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Does good ero lolita exist? I've never seen an ero coord that was even remotely good - either it looks nice in normie terms but doesn't have the silhouette, or it has the right silhouette but just looks like an ugly ita mess.
I'm fascinated by vintage erotica so I feel like there *must* be a way to make ero lolita work, too. Please post any good ero coords you have saved.

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Franz von Bayros's art is beautiful and fucked up and erotic and I think it'd be a great place to draw inspiration for ero coords from. Pic related is the only image from the wikipedia page that was safe enough to post here.

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Ero lolita doesn't necessarily need the silhouette

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Add in some wrist accessoires and left girl's outfit could arguably be called an ero coord.

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That one girl who owns a lot of Antique Beast was good. Dont have the pics right now, but can post later

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lol no

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Tamie? Yeah she doesn’t do that so much anymore, but all her coords are good and she’s a total sweetheart

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You could've warned that there was bestiality and lolicon shit on there. Ew.

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Does any good lolita feet exist?

Like still fully clothed wearing huge dresses but bare feet?

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Ero lolita isn’t a thing. You know what supposed “ero lolita” is? Nymphet.

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People are going to use this thread for masturbation just like cosplay threads. Don't post real lolitas here.

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Fuck off, scrote.
Matching all those reds must've been a pain.

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Yeah someone wrote a book about it. ZING

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Nymphet is wildly different than anything lolita. Ero lolita is old and a well established sub-style of lolita, it’s just that westerners are absolutely terrible at it so you’ve likely never seen good executions of it without going digging.

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No. Lolita is a fashion based on conservative, cute fashions. What “ero lolita” claims to be, sexy and risqué, has no place in lolita.

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Remind me why we still call it lolita? I hope it really gets a new name, lolita doesn't sound cute anymore.

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isnt lolita a pedophile term?

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I think ero lolita was only possible during old school era. Old school girls were feminine in a fuck off way. Like "yeah, im wearing skirts and ruffles, I'm girly. You wanna object, moron?" They did exactly that society wanted but twisted it that way, so instead of modest wives and mothers they turned into frilly brats.

and so old school ero lolita has the same logic. It was all sexual staples: short skirts, underwear, corsets, stockings etc but it was IMPOSSIBLE to fap to. They did what men wanted but the way men never got what they wanted. Old school lolitas were owners of their sexuality and agression and were able to use them like they wanted in a patriarchal society.

And modern lolita has lost any punk and protest vibes. So its about being girly in a society appropriate way and matchy matchy. You can't be ero nowadays without actually being erotic.

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>but it was IMPOSSIBLE to fap to
if you honestly believe that you have no idea what men are. lol

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This thread and the rise of ageplayers are good reasons for why we should probably let 'ero' as a substyle fade into obscurity. You have some admirable attempts here and there, but most the time we get shit like pic related. Even the go-to snaps we use as examples like
haven't aged well enough to carry into the modern, less loosely defined definition of lolita.

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I consider it pretty ero when tall lolitas wear dresses that barely hit their mid thigh, if that, with no legwear or bloomers. which is getting increasingly common. looks pretty slutty to me

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I don't consider it ero, but it is slutty, I agree. it looks bad.

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well i meant "ero" as an insult there. it looks very sexual/age play ish

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Stop being this stupid and learn how to use google. No one is going to take you seriously if you still ask moronic questions like this in 2019.

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some AtPie shop coords

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The key is maintaining elegance whilst creating an overall sexier image, often with hints of fetish motifs, sometimes drawing inspiration from the kinkier side of goth and alternative subculture.

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yes. Mana-sama is a good place to start.

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it is all right to break lolita rules. ero lolita is a bit more like ero+lolita. you can lean into either "side" as you like.

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the ongoing corset trend in Japan can be another way to mix ero elements into a lolita coord.

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Atelier Pierrot shop staff like to mix AtPie with Na+h to make ero lolita coords. other brands that are used for ero lolita include Abilletage and h.Naoto

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I could be wildly wrong but I'm assuming ero came about as the 'rules' of dressing in lolita became more defined. Lolita is an alt fashion and naturally would attract people with a more rebellious mindset, thus 'lolita should be conservative and express female ideas of femininity' became another rule to break, just like skirt length or wearing a blouse, and because it's been around so long and featured in the glb, us dumb westerners decided it should be a 'substyle', just like we decided one sub-brands base asthetic should be dubbed the 'pirate-lolita' substyle (ilu aatp)

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this coord mixes major brands with Western indie for a sophisticated ero lolita look suitable for a glamorous event

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Tamie is a literal goddess

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Those shoes are everything!

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Eh they're referring to the majority, sick fucks and pedos don't count as men

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Please no, just put them away. There are good ways to do ero without showing too much skin

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I don’t care about how people want to dress, do what you want. The problem is as lolitas we’re already associated with the book/pedophilia/ageplay in most people’s eyes and the ero lolita bs reinforces this. I don’t care about people dressing erotically, I just don’t want it associated with my fashion.

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Triple Fortune goes all out with ero

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those look pretty good. I think they are on the right direction, at least.

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Lolita fashion, particularly gothic lolita had ties to the underground club scene and by extension, the slightly risqué fashions and performances seen there. 'Ero' may be be a substyle that doesn't resonate with people, but it definitely exited, even if lolita fashion itself branched off significantly, with some sweet lolitas wanting absolutely nothing to do with lolita's darker, arguably more outwardly subversive side. Hell, look at all the early visual bands that helped to form the gothic lolita look we know today - they often performed in underground goth clubs etc before hitting a wider audience. Tokyo Dark Castle was a popular night for many lolitas back in the early 00s and a more 'ero' lolita look, drawing influence from dark gothic and fetish fashion was common there.

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Except some of the designers for major lolita brands take inspiration from fetish and club wear as well, Meta's designers have said this at tea parties and you can clearly see it in their PVC items. Ero does work better as a concept in the context of the old-school 15 years ago era when gothic lolita was more lumped in with gothic and punk styles due to the crossover with visual kei and music influences....

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Ero isn't generally intended to look young/childish/cute anyway, It's much more sexy Victorian madame or elegantly risque from a historical fashion / lolita fashion silhouette type viewpoint.

In the early days of the lolita fashion Livejournal community, many people wished to dissociate with 'ero lolita' because they already felt they were fighting mainstream misconceptions - I totally get that, but to claim that 'ero lolita' is a misnomer, in my opinion ignores elements of lolita fashion history and development.

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Yup. I love this jsk and always will. No shame.

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I know plenty of non-sick fucks who jerk it to the most mundane things, you'd be surprised.

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everything about this looks cheap as fuck

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It kinda is, this was really early in the days of lolita fashion hitting the west and whilst it's been greatly refined since then, this was pretty on point for the time and one of the first examples of a cage skirt people had ever seen. They made everything themselves too so would have been using limited available materials.

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I love this open skirt (or JSK?), anyone know what it's called and what brand it's from?

>> No.10287246

>Old school girls were feminine in a fuck off way
You put something into words that I've been thinking all along, thank you! There's such a punky feel to a lot of old school coords and street snaps, even when the outfits are as frilly and conservative as it gets.

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I don't call my style lolita anymore, but some anons get triggered when you discuss that

>> No.10287361

Not ero

>> No.10287402

>And modern lolita has lost any punk and protest vibes

It's this aspect that that attracted me to the fashion in the first place and so sad that it's lost. It seems much more of a fancy dressing for events and collectors hobby these days.

That said, if old school is your jam then there's no reason not to roll with that spirit of things if it still resonates with you. Hell, I'm still very much in the old school mindset and a solo lolita, so I can be all feminine in a fuck off way 4 life.

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is her family rich? it looks like she doesnt have a job but shes always in a different country buying new things. made me curious

>> No.10287650

she could just be married...

>> No.10287680


She's lesbian and HK doesn't allow gay marriages. She seems to treat her gf a lot too, and if she has a job, it's a small one being in retail for a qipao company. It's most likely family money.

>> No.10287946

You and me both. One day I'll own it.

>> No.10287970

It very much has an ero flavor though; the amount of chest and shoulders visible because of the combo of bustier cut jsk plus sheer blouse.

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ero is hard mode. do not attempt if you do not have a solid foundation in coording and stay away from offbrand that is not quality vintage unless you know exactly what you are doing.
I've seen some casual ero done in an old school way, but like another anon said elegance is key. which means quality is the priority. ero is back to the club and concept roots of the street fashion.

US ero-chan from the pacific northwest is hit or miss because she gets tripped up by fit often, and her handmade isn't 100% there yet. I appreciate her effort and would really like to see more of her attempts personally.

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Wearing a JSK without a blouse doesn’t make a coord ero.

>> No.10287979

The animals though. Why.

>> No.10288305

i wonder when anons will stop thinking shoulders are lewd. are we mormons or what?

>> No.10288500

For Japanese people it is.

>> No.10288510

This. I think all the anons complaining about ero making the fashion look like ageplay miss the point.
If most Lolitas wore ero-inspired outfits, I'm actually convinced normal people would just see it as yet another form of gothic/Victorian LARP wear. Most of the coords ITT don't read as ddlg/ageplay shit or even nymphet fashion, but something a typical goth would wear in the west.
Their concern only becomes valid if you try to combine Sweet Lolita with things, and I haven't really seen that, unless you want to count some of Moon Kana's outfits. Ero seems inherently gothic.

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What do you gulls think about this Vivienne Westwood ad? I feel like if someone would ever own the shoes +skirt+corset, they could do a great Ero Lolita coord with it. (Would get at least something to like cover the breasts a bit more and maybe tights/otks and gloves.)

>> No.10288513

...not really. It’s probably still uncommon for them to show shoulders in the workplace but shoulders are most definitely not considered lewd.

>> No.10288522

You say ero but all I can see is just gothic lolita in a different way from the more lolita-esque silhouette, like gothic aristocrates are. There is a reason why you hardly see any sweeter attempts at this style.

For me ero never really existed, you can wear it as a flashy version of lolita to a club or whatever, maybe we should name it club lolita then?
If you wear it on the streets it just looks too costumey.

If you want to make it happen try to dig out old bibles, look at the ads from Excentrique, Antique Beast, Atelier Pierrot, Triple Fortune and such and copy that but wouldn´t that be oldschool too?
I think what most people believe that ero is is a corset, cage skirt, fishnets, high heels and platforms. To me it is just simple gothic.

We really should stop labeling and to categorise everything which slightly wanders off the line or at least give me my granny lolita style.
What happened with bittersweet?

>> No.10288605

I feel genuinely sad for all the people here calling pedos, pervs, and fappers, anyone comfortable in their sexuality to express desire in the female form.
While their words are couched in moral indignation, it shows an underlying hurt or trauma in their lives.
In this world view of acceptance and inclusivity it's latent scars and emotional baggage that justifies vilifying someone or something.

That said, I would gladly max-out my credit card if my girlfriend would be keen on wearing these dresses.


It would be a delight, just to see her enjoying them.

(I could finally wear my frock coat)

>> No.10288750

shoulders aren't lewd but there has always been a point to cover your armpits and thighs. yes, there are exceptions that still create a normal coord, but purposefully showing your shoulders and highlighting it can be a big feature in making your coord ero.
>was trying to find that one Choke ero coord with the bare arms/shoulders and super high platforms, but of course photobucket hates us all

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western lolitas didn't make ero up, you dolt.
ero has been a substyle since old school times.
Don't try to erase something just because you never participated in it or understood it.

>> No.10288753

Oh wow, you really know nothing about Japanese people

>> No.10288770

I feel sad for people who need to insert their dick into everything where it's not wanted. Typical scrote.

>> No.10288776


Not sure if sugar daddy or cuck but either way you're fighting a losing battle here purely by virtue of being a scrote on cgl

We'll always be moderately annoyed by most of your input in lolita threads

>> No.10288807

The Japanophile gulls always give me a good laugh with all the things they make up

>> No.10288815

I know enough to know that I can’t wear a tanktop to school in Japan. At my previous study were warned by our home university to dress “properly” , when people asked after it the teacher told us to cover our shoulders and wear cardigans during summer. Apparently someone had worn tanktops to the host university in Japan and the teachers got so upset about it they complaint to our home university about it. I still don’t know why it is so inappropriate to show shoulders, because like they didn’t really have issues with the mini skirts and shorts, but they have issues with shoulders.

They would definitely not be allowed to show them at the work place. But like I know that what is lewd in Japan is the same as in the west, but showing your shoulders is definitely inappropriate. Although in like Tokyo during summer it is not like they will bash tourist for it, it is just not allowed in schools and such.

>> No.10288820

Maybe its considered not modest enough for workplace? Kind of like men can't wear shorts at some western companies

>> No.10288842

How. The Fuck. Is she standing that way and not falling on her face.

>> No.10288843

Fuck off and learn to understand that your desire in the female doesn't mean we want to know what makes your dick hard. Inserting your sexuality where its not wanted DOES make you a creep.

Go talk to your male friends about that. But don't come to female fashion groups and discuss it as if it should matter to us or some shit. Creep.

>> No.10288847

Going up to a group of women who are discussing fashion and telling them what you find "sexy" or "desirable" is completely and utterly disgusting behaviour. Idk what makes you think you will get a different reaction online. You clearly have no social skills. Fuck off. Nobody cares.

>> No.10288848


>> No.10288879

Well, i can stand like this for some time but im a former professional dancer

>> No.10288882

In rhs? I doubt it.

>> No.10288890


>> No.10288899 [DELETED] 


>> No.10288901 [DELETED] 

It's easier to stand like that in RHS. That's what they're for. God you're dumb.

>> No.10288963

Have you actually ever even worn RHS?

>> No.10288964

It’s really not that hard for anyone who’s ever done ballet. I doubt she stood like that for an hour without moving or anything crazy.

>> No.10288966

nayrt but yeah, it's easy as fuck to stand like that in them.

>> No.10288968

Everyone try it.

>> No.10288969

why are all men the same

>> No.10288970


I can't tell if you guys are trolling or not.
And I have RHS so I can easily figure it out but I just...don't want to feel stupid.

>> No.10288982

It’s easy unless you have no sense of balance

>> No.10288991

>Would get at least something to like cover the breasts a bit more
Prudes like you can go die in a fire.

>> No.10288993

nayrt but none of us have problems with boobs. Cleavage spilling everywhere isn’t lolita though.

>> No.10289004 [DELETED] 

They're literally ballerina shoes. RHS means rocking horse for fucks sake. Go try it, rock your little heart out and then come back here and atone for your crimes against fashion.

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>anyone comfortable in their sexuality to express desire in the female form

>> No.10289022

pearl clutchers all of you

>> No.10289109

Ugh that corset is gorgeous, I have to get a VW corset top some time. They're so much prettier than the normal corset shape.

>> No.10289173

misfire? wtf?

>> No.10289219

IDK why everyone's mad at you for saying this dude, but I like ero lolita too, I'm just not comfortable enough with the style to wear it. I get what you are saying, though.

I experiment with gothic and punk, and I guess I could say it edges toward ero, but I always play it safe because there's so many ways it could go wrong or someone would probably just judge me anyway.

The hardest thing for me is honestly makeup. Coming from wearing sweet and not feeling like it fit, I'm struggling to find a more gothic look for myself that doesn't also feel out of place. I'd prefer it, though.

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anon, that filthy maleposter is boohoo-ing about his type being called out for loudly drooling over girls in coords. he's trying to couch it in fake sex-positive femme power sympathies.
the first sentence is key.

anyway, as a fellow lolita, I say keep practicing. try new make up looks, try to build a folder of inspo coords and photos to help you find your style. ero is very difficult to pull off without experience and a sens of personal style, so definitely get your gothic on until you're comfortable experimenting with more artsy stuff.

>> No.10289282

Sorry; meant to respond to this anon:>>10288605

>> No.10289456

Everyone's mad at me for calling out their issues.
Their false modesty is misplaced. Anything the LGBTQ is doing is lauded and encouraged no matter how debased. Straight sex scares them; they may have been hurt in the past and look to asexual safe spaces.
Everybody judging everyone is the new hypocrisy.
Compassion, acceptance, and inclucivity are only buzzwords. Like "free speech" they don't like.
Look at the panic and vitriol in their replies.
I hit too close to home.

Enjoy yourself regardless of what you perceive as judgement. Who gave them the power to judge?
If there's an art school near you, visit and inquire who does professional makeup for motion picture or photography classes. I know the people at RISD
do professional level make up on classmates for Halloween and other occasions.

>> No.10289462

Are you retarded? Most of the women on this board are extremely critical of pedophiles and predators in the LGBT community too. Using buzzwords doesn't make you any less of a cumbrain. It doesn't matter if you're straight or gay, if you only like the fashion because it turns you on then you have no place here

>> No.10289466

Lmao you lack so much self awareness that it's hard for me to believe you're not an incel.

>> No.10289469

Well kid, you just have no idea what fashion is intended to do. Woman want to look good to turn on men, period.

>> No.10289475

Haha I love how he thinks that other men don't do this because they're not comfortable in their sexuality like him. and not because you know, it's a creep thing to do.

Literally no woman you don't know cares about what you find "desirable" in a woman. Save that for your gf or interested party.

>> No.10289477

Ok incel.

>> No.10289551


You're either genuinely retarded or this is shitty bait

>> No.10289555

Have you ever heard of lesbians

>> No.10289578

Is ero-ouji a thing?

>> No.10289585

>Ero Lolita thread

>> No.10289592

Its not that you're turned on you idiot is that you insist on telling us about it. How can you be so stupidly dense. Why do you think we want to hear about your boner? Would you go up to a hot girl and let her know how your "desire" for her? Even at a strip club this is cringy behavior.

>> No.10289594


Lolita isn't designed to turn on men; it originally was in part intended to do the opposite. Even ero. You can see by how much many lolitas itt are clearly critical of poorly executed ero or the substyle in general because of the potential for oversexualization that it opens up.

The issue isn't than men find things arousing; it's their odd need to tell women how arousing they find them or what they want to do to them or think women should do that's the problem. This thread is still about clothes, not what degenerate scrotes find kinky about lolitas.

>> No.10289625

Nevermind the more I reread his post the more pretentious and unnecessary it is
and having to hear this from multiple bottom feeder coomer men must be annoying
My bad anon

>> No.10289647

Not really.

>> No.10289713

I'm glad other people think like this, eventually we will banish all disgusting men from this fashion. Remember whenever you see a man talk about lolita call him a fetishist to reduce his credibility and promote instant shunning.

>> No.10289724

I've seen attempts at it before, but most of the Western ones I've seen have been painfully ita.

>> No.10289741


Not sure if this is sarcasm or not.

There is nothing wrong with men in the fashion in general. We just don't want creeps and people too pretentious to realize the "sexual enlightenment" they're trying to "bestow" (force) on women is unwanted.

Fetishizing women even when wearing a fashion whose inception centered around modesty, self satisfaction, and avoiding/not catering to the male gaze and feeling the need to constantly tell women what they find appealing as if we give a fuck about their kinks or romantic desires is and will always be creepy.

When scrotes learn not to uncontrollably post in detail about their fetishes in the middle of lolita threads people will stop being hostile toward them.

>> No.10289764

I'm >>10289219 but you just lost any sympathy I originally had for you with this comment. And I wear fashion honestly to make myself feel good about myself. One of the reasons I probably feel uncomfortable experimenting with ero is people assuming I'd want sex because of it, so you're dead wrong, there.

Thank you for the advice, I have been building my inspo folder and my friends have been giving me their input on my accessorizing! I just learned how to apply false lashes and am attempting to get better at makeup in general (I'm originally a cosplayer and never wore it outside of that). I won't give up!

>> No.10289829

you're welcome anon!
I will tell you that on average it is harder to look polished coming from cosplay, only because eye for quality and priorities differ greatly between cosplay and fashion. Not saying you would cut corners or use cheap items, just that understandably many cosplayers prioritize theme and the overall look of something from afar over the details and coordination (how it looks in person). Since it's fashion you want to be able to wear it all day and still look nice by the end of the day. it's hard to scale down to wearable from the pageantry that cosplay can be lol

Yes, totally don't give up--Great attitude! I wasn't allowed to wear makeup growing up so the learning curve was major when I started lolita towards the end of my college yrs.
Some might disagree with me, but I like AnzuJaamu's makeup styles, though she's mostly a cosplayer.
Here's some IG inspo with a few lolitas with great makeup skills imo:

>> No.10289833

oh shit, forgot

>> No.10289856

I love those, thanks for all the recs!! Don't worry, this isn't my first go at lolita in general at least, so I've gotten some mistakes out of the way wasting my money on low-quality crap when I tried sweet. Changing genres I'm taking it slow just to build something cohesive but higher quality.

Anyway don't mean to shit up the thread with my blog. I wish I had some images to share, but this thread has been really helpful!

>> No.10289925
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>> No.10289926
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>> No.10289982

RHS makes it really easy to stand like that, especially the real ones. The weight of the wood helps you maintain your balance.

>> No.10290293
File: 129 KB, 738x1050, 1568484000260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like those cut of tops look very nice in ero

>> No.10290304
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