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Old bread

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The fact that other cuts and color ways have been popping up recently for Secret Garden makes me hopeful that it’s going to pop up soon!
I’m semi interested in other colors/fabrics for the Shirring OP, but the blue velvet is my Holy Grail.

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Looking for AP's Heart Cutout JSK from 2004 in black only, and this gobelin Maxicimam OP from 2001! I've seen every colorway for the AP JSK aside from the black :(

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Mainly interested in the mmm head pieces and the jacket.

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Never gonna give up

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The blue velvet OP is beautiful. Do you have the name or brand? Or know what other colorways it comes in? (not a blue person but if it came in black or pink that would be awesome)

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Should have said, also looking for it in the other colourways, but white is highest priority. Not that it's ever gonna come up but I'm hopeful.

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Nayrt but Trianon OP, first release I believe. It was rereleased in chiffon as well and had lavender, white, bordeaux and black colourways.

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Ayrt, thank you for the suggestion. Just checked lolibrary but it seems like this is a different OP. The Trianon in lavender is really pretty though.

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Ah sorry, my bad. It looks very similar and I'm sure Trianon was released in velvet the first time around. I'll keep looking on lolibrary for you though.
(And yes it's beautiful, I used to own it in lavender and it's so underrated).

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Thanks anon! Maybe the op of that image knows the name.

The closest I could find on a reverse image search was a black one that looked very similar in this post:


and it is listed as an AP dress and there isn't any mention of the material.

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still looking!

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It’s from AP around 2000. I was released a few times in different colors and fabrics including floral prints and solid cottons.
I have it in black cotton, pic related, but honestly I would love to get it in every color and pattern, but the blue velvet is my Queen.

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Forgot to add, I don’t have time to look right now, but if I recall, it was posted in GLB 2? And listed as “Shirring Onepiece” but it was this black cotton op that I have that was shown

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Thank you for the info!

I can't wait until I can afford to splurge on GLBs and other magazines I can't justify buying right now so I can have a look at some older pieces whose names or info I may not have.

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While you don't have the physical copies, you can access a good amount of them here:
I've been able to track down info about quite a few pieces using these scans!

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Just an update I just looked through my issues and it is at the end of vol 3, it’s full name is Shirring hem pleated Onepiece

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Seconding this website. It’s really useful, and great to see compiled together in one place so much of the evolution of lolita fashion. While it doesn’t have everything on there, it’s still got a lot of stuff.

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Somehow I manage to miss this cut and color every time its on the secondhand market :(

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First 3 are dream dresses, the rest is my wishlist

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Aww I miss when anons would post collages in this thread

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one day...

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not sure if you're in the market for the dress right now, but the grey(?) VM in the last row is on yahoo.

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Again, Grimoire but in black.

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Still looking, good luck everyone.

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Searching for these colorways only. All help is appreciated. Thank you!

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just want to let you guys know, trianon was always chiffon...it's also by Baby and not AP, beyond having a completely different design.
not to be rude, but this was a nice reminder how little people lurk before they start posting and attempting to answer questions.

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The original Baby Trianon release was called the Trianon Boyle OP and was a thick cotton.

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Good luck, everybody!

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The rabbit one from JetJ was on Mercari some days ago. I have also been lurking for it, but the price was quite astronomical.

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Thank you, I've seen it too, but it's much more than this dress usually goes for, and it's the size 2 so I would need to get it taken in.

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I was the original person looking for info and to be fair to the person criticizing their answer, while Trianon is very pretty it was apparent from a glance to me that Trianon was not the same piece. My first thought was actually meta or Moitie and not AP since deep blue rather than navy seems uncommon for AP outside of special sets and the dark background.

While trying to find it (only ever saw the black being sold in the past on LM) I did find a Meta JSK that is a nice green tinted blue velveteen as well and is fully shirred and since I prefer JSKs and I've now found my first ever blue DD (for some reason cannot post pics on mobile due to some regional IP thing) it's kind of a good thing people were confused here and there because I found so many nice things while searching.

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Yeah AP use to do blue sometimes back in their early days. This is one of them that I have. I’ve also seen pictures of other blue pieces in early issues of the glb. The Shirring OP is the only one I’ve seen that color in velvet though.

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Blue is so nice and elegant looking and I usually look great in it but for some reason I'm just very drawn to pinks or black with white accents. Maybe because I assume I can only really pull off "cute" and not "elegant"

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ugh, other than that, pretty good taste, u christian or christianboo?

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Crosses don't have to mean Christian. They're just an aesthetic motif.

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Just in case, AP Bookmark KC is on closetchild

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I know, I'm just asking.

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These old baby & moitie velvet pieces.... Please.

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Yeah they have more to do with vampires/gothic architecture in this context honestly

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The first release was definitely shantung. Sorry for not religiously checking my sources, I'm aware it's baby, having owned it. My tired brain thought it was the same dress in a different release since they share some similarities in design, and I sold it ages ago. As >>10291342 stated the first release was a different material, but there's no reason to be salty. It's the dream dress thread. Positive vibes only, for the dream dresses.

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*Cotton. Fuck, even when posting on a different day my brain is still screwy. I'll go to bed now. Get those dresses, guys. I'll be looking out for you.

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I think I have that AP shirring OP in red cotton if you’re interested

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Yes actually! Send me a message?

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Only want the pink jsk in this cut.

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I'm so happy for you anon!

Can you post a picture of it (maybe even on a mannequin if you have one)? I would love to see images of other colorways since it seems difficult to find online.

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I remember somebody in another thread wanted to buy this bag.

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I fucked that up

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OP here, I just love the motif of crosses and religious symbolism and architecture in general. Like other anons said, it's more love for the gothic/vampire aesthetic than any kind of religious expression.

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Still looking for Classic Fairy Tales (Green JSK only)

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Turn on your notifications for Lacemarket, this exact dress went on sale this morning and already got sold

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At this point, I literally can't tell if I'm being baited or not, but I'm looking for the Green JSK only

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Shoulder Ribbon jsk (2005)

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Don’t be stupid it was a completely different cut and color

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Looking for these, Meta bear rucksack has top priority!

Good luck to everyone in this thread!

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PC is on Y!J https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p727010139

>> No.10293690

Elizabeth jsk is up on WW!

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Is Cream Cookie Collection still showing up for sale? My dream is the Switching JSK in brown, but I would settle for ivory or sax.

>> No.10294175

Thank you! But I already own the beige version (the one on Yahoo), I'm trying to sell it and I'm looking for the green one.

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>”ew crosses”
>gives shit insult
>”im just asking”
Kek go back to Facebook

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Saint Gabrielle JSK in navy
I just remembered this one as I saw it in an old video of a concert... I still regret not buying it when it was still in stock.

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Innocent Rosier in red color way only. The white lace version keeps showing up, but no =(

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AP Elegant Velveteen Birdcage OP in green.

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Still looking for the cape and OP, and also this specific BTSSB turtleneck after my old one got shrunk in the wash

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The cape is on LM right now in wine or a similar color, if you don't mind that it isn't black.

>> No.10296243


Listing for the cape in wine

>> No.10296261

I'm only interested in the black

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These cuts in either of these colorways...

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Sorry if this is awkward but do you happen to know what the Meta skirt is called or what year it was from? I got it in the wine colorway several years ago and it's been a mystery, this is the first time I've seen it anywhere else. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the blue version for you!

>> No.10296316

Nayrt but this reads a lot like "please spoonfeed me the name of your DD so I can look for it myself". That skirt is super easy to find on lolibrary, if you've "never seen it anywhere else" you haven't done an iota of research

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Here's the lolibrary link https://lolibrary.org/items/meta-velveteen-open-front-skirt

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Filthy spoonfeeder

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Oh, thank you!

Except I actually own the skirt and am not interested in any other colors. I got it in 2014, the page on Lolibrary wasn't published until 2016. It was probably stupid of me not to check lolibrary again in the last 2-3 years though.

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It's an old solid skirt no japanese seller is going to list it with the exact name. You don't have to be rude to overcompensate

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Ok zoomer

>> No.10296372

we lost our etiquette long ago, why even care

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would kill for this in sax or lavender :( i’m a basic bitch

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jsk only, lavender or sax — would kill for it :(

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Can the both of you just piss off and take your cringe somewhere else?

>> No.10296942

I occasionally see it on y auctions

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Posting again, keeping an eye out for y'all too!

>> No.10297053

Any interest in the skirt?

>> No.10297061

Unfortunately the skirt wouldnt fit me.. its slightly too small without shirring, but thank you for checking!

>> No.10297069 [DELETED] 

Lose weight then

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it finally happened...!! picking my ultimate dream dress up locally next week

>> No.10298946

Grats V! I bet its going to look amazing, glad you finally got it

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Holy shit and white and they’re new with tags. Go get em gulls, I cant afford to fight for them right now...

>> No.10299273

Im retarded, pink OP is up, the black and white SETS are up too!!! GO GO GO GO GO

>> No.10299297

Why are these so popular when they’re hideous as sin

>> No.10299341

because Meta is a fever dream and some people appreciate that.

>> No.10299346


I think they can be cute but not versatile enough for everyday wear. Love Meta (old school, solids, and bear prints especially) but not a fan of these.

>> No.10299351

gemgem bid on the black one, jc help us lmao

>> No.10299463

what the hell kind of dumbass starts bidding on the first day, the first hour, of a 7-day auction? dumbass.

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