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"I'm a retard" edition

Last thread: >>10225084

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The boy in OP is cuter than 99% of all other male cosplayers...

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I wish I dated a Power Ranger. I'm becoming obsessed with this.

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>be me
>6'2" 300lb guy
>american, all caps
>haphazardly wander onto /cgl/
>am struck with awe at the sight of Lolita
>desire to know more
>know full well I can't actually participate
Well, it could be worse, right?

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You could always find a lolita gf.

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thinking about it, I've never actually seen a fat male lolita/ouji.

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I'm not really surprised I didn't think of that
Not a bad plan though if I could pull it off

I'd wager that's a good thing? I would probably cry blood if I saw me wearing a petticoat

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It's either handmake or die, no one carries good clothing for fat guys.
Even going for a more normie suit look.
It breaks my heart my guy can't participate, he's the one who got me into this fashion in the first place.

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>It's either handmake or die, no one carries good clothing for fat guys.

That has to be it. I can barely find anything and i'm average height for an american man and not overweight.

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W-what about riders, anon?

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Before someone says that you should be free to try anything, it is indeed a good thing

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Are you a good thing?

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You should not wear lolita. Wear custom or handmade ouji or aristo please, if you decide to join the fashion. Ouji can be plenty frilly and will look 1000% better for you if you crave the frills. Aristo will be elegant and slimming. Lolita would make you look like a pig in a wig.

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I could go for a nice Rider though....even though I admit I haven't watched most of them.

However, this can be fixed, right?

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My con crush slept on the toilet to avoid sharing a bed with me.

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My contact info is in >>10230135 if you wish to contact me, Rider.~

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>tfw no rock 'n' roll lolita gf to take on a super van vacation around the Mediterranean
I feel no sorrow, no hate, no nothing at all

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I hadn't heard of aristo, it looks like something I could make work if I dropped some weight. I'd feel like a disgrace if I ever wore something I obv couldn't pull off, doubly so if it's frills.
I'll probably try making something myself, and if that doesn't work I'll look for another way to participate. I don't want to be the kind of person that's just sort of "accepted"

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>tfw wasted 20s because too autistic to talk to anyone
>tfw probably going to burn through my 30s like this too

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All my friends quit lolita (not all at the same time) and Idk how to make new lolita friends. Of course I still hang out with my old friends and I wear lolita, but at events I'm by myself. I thought it would easy to meet new people at big lolita events, and it is, but after some smalltalk they get back to their friend group and ignore me.

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I want to go with you

I have a crush on someone with autism and I can't tell if he doesn't like me or just doesn't know how to talk to me.

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This is so fucking true wtf

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>I have a crush on someone with autism and I can't tell if he doesn't like me or just doesn't know how to talk to me.
male that has had social issues and have schizophrenia, perhaps I can deduct what's going on, brief me in

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For the first time ever I really want to cosplay a girl character with revealing clothes (I usually do crossplay or just female characters that are pretty covered up) but I'm afraid of men trying to talk to me or take pictures of me. I don't like being hit on in general and recently I got catcalled and followed while just taking a walk and it shook me up even worse. I've seen how men treat my friends who have cosplayed sexy characters and if someone treated me like that I wouldn't want to leave my house for weeks. I'm honestly considering making the costume to just wear at home but I can't justify spending so much money on what would amount to me just looking in the mirror a few times. I'll probably never end up making it and it makes me sad; I really love the character and design and think I could pull it off well, I'm just too fucking sensitive and paranoid.

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Don't date boys with autism, take it from me

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if someone deserves to get their dick wet and even be loved that's mentally ill people, you don't know the struggle

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Get friends to insulate you from catcallers. It helps. Also carry a Journey cosplay. Once you feel uncomfortable duck into a bathroom and put on the body covering cloak, No one will know its you unless you clue them in.

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with that attitude you'll get raped, phisically, mentally and spiritually in life, you can't go arround like this, and yes we will drool and stare, probably make some funny sexual remarks, don't take it personally

tl;dr build some character and personality

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>tfw I’m finally at a spot in life where I’m free to be a daily lolita
>tfw I don’t even have to tone it down even a little

This is what 10 years ago me dreamed of, I did it gulls. I’m living the full time burando dream.

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>if you're afraid of being raped you will be raped, get over it
Do you have brain damage?

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no, but that's how it actually works, retard, weakness is not a good thing, it makes the abuser go after you, ever seen bullies, tard?

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Humans are cowards in the face of happiness.

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So what you’re saying is we should go around telling people to rape us because it shows we aren’t afraid? Got it. Solid logic.

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>edgy word salad
Well, I guess this explains why thirsty neckbeards are thirsty. It must be really hard to pass on your genes when you’re this retarded.

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>So what you’re saying is we should go around telling people to rape us because it shows we aren’t afraid?
holy shit, I got that you were retarded from the first post, but this is something else, sorry for telling you how things actually work irl, my bad

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*gets offended by logic*

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>I have a crush on someone with autism and I can't tell if he doesn't like me or just doesn't know how to talk to me.
if you know he has autism then you know already he wouldn't dare approach you unless you said something first
for autists, rejection is like buckshot to the heart. even if he rejects you, it'll be infinitely less awkward than the other way around
t. loveless autismo

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I know it’s hard to accept, but if you can’t retain cognitive function around half the population, you’re probably going to end up alone in this life time. :^( Please wipe away that drool and learn how to not make excuses for your primitive social skills.

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sorry for telling you how things work irl, I didn't know that reality in itself would offend you, now I realize my BIG mistake, should be telling bullshit all the time to make people feel better no matter if I'm not really helping them with it at all

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that was my first post genius, and it was dripping with sarcasm. YOU are the retarded one

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if you were being sarcastic then cool, idk anymore, with so many retards this days

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I can find a shy girl cute without trying to or want to rape her. That is how normal guys function.

>> No.10230861

wanting to rape her is one thing, doing it whole another thing, I pretty much wanna rape most girls, do I do it? No. So yeah, don't be giving me that bullshit. The polite thing to do is to stare discretely without being noticed and say nothing, but we got tetosterone and some times something gets out, happens to the best of us.

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Holy shit if you aren't already in therapy please go. This is not healthy, it does not "happen to the best of us." Seek help.

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>never told a girl nothing over how sexually appealing she looks to you
check your testicles mate

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You just told a woman who expressed fear of sexual assault that you think about raping most women you see because you can't control your testosterone. Seriously, if you are fantasizing about raping real people, seek help. I know you're just shitposting about it now but if anyone actually thinks like this, go talk to a specialist.

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You're the reason women are afraid of men, and rightfully so.

>> No.10230871

ok psychiatrist, she will have to face irl people with or without my memeing, might as well prepare her for the worst

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Wanting to fuck a girl and wanting to rape a girl is far apart, if you are sane.

>> No.10230873

I'm extremely respectful and a nice guy, but also a realist dude, I will walk away from the "pls don't rape me" girl walking alone along the street, giving her some extra rape free space

but 2bh, I remember girls taking our sexual remarks to her as a joke and staring us down like she was about to murder us in a jokingly way, we all laughed, you can also be this girl

>> No.10230874

to be completely honest I don't think about rapeing women at all, but if I calmly think about it, yeah, I'd rape some, if it meant nothing would happen to me

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Unironically kill yourself, you are a monster.

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>spent teens and 20s thinking I'm too ugly and fat to cosplay kawaii uguu characters I liked
>now actually too fat and ugly

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I like going to cons but i end up going by myself. I never did cosplay, i just like to look at others. I always feel awkard and creepy too. I like cosplay but i could never do it myself. I hate being inept.

>> No.10230882

so she shouldn't be told to overcome her insecurities and traumas? What should she be told instead? To blame it on me for telling her the truth? Tell me, legit curious.

>> No.10230883

>”nice guy”

>> No.10230884

People like you should be euthanized so the general public is safe.

>> No.10230885

Sleep on toilet???

>> No.10230886

not even trolling
oh yeah, I'm a terrible rapist now, cool story, keep feeding her fairy tales

>> No.10230888

that's the thing, you didn't offered her the bed and you going to the toilet instead? if you didn't offered her and insisted like a mad man about it then you're no true gentleman

>> No.10230890

You can’t say that you “wanna rape most girls” and then try and say you aren’t a terrible person. You need to be taken out back and handled like the rabid animal you are.

>> No.10230892

k, keep drinking the cool aid

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>> No.10230897

at least I'm honest

>> No.10230898

Men who can’t control their hormones should be neutered. Funny how they claim to be ‘logical’ when they can’t even stop their dick from taking over the wheel.

I’m happy for you, anon!

>> No.10230900

>implying women in a pack don't also act rapey some times
such hypocrites 2bh

>> No.10230901

This, autists are defective

>> No.10230903

Not wanting to be around a person who admits to wanting to rape the majority of women he crosses =/= “drinking the cool aid”

>> No.10230904

if you ever were arround me you'd never notice the fact, I'm just a regular male, not rapey at all

>> No.10230907

That changes literally nothing, and you ARE “rapey” if you want to rape women. Become an hero ASAP

>> No.10230909

no woman ever complained, just saying

>> No.10230910

>implying you ever had a conversation with one in person

>> No.10230911

>implying I haven't several times
I had a gf for 5 years, always been sort of autistic, but I overcame that

>> No.10230920

>no woman ever complained about men having raping thoughts about them

You’re delusional

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Of course they wouldn't complain to you if they're scared of you you moron

>> No.10230940

they'd be scared, disgusted, insult me, run away, etc, which they don't

>> No.10230958

post con depression strikes again ;__;

>> No.10230959

Please don't put mental thought to anything being said in tangental relation to your post.
Go in a group.
Have something you can bring to throw over yourself when you are no longer down for pictures. A big coat, blanket, poncho, whatever.
You could also get a mask ala animegao.

>> No.10230970

anti rape spray too, extra safe, or a gun if you're extra american

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>cute trap ive been seeing and talking to in cons for almost 2 yrs now
>literally the first time weve met when i starter crossplaying he just put his face 3 inches from mine and told me he liked my eyes
>ever since then kept talking and meeting in cons
>eventually in the afterparty asked me why I wasnt in the con(was sick the whole day), we kept talking, and kept approached me multiple times, with the moral support of my friends I danced with him
>eventually I told him that I was hitting on him
>doesnt know what to reply, said he needs to cool off outside, could be a ploy to get us alone
>didnt see him outside, said he was in the corner trying to get my attention
>we dance again for like half an hour, tell him sorry for making things awkward, we hug and later he goes home and says see you tomorrow
>didnt see him, though to be fair it was a pretty big expo and I was only for 2ish hours

I dont understand, why so many mixed signals? Im more worried now cause I lost a con friend probably.

I dont even know what to tell him on IG or FB about it, maybe he thought I was only doing it cause I was drunk?

>> No.10230988

which character?

and consider the suggestions from other anons

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Help I'm catching feels

>> No.10230990

that's gay, but also wholesome (and sad)

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Nayrt but I'm in a similar situation to them. Feels like sometimes this guy and i hit it off and have really fun conversation and other times I get one or two word responses. Sometimes I can get him laughing like crazy and when we talk in voice it's mostly really fun, but other times when it's just text there is a voice in the back of my head telling me that he's only talking to me because we share common interests. Anyway let me know what else you need I guess. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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I usedto know more than a few manwhores in my time, they'd play up their 'bisexuality' or gayness for female attention and ditch the actually gay person they were fucking around with to follow through with said girls.
This is like, local cons circa 2012 though.
As a bi myself, I don't see that practice really losing steam.
Girls like gay men, don't ask me why.

>> No.10231008

>don't ask me why
probably because it's a "challenge" to them? idk, like converting them or something?

>> No.10231016

>and other times I get one or two word responses.
faping, gaming, flirting with others, whatever, just focused to death into something and not in the mood to change focuse. Coul also be he is really feeling shitty.

Yeah, I'm gonna need more info, does he compliment you, does he "misses you", does he look after you? Does he "care" about you? what kind of mental illness does he have? W have an autist here, not me:

Just give me a bit more info. Glad to try to help, take my advice with a grain of salt since I'm in no way an expert, just keep that in mind. My mental illness is schizophrenia and past social akward anxiety. If you use me to vent a little I'm ok with it.

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He looks like a hungry wolf.

>> No.10231023

Straight women are dumb as a bag of hammers so maybe.

>> No.10231047

>Be me
>went to two cons so far
>Saw other people cosplaying
>Thought it looked like fun
>Get nervous because I don't have many close friends
>Want to cosplay as a group
>Will be getting my cosplay ready for a con in the fall in my area
>Am EXTREMELY ANXIOUS about walking around wearing it because I've never done it before

How do I get out of this mindset?

>Be me at a con
>Saw a cool cosplayer that I wanted to take a picture of
>Didn't want to go up there and ask for a picture because I thought I would look like some creep

Never have I thought being in a room with so many people could be so lonely.

Also the vanishing capchas and 9 image capchas are the best. The captchas where you have to select all the images where a car, sidewalk, or traffic light is are a bitch. Can we ban those captchas?

>> No.10231049

hes absolutely not straight or bi.

yeah, im still debating what to say.

>> No.10231050

>Feels like sometimes this guy and i hit it off and have really fun conversation and other times I get one or two word responses. Sometimes I can get him laughing like crazy and when we talk in voice it's mostly really fun, but other times when it's just text there is a voice in the back of my head telling me that he's only talking to me because we share common interests.
This is textbook introversion on his part and anxiety causing you to assume the worst on your part. Introverts just like to be left alone sometimes. No rhyme or reason. It doesn't mean he secretly hates you. This is also accentuated by autism and like the other anon says, he could very well just be focusing on something else.
Hell I'd wager he's probably thought the same thing of you, only humoring him because you share interests.
Ultimately, the only way you'll know is if you nut up and pop a question.

>> No.10231071

>vanishing capchas
Those are fine if there's only 4 to click and they fade quickly, but they're easily the worst of the bunch if Google thinks you've been naughty and makes every image take 10 seconds to fade and makes you click like 13 of the fucking things.
Yes I mad

>> No.10231075

that's what we get for being bad goyim and not being logged in into our gmail account and not using google chrome as our browser, lik wtf, what you're trying to do, hack google or something?

>> No.10231078

Because it's cute/hot to a lot of women to be a spectator.

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I don't want to get too in detail about him personally because from what I understand he sometimes visits this board. But I appreciate your responses and any advice, I can't really talk about this with anyone else.
As for some of the other things you asked, he sometimes compliments my work or my abilities, but never appearance or anything that I'm not intentionally doing if that makes sense. He will say he's excited to do things together but he won't say he missed me or anything like that. I also don't think he has a ton of relationship experience so that could have something to do with it. I think he does care in so far that I can tell he appreciates my friendship. I just can't tell if it's more than that and I don't want to be the first one to say anything and look like an idiot of he doesn't like me as more than a friend. I guess I'm just being a bitch about something I should just but up and go for.

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He reminds me a ton to me when I was with my ex gf, I'd fuck her, then play be playing videogames in front of her fucking face, she was "ok" with it, but that's obviously not ok, not when you see her like once a week at least, see I'm venting too lol, but specifically the part about being edgy some times to your partner, like yeah, probably fapping or videogames. I once told her I was not in the mood for one of her emotional outbreaks through email, and that pretty much set me up for the break up unknowingly.

We just autistic and selfish, and you're exactly like mom bothering us at that exact momment, so we treat you as such, like leave me the fuck alone I wanna fap/play videogames / get involved in my e-dramma right now.

About if you mean something to him, well that's a fucking mistery. You will probably never know unless you try something. I know females have a wide range of tools to use in those occasions, you could be upfront about it though, that way you know for sure, but he could sperg out and ruin it unintentionally... so many things. All in all I can't read his mind but I can see he acting cunty some times due to "something", at least I feel like I can relate to that, if I was with a girl now I'd never do the same again.

I'm gonna show my perv side now if you don't mind, why don't you bait him into you sending him nudes? Start innocent and if he responds the right way push him to the next level. This might be a retarded idea though, I don't know, just brainstorming.

He should be the one making the move, but yeah, he probably isn't in that situation, as is not interested or too autistic to make a move. If hee sees this maybe he gets a clue. Dude get her fucking n00ds and impregnate this bidj. Anyways, godspeed my dear grill.

>> No.10231097

It just sounds like he doesn't want to come off too clingy/creepy to me, which is a good sign in my opinion.
Remember that he also has no real way of knowing your feelings as long as the ice remains intact.
Again, if this is the case, it's your leap to take.
You'll feel stupid if you're turned down, sure, but that's just how it goes. Remain conscious of how he might feel if you turned him down and guess why someone like him wouldn't want to take that chance.
And that doesn't have to be the end of it by any means. Don't let memes about the friendzone cloud your thoughts. If this allows you both to be more open with each other, I think it's a risk worth taking.
If you're still not sure, you can try the "What are we?" route. That way you both might be able to discuss your relationship more objectively and shed light on your deeper feelings without splaying them out on the table. Still I would suggest saying SOMETHING, because sometimes all a guy really needs is just a little opening to be confident enough to go forth

>> No.10231100

thanks for less retarded advice, keke, I tried my best

>> No.10231103

I am absolutely not gonna send him nudes lol. But I appreciate your insight into how he might be thinking or feeling when I unintentionally pester him with messages.

Thank you anon, this sounds much more my speed. As I figured it seems like it's just going to have to be on me at the end of the day to initiate something. It's not something I have ever been particularly good at but I guess you never know until you give it a shot. I'll try and keep in mind all you've said about it too, I definitely hadn't considered some of the reasons he might not want to say anything either.

>> No.10231124

>I am absolutely not gonna send him nudes lol.
I thought you were more into him, you got Chad for that after all right? Real life sucks dick.

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File: 96 KB, 1000x1000, Dz8E08EXcAAOfWy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get out of 4chan or do us a favor and stay inside forever.
Gay men do this a lot.
Wtf the vanish captcha is the slowest dude.

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I offer her to sleep with me and she said she would rather the toilet.

>> No.10231187

I feel your pain, but then you should have refused to sleep on the bed, and sleep in the bathroom in her place while she slept on the bed, that was the gentleman thing to do

>> No.10231196

are you a creeper or something? who the fuck jumps to sleeping on the toilet? that's passing up a chair or the floor.
what was the rooming situation like? was it just you two or multiple people?

>> No.10231198

>Girls like gay men, don't ask me why.
I'm male and I prefer bi women since most straight women are more socially conservative. Also nice being able to mention someone else being attractive since instead of getting jealous, they agree.

>> No.10231200

Same. I go to the occasional convention hoping to meet people with similar interests or even just have a conversation. It never happens and I just end up feeling hopeless than before.

I'm mostly fine with brief interactions, but I'm basically incapable of making them into anything more than that ever turn into anything more. So I don't really have friends anymore.

>> No.10231208 [DELETED] 

Fuck off beta nigger

>> No.10231211

>So I don't really have friends anymore.
You have us <3

>> No.10231222

I want to start a authortube or booktube account and show off my coords and be passionate about my two hobbies. But I can't bring myself up to actually edit the videos I make cause I don't have a backbone for criticism.


>> No.10231246

Please edit your videos! This is what I'm looking for. More people will quietly enjoy your content than be salty about it on cgl.

>> No.10231260


Would be cool to get another lolita doing something besides Lor and Tyler (who I both enjoy, but getting a tad bored with)

>> No.10231268

I'm moving to Japan in a few weeks and have to leave most of my lolita things behind while I'm gone. It sucks not having my usual dresses but I'm gonna be living right near Maiden Clothing so at least I can try to get a decent wardrobe while I'm there. God help my wallet shipping all of it back otl. But I'm super excited!

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File: 102 KB, 640x1280, C4tKJTOVUAEC6My.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm beginning an extensive folder of Power Rangers cosplayers in erotic poses/situations. This is becoming a specialization of mine and I don't rally like this. I'm becoming kind of obsesses because the Ranger community kind of repels people seeking sexual/sensual content because of the nostalgia effect for most people.

>> No.10231327

So I was at a con yesterday (Home now), and I was in cosplay. I leave the gaming room and come around the corner and two cute girls wanted a picture with me. One was a full metal alchemist cosplay and one was a genderbent vash the stampede. After that was done, I started to pine for the full metal alchemist cosplayer. so I spent literally all-day looking for them. Later that night, I was going to a Wrestling show and they were attending as well. I've already taken off my cosplay, so I approach them and exchanged social media contact info.

Felt good to find them despite the con having big attendance numbers.

I really liked that FMA cosplayer.

Maybe next time.

>> No.10231340

how is this "erotic" at all...

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Do you really want to know anon?

>> No.10231372

man, I just really love lolita

>> No.10231373

lolita loves you, too

>> No.10231381

Or...DOES IT!? Dun dun duuuun.

>> No.10231382

Man I just really love cosplay

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Guy that I was crushing on hasn’t been talking to me lately....which might be for the better because of the 10+ year age gap (I’m the older one..and a woman). Maybe he’s just focusing on school and is too busy to geek out with me. Or maybe it’s because I kept blowing him off to hang out because I wanted to smother my feelings away before I ended up losing him as a friend. Either way, this might be for the better! Maybe we’re only meant to be passing friends?

>> No.10231439

You should date the kid in OP's pic, to make him jealous.

That'll learn him not to ignore you again!

>> No.10231465
File: 301 KB, 513x593, crying10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it a bad thing to tell someone first time you heard of lolita was in anime and cgl helped you getting into the actual fashion?

>> No.10231469

Why would it be?

>> No.10231476
File: 65 KB, 1024x612, 68EB8C2E-7420-4430-91DB-F030C9D9082A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally finishing my first Rider cosplay guys just in time for the Con. Also who here is going to Powered Morpin Con

>> No.10231487

I'm petite. A lot of places where you can buy western clothes don't go down to my size or fit. I have to go to specialty petite stores and boutiques, but they have few of them in my area and there is an even lesser chance they'll actually have something I'd want to wear.

Basically, I fit asian sizes more and better you walnut. I never said I couldn't wear western clothes, it's that a lot of the ones I actually like don't have my size and fit. But with lolita I don't have to worry about "Will this fit me properly and not look like a sack on me?"

I didn't get into lolita exclusively because of the size fit, but it's a huge reason why my interest in it has continued.

>> No.10231568

I have a theory that the kind of girl interested in Lolita would want a guy who looks this young. He looks maybe 16-19.

>> No.10231585

This is just like yelling into the void but I think for all intensive purposes I think it's safe to say that I'm no longer a cosplayer? Despite occasionally engaging in cosplay and going to cons I just don't feel "a part of it" any more. Normally if you are to identify yourself with a hobby, you have to actually do the hobby semi regularly. I would also say deriving some type of enjoyment from the hobby is also necessary to be "a part of it." Which for the last few years I just haven't. I don't think I've made a new, from scratch cosplay for myself in like 3 years.

In fact I would say that nothing makes me feel dumber and gives me greater economic anxiety than cosplay. I can no longer even get over the hump of planning a cosplay out bc it just stresses me out. Breaking down the cost of material makes me feel wasteful and anxious. Struggling with basic patterning makes me feel like an idiot. It deters me to the point that no longer even follow through with the farce of buying and sitting in materials to motivate me to go forward with a project. Normally I just think of cosplay I want to do, try to break down how to do it in my head, get frustrated with the idea and then put it out of my mind to get rid of the anxiety I just caused myself. I think a part of it is I've never really have become better at crafting even though I have done it for years. My work has always been good to meh. Something people might compliment at a con but I hardly even get pictures.

There is also that knowledge I'm basically just making it for me. I'm a guy and I have no internet clout so I can't even say I'm doing it for the likes. I know this 4chan and the response to think will be " if you're a poorfag you shouldn't try" which fair, but I just wanted to type this out bc it feels weird being disconnected from a hobby I use to so strongly identify with and most of friends are actually still a part of.

>> No.10231618

There's a brolita I know that's an egg. Does anyone have any suggestions on cracking an egg so a chick comes out of it?

>> No.10231628
File: 120 KB, 1160x1544, FB_IMG_1542113332663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you someone interested in that?
I have no one to show my extensive collection.

>> No.10231630

Rider Anon! I'm not on the US (where power morphicon is) but I'm glad you'll attend! I'd get crazy if i went to it.

>> No.10231632
File: 5 KB, 204x204, 66528144_10156117275961836_6735186908348940288_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Omfg no

>> No.10231644

Send egg memes

>> No.10231646

you need to be more specific. a 10 year age gap is wildly different depending on the ages in question

>> No.10231665

A lonelita started talking to me. At one point she asked me what got me into the fashion and I told her my story. After I mentioned that she suddenly stopped, which made me wonder if it was a good idea.

>> No.10231676

How about you trannies not force your sexual deviancy on anyone open enough to think it's okay to wear a dress? That's a huge jump from liking cute things to wanting to lop your dick off and destroy your body.

>> No.10231677

Dw, anon, I'm very petite and skinny too and I know exactly what you're talking about, especially since I live in the South where there are tons of overweight Americans. But with the trend in lolita being more inclusive to plus-sizes, even burando can feel big if there's not shirring to make it fit.

>> No.10231680

When you get into so specific fetishes, you indeed suffer. Turnd out a lot of Japanese guys on Twitter enjoy it, but there's almost no record, if any, of girls with such a fetish (super sentai costumes)

That's my feel. Of having a impossible fetish because no one shows they have it.

>> No.10231691

Wait what?? I'm always hestitant to buy brand because most of it is too big for me
But a lot of american XXS/XS fits fine (if it exists)

>> No.10231694
File: 16 KB, 223x285, BDE88DB4-FAD7-44F1-B548-25CED18C7E3B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon but, what
I’m honestly gonna get wild when I go I’m looking forward to it, I wish I knew more rider anons desu

>> No.10231702

feminine men =/= eggs, idc what you think you see in him, his gender identity is for him to decide, not you.

>> No.10231703

To simplify it, I am very turned on by tight Tokusatsu outfits, most notably Power Rangers.

And I'm the same Anon congratulating you for power morphicon. Don't worry, you'll find someone!

>> No.10231709

Ok that makes sense, why not cosplay as a ranger, lewd toku cosplay sounds fun idk how many girls would be into that though

>> No.10231710
File: 53 KB, 550x389, 277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10231723

Live in the south too so yeah a lot of overweight people and petite stores in the area are getting harder and harder to find.

I can fit into an american XXS/XS/S, but it's hard to find that size if you don't go to the tweens section of a department store. I'm more so an American XS/S since I tend to buy S/M in lolita brands and they fit nicely. But overall the issue is that it's hard to actually find anything in an american Small or smaller that fits that doens't come from the tweens department. "Adult" XS/S is practically non existent in most stores.

>> No.10231724

I'm fat as fuck.
I'm like 90% of the 4channets, skinny fat and without a lot of desire to get a gym membership without overthinking each second inside that place.

As far as I know (I'm a Star Wars cosplayer already), girls won't show they enjoy sexually what they're wearing. Especially in cosplay environments. Us guys are usually manthots, so you end up finding guys, when you find people who like it.

Basically, too fat to make my fetish true (I posted myself on the cross play thread, I look so horrible that I look like Kirby), and said fetish is a subfetish.

>> No.10231748

Just because he's not as fat and hairy as you, doesn't mean he's underage...

>> No.10231755

But does he love you as much as I do?

>> No.10231778

I'm just going off of what my younger siblings look like. Is it wrong to say that lolita is a fashion that is obsessed with youth? Every ita thread is just "this girl can't pull off lolita cause she looks old" ( i.e. fat, wrinkled, mature features, etc).

>> No.10231853
File: 143 KB, 456x278, B23663ED-B18B-4FBF-AC77-4F1F95C40A5D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My best friend has gone from being a chill, down-to-earth cosplayer to being a bandwagon-hopper. Feeling peer pressure to make/buy multiple cosplays a year to continue doing friend/pair cosplays with them has become a big source of emotional and financial stress. I don’t know where this even came from, because they’ don’t even have a Patreon and barely use Instagram. The only thing I can think of is that we have friends who are becoming “popular”, and maybe they feel like they need to try to keep up.
I feel bad venting about this because “boohoo your friend wants to include you in a shared hobby.” But, fuck. I miss the days of cosplaying things we’re genuinely passionate about, no matter how unpopular or obscure, instead of cosplaying what’s popular and trendy. I miss the days of just being able to watch a new show without hearing “you should cosplay X and I’ll be Y”. I miss making 1-3 new cosplays a year instead of feeling like I have to shit out 6-12.

>> No.10231875

lol, you're not nice, you're a creep. Get help and some proper social skills.

>> No.10231880

>How do I get out of this mindset?
I am someone who has the same sort of thoughts as you, but even outside of cosplay. I'm constantly nervous and worrying about how people perceive me. for some reason it feels like a layer of armor, it makes me less nervous. You'll never know if you don't try. It's easier for me to suck up my feelings and just walk, and it makes my day when people ask for pictures or selfies (I still have yet to see any picture of mine dumped online so I wonder where they even go)

>> No.10231888
File: 115 KB, 599x401, 1559065261626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm super sorry to hear this has happened to you, and you have my condolences, fellow gull. I was told to 'make an armor set' in a month recently for a group cosplay when the previous one I finished ahead of time never happened.

Thankfully, I was happy with the character alone so it wasn't a loss! Also, I like the easy to wear-ness of it. I hope you get your friend back, but I have a simple plan that can only sort of backfire.

Ask them what is up and confront them that you care about their wellbeing and want to know if they are okay, they seem stressed, and what is causing them to hurt themselves over what is supposed to be a fun hobby.

>> No.10231894

> 10 year age gap
> he's in school

yeah, maybe for the best he's not interested in a relationship

>> No.10231914

>Got period blood on bloomers
>Went through all the standard procedures
>Finished washing
>Stain is still there

You know gulls, I usually like washing and caring for my clothes, but when I'm faced with momentarily failure like this I want to toss out my whole uterus. I'll keep at it, not give up etc, but honestly, fuck this gay earth.

>> No.10231922
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound like an ARA ARA thot desu.

>> No.10231926

>be me
>be 20
>takes long break from school
>works nice but meaningless minimum wage part time to afford brand

am i doomed to be a poorfag forever gulls? i left school because i had no clue what i wanted to do for the rest of my life now now i'm kind of hopeless.

>> No.10231927

I think girls have it but mostly for men in sentai/toku outfits. Sorry you’re so alone in the world, anon. Tried fetlife already?

>> No.10231933

studyndummie, and pick a good field, work you'd like to do, high paying and high demmand are mostly the attributes you should be looking for

>> No.10231944

Don't get yourself stuck in a dead-end wageslave job.

>> No.10231947
File: 328 KB, 1364x2048, 56775592_275679013381266_6973031403948605440_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've tried fetlife but there's vityually zero power rangers content. Everywhere else, fetlife included, most content are of men, to men (explicitly gay profiles).

I guess I am alone, then. I have to accept it. Me and my collection. Which is mostly guys with fake tits and stuff to look like a girl.

>> No.10231955 [DELETED] 

He’s in his early 20s whereas I’m entering into 30.
>>10231922 speak English. Though being called a thot on this board is laughable

>> No.10231958

I'm dying dude, why ~specifically~ power rangers?
Also, no latex love? Come on champ, big leagues are waiting for you.

>> No.10231961

I guess it's the mystic of the actual show (teenagers with superpowers), tight spandex and acessories (helmet, gloves, boots).

I like latex too, but it's not where i'm big at. Also, i'm in a country where such practice is kind of small and pretty much a 'close-circle'. Plus I don't have the cash to buy anything latex, with the exhange rate we're having, it'd burn half of my salary.

You can die as much as you want, but it's a fetish I think of DAILY. I've seen the first video (look up for muffygal on xhamster), I felt completely amazed with the concept, with the amount of pervertness involved, with the dirty mind you got to have to buy accurate Power Rangers costumes and take photos / masturbate wearing them. I'm fascinated, daily.

>> No.10231972

That's fine then, in my opinion anyway.
I'd have killed for an older girl to take interest in me at that age, but that's hardly a consistent sentiment.
Still worth a shot to see what's going on, being sure to express concern but not overly so

>> No.10232148

I'm sure you can find people who will take the photos you want for the right amount of money

>> No.10232198

I'm getting back into cosplay, but I still suck at doing eyeshadow and eyeliner. Is there a retard proof way of doing this??

>> No.10232200

>implying this is a bad thing

>> No.10232213

I would love photos, but I'd love concrete sexual interactions. And I can't just approach a cosplayer offering money while I am a cosplayer, well known in the cosplay environment in my area.

>> No.10232350

Wrong way around, you would ask a sex worker, power ranger costumes is probably on the normal end in terms of kinks they've encountered

>> No.10232352

Men shouldn't cosplay as women.

>> No.10232353

>extremely tall
>short legs
>fat af calves, no matter what weight
Fuck my life.

>> No.10232365

>fat af calves, no matter what weight
ooh, baby !

>> No.10232366
File: 1.02 MB, 1427x1252, 1559068642222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watching makeup tutorials on youtube, buying quality products, and practice. There's nothing super special about it.

>> No.10232372

one of us one of us one of us

>> No.10232373

never been on d/ huh ?

>> No.10232455
File: 135 KB, 500x480, example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ask a sex worker

But I want accurate costumes, not those chap ass morphsuits that you see on normie videos such as pic related. And I'm not spending $1000 on a costume for a sex worker, that will only fit her.

>> No.10232551

I'm sure you can find friends in archival communities, as weird as that may sound.
Those folks often strike me as the sort who'd share your obscure porn pain.

>> No.10232604
File: 47 KB, 500x500, 12sw7x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girlfriend hates her shoulders (I can admit, they are a little large)
>rarely dresses cutely, but desperately wants to
>bought herself jfashion and ripped the shoulders
>she says she wants to try to dress cute again, in something more her size, for a nice summer date to a big park.
>its hot as hell
>shes only choosing fall outfits
>literal 3+ hours of looking up clothes/outfit ideas and all she does is find long sleeved clothes that cover a lot of skin/are for cold weather

The fuck kind of cute outfit (no pants, only skirts and dresses)
Can I put my gf in that are good for summer?

>> No.10232614

a sleeveless sundress

>> No.10232617
File: 107 KB, 500x500, 12sw7x_mh1564549921250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"But it shows my disgusting shoulders!"

>> No.10232628


1. Find a tailor/seamstress and get her clothes her tailored.

2. Find a tailor/seamstress and get her clothes custom made.

3. Don't buy the clothes, buy the accessories and pair them with clothes she normally wears anyway

4. Dump her, because seriously
>rips jfash sleeves
>doesn't break down and cry
My money is it's not even real jfash, just some cheap replica off Ali/wish/amazon
>3 hours and every inspo is long-sleeved
Dude, Japan not only has 4 seasons, they frikken obssess over every single mini season like what months you should wear hydranges and what season you should eat some weird fish in, did you think they don't haul out a whole seperate wardrobe for every different season, no matter what special-jfash-kei she's in? Just dump the stupid bitch who can't figure a simple thing as summer inspo, baka.


lightweight shawl, pashmina or stole.

>> No.10232629

Your gf needs to take FIVE SECONDS to google how to minimize the appearance of larger shoulders in fashion. A lot of the ideas are indeed sleeveless sundresses, especially those with flared skirts.

>> No.10232723

> When you get the feeling ppl unfollow your fb posts because they don't want to see what you bought this month.

>> No.10232736

Well, I'm glad you're doing the nice thing by starting discreetly. Anon, I really hate to tell you this, but you very well might just be a sadist. No, most men, testosterone or not, don't go around thinking about how fun it would be to rape girls. Jesus Christ. You're a fucking sadist.

You remind me of my dude lunging toward me first time we hung out, slamming his hands on the bed, and blurting, "DO YOU HAVE A RAPE FETISH?" I was just like, "What?" Mind you, the man I like, nice as he is, is a sadist and is missing some of the crayons in his box. Needless to say, there are some things you just don't say. This is one of them. No, you aren't preparing her for the worst. No, most people don't think that way. Christ.

>> No.10232828

>Help friend move
>He's a very proud "not so depressed" single gamer
>Lift shit up to his new apartment
>Love the place, so pretty and bright
>Genuinely wish I was moving in there
>Walk in closet for all my lolita dreams
>Ride back to his old apartment
>Haven't been in there much
>Remember it as a quaint pleasant space
>Now that most furniture is out of the way
>So bad that I'm afraid to step into the apartment
>Blame my allergies and ask to carry stuff from storage instead
>Storage is clean by comparison
>How can one guy own so much crap?
>Feels like I'm going mad
>Friend is somehow not bothered by his living situation
>Fully expects us select few friends to help move his mountain of trash
>In his wasteland of dust
>He will corrupt his new apartment in kind
>Probably fill the walk in closet with boxes of old games
>Let the dust take over again

This is the second time a gamer guy friend has proven to live like a king of filth. It makes me lose so much respect for them, but also fuels my ambition to NEVER live like that myself. Right now I hate this guy. I hate him for moving and not telling us how much dirty shit we would have to take care of. Absolute manbaby. Fuck him, and fuck the housing market in my bumfuck country. I want to move out and be a better person than these bags of trash. I'm mad.

>> No.10232873

Archival communities? Such as?
Thanks for the tip.

>> No.10232989

Don't worry anon, pre-con anxiety will start up before you know it.

>> No.10232993 [DELETED] 

I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of being a gothic lolita. How god damn long does it have to take to build a wardrobe if you're not into sweet and classic? Why are do we have to look for basic blouses, socks and wrist-cuffs for literal years?

>> No.10232995

I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of being a gothic lolita. How god damn long does it have to take to build a wardrobe if you're not into sweet and classic? Why do we have to look for basic blouses, socks and wrist-cuffs for literal years?

>> No.10233031

i had assumed by "he's in school" that meant he was in college so like in his 20s or something not high school

>> No.10233040

I feel your pain. It sucks only being able to buy blouses at full price because no appropriate blouse ever shows up second hand. Don't even get me started on cutsews, the only convenient option right now is h.naoto.

>> No.10233045

Learn how to other j-fashion brands outside of moitie and boz.

>> No.10233065

Remember trade school is also an option. A lot of people don't want to do trade jobs, so the people who actually do them end up making good money.

>> No.10233067

liposuction can fix this, js

>> No.10233071

In my experience, that's how most men's living spaces are lol. They'll occasionally clean the bathroom/kitchen, if that, but dusting, vacuuming, and organizing rarely if ever happens.

>> No.10233073

You can find all of this easily on taobao.

>> No.10233102

Maybe mentioning cgl turned her off from the conversation? I don't normally mention cgl or 4chan unless it comes up in conversation or I know the other person doesn't care about it because a lot of people just see cgl/4chan as a cesspool of trolls, incels and bullies.

>> No.10233106

Apart from dust and a shit ton of "useless" stuff was he at least somewhat organized and clean? Clean as in not having a fuckton of stuff on the floor like plates or dirty dishes or whatnot.

>> No.10233108

Most stuff on taobao is pretty fugly though.

>> No.10233111

Too late, enjoy your car fire.

>> No.10233239

Yo, cute gull. Just in case it was through here you found the memo, putting up a sign ain't gonna' stop people from recording you. That's what I was trying to warn you about. You're going to have to keep your shows password protected or do PVT if you wanna' keep recordings off the net. The site, one in question, doing the recording isn't even located in the U.S.

>> No.10233241

Golden thread

>> No.10233246 [DELETED] 

Okay so I know this guy through mutual friends and he lives in the same neighbourhood.
First time we met he asked me out on a date, I said yes and gave him my number. He never contacted me.
Second time we met he made awkward smalltalk, then went home. Our friend said he likes me and we should get married though.
Third time we met we had a lot of fun and discussed checking out a con together. Again he never contacted me and the con passed by before we met again.
Fourth time we met he literally ignored me and walked away from me.
Fifth time we met we had a drink together and I got his number, but I was always the first to text him and he just gave short replies so I stopped.
Last time we met we got a bit drunk and I slept with him. Out of curiosity, since I decided to give up on him already and I never did it with a guy before (I've only dated women). I told him I'm not looking for a relationship and he said he definitely isn't either (even though he asked me on a date a couple of months before?? Okay). Anyway, I don't think he likes me, and he's not introverted.

>> No.10233247
File: 1.64 MB, 248x260, 135876989754.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be 25 year old white man
>Realize cosplay can be pretty cool after seeing the memes about TikTok and such
>Realize that this will help me socialize with fellow weebs
>Decide to go ahead and do a deku cosplay
>Currently have everything but the makeup
>Realize that I don't like the tiny bit of belly bulge I have (170lbs @ 6'2")
>Also working out more because I'm unhappy with the lack of muscles that deku would have.
>Thinner, and happier, but now have eating disorder, eating once per day
>On top of the weight of not having finished college yet and not having a family of my own
>Struggle with the sad reality that I want a real relationship and I can't find a woman who doesn't want to jump dicks
>Every relationship has ended due to the other person cheating or being caught in a big lie
>I bought a hotel room at Youmacon only for someone to be caught cheating and lying
>At least I can invite 4chan people to hang out with me in the room maybe?

>> No.10233249

Okay so I know this guy through mutual friends and he lives in the same neighbourhood.
First time we met he asked me out on a date, I said yes and gave him my number. He never contacted me.
Second time we met he made awkward smalltalk, then went home. Our friend said he likes me and we should get married though.
Third time we met we had a lot of fun and discussed checking out a con together. Again he never contacted me and the con passed by before we met again.
Fourth time we met he literally ignored me and walked away from me.
Fifth time we met we had a drink together and I got his number, but I was always the first to text him and he just gave short replies so I stopped contacting him.
Last time we met we got a bit drunk and I slept with him. Out of curiosity, since I decided to give up on him already and I never did it with a guy before (I've only dated women). I told him I'm not looking for a relationship and he said he definitely isn't either (even though he asked me on a date a couple of months before?? Okay). Anyway, I don't think he likes me, and he's not introverted.

>> No.10233347

Car fire?
What convention that happened? I can't remember.

>> No.10233365

I can't get chrome translate to work on AtPie, it only works until it's time to check out. Dying to get a gothic coord

>> No.10233399

I can buy new, but some brands (Atelier Pierrot, Atelier Boz, Moitie) keep releasing the same things. I want more stuff with blue cross lace, coffin lace, roses, stripes.. I don't want several of the exact same blouse or only slightly different blouse in the same colour I already have. When they do release nice things that add something to my wardrobe, it sells out too quickly. The only band I can think of with some variety lately is Sheglit but they fit me badly and I don't like most of their designs.

What gothic brands have wrist-cuffs in stock that aren't ugly and cheap looking?

No thanks.

>> No.10233402

I started buying from sweet brands because they have so much more variety. I'm thinking of buying another pair of Moitie gloves to make them into wrist-cuffs or use the lace to alter my btssb blouse.

>> No.10233403

Nice b8

>> No.10233405

Those gloves are still in stock, nobody will care.

>> No.10233437


Man I was wondering if it was something about Moitie releases being slow, kind of dissappointed it's just about the money.

>> No.10233447

Atelier Pierrot created a whole new line recently. Moitie is making their lace wrist cuffs and just recently released it...you just were too slow. The making lace process is slowing them down but wait a few months and it will be up again.

Generally I buy blouses from a variety of stores, including western indie, and sweet brands that do stuff in black.

>> No.10233466

Yes I was too slow again, but the rest of your comment is bullshit. They use lace for other things that don't sell well. The people running Moitie right now are just really dumb.

>> No.10233471

Nayrt but where do you buy blouses exactly? The only gothic brand I can think of that does custom lace is Moi meme Moitie but I don't know every brand, especially not indies.

>> No.10233499

I wish you luck in finding a fun room mate, maybe you can find a friend through it.

>> No.10233533
File: 142 KB, 550x850, gothbod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm thinking about getting into Ouji, but no one ever seems to sell pants second hand. I got a single pair of bodyline pants and it's okay but my calves are too big for the bottom cuffs. I know roughly how to Lolita but not how to Ouji, despite my interest. Not to mention I still have that Goth Girl Body. I dont know if it would work out for me.

>> No.10233539

alice and the pirates had some for sale last week..

>> No.10233540

They still have some for sale, though most of it is out of stock now, just scroll down a bit:

>> No.10233549

based cake
go for it woman, don't give up

>> No.10233573

cuter than a few female cosplayers too

>> No.10233600
File: 30 KB, 500x407, 1525421313517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyart but i'm in a similar situation and i wonder about stuff like that. Ihear welders are so in demand that companies wll pay for your schooling if you work for them for a certain number of years.
I dont want to be a welder but i want that sweet, sweet cash dollars. I just have to weigh my distaste against my desire and see what comes out on top.

>> No.10233679
File: 339 KB, 605x796, MamaFratelli_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw wearing a beret, pearls, and brown wig today
>look in the mirror
>p much just mama fratelli from the goonies

>> No.10233688

I've come to realize that it isn't my looks or my body holding me back anymore, but my own insecurities and fear of being rejected by the community at large.
Yes, technically speaking, cosplay is something I can do by (and especially, for) myself, but I still crave acceptance. I'm also a lot lazier than I have any right to be.

>> No.10233772

Yep and the money's really good depending on the trade. Aircraft mechanics make between 70-120k!

>> No.10233779

I feel you anon. I'm the type of autist who wants a relationship built on mutual hobbies/interests, and unfortunately sewing/anime/cosplay/fitness is both rare and also plagued with a really large amount of deranged people that tend to dislike monogamy.

Keep your chin up, try to fix your eating disorder, and keep at the lifting. It's really therapeutic, and it's literally grinding stats but in real life, for your own body.

>> No.10233792

I also have hobbies like video games and tech, namely programming and infosec, and of course cars. I really don't want a woman in tech though. Tech people always have a perfect idea of how everything should be setup, and it will create hundreds of conflicts. I would really prefer one that isn't, for example going to have their own idea of what the network setup should be. I want one that is just happy I can get their iToddler toy to connect to the web. Video games is fine for a shared hobby, not sure if I want one that likes cars though.

>> No.10233800

>network setup
>get their iToddler toy to connect to the web
Do you think women are retards? What young person today can't do either of those things on their own? I know very little about tech and don't like computers much at all, and even I know how to do those things.

>> No.10233802

>not having a family of my own
25 is too young for that anyway. You can worry when you're 35.

>> No.10233808

>tfw don't have SO at 21
>tfw won't have 6 kids and a big house by 22
Ever feel like you're falling behind in life?

>> No.10233809



In all seriousness the only people I know who do this are mormons. Catholics either have them by accident or wait just a tiny bit longer

>> No.10233812
File: 109 KB, 481x462, 284f283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well yeah, Mormons have extra wives while one is on cooldown or actively cooking one

>> No.10233867

You skimmed through the post didn't you?

>25 is too young for that anyway. You can worry when you're 35.
Yeah, if you want to be 60 when your kids finish college. Even in your 20s,that's still pretty late by most of human history. It used to be considered very late to marry by age 21. I think this is the one aspect of society that has gone backwards through the stage of societal progress.

>> No.10233883

Nope, read it fully and still sounds like you think non-techie women are retards who need a man to do those things for them.

>> No.10233888

> I think this is the one aspect of society that has gone backwards
It's because people live a lot longer now than they used to, and also because women have jobs now too. Most people build their careers in their 20s so they're financially stable enough to have a family in their 30s, which is smart.

This is only in the west though. In nearly all asian countries, marriage is expected by 25ish.

>> No.10233889

>Nope, read it fully and still sounds like you think non-techie women are retards who need a man to do those things for them.
Then you must've missed the point where I said that a tech enthusiast would things a certain way whereas a normal women just wants to get to the internet.

>> No.10233890

>I want one that is just happy """"""I""""" can get their iToddler toy to connect to the web
No woman needs a man for this.

>> No.10233891

Correct, but realistically, is any woman living with a man who works with networking equipment on a daily basis is going to just leave it to him.

>> No.10233897

Nayrt but I live with my dad and he still hasn't connected our new WiFi router after having it for 4 months collecting dust. I offered to do it multiple times but he doesn't tell me where it is.

>> No.10233899

Normal couples in their twenties can't afford to have kids even if they want to. Most aren't even allowed to get a loan for a house yet.

>> No.10233901

Well as it just so happens, I'm not normal, at least in terms of my focus on the future. I'm doing better than most millennials, not 6 figures good yet, but I'm close.

>> No.10233904

Just explaining to you why society has "gone backwards" when it comes to this. I'd love to have kids (I'm 28) but I only have debt and no secure contract though I work 50 hours a week. If I want to take time off to actually raise the child, I'd lose my income. I'd get financial benefits from the government as a parent that would just be enough to rent a small place in a shitty neighbourhood and buy cheap food. There is a huge social stigma against "benefits moms" in my country too. My con crush is in a worse financial situation than me but sadly I'm really falling in love with him.

>> No.10233909

>It used to be considered very late to marry by age 21
No it wasn't. Marrying before age 19-20 was extremely rare outside of political marriages, and even with those the marriage was rarely consummated until the spouses were older. In the 1700s, it wasn't rare for people to wait until their late 20s to marry and have children. The myth that "back then it was normal to get married at 15!" is largely an invention of Victorian pedophiles. In the Victorian era, historians didn't have the evidence-based approach of today at all, and so a lot of the historical "facts" that were spread then were tweaked and twisted to fit the story they wanted to tell. That includes the myth of older men marrying teenage girls all the time and it was normal, but also of Vikings all being dirty degenerate brutes, and things like breaking the noses off egyptian statues to make them less obviously black, or stripping the remaining paint off of greco-roman statues to fit the perfect white marble image of ancient Rome they wanted.

>> No.10233912

>Yeah, if you want to be 60 when your kids finish college
who cares, most important is to raise them right while they are kids, the better situated you are the better

>> No.10233945

I love the cut and colours of most of IWs Muscha releases but I just...really strongly dislike Muschas art. Everyone else seems to go nuts for it but it’s not cute or elegant to me at all, I wish IW would collab with almost any other artist

>> No.10233946

>Not elegant
Okay, shit taste.

Differing opinions aside I can sympathize with your feelings of being left out of the hype. You don't feel too strongly about the art when everyone else raves on about Mucha's timeless beauty. But instead of wallowing in this feeling, try and redirect it to what you want. You say you want more artist collaborations. Which ones? Discuss art and post/show beautiful images here or with your comm. We all have our dream-dream-dresses. I find it very fun to talk about those.

>> No.10234023

I have an event tomorrow but I don't think my coord for it will be any good. I'm new to lolita so I don't have the biggest selection of items, and I just realized that I don't have any pink socks. I will just try harder on the grooming to make up for a mostly lame/boring coord. After this I'm gonna spend some time curating my wardrobe and nailing down what I'm going for because I have too many items that don't coord well together.

>> No.10234043

then why didn’t u post in the coord help thread

>> No.10234050

I got invited by a friend who pre-bought tickets for us, so I didn't get a lot of time. I'll post after work and see what I could do with it next time, since it's too late to buy anything for it now.

>> No.10234052
File: 40 KB, 600x584, Alberto Barbosa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and things like breaking the noses off egyptian statues to make them less obviously black, or stripping the remaining paint off of greco-roman statues to fit the perfect white marble image of ancient Rome they wanted.

>> No.10234067

I’m at saikoucon and my anxiety is crippling me from talking to people and I’m just being sad in my room rn

>> No.10234081

What does this mean

>> No.10234084


They've done a few collabs with other artists, maybe you can look for them secondhand: Ellen Clapsaddle, Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Yutaka Tsuchida are the ones I remember. Not sure if you also want to count the one with Nakamura Asumiko as that one doesn't involve a print.

Otherwise, the jsk cut is one they frequently use, the OP a bit less often. The colourways are pretty normal for IW too. If you wait around long enough they'll probably release something else later on that's more to your taste.

>> No.10234096

>with my local larp gang a day before we do a medeval larp in the forest
>don't really know anyone and there's an awkward silence as everyone applies finishing touches to their weapons
>guy comes back from the bathroom(pavillion we're in is right next to the bathroom) and says "hey? who are you" to our group
>before anyone says anything, my autism made worse by a hot day pipes up and says "just a bunch of hot boys!"
>everyone laughs
>too ashamed to sit with them and finish weapons
>finish carving shield behind a bush on an old picnic table

>> No.10234158

It means he's engaging in the same kind of historical revisionism that he accuses the Victorians of.

>> No.10234168

He says breaking the noses off statues to make them look less black is fake history, just like adult men usually marrying teenage girls is fake history.

>> No.10234170
File: 291 KB, 900x900, 75099343_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Land of the lustrous costume I ordered is too small, got the largest size and kinda took a gamble whether it would fit or not. I'm gonna try and make it longer somehow, don't know jack shit about sewing though , fug I just want to be a cute gem.
Did you go by yourself? I imagine it'd be real tough to try and socialize with others without a buddy or something.
Sounds like you broke the ice bud, good opportunity to sit with them.

>> No.10234193

Yeah I went by myself. Kind’ve a mistake on my part but I also had to use my vacation time up now. It’s small and here’s nothing to do, most attendants are either in their rooms or sitting in the hotel lobby

>> No.10234217

Lolita is making me more sad than happy. It's happened several times that I cried after being just too late to buy something. I can't find 90% of my wishlist after several years of looking. I don't fit tops from my favourite brand because the bodice and sleeves are slightly too short. I hate it.

>> No.10234224

Kinda missed out on AX, had cosplay friends from out of town staying with me and my whole con got used up by it. Now I really want to go do the whole socializing, partying, etc. side of a con but it's still like a month until the next one.

>> No.10234236

have you tried not being a brandwhore?

>> No.10234239

Well no, I was with them when this other guy came in and said who are you. must not have written it well. I was with the larp group with my friend

>> No.10234247

I got some pictures back. They look great. But then I notice the small things. My blouse has hiked up, wrinkling unnecessarily. My necklace is askew. My glasses are crooked.

I'm usually not a perfectionist but I want to die.

>> No.10234248

probably too shy, just go for it and it should be good.

>> No.10234258

A con seems like the best place for me to try to get a girlfriend, but after trying it, it seems just as hopeless.
it seemed like a pretty fun environment, but it is kind of embarrassing to be alone

>> No.10234260

Can you suggest non-brand things that look good?

>> No.10234262

Sadly it seems like these days you'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a relationship out of the con scene. It was different 10-15 years ago but the whole social attitude has changed. Not saying it doesn't happen anymore at all but it's pretty rare and not really something you can go looking for.

>> No.10234267

I was told it was one of the better places to look, and it was fun, too...
please don't tell me I have to look in a club or tinder, it's excruciating.

>> No.10234272

I'm biased in favor of ok cupid. That's where I met my bf. We started talking about The Maxx and he was sufficiently nerdy and creative. Lots of cute nerds on ok cupid. Less fuckboys than Tinder anyway.

>> No.10234273
File: 332 KB, 2550x3300, 1564350876033-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I just wanted to fuck a cosplayer

I get scared of trying to flirt and someone scream 'rape' or get shunned in the community for 'harassment'.

>> No.10234276
File: 28 KB, 597x597, 1564440878882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friends with a good amount of girls that invite me to chill or dinner or drinks or whatever at cons or outside of cons if we live close
>none of them have made any advances on me
I legit enjoy being friends with them but is this a straight up sign that I'm undesirable date/fug wise?
I'd prob say no to a fug/date but I wanna be validated with a "hey please smash me" kek.

>> No.10234279

If you act creepy or look like you don't shower and never talk to people you will be sniffed out as suspicious.

We don't know which one of you fuckers will wanna wear our skin, so any unknown male is initially a threat until proven otherwise. The only exception are hot, gregarious fellow cosplayers who understand boundaries and human social rules.

>> No.10234280

You're either not taking the hint or you need someone way more forward. My bf was seeing girls before me who would invite him over at night and then just awkwardly talk on the couch before leaving and having done nothing. Then I came along and practically pounced on him. No room for misunderstanding.

>> No.10234281

My cosplays are well-made and I always use deodorant. So we can rule out a few things.
So, all I have to do more or less is to prove I know what boundaries are?

>> No.10234282
File: 758 KB, 745x715, 1551227417958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at a con
>wearing a costume that leaves room for people to not know my gender (i'm a guy)
>potato it up and go to the women's bathroom
>only notice it because I see girls coming inside where i'm leaving, not guys

I was so glad I decided to keep my mask on.

>> No.10234283

That and a sense of humor. Nothing better than a guy who knows how to be playful and tease a girl without veering into obnoxious territory.

>> No.10234285
File: 4 KB, 225x225, BIG thonk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You see, a 'type' of cosplayer I want to fuck are power rangers. For a number of reasons.

I think I know how to approach, then. I couldn't be more glad i'm gf-less now, wew. Couldn't be happier, now I can pursue my goal of fucking a power ranger.

I'll do a few prods and see what I can come up with, especially since my costume is a tad unique. thanks, anon.

>> No.10234287

High quality indie brands like Krad Larente, Infanta, Yolanda, Hinana Queen etc. There's a lot. Look through reseller sites to find dresses and blouses you like, they are all in stock and ready to ship out.

>> No.10234289

>Not taking the hint
Probably, desu any possible hint or anything that could be misconstrued as an advance I just tell myself it's them being nice and friendly.

>Way more forward

>> No.10234292

What I did was just look at him with the fuck me eyes. Try that.

>> No.10234293
File: 24 KB, 600x505, 1563898024645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10234299

I wanted to avoid dating websites, seems kind of impersonal.
It might sound lame but I want to experience this first connection in person, not through an algorithm

>> No.10234333

I've met people in person that I first spoke with on a dating site and it felt normal to me. Its still a first connecting when you meet irl, except less awkward since you actually know the person is actually interested in talking to you, so you know you aren't just annoying them.
Just do it so you can get rid of the weird stigma you have with it right now. Even tinder has regular people on it.

>> No.10234366

>except less awkward since you actually know the person is actually interested
I suppose this is why, it takes the emotion out of it. I want most of all for that nervousness I have felt so many times before to resolve with relief rather than despondency for the first time.

>> No.10234416

Nayrt but there are things in stock from Japanese brands too. You are just as cringy as brand whores.

>> No.10234420
File: 179 KB, 1080x1196, 1776be902bc035a0b0fedb06f36f5d726604d31ecbc29d19aa5c7e94ca0d6bf4_1.jpg-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Details please....

Is this some kind of patron thing?

>> No.10234427
File: 352 KB, 1000x750, 1533254855737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So we talkin some with suite and some without?

Just minus the spandex but helmet and accessories still. Stuff like that for a few of them.

Which costumes do you have?

>> No.10234435

You sound a lot more invested in finding someone to validate you rather than someone to connect with. I swear romance movies have been a poison.

>> No.10234449

I don't like their main-pieces and their blouses don't have nice original lace. It's weird you assumed I'm a brandwhore when you don't even know what's on my wishlist btw. Krad Lanrete has a blouse I like, but why would I buy a blouse I ''just'' like? I already have a wardrobe with things I just kind of like, that I bought when I was sad about not being able to buy something I love.

>> No.10234458
File: 1.03 MB, 2560x1440, 20190705_123310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I enjoy a bit of ranger time...

>> No.10234459

Somehow it turns sideways.....after I hit post

>> No.10234478

My husband won’t cosplay as my husbando and let me fuck his brains out. He hates my husbando so much. It hurts my heart. My soul.

>> No.10234483

i know it’s been a while, but anyone remember that anon who lived in paradise ca? did she turn out ok?

>> No.10234487

Who's your husbando?

>> No.10234494

its not like you match with someone on a dating site and you are married the next day. You still have to meet them irl for the first time and the uncertainty is still there. Could be the first and last time you meet.
idk what satisfaction you get from the idea of potentially harassing random people off the street.

>> No.10234507

I liked gay guys first because they acted like girls, but then later I realized I also liked girls.
It’s not always negative anon sometimes people don’t know their sexuality yet.

>> No.10234606

oh no, not you again...

>> No.10234611

Someone delete this cursed thread

>> No.10234650

I think the experience would lead to a great connection. This emotion I described is natural, not caused by some media.
Why would this mean potentially harass some girl? I want some interest to be shown to me that leads to a date, in the form of a real human interaction. A dating website just can't do that.

>> No.10234720

I remember her! She and her husband got a sizeable amount of insurance to restart their life with. I remember her getting a specific calculated chunk of that insurance to rebuild her wardrobe, and expressed a kind anxiety about it. But she was looking brightly toward the future and said her family was going to get through it.

>> No.10234731

Okay, keep suffering and being whiny then, brandwhore.

>> No.10234739
File: 160 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20190801_215000_336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice picture, anon. Where do you get that from?
My 'collection' is mostly real people with twitter profiles, and some from a texan cosplayer who also enjoys that.
And he has that same Ninninger costume (right one).

I don't have any power rangers related, but i'd love to. I'm a Star Wars cosplayer. Pic related.

Nice Dragon ranger costume, buddy.
I'd like to...get in touch with you.

Yeah me again.

>> No.10234741

>Why would this mean potentially harass some girl?
because some people are really bad at social ques and don't know when to leave.
>A dating website just can't do that.
Why is that? Works that way for me

>> No.10234743

You mad someone shared her feelings in the feels thread?

>> No.10234749
File: 121 KB, 1062x965, 3b892aa7-86b4-4908-bddd-5c70acd1b9e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel so sad not being able to wear Lolita often...
>wardrobe is all very warm Gothic
>can only wear in fall/winter
>at school it during those seasons anyways and wouldn't be practical
>winters at my school are awful too with the weather and slush
>major is messy so also wouldn't be practical in class either
>school is in a podunk town in the middle of nowhere so don't go out often anyways
>no time or way to wear lolita
I'm really trying to find ways to... But I can't. I'm debating whether even to bring my Lolita to school. I could at least bring it with me downtown since I occasionally stay with my boyfriend for a weekend in the largest city near me... But that in itself isn't practical because we don't go to places that wearing Lolita to is practical unless we go to the touristy areas, and I don't want to wear it just because to where we usually go because I don't want to damage it or get it dirty. Tasukete minnasan...

>> No.10234800
File: 767 KB, 1515x1133, bakuryuu sentai(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a bunch of PR art actually...sadly not in one place..

In a power ranger and transformers fan. My picture collections go from wholesome to lewd.....mostly lewd....hahaha found a lot of them on /aco/. They would usually be in the masked character threads. So there's a bunch I can't post here.

Getting into making rule 34 Transformers and even in production of a game demo. FYI, coding sucks....like a cheap whor....

Also, thanks for the compliment. After I bought the Legacy helmet this had to happen. still needs a little work but it did its job for this year.

If your wondering. ...... Have smashed a girl a ranger suit..... it was quite the experience. Met her at an after-hours bar at Anime Expo....
pink ranger... Helmet on. That is all...
Do you have anymore pics?....

>> No.10234804
File: 47 KB, 514x335, IMG_4714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first time going to a convention with bf
>first time having a bf at all
>can't wait to show show him my favorite convention and have fun with him and create wholesome weeb memories
We're all gonna make it one day lads

>> No.10234808
File: 818 KB, 2560x1440, 20190706_114656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there were a bunch of us rangers/riders there at ax this year.... I counted about 7 green rangers alone.

The costume was fun and for the most part it worked out pretty well. It's just the stuff that the rule make you wear underneath is pretty restricting. If you catch what I'm saying..

>> No.10234810
File: 493 KB, 1536x2048, D6xebH-UwAAwfxc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, I have a lot of pictures I am willing to trade with someone like you, with such an experience (and with a costume as well). My collection is more focused on real people wearing the costumes - which is already rare. R34 is even rarer in my experience.

I like your shield, though. People have refrained from thinking the american version (which looks like it's made out of foam) is crap and people should only use the one from Zyuranger.

I've got a lot of pictures, and videos, buddy. Drop me your discord and i'll be more than glad to share.

>> No.10234811
File: 2.62 MB, 2752x3768, IMG_20190713_123547664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not on the US, but down here there's always one or two rangers and kamen riders for sure. I take pictures with all of them, have even made friends.

That pic you posted, is one of them you or you just took the pic?
And I understand, most people wear spandex pants underneath to not create bulges, additionally to the dance belt.

I get you very well. But it's nothing that can be removed at an appropriate time, at a special time, right, anon?

>> No.10234814

/cgl/-horny rangers fetishists

>> No.10234830
File: 1.43 MB, 2560x1440, 2019-07-06 20.27.37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Took me some Gym time to slim down enough for the costume. still need to drop some more inches to really make it look great. At least i have full year to do it. lol Would like to get the Red Ranger costume to cross them over. I also took a picture of this guy. Not mini Jawas this year... a lot of Ainkins though.

>> No.10234832

Nyart, But I'm glad. I was wondering where she went off to. I hope she's able to replace a good chunk of her wardrobe.

>> No.10234838

I need to slim myself down, too. Would love to do a blue MMPR costume.
Also, great picture! Got to love them Jawas. Thanks for the discord;

>> No.10234863

HA!!! Baka.

>> No.10234901

I just want a cosplay girl who will take slutty pictures for me in exchange for money
That's it. I'm so over cons and cosplaying I just want an e-hoe to satisfy my character tastes.

>> No.10234927

how did you become involved? asking for a friend.

>> No.10234933
File: 54 KB, 602x452, 09B0ED71-4378-4CF7-B1B5-E645D0A1E99D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the first two tries were good enough and you probably should’ve left it at that.

I don’t think sleeping with him was a good move either but who fucking cares. He might’ve just clapped cheeks real quick and more than likely said he wasn’t looking for a relationship after that when he really meant just not one with you.

You kinda don’t seem too socially adept either, anon. Congrats on the sex, tho.

>> No.10234953

I'm definitely not the type to overstay my welcome, if anything it is more the opposite
Just not for the first time, I suppose I could do that online afterwards

>> No.10234954

I should have left it at that? He was trying to date me at that point, not the other way around.

>> No.10234976

>he does all that to
>lol I'll sleep with him
I think you might be the one with autism

>> No.10234980 [DELETED] 

Yes I'm the one with autism for sleeping with a guy I have a crush on so I can get some closure before moving on

>> No.10234983 [DELETED] 

Yes I'm the one with autism for sleeping with a guy I have a crush on

>> No.10234984

Yes I'm the one with autism for sleeping with a guy I have a crush on

>> No.10235222

The word that anon was looking for is doormat.
Congrats on the sex, hope it was worth it for how far you went for someone who thinks more of dirt than you.

>> No.10235226

New thread bros

>> No.10235682 [DELETED] 

Like you guys wouldn't sleep with someone you're crushing on lol

>> No.10235692

You just sound mad someone who isn't you had sex

>> No.10235699

>give it up to some dude who has less emotional response than a toaster
>w-well at least I had sex
Again, congrats on going that far for someone that would never go that far for you. You're a team player.

>> No.10235705

I'm not her lol. Have fun staying a virgin until marriage.

>> No.10235707

>going that far for someone that would never go that far for you
Wait whut? Did he not also have sex with her? How did he not go just as far?

>> No.10235717

Anon thinks only men have sexual desire, and women only endure it to get attention from men

>> No.10235802

We met on okcupid, i know a lot of people have bad opinions about online dating but honestly i'm just happy to have such a wonderful boyfriend, it doesn't matter how we met

>> No.10236077

>be weeb like every faggot on this site
>enamored by the outfits characters wear
>not even the super out there shit that gets people, though that’s cool too
>my eyes are on the shit that can be worn and recognized within bounds of most normie fashion, but still fancy in a way (to my eyes anyhow)
>gakuran? I wanna have one more tailored to a female shape and wear that
>those jumper things land of the lustrous gems wear? Fuck I want that with some thigh high boots
>even random passerbys in anime have simple yet stylish outfits a lot of the time

>> No.10236287

Maybe? I feel like that would actually be a popular topic there (sounds fun), even though generally speaking it wouldn't fall within the normal discussion you see there.

>> No.10236864

crossposter from /fa/ here, there's a thread about jojo or anime inspo at least once or twice a month

>> No.10239244

Tfw lived the dream and started dating a cosplayer 2 years ago
Though desu, it was a bit of luck and circumstance

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