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Just wanted some advice on my Joker cosplay and my girlfriend's Harley cosplay.

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overdone and edgy. Let me guess, you had a shit life so you two can identify to those characters

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nobody noticed that forced smile ? Dude she is legit disgusted by you

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>making a new thread just to selfpost

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This is a vendetta thread, no one would selfpost such a sloppy cosplay

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Holy shit. Toothpaste, mouthwash.

Brush your damn teeth.

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What a shit looking vest

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>Catwoman one picture away from suicide.
Literally disgusted to death.

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Overpriced garbage, for trendy hipsters.
No, really, what the hell stands out from all the others that have done this? Fucking nothing, that's what.

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Did you hire two hookers to pose with you?

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