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'Because no one else will do it' edition

Last thread: >>10230124

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People who LARP as lolitas or cosplayers from an earlier time need to relax and stfu. Cosplay has always had thots, lolita isn't just replicating old brand ads, and just because someone's younger than you and doesn't have the same taste doesn't make them bad. Everyone was a cringeworthy weeb once.

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tfw crush on girl in your comm but things wouldn't work out

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In case we have more Ranger cosplayers in here. Quote me.
I want to see how much colorful heroes we got.

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I'm a male deku and I will have my first cosplay in a few months. I haven't even started to try makeup. I have no experience being male and all.

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I wish you to get a nymphomaniac power ranger cosplay gf, a virgin even, but that somehow knows every single page of kamasutra by heart

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Only a virgin /would/ know every page of the kamasutra by heart.

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>mfw your post

Thank you from the deepest parts of my heart, anon. May God hear you out, and bless you.

I'm a virgin too. Would be great.

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Mighty Morphin Yellow (Trini) was my first crush.

Yes, I'm that old.

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I'm as old as Power Rangers In Space.
Sometimes I wonder what the fuck i'm doing in a predominantly older (25+) fandom.
You have good taste, by the way.

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A little gift to you. Two argentinian cosplayers (possibly lesbian from what i've researched).

Got to love them sabertooth tigers.

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Cons are so exhausting. I get tired of walking around and moving around people after 5 hours. I don't understand how people can do it all day and hang around so many strangers without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

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What the fuck is happening here right now?

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It’s a raid newfag, report and ignore

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Yep, it seems to be a raid. People are so retarded.
I'll report these odd threads as well.

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Good feels today: I've been working on losing weight for the better part of a year and I've gone below my goal measurements, which I didn't think I could do. Today I found out that I can fit into JetJ size 1, which is more than I could have hoped for! I'm still a healthy size, but it feels nice to have excelled more than I thought I could.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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>tfw finally befriend people with the same interests
>Can talk about jfashion/weeb shit with them
>Excited and happy about it
>Cut to me following them on SM only to find them posting about their depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts
>That combined with constant shit talking is starting to wear me down. Some of it is justified but a lot is just pure unnecessary salt.

I love them but jfc

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My heart breaks more and more each day when I think about how my husbando will never be real. Why must such a perfect vision of a man only exist within fiction? Why is God so cruel?

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>reminding me that my 2D husbando isn’t real

Don’t do this to me

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Come on, it's usually indoors, and you can sit and take breaks. Do you never go to theme parks, malls, concerts, or the state Fair? How often do you walk regularly? I'm sedentary as fuck, but even though cons are a bit tiring, it's not so hard I wonder how or why I do it.

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You too Anon. Great day.

Usually nerdy environments attract a fuck load of people with real mental issues. Some have it in check, some don't. That's why cosplay drama is a thing. People just can't let their illnesses away for a day and bother people who are having a good time or are just there.

I'm not an exception, I'm a trainwreck but I know no one has anything to do about it, thus those who know me, like me. Unfortunately you'll have to get used to people in conventions and whatnot having mental issues.

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oh good!!!!! i hope she gets her wardrobe rebuilt ok

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I just wanted something e this.
Any cosplay related. Even historical cosplay. Ugh.

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Like this. Fixed.

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In a previous thread I had talked about how I had done a panel with a friend who kept putting me down during it and I decided to do my own panels without him. I had explained to him that I still want to be friends but he can't keep treating me like this. And he never responded. I heard through a mutual that he wanted to talk to me and since because we were both going to this meet up I messaged him to just come find me if he wanted to talk. Fast forward to the day of the meet up and he does come up to talk to me. But not to apologize. Instead he acts like he has no idea what he did to make me so upset even though I had explained it to him months ago. So I went over it again but this time he had a excuse for his behavior, as if I was the one in the wrong not him. I would have forgiven him if he just can't simply apologize but I guess that was too much for him because he had to justify his shitty behavior and try to rewrite history. I'm not gonna stand for this shit anymore. Real friends don't treat other friends like shit.

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Sounds like he has the emotional maturity of a teenager

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>Kept putting me down during it
Can you give some examples of him putting you down?

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A little bit of context before I share. We were doing a video game panel and my former friend is a hardcore Nintendo fanboy. One of the biggest was before the panel we were talking with the audience and I had mentioned that I hadn't bought any games for my ps4 lately and my friend said "That's why you're an idiot for supporting Sony." And then during the panel I mentioned how I had wanted to show old retro game commercials but we weren't able to. My friend snapped back and said no one would be interested in something that stupid.

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I have 3 weeks left to water fast to be as smoll as possible for my felix crossplay.

I want to be tied up and video'd. The hunger is real.

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I got dumped because of my bf's depression, there is a chance we can get back together, but idk.

I really wanted to do a couples cosplay with him, sucks.

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i want a weeb bf but all the weebs i've met were stupid and a bit sexist

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i want a weeb bf, but all the male weebs i've met were kind of stupid, a bit sexist and have an unhealthy lifestyle

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I keep running into this too, its annoying as fuck. I just want a sweet little weeb bf I can make costumes for so we can dress up together but they've all been sexist assholes so far.

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sorry i deleted my post, i forgot to add something important

>> No.10235819

Nah its fine, it was an important addition.

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>Sweet little weeb male
I'm sure a lot of these exist in your life m8.

>> No.10235825

I'm so sweet people say o can't be able to be bad and wishes of adopting me.

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I want an otaku gf so bad. I don't care who.
Too bad most of them are too ignorant to realize that I like them and for the most part they're all too busy online to even wanna talk.

>> No.10235836 [DELETED] 

They probably do realize it and just don’t like you.

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Well thanks for letting me down easy.

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>I don't care who
>Too ignorant to realize I like them
Male here.
Get standards and stop being a pussy ass faggot and say something about it.

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You sound like you aren’t living in reality m8.

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They probably dislike that you blame them for not being able to read your mind

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Ah, I think I put it completely wrong and everybody's misunderstanding.
More my point is that, at least OTI, they're busy with other stuff. Most of them aren't online enough for me to try and talk to them, and I'm too much of a pussy to DM them directly.
It's more my fault, I guess. Sorry for making a dumb blogpost.

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A friend asked me to cosplay characters from older series together. I am doing my research on construction/what people did and it's bringing me to old DA, cosplay.com, even blogs from long ago. They have all been abandoned by now but it's giving me a strange sense of nostalgia, which is weird because I didn't cosplay or even know what cosplay was at the time. I will say though, it's pretty cool to see what people did all the way back then, despite the lack of resources.

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You already come off as a piece of shit, I can't imagine how bad you must be irl.

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>I want an otaku gf so bad. I don't care who.
A lot of girls find it obvious that men who flirt with them feel like this.

Was sperging out over my favorite series to a new dude I met at a con once and he was like "Haha sounds weird but it's cute to see you so excited ;)" and it was very offputting. Like damn dude, get used to it because I care about every single one of these characters more than I care about you and I'd rather talk to someone who gets it rather than someone who just likes the idea of me being "so quirky and nerdy" or whatever.

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Well personally I never see women as pieces of meat (as nice guy™ as that may sound). Personally, if I like a series I'll gladly talk to a girl or guy about it, I don't care who.
I suppose I just need to try and find a girl with similar intrests? I mean, I like a lot of stuff and can usually be interested in what others are, but I worry I come off as creepy (as a certain deleted post already stated in a slightly worse way). Maybe I just shouldn't go for one at all and just go with a girl who like me more than a girl I like.

>> No.10235881

>as a certain deleted post already stated in a slightly worse way
I deleted it because I read your follow up post and realized maybe you had just worded your first post badly and did not deserve the criticism.

>> No.10235886

>but I worry I come off as creepy
Don't. I really doubt you'll fuck up so bad that you run your reputation in whatever social circles you're in. Even if you do you can just join some new ones or move to a new area. You're going to have start things if you want to get anywhere.

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I usually walk around a lot but when I go there are places to sit down and relax. At the con, it was so many people and so few seats. It was so exhausting. Not to mention the limited food choices.

>> No.10235902

Nayrt, but that smells of manchild. What a shitty friend.

>> No.10235907

>don’t care who
That’s the worst air you can put out. Like who would want to partner up someone if it meant being a replaceable stand-in for an unrealistic ideal.

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>tfw will never get to fondle my 2D husbando's balls

Life sure is cruel.

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I hate how the weird brolitas (and sissies pretending to be brolitas) feel the need to talk to me because I’m a brolita. No, I don’t want to talk about stockings, petticoats, or bloomers. Leave me the fuck alone and let me enjoy my niche fashion.

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JetJ's doodles are so cute!

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I finally made weeb friends interested in cosplay. They also like the same music as me and one of them even wears EGA (I wear EGL). It was all great until.. They turned out to be Trump supporters. From the moment they found out I'm not right-wing, they somehow managed to make every conversation about right-wing politics. Some of their arguments sounded like they were taken straight from Breitbart. We don't even live in the US, not even near.

>> No.10236074

Aye lolita gurl u wan sum fuq.

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tfw Sasazuka will never call me a bakaneko and force-feed me donuts

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>The person from the same college wanted to get into lolita (is weeb)
>me sending helpful links and guides
> umm and aahhh over buying a petti and asked for cheap 2nd stuff for sweet
>girl ends up half assing, doesn’t read or listen to advice or do research
>picks a wa Bodyline dress
>lolita is a form of self expression :)
> continues to ask stupid questions that are answered with google and wants spoon-feeding
>girl picks wa as her style
> -shrug- im done

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you need to take responsibility for creating this ita

>> No.10236216

>lost a few lolita accessories after last AWA
>Looked everywhere for them
>Not too upset because they were mostly Bodyline
>Go to replace them
>Turns out Bodyline hasn't been restocking these things, some aren't even on the website anymore
>Eventually settle for buying some taobao replacements that are close but not the same as what I had which I actually really liked
>Recently unpacked some stuff after moving
>Find bag full of my lost accessories
I missed these socks and headdresses I'm so happy!

>> No.10236219

I used to be like that, but now I mostly wear full Moitie or Boz coords. Never felt like joining my comm though, after how they treated me in early days. (Dutch comm. I guess I'm too sensitive but whatever. I don't need meets to wear what I want.)

>> No.10236232

>friend has always been a bit of a preachy brat
>at this point I'm not sure why I'm around them since we have a different sense or humor, don't watch the same shows, don't have many of the same interests, overall have a different energy, etc.
>the last couple of times I was hanging out with her and some of our mutual friends, it has been non stop gossiping about a couple of other people her respective fandom
>they've probably only spoken a handful of times and at best would be considered acquaintances, yet she keeps spewing the shit talk about whatever they post on their story or in recent posts
>whenever I invite her to drink or chill with people I know she just ends up trying to become the center of attention, preach whatever the fuck, maybe talk about herself or whatever yaoishit she's currently into or try to gossip about more people she doesn't even speak to. It's not even fun stories, funny times or anything.

I've been rooming with this woman and a couple of mutuals for the last year or so but I want out.
I don't want to tell her to change or anything and telling her to change just to accommodate me would be fucking stupid, I just don't want to be a part of this person's life anymore. I just feel kind of bad since I was a contributing factor to their hotel bill (maybe this is why they kept me around along with the fact that I have a DSLR and they ask me to take pictures) and I presume they expected more cash/pics from me for future cons, they don't have many/any other friends who would chip in and join either. Not to mention I've introduced her to a lot of my friends and presumably they'd still invite her to our outings or at the very least want to see her and I'm not too sure how I'd handle being around her after basically saying "I'm out, fuck off".

Sorry for blogshit rambling, I'm just getting frustrated.

>> No.10236235

I've always wondered how does someone in alternative fashion be even that invested in extremely conservative views

>> No.10236239

I accidentally put the wrong decimals in the yen prices in my customs declaration and managed to get my shit in without any fees. They even asked me to correct everything, and I gave them my receipt but even still, soneone must have fucked up on their end too cause no taxes or fees whatsoever. Fuck yes.

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Whats it like to have friends who are into lolita, cons, cosplaying, j fashion, etc?

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>Whats it like to have friends

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>> No.10236354

emotionally immature people tend to conflate something being "alternative" with it being good (or at the very least, better than the norm). a lot of teens flock to extremist ideas when they hit their rebellious phase (I was pretty alt-right/alt-lite in highschool) because it feels cool to be a part of a perceived counterculture that they can't even begin to understand.
eventually, if they don't grow up or make any effort to learn about the world at large, they remain bigoted and ignorant into adulthood.

>> No.10236438

It's ok. It's nice to befriend people that have the same interests as you, but if you're not good with dealing with other people's mental illnesses then it's just annoying. A person can only take so much sad posting, crying drunks, salt and backstabbing.

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>> No.10236484

Can’t help them if they are a cheapskate as well and have no drive to get better.

>> No.10236487

WW2 cosplay, especially from Vidya, can be a lot of fun Anon, but a lot of people have serious problems with German uniforms, even if you don't use the swastika at all.
This can even be true for German WW1 uniforms, so I suggest steering clear unless it's obscure enough such that only a few people get the reference (I'm thinking maybe Rictofen and Samantha Maxis from CoD blops or something)

>> No.10236493

It's interesting you say this Anon, it really goes into that idea of "conservative is the new punk"
Sometimes I wonder if nerdy people that are either far left or far right have more in common than they think, at least as far as attitude goes, and could bond over that.

>> No.10236496 [DELETED] 

I hope you were in the same mall as the el paso shooting

>> No.10236503

>it's a "cosplayer with giant tits who gets lots of positive reception to her heavy cleavage pictures tries to figure out how to make her Patreon more successful" episode

How do these people not realize people want to throw money at skimpy titty-centric cosplays and NOT high quality full armor builds? I thought since the younger generation grew up in a Nigri-dominated cosplay scene they would get the hint that's where the money goes.

>> No.10236514
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Perhaps they legitimately want to be more successful for the "right" reasons, even though they may have a foot in the door for the "wrong" ones

>> No.10236517

I understand how touchy it can be. It's a cosplay 'field' very little seen out of specific military recreation events, I assume. There aren't a lot of events in that fashion where I live as well, so there's that.

If anything i'd want to do a Cold War themed stuff with Hazmat suits, not necessarily a WWII thing.

>> No.10236519

That's a good idea Anon, especially with the slight revival in popularity because of shows like Chernobyl

>> No.10236526

>We don't even live in the US, not even near.

>> No.10236531

Thank you kind anons for sharing in this mutual pain.

Anyone else’s s/o also hate their husbando?

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>mom finds the poop sock for my meme cosplay

>> No.10236542

Was it REALLY a meme though gull?

>> No.10236545

>only have 3 dresses I actively want
>find dress I want in desired colorway and cut for cheap in very good condition
>arrives Saturday, 20 minutes after another package that day?
>delivered to parcel locker
>have no parcel locker
>USPS probably just never delivered my package

I've been talking to my local post office and they couldn't find my package when I was there, but they said they're gonna keep looking. How fucked am I? This is extremely depressing and I want this dress even more now.

>> No.10236615

I think about similar concepts pretty often. as a somewhat well-read anarchist, I see a lot of the same goals or desires among people from all over the ideological spectrum, though outliers (true bigots/authoritarians) do exist. when pressed on core beliefs, I'd say most people are far more similar than they're normally lead to believe. the problems lie with political language and propoganda, which divide those who should be neighbors into enemies. if more people understood that, I feel like we all could bond over a shared human experience- nerdy or otherwise

>> No.10236697

Well, then the invite is made to anyone here who enjoys military costumes in general.

Would you say I could be lucky on military oriented places like operatorchan? I don't even know if it's still up, but still.

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>tfw eating disorder
>tfw male

>> No.10236721


Just tell them you got a better offer for rooming (cheaper, closer, less people) whatever you have to do to convince her even if it's a lie, and if she asks after that just say you're going with X group from last time.

I have this friend that I love to pieces but I hate rooming with her.
For some reason she has it in her head that we have to be in each others pockets all the time and often feels put out if we even think of eating/ordering take out from different places.
The thing is she's lactose intolerant and after a long day on my feet I just want to murder a pizza with my partner because it's an easy meal and any trash is easily thrown out with little smell, staining and mess in general. She'll take forever to look through the menu and pull her face at anything we suggest when I'm probably ready to gnaw my arm off an hour prior.
In the end I just told my partner what I wanted, ordered and left her to her own devices. Sometimes you just have to look after your own ass rather than coddle someone else and be miserable.

>> No.10236732

>lactose intolerant
>doesn't take lactase
>doesn't tough through it
Sounds like your friend's weak.

>> No.10236742

Gulls... I might be getting a weeb bf... finally...
Met him at a con this year and we have talked almost every day since. We like the same series, he likes my jfash and cosplay and seems like he wants to get into it a bit himself. Only problem is he's Danish and I'm Swedish, but four hours isn't that bad... right?

>> No.10236751


>> No.10236753

Long distance always sucks, but 4 hours still sounds somewhat manageable. Best of luck to you two anon!

>> No.10236755

If the value was marked at a high price (by normie standards) it probably got stolen

>> No.10236757

>Dating a Dane
Swedish-danish relations aside, instead of thinking about 4 hours, how much does it cost to visit each other? Time is nothing when you're in love, but money can make the mind overpower the heart. When there's a price in both time and money to see each other romance might be hindered.
In the long run you also have to consider who's going to move where and learn which language. (Speaking English won't last forever.) If you head west I deem you a failure as a Swede and will mourn you with bitterness.

>> No.10236771

Thank you so much!
I have brought shame upon my brethren, will sudoku immediately
It's not too much actually, I can imagine us seeing eachother twice a month or something. Which I think is good. And don't worry, I will never succumb to danskjäveln.

>> No.10236782


I'm retarded. Should have quoted >>10236519

>> No.10236785

I checked everywhere they usually put my mail right away and it wasn’t there. I really don’t think it got stolen.

>> No.10236787
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Does he look like your husbando, gull?

>> No.10236822

Parcels get stolen at sorting centers of post offices and at airports

>> No.10236837

I worked at a mail distribution and classification center once, I stole me some package with weed, eventhough there were cameras.

>> No.10236854

It's been a nice, milky week.

>> No.10236862

yeah one of my friends developed an addiction to stealing while he worked at an airport distribution center. lack of security is not the problem. the people in charge just don't care.

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>cosplayer calls me out for saying I wouldn't cosplay a character because I feel I'm too dark for them (amongst the other things i said like hairy and curvy)
well wtf was i supposed to say? I honestly don't feel like this towards anybody else, I only feel "racist" towards myself I guess. Like if there was somebody else even with a DARKER shade of skin cosplaying that character, I'd have no problem. It's literally only me I hate. I hate my skin. It's muddy, it's orange, it's ashy, it's everything wrong possible at the same time and no makeup can fix it.

>> No.10236906

Tried really hard to convince my friends to back out of competing at con next weekend because we lost a work week due to vacations, and only two of the seven of us can sew. Didn’t work, now crunching for myself and one other person and slowly regretting everything.

Plus just took time off for vacation, have to take time off for con next week and another con that I’m working in the next three weeks, and then having to make new costumes for another con in a couple of months. I’m thankful that my employers are very understanding and really don’t care when I take time off, but the constant bitching from my parents is getting on my nerves. God forbid I have a hobby while still paying my bills.

>> No.10236940

It doesn't make sense to hate your own complexion if you can't change it gull

>> No.10236943

Not really I guess BUT I'll make him my actual husbando

>> No.10236951

two hentai degenerates find love, cute

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tfw no lolita friend to help you decide what to delete from your shopping cart

>> No.10236978

girls i'm so frustrated. i'm always well within the waist and bust measurements, but not the shoulder width. i've complained about this before in the stupid questions thread and desu nobody had a real answer. i do not have freakishly big shoulders. i don't understand how people with a bigger waist and bust as me can have 30 cm shoulder width. yet it's triggering my eating disorder stuff. why must brand torture me so.

i mean look at this
>Shoulder width:30.5cm
am i crazy?? do i actually have abnormally fat shoulder width?

>> No.10236991

This is actually half of the shoulder width, there’s no such a thing as shoulder being smaller than the waist, this piece actually can be worn by someone with 61cm total shoulder width or less

>> No.10236995

I’m so sad that it’s hard to find classical lolita outfits nowadays. Not sweet-classic or Marie Antoinette inspired full of lace and pastels, but solid colors, elegant, porcelain doll looking, Mary Magdalene/Victorian Maiden kind of classical.

>> No.10236998

Are you sure you're measuring correctly? Have you looked it up? You're not supposed to measure all the way out

>> No.10237001

Are you measuring deltoid to deltoid or just the top part of your shoulder? If you're swol as fuck you may be getting inaccurate measurements by up to like, 4cm if you're doing deltoid to deltoid.

>> No.10237005


>> No.10237008
File: 39 KB, 558x662, Shoulder-width-measurement-back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I asked my sister, who is a seamstress, to measure me. My measurements are:
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 65cm
Shoulder width: 37cm
I get around the same thing when I measure my clothes.

I'm trying to imagine what it would look like if someone's waist was way bigger than their shoulder width and I just can't picture it.

>> No.10237009

My shoulders are 37cm joint-to-joint. Shoulders can't be 'fat'...those are bones. I'd say you're in the normal range of Western shoulder widths, which isn't the same as normal Asian shoulder widths. Clothes are made to fit people, not the other way around. You are not less of a person for not fitting into some random-made factory garment.

Think about dogs. We have everything from teacup terriers to greyhounds to Saint Bernards. They're all dogs. So of course humans can come in just as varying a size range. Some people are just tiny little bird people and some people are eagle-owls. It's fine. The trick is just to know your measurements and find the clothes you feel most comfortable in.

>> No.10237012


Why try to talk them out of it when you can just stop as you're the one suffering for it? Cons will always be there anon and it's not worth wearing yourself out when the others can't be bothered to at least try to learn and help with sewing. They're the ones sitting pretty with a new costume and regular sleeping/eating patterns, not you.

>> No.10237014

So you're an XS in traditional clothing sizes but Lolita can't fit you????

>> No.10237015

Okay but the white girls I follow do fit those brand blouses. And I'm not sure what you mean by factory made, they're hand sewn. But thank you for confirming my shoulders are normal.

>> No.10237016

I'm an S or M in Europe.

>> No.10237018

Naturally, but what online forms are you looking at that take shoulder width? Which brands and clothes?

>> No.10237019

Lolita brands

>> No.10237024 [DELETED] 

My only experience was this one time someone from my highschool days invited me to one(they needed an extra person to help make the room cheaper or something because I would opt in) so I decided fuck it and agreed. Why not, I had never been to a con before, it would be cheaper than getting my own personal room. I was curious.

I had to share a room with about 5 other women, which I was aware of but holy shit I did not know how dramatic it would get. The leader made a strict rule that none of us could bring any boys back to the room, but her bf was ok and slept in the same bed as her, I thought that was really rude and unfair, but whatevers I can sleep on the floor and there were only two beds in the room anyways. There was a lot of back and forth bickering, "wheres my stuff" "YOU STOLE MY STUFFF" "oh i found the stuff my bad" and I guess most of the girls in the room were REALLY against the bf sharing the bed/room, so a lot of arguing over that. I wanted to stay out of the drama and enjoy the con. The con turned out to be really boring, and in the end I just spent a weekend with a bunch of people who were spiteful of each other. It wasn't pleasant at all. I never went back to a con ever again, I don't know, the whole thing just soured me.

>> No.10237068 [DELETED] 

I’m so tired of people treating me poorly and hurting me physically, I have a con in a few months that I’m trying to use as something to look forward to where I’ll see someone I really care about but even that’s not making me feel better

>> No.10237078

I'm sorry anon. Start by treating yourself well and being your own best friend. Other, good people, will eventually come into your life, but it all starts with you.

>> No.10237081 [DELETED] 

I’m trying my best, I’m doing things every day that I enjoy that make me feel better about myself, but it hurts when someone who helped raise you assaults you.

>> No.10237086

I know anon, I have struggled with the same thing my life. Just know that it gets better!

>> No.10237088 [DELETED] 

thank you anon, I know this is just 4ch but hearing it from another person helps a lot.

>> No.10237104

Oof, you should try to go to a local con if you can, you can actually see if you like them then.

If they're physically hurting you then you need to get out of there and fast

>> No.10237107

If >>10237068 isn't leaving that situation it means that she either can't because she's dependent on them in some way or she has become so used to the abuse that its normal for her, its surprising what kind of things people can learn to tolerate. Its sad really I do hope she can get some help.

>> No.10237119

This happened to me and I would love to know what some normie did with a $150 vest

>> No.10237122

Yeah, and people can't help her unless she elaborates.
Still though, depending on the situation, there's still probably public programs and services she could use to get out of it, things like abuse shelters and the like.

>> No.10237124

I believe that brands are not listing accurate shoulder measurements, I fit brand blouses based on waist and bust and just ignore the shoulder size

>> No.10237171

I finally stopped buying stuff and am minimizing. Today, I was really tempted to buy an AP skirt. It's been on my wishlist for a long time, I can afford it, I lost weight recently and it will fit really well.. but I didn't buy it.

I realized that the kind of coords I'd make with this skirt are the same coords I planned to make with another skirt I already own and don't wear much. Or another one or two I used to own and sold because I didn't wear much.

I kept flitting from thing to thing. Every new item was going to be the perfect thing in my wardrobe. Each new main piece was what was going to make me look really cool, and finally make me feel comfortable wearing lolita more often. I just needed more cutsews, more skirts, oh wait skirts are kinda tight, how about jsks? I just need a couple more purses and to lose some weight, and then I'll be a great lolita.

But it never ended. No new item was ever enough, and ultimately, I just don't feel that comfortable in lolita. I don't like people looking at me or asking me questions. I don't like the layers against my skin. I don't like my comm, but also don't like being the only person around wearing lolita and getting stared at.

I'm keeping some items. I really love them and I'm going to try to appreciate them more. I have gotten rid of maybe half my wardrobe, possibly more. But I've also gotten rid of more than half of all my posessions in general, and I'm going to keep going. I want to want the things I already have as much as I want the shiny new thing. It's hard, but I think I'm getting there..

>> No.10237179
File: 2.20 MB, 400x223, yes 1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's hard, but I think I'm getting there..
I'm really proud of you anon. It's a journey that some, but not all of us will make. Congrats on realizing it's not making you happy and letting it go.
Have fun with the money you get from selling. Bon voyage, Gullfriend

>> No.10237267

Did you read KonMari?
Cause I did and had a similar experience with my cosplay.

>> No.10237271

This >>10237012

If you're suffering for them and getting nothing in return but ingratitude, drop them and just do your own cosplays for yourself. I bet half of your parents' judgment is just that you're wasting time you could use for yourself on this hobby, when it isn't even for you at this point.

>> No.10237273
File: 59 KB, 197x439, 1490965049137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been having similar feelings to yours anon! I've found that I'd rather admire large collections from afar than have one myself.
Having too many things stresses and overwhelms me, so minimizing really helps.
Doesn't help when you're into hobbies where your encouraged to collect more and more tho.
Good luck on your journey anon!

>> No.10237284

Thank you!
I did, and it was very helpful but I found myself using other minimizing tips because I didn't think it was enough. I wanted to be a lot more minimal. I got rid of a lot cosplay too, and it made me feel a lot better. I only kept two costumes that I might actually wear again.
Thank you! This is how I feel. I used to be in another strictly collecting hobby and I'm finally selling off the last of that collection too. I always thought I was a collector at heart and enjoyed the process, but I think I was just making up for something else in life and liked the sense of identity it gave me.

>> No.10237292

>consider cosplaying shirtless character
>muh lovehandles
Kinda sucks. I'm not even sure what's a worthwhile method to get rid of them, and what's a waste of time.

>> No.10237301

>finally cutting down to a decent bodyfat level
>Had a couple of cosplans for dudes with open shirts or whatever like Ohino from monogatari, Reg from made in abyss, Ozy from fate, etc.
>Coming to the realization that I'm gonna have a bit of loose skin
God damnit

>> No.10237316

eat your gelatin

>> No.10237352

My friends aren’t ungrateful, at least, and they are helping as much as their skills allow, things just fell so badly this year due to my vacation and others going back to school and another changing jobs. I WAS very excited for this group but I’m still on vacation brain and not entirely motivated yet. This is also the last con I do this for, which wasn’t hard to convince myself of. I’ve been telling myself to do stuff for me alone and if others want to join in then yay, it’s on them. But I’m so over crunching.

>> No.10237398
File: 28 KB, 500x348, f9e2df96-c9b0-4f06-a274-a0facb167e9b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend posts link of some 80$ cheap tacky wig saying they're going to buy it
>instantly recognize this
>it's some reselling site like milanoo, ali, somethingcosplay probably buying from taobao selling it for a jacked up price, or even worse, stealing stock pictures and sending a ripoff
>i even find the exact original taobao item for them
>calculate that buying the original item with a shopping service is much cheaper and much faster
>explain it to them step by step meticulously and show how to buy item from taobao through service step by step
>"fuck no im not gonna get scammed by chinks"
>dude what
>"i just dont trust chinks and chink stuff"
>"sorry id rather pay extra and have the wig arrive than pay less and be scammed by chinks"
>snap and lose my shit like the psycho sperg i am, not even meds calming me down
>now sour awkward mood with my only cosplay friends i have ever had
>left salty that some people and most normies are rich enough to spend money on their cosplay carelessly like that
im tired of everything and i hate myself, more news at 5

>> No.10237419
File: 22 KB, 520x390, 1449293708472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3 years ago
>get some of my friends to agree to go to a con with me
>we buy our tickets early, agree to split cost for the hotel, everything looks great
>show up to the hotel, other friends aren't there yet
>"Ok that's fine, I'll just go ahead, check-in and pay for the room. Those two are good guys they'll pay me back"
>A few hours pass, no sign of them. Decide to give one a call
>"Oh yeah Anon sorry we're not going, so-and-so's wedding is today. You have fun though!"
>so-and-so was also a friend of mine
>I simultaneously found out I had been ditched AND wasn't invited to the wedding

>> No.10237420
File: 296 KB, 565x563, 1312937048871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10237423

If it makes you feel any better I found a couple of guys on /cgl/ who were willing to pay a bit for the room and we hung out. Kind of a happy ending.

>> No.10237426

Have you considered that maybe just maybe you only hang out around sexist assholes?

>> No.10237428

I mean you should have kept up with them and probably could've found out they were not going long before you got to the hotel.

Still a shitty situation though lad, I'm sorry

>> No.10237445

I have to eat 0 calories for 2 weeks so i can be ready for the con.

How do I survive this, jesus was able to do 40, same with gandhi

>> No.10237448

That's the problem, and we're clearly aware of it. But it's not like you can place an advertisement in the paper that says "looking for non-sexist men". Where do you find them? Do you live in a very liberal, big university city or something?

>> No.10237450

ohh ohh I also want to do an hit or miss cosplay

sucha brilliant idea

>> No.10237453

And how do you suggest avoiding sexist asshole men, anon? You can't always tell immediately you dipshit.
And whats worse sometimes its people you cant avoid like at work and for those 8-10 hours you're forced to interact with them.

>> No.10237455 [DELETED] 

It’s medically possible, just drink electrolyte water(2liter minimum per day, though i’d recommend 3) and take a vitamin each day. Try not to go out in extreme heat and avoid excessive exercise(some is fine, especially in the first few days, just don’t go HAM.) By day 4-5 cravings go away for me, as does feeling weak. Avoid diet drinks such as sodas and energy drinks, because you’ll be tempted to drink more than 1 and they are 5cal per can even if it says 0 cal. I’d avoid coffee and tea too, and replace any caffeine needs with caffeine pills.

>> No.10237456 [DELETED] 

Also advice on easing back into eating.

Eat something easy, like a little bit of watermelon or some soup as the first meal. Eating normal food is likely to make you vomit or have stomach pains unless you ease yourself into it.

>> No.10237457

But in seriousness, assuming it's not muscles or your actual hip bones, you can probably drop them through diet and exercise

>> No.10237459 [DELETED] 

One last thought, make sure to find yourself a vitamin that is okay to take on an empty stomach otherwise it may give you intestinal distress and you’ll shit yourself. I recommend prenatal vitamins if you’re a woman.

>> No.10237460

NAYRT, but normally how "sexist" are these guys? Most guys I know are either traditionalists or fake woke.

Just do OMAD Anon, it's easier. Limit yourself to less than 500cals per meal and you're golden.

>> No.10237461 [DELETED] 

Assuming anons a normal weight and not overweight/obese that won’t be nearly as effective as fasting. Fasting for that long is pretty much a guarantee to put anon into ketosis too. While they’ll mostly lose water weight they’ll have way more luck looking thinner if they fast. Plus allowing a meal when restricting that heavily can lead to binging.

>> No.10237464

I was figuring it was their first time Anon. Even I haven't gone past a week without food before so going for two, assuming it's their first time, would be pretty crazy.
Ketosis is great, but we both know CICO is the be all end all.

>> No.10237465 [DELETED] 

You sound stupid, if you acknowledge CICO is correct why would you suggest OMAD at 500cals when that would mean 2lbs anon could have lost while fasting staying? Keto would also give a boost to the fat burning, IE more calories gone.

>> No.10237466

Because again, I was figuring from what they were saying it's anon's first time and that would be too difficult

>> No.10237467 [DELETED] 

They said they need to eat 0 calories a day, not 500. Your advice isn’t what they asked for. Who’s to say they haven’t fasted for a day or two before?

>> No.10237468

We would talk every once in a while, even mentioned how excited I was about the con once it was getting closer.
I don't talk to them anymore, though.

>> No.10237475



>> No.10237486

I figured they were exaggerating

/fast/ is a cancerfest, we should probably stop though

>> No.10237516

>finally got around to getting treatment for a scar i've had since middle school
>mfw several procedures later and it somehow looks worse than before
oh well, guess i'll just have to wear bangs until the day i die

>> No.10237519

Are you sure you're not just seeing markings that aren't there? Or you're seeing post-op lesser scars that will fade more with time?

>> No.10237616

Want to bet someone is going to flirt on you to fuck with that cosplay on?

>> No.10237656

Basically this. I am thin. I won't cosplay anyone muscular or heavy. I don't care what anyone else does, but if I'm going to put all the effort into cosplaying, I'm not going to cosplay a character I look nothing like. Nobody should be called out for this. It's my body. I can choose what fabric/armor I cover it with for whatever reason I want. I'm not telling anyone else they can't cosplay anyone. I just want to do me my way.

>> No.10237820

I've always been really nervous about ordering from Taobao with a shopping service because I was scared I'd miscalculate fees or something and bite off more than I can chew price wise or something like that. Well I just saw a pre-order for a Taobao dress that I really couldn't pass up but didn't think was something any resellers would buy so I finally bit the bullet and organized with a shopping service to get it. It was so easy! Maybe it was just the service I used but they were really easy to talk to and very upfront about how much everything will be all together which helped out a lot. I now feel like I have a whole new world opened up for me! I can buy stuff from Taobao without relying on some marked up reseller!

>> No.10237824

I always feel like a weirdo or creep for asking to take photos of cosplayers. Maybe I'm just socially retarded.

Female cosplayers with those curvy costumes and cleavage out make me feel like a giant creep if I were to ask for photos. How do I get past sounding and acting like some stupid virgin?

>> No.10237833

another feels

>spent so much money on laser sessions, meds and other shit i have to live off of 280 gbp for the next 2 weeks before a large paycheck (minus a bit of travel, taxi to the airport, potentially paying upfront on some camping materials for the con, etc)

I pretty much have to fast now or else kek.

>> No.10237835
File: 87 KB, 407x402, 1539540438363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>£280 for two weeks
>tight budget
do you have like a family + large house to support on that or are you that bad with money

>> No.10237838
File: 120 KB, 1000x1000, Dz_N-nLUUAAHDo3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post it here anon ill help
I have 20 for a week which is fine but i have to take care of lots of animals and pay some bills. So no eating here either.

>> No.10237872
File: 122 KB, 640x640, 1560579254652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be willing to bet anyone from here would let you do it at that point

>> No.10237877
File: 24 KB, 250x333, tumblr_nou3yodRvr1u6zn8do5_250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so jealous of people who live in the city. They're privileged as fuck and they're not even aware of it.

Besides the fact that I have to take an entire day off of work to see a doctor, psychologist or pick up my medication, the fact that I can't take classes in the evening because there's no college where I live, the fact that I can't buy vegan cheese here, the fact that farms gave my dad a lung infection, and the fact that everything is closed in the evening. Literally ALL cons and lolita meets are far away. I can't be on time for most of them because the earliest bus on Sunday is around 11, then I have to wait 30 minutes for a train, and then I have to take the train for nearly 2 hours. I've tried organising meets closer to home, but of course nobody showed up. Everyone who lives here is EXTREMELY normie. Complete strangers think I'm the biggest weirdo in town even though my coords are more toned-down than pic related.

>> No.10237898


Sounds like you should move.

>> No.10237899

It just sound narcissistic prick

>> No.10237903

There are waiting lists to rent a place to live in the city, I've been on the waiting lists for 4 years but still can't move there. Anyway, the career opportunities in my village are much better.

>> No.10237910

>vegan cheese

>> No.10237914

My point is that we can't make decisions about what we eat like people in the city can. There is also only 1 restaurant here but for some reason there are 4 bars that all serve the same cheap beer.

>> No.10237936
File: 16 KB, 500x318, 1563371069288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep trying to get into cosplay and conventions and stuff, but i never actually follow up on it because i can't make the time and/or don't have the money.
Who am i kidding, I sit at home all day playing video games, i would have the time and money if i wanted to, i won't get into cosplay its because i don't have any friends and don't want to go to conventions alone, as its sad and cause i fear that its not going to be what it wish it to be, and also just because i have 0 drive to do literally anything. I missed gamescom this year too. Fuck, i was close this year too, bought some materials and everything. I'd love to do it, but i just can't, and now that i'm going to miss gamescom i don't know where another opportunity for a big convention or something might be. I'm probably just gonna forget about it, who cares.

>> No.10238051

There's a prominent cosplay photographer and prop maker in my region. He's been part of the con scene as long as I can remember, and I've been in the scene for 19 years so that's a long-ass time. He knows pretty much everybody and is generally quite well liked. I, however, have thought he was a total creep flying under the radar for years, and have had various pieces of evidence to support that (including what basically amounted to an angry incel rant about how girls weren't having sex with him in return for photos and props, which he quickly deleted and I wish I'd screencapped), but when I've quietly spoken with friends about him they've acted like I was crazy.

Yesterday, though, he left an extremely inappropriate comment on a young female cosplayer's post. This cosplayer is of legal age and does some pretty provocative stuff (thought not full lewd), but that's no excuse, and the post pretty much confirms everything I've ever felt about the guy. I have a screencap of it and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I'm also a guy and also a cosplay photographer (though mostly out of it these days, largely because I was sick of being surrounded by creeps), so I can't really say I'm a victim of his or anything like that, and I don't think putting my name on it would lend any weight. This guy's also a pretty big deal, as I said before extremely well known and liked in the community here, and I'm in one of the biggest and most active con/cosplay regions in the world.

>> No.10238056

has somebody pointed out to him his behaviour is very inappropriate?

>> No.10238075
File: 23 KB, 494x111, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, at least the time he posted that whole incel rant. Didn't seem to make much of an impact though. I unfriended him after that incident and haven't seen what he posts on his own page, only comments on other friends' posts. I think most people are afraid to call him out because he's so well-connected.

I guess I may as well post the comment in question. The context is that the cosplayer ordered a costume from China. This costume involved a bikini top, and when it arrived it was WAY too small to be wearable, and she posted some pictures of the top sitting on a table, with a measuring tape for scale. The photog's comment isn't the most extreme thing I've ever seen but it's still totally creepy and inappropriate, especially considering he's old enough to be her dad and is somebody I think could be considered to be somebody in a position of power and influence within the community.

>> No.10238093

Namedrop m8

>> No.10238230
File: 27 KB, 500x281, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you're just out of a relationship with a cosplayer but you're quite unsure of what to do

I've been thinking about pursuing my fetishes - power ranger cosplayers (yeah, me again). But i'm debating myself, how do I find girls in the cosplaying field looking for some fuck? I know everyone has a sexual desire. How do I exploit this without getting reported to a con staff for sexual harassment?

Or should I just give up and do what i've always done - cosplay for fun?

>> No.10238340


this is fuckin gross plain and simple. someone needs to tell him that this is fucking inappropriate.

>> No.10238408

I'm not into cosplay but this is making me feel bad for you. I'm also surrounded by creeps, but when I meet my weeb friend who is a cosplayer he restores my faith in humanity and reminds me not all men are creeps. Sad to hear there are so many creepy weebs out there.

>> No.10238431

If you're decent looking with a tolerable personality, you go to parties and you respect when someone tells you they're not interested you should end up finding someone, there's ton of nerdy girls looking for a nerdy guy who's not completely repulsive. Sex drives are running high. Just keep a lid on the power rangers thing at first, you always start with vanilla and wait a couple of times before pulling out the freakier stuff

>> No.10238578

Nah, you should always lead with what you're looking for the first time. It's how you make sure you and your partner will be able to satisfy each other.

>> No.10238579

Asian brands mesure shoulder width in the front (smaller) while Western clothing is measured in the back (wider).

>> No.10238616
File: 90 KB, 428x344, 1561780290515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There isn't a cosplay party 'culture' in my area, anon. Generally it's just either people who know each other previously who decide to go somewhere, that's all. The scene here is a little different than the US scene.

My power rangers thing is mostly with cosplayers. I know i'd have to seek out a cosplayer. Since we don't have parties, my only choice is the convention floor.

>> No.10238635

Yeah I don't give a fuck about your con culture. I'm just saying it's important to be up front with any major fetishes you have.

>> No.10238645

Oh, I see. My fear is how upfront I can be without getting scolded for sexual harassment anywhere else. You know how things are touchy and delicate these days.

>> No.10238664

ah yeah obviously you need to be pretty aware of how well things are going.
once it's clear we're going to fuck i usually bring up how i like getting punched, spat on, and how she will have to dress as a spider eventually

in short, sprint only when you see the finish line

>> No.10238671

I’m so jealous of people who get burando as gifts from their significant other. It seems like it adds another layer of sweetness to a fashion that’s already so sweet and special and cost. I keep begging my boyfriend to buy me burando for birthdays/Christmas and he always says that he “can’t afford it.” I have main pieces on my wishlist for $75 and accessories for $20 (f yeah Japanese secondhand market), which is absolutely within the price range of what we spend on gifts for each other anyway. He’s just stuck in the mindset that “waaah lolita is expensive” even though I’ve shown him that I can afford it on my own poorfag budget.

>I have another lolita-less birthday coming up and it feelsbadgulls

>> No.10238686

This is life-changing information

>> No.10238687

You need to make a "how to buy" guide. Someone who really cares about you won't want to spend 20 bucks on an accessory because it's just an accessory, and you're worth more than that to them.
Also double check the shipping cost. If you're buying from actual japland expect another 20 dollars minimum for s&h

>> No.10238707

Buy yourself lolita for your birthday then. that's what I do

>> No.10238708

Ask for money! They'll know what it's for and you can avoid them buying wacky things they think are lolita

>> No.10238739

What the fuck that is super creepy.

>> No.10238768

Keep trying Anon, as long as you dedicate just a bit of time every day to at least thinking about it and mentally planning, it will happen

>> No.10238808

Yeah, if you want the other person to be creeped out. How would that conversation go? "Hey, wanna go back to my place?" "Yeah, just so you know though, you'll have to dress up as a children's show character for me to get it up"? 95% the person will get weirded out. It's not like you're into hardcore lifestyle BDSM, people who want their partner to dress as a nurse, a maid or a cop are not the kind of dealbreaker you'd have to put forth straight away, which makes it weirder to tell a prospective partner before you have sex than to wait a bit. Have you even ever had sex before?

>> No.10238924

Dear cute gull, get your goddamn big girl panties on, and stop freaking crying. It ain't like what happened is going to affect your income. Sure, you're never going to be able to get yourself off the net, that's true. I mean, if it's that big an issue, I guess you have to stop. I was just saying be mindful before you make so many ahegao faces you look like you're having a damn seizure on camera & be mindful that saying mean things is an easy way to make yourself a target for doxxing. You really should get back out there. You were doing really well. Just... be mindful of it. There's absolutely nothing you can do to take everything down, no, but you can work to fix stuff in the future. You shouldn't have done this if you weren't 100% okay with the world seeing it. Yeah, you're going to get bad votes. Yeah, people are going to say mean things about you online. That... doesn't freaking matter. Fuck them. Both middle fingers in the air, say it with me, "Fuck them." You just have to ignore people who do that sort of stuff, and realize it doesn't actually reflect on you as a person.

>> No.10238970

trump 2020 shitskin

>> No.10238988

I hate when people use Lacemarket as a platform to shill their handmade shit. They make a myriad of excuses as to why they do it, but it’s obvious that it’s just because they’re too cheap and lazy to make and maintain an Etsy or a Storenvy account.

>> No.10239015
File: 491 KB, 1280x720, what8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Asian brands mesure shoulder width in the front

Does that mean if an asian brand states a shoulder size of about 38cm, it might as well fit someone with a shoulder size of 40cm when measured in the back?

>> No.10239019

Gull are you ok

>> No.10239024 [DELETED] 

I am, but another gull is having a fit over something that she should've known was going to happen. If she keeps shutting everything down because she can't "secure" her content... she's going to have a really bad time doing this sort of work. I mean... what's she going to do when someone does record a hidden cam session? It's not a good situation. People need to be honest to her.

>> No.10239028

I am, but another gull is having a fit over something that she should've known was going to happen. If she keeps shutting everything down because she can't "secure" her content... she's going to have a really bad time doing this sort of work. I mean... what's she going to do when someone does record a hidden cam session? It's not a good situation. They took it off two sites, and now the content is reuploaded on 5 other sites. (Not to mention the original source being untouchable.) That happens to everyone that does that sort of work. It's unavoidable. That's the way the internet is. People just keep lying to her about the reality of it.

>> No.10239054

>Niche fashion

>> No.10239059

it's a retarded larper

>> No.10239061

It's the truth, isn't it?

>> No.10239065
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW some drunk bitch at the con tried to make out with me and pull my boobs out of my shirt, then got MAD when I kneed her in the pussy

Am I in the wrong? Wtff

>> No.10239076

>Have you even ever had sex before?

Yes, that's exactly why I said you have to be open about it. This isn't high school where people go "Eww yucky" when sex is brought up in any way. Adults with healthy sex lives aren't scared off by something as simple as "I'd like a girl to dress up for me."
Judging by your prudish answer, I'm assuming you're still a teenager or an incredibly inexperienced young adult. Don't scare people away from trying to having joyful sexual relationships with your ignorant immaturity.

>> No.10239109
File: 153 KB, 820x580, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very nice! "Very good, very good." You know exactly who you are. Hell to the yeah! Go get 'em, tiger!

>> No.10239111

Lol she found you.

>> No.10239112

>This isn't high school where people go "Eww yucky" when sex is brought up in any way
Lol what. Teenagers are about as sex obsessed as it gets.

He sound baka.

>> No.10239123
File: 29 KB, 400x400, 0bfe3d044f6b3550b7bc341e7c00f304e5b6663a76d47bfc80bcd9f8898bd343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ive done it the right way all this time
Am i a genius
This is why i come to this thread.

>> No.10239124

>sex obsessed
Obsessed, yes. Mature enough to discuss it in a healthy, up-front way? Nope.

>> No.10239322

Thanks, but its just that i really wanted to go to gamescom and failed again, and i don't know any other big game conventions and such in germany (where i live), so its probably gonna be another year until i can find interest again. The thing is, even then, i have like this dream of going to a con and having fun and meeting people with similar hobbies like me, but its probably not gonna be that way. Even if i manage to go, i'm still gonna be alone there.

>> No.10239325


Made me heh. Seems like an appropriate response to me tho.

>> No.10239398

it's more fun than you think, especially if you plan in advance

>> No.10239500

I've been going to cons pretty often this year, but it took me awhile to befriend anyone and I just moved across the U.S. so I am back to square one. I don't think I'm that autistic, but I struggle to talk to new people and have conversations that last much longer than while we're waiting in line. I have no clue how I'm actually supposed to befriend people (especially if I am going somewhere further away) and solo conning is getting pretty boring

>> No.10239504

> Want to do something more complex than slightly modified closet cosplay
> find a character who I really like who I have a similar body type to who has a prosthetic arm that I would need to make
> Have no artistic skills or talents
> Too lazy to put in any effort to improve them
> Internally know that I've been kicking around starting this arm for the last 3 months since I have everything else for it, but I still haven't started it since I don't want it to turn out poorly

>> No.10239520

fucking do it you lazy sack of shit
hope this helped, you can do it gull

>> No.10239576

>before i noticed it lost all interest in femoids and am now sleeping w femboys
>want to start liking girls again

Maybe i should sleep w a girl in the upcoming con, that might ignite the fire

>> No.10239612

>always wish i could go up and talk to a girl at a con

>was always pretty fat and had low self esteem

>one day decide to do something about it

>lost 140 pounds, took care of myself and got ears pierced

>still terrified to go up and talk to a girl

fuck this earth

>> No.10239618

whats the worst that can happen, u weenie
just do it

>> No.10239620

>Women sexually assaulting women

This is rare to hear about on the internet. Twitter/tumblr made me think that every woman was a secret lesbain that liked/secretly enjoyed getting groped/teased if it was by another woman and experimental.

>> No.10239623


>> No.10239641

Gulls, halp.
I'm a lonelita and I feel so lonely. None of my friends are interested in fashion. My only friend who is mildly interested in lolita is a huge weeb and talking about lolita with her is incredibly annoying. She knows nothing about the fashion nitpicks othe people non-stop. Doesn't listen when I try to correct her. Talks about how some lolitas are ugly, like I tried to show her Misako and she started ranting about how ugly Misako was and how she didn't deserve to wear lolita. This friend is a 5/10 at best, mind you.
I told her that you don't have to be pretty to wear the fashion and it is even known as an "ugly girl fashion" in japan.
Then she started sperging like "oh I see then all lolitas are ugly. Is that why they hate cosplayers, because cosplayers are pretty?"
Like... ???
It drains me to talk to her but I also just want to talk about pretty dresses.

>> No.10239644

friend finder, my dude. Or join a comm.
At the least don't talk to her about it. she sounds like a 14yr old.

>> No.10239647
File: 217 KB, 1223x790, 1545901941459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell the girl in cosplay that you like their cosplay and describe why you enjoy the series and the character they're cosplaying as, ask them why they chose to cosplay said character. They will always respond to this, but it's just a conversation starter to break the ice, they don't know you're interested in them yet.
In the event you see a cosplay girl you think looks nice but don't recognize the series, instead go up to them and compliment a particular aspect of their craftsmanship, before asking about who they are, the series they're from and why they chose that character.

With a bit of luck, assuming you're attractive enough and that you didn't come across as a total sperg, you can transition that into something like "hey you're really cool to talk to and I'd like to talk to you more, can I get your number?" At which point they'll say yes or no. After that you chat them up after the con is over and talk more about your favorite vidya and anime + cosplay in general, eventually parlaying this into a date. At the end of a date, assuming it went well and you liked them, always set up a second one.

That being said irl girls scare me too which is why I normally just hit on gulls here until I eventually lift my way into a gf. Can anyone actually verify that this is a good action plan?

>> No.10239649

I mean the action plan for meeting girls at cons, not the lifting bit.

>> No.10239656

Sounds like a decent plan. Just don't be salt if you get rejected.

>> No.10239668

>they don't know you're interested in them yet

>> No.10239670
File: 70 KB, 452x430, klaraemote.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get paycheck
>impulsively bid on a cheaper dress
>immediately regret this because I know I need to save money
>can't back out of the big now
>wish someone would outbid me but no one has yet
Why am I like this
it's not like the OP is expensive... it'll actually be the cheapest one I've gotten If no one ends up outbidding me but I still shouldn't be spending money on anything I don't need above $50

>> No.10239679
File: 410 KB, 221x196, 1544156932042.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10239684

ahhhhhhh going through the same thing now.. im an idiot

>> No.10239687

I think the asking for phone number part is going a bit too quick. Would be more casual to ask for instagram.

>> No.10239694

this is literally me right now with a camera I dont need

>> No.10239697

I have started a bookmarks folder for impulse buys for this reason. Everything I want to buy gets bookmarked and I have to wait at least a day to see if I really want to buy it. I've actually found things I saved forever ago that I can't believe I was going to buy, and so I delete them.

It doesn't stop all my impulse shopping, but it's definitely helped curb it somewhat.

>> No.10239698
File: 78 KB, 606x918, 8af243f8-d3d8-4135-88b8-e3a5e50bf0bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend supports me wearing Lolita which encourages me to wear it more, but his personality and stuff he likes to do doesn't "work" with Lolita. I want to wear Lolita more on dates, but when we go on dates normally we end up doing things/going places where my pieces could get really dirty or damaged... Aahhhh I just need more reasons to wear Lolita since I barely get to but I always run into the problem of an activity or area not really being a good place to wear it. I guess I could drag him down to the more bougie part of town where the zoo and fancy shops are...

>> No.10239702
File: 152 KB, 800x640, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I initially thought that too, but I think directness is a lot better because it's way too easy for them to think you're just a fan and nothing else, which makes the whole thing awkward for everyone. A good middle ground could be a discord handle, which might be the best medium for randos to communicate over.

>> No.10239705

The discord handle is the best option. I will not give out my number because of how much trouble that can bring about and if a dude asks for it it always makes me nervous because I dont want to have to tell him "hey I dont give out my number" and have him misinterpret that as "no I hate you" and blow up at me...which has happened. So yeah, save everyone the trouble and ask for something less risky at first like an insta or discord name.

>> No.10239709

I bought most of the materials to work with EVA foam for it today. I'm just worried that, since there doesn't seem to be any preexisting models for me to use, I'm going to need to do everything on my own, it's going to look like garbage, and I'm going to end up disappointed in myself or get made fun of

>> No.10239720
File: 94 KB, 1000x1300, 1548374094950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't forget to sketch on cardboard first
also what character? we believe in you.

>> No.10239742

>ears pierced

great, now she thinks you're gay

>> No.10239819


Unfortunately people have his misconception that just because you change how you look that how you feel on the inside changes too - You still have to work on both.

Just fake it til you make it, anon. Don't be an asshole and you should be just fine.

>> No.10239826
File: 470 KB, 512x875, CE603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bedivere from FGO. I found someone who posted some progress pictures of them making it, so I'll probably use thst as a reference. At least the design of the pattern on the arm isn't too ornate

>> No.10239843

Buy some cutsew OPs

>> No.10239866

If a man only meets one of the three, is that good? Stable, nice job too.

This shit here mang. You'd think dressing as a Sailor Scout at a venue surrounded by people dresses up goofy wouldn't stand out. Some shit you don't talk about with people you just met, shouldn't change too much just cause you're dressed up goofy.

If you can both drive it's not that bad. Or train or whatever transport y'all take.

>> No.10239869

Not being a misogynist is much more important than a job.

>> No.10239881

I know for sure there isn't a community or any other lolita in a distance I can travel. I can stop talking to her I guess... Sometimes I stop too, but lolita is a big part of my life and topic just comes up and I'm not strong enough to switch the topic. It's like "yes! Finally we can talk about something I enjoy! Oh wait... No. Noooo"

>> No.10239884
File: 2.68 MB, 634x384, momopunched.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cosplay hobby is full of gropey bitches. OP did the right thong.

>> No.10239903

Paper/cardboard patterns. Pattern again off of the pattern you make. If it's tearing as you wear the pieces, coat the paper in packing tape. Use masking tape to hold pieces together on you, permanent marker to note changes.

You will mess up, and you will learn from your mistakes. From the first try comes a second, and each time it gets a little better. What you don't see is that those people who have perfect armor have gone through MANY drafts, or have done it enough times to know what shapes work for them.

You got this. If I looked ahead at what I'm making now from just 2 years ago, I would never EVER believe I could do what I'm doing now. Just keep trying. There will always be something you can do 'better', so take that and use it as fuel for your future self. <3

>> No.10239905

>dyed headdress
>didn't come out right

>> No.10239926

Last year I posted in this thread talking about how I was unhappy with my bf and was afraid I was falling for my cosplay bff. People told me I was awful, keeping cosplay friend as a "backup" and that I didn't deserve either.

I felt really bad about what was being said, so I went home that night and broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for 7 years and hurt immensely bad, but I knew I was unhappy based around how confused I was, and posting here was the last push I needed to make things happen. I find out a couple days later that he was cheating on me for the past year, probably why I felt so bad and confused and started having feelings for friend. He wasn't coming home at night, we were extremely distant, it all makes sense now. It's incredible I couldn't see how horrible he was to me for so long, and let myself take blame and blame myself for feeling like straying.

I started dating cosplay friend a few months later. We haven't worked on any costumes together and I thought at the start that I'd be so excited to, but after going to a couple cons as a couple I just don't think we're really right for each other. I keep putting off his cosplay suggestions and making up excuses to not work on stuff because I'm just so depressed about the whole situation.

It's horrible, but I miss my ex so fucking much. He treated me awful for years, cheated on me, but despite all of that we really clicked so well, so much better than I do with this person who treats me far better.

Life sucks, I don't want to go to any cons or wear lolita anymore, I just wish things could go back to the way they were a few years ago when I was happy. I feel so lost and alone now, not even my hobbies are bringing me joy anymore and I wish they did. It's even been hard for me to browse CGL because it feels weird to see stuff I love and feel so unmotivated to participate in it.

>> No.10239930

Hey man, I feel for you, it's normal to miss the good in your past relationship even though there was a lot of bad. The things you're saying about not being excited for stuff anymore makes me think you may be having a bout of depression, have you considered therapy?

>> No.10239931

Agreed with >>10239869. If you're misogynist, it means you're incapable of loving a woman because you'll never be able to actually respect her. You can't love what you don't respect.

>> No.10239932

Thank you, I certainly am. I’m in therapy now, have been for about two months, but my therapist has sort of a packed schedule so I’ve only been to three appointments and there’s a whole lot of empty in between them. I’m trying to surround myself with more cosplay/lolita friends, but they live so far away that it’s been hard and the in person interactions help a lot more than online, which those have been very far and few.

>> No.10239935

Anon, I got some bad news for you...

>> No.10239938
File: 89 KB, 650x488, IMG_2199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ex was ok with cosplay and liked seeing me in it
>current boyfriend also finds it neat, supports me and thinks it's cute

God I am so lucky

>> No.10239980

Is that fucking Moomookun??

>> No.10239981

Getting likes on CoF is nice and all but making cgl salty is what makes me feel completely content. I save a ss everytime someone tries to shit on my coord so I can go back and laugh at how jelly they are when I feel sad about something.

>> No.10240083


i think i have a nice personality, im just really shy and i felt awful about myself

>> No.10240091

I wear Gothic so it's a little harder to find them but... I will keep an eye out now, can't believe I didn't consider that before

>> No.10240206

My therapist thinks I'm a DDLG for doing lolita. Halp.

>> No.10240209

>tfw no sharp dressed lolita gf who's got legs and knows hot to use 'em to drive around the southwest part of Texas with
Have mercy!

>> No.10240228

What about current cosplay bf makes the relationship feel off? It's a pretty frequent thing that new SOs might not feel "right" just after the honeymoon period ends.

>> No.10240285
File: 50 KB, 380x380, 1471293867686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For many years I have come here and said
>tfw no gf
Now finally after 10+ years of whining
I got a gf
And I think she is crazy, and abusive.
I have loved anime and convention for many years.
And she just hates everything about it.
She thinks all people who like anime are the typical weeaboo trash stereo type.
And if you enjoy hentai you are a advocate and promoter of rape.
So far I had to trash all my anime merch. And they are worth crap ton of money...
She is going full feminist, shaved head and eye brows everything. She is pretty deep in the rabbit hole. And I don't know if I can drag her out. She is my first, I'm at a lost. She makes me feel like I'm a bad person for just wanting her to be normal. Or at least stop her from yelling at me for things I cant emotionally react to. And I don't want to break up with her. I don't think I get another chance with anyone ever again. What do guys? Oh she is also a neet. I might just be a walking wallet...

>> No.10240301

What's the best way to get revenge on someone who has cheated on you?

>> No.10240302

>And she just hates everything about it
>She thinks all people who like anime are the typical weeaboo trash stereo type.
>And if you enjoy hentai you are a advocate and promoter of rape
>I had to trash all my anime merch
>yelling at me for things I cant emotionally react to

Honestly though, what made you fall for her in first place then? Do you hate yourself so much that you just get together with a random person who basically hates your guts?

On the same side though

>She makes me feel like I'm a bad person for just wanting her to be normal

sounds like you got together with her and tried to shape her the way >you< want her to be. That's almost as disrespectful as dismissing your SO's hobbies as inferior. It seems there's a lack of respect of what the other is doing/liking coming from both sides. Did you have no idea what her character was like?

You cut them out of your life and move on. Going for revenge games is just a waste of time and will eventually retaliate.

>> No.10240306

She'll never change. They never do.

>> No.10240320

You ever play stalker?

>> No.10240322

Move on with your life and be happy without them. Don't stoop to their level.

>> No.10240335

Live better, happier, and never think of them again. It sounds all hippy peaceful don't start things or stoop to their level, and it is, but it will also drive the most insecure people mad that they are barely a blip in your life anymore because you're better off without them.

>> No.10240336

>I don't think I get another chance with anyone ever again.

Not with that attitude, you'll just come off as pity seeking or too emotionally insecure. Fake it until you make it is a saying for a reason. Just cut her out, your mood will improve a lot just from doing that. Then when you're in a better place emotionally, and not dependent on seeking approval from such a horrible person, you will be able to look at this situation realistically.

>> No.10240354
File: 16 KB, 331x286, 0b9adf0a14658f4d2feacc2ae8089570898eaee60c7d8f851745570f480c914c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon thats an abusive relationship
Stalling will only make it worse, cut your losses and move on
Hope to see you next con

>> No.10240363

tell his grandparents about what he did

>> No.10240418

I make everything dirty but I keep wanting to buy white dresses. It's so frustrating. I'm about to buy a white JSK for 18000 yen. Someone please help me.

>> No.10240432

Just went to my first big con and made like 0 headway into making friends. I want the anime thot gf so bad it hurts. Next time I will do better

>> No.10240437

selling things, which is awesome...but dang it's hard to let these cute things go, even though I need to.
not just any gf should do for you, my friend. I'm not going to knock her political beliefs, because those aren't the issue here, but it sounds like she has major character issues that she's not dealing with. When people get involved in what they think these movements are, they believe they themselves are beyond reproach because they take the opportunity to focus on what everyone else is doing wrong. It's an extreme way that people who have been hurt attempt to get retribution.
What's more important is that I hope you have friends and a good support group to lean on when you feel lonely after you (hopefully) break this off. It's not good for you.
Easier said than done. I hung on in a relationship that was so abusive and tricky, and almost got married to this person. They surprisingly dumped me, which was so painful, but it was the best thing to happen to me.

Think about your future. Work on yourself, always. You should work towards a healthy, balanced partnership in which both people feel edified and loved.

>> No.10240438
File: 16 KB, 466x466, Charlie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tip: boiling hot water and baking soda mixed together and soaked into each stain overnight.
I also love pic related to spray, rub in, and leave until laundry day

>> No.10240453
File: 124 KB, 878x719, ohno7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was reading through some comments here on cgl and came across a couple of abbreviations and terms I've never heard before. Looking them up eventually led to various boards about gender critical stuff. And I can't really help myself but feel completely lost in all the topics that are being discussed there, let alone understand what the exact goal of these gender critical circles are. Is it conservate? Is it progressive? Is it rather onesided or equally critical? Do I have to feel bad now for going out wearing lolita as a guy, eventhough I try to bother as few people as possible and stay respectful? Is it even worth it at all to bother with understanding these things?

>> No.10240471

Worrying too much about labels is cancer. Live your life and just use people’s preferred pronouns, its not worth the hassle.

>> No.10240508

it's conservative-light, for women who don't like sexist men but also aren't progressive. it's also off-topic here. their goal is to make people stop being trans. calling yourself gender critical instead of transphobic is exactly the same as calling yourself alt-right instead of fascist.

>> No.10240509
File: 41 KB, 640x612, peoplegetbuiltdifferent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10240517

>what the exact goal of these gender critical circles are. Is it conservate? Is it progressive?
Well, i'm fairly gender critical and left wing. A number of gender critical people are terfs, but i'm not.
gender critical just means being critical of the idea of gender. Gender doesn't mean anything and its stupid when trans people who haven't started any hormone therapy to try to insist they are the opposite sex. Like saying I have blonde hair, not because I actually do, but because I plan on changing it later.

>calling yourself gender critical instead of transphobic is exactly the same as calling yourself alt-right instead of fascist.

A lot of terfs are gender critical, but not all gender critical people are terfs. Gender critical doesn't even directly connect to being trans. I feel the same regarding gender whether its a cis person, trans, or some special gender person. You can be trans without abiding by the idea of gender.

>> No.10240521


I volunteer at an LGBT help center. Using a trans person's preferred pronouns is one of the best ways to make them comfortable in your company; their surgery or HRT status is, ultimately, none of your business.

>> No.10240522

You totally bought into their propaganda. To me you're the same as someone who says "I don't hate immigrants, I'm just critical of the ones that only come here to steal jobs/live off benefits" and then votes for the most racist political party.

>> No.10240533

Gendertrenders are also critical of the idea of gender. So critical that they may tell society to call them by a different pronoun every other day, or make up genders. It's just a new way of being GNC. You, on the other hand, want people who don't conform to your idea of male/female to stop existing. Transsexuals and gendertrenders know they can't change their biological sex, they just say fuck it I'm gonna do what I want anyway.
>inb4 mods delete everything because it's off-topic
It's common for lolitas to dress like a different gender, besides brolitas we all have oujis in our comm. They are GNC too. I'm very confused about why there seem to be so many transphobic/GC anons on cgl. I always see people complain about sissy's but never met any in my comm, only normal brolitas and oujis. Even online I've only seen 1 questionable trans lolita and that one got kicked out of the comm iirc.

>> No.10240551


>I always see people complain about sissy's but never met any

That's my experience too. The one person who was banned from my local comm was a casual dude who attended meets with his lolita gf and didn't seem interested in the fashion or connecting with anyone, just creeping on the girls there.

>> No.10240612

How do I get over the dread of asking to take photos of cosplayers, especially female cosplayers.

It's not that I'm scared of talking to women. I'm scared of feeling and looking like a creep for asking for photos of them in those scantily clad outfits.

>> No.10240618

That's my biggest fear. I wanna join a community and I'd want my boyfriend to share my hobby but I can't say he wouldn't creep on other girls for sure.

>> No.10240651

But i'm not critical of trans people, i'm critical of gender. Being gender critical is 100% compatible with being trans.

>You, on the other hand, want people who don't conform to your idea of male/female to stop existing.

That, literally, the exact opposite. I am gender critical because I don't think there should be a conformed idea of male/female. I hate masculinity and femininely. I prefer androgyny. I don't call myself non-binary, but it fits what the gender crowd would call me.
The "people who don't conform to your idea of male/female to stop existing." crowd is basically the same as the gender crowd. If you are male and dress or act in a more feminine way than masculine way, you are trans now apparently. People have told me i'm trans because of that. Guess every cross-player is trans too.

>> No.10240660

i started working out and eating better since it happened to me, and Ive lost 15 pounds in about 2 months
also, I found out she was coming to get her switch controllers so I opened up the pro controller and made a "cheating bitch" label and stuck it on the battery pack and put it back together

>> No.10240667

>hey great cosplay/coord! Can I take a photo?
If you're at a con, you just gotta remember tons of people ask for photos and it's totally normal :) if a Lolita is in public, be more wary/courteous but same deal

>> No.10240672

Its a con, asking a cosplayer if you can take his/her picture is literally the best thing you can ask them, right next to "do you want free pizza".

>> No.10240708

Wtf. I would have broken up with him asap. Surely you deserve better. If you can't do better, I'd rather be single.

>> No.10240709

You are confusing terf propaganda with being critical of gender roles

>> No.10240710

Take photos of cosplayers who aren't nearly completely naked. It is creepy to ask someone for what is basically masturbation material.

>> No.10240713

gender roles is what gender is though.

I'd imagine if they are dressed that way at a convention, they wouldn't care.

>> No.10240731

If you want to go full eccentric, keep a cute handkerchief or handtowel with you so you can either shield your dress by putting it on seating or placing it on your lap/neck when you eat

>> No.10240809

You dummy. The whole point of GC is questioning gender based stereotypes.so a GC would absolutely accept a non creepy brolita. Someone who is not GC might call them trans in denial for wearing a dress, and someone who is a TERF would only want to excl them if they were actually trans. Someone who is a radfem might care about women's only spaces but might not. Stop drinking the koolaid tumblr fed you that wearing a dress or pants makes you a certain gender

>> No.10240815
File: 26 KB, 310x464, DCA043E0-96E9-4D00-9F27-3254FBDD5F97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What’s it like having somebody love you unconditionally as you are? I’m jealous of everybody that has somebody.

>> No.10240816

>I think she is crazy, and abusive.
This alone is more than enough to break up with her.

Spending time thinking about revenge is still time spent thinking about them. You are still devoting time and energy to a person who does not care about you.

>> No.10240817

My closest friends all encourage me to wear my j-fash (different styles) and are always supportive of my outfits/tell me they like it/don't express feeling weird about them and I do enjoy hanging out with them but GOSH I just wish I had some friends in the same styles to take outfit pictures together with, or to twin with.
I have found some nice people to talk to online but they all live far away so we'll never meet since we only talk about fashions and aren't really "friends" to that extent.
I just want to twin with someone orz

>> No.10240818


You can't say with certainty that your boyfriend isn't the type to ask inappropriate questions or get grabby with other women? Why are you with him? You deserve way better.

>> No.10240821

Just take the photo without asking.
What are they gonna do call the police?

>> No.10240824

Bad idea. Some people get super mad, super fast and WILL be loud about it. You'll be suspected of being a creep if you don't ask. Honestly, just ask the cosplayers. The worst you can get is "no" as long as you approach them normally.

>> No.10240836

>group Warhammer cosplay coming together
>meet up for some final alterations
>our warrior priest starts getting changed
>notice a tattoo on his shoulder
>another one on his chest
>google for a while to find out they're white supremacy symbols
I have no idea what to do with this information, but I'm organising this whole thing, so it seems like I have to make a decision.

>> No.10240852
File: 325 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pi9n1dStRa1rbb7ux_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this anon gets it

>Just take the photo without asking.
please don't, I hate when people do that. Just ask. I'd like people to post a good photo of me on social media, not some awkward blurry pic.

>> No.10240875

Are you open to tell us more about your experience as a male eating disordered person?

>> No.10240886

considering that he is the warrior priest, it doesn't really matter, I guess
after all, you shouldn't be able to see them in his costume

and don't forget, it's Warhammer, a hobby, appearently infested by white supremacy (or something like this)

what are the tattoos anyway?

>> No.10240887

he only wants you to fuck you in it
trust me, I'm a male

>> No.10240888

>when I kneed her in the pussy
does that hurt?
either way, I guess you were in the right

>> No.10240890

dirty male crossboarder here
can I share my feels?
>be me, browsing trough the web
>reach that lesbian-couple, who sells picture of them in cosplay
>shit makes me horny
>be sad, that I will never f*** them
life sucks

>> No.10240893

Tell him you saw his tattoos and you know their meaning, and let him explain to you why he got them. But don't make him feel like you're accusing him of being a supremacist. Just make it sound like casual interest at first. He will probably lie to you. You need to decide if you're the type of person who tolerates/supports fascism and/or white supremacy or not, before you can decide on your next steps.

>> No.10240898

If you are talking about that "lesbian couple" who cosplay as violet and mrs incredible, I can't believe you took the bait in actually thinking they are actual lesbians. Also, you will never fuck them nonetheless.

>> No.10240903

>You need to decide if you're the type of person who tolerates/supports fascism and/or white supremacy
This. Everyone assumes they're "against it" until they actually come across it. Obviously the "easy" thing to do right now, is to ignore it and continue to have fun without conflict. However, if you're not the type of person who tolerates or supports white supremacy, you will lose self-respect and always look back with a feeling of guilt.

>> No.10240904

they call themself Lysande und Gunaretta

>> No.10240945


Long sappy story/motivational text.

> I broke up with my boyfriend after 3 years as I fell for a cosplayer. My ex didn't like my hobbies, cosplay nor EGL fashion. I was kind of lacking the affection I needed and found better in this new love. My new partner and I share so many hobbies and things we love. Even if it wouldn't work out in the end, knowing you left a bad relationship makes place for a good one. Please, consider cheating the worst possible thing to do in a relationship besides abuse. Having a 7 year relationship end is NOT a waste, it's an experience. We grow every day and everyone we meet is part of our journey. Learn from the moments to make better choices in the future. 7 years is a long time, but it proves you can love someone truly. Please don't hold onto your ex, you're worth so much more than that.

>Love yourself

>> No.10240950
File: 123 KB, 342x298, 1559095132695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm happy but also full of dread. Everything about this job i'm interviewing for sounds horrible!
>7am when i naturally wake up at 10am
>"fast paced" when i am a slow and steady type of person
>an hour commute by car, 2 hours by bus
>Mandatory overtime
>work saturdays
>have to get used to 8hr days again (current doing 5 hour days)
On the other hand, i can afford so many dresses and cons with it. The schedule is steady so i might even be able to go to out of state events.

cis-girl here. Can confirm it hurts like fuck.

>> No.10240960

that shit you descrived is pure hell, take it but make sure you get out of it for a better job as fast as possible

>> No.10240963

You can use commute time to learn things and plan out your free time. But yes it will suck at time and you’ll be exhausted

>He treated me awful for years
>I miss him
Maybe get the current bf to dominate you in bed relentlessly because you’re a masochist apparently

>> No.10240970

well, I just met my e-gf face to face, and we had foreplay sex, sort of (she is a virgin and saving herself for marriage), she was so fucking lovely, hugged me, cuddled with me, kissed me, hugged me, told me that she love me a million times, now several months of distance relationship await us, I seriously hope we can make it, I want this mad but lovely woman in my life

>> No.10240981

How long have you two been toguether, anon?

>> No.10240982

4 weeks or so

>> No.10241070
File: 35 KB, 720x767, 1466124860312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll be real with you e-dating is unironically hell and the odds of you two making it are slim as fuck so just ride it out while its fun but don't force it once its not

>> No.10241094 [DELETED] 

Oi... lady, you do realize that while you shouldn't do anything you feel uncomfortable with, you're going to eventually upset people if you do the exact same thing they can already buy elsewhere. That's why the amount you're making is starting to decrease... people are catching on that you might not give them the show they want. That's also why people who were your fans are starting to get ornery in the chat. People are going to be hesitant to pay you if they believe they won't get the show they wanted.

>> No.10241132 [DELETED] 

is there a girl willing to be my practice gf afest

>> No.10241163

>tfw you have a neurological disorder that makes speaking extremely difficult.

Well fuck me then. Guess I'll just carry around message signs or something.

>> No.10241165

Who cares if they get mad though?
Take a photo and walk away.
It's not like they're going to follow you around for the whole con. Worst you'll get is them following you for 10 seconds until they realize you're ignoring them and they stop.

>> No.10241168

you don't have to actually speak. just tap the person on the shoulder and raise your camera/phone. I've had people do that with me and it worked fine.

>> No.10241192

I don't think words can really describe it, but if I had to use a label I'd say beautiful. possibly the most beautiful feeling in the world.
but it hurts like hell when you don't feel it anymore. you can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in an instant.
don't let that discourage you, though. it's worth the effort.

>> No.10241211

I've been in and around WH fantasy and 40k for years without encountering a single fascist/white supremacist ect. The worst it gets is cringey autists.
I asked him and he claims they're a family crest of sorts, but I'm pretty sure family crests don't contain Nazi SS runes.
As far as I understand he's not, at least outwardly, a bad person. People tell me he's a cuddly teddybear, despite being 6'4 and huge, so I could imagine he got them when he was younger and edgey, but the issue is I'm mixed race, so I kind of have to decide if letting him stay and prove he's not someone who acts on his politics is worth risking my own safety over.

>> No.10241216

most peoples love comes with conditions, all you can really ask is that those conditions are ones that you have for yourself too.

what's the "crest" anon?

>> No.10241221

A tree on the back of the shoulder, probably Yggdrasil, marked with SS runes. On his chest is a castle tower with a triskelion or celtic knot and another symbol I couldn't find.

>> No.10241231

Have you considered taking him aside and asking him, politely, if he's aware his tattoos have a bad history? I try not to look into things like this extensively when I can explain things away.
That being said there's few ways you can simply explain away a literal swastika or ACAB tattoo, but if it's not that literal it's always possible it's something else, I've personally considered getting a "German Empire" flag patch but I'm not a Nazi.

>> No.10241237

I don't really want to confront a man, who can lift me with one hand, about his possible views on the extermination of other races...when I'm part of one of those other races.

>> No.10241246

thanks for the advice anon

>> No.10241254

How do you find friends when you're publicly a normalfag and have niche weeb interests?

>> No.10241263

He's probably one of those "enlightened" racists who knows they won't reach their goal with violence at this point and they want to have a good image.

>> No.10241267


>> No.10241644


>> No.10241739

momoko hates living in the countryside too, far away from beauty salons, decent hair dressers and brand shops

>> No.10241757

What about as an aside in a public place where people are watching, if not listening?

>> No.10243204

Sure you can. People love their pets, doesn't mean they respect them like an individual. Misogynists consider women like pets or small children

>> No.10243458

I know that feel bro. I've come to the realization that I have to radically change my diet if I want to get visible abs. I have so much fat left to burn even though I've lost a good amount already.

>> No.10244055

If you ever have to wonder about female-specific anatomy in future, keep in mind that their genitals develop from roughly the same "template" (an intermediate stage that a developing baby reaches at some point, don't remember which week) as ours. Moreover, theirs more closely resembles that "template".
The moral of the story is the sexes aren't that different fundamentally.

>> No.10247144

>janny nuked the other thread

>> No.10247972

Yeah, wonder why these threads have started getting killed. Sure they verge off topic but they're great containment threads, not to mention how much more casual and comfy they can be.

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