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I'm not gay but recently I've been interested in the idea of hiding my face and wearing a full bodysuit to look cuter and conceal my masculinity. How would I go about this? Dumping refs below

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First, learn what the first two images you’re posting are actually called and research that instead of making a new thread asking to be spoon fed

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I'm aware of kigus faggot. I'm trying to get cosplay ideas not spoonfeed.

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>I’m trying to get cosplay ideas not spoonfed

>How would I go about this?


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Don't be such a cunt. I'm just trying to get tips.

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You’re either really stupid or just want fetish feul. Either google this or go to the cross dressing thread

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>You’re either really stupid or just want fetish fuel.
You must have brain damage because I already explained what I wanted and that's not it. Thanks for telling me about the crossdressing thread. I must have skipped over that.

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Hey, don't call that person "faggot"!

What's wrong with you?

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gross, u again? go rp somewhere else

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maybe you want to know about anime kigurumi. google it

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I've been aware of kigurumi for years. Most of them look creepy. Hard to find a high quality one. Also hard to find alternatives.

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shit thread

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