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For stupid questions/questions about jfashion that don't deserve their own thread.

This is not the cosplay help thread.

Previous thread: >>10228553

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do socks like pic related get damaged just as easily as tights? it looks like exactly the same material?

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Yes, but brands tights and these socks are usually 80 denier so it takes a bit more to damage them anyway. I've never had them run like nylons either. Just a small hole that didn't run at the toe.

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possibly unpopular opinion but I wish brands would stop calling printed nylon stockings "socks" because they absolutely do not wear and wash the same way

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Yeah that is extremely unpopular. Factual denial.

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how is a nylon stocking a sock lol

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Is it better to rip apart a brand dress for a DIY project, or get a replica?

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buying a replica is supporting stolen art whether you wear it or not

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>acting like 10/10 lolitas don't buy Secret Shop replica shoes

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If it's a dress that

>has no copyrighted artwork (aka a pattern replica)
>is out of circulation
>is a fairly common pattern
>uses a publicly-avaliable fabric

Then go for it. If the dress is

>a replica of a dress that can still be bought directly from the brand
>using copyrighted artwork or fabric that is not publicly avaliable
>a replica that attempts to emulate the original as closely as possible and you don't plan on altering it to differentiate it from the original


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Do shoes have art on them? No? shut the fuck up

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Still replicating design. If you're going to be black and white about it, be consistent or be quiet.

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Will Bodyline ever release RHS boots again?

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The shoes are the art, newfag.

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There isn't anything unique about variations of mary janes with bows on them. I just described at least 90% of brand shoes. Shoe manufacturers still have to make their own lasts to make shoes. Replica dress sellers literally buy the real thing and scan the fabric to copy it. If you don't understand the ethical difference I don't know what to tell you.

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>not counting design theft as art theft
>not knowing that many SS tea parties are exact design replicas of brand shoes
>not knowing that pattern replicas exist
>not accepting the grey area that's been there for years

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Ok but where do you buy lolita shoes that aren't from a taobao shop

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The big brands release their own shoes, and Bodyline carries a pretty varied shoe selection (or they used to).

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sorry you can't read

>> No.10237685

I don't. Piss off, replica-chan.

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Either way you're financially supporting a replica shop.

Most people are not black and white thinkers. If you constantly need consistency, you're going to have a hard time in life.

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Where's that picture from?

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Not everyone gets replicas directly from the maker. Rip it up/dye it and make a new dress.

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I'm going to buy replicas of your dream dresses and make tacky lampshades out of them

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She's going to wear your dream dress and look better than you

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Bodyline treats their employees like shit. We still buy their stuff.

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At least you know you're tacky. Awareness is the first step of changing.

Dailymotion.com Misako in new york.

I don't buy from bodyline and lots of other lolitas don't either. Your arguments are very weak and you're shitting up the stupid questions thread.

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>25 replies
>11 posters

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What kind of diy project? I would look for damaged things on lacemarket, you can filter darn results on condition.

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What kind of diy project? I would look for damaged things on lacemarket, you can filter the results on condition.

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>3 questions
>11 posters
Yes, more than 2 people are arguing about replicas. What's your point?

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A re-dye of a dress that may potentially fuck it up forever.

>> No.10237718

When you buy a new dress it often comes with a small piece of fabric that people use to test laundry detergent and such. You can use that to test the dye.

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I can't find it new. Do you think I could contact the brand for a swatch, maybe?

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Why do people in the lolita general and CoF thread want everyone to look like perfect models? Are ugly and average people not supposed to post their coords online?

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>entire comm was gulls

It's easier to be salty online anonymously. When you meet gulls irl they're usually super nervous and quiet.

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Sorry but what has this to do with my question?

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It's easier to say "uggos gtfo" when the posters' own face isn't attached to what they're saying.

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But why do you want to say it in the first place? I'm asking about the online community.

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Most irl lolitas that have been active for years don't spend a lot of time here, and when we do, we spend most of our time finding resources. The people that obsess over girls not looking flawless 24/7 are usually newbies or rpers. Also

>taking anything said here to heart

Don't do that.

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>I'm asking about the online community.
>Most irl lolitas that have been active for years don't spend a lot of time here
Again, I'm not asking about irl

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>thinking that /cgl/ is an accurate representation of the online community

Join some fb groups.

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How thick are you? I've repeatedly pointed out I'm not asking about lolitas irl and now I even have to repeat the specific threads I asked about?

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if I wear my hair in pigtails for a meet in a few weeks will I look like an ageplayer? it would look cute on me but I don't want to give the wrong impression

>> No.10237806

No, it's a common hairstyle in lolita

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I'm looking for a nice pair of brown walking heels suitable to be worn with classic lolita and toned down sweet. I had a pair by Cobb hill, but they don't make them any more. Any suggestions?

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Im thinking of doing a Jaden Yuki cosplay, the only hard part is the jacket and all sellers i see seem to be aliexpress tier quality. Is there anyone or any shop they might be able to make a high quality one?

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Hide your face or grow thicker skin, ugly

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Facebook isn't irl and if you think it is you're very foolish and misguided

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How do you wash them?
Make them fuzzy or something. If you style them nicely it wont look childish.

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Do you not understand English? Anon keeps bringing up irl to explain the culture on /cgl/ and the only one who’s too thick to understand is YOU.

Online: easy to be mean cause you can be whoever tf you want to be with little consequences.

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Generally, I feel safe putting socks that don't have excess trim straight in the washing machine whereas nylon is more delicate and needs a lingerie bag or hand washing. I air dry all my legwear but I know some people put socks in the dryer too. You shouldn't do that with nylon stockings though

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>do not attempt to pass replicas off as genuine
>do not buy dresses with logos

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I'm asking WHY you are so mean. I don't care that you have to hide your meanness in your local comm. I'm asking why you make such comments in the first place. I don't see this amount of hateful comments about women's looks on other anon places I frequent.

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My question isn't about facebook comments, it's about the CoF thread and lolita General

>> No.10237928

So you're not asking why the online community is so mean, you're asking why /cgl/ is so mean. It's not everyone else's fault that you're not being clear.

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Yeah, she should have specified she meant the lolita general and cof thread on cgl. The way it's worded now, it could be any cof thread.

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Because this is fucking 4chan. The way this place was set up, it’s history, etc. all lends to people being “mean” here.

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Why are westerners so bad at dressing Jfashion? Anytime I look at groups or through tags, it's cringe or doesn't fit the aesethic of the style. Pic related, fairy kei and decora fb group saying Jenna Marble's Claries make over is decora. Kek.

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Is it a bad idea to buy wigs secondhand?

>> No.10238181

Not really, you can wash them once you get them.

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I've bought a bodyline blouse and it came all in yellow sweat stains underarms. Seller refused to refund me unfortunately, so i wonder is there any way to make it white again?

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I think we just don't see the bad japanese jfashion because of the language barrier and the fact that they tend to use different platforms.

>> No.10238481

They should have stated it had yellow pit stains. Please tell you will at least give her a neutral or a neg? Cause they deserve that.

Seconding oxyclean.

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>Seller refused to refund me
Can you file a Paypal dispute?

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I've got two pettis, a cupcake and an a-line, and they're both medium poof. If I want extra poof, would it be weird to wear the cupcake over the a line? I'm figuring the a-line would only be there for bulk and (hopefully) not fuck up the shape too much

>> No.10238518


Yes, it's fine, although you should check again in the mirror to see what it looks like instead of asking an internet stranger who hasn't seen any of it.

source: Only had two pettis as a newb and stacked them for dat AP-level poof.

>> No.10238519


Aside from the language/platform barrier another anon mentioned, keep in mind that the shops are also physically there in Japan. It's so much easier when you can walk into a shop and copy the shopgirl exactly, or even better, have the shopgirl pick out an entire outfit for you (the shopgirls will be super over the moon to sell you a fully coordinating set with as many accessories as you want. You get well-dressed, they get a nice big fat sale. Everybody is happy).

>> No.10238530

Where do you buy cute lingerie when you have a flat chest?
Like; https://syndromestore.com/collections/lingerie/products/bunny-hollow-chest-lingerie-sd01389?variant=16303434039362&goal=0_e77110d8e5-ebfce50fbf-357695173&mc_cid=ebfce50fbf&mc_eid=a6181028e8 but for flat chests.

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Is this style acceptable? I feel like the ankle strap style would be way more comfortable for me than one with a closed back.

Also, what would I wear for legwear since it has an open toe - are there socks without a seam at the toe available?

>> No.10238714

Depends, what are you wearing this with? These shoes might look out of place with some styles and legwear.

>> No.10238734

anon that's really cheap looking...

>> No.10238740

Does anyone know where i can find shoes or a blouse in ap's blue lavender color that the print cosmic uses?

>> No.10238741 [DELETED] 

Doesn’t exist. The Cosmic lavender doesn’t even match items from its own series. Just add in another shade of lav and match the new lav to itself

>> No.10238744

Best shops to get cupcake petticoats?

>> No.10238764

I have a short-sleeve black blouse I could pair with a dark floral skirt that has a rose pattern. I don't have the rest figured out.

>> No.10238774

These socks are the same lavender. Im looking for similar colored items from othwr places.

>> No.10238781

Can you put circle lenses on top of regular contacts?

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>> No.10238785

Because sometimes you'd rather just be blunt and not have to compliment sandwhich someone who looks like shit

Now go kill yourself retard

>> No.10238795

>Comes to 4chan with question
>Anons answer it
>Proceed to be rude and call people thick
I dunno man, why don't you tell us?

>> No.10238797

Absolutely not. Get circle lenses in your prescription. Most circle lens websites don't charge anything extra for it and don't require a real prescription. You just order to the power you want.

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Where can i find simple but cute militarystyle berets like AP does, but without the print? A bit like this one in the picture, but excentrique stuff is so hard to find secondhand....

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>> No.10238898 [DELETED] 

It wouldn't be weird but it might be incomparable after a few hours

>> No.10238902

It wouldn't be weird but it might be uncomfortable after a few hours

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I know this question got asked a billion of times but I wasn´t here for years and I trust you guys. So are Lockshop wigs worth the money?
I bought one a long time ago and I wasn´t happy with the quality, re-sold the wig right away. The girls from my comm sing songs of praise for Lockshop but what I can see most of them look very tangled. Is it the quality or do the girls don´t know how to take care of wigs?

>> No.10238913


Not worth the price.

> Is it the quality or do the girls don´t know how to take care of wigs?

Probably both.

>> No.10238919 [DELETED] 

This makes me really sad anon because I have no luck with finding decent wigs. In the past I found good deals on eBay but lately I received only crap.

>> No.10238920

This makes me really sad anon because I have no luck with finding decent wigs. In the past I found good deals on eBay but lately I received only crap.

>> No.10238925

Dreamholic has always been the best for me personally but there seems to be some gulls vocal about disliking them. Their collab with KI is my favorite wig I’ve ever owned.

>> No.10238933

I saw their stockpictures a lot around the internet!
Is their storenvy legit? They say their shop is in Sweden but do they ship from there too? Thank you for your help.

>> No.10238935

The storenvy is legit, but they ship from China not Sweden. If you are from the USA and can find something in stock on their USA site I’d recommend doing that instead, but the wait was never terrible for me from China. It usually came sooner than they said it would and most of the time within 2 weeks for me, but I’ve heard of it taking longer for other people.

>> No.10238946

Does anyone use any forwarding services when buying things from rakuten? Every time my SS has tried to buy things from violet blue or tokyoalice it was out of stock, wanted to see if there was a faster way to buy things?

>> No.10238956

Are you sure you didn't link them to out of stock listings?

>> No.10238980

If you’re ordering more than one, order from their Taobao shop. Wigs are half price there, with shipping and SS fees even it’s so much less than the US site

>> No.10238983

Thanks a bunch!

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Can anyone ID this op? Style reminds me a bit of Lief, but I can't find any hints on that.

>> No.10239003

Nvm I think I found the answer. Brand name is Baroque

>> No.10239008

Anywhere I can find high res lolita related photos? Would like to have them printed and framed.

>> No.10239026

Where the lolita Minecraft servers at?

>> No.10239030

d-do they exist?

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File: 1.37 MB, 997x665, 1564524682446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I get shoes like this? The closest I can think of are UNIF's choke boots but they're out of stock in my size.

>> No.10239067

Tokyo Alice??? You know you can just message them, they ship internationally.

>> No.10239113

I’m a visitor from /fa/, and I really only went there for the diy threads. I was wondering if you guys had any brands or patterns to try that could help me expand my pants wardrobe. The most interesting pants I can find are harem pants or drop crotch and they are usually pretty tacky. I’m just looking for ideas outside the norm. I’m a hetero male, not sure if that’s important; I didn’t lurk very long

>> No.10239114

Maybe on the Ouji / Boystyle thread? Also, handmade thread could have some info on that.

>I’m a hetero male, not sure if that’s important
??? Why would that have any relevance?
Don't ever mention that again.

>> No.10239116


Girl pants are different than boy pants; I figured “hetero male” would give a pretty solid category to stuff my inquiry into. Will keep that in mind though

>> No.10239118

Disregard that anon. Most ouji is made for women so it actually does make a difference.

>> No.10239122

Yeah so I learned, took me a minute to find it; but not gonna lie it’s pretty interesting. Not what I’m looking for, but pretty cool still.

>> No.10239126

>Most ouji is made for women so it actually does make a difference.
being het makes absolutely no diff, anon.

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File: 103 KB, 481x273, intrigued.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

p-please let me know, when you found one

>> No.10239131

Stack ten contacts on for x-ray vision.

>> No.10239139

Has anyone ever pre-ordered from Baby with a specific delivery time set, only for them to email you months later saying you ordered the 2nd release when it’s pretty obvious the listing you bought said it would be delivered during the first shipping period?

>> No.10239161

I want to make an international order from the IW website to the US. Their website says prices are before tax. How do I calculate the tax?

(I would like to know the amount before I place my order because the free international shipping offer threshold is based on the order total including tax. I'm deciding whether to buy only a few things and ignore the offer or buy more things and try to reach the threshold.)

>> No.10239192

Sales tax currently is 8%. It's changing in October though to 10%. Better not wait.

>> No.10239214

Demonia sells that style I believe

>> No.10239215

I mean it could in this day and age

>> No.10239216

Thank you.

>> No.10239221

Where can I get nice tights for my chunky thighs? Even when I was underweight my thighs were huge. All my weight sits there in my legs and so I seem to have issues finding stockings or tights that fit with both comfort and lack of crotch splitting. I even buy extra tall or extra stretchy (where people literally have photos of a person sitting in 1 leg of the tights) at 160 cm tall and still seem to have issues online.

>> No.10239226

Is https://chantilly-mimidy.com/ the webshop of Chantilly? I can't see it because of cyber criminals or something.

>> No.10239227


>> No.10239242

>But what doctors [...] found to be the real cause of her
>discomfort was much more concerning: 27 contact
>lenses, stuck in the woman's right eye in a "blue mass."


>> No.10239273


A lot of ouji do come in men's and women's cuts, or at least aatp and Boz generally do (Moitie used to, but new Moitie is...). The women's are cut to fit junk around the chest, then men's are cut to fit junk in the groin.

So pretty much, yes it matters whether it's cut for male or female. But on the other hand, since they usually come in both, no it doesn't matter since you can just choose the guy version.

More concerning is that they only come in one size each, so if OP is not a smol Azn dude he's pretty sol either way.

>> No.10239293

Male: relevant
Hetero: absolutely not

>> No.10239294

Guess how i know that you're fat, ugly and acne ridden.

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File: 38 KB, 320x479, 567292-10142-2016-04-09742337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how certain kinds of cuts look better on some bodies than others, like how most salopettes only look good on people who have little to no tits - what kind of body type do these underbust JSKs look good on? My measurements are 84-71-100 in cm if that helps. Underbust JSKs usually seem to go cheaper on second hand sites so I'm thinking about buying one or two but also don't want to spend $100+ on something that might not look good on my body type.

>> No.10239312

I'm no expert but I think these look best on someone who isn't flat chested, but small to moderately large busts can pull it off. They just look silly on someone with nothing there...if you're large chested though, make sure your petti is on point.

>> No.10239321

You've only my word for it of course, but I have small-medium boobs and I think they look good on me. I think being a bit too big for IW's normal tube cut bodices (that allow for basically no boob at all) but not so big that it starts to look like a sexy Octoberfest halloween costume is the sweet spot

>> No.10239328

Cotton candy feet, dear my love, Liz Lisa, that brand on wunderwelt... depending on your style, maybe even demonia,fluevog, American duchess. Really, I feel like the only style where it's hard to buy from non-jfash brands is sweet

>> No.10239346

I totally agree with that. I own a lot of underbust jsk and as soon as my boobs grew larger they looked ridiculous! I say everything under 96 cm bust looks ok and even flat chested girls can pull this off with the right blouse.

>> No.10239347

Yes but you can also buy on WW or https://www.harajukuhearts.com/collections/enchantlic-enchantilly

>> No.10239351

I bought a bunch of their wigs and while the styles are really cute they are fairly thin. So if you have a hard time getting your hair flat in wig caps due to thick hair or something that might be an issue. The fibers are nice.

>> No.10239354

I use tenso + rakuten account.

>> No.10239359

Why would I want to do that? Wunderwelt's ugly photography alone makes me not want to buy from them, but they also don't mark down parcels and they take a part of the profit from Chantilly.

>> No.10239372
File: 397 KB, 480x640, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These head bows on BtSSB are listed as Cherry pink instead of the normal redxwhite. Does anyone know how different the color is from their standard red?

>> No.10239380

Whats difference between gothic and dark sweet?

>> No.10239382


Construction, fabric choices, shoe choices, and accessory choices.

>> No.10239387

Military Lolita is a thing, but what about "modern-military" inspired coords? Especially in America, is it inappropriate? Normies do it all the time, but will the "flashiness" of a coord put it over the edge?

>> No.10239408

I think the modern influence would pull it too far from lolita, it would lose the historical references that are the foundation of lolita. Not saying it wouldn’t be a cool fashion statement as it’s own thing, though

>> No.10239423

Noted, thanks. I was thinking about taking the Guerrilla Cats jsk in a more 80s, Top Gun direction. Gotta get that /k/ aesthetic

>> No.10239435

What would the statement be?

>> No.10239443

I hadn't thought of that. I work for the DoD (not active military) so I'm around around a lot of men (also non active military) who wear bomber jackets, camo, and boots. So I just like the contrast of the typically male power that's associated with the look and the feminine aspects the outfit is supposed to inspire.

>> No.10239455

I am not a small person, thanks for the warning

>> No.10239546

where is the best site to find lots of pictures of asian cosplay for drawing? best I found was EHentai, is there a better place?

>> No.10239557

Are MILK heart bags any good? I don't want to spend a bunch on a bag that will just start to peel soon.

>> No.10239572

Enchantilly ships only through EMS.

>> No.10239580

If you can find one secondhand in good condition go for it. I bought one from wunderwelt that had minimal damage and it's sturdy enough to carry my basics all day. I'm not sure I would pay full retail price for one unless the color/fabric was really unique. I'm fairly stingy with non-leather bags though.

>> No.10239638

I didn't know I wanted this until now.

If there isn't one I can make one maybe?

>> No.10239640

me again

if I could convince you gulls to play starbound instead, that would be even better (it's basically minecraft but much cuter and 2D)

>> No.10239645

I'd like one for show, but I'm also looking for structure. Best of both worlds and all that.

>> No.10239710

when devil inspired's pre order is finished ( and you didnt pre order it) when do they let you buy the item ? or are they done selling?

>> No.10239743

In my experience they call their standard red "cherry red" if that item is also available in a bordeaux/ wine red colorway.

>> No.10239863

SAL isn't available in my country

>> No.10239867

>>10239730 This is the 2nd time I've seen someone in the COF threads have their shoes credited to "Rainbow"/"Rain Bow". Is it a taobao shop or something? It's such a generic word to search for - I can't find it.

>> No.10239877
File: 273 KB, 700x1211, VM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know if Victorian Maiden's Preppy Check Series was preorder only or if there'll be an official release at some point ? I've missed on it and now I kinda regret not getting the OP.

>> No.10239917

Could be these shoes:

>> No.10239937

Does triple fortune only sell their bonnets and hats at events? I was wondering if i could message them to try and get one of their riding hats.

>> No.10239940

They won’t sell overseas so you need to meet up at an event

>> No.10239978

Is wearing a reservation Lolita dress for you first time at a meetup too much?

I want to make friends and join the community but I only have to reservation dresses and nothing more on the casual side. Going to a LA meetup

>> No.10240019


>year of our lord 2019
>still ordering from devilinspired
>even if you can't taobao surely mld or giw are at least cheaper choices, I mean you're already going taobao for cheap, at least try to act like you're saving money and not just a mop

To actually answer your question, devilinspired is just a reseller. They have no control over what a specific taobao brand/shop does. Some taobao shops will put up extras for sale after the preorders are done, so you should see those after the preorders go out to girls who did preorder. Some shops never really have any leftovers, or only have limited leftovers of the unpopular stuff.

If you happen to know the brand name you can try asking either the taobao thread of facebook/lolitaupdates and see if anyone else can tell you whether the specific brand usually does any leftovers. Alternatively it can't hurt to email devilinspired yourself and ask if that item will ever be available again.

Sorry for the non-answer, that's why most of us don't really "do" resellers. Taobao brands are a whole spectrum of different sellers with their individual quirks each, you have to pay attention to each brand one by one rather than lump them into "devilinspired brand".

>> No.10240025


There's nothing special about ""reservation"" dresses, though. Almost all indies and taobao operate on reservations with half of them not having anything for sale if you don't reserve a dress. Then there's AP and Meta, where their reservations are re-releases of regular dresses that sold out too quickly, ie-a lot of people already own those dresses and a reservation actually means you were too slow in the bloodbath, not that you're dressed up more.

As for the dress code, it's a social gathering, dress to the occasion. If it's a lolita picnic, dress for a picnic and not a grand ball. If it's a tea party at some posh hotel, dress up for a tea party and not casually like you're going to pick up milk at the corner store. If you're really unsure, ask your comm what's appropriate to wear to the meet.

>> No.10240040

What does this even mean? A dress being reserved or not doesn't decide how casual or OTT it is. Jesus you really are new.

>> No.10240261

I was wondering if I wear the following:
Black jsk
White blouse
White bloomers
White Otks
Black shoes

Do I wear a black or a white petticoat underneath?

>> No.10240267

No one knows for sure, but I think it's pretty likely they'll release some ready stock once the reservations are sent out.

>> No.10240268

Your petticoat shouldn't be visible so it shouldn't matter, but if you're afraid of a petti slipping down then it's easier to avoid if it matches the colour my your dress.
I feel like most people have black or white pettis and just take care to not have them peek out.

>> No.10240269
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1562494793510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's changing in October though to 10%

>> No.10240270

Wtf is a reservation dress.

It actually doesn’t matter. The only thing is that if it shows accidentally it’s better if you wore a black one with a black dress.

>> No.10240279
File: 319 KB, 990x2128, 630F1F8F-85AD-4459-A87E-A3DD7E39CAB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, just didn’t wanna look like pic related

>> No.10240297

There's more wrong with that photo than just the petticoat though. And if you have the correct length (I prefer 2-3" shorter than my dress/skirt because I wear the waistband slightly lower) it shouldn't show like that.

>> No.10240319

Shit. I'm moving mid-September. If I order by the end of this week from IW to the US, should I order to my old address or my new address or just wait and let the free shipping offer pass?

>> No.10240380

I would wear a petticoat with the same colour as your bloomers

But it is visible when you move around or sit down

>> No.10240451

If I make a bid on LM that is at/higher than the buy it now price and then someone tries to buy it now, will it give me priority?

>> No.10240457

No. LM sees it as separate things.

>> No.10240465

I don't imagine. But why would you pay more than the bit it now?

>> No.10240474

I wouldn't expect it to actually charge me more than the BIN. But I would bid a dollar above it because I don't trust them to program it correctly. If someone put a "greater than" sign instead of a "greater than or equals" sign in the code, that could make the difference on whether a BIN overrides my bid.

That sucks.

>> No.10240590

But why bid at all when you could have BIN?

>> No.10240839

On LM, if you submit a bid of 150, you don't necessarily have to pay 150. It will automatically use the least amount you need to win. So if the other bidder quits at 120, you get to save the difference and buy yourself an extra pair of OTKs.

Still looking for an answer to this IW question. I know it hasn't been long since I asked, but the shipping offer ends this weekend, so I'm antsy...

>> No.10240862
File: 285 KB, 500x600, 241031-480-2014-12-17767467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just managed to snap my DD however after purchasing it the seller revealed that its missing the ribbon belt, while I'm happy to get the dress still I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a replacement ribbon? I considered buying a replica and just using the ribbon but I'm not sure, and I'm too bad at DIY to try and make one myself.

>> No.10240865

Don't support replica makers. Maybe find an Etsy shop and ask if they would recreate it for you? It seems relatively simple.

>> No.10240871

Dont worry anon I hate replicas as much as anyone else! I did try having a little look through etsy but most sellers I've seen who do lolita related bow stuff seem really low quality.
If anyone knows a good store id happily pay quite a bit to get a nice bow.

>> No.10240877

Ooooh, okay, I understand why now, thank you.

>> No.10240892

Lily of the Valley might do a custom bow for you since she does so many other custom pieces, maybe shoot her a message on etsy?

>> No.10240897
File: 50 KB, 500x518, Milly-Thompson-Trigun-a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the hairstyle called when anime bangs bump up like they did the the 80's and 90's?

I'm trying to find with tutorials and I'm unsure what to look for.

>> No.10240899

wig not with geeze

>> No.10240916

look up sailor moon bang tutorials and alter them to make them more pointy :) I've just heard them called "90's anime bangs" or "fluffy bangs" before, too

>> No.10240924

Thanks for the info, It makes me want to try them out even more. Most of the wigs have too much volume for my taste, I prefer a more natural look.

>> No.10240969

Is it better to buy a wig already styled or to style it yourself?

>> No.10240979

a great arda one popped up immediately, thank you!

>> No.10241002

Pre-styled will be more expensive, generally not the best quality unless you commission it from a wig maker, and you're stuck with the way the person decided it should look. On the other hand, if you're a beginner, which I assume you are since you're asking this, it's a lot easier because wig styling is kinda hard, so it's less work and you don't risk ruining it. So it's really a matter of what works best for you.

>> No.10241014
File: 9 KB, 533x455, kittyshirt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do they still sell these shirts? I remember seeing them on taobao some years ago. Sorry for the horrible drawing, haha.

>> No.10241392

Are burando shoes worth it? I've only worn bodyline shoes so far.

>> No.10241406

Its worth it if you buy them second hand in good condition.

>> No.10241419

What do buyers prefer, a flatlay of the garment or displayed on a mannequin?
Been wondering about the general opinion on this.

>> No.10241422

Reposting here because I'm blind and posted in the cosplay help:
why is there even a Yosuke USA store if it doesn't ship to the USA? why is it even called that? am I being retarded? Am I missing something?

>> No.10241423

Personally, it doesn't matter too much? I kind of prefer mannequins because they give an idea of how the cut looks work, and the skirt shape but laying pieces flat can be really nice if the photo is nice and they're styled well, like when people take coord photos with all the pieces laid flat.

>> No.10241574

Depends on the shoe. What are you thinking of anon?

>> No.10241842

I'm looking at a JSK with 2 sizes. I fall 10 cm+ below the minimum measurements for bust and waist on the L size, but it's 9 cm longer than the M and I'm a bit tall but not extremely so. I'd fit the M size perfectly but I do prefer longer dresses. Would I be swimming in the L?

>> No.10241867

just get an underskirt if you aren't going to be able to take in the L yourself

>> No.10241937

>going through closet
>find old non-print replica from newfag days
>don't want to toss it
>will not ever wear as-is

What do? Modify?

>> No.10241941

Yeah, maybe you could use it to make a zombie coord for Halloween

>> No.10241953

Does it come with an adjustable back? If there's corset lacing you could tighten it.

>> No.10242012

use the fabric to make a skirt or pillow or something

>> No.10242026

Can lacy gloves be worn with wristcuffs together or is that a nono? I want to go for a more OTT look for reference

>> No.10242045
File: 460 KB, 480x640, B43SH884-w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brand shoes are worth it, but only with second hand prices in my poorfag opinion. Downside is, people usually buy and keep shoes for a long time, so the second hand market gets them not so often/older releases. Pic related, just bought antique ribbon shoes for $55 (pls shipping and SS fees) as opposed to the $140 they retail for in Baby's website.

>> No.10242047

I just got a ring from AP (Dream Heart Macaron) and there's some discoloration around the feet of the macarons and the top part of the heart shape. What should I use to clean it, if it can be cleaned? I'm not really sure what the discoloration is or if it's just resin aging.

>> No.10242074

I think it can easily be done. But one of the things that often makes OTT coords look messy or "too busy" is that people add too many things that don't compliment each other, and instead feel like they're fighting for attention. There should be a "main point" to your coord and everything else could complement that. Are the gloves and wrist-cuffs made of the same lace?

>> No.10242175
File: 92 KB, 443x645, TB2W3lWsgNlpuFjy0FfXXX3CpXa_!!0-fleamarket.jpg_728x728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to identify the Taobao shop where this set came from. My Chinese is awful.

>> No.10242181
File: 140 KB, 645x606, TB2_iaUvNtmpuFjSZFqXXbHFpXa_!!0-fleamarket.jpg_728x728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped another pic.

>> No.10242184

I'm pretty sure that's the brand name, not a reference to where they're located

>> No.10242525
File: 85 KB, 808x1080, cf15ea194426ed4ee3f35d04bb5a25c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know of a good way to dye a straw hat black without ruining it? I got a huge straw hat off Taobao and I want it to look like pic related

>> No.10242532

i would be worried about getting dye on my hair

>> No.10242589

With a spray can? >>10242532 has a good point though.

>> No.10242601

Scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea is it to shop Wish for cosplay stuff?

>> No.10242605

What's the best place to buy wigs to wear with jfashion?

>> No.10242606

there are videos on yt where people did just this

>> No.10242624

Can I buy a "vintage" (probably 90s) sewing machine to learn how to sew? Or should I get a newer model. No nothing on sewing and planning to teach myself on youtube.

>> No.10242625

Even spray paint will get in my hair? Would it completely dry, or would it not adhere to the straw?

>> No.10242626

If you just want something that does a straight stitch, I'd go 1940s-1960s. Look for machines with a solid metal body. If you want lots of fancy stitches and buttonhole features, you can go 90s, but read reviews first, research the model number, check for parts availability, etc. If possible, go to a local sewing machine store-- they often teach classes and some offer financing on new machines.

>> No.10242628

Thanks for the advice. I was looking on gumtree for a secondhand sewing machine.

I litterally know nothing about sewing but am keen to learn. So I'm guessing like a car, a more common model with available parts is good for a first one because I can easily repair it?

>> No.10242632
File: 545 KB, 745x491, DBD00984-4F64-451C-9DA7-C742B01ABF5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you even cut bangs on wigs? ive tried the thinning out method and the one where you essentially cut upwards on random places and my wigs look like shit

also, is it worth buying one of those bang cutter clip things (pic related)

>> No.10242651

Anon, even the bangs in the after photo are choppy and uneven. Get yourself a pair of haircut ring scissors and. Thinning scissors and cut diagonally/vertically. There are plenty of tutorials on cutting bangs and wigs.

>> No.10242652

*hair cutting and thinning scissors

>> No.10242655
File: 88 KB, 500x750, 2e17d1e5-7269-4430-9591-4c2d2f3984bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone recognize the store the cape is from? nokecha said it was from taobao but didn't remember the store.

>> No.10242659

>also, is it worth buying one of those bang cutter clip things (pic related)
No, it's garbage.

>> No.10242663

do you have any brands of scissors to recommend or will any type of hair cutting scissors work? ive read that the wig fibres can dull the blades. >>10242659
thank you anon! i won’t buy it.

>> No.10242674

i legit use daiso scissors or fiscars, as long as they’re sharp they work

>> No.10242690

What >>10242674b said, as long as they're sharpnthey work. However scissors made to cut hair will stay sharper longer and generally are lighter (as opposed to using sewing shears, which are sharp but heavy and what I used when I just started styling wigs...) I have a set of Andis thinning scissors and hair cutting scissors, which work great. A thinning comb is also worth getting.

>> No.10242753

Where on cgl can I post my first coord for concrit? I don't know any irl lolitas and I don't use Facebook so I'm in a bit of a tizzy here cause I'd really like to improve.

>> No.10242757

we have the “coord help thread” check the catalogue

>> No.10242792

So I joined a comm using my “real” Facebook and have already made a few friends who know my irl given name. After a gross interaction with a kinkster, would it be weird to suddenly use a fake name (generic white girl name) instead from this point forward? I just don’t want comm members to think I’m weird for suddenly changing my name even if most of them have stupid made up names anyway

>> No.10242848

I heard that using the word lolita in the title or tags makes videos unfindable on YT. Is that true and how do lolita YouTubers title/tag their videos to reach a greater lolita fashion audience? On IG I always tag #eglcommmunity along with the brands I’m wearing but I don’t think people watching YT really search brand names unless they’re looking for a specific unboxing video.

>> No.10242899
File: 338 KB, 800x800, Clock bag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this bag a replica? I googled clock bags and found this storeenvy but im unsure if they just resell taobao stuff. If so does anyone know the original shop this is from?

This is the shop:

>> No.10243057

you could also try reddit for a second opinion

>> No.10243060

What would a damaged Sugary Carnival jsk go for? (Secondhand)

>> No.10243062

Depends on how damaged, but don’t expect much. I’ve seen very good conditions go for $150 lately.

>> No.10243094

they're catty, mean, and shitty here because they're inherently catty, mean, and shitty by default and because the unrestricted, unfiltered self-expression of that is here spurred on by the unusual prospect of zero social repercussions. typical female human nature has an unfortunate number of dark aspects to it and this is one of them.

>> No.10243125

I need to make a facebook to join lolita groups, but im not sure how much i need to put onto my profile. Is a profile picture enough?

>> No.10243136

You have to seem like a real person.

>> No.10243151

Ok, but how do i do that without any friends

>> No.10243156

That would be pretty hard lel
some lolita groups ask you to verify you’re a real lolita so as long as you can convince them.. using a real profile photo in lolita should help

>> No.10243170
File: 16 KB, 265x265, 9238w-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there any where I can get these?? with paypal? I'm not sure but that minkyshop seemed pretty defunct.

>> No.10243178

You can do so, just give a heads up to the mods with your IRL account, that you’re making a new profile just for lolita, and share that profile with them as a link so that they can add it to the group. It’s not that uncommon to do separate accounts, especially if you are in law/finance/teaching/other job that requires you to have a clean public image, and it takes just one HR person to trawl Facebook and use one photo as a reason to toss your resume in the “not a good fit for our company culture” pile.

>> No.10243192

They're originally from Antaina.
You can order them from a Taobao SS that uses PayPal.

>> No.10243202

any apps with cute stickers that you don’t have to pay for?

>> No.10243211

Um.. is Mercari Error 403'ing for you guys too?

>> No.10243218

Update: The Error is showing everywhere except for US and Japan. Boy, this better not be permanent.

>> No.10243238


>> No.10243258

Reddit is full of ita-lovers, so opinions there are garbage

>> No.10243261

What's a good source for 4-way stretch fur fabrics?

>> No.10243372

spray paint it or paint it, then spray it good and even with mod podge spray sealer? that should protect you from the paint. make sure it's dried completely before you start a different step of the process.

>> No.10243395

i joined lolita groups with one friend and a picture of my pet as my profile as i don’t use fb. most of the groups have questionnaires to filter out nonlolitas, you can pass them if you’ve ever heard of a brand. just don’t be surprised if sales groups don’t approve you, they’re the only ones that are stringent about this kind of thing, for obvious reasons.

>> No.10243661
File: 22 KB, 425x283, 51VBJR0BZXL._SX425_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you recommend for UV Reactive paint?
I've heard that "fluro paint" won't work.

I'm making an idol costume that lights up like a glow-stick when an UV light shines on it.

>> No.10244156

Can anyone attest to the quality of david's bridal lace gloves?
I'm looking as their raschel lace ones for flower girls as a quick option to go with a more OTT coord I have.
Is it the nice, soft raschel lace or is it the stiff and itchy shit kind?
They're online only so it's not like I can pop in and take a look at them myself.

>> No.10244157

What is the reason behind cgl users being called seagulls?

>> No.10244159

sea g l

>> No.10244224

Itchy as hell.

>> No.10244529

Older machines are built better (more metal parts vs plastic) but they have fewer bells and whistles.

>> No.10244599

what's your gulls' preferred mercari SS? after all these years of overpriced LM I think it's time to branch out

>> No.10244713

Aw damn... Maybe I'll pick up the AatP ones on WW next paycheck if theyre still there.
I hate WW anymore...

>> No.10244780

I'm looking into my first JSK. What brands are better for small frames? The measurements on stuff like BtSSB makes me worry I'll be swimming in it, especially if I buy used.

>> No.10244792

Mary Magdalene is elegant, well made, and most importantly tiny.

>> No.10244839

I recommend Innocent World. Even though it's known for being a classic brand, it has a lot of diversity and you can basically find anything to fit the three main sub-styles (Sweet, Gothic, Classic).
Plus, you can easily find a main piece under 100 USD.

>> No.10245052

Thank you! MM pieces look gorgeous but pricey for a first buy. There are some IW JSKs I have my eye on on LaceMarket so I may go for one of those!

>> No.10245059

Btssb and AatP regularly release small skirts. milk is small in the shoulders and sleeves. Some brands offer custom sizing, looks Rosa Bianca, Antique Beast, Hakuchosya and Juliette et Justine.

>> No.10245060

I just made my first purchase from mercari using Japonica. So far ordering and bidding/buying has gone smoothly, fingers crossed shipping and handling works out too.

>> No.10245278

Which lolita brands release a lot of prints regularly besides Meta, btssb, etc and AP?

>> No.10245311

Define "small" and you'll get the best recommendation. What are your measurements?

>> No.10245312

Try taobao if you want to treat lolita like fast fashion

>> No.10245367

any good remedies for removing tea stain from lace? Stupid waist tie lace took a dunk in some green tea for literally a second and was treated right away. I tried soaking it in running water, then leaving it to soak in oxy for 45ish minutes but it's being super stubborn :/

>> No.10245368

maybe leave it in oxy for longer? the box says 1-6 hours and while I wouldn't leave it for 6 hours, i feel like 45 min might be too short.

>> No.10245386

I have never had luck using oxy for tea stains, but it has worked for everything else I have used it for, even bright red lipstick on stark white dresses. BUT, try soaking it in white vinegar. It usually helps a lot for me when it comes to tea stains, far more than oxy ever did.

>> No.10245414

Fuck off retard, I only asked a question

>> No.10245427

How does one attach wings to an OP? Are clear nylon strings as straps alright or should I use something else?

>> No.10245441

Would honey cake look better with printed socks or some plain ankle socks? I've finally found some ivory socks with a generic brown bow print but for some reason I can't imagine them matching the ivory jsk that well.
Will probably wear it with a red bolero and red tea parties or something.

>> No.10245448

Try to find an IW piece with corset lacing if you can, or an older unshirred piece. I’m not even tiny but shirred IW without lacing is baggy on me.

>> No.10245632

How do I know the jannies aren't members of my comm who know everything I post on here?

>> No.10245640

it really depends on how heavy they are

>> No.10245660
File: 122 KB, 452x645, 9CF578ED-FF4A-4663-86AF-9E052FE38B9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you wear this type of OP without petti?

>> No.10245663

Probably not needed, but a light a-line might work.

>> No.10245671

I own an Excentrique OP similar to this and a super light Aline petti works for me. If I wear it without anything the fabric wrinkles awkwardly after a while and gets a bit sticky on my legs which ruins the shape.

>> No.10245726

Try the cosplay help thread instead (this one is intended for jfash) >>10235141

>> No.10245738

Is there any way to get ahold of BTSSB Usakumya and Kumakumya bags besides buying secondhand or being super lucky/early on release days? I tried to reserve an Usakumya this past Friday only a few hours after the start time for the reservation and it had already closed and sold out. Secondhand they always price it almost double than original price a lot with less than reasonable shipping even considering the size of the bigger rucksacks.

Do brands not really have "permanent" collections where they sell their classic or brand specific items to be purchased or made to order?

>> No.10245755

I'm fairly certain one of them is in my comm because I had a fairly innocuous comment deleted here recently that was extremely vague and you'd only get it if you were in my comm.

>> No.10245781

nope, I tried to reserve the phone pouch and couldn't. Try mercari or fril, but you do have to be fast. If you are lucky, you will be looking at $170-$200 price range after fees/shipping, so sometimes the overpriced ones on lacemarket aren't as bad (with the convenience of already being in the western market).

>> No.10245791

Thanks anon! Sadly the only Usakumya I see on LM right now is someone in Europe (and I'm North America) charging like over $100 shipping plus $250 for the bag. I found a medium to large Kumakumya on eBay recently for under $200 but that goddamn bunny bear is hard to find for a reasonable amount. Hopefully the other sites you mentioned will have it turn up soon.

>> No.10245881

Try checking j yahoo auctions too

>> No.10245892

Everything sells out less quickly in the physical store. Get an in-store shopping service who will go there on the day of release.

>> No.10245893

it was probably reported by someone in your comm.

>> No.10245897

Do you know of any good/reliable ones?

>> No.10245900

Tenshi Shop, Muuh Tokyo, Momoirokumasan (slow communication)

>> No.10245902

I haven't received mine yet, but I don't think they're going to be that heavy. I picked the 70cm one.

>> No.10245918

what's the best place for a petti for longer skirts? i have an a+a one now that i love but its too short for some of my calf length dresses

>> No.10245950
File: 92 KB, 250x333, f632bb06-c9f6-5ee9-8036-6ff091c06365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own one of the wool blend short AP coats? Are they any good for actual winter? I'm thinking of getting one but I don't wanna end up having to wear more than 2-3 layers underneath just so I don't freeze to death.

>> No.10245963

Does someone know of a good place to buy lace sock toppers like the Moi-Même-Moitié Rose Lace garters?
(If you say Taobao please add a link to them)

>> No.10245965

Yeah but the comment didn't technically break any rules so unless the janitor knew exactly what I was referring to they shouldn't have removed it.

>> No.10245972

I have a similar coat from ap and it doesnt keep you very warm. The lining on the inside is not good.

>> No.10245975
File: 376 KB, 885x592, tumblr_mj78a5wcs71s3n6sko1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi, what would be a good place to find cowboy/western type lolita coords/outfits? or what would be a good phrase to search to find them?

>> No.10245998

Let me guess, you saw that LovelyLor video and liked the cowboy style thing?

>> No.10246029

Pirate lolita but with a different hat

>> No.10246032

They don't think about it that much

>> No.10246089

First time cosplayer for a local event in my town, how should i react if someone starts taking photos of me without my permission?

>> No.10246093

Suck it up. If you don't want your pics taken without your permission, don't go in cosplay to a con.

>> No.10246094

That's like saying don't wear alt fashion if you don't want your photo taken. Some people want to enjoy a hobby without being treated like a spectacle and that's fair. They should probably just ask that person to stop taking photos if they don't want them to.

>> No.10246098

>Some people want to enjoy a hobby without being treated like a spectacle and that's fair.

In public, sure. At a con, I disagree. It's just impossible to handle, weebs are obnoxious and will just not listen. And besides, if you don't want pics of your cosplay taken, why even wear it to a con? Cosplay is not alt fashion, it's a costume.

>> No.10246106


Wearing a cosplay and enjoying dressing up as a character and having *professional* photos taken is different than strangers taking unflattering or unwanted candids.

Whether it is fashion or a costume people have a right to some level of privacy or consideration. Maybe I'm too nice and expecting too much of others but asking before taking photos is totally normal and not difficult.

This is not the cosplay help thread anyway though so they should probably ask there.

>> No.10246109

I get what you mean and I'm not saying it's good to take people's pics without their permission; I'm a daily lolita and I absolutely hate it when people take pics of me in public, but I've given up telling them off because they just don't care. And it's even worse at cons, because weebs are entitled pieces of shit.

>> No.10246128

take a photo of them

>> No.10246129

strike a goofy pose so it looks like youre in on it and it ruins the creepshot

>> No.10246222

today i wore a new pair of bodyline shoes, but when i got home the pleather lining had stained my white otks (it's not sweat stains either, because i can see the pink polka dot pattern of the lining). i handwashed the otks, but there's still stains. should i do an oxy soak?

>> No.10246564

i have one from 2 years ago, its more of a fall/spring jacket especially if you life somewhere that gets very cold. definitely not very warm

>> No.10246566

i want to wear a red short blouse with red and white ap socks with my honey cake coord
what color should my shoes be? red? i have the hair bow too

>> No.10246592

If you have the yellow colorway (one of the more common/popular ones so just assuming) I think red, yellow, or the right shade of brown shoes would all work.

>> No.10246661

Is it a bad idea to pair a very detailed, multicolored blouse that has white lace with a plain, white skirt? Or will it be too unbalanced?
I found a blouse I want to order, but I can't find a matching skirt anywhere and it's probably not worth it if I can't actually wear it effectively.

>> No.10246663

>bad idea
I mean *good idea

>> No.10246858

That coord is not nice but also where are those boots from?

>> No.10246938

I'm ordering from CC for the first time and they're asking for a phonetic? What does that mean?

>> No.10246990

Could you post a picture of the blouse? I'm having a hard time picturing it.

>> No.10247003

Just write your name again. It's from the Japanese translation. First line would be in kanji , second line being in hiragana.

>> No.10247017

If you're not Japanese, your first line should be your name in your native language and then the phonetic line should be katakana.

>> No.10247055
File: 209 KB, 1125x1042, 0AB497BD-C376-4EBC-86BA-EC5BBB7E1303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody have a way to keep the line for the “boot” of a lycra suit to stay in place above the calf?

It never occurred to me until after wearing the costume for a while, but they slide down over time, and kind of throw off the balance of the suit, because you look like you have tiny boots...

I mean it’s not horrible, but it bothers me, and I’d like to fix it if I could.

>> No.10247114

so keep everything and wear brown shoes? i love this idea thank you anon

>> No.10247307
File: 94 KB, 360x420, 110520011809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure thing.

>> No.10247312

What's the best way to price things when selling stuff secondhand? Do you list the lowest price you're willing to go and stay firm on it or list it a little higher than that and let people talk you down (or pay the little extra)? That's what my husband does with his hobbies and tells me to do but I feel like people might just scoff at the price and keeping shopping especially since the stuff I want to sell aren't particularly coveted pieces or anything.

>> No.10249090

No problem! I bought yellow for the rerelease and plan to wear a red blouse or cardigan with red and white socks with brown shoes and lots of brown bear and pancake themed accessories!

>> No.10249603

Boutta buy my first outfit. Does Diamond Honey make OK petticoats? I'm getting a burando JSK but hoping I can save money on a "starter" petti.

Are there any other taobao brands that would be better?

>> No.10249607

It kind of depends on shipping too

>> No.10251183

Everyone and their mother used to have this lavender oversized cardigan for more general "kawaii" fashions.
Does anyone know what brand it was? Lazy Oaf? Listen Flavor?

Kammie used to have one, but I cannot find the picture.

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