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"My petticoat won't stay inflated in this heat" edition

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What happened to the old feels thread?

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>Stressed and not thinking
>Order op
>In the wrong color
I emailed the seller immediately afterwards. I'll understand if they can't accommodate me of course, and it's my own dumbass fault, but damn, just throw me into the sun

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No fun allowed on /cgl/

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I dreamed that Misako said the n-word and I woke up sobbing.

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I need to be saving for my 5 year anniversary trip with my boyfriend but so many cute things on LM and mercari right now...

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I’m terrible at gauging ages and look nebulously 20-something so I keep running into people and wanting to hang out only to find out I’m like the village elder to a bunch of high school students.

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Update: Based seller had my back.

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A lolita friend of mine (or former friend) is so full of bullshit and treating me in such a weird and disrespectful way, but I’m afraid that by telling her I don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore she will bad mouth me to people that I really like in the community.
Dear lord, why did I start to hang out with this girl in the first place?

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I’ve been in a situation like this before and honestly most of my comm already knew she was a shitty person but I was a fool to give her a chance. You don’t have to tell her you don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore, because that’s rather confrontational. I’d just distance myself and then just tell her you’re busy.

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the classic female way, but also modern times ways, I told my toxic friend to stay the fuck away from me, he already knows why, he is well aware of his own toxicity

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Bf and I have a couple cosplay coming up and I was supposed to make the costumes and he was supposed to make the one (1) single prop that goes with his costume. I finished the costumes weeks ago while the prop is still only halfway done. The con is in a week. I love him but it's really frustrating how he never finishes anything he starts. I hate making props but I guess I'm just going to have to finish it for him.

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Hey anon, I was literally just in this exact situation. I dumped the friend and decided to swallow the risk of dumping the community with them, because I was sick of them making me feel like shit and given how often they tell me everyone in the community hates me, I'm not sure I had much to lose anyway. It's not worth the long-term damage to your self esteem so just quietly distance yourself.

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Have you talked to him about how wrong this is? It’s not nice to leave all the work in your hands and if I were you and it weren’t REALLY important for me to go to the con with that specific cosplay I wouldn’t do it so he would see the consequences of him not putting his shit together.

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>fucked another cosplay thot at a convention again
why do I keep going to these things

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I have and we've come to the agreement that since I do most of the work, he pays for most of the materials, which he did in this case as well. But he promised to make the prop as well, which he didn't. It's honestly not that big of a deal but I'm just salty because I really hate making props.

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happy for u gull

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you best be dumping your collection of lewds on /b/ when the time comes, lucky bastard, the fact that you feel bad for doing what you're doing makes me think that perhaps it is time for you to find a wifey

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>tfw no e thot gf I can leech off

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I was in the same situation last year. Got very close with a friend in the comm over the course of a couple years, but then she started acting extremely possessive of me, upset if I would talk to other people, and treated me like I was her shitty arm candy girlfriend when we certainly weren't dating and never would. I just started to distance myself from her, not making many posts online that she'd interact with, stopped going to things where I knew she'd be, etc. After about 9 months of this and even having a heart-to-heart over it, she still didn't get the hint, so I just cut her off and blocked her everywhere and called it a day. She had a really embarassing internet meltdown over it and started spreading really awful rumors about me. Tbh I couldn't even tell you how it has affected me because nothing has really changed. I haven't been to any comm meets since then and I only noticed one person stop talking to me, so I'm sure it'll blow over or other people already knew she was crazy so it'll pass. However, I'm hosting two meets for the comm coming up and many people are excited to go and have been buzzing about it, so really probably nothing will come of her being shitty and if you just be the bigger person and cut them out then I'm sure the same will happen for you.

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Last year between depression and desk job I gained about 30lbs. It wrecked my self-esteem and pulled me out of wearing lolita for a good while. I could see the weight in photos and a lot of my favorite pieces didn't fit anymore. I've since lost 18 of the 30lbs and look and feel so much better. My old stuff is still a little tight, but I can get all of my unshirred Moitie zipped again and can wear things again now that I couldn't get zipped in January. My goal is to have that extra 12lbs gone by the end of October and celebrate by getting myself something really nice that I thought I wouldn't ever fit again. Wish me luck, gulls.

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Breathe into your petticoat

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Become a >>>/fit/-bro.

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God, I hope I see a chick in full brand bench pressing next time I go to the Gym

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I just received my first Moitie dress from my based mail lady (who always has my back and brings packages up to the door and doesnt chuck them across the yard) and I'm about to sob this is my first massive lolita purchase (over 500 usd with accessories and all new/not second hand). It's so lovely! When I saw the tiny 'M's in the lace i lost it and started shaking with joy. I can't wait to wear it out even if I only do silly things like my shopping and getting a coffee and such.

My goth dreams are finally coming true

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Post which dress it is! I’m a total moitiefag so I’d love to see. Congrats, too!

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>tfw got like another year or two of going to the gym consistently before girls will wanna squeeze my muscles and gib me the sweet, sweet mires

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post photos plz

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I got the Lace Cross JSK in the white colorway and also snagged a bat collar blouse in white and the white silent moon OTKS. A basic start but it's so cute and simple. I love that the skirt is lined as well. The blouse is a bit sheerer than I expected from the photos, but opaque enough that no one would notice under a JSK so I'm still very happy with it. Mana has stolen my heart
I'm already planning my next day off so i can take myself on a "date" and go book shopping and go out to lunch at a cute cafe

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>Have tiny wrists, wristcuffs always way too big
>Job involves lifting, so my arms are always just a little too big for burando ops
This life is suffering. I'm actually a tiny person as well

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I'm losing interest in lolita since my favourite brand went out of business. I just keep making coords with the stuff I already own but there's only so much I can do with it. I never realised how sad this would be.

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I'm so happy for you anon. Welcome to Moitie.

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That's really nice anon! The lace cross jsk was also my first time buying first hand from brand too, it's really cute and i hope you enjoy yourself!

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What was your favourite brand?

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Sad indeed

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Does anyone know why Meta is so cheap on Japanese secondhand sites, but gets listed for absolutely retarded amounts on LM? Even with SS and shipping fees, that doesn’t excuse selling a skirt for $150 when it’s actually only ¥3000. Did some e-famous lolita make Meta popular? Or is it just scalpers on their usual bullshit?

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I regularly get cheap meta on western 2nd hand sites. It just gets snapped up faster because a lot of lolitas don't use SS.

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>Open closet to put up a new dress
>Gnat flutters past me
>Rush to the store to get moth balls
>Spend the rest of the evening inspecting dresses for larva and casings
I wasn't like this before lolita. I found nothing, my room reeks of moth balls, and I may be high.

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The asshole tranny who runs Snow Phoenix arcade at cons made a Facebook group for con thots to post lewds of themselves. So many disgusting estrogen ““tits””, asses, ahegao, so much degeneracy. Man I hate those kinds of “con people” who volunteer/staff everywhere and have that buddy-buddy air of elitism so much so the combo of them + their desperate need for validation makes me sick but I stay for the laffs

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Anyone ever wished they had their own butler? Things like that don't really exist in real life though...

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Anyone ever wished they had their own butler? Things like that don't really exist in real life anymore though...

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Anyone ever wished they had their own butler? Things like that don't really exist in real life anymore though...

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Anyone ever wished they had their own butler? Things like that don't really exist in real life anymore though...

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strange, but I wish I was someone's personal butler.

>> No.10248840

I have adhd and I need a butler to function. Because I don't have one my daily life is a mess.

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>moth balls
Anon this won't do if it isn't just one mith
Get mothkiller juice,rub it in every smallest corner and absolutely seal your closet for a week. These fuckers are so damn stubborn once they've moved in.

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I've always wondered why she doesn't have an upper lip

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my plan is to be the breadwinner and have a stay-at-home husbando to do all the housework and cooking. and tie my waist ties.

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nobody cared when you posted this last thread bro
if you obsess over tranny dick so much just go get some, nobody's stopping you

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>Been in a depressive slump since leaving my last job (needed to move for husband’s work)
>Husband tells me not to worry about it, just take care of myself and find a new job at my own pace
>I’ve been job-searching but kinda half-assing it desu
>Meanwhile my wishlist items have been taunting me
>I don’t feel right buying lolita while someone else is financially supporting me
>Find my ultimate dream dress at a decent price
>It’s not a super rare/coveted print, it’s not from a popular brand, and it’s kinda hidden unmarked on a lesser-known secondhand site. So I don’t think it’ll get snatched up too quickly, but if it does get bought I’ll probably have to wait a couple years before it gets listed again.
>I literally shake at the thought of not owning it.
>Give 150% of my effort to job-hunting
>I find a position that wants me to start this Tuesday.

>My husband is “annoyed” (but not really) that lolita is the thing that snapped me out of my depression and made me motivated.

I mean, why else would I want to participate in capitalism without cool shit to buy?

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Husband is annoyed that your hobby helped you feel better during a period of not being able to enjoy things? Wth?

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This is how I picture your average /cgl/ user.

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Is he yt by chance? Cause he sounds like he has savior complex

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That thread got deleted soon after I posted, feg. I hope you like your arcade run by degenerate perverts

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Is it just me or does CGL seem even slower than usual lately?

>> No.10248969

I just came back from a bit of a break and I actually thought the same thing, but I wasn't sure if I was imagining it?

>> No.10248971

Same situation- I hadn’t been on much since the beginning of summer and now I’m regularly visiting again and threads seem like they’re all at a stand still.

>> No.10248978

You seem like a crossboarder.

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I've been having issues posting, so perhaps other people are as well.

>> No.10248982

Yeah same, I took a break because I couldn’t stand every reply being snarky or combative (even in stupid question threads) and I’ve been back the last few days and even the feels threads are slow. Maybe gulls have finally killed the hype and chased off all productivity.

>> No.10248983

I have too! The Bad Gateway grey and green thing? I thought it was just me.

>> No.10248984

I kept getting connection errors every time i have tried to post on cgl today.

>> No.10249006

Nope. And I meant that in an affectionate way.

>> No.10249033

I haven't posted a coordinate to CoF in over two years. Now that these ita and CoF threads are slowing down/ dead makes me excited to feel comfortable posting again!

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What fresh hell is this?

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to make things right in your rs, holy shit that somebody has to tell you this

>> No.10249088

wtf are all these assumptions these anons are making about you and your husband, he’s fine with you not working and wasn’t actually mad, and you weren’t using him to buy frivolous shit so what gives

>> No.10249094

How much Two-hit mom cosplay do you think will we see?
And was that another plan by Abe, that people get more children?

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I fucked up my helmet

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I have all these wonderful dresses and adorable accessories but I don't have the will to take care of myself so whenever I do dress up in lolita I just end up thinking it'd suit someone else much better. I know part of lolita is the attention to detail and that means working on your hair, skin, nails, and everything else. I just don't ever do it. All my free time is spent lying in bed and hating myself. I'm taking medication and getting therapy but I feel like it's going nowhere.

>> No.10249163

Taking care of yourself starts in little bits and steps at a time. I suggest making that time when you dress up, so you can see how lovely you look with just that little bit if effort. I know it's hard, you just have to take it one step and a time.

>> No.10249170

this, you could start by incorporating some basic skincare before you do makeup, like a toner and moisturizer

>> No.10249212

set on lm going for great price but i can’t justify buying it as i have the same set in a diff color. but it’s $200 cheaper than what i paid and includes some accessories i don’t have. ugh.

>> No.10249222

Not them but I’m in the same boat. Could you recommend a babbys first toner and moisturizer? Or something with retinol? My mom never taught me skin stuff and my friends were all tomboys so I never learned...

>> No.10249225

skincare thread
you don’t even have to ask , there are good suggestions already in the current thread

>> No.10249280

Go for it anon, there's nothing wrong with owning a piece twice (or more) in a different colorway. Especially when it comes with extra's.

>> No.10249473

I'm intensely unhappy, I've been that way for about two years now. The only family I had was abusive so I have no relationships with them now as an adult. I have friends, and they're good people who mean well but I always end up as their therapist and when the conversation isn't on them it feels like they're uninterested. I have a boyfriend, we haven't been right for a long time I feel like I'm constantly begging for affection. I'm realizing that maybe no one has ever loved me as much as I've loved them. I don't do any of my old hobbies I try but it just feels hollow. All I do is look at lolita and buy clothes that I don't wear. I feel like the smallest, ugliest, most unworthy piece of crap. And I don't know how to stop or be better

>> No.10249481

Hey anon, as I read this, I felt like I had written it. It's pretty much exactly like my life, though I do wear my lolita, and I'm more on the tail end of the stagnant void of not having hobbies anymore. It really really sucks and I really hate having to say it, but You have to learn to love yourself. Be your best friend. Do things to make you feel good and happy. You'll probably have to force these things at first, and it can feel pointless, but don't give up. Eventually, as you gain confidence and security within, and start truly loving yourself, it will attract more love into your life. Remember that you are worthy, even if you do not feel this. treat yourself as you would a best friend. You will attract positivity into your life if you are first positive. I love you anon. You can do it!

>> No.10249487

Lolitas wear helmets? That’s some intense tea partying you got going on.

>> No.10249494

Because it's inevitable people start getting non-cosplay RL stuff off their chest and some janni goes "oo, off topic, not on MY board" and nukes the thread.

Which is a pity, because these threads are the only places i feel comfortable venting about life stuff, places like /adv/ are a shitshow.

>> No.10249495

Thanks gulls, I'll try it. I appreciate the support.

>> No.10249502

Disgusting lolita centrism

>> No.10249534

The best part is that this is a guy.

>> No.10249547

Every time I see something I want on lacemarket the seller is Rainies. Trying really hard to stay strong..

>> No.10249549

That's the literal point

>> No.10249557

Did she fucking hit that Orange Justice towards the end there? Context? Is there a full clip of this? I wanna see the result.

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After the sun sets, you can't take 2 steps at DragonCon without some thottie begging for the d.

>> No.10249602

Don't blame me if you get cancer.


>> No.10249624

Just put on my first pair of bloomers and I can't believe I used to wear safety pants. I can never go back to that. Someone should have told me how much more comfortable bloomers are. I hate you all.

>> No.10249692

When people ask me "Do you wear bloomers or shorts?" I say "Depends"

Always gets a giggle.

>> No.10249788

I've been telling lolitas to wear bloomers forever. they are comfy, cute, fun... plus desu they fit the aesthetic much better. But almost everyone scoffs and says something about how it's stupid or it's something only sissies do. It's fucking comfy as fuck.

>> No.10249792

Wtf. Bloomers are so affordable there's no excuse.

>> No.10249801

yeah and they’re super ez to make

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Hey it's me from 2 weeks ago.
The Anon with the crazy abusive gf that would shave her head and eye brows off and talk shit to me -shrug-. Took your guys advice.
Am single now and feel like a weight has been lifted. I don't think I will ever get in a relationship ever again, it's not for me. One is enough I think lol. Anywho thank y'all for the words of encouragement. Gonna focus on myself more for the rest of my life.

>> No.10249814

A pint of stout slipped from my hand and it stained my entire OP and also petti, bloomers and socks. Time to pray to the laundry gods.

>> No.10249824

>I don't think I will ever get in a relationship ever again
Too soon to say that

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>spend a lot of money for fabrics and materials for new costume, I'm really excited
>thinking I'm a smartass I want to do EVERYTHING on my own
>I'm making pattern for a dress, it's my first pattern ever
>fuck it up
>fucked up everything I could, I shit you not
>it's ok i'm gonna do it again
>i wanted to make appliques for dress myself, they end up looking like retarded foil blankets EMS use
>it's ok i'm gonna use different technique
>animal ears i've made are too heavy and hard, they are a fucking WEAPONS
>it's ok i'm gonna make another pair
>second pair is too soft and floppy
>3rd time is a charm huh
>costume ends up looking mediocre, it's literally ok and nothing special
I mean I'm still learning but I'm so fucking dumb and untalented it's starting to get frustrating. At least I'm patitent and learned my lessons

>> No.10249880

you made the first mockup of your dress pattern on, like, a bedsheet right?

>> No.10249884

Proud of you, Anon. Glad you feel better. Also Hooni is a qt

>> No.10249900

That's a guy.

>> No.10250182

>decicde to do group order with this friend to save on shipping
>friend takes forever to tell me what she wants
>finally decides
>half the shit I want is sold out in the time it took her ass to decide
>subtly mention this and how I'm a bit disappointed
>why does she always make everything about herself
cry for me anons, I just wanted a blouse and a fucking mushroom skirt

>> No.10250186

My (open relationship, somewhat long distance) lolita gf dumped me on Friday and she won't give me a proper explanation about why she did it. I'm cry.

>> No.10250196

Where are your favorite places to get affordable bloomers from?

>> No.10250211

I don't deserve this fashion. All my split ends break off, my dry skin flakes, eyes watered with allergies... The worst part is looking down and seeing dead hair and skin nestling in the ruffles of my blouse. I don't deserve this fashion.

>> No.10250214
File: 155 KB, 382x172, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it. I lost the massive amount of weightI had steadily gained since 2009, which is the last time I wore lolita. I fit into my dresses again. I have a financially comfortable position and the body size to start buying my old dream dresses and other cute shit again.

But I'm 32 now. I didn't age particularly well. I feel like I wasted my "can get away with wearing alternate fashion" youthful years.

>> No.10250249
File: 142 KB, 1920x1079, 158380-the-killers-how-did-it-end-up-like-this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw friends aren't really into what I am
>none of them are close enough to travel with me
>going to Disney World solo
>paid ridiculous amount of money for unlimited photos
>wearing all the cute lolita and nanchatte
>planning on paying out the ass to go to Japan alone
>repeat in Disney Japan
>friends don't get why I want to go to Japan and not see temples or shrines or do typical Japanese stuff
>feel like I'm an idiot for going so far and spending so much money just to take cute pics of being alone in places meant for family trips and friend hangouts

>> No.10250251

I mean did you have fun? I've always wanted to go to japan myself, but I know I would have to go alone as well, but i can see how it would be better to go with a friend or something.

>> No.10250272

Haven't gone yet but I've never not had fun traveling by myself. Just everyone always ends up acting shocked when they find it out and questioning how I can have fun alone, especially in theme parks catered to people in groups.

It just really gets to me because I spend extra money looking good in Jfashion for photos by myself or going to conventions alone to cosplay alone.

>> No.10250284

wish I were taller

>> No.10250307

I wish the cgl secret santa would start soon, its the only thing I have to look forward to in my life rn

>> No.10250315

Have you been to a doctor anon? I had similar issues from hypothyroidism and got help with it
You deserve to be healthy and wear the things you love no matter what

>> No.10250321

your floowing you're dreams, your brave

>> No.10250370

>Open relationship
>Long distance

Did you really believe that this was going to work out?

>> No.10250386

tell your friends to be happy for you

>> No.10250388

you can't get away with alt fashion at any age


>> No.10250398

Eh, when you look young its "oh those crazy young people." Once you start looking old you're like one of the old women on What Not To Wear wandering the streets in 10 layers of boho skirts. Just weird and sad.

>> No.10250411

Hot young women could wear a trashbag and still look good

>> No.10250433

I want to wear kilts, like really bad, but I’m not Scottish and not a trap. What do?

>> No.10250448

Become a hunk and wear them anyways

>> No.10250450

cold water soak should get that out anon.

>> No.10250454

First, and most important...congratulations on losing the weight.
You're just not used to lolita anymore because you didn't wear it for 10 years. Start small until you get used to it again. Wear lolita skirts with normie blouses, etc. You can slowly incorporate more lolita into your wardrobe until you're comfortable in a full coord again. Don't let your age get you down, just wear stuff that flatters you now.

Unless you have a busted face and want to wear sweet.

>> No.10250455

you need new friends. find some that actually share your interests.

>> No.10250457

>caring this much about what other people think
I believe I've found the problem, anon.

>> No.10250474

Good idea. Gonna hit the gym today!

>> No.10250488

i used to admire people with a big wardrobe but now the ones who boast about it seem so dumb and sad. i thought it was hard to buy a lot of lolita clothes, but it isn't. if you have a full-time job, even if you just make minimum wage, you can easily have a wardrobe with 100+ main-pieces. but should you want to? does anyone need that? nobody needs that and it's just pathetic if that is the main thing in your life.

>> No.10250555

Thank you so much for your kind words. It gives me positive feels to know someone heard me and cared to relate. And yes, I've been to a doctor. My curse is atopic dermatitis, although my hair is just sad. The dry skin was downright depressing before I found my doctor of destiny, so now I only have dips of dryness from time to time. When I wrote that post I was on a long trainride, after sleeping in an especially dry room, and being forced by circumstance to wash my hair without conditioner...
At least my clothes were pretty! After I got off the train I picked myself up and dusted myself off, literally, and had a quite pleasant day.

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Good luck anon. I hope you'll achieve your dream!

>> No.10250875

Congratulations anon!! I bought this jsk a few months ago and it was my first Motie piece and my biggest lolita related purchase too. I got it as a celebration of getting my first big girl job and it has a special place in my heart. I have worn it so much since getting it!

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>tfw your boyfriend likes Lolita fashion
I'm so happy I can talk his ear off about prints and designs and snaps without him getting bored or annoyed. He even helps me pick out stuff to buy and offers input.
Telling him about /cgl/ posts and drama is funny, too.
I always hear stories about anons' boyfriends disapproving of their fashion choices at worst, or not caring at best, so I feel very lucky.

>> No.10251174

This post was wholesome and reading it improved my mood. Thanks, anon

>> No.10251186

>got fit
>still receive no feminine attention
this image is nothing but lies.
if you ever lacked it. there is absolutely nothing you can do to gain it.

>> No.10251188

I met a guy who likes talking about lolita fashion too. I tried to become friends with him but he keeps flirting with me. He's not ugly or as terrible as other men around him but I still don't like him the way he likes me.

>> No.10251189

>if you have a full-time job, even if you just make minimum wage, you can easily have a wardrobe with 100+ main-pieces.
Thats thousands of dollars. If thats the only thing you spend you extra income on, then sure I guess, but thats unrealistic for most people.

>> No.10251192
File: 204 KB, 900x1273, DenIcfVU8AADEt3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That cathartic feeling when your entire wardrobe is clean and the things that need to be handwashed are finally done.

>> No.10251194

>Tfw you're a dude who got your girlfriend into Lolita for the same reason.

Feels good bro.

>> No.10251196

Because those people spend their money on other things

>> No.10251201

It just means that spending all of your money on clothes thus having a big wardrobe is nothing to boast about. It actually hints at a shopping addiction.

>> No.10251207
File: 67 KB, 500x352, 1567477870055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My girlfriend who I cosplay with dumped me because I was invited to her ffxiv erp group and I didn't immediately embrace it because the ffxiv obsession was already getting out of hand and it made me feel really uncomfortable. My cat died the next day. I've considered suicide a few times now as I come to realize a video game has replaced me in her heart and I'm not going to get her back.

>> No.10251224


>> No.10251230

Hey, don't kill yourself over a hateful bitch

>> No.10251236

I try really hard, every single day, in hopes that I can get a girlfriend.
but in fact, it seems girls want to avoid me almost as much as I want to be with them.
I figured it could just be the setting, but this seems to imply just as much at cons.

>> No.10251270
File: 56 KB, 1080x643, 1567591030913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No matter how much weight I lose, my face genetics doom me to always looking like a fucking neanderthal
>Will never be able to do bishi characters like Lelouch or any of the FREE main guys
Minus the huge neck, I pretty much look like pic related

>> No.10251273

maybe you can wifh the power of make up

>> No.10251456

I bid on my dream dress. I'm too excited to sleep but I have a presentation at work 6 hours from now.

>> No.10251457

Maybe you try too hard. It can come off as needy and high maintenance. Just be chill and only try for girls you actually have a crush on.

>> No.10251461

>Just be chill and only try for girls you actually have a crush on.
how do I do this? any time a cute girl talks to me I feel so much inside, I am nervous particularly that she will know I want to date her when first trying to interact with her. In general I think this puts them off, because they have enough guys trying to date them already.

>> No.10251463

You need to know people before wanting to date them. Be a friend.

>> No.10251471

that's the point, I can't do that when I can't interact with them without making it obvious I want them, no matter how hard I try. or maybe they just assume the worst from me...

>> No.10251481

Desperation is ugly, perhaps the ugliest thing to a girl. Watch less porn, it can prevent you from seeing women as people and not sex objects (note you can still j o, but do it to your imagination or ween yourself off of porn vids)

Also work on yourself. Hit the gym, get good at a social hobby or 3. General life advice is good because women like a well rounded guy and y’aint gonna be well rounded if you’re talentless and anti-social

>> No.10251490

wish I were smaller

>> No.10251491

Don't go into an interaction solely because you want to date someone. Make friends first. You have literally no idea what these people are like aside from the superficial shit. Be friends with people and eventually You'd develop REAL feelings, and not just some desperation grab for anything, and you'll have much better chances, dude.

>> No.10251527
File: 1018 KB, 640x720, 1564625780942.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How /fit/ are you? I didn't start getting attention from women until I was almost 2 years in, and I still have yet to get attention from the type of women I actually want to have as a gf, but those girls require that you actually put in the effort to approach them unless you're a 10/10 so I don't worry about it so much.
If you got /fit/ to cosplay have you actually gone to any cons yet? Have you considered being the fuccboi shirtless cosplayer guy?

>> No.10251530
File: 34 KB, 700x471, 1543618551239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jerk off before you go to one, do it to romance porn too, or a video of your waifu being sweet on you or something
If you still like them when you talk to them afterwards it means you really do like em, and your head should be clear enough not to spill spaghetti everywhere.

>> No.10251578

That's kind of sad anon. Why don't you compromise a little and go to stuff your friends like? Maybe then, they'll go to things you like.

>> No.10251593

>Desperation is ugly, perhaps the ugliest thing to a girl. Watch less porn, it can prevent you from seeing women as people and not sex objects
I even tried that thinking it might lessen my want for a girlfriend, and after a couple weeks I didn't have much of a sex drive and didn't feel the need to start again, but it didn't have any effect on how much not having a girlfriend hurt. Is the desperation you mentioned only in the context of not having a girlfriend? I hope I won't have to turn down my emotions in order to not turn off a girlfriend

that's what I was saying, I'm not so impatient I am not okay with just being friends, but it seems so difficult because they are so used to guys hitting on them.

>> No.10251607

Yes that's off-putting. There are 2 guys who keep hitting on me even though I told them to stop several times. They are so annoying, when a different guy hits on me I don't have the energy or patience anymore to really talk to him because the other guys already constantly beg for my attention.
I'm not even cute, there just aren't many other girls around where I live, so they're desperate. Maybe you should go to a place where there are more girls than guys.

>> No.10251610

well I'm not really hitting on them, I'm just trying to interact, but I think it might be to obvious how much I am enjoying just hearing her voice,

>> No.10251620

Does anybody feel incredibly anxious before and after purchasing items? One of my top wishlist items is for sale but the thought of spending money makes me feel nauseous. Every time I buy something my anxiety spikes and I don't know what to do about it. It's not like I'm taking a financial risk by buying it but my fear of spending money is holding me back.

>> No.10251641

Same here... already bought some stuff in the past but it's really convenient being in Europe buying from them.

>> No.10251894

I hate loss aversion. I keep putting off selling main pieces I only sort of like even though I know I’d be happier with the money or other dresses.

>> No.10251942

Anon, are you me?

A couple of my wishlist items are for sale. I have like 5 main pieces I’ve been meaning to sell because I never wear them for various reasons (colorway is a complete outlier in my wardrobe, shoulders are a little tight, I just lost interest in it, etc etc). But I just...can’t bring myself to sell them. The thought of losing certain prints and possibly never having them in my possession again is scary to me.

>> No.10251971

ron memes... thought it wasn't going to top this until Sabat turned out to be a Weinstein level creep.
There's court hearing tomorow at 10am central time btw

Anyway. I end up being the kid that follows retired people around. In my 20s and my close friends are all boomers.

>> No.10252116

Are you me anon? I almost had a minor panic attack today after buying the new Monster Hunter expansion.

>> No.10252122

>con this weekend
>don't feel like going there
I live in the city and the entry pass weren't that expensive. There aren't any interesting panels and I don't feel like going there just for the dealer's hall.

>> No.10252134

You need to see a psychiatrist

>> No.10252135

It's convenient but it's still cheaper to buy from Japan in most cases. Just that she has some things I currently don't see on Japanese sites.

>> No.10252166

god same you're not alone anon, I always dissociate a lot and freak out when I purchase stuff

>> No.10252233

I have this issue even when buying shit I need.
I've actually missed out on some cute pieces because of this.
I've been staring at the expansion for a good minute. but I cannot bring myself to spend that much on a fresh new video game in general, let alone a small expansion.

>> No.10252243

>Going to my first lolita meet in about 2 weeks in a fancy hotel
>Didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose
>Bought an eye shadow palette I wanted to use for my co-ord
>My idiot self didn't check that it wouldn't be shipped out for 21 days

Why can't i stop sabotaging my self.

>> No.10252273
File: 171 KB, 716x692, nicodab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a D.Va cosplayer rips her tights and you have to be the one to tell her that her bear buns are showing

>> No.10252299
File: 721 KB, 625x477, f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10252300

Go easy on yourself , if you stress out it’ll make it worse

>> No.10252305

I'm throwing out my pink holy lantern jsk because the top part is discolored and I don't know how to fix it. It's frustrating me because supposedly it can't be put in water, and most stain removers will supposedly make the discoloration work. Someone please help me.

>> No.10252308

Wtf don't throw it out, it should be fine to put into water as long as you don't do it a lot. After multiple washes the flocking can come off though b/c it's glue. If it's an earlier release, it should be fine to put in water because they're better quality. In the worst case, you should have it modified into a skirt. Also what is the discoloration from?

>> No.10252332

>meet friend group through con
>fall for this nice cute girl even though i dont want too
>i already knew that im too ugly for her & dont have a good personality

just another day of life i guess
ive sort of accepted it as this point that i'll die alone

>> No.10252335
File: 39 KB, 460x601, 1566772864922-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a turn on for robots
>been gf-less for 2 months and really enjoying it
>most people I know, know i'm gf-less
>I share a picture of an Assaultron cosplayer, with a subtitle hinting i've got a turn on for robots
>mfw i'm not even caring i'm probably scaring away girls and getting my 'retard' image to other cosplayers higher

>> No.10252337

Would you be interested in selling it maybe? If the damage isn't terribly bad I'd consider buying it.

>> No.10252338

My dream dress just came up on LM for a reasonable price and it sold before I could get it... fml

>> No.10252339

My comm is one of the most important things in my life and I’ve met almost all my friends through it. I’m moving across the country for work and where I’m going doesn’t have a comm, and isn’t even very populated to have people likely interested in lolita/fashion in general. Feels bad, and also makes me afraid I won’t make friends easily or at all.

>> No.10252340

I washed mine and it was fine, don't be gross

>> No.10252359
File: 372 KB, 1600x1066, rikky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>her bear buns

>> No.10252375

How badly will I get fucked by shipping if I buy 5-6 dresses off of fril using an SS?

>> No.10252378

Just realized i didn't put this in the stupid questions thread, sorry.

>> No.10252386

Canadian anon here. I bought 3 skirts and one jsk, EMS shipping/topping up SS fee cost me $70 CAD on top of what the items cost, and then I got hit with customs for $50, which means I paid as much in shipping and fees as I did for the items themselves. It hurts.

Skirts are nice tho, but prepare for some pain if you use EMS. I did this through Japonica btw as it's the only SS I'm familiar with.

>> No.10252391
File: 1.82 MB, 1152x648, su cry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I have become fascinated with a brand. It's a good feeling. I can't believe I felt so good over a single cutsew.
Bad news is it's BPN and that brand is dead as hell.

>> No.10252392

>The dress I want to get married in is for sale
>I'm about as far away from getting married as a person can be

>> No.10252395
File: 3 KB, 105x105, 1523758334846s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a boy trying to cosplay a character who uses makeup and i'm completely out of my element and don't know how to do anything makeup related and all these videos are 40 minutes long and i dont know what any of it means

>> No.10252396

Marie's sailor OP?

>> No.10252397

Who's the character? It can probably be broken down into pretty simple steps

>> No.10252399
File: 1.99 MB, 500x557, fe36ca1ead249f4f2087e4f99d15fca6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10252400
File: 57 KB, 794x529, il_794xN.1335053500_lfod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I could cosplay bishies as well as all these cute trans boys can. Just makes me sad I'll never be that cute and even if I were it'd only be for a couple years tops.

>> No.10252401

aite dude don't worry I just did makeup for the first time too and it sucked but you gotta get makeup remover and shit and just keep trying until you get it right. I think you mostly need eyeliner and eyeshadow, plus some sickly green concealer or foundation. If you're gonna do foundation, do foundation then concealer. Otherwise, just try to smooth your skin out and stuff.

Are you gonna shave your eyebrows? Might be worth it, depending on how dark they are.

>> No.10252402

Oh, that's not so bad. Body paint aside, go for light green lipstick, this doesn't look like a Stark white. Under the eyes, prime the lid with primer. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, apply a nice rich purple (not too dark) under the eye, applying more as you get to other corner. Apply a darker purple or black in the same manner, but a much smaller amount and hugging the lower lash, and then blend just a little. Apply matching green eyeshadow to the upperlid. On the upper lid, starting from the inner corner, apply a light gray close to the lash and go all the way across. (Here, I take some liberties: Since your eyes aren't shaped like that, I suggest you apply a little more purple over (and blending it with) that outer corner, then blending it towards the inner eye about a quarter of the way, staying close to the lash and with downward strokes.) Apply eyeliners to the upper and lower kids, and since you're already here I suggest mascara.

>> No.10252404
File: 48 KB, 350x339, 1533790998358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You two are the best

>> No.10252405

listen to >>10252402 she probably knows what to do better than i do, but yeah, dude, good luck.

>> No.10252406

Probably good to keep away then, smart of you

Just stay away from the ita thread for a while just in case.
In seriousness you're probably fine

>> No.10252408

Good luck gull, try to find groups of tangentially related hobbies to see if you either like them or if there are enough people that want to try lolita that you could make a new comm with
Alternatively, join an online comm

>> No.10252409

You're gonna look great!

>> No.10252410
File: 265 KB, 567x591, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Break a friendship with my Best Friend from in my primary school days
>Barely talk to my high-school group anymore
>The friends that were going to PAX Aus with me had to pull out and gift their badges to their friends I don't know because of University
>Girl who showed interest in me over a year and a half dropped all conversations, and the other I'm talking to can't take it further because of religion
>I've already put a large amount of money into my cosplay to pull out
>I'm literally going as Jacket from Hotline Miami to PAX as if I was actually him; be it personality or social standing (bar the violence)
>I don't even have 'being depressed' as my excuse because I've been making changes in my life for the better

>My literal face when

Sorry for the shitty vent, but how the hell do you gulls deal with this sort of shit on a seemingly weekly-basis? And to add onto this, how do you connect with others better at cons when going solo? I've done it before, but now it just seems a bit of a confidence hit because of the situation I was left in.

>> No.10252411

I'm sorry to hear you're going through that, anon. I think the best thing is to go. People will are gonna love your cosplay, and other fans might stop to chat. The important thing is to not be a wallflower. I usually find a nice compliment on another cosplay or outfit is a great way to start talking to someone.
>Making changes means you can't still be depressed
Not at all anon. When things bring you down to that level, they do so regardless of what else you have going for you. Understand that feeling of depression is valid and that coming back from it is a process of pushing yourself to do little things to take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing

>> No.10252447

I will share results! ...somewhere. Just look for a ghirahim cosplay around here around.. the 29th?

>> No.10252448
File: 1.14 MB, 480x358, y8Ea8jB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waaaa I can't wear lolita because I'm working so much!! I'm so depressed!
>works so much so she can buy lolita she doesn't wear because she works so much
I went on a mass unfollowing spree because 3/4 of my feed were lolitas I once admired for their coords who now turned into people with serious hoarding and shopping addiction problems who don't wear lolita anymore and radiate pure dumb bitch energy. It's insufferable to watch anymore and I am sad about it. Lolita as a fashion community really feels like it's dying.

>> No.10252449

Lolita has turned into adult dress-up play long time ago. There's hardly any fashion in it anymore.

>> No.10252526

This feels like a combo of can't into casual and not having the balls to just wear it out and about.
>Wear it to get groceries
>Wear it to get lunch
>Wear it anywhere, just dress up to the occasion
Jeez ,ladies, it doesn't need to be OTT sweet to wear it out

>> No.10252559
File: 739 KB, 960x695, v2rZCAu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys ready for the increase in sans cosplayers thanks for super smash bros?

>> No.10252569

What the heck is that pic

>> No.10252581

Cursed, that's what

>> No.10252646

people with FAS generally have a smaller upper lip

>> No.10252651

not that guy, but been at it for a good few years, daily for 1.5 years and honestly nothing changed except for the fact that most of my friends just call me "massive" all the time.
Getting fit for female attention is the world's biggest meme

>> No.10252653

buy it now and wait a few years?

>> No.10252751

I saw a girl's AP dress and I thought it was from Taobao.
I am pretty sure she thought I was a newbie lolita, but really I am just sad that AP's using cheaper looking materials.
It was like a pink poly chiffon and it looked so sad on the hanger.

>> No.10252782

That is pretty sad. The old dresses really stand the test of time, but I feel that a lot of brands have been using cheaper materials lately. Might be so they can produce more dresses easily.

>> No.10252791
File: 243 KB, 500x600, ddd1ddfa-9c29-5ee8-8c82-91969622cb37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right? I am not even trying to be a dick. I thought the dress was cute so I asked what store it was from, but it looked like a $50-$70 dress, not what I expected from AP. It was the same material as the pictured one. I get what they are going for but it just looks cheap in person.

>> No.10252833

How far across the country are you moving? Maybe you could try and find/start a small local comm where you live and then go and visit your home comm a couple times a year for larger meetups. Anyway, best of luck!!

>> No.10252992
File: 91 KB, 1024x758, see_ya_later_space_runner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks Anon, I still plan to go. Just hope my confidence it up to par to not come off as a guy trying not to be an autist.

As for the 'depression' thing. I don't like how easily people label themselves with it when its really just being sad, and also why I don't like associating myself with it where I can. That said, I should be fine. I've been in worse states but to talk about it would be too off-topic. And to seek professional help would.
1; Out my situation to my parents, family and friends.
2; Speculation of self-harm and suicide gets thrown around
3; Potential suspension of my firearms license from medical records which I need for re-enactment purposes.

Anyhow, I'm blabbering on too much now. I'll be fine, just preparing myself for the next month of my down period. Cheers for the message though, appreciate it.

>> No.10252998

I'm just so fucking sad lads. Life keeps on fucking me in the ass and on top of that I just lost $400 in cash. Like, lost it. Physically misplaced it.

I won't be able to buy lolita for ages, I always had savings and a backup plan, I don't know what to do. I think I'm going to sell all my stuff. I just don't have any happiness in life anymore. I don't even have friends.

>> No.10253003

I do wear more toned down lolita for shopping with friends, dates out with the husband, and sometimes running errands if its nothing too tedious. And I'll admit I get my fair share of stares and idiotic comments and I see why that would scare some people away from wearing it to whatever. I am actually a pretty shy person, but I feel really good when I wear my favorite clothes, so I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I mean why spend so much money on a beautiful dress that just hangs in your closet forever?

>> No.10253099

I found my money...................................................................................................................................................................... still working on the whole finding happiness in life thing though.

>> No.10253110

I have a cosplayer friend and she is weirdly good at pulling off dia from love live, like when she cosplays dia she looks exactly like how I imagine dia would look if real, it’s not like this for other characters she’s done either. Makes me wonder if I still cosplayed if there was a character I’d be able to pull off perfectly with assistance from my natural features.

>> No.10253111

At least you found the money, iktf must be a relief

>> No.10253186

Glad you found it anon, but seriously, get help.
You sound really depressed.

>> No.10253240

Thanks anon, I'll get out of it. Just a situational thing I'm sure. Once I've got my life on track I'll find it.

>> No.10253250

Please let me be salty just this once.
>be intfag/not US nor UK/eurofag
>want to try buying a fancyTM wig like arda, coscraft, epic, etc sin
>one or a few tiny samples of a wig color for a few cents
>shipping is ten to thirty times the cost, takes McFuckingForever, no tracking
>m fucking f w
Like really? Am I the only one who this does not make sense to?
How is the price and time of shipping a full bigass wig or two the same as two or three tiny wig wefts?

>contact them begging them please put the samples in a small plastic bag, tape, packet, anything if it lowers the costs i don't understand your postal country's methods but surely there are alternatives?
>no fuck off lol
God damn it.

I'll just keep my method of piling up my room of taobao/chink wigs and then selling off the ones I don't want, I guess.
(and even now this method's price hasn't reached the price of buying samples from fancywigsTM+shipping then a wig+shipping, and I can actually kind of profit off it).

FUCK, I'm salty.
and full of 50 shades of wigs in my room.

>inb4 poorfag

>> No.10253442
File: 37 KB, 640x480, 1567975124938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friend group doesn't know how to communicate
>They drag out their drama and try to involve everyone in it
>Obsess over certain strangers on the internet
>complain about first world problems
>hypocritical in general

I know this is what I get for befriending weeb/lolita hybrids but fuck.... I wish they'd stop acting like a bunch of fucking woman children and settle it like adults.
Never in my life have I ever met weebs that were so unhinged and obsessive.

>> No.10253484
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1544199206189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah bro, you just gotta learn how to carry it
It's a little known secret that girls spaghetti as much as we do, they're just better at hiding it


Do you know where we are? Alright most gulls actually aren't this bad in all honesty. Did you find them on lolcow?

>> No.10253485

Oh yeah I didn't mention it in >>10253484 but did you cut yet? That's pretty important.

>> No.10253557

i HATE october and november because normies are way ruder about my clothes during those months. I find they are more confused about it because they think it's halloween related and way more annoying. i hate halloween.

>> No.10253588
File: 40 KB, 500x525, 2cwtcw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to start selling in aa
>hate the thought of people seeing my face or hearing my voice
>not cause im fugly i just have bad luck and would probably end up getting doxxed
>i will never get to spread my art around and share my love for series irl

i hate paranoia

>> No.10253590

Here's a whole ass tale

>be me
>living on my own when I really shouldn't be
>constantly self sabotaging and hurting my own feelings
>lack of self care such as taking meds or maintaining my surroundings
>dumb bitch shit finally catches up with me
>Have tried to OD in the past, want a method I have less time to regret
>why not hang yourself anon
>I try to find something to make into a noose so I can tie it to my canopy bed frame tie it around my neck, and fall forward
>all I can find is a purse that I don't really take a hard look at
>ya know because of the tears in my eyes
>attempt fails and I get off my impulsive pity party bullshit
>first time I actually looked at my "noose" and realized what it was
>holy shit I just almost hung myself with an AP melty moon bag replica from wish

I feel like the visual metaphor of this is that I was haunted by my Ita phase and tried to succumb to it, but deep down I am not an ita and my ita phase will not destroy me.

Sounds inspirational but in reality I just grabbed what I could find and what I found turned out to be morbidly hilarious.

I'm doing much better now and got on my meds and live back with my family where I have access to the psychiatric care I need, and I just started school and feel very fulfilled. Who knows maybe the next time I try to kill myself I'll be in such a good place I use brand!

No but seriously I feel much better. You can do it, anons, even if things suck rn.

>> No.10253600

Sheglit is the spiritual successor to BPN. Look into their designs, it might be to your taste, and it's still completely alive.

>> No.10253609

Halloween hates you too.

>> No.10253611

Probably got an ugly face

>> No.10253619

u kno u can hire ppl right
a lot of ppl do it including me

>> No.10253628

Tons of voices sound the same so why not wear a mask?

>> No.10253630

Glad to hear you're still kicking gull, stay strong and good luck.

>> No.10253636

why are you scared of getting doxxed?

>> No.10253640


>> No.10253641

i feel that way about putumayo. keep watching second hand sales!

>> No.10253656
File: 28 KB, 720x588, 042F7D0B-4D0A-48CD-91B6-61279257C068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't take it further because of religion

>> No.10253657

>everyone now getting up in arms about Tanjiro's earrings
I'm getting so fucking tired of seeing some sort of new issue popping up week after week after week.

>> No.10253695
File: 40 KB, 434x393, my_face_my_soul_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, its retarded and we both kind of laugh at the situation. Its all on her side of things, though, and as much as she wants to fuck it all off; she really can't without fallout.

>> No.10253846

I've always admired classic/goth Lolita but settled with just rocking the metalhead look. After losing a lot of weight the last year I decided to wear something nice to a con, I've never worn a dress in public before but seeing myself in the mirror made me literally cry from the realization I'd never actually liked what I saw before. I'm almost 27 and never used a mirror for anything but a quick brush in the morning; I can't believe how much something like this was able to affect my self esteem. I have a few dresses I'm making my goal to fit in for the next big con I'll be at (fit properly, not just the "it zips" phase I'm at atm), but god I love this fashion so much gulls.

>> No.10253872

Never having done it before and ending up with 3 tries and an ok final product? WAY Better than my first try, anon. You did great, you learned from your mistakes, and you didn't give up! Now in the future you'll acquire even more exp! Being patient and paying attention to what you're doing will go a long way for you in the future. Also, always remember that if you get an idea, search to see how other people have done it first, and if no one has, do a test then drop the money on a ton of supplies only once you're sure it'll work! Like the anon said about making mockups first. I literally have to make my patterns twice before I'm comfortable cutting the actual fabric.

>> No.10253912

If you come to a western Canadian con ever I’ll be your wingman, kinda in a similar boat

>> No.10253913

Getting stupid questions and replies on LM makes me wonder about their social life.

>> No.10253947

My friend and I both want to cosplay the same popular character for our next con. She's also prettier and more popular then I am so I already get the feeling that the rest of our cosplay group would say that she should do it and that I should choose a different character to cosplay (even though I know she hasn't even seen the show, she just thinks that the character is cute and knows that she's popular). It's not a super big deal t b h but it kinda sucks that she always seems to get what she wants all the time- but she's also closer to most of the people in our group than I am. Sometimes I wonder if I should just try to find some new cosplay friends instead of trying to cater to the ones I already have. They're nice but things just haven't been the same as they were a few years ago. Just wanted to whine about it on here since I have no other friends

>> No.10253981

I can see why she’s more liked than you.

>> No.10253982

who cares if you both cosplay the same thing? jfc. Just cosplay what you like and stop being a tard.

>> No.10253998

>cater to the ones you have
Unironically jus bee urself

>Sucks that she always seems to get what she wants all the time
Does she? Do you know everything going on in her life? Why does that suck anyway and what does that have to do with you?

>> No.10254013

Got food poisoning last night, wake up still feeling weak and gross, only to notice 2 of my ultimate dream items were posted and sold. Why didn't the food poisoning just kill me?

>> No.10254041
File: 24 KB, 400x400, RfX2iQYL_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, can't/won't even deny it. If I'm not being an antisocial loaf I'm being a self-pitying jerk and I hate myself haha but she's a really nice person so it's no fault of hers at all. It just feels nice to whine on anon every once in a while

Ah it's mostly that she doesn't like duplicates in the cosplay group so we're all trying to assign the characters to everyone. I know it's not a big deal either way and I'm blowing thing way outta proportion

Thx anon even though bees are scary. I think it's just that I'm scared that I'm too much of a weeb compared to them so I try to tone things down. But that might just be me being paranoid for no reason.
Also I definitely don't know everything that goes on in her life, mostly just cosplay related things. I think I'm mostly just feeling a bit bitter because she's been flaking on me all year and now that she wants to hang out I just don't want to give her a reason to get upset with me lol

I honestly think I just need to get my butt kicked outta this self-pity pool and to get over it so I appreciate all the honesty, gulls. you guys are the best

>> No.10254045

Now this is retarded.

>> No.10254047
File: 153 KB, 820x580, good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks I will. It's not quite the same but maybe I'll hit that spark of joy and have a living brand to care about.

I have my eyes glued to CC and LM right now. Any other places I should be watching? I'll admit i'm a little stupid and don't use shopping services so i'm never on mecari.

>> No.10254048
File: 129 KB, 1080x1397, bottom text.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>consider myself casual/occasional cosplayer
>literally my 2nd cosplay/2nd con in my life ever
>ok let's just make a comfy easy cosplay
>said to myself months ago
>been stressing and planning this cos for a con for months
>some mid-popular girl i admire amongst a group of other cosplayers i admire/am friends with just announced she is going PRECISELY as that character in the EXACT SAME DAY
i literally cannot ruin and change my cosplans either i had everything already planned.

i can already see drama panning out ("this rat copied her YiKeS sksksks") in my head or me looking like an absolute bootleg monkey abomination compared to her. or both.

the bonus?
The next day i "copy" her I got a group photoshoot.
she is part of that group.

i am so fucking stressed out .

cosplaying was supposed to be a hobby and im literally fucking stressing and even financially healthly harming myself over this shit.

>> No.10254061

>Both copying the same character
If this person even thinks twice about it, she's an absolute cunt and needs to check herself. You both like the character, do it for the sake of liking that character.

>> No.10254062

Best solution is therapy. Second best is only cosplay obscure characters and keep it a secret who you're cosplaying until last second. That way no doubles and no one will copy you.

>> No.10254070

you need to start using shopping services! bpn is really common on mercari.

>> No.10254104

i didnt know this, but reading this made me feel a lot better about the idea. i'll look into it in the future
not gonna lie i did have an idea for a mask but felt like it would get in the way of trying to sell and such
i have bad luck and know several people who had been doxxed so it just feels like its waiting to happen to me
i dont want to have my personal life and artist life connected

i'll figure something out

>> No.10254108
File: 128 KB, 800x350, ded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>email in post
How embarrasing.

this would be easier if i were part of a comm and could just piggyback off their SS purchases.

>> No.10254111

>know several people who had been doxxed
did anything bad happen as a result of that?

>> No.10254114

one guy basically became unemployable because everytime you looked up his name you got his weird nudes and had his passwords leaked
next guy isnt so bad, he just got someone to pretend to be him on /soc/ and ask for scat roleplays

>> No.10254123
File: 3.82 MB, 455x262, suffering.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>email still not gone
What did i do to deserve this

>> No.10254161

Too late your identity is mine, going to use your credit to finance my gamer girl bath water addiction

>> No.10254170
File: 22 KB, 563x552, Lisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you know where we are? Alright most gulls actually aren't this bad in all honesty. Did you find them on lolcow?

That's the thing anon...they're all gulls. Tbf not all of them are like that but a good chunk of them are kek
But don't got the nerve to confront that shit cuz they'll just throw ya to the sharks. The few crazies seem to either have depression and/or some kinda personality disorder but I guess that's the type this community attracts.

>> No.10254207 [DELETED] 

You're retarded.

>> No.10254215

>shy and introverted, almost never talk to people without an excuse
>resting facial expression somewhere between "overly serious" and "homicidal anger"
Is there any way around this? I feel like it has a serious effect on my ability to make new friends because people assume I dislike them and avoid me because of it.

>> No.10254241

>that's funny, i don't remember typing this
I know it's a bad habit, but I find my facial expression concerns fewer people if I appear to be staring at a phone (even if i'm really just holding it in front of me). I guess people assume I'm upset about something on social media and not them, personally? idk, if you find a good work around for RBF, let me know.

>> No.10254243

Heh, to be fair, I'm a long history psychology and psychiatric patient. Since 11 y/o. So there it is.

>> No.10254252

Try to stay occupated! It's super fucking hard, yes, but try to latch onto at least one conversation. If youre busy listening, you can get away with smiling at the one who is talking. You don't really need to say much, either. Just ask them questions about whatever, and people will start talking. From there, you can start building up a security and then move on to invite more people into the conversation, or move on to talking to another group.

I have a tendency to be very scared of making mistakes in social situations, especially with groups. The literally only thing I've been able to make work for me is this. Even if I'm sweating with fear, it works the best for me.

>> No.10254256
File: 86 KB, 1000x866, 1564050466392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to larp
>Play dull, normie, shy character
>Have loads of fun letting her develop
>Come home a complete mess
>My accent is all mixed up
>I miss my character like you would miss a friend
>Got a lecture on Monday
>Go there dressed in very muted colours, normie style like my character would
>Meet larp friend afterward and talk it out
>Feel better and ready to let character go
>Lecture today, Tuesday
>Decide to be myself to the extreme
>About to put on a full and bright lolita coord

yEP, the start of this term is wild, and I'm really concerned about what my classmates will think of me! I'm out here trying to make study-buddies god damnit. Why does my real life have to make me seem so schizophrenic??
>These worries are still not stopping me
>Gonna look so damn cute today

>> No.10254257

damn brave, ganbatte

>> No.10254277
File: 286 KB, 1273x2048, 103cd56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

take care of your body gull

I'm surprised everyone else dumped on you. Being the fall guy in a friend group isn't really fun, and while I get why you want to let things blow over
What character/series is it? Why did you want to do that character and what do you have as a backup?

>> No.10254279

Do you love to hate it or are you actually looking for a solution? If you don't mind playing mediator you might be able to teach them how to be functional

>> No.10254280

>postpartum depression on a LARP character
I've had this myself with regular theatrical acting though, so this is kind of fun to read. Good luck making friends

>> No.10254281

for a moment I thought this was the feet thread

>> No.10254348
File: 37 KB, 500x350, large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a guy who met a guy who was completely my type, super pretty guy, we dated for 4 months and all was well then he dumped me out of the blue because of his depression. I believe him because he had been seeing a therapist before we entered a relationship.

It's been almost two months but it still hurts. We started as friends but idk how to "restart" as friends or if he even wants to.

We made plans to go to Anime NYC and Anime Boston together but now it seems like it's not gonna happen. I really just wanted to spend the autumn together and check out conventions together. He was gonna cosplay Link.

I probably shouldnt be looking so early post breakup for people either, but it's a feeling you cant help. Idk what to do

>> No.10254367

Stop dating people for just their looks and evaluate their personality first over an extended period of time.

>> No.10254371

I liked his personality alot too. I probably should have mentioned that.

I have met up with people my physical type before but they gave me bad vibes so I didn't carry any further with them. But he my ideal not just physically.

I realize now that I need to not compare whoever I date in the future to him, that will be tough.

The breakup recovery process is always tough, anyone deal with physical sickness type feelings?

>> No.10254375

it’s actually very common to have physical symptoms.

>> No.10254380
File: 76 KB, 385x448, 57A9BA8E-4802-4BFE-8702-86BE599BB06F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just venting

>be me
>actual fag. only like girls.
>somehow fell in love with two boys at once
>sexuality is weird and this is fucking proof it is not a choice
>”been poly w girls, why not boys?”
>well can’t date both bc boys are too scared to get cucked
>further proof not a choice

>ffw a year
>just celebrated one year anni with one of them.
>live together for 8 months now and talking about engagement
>absolutely fucking adore the boy i’m with and couldn’t be happier
>i think????
>desperately miss talking to the other one
>both super supportive of cosplay and lolita

i really fucking miss boy 2. i know i broke his heart by turning him down bc he really opened up to me, but i miss the friendship we had. i just couldn’t see a future for the two of us, he’s a successful guy vs me, who works multiple part times to just stay afloat.

idk what i even want to hear from this vent, it’s just been on my mind and i have no friends outside of work that i can vent to about this

>> No.10254385

Gay. I'm the homo above you in the thread.

Why did you go with one and not the other? Was it just how one was successful and the other was closer to your level?

>> No.10254388

Nice offtopic feels slut

>> No.10254391

honestly so many reasons?

boy1 was my best friend for literal years, and lived 1 minute away from me. no joke. he’s a reformed b/tard and we’ve seen and helped each other grow as people. grew up in an abusive family and his parents are basically my parents. he’s been nothing but dedicated and loving to me since day 1, and he chased me for years before we started dating. he held me after every heart break because even though he liked me, i was his best friend before everything else.

boy2 is this fucking crazy successful person, to the point where i have to be careful w how i describe him to the con community bc i don’t wanna dox. he lived really far from me, maybe 13 hours? when i was rlly active in the con community we would see each other irl maybe 15 times a year? he’s also older than me, 8 years or so. we would talk on the phone almost every day for a long time, and he would sacrifice so much sleep during his work days so we could have time together. he’s always been very introverted like i am, so we connected like that.

during an especially rough spot where boy1 and I weren’t talking, boy2 essentially saved my life. it was after a con and i just had a falling out w my two closest female friends and broke up with my gf at the time, i was incredibly depressed and had just ordered some stuff to OD on. He didn’t know the extent to how bad I was doing, but that’s when we really started getting closer bc he was the only person I had. He was the one who asked me how many spoons i had that day and knew exactly how to cheer me up. he’d call me when he had an awful day w some customers and he’s just really a kind person.

boy1 has helped me through so many depressive spells before as well, too many to list and even less I remember. i don’t wanna talk poorly about either of them, because I truly felt they were equal.

i think the biggest thing was boy1 and i just had so much more history and we were closer in distance and age.

>> No.10254392

jesus fucking christ, sorry for wall o’ text

>> No.10254395

>wishlist used to be over 30 pieces
>years of searching and collecting, only 8 pieces left

Feels good man, my wardrobe feels so complete and cohesive.

>> No.10254396

grats anon!

>> No.10254400

How old are you and boy1?

Sorry for asking questions, just figuring out what happened to me by asking you questions helps

>> No.10254403

now 21/22

>> No.10254407

Cool, would you wanna be friendos? Could vent about gay stuff idk

>> No.10254415
File: 112 KB, 285x253, 0E684682-E722-4C58-873E-F3ED2A46A827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10254420

This may come off as rude, but take it the best you can, it's my honest opinion from the info you've given on the situation.

You're young and confused and are just going through natural experiences involved with having strong feelings for a first time/having an adult relationship. You're still in the honeymoon stage with B1, don't even consider marriage yet. 90% of relationships that occur before the age 30 end because you will go through so many serious life changes in your 20s and every year will be a wealth of experience that will turn you into the person you are destined to be. These feelings you have are normal and you're not the first to experience them, so go into whatever relationship you have now hoping for the best but expecting it to end and understand that there's always someone else out there who will make you feel great and one day you'll be a smarter, more experienced person and will know when they're right for you. If you're having the uncertainties that you're having now without even being past the 1-2 year honeymoon stage of a relationship, then it'll most likely end, but when it does you'll feel good about it because it'll just be time. Focus on yourself, don't put too much stock into B1 or B2 and enjoy what you can while you have it, and when you don't enjoy it anymore, move on.

>> No.10254429

Lol I'm not hitting on you if that's what you're thinking, you're probably 1000 miles away

>> No.10254440
File: 11 KB, 457x382, lolitafeet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10254455

the virgin #lolitafeet
the ascended #lolitaanalteasing

>> No.10254463
File: 11 KB, 195x262, 71187D0E-27B5-4C85-9047-95CF8303E356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My local comm is really small and some members are friends with each other but I think most of us are just acquaintances who appreciate the same fashion, so I find it really strange that some of them refer to the comm as a “family.” It’s almost like saying we’re some kind of sisterhood cause we share a hobby, it’s weird and cringey to me. For me it takes a while for me to consider someone a friend, let alone “family” and I honestly consider one or two comm members friends.

>> No.10254473

I literally have no interest in wearing lolita if its sunny outide. Not because of temperature, it just doesn't fit the mood. As soon as it's cloudy lolita is all I wear. Really weird

>> No.10254552

>decide i want to go to a con after nearly 9 years of not going to them
>manage to convince friend to go too
>buy pass, plan cosplay, book airbnb
>mention in the airbnb request that i'm excited for the convention and that's why i'm in town
>time is running out and the host hasn't responded
>is it because i mentioned the con

>> No.10254557

cancel and book another that doesn’t need confirmation

>> No.10254584
File: 19 KB, 460x460, 145283958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey you are not alone anon! Autumn will officially start very soon, happy feels.

>> No.10254588

That was like the only cheap place left for two people that was decently close to the convention center

>> No.10254589
File: 124 KB, 516x440, 1560701094602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and I honestly consider one or two comm members friends
count your blessings gull, about the others calling it family, my guess is they were that lonely and desperate for human interaction, I pity them if that's the case, but shit happens, that almost happened to me, I survived with 3 pseudofriends, and you know what I do? I count my blessings.

>> No.10254834

>be me, 19
>finally decide to go to a con after a 4-year dry spell
>friends from college aren't interested
>decide to try meeting some new people at con
>awkward age where I'm probably too old to hang out with kids but too young for a lot of adult stuff
>pretty bad social anxiety
>terrified of accidentally acting like a creep or doing something embarrassing if I try to come out of my shell
mostly just venting, but do any gulls have suggestions for how I should navigate this? it's my first time going to a con alone, too.

>> No.10254848

>be a man who wants to get a girlfriend, looking for a plan
it's over.
once you get the the point of trying to strategize, you are forever doomed to never know the touch of a woman.

>> No.10254850

>terrified of accidentally acting like a creep or doing something embarrassing if I try to come out of my shell

Just accept that by virtue of being 19, you are already cringe. So is everyone else. Talk to people interested in the things you're interested in, ask for photos of cosplayers from series you like, just don't be a dick and try not to be a creep. Don't worry about being cringe, because even if you are, you're a single drop in a sea of it.

If you go and talk to nobody, you're wasting your money.

>> No.10254855

See if you can find a con bro. Cons usually have discords

>> No.10254956

Same, just trying to live the dream

>> No.10254961

>mostly just venting, but do any gulls have suggestions for how I should navigate this? it's my first time going to a con alone, too.

Just GOOOOOOO. Find events, panels, peeps you find interesting and just say hi. Go from there.

People may just introduce themselves to you cutting out all the work.

>> No.10254967

sounds like you're sexualizing not-sexual experiences in a way that would turn anyone off to be honest.

>> No.10254975

I'm gay and already lost my virginity to a girl, but thanks anyway
thanks, I think this is all what I needed to hear

>> No.10254976

when did this turn into incels.me?

>> No.10254989

>People bringing Hetalia into it

Why are weebs like this?

>> No.10255006

>sounds like you're sexualizing not-sexual experiences in a way that would turn anyone off to be honest.

Love this.

>> No.10255019

Happy for your new found self esteem. This is too relatable. I never thought I could be cute or feminine before lolita

>> No.10255022

how could I even sexualize a simple conversation?
I just really like women, I want to be with them in any way I can get, even if it is just talking

>> No.10255030

You don't think that comes through in your tone or mannerisms? I think you need to do some serious reflection and be honest with how you look to other people rather than just worrying about how awkward *you* feel. If a person feels awkward themselves, it easily cascades into making others feel awkward around them.

Everything you're saying makes it sound like you want a girlfriend for the sake of having one. That desperation shows through whether you think it does or not. You also need to think about what you're *actually* looking for in a partner and recognize that there's a very high likelihood you won't be able to see that from the surface. Once you realize that you won't be so invested in making the perfect first impression and you'll stop giving off the creep vibe that you seem to be giving women.

>> No.10255033

I can smell the desperation from here

>> No.10255036

Personally I break out the Metal Gear Rising.

>> No.10255040
File: 308 KB, 1920x1080, good ol 9-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An anon after my own heart.

>> No.10255050

it might come through, that is what I brought up in
>I am nervous particularly that she will know I want to date her when first trying to interact with her. In general I think this puts them off, because they have enough guys trying to date them already.
I am okay with just being friends, I think it would be a big improvement

>Everything you're saying makes it sound like you want a girlfriend for the sake of having one.
I want a girlfriend because I like interacting with women, I think I would really be able to have a happy relationship. I think that is a pretty good reason, not just for the sake of having one.

will I ever be able to find a girl who likes how much I appreciate her?

>> No.10255056

I hate trannies so fucking much i wish they weren't getting accepted and got help instead.
You are not a woman and will never be one if you were born with a peen,and you'll always be a woman if you have a vag,that's how it is. The fact we have to play along with their delusions and fondle their balls as to not trigger them shows how soft the lolita community has become and it's pissing me off

>> No.10255060


>> No.10255062

Sex =/= gender. Some men get a real shit deal in life so they transform into something else. I don’t blame them for the struggle

>> No.10255066

it's in this one too "anon"

>> No.10255067

KEK just turn of auto-fill

>> No.10255068

i understand desu but 99% of them look like shit i've very rarely seen a passing MTF and only then am i willing to "gender" them correctly. If your voice,face,...doesn't pass,fuck you.
i couldn't say MTFs are men either,they're just...poor unfortunate souls in between suffering from a mental illness that makes them unhappy with their bodies. Made the mistake of dating (a very pretty) one and i can tell that it's still a man inside though.

>> No.10255081

>I just really like women, I want to be with them in any way I can get, even if it is just talking
AYRT The post I was replying to you mentioned something about the sound of her voice making you so excited that she *must* know that you like her. This would come off creepy to me if I were that girl. Just trying to give you some advice man.

>> No.10255082

>I want a girlfriend because I like interacting with women, I think I would really be able to have a happy relationship. I think that is a pretty good reason, not just for the sake of having one.
no, it's not. Women are people. They want you to actually like them. Women LOVE to be appreciated, but for why *they* are, again... as people. You following?

>> No.10255111

You're definitely missing the point and contradicting yourself. See >>10255082.

Notice how you keep putting this fictional woman in terms relating to how you see her and what *you* want out of it. Relationships are two-way streets; if you want her to give you "interaction" (you don't really seem to have an idea of what sort of interaction you want either), she needs more in return than being "appreciated."

The worst relationships I've ever had were based on just "appreciating" one another. When it came to filling in the other person's gaps or doing things together, we often found we had little to help one another with and often little in common as well. The best ones I've been in had "appreciation" come from the recognition that we each had unique, complementary traits and interests. I'm a pessimistic, pragmatic person who values loyalty to an extreme degree. Dating a jfash seagull who had an extroverted, upbeat personality kept me positive when I needed it to be, and I was stable and steady when things got too hectic for her. My current girlfriend is an artistic, abstract thinker whose outside-the-box views help me see things I normally wouldn't, and she loves how realistic and practical I am with my approach to life in work and play. I didn't start having these good relationships until life threw me into the dirt and I had to really define what sort of person I am for myself.

Right now, you're giving me (and I'm sure others) the vibe that you don't really even know yourself that well, and the way you write suggests you're looking to latch onto someone who can help define you. That's a very poor trait for potential partners. You're not ready for a relationship. You need to focus on figuring out who *you* are before you ask someone to like you, even just as a friend.

>> No.10255270

NAYRT but I'd say romanticizing, not sexualizing

Just chill out a bit bro, I really like girls too but a lot of times if you put them on that kind of pedestal they're gonna feel off put.
I recommend getting some wholesome guy friends or some dudes you feel you can connect with, because I'm getting the feeling you're intertwining multiple different types of attraction without realizing it. I've done that too, but after I did what I'm recommending you right now I mellowed out.
Don't worry too much about what everyone else is saying, you're probably not coming off as a complete sperg, but by the same token you're probably increasing your basal sperginess level by a bit if your heart flutters when a chick says your name

>> No.10255416

>This would come off creepy to me if I were that girl. Just trying to give you some advice man.
I know, that is why I want to be able to be more casual, to just have a female friend, but I think the reason this is difficult is because I can't hide my feelings so well.

>> No.10255463

>They want you to actually like them. Women LOVE to be appreciated, but for why *they* are, again... as people. You following?
>Notice how you keep putting this fictional woman in terms relating to how you see her and what *you* want out of it. Relationships are two-way streets; if you want her to give you "interaction" (you don't really seem to have an idea of what sort of interaction you want either), she needs more in return than being "appreciated."

I really do want to be able to have that personal attachment, and to be able to make her very happy.
I understand that women are very different, but there is something to women who are interacting with me in this way, and if it isn't that she shares an interest in me, it's that she is friendly and extroverted enough to start talking with me. I know that isn't enough to start a relationship off of alone, but it is enough that it has hard not to show it.

>> No.10255490

Women aren't that different when it comes to what they need from a long-term relationship. Imo the main difference is that men are less aware of what they actually want. In the beginning they tend to be way too enthusiastic, and then lose interested in the relationship when the honeymoon period is over and realise they don't want a long-term relationship with her after all. Whereas women are more in touch with their emotions and needs and since they know what they want from a partner from the beginning they play the long game.

>> No.10255495

I see, what exactly does this mean for me though?
>Women aren't that different when it comes to what they need from a long-term relationship
when I said that the were different, it was in response to >>10255082
that they want to be liked individually.
what I am saying is that I think I am justified in liking their different personalities, since they all have traits that I like. I think I am "in touch" and reflective, and honestly despite being unable to get a girlfriend, I am glad to be on "this side", in that if women approached relationships like (apparently) men do, I think I wouldn't want a girlfriend.
but as far as I have heard, as long as she doesn't stop being attracted to me it will be great.

>> No.10256220
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>got help
I understand what you mean but I got help in your sense of getting helped (read: getting converted, act like your biological sex, whatever) and everyday was more and more miserable and painful no matter how hard I tried. I cried and begged I don't wanna be a fucking tranny. I still wish I weren't, but it is what it is.

Then I got help in terms of going to a trained psychiatric, psychologist, sexologist, etc team to assess my situation, see if it was a fetish or not, crossing things like dysmorphia or anorexia off the list, etc., and after 6 years, me and partially them basically said fuck it, okay, yeah it's a fucking tranny. That's enough. You wanna know what helped?
My help was/is doing hormonal therapy, transitioning, etc and finally feeling happy and comfortable in my skin and finally being able to wear/shop my precious burando happily and all that shit and finally live my life free like a normal fucking person.
I just wanna fucking live. In peace. I come here and to meets and to cons to talk about frills and cosplay, not about my genitals and my low blood pressure.

I understand there are aydens and predators hon sissies and more and more people are taking things to the extreme and licking trannies boots to earn that "speshul lgbt ally" badge and I feel you gull.
but try not to generalize too much too, ok? at least a little bit? how would you feel if i generalized you too as a lolita as, idk, some stereotype like "ddlg fetish fashion girls like i saw in TLC"? "i hate lolitas and i wish they were banned from cons/fashion shows, they're always toxic ddlg pro-pedophilia bitches".

I'm sorry, and I'm not saying whether I'm mtf or ftm, and now this thread is getting nuked and me banned bc derail, but today i just couldn't keep my mouth shut.

>> No.10256516

someone please set fire to this thread and build anew

>> No.10256517

I love you too gull

>> No.10256809

I can’t get someone off my back about them wanting to room with me at an upcoming con. It’s getting extremely annoying to hear “oh when we stay together at xxxcon” constantly when I’ve stated multiple times that I would rather get my own place for cheaper.
Sorry but if I’m going to pay $30 a day for parking and $80 to stay in a shared hotel room per night I would rather just get my own fucking airbnb for $50 a night with free parking. Why is this so hard to understand jfc

>> No.10256818

is it a guy?

>> No.10256824

Yeah. He opted to lower the price so I could stay with him too, which is veering into creepout territory considering that I’m in a relationship. It’s a bummer because I was looking forward to a con soon but I might just not go now to avoid this potential drama.

>> No.10257521

Does he know you're in a relationship?

>> No.10258782
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>> No.10258908

Not the time or place

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