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Post jfash pics that look homoerotic. Not just two women standing near each other, there needs to be clear lesboeroticism!

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There's a scissoring joke in here somewhere

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Love this thread idea anon

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Faggots? On my /cgl/???

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Thinly veiled fetish thread. I'm going to assume OP is male.

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Op is female and a lesbian who happens to find it humorous that a lot of professional jfash related photography ends up looking very homoerotic such as >>10256743

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all the horny men are over in the cosplay thot threads, lesbians rise up while they're distracted

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So it’s still a fetish thread

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im male and im here

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That’s because what Japan considers indicative of homosexuality in men and women is very different from what the west does. You look at these pictures and see it as homoerotic but that’s not what the target audience would think.

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what would the target audience think

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Reminds me of this illustration that I believe is from an older GLB

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“Wow cute photos.” Japanese also don’t really bat much of an eye at relatively young women holding hands with each other because it’s seen as a “close friends” thing. I dated a Japanese guy around 2010 when I did two years abroad and actually asked him questions about why there were gay tones to these photos, he explained that they weren’t seen that way in Japan.

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Okay this one is literal porn but I'm still including it


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It’s more likely than you think

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Where my nee-sans at?

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fuck off

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Lol you fool

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Japanese people can suspect celebrities and such as being gay but they just pretend the homo isn’t there or play it for laughs. So these pics are still gay.
>>10256755 even a Japanese person would think this is gay.

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Okay. I’m sorry my living in the country for an extended period of time and interacting with the people and learning their opinions is wrong compared to your wish fulfillment.

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end dump.

also check out >>10251975, which has a lot of gals being pals.

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i love these,, my dream that will never come true..

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tfw still no lolita gf to be big gay with
;_; feelsbadman

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CrazyKitch and LunieChan looked so gay for each other to me (except not, they were and are very straight)

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You’re not the only one who has lived there lol persecution-chan

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Can you take your tumblr trolling to /pol/? You’ll really get em going there and you won’t be shitting up /cgl/ with your fetish

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Bro you’re passive aggressive for no reason, no one was attacking you so no need for your little sarcastic apology

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So, like, why is this so gay?
Is this an admission that two girls are typically more aesthetically pleasing than a girl and boy?

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I don't know, but wunderwelt both liked and replied to this comment

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God I didn't know where to ask that, but it seem to be the good place : I know there is a lot of lesbian lolita in the western community ( and probably in jfashion in general ), but is there in the japanese gyaru/ ganguro community ? A few years back I rememeber seeing picture of black diamonds members kissing and such ( even a snapshot at the beach with pride flags ) but I don't know if it's only for show. ( sorry for pic not 100% in topic )

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Two girls almost kissing? Thats kinda gay

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I've seen some images of gyraru kissing, but I honestly don't know if they're couples, if it's some kind of no homo "friendship kiss", or if it's just straight girls kissing because it's edgy or whatever

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Some more gyaru kissing for you, anon. If you can read moonrunes, it might provide some insight on whether its supposed to be gay or not

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not like I would have a clue, but allow me to insert my unasked opinion, that could well be to make the guy that's interested in them feel pseudocucked, you know like those sadistic momments women some times have

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It's for male attention.

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This. Gyaru is known as a slut fashion in JP, and the girls own that and do things like this for male attention.

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What? Smooching your friends is common in japan's youth. Also between men. Ive seen it a lot on youtube

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This golden oldie

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top kuk

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obvious white weebs are obvious

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there's a surprisingly large amount of lesbian tones in chinese brands' pics. which is weird because china is pretty damn anti gay.

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Yeah I've noticed frequently Chinese brands have promotional/lookbook photos that seem... a little more than friendly

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Another Chinese one

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This one could honestly pass for a wedding. One of them is even holding flowers

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Most of this board are white weebs, what is your point?

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they should have at least a little shame

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Stay jealous you don’t know the language of your hobby’s motherland making everything infinitely easier, study up brainlet

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>they should at least have a little shame
>on 4ch

You sound jelly you can’t understand moonrunes enough to tell people to become an hero

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I was more thrown off by the pride flag, but yeah I do understand it's more of a " cow humping" dinamic

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I guess men are trash in every country

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I'd like to think that how they are introduced to my harem.

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But anon that is a picture of girls

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Daddy issues. You got em.

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Found this kind of funny.

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