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Cute pic, OP! I wish I had a lolita friend.

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Please link the old thread next time, OP.

>>10239317 previous thread

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Who's the artist of this?

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Constellation Aurora Dreams is still nearly in full stock at AP USA... I'm tempted to walk in just to see it for myself. AP has a long history of shit-tier shock photos and I wonder if this is a victim of that.

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I love the actual details in the print, but the dress looks like they accidentally hit 'tile' instead of 'fill screen' and it ends up just looking like noise. I'm having trouble imagining it's any better in person.

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It looked quite nice at the fashion show in Paris.

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I was about to comment on Constellation Aurora Dreams point that it's probably not what american lolitas usually like and that made me wonder. Is there some regional preference for prints or cuts? We know that chinese lolitas like these gradient dresses, princess cuts and Misty Sky. What's for Japan, US and Europe? I remember how Dreamy Baby Room was dope popular in Japan, but US lolitas took it pretty cool. Anything else?

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Im happy that this is happening because i can put off buying it until next check lol

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Why not just wait until sales, it’s not like it’s gonna sell in their store.

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I don't mean to start another flame war re: the dress, but does anyone know where I can read that interview of Trevor Brown from Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 24, translated? An anon or two mentioned reading it in the last thread, but it's autosaging now.
I've searched high and low, to no avail. I'd like to build some sort of understanding of the nature of his involvement with the Lolita scene in Japan (and the general alt scene, I guess, considering Urbangarde and Kuua Oyasumi keep putting him on).

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The article I referred to in the last thread was from https://japantoday.com/category/features/is-there-more-to-controversial-art-of-trevor-brown-than-meets-the-eye
The article is from 2009, so it might be the same one translated.

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First, that print and cut looks a lot nicer NOT in the stock photos.

To answer your question, US trend varies, but is kind of the opposite of the trend in Japan, hence why cgl complains a lot. Jfashion just has gotten normier than before. So, a lot of people don't wear full lolita coords unless its a big brand party. US is just barely getting out of its more structured phase, despite what Instagram shows. Europe is still pretty OTT in comparison.
My personal thought is that it's location based. Japan judges you a lot, US judges but less institutionally, and Europe matches with their history.

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western lolitas like food prints, look at hc crazy

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Thanks, anon. Looks like it's from something called Metropolis magazine, though (www.metropolis.co.jp).
I really wish GLB had made its own official site where all the text articles had been available for republication/translation.

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It's not translated, but you can buy the magazine and simply use the Google Translator App. It's actually pretty good.

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I want a lolita friend so desperately. I've been wearing this fashion for ten years now and my only "friends" were these two gate keeper wannabe elitists in high school (who ironically always looked like absolute shit or barely decent at best). I'm about to be 27 and still haven't made a single friend in the fashion because I don't participate in the online community at all besides lurking and I don't live anywhere near a city that has an active comm. I wish like hell I had a well dressed lolita friend around my age that I could twin and gush about releases with.

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If you don't make any effort to engage in online or real life communities of course you won't have friends, what did you expect? a lolita fairy godmother?

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I'm so confused over the people on twitter who complain about the price of the Mana doll. It's a full set, full body volks doll. It's moitie, and there's also a ticket for an event included. Of course it isn't cheap. When moitie releases coats for 60-75k no one complains but a limited doll is suddenly unfair and not cheap enough for fans? Idgi

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Are the lolitas you know friendly?

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They don't know anything about the bjd market if they felt the need to complain. I'm pretty sure standard volks undressed go for about $600-700, not including any extra fee and taxes.

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i really hate generalizing, but it feels like half the time i make lolita friends they end up being vain flakes. Theyre late, or push plans off, and then spend the whole time on their phone. I get we are a very visual experience but if youre hanging out with someone and its not an event, why cant you just put the phone down and enjoy the tea?

(Mind you this isnt everyone. I have several very good friends in lolita, i just notice at least half i make end up this way)

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I understand that when people wear lolita it adds a whole lot of pressure to going out. They have to spend a lot of time getting ready, it can be uncomfortable physically, and going out in public can make people anxious, so I get it. But one thing that does annoy me is the phone thing. Please respect my time and the fact that we all put effort into getting here and let's at least have a conversation.

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>why cant you just put the phone down

Isn't that more of a modern age development in general?

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ayrt, you could say that but i feel its even more excessive with lolitas. constantly taking photos and selfies, deco-ing them out, fucking around on social media, etc. i can honestly say i dont have this issue with my other friends who arent lolitas. sure we check our phones on occasion like when driving from one place to another, but its not nearly as heavy as lolitas.

see this is a mentality i dont get. its not uncomfortable, and if youre anxious then dont go out. i see lolita as just clothing and dont feel a need to document every single outfit or activity i do. i just want to go out and hang with people with a similar interest but some are making that very difficult.

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How long do you think it'll be until the next sale though?

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Black Friday or the annual winter sale. They have sales whenever the season ends and they need to make room for the new collections. Last one was summer

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I'm on my phone because most Lolitas aren't very interesting
So why go to events you ask? Well I asked myself the same thing and stopped going, but once in awhile I second guess myself

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so? is this going to be a bloodbath??

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jfc same, every lolita I have become friends with is a huge flake, always on their phone/chatting with people on messenger during hangouts, or a scrooge of a penny pincher. Like, won't tip at restaurants, constantly complain about the price of everything, or don't pay people for gas when picking their ass up.

I only maintain these friendships online now, sparingly. It's just not fucking worth it.

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Yup, it's been hyped up a lot in the western lolita groups and suits Japan and Chinese tastes.

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God I hate when people call lolita a fandom. It's not a fandom, it's a fucking fashion. You have to wear it to belong to it.

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Yes, very much so. People remembered my name and general info (e.g. what I’m studying) right away and were greeting me with big smiles and hugs at like my third meet. It’s a bit overwhelming actually because I’ve never encountered this much friendliness from normies, not even family.

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I'm very active online with my comm yet am still quite lonely. Most of the girls who are active are quite childish, if not actual children (under 21). I just wanna have a close friend to gush with about new releases and lolita in general

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The lolitas I know turned nice only after Instagram became and thing and they started trying to be famous kek, before that they were bitches and bitched about everyone they met and saw.

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Ive noticed the opposite. Lolitas who become “efamous” (ie more than 5k followers) start pushing people away and are majorly self absorbed

>> No.10243744

The ones I know irl are quite friendly.

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About half lolitas I have met in my life were like this. You just have to realize that many lolitas treat the fashion as their escapism outlet and that there is either something mentally or socially wrong with them which prevents them from sozializing like a normal person would. As a result lot of them are unreliable procrastinators and/or self-centered snowflakes. Of course this comes accross as asshole behaviour but once you realize that there is something much deeper wrong with this person you can accept it without getting hurt and move on more easily.

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They're only selling 31 of them, it's going to be a bloodbath and even people who can afford them might not be able to get one. It's not like anyone's forced to buy one.

>> No.10243761

It is a lottery system though

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If you have the ability to just walk into AP why don't you??

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>Thinking 5k followers is efamous


>> No.10243789

Nayrt but I think they put "efamous" in scarequotes is because 5k is a decent amount for an eglgram, and enough for someone to get a big head about it. Agreed it's not much nowadays but people have been more arrogant for less.

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I’m really excited for a skirt release! I hope I am able to get it! I hope this means AP plans to do more skirts again!

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What does quite childish mean for you? Could you give examples?

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Where did "I heard she bought 50 dicks on ebay and sucked them all" come from?

>> No.10243839

I think sack cuts are more popular with Japanese girls and Chinese girls. Makes sense, since they flatter their frames better. I think Chinese girls also prefer honestly... Tackier prints and themes for the novelty.

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I feel this. I've been interested since I was a wee weeb of 14 and now I'm in college in a small isolated town I wish I just had one friend to go downtown with and make each other feel better about being in the countryside, or take trips down to the main city...

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I loooove this print as someone who sticks to solids and adores crosses, but knowing AP's recent trend it's probably going to be shit quality... Especially since they're doing that chiffon overlay thing they've done to hide shitty print quality. also wish it came in black x silver too

>> No.10243844

>s this going to be a bl
I'd totally get this if there were no crosses. OR just turn them upside down already you pussies.

>> No.10243845

>just turn them upside down already you pussies.
God I am so with you anon. I need some edgier cross pieces

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I have an old book that says "lolita fandom" in the glossary. It's for people like Yoh monochrome who started out by drawing lolita fanart but never wore the fashion.

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This belongs in the comm thread.

I'm that unreliable lolita because I have ADHD. I love meeting other lolitas at meets though, especially if they actually want to talk about lolita instead of kpoop or anime.

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based skirt release

>> No.10243864

that's a headdress anon, sorry.

>> No.10243867

>2 colours
why though

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Because the red special set is probably coming for China only and then some other dumb color for special set because AP knows everyone will fall over themselves to get it.

Personally I feel like it's a lackluster variant of other great pieces they previously designed.

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It was the tagline for /cgl/ for a while. I remember seeing someone's explanation for it being
"bought 40 dicks... and sucked them all" = she's a slut
"bought from eBay" = it was really looked down upon to buy your costumes instead of making them
It perfectly encapsulated /cgl/ in 12 words.

>> No.10243910

AP Paris has the reservation up already. Debating on getting the white skirt, but it looks a tad too long for me

>> No.10243911

empire waist skirt

>> No.10243915

Anyone have any recommendations for brands or artists that sell cute shirts I could wear with lolita? I’d like to layer them with peter pan collar blouses for a more casual look I can be more comfortable wearing daily for running errands and stuff. Was hoping there was some general kawaii/jfashion brand or artist that makes shirts with designs that are more lolita appropriate (motifs that would go well with gothic or sweet).

>> No.10243921

I dont know if it would work with lolita but MissKika makes some cute clothes.

>> No.10243927

tell that to this anon >>10243864

>> No.10243928

Look on booth and minne, lots of Japanese artists design cute original t shirts. Imai kira’s Booth currently has some shirts too I think. I also recommend cutsews shirts from Emily temple cute, Jane Marple, franche lipee, ank rouge, etc, they’re quite cheap secondhand

>> No.10243932

?? Lolita brands sell shirts

>> No.10243975

This literally looks like religious quilting fabric from hobby lobby

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Some upcoming Juliette et Justine releases

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I’ll check these out, thanks!

Yeah, that are way over priced brand new and come in size boobless, with a cracked print on the front secondhand.

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Call me back they they start releasing solids again.

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good lord, not a single jet J painting dress has ever looked good. these new ones especially

>> No.10244067

Fancy ferrets holding salamanders as giant fish nudge angry bunnies beneath a sea of floating gourds... I'd like this more as wallpaper in my house, but I'll take what I can get.

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learn katakana you pleb

>> No.10244132

not that anon, but to be fair, I somehow missed the actual skirt and thought anon was talking about the headdress as well... for a second until I read the rest. Easy mistake in the morning before coffee.

>> No.10244139

>s this going to be a bl
Fucking phone posters

>> No.10244141

It's so long that it looks like a tube top dress. I think that's why people aren't seeing it as a skirt.

>> No.10244142

Fucking kek

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>> No.10244254

After 3 solid years of only buying through WW, CC, Mercari/Fril, I took a stroll on LM and holy shit. Why do English speaking people overprice everything?

There's non-rare necklaces priced at $80. Maybe I should be on the stupid questions thread, but who even buys this stuff from LM without feeling ripped off?

>> No.10244260

Euranons who get to avoid customs when they buy from other Euranons? That’s the only reason I even check LM anymore.

>> No.10244285


I appreciated the joke, anon. Thanks for the laugh.

>> No.10244302

There's a whole gourd on there. When your designer got into the magic mushrooms.

>> No.10244339

When will the cross fad end, it's been going on for too many years.

>> No.10244343

I'd unironically love this if it wasn't for the awkwardly cut off ferret on the bodice.

>> No.10244345

The ones I talked about are using the asskissing tactic, they started being super nice to people at meets in hopes of getting them to follow them & comment more etc.

>> No.10244348

please don't ask ap to sink even lower than they currently are, anon

>> No.10244350

Yeah, it looks like horror garden but without the border print.

>> No.10244351

Lolita has gothic roots and much of gothic fashion = crosses. It will never go away entirely but knowing AP if there’s a re-emerge of cutesy cute trends AP will follow them and stop doing crosses for awhile.

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Has anyone decided if they're going to Paradiso 2020? I was going to try for a Golden Ticket after missing out this year, but looks like they're only available to Patreon donators.

>> No.10244691

Only going if a big brand is announced, I really hope it’s Btssb/AaTp.

>> No.10244700

Are they going to have poo flavored pudding again?

>> No.10244707

I miss comfy forums. I wish we could all migrate to one.

>> No.10244712

Are there any other larger lolita conventions? I'd consider going if there were any worth it.

>> No.10244726

american girls like honey cake

>> No.10244737

Im actually more excited to go to meet friends from online. Hoping for a neat guest too but im getting a ticket either way!

Sadly not in the states since rufflecon disappeared

>> No.10244740

yep, same

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You're right but I still don't like it. wake my up when cutsey vampire bats are on the menu.

Last year was my first year, I'll probably go just to compare. If it's any better we'll see after that.

>> No.10244756

yo sooo true. we loose our shit over it. Something about the pancakes and the vivid reds and blues and yellows

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File: 610 KB, 1152x1242, 20190822_203303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Okay, jokes aside isn’t western comm both US and EU more keen on sweets/pastries than asian comma?

>> No.10244860

Since Meta caters to plus-size, are their cotton socks also suitable for plus-size?

>> No.10244862

Look at the sold listings. There are good deals, you just missed them. And you need to consider that you don't have to pay paypal's rigged exchange rate for yen, if you buy within your country.

>> No.10244865

they don't cater to plus sized. but if you're taller or slightly chubby You should fit into the socks okay. they might not look as good, depending. the raschel lace utks look bad, for instance.

>> No.10244871

Ah yes, the unidentifiable-unless-flatlay'd flesh print of my dreams

>> No.10244882

I'm not tall but all my fat is at my legs it seems. The rest of my body is normal and I just can't seem to lose that fat/muscle at my calves and butt.

>> No.10244884

I used to wear lolita more on a daily basis back when I had very low self esteem and really struggled socially. Since then I have changed quite a bit, I’m much more open and have a lot of friends. As such, lolita reminds me of being very cringy and a lot of uncomfortable times. I don’t talk about lolita to anyone anymore, so none of my friends know I used to wear it or that I still have a moderately sized collection.
There’s an upcoming meet I’d like to attend, I’m nervous to go because I don’t know how people will react or whatever (a lot of people I know outside lolita will be at the event too). Looking for some advice. I always get really worried people will think I am ageplaying or something similar if they see me wearing lolita because it’s so different to my everyday wear. I wear basically 3 outfits constantly so everything I would wear to this meet would be different from my usual and I worry it’s too much of a change.

God I feel so stupid right now.

>> No.10244892

What kind of advice do you want to hear? Just fucking wear it. If you're worried what people might think and you connect lolita with feeling uncomfortable, what is the point in owning it? Why do you want to wear it? Do you even want to wear it?
Sorry for the aggressive tone, but I've been hearing and reading stuff like this so often lately. Y'all need to stop treating it like a costume or uniform you can only wear to one occasion. It's a fashion and if you can't or don't like wearing it anymore for whatever reason, there's no point in holding on to it.

>> No.10244894

My advice is to start slowly incorporating it into your normal wardrobe, little things like accessories or charms at first. And if people ask about it, just say that you have always been into the fashion, but never really had a chance to bring it up and you want to start it again now.

>> No.10244911

You’re right don’t apologise lol. I feel like I built lolita as some integral part of my identity and leaving the comm would be failing myself in some way. At the same time as wanting to wear the clothes I look through every piece in my wardrobe and find some reason I don’t want to wear it. But then I find something I like about it and have to keep it, ie I have a Baby jsk that I think the neckline is super unique, but the print is ugly af and I will never ever wear it.
This is what I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

How large are your legs? I have moderately muscular calves and my meta patterned socks work a lot better than say, AP or IW ones, but still warping occurs to the print somewhat. They aren’t made to be plus sized but are more forgiving for sure.

>> No.10244951

Why wouldn't you want to wear that cute furry face straight across your titties?

I need it! Does anyone know how soon it is until these "upcoming" prints will be released?

>> No.10244956

I wish there was a consensus on tagging lolita prints that have a common name. I just scrolled through so many #halloweentreats sweets and only saw like two lolita outfits. Something like #[print name]series or something.

>> No.10244961

I wish this too. When cosmic released, I think people momentarily used the tag #cosmicprint for it. Would #[brandname][printname] work, #aphalloweentreats for example? Let's make this a thing

>> No.10244966

You still sound really insecure

>> No.10244967
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>Does anyone know how soon it is until these "upcoming" prints will be released?

They are not that hyped on weibo, so it might take a while. Chinese lolitas are pushing hard for re-releases atm, so this is all we are getting for now.

There are also these yet unreleased design from pic related. With JetJ's current pace of puting out releases it might take a few months.

>> No.10244977

>lolita reminds me of being very cringy and a lot of uncomfortable times
Do you realise that this is most likely offensive to most people who post here.

>> No.10244982

You probably have lipedema and maybe associated lymphedema.

>> No.10244986

You sound like you‘re still insecure. Lolita fashion has no place for that.

>> No.10244995


Why are you forcing yourself to wear lolita though? It sounds like you regret wearing it desu

>> No.10245011

Fucking this! I always tag my dress names and love looking through the dress tags for particular inspo.

On that not can we please go back to tagging our color schemes? I used to love browsing coords on LJ by pink x mint or black x red. Although some names are better than others. #halloweentreats is way too common of a term than #holylantern

>> No.10245013

>I look through every piece in my wardrobe and find some reason I don’t want to wear it. But then I find something I like about it and have to keep it, ie I have a Baby jsk that I think the neckline is super unique, but the print is ugly af and I will never ever wear it.

Only keep the pieces you like 100%, sell the rest, buy new clothes

>> No.10245024

seconding sell and ~only~ keep the ones you would feel comfortable wearing in any ideal situation. Clean that closet, girl.

>> No.10245025

"something you like about it" is not a good reason to buy it and keep it

>> No.10245054

We need these! Do you guys know if it would be hard to get people to start using these? Should we promote this on our stories or something? Adding the word lolita in the end of colour combos and series, print or brand to prints with common names maybe

>> No.10245087
File: 193 KB, 1704x450, Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.17.14 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the FUCK

>> No.10245089

Jfc I wish brands would choose more attractive models. Far left looks like the goddamn moon emoji.

Tbh you probably wouldn't even need to promote it. Once people start using it and efamous lolitas take notice that these tags exist, they'll dig their claws into it and their followers will start too.

>> No.10245098


>> No.10245102
File: 35 KB, 477x351, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haaaado passu on this self-deluding predator.
>I'm not even particularly slightly at all kinda sort of not really even sexually attracted to children at all...in the least...but ~physically~ I'm attracted to aroooound 14, though I prefer that 12-yr-old look, know what I'm sayin'? ;-)

>> No.10245105

This is gross but Japanese lolitas(or Japan in general) don’t give a shit so nothing will be done

>> No.10245108

Even if you believe that, wouldn't you have the common sense to keep that to yourself?

>> No.10245109

all common sense is unlikely to prevail, anon.
said it himself.

>> No.10245112

I guess he forgot the meaning of "common" in "common sense"

>> No.10245123

I try my best to tag my photos on IG with the print name if there is one

>> No.10245147

Like these people said, it doesn't really help when the print name is something really common like Cosmic or Halloween treats and that's why they want to start adding an extra word to the tag.

>> No.10245193

Ok?? I never said to not do that.

>> No.10245209

So something like #pinksaxcoord or #pinksaxlolita? I hope it takes off because I really love color specific inspo.

>> No.10245223

I really love Miho Matsuda, but this makes me want to not buy from them again. They're actively giving that guy money with their collab.

>> No.10245227

Thanks for posting this. When I look him up a lot of the results are blocked/removed from google.

>> No.10245244

I'd personally go #pinksaxlolita or #pinkxsaxlolita, maybe without the x in between since it looks kinda messy

How does you tagging your print names have to do with anything

>> No.10245255

Maybe if you're illiterate? It's obvious that anon was referring to themselves being cringey, not the fashion

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File: 159 KB, 750x750, 7_000000002180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ETC is re-releasing their Pippi print with new cuts and accessories

>> No.10245269

the OP is extremely cute! Love the buttons

>> No.10245281

I looked up the print. It’s really bad. Trevor brown’s twitter is called @babyart. The print is of little girls in dom attire and bears in bondage. Not sure if I can post the print here. It might fall under Loli porn.

>> No.10245285

it was posted in the previous general. you can post loliporn here as long as there's no nudity and it's on-topic.

>> No.10245288

Can we stop talking about Trevor already?

>> No.10245289

I mean he has explicitly said he's attracted to children and somehow he's accepted by people, so I think it should be talked about more really

>> No.10245290

You realize that Japan has a bi-annual event with half a million attendees buying and selling porn of underage anime girls?

>> No.10245292

whats your point? how does that make it ok?

>> No.10245293

You said he's "somehow" accepted. He's not "somehow" accepted, he's regular accepted. Talking about it isn't going to accomplish anything.

>> No.10245295

There's no need to post it, really. I saw his milder art when I was a teen and I'm sure a lot of other anons did too. Back then I thought he was just being edgy and the childlike bodies were his artstyle but seeing it now together with the interview it's very clear this isn't just for the shock factor. Wtf was miho matsuda thinking.

>> No.10245296

>can we stop talking about trevor brown
>continues to argue about loli hentai on comiket instead

>> No.10245299

>Wtf was miho matsuda thinking.
That his art is popular with their target audience

>> No.10245305

It's not though

>> No.10245306

Social shaming works. Ignoring him doesn't.

>> No.10245307

You’re never going to get Japan to shame him for something that’s so widely accepted in their culture.

>> No.10245318

it is though

>> No.10245320

make a new thread for him then

>> No.10245324
File: 338 KB, 1414x976, 3BB541AE-A960-44B2-A1AB-F233A5A97D74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh look! yet another Alice themed shit! it really is hard out there to find inspiration to do anything else with no other stories, books, or references!!

>> No.10245347

At least there aren't any fucking crosses.

>> No.10245369

>crosses and alice in wonderland
shhh, don't give the brands any ideas

>> No.10245372

>the brands
>any ideas
If only. They seem to be stuck on rereleases.

>> No.10245416

Which museum is showcasing his art? He's just an illustrator who would be a complete unknown if he didn't use lolita fashion in his art and does edgy shit to get attention.

>> No.10245418

Lolitas love Alice in wonderland so

Atelier Pierrot is stuck on re-release?

>> No.10245432

His artbooks are even banned in some countries kek.

>> No.10245433

Wow calm down. You do realize this hotel has pretty much an ongoing various Alice theme buffet for the last couple years right?

>> No.10245481

I want that drink me bottle

>> No.10245594


>> No.10245621

Does anyone have the master list Google doc of all the Lolita comms? I’m moving to a different state and want to see if there’s a comm near me.

>> No.10245624

Here you go anon.

>> No.10245627

Thank you kindly, anon!

>> No.10245628

Is there another thread i could post this in? Sorry but- I recently wore ap drink me jsk, and it sprinkled while i was leaving a meet yesterday. I notice some spots now where rain got to it. It says dry clean, but will they be able to get out the water stains? Are these called waterspots? I’ve not had this happen before. This is also my first solid. Thank you for any help possible. I have googled but not found much on it just regular washing wich i do with my other pieces.

>> No.10245630

Fuck off newfag. There is no excuse for you being too lazy to scroll through the catalog

>> No.10245641


>> No.10245669

Since you are asking for help, how about the help thread?

>> No.10245674

Everyone does Alice because there's no copyright on it

>> No.10245709

I washed mine in the washing machine and it turned out fine.

>> No.10245715

Especially shit this week

>> No.10245776

The same print? :o it seems so fancy for it and the label, i was just hesitant.

>> No.10245777

> :o


>> No.10245785

Sorry to derail, thanks for the advice.

>> No.10245793

Only going if im meeting with friends from out of state, which is likely. I just hope we get better food this year, definitely will pay more for better food options.

>> No.10245798

I second this idea of putting [brandname] [print name] and also color combos [color]x[color][coord]. I get stuck trawling through the generic tags when I’m out of inspo.

>> No.10245858
File: 246 KB, 950x400, imgrc0072159437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Romeo petticoats are on sale, they have pink too, and free shipping within japan

>> No.10245970

Just put it in one of those mesh bags for laundry to keep it safe

>> No.10246119

Is there a way to know how old a listing on mercari is/which day it was sold?

>> No.10246176

Nyart I tag mine for coord inspos and also search this way for the same.

>> No.10246258

Love you anon

>> No.10246262

I think you'd be okay turning it inside out, putting in a mesh/net bag, washing on delicate cycle, cold. You can hang dry it or line dry it. Should be fine and wouldn't get damaged.

>> No.10246279

Exactly same. I'm also 27 and have been a lolita for 10 years. No community, no friends. I'm p sure I don't live anywhere near you though :(

>> No.10246282

I usually like cross prints but this is both boring and too much at the same time. But I'm interested in any complementary items they'll release with it. Like blouses, bags, etc.

>> No.10246686

I absolutely hate Lors newest video. What the fuck. Surprised nobody is talking about this.

>> No.10246691

Her “fixing coords” series is always shit, anon. Especially since she cant dress herself

>> No.10246793

The Texas one? I couldn't even make it through the video. I don't understand who her audience is.

>> No.10246840

>How does you tagging your print names have to do with anything
Because the thread of other anons were talking about doing that... did you read??

>> No.10246841

I follow several print name searches on Instagram. I wish more lolitas would do instead of just vague shit to get hits like "kawaiifashion"

>> No.10246951

I've been out of the fashion for a little bit and was wondering whether anyone could tell me what the generally-accepted best petticoat brand is at the moment, particularly for casual classic styles? I feel like petticoat opinion changes so drastically with the times (does anyone else remember when kirakirajenjen pettis were popular jfc)

>> No.10247023
File: 2.19 MB, 4032x3024, 7659EE8C-DAAD-4A00-B092-6E44C78C9234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody have any colorway of the Milky Cross bag? Just bought one off of LM and I think it’s a fucking fake? Am I just being suspicious as fuck? There’s no AP tag, there’s a small “made in China tag” and I can see through the pink lining. Also the pearl handle is a strange yellow white as opposed to the pure white im seeing in stock photos.

>> No.10247026

Yeah that’s a fake. The Ap tag is actually on that pocket there

>> No.10247027

I’m so pissed I’m really tempted to just open the paypal claim w o even messaging the stupid bitch

>> No.10247039

Far cas classic I would use a malco modes a-line. For more poof or structure melikestea is good. Might be too much poof for your purposes, but mlt is great. You can get it made with min # of layers in organza for chiller poof.

>> No.10247051

>Far cas classic
??? translate please.

>> No.10247060

Last video I tried to watch of hers was the 'reacts to Safiya' one.
Did not finish it, but it was so fucking annoying.
Mostly she kept pausing to point herself out.
Her attitude was super off putting acting like the authority on lolita and kept going on about corsets.

>> No.10247074

*for, cas(ual), classic lolita fashion...

>> No.10247078

Sorry, English isn't my first language so I became confused.

>> No.10247089

Double check the post and do it anon. Name and shame while you’re at it too so we can avoid the seller

>> No.10247095


Malco Modes and melikestea are only worth it if you live nearby so you don't have to spend a fortune on shipping. And with Malco Modes you need to know which alterations you need to ask for to make it suitable for lolita.

>> No.10247110

Thank you

>> No.10247113


>> No.10247159

Checked sold listings, the last time the bag was sold by anyone within the last few months (since May) was by Deaths_bell.

>> No.10247173

Ah, it's not so different from when I was last on here then! Thanks, anon, I guess I'll give mlt a try.

>> No.10247175

yeah thats the one. i messaged her about it giving her the benefit of the doubt and she said she didn't know it was a fake, she bought it from mercari. honestly how can u just not know, every single ap bag has a tag in it, even lucky pack bags. were messaging right now so we'll see how it goes.

>> No.10247179

She has a lot of positive feedback, if it is her maybe she's just a dumb bitch and genuinely didn't know it was fake? Still though, sorry that happened to you anon.

>> No.10247208

How do yall feel about this new shipping feature with Buyee on Mercari?

>> No.10247216

Did the feels thread get nuked already??

>> No.10247239

I wish they would use someone else, buyee is fucking terrible.

There were only like 10 cgl related posts.

>> No.10247243

It says „Sorry, this item is only available in Japan“ for mist stuff anyway.

>> No.10247277

.....they allow buyee but not other SS?

>> No.10247291

You can like, appreciate, and follow a fashion without participating in it. As long as people are respectful and don't try to act like they're snobs, I don't see the issue. I know a lot of artists who love the fashion as a "fandom" and draw fashion accurate designs on their characters and such. Their passions and financial priorities lie elsewhere, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate what they would participate in given unlimited time and funds.

>> No.10247296

You can like lolita but that doesn't make you a lolita. It's a fashion and you can't be part of it if you don't wear it. There are miles apart between the people who like or draw it and the ones who wear it, they are not equal. In discussions about fashion, only the input of those who wear it are valuable.

>> No.10247310

Lolita is not a fandom. Goth isnt a fandom, fairy kei isnt a fandom, etc. i never see this for any other fashion style. Keep weebs and broke teens away from lolita and making it their uwu oc cute kawaii fantasy.

Not to mention those same people think following the fashion means they know about it enough to educate others— when they are always the MOST misinformed of them all. Lolitas at heart have no place in the community, just be quiet and admire from afar

>> No.10247349

Goth is a fandom. They just don't call it that way because it sounds embarrassing. There are decent people in "lolita fandom" too, you just focus on the idiots. See >>10243846. There is a large group of people who are a fan of lolita clothing but do not wear the clothes. That's what a fandom is. Lolitas are just living in denial, just like goths.

>> No.10247351

Nayrt but you can keep being delusional and insisting you’re a part of a fashion even though you don’t wear it , but that doesn’t change the reality to be involved in lolita you have to be a lolita, and being a lolita means wearing the fashion. I’ve never seen someone “in the lolita fandom” who wasn’t some misinformed moron.

>> No.10247355

I hope it doesn't add more competition for buying stuff.

>> No.10247359

If you don't wear lolita, you have no say regarding any of it, that includes discussions about wether or not it can be a fandom. It's easy as that.

>> No.10247360
File: 103 KB, 800x1000, ECpTWmEVAAEe6Xu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never once mentioned "lolita at heart" snowflakes. There is a difference between admiring a fashion (which is a form of artistic expression) and claiming to be a part of it just because you admire it. I mentioned specifically "as long as they aren't snobs" specifically to address those who assume they know all about the fashion just because they follow along closely. Maybe you guys are still hanging around children? Or talking to people too much at cons?

By your definition, people like Imai Kira (who is a self proclaimed otome who admires lolita greatly but does not consider herself one) is a "weeb" and/or "broke teen" who cannot possibly understand the fashion in ANY capacity which is...frankly just an ignorant and immature view to take. Not everyone who enjoys the fashion is a broke teen or weeb. There are plenty of mature well rounded people who simply don't have the time (because they have OTHER passions they focus on) or money (because they have OTHER passions and responsibilities that they prioritize) to dedicate into actually building any kind of wardrobe for themselves. And that's okay.

I mean...NAYRT again but...
>you can keep being delusional and insisting you’re a part of a fashion

Where is this coming from? Why does someone have to think they are a PART of something to be a fan of it? Maybe that's where you're getting confused here. I can like expressionist and surreal art without considering myself an "expressionist" or "surrealist" nor consider myself an expert. Is this conversation hurting your sense of self worth or something? You're kinda sounding cringy yourself right now, Anon. Lolita isn't a holy grail that's impossible to understand without partaking in it.

I'm not really following the logic behind fandom = inclusive.. Sounds like you're getting hung up on semantics or hanging around too many convention scenes or something.

>> No.10247362

I didn't say they are lolita, I said there is a lolita fandom.

I do wear lolita.

>> No.10247363

If you are not in the fashion, you have no place to say what is and isnt part of the culture, which includes calling it a fandom for people who dont wear it but “admire” it.

Also calling goth a fandom is just retarded. Dont quit school, kids.

>> No.10247364

Are you the word police? When did they change the meaning of the word fandom?

>> No.10247368

It’s a fucking fashion, either you wear it or you don’t. You have to be a next level retard to think that there is room for a “fandom” of a fashion. Fandoms are for shows, books, etc. You don’t use it in the context of something mundane like clothing. What’s next? The toilet paper fandom? The armchair fandom?

The vast majority of the people in the “lolita fandom” or more accurately “lolitas at heart” are again, misinformed retards who act entitled and make actual lolitas look bad. There’s a reason people who wear lolita want NOTHING to do with people in the “lolita fandom”

>> No.10247376

There is a literal iPhone fandom, but sure, keep pretending it's only for celebrities

>> No.10247380

Are you implying I'm not a lolita? If it makes you feel better, I can timestamp my wardrobe when I get home from work but I certainly hope you're not assuming that to be the case.

Right, and fashion is a form of artistic expression, is it not? How do you define fashion? It really sounds like your conundrum revolves around semantics more than anything else. You keep bringing up lolitas at hearts when we've already established that those are outliers. They're like the equivalent of people who shop at Hot Topic or something and assume they're goth for doing so - lolita isn't exclusive to having uninformed people attaching to it.

>> No.10247387
File: 47 KB, 400x300, DSC00464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It’s a fucking fashion, either you wear it or you don’t.

How does someone like Imai Kira fit into your narrow perceptions then?

>> No.10247390

anon, imai kira wears it...

>> No.10247391

“Lolitas do not always feel good about themselves…It is not something that I am right now, but I used to! Actually, I think it has something to do with adolescence. I think that lolitas are way too attached to material things, and this is the main difference with otomes. Otome is more of a way of living because what is in your heart is more important then the things you’re wearing. Of course, I dress in a particular way and that’s otome, but I thing that it’s still something different. I think it reflects my heart and not a brand or particular style, so it has nothing to do with commercial universe. I would describe an otome as a frail, charming but not especially pretty doll- can you see the difference between charming and lovely?- It’s something really different in the end. I think that when you are Lolita, you hold the potential in your heart to accomplish yourself and to become an otome. I guess it’s a question of maturity. Of course, these are only my ideas! On the contrary, Lolita love to buy and to have the latest clothes from their favorite brand and even the little useless things, a lot of useless things! This the difference that I noticed between the Lolitas in Tokyo who are obsessed with their shopping, and the Lolitas from the provinces that are much farther away: it’s really a way of living and thinking for them. The Lolitas outside of Tokyo do everything with their heart while the Lolitas in Tokyo do everything with their wallet. … The most important thing is how far you’ve gone in your heart. I think the same as Francois and Fumiko: Lolita is not a fashion because fashion quickly falls out of favor, but lolitas have been here for a long time and will remain here.”
–Kira Imai in L’Emiprie des Dentelles #4

>> No.10247394

Don't be dense, fandom implies more than just being a fan. Fandom is a community of fans who are in exchange/communication, which doesn't work for lolita because you'd lump actual lolitas and people who just like the look together, making the exchange difficult because their experience with the subject matter is so different. The result is the same like people who come to meets in their normie outfits. There is no real community and a huge gap, they are not part of the fashion despite how much they claim to be fans.

>> No.10247397

Wearing the fashion now and then for photoshoots and events doesn't make you a lolita, Anon...

>> No.10247401

huh? i'm not ayrt, i just came in to clarify she wears the fashion


>> No.10247402

Yes it does. Literally all it takes for you to be a lolita is for you to wear it once in a while. It’s fucking clothing. I wear it daily, some people weekly, others monthly, others three times a year, but we are all lolitas because we wear the fashion.

>> No.10247404

I’ve been in my comm for two years, being active and such and it’s barely now that I’m hanging out with a girl from the comm while wearing Lolita. I hanged out with two others but in normie clothes and did not enjoy it. It takes time to find people you’ll connect with and even then it may not last :(

>> No.10247405

Imai Kira is an artist who likes to draw lolita and also gets paid for it. You should judge her words according to that.

>> No.10247407

She doesn't, I've seen her several times and she didn't wear it at a lolita event so I doubt she wears it in her free time. Obviously Yoh doesn't wear it either.

>> No.10247410

>Person in question EXPLICITLY states in her own words that she doesn't consider herself a lolita, doesn't wear the fashion, but loves the influences that lead people into the fashon and admires it from afar
>"she wears the fashion because I said so and I will just ignore the fact that she said otherwise herself"


>> No.10247411

This text basically says she isn't a fan of lolitas, you're literally fighting your own claim lol.

>> No.10247413

I’ve seen pictures of her wearing it online (with face censored)

>> No.10247416

Was it her own collab?

>> No.10247417

tl;dr relax

>> No.10247418

ok thanks, im relaxed now. love you. will you be home later for the biscuits i'm making?

>> No.10247420

Also you are right about the strap being the same colour as the pearls on the bag. selling it cheap is a sign she knew it was fake

>> No.10247422

Anyone know what happened to the San Diego community?

>> No.10247424

I don't remember but it was a black dress with a border print. A gull said she was wearing AP at Tekko too

>> No.10247425

Those people literally exist though. They share fanart, talk about new releases, watch lolita youtubers and interact with them. I don't understand why you're so butthurt about this.

>> No.10247427

we should kill those men how the fuck is this predatory pedocunt still allowed to exist?

>> No.10247428

And? They still don't mix together with actual lolitas, which is why something like a fandom can't exist. And you're reducing wearing lolita and everything that comes with it to reblogging art, writing opinions that literally don't matter and watching youtube. That's why anons think you aren't actually wearing it. Social media was a mistake.

>> No.10247429

People have listed reasons for their distaste for people like you in the thread. Maybe actually learn how to read and scroll through it. You watching Lor and talking about new releases means literally nothing. People who only do those things aren’t part of the fashion and have no place to act like they matter in the fashion.

>> No.10247430

>I don't like lolita fans so they don't exist!

>> No.10247431
File: 933 KB, 467x350, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have a reading impediment or something? Why does the false equivalency of being a fan of something means you MUST consider yourself a part of it keep being brought up? Do you need to play football to be a football fan? Do you need to paint abstract artwork before you can appreciate abstract art? Do you need to sew your own lolita dresses before you can admire the craftsmanship that went into it?

This is really sounding more and more like YOU have some special snowflake mindset going on here. Like those "non-confirmists" goth kids who go off about how "nobody can truly understand me" and everyone is a poser. That's how you look right now, Anon. It's most embarrassing behavior. Lolita isn't some incomprehensible concept that's impossible for mere mortals to grasp.

How old are you? Trying not to make that sound like an insulting question, I'm actually really curious. I don't think anyone over the age of 25 should still view people collectively under such a strictly defined umbrella like you're doing right now. The world is a lot larger and more complex than you're giving credit, and individuals are not some hivemind of ADHD teens seeking acceptance by spamming social media.

All I've seen are people complaining about lolitas at heart.

>> No.10247432

People who admire lolita without wearing it exist, you just don’t matter to actual lolitas or lolita culture. There’s no excuse for you not to be able to go and buy a $40 OP or JSK secondhand and start wearing it.

>> No.10247433

Who are you quoting? None of the two replies said that, learn to read.

>> No.10247435

Lolitas at heart are the same as the people in the “lolita fandom.” It’s just someone trying to use a different label to make their argument sound better. You either wear the fashion and your opinions matter to the fashion, or you don’t wear the fashion and your opinions don’t matter to lolita fashion.

>> No.10247436

>People who only do those things aren’t part of the fashion
Nobody here is arguing that. It's like you didn't read the thread and don't understand what this discussion is about. Go back to >>10243709. Everyone agrees that you are not part of lolita fashion if you are only a fan. But that doesn't mean that a group of fans suddenly isn't real just because you hate them and don't want them to be real. Look at any big lolita group or lolita brand page and you'll see people who don't wear the fashion interacting in the comments section of their posts.

>> No.10247439

This argument is about whether or not the opinions of lolita fans are important. They're not important.

>> No.10247440

Post you wearing lolita right now, you can obscure your face and background, I'm not going to read that tl;dr otherwise.

>> No.10247441

Why are you ignoring the actual discussion and cherrypicking points? Like >>10247439 said, people who don’t wear the fashion are trying to insist that their opinions on it matter while actual lolitas are saying they don’t.

>> No.10247442

So we agree! There is a lolita fandom and they suck, just like all other humans.

>> No.10247443

I'm at work, but I'll be happy to timestamp my waredrobe when I get home if it makes you feel better.

>Lolitas at heart are the same as the people in the “lolita fandom.”

No it isn't. There are those who consider themselves "lolita at heart" and lump themselves into the fandom, but that isn't everyone. Your argument is flawed because it follows this syntax:

>All even numbers are numbers
>Therefore, all numbers are even numbers

>> No.10247444

Who is arguing that the opinions of lolita fandom and lolitas at heart matter?

>> No.10247445

So one anon is arguing that the opinions of lolita fans are irrelevant and the other anon is arguing that lolita fans exist. Can you both please stop shitting up the threat now?

>> No.10247446

>This argument is about whether or not the opinions of lolita fans are important. They're not important.

No? Here's the OP, quoted:
>God I hate when people call lolita a fandom. It's not a fandom, it's a fucking fashion. You have to wear it to belong to it.

Maybe it'll help if you stopped projecting for a second. The original argument denies that lolita has a fandom, and rejects the notion that anyone can be into the fashion without actually wearing it. That's what's being argued here. Everything else is just your insecurities coming to fruition embarrassingly on display for all to see.

>> No.10247449

Again, being a fan and a fandom, a community of fans who are in communication about the source material are two different things. In fandom the fans are equal, in lolita they are not. A fandom would include actual wearers and people who just like the fashion, which leadsto what was already mentioned itt. Besides idk how you can call yourself a fan if you can't even bother to sacrifice one weekend and 50 bucks to wear it. Speaking in your metaphors, that's like someone saying they are a fan of Harry potter and part of the fandom because they like the House Personality Tests even though they've never read or watched the source material.

>> No.10247450

No, timestamp you wearing it.

>> No.10247453

There are several anons and this is the lolita general on a website for discussion.

>> No.10247456

You're not baiting me into revealing who I am for some weird vendetta, Anon. A timestamp of a few wardrobe pieces will suffice. Why would you need a pic of me wearing it? Do you think I'm some obsessed collector of the fashion that stores them all in a closet?

>> No.10247458

Nayrt but how would you blurring out everything but a main piece on your body be revealing who you are? Fucking idiot.

>> No.10247460

You can obscure your face, the background and other things that reveal your identity.
>Do you think I'm some obsessed collector of the fashion that stores them all in a closet?
The fact that you're describing it so specifically sure doesn't make it less like so. I know quite a few people like this exist.

>> No.10247462

You obviously haven't seen how obsessed people on here can get with doxxing. Are you new?

>> No.10247464

To be fair, i have absolutely seen people call the fashion a fandom in complete seriousness.

If we want to pander to the angry anon who didnt like the phrasing of OPs words—opinions of nonwearers dont matter. They can cry fandom all they want, draw art for their bottom tier ocs, dream a supposedly impossible dream, but their input will never matter to the community. So they should just go back to the corner and keep quiet and away from the real lolita community and let us enjoy things without screeching in the boards/cof/bsolf/literally any lolita space

>> No.10247465

Name examples then. There is nothing to doxx from a body wearing a dress.

>> No.10247466

The rest of us don't care about your hateboner for lolitas at heart, stop bitching about them until they do something worth discussing

>> No.10247472


Scroll through yourself and pick from your choice. Some bitches are obsessed with this shit, and anon egging me on so hard to post myself rather than just pics of dresses and accessories to prove I'm into the fashion wreaks of attempt to try defaming me personally.

>> No.10247474

>stop discussing general lolita topics in the lolita general!!
At least read the discussion before you bitch about it. There are at least 4 different anons arguing against the "lolita is a fandom" statement.

>> No.10247478

Tf? Is that a lolcow link? Are you lost?
>dresses and accessories to prove I'm into the fashion
Where is the difference in putting it on and hiding every revealing part of your body? It doesn't reveal any more than a wardrobe shoot and shows that you can wear what you own and aren't just, in your own words "some obsessed collector of the fashion that stores them all in a closet". If you are, just say it and your posts can be dismissed.

>> No.10247479


Nayrt, but I'm too dumb for this. You aren't refering to the wallpaper board, are you?

>> No.10247496

Using otome in that way sounds dumb, just translate it. And she says that's just how she views lolitas in Tokyo, not other prefectures.

>> No.10247644

>Using otome in that way sounds dumb
It reminds me of those people who tried to push the "otome is the older (superior) sister of lolita" rhetoric a few years back

>> No.10247708

They're still active, FB name is Frill Society now.

>> No.10247724
File: 702 KB, 1662x648, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf? in the same week?
Is Zero any kind of Mercari Scalper now?

>> No.10247728

I guess she just mistyped the second one, or changed the price to reserve it.

>> No.10247741

I don't want to start another argument, but wtf is the definition of otome anyway? I've never been able to find a straight answer.

>> No.10247749

Boy howdy you gatekeeping saltlickers are fun to watch. Usually you're gatekeeping over why some stupid nitpick means someone isn't a "real" lolita or is a bad one, but this is a new level of special. The "fake geek girl" crowd should take some tips from you.

>> No.10247751

sounds like a butthurt fatty lolita at heart

>> No.10247755

Not a lolita, I just come here sometimes to watch the drama because you don't disappoint.

>> No.10247762

Leur Getter is the best example of what otome is, for me.

>> No.10247763

>watch the drama
what drama, anon? It's the same thing being repeated, it's not even fun anymore. You're probably too new to understand that.

>> No.10247791

You can demote one Brand and promote a different brand to Burando status. What do you choose?

>> No.10247798

Kill AP
Replace with Maxicimam

>> No.10247800

Way to out yourself as a fat

>> No.10247801

Kill Mary Magdalene
Revive Excentrique to full glory

>> No.10247802

I just like their simple pieces and modern AP is ugly as hell. It's not like new AP isn't for fatties as well, but if sweet lolita is catering more and more towards fatties, I'd prefer Maxicimam to be more recognized.

>> No.10247810

>Kill Mary Magdalene
Can't kill something that's already dead

>> No.10247814

Sure Jan, that’s why you picked the plus size brand and not any other brand that does simple pieces

>> No.10247822

murder Juliette et Justine. I never for one second considered their garbage to be lolita. That's just personal taste though.

Hm, brand I'd promote... Idk all the brands I like are already of high status. Pass on that one.

>> No.10247825
File: 28 KB, 500x330, IMG_20190331_041729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do Meta JSKs cause boob loaf for larger cup sizes (well under the max measurements) like IW bodices? I've only owned skirts from them

>> No.10247826

Demote Moite. They don't deserve it anymore.
Promote Lady Sloth as new original lace brand

>> No.10247843


Somewhere in between. Their busts are cut shallow but the shirring is usually fairly generous, especially the half-shirred dress (aka the back is fully shirred). What's usually noticeable is a "floating" waist because your bust will widen the dress, but due to the shallow bust cut, the waist just doesn't curve back in enough to actually touch your waist, it just "floats" wherever after your bust.

If you're really worried with big boobs, I'd go for the jsk instead. Without the sleeves being attached the fit is a bit less obvious. And of course, definitely be way under the max measurements (not that Meta ever posts those...)

>> No.10247846

Just more misinformation from sassy gulls.
I went to look through their site once because I'm bigger, I'm not that big.
I looked through their site and saw that they have plus size stuff that is actually huge and then stuff that isn't far off from "Fatty" AP sizing.

Btw I fucking swim in the Holy Lantern zipper JSK cut.

>> No.10247850

nayrt but MAM lovely is far bigger than any main brand, including AP

>> No.10247852

I saw stuff without shirring that was like 80-90cm bust. I didn't buy anything because I wanted something bigger and their plus size line isn't the same as the prints they offer.

>> No.10247868

Maiden. It's used for a few different things, including lolita (popular a long time ago), but most often I hear it used for those anime dating games.

>> No.10247871

>this was posted by a fat old lolita at heart
Kek no surprise here.

>> No.10247873


Man don't just fuck on someone's deathbed like that. Why do you have to kill a dying thing when there are plenty of obnoxious living ones you can use so much blood out of.

>> No.10247877

Genuinely curious. Why do you think lolita is not a fandom?

>> No.10247880

New >>10247874

>> No.10248125

yess make this a thing!!

>> No.10248127

if it's #aphalloweentreats or #btssbfriendusakumya that's descriptive as fuuck

This would be a fantastic way to get coord inspo!

>> No.10248181

>>10245123 here
I will start doing this

>> No.10248212

not just you

-an english speaking anon

>> No.10248225

not a lolita, it's not that hard

>> No.10248346

Seen her in AP on both days of Traumerei event. Ok anon.

>> No.10248347

Who cares what you think?

>> No.10248778

God no

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