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Previous thread: >>10243354

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>why do you think lolita is not a fandom

Lolita is a clothing style. We all are individual people with separate interests and lifestyles connected only by the way we dress. Fuck off with this debate, you clearly dont wear it (and if you do its probably shit)

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It's just bait, try not to bring it here when the one questioning it clearly doesn't even wear the fashion.

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It's obvious bait anon, all they need to know is in the last thread.

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Couldn't keep your shitposting in the previous thread could you?

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Thanks for bringing it up. I wear it just fine but I'm not putting any on for you, Jan. But go ahead and keep crying No True Scottsman just because want to retain special snowflake status.

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Fandom is such a weird word to apply to a fashion. Saying it’s a fandom implies the people who like it are fans, not actual participants in wearing the clothes. I guess for lolitas at heart it’s a fandom.

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NAYRT but how is it weird? We have events for out fucking fashion where people travel states for. How is that not fanatic? Imagine how weird it would be for people to be buying tickets to designers for Forever21 at an exclusive Forever21 BBQ. Oh, and you need to spend a minimum of $100 at the store during a brief period to be eligible for ticket purchase!

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It's okay Anon, maybe English isn't your first language. I'm sure the word translates to something else in your native tongue and you aren't just getting hung up on a narrow minded definition you've created all on your own.

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To veer away from the bait and arguments, what are some movies/shows/media you feel fit within the lolita realm or aesthetic? I know its been asked before, but i’d love to see things aside from kamikaze girls and the so pretty, very rotten book

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>I wear it just fine
>can't even post a pic of her wearing it on her body despite no difference if she blacks out everything else
>makes the effort to pull several dresses out of her closet instead
>wearing the fashion means you're a special snowflake
>maybe if I scream logical fallacies they won't notice!
Just say you're too fat to wear them or don't say anything at all, this is pathetic.
"Lolita fandom" members, everyone.

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There's a dresscode for these events, fans who don't wear the fashion can't enter.

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I literally just wear the clothes and do none of that. Sure, for those people it’s a fandom.

It’s just clothes, anon. I’m not a “fan” of my clothes. If you are in a fandom then feel free to define it as such for yourself but it seems silly to assume everyone who happens to dress like you is as fanatical as you are.

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>putting together a whole coord takes the same time and effort as pulling out four random pieces from my wardrobe

You're just going to keep moving the goalpost. I'm pointing out your fallacies because they're blatant flaws in your arguments. If you want I could take a picture of my scale showing 114 pounds when I get back home. I'm not going to wear it for you though, mostly out of principal now than anything. But you can keep making up whatever falsehoods you want to throw to discredit me, it only makes you look more and more silly when I disprove you.

Also I'm saying you're a snowflake not because you like the fashion, but because you're treating it as some mystical pure concept and it's almost as if you're personally being attacked by the thought of someone being able to seriously enjoy the fashion and appreciate it without actually taking part in it themselves.

You can like the clothes without being a fan of them. You are currently on a board that focuses on it, on a general that's exclusively about it. You are wearing the clothes because something about them speaks out to you on a personal level, even if you don't consciously acknowledge it. You're right, it's silly to assume that everyone who dresses like you is as fanatical as you are, because fanaticism is a scale. I wouldn't spend money just to travel and go to a tea party to meet designers. I do follow new releases, meet up with others who wear the clothes occasionally, join social groups associated with the fashion, and spend a lot of my hard earned cash on the fashion. Fandom falls on different scales.

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This. I agree that applying the word “fandom” to lolita fashion is kinda weird. However, according to this separation between “participant” (the person who actually owns it and wears it) vs “non-participant” (the lolitas at heart), then how would fans be different from spectators?

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Didn't meet to quote you but I guess I covered thisnalready. Different levels of fandom. If you have followed the fashion for years, like the aesthetic, follow groups related to it, and actually enjoy dedicating your free time to it, you're a fan of it. From there you can be many different levels of obsession, but you don't have to be in the extreme end of the scale to be a fan.

Denying that lolita is a fandom is just silly when there are conventions made exclusively for it. People meet up based solely on the fact that they like the same kinds of clothes to have Tea., How is that different from people meeting solely on the basis of liking Funkopops at a Funkopops Taco Night event? Maybe the world makes you feel icky because you personally associate the word with stinky conlitas you see something in public and humiliating you by association, but that doesn't mean you aren't a fan as well.

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I feel like lolita is more of a hobby than a fandom. Like baseball player vs baseball fan or artist vs fan of the artist. You wouldn’t day baseball or art is a fandom either.

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>Literal textbook definition a fandom posted in thread
>ESL bitches still can't comprehend what it means

lmao what the fuck is this thread. Cosplayer here. You guys have a weird as fandom. Call me next time American Eagle hosts a tea party event that people actually pay to go to. We're all weirdos here lol

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These terms aren't mutually exclusive. Some baseball players may be in it for the money, but some are passionate fans of the sport who love participating in it

Some lolitas just wear it for the attention and eclout. Some are actually passionate about wearing clothes they relate to personally.

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Collecting Funkopops is more of a hobby than a fandom. Like, Nutella lover vs Nutella seller or porn actress vs fan of the porn actress. You wouldn't day Nutella or porn is a fandom either.

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you are all retarded. please make a containment thread for your arguments about semantics.

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Bob likes urban streetwear. Bob follows sites like Hypebeast to follow the newest releases. Bob joins communities that exclusively discuss streetwear. Bob follows prominent community members of the fashion on Twitter. Bob has followed the fashion for years. Bob saves streetwear art, sometimes buys them. Bob goes to streetwear conventions, and sometimes gets overly excited and makes a fool of himself there.

Bob does not feel like the style suits him or isn't confident enough to try himself. He has other hobbies that are also costly and take up his time, and he focuses on those instead. He is happy with following the fashion from afar while pursuing one of the many other hobbies he can pick up in life.

Bob is not a fan, because fashions cannot have fandoms apparently. Despite everything under the sun having some kind of fandom, fashion is exclusively exempt from this classification because it hurts the feefees of some who wear it to be associated with Bob. Bob is an ugly, fat, balding man so he cannot possibly be a fan. Streetwear is a hobby, not s fandom.

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You weren't asked to put on a coord, you were asked to put on a dress.
>You're just going to keep moving the goalpost.
There is no moving goalpost. The original statement was that what you say regarding "lolita fandom" doesn't matter because you aren't wearing the fashion. And you confirmed it by avoiding to post a completely anonymized picture of you wearing it this hard, trying to shift topics and posting a wardrobe picture you were explicitly asked not to post instead.

>I could take a picture of my scale showing 114 pounds when I get back home.
>would rather post a picture of her scale than one of her wearing the fashion she claims to be a fan of

>I'm not going to wear it for you though, mostly out of principal now than anything
Sure. Then why are you posting in the first place? You're literally confirming what you wrote on your tablet.

> it only makes you look more and more silly when I disprove you
How did you disprove anything? People say you're a lolita at heart and suspect you to be a obsessed collector who just stores lolita in her closet and from the looks of it you absolutely are.

>I'm saying you're a snowflake not because you like the fashion
You called people snowflakes and gatekeepers for not wanting to get lumped together with others who aren't wearing the fashion or not wanting them in their spaces.

>but because you're treating it as some mystical pure concept
No one said that. They said there's a big difference between people who wear the fashion and those who are just like it.

>by the thought of someone being able to seriously enjoy the fashion and appreciate it without actually taking part in it themselves.
So you're talking about yourself here. Listen, you can enjoy lolita this way, that's fine abd no one said anything against that. But you still aren't part of the fashion community in any way and you have no say about it. Please just stop larping already and enjoy it in silence.

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In this case Bob is stupid. Who would get so invested and waste so much time in a fashion he has no intention of wearing? This is just dumb. Some people like Lolita in a „it’s a good thing it exists and I think it’s cute way“, but they none of them actually follow it to this extent without taking the plunge eventually and try it.

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Anon just look at cof. There are plenty of people like that. For them it's probably about belonging to a group, hence why they are so hellbent to call it a fandom they can belong to.

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>There is no moving goalpost
>"If you don't wear lolita, you have no say regarding any of it, that includes discussions about wether or not it can be a fandom. It's easy as that."

Unless this wasn't you, the claim that was being made was "you don't wear lolita so don't talk about it." So I proved I wear lolita. What purpose would putting on the outfits I clearly own wear if I'm not even going to actually dress up in a full coord? Are you trying to prove a point that I'm not a part of the fashion, or are you just trying to see if I'm fat or not so you can change your argument to that instead of something actually tangible?

I'm not posting myself. I can post my weight and some wardrobe pieces, but I fail to see what posting a picture of myself wearing it (without even actually putting effort into a full coord) would even serve. Do you want me to post a pic of my petticoat pile too? Those would be pretty pointless to own. You can make up whatever tinfoil hat reason for why someone would spend thousands of hard earned money on a wardrobe they don't actually wear all you want, it's really not relevant.

Even right now, you're acting like a complete snowflake and lack so much self awareness that you can't realize it. Maybe you should take a moment to read the post in the previous thread you said you closed your eyes at. It'll give you some perspective.

>No one said that. They said there's a big difference between people who wear the fashion and those who are just like it.

That difference being? Go ahead and define that difference in your own words. I wear the fashion, but I'd like to see your take on this. I may agree with you if you have a good point.

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Anon just look at rufflechat. There are plenty of people like that. For them it's probably about belonging to a group, hence why they are so hellbent to call it a fandom they can belong to.

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Will people fall for this?

>> No.10248012

I don’t think these role players actually take that much effort though. Following news and brand releases, reading up on the history and such. They just join an interesting group and talk about things they know jack shit about. And it shows.

>> No.10248013

All that rambling and we still don't see a picture of you wearing it. No one cares what you think, larper-chan.

>> No.10248015

What does me wearing it prove?

>> No.10248021

I partly agree but I'd bet there are some who put up that level of effort but they are most likely mentally unwell. When I look at comments in rufflechat, it seems like at least some of the roleplayers are following brand news.

>> No.10248023

That you wear it don't just collect it.

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Thank you for the insight! I don't know how long they've been doing this, but what got me curious was the fact that I noticed they listed max measurements for their Airy Tartan JSK.

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nayrt but that is so stupid, even if they put it on for you it proves absolutely nothing lmao they could be collectors and still be able to try on shit. Fandom-anon stop replying to this bait.

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nayrt, but I still regard someone as a fellow lolita if they have a working wardrobe/collection and have worn lolita, even if they're in a current situation that keeps them from wearing most of their dresses.

However, I don't think there's any validity to being a "fan" of lolita but not participating in the actual fashion. you can be interested and admire it but it's not the kind of commercial thing you can identify with and make your own without actually making coords that you wear.
a street fashion attached to a subculture, and often a lifestyle, isn't something you can be in a "fandom" for. I've always seen fandom used for unreal cultural products that you interact with from a particular consumer distance, like visual media series or games. The point of joining a fandom is to commune with others in a similar state of imagination and powerlessness as far as the product goes.

Lolita is an active hobby that requires and allows for direct participation. You can make it yourself! There's no need to watch the fashion through a window, or talk about it with others from a distance, because you can actually...do the thing.

I am not into enabling children and fully-grown dumdums. Imagine gathering outside a city's walls, sharing stories and photos of how great and amazing the city is, when you could literally just walk through the open gate and buy/build a house there to live in. That's how I view "fandoms" of subcultures.

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It proves that they are at least capable of wearing it because it seems like they can't even do that.

>> No.10248046

You NOT wearing it proofs that there is a lolita fandom. Someone who spends her time arguing about lolita and following lolita releases is a fan of lolita, but not a lolita herself.

>> No.10248051

This is why inwas always against lolita bleimdng into con cultur and vice versa. Fucking weebs ad fangirs ruin everything.

Fyi people also travel for music festivals. Are they in the music fandom? What about people going to fashion week and store opening, galas? Normie fashion fandom. People going out of their ways for museum an gallery openings, buying art, must be an art fandom!

Please fuck off with your weeb fangirl fandom bs.

>> No.10248053

off the top of my head, shows/movies with lolitas:
Peep TV Show
X Blade
Princess Jellyfish
anyone should feel free to add on

>> No.10248058

You should check out this:

And look through the archive, there have been other (newer) threads about the same thing.

>> No.10248098

My niece can wear it and she's 13 and doesn't know a lick about lolita.

>> No.10248111

>Lists off actual, google verifiable fandoms
>Details exactly why and how they are fandoms


I was joking before but maybe English really isn't your first language...

>> No.10248114

Does your niece insist on how lolita is a fandom?

>> No.10248129

Almost anything by Sofia Coppola imo but especially Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring (okay the fashion is normie af but I feel like the toxic spirit of it is very /cgl/)

>> No.10248133

what does the toxic spirit of anonymous forums have to do with lolita? since x-men has a toxic anon meme does that mean the bling ring is a perfect movie for x-men fandom too?

>> No.10248134

I dunno, I guess I was thinking in more general /cgl/ terms. It's also heavily fashion-based and has an overall very girly aesthetic. Sorry I upset you.

>> No.10248150

i'm just asking, i don't know that movie so i thought maybe there is another reason. sorry i upset you.

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why is nobody commenting on this beautiful dress?

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haha oh god you post from a fucking tablet

>> No.10248190

music fandom is most definitely a thing.

>> No.10248191

>I’m not a “fan” of my clothes
Sounds sad. I'm a huge fan of my clothes.

>> No.10248196

I don't disagree with you or anything but asking an anon to take a pic of themselves wearing anything is not going to get you a pic of them unless they are a fucking attention whore.

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I hope so, but they best be keeping their virginity, and no having had anal sex but not vaginal doesn't count as virginity

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btssb and aatp updated with a few basic things

>> No.10248205

Obviously I like my clothes, but I don’t consider myself a “fanatic” over them. But if you only feel fulfilled by fanaticism over clothing then you do you.

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File: 3.36 MB, 1901x947, Anon having too much fun discussing fandoms in lolita general.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>English ver.
It's not even a good one jesus christ

>> No.10248218

Fandom stands for fan domain. Why would you try to apply that to fashion.

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File: 100 KB, 618x412, Picnic-At-Hanging-Rock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some suggestions that weren't covered in the link >>10248058 provided (which was useful, thanks!). Mostly gothic-spooky with a little classic.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) - schoolgirls go missing from a 1900s boarding school, mysterious and lovely with great Edwardian clothes.

Heavenly Creatures (1994) - an intense friendship between two teen girls leads to fantasy and eventually murder. 1950s setting.

Innocence (2004) - French film, girls being raised in a mysterious and secluded boarding school. Caution: does include naked kids, not in a salacious way but it caught me off-guard so I like to warn others.

Brothers Quay - identical twin brothers who make fascinating and creepy animated films; I also enjoyed their two feature-length movies, although they are kinda meandering.

Alice (1988, Jan Svankmajer) - adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, dark aesthetic, mix of live-action and stop-motion animation.

Blood Tea and Red String (2006) - another stop-motion film, billed as an adult fairy tale: aristocratic white mice battle the forest's denizens for control of a china doll.

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (2002) - black & white film version of the Dracula ballet, deliberately styled like old silent era films.

>> No.10248248

The salient difference between lolita fashion vs baseball, music, anime fandoms, etc. is that those are all observation based. There are admirers or groupies or buffs etc. Members of the breaking bad fandom don't help to produce the show. Sports fans attend games but don't play themselves (at least on the televised version). Yes there are people within the fandom who may rise up to producing the thing they like--e.g. an aspiring screenwriter could get a job on their favorite show--but this is incredibly rare. Fandom is the culture that is created from being a "fan" and by definition that precludes participating in producing the media object. Lolita isn't like that because it's expected that you will participate and help create in the fashion. It's much more akin to a hobby or activity than a fandom. There isn't a painting fandom or a creative writing fandom. You either do it or you don't.
>But there are events
Every hobby has events. Knitting has events, hula has events, painting has events. Again, the difference is in participating. It's expected that you'll buy supplies and exchange tips with fellow knitters or meet some people you really admire in the community. Same goes for lolita fashion. I didn't know fandoms had the monopoly on events and nobody else could hold them.
The only argument you could have is there are certainly fans of famous and popular lolitas like mana, misako, and efamous Instagram lolitas. But that's more being a fan of a person and doesn't apply to the lolita fashion community as a whole.
Lolita is not a fandom. We're not out here gawking at designers and dresses while being unable to participate in the fashion ourselves. There's a reason why tea parties have dress codes, and that's because there's an expectation that you be active in the community and dressing yourself. It's not a spectator sport, and we don't exactly like it when people treat it as such.

>> No.10248273

I agree, it gorgeous

>> No.10248291

Because it's beyond words.

>> No.10248298

I mean, high fashion/designer brands do this...

>> No.10248310

So, a few things. First off, I have been a western goth since the mid 90s. Meaning, I have pretty much worn nothing but black in my life. I love black, I feel comfortable in black... but I also love colors now, and am mainly an old school lolita wearing black or black/white coords with maybe some color thrown in here and there. The thing is.. I love pastel pink. I love sax blue! I love shiro coords, but I feel so cringy in anything not black, it's ridiculous. I love lolita and it makes me feel happy. I even love my pink dresses, my sax dresses, but it's so rare I wear them out right now and it makes me sad. I'm pretty sure this is just something in my brain telling me that I somehow look "cringy" in color when the style is the same as what I don't feel "cringy" in... just a different color! Does anyone have issues like this?

>> No.10248316

hey, same anon. I jsut say do it. tell yourself you're being stupid and wear what you like. it took me a while to get used to color as well, and heck, I still have issues feeling comfy in it, but I do it anyway. Color is a fun way to give an outfit a different feel.

>> No.10248339

You could try incorporating more color in gradually. Work your way up to full shiro or pastel coords.

>> No.10248345

omg anon thanks for all this. I totally remember Alice, I think I'd blocked it out of my memory

>> No.10248366

Ayrt, thank you! I love Alice and Blood Tea, totally forgot I had them on my computer still from college. Just screencap’d this list for later use

>> No.10248367

Lolita is a subculture. We need a modern Novala Takemoto.

>> No.10248391

Screen capped. Thanks anon.

>> No.10248393

So what do you think of the Apple fandom?

>> No.10248394

The old Novala is still alive..wtf

>> No.10248397

NAYRT but as much as the división between observation and participation sounds like it could put to rest the question about wether lolita is a fandom, I’m afraid I’ve come here so stir even more this shit. Fandoms are incredibly participative and creative/productive. Let’s take the example of a fan of a book/movie, Harry Potter. Fans of the movie participate with cosplays, events, fan-fics, etc. As much as they cannot directly go to the studio or the author and write a dialogue for the characters directly, they have a huge say in what happens with Harry Potter as a cultural and commercial product. Something similar could be argued happens with lolita, we cannot go and design a print for AP or Meta, but we can start our indie brands, make illustrations, host events, even incline the balance of what prints get an MTO or a re-release.

>> No.10248400

I hope you stretched before reaching that far. You could pull something.

>> No.10248402
File: 24 KB, 320x320, 1559066015609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 125 KB, 640x640, 1437862026972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or, you know, just wear it like the fashion it is.

>> No.10248426

Your understanding of the word fandom is extremely narrow. What does the iPhone or Elon Musk fandom produce? Lolita fans make fanart and actual art but still.

>> No.10248441
File: 282 KB, 500x600, BDA18A34-D7F3-44D6-85D4-5FB2DB968A71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

almost 43,000 yen

>> No.10248446

I’m not defining it, I’m saying that being participative and creative is an element of fandom.

>> No.10248451

Yeah, kinda pricey for a dress only with such a simple print. I guess it’s not even an original print but stock fabric. I really like the cut and innovative headdresses tho.

>> No.10248453

But Elon Musk fandom is not creative

>> No.10248461

Would it kill AP to release nice, actually lolita things again?

>> No.10248503

So, I noticed that it’s a popular trend trend to comment/complain about whatever new thing AP releases.
But I rarely ever see complaints (or praise) about Baby, Meta or IW.
It seems like most of the „new releases“ discourse is about AP.
How come?

>> No.10248516

Because it's the most popular lolita brandin America and they release things really often. You should post new releases from other brands.

>> No.10248520

AP fans seems to be more involved, that's why they're bothered more when something they dislike comes out. Like, can you imagine someone who follows every single realise of Baby or IW. I feel like this kind of dedication is more common for AP or Moitie fans. Also probably those girls who collect MM or VM, but they don't release things often enough to give enough food for discussion.

>> No.10248554

You're dumb

>> No.10248560
File: 59 KB, 500x375, 1728270-lolita-wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This aint the feels thread but yeah, i dont like wearing colors either. Sometimes i buy cute pieces secondhand and dye them black at home.
It's not a trend, it's one of the most loved sweet brands and its slowly losing its charm and quality.

>> No.10248561

Why do you think so?

>> No.10248562

alice is one of my favorite movies! i love svankmajer's work. i had to write a paper in high school about the quay brothers' street of crocodiles short and i really love it.

does anyone have any recs for anime/western cartoons similar to princess tutu? i love its atmosphere and storybook motifs.

>> No.10248566

how much does he even contribute to the subculture anymore? baby cut him off after prison.

>> No.10248569

He tried to write a new book about lolita but society dropped him

>> No.10248572

I don't even like IW and even I follow all of their releases. There are just more people who talk about AP, they're not more or less dedicated.

>> No.10248583

>doesn’t like stuff
>still follows them on social media
Care to elaborate?

>> No.10248613

The dress is cute, but I hate the overlay. I wish this trend would stop.

>> No.10248615

I check three websites every morning without fail: closetchild, wunderwelt and innocent world. There are tons more IW fans, I don’t know why there’s not as much discussion though. Long live the classic lolita general

>> No.10248624

Petite Princess Yucie. It's less dark but also not as kiddie as it looks.

>> No.10248629

>can you imagine someone who follows every single realise of Baby or IW
Yes, I can imagine that very easily

>> No.10248638

Innovative headdress? What has Alice and the Pirates been doing for years, then?

>> No.10248647


nayrt, but I follow a ton of major and indie lolita brands on twitter -- on the off chance that one of the ones I'm not specifically a huge fan of comes out with a sleeper hit I actually do like.

If nothing else, it makes for nice eyecandy anyway. I don't see why just because I'm mainly sweet I can't appreciate a little Seraphim or OzzOneste on my feed. And if you've been following Kera twitter they have this weird fish bag that goes with absolutely nothing and looks totally stupid and is still kinda cute in a busukawaii sort of way.

>> No.10248657

I think IW fans tend to be less attention seeking overall than AP. IW itself doesn't always have the flashiest trend of the month prints, it's more wearable for everyday but that won't get thousands of social media posts compared to most AP prints

>> No.10248710

This is also dumb and you sound just as stuck up. Like lolitas who wear IW are better than lolitas who wear AP because they're less attention seeking, what because they don't release attention grabbing prints? And >>10248520 thinks people who wear AP are better because they're more dedicated? Literally the only reasons more people talk about AP releases is because
1 AP has more releases
2 more people wear AP

>> No.10248733

Wunderwelt has free international shipping for a week

>> No.10248734

Most likely fans who liked their older releases not happy with their new stuff that is very different from all of their their previous aesthetics.

>> No.10248746

AP is currently and has been for quite some time, the most popular brand. That’s why people talk about them the most.

>> No.10248751
File: 237 KB, 500x600, AP-petit-heart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The AP designer at Tekko mentioned that longer lengths are intended to appeal to an older demographic, basically the AP fans who've reached their 30s and who want to cover up a bit more. Those folks are probably also better off than younger AP fans, so the higher price point makes sense.

The petit heart dress from earlier this year was in the same vein - longer, a bit pricey for a relatively simple piece (¥ 39,800), but it sold out fast because older fans snapped it up.

>> No.10248756

higher price point only makes sense if the materials are better quality, not just for a "better off" demographic, that's absurd.

>> No.10248762

Or, there’s a higher price because there’s more fabric fucking genius

>> No.10248776

Pretear. Not as good, but a nice little show!

Also I'm sure you've seen it, but Utena, definitely.

>> No.10248789

>t. dumb ott ap whore

>> No.10248794

Should I mention in LM feedback if a dress I got had pit smells that weren't mentioned? The OP is in otherwise good condition and everything with buying it went okay, and I got the smell out with handwashing, but damn it reeked. There was no way she didn't notice the smell before sending it. Do I mention it or not?

Sorry if this isn't the right thread for this.

>> No.10248795


>> No.10248802

People get used to their own smell to the point they can't really smell it anymore. Just say it smells bad. If someone left me feedback that mentions my armpits I would commit suicide.

>> No.10248803

desu maybe message her about it first. she might offer to compensate you in some way, then you could mention there were some smell issues, but she refunded you a bit, or whatever. if she doesn't, just say it reeked of BO. But like another anon said, maybe she couldn't smell it. It's sad times when someone doesn't wash their shit before selling...

>> No.10248804

Thanks anon

>> No.10248806

desu maybe message her about it first. she might offer to compensate you in some way, then you could mention there were some smell issues, but she refunded you a bit, or whatever. if she doesn't, just say it reeked of BO. But like another anon said, maybe she couldn't smell it. It's sad times when someone doesn't wash their shit before selling...

>> No.10248809

So closet child started selling Halloween stuff last week. Baby and AP still haven't teased a Halloween release afaik. I don't remember when they released Halloween stuff last year but I'm hyped.

>> No.10248822

Every time I read something like this I'm terrified it's about me, even though I wash everything before sending it out and have had no indications that anyone has received anything smelly.

>> No.10248827

Yes they did. Aatp print is The night of Ghost forest and Ap just did the cross jsk thing. That’s their Halloween release

>> No.10248828

AP had 2 halloween releases, I hope this year happens again

>> No.10248832

>international shipping will be $85, tracked, with Canada post small packets, airmail, takes 14-45 days
Can a Canadian anon confirm this is true? I've never had to pay more than $40 for OPs from Canada with tracked shipping to Europe.

>> No.10248833

There’s no more revealed upcoming releases left and there’s two months until Halloween. My guess is they’re going to show the Halloween print at Hamburg TP.

>> No.10248848

I said baby not aatp.

>> No.10248850

What made you think Baby does Halloween releases? Are you new? Aatp does them yearly instead. Baby hasnt done Halloween in a long long while

Anyways they usually are shown in July or August and so I doubt there is another big release coming

>> No.10248852

It's basic capitalism. An item is worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it, and what the seller is willing to accept in exchange for the item. People with more money are willing and able to pay more for what they want, and a smart seller will adjust prices accordingly. Yes, quality is a factor, but JetJ doesn't charge almost double what other brands do because their stuff is that much better - it's because they figured out that their fan base would pony up, at least enough of them to make up the difference in profit from the ones who stopped buying as their prices went up.

(also because JetJ is a smaller brand so their production runs are smaller which means each dress cost more to make, so if AP is doing smaller runs of these longer dress cuts, that could be a factor in the price as well)

Seems a bit high to me but Canada Post is always jacking their rates up. You can check yourself online (Google canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/far/business/findARate

>> No.10248895

The overlay part is hideous. If AP insists on making longer dresses they should look to Gunne Sax for inspiration

>> No.10248907
File: 44 KB, 720x960, 0B1BB09D-5157-4028-A897-DC59A9EC573B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Black colorway is pretty cute tho. I expect a bit of blood bath for this one.

>> No.10248908
File: 49 KB, 720x960, E39795F7-3E8F-4657-9FFD-64468AD8673A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10248910
File: 132 KB, 960x720, EAD33EB0-193D-4AFD-8226-7C26DBBE5395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk on pink one. I like the outfit but probably because model’s hair is styled nicely.

>> No.10248912
File: 211 KB, 500x600, A744FC74-1545-4CFD-A889-5931458B5DFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, weird question, but if choosing between this one and Petite Heart OP in black, which one would you take?
Quite difficult for me, but I guess I’m more into PH.

>> No.10248913

BO anon reminded me of a problem I keep having.
My friends like to try on my clothes, it makes me happy to see them partake in my favorite hobby.
Would it be rude to ask them to wear my deodorant when they borrow my things for long periods of time? I have special non-stain deodorants specifically so that my very expensive white blouses and OPs don't get ruined, while most normies tend to wear very cheap deodorant that leaves yellow marks and build up on the clothes.
How offensive would it be to pack an unused stick of deodorant in with the clothes when lending them out?

>> No.10248954

So since Wunderwelt doesn't charge international shipping now, is it worth it to buy directly from them instead of a SS who would mark the parcel down to avoid taxes?

>> No.10248958

Free shipping doesn’t mean no customs

>> No.10248959

Yeah, I adore this in black, I wish I had the money for it right now.

>> No.10248960

I just wouldn't lend stuff out to people at that point.

>> No.10248963

No shit???? Shipping+SS fees+paypal fees could be as high as customs

>> No.10248964

I think asking them to wear something underneath is less offensive sounding. Just say you had some bad experiences in the past so if you don't mind, etc. You could provide the inner wear when you lend it.

>> No.10248966

These hearts looked really bad/kind of damage up close iirc.

It wouldn't be offensive. I wonder how close you are with your friends when you can't even ask them about this directly.

>> No.10248973

Not for me. We get around 150% of the total value over here, and shipping is usually only 20 dollars.

>> No.10248974

What country is that? In the Europe they all charge 10-30%

>> No.10248975

OT, but what deodorant do you use? Every single one I've tried that promises "no stains" has been a little lying shit.

>> No.10248986

Same. But then I remember the time I got feedback complaining that an item "smelled strongly of detergent" and I figure my problem is overwashing.

Anyway, I've gotten a few smelly dresses over the years but I'm afraid to burn any bridges so I never mention it.

>> No.10248991

>got feedback complaining that an item "smelled strongly of detergent"

I remember seeing that and laughing. The person you sold to must be filthy as fuck.

>> No.10248999

Ones without aluminum

>> No.10249002

any brand names anon?

>> No.10249008

nayrt, but you'll have to check for deodorants instead of antiperspirants. Anti usually have aluminum on their composition. Just check the label of these

>> No.10249024
File: 36 KB, 600x450, 1500009940643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Janny applications are open. You know what to do, gulls.

>> No.10249039

I'm really sensitive to cheap fragrance and have to use scent-free detergent. Some people are just sensitive or have allergies.

>> No.10249041

That sounds like a you issue. Leaving bad feedback because an item smells like detergent is beyond retarded.

>> No.10249045

But anon, how dare you keep your items clean using a detergent they don’t prefer!

>> No.10249046

I can understand this issue when it comes to perfumes, but complaining about the kind of soap someone washes their items with is really fucking entitled and highmaintenance. And really, with the secondhand market filled with lolitas who don’t wash their shit for years, the smell of detergent should be a good thing. At least you know the item was washed.

>> No.10249052

NAYRT but I've actually received a dress twice now that smelled so strongly of detergent it was unwearable. They used some all-natural hippy shit that drove my allergies insane and was extremely strong, like a heavy perfume whenever it was in a room. I had to sell both dresses because even after washing the scent remained and my nose would get rubbed raw from all the sniffling. I don't even have strong allergies and it bothered my friend who I showed one of them to instantly. When the odor is that strong, it's damage. What may smell good to the seller was horrible to me and others.

>> No.10249053

Boohoo! Someone washed their clothes! How terrible for you.

>> No.10249055

You sound like you’re 12.

>> No.10249056

I can’t believe people are unironically complaining about people washing their clothing.

>> No.10249057

It’s probably just a bunch of unhygienic autists who aren’t used to the smell of cleaning products

>> No.10249058

She didn't leave negative feedback. She just said it smelled like detergent strongly. She stated a fact.

>> No.10249060

>filled with lolitas who don’t wash their shit for years
Who tf are you buying from? Is that really common in your country?

>> No.10249061

I hate fabric softener when it's all over everything but it makes me irrationally happy when I get a dress that smells good. One dress doesn't set off my migraines but a whole load with fabric softener or too strongly scented detergent does

>> No.10249062

I don't know if strongly scented detergents are way more common elsewhere, but none of the things they sell here where I live smell as strongly as many clothes I've bought have smelled. It's something all me and my friends complain about all the time. Having to air that shit immediately and sometimes the scent doesn't even come off.

Why would you think not liking strong scents = filthy person?

>> No.10249063

You see people complaining about it here all the time newfag

>> No.10249064

Things like people complaining over laundry detergent is just one of the many reasons I stopped selling my stuff years ago. I see a lot of people say they want items that I have and sometimes I feel bad and almost start selling again, but then I see this shit and stick to my guns.

>> No.10249072

Agreed, I’m tempted to stop selling items too. If a scent sensitivity is that much of a problem for you it is your responsibility to talk to the seller beforehand. If you need to ask what kind of detergent they use fine, but assuming everyone caters to your incredibly specific needs of x-free detergent and then getting upset after the fact is unreasonable and immature. People with allergies still eat out and recognize that they have to ask beforehand about the ingredients, I don’t see why those with stronger sensitivity to scents can’t do that as well. If you follow through and then after all that it has perfume or whatever and the seller said it didn’t? Sure, leave that bitch bad feedback. But the amount of people complaining about others using detergent they don’t tolerate is YIKES

>> No.10249092

I am a sweater though, need that aluminum

>> No.10249095

You can search for aluminum free deodorant online. I use Lavilin, which is a paste and pricier.

>> No.10249099

Do you guys not know about baking soda? If something smells strongly just dump in a cup of baking soda when you wash it

>> No.10249105

People who complain about detergent smells(read: people who have poor hygiene) obviously wouldn’t know about that

>> No.10249110

This sounds like a great idea.
Personally I just leave it hanging in a place that gets plenty of ventilation for one or a few days.

>> No.10249113
File: 297 KB, 500x600, b09d7071-f025-56a8-8628-212d39668b21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright gulls, what are the chances for AP rereleasing a series for Halloween? I pray to any god for Horror Garden and the gilet, that's all I've wanted

>> No.10249116

Didn't Horror Garden already have a recent re-release? I doubt they'd do another one this soon.

>> No.10249202

Yeah, it's not possible. It got re-release not long ago and AP is not logical when they do MTOs so a Halloween dress could come in March and not even ship before next Christmas.

>> No.10249205

They already rereleased this dress this year, so pretty low. They didn’t do the gilet then so that’s very very low.

You can find some floating online but good luck on the vest

>> No.10249227
File: 413 KB, 480x640, 4189F04F-DEDC-4584-BF16-EEF4B953DB94.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

usakumya pochette mini mini. Can somebody please tell me why it comes with two straps? I have one of these and I don’t even understand why it would need two. Heck actually I’ve never figured out a good way to attach this damn tiny thing to anything. The only thing I can think of is strapping it to a backpack ...? Somebody please advise.

>> No.10249235

Can anybody recommend a good brand to get sweet style boots from?

>> No.10249238

I want to like it, but the high waist, the overlay covering the pretty print... meh.

>> No.10249252

it's a small (aka tiny) backpack... are you serious? I guess not everyone is old enough to remember everyone loving those tiny useless backpacks in the late 90s/early 2000s.

>> No.10249254

NAYRT but the straps are not long enough to use it as a backpack... minimini is TINY. Maybe the pochette sized Usa could wear it as a backpack...

>> No.10249256
File: 35 KB, 400x448, 543dd52f8be8f50b27b6bd47a11b956c1b4ea243v2_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dolls, anons. They're the perfect size for 1/3 SDs. Of which Volks x Btssb collabs happen with enough frequency there's probably some doll out there with a better brandwhore wardrobe than my own human-sized one.

>> No.10249268

That doesn't mean it happens all the time lol go outside sometimes

>> No.10249270

Is this bait? I've never had a bad experience with selling or buying. I rarely even see an account with neutral or negative feedback. I once bought something from someone with negative feedback and even that ended up fine. Maybe you should sell only to your local comm, people are less likely to complain openly.

Maybe stop reading cgl for a while if their discussions affects you this much. A person mentioned detergent in her feedback. Big deal. It has nothing to do with you. Do you always stop doing something because there's 1 person you disagree with?

Emily Temple cute releases boots every year. If you look for them secondhand, make sure they're unworn. It can be uncomfortable and bad for your body to wear boots that were already "shaped" by someone else's posture and feet.

>> No.10249271

Most people use it as a bag charm

>> No.10249274

Yep I've gotten that patchouli/tea tree oil shit (never from lolita, thank goodness, but from vintage sellers) and it's honestly worse than cigarette scent. Iirc Shailene Woodley wore that stuff with her loaned designer digs and now nobody lends to her because she ruins the clothes. We should treat things the want way. Strong scents like that should be considered damage. Regular detergents and cleaning methods will leave nowhere near as much of a smell. Thank fuck lolita doesn't have as many hippie dippies as vintage.

>> No.10249279

On the flip side, I got a dress that smelled like mesquite. It was kind of nice, even if it made me crave barbeque.

>> No.10249281

When I looked up the mini mini specifically all I found were bjds.. I miss when I saw snaps of lolitas with their bjds dressed, it’s rarely done so well now..

>> No.10249288
File: 71 KB, 720x720, 1507041041540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's so that the usakumya pochette can wear it as a backpack.

>> No.10249291

i thought about that, and i thought. there’s no reason that is the sole reason why it was created..
then i forgot lolita is all about doing things like that.

>> No.10249292

I would never give someone bad feedback because an item smelled strongly of detergent.
But yeah, stuff like patchouli & tea tree/essential oils >>10249274
, geez. Or smoke, BO that definitely goes too far and it's disgusting.
Some of the stuff I received from 2ndhand shops and Japanese sellers smell of nothing or a bit musty, the latter isn't nice but I clean everything I receive so that's ok as long as the scent disappears.
I always have my velveteens and prints dry cleaned, they come back smelling like nothing really which honestly is ideal but detergent or fabric softner scent is ok too as long if it's not too strong. I prefer washing my solids myself, but my stuff is never over scented thank goodness.
Always wondered if I should use one of those nice yankee candle scented sachets in my wardrobe but always too scared my clothes would end up smelling too strong.
Does anyone here use that?
I remember someone on here complaining her dress smelled strongly like vanilla or marshmallows though, which sounds nice but I guess it was super strong?
I suspect it was due to one of those sachets.

>> No.10249302

Btw since we talking about clothes smell, has anyone noticed that Japonica probably sprinkling their parcels with some scented thing so they feel better after receiving. I’ve noticed that most of my parcels from them smell the same although they were obviously ordered from different sellers. Nothing against that tho, I pretty much remember that smell as “new brand” scent.

>> No.10249307

Looked it up on the local market, and found it at the same places where I get sunscreen. Should have thought of looking there sooner. Thanks!

>> No.10249315

I feel like any package I receive from Japan has that certain smell, even one my best friend send me during her holiday.

>> No.10249316
File: 134 KB, 509x720, 81455109-BBBF-4542-A215-26F708AA3629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New moitie x vampire cafe collab

>> No.10249341

Does anyone understand this fucking website?
She posts so much random shit on her twitter, I never know when we are actually allowed to order things. I only ever see the ''thanks for your orders, we're closed now ^^'' messages.

>> No.10249350 [DELETED] 
File: 1.29 MB, 680x4055, 20190831_all-en.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTSSB and AATP outwear collection

>> No.10249353
File: 1.23 MB, 680x2596, 20190831_all-en.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTSSB and AATP outerwear collection

>> No.10249360

Ooh bringing back the cape

>> No.10249380

I'm in love, rip wallet

>> No.10249389

In which country are AP solids made nowadays?

>> No.10249404

First you look at this page: http://moonberry.cocotte.jp/c/c.htm
>We will limit the delivery time, not the order time.
>Delivery will be from October to March, regardless of the order date.

>> No.10249405

>The 2019 net order has been closed.
>Please note that follow-back (re-follow) is not possible.

>> No.10249407

Well, guess you'll have to try again next year.

>> No.10249409

Don't reply to questions you don't know

>> No.10249410

Nayrt but >>10249341 should be asking in the stupid questions thread to start with

>> No.10249415

amazon has a new remake of picnic at hanging rock

>> No.10249422

The stupid questions thread is for stupid questions. That thread actually shouldn't exist, people should just Google stupid questions themselves. When people ask normal non-stupid questions there they don't get answered or get a dumb answer like >>10249404

>> No.10249426

That question was dumb, so it belongs in the stupid questions thread. Dumb questions asked in the general get dumb answers

>> No.10249427
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 61t00kP2grL._SL500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10249464

Is it dumb when it's still unanswered?

>> No.10249499

Carole & Tuesday is on Netflix now

>> No.10249596

It’s autumn now and that means it’s Halloween time! Are you guys ready?

>> No.10249613

I can't fathom doing that. Why would you ever let anyone have your clothes at all, let alone for long periods of time? That's insane. Make them buy their own second hand, jfc. It's not a hobby, it's a fashion, and it's ridiculous for anyone you're not extremely close to, like a sister or one bestie you've known for twenty years, to be in your clothes long enough to stink them up.

>> No.10249615

But how will I create muh safe space if I tell people about muh triggers? Why can't they magically reeeeeeeead my special snowflake mind?

>> No.10249616

She only opened custom reservations for two hours this summer because she has a backlog of 18 months. I think she might have even ended it before the two hours was over. There's also no way to know when she'll reopen reservations and how long delayed the delivery date will be then. She needs to get her life together, I wouldn't order from her. She sometimes has premade items for sale in indie markets together with Sincerely.

>> No.10249626

You don't have many friends do you? It's quite common to lend out clothes. Even some cousins and colleagues I'm not friends with let me borrow their clothes.

>> No.10249627

It's still summer for like 3 weeks dummy

>> No.10249628

Thank you! This is really helpful. I stalked her twitter for so long so I was mad at myself for missing out anyway. I'll try to buy from her at events.

>> No.10249634
File: 287 KB, 1077x1217, 1549384573008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're on a board of people who dress up all year long and it's September.

>> No.10249665


>> No.10249779

Um no. Maybe among poorer people (no offense). Not even my best friends get their hands on my expensive clothes, they just get their own. Not saying I’m a baller, I buy mostly second hand, but just no. It’s weird. Only in extremis will I lend clothing.

>> No.10249803

I'm glad! I don't comment here often but you were getting such bad responses that I felt compelled to. It's such a shame because I'd love to order things but I could probably teach myself to sew and make them in the amount of time it would take it to be ready.

>> No.10249808

Do you expect us to believe you gave a wrong answer on purpose because you thought the question was dumb?

Nayrt but I was always wondering about that brand too so thanks.

>> No.10249852
File: 345 KB, 720x1018, Meta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Airy Tartan Ribbon Dress (エアリータータンリボンジャンパースカート)
Price: 26,800 yen

Length: 98 cm (38.5 in) + lace
Bust: 86 cm (33.8 in) ~ 123 cm (48.4 in)
Waist: 70 cm (27.5 in) ~ 105 cm (41.3 in)
Skirt length: 60 cm (23.6 in) + lace

Outer material: tartan chiffon (100% polyester)

Item#: 12091029
Release date: August 30th (it's up)

>> No.10249858

AP assuming mid 30s to 40s wanting to cover up more.
What do they think tights & otks are for?

>> No.10249907
File: 43 KB, 250x333, 0dd469aa-0a4b-5124-9aa8-2f3ce9d09d40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own the Chiffon Angelic Princess JSK and is kind enough to provide me with the actual measurements for bust, waist and length? Compared meausrements on lolibrary with the few listings I found on LM, but the numbers seem very inconsistent.

>> No.10250052

Can someone translate this so i can diy it?

>> No.10250089

I think its because a longer length simply feels more mature. Not anything directly to do with covering up.

>> No.10250142

Tbh I find their longer cuts juvenile

>> No.10250151

Me too, high waisted babydoll cuts, shiny polyester and tasteless hanging extra long chiffon is not mature. They should go back to their roots and do actual oldschool instead of garbage like >>10249907

>> No.10250156

Does anyone know how to restore glitter print? I recently got an old dress and much of the glitter has worn off, but the print underneath is still okay.

>> No.10250160


that came out in 2007 and has a just waist. AP has also been making chiffon dresses since their oldschool days. are you new?

>> No.10250217

Not professional translator, so excuse the hilariously awkward item names.

Maroon Despair and Dawn's Romanesque (non-alcoholic)
- Mango juice, orange juice, lemon, tonic, blue syrup

Bloodstain Sleeping in Amber Jumieges (alcoholic)
- Whiskey, orange juice, tonic, port wine

Red Moon and Brides' Beautiful Graves
- Eggplant and bolognese lasagna with creamy Zucca (seems like an Italian place in Japan?) sauce

Blue Roses Lingering Chalk and Spirit of the Sparkling Castle
- Blueberry and white chocolate short cake

>> No.10250221

The names are supposed to be retarded so there's not much you can do

>> No.10250256


probably by hand gljf

>> No.10250268

My point is that it's ugly, they released a dress just like that a year or two ago so I thought it was that release. Even if it is old, it has a very modern vibe compared to other contemporaneous releases. I would kill for new AP solids like they did in 2000-2002, or for prints like the old cherry stock fabric

>> No.10250279
File: 408 KB, 1364x2048, AE28862D-283D-45C9-8A1E-537073210C7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swankiss will collaborate with Bodyline

>> No.10250281
File: 468 KB, 1364x2048, 7C5E2EBB-6548-4C3C-88FA-E628C176DF6F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250283
File: 638 KB, 1364x2048, 28EA7D97-6C25-41BA-8F64-ADDCA8652DA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250285
File: 443 KB, 1364x2048, A4D6E38C-F435-45F0-BBD7-C1078E0AECA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250288

Any idea how much these will be?

>> No.10250289

They haven’t posted prices yet.

>> No.10250303
File: 383 KB, 1564x1564, EDcQ6ifU8AEQsC2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JetJ collaboration with UK's National Gallery

Reservation dates: 2nd September to 24th September 2019

>> No.10250310

That's fall equinox
Aka middle of fall
Fall has begun

>> No.10250338

The fall equinox is the first day of fall. Please go Google it. Fall doesn't start when September starts. If the equinox was the middle of Fall, and it is only 3 weeks from now, that would mean that fall is only 6 weeks long.
>sage for wildly ott

>> No.10250509

I don't know about ya'll but I want this

>> No.10250511

Too bad I'm too ugly to wear something so beautiful

>> No.10250515

Two tacky brands collab. Looks just like I expected.

>> No.10250623

Yeah, I think I'm stuck slowly repainting it. Pray for me kind anon.

>> No.10250651
File: 129 KB, 682x768, tumblr_mzlrq0wj0w1sh3c7mo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250657

You're right, but in my heart, it's still Halloween regardless.

>> No.10250664

Two tacky brands collab FOR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES so triple the tackiness.

Why is this in the lolita thread thoug?

>> No.10250777
File: 109 KB, 1076x1076, 46874835_220706995372983_4779668176558358528_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there someone who owns rereleased version of that mummy dress from AatP? I'm just wondering what kind of fabric did they use for rerelease and if it's somewhat different to original release fabric.

>> No.10250803


I don't kno w you anon but don't put yourself down like that because you're definitely the more beautiful of the two.

>> No.10250815


It already got shat on in the Bodyline thread, and that's without pictures.

My guess is some summerfag hasn't figured out their jfash shit and thinks Bodyline is lolita burando that they have to champion cos it's teh cheapest shit, or something.

>> No.10250820
File: 3.63 MB, 2060x1490, venus cupid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

upcoming releasing for JetJ

>> No.10250821
File: 2.89 MB, 1880x1532, flowers in a vase.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250822
File: 2.79 MB, 2060x1176, october.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250823
File: 2.08 MB, 1400x1080, permanente.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10250834

God these are awful

>> No.10250844

How often does Atelier Boz add new stock?

>> No.10250852

Thanks, I hate everything.
Some of these dresses make me think about those painting dresses from Bodyline.

>> No.10250858

I might go for the Tenebres skirt. Apart from that everything looks bad, and I say that as a collector of old jetj (mostly solids, some plaids). I spent about 300 bucks on yarn last and this month, it's time to stop.

>> No.10250862

When I saw this I just thought, yet another Taobao split monstrosity. So dissapointed at JetJ

>> No.10250863

Thank you anon! I wish you a closet full of DDs
Time to make my house spooky(er)
Omg i love these

>> No.10250864

The OTKs are something I can get behind.

>> No.10250865

i like the skirts on the dresses & by itself, i think it actually displays the painting nicely. idk wtf is going on with those bodices though. ew.

this is so normie, looks like something youd wear to a piano recital. also ugly.

>> No.10250921

You can ask brands about this kind of stuff directly

>> No.10250933
File: 74 KB, 943x667, EDiYo7vUwAAg0Gz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rosa Bianca
Romantic Petal Dress ( ロマンティックペタルドレス)

>> No.10250939

Can someone link me to the AP category on y!auctions? I can't find it on mobile for some reason

>> No.10250941

How about you ask the stupid questions thread? This is top level stupid

>> No.10250943

I just really love seeing butthurt comments every time someone posts a question in the general

>> No.10250944

You love showing off your retardation and people calling you retarded in return? Please take your masochism elsewhere

>> No.10250945 [DELETED] 

Keep it coming boney

>> No.10250946

Idk, would they say it if piece has downgrade in quality? I really suspect that they've used thinner fabric for sleeves.

>> No.10250949

You must be really paranoid if you think they would use a lower quality of fabric for a re-release so shortly after the original release. The only realistic reason they would use different fabric is if the place that made their fabric before closed down unexpectedly, or if there was another economic crisis that requires them to make huge budget cuts. And yes, they would say it, they're not retarded, they know we can compare, and their customer service staff has no personal reason to trick you.

>> No.10250972

I really love the name closetchild for a secondhand lolita store. It simultaneously sounds really cute and really strange.

>> No.10250976

Hard agree

>> No.10250990
File: 866 KB, 960x640, 235679876543456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No need to be that hostile. Don't you see that newer fabric looks more thin?

>> No.10251006

I just think you are acting weird about this when you could literally just message them and get a more trustworthy answer than from anons on cgl.

>> No.10251011

You are comparing 2 different colourways to trick us

>> No.10251013

Like >>10251011 said those are two different colorways fucking dumbass

>> No.10251021

I used them in order to make sure that those belong to different releases. Afaik, blue colorway belongs to original release only and black cuffs are the feature from latter rereleases.

>> No.10251045

How much Btssb does the shop in Hamburg have? Do things sell out quickly there or do they still have a bunch of old stuff?

>> No.10251068

God damn why did they only rerelease black last time? Navy is the best one.

>> No.10251071

I love that blue kitty eyes, so pretty :3

>> No.10251214

It's also newer stuff but don't expect too much. The selection is rather small.

>> No.10251219

How big is their stock for lolita anyway? Worth to travel across the country for or rather not?

>> No.10251240
File: 421 KB, 595x842, B5A30C5F-6FE5-49A1-BDD3-C324BE926364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New AP

>> No.10251244

I think I’m in the minority for liking this. It looks like old Americana tattoo flash.

>> No.10251246

It looks a lot better when worn, I bet japanese lolitas will buy it.

>> No.10251247

it's more lizlisa than lolita, not worth a visit solely for lolita but if you're going to the AP teaparty or any other reason it's nice to check out
hamburg has a cat cafe if you're into that

>> No.10251257

I like the print quite a bit and am happy we're getting skirts again, but the colourways are kind of ugly imo.

>> No.10251263

There must be that meme about "may I copy your homework" and Holy Lantern. Although I like OP cut.

>> No.10251269


Holy Lantern was better.

Is this one also flocked though? It seems thinner too.

>> No.10251276

I was thinking this too and that’s honestly why I like it.

>> No.10251304

I like the skirt a lot, the dress cuts are bad

>> No.10251337

I'm looking for a colourway of a JSK that is sold out on baby's webshop but still available in other colours so I figured it might be available in physical shops still

>> No.10251339

I love the print, I want the skirt in all colours

>> No.10251345
File: 20 KB, 364x302, aAY6lErf_xPBFZlTG5Mw4iqhXEiKEF0fyDxW1OW8pJ0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10251368

are those upside down crosses I spy?????

>> No.10251371

Calm down edgelord, the crosses are in several different directions on the print

>> No.10251604
File: 57 KB, 828x466, 55A31943-D26A-428B-B9AA-22F9F3F177F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10251626

When can we buy from Swimmer again? There new website isn't working for me

>> No.10251639

just a general question.
any other coms have the weird tumblr fujoshis that join and 90% of the time take no time to buy a full coord and spend the whole meet trying to talk about yaoi. is that common for other coms? how do you deal with it?

>> No.10251643

>how do you deal with it?
I learn to respect the fact that people are different and have different interests and try to spend the meet talking with people who share mine.

>> No.10251644

>politicians, doctors and lawyers against lolitas
Sounds like a nice short film.

>> No.10251655


My comm has a strict lolita/boystyle/aristo-only dress code for every meet. So far organizers are really strict about sticking to that rule. We get our fair share of homemade and amazon itas but that's about it.

There's a seperate event the mods sometimes put on for girls who don't have clothes yet and want a feel for the comm/fashion before they start.

>> No.10251661

by being a lonelita and slowly converting my friends into wearing it.

>> No.10251682

Any new dresses in Tulle?

>> No.10251698

People who don't wear lolita are not allowed to be a member of my comm

>> No.10251710

When will my AP halloween release return from war? I'm shocked there's been no previews

>> No.10251715

Don’t think it’s happening this year

>> No.10251726

I used to post Meta releases almost every thread but I've been away recently due to illness. If you want to start discussion about releases, I recommend posting them yourself!

>> No.10251728

This is gorgeous, I'd love this for everydaywear if I weren't on a no-buy at the moment. I just wish Meta would lower their waists by an inch or so, but I guess they often have adjustable straps so I shouldn't complain.

>> No.10251730

The plain one would be fucking beautiful with just a hint of lace at the bust and hem. Why must it be all or nothing with JetJ? I would buy and alter it, but like hell I'm paying that much for a dress I'm going to have to work on.

>> No.10251731

That’s a little extreme. We allow new people who are interested in joining the fashion, but if they don’t have a coord or shown up to a meetup within 6 months then we purge them.

>> No.10251733

Nah, in my comm the fujos are old and well-dressed. We're just well-adjusted enough to not behave like animals while discussing our OTPs and favourite mangakas.

>> No.10251759

I don't think anyone in my comm is fujo, and we've never had it come up in discussion. Most of us are weebs to some extent though.

We have a small comm and we're trying to grow it, so we're pretty lax on rules compared to bigger comms I would think. For big events (like seasonal events) lolita or related fashion is mandatory. For smaller, casual events, jfash is fine.

>> No.10251782

A while back I remember iw doing big oddment packs twice a year, have they done any of these recently? Unfortunately I haven't been keeping up outside the penguindrum release and archives don't have much info here.

>> No.10251816

Yeah they've always at least teased prints by now. Most likely they'll just rerelease bunch of popular bat accessories because those sell fast. Their last halloween prints were shown in July.

>> No.10251829

No chocolate or halloween release this year? What's going on.. Did we get a carnival one this year? I don't recall.

>> No.10251904

You and me both, I used to buy nothing but Meta and their cuts the past couple years are trash. You either have to be skinny enough to not stretch the shirring at all, or fat enough to fill it out, but on anyone else half shirring is a frumpy mess

>> No.10251930


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