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"I'm the ugly friend" edition

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the bonus of being the ugly friend is that my photography skills have improved greatly.

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I hosted a swap meet yesterday and this girl in my comm I fucking hate showed up uninvited. She bought the wrist cuffs I wanted while I was busy doing organiser things. I had to grin and bear it for the sake of my comm and not starting drama. I'm just glad she didn't drag her scrote there for once cause if I saw him I would have lost my shit

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I finally bought a house and now I m free to indulge my lolita obsession again. I love my current collection, but I had a dd slip through my fingers during escrow. It hurt.

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All femcunts are whores.

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what i would give to watch a scrote drag at a meet. Does your comm do tickets for swap meets?

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First time going to a comm meet and felt awk the whole time. Once I got into a smaller group I did better but jesus christ

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That's normal, you'll develop friendships if you're open to it

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For the first time in 5 years, I don't have a new cosplay to use at our yearly local con. I simply don't have the time nor the money.
Mentioned this on the previous thread so I'm just venting.

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I haven't sewn/worked on cosplay for like a month and I miss it so badly, I'm also excited because in a few weeks I move and will have a dedicated crafting room finally

It might feel weird but look at it as a chance to wear something you don't wear often or need more photos of. If there's anything on it you want to improve/fix/add details you could do that too

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>when the new girl introduces herself as an "anti-weed TERF warrior"

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so she doesn't like drugs or mentally ill people?
wow how awful!!!!

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Even if lolita makes me feel pretty, I worry I’m not pretty enough for my dresses to do them justice. They give me confidence and inspire me to work on myself but lately I just haven’t been able to look at myself in a coord and go “yea, I look really good”

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I mean, yeah that is awful you fucking chode? You don't have to like the mentally ill but you gotta respect them. Shitting on people doesn't cure their mental illness.

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They only do tickets for the stall holders, not attendees.

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that's pretty cringe anon

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The wording is cringey, but hating weed and being a TERF makes her pretty cool in my book.

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>tfw I got fond of yet another hobby that requires all the attention of my hobby

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>tfw I got fond of yet another hobby that requires all the attention of my wallet

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This hobby has some baka bitches.

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I sold most of my sweet Lolita stuff and only keep more simplistic Otome/soft Lolita/whateveryoucallitthesedays items.
I was so happy looking at these dresses but I could never bring myself to wear those sweet items casually outside conventions. I just never felt comfortable. Now that I finally made the decision to transition into more simple, casual items I'm much more happy and wear it regulary. Some people may say my outfits are too simple now to be called Lolita but you know what? I don't care, I don't need a name for what I wear, I'm just happy to feel beautiful and comfortable in my dresses.

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I miss being a weeb in 2008 sometimes

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Since when does cgl hate weed?

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>It might feel weird but look at it as a chance to wear something you don't wear often or need more photos of. If there's anything on it you want to improve/fix/add details you could do that too
Will probably end up doing exactly that. Time to take out my 2017 cosplays out of the wardrobe, I guess.
you probably look just fine in them, anon. It's the dress that has to do justice to you for the value you paid, not the other way around.

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same, anon. God, I miss when cons had no smartphones and people actually interacted more and pulled sheningans

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Since always. In case you're wondering, actual Japanese people are rabidly anti drugs too. See how Baby threw Novala out like trash.

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I know exactly how you feel. I've been transitioning my style to be more toned down and selling off my super bright or ott sweet pieces, skipping wearing pettis if I'm just going to class, etc. it feels nice to just wear what you want and not stress about labels or feeling like every out fit has to be "lolita"

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Oh, so it's for weeaboo reasons.

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you do know weed is illegal in almost every country in the world, right? not everywhere is burgerland or europe

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I've gone back to being a lonelita. I thought on the decision for a long time but I've realized that having a comm just isn't for me and I don't have the time to commit to one when it comes to meets. It's been quite refreshing...

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They call us lolitas because we lol at itas.

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only salty bitches from the states where it isn't legal yet hate it. the rest are busy making edibles for the next tea party.

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Most embarrassing behavior.

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I dont hate weed, but i do hate the culture around it. People that smoke never shut up about it and make it a facet of their personality. Plus, from my experience, most people who smoke regularly lack any drive to be successful members of society. Weed is all they do in their free time and thats just so.. boring.

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The majority of this board doesn't partake in drugs or alcohol, just look at the census.

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>tfw /fit/ but my friend is absolutely massive
Really not that bad a feel cause he got fucking mobbed by fat dudes asking for lifting advice. Either way we had a freaking blast. First time congoer :^)

What were some of the better shenanigans?

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delicious copy pasta

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Weed is boring

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im sad that i was not more social at a con

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That’s ok anon, there’s always next time!

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True. Weed is cool, but people who consider it their hobby tend to be pretty retarded.

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>tfw have always felt ugly & always been the fat girl
>try to improve self, counting calories 1&a half weeks by now and exercising
>went too ham on cardio week 1 (0 rest days), get strange bump on left ball of foot that hurts like shit to walk on, cant exercise til its gone away
>browse taobao, find adorable nanchatte fit that's perfect holiday colors
>feel like $60 is too much to spend on myself/on something i dont know will look good on me, and what if i lose weight and dont fit it anymore? what if i look stupid in nanchatte?
>bf assures i will look cute in any taobaowear i showed him
>mfw I feel too ugly for even casual jfashion
>pic related, from the shop hardcandy which caters to chubby/fat girls if any other fluffygulls wanna snag it
;_; i dont have any jfash friends so i vented here, sorry for blog post gulls

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If you're smoking weed right, no one knows at all. You're just the hungriest person at the party, and when you're surrounded by other fat lolitas, no one can really tell. Probably just include maybe 1 or 2 other chill people, but don't tell everyone.
Odds are, someone in your group is high, but you arent cool enough to know because you're a judgmental bitch.

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>tfw popular cosplay couple I know breaks up bc the guy cheated on his gf

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Go to the doctor anon

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Again, look at the census. The majority of gulls are sober. We aren't being left out because we're judgemental bitches. We just aren't interested.

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Nah, you’re stinky like the alcoholics that drink too much.

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Last time I checked, 39% are sober, the rest aren't. That's not the majority.

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I feel like I'm falling out of love with lolita and it's making me really sad, cause it was pretty much the last thing that brought me joy. Basically what's holding me back from quitting it is the fact that I won't be able to go to meets and my comm are my only friends.

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I didn't really cosplay with other people until recently (just did my own thing and was fun) but I never thought I'd be the type to feel bitter or jelly when my friend gets pulled for pics by people and not me (even though we were a pair of characters from the same series together doing a paid shoot). And I honestly don't think there's a huge power gap between us, it just makes me wonder about how seem people have "it" and others don't. Otoh my friends are generally younger too so I never let any of this escape me because how embarrassing would that be. I know it's a mix of social media highlight fomo and vague dissatisfaction with my personal life but it's got me really down this winter. I have to make peace with myself in 100 different ways but I'm tired

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I wish I could anon, but no insurance. I couldn’t afford a visit w/o it, so for now I’m trying to rest my foot and ice it now and again.

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I also have bad self esteem and feel ugly in jfash but makeup helps a lot! I still feel ugly without it but it's better

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I meant from drugs. Sorry, I accidentally a word.

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Get a new hobby and a new comm

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i love that your so angry. im going to wear the white cuffs to the next meet for you to see

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It's stupid though. Alcohol has so much more abuse and harm potential.

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>What were some of the better shenanigans?
I remember when we started carrying a guy around in 2009 shouting "KAKASHI IS THE NERD!" because he got an ultra kill in a match of dota

you'd see a lot of people making jokes that fell more on the silly side than on the 'clever' side like things are today
people would buy signs and put jokes in it. This still happens somewhat but there's way less people doing it.
Back then, we'd spare time the host on top of the stage would read the signs that people were holding.
Good times...

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don't quit, anon. There's a whole world out there, full of people to share things with you.

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>pretty much the last thing that brought me joy
time to get screened for depression

>> No.10291626

this is very true! :) good thinking anon. I tend to not bother with makeup most times (don't go out too often). I may try that more often when I'm feeling down.

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tfw bf bought me a holiday release in time for christmas and let me teach him how to use a shopping service

tfw bf loves lolita and helps me pick out main pieces to wear when i'm indecisive

tfw bf window shopped with me for 3 hours and we both shat on the dreamy planetarium tent cut every time we saw a listing on mercari


>> No.10291793

>tfw bf loves lolita and helps me pick out main pieces to wear when i'm indecisive
So you have a gay bf?

>> No.10291794

damn thats rly nice anon, i'm happy for u

shut the fuck up and let ppl enjoy things, REEE

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a girl I am dating ( kinda a gf I guess) actually is trying to figure out what to get my for xmas and bought me an AP bag and JSK that i've wanted for a while! we've only been dating a few months so I wasnt expecting it

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I really hate males who date non-virgins and pretend like everything is fine.

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I entered the ladies' room while in trap mode and went totally undetected. Mfw the stalls were full of farting thots.

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They probably assumed you were trans and having a hard time passing unless you have an effeminate body.

People like you are the reason people assume trannies in bathrooms are perverts, fucking scrote

This is why I don't trust trans "women" unless they really put in effort, perverted males are literally doing the shit people were saying they'd never do: dressing as traps and going into women's bathrooms.

>> No.10291838


What did you expect women to be doing in the bathroom besides using the bathroom like any normal person you idiot?

>> No.10291839

I asked my big sister if girls poop. She said no

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>perverted males are literally doing the shit people were saying they'd never do: dressing as traps and going into women's bathrooms.
omg a man might see a women wash her hands. The untold horrors that would unfold

>> No.10291846

Men have been known to leave cameras in women's restrooms to record them using the toilet. It's really gross actually.

>> No.10291847 [DELETED] 


Men who dress as women for fun to take advantage of the rights real trans women deserve to go somewhere they shouldn't to "get off" or feel excited are disgusting and if a guy got turned on by watching me do something mundane like wash my hands I'd be real fuckin' uncomfortable. The forced sexualization of anything female by some men who see women only as sex objects in dangerous and disgusting/offputting.

Real trans women in bathrooms are fine; men who get excited and post online about sneaking into female only spaces in "trap mode" are different than trans women and if they aren't just making it up they're fucking perverted scrotes and honestly can just die.

Honestly unisex bathrooms are fine too if stall doors had better coverage in America the way they do in Japan. The thought of some man or even a male kid peeping under the stall because they either don't know any better or in the case of an adult do and don't care is gross and uncomfortable.

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This is the reason why women are so terrified of men and what men don’t get, and why women are so afraid of trans women in a way men don’t have to be afraid if trans men. Women would never do something this repulsive.

>> No.10291849

If you think the last part doesn’t already happen when moms bring their small sons into ladies’ restrooms, think again. I get it, they can’t just leave their kid alone outside or send them in the mens’ alone, but then, they need to watch them before they grow up to be perverts.

>> No.10291854 [DELETED] 


It does happen but moms can send kids into the men's alone at a certain age and just wait outside the door to make sure they come out safe, and for the women's room if the kid is the one using the restroom the mom is there, if it's the mom, she can keep the kid in the stall or teach him not to let his curiosity inconvenience other people.

That's also why full coverage stall doors like in other countries would be ideal.

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>Have a deranged relationship with your own sexuality.
>Its the mens fault reeeeeee.
>Why cant I have a cute boyfriend reeeeeee.

Femake neckbeards.

>> No.10291886

Same here. I feel so much more comfortable and relaxed in more toned down clothes, even if they would t get any likes on COF or if anons would reeee at me for being a filthy normie. I still dress very out of the ordinary by normie standards but it’s nice that people aren’t yelling at me from across the street anymore. The only downside is that I feel rather underdressed when I attend meet-ups and events. It seems that everyone else in my comm goes all out for meet-ups and there’s only so much you can do to dress up simpler pieces.

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Women fart too, dumbass.

>> No.10291904

Not attractive ones.

>> No.10291908

r u okay retard?

>> No.10291910

i think i'm starting to develop a hate for cosplay because i know i'll never be good or pretty enough to actually succeed in it. i'm not skillful at crafting things & i'm not attractive enough to just be cute on the internet.. idk if i even like it very much anymore i'm only 21 and feel like all the younger ppl are catching up to me and making me feel old?? probably going to quit all together soon and become a full time lolita because that brings me a lot more joy..

>> No.10291913

I hope you and your hand will be very happy together since that’s all you’re ever gonna have.

>> No.10291921

I feel you anon. I work with a friend as an artist on events which also includes wearing fantasy costumes like elves and fairies. While I'm quite good at coordinating and make up she's just simply amazing.I'm always a bit confused when she is asked for pictures without me as in my mind we are both nicely dressed.
I try to be happy for her but sometimes it's just hard.
At least the kids like me more as I tend to be more friendlier towards them...

>> No.10291924

Take ibuprofen for the swelling; I literally just had this happen to me and work was absolute misery because of all the heavy lifting and walking I do. The elevation and ice will hopefully bring it down soon. Goo luck anon, I recently lost a bunch of weight to wear lolita and while I haven't reached my goal I understand those feels so well. Keep working and be proud of your resolve.

>> No.10291927

Don’t reply to bait.

>> No.10291928

Okay, fartthot

>> No.10291940

>Help seventeen year old sister take cosplay photos
>Love what she does, so want her to look as good as possible
>But the character has deep cleavage
>The wig covers up most of it
>Remember fussing over the wig-titty situation during the shoot
>I'm trying to be a good sister, please
>Overall had a good time
>Weeks later
>She posts photos on her Instagram
>Now I see what I didn't through the viewfinder
>No cleavage in sight
>But an angled underboob in half profile
>Scream internally and curse my carelessness
>I'm tagged as photographer
>Feel an irrational fear that someone will blame me for not hiding her underboob
>Feel rational fear that creeps might oogle my still underage little sister
>Still "like" the post
>Feel dead inside

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Nobody is obsessing over your sister's tits as much as you are. I promise you.

>> No.10291956

>be thot
>walk outside with strip of cloth covering tits
>omg what if this photo makes guys think negatively of me!?

>> No.10291957

/r9k/ with frills*

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>tfw like friend I met off of /cgl/
>tfw too doubtful to make something out of it
I like the dumb feeling at least.

>> No.10291997

There isn't any comparison between the two boards, and the only people who think they seem similar are the crossboarder maleposters.

Men from /r9k/ blame their own problems on women due to a lack of confidence and a hatred of women. They blame their own shortcomings on women instead of working on themselves.

Women on /cgl/ blame men for being creeps. That's it.

>> No.10291998


Yeah I've never seen a female gull blame their problems on men. Only pointing put when scrotes due something creepy and then the guy acts all either defensive or like he knows everything and starts to try to tell women what to do or what they think even if we literally say the opposite.

Not to mention the random guys making lolita or whatever else sexual and then calling us prudes or meanies when we tell them to stop being weird and talking about their fantasies when no woman on this board really wants to hear them.

>> No.10292002

>gf wants me to stop supporting cosplayers on patreon
>also wants me to delete all my saved "costhot" images

Is she right? I've been doing it since before we were together.

>> No.10292004

If you're buying cosplay lewds then yeah she's right
Latter is less reasonable though

>> No.10292008

Your not going to get sympathy from cgl, even from the regular male users.

>> No.10292009


A rando dude supporter doesn't have a chance with a costhot so it's not like you'd ever cheat with the person but I can see why she'd be insecure or bothered by you spending money on their patreon, at least the ones that are ethots. If they're regular cosplayers then it doesn't seem fair to make you stop helping contribute to them.

Is she pretty jealous usually or is she only bothered by this in particular? Does she like cosplay? Maybe you can tell her you'd like it if as a nice gesture she could cosplay with you or for you? Seems like a complicated situation.

>> No.10292012


Idk I'm female and I think getting mad at a partner for buying what is essentially softcore porn is silly (but the person in question is a retard for actually spending money on spank material, who tf pays for porn anymore?)

It's understandable why she'd be bothered or uncomfortable but demanding you delete stuff you spent money on when it's not hurting you or her to have it is a bit odd. Asking you to stop supporting them makes sense if it's all lewds desu cause it is wasting money.

You kinda need to give more info about whose patrons and other details to convince me one way or the other.

>> No.10292013

Its kinda weird to be giving money to lewd cosplayers and porn when youre in a relationship. Maybe use that money to support your gf instead. With the images you already have, just hide them better, but don't be suprised if when she finds them again she gets upset and feels lied to. I get that it seems unreasonable, but sometimes relationships come with compromises. How important is this girl to you? Is porn more important? If it is, then you probably shouldn't have a girlfriend.

>> No.10292014

i think buying nudes from patreon cosplayers is worse because you also pay for the interaction
if you subscribe to a porn site it's not like youre giving the porn stars money directly or they would ever talk to you

>> No.10292019


She cosplays but we'll never meet any of those girls and even if we did none would be interested in me so IDK why she would be jealous.


I do hide my images but she found out because of where my money was going.


I have never interacted with any of the girls. I pay a fee I get the pics.

>> No.10292022

People pity you and you decide to just take advantage of them.
you disgust me

>> No.10292025

All I'm getting from this is that you value your wank material more than your girlfriend's feelings. Which I guess is fine, but you should tell her so she can decide on whether to break up with you or nor

>> No.10292031


The fact that your reasons for her not needing to be jealous are that the girls wouldn't be interested in you VS you being happy with your gf and not interested in them seems to be the cause of the jealousy right there.

A lot of girls are insecure and if she hears you say that she may overanalyze and think "oh, so if you DID have a chance with an ethot you WOULD leave me for them/cheat?".

Finding other girls pretty isn't illegal in a relationship but the implication that the only reason you're not going to leave her or cheat with anyone is that you don't have the chance to and not that you're content with your relationship suggests she has a good reason to feel insecure.

Not saying that is how you feel but it could be interpreted that way from your wording and as someone who used to be insecure in that way I can see where she'd be upset.

You guys should probably have a deeper discussion about this and compromise somehow and if you're unwilling to then a breakup is the next best option.

>> No.10292032

I crossplay and i find it always discomforting going to public restrooms because I have been cat called inside and harassed once but even with that I still go to my gender restroom because its the right thing to do. You are an asshole.

>> No.10292039

You have a cosplay girlfriend and are paying for porn online instead of getting personalized content from her.

>> No.10292040

Ok wait, how much a month are you spending? Its gotta be a significant amount of money if she noticed.

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>that feel when gemgem lists something cute on lace market and i'm fucking conflicted

>> No.10292166

if its that meta skirt it was for sale on mercari for 6000 yen a week or two agk

>> No.10292167

Is it true this board is filled with women? Do any cosplay thots wanna fuck?

>> No.10292170

>Is it true this board is filled with women?
> Do any cosplay thots wanna fuck?
Yes. But not you, incel.

>> No.10292171 [DELETED] 


The lolitas and jfashion people are predominantly women and cosplay is more male dominant but not as bad as the rest of 4chan

>> No.10292173
File: 50 KB, 500x249, f3a89a1d-f88f-4f46-ab23-70310beac0e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, i'm a guy, but fuck off

>> No.10292176

85-90% according to the census, and no

>> No.10292179

But wouldn’t you want to fuck an incel just one time for the experience haha

>> No.10292185 [DELETED] 


If you wanted to fuck them, for any reason, they wouldn't be incel.

>> No.10292186

I know but wouldn’t you want to take the virginity of a worthless ugly man just for the experience of doing so haha.. JK of course.. unless..?

>> No.10292187 [DELETED] 


Tbh I chuckled at this.

>> No.10292191

I don't date men who look at or support porn, but it's because I think porn is intrinsically harmful to women, not because of jealousy.

>> No.10292192

Nice b8 m8, I r8 it 8/8. I know you're not Olivia because she's too scared to use Reddit, let alone 4chan

>> No.10292194

Swerfs are a godsend desu, nobody else wants to call out how harmful the sex industry is in fear of being labeled a swerf or a prude

>> No.10292195


costhotting isn't porn
most dont even show nudity
and all the money they make goes to them not some dude behind the scenes exploiting them

if anything its empowering

>> No.10292197

patreon bucks won't last forever. not everyone is going to become belle delphine and those "empowered" women are going to have that attached to their names and faces forever

>> No.10292199

I really tried not to buy anything from her, ever, until one day she listed a rare dream piece that was reasonably priced and had all the parts attached. The transaction went well, but I still feel guilty about it.

>> No.10292222

It fucking sucks so much, the one time I'm not checking mercari like a hawk, she manages to snatch up some good meta. I've been hunting from some meta skirts for a really long time and I always have bad luck. I even lost an auction on a meta skirt to gemgem and It was very depressing.

>> No.10292234

save images to a thumb drive first, then make a big deal out of 'deleting' them and make sure you do it in front of her.

>> No.10292249

gemgem deserves to win those auctions, she's fast, dedicated to the fashion, and has deep pockets. don't feel so bad it was destined to end up this way desu

>> No.10292258

I get a lot of people upset with me when I make my stance. I'd be okay with porn, in theory, in some alternate universe, but as it stands? Nope.

Any images/videos made with the intent to cause arousal or sexual gratification are porn. And while they might be getting the money directly, it's part of a larger problem altogether, and a lot of them reinforce some of the worst parts of the porn industry, like incest or underage fetishes. And it isn't empowering. I sure as fuck don't feel empowered knowing men jerk off to women dressed as school girls and that there are women happy and naive enough to provide this for them.

>> No.10292259

What ever you say gem gem. Enjoy your hoard.

>> No.10292264

>tfw friend is cancelling and have to go to a con alone and come back to an empty room
Dear God,
Am I a joke to you? Also, when am I gonna get a cosplay/lolita gf? Please stop rigging the game against me.
Your friend,

>> No.10292287

I would be extremely uncomfortable in that situation. It brushes against the sex industry in a way that... doesn't seem faithful.

>> No.10292294

I lost more than half my body weight.
Nothing fit when I was a fat fuck.
Nothing fits now that I'm a skinny monstrosity.

>> No.10292297

This guy I know had a stagnant following for years, but recently made a new cosplay account pretending to be a woman, and everyone seems to believe it. His follower count has been going up really quickly.
I really need to become a trap already.

>> No.10292315

Good job on losing weight, anon! If you're too thin for your tastes (or maybe you're just very lean and fit now) there's no shame in gaining just a bit of weight to fit the clothes you want if you're really unhappy with it.

>> No.10292332

I'm not too thin. I'm just really short with wide hips, a tiny waist, and wide shoulders--plus my fat distribution is totally fucked and I have gross loose skin. There's nothing I can do to fix it. I'm considering death.

>> No.10292335

it's very reasonable. how did you even get a gf? she deserves better than a desperate incel

>> No.10292336

anyone can use any bathroom they want. it's not illegal or "wrong"
when the women's bathroom has a long ass line, i use the men's

>> No.10292337

Yes. And yes but they fuck the hottest cosplay Chads, you sad little incel

>> No.10292338

literally no one wants that

>> No.10292339

So you either don't date any men or you date liars. Cool

>> No.10292341

>if anything its empowering
it's not "empowering" to perpetuate the thought that only young, beautiful women are worth anything, and only if they're sluts

>> No.10292345

>There's nothing I can do to fix it.
it's called plastic surgery

>> No.10292358
File: 30 KB, 521x713, crying my melody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(ayrt) Loose skin unfortunately comes with major weight loss, anon..But you can always try to get it removed. I believe some insurance covers it? Not positive however. Besides; the loose skin may not be pretty, but it's a testament to your effort and willpower to have lost the weight! I'm very proud of you for that. As for bone structure, I feel that. My shoulders have always been wide for a woman as well, and it's true there's not much we can do about it.

Sure, it can be difficult to find clothing for wide hips/shoulders, but not impossible. Don't give up, anon! Look into oversized tops, and skirts are good for wider hips if you don't want to bother with pants. I believe in you anon!

>> No.10292364

Being alone at a con can be hard. I hope you can find some enjoyment on your own.

>> No.10292394

I know I'm picky. I've only had one long term relationship because of these requirements. I'm fine with that.

>> No.10292395

And that guy was lying too, jsyk. The only men who truly don't look at porn are hardcore repressed religious ones.

>> No.10292397

He wasn't, but I know I'm not gonna convince you of that, so we might as well end the conversation here. Have a good evening, anon.

>> No.10292402

Please stop being this naive before you really get hurt anon.

>> No.10292409

I don't see how dating one man who doesn't consume porn makes me naive. Like, I'm openly admitting I've met lots who do, and that's one reason why I've only had one real relationship. I know most men consume porn, and I won't date those men. I don't mind being patient and possibly waiting years if I have to to find another one who's the same. I don't rely on the attention of men to make my life better, and if I die alone with my dresses because of my beliefs, oh well.

>> No.10292415

Idk what else to tell you except those men are and lying unless they are extremely religious, and you will eventually discover the porn and be very hurt.

>> No.10292424

>Why cant I have a cute boyfriend reeeeeee

No one told you that we are all lesbians here? I'm pretty sure most gulls could get a bf any time they want but we are not really interested in it because men are disgusting. We only care about pretty girls and frills t b f

>> No.10292426

damn before leaving my comm I was the only one who drank at every meet and smoke weed. Sad thing is I only drank at meets lol

>> No.10292429


>> No.10292430

>those men

One man. One. That's all I've said.

If you find it unbelievable that I've dated one man who didn't consume porn, that's on you.

I don't try to make men change to suit my needs. If I find out someone watches porn, then I don't date them. Easy as pie. I don't attack them and berate them into conforming into someone I want to date. I just don't date them.

I'm sorry you've only dated men who would hide things from you. I hope you date someone who treats you better in the future.

>> No.10292435

>finding this hard to believe there is a single man who is not as shitty as yourself

>> No.10292436

This is why im a lesbian

>> No.10292438 [DELETED] 

>I'm sorry you've only dated men who would hide things from you.
Projecting so hard. Ignorance is bliss I guess!

>> No.10292440

>I'm sorry you've only dated men who would hide things from you.
>Projecting this hard
I enjoy porn myself, as many women and nearly all men do. No need to hide anything from me.

Not a man. And seriously, go look up some stats. What I find hard to believe is that any grown woman is this naive.

>> No.10292441

I really wish I hadn't been raped so many times growing up

>> No.10292443

Unless that stats say 100% of men never stopped watching porn in any period of time they don't mean anything.
I in fact know a guy who decided not to watch porn. And anothar that was admittedly never been interested in porn. Neither were my bfs.

>> No.10292448

It isn't about what they're hiding. It's about the trust. If you date men that would hide anything from you, porn included, I genuinely feel bad for you. That was my point.

>> No.10292449

Of course some men stop watching porn if a girl forces them to (and they resent her for it) or if they have become addicted. Not because they think it's oppressive to women or some shit. Porn is a natural inclination for men that they have been creating for centuries, previously in the form of little paper books and wood blocks. You need to come to terms with it.

>> No.10292451

The feeling is mutual for someone who is this naive. I hope for your sake, you're just young and don't know much.

>> No.10292455

>Any images/videos made with the intent to cause arousal or sexual gratification are porn.
Porn can be literary too, you know. If you are against the mistreatment of women in the sex industry then okay, but don't smash the pot for being cracked. Consuming porn isn't bad nor unnatural. I would say it's natural for women to consume porn too, as women too have sexual urges, if only society hasn't cautioned them against it.

>> No.10292462

I'm not young at all. I know plenty, enough to know that not every man on earth watches porn, which is apparently more than you do. And I've also managed to date a man who doesn't hide things for me, which is also more than you can say.

I've already said that in another world, I'd be okay with the existence of porn. I'm not against the idea in theory, but what we have right now is a disgusting mess that abuses women, encourages negative stereotypes and a lack of boundaries and consent, and normalizes things like pedophilia and incest. Because of this, there's no way to create porn in a vacuum, and all of it reinforces this industry and ideas.

>> No.10292464

You're worthless if you watch porn.

>> No.10292466

You need to improve your reading comprehension. I already gave you 2 examples that prove you're wrong. None of them had any reasons to lie to me. First guy, while I'm not sure about the reasons why he stopped watching porn decided on it when he didn't have a girlfriend. And second one (the one you chose to completely ignore) never liked it.

>> No.10292467

I pove the dichotomy between men who disapporve of porn and women who disapprove of porn.

men's rationale
>porn degrades people's ability to have successful relationships. Porn destroys people's concept of effort vs. reward. Porn is used as a weapon to dumb down people into mindless hedonists, homosexuals and cuckolds.

Women's rationale
>women who fuck dudes for money are victims and I hate seeing young girls because they make me feel bad. Incest is wrong because it's wrong but homosexuality is fine because well... like... uhh.... shut up, bigot.

>> No.10292469

Nothing makes me happy.
Nothing. Zip. I want to shop, but buying things hasn't made me happy. My recent Lolita coord didn't make me happy. Getting over 400 likes on CoF didn't make me happy. Window shopping doesn't make me happy. Idol activities don't make me happy....
There's just this area of nothing that I feel like I'm going to end up collapsing into. Everyone keeps asking what can they do to help and I can't even answer because nothing helps.
I really just want to die so the emptiness will stop.
Sorry this is so dark.

>> No.10292470

I'm sorry anon. I really and truly am. That is a pain I wish on no one.

>> No.10292472


>> No.10292477

sounds like you need to get off the internet and get a sensory cleanse

>> No.10292481

Most folks around me in the know say I'm handling it really well, especially for someone who couldn't even remember most of it until the past 7 months. Hopefully I'll put it behind me soon

>> No.10292484

>mentions of /cgl/ is banned from the comm

>> No.10292494

Really shows you what each sex cares about.

>> No.10292496

Nah. I've dated a porn-addicted liar and I've dated an honest person who made a personal decision not to use it.

>> No.10292497

I will say though that this person is old-fashioned and has old-fashioned values. Not religious but grew up in a religious family.

>> No.10292508

Then no one will ever be attractive to you. Get lost, you don't deserve even the ugliest of us, lol.

>> No.10292510

If you post seeking validation that just guarantees you’ll never feel validated. Try wearing a coord and taking no pictures of yourself, just enjoy wearing it in the moment for yourself and not for likes.

>> No.10292512

Youre buying lewds? Its 2019, that ish is free.
As an aside, if you're not cheating on your partner, you're not cheating. Romance novels can be JUST AS FILTHY and also just as distorting to a person's perspective of a healthy relationship.
If you still give your partner plenty of attention then I don't see a problem with it. If she can't handle knowing you have lewds and favorite models, even if you don't leave them laying around, well, it's not a good fit because it forces you to sneak around and lie to her. You need to have a heart to heart at the very least, maybe some couples counseling.
Good luck anon, I hope you two come to a happy conclusion to this disagreement.

>> No.10292520

No it doesn't, men don't care who porn hurts, they are coomers. Obviously women who aren't braindead cumbrain lib fems would also be aware of how porn hurts the consumers. If you choose to support and watch porn, your choosing to support and industry that encourages trafficing, slavery and degeneracy and you are an evil person for it.

>> No.10292532

Like I said, don’t smash a pot because it’s cracked. You would think that the solution to the porn industry being shit is to work towards fixing the industry standards, rather than trying to eliminate porn entirely. I believe ethical porn can exist, and that porn in itself is healthy and necessary for safe sexual exploration.

If you’re against certain fetishes, then I would argue that it’s a chicken-egg dilemma. Things like interest in noncon, incest and underaged women can occur prior to/without the consumption of porn. (Seeing as such acts/relationships can be depicted in non-pornographic and are rather prominent in the media for its shock value).

>> No.10292545

I don't think we are anywhere close to being able to fix industry standards because I don't think most people have an issue with them. The porn industry isn't going to change its rules or regulations when its primary consumers and funders have no issue with them. Especially since the current trend in society is very sex positive/porn positive/kink positive, and daring to question any of those things gets you labelled as closed minded, conservative, or anti-feminist.

Encouragement of harmful and abusive behaviours shouldn't be condoned, and if that's all the movies/books/whatever are doing, I take issue with those, too. But stories that contain those things as actual plot points or to discuss what's wrong with them aren't the same as an 18 year old girl dressing up in a schoolgirl outfit and begging daddy to fuck her, which solely exists to provide content for masturbation and which reinforces those very same awful things.

>> No.10292552 [DELETED] 

How can anybody read this and still think females should have their political views taken seriously?

No. Women who fuck for money are not "victims" and is not abuse.

Also, how can someone criticize incest without criticizing homosexuality?
And what's wrong with being attracted to "underage" girls?

You're just a fucking moron.

>> No.10292572

Chinese Cartoon Women:
If you getroffen proven to a bad person just pretend it isn't like that.

Please be a more pathetic cliche.

Also a little reminder that 95% of western population gets along well with the other sex (regardless of their own sexual orientation) and can communicate rationally. Hell they even have succesful relationships. Strange but I think the others must be the problem.

I wonder why so many fucked up Bpd's are drawn to westernized japanese culture.

>> No.10292573

Your an idioit. It doesn't matter if you make "ethical porn" or what not. The rise in demand for porn causes a rise in sex trafficing. The sex positivity movement doesn't teach young girls the true concequences of being a whore, which no matter what you do, even if nobody judges her (or even a man desu) for doing porn, they can still regret it horribly. Many men refuse to admit that they have sexual disfunction from watching too much porn. Even with their broken dicks, they still want to die on the hill of defending like it does them any good. And don't act like you would be happy if your child became a sex worker.

This is the degeneracy that the porn industry fuels. Fuck off pedo.

>> No.10292575

Please don't respond to him and just report him, it's our resident pedo.

>> No.10292590

Did you try out some hobbys that includes actually creating something from you own? I swear half of the depressed lolitas I know would feel much better if they'd focus on a hobby that truly lets them live out their creativity instead of one that just requires endless shopping and validation from social media.

>> No.10292613
File: 24 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I bought a Halloween costume just to trace it for a pattern, return it to Amazon, and then make it cheaper with much better quality

I pirated a cosplay.

>> No.10292616
File: 1.30 MB, 2250x1600, 1571217591112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your friend's ugly lesbian ploycue keeps hitting on you
>You just want to wear frilly dresses
Why do lesbians have to be like this? They're worse than guys because they just invade spaces and act like dudes with tits?

>> No.10292624


Bet she is a butch dyke. If you dress nice and feminine around them its like dangling a piece of meat in front of a ravenous dog.

>> No.10292641

You mean they act like men?

>> No.10292645


Yes. They hate men but they dress and act just like them.

>> No.10292689


Not even, men at least don't go its fine were both girls anyway.

>> No.10292715


>> No.10292725

I think you replied to the wrong person. I agree with basically everything you're saying.

>> No.10292730

Whenever I look at myself in the mirror with hair and makeup done I feel real cute and pretty - like genuinely above average. Whenever I see myself in photos I'm the most hideous bitch I've ever seen. My self perception is messed up and I'm so confused. I just wish I could see myself through someone else's eyes so I'd know. The fact that I hate all coord pics of myself is really discouraging me in the fashion. I don't want to face sticker because I feel like it's giving up to my confidence issues.

>> No.10292739

We aren't used to seeing ourselves from other people's perspectives, not to mention looking at ourselves in the mirror means we're more used to a flipped version of our own face than the real one.

If you want to work on some facial expressions or poses that you think look more flattering, you can always set up a tripod and a camera and take some pictures and figure out what works best for you.

>> No.10292742

Some people don’t look good in photographs, even really beautiful people. Cameras flatten everything which isn’t flattering for a lot of people. It doesn’t mean you’re ugly or that you actually look like that to others, it just means you gotta find your angles.

>> No.10292751

God anon I feel this so hard. Like I've always had a hard time with self perception but at what point do I stop saying "oh that's a bad picture of me" and just accept that I actually just look like that and I'm just good at angles and light when I take my own photos. Its like I'm catfishing my own brain into thinking I'm not ugly. But I am ugly.

>> No.10292756 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 482x549, 1573987676459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do customs charge by item or by package itself? For example, if I have a package with only one kind of item, but multiple of those items, will they charge for the entire package, or will they charge a different amount for each item, one by one?
I thinks my country's customs division is trying to cheat me.

>> No.10292758
File: 57 KB, 482x549, 1573987676459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it normal for customs to charge by item, or by package itself? For example, if I have a package with only one kind of item, but more than one of it, does it make more sense if they charge for the entire package, or will they charge a different amount for each item, one by one?
I think my country's customs division is trying to cheat me.

>> No.10292767

I've been in this friend group for a long time now and I know most of the people in it for like ten years or more now and like I always felt really alienated from it in a way I couldn't explain? Like we all went to the same cons and events and talked and stuff but they all seemed to like each other more ans know each other better and it gave me huge imposter syndrome for years. But I just found out a little while ago that its just that they all have a secret fb group and group chat that theyre all in that inwas just never invited to. And like yeah theyre not obligated to add me but man I feel really outside now

>> No.10292793

>have been in fashion for 10~ years
>finally find last dream dress
>completely happy with my wardrobe and coords at last

>some gulls here are dedicated to give me a hard time because most of my wardrobe consisted of cheaper pieces

>> No.10292801

Sometimes I pretend to be a dickhead scrote & shitpost to make men look worse so they'll get off the board eventually

>> No.10292802

Your just as bad as the scrotes desu.

>> No.10292803

The term "scrote" should be banned for being transphobic

>> No.10292806

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