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Previous thread: >>10233318

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What's your favourite release of this year so far?

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Who makes the best petticoats?

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Is there a discord just for seagull lolitas?

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Fancy Candy even though I didn't buy it.

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Unbirthday. I wish I was able to get it.

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Moitie's socks with lace. I bought all colours.

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It comes up on LM so often

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So far only the victorian maiden holy rose series has filled me with a lot of excitement, especially that godly mermaid skirt. Unfortunately, i got paid after the sales period and now I have to wait until it comes up on the second hand market.

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There are a lot of listings on Mercari and such as well, it doesn’t really go for that high.

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A lot of people who got it disliked it in person which is why it comes up secondhand a lot. You should be able to get it easily but I’d recommend viewing it irl first if you haven’t already

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What did they dislike about it? I just got it second hand brand new and was surprised, I somehow thought it was chiffon and when I saw the actual fabric I liked it a lot. Although that flat panel in the front would look bad on some busts. Was that it?

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Yes it's the vetted server.

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Maybe you should not buy any new clothes for a few months,at least until you're not living paycheck to paycheck anymore

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Non-detachable straps I imagine, and/or small op, kinda meh headbow.

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Fancy Candy. Too bad (or good lol) I truly discovered how cute that print is during grand bazar, when it was already sold out.

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I still live with my parents, in full time education, work only on weekends, have a lot of savings and don't have any bills to be paying, i'm fine.

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Twitter lolita print was pretty good, although a bit too bold for my taste

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Dropped pic ugh

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Apparently btb is allowing valentines now.

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Be My Valentine, only because Fruity Lemon's cuts looked weird.

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Personally, I'm fine with it as long as it isn't completely overrun by valentines

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wow the assumptions.

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Holy wolf. Just wish i had the socks and bonnet too tho

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Fancy candy really grew on me.

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How old are you?

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nayrt but this is OT af

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Old enough to be getting a degree.

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I'm tired of having to play along the delusions of trannies in my comm (they don't even fucking pass) as to not be shunned by the libefm trans activists shitheads around me.
Crossdressers are ok but they still make me uncomfortable and yes that includes Mana.

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Same, I wish being GC wasn't a social death sentence

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artherapie has release some really nice looking wallets, for those interested.

No one cares, go to the feels thread.

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Plenty of women in this hobby are uncomfortable with AGPs. I think you're the one in the minority here.

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i respect those who pass in voice and in appearance but the rest just creep me out too much and shouldnt even try. some are so obviously into it to live out their perverted "trap" fantasies.
i am still nice to everyone because i am a decent person and i don't want to be shunned either but i feel highly uncomfortable calling an obvious man in a dress a "she" and get raging handmaidens crying terf at me.

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Not them but this is just gonna derail a good lolita general which is why it should get taken to the feels thread.

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>I think you're the one in the minority here.

I'm also uncomfortable, but this isn't the thread for this kind of discussion. It'll only derail the general and enrage users, depriving you from the possibility of a good discussion.

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Fair point so here's a random pic I had saved to atone for my OT comment

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Mine was the rerelease of Silent Moon, even if I couldn't grab it in time.

As per release, it was AtePie's nun dress in navy

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holy wolf is godly, first dress i ever wanted to buy in multiple colorways. praying i can get the cape someday.

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Strawberry Doll! Everything about it is perfect to me - the cuts, the crew socks, and the side bow, just wish there was more accessories with it.

Fancy Candy is cute, too, but I don't like any of the cuts or colors unfortunately

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God why is it so mf hard to sell pieces? I've had a piece for sale for a reasonble piece for nearly 2 months... Does anyone else have this issue? I could buy my dream pair of shoes if someone just fucking bought it already :/ this is what I get for buying a print piece with a closet full of solids

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maybe is not

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You think I didn't know the pieces price plus the fact that it's secondhand before selling it?

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Summertime is the worst time possible to sell pieces. If you want things gone during the summer you need to price it way under what it would go for any other time of year.

If you have this issue year round it’s probably a combo of not having “good” proof pics (desirable layout), and having a piece that isn’t particularly desired.

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Shit, you're right. Doesn't help that I'm selling a heavy longsleeve OP... Well fall is right around the corner, I'll keep it up for now

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It could be a visibility issue as well.

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jfc dude chill

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Does anyone know who livolivs42 is? Does she have instagram or something similar?

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Nayrt but how you afford lolita is commonly talked about amongst teenagers

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It's extremely common amongst normies to be GC. Maybe you should switch to one of the many fashions where people dress according to their gender roles.

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1: it has small measurements without shirring. Keep in mind people prefer the waist measurement to be 5cm bigger than their actual waist-size.
2: the measurements are very big and it doesn't have shirring.
3: you live in the US and shipping is more expensive than anywhere I can think of.
4: it's something generic and most of us already have something similar in our closet.
5: your pictures are ugly.
6: there are more affordable options for the same/similar thing.
7: you didn't x-post to other platforms.
8: it's taobao and has as much re-sale value as a white t-shirt.

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I want to know this too but only because she bought one of my dream dresses

>> No.10240173

? seen here or lm..?

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Asking for help doxxing is against the rules

>> No.10240184

Whoever she is her wardrobe and novelty collection must be amazing and I hope to one day see a wardrobe post

>> No.10240185

thanks for the advice. I don't x-post because I don't use any other platforms. I'll see if I can take better pics, though.

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I didn't realise asking for someone's insta is considered doxxing now. I've given people's instagram handles here lots of times before.

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You use cgl

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Learn what doxxing is before you talk about rules.

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Same issue for me. I want someone to buy my shit so I can buy a wedding dress but no takers.

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Nayrt but worn pictures also tend to be off-putting unless they’re brand/model photos

>> No.10240217

I'd say that depends. On dresses/blouses it is. But if you're selling something like a hat/elaborate headddress that doesn't have worn stock photos I actually find it quite helpful.

I want everything in this picture

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You get someone's name/address when you buy/sell with them, so it's not that far off.

>> No.10240265

That’s going to a single person as this is posting it on a public forum where hundreds can see it...

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Petrine on Instagram

>> No.10240342

I asked for a username, not her name or address. Calm down.

Thank you! Turns out I've been following her all along lmao.

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You should also look at sold listings on lacemarket to see the difference between what people are buying and what they aren't.

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I'm starting to slowly see more and more GC opinions quietly pop up. I have even gently raised the subjects with a handful of other lolitas who turned out felt the same way. There's more of us than we know, the TRAs, AGPs and handmaidens are just too loud.

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Normie wedding dresses are a scam anyway. I'm marrying in pic related and it was only around 50 euro.

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That’s absolutely hideous

>> No.10240361

I'm sorry about your missing taste

>> No.10240364

Bad bait.

>> No.10240368

Looks like fucking Milanoo tier garbage but OK.

>> No.10240374

Why is it harder to sell pieces during the summertime? Just want to know if the reason's what I think it is.

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Yeah me too!

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Emily Temple cute has a sale in their online shop with 40% off

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They also re-stocked a ton on stuff for some reason

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It’s not just lolita, it’s shopping trends in general. For the normie industry spring is the absolute low point but summer is low too.
I think lolita sales get a boost in spring with a ton of new releases coming out and everyone going nuts to find new fun summer shit for warm weather, then afterwards they’re trying to save up in summer for fall releases.
Or it’s too dang hot to wear lolita in summer.
Just my theories why it might be, I could be wrong

>> No.10240428

People are on holiday, and otherwise buying directly from brand is smarter in summer because they have sales that put things in the same price range as secondhand.

>> No.10240430

That lace is so cute

>> No.10240450

>Or it’s too dang hot to wear lolita in summer

Makes sense.
A lot of the time when I buy on lacemarket it's because I have a meet coming up in a few weeks and need something fairly quickly.
Idk about other comms but we don't organise a lot of things during the summer.

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>Food for thought
Should U.S. comm leaders come together to form a standard document of guidelines that mentions and bans harassment and non-consensual sexual displays, and says membership and participation should be revoked if those rules are broken?
This can be discussed in the comm thread I guess, but maybe it's time something like this was created and lolita fashion communities made an alliance action with regulations that apply to every member, regardless of sex.
Seems like it's time for communities to adopt and share clear, concise language that protects members and helps preempt the issues that gulls are so vocally afraid of.

I personally foresee a lot of issues forming out of fear and prejudice in the near future, as well as folks who are otherwise unassuming being left the space to be creeps because they are "GC".
If we're upfront about what is and isn't tolerated, and everyone is on the same page about those things, we won't act in the extreme reactive being suspicious of folks who have good intentions, and not catching the folks that have bad intentions/behaviors.

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Gulls,do any of you remember that website (avant gauche i think??) that had some GLBs archived and some interviews translated from japanese (i remember a 2chan discussion and i also remember a lolita who carried her stuffed animal everywhere)? And if not,is there anywhere some of them are?

>> No.10240536

Doesn't it still exist under that name?

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File: 65 KB, 960x960, YEEEESSSS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's about time these were re-released.

>> No.10240578

Links to the translated stuff are almost all still on lj, just use the search function. Some are dead links from individual blogs but they are still archived on the waybackmachine.

No, avant gauche closed last year.

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That’s...not at all what I’m looking for in a wedding dress, but ok?

I thought lolitas would have a better understanding of what constitutes a quality wedding dress, and what a reasonable price for one would be, but wrong again

>> No.10240649

God I hope Moitie is ready for the blood bath

>> No.10240652

When will halloween releases start?

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File: 401 KB, 1311x1860, E6CE0364-4745-4739-A502-B94E614197B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glitter Tale put up their halloween design. Looks like a HL rip-off.

>> No.10240716

Where did they post this?

Nayrt but it's obviously Btssb. I think a lot of solid white lolita dresses can be nice for a wedding. Idk why you would suddenly want a normie dress just because it's a normie event. It should be your day.

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That's because it literally is, especially in this cut.
They've really gone down the shitter since they started reselling taobao. Also were they the ones that Reira girl was crying about?
She was saying that her friend who owned a "famous" lolita brand stole her clothes and resold them. Not sure if it's Glitter Tale.

>> No.10240723

Fleur de Lis, butterflies, and keys in a Halloween print? What a mess.

I think the best pieces for a wedding would probably be layered chiffon OPs.

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File: 120 KB, 450x600, royal_garden_op.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe something like this.

>> No.10240730

To be an ass, it’s actually: rib cages, framed butterflies, keys, bats, scissors, cob web in windows, clocks, and bones. Lol not much better but it’s pretty generic “spoopy aesthetics”

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File: 56 KB, 480x640, 8F4527A2-26C4-4914-B538-3899C79D006E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's pretty cute. I'd move the bow to my waist.

>> No.10240757

Okay, but this thing is bothering me. Does Usakumya or Kumakumya have some sort of body dysphoria? Remember that story about bunny ears bonnet, what actually was that?

>> No.10240769

Probably one of those dresses that look better irl

>> No.10240909

Has anyone received their Haenuli farewell order, specifically if they reserved back in April?
Just saw her hospital post...


>> No.10240914

what the hell am I looking at here

>> No.10241069

Usakumya says trans rights
lolita radfems BTFO

>> No.10241073

From the final round? Nothing yet unfortunately. Looked up the post, I'm assuming that means production is done so at least there's that. Just shipping is going to take ages I guess. Ugh indeed.

>> No.10241101

What's the deal with that one japanese guy who always post beautiful coord pics from behind with a randoseru?
I don't wanna spoil the comfyposting thread with drama but i want deets on the so called pedo photoshoots anons talked about. Is he a filthy lolicon?

>> No.10241117

>Tfw when summer lolita is the default where I live
>Tfw I get to wear winter lolita two days in a year
Living in Satan's meth lab is suffering

>> No.10241118

Why are you celebrating body dysmorphia?

>> No.10241143


>> No.10241170

I think that this dress is too understated as a Lolita wedding dress. A wedding dress should be very dreamy.

>> No.10241217

His flickr account is full of pictures of him in latex gimp suits and young girl style panty shots sooo probably a fetishist. Maybe a case of separating the art from the artist though because his lolita photos are aesthetic

>> No.10241230

Spoke too soon, just got my shipping email. Hope yours comes in soon, anon!

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File: 347 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20190816-165522_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find Japanese cutting so wonky sometimes, this is literally a tube on her. How unflattering.

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File: 52 KB, 500x600, c0444e1f765ad426b5b3b4f34e0598a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cut looks more like a horror candy shop rip off

>> No.10241253

The print doesn't go with the colours at all. It would fit something more muted, maybe brown and darker purple, but pink and bright orange? Not so much.

>> No.10241266
File: 143 KB, 500x600, d41d56c7-20a4-55ff-9fb4-a66532d97eb9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It literally is AP copy.

>> No.10241323

what the fuck are these 2 long wide strings on the side of my skirt? I can remove them but I just wonder what the hell they're for, I bought it years ago and can't find the item on the site anymore so I can't look it up

>> No.10241325

Ribbons or waist ties?

>> No.10241326

A pic could be useful..
Hanger straps?

>> No.10241328

is it the loops that attach to inner buttons to tighten the waist? or maybe the loops you use to hang it on a hanger?

>> No.10241330

ok I really need help
I bought a few cheap bodyline items a long time ago and now I got the idea to maybe wear it in a week at a special event, but I didn't have the space to store it properly so I just stuffed it in my closet and now everything is a wrinkly mess. Can I safely iron it? The smooth fabric is new to me. And the petticoat is also pretty wrinkly/messed up and seems out of shape, when I wear my skirt the front goes between my legs shaping like pants which doesn't seem like it should do that + the back looks flat. I live in EU in case anyone is gonna recommend ordering something that arrives in time for the event.. I have literally no money tho so I want to avoid that

>> No.10241337

read the care tag. literally.

Most bodyline is a poly blend, if not straight poly, you can usually iron that with a cooler temp and a press cloth. but really, read the care tag, it will tell you...

>> No.10241338

Never heard of a press cloth but thanks. any idea if I can fix the petticoat somehow or should I buy a new one?

>> No.10241356

Wow that looks at least 2 sizes too big on her

The point of the dress is to look like a HL rip off, which is why she chose those colors.

Sounds like hanger loops. You use them to hang your skirt up.

Press it on low heat like the other anon said. Tbh it’s easier to get wrinkles out of a petti with a steamer if you know anyone who has one.

>> No.10241363

Yes. I jokingly call them my trans icons all the time. The story basically says usakumya was sad after seeing a beautiful white rabbit and wanted to be just as beautiful, didn't want to be a bear, and a designer from baby came along and graced her with a bonnet to hide her bear ears and make her a bunny

>> No.10241388

I was being facetious, calm down

Jesus christ, what??

>> No.10241402

What's with Kumakumya then?

>> No.10241403

Bloomers keep the petticoat from getting stuck between your legs. You could probably make some, there's plenty of patterns online.

>> No.10241427

Nothing really. That gingham valentine print of angelic pretty was cute, but then I realised it was a reimagined meta cat print that I already own in 3 colourways & 2 cuts. I suck, 2015 was the last time I bought anything on new release. Plenty of old cute pieces I hunt instead.

>> No.10241441

I do not want to see this but at the same time, I'm curious

>> No.10241475

he's called something like subtlr on flickr i found it by accident rn, talk about a coincidence.
I don't see any underage photoshoots except him dressed as a little boy/little girl.
He's so fucking tiny no wonder he resorts to crossdressing,too bad his face only half passes. Better than our western trannies and cross though

>> No.10241480

it's sutiblr if you wanna look him up, lots of cute coords,some latex/cosplay stuff i don't mind but the whole "dressing up like a teen schoolgirl/preschooler" irks me along with having a randoseru at all times.
I hate randoserus in lolita

>> No.10241488

I love his coords thanks anon. I don’t care about fetishes so having all his outfits in one place is great

>> No.10241522

Kumakumya is a bioqueen

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File: 470 KB, 480x640, ECDxKhpUEAA0d6w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10241590

Mtf bear

I actually think it's pretty cute but the color seems like it'd be hard to coord with. If it was lavender or pink, it would be more popular.

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File: 797 KB, 1065x1066, VM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VM - Lorina Coat with Cape (ケープ付ロリーナコート)
Price: 70,950 yen (with tax)
Discounted price: 63,855 yen (with tax)
>Pink beige

Length: 100 cm
Shoulder width: 37 cm
Sleeve length: 61 cm (excluding fur)
Cuff: 27 cm
Bust: 96 cm
Waist: 82 cm
Cape length: 28 cm
Outer material: Wool 75%, Polyester 15%, Angola 5%, Nylon 10% (Black, Bordeaux, Peacock); Wool 90%, Nylon 10% (Pink beige)
Lining: 100% polyester

Note: Cape, cuff fur and tippet can be removed. There is a seam pocket on each side.
Lorina Long Coat (ロリーナロングコート)
Price: 66,960 yen (with tax)
Discounted price: 60,264 yen (with tax)
>Pink beige

Length: 111 cm
Shoulder width: 36 cm
Sleeve length: 62 cm
Cuff: 26 cm
Bust: 93.5 cm
Waist: 81 cm
Outer material: Wool 75%, Polyester 15%, Angola 5%, Nylon 10% (Grey, Bordeaux, Peacock); Wool 90%, Nylon 10% (Pink beige)
Lining: 100% polyester

Note: Cape, cuff fur and tippet can be removed. There is a seam pocket on each side.
Reservation dates: August 17th 10:00 JST to August 26th 23:59 JST

>> No.10241636

have...have their coats always been this expensive?

>> No.10241649

About there

>> No.10241650

How I wish there were men's sized EGA versions of VMs coats

>> No.10241690

That's a trending colour this year

>> No.10241717

They truly have the most beautiful coats but that pricetag is a bit steep.

>> No.10241720

Am I stupid for asking, but what does 'discounted price' mean when VM says it? It already says with tax, so it can't mean price without tax.

>> No.10241743
File: 98 KB, 760x502, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means it's uhh discounted.
Basically if you order during the reservation period, VM gives a little discount. If you order after the reservation period, when they have ready stock, you will be charged the full price.

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File: 164 KB, 480x640, 906055_07_m_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new Miho Matsuda x Trevor Brown print disgusts me and should not be considered lolita

>> No.10241811
File: 134 KB, 640x640, 906055_07_f_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10241813

Moitie made a poll on facebook so we can let them know what type of sock fabric we prefer.

>> No.10241814

this is straight up pedoshit, gross
just because it's ""art"" doesn't mean it isn't disgusting

>> No.10241815

why are male ''artists'' so obsessed with drawing young women and children in a sexual way?

>> No.10241816


>> No.10241818

I kind of want to message them a complaint. I wonder how Japanese lolitas feel about this release. Besides that it doesn't really look lolita at all, it's kind of anti-feminist.

>> No.10241819

I love it

TB is pretty popular so I doubt they’d give a fuck

>> No.10241820

Of course someone who loves pedophilia doesn't want them to get negative feedback about this release

>> No.10241821

I'm not a crafter I don't even know how to sew a hole lol but thanks

>> No.10241825

They are bear-to-bunny or trans bunny person. Ugh, I wish they were just a bear and a bunny with no backstory.

>> No.10241827

Aren’t they just chibis? Not children.

Anyway I don’t find it pedo because those are just drawings and not pictures of real babies.

>> No.10241828

No, children in sexual positions and/or beaten up are his speciality

>> No.10241831

pedophilia is a type of attraction, not the literal depiction of real living baby's in a sexual way.
there are a bunch of male artists who draw female children or teenagers this way because they believe this is the most attractive humans can be. i'd call that pedophilia but they would say it's art and a reflection of our world.

>> No.10241832

Anon Trevor Brown has always been disgusting. Still his shit was pretty popular in the earlier days, so that's why they must've chosen to collab with him.

>> No.10241833

What's a handmaid?

>> No.10241836

GLB interviewed him together with his wife and featured his work at some point. If I remember correctly there was a whole one-site spread of one of his child bdsm artworks. They probably liked it because muh cute+edge but I too wonder how they think about it nowadays.

>> No.10241890

Yeah I agree it’s art. I draw loliporn from time to time but I think the bigger question here is would you attach those pictures to your lolita dress. In this case I don’t think this particular Miho Matsuda’s dress looks like lolita at all.

>> No.10241892

Because men are disgusting pigs and all of them are closeted pedos in a way or another.
That or they like huge tittied braindead bimbos or both.

>> No.10241894

>I draw loliporn
please kys

>> No.10241899

I think what triggers me is that it's done by a man. I will never trust a man who is into this sort of stuff. I was never physically harmed, but I was aware of being sexualised by adult men as a child and it sucked. I also want lolita to be feminine without any hint of sexuality, so even if Miho Matsuda herself designed this I would hate it.

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File: 1.16 MB, 480x358, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Either get help or kill yourself you pedo faggot

>> No.10241915
File: 39 KB, 700x393, 1495402139080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His shit is ugly but Japanese girls love it for whatever reason. I've seen people like Kuua Oyasumi cosplay his creepy nurse character and talk to him.

>> No.10241918

He's popular with that type of Japanese people who like foreign artists, and he's British but he lives in Tokyo so.

>> No.10241922

I'm not really into real children. I just like drawing cute girls.

>> No.10241933

I was thinking he'd be popular with edgelord Japanese people but that makes sense too.

>> No.10241944

Honestly, I wouldn't trust women who are into this sort of stuff either.

>> No.10241948

>special guest at lolita event in Finland: Angelic Pretty
>special guest at lolita event in Germany: Angelic Pretty
>special guest at lolita event in the Netherlands: Angelic Pretty

If any of the organisers are wondering why the tickets are not selling as well as your previous events, this is why.

>> No.10241950

This. There are more brands than just Angelic Pretty. Why are they always invited? Sure they are popular, but they aren't the only popular brand ffs.

>> No.10241955

They are the most popular, but they are also the only brand that we can already directly buy from in Paris at any day of the year. There used to be other Japanese brands we could buy in Paris and other EU shops but they all closed down from what I know.

>> No.10242029

girls who aren't radfems and don't revile trans people pretty much

>> No.10242030

Very pretty

>> No.10242037

How do I order it? Only in store SS?

>> No.10242048

I waiting for my shipping email... I wonder when is the right time to email asking

>> No.10242050

A women who bends backwards for men, sometimes even putting herself after men for approval/ woke points. It's the same thing as a pick-me and shares similarities to "i'm not like all the other girls".

>> No.10242053

this, crazy radfems (see: all radfems,not that libfems aren't crazy either though) use it as a buzzword for anyone not foaming at the mouth about trannies like them.

>> No.10242059

Overall nippon doesn't really care about feminism though. If anything, they'll probably view the art as edgy and think that the kiddy looking characters are "kawaii".

Kumakumya is a bear wearing bigger bear ears though. So it would make more sense for them to be transgender instead of transspecies.

>> No.10242066

I guess my comment wasn't worded well. I personally think it's anti-feminist, that did not relate to me wondering how Japanese lolitas feel about it.

>> No.10242132

Yuck. Still not okay, it's disgusting and sends the message that you like kids. The dress isn't very lolita and looks more plain normie cut so that's good

>> No.10242133

A woman complicit in sexism or abuse of other women

>> No.10242149
File: 280 KB, 657x872, EBF844F4-9E70-4D6C-9D28-DDBA9187E1F2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, this my first time ever coming to /cgl/, and I have to ask:
Wtf is a lolita? Isn’t that what loli is short for? Someone please explain

>> No.10242150
File: 142 KB, 560x659, brown_graverobber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cover was by him too.

>> No.10242189

You're still complicit in enabling people who are attracted to children you disgusting moron

>> No.10242190

how's all that cock taste?

>> No.10242193


I don't think you necessarily need to be feminist to think this imagery is disgusting in general. It's just being a decent human being.

>> No.10242204 [DELETED] 

You do know it's men that revile trannies the most right? Radfems just don't want dick where it doesn't belong. Why is cgl such a TIM cock sucking circlejerk?

>> No.10242209

Libfems are pros when it comes to choking on tranny and male feminist dick

>> No.10242218

I don't care much about the imagery, but I've read his interview too, and he's definitely a pedo. He's mention he finds 14+ girls attractive. His wife definitely is compliant.
Overall he's just some edgelord, nothing new or special.
The dress itself is ugly. It looks like boring clipart, or ironed on.

>> No.10242220

People like characters like Kanna because they’re cute and not because they look like a child. Anime fans want to fantasize fucking cute things.

Fiction is very different than real CP and there’s no correlation with loliporn and child sexual abuse.

>> No.10242242

Your argument sounds almost exactly like the same argument that people use to defend actual CP. “CP is just an image that helps someone deal with their fantasy. It’s not like people who look at CP are actually harming children. They’re just looking at images!”

>> No.10242280

Many countries in Europe have 14 as an age of consent. Men attracted to girls this age aren’t pedophiles, pedos want prepubescent kids 9 and under, not teens. Ages 10-13 it’s hebephilla and 14-19 it’s ephebophilia, both are quite normal for a man to be aroused by from a biological standpoint. Not saying it’s ok, most people that age aren’t emotionally mature, but it’s certainly not pedophilla. That being said >>10241811 looks a lot younger than 10.

>> No.10242285

That age of consent is for same-age relationships pedo-kun and it's at 16, not 14. No one cares for your special "i-it's not pedophilia!!" terms, seek help.

>> No.10242289

nayrt but they're right about the age of consent in europe thing.

>> No.10242294
File: 417 KB, 480x640, P15JS215-b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's up!

>> No.10242306

this looks so shitty and cheap to me. :/ not like, milanoo cheap and shitty, but AatP wtf???

>> No.10242311

It's the age of consent under very specific rules of the country, mostly among minors. Read the whole article before you copy-paste your first google search.

>> No.10242324

Read the wikipedia article for lolita fashion, you dumb fuck

>> No.10242330

I mean it would be anti-feminist to actually wear it and give money to him, and the fact this was produced by a woman's brand..

>> No.10242331

Look at this >>10241811
She looks more 8 than 14

>> No.10242334

The bodice is bad

>> No.10242344

Not as bitter as you :)

Feminism is for women and i laugh at male feminists and am very cautious around trannies but whatever you wanna tell yourself, crazy radfem chan

>> No.10242351

Yes there is. I know lots of people (hell, you are on 4chan) who own loads of pictures of lolis and eventually started looking for "3d" real pics of children. It's disgusting.

>> No.10242359

Gotcha, thanks anon

>> No.10242366

I‘m pretty sure AP is simply much easier to invite, because some staff is from Paris and they can advertise their store which is in Europe. AP loves to participate in events. Even their GranBa deals and Vogue stuff is a lot more interesting than others.

>> No.10242372

>their GranBa deals and Vogue stuff
No idea what this is, I don't give a shit about AP and even I have already been to their store several times. European events had way better guests last year. Even that SFE event had better guests, and that was organised by new people.

>> No.10242377

Oh my god shut up you crazy bitches and get back on topic

>> No.10242414

when will baby release a new halloween print?

>> No.10242417
File: 581 KB, 480x640, color_mrs_halloween-mocha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully soon, the one from last year was super nice. Baby and AttP always have the best Halloween prints.

>> No.10242418

Baby's prints are always so pretty and full of details. I used to love AP but their stuff has changed so much, I still prefer most of their cuts but their new prints are terrible. I'd kill for a print like this but with old ap's style, less brown and red and more purple. But right now my best hope is that Baby will release a purple print this year.

>> No.10242422

I should have bought this on sale when I had the chance but I didn't have a job at that time. Fuck.

>> No.10242456

It doesn't matter that *you* don't give a shit about AP when so many others do. You asked why they get always invited. The answer simply is because they are popular and actually like to make events for their customers. The only other brand that actually acres for their overseas customers is Moitie and that's just because they are owned by Wunderwelt now.

>> No.10242466

How do you gulls keep your legs warm in the winter? I'm looking forward to wearing all my heavy gothic pieces this coming winter but no matter how cozy my dress is, my legs always get cold. Even with high boots and 80 denier tights, it's pretty chilly. Doesn't help that Chicago winters are brutal.

>> No.10242469

It's not like most winter meets will be outside, at least not for very long.

Try heat tech tights under lolita socks, wool bloomers, and waterproofing your shoes. There are Japanese heat stickers you can find on amazon too.

Taking a baby aspirin might help promote blood circulation, especially for your extremities.

>> No.10242476

I did not ask that. We are talking about why those two events aren't sold out yet, unlike last year when they sold out quickly.

>> No.10242481

Then see >>10241950
>Why are they always invited? Sure they are popular, but they aren't the only popular brand

>> No.10242484

No, real images come from sexual abuse and I’m not defending that. Drawings don’t hurt anyone.

>> No.10242497

That's not my post

>> No.10242501

They are like a gateway drug. Some people will always keep going a step further, to get as excited as they did when they saw the drawings for the first time. If you get really used to certain drawings, pictures of the same thing will feel less extreme and unusual. You see the same happening with beastiality and rape porn.

>> No.10242505

I would like to see some proof to those statements to change my mind on this subject.
Well, there will always be some moron who goes further and further but we are not talking about the majority here.

>> No.10242510

There is so much research about how images we see regularly affect how we view others and ourselves. I'm sorry you're too lazy to look it up yourself.

>> No.10242514

Hopefully it's crosses free. You did great with mummy print, AATP, you can do it again!

>> No.10242518

We'll see then if in some years all of the anime fandom grows into pedos.

>> No.10242523

*loli fandom
But nice try pedo, now fuck off to where you came from.

>> No.10242527

No seriously, I have yet to meet a man who hasn't liked loliporn. Maybe check /a/ and /jp/ someday.

>> No.10242531
File: 34 KB, 300x300, 34898923002349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10242533

>google chicago winters
>-1°C - 3°C average temperature
Idk if that's something I'd call brutal

>> No.10242534

Great, then go back there you disgusting pig.

>> No.10242535

>they are like a
>le gateway meme
If this is your mentality then you must be one hypocrite cunt. Btw I don’t care about hentai or actual porn so don’t call me a pedo, but people who use the gateway meme are hypocrites and don’t know what they want.

>> No.10242536

As much as I don't care for men in general, this is a fucking lie and exaggeration. Loliporn lovers are usually pedos.

>> No.10242538

I'm glad they've now got their own Holy Lantern tier halloween print that they can release over and over again.

Does anyone have pics of coords with it btw?

>> No.10242541

What? That release wasn't that popular. They had Vampire Requiem, but unlike AP they aren't a fast fashion brand that will just do the same thing over and over again.

>> No.10242542
File: 436 KB, 480x640, P15OJ212-pu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this aatp's halloween print for this year or what, it's still really early for halloween prints but it does seem halloween-y so i started wondering

>> No.10242543

>that release wasn't that popular
yet it's been rereleased at least 3 times within 1 year and always sold in an instant?

>> No.10242545

it didn't sell that quickly lol you must be really slow

>> No.10242547

HL used to sell for insane amounts secondhand, you don’t see that with the mummy print. The most I’ve seen it for is like $500 but HL went for $1000 at one point in time

>> No.10242553

Does anyone remember the name of Juliette et Justine dress with hebrew text print?

I’m sucker for religious themes in lolita and I also love biblical hebrew

>> No.10242614

I didn't say anything about the price, just that they now have a dress they can rerelease every halloween just like ap does with holy lantern.

>> No.10242617
File: 286 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20190818_233656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, this is Axes Femme I think?
I'm wondering what's the problem here exactly. Is the dress too big or the bodice just too short?
Just look at how unflattering that is on her compared to for example this 3F coord (pic related). I guess triple fortune really knows how to dress Western bodytypes, looks adorable on her even though I hate their aesthetic.

>> No.10242637 [DELETED] 

Maybe get off 4chan once in a while holy shit

>> No.10242642

That’s not a thing, how new are you.

>> No.10242645

>Idk if that's something I'd call brutal
It was -25F this winter and regularly gets to 0F to -10F, every winter.

>> No.10242664

did you forget that people wear lolita outside of meets?

>> No.10242686

On the money for me, I'm a lonelita. I like walking around and going in various shops and even if I just want to go to one place, the walk from my parking spot to the spot makes me lose feeling in my legs...

>> No.10242694

You know that depends on where you live, right?

>> No.10242714

The lake winds blow right through clothing, and it gets much colder than that.

>> No.10242735

try compression tights, anon..

>> No.10242746


>> No.10242762

Art is made, you feel something, that's art.

Art doesn't just fit neatly in an easily consumable package, nor is it a pill easily swallowed.

Disquiet is a preferrable mental state if you live life to it's fullest, positive and negative in equal parts.

>> No.10242768

The print is still ugly and creepy.

>> No.10242774


>> No.10242776
File: 631 KB, 1095x952, 1437868700598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss these kind of things.. >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/8497072
It also reminds me of how much more active cgl used to be. Are there even those kind of recognizable "personalities" in lolita nowadays? Only SS would be a new one.

>> No.10242794

Sure, paedophilia for the sake of art.

>> No.10242797
File: 116 KB, 640x756, B02132DA-EEC7-4A41-BFBB-DCA0EF290B6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 130,000 yen doll of Mana and only 30 available, the owners get invited to a special event. Now that’s for hardcore fans.

>> No.10242802

I will never understand why the white bit on the front runs halfway down the dress like that

>> No.10242804

>ywn own mana sama doll
why live

>> No.10242806

It's super cute actually...

>> No.10242815

layer, layer, layer. Wool is your best best. a pair or even too of wool tights underneath your regular tights will keep you nice and toasty. Aiming to wear tea length might help a bit as well.

>> No.10242817

The cat cake looks so cuuute! I want to recreate it but i don't think i would dare eating it if it comes out that cute

>> No.10242818

I have never wanted a doll until now

>> No.10242821

The doll looks quite generic and boring desu.. I hope they will sell the clothes separately like they did with Baby.

>> No.10242824 [DELETED] 

There is a line between "making you more aware of the world around you" and drawing porn of children

>> No.10242825

There is a line between "making you more aware of the world around you" and drawing porn of children you pretentious moron

>> No.10242833

I love this, but i'm poor :(

>> No.10242856
File: 181 KB, 1200x1200, EB-jKbyVAAABSBN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sneak peaks from Fujiwara-san

>> No.10242858

They're also releasing the outfit.

>> No.10242864

Thanks for clarifying, but I already changed my mind after seeing more pics and now I really want a Mini Mana. I wonder how many people will enter the lottery..

>> No.10242866

Nayrt, but in human size too? I kinda want it

>> No.10242872

Not that I know of. But if you really want it, you could always try second hand.

>> No.10242879

Who or what is SS

>> No.10242880

30? but it's 20th anniversary.

>> No.10242890
File: 80 KB, 540x510, xikfZ9c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the print but what the hell is this
Lets pray to Mana together anon
Scarfing Scarves bro

>> No.10242893

are you saying ap isn't rereleasing holy lantern every year?

>> No.10242896

They don’t release it every year for Halloween. There have been times where they rereleased it in nov/dec. I specifically remember once when they did a MTO to ship in November and people sperged out super hard over it just missing Halloween

>> No.10242901

Found the nice girl

>> No.10242934

Okay, let's look at Japan which has had loliporn widely available at least from the 70's. Why aren't they ranking high on child rape?

>> No.10242937

I don't think there's a zipper, so you need to be able to unbutton past the waist to get it open enough to go over your hips, I guess. But the mid-skirt cut off is weird, would make more sense to make it shorter so it's concealed behind the waist bow.

>> No.10242938

imagine being you trying to defend loliporn

>> No.10242940

Rape in general is hard to report in Japan and has a very limited legal definition (until recently, only forced vaginal penetration counted; oral and anal were added in the last few years). Their stats are artificially low when compared to other countries with easier reporting, more support for victims and a broader definition of the crime. The situation with child rape is probably similar.

>> No.10242941

Additionally culturally speaking up about harassment and sexual assault are career killers. These things are seen as more 'part of life' than a problem

>> No.10242943

Because CSA sure as fuck doesn't get reported or even recognized as much as in other countries. Why are you even in this thread? You won't get sympathy here or anywhere outside of your circlejerks.

>> No.10242947

Thank you!

>> No.10242970


>> No.10242987

Cats? Yes please!

>> No.10242988

https://lolibrary.org/items/j-et-j-empreinte-de-la-genese-jsk by any chance?

>> No.10243003

Oh hey that's my thread!! Damn,good laughs were had.

>> No.10243056

Same here. I’ve had some really cute stuff on sale for a reasonable price but no one wants it. Hell, I’ve had one item listed for like two years already. It’s horrible.

>> No.10243061

If it’s seriously been two years and you aren’t just exaggerating your price is not “reasonable.” If it’s been a few months sure, but not two whole fucking years. Take the hint and lower the price.

>> No.10243084

I think you must think you’re replying to the loli artist. Sorry anon, evolutionary science disagrees with your feelings, that’s why hebephillia was left out of DSM-5. Pedophillia is the abnormal sexual attraction to preadolescents, not teenagers. 10+ is an adolescent, not a child. I didn’t say it was ok, but that it’s normal, if you act on it it’s a different story. And the age of consent red tape will vary from country to country, but here it’s 16 flat out. Is it pedo to be attracted to a 16 year old? And I don’t need your help thanks, I’m actually only attracted to older guys so....

I said as much at the end of the comment, she looks more like a child than a preteen. It’s not my thing.

>> No.10243088

Lol reminds me of that ugly ass tophat that's been on LM for years. Just because it's burando doesn't mean it's not fugly

>> No.10243098
File: 197 KB, 750x1272, 82DDEF2F-EFC8-4A05-A8A5-1225F9822C43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t buy from Atelier Reiko. She appeared on LM with a bunch of cosplay wigs, they obviously quickly got deleted but there was one I saw that would be good for one of my cosplays, so I messaged her for it and she said she’d ship it out that evening and email confirming that if I paid, which I did...but no email in the evening, no responses to emails I sent throughout the last almost two weeks now, no response on my comment on her cosplay fb page which was active a few days ago...my fault for not doing a deal through LM and only $19 but still. Don’t buy this

>> No.10243099

Also if you cared to give this anon’s article a read >>10242289 you’d see that most of those laws don’t specifically detail that the AOC is dependent on partner age. America has some of the most puritanical sex laws in existence, this leads to people like you thinking people having (or wanting to have) sex with teenagers is ‘pedo’, when most of the world disagrees. A person doesn’t magically become an adult at 18, and different cultures regard adolescence differently than the US. Again, I think it’s not ok based on the fact that teenagers make stupid decisions and some can’t fully understand the consequences of their actions, but being attracted to them doesn’t make one a pedo.

The world is bigger than burgerland anon.

>> No.10243106

Kill yourself already. No one cares about your autistic nitpicking. Child abuse is child abuse no matter how much you whine about muh terms and will always be frowned upon. Keep your fucking hands in your pockets around minors, it can't be that hard. Wanting to fuck minors and getting off to minors is not normal no matter how much you want to tell yourself that. And yes, the feelings and lives of the children you destroy with your disgusting fetishes do matter.

>> No.10243112

Read more closely retard, yes it does in the majority, depending on the status of the partner as an adult. I am European. If it's normal, go tell your boss and your collegues and your friends (female ones too, even if I doubt you have any) that you get off to minors. It is not accepted and never will be. Teenagers think it's gross, healthy, non-porn addicted adults think it's gross.

>> No.10243113

Flip your petticoat upside down and hang it on a skirt hanger. Get a steamer and steam it upside down to get the wrinkles out. Then add some spray starch.

>> No.10243118

You can buy fleece-lined thermal tights. I would highly recommend them. You can wear them under your normal lolita tights.

>> No.10243119

Can you guys just exchange email adresses already and move this out from the thread?

>> No.10243120

I've tried rhose but they always fall down :( maybe the type I have's fleece is too slippery

>> No.10243121

Does anyone have that pic of the moitie dress sample that said "bampire"? I can't for the life of me find it

>> No.10243131

I’m not interested in kids anon, I’m a psychology student married to a man a decade older to me. But seeing you resorting to name calling in lieu of an argument is quite satisfying.

>your female friends
Assuming a neckbeard would come to /cgl/ let alone posting in a Lolita General thread.
>I’m a European
Sure you are.
>not acceptable and never will be
Being this uneducated about human history.

We’re you taken advantage of as a kid anon? These sorts of visceral reactions usually come from the ones where daddy loved them a little too much.

>> No.10243132

Can you guys stop swapping spit and just email each other? How is it that the janitors delete the smallest bit of cgl related drama but do nothing when this type of bullshit goes on for this long

>> No.10243133

Don't worry, I don't plan on taking the bait any longer.

>> No.10243135
File: 91 KB, 800x600, 49A737EC-4215-47CC-9C18-B35F31AB47E7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keeps taking the bait hard that's why. She has throughout the whole thread, somebody disagrees with her and it fills her knickers with sand.

Looks like >>10243131 struck a raw nerve. Never mind.

>> No.10243138

Guess I did.

Huh, it’s fine to dish it out but can’t take it I see, nice. Comeback with a valid argument and not muh feels/omg kys next time love.

And back to our regularly scheduled screeching.

>> No.10243140

Can you just shit the fuck up? Both of you Holy shit you don't need to have the last word
This is the LOLITA GENERAL thread you absolute tards you guys should just done this somewhere else in the first place

>> No.10243141

The report function exists for a reason, you aren't any better rn.

>> No.10243142

You think I haven't reported this shit? Janitors are just fucking lazy and you assholes keep stirring the shit pot

>> No.10243143

She said she was done >>10243138. Settle down, we wouldn’t have these problems if we didn’t have so many salty bitches.

>> No.10243148

>imagine being this smug while also unaware that your underage victim fantasy informs your marriage and your pro-lolicon opinions

you'll never be that little girl, anon.
good luck in your studies, though. still wish you'd learn how to style your natural hair, but now I see you've got much bigger problems to attend to.

>> No.10243150

Don't respond to him. I realised that it's the same ban-evading pedofag who has been completely shitting up the board in spring earlier this year.

>> No.10243154
File: 57 KB, 960x775, aesthetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's get good vibes back in here.
what's your favorite motif in lolita, anon?

>> No.10243157

I was once, and I was an idiot of a little girl, that’s why we have laws that protect idiot teenagers. I’ve never said that was a bad thing, but that pedophillia in my field is not the way you define it. People don’t magically become adults, and pedo means attraction to PREadolescents, not teens. I’m not going to argue any more, as I said. Having a basic grasp of definitions and of life development/human sexuality doesn’t make one pro lolicon. I’m not really sure what you’re on about as far as my husband is concerned, so yeah.

And thanks, but my hair is good, naturally blonde and curly so I lucked out in that department.

Nah, just a fewgull here for Lolita and fairy kei threads.

>> No.10243167

I like natural motifs done in spooky ways, like dead trees, etc.

>> No.10243168

I know it's over done but... Goddamn CROSSES
Show me a simple solid with cross motifs and I go apeshit. Nameless poem, Maria, 90% of moitie, you name it. I want it aaaalllll

>> No.10243173

I second crosses. Religous imagery in general does it for me, except for the jetj paintings dresses.

>> No.10243174

Roses. Rose lace, rose buttons, and god, I love a beautifully illustrated rose on a dress.

>> No.10243183

I like florals.

>> No.10243184

hearts and roses mainly. Also meta's winged cross! But really only on the lace... I prefer solids with gorgeous lace and don't own any prints

>> No.10243241

If all 30 sell, that's 3.9 million yen right there.

>> No.10243245

Can't believe you aren't talking about the FUCKING EMERGENCY that is going on at mercari right now if you're all so European

>> No.10243246

I want to try to buy one and I can't even attend that event. They will sell.

>> No.10243253

>what are vpns

>> No.10243259


>> No.10243263


>> No.10243268
File: 155 KB, 892x590, 1428060793343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agree, men are disgusting and are not to be trusted

>> No.10243277

Anon you don't understand. We need to be able to look for our dream dresses at all times and places. I don't use a vpn at work, at public spaces, on my boyfriends ipad etc. I don't even know if a vpn would work, I'm in the bus right now and this time could have been spent checking for my dress dress.

>> No.10243279

Oh no, that's too bad for you anon! Guess I will snatch them then.

>> No.10243295

Your country elected Trump so I'm not jealous of you

>> No.10243311

I can't believe this thread is already saging and it's because some of you guys kept fighting about pedofilia the entire thread.

>> No.10243363

>>10243354 new thread

>> No.10243367


And the entirety of Europe is going in a similar direction. Stupid people are becoming reactionary everywhere because they hate change. Can't say I feel sorry for you. It's the change your countrymen wanted.

>> No.10243392

How do you delete your LM account? some cunt is accusing me of shit and reporting me. I just want to make a new account.

>> No.10243408

>implying I'm american

>> No.10243670

It’s a shame, but it was mostly this salty bitch causing drama:
I don’t agree with those she argued with, but they’re actually right in a lot of ways, which is why I’m assuming she was a troll (please God let her have been a troll, nobody should be this stupid).

>> No.10243711

Do you honestly think all of these are just one person? Cgl is a female board, of course you'll get a heavy resistance against loli and pedophilia. Go back.

>> No.10243786

More than likely based on the way she types and the insults being thrown about. Maybe try not acting like you’re having an autistic meltdown because your definition of a pedo as anybody attracted to somebody under the age of 20 has people disagreeing with you. That totes makes them a pedo and a man right? Go back where salt-chan? I only come to this obscure Mongolian basket weaving forum for cgl. So stop being such an autist and ruining things for the rest of us.

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