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Is anyone going to this?

>> No.10240506

Its not the real anime california

>> No.10240669

That one is kill

>> No.10240732

Yeah, since I live like 10 minutes from it. I don't know if I'll even go to the con proper though, it's a party con so I might just uber over there at night for parties.

>> No.10240736

In going for only a day. It’s not worth the whole weekend since it’s small and has very little to be offered.

>> No.10240749

Had a surprisingly great time last year, this year I hope will be good. Planning to do more and socialize more.

>> No.10242072

It was so small last year that I ran out of things to do in the first two hours of the weekend. I won't be going back until it grows a little bit.

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I'm just gonna go party desu

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how do i find parties to go to :(

>> No.10242328

>live five minutes away
>driving five hours to magic fest instead

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