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So Lor asked for photos for her new "roast and toast" video. Since she got so many entries we should help her.

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I didn't know I would need this thread in my life but thank you anon!

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She looks like sailor moons fat ugly sister

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It’s mud-lita!

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How gross

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Oh my fucking god this is the ugliest picture i've ever seen on this forum, how can this creature wear clothes like that? I'm surprised they haven't torn apart at the seams! What a fat cow!

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Lor is shit and everyone should stop putting her on the pedestal. Shes obese and has shit eyebrows

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What is that shit on her head?
She looks like a clothing rack at a plus size store

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stop trying to make elf Lolita happen.
It's not going to happen.

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This is the ugliest drowning victim I've ever seen...

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We live in a world where women need to write she/her on their photos because people are too PC to offend anyone.


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Is this a valid gender now?

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In all aspects except physical I am a clown. Booooh

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Im kind of amazed at how many people in general wear this fashion like shit. So much lazy legwear, ugly shoes, and cheap wigs in this thread. But im not surprised at how many people who worship lor are shitty lolitas.

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But... klingons have genders

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This is another lvl of ugly...wow nothing is pretty in this picture

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this doesn't read as ouji at all

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This thread is pitiful in so many ways and now I'm sad

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are you dumb?

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>night carnival
>based meta
okay but I can't be mad at this
shortening the straps would help the fit, and yellow tea parties would be nice

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Didn't BLOB was a gender.

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No, but you clearly are.

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Mud-lita literally doesn't deserve rights

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Oh no what’s wrong with the feet?? That hurts

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Probably lympedema, really common in obese people

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Props to her for trying to wear appropriate footwear, but I'd rather see someone with her health issues in proper compression socks+slippers or something than literally bursting out of her shoes. That looks so painful.

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I can't wait for them to roast the shit out of this one....
Hw looks like that one angry goth kid on thw talk shows asking his dad why he won't love him publicly

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She just needs to be pushed back into the ocean. Poor whale beached itself ans found human clothes.

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Lot asked us too....
It's a shit concept and honestly I hate this shit where women seem to be coming under attack because a bunch of snowflakes wanna feel special for a season.

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It literally looks like her foot has a huge boil/ cyst that needs popping. How can the be comfortable knowing they're pudging out like that

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It's a lazy attempt at ouji desu

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This is a cute fairy kei coord.

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Reminds me of when i tried to do an ouji co-ord when I was 14 and had the nerve to go outside like that.

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The feet, they is are absolutely swollen up in a huge puff pile and strapped. But then it just completed this entirely painful mess.

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This is the only decent coord in this feed. Lor can't roast the rest, it would be too honest & hurtful and she knows that.

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Holy shit is she wearing those shoe without ANY legwear???

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The petticoat is odd, looks like a pregnant shape. There appears to be a normie slip under the petticoat. This whole collage is just, my god.

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why you'd wear a peignoir and go otherwise ott with a pumpkin cat print is beyond me.

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Is it common for lolitas to post their pronouns? So many non binary snowflakes.

>> No.10286355

No. Lor specifically asked for pronouns because she's using these pictures in her video. But lolita tends to attract a lot of non-binary snowflakes, hence having to even ask for such a thing in the first place. It shocks me how much gender trenders want to wear a seriously girly and female coded fashion. It reeks of weird yaoi shit.

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Lor is the eternal Queen of Itas.

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Is this the new ita thread?

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I'd go with yellow legwear (tights or otks) and then lav shoes, to match the color balance up top. But agreed on the rest.

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Roast: the whites don't match, those shoes are adorable but get them out of this coord
Toast: the muted whites and browns, along with the hairstyle are comfy, would wear for picking wildflowers and reading under a shady tree.

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Roast: the headdress looks tatty and mismatched to the clean lines in the rest of the coord, The footwear is a little simple and leaves the coord top heavy
Toast: the hair is amazingly fluffy and the rest of the coord looks nice and well put together.

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Roast: makeup could be more defined to prevent looking washed out, those shoes have no support and look uncomfortable, potatoes are not cameras
Toast: love the sailor collar with this and the color scheme.

>> No.10286382

Roast: fuck clowns, and fuck clown Lolita, it looks stupid and costumey
Toast: suprisingly good job mixing patterns, the red accents compliment everything nicely

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I like what you did there anon!

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Bothers me that it is also lifting it's skirt so high on the other side it's surely flashing and that makes me want to puke.

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Capri jeans? In my lolita?

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>Those blouse and socks don't match the blue in the print, people should have their color blindness checked before putting together coords. I have troubled differentiating small changes in greens and I know this.

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I love this so much, though wearing (what looks like) an actual pumpkin would be messy and smelly.

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Ita minds think alike...?

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It's Lorpandering.

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Roast: the accessories don’t really work, too many bows and different pinks on the head. Could benefit with a single headdress or a bonnet. Sleeves are a really awkward length on her.
Toast: the wig, dress, shoes and bag together are all good choices.

>> No.10286486

it's just a lolita blouse under a private school boy's uniform

>> No.10286488

What can be said about this that isn’t completely obvious.
Not sure if the dress is notable but that stretchy chest part and how wrinkled it is makes it look really cheap. The jean Vest and gloves can fuck off. All of it can fuck off.

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You sound triggered.

>> No.10286546

Nayrt but I am

>> No.10286548

Roast: that shoop is ridiculous, that's not how anatomy works ana-chan
Toast: the colors are well put together and suit the wearer (or what's left of them)

>> No.10286580

She knew the submissions would end up here as an Ita thread. She could have done private submissions. While I know they were asking to be roasted on the www for all to see, she didn't spare anyone from their pic getting posted here. And the feedback is going to hurt them far worse than anything they ever expected. For all her sensitivity she tries to portray this is a sneaky, backhanded, bitch thing to do to her naive underlings. Ahhh but let the clown show begin. Popcorn anyone?

>> No.10286602

This was roasted enough in the cof theard...

>> No.10286604

Lor isnt responsible for this thread existing or ppls comments

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If you put away the mask this would still be ita as hell

>> No.10286631

This roasts itself honestly.....

>> No.10286632 [DELETED] 


>> No.10286640

A very punchable face but I'd be to scared to hurt myself on this ugly horn on her forehead

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I agree on the eyebrows, but she's a normal weight.

>> No.10286725 [DELETED] 

You can hear the seams stretching on her bust. It’s not normal weight if it’s photoshop either. She gained a shit ton

>> No.10286726

Asking/confirming pronouns is stupid in general. I'm going to address you as the gender you look like and you're gonna deal with it.

>> No.10286730

If she still fits into old AP, she's not obese. I haven't watched her videos in a while tho.

>> No.10286734

Why should women need to tell other people to address them as such because a few people out there might feel bothered?

And some of those people are just following a trend. I knew a girl who wanted to be referred to as male and I went along with it. She specifically asked for it, so why not right?

Well recently she got a boyfriend and all of a sudden she's going by female pronouns now.

>> No.10286749

Going to try and roast because i have time today and jesus christ there are so many badly dressed special snowflakes,ew

That's some nice hair,did you find it under your bed after not dusting for a decade?

I didn't know neckbeards making good coords could happen

The circus isn't in town right now there is no need to dress up to apply there for now

ouji? more like ouchji because everything but the blouse hurts to see

I'm sure you know all about roasts,given your size you probably roasted many things like marshmallows or the caterpillars that serve as your eyebrows

You're not a man,you're a delusional woman,a badly dressed one at that

itazilla is a good name,i'm sure you make the same noise as godzilla when you walk on top of being ita

>> No.10286757

Petti is way too short

>> No.10286764

They should just refer to everyone as "they" and that's it. I'm so glad I'm not making these videos and have to think of things to roast that are not too mean and totally fake, when the real flaws are so blatant. A lot of these people don't even look like they're wearing lolita because their fat stretches out the shirring completely and there's no more fabric left for the skirt to poof out but let's talk about how they should put lace on their socks or adjust the position of their headbow.

>> No.10286781

roast: it needs some more of that shiny patent throughout to help balance the belt. something like wrist bands, a patent hairbow (didn't meta make one?) etc. also the tights don't really match and I think layered fishnets or something would fit better.
toast: she definitely can pull off the punk vibe, so props to her!

>> No.10286790

Honestly I wish they WOULD point out the things you're talking about. I'm a fat-lita myself, that kind of crit is important! (I'm losing weight, but when you have 140+ lbs to lose it takes a long time. I've probably got at least another year or two to go before I can fit into standard brand sizes.)

It's totally possible to dress cute when you're hugely obese, but getting the proportions right is way harder. You have to get everything in jumbo sizes and custom tailored, and even then it's hit or miss. I've bought a lot of JSKs that should have fit, but wound up being too tight in the armholes or the back or something. I don't even bother with OPs bc I know my flabby arms wouldn't fit right. It's disheartening to waste so much money, but I've learned to skip the dresses and go for skirts, where there's only one measurement that really matters. I also built a wardrobe focused around casual looks with cute sweaters and cutsews, so I look more proportional and less like a giant walking petticoat.

Someone like >>10285989 would do better aiming for fairy kei or some different kawaii fashion that has more unstructured outfits. Or else she needs to start buying her clothes in circus tent size. but either way, right now she isn't hitting the lolita mark, and no amount of headbows or sock lace can fix what's wrong.

>> No.10286809

having tits makes her obese?
even some skinny girls have big breasts you know. sure it sucks for wearing lolita but it doesn't mean they're fat

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File: 1.56 MB, 1125x1491, CA5CCB99-A789-4153-B589-37D8924AB257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10286824

Why does she always shoop her photos so much? I’ve seen her in person and she’s pretty, but she doesn’t look anything like her photos.

>> No.10286833

>Tights are too white for the rest of the outfit and the theme is way overdone.

>> No.10286834 [DELETED] 

Transwomen and brolitas are hard to distinguish. I think that is a bigger issue than nonbinary snowflakes.

>> No.10286835 [DELETED] 

cute but it's obvious she's never actually eaten a burger in her life

>> No.10286837 [DELETED] 

She's even admitted to gaining a lot of weight since moving to Canada. Just because she looks like all the fat people you swear aren't obese near you doesn't mean she isn't

>> No.10286838 [DELETED] 

sorry you’re fat, but with exercise you can eat anything you want and stay thin

>> No.10286840 [DELETED] 

oh I wasn't saying she's skinny or hasn't gained weight or anything, I really don't care about defending her.
I just think bust size is a weird and inaccurate way of telling whether or not someone is fat

>> No.10286845 [DELETED] 

You don't gain weight in just one area. If you gained a lot in breasts, then you gained a lot overall.

>> No.10286850 [DELETED] 

Exercise is a very small part of being thin. Diet is almost all of it. So no.

>> No.10286851 [DELETED] 

Either you're genetically prone to being a titless beanpole. Nice for lolita I guess. You're twelve with no tits yet. Or you're twelve physically or emotionally and can't stand that other people don't pay enough attention to you. So you screech the only insult you know.

>> No.10286852 [DELETED] 

you can still eat hamburgers and be thin, moron

>> No.10286854 [DELETED] 


That isn't totally true for everyone.. For some people just restricting calories is the easiest weight loss strategy so you can have any food, just in a moderate amount.

She clearly eats burgers (have a hard time imagining she'd buy one just for a photo), just not every day or all the time like a fatty would.

>> No.10286857 [DELETED] 

This is not how bodies work lmao. A lot of people carry weight only in one or two places (thighs, butt, breasts, or belly), not all over

>> No.10286860 [DELETED] 

>just not every day or all the time like a fatty would
An asian can do that and still be thin just bc of their crazy genes. I work with a Chinese dude who eats fast food literally every fucking day for lunch, and he's still so skinny that his ribs poke out. It's amazing.

>> No.10286873

This god damn bitch. I unfollowed her on Instagram because her bright colour photoshoots kept hurting my eyes. The captions always felt fake as shit too. But now she keeps showing up in trending tags and I'm obliged to see her shit again. I should just block her honestly.

>> No.10286874 [DELETED] 

He probably just eats that and doesn't pig out at home. A lot of thin guys just eat one large meal and nothing else. No crazy genes, just less total calories.

Unless you're an unfortunate minority, not fat people don't have drastic differences in their measurements

>> No.10286875

The oversaturation gets to me too, she must slap so many filters on her photos. Nothing wrong with blocking annoying wannabe-efamous lolitas, they always have the worst captions.

>> No.10286878 [DELETED] 

jealous cowtitted fatty detected :^)
sorry you can't fit into all dresses like we do,anony

>> No.10286885 [DELETED] 

Yikes. Sorry that no men find you attractive except pedos.

>> No.10286903 [DELETED] 

>Unless you're an unfortunate minority, not fat people don't have drastic differences in their measurements

Are you actually saying that people don't have different body types?

>> No.10286905 [DELETED] 

Both are men so obviously it's hard to distinguish between TiMs and "brolitas". But with the whole PC culture nowadays you have to be extra careful not to "offend" anyone.
Both are equally offsetting and creepy as well

>> No.10286907 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 139x100, 3af0fa153c2943df2d50f68e34f903c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the case but whatever helps you sleep at night.
I'm petite and automatically cuter than you,hamplanet chan

>> No.10286921 [DELETED] 

Okay, Lor Clown Chan. She knew this would happen and didn't try to prevent it. Complete bait on her part to see her lovelies posted here.

>> No.10286926 [DELETED] 

have you ever seen latina or black women? ever?

>> No.10286927 [DELETED] 

You keep telling yourself that, little girl. Don't cry too hard when you find all the lolicon on your bf's hard drive.

>> No.10286934 [DELETED] 


Or any hourglass or pear shaped woman for that matter. If you're not a straight rectangle most women have some slight curve to their body from torso to stomach to hips and that curvature varies a lot whether you're fat or thin or depending on bone structure and how you carry weight.

>> No.10286938 [DELETED] 


While this is true, Lor has gained a noticeable amount of weight and has an average white woman body that isn't especially flat or curvy so she has likely gotten bigger all around. She is also moving into her late 20s I'm guessing and many women usually lose any "baby fat" by then while Lor's face has gotten more filled out as well in this time.

I personally think her face looks less strange with more weight on it but her body looks better a bit slimmer than she currently is for sure.

>> No.10286978


>shoops everything but her bra strap

What else would we expect from hucow chan?

>> No.10287029

Her wig is giving me serious "messy aunt at thanksgiving" vibes and I'm cackling

>> No.10287041

Hucow? I’m missing something

>> No.10287048

She had a cow themed coord and tagged it as hucow, which is a term for human cow fetish.

>> No.10287070

Oh fuck that’s disgusting, I didn’t even know that was a thing. That’s even worse than the livingdoll tag being used.

>> No.10287086
File: 924 KB, 879x602, humancow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What >>10287048 said basically. Just providing proof in case one of her minions comes and tries to wk her.

>> No.10287141 [DELETED] 

I dont even watch Lor but any time I post replies about her it’s always deleted
Jannies are shit

>> No.10287143

I'm going to bed, wake me when this clown lolita trend fucking dies

>> No.10287146

Shit they may be, but I did report a bunch of comments because they were off topic and screeching about weight with no regard to the fashion, if you want to bitch about hamplanets take it to /fit/ or lolcow

>> No.10287242

>people not including pronouns bs

>> No.10287249

Why couldn’t people find some left-friendly explanation like “I deny the concept of gender” and keep it as is?

>> No.10287304 [DELETED] 

You’re a fucking idiot

>> No.10287346

Oh dear did I hurt poor skellys feefees, grow up and stop shitting up the thread, if it's actually related (i.e boobloaf/dress sizing/itas squishing into clothes 5x too small) go for your life, otherwise take it elsewhere.

>> No.10287369

This here.
I know gender can be fluid but come the fuck on.... It's like piercing-chan wanting to be called a man despite always looking and presenting female.....

>> No.10287401 [DELETED] 

You must be a retard who reports comments on Facebook
Do you use the shake function when you scream uncontrollably due to sheer stupidity? Go eat a pile of shit, bitch

>> No.10287413

This. It's ok to mock fatties if they're actively being ita, I'm a fatso and I mock myself. But just shitting on fatties bc they're fat is rarted. Fat isn't an automatic ita qualifier since there are ita ana chans too, but tbf 80% of fatties can't style for shit

>> No.10287474

>oh no my shitposts got reported
nayrt, but i report that shit here too. grow up.

>> No.10287551

I think she just needs better shoes

>> No.10287561

>ITT: CoF 2.0, attention whore edition

>> No.10287740
File: 294 KB, 715x479, 1567998978887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...she literally is though.

>> No.10287745

Gosh this is really cute, I miss those giant lazer cut necklaces

>> No.10287756
File: 606 KB, 440x237, dn't lt yr drms b drms.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

presenting feminine doesn't mean you are a woman.
Asking someone what they're pronouns are should be standard. Someone's gender identity is not something to assume.

>> No.10287764 [DELETED] 

95% of ita threads here are fatties so whats your point chubster

>> No.10287766 [DELETED] 

Go back to tumblr!!!1!!!11

>> No.10287769

god i hate america

>> No.10287784

I hope you’re joking, of all the possible fashion options out there, if a person chooses to wear a hyperfeminine fashion, they can’t get mad when people assume they’re at least -trying- to present as female, if they aren’t a bio woman.

>> No.10287789


>> No.10287812

>le edgy, disrespectful, and unapologetically callous
you're going to get absolutely rocked one day pal. good luck.

>> No.10287818

Nothing more womanly than resorting to violence because your uwu catgirl feeweengs were hurt. Begone troon

>> No.10287823
File: 91 KB, 660x500, 2rr5us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will happily sue the maam afterward

>> No.10287969
File: 44 KB, 400x271, 38152998395_086f3ea587_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that wasn't a personal threat. anon has no reason to fight you. it's just a very possible consequence if you actually enact the attitude of
>I'm going to address you as the gender you look like and you're gonna deal with it
in real life.
>we all know these are just tough words and you'd never disrespect someone to their face

>> No.10288022

This ^

If you are so dysphoric then you should do everything you can to pass by the gender you want, there's no such thing as non binary, the concept of TRANSGENDER is to go from your original gender to the other opposite one. It's so cringey this trend of wanting to become some sort of alien, just realize this, no matter how non binary you want to portray yourself, you will never come across as non binary, just as a tom boy or effeminate boy, because people are not fucking retards and we have male and female genitalia for a reason, we identify differences in both males and females not only by sex but also by bone structure.
Transgenders actually try to pass as the opposite gender, non binaries are just people who are still stuck in tumblr times and are trying to prove that their aesthetic means that they are some special third non existent gender.

The fact that that you have to post your pronouns on photos is just so retarded and revolting, you try to pass as a girl, you are a girl by definition. You try to pass as a girl who likes boy clothes, you are a girl who likes boy clothes (tomboy).

Deal with it.

>> No.10288026

>we have male and female genitalia for a reason
What reason? All I can think is procreation but now a days a lot more people don't want kids so.. what is the point then?

>> No.10288027

It’s a lot less typing and mental gymnastics to just refer to people by whatever pronouns they want, though. I don’t really buy into the whole non-binary thing and “I’m a transguy but I wear lolita he/him pls uwu” is dumb but it’s painless to just use the pronouns they want.

>> No.10288030

Honestly I half agree with the anon but for me it's more of a
>I will address you as the gender you look like and you can correct me if I'm wrong about it.

I feel like people who go by he or they and wear the fashion should honestly expect people to get their pronouns wrong. You can't throw a fit over it when you are wearing a hyper feminine fashion.

>> No.10288049

Non-binary is stupid but I’ll use they/them if people ask me too, it’s easier and I don’t care enough to be an asshole about it. They only thing I won’t do is use xir or zim or whatever, like, stop making yourself into a joke.

>> No.10288057

>a very possible consequence
because being violent against those pesky terves (aka women) is totally okay anon. the reason why a (female) would address a very obvious male that he is "female" is because of these he-ma'ams fly into a testerical rage, not because it's "disrespectful". now, if a regular dude were to call said tranny a dude or a creepy fetishist, the tranny would back down because if the tranny were to physically assault the dude, that tranny would get murdered.

personally, I would call a tranny by his sexed pronouns, and if he tries to assault me, I'll cut his precious girldick off and feed it to him.

>> No.10288067

Yeah I kinda agree. Im a trans guy that wears lolita and i dont really care if someone calls me she because Im literally dressed like a girl. I pass 100% of the time out of lolita, why should i let being misgendered the 1 day a month I wear lolita upset me?

>> No.10288070

Sure you wil...

>> No.10288097

TERFs are retarded, imagine being scared of a mentally ill dude who pretends to be a catgirl online.

I get fear of predatory AGPs like Yaniv but applying the same brush against all trans women is stupid

>> No.10288116

well transwomen are males and males get testerical when they don't get their way so it makes sense as to why women bow down to them. I don't need to because my life doesn't revolve around centering males and their uwu feelings. and I live in tranny central. honestly if trannies weren't trying to force their dicks in places where it is not wanted terfs wouldn't have a problem

>> No.10288191 [DELETED] 

I've actually met this person in real life. That's not shoop they're just very tall and slender.>>10286536

>> No.10288193

No it’s not. You want to know what’s stupid? Trans women who think they’re entitled to things like women’s saunas.

>> No.10288195

I've actually met this person at a convention before. It's not shoop they're just really tall and slender.

>> No.10288198

Sorry you got posted :/

>> No.10288248

Nayrt but I’ve met them at a con too. They actually are that thin

>> No.10288254

Same here. If you present as a certain gender, expect to be referred to as such, if you're in some weird grey area people should have the decency to either ask or just use they/them.
If you want to use certain pronouns while presenting as the opposite gender, politely correct them and if they're a passable human being they'll get the picture, if not they're not worth the time of day and you should nope the fuck out of there.
Don't be offended by other people's closemindedness that's their problem, not yours.

>> No.10288260

Her shoulders are huge compared to her legs. She may well be tall and thin but tall and thin people shoop themselves too

>> No.10288300

that would be because it's clearly a man. to be more specific, a manlet

>> No.10288308

I'll use people's pronouns but mostly write them off after that. "Non-binary" seems to be 90% white women who want to be in the queer community, 5% weird dudes who have figured out it's a loophole to bag straight women who call themselves "queer" but don't actually want to date women, and maybe 5% people that actually don't feel like a gender for whatever reason.

>> No.10288312

the space by + between her legs are so fuzzy and warped you must be fucking blind to think there's no shoop

>> No.10288395

To me it's non sensical to still call them by their "non binary pronouns" even if you admit that 90% are just larpers trying to get LGBTQ points, I am not one to conform to just accept something because someone likes to feel special, when what they are trying to represent is not even real, just a trend. Too bad if they get insulted, giving them the benefit of the doubt is just feeding their mental issues.

I would liked to be called queen nefertiti but here I am in real world and and being upset because I am not being treated like ancient royalty is just a sign that I need to seek psychiatric help.

>> No.10288464

To me it’s nonsensical to devote this much brain power to just using he, she, or they for someone based on their stated preferences. Just do it and move on. It changes literally nothing.

>> No.10288467

I don't feed mental dellusions to people so no.

>> No.10288885

The treatment for gender dysphoria is transition

>> No.10288889

>I would liked to be called queen nefertiti
I mean, if you tell people that queen nefertiti is your name, what are they going to do? ask for your ID?

>> No.10290741

This fashion is totally ruined now. There is no point in even dressing up. Expensive dresses, accessories, brand; just to treated like THIS?

>> No.10290797

So don’t? Everyone being roasted and toasted voluntarily submitted pictures to Lovely Lor for her to make a video with Tyler.

>> No.10290805

Tbh watching both of them get roasted in person was awkward as fuck and really makes you realize how retarded this is.

>> No.10290825

Gender diaspora can be a temporary ailment and is usually a symptom of depression rather than a stand alone illness.

>> No.10290883

Not sure what >>10286472 did for this shoot, but I could see this being okay if you wore a ski mask to keep the pumpkin goo off your skin & hair. It's a really cool shot.

>> No.10291166

If you're so worried about how others perceive you you're in the wrong fashion.
Yeah it sucks people are being dicks and just roasting/nitpicking, and that your 'uwu fave clown loli qween' was a dumbass and left everything public on FB to end up here, but you're wearing an alternative fashion, the majority of 'normies' think you look weird/shit too even in a fantastic coord.
Wear it for yourself or stop wasting your money for imaginary internet points or to stroke your ego, that's not what lolita is about.

>> No.10295675
File: 766 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191126-132848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So she asked for entries from puplic and now only patreclowns will see it?

>> No.10295679

A paywall, really? Kinda ironic though considering you’d have to pay me to watch Lor.

>> No.10295680

Oh wow...that is one way to make people sign up for your patron. She should've asked her patrons if she only wanted to show the results to them. Now the people in the video may not be able to see themselves kinda stupid

>> No.10295682

Wow, shady as fuck

>> No.10295684

Makes me dislike her even more wtf

>> No.10295691

is she serious? Wow, just ask your patreons then.

>> No.10295705

Wow wtf, I'm feeling kinda betrayed. I submitted my coord too and I'm not a patron and after this I don't want to become one either. Kinda sucks that everyone's submissions is going to be used for profit only while leaving out the actual submitters who now have to pay to pay to watch a video that would have not been possible without their submissions.

>> No.10295723

Wow, that really does suck.

And what if someone pays for her patreon in order to see themselves in the video, but she didn't have enough time to go through everyone?

Well, not like you can do much about it as people submitted coords of their own free will. Still pretty messed up she didn't let them know ahead of time it was for an exclusive Patreon only video.

>> No.10295731

Entirely scummy, she should've told people before they sent in their photos. If any gulls are her patrons, do share the video.

>> No.10295741

Can't someone just subscribe, download the video, and upload it elsewhere

>> No.10295834


>> No.10295916
File: 585 KB, 2048x2048, D3DFBE77-7856-434E-A624-B10C3DF546CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Kei Con was Oct 19th + 20th this year, but she didn’t ask for entries until Nov 7th, so I’m not entirely convinced this video is going to have the public FB entries included in it, but I guess there’s no way to know unless we watch it or wait to see if she puts out a separate YT video

>> No.10302536

I think craft stores sell fake pumpkins, maybe she used one of those.

>> No.10302835


Can I just say Lor looks like an absolute ogre here? I actually physically recoiled seeing this photo. What the actual fuck. How does anyone respect her when she looks absolutely ugly.

>> No.10302852

Seems like either she has no patrons here or the ones who are aren’t willing to share.

>> No.10302989

Definitely, there’s too many overly sensitive people on here

>> No.10302998

There is a point where you are so fat and round that you are physically unable to execute the proper lolita silhouette.

>> No.10305905

Anybody downloading the oni-con roast and toast video so we can watch it?

>> No.10305990 [DELETED] 

No, no she isn't

>> No.10305999

>How does anyone respect her when she looks absolutely ugly.
I hope you never age or loose your stellar health, anon

>> No.10306001


It says a lot about Lor as a creator that she has remained somewhat likeable overall IN SPITE of her unfortunate looks. Maybe because being not conventionally attractive has made her have to work harder than other creators.

Tyler too. Though Tyler isn't ugly or anything she is just plain and I will never get over how much I hate her bangs atm but she is a sweetheart and has a really fun and entertaining way of presenting updates for the community (even if they're old/ a bit late) that people enjoy.

>> No.10306020

oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

>> No.10306026

Looks like a cutesy bdsm collar

>> No.10306030

This!!! I don't identify with sweet in general let alone their specific sense of style (lor), but I still respect what they offer to the lolita community. Lolita is abhorrent to the general public regardless of how beautiful the wearer is, and that's part of what I LOVE about lolita.

>> No.10306036
File: 647 KB, 1447x1080, 1574620567730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pronouns: kot/kot's

>> No.10306089

Every damn time, there's some newfag who thinks that collar is a kink thing. It's been an extremely popular thing in normie fashion for a decade.

>> No.10306097

How can you be a newfag to normie fashion?
If anything I see them on (pastel) goths but goths also borrow a shit ton of bdsm motifs and gear.

>> No.10306101

Also I'm googling it now and the only places I can find selling it are sex shops, indie BDSM artists, and the aforementioned goths.

>> No.10306113

no shit if you google bdsm collar you'll only get sex shops. normie shops call them chokers. if hot topic carries it, it's normie. the girlier shops are focusing on glam inventory for the NYE parties right now, but come back around Coachella time and they'll have it in stock too.

>> No.10306114

I didn't google "bdsm collar", I googled "heart ring collar", but the collar was prob what got me you're right. Choker turns up more goth shit.

But, hot topic carrying it doesn't change the fact that it originated in bdsm, any more than hot topic carrying bondage pants makes them not bondage-inspired. If normies started wearing full-on harnesses that wouldn't make them not a sex thing. They shouldn't be worn with lolita in any case.

>> No.10306116
File: 4 KB, 587x45, bondage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Case in point, hot topic literally calls them "bondage chokers" and they come up if you google "BDSM hot topic".

>> No.10306117

normies do wear harnesses now. where have you been?

>> No.10306120

In a boring-ass government town, to be fair.
Do people wear strap-ons as fashion these days too?

>> No.10306123
File: 398 KB, 1440x2157, Screenshot_20191216-171403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, dildos are still for the rave kids

>> No.10306131

>If normies started wearing full-on harnesses
Oh boy have I got some news for you

>> No.10306178

Wow, you actually are somehow a newfag to normie fashion I guess?? It's like you have no idea what normies wear at all

>> No.10306180

>tfw manfaced girl
>enjoy the pronouns trend because I don't get called a man for once
I should just get plastic surgery honestly

>> No.10306191

learn how to contour and soften your face with makeup

>> No.10306202

is no one gonna mention that the title image says "rost"

>> No.10306204

you know harnesses and these styles of collars are also popular in many japanese fashion styles too? and have been for years now?

Not all of use are so tunnel-visioned to focus solely on lolita fashion and ignore other fashions to get the pulse on upcoming trends that were made outside of lolita.

>> No.10306222

You got me, I've never cared about trends or fast fashion in my entire life

>> No.10306250

Seriously, it's such bs that lots of her non patreons put in photos and she's not even gonna release it on YouTube.

Can anyone figure why she made THAT video patreons only?

>> No.10306291

I heard some people talking about this at a meet and I'm starting to think it's to avoid the content into getting into the hands of the likes of cgl.

>> No.10306299

okay but she is so cute her smile is so warm I love this

>> No.10306304

calm down vendetta-chan its just a snow filter it can't hurt you

>> No.10306387

She has to know that where there's a will there's a way right?

>> No.10306450

You say that like I havent tried going to several professional makeup artists for help. Face shape is the problem. Doing eye makeup and wearing a face mask I dont have this issue. Ive been into jfashion for around 15 years now.

>> No.10306830

Roast: Please get a better wig, it makes you look more like you’re trying to cosplay a Idolish7 boy than pull off a fancy outfit.
Toast: General coordination is pretty dang good!

>> No.10306833

This coord speaks to me. The movement, the color palette, the hairstyle...
I really like it

>> No.10306937

oh I love this so much
looks so comfy

>> No.10306938

that smile is so charming, it really sells the coord. but im about the same color as her and I guess its a personal gripe of mine but Ive never liked wearing brown myself and seeing others wear browns that closely match their skin color. just looks odd

>> No.10306941

I'm just a curious lurker wandering around this board but this is so precious. I love everything about this except that its not on me.

>> No.10307016


>> No.10307429

I agree, but the coord itself is cute. Perhaps a wig in contrasting color would off-set the browns better (she has brown hat, brown hair, brown dress and her face blends in).

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