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Larp thread, after drachenfest edition

previous thread

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Over a last 2 years i assembled a full suit of plate, but i only really use it for NPCing. What could be a good char i could play with it, it doesn't really fit a knight, a mercenery wouldn't have this much armour and travel alone.

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You could just wear the breastplate and LARP as a merc.

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I know, but i actually want to wear all the shit i bought

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Got a picture of the suit?

Some generic options I can come up with:
>Rich noble who bought a suit of plate for looks but can't really fight
>Man-at-arms who stabbed the above character in the face and stole his armour
>Blacksmith who made it himself as a pet project
>Man-at-arms who stabbed the above character in the face and stole his armour
>Village hero who got gifted some heirloom as thanks for some heroic deed
>Man-at-arms who stabbed the above character in the face and stole his armour
>Thief who stole a suit of plate from somewhere
>Man-at-arms who stabbed the above character in the face and stole his armour
>Man-at-arms who stabbed the above character in the face and stole his armour

At the end of the day, I don't think many people will ask questions about your armour regardless of what you play. Larpers are usually by far not alert enough to notice small details.

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I need to replace my old leather boots. Would be a great opportunity to invest in some proper larp wear but my feet and knees are already fucked up enough and I don't want to cut back on support and comfort.

Looking at discrete civilian leather boots though, most of them feature a zipper. I mostly just go to high fantasy larps, might visit some medieval larp in the future, but no 100% authentic reenactment stuff.

You guys think pic related would swim by okay among the fields of costumephiles and sneakertists?
I will pull over my pants over the top, or use puttees at the very least.

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No. I'm sorry, it'd fare, and it isn't the worst I've seen but this is only slightly better than wearing sneakers and buying these specifically for a LARP would be a bit over the top.

If you need knee-support just put good soles into some period-correct ankle boots. Invest a little extra cash and get a good sturdy pair.

Mercenaries are professional soldiers, they don't have to be piss poor. If they are in your settings though, then just get yourself some goons. Besides that there are a million options like >>10238662 said, and added onto that: If you're a rich person turned adventuring then all trades of life will fit.

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That's fairly average for larping in my experience, especially for NPC's. I wouldn't give a damn, although I personally think the whiteish stitching at the bottom is a bit much.

As >>10238804 says though, purposely buying those for larp is a bit strange. I'm sure you could get more appropriate shoes for roughly the same price. It won't be long until shoe stores start getting their autumn collections, and then high boots should become more easy to get.

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How historically accurate is suede?

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The word itself is relatively new, but I don't see why leather-from-a-slightly-different-part-of-the-animal-than-normal wouldn't be used since prehistoric times.

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Gotcha. Been eyeing some suede leather Brigande and don't want to look like Shit.

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I'm not at all knowledgeable on this topic, mind. However, there doesn't seem to be anything significantly different to the suede manufacturing process compared to the leather manufacturing process, so I'd conclude that suede at the very least COULD be made in the middle ages.

Also, I've had a suede larp-body-armour-thingy-I-don't-know-the-name-of, and it was quite comfy and looked pretty good. Stains pretty easily, though, which kinda sucks for non-washable items. Other than that, suede absolutely works at larps.

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do you mean suede as deer-skin?

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All I could find was a quick Wikpedia page telling me suede was already in use in the medieval period.

But covering a brigandine with suede doesn't seem to make sense. Suede isn't a sturdy building material for brigandines. Nor was it seen as something as expensive or impressive that you could use it as a flex like the damast or velvet covered brigandines you could find in sources.

So I'd still advice against buying one. Espescially since cheap suede will usually make you look like you're wearing a Halloween outfit rather than a good costume.

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>Buying shit before you know where to wear it
The classic mistake

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>buying these specifically for a LARP would be a bit over the top
They are €60, compared to a good sturdy pair of larp shoes that probably goes for €300 (looking at etsy). I don't think its over the top, especially since they can be a backup for my regular winter boots.

Main issue I have with larp wear though, they don't really fit my feet. I have size EU 45 Wide, that is not a size that exists for historical shoes. Plus the extra room for ergonomic sole inserts and a thick sock.

If you know of a seller that has shoes with those specs, I'd gladly check them out.

Yeah I expect the selection to get a bit better soon, they all follow the same design language though but I hope to be able to find something even more neutral (and without a zipper).

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Don't buy 'em at Etsy, the fuck man. For less than 200 euros I can get them handmade by a local craftsman and make 'em a nice pair of poulaines. Off the shelf stuff is usually under the 100 euros. Marshall Historical does up 'till 46 then just get the fuckers wet and stretch them up a bit with a wooden-foot (I don't know the English term).


If 46 doesn't fit let me know and I'll see if I can get the deeds on a local craftsman. Or try it yourself and contact some reenactment groups nearbye. Turnshoes are piss easy to make and you could try it yourself as well.

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term is clog

>> No.10239691

It's a shoe last.

I'm gonna buy some $80 USD 13c patterned boots soon from my 2 hour away web retailer/cobbler, so you definitely can get cheaper.

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Look at WW1 & WW2 reenactment boots.

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13c Shoes don't get me my 15c poulaines though. Stuff like turn shoes is a lot less expensive than compensation shoes.

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>tfw you find out one of your LARP friends was actually a fucking serial rapist who's been terrorizing half your friends and you've been helping people to trust him because he was such a nice person
I'm a fucking idiot and I want to die

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I'm planning a ranger character for my first time, and I was hoping I could ask for help. Aragorn and things like pic related by the Fell and Fair group look really cool, but I can't find that kind of leather jerkin/jacket/vest thing. I assume the pants and tunic/shirt are some kind of linen, as is the cloak and mask. I figure I'll get some second hand woman's boots that don't have obvious zippers, then try to find a linen pants. I've got a pair in mind from a store, but they seem really billowy which seems like a bad idea and easy to catch, plus out of character? Shirt will be a long, brown tunic made of a cotton and linen. Second layer will be either a cheap breast plate for a battle ready look, or maybe some crossed leather armor? I'll get some leather greaves and bracers, preferably something like in the picture attached, then a cloak and mask too. Bow will probably be some cheap thing from cabellas till I can afford a good fiberglass one, and the sword will be some small 30 inch blade I can duel wield.

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If I was talking turn shoes, I'd just make them myself. Not too hard. I'm talking full on reinactment/hema quality

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>guy brings some of that fermented swedish fish gut stuff to a larp
>smell is awful, absolutely disgusting
>turns into a joke contest of seeing who dares to eat it, first person who who can eat more than 4 spoonfuls gets a mage armor potion
>IG story is that he got it from a mysterious fisherman, yadda yadda yadda
>couple of tries, some get a few spoonfuls in, some just give up
>then that guy shows up
>takes a spoonful
>then fucking drops it on the ground
>mmmm that was delicious he says as we look confused
>maybe he's making a joke
>let him take a another spoonful
>drops that shit again
>boy, I could eat this all day he says with a shiteating grin
>dude you're wasting food
>he makes the ooc symbol and says 'no my character is eating it IG and finds it super-easy'
>dude wtf
>anon it's in our rules you don't actually have to eat anything, you can just say you do and it happens this way we don't offend folks with food allergies
>we're basically strong-armed by him and his admin buddies to give him the potion as he continues to dump it on the ground and brag about how easy it is and how he's so cool

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I mean turnshoes still could be of quality for reenactment, it's not like they're a-historical as far as I know. For HEMA... Eh, when you wear 60% padded modern stuff then I don't know how much you want to complain about shoe authenticity. But yeah, I can understand, turnshoes are pretty much just leather socks crafting wise.

This feels like a story.

Out of game death is in-game death, just saying.

So what's the question?

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truth to be told, he actually played you guys big time.


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What is that leather shirt thibg they're wearing, and also any ideas on how to improve on my ideas to do a Ranger

>> No.10240254

can you post a better pic? I'm not sure what you actually want from that pic

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I'm going for something like this. Different layperson, but same general outfit/idea. Looks like a leather tabard, cant find somrthing that thin while still having that thinness. Not sure what's under it. Maybe a linen tabard that goes down longer? My layer idea is tunic, long gambeson or linen tunic, then the leather armor/tabard?

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I like this as a 'heavy' ranger concept, even if it's just a either armor. All the long gambesons I've found are cotton or cotton/polyester, which has me worried about sweating and making it stink Shouldn't be too big a problem though given I'll have my tunic underneath. Chaijmail here looks like it has a thin tabard tied to it so if I buy a maile hauberk I can just sew it under as a pattern then tie to armor. Again the nice, supple leather chest armor is something I cant find at any store so far.

>> No.10240356

I'm not entirely sure if that's not real leather or just brown dyed/painted thin leather (probably goat)
Anyway I'm kind of sure that's not a separate thing but sewn or glued to the tabard.

That is, if we talking about the stuff with the tree on it.

>> No.10240385

Yeah the tree. I don't think it's like hard leather armor, but I don't know you're to do it. Guess just buy goat leather like you said and cut it into a tabard shape and tuck it into a belt?

>> No.10240386

the problem is, no goat is that big. That's why I think it might be fake leather.
But then again, the easiest way to find out how it was made is to ask the group. You already know their name so contacting them shouldn't be that hard.

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Yeah, they said the stuff in the first pic was pig leather. Any idea on where to find something like the torso armor from >>10240317 ? I've been looking at some sites but all I can find are stiff, over designed stuff. That picture I posted look almost like a modded leather jacket in how supple and flexible it looks.

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>no warhammer fantasy LARP in America
Fuck, it hurts

>> No.10240659

Iktf. But hey if you're in the Midwest I'd do it with you.

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>haha it’s such a vibrant region for LARP
>bad minds eye shit
>asmopeepeepoopoo generic no costume requirements
>no, paying for experience does NOT make this a Ponzi scheme!
Fucking kill me

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What, you don't have this over there?

>> No.10240806

seems like a pretty simple and straightforward pattern to me. Especially that the back isn't sewn together so it doesn't even have to be a tight fit.

>> No.10240807


>> No.10240866


That is a pretty nice price for what you get. I also found some good alternatives on >>10239750 suggestion. I think I'm gonna get both a WW2 repro and that 14th century boots, since it stays within budget and I can switch between the two based on needs.

I was after something like this from the start, though I (lazily) couldn't find anything like it https://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/dms-boots-rubber-soled.html
Most repros come with nailed soles and that isn't to my liking.

Thanks for your time anons, as always I am glad I checked in with you guys first!

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>barbuta + bevor combo

>> No.10240958

How would that even fit!?

>> No.10240959

there is one terrible example of it. Give me a few minutes and I will find it.

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this is Exhibit A about why you shouldn't believe everything from museums. It's not just that the pieves isn't put on a proper doll/whatever and some are mounted too low or too high, the bevore and the helmet is completely mismatched, someone put them together because it might seemed a great idea at the time. Anyway at one hand it's not wearable like pic related, on the other hand a barbute and a bevore combined defeats the purpose of a barbute

>> No.10241005

Are wool pants a terrible idea? I likr they're water resistant as that would fit my character and the design isnt bad, but I'm worried about the heat because summer heat won't be going away here till october ish in the Midwest.

>> No.10241017

Depends on how hot. I prefer linen, but if you're playing in a wet area then wool may be the better choice. I've not done Cotton for a base layer, but it takes in water and stinks a bit if you sweat in it from what I understand.

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I guess I'll just post a few pics of my favourite historic characters in hopes someone here has something related to them, hoping for pictures

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Celtic Warriors/Chiefs? and the previous is a Celtic Druid in a ritual cuting of the mistletoe

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File: 1.36 MB, 2560x2126, 329182_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Untreated costume cotton pants are terrible in wet and cold conditions, they soak in all the of the dirt and water and mixed with just a minor bit of sweat they easily smell.

They are not bad in hot weather where they can stay dry, and are durable plus cheap. But if you can invest in wool then do so, your legs dont overheat like the rest of the body and as long as you keep your feet and nuts well ventilated then it will do fine by my experience. Some people cant wear warm pants in hot weather but that is personal preferance.

>> No.10241092

What about cotton blends like cotton/linen?

>> No.10241203

I'm usually covered in several layers of wool at Drachenfest, so you can totally survive it. Also it's not that hot either if you drink some water every once in a while

>> No.10241296

>guy in trouble because he faked an ankle injury to escape a monster horde
>insists he shouldn't get into trouble because he clarified it ooc
>group he was with were getting chased
>he tripped and fell
>switched from his fake british to a normal voice
>yelled out his ankle was hurt
>monsters apparently avoided him just to be nice and went after the rest of the group
>except for one of the slower npcs who stayed back to try and help
>when the monster switched to ooc, they guy responded 'I'm faking it' and fucking bolted
>Monster NPC complained
who was in the right

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File: 150 KB, 792x594, 13_Druidenprozession-me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of a larp a few years ago where we npcs played ghost druids for various nighttime rituals. Thing is, with our candles and pointy hoods (that had a tendency of slipping over hour faces) we looked like fucking Klansmen.

>> No.10241311

>who was in the right
The only guy who stopped to ask if he is alright

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File: 166 KB, 600x420, viking-leathercrafts-13th-century-boots-dark-brown-bottomB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welted oak tanned cow 13th c $60+$30 for fully lugged rubber soles. The store was originally recommended to me here. From Viking leathercraft in Nashville TN. So definitely not turn shoes.

>> No.10241361

>Not having a rule system where feigning injury is just considered cheating
>Not having a skill "feign injury" in skill-heavier systems to make both sides happy

>> No.10241520

Thanks for that fail pic, but I was thinking about this specific bevor.

I believe it would make me look a little extra evil.

>> No.10241539

May I ask if you have any experience with Ulfberth shoeware?
I kinda get the impression that this pair looks sturdier https://www.celticwebmerchant.com/en/15th-century-ankle-boots.html?id=42236450&quantity=1

Also think I'm gonna add a rubber sole to it, lots of harsh forest terrain and gravel roads where I larp, I don't think a leather sole would do it.

>> No.10241663

still not compatible with a proper barbute, you have to either make the bevore way too wide or the helmet way too short to be able to move your head

>> No.10241880

Thoughts on atelier nemesis weapons? Our local shop bought a couple of pieces and they feel too flimsy and the detail isnt that great.

>> No.10242126

Heya Gropalope, I have a later period LARP coming up but don't want to look too shit. If you had to pick between plebtier suppliers for breeches would you buy Samson or Townsends? Up for a trip to Rhode island this fall maybe?

>> No.10242163

fucking this

>> No.10242166

sexy besagews though

>> No.10242251
File: 246 KB, 2048x1366, 19400416_1966363283596072_4692844326044547166_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually I do that. I have a bevor and barbuta and when I know a pitched battle is coming, I wear them in tandem and raise the bevor.

>> No.10242255
File: 67 KB, 638x960, 19430034_1529075137162459_5782251394111910819_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normally I keep the bevor down and it gives me no issues.

>> No.10242728

Honestly, as much as the ultra gate-keeper douchebags like to eat on both companies, the product is solid for what it is. For beginners, larpers, and bulking out practical kit on a budget, it's great stuff.

Both companies have good quality stuff, with Samson being slightly pricier and higher end. My opinion stands less on product, and more on the business themselves.

Townsend as a business has the best goddamn customer service hands down. This makes exchanging clothes for fit super easy. Townsend as a person himself, and his employees are also super nice and genuine and want to include people in the 18thC hobby.

Samson Historical condones and propagates the "Irish slaves" mythology amongst other crap. This kinda shit really sticks in my craw.

>> No.10242942

That looks very restricting desu

>> No.10243008
File: 662 KB, 2048x1367, 67581532_2420112088264205_4529102657842839552_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only when I lock down and raise the bevor and I generally do it only at times when its a nice fucking idea to have all the face protection you can get. And even then its not half that bad I just got used to compensating the restriction and if I get out of the mosh pit i drop the bevor again.

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