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What is the perfect shimakaze cosplay? How long should the shirt be, how high should the thigh thighs go, etc.

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imo this cosplay is really lackluster. And I think its trashy that the thong is showing from the front considering shimakaze only shows the straps of the thong. Thoughts?

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It's bad and the muffin top isn't helping. How long would it have taken to sew a little gold button on the skirt and get gloves that actually match the character?

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I can't tell if the thong showing from the front is supposed to be on purpose or not... that would be incredibly embarrassing if it wasn't. Is that a new trend or something?

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Why do so many shimakaze cosplayers struggle with the thong lmao it's the easiest part

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Some of the best Shimakaze cosplayers are traps.

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How does it feel to carry this much fat on your body? Does it feel like you are a walking block of jello and can you feel yourself jiggle in different places as you walk? I am very toned and nice looking so i cant really relate

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What you're saying doesn't matter because that woman probably has an army of thirsty dudes who are more than willing to throw money her way because of the whole "thicc" movement boosting her ego.

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>I am very toned and nice looking

sure, jan

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You need the rigging or else you're just a lazy thot.

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Nothing wrong with being a lazy thot, Shimakaze is the whore boat after all.

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There's a thin line between a good shimakaze and being a thot. If your thong is showing from the front you're a thot.

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the thong is showing too much and the thigh thighs kek

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Where are the big buff Shimakazes tho?

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What's so bad about her thong showing??? That's what shimakaze is SUPPOSED to do retards

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Only the straps of her thong should be showing, not the front

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The front is barely showing. Most of the thong showing is the straps. And what's so bad about the front showing anyways?

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>barely showing
>like 2in of fabric peeking
What's wrong is it's inaccurate.

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It's her take on shimakaze. If she thinks shima would show her thong from the front then she can do that. It's not like someone gave her a wedgie forcing her thong up

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>What is the perfect shimakaze cosplay?
Definitely not this

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>It literally looks like someone gave her a wedgie.
Defend this.

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She's dressed up like an anime character. Someone probably DID give her a wedgie

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She's obviously trying to appeal to men.

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*all of

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She's not succeeding if so, that thong isn't even hot.

Because girls who cosplay shimakaze don't tend to be serious detail-oriented cosplayers. Also, a lot of them fake the thong, it's actually just straps attached to the skirt and that's hard to get right, especially with an off-the-shelf costume.

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How is she trying to appeal to men just by giving herself a wedgie?

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Her thong is clearly sticking out by accident from the front. She's not trying to be hot. And her thong definitely isn't just straps on her skirt. It's pretty obvious it's a real thong

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A woman would shit on the flow and roll around in it and a bunch of men would be praising her for being so sexy.

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A woman could shit on the floor and roll around in it and a bunch of men would be praising her for being so sexy.

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That doesn't explain why she decided to atomic wedgie herself

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Then why did she?

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This cosplayer is Overweight and has an unfortunate face marred by what looks to be pits from acne.

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And plenty of guys will still be sliding in her DMs trying to fuck her.

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>And I think its trashy that the thong is showing from the front
I agree.
>shimakaze only shows the straps of the thong.
Don't show straps either.

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>How long should the shirt be
1 inch gap.
>how high should the thigh thighs go, etc.
They are alright, but a you need a longer skirt.

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>What is the perfect shimakaze cosplay?
It has a dick.

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thick, hard and manly one, aiming to the roof

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AND veiny, and with a big menacing glans

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>Don't show straps either.
>don't do the thing that's accurate to the design

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Shimakaze without her thong showing would be fucking retarded

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A pure Shimakaze would be fun to see though

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>Implying the entire concept of shimakaze isn't fucking retarded in itself

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wow thats perfect

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Hot as Hecc

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All women are whores

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You would still cum inside the girl in OP's picture if given the chance.
Else, you have the BIG GAY.

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Me on the left.

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Firstly, not using the $30 chink shimakaze cosplay is a good start.
Secondly is making sure it's Shimakaze(-kun).

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This pic makes it seem like the thing showing from the front is not an accident. She literally does it on purpose

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If that was true then maybe you wouldn't be a virgin :^)

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Definitely not her

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no, it's not. she's too fat.

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Definitely her but I have to make her prego, unironically speaking.

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>Else, you have the BIG GAY.

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Same but actually thinking about inserting my big pp in his butthole for the sake of having a new sensual pleasure in my sad life.

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If the front is that high up, does she just have a string running over her vagoo?

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How does this make any sense?

Just because whores exist doesn't mean you have to go to them.

I'm gay because women are just so terrible I don't want to deal with them.

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Wow this girl has a great personality and is so passionate about her hobby.

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that's not a girl, bud

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So? That makes it even better!

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That ass deserves a 100 hour anal session with plenty of lube that smells like strawberries.
Perhaps I may become the first man in history that would make a cute boy pregnant with my intercourse-derived fluids, as there is no need for condoms this time after all.

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I remember some idiot incel white knighting this guy thinking it was a chick, lol.

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and failing at it

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Those are freckles, anon.

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breeding material

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Thats a MAN BABY.

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Who has the picture of that shimakaze blowing a photographer outside a con?

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That's NSFW, anon. I don't think you can post it here.
But I think I got something similar or so.

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Every Brohou I've encountered at cons is always two shots of tequila away from taking a dick in the ass. And that makes me happy.

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youre either innocent or really dumb

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>Implying the entire concept of KanColle isn't fucking retarded in itself

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Cosplay is about interpretation, do what looks good to you.

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Interesting, I can't see any braline in her cosplay.

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girls with tiny breasts don't need bras...

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True that.
Truly a God-given gift provided by Mother Earth, yours truly.

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Every time I question the existence of God and myself, I always think of all of those cute Shimakaze girls (male and female) that I could, theoretically speaking, potentially date in the near future or so. Since taking this into consideration, it gives me more motivation to continue living and believing in God everyday as He always continues to give us great gifts each day of our lives, such as showing me cute pictures of chubby cosplayers with big tits, those cute twinks with a 4' pps, and the insecure and constantly bullied cosplay girls who deserve lots of love and protection but sadly they do not receive such at all and are instead physically abused by their boyfriend/father/brother.

God bless

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I am simultaneously repulsed and aroused

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rudder heels are too hard so don't cosplay shipgirls that wear them

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That better be a cute boi!

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Wait, wait, wait. I got the sauce.
God bless this ass.

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Strange how this one last picture got deleted. Might have been NSFW after all.
What was shown previously is the ass from a girl (male) known as "rei the kitten", and you can find it at the Sankaku complex (idol) website.

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>the ass from a girl (male)
Why is it always (male) when it comes to Shimakaze? She's like the ideal slut.

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It isn't an accident, but it's a cheap thong. Some cheaper thongs fit really weird and high waisted. Truthfully, the character doesn't really wear a thong. It's suppose to be a V-string which is low-cut in front and back with the straps worn up on hips. Link since photo is NSFW.

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How do I go from average guy anon to cute Shimakaze crossplay?

Do I have to have certain pre-requisites or is it good enough just to work out and put the right make up on? Can I just buy a cheap pre-made cosplay online or would I be better of making it myself?

Is this even the right thread to be asking this?

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Be Asian or extremely effeminate, use makeup, also stop using spoilers; there are no spoilers on this board.

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Adding to the other anon that you should reach 8-10 body fat %, lots of squats if you want to have a nice butt everyone would love to stare at all day (no homo), and you also have to have a good feminine bone structure so that you don't look like a gorilla in a Shimakaze crossplay (e.g. you better don't have a huge brow ridge, etc.).
Optional is that of expecting many men to want to have sex with you if you're a cutie, therefore having a less "cultural shock" of engaging in the crossplay hobby.

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Those mask are creepy as heck. Why do people wear them?

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Post body

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This is the best board. Everyone on here is so angry.

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lmfao, anal intake of salt here, I think they like watch some japanese husbando pr0nz and their wet vaginas wet all their diapers and they absorve it through their anus, typical lolita/cosplayer behaviour

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'Cause they too ugly to show their faces.

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Speaking from personal experience, anon?
This is suspiciously detailed.

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Not him, but probably. Having dudes checking out parts of you for the first time is a weird experience.

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Feel like a piece of meat? Now you know how women feel 24/7.

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Squats give you a gross muscle butt, not an attractive, soft true ass. It's impossible to achieve that with exercise.