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The comment section on this one is kind of entertaining

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Whoops, forgot to link the old thread. Sorry guys! Just want to get a small dump in before I have to head back to work

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thanks anon but don't forget to post the old thread >>10238411

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Thanks for linking the old thread!

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Jfc she needs an underskirt and lacey socks

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I gotta head back in now, I hope someone else will continue the dump. Thank you!

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Is this the ita thread?

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first print that I find well balanced and like in the dress so far, shame for the pink hair and bunny, and I'm a huge fan of pink hair, just not like that, but hey at least it's not tumblr shade of pink

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ah, a newfag

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and proud

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What JSK is this?

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ew lurk more before spewing your bs

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make me faggette

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You're not a lolita so what you say doesn't matter

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ur not everybody, sperg

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oh wow I like this a lot

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this shit wouldn't fly on any other board, so why are you so adamant about putting your ignorant two cents on everything? have you no shame? lurk or gtfo.

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Trying to continue dump.

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This shit ain't lolita, should have been deleted. It's not even good gal, she looks so dirty...

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was she "inspired" by FunkBrothers coord? i'm sorry she ripoff from a sissy

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And ending dump with this ita trash.

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this is the kind of classy shit I like to see

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her gauges ruin it

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How did this normie shit get approved?

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That’s old vm, newfag

>> No.10243871

Whether it's lolita or not could be argued about but how is this normie?

>> No.10243872

anon, I don't know where you live that people regularly wear headdresses, blouses with rounded collars and platform heels, but you should know that I am insanely jealous.

>> No.10243873

>calling vm normie
when will the summerfags shut the fuck up

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isn't ega also allowed on cof

>> No.10243879

Why do people not wear Pettis? These dresses are cut they way they are to fit a petti, without one they just flop down. Yeah, there are other problems here, but how much better would it be if she just wore a petti!

>> No.10243880

what? it's a good simple oldschool gothic coord.

>> No.10243886

She just needs to give her whole wardrobe a long soak in oxy and thorough handwash because everything I see from her just looks so dingy and it takes away from anything cute that’s happening

>> No.10243894

The only dingy thing I see are her shoes and maybe how wrinkled her clothes are? She does need to clean those nasty fucking shoes though

>> No.10243902

>thinking lolitas care at all about your uninformed opinion

>> No.10243905

the fried hair definitely doesn't help either.

>> No.10243913

My dream dress <3 she looks so cute

>> No.10243924

That dress does not fit and she looks so grimy. But what do you expect from edgelord bandwagon old schoolers?

>> No.10243933

This is so cute. I think a black bow around her neck would've looked better than that red one, but I understand she probably didn't want too much black around that area, since she already has the beret and wig.

It's EGA you uncultured swine, and fully allowed on CoF.

>> No.10243939

I wanted this dress for a while but after seeing it worn I think the navy is too oddly bright, wish it was closer to the socks she’s wearing

>> No.10243947

Where'd her socks go?

>> No.10243956

>I forced an AI program to read cof threads and this is what it spat out

>> No.10243967

Funnily enough, on her instagram, she stated that all her socks were dirty.

>> No.10243989

She looks like she lives in a trailer.

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Clthulu dress by Rouge Aerie Designs (https://rouge-aerie.com/) Don't know why I can't access their store right now

>> No.10244014

Is that her idea of OTT?

>> No.10244015

We’re closed at the moment
Things should be resolved shortly, please check back soon.

>> No.10244019

They probably left it up for the keks

>> No.10244023

Do they tho? I didn't notice them until ur comment

>> No.10244026

Don't feed the troll :') come on guys

>> No.10244033

never implied such thing, I don't give a fuck if you care or not about my opinion, I give it because I want to, deal with it faggette

>> No.10244038

this is really cute. I like the editing on it.
I hope she didn't get any blisters.
this is so classy and nice. I love that bolero.

>> No.10244039

It's definitely a bit brighter than Baby's usual navy.

>> No.10244082

i have a feeling she buys the cheapest secondhand she can find and just...doesn't wash it. her filthy usakumya tho

>> No.10244167

Nice coord, shame about the wig and the extra moon.

No petti, dumb boots, and each individual item is ugly. A majestic ita for the ages.

>> No.10244229

this could be so cute but instead it's so ugly

>> No.10244232

It's sad how big AP looks on normal sized girls now.

>> No.10244284

Wow, you're right, she doesn't even look particularly skinny but the dress looks like a bag on her.

>> No.10244307

AP is getting to big not only for skinny girls...fatty chan pretty

>> No.10244318

yes, so sad :(

>> No.10244322

What the fuck gives you the right to blatantly fat shame like this.
I'm sending screenshot of this straight to Tyler from LWLN, you'll be sorry.

>> No.10244369

Is this bait or are you really that stupid?

>> No.10244372

Lol, fatty chan detected

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>> No.10244408

>you'll be sorry
Thanks for the laugh

>> No.10244411

This shit is just sad

>> No.10244412

There have always been asian girls posing in baggy lolita.

>> No.10244433

But they were skinny. We're talking about normal girls here

>> No.10244467

this is a really weird pose, i hope she improves

>> No.10244470

I think that's a guy

>> No.10244471

oh shit that's gross

>> No.10244472

this is really well done.
all the neutrals match in tone, the accessories are balanced, the weight of the fabrics compliment each other...plus the poof is great.
the wig bangs are a little messed up, so maybe a thicker wig next time. overall, this sparks joy!

>> No.10244474

Yeah, that's definitely a guy

>> No.10244475

This is the first time in a long time an ott co-ord has really done it for me. Really cute.

>> No.10244478

Dose she have an ig I just love her look

>> No.10244480


>> No.10244482

This is like a mini copypasta.

>> No.10244501

Thanks you Aron

>> No.10244518

Now the Asian girls are drowning in it.

>> No.10244520

really really cute

while i like the idea of the red/white socks i think they’re unflattering on her leg size. she should rearrange the colors in the coord to have solid socks
she seems really tall

>> No.10244522

imo not lolita, but cute for a gothy outfit. Not liking the socks though, would be cuter with tights or otks.

>> No.10244523
File: 191 KB, 559x460, EE395A64-69BD-4501-9A1D-FECC6F71EF00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10244524

I guess he tried.

>> No.10244525

to the ita thread you go.

>> No.10244552

This is completely offtopic but her bone structure is SO GOOD.

>> No.10244557

thats what i thought too anon, wish i had her frame/figure

>> No.10244565

this is beautiful. she always looks so elegant.

>> No.10244610

sauce on her shoes?

>> No.10244633

Angelic Imprint

>> No.10244714

That black blouse looks so unflattering with the white OP

>> No.10244717

She reminds me of plum chan, but prettier and way better at coording.

>> No.10244723

> pcos hairline
> absolutely no makeup
> bodyline, no accessories
>half the body
> ??? leather biker gloves???

>> No.10244725

I'm glad she's still around

>> No.10244731

>several people over the span of months give the same crit, that must mean they sound like AI
The crit is absolutely true, no matter how much you try to play it down or sugarcoat it.

>> No.10244773

How do you manage to make an already bad looking style (ganguro) even worse?

>> No.10244815

Stop trying to spread lies

>> No.10244842

This is an anonymous board, you have no idea who you're talking to lmao. And you're quoting two people. I'm sorry you can't take anything but asspats and have to make up daydreams and project about how everyone who dares to critique you must be ugly or unsatisfied, but saying your dress doesn't fit you and looks dirty is barely "treating you like shit" unless you're hypersensitive, in which case you shouldn't be here in the first place.

>> No.10244844

Nayrt but how do you make that leap? Anyone with eyes can see that the bodice is too tight and the dress looks dingy. That has no reflection on the commentator other than that they aren't blind.

>> No.10244845

imagine falling for incredibly transparent bait

>> No.10244849

While I do hope that's bait, you'd be surprised about how many itas genuinely believe shit like that.

>> No.10244866

nta but what a cringey post

>> No.10245069

>stop trying to spread lies
girl there's pics of her with whippets and hitting dabs. not trying to be mean but if you don't want ppl to comment on your lifestyle don't post it on insta

>> No.10245097

>hitting dabs
Weed is evil! Not lovely!

>> No.10245100

The whippit things are jokes and she even says that on her posts, you are the such a drama queen with a lack of humor

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File: 102 KB, 788x960, FB_IMG_1566627015327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The wave of bandwagon old schoolers remind me of why I didn't actually like Western "old school" much when I was starting out. It can look so awfully frumpy when done wrong.

>> No.10245397

I don’t really like long bloomers with this coord, I find them unnecessary and the combo with the socks just doesn’t work.

>> No.10245402

the dumb ass rules lolitas built to "avoid" bad coords were in response to seeing japanese lolitas experimenting, almost like the modern old schoolers. makes you think

>> No.10245403

give her and iron and some shorter bloomers and different socks and it's be okay. I don't like her as a person though, but the outfit would be better if she just made some changes.

>> No.10245407

Stop talking out if your ass. Basic rules like "wear a petti" or "don't show skin" already existed back in 1999 Keras and got fully fleshed out and published in 2003 books. Not everything you glorify in Gothic and Lolita Bibles is actual Lolita you dumb neo-oldschooler.

>> No.10245412

She's literally not doing those things tho anon. Also those rules included no blackxwhite coords as well, and encouraged wigs with every coord

>> No.10245421
File: 100 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1566553318263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CoF is so overrun with itas now that I don't even feel motivated enough to dump here.

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File: 80 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1566633520876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will summer end

>> No.10245428

Wtf are you talking about? The first examples in the 2003 book are black x white coords and they say nothing about wigs with every coord, in fact it features natural hair. The Kera issue isn't talking about that either.

>> No.10245429
File: 109 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1566635735967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is kinda creepy

>> No.10245444

Lady I implore you, fix those EYEBROWS

>> No.10245449

they’re obviously jokes based on a real lifestyle she either used to live or still does

>> No.10245470

It's like we're stuck in 2014 shitty ita trends hell

>> No.10245728

these styles could look good if you have a child like face and use better makeup but super hard to pull off. Reminds me of the "Proud to be asian" youtube channel back in 09

>> No.10245787

Enormous poorly-shaped brows and fawn makeup with jewels that look like boogers? Your shit taste is showing anon

>> No.10245795

I did say better makeup did I not?

>> No.10245958
File: 66 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1566748636448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the state of CoF now, these threads are dead for a good reason.

I feel like Instagram is our only hope now.

>> No.10245990

>That 2$ tacky blouse
It hurts my eyes

>> No.10245992

So are you not going to dump and just post one pic to bitch about?
The ita threads exist for a reason

>> No.10245993

Is this girl famous? Her coord is casual. Could use some jewelry to step it up a bit, but otherwise is perfectly fine?

>> No.10245994
File: 263 KB, 935x693, 69599330_2136398693324954_1774563027941588992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I was shopping for procelain dolls and china bags I was approached by a russian man who said I look like a russian doll and that I need vodka. #Madeitmum

JSK: Toalice (Aliexpress idk if good or bad brand but I liked it and it has a cat)

Shirt: Aliexpress

Socks: The socks shop

Shoes: Highschool

Cape: So like a client left this at work (hairdressing) and didn't claim it for a year. IDK who owned it but when the manager tried to throw it in the bin I said "Heck no that is pretty" and so she gave it to me which is good because 0 waste amiright

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File: 686 KB, 2048x1630, 69376161_2934348923248686_8089433415817887744_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the weather slowly getting a little bit cooler I finally found motivation to wear lolita again. I wore this to my work team meeting yesterday.

Dress: Aatp
Bag: Enchanted Dreamwear

>> No.10245996
File: 63 KB, 540x960, 69461395_2976451125715161_5503830749637246976_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going out for tea with friends so quick coord I chucked together, not my best especially as I couldn’t find my pink tea parties. (Slightly messy as me and my partner recently moved house)
concrit welcome

Head wear: taobao
Blouse: primark
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Boots: indie brand

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File: 104 KB, 788x960, 69216119_10214527231604144_5643288234659151872_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coordinate for going out to my favorite bar and reading some 18th century samurai novels.

Blouse, skirt are baby

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File: 233 KB, 1440x1440, 68891804_10162142451690613_8474014704581214208_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dress from Sweet Mildred arrived yesterday and I am so excited to take it out for a spin! It is so different from anything else that I own but I was just so drawn to the print. Concrit always welcome!

JSK- Sweet Mildred
Headdress- Innocent World
Cardigan- Axes Femme
Socks- Meta
Shoes- Demonia
Pin- KimchiKawaii

>> No.10246002
File: 883 KB, 1184x1776, 69365162_2913684855339899_204849289816440832_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello everyone! I went to a local street food festival today and wanted to try out my new cardigan and blouse I got! ^^ I really like how this turned out, but I might need to swap the shoes for sax ones or try patterned stockings. Let me know what do you think! <3

Skirt: Bodyline
Bows and cardigan: Angelic pretty
Blouse: Infanta
Hat, shoes: Off brand

>> No.10246003
File: 222 KB, 1440x1440, 68820050_10213114044840134_6712119283247218688_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Casual outfit for going out with the family on my sister's birthday! I don't usually like to wear tshirts with lolita but I do like this tshirt and skirt together

AP skirt and bow, listen flavour tee, dark ruby (taobao) shoes + handmade/offbrand/swimmer accessories

>> No.10246005
File: 56 KB, 528x960, 69130248_2436130866423528_1370776853043740672_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I loved OTT

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Bunnyears: Claires
OTK: Angelic Pretty
Accessoires: Chocomint/Ruby Rose/Claires
Shoes: Bodyline

>> No.10246007
File: 51 KB, 634x960, 69392782_2534782919900275_3974030026629709824_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Victorian Maiden reservation came today! Here’s to hoping they make more dresses in my size I will bring them back from the dead my damn self.

Dress, babushka: Victorian Maiden
Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Jewelry, purse: vintage

>> No.10246009

Can this girl stop reposting her years old photos to COF?

>> No.10246010
File: 288 KB, 1080x1257, 69212558_1951875004913031_866058779186167808_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I spent last week up at my family's rustic cabin in the Quebec woods. While I'm usually wearing the comfiest clothes when I'm there I like to take a day to go on a "fashion hike". That way I can take some of the beautiful forest home with me in the form of whimsical fashion photos.

Jsk: handmade
Blouse: banana republic
Cardigan: Jane Marple
Hat: off brand
Wooden pins: lotvdesigns & pepfox
Necklace: lotvdesigns
Corsages: lotvdesigns
Tights: AliExpress
Shoes: Hotter

>> No.10246011
File: 165 KB, 1153x2015, 69563516_531104110960121_4071449471269994496_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I went to an anime convention and I decided to dress up as Kuroneko from Oreimo using my own wardrobe. I know, never mix cosplay and lolita, but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Headdress, OP: Antique Beast
Socks: Moitie
Shoes: Meta

>> No.10246012
File: 218 KB, 1604x2015, 68892305_10219121477497656_1975520849754587136_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wore my new Baby dress today just for going to lunch with my boyfriend for his birthday, and having dinner with the family for the same reason.
JSK/hair bow: Btssb
Blouse: Bodyline
Purse: AP
Shoes: taobao
Everything else: offbrand

>> No.10246013
File: 590 KB, 1440x1440, 69760175_10159535474823499_1858372820732477440_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NDK, day 1 coord
Jsk, blouse, otk's, nekokumya, ears: Baby/ Alice and the Pirates
Moto jacket, earrings: AP

>> No.10246014
File: 61 KB, 768x960, 68963463_2503837549859571_1677371358301913088_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10246016
File: 997 KB, 1200x1600, 69125079_1378688468974141_5538441425764483072_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coord for a fruit-themed tea party at a friend's place.


hat: commission from Gloria Copetillo

JSK and choker: AP

shoes: Leur Getter

wristcuffs: AtePi

half wig: Prisilla

>> No.10246018
File: 49 KB, 720x960, 69166498_2943246869233065_400761796366958592_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My outfit for Animaga con today!
Blouse: Clockwork Butterfly (offbrand)
Jacket: Punk Rave (offbrand)
Skirt: Peace Now
Hat: DIY
Underskirt: handmade
Boots: thrift store
Jewellery: random stores I can’t remember

>> No.10246020
File: 118 KB, 960x960, 68880608_2427689937310914_6251197742526234624_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why hello there~!
My friends and I took the trek to go to the wax museum here in SF and I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone and wear my pink converse since we were walking for 2+ hours going up and down hills I’m usually one to grasp on the rules for dear life but I figured I’d go for it and try to wear more comfortable shoes? I usually wear my white or red heels from Baby with this come rain or shine; comfort or aching, crying feet.
Sorry if this is wrong ;-; I just thought I’d try to go out of bounds a bit...
Rundown (dress is Strawberry Whip~)
~AP: jsk, headbow, blouse, bag and cardigan (I’m wearing rings but they can’t be seen here ;-;)
~BTSSB: Flower bow clips
~Offbrand/Daiso: socks, pantyhose, and necklace
~And my friend Sara from Nondairyconfectionary made the beautiful glasses!

>> No.10246021
File: 447 KB, 1440x1440, 69667311_2341468399234480_7015300071189118976_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally wearing lolita again for a local con!
Shoes: bodyline
Blouse: anna house???
Everything else: angelic pretty

Concrit welcome, this is a pretty straightforward coord and im always looking for more interesting ways to dress up.

>> No.10246022
File: 134 KB, 612x1505, 69003108_748346588950389_3224392254466555904_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another saturday another coord. (Really wish i had someone reliable to take my pics for me...)
Dress: Axes Femme
Headbow: BtSSB
Wristcuffs: AP
Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse: MLT

>> No.10246023
File: 238 KB, 1475x2015, 69360938_2452431244843719_863685616481599488_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got dressed up to draw at a local cafe. This was my first time wearing this jsk out and it's really comfy, I love it so much!!

Blouse: AatP
JSK: Moitie
Hat: Innocent World

Concrit welcome and appreciated!!

>> No.10246024
File: 772 KB, 1564x1564, 68951790_10220450639955550_4914438598129876992_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wore a full bonnet for the first time ever. I got all dressed up to go busk, but ended up not working out, so I just played in my backyard. I'll link that in the comments.

Blouse is Souffle Song, JSK is Neverland, and bonnet is Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

I wanted to wear my chunky shoes with it, but I didn't know if I could operate my looping pedal with them, so I wore boring ones instead.
I'd love concrit on anything except my fried-looking hair and my medical tape on my hand. I'm really out of my comfort zone with this style and I'd love to know what doesn't work.

>> No.10246026
File: 550 KB, 2048x1536, 69474253_10157691835448944_5067849534248321024_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi sweeties!

This is a simple coord I wore to enjoy the last summer days with my daughter and go admire some flower fields. I have noticed that my love for pink has matured into more toned down antique/dusty/rose pink, years ago it would have been much brighter. I'm liking it alot!

Hat~ Handmade by me
Hair~ Gothic Lolita Wigs
Blouse~ Thrifted
Dress~ Innocent World
Ankle socks~ Vintage
Shoes~ Vintro

If you're interested, there's some more photos of this coord in my IG @frillycakes

>> No.10246028
File: 118 KB, 1080x1440, 69070223_150337139402669_4448916232606842880_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wew! It's my birthday Monday so we're celebrating today with a tea party at my friend's sweets shop!


OP: Alice Girl Cage Dream
Shoes and Socks: Taobao

>> No.10246030
File: 306 KB, 1638x2048, 69177302_2369403886500642_5230204357508595712_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A much more casual coordinate for getting sushi, bubble tea and feeding the swans with my wife .

The swans finally trust me to eat out of my hand! I feel blessed ;-;

My Ig is @StarlightxForest

Jsk: Ista Mori (Taobao)
Blouse: Vintage
Tights: lotv designs
Shoes: Kickers
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: Pinky (Taobao)
Headdress: Sweet Dreamer (Taobao)
Bracelet: Handmade by my partner

>> No.10246033
File: 124 KB, 507x937, 68971440_171466404012066_6096311875983638528_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so happy with this coord. Me and my friend did a little bit of twining and here's me! Definitely gonna get wristcufs next time and propably swap the headbow with a bonnet or so. Concrit welcome as I'm quite new to Lolita! ^^

JSK and headbow: infanta
Blouse,tights and shoes: from my-lolita-dress

>> No.10246035
File: 160 KB, 960x960, 69402324_10218439958086940_8793021798468812800_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rainy friday. My coord for shopping some Wine and treats for weekend.

Skirt: Moitie
Blouse,tights: EBay
Corset: Dracula clothing
Jewelery, underskirt, hat: Handmade
Cape: Dark in love

My insta: @shadowmodel87

>> No.10246038
File: 1.61 MB, 2048x1721, 69161641_10220349784753322_4496802536681897984_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wearing velvet in the summer is pain. However, I loved twinning today with my friend in these cute JSKs. This is my second coord and I think I deffo need wristcuffs or some accessories.

>> No.10246040
File: 203 KB, 1280x1280, 68998124_1126557344199726_21623141700730880_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dressing up at home since I've missed the fashion a bunch! You've seen brand with bodyline shoes, get ready for bodyline with brand shoes.

Jsk, wristcuffs: bodyline
RHS: Vivienne Westwood
Cardigan & hat: offbrand
Bag: Emily Temple Cute
Jewelry: Angelic pretty & milk

Looking back I should have double pettied up this dress and the wind did rough up my braids a bit; I'm looking for a non-hairspray way to keep them pristine over the day. Suggestions and concrit welcome!

>> No.10246042
File: 237 KB, 823x1296, 69260952_2438314476205167_4228617807987736576_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was a purrfect day in autumn :D

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
OTK: Angelic Pretty
Underskirt: Baby the Stars shine bright
Shoes: Antaina
Beret: Alice and the Pirates
Accessoires: Angelic Pretty/Ruby Rose/Chocomint/Claires
Umbrella: Baby the Stars shine bright

>> No.10246045
File: 59 KB, 720x960, 69541004_10217673787508884_3606727584571719680_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello~ I wore Fleur Cat for the first time to a local anime convention today. I was a little intimidated by the yellow colorway but I’m pleased with this coord~

Jsk, blouse, shoes: Angelic Pretty
Sweater, beret, bow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Rings: Hellomermaid, Starglazed Delights
Necklace: BBandBDeco
Wristcuffs, socks: offbrand

Gentle concrit welcome
Insta: @misspinkstazi

>> No.10246048
File: 1.29 MB, 1535x2048, 69458017_2517258105005906_2281385047363682304_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A coordination for Ikea, I called it sleepyhead outfit
My Instagram: pachan33
Eye mask/ bag/ OTKs: Baby
Op: Aatp
Shoes: Mumu - Taobao.
(I had wrist cuffs too but somehow lost one before I left the house???????? How???????)

>> No.10246051
File: 193 KB, 1097x1951, 69204717_10216376451896855_4879413410413936640_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wearing lolita for the first time in a few years. Really nervous but happy to be wearing lolita again! Gentle concrit, please...!

Headbow, wristcuffs, jsk from Glitter Tale
Blouse and stockings are offbrand
Wig from Arda Wigs
Purse from Taobao
Shoes from Bodyline

>> No.10246052
File: 65 KB, 720x960, 68323966_10157293196047527_756193816402198528_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hung out with my little sister today before she moves to another state we went vintage shopping in my neighborhood, got sweets from our favorite bakery, and had a tea party at my house!

Everything is Angelic Pretty, except my shoes which are Secret Shop. The lighting was kind of bad inside Cake Bake but I was able to edit it enough to where it looks dreamy and angelic!

Concrit welcome!

Instagram: larasuzannne

>> No.10246054
File: 98 KB, 720x960, 69699622_2447219618889694_4599372145326292992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10246055
File: 193 KB, 1440x1440, 68966182_1270944246439952_3350263881757884416_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A more toned down coord to go to the mall today. What do you think?

JSKaxes femme
Shoessteve madden lol

>> No.10246057
File: 381 KB, 1440x1440, 69269761_10159537996828499_4346862406585024512_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me and one of my friends at ndk, a local anime convention. This is my coord for day 2.
My breakdown:
Necklace, earrings, backpack, purse, socks: AP
Headdress: antique beast
Blouse: lady sloth
Bat Boots: offbrand

>> No.10246058
File: 392 KB, 1245x2015, 69288793_10156169426406734_3503712162616967168_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the Oddities Market. Wearing a guro lolita coord since I hurt my hand anyway.

JSK: Ista Mori Nameless Poem Limited Red Inverted Version
Necklace: Purgatory Playthings
OTK: Moi Meme Moitie
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Eyepatch: Alex Streeter NYC

>> No.10246059
File: 52 KB, 720x960, 69314038_2944226855801733_7254440332652183552_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My coord for Animaga con day two!

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
JSK/Bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Putumayo
Jewellery/Accessories: offbrand/random

>> No.10246060
File: 753 KB, 2048x1614, 69266796_493422131216918_1692020009984851968_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My coord from the picnic with our comm ^__^

JSK, shoes - AP

blouse - Amavel

bag - MILK

beret, socks - Aliexpress :D

accessories - offbrand, handmade

>> No.10246061
File: 94 KB, 720x960, 69599433_10219127411954664_416878102799450112_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I went to a doll and teddy show with some of my Lolita friends, then followed by afternoon tea at a patisserie.
Coord rundown:
JSK ,Blouse and head bow: Lady Sloth
Wrist cuffs: Alice and the Pirates

>> No.10246063
File: 358 KB, 1008x1524, 69397737_2576609082358616_8130832472440045568_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Attended a lolita/j-fashion picnic to celebrate a friend's birthday.

The weather was surprising nice for England, so I picked my most summery Coord. A kawaii picnic blanket.
Insta: Cherie.drop

Makeup detail in comments!
Coord rundown:
Dress, OTKs: AP Cherry Marguerite
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bag: Liz Lisa
Accessories: offbrand

>> No.10246064
File: 238 KB, 1440x1440, 69452327_10162149960370613_6424673825253752832_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Punk lolita is definitely my favorite style at this point I seem to always find myself wanting to wear it. I was inspired by the asymmetrical cut of this Atelier Boz skirt and the rest of the look followed. I honestly love my denim vest with this coordinate. It was a lot of fun to play around with plus it gave me some much needed pockets. Concrit always welcome!

Skirt- Atelier Boz
Blouse- G.L.P
Shoes- Demonia

>> No.10246066
File: 499 KB, 1440x1800, 68967821_2436706696407352_647358438883459072_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I may have a newfound thing for navy
My coord for Abunaicon!

OP is Angelic Pretty, the headbow is Summertales Boutique, and the rest off-brand

Catch me on insta: @suuks

>> No.10246067
File: 103 KB, 620x828, 69286025_10219704070493265_129407038210965504_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was really nice this weekend so my friends and I decided to meet up at a park close to my job and enjoy the weather
Jsk, blouse, necklace -AP
Bonnet, shoes - BTSSB
Wig - dreamholic

>> No.10246069
File: 53 KB, 720x960, 69375438_10214819150248603_204575739054391296_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita Fashion, but make it yee haw!

I didn’t really see a lot of pictures of the jean jsk worn, so I’m sharing mine that I wore for a potluck at my friend’s place. This is such a fun versatile piece and I love it!

Jean jsk: Sibyl Heisei
Purse: old Vivienne Westwood
Tights: Innocent World Mucha collection
Headdress: Atelier Pierrot
Blouse, bolo tie, belt, shoes: thrifted

>> No.10246072
File: 254 KB, 1200x1599, 68873155_797796120615570_7112241249746157568_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First post here

This is the coord I wore yesterday to a meetup held by the wonderful comm from Bielefeld and surroundings. We had a picnic and watched the Bohemian Rapsody movie afterwards.

Outfit rundown:
JSK: angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Bluse: Bodyline
Hat and bag: Selfmade

And thanks to Veronika Aulemeyer for taking my picture

>> No.10246073
File: 423 KB, 2048x1536, 69589508_248233126134024_9110497650616041472_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10246074
File: 188 KB, 576x790, 69452539_10220489219203548_1603823771389526016_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first time wearing this jsk and i love it

hat - heart e
blouse - ap
jsk - sweetie
bloomers - meta
socks - baby
shoes - thrifted

>> No.10246075
File: 66 KB, 720x960, 69848333_2435656073180179_4711880218099318784_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A casual lolita look with punk influences? I threw this together at the last minute for a photo shoot
Wig: Dreamholic
JSK: Moon Shadow (Taobao)
Blouse: Soufflé Song
Shoes: Demonia
Everything else offbrand
Concrit welcome!
(Please remember I am a drag queen and the harsh makeup is required)

>> No.10246076
File: 444 KB, 1440x1440, 69254668_10157167293071351_5272027421892149248_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's only August, but I'm so ready for Halloween!

Instagram: degreeinwhimsy

Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Long Ears and Sharp Ears
Blouse: Taobao
Everything else is off brand

/finally end of dump

>> No.10246080
File: 314 KB, 1920x1080, E89C8E93-6617-45D0-B425-9948D7304CF7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10246085

I hate her shoes so much, but everything else is perfect!

>> No.10246090

this would be cuter with basic tights.

>> No.10246092

what is going on with this photo?

>> No.10246095

desu this isn't even lolita.

>> No.10246096

Yikes, that dress is tight.

>> No.10246099

I know a lot of anons have a lot to say about her but I honestly thought the critique she got on CoF was kind of unnecessary.

It really looks like she was going for an alice in wonderland vibe and I think she nailed it and it's cute.

>> No.10246114


>> No.10246117

Normally i think souffle song looks like shit, but she manages to make it work. Just needs to push her hair back.

>> No.10246125

I feel like this girl's coords can be kind of hit or miss usually but I think this one is so cute

>> No.10246130

Is she really tall, or is that just a terrible fit?

Her face is almost a perfect circle...

Wow, first time I see this JSK coorded well!

Ew. No.

>> No.10246138

I actually like the shoes. They feel era appropriate.

>> No.10246145

>everybody linking to their Instagram now
The absolute state of CoF.

>> No.10246167

I, for instance, like it this way. So that when I find a nice coord or style I can just start following the person for more pics

>> No.10246201


>> No.10246203


>> No.10246205

I don't think so, but maybe that's just me.

>> No.10246207

Dump yourself then instead of bitching?

>> No.10246236

who is taking it.....

>> No.10246238

i didn't realize anyone could make vm look cheap

>> No.10246243

she looks really cute now. i'm loving this softer look she's got going on and the neon saturated editing style before was half of her problem honestly, so just having that gone is a huge improvement

>> No.10246259

This.. is not lolita. In the slightest. Did it get deleted from cof like some of the other things have? It is fine for a pinky type thing, but it's not at all even close to being lolita.

>> No.10246261

punky* sorry, stupid autocorrect.

>> No.10246272

no matter what she does she looks like the quirky best friend in a nickelodeon sitcom with questionable fashion sense and terrible hair choices

>> No.10246317
File: 71 KB, 1018x441, FB_IMG_1566797889069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Insinuating that people have sugar daddies to buy them brand won't get you any friends that's for sure.

"Sometimes we have bad days okay. So since I am not rich and don't have a sugar daddy I decided to risk buying this dress even though my head said no. I know its not ironed but I am just trying it on for the moment. I may alter it slightly.

Dress; Aliexpress as always

Blouse: Aliexpress

Socks: Sock shop

Petti: It finally came, ALiexpress

Shoes: highschool

Poncho thing: Pretty sure mums bingo friend gave it to me

Flower crown to hide that I am naturally blonde and not a redhead: Lovisa

At least it's something to play with sewing wise."

>> No.10246327

Wow, way to alienate the people who can actually afford brand and who might otherwise have been sympathetic to you being poor

>> No.10246330
File: 2.20 MB, 357x238, 1515637483373.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish shit like this would just get deleted. This is super cringe if it's not some kind of trolling attempt.

>> No.10246369

I am surprised not everyone is tearing them a new one.

Because they were totally just joking you guyz omg

>> No.10246374

why can't this girl just say 'offbrand' and leave it at that fuck oath.

>> No.10246385

"era appropriate"

what fuckin era? Those shoes look like they're styled after the 40s or 50s.

>> No.10246393

Guess you don’t know much about 90s shoes. Or 50s shoes clearly

>> No.10246401
File: 54 KB, 621x512, 88842C48-7C98-452B-9729-4C5B5C00ADED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nayrt but square toed mary janes were a thing in the 90s, retard

>> No.10246405

....oh god

>> No.10246439

Don't bother anon. 5 people in streetsnaps wore them, therefore they are 100% totally old school. They have no own taste, which is why they can't see how these shoes could possibly be ugly when glorious nipponese from the 90s wore them.

>> No.10246455

Whether they’re ugly or not is not what anon was addressing. That’s just personal taste and irrelevant to whether or not they’re era appropriate

>> No.10246475

the stories are annoying but i like it when people post what the offbrand sources actually are

>> No.10246489

I'd rather not have to sift through trash to find gold.

>> No.10246491

This is fucking shameful.

>> No.10246697

brand isn't even that expensive, just shop second hand.
I like the shoes. I love her.

>> No.10246699

Her edits are always so strange but I like them.

>> No.10247158

>Her face is almost a perfect circle...
I'm confused by this comment, cause I literally can't see it. Idk if you have a long face yourself by commenting that. Also fyi, not the girl on the picture but just a passerby. I'm not even lolita lol.

>> No.10247187

best coord here

>> No.10247191

Is she breastfeeding

>> No.10247192

those boots are adorable

>> No.10247193

Seriously at some line coords cease to exist and things are just normie outfits composed of thrift store finds. This in no way can be called Lolita and can't even be upgraded to Ita.

>> No.10247197

VW RHS, priced well over Lolita Brands, and paired with a BL black undefined fabric blob. I need a drink.

>> No.10247201

First coord vibes. I can see this going to an Ita Thread.

>> No.10247204

A better weighted headpiece, light bracelets and matching color shoes would make it a better casual coord. Looks off balance weight and color wise as it is.

>> No.10247205

those awful shoes again.. but this is honestly one of her better coords. good job, girl!

>> No.10247206

All she needed was an extension of 2 inches on both side panels and the fit would have been fine. Alterations, customize ordering, these things exist.

>> No.10247209

Beautifully done as always. Her coords are perfection. Her fitting, customized or altared, or just bought in the right size should serve as a model goal for all busty Lolita's. Her backgrounds are beautiful. One of my favorites on IG.

>> No.10247212

Not our fault you can't get a Sugar Daddy. Put it on your bucket list, make it a goal then. JFCWTF

>> No.10247233

Don't know where she is from, but in Brazil the VW x Melissa was quite cheap.

>> No.10247350

Is it dead yet

>> No.10247365


>> No.10247369
File: 72 KB, 960x960, 69755273_10206529757280000_7835253171021676544_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10247370

you're like a chamaleon, but I can tell how you look by that picter of you with 4 crosses

you're pretty in some angles and not so much in others, if you are who I think you are

here comes my non-lolita advice, don't do that makeup in your eyes

anyways, you're looking good girl

>> No.10247372

I freakin' love strawberries

>> No.10247373
File: 95 KB, 774x932, 69360952_2365509496860981_4142029381809733632_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10247375
File: 188 KB, 540x960, 69362318_2627984943911128_3708133411697721344_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only posting the good coords i got saved for archiving purposes

>> No.10247379
File: 212 KB, 960x960, 69089529_10162783223180144_452662902726328320_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10247381
File: 140 KB, 960x960, 69227221_2916290625066302_3966232483439050752_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10247384
File: 438 KB, 1430x999, 69354664_2352959298074254_2939347657421750272_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10247388
File: 143 KB, 640x960, 69074436_925678617784154_5558595860448673792_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

last one i saved today will come back later

>> No.10247477

your taste ain't great, anon.

>> No.10247480

nayrt but those were all good except maybe for >>10247373

>> No.10247485

little less eyeliner on the bottom and this would be perfect

>> No.10247488

Damn, is she in her 40s?

>> No.10247492

Saved those, that's good stuff. Dump more pls

She obviously isn't 40 you sentient walnut

>> No.10247497 [DELETED] 

fat arms

>> No.10247503

what? That was a serious question. Been looking for older sweets, and though I found one. She looks old as balls.

>> No.10247508

I think it's a he, anon.

>> No.10247512

You're retarded she's obviously a 60yo man

>> No.10247518

You never saw a man of your life didn'tcha? Not surprised desu :^)

>> No.10247524

This would be so cute on a cute person.

>> No.10247528

Who do you think you’re replying to?

>> No.10247542

it's wild how they'll asspat these horrific messes, and go off on a near miss

>> No.10247543

what are you talking about?

>> No.10247545

I love those awful shoes so much.

>> No.10247546

I think you might be talking about someone else

>> No.10247567

then there's 2 grills that look extremely similar, which I doubt

>> No.10247586

who are you talking about?

>> No.10247593

one girl posted her first cord, it might still be up, the other just posted some sort of coord a bit after that and was well a bit messy, with 4 crosses like cartoony style, not goth, and then this one, I think all these three persons are the same

>> No.10247614

...you don't seem to be in any sort of mental position to be offering crit to anyone...

>> No.10247641

please share these coords with us. im curious

>> No.10247650

> fat arms
Okay anorexica

>> No.10247663

nah fuck that

>> No.10247666


>> No.10247677


>> No.10247678

I think the pose looks very forced. Everything else is cool.
Then why did you bring it up

>> No.10247682

because I fel like it? I don't feel like bringing shame to girls that post here, just wanted to comment on it, I don't think it's THAT bad

>> No.10247685

I used to as well until I started seeing 50 million people trying to use them in oldschool-inspired things and they just don't work. Plus, the straps have shitty construction and the elastic used in them wears out easily.

>> No.10247687

not that anon, but it looks like a brolita or tranny to me as well.

>> No.10247696

You know I had to do it to em

>> No.10247716

Shanice dat u?

>> No.10247719


>> No.10247720

Liar! I know that retardspeak when I see it.

>> No.10247727

k, because picters? I guess she is pretty nostalgic of older times as I am

>> No.10247736

It's AAVE you fucking ignorant racist

>> No.10247764

Shanice isn't black, moron

>> No.10247783

shanice is like filipino or something lmao

>> No.10247881

No. I used to know this girl years ago back in 09 and she was in her teens then. She's really sweet actually.

>> No.10248334

Anyone got a fresh dump?

>> No.10248338

You mean a new thread

>> No.10248470

Her hair looks like a bootleg of that one girl's hair who models for AP in paris

>> No.10248703

>>10248654 new thread

>> No.10249865

I am getting Lovely Lor inspired vibes.

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