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Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Related Discord server(s):
Crossplay: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ
Cuties School: https://discord.gg/NQrUd63

Previous thread: >>10145473

Image's context: https://www.zhihu.com/question/334431544/answer/768137570

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The original thread subject was "Crossplay/Crossdress #15: I got reprimanded for posting my boss' crossplay at an ACG convention on an anonymous question-and-answer website edition" but upon posting I got "Error: Field too long." so I trimmed the subject.

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I would love any brand/seller recommendations for breast plates. Ideally plates with D or larger cup size.

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like this?

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You don't actually want cups with your breastplate, despite what you've seen in video games. The uneven surface makes it more likely for a sword or other weapon to catch on to the armor and break through. You're far better off with a flat or angled plate, like what you find after the introduction of gunpowder weapons.

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Are you retarded? They're asking about fake prosthetic tits

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File: 49 KB, 800x800, Roanyer-Long-G-cup-boobs-fake-beast-form-in-realistic-stretchy-soft-silicone-used-for-shemale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To give an actual answer, I can't personally recommend any as I've yet to buy one, but I did look into what's likely the best available atm, and after looking through plenty available on aliexpress, the ones I settled on eventually getting was one of Roanyer's breast plates, specifically the G cup long torso ones (pic related). Most of the other ones I found weren't as nicely detailed (namely with the collarbone area, but also a lot of the more subtle details with other companies breast plates kinda gloss over), and from all the video (which these people were the only ones that actually had a decent amount of footage of them in motion) look like they jiggle and deform as realistically as I could ask for. Would like to know how well they shift to the sides when laying down though.
The end goal size wise was "As big as I can go, without going to absolute absurd territory." Which given I'm 175cm and far less twinky than the people they have model them, I was originally gonna shoot for the H cup ones (the largest Roanyer make), but after shifting through the customer review photos, it seems even for the larger and chunky owners of them they were beyond the absurd point.
As an aside, get the silicon filled ones, do not screw around with cotton filled ones, cotton filled universally looks like shit and do not deform like real boobs at all, if all the customer photos (who all universally seem to go for the cheaper option) are anything to go by.

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Ironically being an unhelpful dumbass is still being an unhelpful dumbass

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Thanks for the laugh at work anon.

Thank you for the information! I'm 5'4, so I need to figure out how large I want my chest to be proportionally. I was originally aiming for at least D, but now I worry that may be too small to be noticeable if I wear it under more clothing. Is there any reason why you opted for the long chest instead of the short chest? The only thing that comes to mind is that so the transition between the rib-cage area and your midriff is seamless if you wanted to show more skin.

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>so the transition between the rib-cage area and your midriff is seamless
That's exactly the reason, on top of making it possible to even have a midriff with all the shapewear underneath, plus it being a elastic material makes it help with keeping my lower torso taught. Though, this is more for the ability to have it, as most of my intentions are non-human cosplay anyway, than because I never want clothing on my stomach while crossplaying ever again.
>I was originally aiming for at least D, but now I worry that may be too small to be noticeable if I wear it under more clothing.
Depending on what look you're going for, and how tight or loose the clothing is you're intending to wear, D might be perfectly fine. The two things you've gotta take int account is, while normie perception might be "D is huge", it really isn't. It's not tiny yes, but it's frankly just below what I'd consider to be "big".
And even with being close to average woman height than I ever could, you have to take into consideration that unless you have the wildly undersized-for-a-male ribcage to match, smaller sizes aren't going to look as nice on larger rib cages, hence part of the reason why I was shooting so large. I don't know what your underbust measure is, but if it's anything like my ~36", do keep the possibility of going bigger in mind.

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The last question I have is what skin color is the image you posted? I'm on their product page, and neither of the colors within reasonable range of my skin tone (natural and ivory respectively in the image) seem to match it. I want to say that's the natural skin color option, but I feel like my eyes are fucking with me.

>> No.10240032

My screen's absolutely useless for accurate color reproduction, and given the wildly different lighting conditions they were probably taken, it's gonna be impossible to absolutely tell. Generally for if/when you get a breast plate, either get whatever seems the closest (lighter if you're genuinely lighter or darker if you look more tan) or if getting it down pat is absolutely paramount, see if they'll send color samples.

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What characters could I cosplay to pull off something like pic related? I would prefer to cover my face to remain anonymous so I'm thinking masks and helmets would be my go to.

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You could be a power ranger, then you and that freaky power ranger fucker can get together

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Read High-Rise Invasion and pick any female character

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nyart but rly good manga and a wide variety of girls as well, ive contemplated cosplaying as the police hottie myself

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where can i buy cat keyhole lingerie that isnt garbage?

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I need a mask to hide my handsome manly face

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Where the fuck do I find a decent sailor suit online? Every site I come across is selling sketchy chinese bootlegs and I don't trust them not to leak my credit card number.

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Just buy the original from Nonori.

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How do i achieve a femenine body?

>> No.10241492

How important is contouring and highlighting? I tried like a general foudation base and looked like more of a man than I did before. Am I just fucked?

>> No.10241538

Contouring is bad, its drag queen makeup that kim kardashian clones use

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Are you memeing?
Or are you retarded?

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That feel when trap body but rather manly face.

>> No.10242044

Just wear a mask.

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how do i walk with high heels?
how to choose femenine shoes for men?

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Don't eat pork, beef and red meat. Eat a lot of green vegetables and onions.

>> No.10242109

Don’t do it. I twisted my ankle and it is not worth the pain. You will be tall enough. But if you must, try getting thicker/longer supportive heal boots or heals that aren’t that tall.

>> No.10242115

I would choose cute flat girly shoes.

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I too would like an answer for >>10236597 from the last thread.
Pic incase it expires.

NTAYRT, though someone like 2B + flats = ???

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>Can I slim down X? Can I reduce only this spot on my body?
You can't reduce only a specific spot on your body. You can reduce your total bodyfat percentage by eating less and moving more.

>If I work out won't I get larger?
If you work out you'll build muscle yes. If you work out you'll also burn calories and fat. It all boils down to how you work out and what you eat.

You don't instantaneously gain mass and look like Arnold after a few sessions at the gym. Bodybuilders do heavy strength training, eat a fuckton to fuel the muscle growth, and consume their bodyweight in protein.

If you're looking to be more lithe then just run/bike/swim/do cardio while eating on a calorie deficit (Eat less, move more). Stretch after every work out and eventually you'll start losing all around fat.
I suggest actually doing leg / lower body workouts because unless you're purposely starving yourself you can keep more muscle mass there.

>But wouldn't those muscles ruin the look?
You wanted a feminine silhouette. Pad the torso, slim down your total body fat, work on your legs. That should give a non-rectangular body shape. Cover the muscle definitions with skin-tone tights so they look smoother/flatter.

tldr: read the fucking sticky on fit

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Also any guide of how to choose femenine shoes for men?

>> No.10245146


I have done crossdressing for a few years and never had any problems with heels. Never twisted an ankle or anything. The lower and wider the heels the easier they are to walk in. My favorite shoes for crossdressing are 5 cm high with a wide heel and they are super easy to walk around in. Make sure you give yourself some time to get used to it before going out though.

I think a little bit of heel is great for giving you a more feminine posture. It helps you avoid standing around like a dude in a dress if you get what i mean. Also the skewed leg to torso ratio helps you look more feminine. Personally i am more than tall enough by nature but i wear heels for the silhouette, posture and high fem look. Just get whatever that will suit the look you are going for. And keep in mind that thin super high heels are terrible to walk in even for girls.

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How to make breast look realistic whitout a silicone breasts?
I usually just use sister bra with a t shirt inside it doesnt look bad but i wsnt something better

>> No.10245642

For hiding facial hair shadow, the last thread mentioned using "combination of color correcting with a thick foundation on top." Does this mean getting a color correcting thick foundation(is this even a thing) or what?

>> No.10245665

Well I'm trying color correction concealer then applying foundation over it. I'll tell you how it works tomorrow.

>> No.10246343

what are you using for products? from drugstore brand or actual brands

>> No.10246727


keep in mind that doesnt always work 100%, ive been lasering the fuck outa my face and it still kinda subtly shows in bad lighting

>> No.10246804

>On break
Bummer, I wondet if ezcosplay is a good alternative

>> No.10247028

ive heard bodyline has some decent ones
havent tried any myself tho

>> No.10247126

Depends on the individual item. Some are decent, some are shit. I've heard though that individual items from there are usually better than their full sets.

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duct tape
you simply push your breast fat together and fix them with a few lines of strong tape. Then you can put on a bra and stuff it with socks or something but be sure to push your breast fat up. it isnt easy on the first try and tape can hurt like hell if you remove it but there are some decent tutorials on youtube. The thing that will boost your cleveage: a corset. pic related my first small success

>> No.10247471

What I forgot to mention: you can use make up to enhance your cleveage by accenting around the 'boobs' but Ive never tried that, in pic related its all tape and corset

>> No.10247517

You might be able to use gaffers tape instead of duct tape. Would hurt less, be more comfortable, cause less irritation, and won't leave any glue residue.

It used to be mainly for utility for people in the media production industries, but women started using it as a bra after Kim Kardashian made a tweet about it. Turns out it's perfect for that purpose as well.

Honestly, gaffers tape is good for pretty much anything. I'd say it's better than duct tape in most cases. Only drawback is that duct tape is basically water-proof, while gaffers tape is not water-proof at all.

>> No.10247660

so when you wear it all day on a convention it might loosen your cleavage? Damn then I rather use the other tape. cannot say anything about the long lasting effect of duct tape because I never dared to crossplay anywhere ;(

>> No.10247827

I don't think so. I mean if girls can use it instead of a bra, and have it last all day, I'm assuming it would work for this too.

Only one way to find out though.

>> No.10247953

thanks for the tipp!

>> No.10248128 [DELETED] 

How do I find nice guys to hook up with at cons? I’m a young crossplayer/femboy andi usually get some attention from guys at cons but how do I turn that into something more... my next con is daisho and I wanna get it ahahh..

>> No.10248740

in the blinding light of my bathroom lights the results were positive with the orange color corrector I bought off of amazon under liquid foundation.

>> No.10248849

Is it only considered crossplay if you make a genuine effort to pass as a character of the opposite gender?
Was looking to cosplay as a 2hu character but I don't really mind looking manly while doing it.

>> No.10248891

If you look like a bodybuilder just cosplay without shaving your beard or body hair for the hilarious effect

>> No.10249027

If you don't look cute you're not crossplaying right.

People who go as DDLC characters but have hairy legs and a beard are not crossplaying, they're joke cosplaying.

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File: 54 KB, 884x1080, cc93bbc88f0721799d0ce1ff7c93c044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that character from durarara

>> No.10249106

It's going to be a pretty concealing outfit, so the effect won't be that drastic.
cosplaying as a ddlc character doesn't seem that interesting

>> No.10249107

Of course it isn't interesting, I was just giving an example of what isn't really crossplay.

>> No.10249123

You dont have to pass as a girl(99.9% wont, even the trannies) but you do have to look cute in general

>> No.10249394

I see, what I mostly wanted to know if my plans would be appropriate for this thread or if it just counted as cosplay in general.

>> No.10249414

>tfw want to cosplay my waifu but I'm fat

>> No.10249430

Do it anyway.

>> No.10249556

Lose weight you fucker, if you want to do your waifu proud you have to work for it.

>> No.10249690

Question for the lurking male lolitas: where do you get your wigs when you don't have a small head?

>> No.10249802

Just don't eat too much trash food!
Do some body exercise and eat healty foods like fruits.

>> No.10249893

Not eating literally means doing nothing. You can do it.

>> No.10252310

I dont like wigs.

But my natural hair is perfect, so idc.

>> No.10252319

I get them from random stores on Taobao and add extensions to the wig band.

>> No.10252413

How do I hide my shaved beard?

>> No.10252446

Orange color correction under your foundation

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File: 1.04 MB, 958x846, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2018.07.15_00.40.13].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it count as crossplay if the character is genderless?
Asking for a friend

>> No.10252864

I've never cross dressed before so I'm super in-experienced in this. If Im buying a premade cosplay and its asking for size charts do I go ahead and choose my gender as male? I dont want it to look weird, I have a small figure so Im not sure if I should just choose female sizes instead.

>> No.10252908

Wig cap.

>> No.10253004

There's no hard and fast rule for what is or isn't crossplay. If the character has feminine traits and you're a man you'll probably find crossplay techniques and resources useful, but there's no jury waiting to vote on whether or not you're truly crossplaying. The HnK gems are technically genderless, but most of them present in a feminine way, so if you're a man you'll likely find advice for crossplay useful.

>> No.10253010 [DELETED] 
File: 810 KB, 1920x1080, diamonds_ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks senpai my friend will be happy to hear that

>> No.10254376

Do you have any character Ideas for beginners, meaning characters that are easy to crossplay with 'normal' clothing and on a low budget.
I was thinking about trying Shank from Ralph breaks the internet.

>> No.10255572

tfw no qt bf

>> No.10255574

>tfw no gf/bf

>> No.10255575

It's be nice to have some more ftm crossplay stuff in the spreadsheet

>> No.10255636

where you at anon

>> No.10255700

tfw no gf (bf)

>> No.10255709

It counts as crossplay whether a man or woman cosplays a gem. Look at them. They're designed with an intentional duality to them. Male and female in one. Booty shorts on the bottom, a vest and tie up top. If you're a boy or a girl, it'll be halfcrossplay, half not. Which half is all that differs. Biggest pet peeve is when girls cosplay gems without binding their chests.
That said, you'll need makeup skills whoever you are. Makeup will make or break a gem cosplay. The wig will look like shit no matter what you do.

>> No.10255711

Misty from Pokemon.

>> No.10255817

I got banned a big lolita fashion group.

Why are pretty women so mean to men when they want to wear Gothic Lolita?

>> No.10255843

probably because youre ugly and/or old

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File: 513 KB, 800x450, what_is_that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita groups usually don't give a fuck if you're a guy as long you show a serious interest in wearing the fashion while being atleast a half-decent human being.
Maybe you creeped them out somehow?

Or you joined a group that expects you to atleast own a full coord or have basic knowledge on the fashion and you showed you don't know anything.

>> No.10256030

lots of creeps/agps, women have plenty of reason to be overly cautious

>> No.10256150

if he got banned its safe to assume he is one
>Or you joined a group that expects you to atleast own a full coord or have basic knowledge on the fashion and you showed you don't know anything.
they would kick him out or ask him to leave rather than ban him, if that was the case

these people give such a bad rep to crossplayers and brolitas i hate them so much omg

>> No.10256540 [DELETED] 

Is it dumb I wanna trap just so I can find a trap or qt bf

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>tfw i get mistaken for an actual dude in cosplay photos but irl my high voice and stature gives me away

>> No.10257255

Good looking and old is ok?

>> No.10257346

depends on how old
and depends on how you look
you can be good looking in more than one way
in 95% of cases no, its not ok

>> No.10257478

anyone going to anime nyc?

>> No.10257847

uh thats a nice suggestion, thanks anon

>> No.10257923

I am going, not sure as who yet

>> No.10258256

go as my gf (bf)

>> No.10258490

Sorry man, even with the make up, wigs and clothing I am really masculine, I am here for tips and advice. Unless if I really cover up everything it's pretty obvious that I am a guy in a dress

>> No.10258522

I'm actually planning on crossplaying as Saber Alter from Fate GO. About the only hiccup I'm having is with makeup. I know nothing about it and I don't know where to start.

>> No.10258629

Anyone know of some shaper shorts for men or ftms designed to reduce butt/thighs? I'm female and cosplay male characters and I tend to store my fat in my thighs and butt (working on losing weight but my pelvis is also kinda wide). All the shaper shorts I find don't really have compression on the legs and only seen to have stomach control which I don't need because my stomach is already flat and reducing my waist further would just emphasize my hips. I also heard the underworks shorts are shit so I haven't gone for those

>> No.10258986

no such thing

>> No.10259015

Why don't you ask your mom about makeup?

>> No.10259138

Or watch some youtube tutorials and practice

>> No.10259345

Also, do I even cut pubic hair from my legs when I want to wear thighs?

>> No.10259374

anon if your costume is that revealing i think you should just do what drag queens do and wear several layers of dance tights

>> No.10259610

You should learn to wear the fashion, and avoid joining a comm. Men should not join the comms as full members. There is always some kind of drama.

>> No.10259673

yeah, and with this you can hide any shaping foam for your behind and legs to wear a onepiece swimsuit or the like. But beware it might get really hot when worn on cons

>> No.10260735


first time poster in this thread. Are you saying you can't wear cupped armor over fake breasts? Because I was seriously going to try and do that.

>> No.10260744


Goddammit, I didn't read the rest of the thread.

>> No.10260914

Is there a certain way to wear a dancer’s belt? I put one on and it still looks like there is a bit of a bulge.

>> No.10260935

i feel like it requires adjustment on your part as well, but it's not gonna just completely hide it

>> No.10260936

assuming you're a man cosplaying a female character, you shouldn't be wearing a dance belt, you should be tucking. a dance belt is meant to create a fairly male shape, like a Ken doll

>> No.10261324

yep.tucking is the way. Either you can order a so called gaff (google it) or make your own gaff by using a pantyhose waistband and an old sock (search youtube for diy gaff). In order to hide your junk you need to push it behind your ass cheeks and secure it with the gaff. Pro drag queens are even using tape, but I think it would be very painful and even more uncomfortable.

>> No.10261368

Just stop eating, literally.

Go as long as you can without eating, then re-feed with meat and a small amount of veggies.

>> No.10261811


I'm trying to lose weight myself but wouldn't doing all of that just fuck you up in the long run?

>> No.10261820

telling people to starve themselves is never good advice

>> No.10261847

What kind of stupid ass advice is >>10261368 giving?

How about put down carbs and fat, or reduce calories by X?

"Literally stop eating".


>> No.10262955

Are jockstraps and compression underwear worth it over a gaff? I'm planning a crossplay wearing shorts and I am already considering getting a jockstrap or compression underwear and wouldn't want to waste money on a limited use item if either can get the job done.

>> No.10262991

I recommend a colour correcting palette with the shade of orange in it. A lot of drag queens use this to cover their 5'oclock shadow and to cover their eyebrows. I have very thick eyebrows and my full coverage foundation does not remove my eyebrows no matter how many layers of it i put down. But i use the NYX Concealer Jar in Orange on my eyebrows after gluing them down and before foundation and it works really well at hiding my eyebrows.
I reccomend
In the colour NW55
Good palette if you have different skin tones and also covering other dark areas such as under your eyes bit $$$ tho
And this in Orange is what i use.

>> No.10262992

Another tip! Watch drag queen tutorials! They help you understand makeup more.

>> No.10263755

>watch faggots to learn makeup

>> No.10263823

Where do you think you are?

>> No.10263956

Watching drag queens is a fucking shit idea if your intent is not to go OTT.

>> No.10264717

I wouldn't really call it makeup. Its more like face paint.

>not going OTT

>> No.10264722

>>not going OTT
This is /cgl/, not /lgbt/.

>> No.10264792

Where do I find this fake woman body?
I use euro.

>> No.10264793

Dude, the link to the product page is right there in the 2nd post you linked.
The currency options are at the top left of the page.

>> No.10265321
File: 55 KB, 600x600, DPXoRP7X0AEIl4k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm new to this Cosplay stuff and I'm thinking of going as Chen (or cirno if Chen is too expensive) for Halloween. I heard about going to AliExpress but was wondering if you guys have any recommendations or suggestions. I'm 5'8" and lean if that matters.

>> No.10265350
File: 368 KB, 894x894, 1559236359677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I've done this but in a different context
>oh that sailor Jupiter cosplay is really nice, sexy legs too
it's a man
>mfw I'm a faggot now

>> No.10265374

I'm a literal girl, with a uterus and everything, and what you said is my existence. Small cute body, flat chest, masculine face.

If people will willingly view me as female, surely they will you

>> No.10265377

do you have excessively high arches? Check by standing on one foot, and seeing if a huge portion of that foot still doesn't touch a flat floor. If your arches are super high, there is no heel that will be easy to walk in. Heels are designed to be comfortable/useable for fairly flat feet. If your arches are mega high, and do not compress/flatten at all when you stand with your full body weight on one foot, you'll always be seesawing between the ball of your foot and the heel, with zero weight transference through the arch. It is painful, and if you do it often enough, may actually cause bone spurs.

>> No.10265378

also, I'm not saying this to be a mean hater all like 'boys can't wear my shoes'. I just don't want you to go through the agony and juvenile-onset arthritis that I have.

People will say 'you'll get used to it! you're being whiny. it doesn't hurt! it'll get better!"

but if you have a truly high arch that does not touch the ground, this is not true. It won't get better, and you will have terrible pain that is very real

fuck dem flat footed bitches

they wear heals to imitate the foot shape of a highly arched foot

>> No.10265676

Are there any kind of one piece dresses that looks flattering on a guy that isn’t lolita?

>> No.10265740

Go shopping.

>> No.10265759

Not OP, but I have high arches, and my low heels are actually more comfortable than my completely flat Vans because the curve of the heel provides at least some arch support. Higher heels are of course not comfortable.

>> No.10265815

Anyone know where I can get a quality reimu hakurei cosplay for someone 6'?

>> No.10265817

Omg thank you for explaining anon, I'm a girl with super high arches and I always wondered my my feet are always in pain in so many heeled types of shoes. (I so wish that more lolita brands made more flat varieties of tea parties cause even the low 1 inch heeled ones are painful after a while)

>> No.10265823
File: 180 KB, 1280x963, 12312312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to buy and wear an outfit similar to this, does any body knows the name of these kind of outfits? thank you i don't know anything about japanese fashion.

>> No.10265885

I wear a size 14 in men's. Any recommendation on how I can get some cute shoes for cosplays?

>> No.10265980

there are some crossdressing/drag queen sites where you can order shoes in higher sizes like this for example: https://www.glamourboutique.com/shop/shoes-hosiery/high-heels
They say they sell sizes up to 17 but the shoes all look very slutty.maybe the flats are an option for you.

>> No.10266008

A maid outfit?

>> No.10266081

Doesn't looks like a maid outfit.

>> No.10266473

You wanr to contour and highlight to cover up the male face and look more feminine, so like adding highlights around the eyes since men usually have a deep brow and more hollow eyes causing a harder shadow, I would suggest watching makeup YouTuber's like Antonio Garza since their before after are very drastic and achieve really good results

>> No.10266812
File: 403 KB, 587x900, c4476ba6dc9ec8e16a3e1e13d017503c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning on crossplaying as my waifu at a con in a couple weeks, but I'm not sure what I should do about underwear. I'm a taller dude with a masculine face so I'm not really concerned about not passing since I sure as hell won't, so should I just stick with standard men's underwear?

>> No.10266858

I mean, that's entirely up to you. I'd only say that if you're not very passing, or (mean as it might sound) cute, stick to men's undies or at least boyshorts if you'll wear a short enough dress/skirt that someone might see under it.
Then again, nothin' really wrong with doing what you want either, if you wanna wear cute panties it's not like anyone would stop you, and if you're not flashing people who'll care?

>> No.10266906

Thanks. The skirt is long enough that I believe it shouldn't be an issue, but I've been behind enough people on stairs to know that shit happens. Thinking I'll just stick to boyshorts or plain white men's underwear. I do like feeling cute, but tucking gets too uncomfortable for me to consider it worth it to do for long periods

>> No.10266947

Yeah, i would recommend sticking with your usual underwear. Much more comfortable and no one is going to give a shit.

>> No.10266989 [DELETED] 
File: 1.82 MB, 2667x4000, 1568670523710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wear some cute panties anon, would you like your waifu to wear boxers?

>> No.10267174

i mean, you don't have to really tuck y'know.

>> No.10267282

Sorry if I am being retarded, but what alternatives exist besides tucking or wearing a second pair over them?
If my waifu was physically uncomfortable due to the panties, no. Wearing a pair with another pair of underwear over them could be an option though, but alone and tucking is extremely painful

>> No.10267302

Short bloomers

>> No.10267317

Huh, I am retarded. Thanks

>> No.10267358 [DELETED] 

I don't know how I feel seeing this pose in front of holy icons in the background.

>> No.10267380

ain't nothing wrong with panties anon, so go with panties always.

>> No.10267483

Can someone give me advice on trying to improve the skin on my legs? I wanna have nice legs, I've tried looking around a bit for information but I thought I'd ask here too if there's anything different about the process for a boy.

>> No.10267811

I usually just wear panties to feel cute so I'm woefully uneducated on them, so if you have any additional advice/recommendations on panties that don't require tucking I would be glad to hear them

>> No.10268485

does anyone have pictures of them crossplaying? i'd like to maybe do one but i'm not sure of it's possible to look good

>> No.10268594


>> No.10268640

exfoliate, moisturize.
use natural products that will promote regeneration of skin as any blemished or rough skin is buffed away by exfoliating. olive oil is good for brightening (not to be confused w/ whitening, just regrowth of layers in place of dull skin) and regen. I use products by Jason, hempz, shea mosture, & deep steep. good nourishment for the skin with natural ingredients, gentle, and no harsh chemicals.
if you're shaving or waxing, make sure those products are moisturizing and safe.
rubbing in oils and lotion before bed is also very relaxing and promotes good blood flow to your leg muscles!

>> No.10268651

If you're a guy, how do you get into lolita?

Like I've listened to visual kei and been around lolita fashion for a long time, but I'm just now considering participating in it. I don't want to be creepy, and it seems like there's a very thin line between looking perfect and looking like a pedophile. I'd like to wear an age and gender appropriate fashion in line with lolita style but it seems like if you're not a crossdresser, an ouji twink, or a generic steampunk looking menswear goth that there's no room for you. Wat do?

>> No.10268653

Aristocrat and mature ouji styles exist. Similar to lolita, you just have to find the style that works for you.

>> No.10268671

Is crossplay a good way to come out
If I just show up at the halloween party dressed as a woman how many conversations do I avoid

>> No.10268805
File: 2.42 MB, 1080x1857, WBtkWch_cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go!

As for looking good i love the look of myself in the mirror and window reflections. Selfies are awesome as well. But when taking pictures with a camera that has a larger lens i often don't look as good. Maybe i'm a terrible photographer or most people feel like this as well though.

There are a lot of crossplayers on Instagram just go there and check them out.

>> No.10268939

How do you order custom sizes from Amazon? It doesn't actually give me a place to submit sizes when I add it to the cart.

>> No.10268949 [DELETED] 


Would you like to watch an e-girl on Twitch?
I have a stream and I'm doing requests.

Join if you:
> like thighs
> enjoy anime
> know who dakooters is



Also giving out Steam codes to followers, here's a free one:

By the way I'm 16 ;3

>> No.10268960
File: 1.65 MB, 4032x3024, 96AE1372-5C89-42FA-833F-C31E229E7E51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my Death from The Sandman comics. Hope it inspires you.

>> No.10268968

It's not a good way to come out because straight people crossplay all the time.

>> No.10268970
File: 2.13 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20191005_001333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, how can I improve my crossplay makeup? Maybe better coverage to hide the eyebrows, but what about the chin?

>> No.10268971


>> No.10268980

Practice and experimentation! Different faces require different makeup routines so you need to keep trying out stuff until you find what works the best for you.

From the picture i think you can use some polish. Like eyebrows, blending and cleaning up the hair around your mouth and nose. I pluck my eyebrows to make them look clean, it actually makes me look better as a boy as well. I can't tell from the picture but if you don't use highlight consider trying it out. And perhaps you could blend some more around your lips and chin.

>> No.10268994

Yea, I've been experimenting for a long time now, but this is the best I've done yet. I highlight the part underneath my lip, the arch over my eyelids, the middle of my nose and one line between my contour and my blush. I'm just not sure about my contouring, if I should try harder to modify my chin's shape. I think the contouring color is fine though? Also going to try different products next week to cover the beard (salmon and orange LA girl cream thing) and also go with paler highlight cream.

Btw, my real eyebrows here are covered and I drew the visible ones. Thing is, you can still see the real eyebrows a little, so maybe I should put a layer of orange cream there?

>> No.10268996

Actually no, I should probably make the real eyebrows flatter. The issue here is that they're not perfectly flat, so you see their shape a bit.

>> No.10269342

same but for Halloween instead of a con and at school teaching
Good luck anon!

>> No.10269485


>> No.10269622

never had the problem
usually you can select your size right next to price and description etc

>> No.10269634

ha, weeb

>> No.10269703

A good start but seconding everything >>10268980 said about your facial and body hair.
No colours of cream are going to lay those thick brows flat, try more layers of glue stick and other drag queen techniques if you insist on drawing your brows higher than they actually are.
An easy room for improvement is avoiding getting foundation in your false lashes. A mostly dried out mascara can cover it, but don't make them clumpy. Always wash your lashes after wearing if you're a messy applicator.

Additional nitpick, your foundation is a little cakey, so maybe moisturize more before applying it, or find something less drying? Your chin is a already a nice enough shape so I don't think you need the 'contour' there, at first I thought it was just that you hadn't blended the foundation out to your chin! You have a nice smooth face so worry less about contour right now until your application is cleaner.

>> No.10269797

Thank you! I don't use glue for my brows, I use a type of paste that's made especially for that. In this particular case, I said I need to flatten them because I think I didn't put enough of that paste.

Noted for the eyelashes. I'll make sure I clean them properly.

I have very rich hydrating cream at home. Should I apply that right before putting on makeup? Or should I wait a few minutes so it becomes transparent?

Also need to buy a new foundation because I ran out. Any brand suggestions?

>> No.10270067

How many measurements should you give when ordering custom outfits? Is just bust, waist and hip fine? I'm a little worried.

>> No.10270310

If it's a measurement they give for the outfit in question, it's a measurement you make on yourself (+ padding of course). This is along with either them telling you how much +/- it has or generally knowing how much give the kind of materials it's gonna be made out of has. Also helps to know what you can squeeze yourself into if applicable.

>> No.10270348
File: 1.22 MB, 845x1200, 24665d22124aa667ebdc4967ed8c395a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to buy from this seller >>10239829 , but I got the E cup (D cup in US sizing). Unfortunately the long torso is longer than my actual torso. When I wear it, I tuck it into whatever I'm wearing so it fits snugly on my body, but in doing so, the navel goes under my waistline concealed by my outfit. In most circumstances this isn't a problem, but one of the characters I want to wear this for is Medb in her warden outfit. I contacted the seller, and they said they cannot modify their breast torsos because they all follow a pre-made mold. I just don't want the lack of a visible navel to break immersion. Thoughts?

>> No.10270352

1, Pics? It'd be nice to see what these look like in non-idealized studio lighting where you can get a real feel for how big/small it is/isn't.
2, Hate to say it, but unless you can somehow cheese the waistline by having whatever's around your hips sit lower, or have the waistline of the shorts/skirt/what have you have a deep V shape plunge below the naval, you're sol. This is assuming the naval isn't too far below your real one and isn't sitting right above your crotch or something.

>> No.10270374

Would the actual navel be hidden under the skirt waistband in that outfit? You could possibly paint on a fake navel that wouldn't be immediately obvious, but you'll look weird if you have a second one just above the crotch...

>> No.10270682

They don't give measurements for it, other than the "small, medium, large, custom made" from the menu in Amazon. I realized that when selecting custom made, you have to contact them and send them your measurements also, so that's what I'm trying to figure out. There's nothing about +/- or give either.

>> No.10270708

You usually have to look lower into the item description to see what the measurements are.

>> No.10270720

Write me: creatsims472gmail.com
I already like you !
You are pretty and cute!
I love badboys !!

>> No.10270800

is it a good idea to crossplay even tho your straight and cis ?

>> No.10270804

I do. Why would it be a problem, anon?

>> No.10270816

Neck yourself closet faggots and trannies.

>> No.10270817

We're all just dudes here having a good time, anon. You don't have to be like that.

>> No.10270890
File: 168 KB, 1275x1700, 57260497_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to cosplay pic related but uhhh "slipping out" is definitely a concern. What are my options to fix this?

>> No.10270922

I'll feel comfortable posting a photo when I've cleaned it properly. As it stands right now, I have to hand wash it regularly to remove the leftover residual silicone oil from the manufacturing. Do you want a photo of it by itself, on me with an outfit, in frame with something to compare the size to, etc? And yes unfortunately the artificial navel is considerably beyond my waistline.

There's no chance the artificial navel would show given how low it is on my body, but I don't think I'm skilled enough at painting to try to do something as potentially permanent as that. I could look into it and try though I wouldn't even know where to begin searching for guidelines or references on that.

>> No.10270926

Ideally with it worn, along with your height and bare chest circumference so anyone seeing it can get an idea of scale. I'd also say with and without an outfit on, but I don't know how far even just slapping a censor bar over the offending fake titilation would be pushing blue board rules.
Sucks that the naval sounds like it's way too low. Are you just generally on the shorter side or do you have a scrunched up torso but amazing legs?
Get underwear specifically for crossdressing. Before getting some I tried a handful of ways of keeping my dong back, the only one that actually did anything was busting the duct tape out. After, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it keeps everything in place despite there being nothing remarkable with how it's constructed from the outside.

>> No.10270932

i considered something like that but my issue with it is that its very visible underneath shuten's outfit

>> No.10270936

For a cosplay like that, unless the cosplayer happened to had the perfect body for her anyway (a normal dude absolutely won't), they'd have skin colored leggings, have all the external clothing on top of that, and applicable padding underneath, which in your case is likely your typical crossdressing hip padding and such. Conveniently her more clothed outfit seems to have a solid waistband to hide the top of any leg attire masquerading as skin.

>> No.10270949

I was actually gonna go full skin on it

>> No.10271023

I'd advise against it

>> No.10271025


>> No.10271037

Idk man. I touched a skirt once and it immediately made me gay.

>> No.10271054

I'll be honest with you anon, the only way I would see someone crossplay mostly naked shuten douji convincingly without breaking the law/looking like trash, would be to buy one of these full bodysuits they sell at Roanyer, that was posted earlier in this thread. Otherwise, she just doesn't have enough clothes to get away with it.

>> No.10271056

Or make your own bodysuit, that's entirely doable too.

>> No.10271287

I wasn’t really worried about looking like trash because i always look like trash anyway but breaking some rules is a valid concern. I’m not against skin colored tights/a bodysuit but I have no experience with those things or hip padding so i figured it’s be easier and look better if i just went skin since there’s less of a chance of me fucking up something.

>> No.10271446
File: 47 KB, 800x800, rBVaSlrOB0mAdCXbAAGcpeMjv-g695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no secret to skin colored tights, just get them in the color of your skin and without a visibly different top part. Dance or figure skating tights should be perfect. Pic is what you want to avoid, you can see there's a demarcation at the upper thigh. You also want something more opaque than that.

>> No.10271606

am i doomed if i have a decently pronounced browline? shit sucks bros, i just dont want to stand out like crazy

>> No.10272120

Hello seagulls, crossboarder here.
I haven't crossdressed since I was prepubescent in high school.
Is a womens' "Large" roughly equivalent to a mens' "Medium"?

I'm 5'8 (yes I know I'll commit suicide don't worry), skinny with slightly broad chest/shoulders. I don't know the actual dimensions for my shoulders/chest/waist and I don't have measuring tape on hand. Would I be able to get rough estimate with a rigid industrial tape measure?

I was thinking of getting a generic pre-made 2hu outfit instead of going all out with custom-made clothing my first costume. The intent was to try it out on Halloween and then tweak it as necessary with additional flair if I end up enjoying it.

>> No.10272213

Take those contacts out asap. Those eyes do not look happy

>> No.10272227

No. You need real measuring tape. Otherwise The outfit will probably not fit. Specially on the shoulders.

You don't need a custom made one, but you need to know measures to check if the premade ones will fit you.

Of you can't really get measuring tape in time I guess you could use the rigid one for the shoulder distance and arm and leg length but it's not recomendable.

>> No.10272259

You can probably get measuring tape at the supermarket or a local craft store, it's really cheap and it's worth getting the measurements right rather than end up with something you can't wear

>> No.10272268

>I'm 5'8 (yes I know I'll commit suicide don't worry)

>> No.10272301
File: 1.07 MB, 2048x1132, Torso Reference.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 5'4 with a 30" bust and a smaller than average torso, so if you can imagine "average female build", that's me. I'll follow up with photos of it on soon. They allowed me to request the long torso version of any cup size with any skin tone with removable nipples for no extra cost, but they don't explicitly say that anywhere on their website. Also it's important to note the dimensions of each item that they post in photos below the product. I didn't realize that they offered smaller build options for their E cup (Asian cup sizes) torso, and I ordered the standard initially, which was way too baggy on me on top of the navel issue I mentioned earlier. The smaller build torso is on the way right now, so that's when I'll post the photos.

>> No.10272422

incel in-jokes, pay it no mind

>> No.10272686

If a seller asks your gender along with height and weight when ordering things custom, what should you tell them? How differently will the outfit fit if I say that I'm a boy?

>> No.10272689

Tell them the truth because I doubt factory workers care about your taiwanese basketweaving hobbies. Even better is letting them know your measurements. There are some difference between male and female builds.

>> No.10272698
File: 654 KB, 1000x803, 8ac6355c96187da79453b02ca5c87a89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>little/no results with hair loss treatments after ~5 months

so much for not having to wear wigs in girlmode lol

>> No.10272700

what kind are u trying ?
heard some take longer depending on bodytype

>> No.10272702
File: 464 KB, 2396x3580, enkidu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finasteride since late june and i'm gonna try dermarolling bi-weekly soon. the left side of my hairline is still pretty fucked up, but apparently dht blockers were never that good for frontal hair loss any way. i've also heard of people getting a lot of regrowth between 6 and 12 months, but i'm happy as long as i don't lose any more to be honest

>> No.10272708

What's causing your hair loss?

>> No.10272709
File: 1.78 MB, 500x625, 1549679368389.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my genetics suck and my dad was rocking a combover since he was 25

to keep things on topic: is there a consensus on which brand of tights are the best for crossplaying? i've been wearing skin coloured ultra-soft ones from mondor since forever but i've heard that figure skating tights are even better for durability

>> No.10272715

What if they say "sorry, this item is meant for women and we can't complete your order" or something?

>> No.10272722

Not that I'm really fat, but is there any decent corset to compress my plumpy belly?

>> No.10272777

>They allowed me to request the long torso version of any cup size with any skin tone with removable nipples for no extra cost, but they don't explicitly say that anywhere on their website.
Well huh, will have to keep that in mind.

>> No.10272783

i really doubt that since i bought the sluttiest, girliest cosplay and they knew im a boy and didnt say anything besides regarding sizing

>> No.10272784

It's very unlikely they'll give a shit, and if they do you can just order from some other place, it's not a big deal

>> No.10272995

Chinese sweatshop laborers have enough to worry about without gatekeeping women's clothing from twinks

>> No.10273231
File: 47 KB, 400x640, 2a97b7e43a61ea541593e13d446dd0a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any idea where I could get something like this for a chunky 6'5" dude?

>> No.10273285

Commission it

>> No.10273813
File: 336 KB, 447x503, 34534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They cancelled it. I'm too embarrassed to ask for a standard size and hope I fit. It really sucks, I knew it would take a long time, but it's cosplay of a series I really like and I kind of got my heart set on it. I guess I'll look for something else.

>> No.10274333

remove the real eyebrows, thread them away and it should help you with the texture, also go easy use less makeup base and concealer near the eyes.

>> No.10274838

You two should consider using chrome with automatic translate and go visit their chinese taobao page.

They are much better at listing options there and you also get a sense for how low you can easily push them on their prices.

Is it dust resistant for Roanyer, or does it get a little sticky?

>> No.10275475

You definitely want to hand-wash it multiple times before putting it on. I also recommend applying baby powder to your torso and abdomen as well as putting your hair in a wig cap before putting it on. It definitely adheres to your body, but it's not sticky. It's not dust-resistant though, but proper washing and storing techniques will make this a non-issue for when you want to wear it.

>> No.10275841 [DELETED] 

who is this

>> No.10276394
File: 29 KB, 350x490, matsuri-mizusawa-65403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if I'm suppose to ask here or the question thread, but I'm crossplaying so I might as well. Anyone got any tips, guides or whatever on wigs? I'm trying to do pic related, and I got the outfit ready but I don't know anything about wigs. Where do I get them? Do I just style my own? I don't know anything about haircutting, so how do I style it? Any advice would be helpful.

>> No.10276505

>tfw no bf (gf)

>> No.10276861
File: 999 KB, 805x1183, 667a248de13bef5247796fe446b40181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My costume came in, and it mostly fits pretty well besides 2 issues
1. The shirt is a bit short, and exposes my stomach if my shoulders move anywhere
2. The skirt is short enough that no male underwear I own wouldn't stick out
Are my best options just wearing an undershirt of the same color then wearing either briefs or panties, or are there alternatives that I am missing?

>> No.10276878
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, kuroto13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the costume?
also shave tummy, wear panties and/or spats

>> No.10276880

Pull the skirt up to give the illusion of a higher waist and longer legs if possible

>> No.10276896
File: 2.45 MB, 2000x3000, 1a37cd48bca5a5900019f85fff43415a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gray from Lord El Melloi II

>> No.10277528

should i use hip shape wear or can a skirt cover that

>> No.10277536

Use hip padding. Unless you already happen to have a feminine frame your shoulder to hip ratio will look off without trying to pad them out, regardless of the legwear.

>> No.10277916


>> No.10278177

For wigs, unless it's a popular character you'll have to find a similar looking one and style it yourself.

If you want cheap you can look in aliexpress

If you want quality there are several options. I'll list two:

For styling look at some youtube tutorials, they have everything there. Here's a random one I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uzviF9DXFs
Or you can ask your hairdresser to style the wig, but that costs money and requires social interaction.

>> No.10278178
File: 30 KB, 600x337, o0600033713568379773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've listed the same one two times I'm fucking retarded.
This is the second one: https://www.epiccosplay.com/

>> No.10278460 [DELETED] 

Sneaky's wearing padding in this picture, right? That's incredible how feminine and cute the look is.

>> No.10278471

Holy fuck, I'm retarded and replied to my own post

>> No.10278516 [DELETED] 

That's sneaky?

>> No.10278518 [DELETED] 

That's his maid Scathach cosplay, right? I can recognize his butt anywhere.

>> No.10278619
File: 45 KB, 570x760, il_570xN.1258261508_6kk8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've been looking around my area and I'm having trouble finding a place. Anyone have recommendations for where I could get a quote to get this made with a dude's proportions online? I'm hoping not to have to spend several hundred dollars

>> No.10278732 [DELETED] 

Yeah that also looks like the same room the rest of the shoot was done
I guess the patron has more photos?

>> No.10279774
File: 8 KB, 112x112, dd3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So guys.
This is my very first time I'm trying to dress up like a girl for the next event.
How do I convince to my parents?
They won't forbid me to do that, right?

>> No.10279792

>They won't forbid me to do that, right?

You know them better than us, anon.

Are they conservative?

>> No.10279795

1. Tell them that you are in theater and you are a background character
2. Just tell them that you are going to do/what it is

>> No.10279798

I dressed up as a witch for Halloween. Halloween was my best opportunity.

>> No.10279881

I want to cosplay next year but I kind of want to do some kind of cute kig robot girl. No idea how much $$$ I would be willing to sink into it either.

>> No.10279991

When I was like 10 or so, I was forced to dress up as a girl for halloween along with my little brother.I remember wearing a poofy top and a skirt along with a hat and a brooch, so...

>> No.10280046

So a male character I want to cos wears a female cut garnet. I am male. How do I try on/check fitment at a store without looking weird?

>> No.10280047

I hate autocorrect

>> No.10280823
File: 1.24 MB, 1112x2208, 0B9C3916-F3FC-4411-8C97-56CA951C3BF5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I highly recommend the Gold seal naked crop top breast plate! It’s what I use it they are amaaaazing.
Pic for example.

>> No.10280872

First, you gotta do something about your eyes.
They look so red. You shouldn't put eye contact!

>> No.10281004

is primer the very first thing you should put on before makeup? is it essential?

>> No.10281106

That's like asking if a sports bra covers the same function as a binder.
No, of course not.

>> No.10281110

wax and thread your facial hairs...
that' would help tremendously

>> No.10281133

Yes and yes.

>> No.10281148

Not the guy to you're replying to, but damn, that thing is a bit of an investment. I'm trying to think whether or not I crossplay often enough to justify putting that much money on high quality fake boobs.

I feel like if I bought those, I'd be compelled to crossdress a lot more often just to get my money's worth. Like not just to cons, but to the market or whatever.

>> No.10281347

True true, that’s a valid response, you can catch them on sale a few times a year to save a few hundered dollars like I did. But I mean, yah, I do totally crossdress a lot more often since I got them.

>> No.10281418
File: 988 KB, 1732x3466, 20191031_223700_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Halloween self post.
Happy Halloween!

>> No.10282039

you are wearing a wig, right?

>> No.10282295

I'm not. Girls keep getting salty.

>> No.10282579

awesome hair then! Why are they getting salty?

>> No.10282612

Salty might be the wrong word.
I get compliments for my hair, and they dress it up as jealousy for the sake of conversation.
When I make new aquaintences on cons the first wtf is when they notice I'm a crossplayer, the second when they see me out of costume without a wig.
Very satisfying.

>> No.10282635

you are very lucky! keep it up!

>> No.10283522
File: 1.68 MB, 900x1350, IMG_0211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's cool and all that you reply now, but I had time to wear and do a photoshoot with that costume since that picture. It's kind of too late.

>> No.10283836

Hey all, wig question that isn't necessarily crossplay, but I dunno where else to post. I bought a wig with detachable ponytails and I have 3 questions
1) Do I store them clipped on the wig, which is on a stand, or lying flat
2) What are the elastic bands for on the ponytails?
3) What are the hooks on the inside of the wig for? I'm guessing something about resizing, but I'm not sure if you hook them together or what

>> No.10283889

I store them on a clothing hanger in my closet, but laying out stretched should be fine as well. As long as it won't get tangled I guess. The elastic bands are what attach the hair to the clip. I cut mine short because they were sticking out. Not sure about your hooks. Mine has one on the back to make the wig fit tighter around my head, but it's already tight enough so I usually leave it unhooked. Instead I fix the wig and hair cap to my hair using hairclips and hairspray, just to be sure.

>> No.10284473

Neat, thanks for the answers!

>> No.10284597

What kind of shirt is that and where did you get it?

>> No.10285042
File: 640 KB, 878x1580, CF60013E-4805-4C9F-A90A-A537288857A7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would I go about a cosplay like this as a person with tits?

>> No.10285067

Wear a binder with a painted bodysuit over it

>> No.10287338

How do I find men's style dress shoes in women's sizes? (Eg us womens 6.5). Do mens sizes run this small? Can I find kids sizes? Or do I have to find really unisex womens shoes

>> No.10287354
File: 114 KB, 834x910, screenshot_2669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd say kid sizes are the way to go. You can find dress shoes for kids that look exactly like adult ones, the only difference being the size.

I know ElCorteInglés has them, and other similar stores should too.

>> No.10287397

Any places having any good/ decent sales on fake boob plates atm? Looking to replace my current silicone inserts

>> No.10287400

Decided to look at Roanyer today for entirely unrelated reasons and apparently they have a sale going on at the moment for the next day or so where a lot of their stuff is half off, saw one of their G cup boob vests (with cotton stuffing) going for $90.

>> No.10287424

>cotton stuffing
But I'll check it out.

>> No.10287544

Looks like they're also around that price on aliexpress. Think I'll pull the trigger on it.

>> No.10287546

I like your TikTok videos, man.

>> No.10287620

I ordered a cotton stuff boob crop from tb for 11.11 about 30$. Its just for cosplay so it feels like an ok investment

>> No.10287621

The sale on aliexpress is fake. They doubled the price then halved it.

>> No.10287622

Seems about right.

>> No.10287755

Ah damn I wish I saw this before I ordered. Oh well I needed new ones anyway.

>> No.10288805

Any tips for wearing these silicone plates? Do I basically baby powder the shit out of myself and wiggle it on? How sweaty is it really

>> No.10291013
File: 80 KB, 600x563, 1472480751425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Went to MCMBirmingham as Casual Astolfo (Midriff outfit)
>10 people asked for pictures

Feeling Good Bro

>> No.10291113

Please post a pic!

>> No.10291155
File: 2.04 MB, 1080x1435, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I look better in person, sorry it ain't great baby

>> No.10291157

You have a really cute face!

>> No.10291224
File: 61 KB, 610x822, Sneaky1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omfg your cos is perf <3

>> No.10291484

Wow what a cutie

>> No.10292242
File: 1.13 MB, 2048x2822, nier 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haoge the best crossplayer in the world

>> No.10292246

How do I avoid getting eyeliner smudging to my bottom lids when blinking.

>> No.10292251


dumb scrotes

men shouldn't crossplay it makes them way less attractive.

>> No.10292275

I'll do what I want faggot

>> No.10292311
File: 34 KB, 475x268, 6D13E56F-6053-4FF7-BBC2-9D90FBD9F8FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10292370

coat with clear mascara

>> No.10292419

well that's not new lol

>> No.10292537

It's been a while since I saw his cosplay on Weibo…

>> No.10292732
File: 2.10 MB, 1800x1200, IKR0kCU - Imgur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol he looks better than all the hot messes posted in this thread

let me post his friend Táng bó māo who craps on everyone posted in this thread so far.

full photoshoot here

>> No.10292745

Here's a (you), now go away

>> No.10292781

stop being a hater cuz asians will always be cuter than white ppl sorry

>> No.10292786

>men shouldn't crossplay
>stop being a hater cuz asians will always be cuter


>> No.10292795

Are you the same one that spams that "asian cosplayers are better" thread every single day?

>> No.10292880
File: 70 KB, 317x266, 1400425087031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this is bait but come on... let people do what they want.

>> No.10292887

I'm a little jealous.
But you did well.

>> No.10293124
File: 200 KB, 900x1200, sneaky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly I've wanted to try crossplay and cross dressing in general for a long time. I'm Asian, which seems to work pretty well with crossdressing, and I also have a pretty small frame. So... Where to start?

>> No.10293148

Pretty much like you would start cosplay, with some emphasis on learning make-up skills, and you can get a waist cincher and a padded bra for cheap to give you a more feminine silhouette

>> No.10293150

Hm ok, I heard makeup takes a lot of practice. Are there any characters or types that are easier for beginners to cosplay?

>> No.10293178

Well, it's easier if the costume isn't very revealing, and if you don't feel confident in your makeup skills or just with showing your face you can pick a character with a mask like the Akali picture you posted. It's also difficult to walk in heels if you've never done it before.

>> No.10293335

Costume choice is very important. Picking something that hides the manly features you have but enhances the feminine ones is important and some costumes I see some crossplayers try are just not right for their strengths and weaknesses.
For example I like the K/DA Akali outfit (considering cosplaying it myself actually) because shoulders and jaw can be hidden so as long as your midriff and eye makeup are good then you've got a good chance of passing and if you can get convincing cleavage going with a breastplate (which the seams are easily hidden by the hoodie, top and choker) or just the Nubra method, it'll be easier to pass than you would think.

>> No.10293345
File: 397 KB, 710x1024, 20151025124352-166b5716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10293347

is your skin oily? what kind of eyeliner do you use? it's not supposed to transfer like that. if your eyes are watering you gotta use a waterproof liner/mascara. if your actual eyeliner is transfering, then you should rework your skincare routine for oily or combination skin, and use a mattifying primer/base. I have a supremely oily t-zone (afab woman) and it took me forever to figure out that your makeup is supposed to be able to last all day without looking shiny and melted lol

>> No.10293349

no i am not but they are better based on what yall posted in this thread lol they definitely are cuter , in better shape and less derpy looking than what posted in this thread lol

>> No.10293365

That's fine man, most of us don't crossplay to look cute to you.

>> No.10293370

Side thing, any other photo shoots for inspiration? Doesn't have to be the same person.

>> No.10293536

Where did you find this?

>> No.10293543

Post face and body

>> No.10293726

Anyone know where a good astolfo set is?
eBay and Amazon have meh ones for about $30-70 but they don't look to be good quality.

>> No.10293744

Which outfit you looking for? Its much easier find a decent casual one or schoolgirl than his vanilla armoured outfit.

Regardless Taobao is cheapest and fairly decent quality; Its where I bought my casual and school girl.

>> No.10293776

The sailor set.
Yeah I see a number of variants but I'll give Taobao a look

>> No.10293991

Is there an existing guide for crossplaying 2B from NieR Automata?

The NieR Orchestra concert is coming to my area in a few months and I feel like crossplaying her might be fun but I've never really done cosplay before

>> No.10294170

How do you hide your cosplay from your family?

>> No.10294176

>Stick it all in a closet
>Never take it out for wearability tests unless everyone's out of the house for a known amount of time
>Be careful of ever having any part of it exposed with other people in the house
If you have a family that has zero sense of personal space, then you're fucked.

>> No.10294182

What do you want to know? I have crossplayed her before so might be able to answer any questions you have.

>> No.10294190

Essentially everything that >>10294176 said. I've got a toolbox which I've taken the tools out of, then I lock it with a 3number padlock and stuff all of my clothes in there. My senpai would kill me if they found I was a degenerate.
To actually aquire cosplay in the first place just set up a delivery box for Amazon or eBay and grab it when safe

>> No.10294197

I did when preparing my first crossplay, but the outfit has to go through the laundry at some point lol. Since then I haven't hid it anymore

>> No.10294202

I washed mine in the bathtub one day that I was alone at home. Then left it hanging outside covered with a towel. Or you can tell your parents that you'll do the laundry and sneak the cosplay in the washing machine. They'll be happy and you won't get found. Unless you never help with chores, then it would be suspicious, not my case, though.

>> No.10294210

I used to take great care to hide it all but one time a pair of pantsu got somehow scooped in in my dirty laundry that I gave to my mum.

They were neatly placed on top of my laundry pile that was left on my bed although she never mentioned it.

I started to accept my parents knew about my crossplaying over time and now my outfits just hang up in my wardrobe which I know my mum sees when she puts stuff in it.

We have never really talked about it all though but they seem somewhat fine with it all.

To answer >>10294170 I guess the moral of the story is take care to hide it at first if you're worried in ways that other anons have detailed but over time you might not have to worry about hiding it so much.

>> No.10294499

Hiding it is too much effort. I always wear my costumes in front of them and make it clear that the character is female and also that I'm wearing panties and (when relevant) stockings.

>> No.10294507
File: 342 KB, 800x450, Why.....gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't your Dad beat the living daylights out of your for wearing panties, skirts and (presumably) getting ass fucked?

>> No.10294549

I refuse to believe anyone wearing panties isn't doing it for fetishistic purposes. Otherwise, you would wear normal underpants under the crossplay wich fill the exact same purpose.

>> No.10294562

If you're wearing a short skirt, and you're not wearing tights or something that covers the entire leg underneath the skirt, male underwear will show any time you're taking a photo that is angled from below even slightly.

>> No.10294563

Along with what the other anon said, if you're wearing something fairly skin tight (zentai, leggings, etc.) the imprint of whatever underwear you're wearing can show through.

>> No.10294575

If they can see your underpants they can also see your dick bulge, so I'm not sure what panties are achieving there.

>> No.10294577

There's underwear to fix that. Works surprisingly well, unless you have an absolutely monster schlong.

>> No.10294662

But then, the parents especially a mother can forcibly take the cosplay away.

>> No.10294666

If that's a genuine concern, hate to say it but you have shitty parents.

>> No.10294689

Do your own laundry

>> No.10294739

Lose another 15 and we can form a pact.

>> No.10294810

You're mistaken. Look at any image of male underwear and you can see the parts on your legs extend further down your leg than the part that cradles your groin. You'd be able to see the underwear on the cosplayer's legs even if you took conservative photos from a lower angle before you'd see any groin area. Wearing panties just eliminates that problem.

>> No.10294815
File: 75 KB, 600x777, blue-low-rise-brief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's other types of male underwear that aren't boxersl. Pic related.

>> No.10294822

Brutal yet true, granted that was on the Sunday after me buying way too many sweets.

Also like fuck would I form a pact with you nerd

>> No.10294930

That's why we prefer high-poof paniers.

>> No.10295036

If I want to try doing some more revealing cosplays, how can I get a more feminine body? Wider hips, thin waist, feminine limbs, stuff like that. Is exercise the best way of going about it? Or are there any secret methods of getting a curvy body?

>> No.10295050
File: 40 KB, 336x598, Screenshot_20190509090735_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Become a female
Slim down
Squats and squats and squats
Google thigh EXERCISE

>> No.10295131

You can increase them a little by developing muscles in the area. (Like anon said, just google[partOfBodyYouWant] exercise).
Lose some weight. If you're already skinny train lower body muscles (mainly thighs). Your waist will look slimmer by comparison.
Avoid building muscle in your arms. Don't be too skinny, women always have a little fat.
>Butt and Thighs
Same as before, google related exercises. Lunges and Squats are good but there are a lot more that you can do.
>Upper body
Do not build muscle in your upper body. Males have wider chests and shoulders than women, you don't want to add even more volume to that.

>> No.10295189

>He doesn't know the joy of muscle traps

>> No.10295310

Yeah I learnt my lesson after that. This was a few years ago now and I have mostly done my own laundry ever since.

>> No.10295963

Thank you for responding, Anon, but I decided not to cosplay at that event. I have zero experience and with the holidays I don't feel confident I can throw things together quickly enough and look presentable.

I decided to cosplay the character Phosphophyllite from HnK instead and aim for AX in the Summer. That gives me more time to practice things like makeup and also lose a few pounds.

>> No.10296062

Good choice. When trying something completely new it's better to take your time. Racing against the clock will create a bad experience and the result will probably be bad and rushed.

>> No.10296114

I bought two cheap wigs online just to see how they feel/look on me and to gain exp. with them. They should arrive soon. Any tips on how to style them? What kind of possibilities do I have regarding hair styles. I got a few hairclips and ties but I guess I wont be able to create a high ponytail because they are cheap and no lace wigs. I ordered one red bob cut and one long blonde with bangs.

>> No.10296533

update: they came and I got one really good and one crappy wig. The short bob is awesome easy to comb and looks really good even tho it was very cheap. The long blonde is a tangled mess and when you comb it it looses a lot of 'hair'. Looks nothing like the picture and has a huge wave in the middle due to the packaging, sucks ass. But I guess there are good cheap wigs out there yay

>> No.10296541

With wigs, you can't really know their quality until you buy them. Remember wich sellers are good and which ones are bad from previous experiences. Other than that it's a gamble. At least they are somewhat cheap.

>> No.10296691

Are there any particularly good places to buy makeup online? Or am I better served trying to order from real places IRL?

>> No.10296692

Is there anything I need to know about women's shoes (especially heels) or should I be fine as long as I know the shoe size conversion?

>> No.10296703

Unless you need to consider for wide feet (most don't), not really. Personally I prefer to go foot length -> shoe size rather than male shoe size -> female shoe size just to avoid any confusion.
Also unless you have particularly small feet you're gonna have a harder time finding specific shoes as most kinds of womens shoes skew smaller, for obvious reasons. My foots ~27cm and I barely skate by with most shoes I find capping out at my size.

>> No.10296712

I ordered this pair from Ezcosplay: https://m.ezcosplay.com/land-of-the-lustrous-houseki-no-kuni-phosphophyllite-black-golden-cosplay-shoes.html

But I do have smaller feet (around 25cm) so I thought it'd be fine

>> No.10296887

If you're just starting out, see if there's an Ulta in your area. Ulta spans the gamut from cheap makeup to intermediate/advanced product. There are sales happening pretty regularly and you can get help with anything there if you're unsure. Their online store is pretty good about staying accurate with "in-store stock" checking so you can check to see if they have what you need before you even go.

>> No.10296897

you gotta consider that when you want to wear them a long period of time it will hurt bad. At least thats my experience with them. Wore them for like 30minutes and I could hardly walk in them. I guess my muscles are not used to the position of the feet. So better practice at home first and see wether you can endure it or not

>> No.10297334

True. That's why I wanted to order the shoes now even though AX isn't for months. It's far easier to make alterations to clothes than shoes, probably.

>> No.10297436

One anon said you should choose ones with a wide heel, no spike heel. I guess its easier to wear over time

>> No.10297464

That makes sense, and as far as I'm aware the pair I ordered have a square point not a spike

>> No.10297820

why the fuck do my wigs make my androgynous(male leaning) chin more masculine??

>> No.10297858

probably unflattering hairstyle?

>> No.10297913

Also you gotta pay attention even for the dress measurements.
Even if you chose XL or higher, they can be a little tight to wear for a male body.

>> No.10298350

>crossplay once
>now can't stop crossdressing at home putting things up my ass and fantasizing about getting raped by groups of men at conventions

Slippery slope my dudes I have become a fag

>> No.10298354

>crossplay once
>have a BF and took hrt less than a month later

its a gateway drug my dudes

>> No.10298357

Based and hedonist pilled

>> No.10298415

Go back to r9k you fetishists.

>> No.10298570

Whoever suggested getting the Roanyer boob molds thank you so much! They're amazing!

>> No.10298636

Care to share any more details? There really isn't a whole lot in the way of heavily unbiased reviews of them, aside from what's on their site, which isn't the most trustworthy.
Also pics if possible.
>t. Want to get some myself, but still at the "tfw No money" and "Which size do I go for" stage.

>> No.10298959

You say that, but the reality is that this is how fetishes start. You do things casually and sometimes it awakens something in you.

>> No.10299004

I hear ya, I dont have money for them yet and I am too afraid to order the wrong ones. I dont even want them to be that big, a simple B-Cup would do nicely

>> No.10300237

New thread: >>10300236

>> No.10300240
File: 219 KB, 347x429, 1463711494263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems not.

>> No.10300241
File: 169 KB, 300x300, shock2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cd thread already deleted

are we done for anons

>> No.10300566

New thread: >>10300242

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