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"Worrying that my Sailor Saturn costume shows too much skin while other girls roam the con with their thonged butts out" edition

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I'm so tired of KNY already lmao

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>people complaining about their friends getting asked for pictures and not them
>Instead of thinking "hey I should do a better job so people want to take pics of me" or whatever it turns into "wow people have no consideration they should have asked ME for a picture too"
Where do these cunts get their sense of entitlement from? Fuck off.

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I'm a lolita who is often in a similar situation, though I try not to complain about it since it's my choice to wear less eye-catching gothic coords and I'm currently too poor to do anything about my ugly face and short, stumpy body. It just feels bad to be the less pretty or eye-catching one and to know that you'll never be as cute without a lot more effort. Maybe in cosplay that's not true though, since you can make a better quality costume or show some thigh or tit, idk.

Anyway, when the seemingly entitled girls complain what they're actually doing is expressing their emotional distress in a way that might hurt their cute friend's feelings and hides their vulnerability. They're probably not doing it consciously, but it's much harder to self-reflect and try to improve than to just blame other people.

Like, imagine saying,
>Man, I feel kinda bad when no one takes pics of me. Friends, how can I improve my look for next time?
That can be hard. Even if you are a self-aware person you have to learn to take feedback before you can say something like that. And it gets harder when your friends assume you're fishing or need support and inevitably go,
>Nooo, you look great! I'll take pics for you, come on
And you have to double down like
>No, really, I mean it. I want to improve.

If you don't have the emotional maturity to deal with that or don't realise that these feelings are on you, then blaming someone else is the easiest way to protect yourself from criticism. Everyone, male or female, does it at some point, and that's basically what's going on with these entitled girls too.

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Speaking of thonged butts, there were quite a few at AWA this year, but this time I didn't really feel thirsty af/ depressed I couldn't mingle with everyone else dancing like I usually do. I think I'm coming to terms with just going to cons to get away from lifes problems for a bit and having a few convos here and there with people. That party and dance lifestyle is just not who I am no matter how much I want it to be. I'm getting old now so this con was a good start to separating myself from even the possibility of being that person.

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Bring back btb. I miss it.

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It's the new bnha at this point

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Wtf? I've never met a lolita who wanted her picture taken. They always politely refuse.

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At least it has a sensible plot.

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Cons are kinda like big frilly dick waving contests. Its the only time I can think of lolitas wanting to go bigger and harder than everyone else (or large scale tea parties)

Or shes a conlita and treats the fashion akin to cosplay in which yes, getting asked for a picture is a good thing and strokes the ego

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I wish I could just turn off the 'fetish' switch. I always feel guilty when I think of a cosplayer sexually. As a cosplayer myself I shouldn't sexualize things.

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Is that really a fetish? I mean you are attracted to hot women (or men if that's your thing), so what?

I assume you'd still be attracted to them if they weren't cosplaying?

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That's the problem. I feel a little damaged. I owe cosplaying the fact I have more decent abilities to socially interact and express myself (I have Asperger) and some of the sweetest memories of my life.

But it has reached a point i'm not seeing appeal on...naked people. Or 'people'. After I broke up with my ex-gf I realized I should seek out what makes me, invariably and certainly, attracted.

And that is, cosplayers. And a certain sets of types of costumes. Problem is, even before my relationship I wasn't a standard guy in terms of sex. I never liked to have naked sex.

I am seeking cosplayers and, as well, certain fandoms, to find people to fuck/date/whatever. I feel frustrated because I can't find so easily (without even a small fraction of light for hope) what I want, and guilty, because i'm objectfying and resuming someone else's work into something to get off and fantasize about.

I don't have that right. I wish my sexuality was just normal.
And yes I like guys too.

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2bh, I'd be surprised if most female cosplayers aren't into fucking with their cosplay on

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I wouldn't want to fuck with my cosplay on, personally.

I can understand how you never found naked sex appealing, everyone has preferences after all.

But perhaps you find cosplayers appealing because you associate it with the fond memories you mentioned and it's something positive in your mind?

It sounds like you may need to seek some help if this is the only thing that can get you off though.

It would be difficult to find someone who can our want to put on a costume every time you fuck after all. But they would potentially be more open to the fact that they you prefer to do it clothed.

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When you put a lot of time and effort into a costume you don't want to risk it being damaged.

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>Be brown viet girl
>Get asked for pics occasionally at cons
>Let lighter skinned cousin borrow the same cosplays
>Offered 3 private shoots and tons of people asking her for pics

Just wanted to get that out there

And for reference we both around weigh 90lbs, same height (5'0)

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Well, as astonshing as it may seem, girls have desire too. I have a cosplayer friend (which we fucked once) that admitted that she liked to fuck in cosplay. Only problem is the whole 'cosplay is not consent' getting everyone jumpy.

Don't get me wrong. It's not the only thing that gets me off, but it's the thing that always has my interest. I have failed with my ex gf (couldn't get hard) so there's probably some issues in there as well.

It depends on the costume in my experience. If it's all tissue, well, just don't get it wet with sexual fluids.

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Can't wait to see what new thing people are going to ditch KNY for
The fandom cycle is only getting shorter and faster.

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>Speaking of thonged butts, there were quite a few at AWA this year
It was crazy. They didn't even wait until dark either. Just bare-assed thotties walking around at 2 pm.

My big brother (first con) liked it, even when I told him that none of these butt women would make a good wive.

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Hahaha, this just shows how little you know about women and cosplay.

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good god, I hate the sugar cane girl

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that sucks fren, is your cousin aware of this?

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Most girls won't even fart in their cosplay.

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Have you ever met a female cosplayer?

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there's this girl in my comm and she looks relatively lackluster on her instagram and idk why. When I first saw her in person, I was floored. I swear to god yall she looked like a fucking goddess. but in photos? mediocre white chick
it's weird because most people I know look better on insta thanks to facetune n shit

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Some of us aren't photogenic. People tell me I'm super pretty, but those same people are like, "Goddamn, you look like a potato," when I take photos. I opt to cover my face with the phone at this point.

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God, anon... look, you only objectify someone and their hobbies when that's the ONLY thing you see in them. Guys who objectify, say, certain j-fashions are problematic because they don't see anything past the outfit. In fact, outside their sexual fantasies, such people actually find such hobbies irksome in real life outside the convention or bedroom.

You genuinely enjoy anime & manga, don't you? You genuinely enjoy the craftsmanship people put into it, and watching your girlfriend spend an ungodly amount of time making it doesn't leave you wanting to blow your head off? Then you aren't objectifying it. I don't care if a guy wants to fuck me in my petticoat so long as there's some sort of appeal outside that. I don't want that same person to find my petticoats annoying or inappropriate outside my apartment. That's objectifying.

You shouldn't feel bad being a little kinky.

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tfw mason above me says I have to stop going to cons cause it hurts the brotherhood.

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I'd say she's just not photogenic. I have the same issue, it sucks.

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Thank you, anon. You have calmed me down for sure.

I genuinely enjoy anime and other 'nerd stuff' (movies, HQs, so on). I know how hard it is to sew, to work with fiberglass, and how hard it is, sometimes to wear these (some stormtrooper armor sets, for example, halts you from even sitting down).

You can be most ensured there is appeal outside it. I hate to say this but i've been a little obsessed with Power Rangers costumes. Not just because it's a tight outfit with gloves, helmets and boots, but because the main thing behind the character inspires me and so many others.

Values like justice, persistence, hope and working in groups. Perhaps what i've been failing - either in finding, or in transmitting this message - that I care for the costume, for the character portrayed, not just in sex, but outside sex as well.

That being said, I thank you very much for your words. I am much more serene now. I am very cautious about what I do in cosplay, and on conventions - we both know things can be misunderstood too quickly.

Once again thank you and have a wonderful day.

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I’m so happy. Last thread I was bitching about how cliquey cosplay is and how it’s so hard to make friends in this hobby. Well I found out a cosplayer I met awhile ago feels the exact same way. We vented to each other about it and now it looks like we’re gonna hang out at a con.

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just got $200 cash back after applying for a new credit card. Just spent it all on ouji and j-fashion clothing

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>tfw you think your $400 package might be lost in the korean postal system

feels very very bad

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has anyone met up with other gulls at a con? how'd it go? i feel like i'd just spaghetti all over the place if I went to a meetup

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why is your jar talking to you? Even if it is you don't have to listen to it, who gives a fuck about some brotherhood of glass containers, just go to the con.

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I just got terminated from my job (they cut all casual positions) and I'm fucking numb about it all. I've had such a shit year and this is the icing on the apathy cake.
I feel like I've lost all passion for lolita, conventions and meetups this year.
I wish I could at least find comfort in my frills

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>have shitty job
>trying to leave
>keep almost getting hired for positions I'm massively overqualified for
>never actually hired
>want to buy all the lolita
>can't because this job pays absolute shit
>keep getting inspired by old-school (but the quintessential momoko-style stuff, less so the edgy nu-old school stuff)

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I get that everyone wants an easy job but it sounds like you're avoiding work of the appropriate challenge level for yourself, maybe it just doesn't exist in your area?

If you're really overqualified and keep applying for low level positions, they shouldn't hire you because that job is better suited to someone less talented who would match the requirements without going over.

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No body gives a fuck about your power ranger fetish, why the FUCK do you keep pooping up in every feels thread? Now that I realize you have Aspergers it all makes fucking sense.
I’m sorry /cgl/ is literally your only friend and no matter how nice you try to form your comments you’ll never fucking fit in, please leave and never come back you disgusting piece of shit.

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Nayrt but I was in the same situation and they weren't even considering me for the positions I'm qualified for when I applied for them.

>> No.10285094

I get that, but I just had to consolidate my feel, I should have been more clear. I'm applying for loads of positions, EVEN ones I'm overqualified for, ones I'm qualified for, and ones that would be a little step up. Just seems it's not my week.

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I got fired from my job because my boss wouldn't let me off to go to a con (despite my asking two MONTHS in advance) and I went anyway because the job is garbage and I knew I'd never work up the nerve to just quit.

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You can't make me leave. I'm not breaking any rules. I choose when to talk about it. I'm here all the time, you won't know who I am. Learn to deal with the differences and obstacles.

I'm not here to fit in. Are you?
Such a crude and intolerant comment of you. I am sorry for you and your intolerance for the different. The cosplaying community doesn't deserve your presence. You're toxic. No matter how you word it, too.

Go fuck yourself. You're worth nothing. The oxygen you consume is being wasted. The food you eat could feed someone better than you.

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Nayrt but like....fuck right off. We're not a fetish board.

>> No.10285103

this is literally just a post about you, you don't even cosplay as a power ranger. you're worthless

>> No.10285106

>I'm here all the time, you won't know who I am.

It's incredibly obvious who you are.

>> No.10285108

That's freaking whack bro I'm sorry

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I'm an etsy seller and I send someone a $200 and it IS lost in the postal system. No tracking update in over a month. I filed a claim, but they are being slow about it.
Make sure you file a claim asap.
Don't worry, I use to be in your position, and its gotten so much better for me over time. You'll gain back your passion before you know it!

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There's no other options available. I'm staying.

If I cosplayed as a Power Ranger, what would change?

Don't try to pull the writing style argument on me. You just want someone to pick on.

>> No.10285116

Your style is incredibly apparent. You're the only one writing entire paragraphs in this thread, and even within those, your writing style gives away that you're both male and ESL, and that makes it VERY easy to narrow down who you are.

And there are lots of pink boards. Fuck off to one of those.

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if you cosplayed a power ranger you could probably find other power ranger/super sentai cosplayers instead of whining about it on here. hell you could even make a costume for someone hooker to wear. but you'd rather be a fat piece of ahit

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Such a prejudice and an unnecessary anger. You're personally offended. That's sad and funny. You're a horrible person. I won't leave because someone told me. I'm not breaking the rules.

I happen to be working on it. I've bought it all and I'm waiting for things to be done, simply. I'll be sure to post here, don't worry.

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you don't know the benefits of being a freemason

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I find it odd that they tell you that, I have friends in another order and they go to cons

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>Imagine trying so hard to fit into a community and not even fucking four Chan wants you
I bet this board is all you have for social communication, huh? I bet you get excited everytime you get a (you).
I bet you think if you try really hard one day you’ll actually make a friend here, but in reality as soon as we know who you are everyone fucking hates you and wishes you would disappear. Imagine actually having the time to type a response to everyone that comments on your disgusting excuse for being social, instead of hanging out with friends, holding a girls hand and cooking dinner together, or going together with a group of people to an anime convention and laughing and enjoying the entire time, I.e, every other fucking normal human in this world.
Nobody wants you in this world, how does that feel?
Here’s your (you) by the way so you get your only means of a dopamine hit via an anonymous image board that hates you.

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I'm not prejudiced, angry, or personally offended. I don't care what you want to rub your knob to. I just don't want you shitting up this board with it.

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have they fucked you in the pooper yet, or this come in the in your next degree

>> No.10285172

I think you're the wrong here. Look at the words you're using. I don't know you, neither do you. But you're so filled with anger. People here only want people in the style they like. It seems like that. You don't want new people because this won't be your deep, secret and sacred place.

You're dead wrong when you depict me as someone without a social life. I've been to places, thanks to my cosplaying hobby, you will never be. You're the guy in the community everyone talks to but tries to get away as much as possible. You're toxic, because you want to be left alone. You can't just ignore, you want to step into me like a bug, to feel powerful.

To hell with you. You're going to have to swallow me. Dry.

With all due respect, most I can do is to not be explicit and merely seek those interested in the fandom I'm interested. Or is that too much for you?

>> No.10285210

I'm tired of the pighead himbo being spammed everywhere.

>> No.10285212

This board isn't for finding people in the same fandom as you. This is not the Power Rangers board or the toku board or the fetish board. You want to find people with those interests? Take it elsewhere.

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> You're going to have to swallow me. Dry.
Imaging saying these words thinking they’re cool and being over the age of ten

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The one thing I’ve noticed is that any new shounen fandom that gets too big becomes the source of people’s annoyance. No matter how good the series is. I guess it’s because as soon as antis join... it just goes to hell. That or it gets posted everywhere and then hipsters disdain it for being too mainstream.

>> No.10285243

I'm often in this situation too. I always have to ask photographers at meets for photos rather than the other way around and when they're uploaded online, mine are rarely seen and must've been left on the cutting room floor.

I'm not entirely sure why that is, but i can guess. it's either because I'm fat or because my coords are bad. A lot of the skinny lolitas and other jfashion styles get photos taken of them, even if their coords suck, so it's made me despondent.

So, I do what any normal person would do though, I ask for concrit and then I try to lose weight. It's unfortunate but one day I'll get there and I won't have to ask for photos anymore

>> No.10285264

This board is for all cosplay and not just your faggotry called Lolita. Suggest me a place to find other cosplayers with the same freedom of speech that 4chan has.

Otherwise, get fucked.

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>spend too long in college getting an engineering degree
>finally graduate
>local engineering places dont want to hire me because no experience
>get desperate and apply at min wage places
>no calls back
>finally apply at mcdonalds
>call back and an interview
it feels so bittersweet
i just want to be able to eat and go to cons again

>> No.10285279

I haven't had a single sex ritual. Most of the time we just stab crowns and act our duty as knights

>> No.10285283

Colleges have job fairs for students and former students, try going to one of those. Or just become a mason, connections are where it's at for jobs.

>> No.10285284

i did and talked to a lot of people but nothing came of it. masons wont let me in but i'm thinking about using my crossplay skills to infiltrate

>> No.10285316

>tfw mason below me says my fat ass running around glomping people is cracking the foundation

>> No.10285317

NTA but do you enjoy tearing people down? If you don't like his post all you have to do is scroll past them, instead you and others take all that time to think of all those fucked up things to say. Do you enjoy it?

>> No.10285320

nayrt but talking about how you wanna fuck power rangers in every single post is pretty fucked up too. you like reading about that shit?

>> No.10285326

Do you ever notice how much the world fucking hates fat people? Like I'm a size 14 but none of the cute clothes I like fit me, even if I'm looking at western fashion, every insta model worth their salt is thin, idk. I've been trying to hardcore restrict but I keep eating like 1300 calories and I'm really starting to hate it.

Gonna fast desu

>> No.10285327 [DELETED] 

Have you tried being not fat

>> No.10285332

This might be super cringe, but I bought an asexual pride bow recently and plan to build a coord around it. I’m so excited because I’ve had such a hard time accepting myself for the longest time, and now I can finally say I’m proud to be me. It really helps to have someone who loves me just the way I am. Thank you so much.

>> No.10285335

Only men can be Freemasons right? That means you're a disgusting man, stay out of the feels thread. Men don't belong here.

>> No.10285338

Maybe reassess how much you actually eat or start exercising/walk more? I'm a size 6 and eat at least 1500 calories a day.

>> No.10285341

I've never seen those other post, but there are better ways to go about trying to get someone to stop those kind of things besides finding the worst possible way to mentally tear them down.

>> No.10285343

prejudiced much, pres?

>> No.10285346

multiple people have told him to stop, it's not random

what would you suggest though?

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>> No.10285352

You can hide his post, or just not respond. People like him feed on attention, which so many keep giving him.

>> No.10285355

he's my absolute hero and I hope he finds the whole harem of power range gfs

>> No.10285357

he won't unless he's hot or rich

>> No.10285359

I....uh....had unprtected sex with peacockfeather. Not my proudest lay but I guess I was desperate at the time. She has a black birthmark on her left leg. This was a few years ago and I am kinda ashamed of it. But I am currently chasing after a girl named Auress Cosplays and I might hook up with her so we will see. At least its one step up right guys?

>> No.10285360


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>cosplayer walks around in a thong
>gets pissed if you start filming her butt

>> No.10285373

I actually was personally pleased to hear such deep introspection regarding their Power Rangers fetish, but that's just me.

>> No.10285375

I don't hate fat people. I hate fat people who don't try because their lazy asses make the rest of the world hate those few fat people who really do, bless their fucking souls, try. If all the world's fat people tried, we wouldn't have so many fat people and then a body positive movement for actual fat people would make sense.

>> No.10285380

I hate trying to walk through a convention hallway, but can't because a few slow moving obese people are blocking the way. Obese people actually interfere with my regular life.

>> No.10285381

we don't need any freemasons in cosplay, its not a masonic activity and its not an appropriate topic at your lodge either, so you are doing wrong by even trying to cosplay.

>> No.10285404

Thank you for your support anon. I try to keep myself in check constantly. And that is episodic. Most of the time I do not let this...taste of mine affect me so much.

I think he has gone beyond any reasonable threshold and went apeshit on me. I don't get the anger. All I can think is that he's projecting.

I haven't talked about this subject in months, i'm afraid.

Thank you anon. I really mean it. However i'm learning to veiculate this.

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>"Worrying that my Sailor Saturn costume shows too much skin while other girls roam the con with their thonged butts out" edition
God, that's such a mood. I've been back and forth about whether Birdy would show too much skin even though most of it is covered. It's still pretty showy, but I mean it's not Nudist Beach or some of the shit chicks walk around in

>> No.10285418

That's fucking cute, I hope you two have a great time and become long term friends afterward

>> No.10285421

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. I've been in your shoes before and know how much it hurts to not find comfort in the things you once did before. You need to allow yourself the space to recover before returning to those passions or they can quickly turn sour. Do what you need now to be happy and make sure that you give yourself the time to be a mess and emotional when you need it. Things will get better, life will go on as it always does even if you're a little different from when this whole mess started. Be like Usagi and stand strong even though you're tired and scared.

>> No.10285422

I had zero idea it was the same guy until reading the last comment - it's invoked a ratatouille style flashback of all of the times I've had to hear about power rangers in this godforsaken board. My lungs can't hold all of this laughter.

>> No.10285424

nyart but that message from Kirby makes me want to cry. I love that borb so much

>> No.10285425

nyart but they just suggest two other boards on 4chan for you to go to. Reading comprehension, mate.

>> No.10285426

We know it's you, power rangers anon. Changing up your writing style won't hide that fact.

>> No.10285427

Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist. It's been several threads over the course of months at minimum if not longer.

>> No.10285429

Have you considered that it might be the face or proportions?

>> No.10285430

Oggling a cosplayer dressed in skimpy clothing is one thing, but you do have to ask to film or take pictures of someone.

>> No.10285431

>However i'm learning to veiculate this.
Go to a therapist.

>> No.10285432

dude you literally mentioned it less than a month ago in one of the older feel threads its kind of annoying

>> No.10285433


legally do you?

>> No.10285435

She probably just has a nicer face than you do. No offense.

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>Sees a picture of me in a cosplay I really liked
>Emphasizes my wide face and big nose, ugly as hell

I'm poor as hell for plastic surgery but I guess it's never too late to save up

>> No.10285439

Hahaha, getting an engineering degree these days is pointless. Companies abuse visa laws and hire Indian and Chinese people instead because they can pay them a lot less. How did you not know this already.

>> No.10285440

Why not just learn to love yourself instead? I'm a size 10 (which I'm sure some people consider "fat") and I don't feel bad about it.

>> No.10285441

It's still really creepy whether the person is exposed or not.

>> No.10285446

Lmao you're like cgl's tile guy.

>> No.10285447

Mmmm... I haven't heard a conclusive answer on that one. It sounds like unless someone could smack the law against you that you wouldn't give a shit about being a decent human being with the way that you worded that though.

>> No.10285449

Just try wearing shirred stuff. Its impossible to lose weight after all so just buy clothes that fit.

>> No.10285450


It depends on the place. A convention center is private property, so you have to abide by the rules of the building owner who may prohibit photography without consent.

If they are in a public place though you never need to ask permission to take their picture, that's what it means to be in public.

>> No.10285456

Thank you anon <3

>> No.10285547
File: 91 KB, 960x720, 28870534_1593247740731227_7202530589286709237_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Normally dont like all the attention but just once it might be fun to wear something really revealing at a con.

The girls walk around like goddesses with crowds of people around them

Would probably get old fast though

>> No.10285549

Unless you have cellulite on your thighs, then those onlookers will be your humilitorium

>> No.10285554

I'm mean to ugly girls just for the fun of it.

>> No.10285560

how? how can ugly girls be bullied

>> No.10285570

Ugly girls don't get white knights like ugly men do.

>> No.10285573

This one time I got a girl to open up to me abouy how she self harms. She showed me her burn marks on her arms and thighs. I ended up laughing in her face when she asked if I wanted to drink with her one night. Next time I saw her she told me about how she started harming herself again.

Fells good man.

>> No.10285583
File: 75 KB, 533x800, EI2HWGjU8AANtt2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Normally I'd just buy the OP in black, but recently my mum commented that she thought I should try other colours. I can't decide.

>> No.10285584

I'm pretty sure you've posted this before. That's the only thing you've done and you're still bragging about it? Kinda sad desu

>> No.10285585
File: 31 KB, 641x594, 1571984647727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I motivate myself to work out? I lost a lot of weight by improving my diet but now I'm skinnyfat and still hate my flappy body and I really want to like my personal appearance but I don't. Face is ok I guess it's just everything else. I have such bad self esteem that I can't even look up what exercises to do in the first place because I have to think so much about how gross I look

>> No.10285614

Basically with clothes on people think I am super skinny especially if they knew me before the weight loss but when they see me take my clothes off they get this sad look on their face that really kills me inside

>> No.10285616

how often do other people see you without your clothes on? are you saying you showed someone nudes and they didn't like what they saw? Or was it swimwear related

>> No.10285623

I went to my first con at 14 and I was kinda fat for my cosplay. I looked older than I was and got upskirted by a guy taking photos. He proceeded to put the picture of me up on tumblr, a website I wasn’t familiar with, and was making fun of me for my weight.
He eventually removed it or it was taken down but it keeps me up at night thinking some creeper has a picture of me like that.

>> No.10285665
File: 645 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_20191108-155736~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see dream dress
>have headbow, accessories for it
>can afford it
>message seller because they don't ship to my country but I don't mind paying extra for shipping
>seller leaves me on read and someone randomly purchases it for the (admittedly a bit too high) BIN price
>f u c k

Please ship to my country, I don't mind paying extra, I'll ship to yours. I'm a good buyer with good feedback and this makes me sad.

>> No.10285666

Swimming related and my ex

>> No.10285669

It's truly suffering when the stuff you want to cosplay is either old and niche or just niche in general.

I get that it shouldn't stop me (and it doesn't) but it does feel nice to be recognized.

>> No.10285672

I thought I had an anursym and imagined reading that before. Thanks anon.

Also how do you open up about depression and such topics? It's especially hard nowadays since a friend might be on a similar level so it would be easier to relate but all the "haha I wanna die" memes nowadays can send some false positive signals

>> No.10285686
File: 846 KB, 1024x733, pantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hear you. I reamed Pixyteri up the bum-bum this week and I haven't stopped crying since.

>> No.10285691

Legitimate question, how the fuck as a brown viet guy do I learn makeup for cosplay. I feel like my tan shade makes it really hard to mimic characters.

>> No.10285694


Well you're not alone Ive seen hundreds of con candids and upskirts

>> No.10285695

Pretty sure if she already has her ass out you could just ask to take a vid and she would be fine with it


>> No.10285699

something that really motivated me was lightweight weights. If you're a girl it'll give you that toned but not overly muscular look, and I do them while watching netflix so it's not something I have to actively think about

>> No.10285700

oh I feel that so hard, if it makes you feel better, posting those cosplays online will at least gain you more online recognition since people actively look for that niche stuff

>> No.10285706

It is useless but I was interested in it. I'd still learn it all again but not for the price I paid. I'm just annoyed not even Walmart is interested in hiring me now

>> No.10285746

How many people are you sleeping with at once that you have enough of a sample size to make that conclusion? Yikes, that sounds a problem of its own

>> No.10285764
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>things that never happened

>> No.10285766

No it won't you fucking cumdumpster.
Visit /fit/ and get educated.

>> No.10285768

You might as well tell her to go to r9k.

>> No.10285772

Does testosterone make men retarded?

>> No.10285776


That toned look people usually try to achieve is only attained when you have an adequate amount of muscle at a lower-ish bodyfat, even in women. If you're doing low effort, braindead reps at an extremely light weight while watching a show, you're probably not going to be building any muscle from that.

You aren't going to accidentally end up overly muscular from doing a proper routine, that's something that you actively have to strive towards which takes years to achieve, stopping Midway through once you've achieved your desired body/tonage is a thing.

Just read the sticky and ignore the shitposting.

>> No.10285796

I'm a prude only had a few partners my family just goes to the river a lot and I stopped taking my shirt off over my bathing suit

>> No.10285807
File: 66 KB, 516x723, alicescared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is that stain?

>> No.10285809

>be me, 19f
>go to con with 18m friend that's set up outside
>find nice, out of the way corner to take pictures of each other
>two nice gay men offer to take pictures of us together on our phones
>super nice, not creepy at all, 12/10 wholesome interaction with bombass photos
>security lady comes up to us
>"you know if you ever feel unsafe or harassed we on the security team can help you out"
>k well we didn't
>"okay just saying if you ever need us just look for this badge on our jackets"
>ok lady we're fine
>"okay but I'm part of the security team so just let us know if you're being harassed"
>k can we leave now
what a strange woman

>> No.10285815

I can't. Work schedule.

A month ago? I think you are mistaken.

What is, exactly, to be a tile guy?

>> No.10285839

Excuses. You can have phone sessions, text therapy, and even facetime. There is literally nothing more important.

>> No.10285842
File: 104 KB, 960x894, DEB59BBA-D193-42E9-924A-8DD64055BD98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lost almost 40lbs so I could be healthier and not a fatass. I still need to lose more to hit my goal, but one of the reasons I started was that I could fit into Lolita easier. I’ve been obsessed since I was in middle school. I have a dress sitting in my closet I got a year ago that hasn’t been used. The other day I tried it on and it fits...except in my chest. I get horrible, horrible boobloaf.

I have big hentai tiddies and I thought it would go down a little bit with weight loss, but it didn’t. Maybe slightly less snug but it’s as tight as the day I tried it on.

I’m really disappointed and I know I can get it altered, but I just want to be a cute Lolita and wear this dress. :((

>> No.10285848

Try working out the muscles related to your breasts. When I was an avid swimmer my tiddies shrunk so much, but my arms were super toned :(. Now that I'm relaxed and pudgy, they're big again.

>> No.10285850

Did you try wearing it with a regular bra or a sports bra?

If it was a regular one, try a sports bra and see if it helps.

>> No.10285855

I’ll try that and see how if it works, but the sports bras I own are too big on me. Thank you!
I’ll try to find a place to do swimming! I live in a small town but we have a Y that might still have a pool running?

>> No.10285863

My job fired my ass for saying the turd word in front of a customer, and now I'm throwing myself into cosplay crafts. It's been three days. How many more until I burn out and break down?

>> No.10285871

It doesn't have to be swimming, but it is a good activity for strengthening those muscles. If its too cold in your area, focus on those pull up type machines. best of luck!

>> No.10285878

He did yeah. It's pretty pathetic.

>> No.10285887

>be into femdom
>pick up an 8/10 pretty boy bf, virgin and has adorable virgin energy, absolute twink aethetics
>wish I could sew because goddamn they would make a great cosplayer but even then they hate pictures of themselves being shared online
>into cosplay sex
>perfect, goddamn I wish I liked to sew
>go to a con together, room to ourselves, can be as kinky as we want
>they werent in the mood the entire weekend because too tired from the convention
>unironicly explained to me in depth about bionicle lore instead for several hours
I wish I could make this shit up.

>> No.10285889
File: 242 KB, 353x540, 1366484373778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one of those don't add up

>> No.10285891

Lmao my thoughts exactly. Unless he's barely legal, and even then still hard to believe

>> No.10285892

Bionicle lore gets fucking nuts

>> No.10285894

>Unless he's barely legal, and even then still hard to believe
If he was an 8/10 then he'd have been with girls his age. I know people embellish their stories here but come on, at least lie realistically.

>> No.10285896

>Be me
>Thought I was still single due to money
>Thought I didn't dress well enough
>Thought I needed to get ripped (I'm lean but masculine)
>Go to kink events
>Realize after having a few experiences as a sub that the most attractive thing in a man is social skills and being a sub has gotten me farther
Still single though.

>> No.10285898

>straight male
>huge sperg
theres your explanation anon, women won't fuck a hot idiot unlike men

>> No.10285903

Either that or he's one of those clueless sperg types that can't tell someone's into him unless you straight up tell him.
I may or may not be speaking from experience.

>> No.10285904

his parents coddled him not allowed to go outside without socialization, homeschooled, they basically didn't want a functional adult and just a big baby and it shows. met online and "kidnapped him" according to his parents.
they are insanely socially inept. age 22
A LOT of submissives are socially inept/NEETs
basically just want a mommy that does everything for them without giving anything in return (outside of sex) not being that will get you far lol

nah, they have this hotness level that I'm sure if they were allowed to go outside/ regular school (not homeschool) I'm sure people would have swooped him up

>> No.10285905

If you don't make yourself available, it won't happen>>10285891

>> No.10285914

i'm both of those things, I just have a problem of meeting single people who I find attractive. I've rejected more people than who have rejected me in within the past year.
Finding people who like anime/cosplay/lolita and are independent, not spergy, and actually interested in dating men is really tough.

>> No.10285915

You probably don't even have a job...

On the off chance you do please consider that you might lose the job if your mental health deteriorates any more, therapy is important and isn't embarrassing at all. Lots of people go for mental health treatment and honestly if someone ever calls you out on it you should strongly consider getting better friends.

>> No.10285921

Could be that there were reports of a creep who looked similar to your friend or one of the guys taking your photo. Sure, she was overdoing it, but maybe she just wanted to make sure.

>> No.10285928

Absolutely not mistaken. I took a break from cgl and came back in October and you were posting about power rangers. I’m lazy but you can check the archive

>> No.10285963
File: 328 KB, 495x750, 1567572508514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kinda sad these are the responses I got to this to be completely honest. I'm not a slut, I don't get naked all the time or something, I'm just still not proud of my skinnyfat body even after putting in years of work dieting and walking 2 miles a day, I lost 120 pounds and am only 155 now and I love how I look in clothes but I hate how saggy I still am naked. Is there a common method outside of cosmetic surgery to tighten your skin up, like an exercise routine? I don't need to start light like someone else recommended, I recently lost an internship and have a lot of spare time to start a new daily routine... Just thought there might be others here who have been where I'm at right now

>> No.10285969

there has definitely been at least another power ranger perv lately maybe you are perfect for each other if you aren't just an ugly liar

>> No.10285994
File: 87 KB, 443x750, IMG_1099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a bit gay for Wamuu
>really want to cosplay him
>just generally want to live & breathe pic related
>have everything I need but the muscles
>been working out for a year now
>progressing painfully slowly
>at this rate I'll get there in 4 years
>if I ever can
>low-key considering steroids

>> No.10285995

>A LOT of submissives are socially inept/NEETs
>basically just want a mommy that does everything for them without giving anything in return (outside of sex) not being that will get you far lol
But that's the exact opposite of what I want. I may be a sub, but I'm still a man. I'm still in charge of my life and destiny.

>> No.10286027

Tfw can't find other people to cosplay Hajime no Ippo with me because most cosplayers are out of shape and the show is niche as it is

>> No.10286035
File: 59 KB, 375x343, 1530474704922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10286042
File: 63 KB, 771x366, 1567587200296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you wanna be my gf all of that sounds wonderful

>> No.10286147
File: 160 KB, 240x317, adk60x8y48y21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally get one of my dream dresses
>got a new bow to go with it
>wear the whole coord out for the first time
>walking around get approached by a chunky girl in a grey t-shirt
>she gasps and says 'I'm dying of jealousy I have to know where you gut that dress'
>Tell her its an Angelic Pretty dress but its an older one so she probably won't find it on their website but they have other things I guess?
>She replies 'angelic? okay awesome yea I'm a drag queen and I love the lolita look I'm gonna go dye now bye'

>> No.10286151

I was at a con and some guy in the dealer's hall tried to short change my friend's 13 year old little sister. When I called him out on it he just smirked, looked me straight in the eye and said "Oops. I must have been mistaken." Fucker knew exactly what he was doing

>> No.10286154

Electric chair

>> No.10286161

I've accidentally short changed a few people over the years. Always corrected it before they walked away though. Cons are stressful

>> No.10286169

I feel ya bro, I'm in an awkward spot where I'm not a skinny twink or shredded
When you're done with SS/SL/Madcow Intermediate jump to 5/3/1 and use arm isolation + core stabilizing exercises (hanging leg raise, ball pike) as accessories. Then a month or two before the meet cut hard while trying to maintain the weight

If you have no idea what I just said go look up starting strength

>> No.10286212

Some men who assign the incel label on themselves are actually pretty handsome, so it's not hard to believe.

>> No.10286309

I understand but I’m still twink mode. 89kg @ 6’5”. I’m thinking about switching to a hypertrophy routine because my lifts are closing on 1/2/3/4 but it just doesn’t show

>> No.10286340

same. waiting on something from korea and the tracking hasn't updated in weeks.

>> No.10286352

>I've almost wasted another half a year barely getting any cosplay work done
I really thought that I'd be able to get shit done after I finally did something from scratch, myself, without everyone around me trying to "help" but actually denying experience

>> No.10286412 [DELETED] 

Why are all women whores?

>> No.10286415

A lot of """incels""" refuse to fuck women who want to fuck them, because the girl is too fat or too ugly or whatever. So not actually incels at all.

>> No.10286419

We live in a society

>> No.10286423

i guess you've never met ugly women

>> No.10286426 [DELETED] 

Ugly women are the biggest whores.

>> No.10286646

Try a proper binder or a minimizer bra.

>> No.10286699

>waaaaaa I'm thin with huge boobs!

There are worse problems to have.

>> No.10286748

>he actually thinks this

>> No.10286771

Get some reading comprehension, she wants to wear lolita, a fashion known to not be kind to big boobs.

>> No.10286772

what's your height/weight, anon? It's probably not as bad as you think.

>> No.10286792
File: 110 KB, 720x960, 1557080531560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How did you deal with longterm friends, who are not into your hobby and heavily looked down on you for what you like? I may or may not slide into such a situation at some point and am curious to hear your story anons.

>> No.10286802

Throw bantz back at the fact that they jack off to feet or whatever.
They don't need to approve of my hobbies and I don't need to approve of theirs as long as we generally like each other's company.

>> No.10286836

returning to calorie counting this week after two weeks of mediocre eating. i want to lose 2-3 cm on my measurements so i can fit into some of the smaller gothic brands, but food is my main hobby and it suckssss having to measure out or weigh every single thing i put into my mouth, wish me luck. doing it 4 burando

>> No.10287031

gambatte. it's always worth it

>> No.10287046

Not by randos, by your comm members so you can have cute cord shots or cute buddy photos for insta, etc. like if I’m looking super cute other lolitas in my comm will want a shot of me and them together so they can post about your super fun meet instead of endless just selfies. Or if our coords look good together because they have the same theme or color scheme. Too many solo shots In your feed makes you look self absorbed, you gotta fake like you had the BEST time and just happened to look cute hee hee, not make it obvious that the entire meet is giant glorified photo shoot. But if you’re ugly they don’t want you on their instagram

>> No.10287056

Good luck to you anon, the struggle is real but it’s worth it for the burando

>> No.10287057
File: 11 KB, 297x169, 1531692794517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw wonderfinch bought it and is complaining about overpaying for it

>> No.10287164

I want to kill myself because I'm in a good mood finally and haven't felt good in years since my parents died and I got dumped and it seems like a nice time to go

>> No.10287185
File: 31 KB, 452x750, 74427190_2402106600029369_8928869380658298880_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw i was a few days away from livestreaming me burning myself alive with my hoard of brand but now i have a cute bf who wants to take me on special dates and spergs over my wardrobe with me

>> No.10287263

Extremely underrated comment

>> No.10287267 [DELETED] 

I have not had dick in 4 years and probably never will again.

>> No.10287268

Freemasonry is fucking gay anyways, wtf is even the point? Having a pretend family? Are their secrets even interesting?

>> No.10287270

Thats......really lame dude. I hope you don't pay these autists.

>> No.10287271


Have you had a vajayjay?

>> No.10287276

This bitch is still around? Jfc. Is she still just as ita as ever? Please tell me she got fat.

>> No.10287278

Why arr women so dumb and racist towards men?

>> No.10287486

10 years here, but I'm asexual.

>> No.10287489

Because they deserve it. The should be caged and only allowed out for procreation purposes.

>> No.10287493

are you really fat or really ugly?

>> No.10287495

>why don't women like ugly, short white incels? :(((

>> No.10287506
File: 3 KB, 105x89, bread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its been 5 years since i've even been in a relationship

>> No.10287530

I've never had in my life, I'd like to keep like that till death because it's not worth it.

>> No.10287573

You aren't damaged, you aren't a deviant, or special. You seem to be wallowing in self pity and perhaps even diving into a victim complex.

You broke up with your ex because you weren't attracted to her anymore? COMMON
You wanna find someone who has the same interests as you? COMMON
And you are also sexually attracted to nerd shit? WOW, that is so COMMOM of everyone everywhere that is trying to find a partner.

You just gotta find someone who is either into your hobbies already or someone who is interested in learning about it. That's it! It's not that deep of a subject.

>> No.10287602

I haven't been in a relationship since 2005. Kinda feels bad, but at the same time, all the men my age who are single are less men and more man-children. Or druggies.

>> No.10287610 [DELETED] 

How old are you anon?

>> No.10287619

>Kinda feels bad, but at the same time, all the men my age who are single are less men and more man-children. Or druggies.
replace men with women, and thats how it feels for me. So many people i'm around, it feels like i'm babysitting them.

>> No.10287626

I've never had consensual sex or been in a relationship

>> No.10287631

Or they have kids already. I feel ya.

>> No.10287796 [DELETED] 

...Are you implying that you have only been raped anon?

>> No.10287807

More than once

>> No.10287819

If your hobby is harmless, why are your friends looking down on you? Friends should lift each other up.

>> No.10287837


Can relate.

Yes, that as well. While I don't really mind someone having children already, usually dealing with an ex is way too much drama, so I prefer if they do not have that.

>> No.10287851 [DELETED] 




Maybe it's about time you realized you are at the same level as those manchildren and drug addicts.

Maybe you shouldn't have spent so much time fucking random guys and focusing on garbage. Now you'll die miserable.


>> No.10287855

Considering I was in one long (10 year) relationship only, and ever "fucked" one man, I will turn your post back on to you. Hahahaha.

>> No.10287857 [DELETED] 
File: 422 KB, 724x360, Capture12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you must be a cutie

>> No.10287858 [DELETED] 

You're literally going to die childless and alone.

Who are you laughing at, stupud cunt?

>> No.10287860

>You're literally going to die childless and alone.
Nice self projecting. Shes a woman. She could find a man easily. You are a man on 4chan so salty about being alone and single you ventured to cgl, because that is the only way you can get yourself guaranteed female attention.

>> No.10287862 [DELETED] 

You emcels really need to stick together huh?

Tick tock. Times running out. Womb is drying out.

>> No.10287863


>> No.10287864 [DELETED] 

Attention. That thing attractive men don't give you.

>> No.10287929

She never said she wants children?
That thought may sound outlandish to you but there are women who don't want to have children. Women are not obligated to have children and you can very well live without them. And keep your shitty 'hurrdurr have fun dying alone' argument. Tell me how much people do you know that either moved far away from their parents and can't take care of them when they are old or cut ties with their parents for reasons. Just because you have children that doesn't mean someone there for you when you are old. That's delusional.

>> No.10287938

Why don't you save that energy for women who date abusive men because they are too pussy to be alone? I don't envy all the single mothers who had children just so they could try and keep a man or women who humiliate themselves and get stds just for male attention. Being alone is the superior way to live as a woman. Beats being a worthless dick holder.

>> No.10287939

27 years here

>> No.10287953 [DELETED] 

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a few years now and I haven’t once successfully had sex with him. I recently tried to and during oral he said “you taste different”.
I asked if that meant I tasted bad and though he said “no”, he stopped. I feel genuinely repulsive because of this and I’m not even that into having sex. I haven’t had a normal sex life in years. All weekend I’d been crying because I heard someone in a YouTube video say “it didn’t count” in regards to sexual assault or whatever, and I was mostly sad because even though my whole family knew of the troubles I had as a kid, no one said this to me or even tried to give me normalcy.

>> No.10287957

Tell him that. Tell him that it made you felt repulsive. He should be honest with you and you should accept it without needing to feel repulsive.
On some days my bf doesn't want to give me oral as well. He has a sensitive nose and well a healthy pussy smells sour. But that's finr. He simply says that and goes on with something else. Same goes for me. If he tastes weird I stop, say it politely and use my hands. And it's fine dor him as well.
Don't feel weird about yourself. You can be as clean as you want you can't control the smell and taste of your pussy 100%.Same goes for men.

>> No.10287960

Am I still on cgl? Or did I misclicked to r9k?

>> No.10287962

/cgl/ is just /r9k/ with frills, ignore the usual bait

>> No.10287963

Not every boy is into oral, and an alarming amount of them will pretend to be into it to please you but ultimately they can't handle the taste or smell. It takes a certain kind of boy who is aroused by the thought of eating you out and doesn't care about the taste or smell, to give good oral imo. Don't force him to and try to confront him about whether or not he actually wants to when he makes those remarks, it will end up better for the both of you

>> No.10287964

Any time relationships are brought up, particularly if a woman feels happy beings alone, the robots get triggered and attack. Not an uncommon occurrence since this is 4chan after all.

>> No.10287967

Yeah, I’m assuming he may have just said that he liked it cause he actually didn’t know it was sorta laborious. I never ask and at the time I told him it made me feel bad, Hell, I froze up for five minutes because it was upsetting. He’s not a scumbag and he doesn’t force anything, idk how I’ve made it into adulthood and am still tho stunted with adult things.
Sorry it was so “vulgar”, I can only really talk about sex on forums. My friends get grossed out at the idea of me fucking someone and aren’t helpful, so thank you.

>> No.10287977

>A healthy pussy smells sour
No.... Sorry, no.....

>> No.10287986

>Being alone is the superior way to live as a woman. Beats being a worthless dick holder.
I'm a man but I feel this. I don't exist just so I can be someone's source of muscle and dick. or a prize to show off to their friends. I have my own life to live; I'm going to live it for me,

>> No.10287993

Isnt it that a healthy pussy has a slight musk? I don’t think I’ve ever had a SOUR pussy.

>> No.10287996 [DELETED] 

I abuse women for fun.

You sound like someone without an ounce of muscle on you.

Only pathetic cucks and desperate fetishists do oral sex on girls who aren't virgins. Like, I would lick a pristine 16 year old (legal) clean but you're not getting anything special if you're some frumpy, fat rape meat

>> No.10288000

Is this Onision role play?

>> No.10288050
File: 1.45 MB, 1200x1920, __original_drawn_by_saitou_lynx_shrike__3c7c7da9c9fb6c57c9599fe800ca6fe8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My father discovered that I bought lolita clothes for my crossplay trying to doing that for the first time ever.
>Now he's forcing me to wear a generic boring costume in renting for the next event.
I feel so upset. I don't know what should I do now!

>> No.10288058

>be me, /fitcgl/
>have a terrible lack of characters that I actually want to cosplay
>get more and more fit to cosplay stronger characters
>gymbros all miring size, but I still feel small compared to others
>realizing all the fit characters I like are unattainable natty, and that I would freeze at the con
>also no recent characters have come out that I would enjoy cosplaying

Fuck it, I guess I'll do Naruto or something

>> No.10288060

Also, sort of related feel
>make fitted bomber for this winter
>realize it's way too tight around the shoulders now and that I can't even wear it anymore

Sort of a good feel I guess

>> No.10288063

Out of all the things I have heard and read today, this is the most shocking. Stay strong anon, if I can do anything to brighten your day I shall try!

>> No.10288064

I have the same problem except it's to do with my enormous penis and humongous brain and my millions of dollars being too large to fit any decent cosplays. It really sucks.

>> No.10288078

Gonna side with your dad on this one, lolita fashion isn't for your trap cosplay fuck off

>> No.10288089

>con is this weekend in chilly new york
>wake up with a hella sore throat after bombarding myself with emergen-c and washing my hands like a germaphobe for the last week

>> No.10288102

>Applied for a job at build a bear
> Need money for burando
> Still haven't heard back about interviews and I'm getting anxious

Wish me luck, gulls. The only downside to working here would be the odd ddlg couple wanting ~stuffies~

>> No.10288103

Okay, nonce

>> No.10288105 [DELETED] 

You give any man a choice between a 16 year old girl and a 25 year old femcunt, he'll choose the newer model every time.

>> No.10288117

I’m coming to realize girls on four Chan have shit taste in dudes and will tell you men are trash like it’s law. Maybe if something bad keeps happening to you, it’s your fault? Don’t say things as if they’re factual.

>> No.10288125

To be fair, I'm a man on 4chan and I struggle to find people of either gender that aren't shit.

>> No.10288139

oh gross

>> No.10288145

This is kind me but I'm female/not a virgin. I have a great job and work ethic so I don't expect men to buy me stuff or pay for me, am not mentally ill or spergy, like anime/lolita/cosplay but can't find someone so I'm perpetually single. I'm kinky but it's a bonus, I don't need it to be in a relationship.

I have no problems meeting or attracting men but there's always a big problem that ends things like them being a neet or working min wage job (so I end up driving us everywhere and paying everything), being a sperg, or just not knowing how to be in a relationship/incompatibility. I stopped trying for a relationship and use my time and money for out of state cons and lolita instead.

>> No.10288208

everything after the first sentence describes me perfectly.
You live in the Southeast US by any chance?

>> No.10288251

Why did you delete your post? Answer me.

Its saved on the archive >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10284561#p10287963

So you can't get rid of it even if you want.

You're trapped here and now you have to respond.

>> No.10288262
File: 34 KB, 608x608, 1541130326678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, so mad.

>> No.10288267

>you have to respond
that's not how this works.

>> No.10288270

I don't know how it is in America but in the UK if you don't have a certain level of popularity no one even acknowledges your presence. It's really bad at MCM because a lot of amazing cosplayers get looked over for the thots and people who don't even cosplay.

>> No.10288295

she can not respond but how is she going to delete that post from the archive? its there forever and she must live the rest of her life knowing she cannot erase that mistake.

>> No.10288296

Close but no, Southwest-ish

>> No.10288299

I'm sure she's really gonna lose sleep thinking about a post on an anonymous Bulgarian basket weaving forum got put on a secondary website that no one looks at.

>> No.10288333

I deleted my post because i didn't want to shit up this thread with a vulgar post but i guess you won't fucking shut up about it.

>> No.10288351

Recently met an online cosplay friend irl for the first time and holy shit she abuses facetune so much I barely recognized her

>> No.10288352

She was really sweet though! 9/10 great interaction

>> No.10288354

I really want a new gf to cosplay with this sucks

>> No.10288520

Girl I don't know how you were raised but you may want to reconsider what is vulgar. You had a perfectly normal concern and there was nothing wrong with talking about it. Talking about sex in approriate situations is fine especially if something concerns you. If you're friends tell you that these topics gross them out then they are weird not you.

>> No.10288554

Whoever you’re responding to didn’t actually write the comment, I did. It was removed by mods for being off topic.

>> No.10288557

Yeah, her current handle it purestmaiden

>Is she still just as ita as ever?
That's hard to say, she barely wears lolita anymore but imo she got a bit better.
>Please tell me she got fat.
No, but she became a full blown old school hoarder with a clear shopping addiction.

>> No.10288565

Social anxiety is a thing.

>> No.10288592 [DELETED] 

You're a whore.

>> No.10288699

Shit happens. Hopefully you'll find someone that works with you, anon.

>> No.10288704

10 mins in the archive. this is only a fraction of your posts i just searched "power ranger"
search them up

>> No.10288705

I just realized you're the star wars anon who derailed feels threads to whine about tfw no gf for months in 2018

>> No.10288743
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to sell cosplay prop for $20
>some thot offers me a BJ for it
>tell her to come back when she has $20

>> No.10288814

That definitely happened

>> No.10288844

I completely believe that some of these hoes would prostitute themselves for cosplay shit.

>> No.10288862

For years I've wanted to have a big poofy ballgown photoshoot but kept putting it off because I'm poor.

Now I've gotta have a craniotomy in a few months which will leave a big fuckoff scar down the left side of my face, below my hairline. I'm trying to sew a gown and find a good photographer by February so that I can finally do it beforehand.

>> No.10288868



I'm at the point where I'm considering just getting a binder
I wanna wear cute comfy loose dresses

>> No.10288869

Go get a binder. It's just another piece of clothing and can be shilled off if you don't want it anymore.

But keep in mind that it does restrict your breathing a bit. After one day of crossplaying I've had headaches and general bad times because of it. Don't overdo how tight you have it.

>> No.10288999
File: 184 KB, 521x467, x5yRMGb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worst fucking feel this last weekend.

New ita showed up finally after asking severely autistic questions for the last month since she joined.
Shows up with my ideal fashion goth bf. He was literally perfect - funny, cute, actually interested in fashion. Almost positive he was wearing rick owens.

What she had on - shitty generic black bodyline and Rick owens Ramones...

Fuck I wish this was a larp so I could stop being jealous. Why do pretty itas get all the cutest boys.

>> No.10289003 [DELETED] 

Only virgincel wear rick owens

>> No.10289006

Why dont you just buy one of Baby's Lacemonsters and go wild with it? You can always try and sell it afterwards. I guarantee it will make you feel more like a princess than handmade

>> No.10289015

Going to my first con ever saturday. Pretty excited but it's apparently pretty small

>> No.10289024

Girls can't be autistic. I'm sure she was just new or had trauma in her life that prevented her from socializing enough. Once she gets to socialize she'll improve. Only disgusting men remain autistic.

>> No.10289030

What I don't believe is that a scrote would say no to sex.

>> No.10289031

I hope. She wasn't horrible in person. Actually sort of nice but it doesn't seem like she takes constructive criticism well. She couldn't understand why it's worth it to shell out a little more money for better quality dresses. But she will get there I guess.

Figured I could befriend them, help her get better. Then she has more self confidence, leaves fashion goth bf and I swoop in.

>> No.10289039

concrit is hard for newbies because they always feel like you're just being mean to them

Try group concrit or mention someone else right after and that might help

>> No.10289040

You couldn't pay me to do it with your ugly ass

>> No.10289122
File: 36 KB, 564x423, gnhlksj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find a dress I really like on yahoo auctions
>no buy-out price
I don't want to bid, it makes me anxious as hell. Goddamn it, why can't I just buy it then and there?

>> No.10289127

Some itas are really nice personality-wise. By the sounds of it, you could work on being a better person.

>> No.10289142

>girls can’t be autistic
Tell that to some of the girls in the thread

>> No.10289145

>Girls can't be autistic
wait, people actually believe this? wtf

>> No.10289184

Yes, men who think women can't have problems.

>> No.10289236

Same, but I'm a male in the Midwest. I've had relationships but other people seem to struggle with honesty so that goes south.

>> No.10289239

I'm not actually going after her bf, just jealous right now. They seem happy together and i wouldn't want to mess that up. I messaged her today and she is coming over to try on some dresses and help choose a wig.

Maybe her bf has friends.
Any tips on how to find a cute fashion goth bf in the Midwest?

>> No.10289253

Autistic girls are cute!!

>> No.10289272

Are you retarded? I've been IP for autism for nearly a year and 3/4 of the ward is female.

>> No.10289369 [DELETED] 

See? Even women hate whores xD

>> No.10289371

Not sure if you care about this, but you come off very mature and level headed. Other girls may be prettier but if I had to pick one person to spend time with for a year on a deserted island, it wouln't be them.

Just my 2 cents.

>> No.10289375

Last time I wore a coord I put a smal brooch somewhere smart. I remember taking it off on my way home and putting it inside something.

Now I can't remember where.

>> No.10289380

if your dress has pockets maybe it's there?
I once found a bracelet in one of my JSKs pockets after searching for it for a year

>> No.10289384

>Maybe her bf has friends.
300% scumbag behaviour, but you do you, then you all talk low on men... smdh

>> No.10289516

What did you think "Be gone thot" means?

>> No.10289750

Oh damn, I can kind of relate.
>tfw forgot to remove Peppermint fox brooch off dress before washing
>brooch was destroyed after washing
That happened 2 years ago and I'm still pissed. That brooch was my favourite little thing and a perfect addition to every coord and I wasn't able to find a satisfying replacement until this day.

>> No.10289753

It means nothing. Men entertain thots all the time. They blame thots for existing rather than themselves for allowing them to being able to monetise/abuse their desire. Being in a position where you have to reject a hot woman is nothing more than a fantasy for most men, unless they are gay or something.

>> No.10289766

>using vinyl paint I made added a design to some shorts for my first cosplay ever
>con is tomorrow
>it finished today and it's all fucked up
Can I get an F

>> No.10289806

Why did you use vinyl paint on a pair of shorts? This seems like your own downfall.

>> No.10289844

Im going to roll for con tickets on the downlow in the middle of the workday tomorrow

>> No.10289859

Hoping her bf has friends with similar interests they could introduce me to is scumbag behavior now?

>> No.10289913

Should've looked into Internships and Co-ops. They are extremely important to engineering jobs. I know so many friends that suffered the same fate as you.

>> No.10289923
File: 94 KB, 640x607, cia cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fit cosplayer here. There are a ton of fit characters that you can cosplay if your muscles are showing already.
Kamina, JoJo characters, many male Servants from Fate, many characters from Baki, etc.

Note that you don't need to be AS big as the character to look good. If the character is muscular and you are muscular, that's fine.
It'd take someone 5 years to go from scratch to a body like Joseph, and Jonathan Joestar is bodybuilder status. So, don't think about it too much.

>> No.10289942

All this shit and yet by far your worst trait is unironically writing awful cringetexts.

>> No.10289949

Nayrt, but for me it's because you come off as such a judgmental and bitter person.

>> No.10289973

>The one thing I’ve noticed is that any new shounen fandom that gets too big becomes the source of people’s annoyance.

Yep that's basically how it's been for a while.
Feels like you can only like something for a certain amount of time then you gotta ditch it when the new thing comes out, if not people see you as lesser for some reason.

>> No.10289975

God, I miss her.

>> No.10289983

Asked for advice from /cgl/ ;_;

>> No.10290022

Sorry that someone trolled you. I hope your next cosplay works out better, and I hope you have a good time at the convention regardless, anon.

>> No.10290093

I remember you now I wish I knew shit about vinyl paint and could have helped... How did it go?

>> No.10290096

It's okay. I appreciate it!

As my friend so elegantly described it it looks like I "have a giant cumstain on the front of [my] shorts". But it's all good, I'm switching characters and I'll be little mac since I actually look like him a bit more anyway and it'll require no special work to the shorts.

>> No.10290248

Photo of the shorts? I don't have any experience with vinyl paint either but I'm having a hard time figuring out what you were aiming for and what went wrong.

>> No.10290251

>As my friend so elegantly described it it looks like I "have a giant cumstain on the front of [my] shorts".

>> No.10290252
File: 2.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20191116_090921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10290253

Oh no

>> No.10290254

Oh yeah baby. Pretty fucking hilarious overall to me, except I kinda liked those shorts and now I can never wear them in public but that's how it goes lel

>> No.10290255

This seems less about the type of paint and more about your non-existent painting skills.

>> No.10290257

Oh I will readily admit that, the bottle I used specifically says it can be used on fabric. I made a stencil out of printer paper of the J, and just filled it in. The paint seeped under the stencil and also was not even at all.

I promise I'm not this much of a retard in every day life

>> No.10290294

>implying I can even reach my bits with my layers of safety short, thights, bodyshapper and non stretch fabric

>> No.10290302
File: 106 KB, 238x294, 1479283326210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know why but I want to cosplay super obscure characters ( like from outdated serie and manga only character that appear for 2 chapters ). I'm always bummed because I need to be in duo ( at least ) so it doesn't look like casual clothing, and I have no friend who like the same serie .

>> No.10290414

I'm sorry to hear that. A month after my dad died unexpectedly, my beloved cat started having seizures and had to be put down. I know that isn't the equivalent to a bad breakup, but it seems like everything just piles on after something goes wrong in your life. I won't lie to you and tell you that my life has magically been different after therapy and time, but I'm proud to say that I've reached the next stage of grieving: learning to live life without your lost loved one. Shit still sucks and it will suck forever, but I know how to navigate the choppy waters now. And I hope you stick around to know that you can too. There's going to be a day when you can think back about your parents and feel comforted by their memory rather than feel the pain of their absence. You're going to see them eventually, so make some good stories to tell them when you're reunited in the afterlife.

>> No.10290416

There should be a backroom with a guillotine for ddlg couples infiltrating a store for children for their fetish

>> No.10290417

I have to agree with the other anon. While it would be amazing to have a handmade ballgown, for your happiness' sake, buy one and get that photoshoot of your dreams. You won't feel as happy if you have to rush and create a less than satisfactory product.

>> No.10290522

But vinyl paint is for vinyl fabric. That's the fabric they mean.

>> No.10290888


"Incel" here, but not even fat-women want me, and I would even fuck them at this point

>> No.10290890

>I have big hentai tiddies

>> No.10290990
File: 1.53 MB, 1863x2485, DakuCon2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even without a cumstained pair of shorts I really had a good time cosplaying at my first real con

>> No.10291329

Check out intermittent fasting communities and autophagy to tighten up your skin.

>> No.10293199

I never heard about it.
What's wrong with that?

>> No.10293774

>dad raped me as a kid
>Dad gets put in jail for raping me
>Mom bullies me constantly
>Want to cosplay
>Mom destroys my cosplay
What do I do seagulls?

>> No.10293803

You look good, congrats!

>> No.10293804

How the fuck do you explain to someone you have no interest in their group cosplay plan when they’ve already put so much thought into it + assumed you would be ready to go along.
I don’t care about the series enough to put effort into it plus it’s manga only so it doesn’t meet my normal criteria for what I like to cosplay, but I don’t want to be an asshole to this person.


>> No.10293881

was expecting much worse desu.

>> No.10293903

Why was this thread restored at the point right before a mod locked it and moved it to /r9k/? Please administration say something about why this happened in the first place. It feels like you're trying to hide it and move on.

>> No.10293931

Tired of seeing the same god awful miccostumes cosplays when I look through the cosplayer tags

>> No.10294060
File: 5 KB, 234x192, IMG_20190219_233418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just do what anime characters do and resort to incest

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