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Who was in the wrong? Chinese cosplayers first time at C96 got swarmed by cameraman and someone put the camera right under her skirt, she started crying still being surrounded by the photographers until staff escorted her away.


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This thread is just going to get some cumbrain incels blaming her.

Anyways, I’ve never been to one but Asian cons seem to just be like this. Girls standing around in anime cosplay swarmed by photographers.

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we literally already have a comiket thread

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The cameraman, of course. She was already telling them to back off, which they should of respected (and most did, except a handful). Comiket does have lewd photographers, and I think it’s fine if the cosplayer is into that, but there are so many cosplayers that there’s no excuse to pressure someone who doesn’t want to participate in such things.

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don't mind me just pirating her panties.

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Fucking gross, girls are better treated at strip clubs

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>Asian cons seem to just be like this. Girls standing around in anime cosplay swarmed by photographers.
Sounds scary desu.


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I feel bad for her because I’ve been followed by aggressive photographers before but photographers are gonna think you’re into lewd stuff if you wear a revealing cosplay...

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Girls who are okay with it usually have signs saying so.

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I can't believe those signs are necessary. Cosplay is a sick degenerate hobby.

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Not sure why "Who was in the wrong" is the question here.

The photographers of course. You can tell when someone is uncomfortable, even if they couldn't hear her telling them to stop, they should have been able to tell she was not up for it.

I don't care if you are wearing something revealing, it doesn't give you the right to assume she was down for those types of photos.

My sister once crossplayed as Shizuka at a con. Literally the only "revealing" thing about the cosplay was the short skirt, she was wearing a white blouse and a vest just like Shizuo from up top. And still, some degenerate tried to take a pantie shot of her, she noticed it, closed her legs and high tailed it out of there.

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Why do these things happen so much more at cons than in everyday life?

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Otaku are socially retarded due to never going outside.

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The photographers were in the wrong. Once someone protests, how the fuck can you justify continuing?

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dress like a whore be treated like a whore

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Whores are treated with more respect than that, and they get paid. Fuck off.

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At least people are sticking up for her and condemning the photographers.
I read some of the tweets about Comiket cosplayers and it seems that there are people requesting for there to be a separate area for people who want to shoot lewds or saying that there needs to be a limit on how close a photographer can be to a cosplayer. Comiket can set these rules but people will find ways to circumvent them or straight up not follow them.

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um no, they get raped and killed all the time

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incel detected

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Cumbrained scrotes truly deserve death

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The photographers are in the wrong. No photographer should ever need to be as close as all the ones in the OP are, they violated her personal space and upskirting without her permission is a misdimeanor that should always go without saying. If you're having to force yourself under a girl's skirt, she doesn't want you there.

Shit like this is why it's important for girls to take preventative measures, don't cosplay alone, get friends to help back people off if they ever get too close.

Unironically, I think part of it is actual autism or other social disabilities. Mix the sex hungry culture of comiket and otaku in general with inability to understand normal social cues like "don't fucking crowd and sexually harrass women" then it breeds situations like these. Not that I'm saying all autistic people do this or all the cameramen are autistic, but I do think that the already poor cosplay culture is just fed into more by people coming into it who have a hard time understanding what should or shouldn't be ok.

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Lolitas deserve life !

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They deserve every woman in their life to see what they post online. Although that would probably just be their mom. >>10239888
What does the sign say? Cute Jason desu

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What's so bad about seeing pantsu anyway? I never understood what's so erotic about it.

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it says 'low angler'
and I'm here for it

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The cameramen. The swarming cosplayers has gotten out of control.

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People are stupid, and misinformation... Regarding U.S. law, you know that it's not technically illegal to take photos of people in a public setting. It's a law often touted by aggressive photographers, and it's why people don't get arrested. However, it's illegal to try surreptitiously taking photos of people in a state of undress. You can take a photo of a chick's ass in a bikini so long that she's in a public setting, yes. However, it's still illegal to go to the effort of taking an up-skirt photo in public because that wasn't something presented to the public. It counts as a state of undress. I can't tell you about Chinese law, but that's the answer to the why people have the question of, "Who is in the wrong," that >>10239873 referenced. Call the people who say this 'scrotes' or not, it's oftentimes the source of why people feel they have the right to question it. Misinformation. Many who are sexist receive, from their unique sources, misinformation that's used both to anger & harass. [An example being the difference between inebriated and intoxicated in written law versus simply using the word 'drunk' in articles.]

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It's because of what I've referenced in >>10240058. Many in those misogynistic circles also happen to really love anime and/or video games. It's like peas and carrots...

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This happened in Japan, retard.

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Love the active warnings by cosplayers to tell photographers to mind their personal space.

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The Chinese are never right about anything ever.

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if she did anything wrong its that she didn't have a friend willing to act as an Angry Loud Guy. Everyone needs an Angry Loud Guy they can rely on for those times you need someone to get a little ghetto.

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It's a huge invasion of privacy, that's both why it's so disgusting to take the pics and why it appeals to disgusting perverts

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A single Angry Loud Guy wouldn't have been enough when she was literally swarmed by photographers. Plus we shouldn't need a chaperone to be safe at a public event.

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You underestimate the power of a single Angry Loud Guy, but you’re right, you really shouldn’t need one
nasty weeb photogs

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a single Angry Loud Guy can do wonders when no one wants to step in his brand of crazy. Doubly so when its photogs who don't want their cameras to get slammed.

seriously no one wants to mess with crazy

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Those cameramen are gross, period. Waaay too close. They should just make cosplayers stand in a circle that photographers can't enter to manage the distance. Even if the cosplayer would receive these pictures (which I doubt they will because it's just fap material for the photographers), it's completely worthless. There's no merit in getting your picture taken if the photographer just makes ugly pictures.

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could it have to do with the fact she's chinese as well? aren't japanese racist/xenophobic towards chinese too

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Doubtful. Even Japanese cosplayers have spoken out about being hounded by perverted photographers like this and it’s been a problem for a while now.

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Someone needs to invent "IRL hitboxes".
when someone gets too close to you,
the hitbox pushes them back,
like in a video game.

Help us, /sci/. You're our only hope.

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US law doesn't apply to Japan, dumb shit. It's illegal to take unsolicited pics of people there

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A taser?

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He looks like he’s having a miserable sad life. 100% bet he lacks social skills. Not saying he gets a pass on his invasive act. Hell no.

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upskirts are epic justice, unless you do them to my family, in which case you get totured to death

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People saying the camera men are to blame aren't wrong, but they are retarded. A gay man going to Saudia Arabia will get beheaded. Yes, the Saudis are to blame, but he also put himself in that situation.

It's COMIKET. They do this to everyone. Literally have one ounce of foresight. You think depraved otaku neets who swarmed a convention to buy loli doujin and onaholes are going to give a fuck about you not wanting to take pictures?

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Well no photographer should be that close to the cosplayer. Unfortunately some of them just don't give a shit. Comiket have tried to put signage about cosplay and consent but it falls on deaf ears. You make it sound like it's the cosplayers fault..

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>It's COMIKET. They do this to everyone.
No, they don’t. There are cosplayers who literally have signs saying upskirts are okay. Otherwise there are notices posted around the convention noting that upskirts are not allowed. If they did this to “literally everyone” it happening to this one girl wouldn’t be noteworthy.

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Otaku have their own code of conduct that only applies to certain cosplayers. Photographers will form crowds around cosplayers that have idol status like Enako and Ely, but they will keep a certain distance. Anyone who breaches the gap will get bodied by their wks.

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>and Ely
It's funny you mention because there was an example featuring her that got put on TV (which she posted a clip of).

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You aren't too bright, are you? Captain Obvious.

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>idol status
>awful cosplay
It might be godoka but it looks godawful.
The second pic is powerful though.

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Why exactly do they all want photos anyways? Do they sell them or is just waifuism?

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This just looks like she's waiting for her rival to come duel her in a fight to the death

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Two weebs enter! One weeb leaves!

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