>> No.10292149

>this is the only board where you can't post minors
<18 is a global rule retard

>> No.10292150
File: 35 KB, 477x351, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're an idiot dude

>> No.10292151

Whatever cringey internet hole you slithered out of, please go back

>> No.10292152

this is a fashion. if you're an outsider looking for unrelated personal attributes of participants you're being a scrote.

>> No.10292153


pedo coomer scrotes should really gtfo desu, no one here gave you any information beyond the obvious and you should really just leave.

>> No.10292154

the ban message I got once :^) was because they were sexualized, not because they were minors, minors + sexualized

Anyways, don't you like young looking lolitas? I do.

>> No.10292155
File: 139 KB, 489x629, 1571758612282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit my dude

>> No.10292156

Same anon desu

>> No.10292158


>> No.10292159
File: 618 KB, 757x438, ImperialSaltMinesYoungLolitaEdition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is very cute, I print I can tolerate

btw thanks for all the fucking salt gulls, brb starting an intercontinental salt business

>> No.10292161

Scrotes need to be hanged and burnt.

>> No.10292162

>lol yea I know sexualized minors isn’t allowed because I’m the one posting it!
Holy yikes

>> No.10292164

*A print I can tolerate

>> No.10292165
File: 178 KB, 600x600, 1569950265103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Through repeated prodding, anon confirms everything that was assumed about him
fantastic, well done.

>> No.10292180

Wow, all the ageism. I'm used to the fattie fights in this thread but not this level of ageism. Just remember that you'll all be over 40 someday (if you're not already), unless you're a pro-ana and planning on dying in your 20s, like >>10292082

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