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I don't want to anymore edition

Previous thread: >>10235219

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>tfw straight female getting mad lolita gf envy from seeing all these cute lolita couples on insta
My man is handsome and great and all, but he isn't kawaii in the least

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I'm getting my costume together to cosplay for the first time ever. I don't know how to handle walking around in costume all day or having pictures taken of me.

Anyone got any tips for cosplaying for the first time? I'm very nervous about it. I'll be in mask btw

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I hate being shy so much. When people talk to me I automatically turn red and awkward. When someone asks for my picture I turn VERY red. My face is noticeably red in all my cosplay pictures. It's so ugly and weird looking. It doesn't help that all the characters I like have a no make-up/natural look.

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Um, what did she react? I have a dick but that doesn't even sound like its hurts.

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Even if your characters are relatively natural looking, that doesn't mean you can't give yourself some decent coverage so the blushing gets toned down, generally it looks better in photos because characters in anime/games etc have flawless skin.

I go a little more ham than I would for my regular make up look when I cosplay. I tend to get unlucky and have cons when I get my period and around that time I get a little more flushed than usual.

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No amount of normal make-up is enough to cover it. I would need beige paint. My ears and neck get red too.

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No amount of normal make-up is enough to cover it. I would need beige wall paint. My ears and neck get red too.

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Do you have red undertones in your skin already? Some color correcting cream (green) with your moisturizer layered with foundation and powder can do wonders.
I had super bad red acne in my late teens and I could cover it fine daily, so I doubt it's "too red". Do some experimentation. You can put makeup on ears and neck too.

Maybe practice being in front of people/a camera with a friend, too? The more used you are to it, the less you will flush up.

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Work is starting to hit hard. I'm doing it for the brand, for improvements for my future and all of that jazz, but... Ugh, this last shift has me beat. I'm happy I'll be going down to part time now that studying starts again...

Also the shipping my LM seller picked is so slow, I'm dying inside but not enough to complain to her.

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I'm having a 6 day work week and I miss wearing Lolita. My comm have a meet every other month and I just missed one, my gf is out of the country (no dates), my bffs are traveling or busy (no fun hangouts). I wish I could make myself an opportunity to wear it but I find it hard to muster up the energy or motivation.

I miss being in a comm that have weekly meets so bad.

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Bruh getting knee'd in the kitty cat hurts.
Maybe not as much as getting it in the dick (saw a dude throw up one time after haha) but still.

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>Do you have red undertones in your skin already?

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Ive gone through a similar situation and you just have to try to tough it out. Try dressing up in casual when you have to leave the house to do shopping. I find that its alot more fun to dress up for myself even when I'm not doing anything particularity interesting. It usually made me feel a little bit more motivated to take care of myself even while working 50 hours a week and going through depressive episodes.

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>tfw I slid down a banister at con and it suddenly got horizontal at the end
Landed with full weight, right on my fuzzy-wuzzy. Had to sit on a bench and die for a while. My macaron was in pretty bad shape afterward.

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It's like getting kicked in the shin about 20 times at once.

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>be me
>turned 30 in July, in a happy 5 year relationship, always do cute couple cosplays with gf and engaged
> my fiancé breaks the engagement a few days after my birthday
>now im facing a crisis of being 30 yrs old, enjoying cons but feeling too old it while also being lonely as fuck
>3 weeks later go to a small local con to just hang out maybe clear my head
>meet this adorable cosplayer, shes gorgeous, cool, interesting; get her pic she gets mine and vanishes
>accept the unrequited con crush and it boosts me back up to a positive and happier mood
>few days later she tags my picture on insta and follows me
>im in shock she found me
now im suffering.. I want to avoid the weird conversation of rebounds or my age and I was gladly accepting of a unrequited crush but id really like to ask her out on a date and get to know her a little better even if its just a platonic thing.. then again I don’t know how old she is or even how to start asking for her time. Everything feels so foreign to me now I have no clue how to feel. I understand needing time to heal but I also would like some companionship you know?

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Hey anon, I know that feeling. Don't get too hopeful for a relationship, try to stay objective about it and just be friends. If something happens down the line, it happens, but don't hope for it. It sucks being lonely, but You have to remember that you are in a vulnerable state atm, even if you don't really feel that way, and just go with the flow instead of forcing things. Don't overthink it either, just let it happen and try to not think about it in a crush way.

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Wow me too, down to the mask and everything. I'm going as a HECU marine, wbu?

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>con in two weeks
>stressed out over cosplay workings
>pull eyebrows over stress
I'm scared to cosplay now. I still have about a third of my eyebrows left, but I'm not sure what to do.

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>My man is handsome and great and all, but he isn't kawaii in the least
Your children will turn out kawaii, at least?

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>Want to buy a Button of my fav anime character
>A glaringly present ‘MADE IN CHINA’ text around my faves face
>Dont buy

cmon at least leave that shit on the back

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>A glaringly present ‘MADE IN CHINA’ text around my faves face
Poor anon :(
It must've been a traumatizing experience.

I hope you recover soon.

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This happens to me too. It got better for a long time but recently I moved and changed jobs and I’m interacting with a lot of people/things for the first time and for some reason I turn red at every interaction.

I have found in my case that wearing makeup helps me a little because usually when I feel myself blushing, I start thinking about how the other person can see it, and that makes me turn more red. If I wear makeup I mentally convince myself that the other person doesn’t notice when I first turn red, and so I usually don’t progress to the fully ripened tomato stage

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A fellow tricher. I feel your pain. Stay strong, try to avoid things that stress you and when you are stressed use a stress ball or something is what helped me <3

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>Have coord planned out for a while now
>White OP for a main piece
>Meet is tomorrow
>Period is late so my heavy flow day will also be tomorrow

Am I brave enough gulls?

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Just wear a diaper

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>tfw i've lost a lot of weight due to chemo so my iw dresses fit better but i'm still bald, still have a bit of a distended abdomen due to ascites and haven't finished my cancer treatment


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get better soon
what cancer gull? did you get it from /cgl/?

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stage 4b ovarian cancer. i had an ovarian teratoma (4lbs, 2oz; real body horror hours) and my right ovary removed; turned out the teratoma was malignant, and a few weeks after surgery, i got sick because my abdomen flooded with ascites to the point they removed around 10 liters of fluid when i was finally hospitalized because i was so swollen. :(

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Jesus anon I am sorry. Please wear your stuff, allow yourself that one thing if you’re feeling up to it health wise. To hell with what anyone else thinks. Shit is fucked up. Life is short. I hope your treatment finishes without any more issues.

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Sorry to hear that anon, I hope you get better soon

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thanks, gulls! <3

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Fuck, stay on top of it gull. You have a good 5 year prognosis, kick this things ass.

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I never wear lolita on the first day of my period, let alone also wearing a white dress. Wear the coord next meet.

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Just wear it at home. If you have time to lurk on cgl, you have time to put on a cute coord.

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posted in the last thread about how i lost weight and took a lot better care of myself. people told me to gain some confidence and talk to a girl and i did and this is what happens

>talk to qt instagram cosplayer
>hit it off, we talk a lot on discord and have a lot in common
>we're both going to a con this weekend
>she says we should meet up
>nervous but i thought about what anons said and agreed to
>we see each other at hotel lobby
>wave and she didnt really make an expression
>she seemed disappointed and acted awkward the whole time
>told her it was better if i left
>blocked everywhere shortly after

haha its hurts so bad

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Kick in the teeth anon, sorry to hear it. Don't let this be what ends you though. The fact that you improved enough to even try proves that you can keep getting better and better. I know it feels fucking awful to just get looked over like that and judged but you have to push past it.

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hey man you did so well even putting yourself out there. unfortunately interactions online don't always translate well to irl but don't let that ruin all your hard work! if you think you said something awkward, reflect on how to avoid that mistake in the future, but don't beat yourself up for it.

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I've been working massive overtime and I feel like my boss doesn't really appreciate it, even worse is that according to him, while I work about 12 hours a day instead of 8, I should work extra on top of that. I've already worked on my usual day off and weekends as well. My collegues are great but my boss is so tough to work with, and he's at work 7 days a week so theres no avoiding him.
He also has temper tantrums where he throws things and smashes on the table.

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Try to report him to another higher up. That 7 day is likely what's making him crazy, i don't see another way of resolving this.

>> No.10242100

>he's at work 7 days a week
Poor guy. He probably randomly lashes out at people all the time, feels bad about it, but can't do anything about it.

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>Close friends don't come to cons anymore because they are all overworked and busy.
>GF don't want to cosplay together anymore and come to con because "I'don't know".
>Speaking of her, she works overtime 5 days a week, speak about work and trashtalk all her coworkers for a solid 1 hour when coming back from work
>Didn't touched her for nearly two months because "Sorry, I don't want to", and when we do, I may as well do it with a dead slob of nothing because she's not even mentally present during these times
>Even if there's no cosplaying, any mutual activity is greeted with "whatever, as you wish".
>Even her new passion, skateboarding, makes her angry and frustrated.

Everything is such a hassle.
I have a good job, at least, I guess.
Watching someone you love slowly drifting into a apathetic being is the worst shit, lemme tell you what.
And fuck my friends, doing to a con for one weekend or playing a game once a week isn't the end of the world.

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I didn't really get to say anything. I said hello and she gave me a hi and her face said the rest. I want to cry lol

>> No.10242147

>Watching someone you love slowly drifting into a apathetic being is the worst shit, lemme tell you what.
I know that feel anon

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Why can't more girls cosplay like this?

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Anon this might sound empty but you still made some good progress. I'm the person that wrote that wall of text to you, and it sounds like it worked, even though you didn't end up with the outcome you wanted, you still had the confidence to talk to someone and meet up with them.
Don't get me wrong, this sucks, but think of it as a minor setback, not a major one, you still made some great progress.
Also keep hitting the gym to get more definition, you'll be more attractive for it.

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I dreamt that I was hardcore pining for the twinkle journey OP, only in my dream it didn't really look anything like it does irl. I finally bought it and it was the most comfortable dress I ever wore. I dreamt that I wore it to sleep in, and then I woke up. What does this mean???

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Are you living with her? If you make more money, can you help her financially so she can work less? She sounds completely exhausted. You ought to be there for her even when she's not happy. Especially when she's not happy.

>> No.10242349

one more step in the climb to greatness, keep at it, persistence and perfecting the technique is essential, just b urself and make her laugh a bit, and more than anything try to build things that make both of you connect, if you are arround somebody you enjoy being with the rest writes itself

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I feel so isolated when I go to cons. I've only been to three and have cosplayed but it just seems like everyone is having a better time than I am.

Also, this is a petty thing but when I see cosplay thots with their literal ass hanging out, I get so frustrated, I mean... it's sexy as fuck but I can't help but think, "damn, if only I was a good looking 2-D anime husbando, I might have a chance.

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Id like to! But live in a tiny town with few stores. Most people who would see me are 14-17 y olds who think it's fun to sarcasticly whistle or honk at you. Possibly I would encounter my boss too who, even if the office is an hour away in a large city, happens to live in the same small town.

I should try doing this more - it's just hard to muster up energy to do my hair and makeup when there is no "purpose". It gets dark fast where I live, and I usually need 2-3 hours to just sit/lay down after work.

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i'm really sad btssb paris closed down before i could visit

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Dying sex means she is unhappy in the relationship. Either talk it out asap to get to the bottom of the problem or expect a break up. This is a dead give away.

>> No.10242451

I'm the gf right now. I'm moving to part time so I can take care of chores and not be dead when my husband comes home. Dual income no kids is fucking overrated.

>> No.10242453

It sounds a lot more like she's depressed if she's also losing interest in things that used to make her happy. Depression can cause one to withdraw from a relationship.

>> No.10242483

She is just tired. You guys are so dramatic.

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>Haven't been to cons in 4 years due to being in nursing school and working
>Want to start cosplaying and going to cons again but lost all my con friends over the years
>Single most of my life
>Current friends don't care for cons or cosplay

I feel really lonely, I don't want to quit cosplaying or going to cons altogether and I am really awkward so it's always been hard for me to start friendships

>> No.10242544

Make friends here anon, that’s what the site is for. Are you going to AWA this year?

>> No.10242546

Yes because happiness = sex and you can never be happy without it. Maybe she’s just not that interested in it?

>> No.10242563

Is two months really that long of a time?

>> No.10242565

no, he's probably brainwashed by american sitcom that say you have to have sex every other day

>> No.10242569

Do you go with anyone? Even a platonic friend can make all the difference. A recent con near me had a discord where some people posted looking for people to hang out with before the con

>> No.10242577

every day you piece of shit, fuck your low sex drive, kys

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>tfwno fat psycho gf to bite me

>> No.10242580

Have sex cosplaycel

>> No.10242582 [DELETED] 

I do, what do you think.
I pay her ridiculous amount of dinners and going out including the place we live in.
This isn't a problem of money.

I don't think moving to part-time is a necessity.
Just making clear to your boss that you done your duties, the day is over, and now you're going home.

But she live her job like a fucking relationship, she need to be 100% into it to be satisfied. She want every one of her task to be perfect, she want to give her all to a shitty-ass project nobody will ever care about.
I'm pissed, and tired.

I already told her about that, but she doesn't want to hear anything. She treat her job like a child, and I can't do shit about it.

I heard about this, this is just a theory still.

>> No.10242607

Eh he owns the company and chooses to work 7 days a week, there are no higher ups

>> No.10242834

Have you tried hitting.on girls online anon?

>> No.10242839

When you approach her about the problem, what does she say?

>> No.10242917

Yeah, why’s that?

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I saw a lolita while i was out and about yesterday. I wanted to make friends with her, but I spilled my awkwardness all over the place. I'm spilling spaghetti everywhere i go no matter how hard I try. All this lace will never erase my stupidity. I'm still kicking myself.

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I'm a lonelita, and this board has been my connection to other people in the fashion for years...
but I'm so dissatisfied and disappointed in the quality of discussion these days.
I want so badly to sperg out with people irl, and hang out with folks who are genuinely interested in coording well and looking nice.
I want lolita friends so badly. I'm obsessed with this fashion and I deeply believe it should be inclusive, as long as you look well put together.
I can no longer tell if the hateful ideologues on here are a very vocal minority or if this closed-mindedness is a growing trend. it's tiresome.
At least if I had a real comm nearby, people would keep this shit to themselves and I could exchange about the fashion without such negativity.
Being a gull has opened me up to the possibility that I'm very likely a high functioning autist, just never tested for it, and it's really nice to share info with the other autists peppered about this board who are dedicated to this hobby on basically a scholarly level as well as an artistic level.

I don't plan on leaving /cgl/ because I couldn't possibly rely on a comm, filled with diverse people and personalities, as an outlet for my sperging. But, I desperately need a balance of positive interactions and fun within this hobby. I would love it if I could hurry up and find a job in a bigger city and enjoy fancy as well as casual events with other lolitas.

>> No.10242994

> Move to a new city for work where I don't know anyone
> Decide to go to a smaller local con because maybe it will help me meet people
> Host a panel for a series I am super invested in
> get a late night timeslot and only a handful of people show up
> everyone is pretty chill, we end up hanging around and drinking
> I leave and go home a few hours later
> Realize I never got anyone's contact info and didn't see any of them at the con the next day

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When your partner have sex with you every other day and suddenly doesn't feel like it for 2 months then yes it's not a good sign, either it's a lack of libido due to stress/depression or she's becoming unhappy in her relationship
Go be asexual somewhere else

>> No.10243102

No one can ever get tired of doing the same exact thing every other day? Also, having sex that often can't be healthy and isn't a good sign either. Sounds like an addiction.
Go be a disgusting slut somewhere else

>> No.10243137

lonelita wanting positive interaction abt lolita
me too anon..

>> No.10243160

Sex is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. You of course shouldn’t shame someone for not being into it, but you shouldn’t shame someone for needing it as a part of a good relationship either.

Love is different than friendship for a lot of reasons, but a big one is that feeling of physical attraction. I’ve been in a sexless relationship before and it didn’t feel good. I felt like we were codependent friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend. Now that I’m in a healthy relationship, I couldn’t imagine going back. Sex drives wax and wane from time to time, but during the good times, sex is a 3-4 time a week thing. It’s rude to term that sluttiness IMO.

>> No.10243166

being a slut is having sex with a ton of people, not having a lot of sex with the same person. anon is just a tard

>> No.10243283

I'm a social lolita who have been active in both American and European comms, and the behavior irl/on non-anonymous platforms are way less shitty. A lot of anon people on here are decent too, assholes just take up more space.

Honestly high functioning autism is really common in lolita. It's a hobby demanding an autistic level of niche commitment/passion lol. I'm one of them.

Try online non-anonymous comms as a start. Do you have Facebook?

>> No.10243287

When I read your message I thought someone was having sex several times a day. Every other day is definitely not an addiction and is healthy.

>> No.10243291

I'm over reliant on this board for my lolita sperging because i feel more comfortable sperging into the void. I always end up ghosting people when i try to go out of my way to have lolita friends or online friends because of anxiety reasons and I feel terrible.

On that note, would it be weird to reach out to someone i've ghosted for like 2 years to say sorry and explain myself and try to start talking with them again?

>> No.10243300

>looks at gyaru general group pic
lol cringe imagine putting in so much effort to look so bad

>looks at local lolita comm group pic

>> No.10243301

I used to think lolita should always be super inclusive of everyone when I was a lonelita, but then I joined a local comm and understood why gatekeeping can be a good thing sometimes.

>> No.10243350

If you ghosted me, I'd appreciate the explanation, honestly. But it would take time to earn my trust back. Worth it if you mean it and want the friendship.

>> No.10243371

I'll be honest, I want to interact with my local lolita community but the only interaction I've had with anything lolita related is through this board, and I've become too scared to interact with anyone out of the fear that they'll be someone from here who's secretly an asshole. Stupid, I know.

>> No.10243386


Welcome back anon! Sorry it didn't go how you hoped but for a first attempt that's not really all that bad. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse, it'll be so worth it when you find yourself the qt cosplayer of your dreams.

I'm rooting for you!

>> No.10243404

>want to get into cosplay and making some clothes
>colorblind as all fuck

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After listening to far too much YMO songs, learning about history of china and browsing trought my grandparent's collection of kitschy objects, I developed a liking for shitty orientalist/ wappanese trash. Like when they got things wrong since they naively don't know about the culture. I also like the reverse case ( east asian interpreting occidental stuff ).
But we all goddamn know what will happend if I had reference to that in my outfits or in my drawings. But god I love it so much even tho I will never find someone who like that too.

>> No.10243471

>sex is a 3-4 time a week thing
Jfc where do you get the energy and time? Do you not have jobs?

>> No.10243485

After a toxic friend destroyed my friend group it feels like I have no friends left in my community. Either they quit the fashion, moved away, or they are friends with the toxic former friend. I still go to meetings but I just notice how I don't get greeted with the same excitement as before.

>> No.10243531

Full time jobs. Get home around 6 PM. Sex usually just means going to sleep around 11:30 instead of 10:30.
Sometimes this is an issue. But I find that being active (such as by committing to frequent sex) actually helps with energy. I have the lowest energy when I fall into a rut of lazing around all day.

>> No.10243532

Isn’t 11:30 a little late? Going to bed early is better for you, you know.

Is your life really so boring that having sex is the only way you know of to be active? I feel sorry for you

>> No.10243546

How do you not know how to stay energetic or properly plan out your schedule? I feel sorry for you.

>> No.10243552

There are better ways to waste your time and energy though

>> No.10243554

Have sex

>> No.10243555

Except I have better things to do. Why would I waste my time on that? Sorry sex is the only thing you care about

>> No.10243558

> met a cute guy at a convention in the spring and really hit it off
> been seeing him casually for the past few months
> talked about going exclusive because I really liked him and he said he felt the same way
> he just got publically outted for stalking/harrassing/propositioning multiple women at conventions

not sure if I feel stupider for not seeing the signs of his problematic behavior or for believing that i was anything special to him ouch

>> No.10243562

Sex is good for your mental and physical health. It’s not a waste of time unless you’re asexual. Not sure why you bother arguing when the only thing you can say is “I don’t like it therefore no one should“. I don’t like going to parties, but I’m not going to tell people that it’s a waste of time to do it. People are allowed to do things for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

>> No.10243599

>tfw can't tell if I'm feeling con depression or just regular depression rn
Either way, I know for sure that this is is probably the first time I ever felt pretty depressed after a con. I guess it also doesn't help that immediately after I had to go straight back to job hunting which hasn't been fruitful these past 2 months.

>> No.10243621

I found this con story on /co/

>Dana Snyder and Dino Stamatopoulos were putting on a panel series at a convention I went to over the summer. Because he's a nice guy, Dino decided to blow his appearance fee on fried chicken for the audience. Despite his 3 vodka-per-hour average pace, he was somehow sober enough to plan ahead and split the money between two days, and he told us that he had. The second night had a much larger crowd, since word had spread that fried chicken was being handed out less than 50 feet from the concession stand selling the same thing for $10. Due to some issues he had with a lack of dark meat, he went with a different caterer, and their rates were much worse.

>With too many congoers and not enough chicken, Dana had the bright idea of forcing people to line up and beg for it. There's a handful of people that do tricks, some blatant flatterers, and a few people offering trades, so the line is moving pretty slowly. I'm spending most of the time staring at the back of a Pickle Rick cosplayer who is a few spots ahead of me in line. It's a big cheap mix of plastic and laundry hamper fabric; standard store-bought costume. When he gets up there, Dana and Dino look at him expectantly as he mumbles "I'm food so I deserve food" or something along those lines. They crack a cannibalism joke, hand him his chicken, and let him go. Unlike everyone else, who had the decency to sit around and eat their chicken while enjoying the panel, Pickle Rick walks straight out the door.

>Dino is drunk enough to take this as a personal insult, so he jumps off the stage and chases down Pickle Rick. About a minute later, he's hauling Pickle Rick back into the conference room by the arm. In the middle of the room, he starts screaming "What's wrong with you? and throwing immaculate stage punches by grabbing the side of the costume as he pulls his fist back and then punching the air pocket.

>Pickle Rick threw his chicken down and called the cops. Good panel.

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It’s not your fault. Some people are good at hiding it. Pour a stiff drink and be glad he got outed before you got more serious with him.

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Did you have a lot of fun at the con? If so, it’s probably post con blues. The come downs are especially nasty after a really good time.

Did you not have fun, and wished you put yourself out there more and made the most of your time? Possibly post con blues.

If you had a typical amount of fun, maybe it’s real depression. Good luck with the job hunt!

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It was pretty fun this year, I'm a bit surprised and sad at how much I liked wearing the new cosplay since I only wore it for a day and won't be able to wear it again anytime soon since I intended for this to be my last con for the year. I guess the con was a nice breath of fresh air that I really needed at the moment but now that it's over it's back to trying to deal with the same frustrating things that drain me on a daily basis. Thanks though anon, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll get something soon.

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Dear gull, remember that no matter how 'good' or 'adoring' a customer is... you have every right to 'ban' their ass if the behavior in question is making you uncomfortable.

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I have good feels to share. I bought my DD a week ago but it was missing an item the seller just messaged me telling me she found the missing item. I'm so happy right now I could scream

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