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MHA is everywhere.

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It's mostly cause its just Naruto all over again.
Overdone but at least the cancerousness is (hopefully) still born out of a love of the anime, and not like the deadpools and Yoko Ritners who compete to show up as early as they can to soak up attention before the others show up.

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I like them as long as they are not just wearing the school uniform.

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Or lazy stuff like maid costumes, or nonsense crossovers like KDA (I actually saw that on insta).
I’m tired of jojonopersona5academiacon. I think bnha is more prevalent then naruto was honestly. Every other cosplayer is a bnha.

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Homestuck cosplays are possibly the laziest.

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Yeah but no one is pretending to like homestuck to cosplay it, unlike MHA

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people like MHA, what's wrong with that?

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There are some really amazing cosplays out there, like the derse roxy ballgown one. That was gorgeous.

I was one of those lazy cosplayers, though. So touche.

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These days, I'd trust a Yoko cosplayer over a MHA one. A lot of MHA fans are either underage or normalfags. The kids are mostly fine, like you said they're basically the new age Naruto fans, but it's the drunk college dudebros that gross me out. I straight up met a guy that used to make fun of me for being a nerd at a con and the only show he really liked was MHA and came to check out how "weird" the con scene was. Gurren Lagann isn't that popular any more, people cosplaying from it are usually big fans of the series and will talk about Gainax anime extensively. Yoko isn't the go-to thot cosplay any more since there are so many other flavor of the month girls to cosplay now.

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any of the trolls require at least an hours’ worth of facepaint

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Any Kimetsu no Yaiba, especially Nezuko

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I can’t believe I only saw one Tanjiro at Matsuricon AND he was a guy.
My friend said he saw a Tanjiro and Zenitsu at the renaissance festival literally shouting about Tokyo ghoul last weekend.

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Damn, i'm surprised, the last con i went to had at least like 5 Nezuko cosplayers, 1 Zenitsu and an unrelated group, but i think those were paid models so idk if they count, it's taken over where i'm from.

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Nothing wrong with flavor of the month cosplays aight yall

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just wait. people are still jumping on the bandwagon and come late this year or next year there's going to be a flood of them

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>not Deadpool

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>mfw Enstars didnt get latched onto by the FOTM crowd

I can continue loving my idolshit in peace.

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Homestuck trolls have simple designs but that doesn’t mean the cosplays are lazy. Cosplayers need to go through bodypaint, making horns, then making the clothes. Simple =/= lazy

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oh amen anon, I thank God every day for that

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>watching most of the cancerous MHA fans are jumping ship and moving on to KNY

Hahahahahaha good riddance

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> jojonopersona5academiacon
I rarely see Persona 5 cosplays. Imo, I'd switch it out with SAO or something

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Eh, you could say that about literally any school uni cosplay. Knowing that a vast majority of these cosplayers are underage or newbies and will gravitate towards the most affordable and ready made options doesn't bug me. I just move my focus towards their shitty wigs which are almost always shitty. Everyone wants a piece of the cosplay pie when they start out.

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>like the derse roxy ballgown one
The image of that cosplayer is so good that I could immediately picture which one you were talking about. Her craftsmanship was incredible.

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I remember when all of the bad apples from the Voltron fandom jumped ship for """"the more canon BL ship""""" KiriBaku and the fandom started getting infected with their cancer. I braved that storm only to get into KNY before the boom and now they're leaping into that ship too. I can't fucking have nice things

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It's because the anime is a total shitshow

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>think bnha is more prevalent then naruto was honestly

i felt naruto was never big on the cosplay scene outside the akatsuki unform

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I'm happy about it. Now I can sit back and watch them burn a fandom I don't care about.

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God, The Voltron fandom is literally the most garbage out there. I'd rather see a furfag than ANYONE from that shitstain fandom.

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How about Bronies?

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>Most overdone cos of 2019?

Crossplay, it's sexist, msyoginist, and hateful/harmful to those transitioning. People in that stage of life don't need people doing EPIC BRODUDE jokes during a time like that. It's revolting, best to just report them to staff for something and have them booted from the con. In considerate people should not be tolerated

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Nta but I agree that bronies are THE worst fandom that ever existed. Homestuck comes in at 2nd place

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I love your taste at defining terrible fandoms.

We need our own thread for that anon.

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sounds like a butthurt tranny

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Cosplay itself is overdone.
It just gets creepy when people hit their 40’s and they’re still dressing up as kiddy cartoon characters. There’s a point where it starts looking pedo.

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Oh I know, anon. The anime is obviously made as a cashgrab for the existing fanbase the art style is shit, etc. but I like it that way. I'd rather not have to deal with a shitload of annoying teenage Subarus running around at cons throwing shit at people. Hopefully the rhythm game doesn't attract their attention, they've done enough damage to Love Live.

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>best to just report them to staff for something and have them booted from the con
Im SJW, but lets be real this aint happening

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>Im SJW, but lets be real this aint happening
Yeah no stop posing, it's obvious you don't get it.
>>>/pol/ is your board you seem lost

no it's just offensive

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Let's list it out:

2008: Kuroshitsuji
2009: Vocaloid
2012: Madoka
2013: SAO
2014: Attack on Titan
2016: Love Live
2017: Love Live
2018: Hero Academia
2019: ???

Bleach/Naruto/One Piece were perennial favorites but no longer flavor of the season.

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I see a lot of sally face cosplays

Hetalia in 2010 and 2011
homestuck was bigger than SAO in 2014. 2014 was peak homestuck too I think.

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but most people who crossplay actually are trans or at least bi/gay.
Unless you are talking about really badly done joke crossplays. Big difference.

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2019 is hero academia too. 2015 could be Steven Universe? League of Legends had a lot around battle bunny riven and Jynx release times but I don’t play so I can’t name a year for it.

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2019: Good Omens

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Black Butler and Gode Geass were some of the older ones that had a lot of cosplay going on.

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Homestuck was way bigger in 2012-13 than madoka imo. After 2013 it started to slowly lose popularity.

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The list is simply for anime/Japanese origin cosplay popularity. I'm sure there was much more popularity around western series for each of the years but I don't follow them at all.

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homestuck was waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger in the anime/japanese crowd than western/comic crowd. You'd see more homestuck cosplayers at anime cons than any other type of con.

just realize I meant to say 2013, not 2014

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Its Yoko Ritona but ok

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2015 is Dangan Ronpa, maybe.

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Does anyone remember when Death Note peaked? I knew it was popular with grainy photos circulating years after the factor since 2006, when I joined this board at the legal age.

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Maybe Haikyuu in 2015?
Deadpool and Marvel Comics somewhere.
Overwatch if not MHA.

>> No.10257526

Yeah and Cloud Strife is Kuraudo Sutoraifu but ok

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I'd want to see it.

So what's the official rank of worst fandoms?
So far I think we've covered it as:
1) Bronies
2) Homestuck
3) Voltron
4) My Hero Academia
TBA) Demon Slayer

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add steven universe and you’re good.

>> No.10257696

Where would you put it?

>> No.10258062

Ouran Host Club
Gurren Lagann

>> No.10258072

I'd personally rate Undertale, Voltron, and Steven Universe as worse than Homestuck. Homestuck was full of cringe but no one was trying to threaten the creators' lives or bully people into suicide attempts.

>> No.10258092

Klance and Kiribaku are cancerous as fuck, Sheith and Bakudeku are the real man's choices.

>> No.10258096

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXM7uFKz5yE This kind of makes me wonder about the top two, I'd also add Jojofags and sonic fans if you're doing a top 10, sonic fans should be in the top 3 honestly.

>> No.10258319

I'm not sure if Deadpool counts as a fandom since he's a single character from a larger universe / series of characters, but duly noted.

What hijinxs have members of Ouran and Gurren Lagann gotten into? I don't think I've heard much beyond them just being outrageously popular.

>but no one was trying to threaten the creators' lives or bully people into suicide attempts.
Oof, fair point. I'm inclined to agree with you there, but the sheer volume of incidents regarding homestuck fans on a micro and macro level just can't be beat imo. Why Undertale though?

Please no, I'll have to re-repress that memory now.

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Infamously bad furryfucker fandom that bullied people who didnt play the game 'the right way', were somehow both super sjw and alt right at the same time, and were shits to toby fox. also skeleton fuckers.

>> No.10258397

It’s only going to get worse when it airs on Cartoon Network. I’m pretty bummed because I’ve been following the manga since it started and the discussion quality has gone super downhill since the anime started airing.

Hetalia was 2009-10ish along with Gurren Lagann

>> No.10258499

>also skeleton fuckers
I think I really have repressed these horrible memories. I read that sentence and suddenly the images of Sans with a floating glowing dick was burned to the backs of my eyelids.

>> No.10258511

That fucking video oh my god
Makes feel old as shit seeing old homestuck cosplay videos that were posted 7 years ago.
I remember when the threads were still active here and people would make fun all the bad makeup and acne Daves.
Does anyone have the sharpie bathtub girl story


>> No.10258512

I recall homestucks doing the most damage to cons, especially the rooms and water fountains lmao

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Hetalia was super obnoxious and deserves a spot imo. It attracted a lot of autismos that didn't know how to handle historical events properly. Oh and there were fools that did shit like pic related. It was a recipe for disaster, that anime.

>> No.10258525

sluts as spidergwen

>> No.10258529

OOF. As if it's not bad enough to walk around in Nazi regalia, I was just thinking about how Hetalia brewed some legit Nazi apologism and well... that pic puts the icing on the cake.

>> No.10258558

They still exist?

>> No.10258561

Where is Kingdom Hearts on this list? Or does no one remember the 98563443 Kairis and greasy boys in Organization coats?

>> No.10258562

Fucking this. Everything except bronies pale in comparison to the clusterfuckery that was the Hetalia fandom

>> No.10258563


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>Where is Kingdom Hearts on this list?
Probably 2003-2005

>> No.10258612

My god i was at otakon this year and MHA was everywhere.

>> No.10258687

Neck yourself, discord tranny.
Deadpool. Deadpool deadpool deadpool.

>> No.10258752

Those poor uncensored people look so uncomfortable, that’s terrible. I’m so glad I was a Hetalia fan when I didn’t know what cosplay or yaoi were

>> No.10258768

Kingdom Hearts was 2006 or earlier

>> No.10258881

I remember when OFF was big for a hot second.

>> No.10259041

Fuck Deadpool. Can’t cross an aisle at AX without seeing one.

>> No.10259441

1) Bronies
2) Steven Universe/Homestuck
3) MHA
4) Voltron
5) Hetalia

>> No.10259532

Imo, I'd put it under Homestuck because SU fans have yet to destroy hotels or preform obscene acts in public, but they're pretty damn close.

>> No.10261146

Happy the new kids don’t do Homestuck.
Greasy hair, dripping mess everywhere. Every bathroom was nasty. <shudder>

>> No.10261509

MHA belongs at the bottom

>> No.10261567

Bottom being the best of the worst or the worst of the worst?

>> No.10261577

best of the worst. #1 is for the worst of the worst

>> No.10261611

Homestuck was cringe/underage nonsense, SU is adults behaving awfully. I'd say they're two different breeds of awful.

>> No.10261641

Spiderman has been a staple of cons since forever

But the recent buzz of Spiderverse, Endgame and Far from Home blows it up to critical mass

>> No.10261778

Main problem with spidey cosplays is they are low-effort.
Their little conga parades around the convention centers are amusing.
Bronies and Homestuckers are just gross.

>> No.10261781

I’ve legit never had a bad experience with bronies. They might look gross but I never saw them shrieking or running through hallways or anything.

>> No.10263980

Once I was eating at Noodles and a bunch of people dressed in BNHA cosplay walked. There was a con that weekend but it was like 45 minutes away.

>> No.10263992

I’m so disgusted of seeing the ugly spiderverse cross overs

>> No.10264005

Until today I didn't know what homestuck was but I always felt annoyed by the grey faced horned girls walking around despite knowing nothing about it. It was just a feeling.

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I appreciate deadpool, he has a cool character design. But most of the time plagued by low quality costumes and cringy "crossovers"

Ill probably look for Deathstroke/Slade cosplay in the future

>> No.10264513

There wasn’t much kny at CCE, but I feel like it’ll be all over soon. I’m in a pillars group for Katsu and have had 3 other people ask me if I wanted to be in their pillars group for Katsu lmao.

>> No.10264621

that deadpool cosplay is insane.

I 100% agree though. for every 2 MHA there's some variation deadpool. at our university there was this guy who showed up for tabling events dressed as deadpool. i got a chance to talk to him out of his suit and he said "it's like a fursona" for him. made it a point never to talk to him again.

>> No.10265362

>that deadpool cosplay is insane.
Yes it looks like its made by someone who sincerely liked the character

>> No.10266911
File: 160 KB, 866x1300, 31610003-bangkok-aug-31-an-unidentified-japanese-anime-cosplay-l-death-note-pose-on-august-31-2014-at-central.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lest ye forget: L.

>> No.10270193

>t. bronies

Shit posting aside. I also never had a legit autismo experience with bronies. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that bronies is a more recent phenomenon compared to Hetalia where socially out cast nerds are still not aware that jumping at each other and molesting each other in order to sate their thirst for affection is not the norm in society.

>> No.10270383

Pokemon's been dominating this list even til now.

2007ish had a lot of lazy ass dudes rocking an L cosplay
2016: Rem, so much Rem
2017: Year of the video games, Persona 5, BotW and 2B cosplay everywhere

I don't know about 2019, but 2020 will be Demon Slayer 100%. I predict Nezuko or Shinobu will be the "default" for straight girls.

>> No.10270415 [DELETED] 

If people are curious about the most cosplayed, you can just check aliexpress or some other cosplay shop and sort by most ordered. Here's what I gathered

For Anime-ish franchises:
1. Attack on Titan - Scouts Cape
2. Naruto - Akatsuki Cape
3. Kimetsu no Yaiba Short haired wigs
4. Attack on Titan - Scouts Jacket
5. Boku no Hero Academia - Todoroki Wig
6. Boku no Hero Academia - Pants
7. Boku no Hero Academia - School uniform
8. Boku no Hero Academia - School uniform (again)
9. Boku no Hero Academia - Todoroki Wig for Women
10. Attack on Titan - Scouts hoodie
11. Danganronpa - Monokuma sweater
12. Pokemon - Pikachu jumpsuit
13. Boku no Hero Academia - Deku wig
14. DBZ - Goku wig
15. Boku no Hero Academia - Toga wig
16. Re:Zero - Rem/Ram dress
17. Himouto - Blanket
18. Kakegurui - Uniform
19. Haikyuu - Uniform
20. Kimetsu no Yaiba - General costume
21. Boku no Hero Academia - Bakugou wig
22. Nier:Automata - 2B costume
23. Pokemon - Pikachu costume
24. Boku no Hero Academia - Toga wig
25. Boku no Hero Academia - Uraraka wig

Granted, most of these are cheap (<$20), which makes sense since more people are likely to order a $10 generic Scouts cloak than a full $150 realistic Eren cosplay. Also worth noting that many people don't play cosplay at all.

>> No.10270427

You can always go to aliexpress or another site people buy cosplay off of and sort by most ordered

Top 30 for anime-ish stuff:
1. Attack on Titan - Generic scouts cape
2. Naruto - Generic Akatsuki uniform
3. Demon Slayer - Short haired wig
4. Attack on Titan - Generic scouts uniform
5. MHA - Todoroki wig
6-10. More MHA stuff, mostly uniforms and a "Todoroki wig for women" whatever the hell that is
11. Attack on Titan - Generic scouts hoodie
12. Danganronpa - Monokuma sweater
13. Pokemon - Pikachu
14. MHA - Deku wig
15. DBZ - Goku wig
16. MHA - Toga wig
17. Re:Zero - Rem/Ram maid dress
18. Himouto - Hoodie blanket
19. Haikyuu - Generic uniform
20. Demon Slayer - Generic outfit
21. MHA - Bakugou wig
22. Nier - 2B costume
23. Pokemon - More Pikachu
24. MHA - Toga wig again
25. Future Diary - Yuno Uniform
26. Attack on Titan - Belts
27. Re:Zero - Rem/Ram wigs
28. Promised Neverland - Emma wig
29-30. More Attack on Titan stuff

Most of these stuff are on the cheap side (<$20) but seems to match up with the most popular franchises I see for the past couple years.

>> No.10270445

BnHA is everywhere because it got super lucky timing.

Since it came out in 2016, it had no challengers until just recently. 2017 was supposed to be Black Clover's year, but it flopped. 2018 was supposed to be DitF's year, but that was quickly forgotten after it ended. The end result is that BnHA became the defacto normie anime for almost 2 years, before KnY finally gave it some competition.

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>Dwarf in the Flask

>> No.10270487

This is hella accurate lmao

>> No.10270818

Nobody mentioning Fate? It's everywhere.

>> No.10270853

I've seen a dozen total fate cosplays at actual cons.

>> No.10270880

I'd personally love to see a tiny kid Nezuko in a back carrier disguised as a little basket or box.

>> No.10270924

It's still Deadpool, SS Harley Quinn, and anything that has one of those printed morphsuits like Dva or Tsuyu.

>> No.10270953 [DELETED] 

Really? I think I saw at least 20 at Anime North alone this year


Though I suppose since the cast is massive and the cosplaying is very spread out (and not concentrated in 2-3 characters), it doesn't feel overdone.

>> No.10270954 [DELETED] 

Really? I think I saw at least 20 at Anime North alone this year. Here's a huge group at Anime Expo 2019:


Though I suppose since the cast is massive and the cosplaying is very spread out (and not concentrated in 2-3 characters), it doesn't feel overdone.

>> No.10270955

Really? I think I saw at least 20 at Anime North alone this year. Here's a huge group at Anime Expo 2019:


Though I suppose since the cast is massive and the cosplaying is very spread out (and not concentrated in 2-3 characters), it doesn't feel overdone.

>> No.10270964

I think DarliFra scared off a lot of people when Zero Two being genuinely manipulative and having to confront that got thrown into the audience's faces. She went from "UwU yandere girlfriend" to actually manipulative and using Hiro because she thought he wasn't her true Darling. I'm sure some people became significantly less interested in Zero Two and lewds of her once they couldn't just imagine a perfect fantasy with her. A lot of the normie fans also got turned off when Trigger did the Trigger thing and twisted the show upside down and turned it up to 11.

>> No.10270979

>Though I suppose since the cast is massive and the cosplaying is very spread out (and not concentrated in 2-3 characters), it doesn't feel overdone.

FGO's cast is so huge but i dont personally recognize anything as fate unless it resembles saber or redman

>> No.10270995

The last con I went to I saw like five 'Bakugou's' with shit wigs and just a black shirt with a skull on it. One even tried to sell themselves at the dating auction, went for like two dollars to one of their friends. Like I understand being to poor to do a good cosplay, but then just don't cosplay

>> No.10271103

> I'm sure some people became significantly less interested in Zero Two and lewds of her once they couldn't just imagine a perfect fantasy with her.
I agree to some extent, but I don't think most female cosplayers care much about male fantasies though and they choose based on their own appeal.

For example, in Persona 5, Makoto is by far the biggest waifu for guys, but she's possibly the least cosplayed of the major girls outside of maybe Haru. Most of the female cosplayers usually go for Futaba, who is more relatable to the average geeky girl.

>> No.10271169

Fucking Tifa Lockahart.

>> No.10271359

>For example, in Persona 5, Makoto is by far the biggest waifu for guys
This will never not upset me. Imagine actually choosing Makoto "Beep Boop" Nijima.

>> No.10271384

The Franxx costumes arent really easy and it doesn’t appeal to as many girls as shonen like BNHA does. /a/ sperging but Trigger actually left after ep 15. The second half shitting the bed into oblivion was all A1 and Director Nishigori. Not that Trigger’s guys can write much better though.

>> No.10271404


>> No.10271442

I don't think you get how otaku mindset works, males eat that shit up even if it is legitimately manipulative. It was 100% the xD alienzzz Trigger asspull that drove everyone off and giant robo 002 made it instantly dead because no one wanted to remember that bullshit.

>> No.10271444

>Don’t do things you like unless you’re a master.
Bro, not everyone is a career cosplayer. Some of us are just having fun.

As for cosplays that I’m over: Kill la Kill anything, especially nudist beach. Mostly because I’m done with the drama and roomies getting “me tooed” and having to listen to them as if they thought wandering half naked downtown wouldn’t get unwanted attention. I’m all for people doing what they want and it sucks that a bikini isn’t safe, but the lack of forethought and safety kinda wins the Darwin Award when they could easily change at the con.

>> No.10271448

inb4 some weeb parent puts their child in an actual box strapped to their back and forgets to put airholes

>> No.10271464

I...I ment in a way that the kids head clearly pokes out

>> No.10271470

You sound like someone who has watched ZeRo's P5 streams

>> No.10271471

I'm so sick of season 1 Attack on Titan cosplayers stuck in 2013. I get the feeling that 70% of the AoT base haven't even made it to season 2 yet and 99% haven't touched the manga.

Like goddamn people, the only non season 1 shit I've seen are the maid Levi memers and literally 1 based hobo Eren

>> No.10271478

>Wear JUST a brown jacket
>iTs aTTaCk o TiTAN cOsPlAY

>> No.10271760

Maybe because the earlier season are more fun. Go back to your containment thread.

>> No.10276562

Is Voltron a recent thing? I haven't been to a con in a few months but I also wouldn't recognize Voltron if I saw it.

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